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This story continues on from A Special Birthday which introduced Derek & Daphne, representatives of Oberon & Titania, King and Queen of Fairy Isle.


Steve was walking through the park in the depths of despair. What the hell could he do with his life now? He knew he would never get another job as a teacher after this. He knew he was a good teacher and that teaching was his life. What was the answer? Suicide? Move to a new area, change his name and try to start his life anew? If the school board had only listened to his side of things, perhaps he could have convinced them of his innocence.

The allegations the co-ed had made against him were unfounded and made only because HE had turned HER advances down as she was definitely not his sort.

Steve was so caught up in his thoughts he did not see the handsome man reading his paper walking toward him. And of course, they collided in the middle of the park with no one else around to witness the sight.

Steve still had his manners, so started to apologise "I’m sorry sir, I was too engrossed and did not see you"

"That’s all right young man" said the handsome man.

'Hmmm' thought Steve 'What strange eyes he has. And he’s really good looking.'

They started to part, when something seemed to snap inside Steve; he turned to the man and putting his hand on the other’s arm, Steve started to ask for money, for a drink, a meal or even a bus ticket out of the area.

But as he did so, a spark seemed to leap from the man to Steve. He hurriedly let go, took a step back as the man turned to him.


"So Steve, you think your life is over do you? You think that the world is against you. Well, perhaps this one is. Perhaps I can help you, but not with charity or a meal. But rather with a new start in life, and as a teacher. Are you interested? There are conditions, and indeed consequences."

Steve was stunned to say the least. How did this stranger know so much about him, his name, his career, and it being in ruins too. Then the other stuff the man had said sank in.

"Okay, putting aside for a minute the fact you know my name and I KNOW we have never met, you say you can let me be a teacher again? How? Where? And how the hell do you know my name?"

"First things first Steve, my name is Derek and shall we continue this conversation in private rather then in a public park? My house is over...erm....." Derek looked around, then pointed "over there."

Steve had never seen the house that Derek pointed out before and he had lived in the area all his life. He had brought school trips to the park for many years, but this house was the sort of house that one would remember, all turrets and shingle roofs. Weird. In fact he thought that ‘over there’ was a boggy area, usually kept fenced off. Still, there was certainly a house there now.

Steve found himself walking with Derek towards the house where a beautiful woman was waiting by the front door. She had long auburn hair, down to her shoulder blades and was wearing a crisp white blouse with a long black a-line skirt which swirled around her legs as she moved. Black thigh-high boots with two-inch heels completed the effect. As Steve drew nearer, he could see that she too had the same wonderful, yet strange purple eyes and her makeup was exquisite. She seemed older close up that he had earlier thought, but also she seemed ageless.

"Hello Steve, my name is Daphne and I think we can help you." She said as she greeted him. "Come on in."Daphne, how I like to think of her. Thanks to John Kaufmann for permission to use his artwork here. - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

'Good grief,' Steve thought, 'does everyone here know my name?'

Daphne led the way into the back of the house and into the old-fashioned kitchen, it had an enormous aga range with what looked just like a witches’ cauldron suspended over the open fire nearby. Although it looked old, Steve did notice that the entire kitchen was spotless, as was the passageway leading from the front door to the kitchen.

"Now, I think Derek mentioned to you that we can help you get your life back together, and even teach again, yes?" Daphne asked, Steve could only nod. Things where so strange, he was becoming quite numb.

"Right Steve, as Derek said there are conditions and consequences. Mind you, having met you now, I don’t think you will object to some of them, in fact, I think you will enjoy them." Daphne flicked her long hair back behind her shoulder as she turned to pour some hot water into a teapot. Steve blinked, he could have sworn her ear......

"Let’s allow the tea to brew, then we can have a drink, would you like some cookies or a sandwich Steve? There’s a plate just by you, tuck in won’t you."

Steve was positive that there had been no plate by him a second ago, perhaps Derek had slipped it there whilst he wasn’t looking. Steve hadn’t eaten all day so he took a bit of the sandwich which turned out to be his favourite, and tasted perfect.

Today had started off so badly, he was broke, contemplating suicide and now he was warm and being fed, with the chance of a job, always providing that this couple weren’t just plain mad and this was one hell of a mistake.

"So, " Steve said " Derek said you could help me get a job teaching again?"

"Yes, we know what happened at your last school. If the girl had not being the daughter of the Dean you would probably have had the chance to explain and we know you are not interested in girls that way. Though I think that you like them a little don’t you? Be honest, you are among friends here"

It was a relief to be honest at last, even if everything went wrong, Steve thought he might as well make a clean breast of things. He could always move or kill himself tomorrow after all.

"Yes, when I look at the girls in my class I don’t find THEM attractive, but I like their clothes and wonder what it would be like to be female and wear such wonderful clothes out in the open. Their nylon bra’s and panties, their tights and tight blouses, short skirts or jeans which seem almost sprayed on, they are so tight. I’ve tried to stop myself, but every now and then I just have to wear some women’s clothing in private, the feel of things are so nice, I have often wished that I had been born a girl."

Steve was almost crying by now, letting all the years of frustration come out like this. Yet, he didn’t feel threatened by admitting this to this couple. He felt safe and more comfortable than he had for years.

"Yes Steve, I know. " Daphne put her hands on his shoulders and Steve felt a sense of peace and of comfort wash over him.

