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School Holidays

Stephanie had enjoyed her time teaching the young fairies, elves, dryads and yes, even the young pixies during her time on Fairy Isle. Ever since that awful time when she was Steve, the teacher accused of making sexual advances to the Dean’s daughter, life had become wonderful!

Stephanie still harboured a little grudge towards to two people who turned his life upside down to the extent that he had considered suicide when he lost his job, his home, everything. That was, until he met Derek and Daphne, who changed not only his life, but his gender and appearance to that of Stephanie, the beautiful young elven girl who now taught at the school on Fairy Isle.

It had been a busy couple of months since then and as Stephanie looked around the quiet halls of the Fairy School she realised that there was a lot of work needed to brighten up the old place. She wandered along, making mental notes on the various cracks and damages caused by hi-spirited pixies. As she turned a corner she all but bumped into Princess Petunia, her "boss" and friend.

"Hello Stephanie, what do you want to do for the holidays? Do you want to stay her or visit the Mortal Realm for a while? You can do you know, you just have to ask."

"Well, I’ve nothing to go back for, not really, but I’ve been meaning to ask you, why is the school building so, well, run down? Why not use magic to keep it pristine?"


"I’d love to but you see, with there being so few mortals who still believe in fairies, the amount of magic available is now limited. If we could only find, well, he is only a story used to put the little ones to bed. So never mind me, what do you want to do? How about we go down to the beach and skinny dip with the mermaids?"

"Okay, let’s go swimming"

That night, Stephanie dreamt of her old school for although she hated to admit it, she still wanted revenge on the Dean and his brat of a daughter. She also remembered the janitor of the school. The old guy who managed to do all the odd jobs that were asked of him, no matter how hard or unusual. Actually, she couldn’t even remember how old he was, nor what he looked like, only his name, David. Most strange.

The next morning Stephanie awoke and her dream was still quite vivid in her mind. She decided to ask Petunia to send her back to the Mortal Realm for a visit, but first she would call on that pixie girl Michelle’s family and ask a favour.

Petunia agreed and made all the arrangements to send Stephanie back to the Mortal Realm, to the town she had grown up in and had lost her career.

"Daphne will be there to welcome you, as may Derek. Have some fun and we’ll see you in a week or so, bye Stephanie, enjoy yourself." So saying, Petunia magicked Stephanie away to the Mortal Realm where she was met by her elven friend, Daphne. The same person who have helped her through her transformation just a couple of months ago.Image

"Oh Stephanie, it’s marvellous to see you again, how have things been for you over on the Isle?" Daphne asked as she hugged Stephanie.

"Things have been super thanks Daphne, everyone has made me SO welcome. I’m teaching again and let’s face it, I look and feel wonderful" she said, turning so as to show off her new body. She lifted her long blonde hair and tucked it behind her ear, showing off the exquisitely pointed elfin shape.

"Now my dear, don’t get into the habit of doing that here, if you forgot and did it in front of a mortal, you may have a difficult job explaining it away!"

"I won’t, I just remember you doing the same the first time we met. I’ve had an incredible time since I last saw you. How do you bear it, being away from home for so long?"

"It’s hard, I won’t lie, but the work we do is important to the continuation of Fairy Isle. We were chosen by the Queen Titania herself for this and it is a great privilege to serve her in any way.

"Anyway, what do you want to do while you are here?"

"Well, as I said to Petunia before I left, the school needs a lot of work doing to it and as there is not enough magic available to fix it up as it were, I thought I might try to convince the janitor of my old school to join us. No matter what was asked of him, no job seemed impossible to him. The staff never could work out how he did some jobs, it was almost as if he read our minds the way some things were done without anyone actually asking him to do the work."

"Hmmm, sounds like he might have a little magic in him already" Daphne said with a smile. "Go on, go see what you can find. Oh yes, and you’ll find the Dean in his usual office. What, you forgot I can read your mind here?"

Stephanie had the grace to blush. She had forgotten that little fact.

