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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 It is rough, XXX rated, TG, mind control, rape and sodomy. Also includes character  based on SZ, hence inclusion here.

 Part 1 Cat's Cradle
 Eddie was in a good mood. He had gotten rave reviews on his latest story line (which he quite rightly felt he deserved), he had gotten most of what he had wanted for Christmas, and he had loads of cash to spend on the sales that started the day AFTER Christmas.
 Eddie was no fool. He avoided the big malls and large department stores with their pseudo sales. He haunted the thrift stores and strip malls, where he knew the biggest bargains could be found. Rare editions of old books, comics long out of print, computer parts for next to nothing, even the occasional bit of jewelry and such.
 After hitting three strip malls, Eddie was getting a bit hungry. He had found few items that interested him on this sweep, but wanted to check out this last little strip mall before he hit Mickey D's for lunch. This place was so old the stores all had wooden doors and little bells to alert the proprietor that a customer had arrived. The quaintness of it reminded him of all the SRU stories on the web.
 Eddie perused each store in turn. In one, he found one of the Golden Age Wonder Woman comics that he was always on the lookout for. He was a huge fan of the Amazing Amazon, and collected her books with an almost rabid dedication. The last store seemed to be filled with bric-a-brac and clutter to the point that he almost passed it by. At the last minute, though, something made him enter.
 An attractive young woman stood behind the counter. Probably the owner's daughter or granddaughter, Eddie figured. She was quite a looker, but appeared to be in her late teens to early twenties at most. Girls of that age were often a bit flighty. A large dog slept in a corner. Eddie judged it to be a Shepherd mix of some sort. He was no dog expert, and "Fido" was not doing anything to cause him to get more than a passing glance.
 "Can I help you?" The young woman's voice caused little thrill chills to chase themselves up and down Eddie's back.
 "I'm just browsing. Thought I might find something of some slight interest in here. Looks like you have the world's biggest garage sale going on here." Here, Eddie gestured at the shelves and counter's filled to overflowing with books, bottles with colored water in them, old lamps, bit's of costumes, even cookie tins and toys.
 "Well, I'm sure you will find something that interests you. Do you enjoy computers and computer games?"
 "Sure! If they're not too expensive, that is." It never paid to appear to be too eager.
 "Well, I think you might enjoy this little gadget, then." Here, she held out a small computerized game. It appeared to have a small screen and a single red button on top.
 "What does it do?"


"It's similar to the old one armed bandits. You press the button, and a dial appears on the screen, spins, and spells out your reward."
 "That's it? Doesn't sound like much of a game to me."
 "Opinions vary, but we have never gotten a complaint from anyone who got one of these."
 Eddie was intrigued. "How much?"
 "Well, as it is the last one, and my boss really wants to get rid of the old stock so that he can be ready for the new shipment coming in for the New does $5.00 sound?"
 He stared at the device. It still seemed simple to the point of being boring, but he had never seen anything like it before, and the price was reasonable, soooo... "You have yourself a sale." Eddie smiled at the cute girl as she smiled back. Ringing up the sale on the antiquated cash register, she gave him a receipt.
 "Hang on to your receipt, and if you decide you don't like it or want it, then just bring it back with the receipt, and we'll give you a refund."
 "Thanks!" Smiling, Eddie exited the small store as the girl called after him to remember to read the instruction manual carefully. Instruction manual? For this? She had to be kidding. Eddie walked to his car, and left without a backward glance. If he had looked back, he may have seen an old man in what appeared to be a blue bathrobe emerge through the curtained area behind the main counter.
 "Enjoy, Eddie!" the old man cackled. "You're going to need that dial if you're to help your old friend, Steve." With that, the store slowly faded from sight, leaving an empty storefront in it's place.
 * * * * *
 Selina Wayne was a happy woman. Happy was really too weak a word. She was ecstatic. In the last two years, her life had become every woman's dream. Every woman's, and one former man's dream. Selina smiled to herself as she walked beside the stroller that Alfred, her loyal butler, was pushing down the sidewalk. Glancing down at the proof of her husband's love for her, she saw her daughter, Helena, gurgle around the teething biscuit she was mumbling about in her tiny mouth. Mrs. Bruce Wayne. It had such a regal sound. Giving up being Catwoman had been a small price to pay. After all, Bruce had given up being Batman.
 Now, on this day after Christmas, she was out getting supplies for the annual Wayne New Year's celebration dinner. Dick would be there, as would Barbara, her father (the former Commissioner of Police), and some of their close friends. Only two or three hundred guests, at most. She could have left it up to the staff to pick up the items that would be needed, but she wanted it to be perfect, and so had decided to do the shopping herself. Of course, the various shops and stores would have to deliver the packages.
 It was starting to get dark, and Selina decided she had best wrap up the shopping excursion so she could get home. The crowds had thinned as evening drew on, and a few fitful flakes of snow were starting to fall. Gaily colored lights decorated every storefront, and the holiday spirit seemed to just hang in the air.
 Pausing near an alley, she bent to make sure Helena's warm little jumper was snuggled up tight when she heard a huffing sound and a thud. Spinning, she saw Alfred lying prone on the sidewalk. He was moaning and rubbing the back of his head. Behind him stood...the Joker! Selina felt a sting in her left buttock, and the world began to grow dim around her. Through the increasing darkness, she heard the maniacal criminal's insane cackle.
 "Long time no see, Mrs. Wayne. Would I be letting the cat out of the bag if I were to call you by your true name...Catwoman?!"
 Then the darkness swallowed her.
 * * * * *
 Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne was just preparing to head home for the day when word came in that his wife and butler had been attacked. His loyal man Alfred had a minor concussion, but his wife was missing. Thankfully, his daughter Helena was safe and unharmed. It was mere moments later that every available officer had been mobilized. The Bat Signal lit the sky, splitting the darkness, and an emergency request for aid went over the Justice League's emergency broadcast band.
 Whoever had done this would pay. If his wife had one hair damaged, then they would pay with their very lives!
 * * * * *
 Eddie got home, and sat reading the Wonder Woman comic he had purchased. In it, Batman had just sent out a radio broadcast requesting aid from the Justice Society. Wonder Woman was tied up with an emergency on Paradise Island, and unable to attend. Eddie presumed that the story behind the emergency request for assistance was pursued in other comics from this time period, as this one only mentioned it in passing.
