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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.
 A Catwoman By Any Other Name II by Steve Zink plot help by Mai Shiranui original story by Anonymous* from an idea by Steve Zink *Known but hidden

 Introduction: What has gone before...
 For whatever reason, Catwoman had left Gotham City to take up activity in Washington, DC. Perhaps it was to avoid all the bats and birds that plagued her there, but in moving to the Nation's Capital, she must not have counted on a certain Amazon that was its adopted protector.
 Wonder Woman had managed to apprehend Catwoman after a crime she'd committed, and brought her to justice, much to Kitka's dismay. Kitka, Catwoman's kitten, then devised a plan that at the same time would both satisfy her vengeance against Wonder Woman and also solve the kitten's needs and dependencies on her mistress, Catwoman.
 The first part of Kitka's plan was to shanghai a revolutionary device she'd seen on a news program, which Dr. Moon at Star Labs had developed. The Neural Programmer would alter the minds of criminals, and make them law abiding citizens. After purrrrloining the device, the clever kitten reworked the mechanisms and programing of the Programmer to her own new specifications. She also started building a database with all the personality and character traits that she could remember of her mistress. Kitka was so intense in her work that she failed to realize she was making a perfect and idealized database, with none of the faults and failings that Selina had.
 After Wonder Woman's capture by Kitka, the completion of her plan was put into motion. Unable to break free from her bondage since Kitka knew all about her magic lasso, the Amazon was subjected to unrelenting mindless sexual stimulations. These unbelievably intense pleasures drove her into one climax after another, opening up pathways to her mind for the altered Neural Programmer to do its work. It broke down all the willpower the Amazon had at her command, leaving her mind an open book, ready for inspection and revision. 

After watching the Programmer slowly drain away all of her self-control, Kitka honed in to cleanse the Amazon's nubile flesh of every bit of Wonder Woman's memories and personality. She infused Catwoman's memory patterns and personality traits, as she had entered into the Programmer's database earlier, into Diana's opened mind. This made the ex-Wonder Woman an idealized version of Catwoman with all the traits that Kitka wanted, unwittingly making her an even more evil and treacherous feline felon than Selina Kyle had ever been.

 Of all the Amazon's original memories, Kitka put back only her alter ego, Diana Prince of the IADC, as a cover that Catwoman could use, and the fighting skills and abilities she'd had as an Amazon princess. This gave the new Catwoman abilities far beyond those of the original. She also just happened to be a devoted and intense lesbian lover, since Kitka had taken her own desires and built upon the Amazon's original lack of heterosexual union.
 And now, on to her further story...
 * * * * *
 After the Amazing Amazon's capture and enlightenment into the idealized Catwoman's very own personalities and traits, Wonder Woman ceased to exist. She had fully embraced her new role and identity as Catwoman, and in the process devising a totally new costume. Whenever she did her traditional costume change spin, instead of the traditional red, white, blue and gold of before, what appeared on her voluptuous body was basically black with gold trim. A black leather bikini bottom with a golden cat face and whiskers over her feminine mound barely covered what was needed, with her old magic power belt now in the form of a thin gold edging along its top. A black leather bustier with tight corset boning encircled her torso, with thin golden whiskers splaying up from under her huge mounds of flesh, much as the golden W's once had.
 There were opera length black leather gloves over her hands and arms, with long and sharp claws at her fingertips and loose golden bracelets over her wrists taking the place of her original mystical arm bands. Black leather thigh high boots with tall stiletto heels covered her legs, while a matching cowl and mask covered her head and face. There was a large opening in back which allowed her long black mane to cascade down her back, and the large eye holes in front allowed her evil blue eyes to shine. A thick black choker secured the bottom of the cowl around her neck. Coiled and hooked to her waist was the long black whip which used to be her golden lasso. Just as had her lasso before, this whip could extend magically to tremendous lengths, and it still had all the lasso's original powers to control and influence minds.
 She used her Diana Prince cover to her full advantage in the purrrrrloining of numerous priceless deliveries, ultrasecret technological plans and devices, and securities. Diana had full access to all information processed at the IADC, and relayed any relevant info she discovered to Kitka for their later purrrrrsuit. It seemed that no security measures devised were able to stop the stealthy cat burglar and her assistant.