Stephanie left the house, to find it was now situated just outside the school grounds, in what had been a waste area. She crossed the road and walked up the drive to the main building. She saw many of the boys eyeing her up and decided to give them something to look at. She raised her skirt up a little and put a real wiggle in her walk. The school holidays on the Isle and here in the Mortal Realm where a week or so out of sync so there were still students on campus. She strutted her way into the building and made her way to the Dean’s Office. She knocked and walked in.

"Hello Dean darling!" she cooed.

"Excuse me madam. Who are you? Do you have an appointment? " the stunned Dean stuttered.

"Oh Deanie, you don’t have to be coy with me, not when we’re alone" Stephanie moved closer and putting her hand in her purse, got a pinch of pixie dust and as the Dean turned to the phone, to call campus security, flicked it over the Dean.

"Pixie Dust, Pixie Dust, I call upon thee

Clothe this man in garment’s female

Visible only to others’

Or in a mirror to this stuffy old male

Let it last but the day

Then let my revenge be okay"

"What did you say? Who are you?" The Dean was confused, also a little disorientated by the pixie dust as well it must be said.

"It doesn’t matter, I’ve just realised, you’re not my little Deanie, sorry, wrong office" so saying, Stephanie backed out of the office chuckling, trying not to burst out laughing. The Dean was now dressed as a street tart! Dressed to kill in high heels, fishnet stockings, pale blue nylon panties peeking out from under the micro black PVC skirt, and pale blue bra clearly visible through the sheer white blouse. The overall effect was somewhat spoilt by the fact that the Dean had not changed in the slightest, he still looked the same, short, podgy and somewhat balding.

Of course, to the Dean, he looked and felt the same, but for the next twenty four hours or so, he wouldn’t to anyone else! He was going to have real problems explaining this to the college board. Revenge is sweet thought Stephanie.

Walking down the hall, thinking about what, if anything she could do to settle the score with the Dean’s obnoxious daughter, her heart almost stopped when a voice rang out:

"Steve, is that you?"

"Oh Crap" was Stephanie’s first thought. Her second was "Wait a minute, I’m totally different, no one can possibly recognise me as Steve now"

She turned and before her was the Janitor, the man she had come to find.

"It is you Steve, isn’t it. You look awesome, what happened to you? I heard the rubbish that they put out about you and that stupid girl. I knew it was false, but you left so quickly I was unable to find anything out or to help." David said.

"David, my name is Stephanie now, but how did you know it was me for heaven’s sake? I’m completely different, not to mention female!"

"I don’t know, I can see you are a beautiful woman, though there is something different about you as well. But I can also tell that you are, or were Steve, sorry Stephanie. Strange....

"Come on, tell me what happened to you, where have you been, or have you been in surgery for this last two months. No that’s not it, you couldn’t have changed that much in just two months without serious scarring"

"Well, can we talk somewhere? I might have an offer for you." Stephanie said "and then you can understand how I changed to this"

So they went to David’s office in the bowels of the school basement and they talked for hours. Stephanie explained as much as she could about Fairy Isle and what the school needed and how much someone of David’s capabilities was needed. The only time they were disturbed was when they heard screams coming from the direction of the Dean’s office when his darling little daughter came to visit. Only to find her darling daddy dressed in his tart’s outfit.

The Dean was going to have fun tonight. Just try explaining to a very upper class, and snobbish wife, how by putting on his basic Irish Linen pyjamas ends up, to her at least, looking like he has just donned a very short and very see through baby doll nightie and lace thong. Always assuming his wife will even allow him in the house when he drives up looking like a tart. Then again, maybe she’ll like it.

I digress, Stephanie and David talked the rest of the day and by the evening David had agreed to come to meet Daphne to discuss further the changes needed to visit Fairy Isle. David was a strange mixture of child and world traveller, of youth and knowledge. He seemed ready to accept the changes wrought to Steve, but unsure if he was ready to have the same done to him. Yet he was willing to consider them, but wanted more information.

