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medmemA Typical Friday Part 2 (In the warehouse)

Our captors has removed us from the house and drugged us. When we awoke we were unable to see, Mpppfffhhhhhhhhhh (or talk). I still had a large strip of microfoam tape covering my mouth and holding my gag in place. I could feel Jen's soft skin on mine so we were still lying face to face but we were no longer tied together.
I could hear some mmppfffhhiing from nearby and recognised Jess. Thankfully i think all 4 of us were still together. Then it went dark and quiet again.

medmemJess, Tasha, Jen and I are all over 18 and consenting adults. Medxx

It was a Friday, certainly a Friday; but would be unlike any other.

There were three chairs. There were three of us.

Firstly, on the high backed chair nearest to the door was Jessica. Wearing her black brocade corset, matching panties and lace hold ups. She was also dressed in her black slip heels. In keeping with colour co-ordination a thick black wad of cloth was secured between her teeth, tied around her head and her long brown hair draped down over her shoulders. She was tied to her chair with white cotton rope. Her wrists were tied behind her back and her ankles were crossed and bound.
A small piece of rope fastened her bound ankles to the left chair leg whilst a coil of rope around her waist wrapped around her and her chair.

Please welcome a new writer to the site, welcome Medmem!

His first story can be found here: A Typical Friday (part 1)

Medmen image

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