 As her debut stretched into months, the activities of the new Catwoman terrorized Washington, DC while the original Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle, was still behind bars. The public had no way of knowing that the Catwoman who was plaguing them was anyone other than the familiar feline felon, who had merely adopted a new costume. The authorities who knew that the original was deep in their clutches kept this information held tight. They put their prisoner into a maximum security facility far from Washington to enter her into a novel rehabilitation program, unknowingly isolating her from her replacement.
 The confinement into which she was placed prevented Selina from hearing about the fact that she had been supplanted. She had no way of knowing that her earlier threatened revenge against the Amazing Amazon had been sidetracked by her own kitten. As it would turn out, her own revenge would never take place. The facility in which she was incarcerated was in the process of refining a much cruder and less technologically advanced system of changing mental patterns than the new Star Labs Neural Programmer. Slowly but surely, Selina Kyle was losing all memories of her criminal past, so that eventually, she would be released into the world as a model citizen whose only notion of Catwoman was what she saw and heard in the media about the vile vixen.
 For the public, the terror and intrigue of Catwoman was nothing, however. The most disturbing news of all was the disappearance of Wonder Woman, Washington, DC's very own protector. Why was she not there to counter the capital's latest nemesis? Had she gone back to Paradise Island? Had she become pregnant by Superman or one of her other JLA teammates? Rumors began to spread...
 * * * * *
 Barbara Gordon had just recently moved into her new apartment in Washington, DC. She had applied for and gotten a job as a data administrator in the central library system, and found a nice single bedroom flat in Georgetown that was just within her means. She had opted to move there as a change of scenery from the dark and gritty Gotham City, and also to get away from being Batgirl for a while. Batman and Robin, with the occasional aid of Huntress, would be able to handle the load in Gotham, especially since the criminal who'd vexed her the most, Catwoman, seemed to have departed Gotham. Of course, if the situation really got bad, Nightwing could come down from Bludhaven, and she could always jet back to Gotham on a few hours notice.
 Catwoman's activities in DC had only made the local news, so Babs hadn't heard of them in Gotham. Had she known, Batgirl may have followed Babs to her new home.
 The opportunity to transfer her work to Washington, DC for expanded possibilities was Barbara's primary motivation, even though it was only for a short while. She fully intended to go back to Gotham in a year or so, bringing along the improvements she'd pick up in DC. The main thing she was looking for was the improved computer networking system that the DC library system had adopted. As backward as a lot of the rest of that city seemed, its deeper technological aspects were a thinly hidden secret.
 The news and discussion of the disappearance of Wonder Woman, and the emergence of what seemed to be a newly motivated and much sexier costumed Catwoman, received a wide coverage over the entire Washington, DC area. Set right smack at the nexus of information there, Babs couldn't help but hear and notice every tidbit that came forth. Deep within her moral fiber, she knew she had to do something about both situations, but her relocation to Washington hadn't included the Dominoed Dare Doll in the picture. She'd left all her heroine's gear back in Gotham, locked up in the mini-Batcave that was located behind her apartment there.
 This would have to change, and after mulling the problem for just a couple of days, Barbara decided to get on her computer and fix it. Information concerning the activities of Catwoman began to flow rapidly into her photographic memory. The coincidental disappearance of both Wonder Woman and Star Labs' new device, which she'd only lucked into discovering since they were saying nothing about it, made her questioning mind really take notice.
 * * * * *
 In the meantime, Kitka became aware of the news implications. The longer Wonder Woman's disappearance hung in the air, the more likely it became that the JLA or some of her other super friends would drop in to check it out. Much to her dismay, it appeared that Wonder Woman must be around, but that was now impossible, because the heroine was now and forever more a villainess, her mistress and mentor, Catwoman. She looked at the X-shaped indentation in the machine against the wall, her masterpiece that had struck down the mighty Amazon, and corrupted her into becoming Catwoman.
 Toying with her long red hair one afternoon, the weary look in Kitka's jade green eyes was suddenly replaced with a wide-eyed glow and a malicious grin, as an idea sprang into being in her head. Her fingers began flying across the keyboard, and she giggled just thinking of her new idea. But before the kitten could bring her plan to fruition, she first needed somebody upon whom to test the idea.