As dusk fell, they left the campus grounds, crossed the road and entered the house. Stephanie shouted to Daphne that she was back and had a guest with her when there was a shriek, the sound of crockery smashing in the kitchen and Daphne appeared in the doorway as if teleported there.

Daphne’s beautiful face was as white as a sheet as she gazed at David. She gulped, then knelt before him, arms crossed, face raised to his.

"My lord, it is an honour to be in your presence" she said as she bowed her head.

David and Stephanie looked at one another in amazement.

"Wha?" was about all either could say.

"Okay, Daphne, what’s going on? What’s the matter? Talk to me" Stephanie asked, quite worried about her friend. Never mind what poor David must be thinking about all this.

David took matters into his own hands by stepping forward and taking Daphne’s hand in his, helped her to her feet. She went bright red with embarrassment at this treatment.

He turned to Stephanie and said "Well, I’ve never had a beautiful woman kneel at my feet before, so what’s going on?"

"I have no idea, Daphne, please tell us what is wrong!"

"I’m sorry Stephanie, it’s just ... Well, we elves have long considered your friend to be myth or a legend. I know I never expected to be in the presence of the Silkie. It is indeed a great honour my lord, you have been away from your people for centuries."

David looked blank at both woman, this made no sense to him, nor to Stephanie for that matter.

"Okay, so I’m the silky, indulge me, what is a silky?"

"If you would both come though to the kitchen, I will try to explain the legend of the Silkie. If nothing else, I need a drink of strong elven tea!"

The threesome went though to the kitchen and sat around the big table. The kettle sang over the great stove and Stephanie made the drink whilst Daphne started to explain.

"Many centuries ago, when the Magical Realm encompassed the world, not just a hidden island as now, there are tales of a bright light in the sky. This light came to earth on what is now, Fairy Isle. From the light came two creatures who became known as Silkies. There can only be three such creatures on Earth at any given time, though often it is said, there is only one. The Silkie is a long lived creature, and can be anything it wishes. It may be male or female, though it can be human, elven and even animal at will.

"The Silkie has much magic and is known to have a wicked sense of humour. There are tales of a Silkie living as a human, with a human mate and to have children with the human. Sometimes the children are fully human, others, different and occasionally, a full Silkie is born.

"The last Silkie known to the Fairies was thought lost or killed in the great war between the Fairies and the Trolls centuries ago. The Silkie’s always did like to get involved. You would be the descendant of that Silkie, it would have been your Great, Great, Great, Great GrandSire. You have been greatly missed my Lord." Daphne finished.

"Wow, what a story" said Stephanie

"It is much more than a story, Stephanie, it is Elven Legend and as such, true." Corrected Daphne.

"Well, I don’t know anything about being a Silkie, but it sounds like it could be fun. " David said. "Magic huh? Long lived, how long?"

"I regret I do not know my Lord, two, maybe three centuries?"

The threesome sat drinking the strong elven tea for a while longer as they all tried to accept the facts. Stephanie was beginning to believe that there was something special about David, for he had recognised her as Steve.

David was thinking about his life up to present, he had been drifting from job to job and town to town for longer than he could remember. Always looking for someone who needed help, or for something that he had to do. Something special.

Daphne, well, she was still trying to adjust to the fact that the Silkie was in her kitchen. The creature that legend foretold would one day save Fairy Isle. The creature that had been missing for so long and here he was. The Fates were smiling indeed on that day when Steve met Derek and became Stephanie.

Yes, a special day.

Time passed, all deep in thought.


"It is time, "Daphne said, finally breaking the silence. "I will bid you a good night David, and in the morning you will know more about who, and what you are."

"Hey, wait a minute, why doesn’t he get the special clothes to help him adjust, like I had? You know, a Bra and Pantie set and a baby doll nightdress?"

"He does not and will not need such items, the Silkie needs only to sleep in an enchanted house for a while and the house will help him regain his memories, and abilities. By the morning, he will be able to transform both his body, and his clothing as required.

"He will be able to become male or female at will, or human or fairy, elven or a full silkie simply by thinking it. The clothing worn will adjust to suit his current form. All he needs is time, no artificial aids.