"Now, we can help you teach again, and we can even help you with your wish. Would you like us to? If you say no, Derek will return you to the park and it will be as if you never met us, you will remember this, but only as a dream. Your life will go on, or not as the case may be. Do you want our help?" Daphne asked, knowing Steve’s answer before he did.

Steve thought about his life up to present, all he knew, and all he loved, was teaching. He couldn’t teach anymore here and now, not like this. His life was over here. If only half of what Derek and Daphne promised came true, life would be so much better. At least he would have a chance of living and as a teacher. Steve made his decision.

"Yes, help me teach again. Please."

"Okay, the conditions. You will travel far, far away from here, you may return if you wish during the holidays, but you will not be able to talk about where you have been. You will be one of only two or three teachers at this school and you will have plenty of children to instruct, all girls, but you won’t feel threatened or jealous of them or their clothes.

"The consequences, well, I don’t think you are too bothered about these, but you will be transformed into a female as mortal men are not allowed on the Isle. As a full mortal, you will have to become like me, an elf" so saying, Daphne ran her hand through her hair and lifted it so Steve could see the full shape of her ear. It was pointed, just like Mr Spock’s only more delicate, more feminine, more, well, more elfin.

"The others, your pupils, will be a mix of elves, nirads, wood nymphs and fairies all of whom want to learn about the mortal world. You will also be a pupil, as you will learn about the Fairy World too. Now, drink up your tea, it will help you to accept your transformation and indeed the herbs it contains are necessary."

Steve’s mind was reeling, elves, fairies, gender transformations! Wow, hmm, that last sounded a little like those Spells ‘R’ Us stories he had read on the internet but those usually ended up as brainless bimbos.

"Don’t worry Steve, you won’t become a brainless bimbo, we and the Wizard of SRU use different herbs and spells, also we need your mind untouched. And yes, Derek and I can read minds here in the mortal realm."

"Well, bottoms up!" Steve said as he raised the teacup and drank the liquid within. He could feel it travelling down and into his stomach, then the warmth spread outwards and he felt a little light-headed.

"Derek, it’s time for you to go, we’ll see you in the morning love." Daphne turned to Steve "Derek has to go as the spells would change him back too if he stayed you see whilst the spells work on you tonight. Now, I need you to get ready for bed and I want you to wear these clothes and nightwear, as you’ll need them by tomorrow."

From somewhere she produced a gold bra and panty set, and a baby doll nightie. "Your bedroom is at the top of the first flight of stairs, have a shower and get into these. I’ll see you in the morning."

Steve took the clothes, they felt wonderful! Satin, so sexy and feminine, he could hardly wait to put them on. Although he did not realise it the herbs and spells where already working on his body. His hair was lengthening and turning blonde, his body hair was disappearing and his legs and arms where becoming slender and finely toned. In fact his whole body was slimming and shrinking to become female.Gold underwear all ready laid out for Steve - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

He showered and dried himself off, slipped into the gold panties, tucking his small penis into them, it was shrinking away all the time now, but he was unaware of that as he put his arms into the straps of the bra, reaching behind himself to quickly fasten the clasps and then caressing his breasts as he positioned the bra around them. They where almost full size now, a good 38D cup and quite sensitive. He yawned, stretched and picked up the baby doll, pulling it over his head, looked in the full length mirror and gave a little twirl to see the hem of the nightie flare out, revealing his very feminine bottom tightly clad in his gold panties.

He climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep and dreamt of fairies and elves and pixies. As he slept the changes continued and when Stephanie awoke in the morning, she was fully female. Where Steve had dropped his clothes last night, Stephanie found her black tights, white blouse and tight red mini-skirt and three-inch high heels waiting for her.

She quickly dressed, did her make up in the vanity unit, and went downstairs to see what Daphne thought of her appearance this morning.

"Oh wow, you have turned out very well if I may say so Steve. Bet you never thought anything like this would happen to you did you?" asked Derek.

"Derek, behave yourself" Daphne said "do you want your breakfast or do you want to go to Fairy Isle first? To get started and enjoy your life again?"

"What do you think Daphne, let’s go now, and it’s Stephanie now, not Steve Derek. Oh, I can eat there, can’t I?" Stephanie asked, suddenly concerned.

"Yes, everything is normal there, just magic really happens there as a matter of course! Be back soon, Derek. Now Stephanie, hold my hand"

Stephanie took Daphne’s hand and whispered the spell which whisked them away to Fairy Isle at the speed of thought. Stephanie looked around, it was beautiful, she had never seen a sky so blue, nor the ocean so pure and clear. The sound of laughter behind her called to her and she turned to see one of the most beautiful creatures imaginable floating down to land in the sand beside her. Princess Petunia coming in to land - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

"Daphne, as Steve I was a good teacher, as Stephanie I can only try to be as good a woman and a teacher as I know how. Thank you so much for this opportunity."

"Don’t worry Stephanie, you will loved it here, and the people will love you too. Please, let me introduce you to your fellow teacher, the Princess Petunia, I’m sure you will become the best of friends very quickly. Princess, this is Stephanie, she is here to help teach the children."

"I know Daphne, mother told me that you would be coming with an excellent teacher. Steve, sorry, Stephanie, you are welcome here. Come, let’s go meet the rest of your new life."

The end..... (or is it)

(No, it continues in School Holidays)

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