 The young kitten reached for the phone, and punched the speed dial button that would connect her to the secure line she and Diana had installed leading to her desk at the IADC. Diana saw the solid light on the special button in the row on her phone, and made an excuse to get Steve Trevor to leave her office. Once she'd verified that the room was secure, she picked up the phone and discussed the plan that Kitka had devised. Diana added a few new details which nicely fit into Kitka's overall scheme, and then the line was turned once again into one of the many nondescript unlit buttons on her phone.
 After Kitka had informed her of the plan she'd concocted, Diana started to wonder just why it was that her kitten was so dependent upon her for plans and companionship. The little vixen seemed to have more than enough brains to work all on her own. But why question such a gift? Her genius of a kitten seemed to be on the verge of adding another kitten genius into the group.
 After she finished musing, Diana made one more phone call, and purred in her happiness when it concluded.
 * * * * *
 The next morning, instead of going straight to Star Labs as usual, Dr. Rebecca Moon proceeded to the coffee shop at the corner of 6th and Addison. Diana Prince at the IADC had called her late in the afternoon the day before, and told her that some interesting news had developed about the Neural Programmer, but that a phone discussion was not the best idea. She had asked the scientist to meet her for a discreet coffee before they both had to get to work. The strangest part of her request, though, was to take the Metro instead of driving her car. It all sounded like an intricate security setup to her, but since the request had come from somebody in that field, Dr. Moon followed every instruction to the letter.
 Rebecca could not believe the grungy surroundings she was walking through after coming up out of the Metro stop. Her only conclusion was that this had to be some form of cover for what Diana intended to do. A two block walk brought Dr. Moon to the door of the coffee shop, and she was relieved to see who she assumed to be Ms. Prince seated at a table waiting for her. She was dressed just as she'd told Dr. Moon she would be -- black hair done up in a bun behind her head, and a navy blue blouse with a short black jacket over it. When Diana stood in greeting, Rebecca saw a black leather miniskirt and matching twin strap spike heeled pumps worn over smokey grey hose. She got the impression that Diana was trying to look like a well-heeled prostitute. For the neighborhood they were in, it was a perfect cover.
 The clothes in which Dr. Moon was attired were her regular work raiment of a white cotton blouse over a dark green knee length skirt and low chunky heeled brown shoes, with a long tan overcoat over them. Her long blonde hair hung freely over the back of her coat, since she only put it into a bun for duty at the lab. For any wandering eyes, she could easily have been Diana's madam. The two sitting in discussion would cause no undue attention at all in the dirty coffee shop.
 Over two very strong cups of java, the women talked briefly about the theft of the Programmer, and the ongoing search for clues. Diana then sprang the trap for Rebecca by telling her that there was an informer who would only be willing to talk to her if Diana started the conversation. Diana would use the phone booth outside the shop to call him, and once he was satisfied, Dr. Moon could talk to him. This sounded weird to the scientist, but it was a security specialist she was working with, so who was she to wonder?
 They left a few dollars on the table and went out to the phone booth. Rebecca hadn't noticed it before going into the shop, but the glass of the phone booth looked a bit different from normal. When Diana went inside and closed the door, only a vague image could be seen through the smoked translucent glass. It was hard to tell that she was actually in there.
 This was the same phone booth that had been rigged by Kitka to trap Wonder Woman originally. Diana and Kitka had kept the rigging set up in the phone booth from earlier, more out of laziness than any perceived future need. This boon was now being put to good use. Diana dug a couple of coins from her purse and called Kitka on the normal phone line. When her kitten told her that everything was set and that she could see her mistress perfectly, Diana hung up and set up the special line and its activating system. When all was ready, she opened the door of the booth and stepped out, the phone resting atop its box.
 "Okay, Dr. Moon, its all yours. You're going to learn a lot!"
 Rebecca cocked her head just a bit at the tone of Diana's voice and the odd Cheshire cat grin on her face, then passed her to enter the booth, saying, "I hope this will lead me to my machine once again! Thanks, Diana."
