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A relatively new group, formed by Mr. Mergers, to use a story device he came up with, the Chaos Coin.  He then challenged writers inthe group to use the coin in a story, here is Steve's story!

On his way home from work, Kenneth Miller made a few stops, the last of which was the outlet store of the bakery three blocks from his house. Besides picking up a loaf of sandwich bread, he also grabbed a loaf of Italian bread from the shop's warmer. It would go very well with the spaghetti and meatballs the still fit middle aged man with close cropped reddish blonde hair knew he'd find on the dining room table a bit later in the evening. He smiled, thinking of how the pasta and bread never seemed to bother his own figure, nor that of his wife who was still quite shapely even at forty-one years old. He knew his wife would be getting home from her own job as a bank branch manager at least an hour before he got home from the coin shop he ran. It never seemed to stop bringing a smile to Ken's face that Catherine and he both worked with money, but in such different ways.

Sure enough, as Ken walked through the front door of his house he caught the savory smell of Cathy's specially spiced spaghetti sauce. She claimed it was a recipe handed down from mother to daughter on and on in her family since back when her ancestors lived near Turin. "Hi, Cathy, I'm home," he announced while setting his briefcase near the door.

"Hello, Love, I'm in the kitchen," he heard in a soft yet firm voice.

Rounding the corner into the kitchen, Ken held the hot bag from the bread outlet up. "I got some bread to go with the pasta, honey."

Cathy wiped her hands on the apron tied around her waste, then took the loaf from her husband's hand while tilting her head back to accept the kiss they traditionally greeted each other with at the end of each work day, making sure her long blonde hair fell to each side. Ken was close to six feet tall, while she was only just over five feet. "Mmmm, smells good," she said after the quick buss. "Now I don't have to worry about heating up the bread thawing in the fridge. Back into the freezer with that one."