 Finishing the book (Wonder Woman finished off the evil Cheetah and her henchwomen, who had tried to usurp her Mother's rulership of Paradise Island), Eddie got his other purchase out of the bag. He studied it for a moment, and then looked at the instructions. They were fairly straightforward, with warnings about trying to remove the back plate, not subjecting the unit to extreme physical shocks, avoiding highly powerful electromagnetic fields, and such. Laughing, he set the instructions aside and pushed the button. As the dial appeared on the screen and started to spin, a word was being spelled out. Eddie read out loud as it spelled out.
 "H-E-R-O-I-N-E. Heroine?" Then Eddie's world vanished. In his home, the Wonder Woman comic sat forlorn and alone. It's new owner had left the building.
 * * * * *
 Eddie groaned. He felt dizzy and just a bit nauseous. He figured it must have been those burgers he ate at Mickey D's, or perhaps some flu strain. At least, until he opened his eyes.
 Instead of his living room, Eddie saw open sky and clouds all around him. He could faintly make out a distortion effect as he looked about. It was almost as if he were riding in an invisible plane. Looking down, he gasped. Not because of the view to the earth far below, but because of the two mountains he was staring at. Mountains that jutted from his chest!
 He had breasts! Large, and incredibly firm breasts! They were encased in a kind of colorful bustier. He had on blue spandex type panty shorts with white stars on them. A golden lasso was hanging at his waist. Long, curly black hair hung onto his slender shoulders. Metal bracelets encircled his wrist's. Red boots with six-inch spike heels were on his small feet.
 Eddie's heart beat like a trip hammer in HER chest. He was somehow transformed into Wonder Woman! Impossible as it seemed, it was the only explanation she could find. Either that, or she was completely mad, and she refused to even consider that possibility. Before Eddie could explore further, a strange beeping sound alerted her to the presence of a miniature radio attached to her belt. Pressing the receive button, she heard a man's voice saying...
 "Batman calling all Justice Leaguers within radio range. My wife has been kidnaped, and I need all assistance. Lock your radios onto my signal, and I will guide you to the Batcave for our meeting."
 A huge smile split Eddie's face. Things were likely to get very interesting, very quickly.
 * * * * *
 Consciousness came slowly back to Selina. Her head throbbed like someone was beating on her temples with hammers. She felt odd. She was cold, and seemed to be lying on her back, on something padded and round. Her legs were spread wide behind her, and fastened at the ankles to whatever she was lying on. Her wrists were similarly fastened in front of her. Opening her eyes, she could see her blonde hair spilling in front of her eyes. She moaned weakly.
 "Awake at last, Honey? Puddin' will be glad to hear that." Harley Quinn's voice grated on her nerves. She had always hated that high pitched squeak she called a voice.
 "I presume I'm being held captive for ransom?" Selina tried not to think too hard about her embarrassing, highly exposed position. There could be few reasons to tie your captives up naked in such a demeaning position.
 "Ransom? Heck no, Sug. Puddin' has decided to create the ultimate gang. For that, he needs members. Since you were Catwoman, and you now have the inside scoop on the police commissioner, he figured that you would be the perfect candidate for recruitment."
 "He has an odd method of treating people he wants to work with him," Selina croaked. Her throat was dust dry.
 "Oh, well, that was for two purposes. First, so that Puddin' could have the Doc insert the mind control device into your brain, and second, so that I could enjoy totally free access to your lovely naked pussy." At this point, Harley walked into Selina's field of vision. She saw that Harley was also naked, and had her pubis shaved of all hair. She was vigorously fingering her clit as she spoke.
 "Mind control device? There's no such thing," Selina said, trying desperately to keep her mind off the rest of what Harley had said. A small part of her mind, though, admired the view of Harley vigorously masturbating in front of her.
 "Maybe there didn't use to be, but there sure is now. Do you think I want to walk around naked and playing with myself? Puddin' had me done first, to make sure it works. Now I have to do whatever Puddin' says, and any other person he gives me to for the night. You'll find the same true for you now. There are some compensations, though. Whenever a man cums in any orifice of your body, it makes you cum rockets!" Here, Harley shuddered with a minor orgasm. Her feminine juices glistened wetly on her firm thighs.
 "Now I've got to get you ready for Puddin'." With that, Harley moved around behind the padded, curved restraint that Selina was strapped to, and began to lick up and down her labia with her hot, wet tongue. Despite her discomfort and concern, Selina felt herself responding to the girl's oral ministrations.
 'No!' Selina thought to herself. 'I'm not going to give in. I was once a man. Men don't have swollen, wet pussies for other women to lick so deliciously. I must hang on...hang on...' "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Selina came with a shuddering gasp of pleasure. Harley gave her no rest even then. Her talented tongue continued to slide up her feminine slit from the brown rosebud to the swollen clit at the top. She would encircle it twice, and then start back down again. After her third orgasm, Selina was having trouble remembering her own name.
 'I'm...I'm Selina mean Steve, that's not right anymore. I'm Selina Wayne! Yes, that's it! Selina Wayne.' And with that thought, she relapsed into unconsciousness.
 * * * * *
 Following the homing signal, Eddie arrived a mile or so from Wayne Manor. Using her craft's VTOL abilities, she set it down nearby. Robin waited by a nondescript clump of bushes at a cliff side. He waved her over.
 "Glad you could make it, Wonder Woman." Eddie noticed his eyes make the quick trip from her strong slim legs, up to her sequined crotch, past her tiny waist, her prodigious bosom, and finally arrive at her eyes.
 Seeing her staring at him, the young man had the grace to blush. "If, ummm, you'll just follow me, I'll take you to see Batman."
 The way led to the bushes, where Robin activated a device on his belt. The bushes slid up, along with part of the cliff side, revealing a tunnel behind it. The floor of the tunnel was rock paved over with asphalt. The walk to the main part of the cave took almost ten minutes. Arriving inside the legendary Batcave was another thrill for Eddie. But seeing two Batmen was a shock!
 "Okay," Eddie said. "Will the real Batman please step forward?"