 "Oh, you'll be going right to your machine, don't worry. Have fun!"
 The situation seemed to be getting stranger and stranger, but Dr. Moon was so intent upon hearing news about her baby that she put it out of her mind and entered the booth. When the door closed behind her, she noted that for some reason, it formed a very good seal. She lifted the phone and asked, "Hello? I was told you could help me find my Neural Programmer?"
 There was no immediate reply to her question, but Rebecca's words turned on the voice-activated system, which Kitka monitored from her end. Dr. Moon was shocked to hear a sexy female voice answer her a moment later, especially when it said, "You'll be going right to it, Doc! I'm so glad you came!"
 A cloud of gas suddenly spewed directly into her face from the mouthpiece of the telephone, and Rebecca started choking. "What the -- I've got to get out!" She stopped talking as she realized she'd better hold her breath. It was of no use, because the gas had already entered her system and begun its work. As she started to collapse, Dr. Moon heard the voice in the receiver one last time.
 "Don't go away, Rebecca! You're the prime guest at the party! Welcome home!"
 "Welcome ho -- " Her question was cut short as the panel on the floor beneath Dr. Moon's feet dropped away, and she slipped from sight as her last glimmers of consciousness were leaving.
 Diana waited by the phone booth for another minute or two, as if she was impatiently waiting for some jerk inside to finish a call. When she knew enough time had elapsed, she opened the door and let the last vestiges of gas out into the atmosphere to dissipate. Making a show, she reached into the booth and grabbed the hanging hand piece, then banged it against the phone itself as if trying to get it to work. The panel flipped back up on the floor, and Diana stepped in to replace the hand piece in its cradle. After putting another quarter and a dime in the slot, Diana used the normal function of the phone booth once again. She called Star Labs and informed them that Dr. Moon would be getting in late in the afternoon, since she was busy with the IADC working on her programmer case.
 With Diana's presence at the phone booth now satisfied to any inquisitive eyes, she then left it looking once again like any old phone booth suffering from years of neglect in a bad neighborhood.
 While she had originally intended to make a quick change of clothes before proceeding to the IADC, Diana decided to show off a little, and went there directly, dressed as she was. More than a few eyebrows were raised that day...
 * * * * *
 The inert form of Dr. Moon slid with rapidly building velocity through a long descending tube which ended at an interesting upward bend which both broke the speed a bit and also lifted her body over a pile of cushions. Kitka stood there in her shiny black with gold tiger stripes body covering latex catsuit, her waist seeming to be impossibly narrow with a silver belt resting on top of her wide hips below it. She had matching black PVC gloves and boots, which went quite far up her arms and legs. Her petite stature was aided a bit by the stiletto heels on her boots, which added a good bit of height to her lithe and voluptuous frame. The black cat ears poked out of the red hair atop her head, and since she had no need for her domino mask, it was laying on the computer console.
 Predictably, Rebecca came out of the tube the same way Wonder Woman had a few months before. She alit on the cushions in a level position with her feet forward, and for whatever reason, face down. Kitka quickly turned her over to avoid any breathing difficulties, and saw that Dr. Moon had successfully made the transit. Though unconscious, she showed no sign of any physical damage.
 The kitten went right to work while the scientist was still out, and quickly disrobed her. The body she discovered under the clothes surprised Kitka to an extent, because she would never have thought that a thirty-ish female scientist would keep her body in such great shape, and with such a great shape to start with. Add to that the gorgeous face the scientist possessed, and Kitka was even more impressed.
 Whoever said that all the beautiful blondes were stupid?
 Kitka knew that the preliminary degrading process she had used on Wonder Woman would go much quicker with Dr. Moon. There was no need to use Catwoman's magic whip to control her mind. Since the scientist was a mortal human female without super powers and will, her own device, suitably modified, would be able to do all the work in a bit less time than it had for Diana. Kitka lifted the blonde's form and brought her to the X on the wall. She set Rebecca's torso into place, closing the bars across her navel, then reached up to secure first one and then the other arm in the upper indentations. With these locked into place, Kitka's hands were then free to set her legs into position and secure them.
