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This story continues on from A Special Birthday which introduced Derek & Daphne, representatives of Oberon & Titania, King and Queen of Fairy Isle.


Steve was walking through the park in the depths of despair. What the hell could he do with his life now? He knew he would never get another job as a teacher after this. He knew he was a good teacher and that teaching was his life. What was the answer? Suicide? Move to a new area, change his name and try to start his life anew? If the school board had only listened to his side of things, perhaps he could have convinced them of his innocence.

The allegations the co-ed had made against him were unfounded and made only because HE had turned HER advances down as she was definitely not his sort.

Steve was so caught up in his thoughts he did not see the handsome man reading his paper walking toward him. And of course, they collided in the middle of the park with no one else around to witness the sight.

Steve still had his manners, so started to apologise "I’m sorry sir, I was too engrossed and did not see you"

"That’s all right young man" said the handsome man.

'Hmmm' thought Steve 'What strange eyes he has. And he’s really good looking.'

They started to part, when something seemed to snap inside Steve; he turned to the man and putting his hand on the other’s arm, Steve started to ask for money, for a drink, a meal or even a bus ticket out of the area.

But as he did so, a spark seemed to leap from the man to Steve. He hurriedly let go, took a step back as the man turned to him.

School Holidays

Stephanie had enjoyed her time teaching the young fairies, elves, dryads and yes, even the young pixies during her time on Fairy Isle. Ever since that awful time when she was Steve, the teacher accused of making sexual advances to the Dean’s daughter, life had become wonderful!

Stephanie still harboured a little grudge towards to two people who turned his life upside down to the extent that he had considered suicide when he lost his job, his home, everything. That was, until he met Derek and Daphne, who changed not only his life, but his gender and appearance to that of Stephanie, the beautiful young elven girl who now taught at the school on Fairy Isle.

It had been a busy couple of months since then and as Stephanie looked around the quiet halls of the Fairy School she realised that there was a lot of work needed to brighten up the old place. She wandered along, making mental notes on the various cracks and damages caused by hi-spirited pixies. As she turned a corner she all but bumped into Princess Petunia, her "boss" and friend.

"Hello Stephanie, what do you want to do for the holidays? Do you want to stay her or visit the Mortal Realm for a while? You can do you know, you just have to ask."

"Well, I’ve nothing to go back for, not really, but I’ve been meaning to ask you, why is the school building so, well, run down? Why not use magic to keep it pristine?"

Peter had lived a sheltered life, but knew that his parents loved him very much. His eighteenth birthday was but a day away and he felt in his heart that it was going to be a special one. If anyone had asked why, he would have been hard pressed to explain it, he just knew.

He was highly intelligent, having being tutored by his father for many years now in the applied sciences, and by his mother in the mystical ways. To anyone else, his life would have seemed strange and unusual, to Peter, it just was.

"Peter" Daphne, his mother called to him when he arrived home from work this evening, "tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday. You know that your father and I love you very much and we will always do so, don’t you?"

"Oh course mother, I love you both too. What is the matter, you have being crying?"

"Yes, I have, for tomorrow you reach eighteen and you must accept your destiny which means that we will lose you." She said, with a sob in her voice.

"What do you mean? Lose me, I am not going anywhere, am I?" Peter was confused now.

"My lovely son, you are so beautiful, as you know. You have had no shortage of girlfriends these last few years. They are all enamoured by your looks and nature. You never had much trouble with the boys either! They either liked you or were scared of you."

"Yes, but..." Peter began.

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