 The man on the left stepped forward.
 "I'm the original, if that's what you mean, Wonder Woman. The other is the current Batman. He was the original Robin. After he grew up, he became Nightwing, and when I decided to retire, he took over as Batman. With the current crisis, I felt we could use all the Batmen we could get."
 Eddie nodded. She didn't remember reading anything about this in the comics, but then, she never remembered anything about magic computerized dials turning ordinary guys into superheroines, either. Of course, there had been that comic series from the 60's and early 70's. All about that one boy...Robbie Reed...who had a magic "H-Dial" that when he dialed the word HERO he turned into a superhero. Still, Eddie never remembered him becoming a heroine, though he supposed it was possible.
 (FYI, Robbie didn't, but in the early 80's a pair of kids named Chistopher King and Victoria Grant found a pair of power dials. In one of their adventures, Vicky became The Fan, and Chris became a person called Anybody, and the first form he took was Superman. He then took on the form of a villainess called Naiad. Her powers were water based. He was taken prisoner in this form, and actually became a guy that was a damsel in distress! SZ)
 Off to one side, Eddie saw Batgirl, J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter, and Metamorpho the Element Man.
 "Where's the rest of the League?" she asked, even as she wondered if the real Wonder Woman was going to show up. That could present a problem.
 "Superman is tied up with an earthquake in the Middle East, and the rest of the members are either handling emergencies or out of contact." Batman seemed frustrated. "Hopefully, we few will be sufficient to handle this. Now, here's the plan..."
 Batman divided the group up into teams. Batgirl would go with Wonder Woman to check out the dockside area of Gotham. The new Batman and Robin would check out the city's sleazy east side. The original Batman would team with Metamorpho to check out the Warehouse district, and the Martian Manhunter would slowly fly above the city scanning for Selina's thought patterns. He would also be quick backup for anyone needing assistance.
 Having gotten their assignment, Eddie and Babs headed for the invisible plane as the other hero teams went off in their own directions. Batman and Robin left in the Batmobile, Batman and Metamorpho in the Batcopter, and the Manhunter simply flew upwards through the rock ceiling.
 * * * * *
 Selina woke up again. She seemed to be lying on silk sheets. Well, it beat the heck out of being tied up naked and bent over a padded barrel. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was still naked, and her own pubis was now as bare of natural covering as had Harley's. Beside the bed stood the garish faced Joker.
 "So, my little love slave wakes up, does she?" he cackled at her.
 Leaping from the bed, Selina launched a flying spin kick at Joker's head, only to have herself stop in mid motion, drop to all fours, present her spread anus and sex to the macabre madman, and begin barking like a dog. She was bewildered at her own actions, but totally unable to stop herself. She even felt herself growing wet and swollen with excitement at being so humiliatingly displayed to the grinning Joker.
 "Naughty...naughty!" he smilingly scolded. "You cannot act against me, you see. I already made sure of that. Every time you try, you must display yourself and act in as humiliating a fashion as your little mind can conceive. Now, since you seem to be in the mood, as it were, and you certainly are in the right position...I think I may just grace you with the first of many trips to the fields of ecstasy, courtesy of the Joker express! Now, open that tunnel of love, Dumpling."
 Helplessly, Selina felt her hands reach around her sides as he grasped the thick rubbery outer lips of her sex, and spread her open. The cool air caressed her exposed tissues, and she felt her cheeks burn with shame.
 She could hear the Joker opening his fly, and then felt the head of his member parting her lips as it nestled up against her hole. Slowly, he started to insert it into her. It was huge! She thought it would split her in half. Every time he would stop for a second, she thought he had fed it all in, but then he would start to cram more inside of her. She couldn't understand why he hadn't hit her cervix yet. He had to have at least twelve inches inside of her quivering bottom.
 "Ahhhh, yes," Joker sighed, when he had inserted his entire penis at last. "I do so love it when a woman has had an opening made right into her womb. It makes it so much more satisfying for me."
 If she could have, Selina would have screamed. Later, she did, when Joker scalded her insides with his spend. Her own orgasm was so strong that she collapsed, a quivering, drooling mass on the floor.
 'Bruce,' she thought, as tears streamed form her eyes. 'Oh, God, Bruce, help me. Someone...anyone, help me.'
 Part 2 It's a Wonder-(Woman)-ful Life
 Batgirl was thrilled to be working with Wonder Woman. She had harbored a secret crush on the Amazon crime fighter for some time. She had no illusions about Wonder Woman and her getting together, but just to be working so close with her idol was enough to set her heart beating out a timpani strain.
 Eddie was a bit nervous. She kept fearing that either the real Wonder Woman would put in an appearance, or that someone would detect that there was a man at the helm of this Wonder Woman. Fortunately, while she was extremely intelligent, Batgirl wasn't the "World's Greatest Detective". Had she been partnered with Batman, she would have been much more nervous. As they approached the Invisible Plane, Eddie saw J'onn J'onzz waiting beside it. The Martian smiled enigmatically at her as she approached his position.
 "I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to start my sweep in the general vicinity of the docks, Wonder Woman. Just in case you and Batgirl should need any assistance." With that, the Martian Manhunter flew off toward the north and the Gotham dockyards.
 Eddie wondered just why he had put the emphasis on her name.
 'Oh crap!' Eddie thought. 'J'onn is a telepath! He knows I'm not the real Wonder Woman. It's the only explanation. But why hasn't he given me away? And why is he telling me he will be nearby in case I need my pert little butt covered?'
 Still wondering, Eddie assisted Babs into the rear seat of the invisible aircraft, and then climbed in herself.
 "Wow! Wonder Woman, I've always wanted to get a chance to ride in your invisible plane! The Batcopter and Batplane are cool, but this is the living end!"
 "Glad you like it, Babs," Eddie responded, without thinking.
 " know who I am! But how? Not even Batman and Robin know who I am!"
 "Errr...well, I have access to Amazonian technology that permits me to discover things that others don't know. Don't worry, though, I'll never betray your secret."
 "Thanks, Diana. I hope you don't mind me calling you Diana. It just seems so much friendlier, and with you calling me Babs and all..." Here, the Dominoed Dare Doll's voice trailed off.