 Once the scientist was spread eagled, Kitka started hooking up the Neural Programmer's cables to its original designer. First were a pair of clamps which sucked down over Rebecca's rapidly hardening nipples. Another wire was attached to the restraint over her waist, followed by a pair of diodes which she attached to the skin just above her crotch. Then the VR goggle headpiece was strapped tightly to the blonde's head, with another pair of diodes leading from it to her forehead. Finally, an incredible looking electronic dildo with long wires leading back to the console was inserted into her pussy.
 With all in readiness, the devious kitten got some smelling salts and waved them under the unsuspecting scientist's nose. Rebecca's eyes fluttered open, but saw nothing under the goggles. However, her body was overflowing with sensations. It had been a while since she had last felt nipple clamps, but this sensation seemed a bit different, like they were being both clamped and sucked on at the same time. This stimulation brought on a clenching of the muscles in her crotch, which brought forth the joy of the huge dildo she could feel filling her cunt. She then sensed that her arms and legs were secured in a spread eagle position, and tried to wriggle, to no avail. But how had she gotten from a phone booth into such an intense bondage scene?
 "Ah, I see that you have finally awakened, Doctor," Kitka purred. "You probably can tell that you've been put into a stimulating bondage setup, but I doubt you've yet recognized that it is your own Neural Programmer to which you've been hooked up. Of course, in its current form, you'd never recognize it as your own creation."
 "What do you mean, I wouldn't recognize it? I now realize that it's my own goggle set covering my eyes, but not projecting anything as yet."
 "No, Dr. Moon, you'd never see your original creation in the tool for mind manipulation that I have constructed from it. And in moments, you will experience first hand the capabilities with which I have endowed it. You are going to be stimulated into one after another orgasm, each of which will open more and more pathways into your mind. These will allow your heavily modified Neural Programmer to open up your brain to me so that I can pick and choose which character traits I wish to leave in you, and add what I need to turn you from a law abiding citizen into a cunning and devious criminal femme fatale."
 "No! You can't!"
 "Oh, yes I can, Rebecca. And while you will still use the name of Dr. Rebecca Moon, it will only be the second name that you use in your alter ego working at Star Labs under cover. When I am finished here, your true name will be Tigra. Let us begin!"
 Dr. Moon was in the process of starting to protest further when she felt coordinated jolts of energy surge into her tits while the dildo inside her cunt proceeded to rapidly expand and contract. She gasped, and with no control, shivered in the first of what would be a countless number of shuddering orgasms. She then recognized the mental probings of her own machine starting up, and soon was completely and helplessly in its grasp. In a bit more than an hour, she was unconscious, completely absorbed in the world of sexual bliss induced by her own modified machine. The mind of Rebecca Moon was completely exposed, and for the next three hours, Kitka started sorting through what she would put back eventually. Everything pertaining to her work as a scientist was reinserted...and what was this?
 Kitka giggled. The good Dr. Rebecca Moon had been a devotee of bondage and discipline during and shortly after her time in university! No wonder the modified Programmer had worked so easily on her. Well, this was definitely a trait to give back, with a bit of modification. Not only would the new Rebecca Moon and Tigra be a lover of bondage and discipline, but she would also be a demanding dominatrix. Top or bottom, she would be a woman completely at ease in her role.
 In effect, Kitka was putting the complete Rebecca Moon back into her psyche, but only as a background to the newer and more primary identification of Tigra. This way the scientist would be fully able to continue in her work, but now in conjunction with her Mistress, Catwoman. Tigra would be sure to see that Dr. Moon did all she could to aid and abet her fellow feline felons. Or put another way, the villainess Tigra would be living the life of Rebecca Moon, with no one the wiser.
 Kitka waited patiently for the Programmer to fully insert Tigra's personality into her limp form. She knew it wouldn't be much longer. Then a light on the unit blinked, and the message, REPROGRAMMING COMPLETE. RELEASING SUBJECT, shown.
 All clamps and cables were quickly removed from her body, along with the VR headset. The restraining bars and clamps of the machine then opened up, and the pretty blonde fell to the floor on her hands and knees. She shook her head, then looked up to see Kitka standing before her. "Mmmmmm, hi, Kitka. That was some B&D session! Can we do that again sometime soon?"