"Anything I can do to help?" Ken asked as he placed the loaf of sandwich bread on the counter next to the sink.
 "No, I've got the sauce simmering and the water for the pasta ready to boil. The table's already set, so scoot until I get the spaghetti bowl on the table."
 "I'll put the bread on the table on the way to the living room, Cathy. Might as well catch whatever's on CNN Headline News," Ken answered as he once again grabbed the Italian bread.
 "Probably not much. The 6 o'clock news didn't mention anything world shaking."
 Ken turned on the TV set the old fashioned way by punching the button, then sat in his usual chair and grabbed the remote to change to Headline News. The first thing he saw was a commercial, and his eyes strayed while Holiday Inn hotels were being expounded. When he noticed his briefcase, Ken recalled the odd coin a friend had brought into the shop that afternoon. He got up and went over to the case, opening it up to retrieve the coin. He looked at it closely again while he was sitting back down, noting the dragon attacking a castle with fire on the one side and what looked for all the world like one of the Pacific seaside villas that got destroyed by the tsunami. He was starting to look more closely at the various symbols running around each perimeter when the news came back on, and into his shirt pocket went the coin.
 Not much of the news updates could be seen by Ken, as he was called to the dinner table by Cathy. 'Yeah, I should have figured that the pasta only boiled for a few minutes,' he thought as he used the remote to shut off the TV and turn toward the dining room. Before taking his seat opposite Cathy, Ken took a sip from the glass of wine at his place. "Ahhh, an abnormally good vintage to thrill my taste buds while my nose is excited by spicy tomato smells and my eyes water from the vision of loveliness seated across from me."
 "My husband, the man of words," Cathy said with a grin. "Now, shut off the words so you can let those taste buds enjoy the spaghetti."
 Needless to say, more words escaped from both their lips during dinner, as savory as the meal was. Neither of them was a quick and quiet eater, and as usual a rundown of significant events during each of their work days took place. It never ceased to amaze Ken that his wife was able to discuss banking procedures without making them sound boring. It helped that so many customers of so many different backgrounds were customers of her bank branch. Likewise, since she already had a deep background in money handling, Cathy took interest in what her husband said about the trivia of the coin shop dealings. It was as they were finishing that Ken brought up the strange coin his friend Andy had brought in that day.
 "Andy told me that this little oddity could grant one wish to its holder," Ken said as he fished the coin from his pocket after wiping his hands on the napkin. "Can you believe that, a coin that grants wishes?" he added as he passed it to Cathy.
 The first thing she noticed was the amount of black gunk on the coin. "This thing looks like it's really been around," she said, holding it strictly by its outer rim. She looked at each side briefly, then added, "Doesn't look like anything that would suggest wishes. Looks more like something that would bring fire and brimstone to the bearer."
 "That's what I thought when I first saw it this afternoon. Personally, I don't put anything in that wish granting stuff, honey. I'm just going to hang on to it for a while and see if it generates any interest at the shop."
 "You're probably right about that, love. Which would you prefer for dessert, chocolate ice cream or some of that peach pie from last night?" Cathy asked as she stood and absently dropped the coin into the front pocket of her apron.
 "Ice cream, please." Ken started to stand up, then added, "Can you bring into the living room, Cathy? I want to catch Jeopardy tonight. Oh, and I also want to show you what I got at the comic shop on the way home today." He headed straight for his briefcase.
 Meanwhile, as Cathy was opening up the freezer door, she thought, 'How can somebody as serious as Ken be so involved with comic books?' She asked herself that every time he mentioned the books, but figured it wasn't an activity that could get her husband in trouble, so why worry. Once she finished rinsing the ice cream off the spoon at her sink, Cathy took off her apron before grabbing the two bowls. Then she remembered the strange coin and put down one of the bowls while she reached into the apron pocket to grab it. It ended up wedged between her hand and her own bowl of ice cream.
 Upon entering the living room, Cathy saw yet another commercial on the TV and her husband in his favorite chair with a few comic books in his hands. As she set his bowl on the arm of the chair, Ken said, "I lucked out at the comic shop today, honey. Besides the latest issue of Catwoman that just came in, they also had found a number one issue of the book from back in the early 90s. Someday I hope they're going to find one of those issue 70 Lois Lane books from the late 60s, with Catwoman's reappearance after being out of the books since the late 50s. Not much chance of that, I guess. But here, look at the way they're drawing Catwoman in the books now, compared to the super sexy way they did it during the 90s."
 He opened up the new issue to the splash page and just showed the cover of the number one book. "Look at the way she's got breasts that would humble an exotic dancer, with that purple catsuit looking like it's spray painted on her body. The only thing missing from that fantastic look is the way Jim Balent always drew her boots with flat heels. A few other artists did her with really good looking stiletto heels on those boots."
 Cathy only looked briefly at the two books, noting on the number one cover that the woman in purple and black was obviously a thief and also a nasty bitch with a bullwhip. She looked like a dominatrix! No way could a real woman ever look the way she was drawn. Then her feelings about the comics came back to a head. "I can't believe you like that comic so much, Ken! That Catwoman is too unbelievable to take. I just wish you could really be that living Barbie doll called Catwoman with the incredible figure you like so much, along with those heels you think are so great, and see what living her life of crime and female domination would be like."
 Cathy's jaw dropped when she saw what followed her announcement. Her familiar husband changed almost instantly into a living, breathing version of the Catwoman character with long black hair she had seen on that book cover. With one big difference - there were incredibly high spike heels on the black thigh high boots she was wearing. The purple spandex clung to her body just as described about the book - it looked like she was spray painted with purple! The black boots that came almost to her crotch and the awesomely clawed black gloves that went almost to her shoulders seemed to be third skins on top of the purple second skin. In shock Cathy set the bowl of ice cream down on the arm of the chair, then covered her mouth with both hands. The coin was also left on the arm of the chair. "Ken?" she said in horror.
 "Ken? No, I don't think so. Do I look like a man that could be named Ken? My name is Selina, Selina Kyle, and I am Catwoman! Meowwwwrrr!"
 Catwoman stood in the heels that practically put her on her toes, seemingly with no difficulty whatsoever. She took her clawed hands and cradled her huge breasts, then ran them down her wasp like hourglass figure to rest on her hips. Then she spotted what would be her first item of plunder, what looked like a rare coin sitting on the arm of the chair she'd been in. She picked it up with her cat claws, and while looking at the dragon on the one side said, "I wish you were my partner in crime, Kitten, with a figure and evil mind like my own and not just some suburban housewife in my Cat's Lair."
 Selina's wish also came true. Cathy's mind changed to that of Kitten while her figure morphed from the normally proportioned female form to match the outlandish and unreal figure clad in purple. Her own outrageous shape became clad in head to toe shiny black latex. The biggest difference was that while Selina had the purple mask and cowl covering her upper face and head, Kitten had a slim and sexy black domino mask over her eyes. Her now even longer and more luxurious blonde hair hid the strap of the mask and fell down her back nearly to her waist. She, too, found her heels raised up to the point where she was almost on her toes. But did this bother Kitten? Not a chance.
 Both feline felons saw that what had been a normal suburban house interior now looked much more like the home of two wicked, cat loving women. In her own astonishment at seeing both the change in Cathy and those of her surroundings, Selina dropped the coin to the floor, paying it no attention. "Meowwwwwrrrr, Mistress," Kitten said, "what would you rather do first, go rob the bank or knock over the coin shop?"
 Catwoman set her clawed right hand on the left shoulder of Kitten and answered, "Mmmmmm, neither just yet, my little Kitten. First let's burn off some energy in the bedroom."
 Kitten unwrapped the bullwhip from around her shoulder and snapped it. "Your whip or mine, Mistress?"
 Selina pulled her own whip from the top of her right boot. "Both, you little minx, you!"
 It was while much feminine moaning and crying emanated from the bedroom that the Chaos Coin vanished from the floor of the Cat's Lair's main living area. It had done its job, bringing to life a pair of wicked to the core feline felons, and now it was time to find some other victim or victims...
 * * *
 Okay, I know this story could have gone on to show more in the new lives of Catwoman and Kitten, but this is just the Chaos Coin part of their story. Steve.

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