 Eddie thought, 'If I didn't know better, I'd think she had a crush on me.' Out loud, she just said, "I think that would be nice. After all, it's just us girls here."
 Referring to himself as "just us girls" gave Eddie a weird kind of thrill. Especially when the girl she was, was Wonder Woman, and the other girl was Batgirl.
 Behind Eddie's back, Batgirl had to wet her suddenly dry lips. Had Diana actually included Barbara with her, as if they were equals? And she seemed so friendly! Not at all how she expected an Amazon Princess to be. Then again...Paradise Island was inhabited only by women. No men allowed. This had been the basis of many juvenile fantasies for Barbara while she was growing up. The thought of kissing those amazing lips...and then, those other amazing lips! She could feel her groin heat up with just the thought. Oh, if only...
 * * * * *
 Selina lounged, naked, on the large bed. The room she had been constrained to stay within was a bit large for a bedroom, but nicely appointed. The carpet was lush and thick, in a deep purple. The walls were hung with garishly colored silk hangings and op art paintings. Grotesque statuary occupied the corners. An open closet revealed what appeared to be a copy of the old black dress and green cape verion of the Catwoman costume hanging, presumably awaiting the conversion of its wearer into her role as Joker's henchwoman. The ceiling was, not surprisingly, a huge mirror. A small bathroom sat off to one side. The only other door stood open and led to the outside, but she could not use it. Joker had told her she could not leave the room, other than to enter the tiny bathroom.
 Earlier, after he had finished ravishing her bottom, which was still sore and throbbing from the rude intrusion of his monstrous member, he had made her squat and urinate into a brass spittoon as he watched. More humiliation designed to further break down her sense of self worth. He was out now, and planning the recruitment of his next gang member/sex slave.
 Selina knew that Bruce had to be searching for her frantically. If only she could somehow communicate to him just where she was. There had to be some way. Lost in these thoughts, she hadn't noticed when one of Joker's goons entered the room.
 "Nice titties you got there, Catwoman. Or should I say, Mrs. Wayne?"
 Selina started at the grating voice. Grabbing the silk sheet, she draped it in front of her, hiding her naked body from the large man's view. "What are you doing in here? Get out! Joker will kill you if he catches you in here!"
 "Yeah, he probably would, IF he caught me. But you see, he's out scouting out a way of capturing Batgirl. He won't be back for quite a while."
 'Batgirl!' Selina thought. 'So she's the next victim!'
 "Now, drop that sheet, and spread your legs. I want a good long look at the Boss' private snatch collection. Harley, you get your butt in here, too!" This last was shouted back through the doorway.
 Immediately, Selina felt her body moving to obey the commands. She tried with all her willpower to resist, but her treacherous body never even slowed in its actions. Casting the sheet aside, she lay back and spread her legs wide apart. Her sex, still looking somewhat red and irritated from its earlier abuse, glistened wetly in the light from the recessed lamps.
 Harley Quinn came backing into the room on all fours. A large cucumber protruded from her vagina, and a carrot stuck out from her anus. Faint sobbing sounds came from her hidden face. The lips of her sex were stretched about the fat vegetable, and looked to be near the point of tearing.
 "Knock off that crying crap! You know I can't stand to hear a bitch bawlin'!"
 Selina glared at the man. Silently, she vowed that she would kill him when this was all over, if Bruce didn't beat her to it.
 "Now I got a little treat for you, too, Miss Stuck Up Catburglar Rich Bitch! Hop out of bed, and stand straddle legged. Then bend at the waist and grab your ankles with your knees locked!" As he said this, the brutish man took a large caliber revolver out from under his coat. The front sight had been removed so it was all smooth barrel. Bullets could be seen in the chambers.
 Selina groaned as she moved to comply. Harley began fucking herself with the cucumber as she humped her ass up and down in the air. Selina had precious little compassion to spare on the humiliated villainess, though; she needed all she had for herself.
 "Now, you bitches smile, and tell me how much you love this. Then beg me to fuck you in your asses!"
 A smile broke out on Selina's unwilling face as she began to beg the henchman to fuck her asshole. She felt her lips being opened by his hand, and a moment later, the cold metal barrel entered her. Tears trickled silently from her eyes as she continued to plead with the man to have sex with her ass, her voice competing with Harley's for his attention.
 * * * * *
 The flight to the docks of Gotham took only a few minutes in the souped up plane, and Eddie left it hovering over the area while she flew down with Babs in her arms.
 "Well, you know this city, Batgirl. Where would you suggest we start our search?"
 Before Batgirl could answer, an irritating male voice said, "I have a suggestion."
 Whirling, Eddie saw the Joker standing nearby with some of his men. He held an odd looking gun. Thrusting Batgirl behind her, Eddie prepared to play 'bullet's and bracelets' with the maniacal Clown Prince of Crime.
 The weapon began to roar like a bull fiddle, and Eddie's arms moved faster than the eye could follow to block the stream of bullets. Only these bullets were made of plastic, and shattered on impact with her bracelets. Gas roiled out, and the world began to swim before her eyes. She heard Batgirl fall behind her before she herself collapsed to the grimy docks. The last thing she saw was the Joker, wearing a small gas mask, cackling something about a "twofer".
 Part 3 More Than One Way To Skin A Rat!
 Selina was so humiliated, and hornier than she had ever been in her life! The big thug kept the heavy gun barrel working in and out of her. His thumb would just graze her swollen clit on each in stroke. The fire in her loins felt as if it would melt the barrel right off the gun, but the torment had no end. Thanks to Joker's latest set of orders, she could no longer cum without a man cumming within her first, so the masturbation to which the man was subjecting her was the cruelest form of torture. She kept whimpering and pleading for release, only to have the man throw it back in her face. Harley was in similar distress on the floor nearby. The cucumber provided her stimulation, but denied release.
 Desperately needing distraction to get her mind off her situation, Selina began to wonder about the constraints placed on her. She could not act in any way that placed the Joker in direct jeopardy. She could not remember anything being said about his henchmen, though. If she tried something, and the same constraint had been placed on her in regard to the henchmen, then she would be forced to debase and humiliate herself; but what could be more humiliating than what she was now being subjected to?