 "Not anytime soon, Tigra. You've got too much work to do today over at Star Labs. You feeling okay now, I presume?"
 "Purrrrfectly fine, Kitka! I sure wish I could put on my own costume and join you, but I guess Rebecca needs to get back on the job, eh?"
 "Yep! Here you go," Kitka said as she handed Tigra the clothes she'd removed from her body upon arrival. "Get back into your outside world clothes, and while you're dressing, I'll go put a shirt and jeans over my costume so I can drive you over there. Later tonight I'll have your costume waiting for you at your house so you can change after work and get back here to join us."
 Kitka was grinning from ear to ear as she walked back to her room to cover up. The new process she'd set up on the Programmer seemed to have worked to perfection on its first try. Soon, it seemed, Wonder Woman would be able to make some more appearances. And was she ever going to have fun shopping for Tigra's costume after dropping her off at Star Labs. She'd gone over to the fetish clothing stores the night before to scout what was available, and now that Tigra was for real, she knew just what to get. Good thing Tigra didn't know she didn't even have a costume yet when she'd mentioned that!
 It was a totally prim and proper Dr. Rebecca Moon that joined Kitka at her car a bit later. Kitka had thrown on a light blue long sleeve turtleneck to cover the top of her costume after removing her gloves, while her jeans covered both the latex on her legs and her black thigh high boots, of which only the bottoms showed up from the ankles down. They made quick time in driving over to the laboratory, and while Kitka wanted to drop Rebecca off out front, the scientist insisted that her ID would get them both into the underground parking garage. Kitka put on a bright smile for the guard as he looked into the window to inspect Dr. Moon's ID card, and was surprised at how quickly they were waved through.
 Rebecca had a sly grin on her face as she got up out of the car, and was a bit surprised to see Kitka get out, also. "Can't say a proper good-bye while we're separated by the car," the younger woman chimed. Before the redhead could move, Dr. Moon zipped around the front of the red Miatta and embraced her in a compassionate hug. Then she quickly kissed her on the lips, and winked. "Later tonight, Kitka! See you then!"
 Kitka looked more than a bit surprised, then smiled. "You bet, Dr. Moon! See ya later!"
 As the scientist entered her building, in mid afternoon as predicted earlier by Diana Prince, Kitka took note of the garage's location. Instead of getting back into the car and fighting traffic for parking near the shops, she decided that since she was only a few blocks from the Metro station, she could leave the car in the free parking she'd lucked into, and go shopping on foot. "These boots are made for walking..." she started singing lightly as she headed for the garage elevator, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement.
 The car would be quite full of boxes by the time it left later that afternoon. Not only was Kitka going to outfit Tigra, but even Diana would be pleased and surprised by the amazing array of black leather, latex and PVC fetish finery Tigra would have available in her role as a dominatrix. Surely Diana would be pleased with the investment in vestments she'd made.
 * * * * *
 Barbara Gordon added some personal research to her work in the library, once she became settled in her new position there. She started to gather information on Wonder Woman's disappearance, and on the person she knew had to be a new Catwoman. The feline felon was just acting much too differently from the minx who used to bother her in Gotham, and the costume details added to this fact. Using connections she'd obtained as Batgirl years before, Barbara determined that Selina Kyle was indeed still behind bars, meaning that someone else was now playing the role for sure.
 Much to her dismay, the leads on Wonder Woman all pointed to Star Lab's Dr. Moon, and in her Barbara Gordon identity, she was too unimportant a person to make any appointments with her, let alone ask her questions pertaining to her top secret project. According to her sources, Star Lab's Neural Programmer had gone missing, and Wonder Woman was brought in to solve the crime. However, Star Labs had dismissed all the rumors of the missing Neural Programmer, giving no comment. It seemed odd, though, that Wonder Woman herself had disappeared shortly after the Programmer.
 The second problem that bothered Barbara was the nonexistence of pictures of the new Catwoman, and since she now knew that the original Catwoman was still behind bars, this must be someone new, or perhaps one of Catwoman's kittens, filling in. All she had was descriptions of the new costume, and no idea of the face behind the cowl's mask. Whoever it was was doing an excellent job at covering her tracks and avoiding the spotlight.