"You are welcome to stay the night too Stephanie, I think you will want to be here in the morning to see your friend’s transformation."

Wild Horses could not have dragged Stephanie away from this night so everyone went to their rooms. Daphne to try to sleep with the knowledge that the Silkie was in her house, Stephanie thinking about what she had got herself, and David into. David, well, he seemed ready to accept things so he stripped off and after a quick shower snuggled under the silken sheets and was soon fast asleep. His dreams were full of elves, fairies, battles with trolls and transformations as his racial memories re-surfaced.

The next morning everyone met in the kitchen, Daphne with awe in her eyes for she knew that the Silkie had regained much of it’s memories overnight. Stephanie however could see no difference in him. David looked as much as he had the night before.

"So, what’s the plan for today Daphne?" Stephanie asked after breakfast.

"Well, that is up to David, I think he has plans for today."

"Oh yes, that I do. You were right Daphne, the Silkie’s DO have a wicked sense of humour." He said with a sly smile.

"Stephanie, how do you fancy a little revenge on the Dean’s daughter? I know you had some fun with the Dean, but I think we can do a little something with her. And tonight, how about a evening at that new nightclub, the exclusive one?"

"Yeah, I’m up for that, but what are you planning?"

"First of all, I want to practice transforming a little, then let’s make sure the Dean and his family get tickets to tonight at the nightclub. Daphne, if you would so kind to get their tickets to them this morning, thank you. We’ll be there to meet them, but they won’t recognise us, and we’ll have a little fun with them. Then, we should have a marvelous evening!"

Daphne did as she was bidden and the morning post delivered the tickets for the nightclub. Tickets for the club were so hard to get, the Dean’s wife and daughter went into hysterics and promptly went shopping the rest of the day to get ready for that night. The Dean blushed when his wife asked him if he wanted anything special in the way of clothes for tonight.

Meanwhile, David was practising changing himself into various forms, both male and female, not always human either. Stephanie watched in amazement as David changed from his familiar form into a gorgeous raven haired beauty, fully clothed in suitable women’s clothing. Then, ‘she’ changed into a full grown lion, complete with massive mane. After prowling around the garden for a while as a lion, David changed back into human form, but not his own. Now he looked like Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon.

"I wonder what a Silkie’s natural shape is?" David mused. "Shall I try?" he asked Stephanie.

"Oh Yeah, let’s see it"

"Okay, I’m still a little vague about this, but, if I concentrate......"

A soft glow covered his body and he started changing. His whole body lengthened and he grew taller. His legs and arms each became a good foot longer and long hair appeared all over his body. His face changed too, silky dark hair covered most of his skin now, only his face peeked out from the hair and it seemed to glow all of itself. David shrugged his shoulders and the most beautiful wings they had ever imagined unfolded from them. The must have been twelve foot across tip to tip and were the same colour as his body hair. Stephanie felt herself drawn towards him, in a sexually attracted way for that matter.

The Silkie - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story"Oh wow, " she purred "Chewbacca with wings. Ohhhh" She was panting and running her hands over her body, a very attractive and excited body it must be said.

"Oops" David quickly changed back to his regular human form. "Calm down Steph"

"Oh wow, that was intense, I SO wanted you to make love to me."


"Hmmm, well, I think we just found out how a Silkie in it’s natural form can get a human to bear it’s child. Don’t worry, I wouldn't do it to anyone who I didn’t love and want to be the mother of the next Silkie. Come on, let’s get you upstairs, you need a shower after that. Don’t worry, I won’t watch or join you, unless you want me to!" David joked.

"Oh YES please!"

Later that evening two girls were stood outside the nightclub, both dressed to kill in tight low-slung tops, mini skirts, fishnets and high heels. David was blonde and looked gorgeous and as they talked outside the club before going in, David was suddenly jostled by a couple and their daughter who were making their way to the club’s entrance.

"Mummy, look at that pair of hookers" said the Dean’s daughter.

"Hush now dear. We must call the police Dean, we don’t need that sort around here."