 She had assumed the position at the man's command, and had even become wet and ready as he ordered, but he hadn't said anything about staying in that position. Selina waited until he was staring at Harley Quinn ramming the huge cucumber into her overheated nether regions over and over again, and lifted her left hand up off her knee. It was a small movement, designed not to attract attention, but it satisfied her that she could move freely until ordered to do otherwise.
 "Now let's see how you like this big bore up your ass, Bitch!"
 The thug snarled as he removed the gun barrel from her sex. This was the opening Selina had been waiting for. As long as the gun was inside her, she could not move against her tormentor without the danger of getting her guts blown apart. Spinning with cat quick reflexes, she slammed her foot into the goon's temple. He went out like a light.
 Selina straightened with a smile. Harley continued her self abasement and sexual torment, unaware of what had transpired behind her.
 Then Selina turned toward the closet she'd spied earlier. When she walked over and looked inside, it was empty save for the costume she'd seen hanging there. "Well, I have no intention of staying naked, and since I _am_ Catwoman, what could be better?"
 Since there were no panties or bras in the closet, Selina slipped into the knee length black dress directly. It was slit up the sides to show off her gorgeous thighs, and covered only her ass and crotch. The material was a stretchy fabric, and clung closely to her narrow waist and bounteous breasts. The deep V down its front exposed a good bit of her cleavage, which suited Selina's now sexually enhanced mind perfectly. She clipped the long green cape to her shoulders, then pulled the clawed black gloves over her hands and up her arms past the elbows. She slipped into the knee high black boots and zipped the uppers tight against her calves, and delighted in the commanding presence their stiletto heels seemed to give her. Joker had even provided a long black wig, which soon was covering her thick blonde tresses.
 Finally, she reached for the black cowl with cat ears, and after pulling it over her new black mane and centering the mask in front over her eyes, Catwoman had been reborn.
 When the thug awoke, sometime later, he felt distinctly uncomfortable. There was a feeling of fullness and pain in his rectum that he was unused to. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was naked and tied to the headboard of the ornate bed. His arms were out to his sides and he was in a sitting position. His beefy legs were tied to the posts at the foot of the bed. Curtain cords had been used to secure him. He was a big man, who had been lifting weights most of his life. He strained and flexed against his bindings. His muscles stood out on his body like knotted cables, but it was no use. He had scant leverage, and the cords were too thick. He was trapped.
 Glancing to his right, he saw Harley Quinn still self pleasuring. Nearby her stood Selina Wayne, now dressed in her Catwoman costume. She looked pissed. He tried to speak and command her to free him, but found his gag (a large dildo inserted into the back of his mouth, and superglued to his lips) didn't permit him to do more than make vague groaning sounds. His discomfort in his behind kept distracting him from his attempts at freedom.
 "Well, hello there, tough guy," Selina purred, as she slinked over to him. "Enjoying being tied up, are you?"
 Frantically, the big man shook his head in an emphatic no.
 "Awww, that's really too bad. Here I go out of my way to give you new insights into what it's like to be female, and you don't appreciate my efforts. That dildo in your mouth was one that Joker used in my ass earlier. It hasn't been washed off. Hope you enjoy it. You have another one superglued into your ass! It's a twelve incher, so you can get the 'real Joker experience'." Her smile was so coldly vicious that the helpless thug thought he might faint.
 "If you look at your right hand, you will see the gun you were holding in it. I superglued your hand around it so that you cannot drop it. Now listen closely, and I'll tell you exactly how to save your precious balls from my cat's claws." Here, Selina held up her right hand. The inch long claws at the end of her gloved fingers were painted bright red. Inside his mind, he could just see those claws closing about his scrotum and ripping it from his body. This time, he did faint.
 * * * * *
 As consciousness returned to Eddie, she groaned involuntarily. Someone was licking at her new sex most expertly. A flickering of a wet tongue ran up and down her labial portions and over her swollen clit. Involuntarily, she humped her hips up at the tormenting tongue. Never in her life had she felt anything so good!
 Eddie wanted to know who was doing this to her. Opening her eyes, she saw a mass of red hair draped forward over the face of the person whose tongue was licking her to paradise. The nude body behind the hair was petite, well toned, and very feminine.
 "Batgirl?" Eddie moaned the question.
 The stimulation stopped for a moment as Barbara Gordon lifted her mouth from Eddie's sex. "Yeah, it's me, Diana. I hope you don't mind." Her mouth and chin glistened with feminine juices.
 "Mind? Are you kidding? This has been something I've dreamed of."
 Batgirl was in 7th Heaven as she lowered her mouth to Wonder Woman's labial mound to continue her oral ministrations. Wonder Woman had dreamed of being eaten out by her! Her, little old Babs Gordon! And to think, it all came about because of the Joker and the Martian Manhunter.
 Eddie shuddered with her first female orgasm. Her body jerked and twitched as if she were in the throes of a grand mal seizure. Every synapse in her brain seemed to fire at once, and every firing seemed to be connected directly with her sex. Finally, the intense pleasure began to recede, and Eddie lay in a pool of sweat, sighing contentedly.
 Batgirl snuggled up beside her heroine. Her head lay upon the contented Amazon's shoulder. She would be very happy to stay like this forever.
 As the pleasure receded enough for Eddie to think, she asked Batgirl what had happened after the glassine bullets had released the gas that rendered her unconscious.
 "Well, when you pulled me behind you, I inserted some filters into my nose. I recognized the gun Joker used as one he had developed some time back. It fired glassine bullets that could contain gas, acid, or other agents. I gambled on it being gas, and was right. I pretended to be unconscious, and you collapsed a moment later. I figured it was the best bet for finding out what Joker was up to, and where Selina Wayne was being held. I was also hoping that J'onn J'onzz was keeping a close eye on things."
 Eddie smiled at the thought that even though she possessed the form and powers of Wonder Woman, she was not really trained for these sort of confrontations. "What happened then?"
 "Joker had a couple of his goons tie us up and throw us in the back of a van. I slipped my ropes off as soon as they shut the door behind us, and then retied them into a quick release knot that I could utilize at the appropriate moment. Unfortunately, they had taken my utility belt, so I couldn't signal for more help.
