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medmemJess, Tasha, Jen and I are all over 18 and consenting adults. Medxx

It was a Friday, certainly a Friday; but would be unlike any other.

There were three chairs. There were three of us.

Firstly, on the high backed chair nearest to the door was Jessica. Wearing her black brocade corset, matching panties and lace hold ups. She was also dressed in her black slip heels. In keeping with colour co-ordination a thick black wad of cloth was secured between her teeth, tied around her head and her long brown hair draped down over her shoulders. She was tied to her chair with white cotton rope. Her wrists were tied behind her back and her ankles were crossed and bound.
A small piece of rope fastened her bound ankles to the left chair leg whilst a coil of rope around her waist wrapped around her and her chair.

Tasha was in the chair on my right. Tightly bound with more ropes, she was tied in a similar fashion to Jessica but her bonds, and indeed mine, were a little more inventive and unique.
 Both Tasha and I had been gagged using shiny silver tape but prior to this we both had been given a rolled up stocking which our captors had made Jessica remove during our initial capture. The tape was then added and smoothed down over our mouths as we chewed on our nylon bundles. Our ankles and wrists had also been secured but we also had ropes around our chests under the bras we wore and we had been given crotch ropes prior to being tied to our chairs. Our bras and panties were sheer lace and were one size too small (mine dark blue, Tasha's white), forcing our enhancements into a tighter fit.
The ropes were tight and as we struggled, rubbed and cut into us in some places, mmmppppppfffhhhhhhhhhhhh
As we squirmed I turned to face Jess, 'bnnmmmggbbe!', I muffled, 'cnnnaann uummmhh gemmmmghht llooooommsse?' (translation: babe, can you get loose?). She shook her head very gently and moved forward a small amount in her chair. I turned to Tasha, 'annnyyyymmphhf chanmmmmceesh?' (any chance?) Tash shook her head and mpppfffhhed into her gag.
This has started off as quite a fun night, Jess and I had regular Fridays with Tasha, our friendly neighbour gurl. Often the evenings would involve someone being tied up which is also why our captors found us easy prey (lots of playthings). Often we bound Tasha prior to some fooling around. Jess had long since accepted that I liked wearing her clothes (not chewing on them though!) and if anything, our private lives had gotten better as a result...

I suddenly realised that Jess and Tash might think that I had set up this evening, that I was in on it so to speak. If only I had I could enjoy my bonds a little more. I wiggled my toes in my stockings but that is about all I could do. My 'boobs' did look quite good in the tight balcony bra.

We heard a noise, the door slowly creaked open. It was Jen, a petite blonde who I knew from work (and secretly had quite a crush on). 'What happened?' she uttered (as if we could answer!). As she advanced towards Jess to start to untie her she was knocked to the ground by our captors. mmmpppppppppppppppfff!

It was about an hour later as all four of us ended up on our bed. Bound in two pairs. I was tied face to face with Jen. She was in a red satin bra and black pencil skirt and i was still in my blue get up. Our wrists were behind us. We were also bound connected at the knees, waists, crotches and chests. We had been regagged and now microfoam silenced us, as did our proximity. Jess and Tash were bound back to back next to us on the bed. As couples our ropes were tied off to the bedposts. Jen's breasts rubbed against me as we struggled and I resisted the temptation to enjoy this as much as I wanted to. Jess and Tasha moaned into their gags as we all tried to get a little looser.
Sweat, lace, satin and microfoam tape. Another fun evening with my favorite people........... I could clearly make out a large bag of goodies in the corner, what did the next few hours have in store for us?

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