"Yes dear" said the Dean, and yes, his name is Dean as well as his title.

"Right, that does it, his wife may have forgiven him, but I’m not going to forgive them for that crack." David said. So saying, he lifted his hand to above his eyes, and slowly lowered it past his face. As he did so, his face rippled and changed. He now looked just like Madonna.

"Come on Steph, Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun!" Madonna grabbed Stephanie by the hand and dragged her towards the entrance.

At the entrance the Dean’s party were having difficulty getting access. Strange that, they had been on the guest list until 30 seconds ago.....

"Now see here young man, do you know who I am?" the Dean blustered.

"Don’t matter, if your name isn’t on the list, you don’t get in!" the bouncer replied.

"Mummy, can we go. Those hooker’s are here."

"Yeah, come on lady, let the hookers in" said David in his best New York accent as they stepped into the light.

The bouncer’s jaws dropped. The Dean’s daughter took one clear look at the ‘hooker’ and went bright red, then pure white with shock as she too recognised the ‘hooker’ that she and her mother had insulted.

The Bouncer swept aside the rope barrier and ushered Madonna and her friend inside, the rope went straight back and the Dean and his family were removed from the entrance area, none too gently either. No matter how much they protested, they were out of the club and considering that they had apparently insulted Madonna, there was no way they would ever be allowed near the club again.

"Revenge is sweet" Stephanie said to ‘Madonna’ "thanks friend"

"That’s okay, they deserved it. Now, let’s have FUN!"

Suiting actions to words, Madonna and Stephanie partied into the small hours, sometimes David, as Madonna would even get up and sing live over one of Madonna’s tracks. The Silkie was able to imitate Madonna exactly, both in actions and voice. The partygoers never even suspected that she was not the real Madonna. The only time there was any problem was when one football player, who had had far too much to drink, followed Madonna into the ladies and tried to make a grab for her breasts. He soon found out that although he may look like Madonna, the Silkie had all of it’s natural strength and ended up being thrown against the tiled walls hard enough to leave his outline in the broken tiles.

The bouncers’ soon removed him and threw him out the back door. The management could not apologise enough to ‘Madonna’ who just looked at them until they backed off with the comment that everything was on the house for her and her friend tonight.

Finally, the partying wound down and the two friends left for the enchanted house and some sleep for what was left of the night (not much).

Next morning, the two came down for breakfast to find that Daphne had sent a message to the Fairy Isle as both Titania and Oberon arrived as they finished their meal.

"Your Majesty’s, we are honoured with your presence" David said as all three stood to greet the newcomers.

"No my friend, it is we who are honoured with your return to us. Will you come back with us and help heal and strengthen the Isle? We do need you and you will find much to interest you there. You can of course come back to the mortal realm as and when you wish." Said Oberon (thinks: As if we could stop YOU)

"Yes, I will come, I have had some fun here, but perhaps it is time for me to become fully aware of the Isle and my own powers. " David turned to Stephanie "Will you come with me, I enjoy your company and I hope you like mine too" he finished shyly.

Stephanie, remembering the feeling of euphoria that had swept over her when David became the Silkie yesterday, and the time in the shower afterwards, didn’t hesitate.

"Yes, as if you could stop me!" (Actually, he could have if he had wished so, but being honest, he didn’t. He liked Stephanie, even knowing that a few months ago, she had been a man. That did not matter in the slightest, let’s face it, three days ago, he thought HE was just a man).

"Daphne, once again you have proved how valuable you and Derek are to us here in the Mortal Realm, we could not ask more of you. Please stay a while longer, you are praised every night on the Isle." Queen Titania asked of her.

Daphne bowed her beautiful head and agreed to stay in the Mortal Realm for some time longer. When she raised her eyes, the beautiful people had all disappeared, gone to the Fairy Isle to work their wondrous magic for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the Isle and Elves and Fairies everywhere.

The end. (or is it)

I hope you have enjoyed this one, it’s a bit long, but I have certainly enjoyed living it with you.

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