 "I listened carefully to traffic sounds and the conversation in the front of the van. It seems Joker has acquired the services of a scientist who has developed a device, as thin as a hair, that can be inserted into a woman's brain and gives men the power to control her totally. He had already used that on Harley Quinn, and Mrs. Wayne who, incidentally, was also the famous cat burglar, Catwoman."
 Eddie knew of Selina's criminal past from her years of reading DC comics, so this was no surprise to her. But she figured that Wonder Woman might not know this. "Merciful Minerva! He planned to use these devices to enslave us, also?"
 "Yeah. Seems he wanted an all female gang of super tough sex slaves to serve him. He figured to create a vast and totally dominant criminal empire in this fashion. After all, who could challenge a team like the one he planned on building? When we got to the hideout where he kept the Doctor, I feigned unconsciousness again, and was carried inside, along with you. We were both quickly stripped, and Joker acted like a kid in a candy store. He kept feeling up your breasts and pulling at your long nipples. He must be a real tit man, because those H cups of yours drove him crazy!"
 Eddie blushed at the thought of another man fondling her breasts, but said nothing.
 Noting Wonder Woman's silence, and taking it as anger at the thought of the use her body was put to, Babs continued with her story. "Joker wanted you done first, as you are by far the more powerful and dangerous of the two of us. He had some goons load your stunning six-foot body onto a table, and the doctor moved a complicated machine up behind you. A large mechanical arm with a needle at the end was positioned over your head. Meanwhile, Joker had been carefully shaving your pubic mound. Apparently, he has a fixation on hairless pussies, also."
 Eddie had been unaware of how much pubic hair she had as Wonder Woman, so had not questioned the lack she noticed when Babs had been eating her out earlier.
 "I knew I had to act before they could enslave you, so I waited for my chance. When the guards were all staring at your naked pussy, I swept the legs of the guard standing by me. When he collapsed, I grabbed his gun and fired three shots into the machine. It began to spark and hum wildly, and everyone started running. They totally ignored us, as I guess the machine was about to explode.
 "I grabbed the gurney you were on, and hauled our asses out of there. Joker and his crew had jumped into one of the cars outside, but the van was still there. The building rumbled and the windows were shattered by the blast. I checked inside, but our costumes must have been destroyed in the blast. I did find your magic lasso, though."
 "Well, that explains that," Eddie said. "But just how did we get here? And for that matter, where are we?"
 "We ended up on the west side of town, in the old warehouse district. J'onn J'onzz appeared in front of me. Let me tell you, you never feel so vulnerable as when you are standing naked, in broad daylight, and have a man suddenly appear in your path. I was concerned that you had not recovered consciousness yet. He gave me his cape to wear, and summoned Batman and Metamorpho to bring us some clothes. Before we could get any, though, J'onn whisked us away from there.
 "He checked you telepathically, and said you were still out due to an injection you received. Apparently, he had been watching over us all along, invisibly. If I hadn't moved when I did, he was about to. We were transported to the Batcave, and you have been out ever since. I, well I just couldn't resist when I saw you lying there all naked and open. You must have been having some dream, as your sex flowered and began to drip."
 Eddie blushed furiously at this. She vaguely remembered dreaming of being in her old body and making love to Wonder Woman. Then she had a horrifying thought. " said my costume was destroyed. Was there a small computerized device anywhere in the remains of my costume?"
 "There was some melted plastic and twisted circuit boards, but nothing else. Why? Was it important?"
 "You have no idea." Eddie shuddered at the thought that she was now trapped here in a duplicate of Wonder Woman's body. Without the computerized H dial, she had no way back to her body and world!
 * * * * *
 Selina hid under the sheets, one hand grasping the hairy balls of her prisoner, after turning out all the lights in the bedroom. She left Harley Quinn, who had been reduced by the constant stimulation with no relief to a mindless humping machine, on the floor near the door as a distraction for the Joker when he returned. The rank smell of the man's nervous sweat and unwashed balls was a small price to pay if this worked.
 'When this is all done,' Selina thought, 'perhaps I'll chrome plate Joker's balls, and make them into earrings.'
 * * * * *
 "So, what happened to Selina Wayne?" Eddie asked.
 "They're still out searching."
 "Then we need to get back to it, also." Eddie got up and strode, naked, toward the tunnel entrance. She felt the raw animal power of this body as she walked. Her heavy breasts swayed slowly with each step. Her wide hips gave her muscular butt a pronounced feminine wiggle. She enjoyed the sensation of the cool breeze playing over her nipples and around her hairless vagina.
 Batgirl dressed quickly in her replacement costume, and had caught up to her by the time she reached the tunnel exit.
 "Ummm, Wonder Woman?" Batgirl asked. "Don't you want some clothes?"
 "I have a spare costume on the invisible plane. Outside the rock walls of the cave, I can mentally summon it."
 "Yeah, but you'd still be naked out there. You're way too big for one of my costumes, but we do have a
 good supply of Selina's old costumes stored here. Think your invisible plane would object to being paged by Catwoman?"
 "Catwoman?! You've got to be kidding, Batgirl!"
 "Nah, c'mon, I'm sure you'll fit into one of her old costumes, and it'll only be for however long it takes to summon your jet." Babs led Eddie to the costume closet from where she'd just pulled her own spare, and passed the slinky purple spandex catsuit to the Amazon. While the catsuit alone would have been enough for the task at hand, both girls giggled and decided to go all the way. Eddie found Selina's thigh high boots to be a bit tight on her toes, and the claws on her fingertips took some getting used to, but it was a scene begging to be photographed when Catwoman and Batgirl appeared at the entrance to the Batcave a few moments later to summon Wonder Woman's jet. Since it was thought patterns alone which it followed, the fact that those thoughts came from behind a black and purple cowl which completely hid the Amazon's head was of no consequence.
 A short time later, and a quick costume change, found Wonder Woman and Batgirl back in the air. The purple and black costume was now stowed where the star spangled spare had resided until moments before. This time, they both had nose filters. When Eddie got her hands on Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime would find himself the Clown Eunuch of Crime! She found herself wishing she still had those claws on her fingertips.