 Barbara needed her Batgirl identity to solve this one; she couldn't open many doors as Barbara Gordon, but as Batgirl, all sorts of avenues of opportunity would open up. The Dominoed Dare Doll could walk right into Star Labs, and it would be the heroine working the streets in a way Barbara never could who would hopefully see Catwoman face to face. Somehow, Babs had to get her gear unpacked and out of storage in Gotham, and have it sent back to Washington. Then in the back of her mind, the face of Tim Drake came into view, and she smiled.
 * * * * *
 Diana Prince was seated at her desk in IADC headquarters when Steve Trevor dropped several memos into her in box. "Have you heard any news on Wonder Woman yet, Diana? We haven't been able to trace her whereabouts for the past few months now," Steve asked. "I wonder if she's gone back to her home on Paradise Island, either temporarily or permanently?"
 "No, Steve," Diana replied, "she just stopped contacting me all of a sudden, and I'm kind of glad about that, also, because it means I'm not having to relay her calls from you anymore. I hope she *has* gone home to Paradise Island." Diana smiled at Steve in a seductive manner.
 "What do you mean, Diana? I thought you were an intimate friend of Wonder Woman! How can you say things like that about her?"
 "Our friendship has been strained for the past couple of years, I'll have you know, Mr. Trevor. I can now use a term for my old friend that is becoming easier and easier to use. That Amazon bitch has put me down for the last time," Diana told a shocked Steve. "Even if she does come back, I don't want to ever have anything else to do with her."
 "All right..." Steve paused, not wanting to pursue that train of thought any further. Something must have really gotten to Diana. "The new Catwoman seems to know our security systems and schedules intimately; so far, she's been able to pull off her heists behind our backs. I believe she's one of our own operatives with a Catwoman fascination, and since the real one is behind bars, she's taking over her mantle."
 Diana adjusted her glasses, and looked at Steve.
 "If I could flush her out, maybe she'd know what happened to Wonder Woman. Her emergence, and Wonder Woman's disappearance at about the same time..." Steve continued.
 Diana stopped him with a raised hand.
 "Steve, have you ever thought that maybe the new Catwoman is a hacker, and she has managed to get into our system?" Diana asked.
 Steve nodded and turned his back, heading to his office, and muttered, "Maybe you're right, Diana."
 Diana grinned at Steve's remarks, and purred. Her now experienced criminal mind knew the implications of his suspicions. Steve suspected an insider, and if measures were instituted to find her, her movements as Diana would be restricted. On top of that, Steve's quest for the missing Wonder Woman was starting to get on her nerves.
 'Perhaps it's time to put a fix to that,' she thought. 'If Kitka's idea...'
 * * * * *
 Barbara logged onto the net hoping to get a fix on Tim, her friend and Batman's partner -- Robin. Unable to get to him, she started to check her email, when all of a sudden Tim hacked in and greeted her. Normally, she would have grinned at him for disturbing her, but this time she needed his assistance, and she greeted him back nicely. They both went on chatting for fifteen minutes before Barbara asked Tim whether Batman knew what happened to Wonder Woman. To her surprise, he told her that the JLA had gone to another galaxy to help out some aliens, just after Wonder Woman's disappearance, and they had yet to return. He assured her that the matter would be resolved once the JLA returned.
 Trying to solve the matter by herself, Barbara asked a favor from Tim, and reminded him about the special access she had to the mini-Batcave she had behind her apartment. She asked him to go up into it to collect her Batgirl costume and ship it to her so that she could get on the case first before the JLA did. They went on chatting for a while before they logged off. As soon as her computer was showing its screensaver pattern, she grabbed her purse and went shopping via Metro. She came back on her new purchase, the jet black motorcycle which would become the new Washington, DC-based Batcycle.
 Luckily, her condo was at ground level, and by sheer chance, there was a fire exit into the thin alleyway alongside. She'd be able to leave her condo, even in daylight, by way of this alley which threaded around to exit onto at least three streets; granted, there were a few windows in her neighbors' units which opened to the alleyway, but all seemed to be permanently shuttered against the non-view which the alleyway provided. So until a more permanent hideaway could be found in her general neighborhood, Batgirl would be able to operate with almost complete security from the condo.
