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medmemA Typical Friday Part 2 (In the warehouse)

Our captors has removed us from the house and drugged us. When we awoke we were unable to see, Mpppfffhhhhhhhhhh (or talk). I still had a large strip of microfoam tape covering my mouth and holding my gag in place. I could feel Jen's soft skin on mine so we were still lying face to face but we were no longer tied together.
I could hear some mmppfffhhiing from nearby and recognised Jess. Thankfully i think all 4 of us were still together. Then it went dark and quiet again.

I awoke to the relief that I could see again. My hands were tied above my head to a beam and my ankles were bound together looped off to a ring in the floor. I was still wearing the blue lingerie from our time of capture. They had removed the foam but placed a large red ballgag in my mouth. Tasha was trussed up next to me in the same fashion. As for the girls it took a while but I could see them at the other side of our new prison. Jen was still in her red bra and black skirt and Jess was in her sexy underwear, that lovely dark hair on her shoulders. They were both tied with their hands behind their backs kneeling down in front of small tables, both were also ballgagged too. As we all awoke we made some contact with our eyes but that was hopeless.

Our captors finally appeared. They were GURLS, one insisted on being known as Sarah, the other went under the guise of Lila. They both wore tight black bodices with short skirts alongside sharp heels and dark stockings and their enhancements were impressive. Their hair was black and they wore bright red lipstick and black eyemasks, the kind you would see at a masque ball. I was hoping Jess wouldn't see that I found them appealing. They noticed though...  They advised us that they had been watching us for a while and thought we would make great slaves for their entertainment and pleasure. Just a few moments later they approached Tash and I and started to unhook my bond rings so my hands fell down in front of me. 'Your turn' they said. They walked me over to where the girls were and to a dark wooden chair. 'Now, strip' they ordered. I did as they asked, quite weak really but soon I was stood in the vicinity naked. I was handed a small black satin nightie to put on. After smoothing the tight satin over my skin they sat me down in the chair.

Lila unfurled a coil of nylon rope and went around me and Sarah produced more rope. I sat back in pleasure as they proceeded to tie me up tightly. Lila secured my wrists together and then bound them to the low back of the chair. My ankles were tied apart to each chair leg as much as my satin nightie would allow. After this a rope was tied around my waist to tie me to the chair and they collared me. Sarah sat on my lap, her tight skirt rubbing against me and produced a pair of panties. They were from Jess' draw. She balled them up and put them in my mouth. A large strip of microfom tape went over them holding them in place. Lila then sat on me in the same way and drew a set of lips over my actual sealed lips in red lipstick.

I watched as Tasha was also stripped, redressed and tied up to the chair next to me. She had 'slut' written on her gag in lipstick. As for the girls they were kneeling near us, they were drooling and mpppfffhhhing into their gags. I was hoping we would all be tied together somehow but that did seem less likely now. Lila pulled on Jess' hair and gently stroked her bra, Jess wriggled but Lila seemed to enjoy that. 'Your man likes it' they said to her, Jess sighed. hhhmmmppfffhhh.

Lila put a collar on Jess as Sarah did the same to Jen. The girls were then stood up to be redressed and tied again. 'What shall we make them do?' asked Sarah. Lila giggled as she forced the girls to take off their underwear and put on tight red corsets. Their hands were retied tightly behind their backs and they were crotch roped and their breasts were roped up to restrict them even further. I caught Jess' eye as she was gagged with thick tape and sat down in front of me. Jen was also gagged and sat down in front of Tash. 'Mmmmm, what to do' laughed Lila, but we knew what was coming next.

Lila started rubbing me through the nightie as Sarah worked on Tash. When it was clear we were happy, the girls were lifted up and sat on our laps facing away from us, they were then tied into position very tightly to frustrate all of us. As the girls moaned and wriggled on top of us we could do nothing apart from wish for a bit of relief. This was sweet torture.

Sarah and Lila returned and announced that they were going out for more slaves. But before they left they had two more treats. They removed the girls' stockings, taped vibrators to their inner thighs, switched them on and then taped their legs together. Then we each had a stocking pulled over our heads, which were tightly secured with thick silver tape around our mouths and eyes. MMppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppfffffffffffhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Click, the lights went out and the gurls had gone.


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