 Part 4 All My Sins Remembered
 It was hot under the sheet where Selina crouched with the man's balls literally in her gloved hands, especially since she was now in her costume, but it was a small price to pay if her plan worked. That was a big if, however. It was simple enough on the surface. She couldn't consciously cause any deliberate, or direct, harm to Joker, so she had arranged for his henchman to do it. Quite simply, she had instructed him to shoot the first man who entered by the door, emptying the gun into him in the process. She would watch from her peephole in the silken sheets covering over her, and if the man betrayed her, she would tear his balls from his body.
 She had taken a precaution in case Joker started shouting orders as soon as he entered. Taking her cue from the legend of Odysseus' encounter with the Sirens, she had plugged her ears with melted wax mixed with toilet paper. The mood candles over the fireplace mantle had provided a ready source of wax. Of course, it was always possible that a hero would enter first, or some minor henchman. But that was a chance Selina was prepared to take.
 It never occurred to her that she was thinking like the ruthless Catwoman of old. Combined with the mental conditioning, putting on her more vicious looking costume had transformed her completely. Unwittingly, Selina had done just as Joker had wished, and was now once again the cruel hearted villainess. One thing Joker hadn't counted on though was her independent streak. Thanks in part to the person she'd once been, Catwoman would be strictly on her own, and would never be his henchwoman.
 * * * * *
 Wonder Woman and Batgirl were cruising at about five hundred feet over the dockyards of Gotham Harbor when a radio transmission came in from the original Batman. He and Metamorpho had rousted a gang of crooks in the warehouse district, and one of them had said that the word on the streets was that Joker was holed up in a mansion just a few miles from Wayne Manor! He had apparently mind controlled the old dowager living there into signing it over to a Mr. J. Laffhingas. No one in the City records bureau had caught the pun, apparently.
 The rest of the heroes were enroute to the location Batman transmitted, but Wonder Woman and Batgirl, having the fastest transport, were likely to reach there first.
 J'onn J'onzz flew beside the invisible plane, and talked to Eddie mentally. "Eddie, I have sensed a great goodness in you. That's the reason I didn't betray your secret. I would never have deliberately invaded your mental privacy by mind scanning you, if it hadn't been for the alien feel of your mental vibrations. I knew you were not the Wonder Woman of our world from that alone."
 "Thanks, J'onn. I don't know quite what I'm gonna do now, though. My way of turning back and getting home was apparently destroyed in the explosion. When the real Diana Prince comes back, then what happens to the faux Wonder Woman?"
 "I may have some news that will interest you on that score. Wonder Woman sent a message to the JLA Satellite a short time ago. I intercepted it while there, checking up on some things. Black Canary had gone to the bathroom to relieve herself while I monitored the radio and monitors for her. It seems that Diana is aware of your presence. Apparently, she has had Amazons monitoring man's world while she completed her mission of stopping Cheetah and her gang from their takeover attempt of Paradise Island. With you here now on scene, she has decided to take a break from being Wonder Woman for a while. She feels she is needed more back home, and that the world will be in good hands with you as Wonder Woman."
 "Well, that relieves me on one score, anyway. Thanks, J'onn. We're getting close, can you detect Selina Wayne's thought patterns yet?"
 "I detect thought patterns that resonate like hers after her accident, but the thoughts seem colder and more malignant than I have sensed for some time. I fear she may be having a relapse to her old personality."
 "Could this be more of Joker's tampering?" Eddie thought/asked.
 "Possibly. I will be better able to ascertain what damage has been done and what, if anything, can be done to repair it, when I have time to more closely examine her."
 The mental conversation died there as they hovered directly above the sprawling mansion identified by Batman. Eddie radioed Batman and the others that they were above the mansion, and ready to attack on his command.
 The new Batman radioed that he and Robin had run into a bank robbery in progress, and would be unable to get there in time to be of assistance. The original Batman radioed that he, and Metamorpho along with Wonder Woman's team, should be able to handle everything. His ETA was less than two minutes. The stage was set for the final act in this tawdry little drama. Eddie just hoped it would be a happy ending for the good guys.
 * * * * *
 Under the sheet, the air stunk of fear and sweat. Outside, the room smelled of a woman's overheated sex. Selina unconsciously began to use her left hand to slowly stroke her burning sex with the claws of her gloves. She never had any relief earlier when she was so tormented by the large bore gun barrel. The crook's limp penis hung tantalizingly in front of her mouth. If he came she could, but it would be unfortunate if it occurred as Joker entered. She might miss her chance at freedom for good. Still, it was soooo tempting.
 Joker and his two thugs, along with the doctor who had invented the mind control process, arrived back at the mansion a few minutes ahead of Batman's arrival. They were so distracted over what had occurred at their warehouse lab that they failed to notice the invisible plane, containing Wonder Woman and Batgirl, as it hovered a few hundred feet overhead.
 Batman set the Batcopter down a hundred yards from the mansion. Rather than waste time disabling the security along the gates and walls, he had Metamorpho become a hydrogen balloon and float him over. Wonder Woman and J'onn J'onzz landed beside him as his feet touched ground.
 Batman ordered Wonder Woman and Batgirl to the back while he and Metamorpho would enter via an upstairs window. J'onn J'onzz would enter invisibly by phasing through the front door. When both teams reported that they were in position, Eddie kicked the door open and set off the rear door alarm. As the goons rushed to confront the hazard in the back, Joker rushed to check on his prize captive.
 * * * * *
 Catwoman heard Joker and his men enter the house and start back toward her bedroom.
 'Purrrrfect,' she thought. 'Now that pasty faced goon will pay for trying to use me as a cats paw!'
 There was a loud crashing sound, followed by the back door alarm going off. Joker ordered his goons to the front and back doors to handle any threat that may present itself. Meanwhile, he strode confidently through the door to the bedroom where the delectable Catwoman was held captive. He never noticed his missing guard, probably assuming that he had rushed with the rest toward one of the mansion's main doors.
 As he entered the darkened room, Joker was silhouetted against the lights behind him. The room smelled strongly of a woman's sex. Joker could make out a woman's form on all fours on the floor ahead of him. She seemed to be mindlessly humping back against something she held in her hand. Since her hair appeared to be blonde, he assumed it was Selina, vainly trying to pleasure herself. She could achieve no release without a man cumming in one of her available orifices.
