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Peter had lived a sheltered life, but knew that his parents loved him very much. His eighteenth birthday was but a day away and he felt in his heart that it was going to be a special one. If anyone had asked why, he would have been hard pressed to explain it, he just knew.

He was highly intelligent, having being tutored by his father for many years now in the applied sciences, and by his mother in the mystical ways. To anyone else, his life would have seemed strange and unusual, to Peter, it just was.

"Peter" Daphne, his mother called to him when he arrived home from work this evening, "tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday. You know that your father and I love you very much and we will always do so, don’t you?"

"Oh course mother, I love you both too. What is the matter, you have being crying?"

"Yes, I have, for tomorrow you reach eighteen and you must accept your destiny which means that we will lose you." She said, with a sob in her voice.

"What do you mean? Lose me, I am not going anywhere, am I?" Peter was confused now.

"My lovely son, you are so beautiful, as you know. You have had no shortage of girlfriends these last few years. They are all enamoured by your looks and nature. You never had much trouble with the boys either! They either liked you or were scared of you."

"Yes, but..." Peter began.

"No, let me finish my son. It is time you prepared for tomorrow, then everything will be clear."

"But, where is father?" Peter interjected.

"As it must be, he has gone to stay with his brother for the next day or two. He is not allowed to stay though the transformation, no males may stay in the house at this time, only you. First of all, I have to tell you, we are not your parents, we where chosen to look after you until you reached eighteen earth years. You have always known that there is something different, something special about you, haven’t you?" she asked.

"Yes, but mother, what transformation and what do you mean, you are not my parents!!! I'm adopted?"

"No, not really. You see, your wonderful parents, whom you will see again very soon entrusted us with caring and protecting you until you are old enough to understand, and accept what is going to happen to you tomorrow. You see, your parents are very important people and you, as their child needed to be protected from anyone who would wish them harm. So you have been looked after here in the human world as my son, and safe from discovery.

"Now, your father has taught you much of Man’s world whilst I have taught you about the Mystic world and you will need this knowledge soon. Now, drink this potion, it will help you sleep tonight for I know your mind will not rest with this new knowledge I have told you."

Peter was rather distracted, and truth to be told, somewhat under the spell his "mother" had cast on him to enable his transformation to go ahead with ease. So he drank the potion. Peter sat in the kitchen chair and was unaware of the time passing him by. The potion and the spell started to work on his body, his arms and legs grew thinner and his dark body hair turned fair or withdrew from view. His lush dark brown hair grew longer and more luxuriant whilst his shoulder blades became more defined.

"Now, I need you to get ready for bed " his mother said, waking Peter from his daze. "But I need you to wear these clothes for tonight" So saying, she passed him a lavender Bra (size 36C), a matching pair of panties and a very filmy shortie nightie.

Peter was unaware of the unusualness of the request and the unsuitability of the clothes to his male body, but the spell still held him in it’s thrall, so he took the clothes and went to his room. He removed his shirt and jeans, tossed them on the back of the chair and bent to remove his socks and underpants. Doing so, he missed the transformation of his outer clothes into very filmy mini-dress and white lycra tights.

He put his arms though the straps of the bra, reached behind him and tried to fasten the catches, but couldn’t. After a few attempts, he came to himself a little, and decided to remove it, slipped the cups of the bra behind him, and looked at the back of the bra, now in front of him and fastened it properly. He twisted it around behind him and once again, slipped his arms though the straps, evened out the straps over his shoulders, and dropped his newly developing breasts into the cups. This didn’t even seem strange to him! Next he slipped into the fine nylon panties and pulled them snugly around his crotch. His manhood didn’t react to the sensation of the nylon, in fact, if anything, it seemed to grow smaller still. Lastly, on went the filmy shortie nightie. Peter went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, combed his long blonde hair and went to bed. He slept deeply and dreamt of wondrous people and places.

As he slept, his body continued changing, his genitalia changed from that of a male, to a female, his breasts grew to fill his new bra and his mind became that of the girl that he had always really being.

The next morning Petunia awoke and stretched her exquisite arms and rose from her bed. She slipped out of the filmy nightie, put her white tights and filmy mini-dress on, made sure the slits on the back of her dress lined up with her shoulder blades and went downstairs to say goodbye to her mother of these last 18 earth years, and hello to her real parents.

Her adoptive mother was waiting with tears in her eyes, accompanied by her natural parents, her father Oberon and her mother, Titania, King and Queen of the Fairies.

"Welcome Princess Petunia, our beloved daughter. It is time to come home." The beautiful Queen Titania said, her wings beating slowly in her excitement of seeing her beloved daughter after so many years.

"Oh mother, father, it is wonderful to see you again" said Petunia, so saying, she thought the special thought that caused her own wings to grow out of their pods on her shoulder blades, slip though the slits in her dress and flap excitedly at the thought of seeing Fairy Isle once again after so many years.

Mother and daughter embraced and floated up towards the ceiling whilst the majestic King Oberon and Daphne watched below.

The King turned to Daphne, with a kind smile on his face. "My friend, how can we ever thank you and Derek for your help these many years?"

"Allow us to continue in our search for humans who would benefit from visiting your realm, and allow us to spread a little magic here in the human world." Daphne requested of the King.

Oberon glanced up at his beautiful wife Titania, who nodded and he said "We agree, you may stay a while longer here in the mortal realm. But remember, your sacrifice is noted and you will always have a place both on Fairy Isle in on our hearts. Please pass our regards on to Derek when he returns. Now, we must go and show Fairy Isle to the Princess, and the Princess to Fairy Isle."

Titania and Petunia grounded and both hugged Daphne. As they did so, Petunia whispered in Daphne’s ear, "I will not forgot you or Derek, nor the kindness you gave me for so many years. I love you both"

With these words, Daphne felt herself drawn upwards then very gently returned to the ground before Oberon, Titania and Petunia backed away, then in a flash of light, disappeared.

Daphne sighed, wiped away a tear or two, sighed again, then, flicking her long hair back over her pointed elfin ear, busied herself with the dusting before Derek’s return. Who knows, he might have found a human who might benefit from a visit to Fairy Isle........

The end (or is it)

Posted 29th June 2001

Edited 1st July with thanks to SteveZ

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