 Joker started to laugh to himself. Selina tightened her claws around the goon's scrotum, tight enough to draw blood. The man, fearing for the loss of his family jewels, made the only decision he could. He emptied the revolver into the chest of the purple clad clown's body.
 Batman heard loud shots from the area of the back door, and another area within the mansion. He hurtled down the stairs, Metamorpho right on his heels. The gang members detailed to the front could see it was still secure, when they heard shot's from the rear area and from the area of the bedroom where Joker kept Mrs. Wayne. They headed in that direction, on a collision course with the Caped Crusader.
 As the two opposing forces came within sight of each other, the gang members opened fire. Batman leaped to safety, depending on Metamorpho to become some form they could not injure. Metamorpho became a man of iron. As such, he was more than a match for the small caliber lead bullets being hurled at him.
 Ripping a Batarang from his utility belt, Batman threw it at an angle that allowed it to strike two gunners' heads before losing momentum. Metamorpho transmuted into a cloud of methane gas around the head of the remaining goon as he turned to fire at Batman. The stench and the poisonous quality of the gas quickly relieved the man of consciousness.
 Batman continued on toward where he had heard the shots come from.
 * * * * *
 After Eddie kicked the door in, she raced into the mansion. Batgirl moved off toward her right side. They were in a large kitchen area, with numerous pots, pans, knives, and other utensils about. Four armed men rushed into the far side of the kitchen, and began firing immediately. Eddie deflected the hail of bullets with her bracelets. The impacts against the metallic wrist guards were no more painful that raindrops striking exposed skin would have been.
 Batgirl rolled behind a nearby counter, and hurled some Batgas knockout pellets toward the gang members. Two went down from the gas. The other two had moved away from the area that the fast dispersing gas was distributed through.
 Eddie decided to try something she had read about Wonder Woman doing before. Changing the angle of deflection, she sent the bullets back toward the men who fired them. Both went down with leg wounds. She quickly had them secured with her magic lasso. Under its influence, they told her where Mrs. Wayne was being kept. She and Batgirl raced in that direction, hearing gunshots even as they did.
 * * * * *
 Batman arrived outside a room. The Joker lay moaning on the floor. His purple jacket had been riddled with bullet holes. Underneath his jacket and shirt, a bullet proof vest had saved his life, but he obviously was suffering from several cracked ribs.
 "Selina, are you in there?" Batman shouted. He would have rushed in blindly, so great was his concern for his wife, had J'onn J'onzz not restrained him. J'onn then entered invisibly. His enhanced Martian vision permitted him to see in the near pitch blackness within. He took in the tableau in a moment's time.
 Eddie and Batgirl arrived, along with Metamorpho, just as J'onn called Batman in. The lights were on now. On the bed, the goon had passed out. Whether from the pain of Selina tearing his balls off, or from loss of blood, no one could be certain. Batgirl administered emergency first aid to both he and the Joker, while Batman held a hysterically laughing Selina in his arms. In Selina's hand was her gory prize.
 "He should have known I would never let him go with these intact!" she shrieked, on the raw edge of hysteria. "Now I'm gonna get Joker's, too!"
 She struggled to free herself from Batman's embrace. Her blows began to gain force, until J'onn mercifully rendered her unconscious with a telepathic blast. Batman didn't have the heart to strike her.
 Eventually the whole story was obtained. J'onn had to enter the distasteful mind of Joker to get some of it. Batman removed the ear plugs from Selina's ears, and tried to bring her back to the personality he had come to know and love. The police and ambulances were called. Joker was hauled off to Arkham after treatment at a local emergency room. The man who had been castrated by Catwoman would have to take hormone shots for life, but would recover in Gotham Penitentiary. Harley was left a drooling husk. Even after she was "serviced" as an act of mercy, she didn't regain her mental capacity. She had been stimulated too far, for too long.
 Selina Wayne returned to her life at Wayne Manor. J'onn had managed to modify the programming from the device in her brain through telepathy, so that, while she could never refuse her husband's commands, she could resist all other men's. She felt it was a fair trade to be able to achieve such mind blowing orgasms whenever he took her to bed. She never told him that he was only about two-thirds the man Joker was in the sexual equipment department.
 Eddie stopped by Wayne Manor a few days after the whole fiasco had ended. She approached Selina, and was greeted warmly.
 "Eddie, I can't thank you enough for all you did," the ravishing blonde said.
 " know?!" Eddie was shocked.
 "J'onn told me. He felt it was okay, since we have so much in common."
 "What do you mean?" Eddie was really confused now.
 "I used to be a guy you knew called Steve Zink. A couple of people transported me here as a Christmas present, and I've been Selina Kyle-Wayne ever since."
 "Steve? Steve Zink?!" Suddenly, Eddie's mind was flooded with memories of her old friend from the computer story lists and their combined adventure in the MAER tale.
 The two old friends sat comparing stories and laughing for several hours. At least Eddie didn't feel so alone now. She actually had a peer here who she could talk to when things got just a little too weird for her.
 * * * * *
 Several hundred miles above the mansion, J'onn J'onzz stood in his room on the Justice League Satellite. He held a small computer like device in his hand. It was black plastic, with a blank screen. Beside the screen sat a single red button. He wondered, for the thousandth time, if he had done the right thing in keeping its continued existence a secret from Eddie. Still, she seemed happy, and the world did still need a Wonder Woman. Smiling, the Martian put the device away in his bedside drawer. You never knew when such a thing might come in handy.
 * * * * *
 In a small cluttered shop a world away, a wizened old man closed the cover of the comic. It had been a most interesting book. Perhaps he would revisit it again in the future, and see how Eddie and Steve were doing. For now, he and Dannie had work to do. The shop wouldn't run itself, after all.
 * * * * *
 Unseen by the Wiz or Dannie, and unknown to the Martian Manhunter who would soon find need for the magic hand held game, Eddie reached into the cabinet in the cockpit of her jet. "So Selina is back to being the docile if not sex-crazed Mrs. Wayne, now, eh?" she muttered as she pulled out the purple and black costume. "I wonder if Batgirl will be surprised when Catwoman joins her tonight?'
 This is Steve Zink now speaking, and I cannot thank JD enough for this fantastic story! I'm sure EddieG feels the same.

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