 * * * * *
 When Diana arrived at her apartment, she quickly closed the door. She removed her glasses and began to spin in her now infamous counterclockwise pattern. Her clothes quickly faded away, then her naked body was enveloped by the dazzling lights, and when they faded, Catwoman was in her sexy black leathers. She picked up the phone and began punching the numbers. "Kitka," she purred, "change of plans; meet me at the Hickam's Jewelry Store on Fifteenth at nine." A sinister smile crept across her face as her kitten told her about Tigra, and she purred, "Mmmmmmm...purrrrrfect. I'll meet you both at the lair and we'll go as a group."
 The police were baffled when it was reported that instead of Catwoman and her tiger striped accomplice who'd robbed the gem store, it was the now acknowledged pair plus a stunning blonde in a golden monokini with black stripes, with knee high boots and shoulder length gloves to match. A similar cowl and mask covered her face and the front half of her head. Was Catwoman adding more kittens to her gang?
 Later that evening, after the spoils had been sorted and put away, Tigra gave Catwoman and Kitka a personal lesson in subjugation; by the time the night was through, so many variations of one on two and two on one had been experienced that all three could enjoy any aspect of the games. Needless to say, the three-way love fest which followed made Kitka proud of the work she'd accomplished earlier that day. All now seemed in readiness.
 * * * * *
 Barbara started the day in anticipation of the special delivery in the evening. Tim had promised her that he'd get her gear after they logged off, and would ship it the next morning. She stripped herself naked and headed for the shower. In the hot shower, the warm water was a godsend, and it wasn't long before Babs succumbed to her own dark desires. She dreamt of herself as Batgirl been interrogated by Catwoman, and being stripped naked by her. Totally at the mercy of the cruel villainess, she was taken to the vixen's bedroom...
 Babs came out of her reverie to find that she had been pleasuring herself. After she quenched her desires, she turned on the morning news to find that the latest on Catwoman's mayhem was all over the news. Cameras at the gem store had taped the trio in action, and while the smaller girl in black with golden tiger stripes was familiar to her, the blonde in the skimpy tiger outfit was a complete surprise. For the first time, though, she caught a glimpse of the new Catwoman in a near close-up; she was pretty sure she'd seen that face, what little of it that could be seen, before. It was all that she needed to solve the mystery.
 * * * * *
 Diana, a.k.a. Catwoman, and Kitka found themselves in each other's arms naked in the morning, and they continued to pleasure themselves even throughout their showering until Diana had to dress and leave for work. Kitka got dressed a bit later, and then made her way back to the Cat's Lair. In the days and weeks to come, while Tigra would live for the most part in Rebecca's house and play in the dungeon they would build in the lair, Diana and Kitka would very rarely sleep in separate beds in either Diana's apartment or the Cat's Lair. They just had to be a bit more careful when both spent time at the apartment. Intense lesbian love making and its resulting cries of pleasure were not shielded from the neighbors through the apartment's walls very well.
 * * * * *
 What Tim had told Babs about the JLA was accurate, but not completely so. While the rest of the JLA left for another galaxy on their mission, Zatanna had stayed behind in the JLA Watchtower alone to both handle the group's communications and also monitor the situations Earthside. To pass time in her practically solitary situation, she put the costume designing program and processing computer system to extensive use. Not only did she come up with dozens of variations of her usual outfit, but also some really wild totally new costumes. Some were almost fully body covering, while others were extremely risque in baring nearly all of her skin to show off her great figure. The 3-D models in the computer gave her a good idea what they would all look like, and a few of the most promising ones were actually put together for her actual solo modeling.
 She slowly became aware of the disappearance of Wonder Woman during her monitoring, and decided to solve it herself to prove her mettle to the rest of the League. While in reality her teammates valued the skillful magician's talents and fighting skills very highly, she actually felt very insecure in her status. For the most part, Zatanna felt that they'd always viewed her as being a second string player, using her magic to fill in after the main work had been accomplished by the group's big guns.
 Well, she'd show them just what she was capable of. Zatanna started her work while still at the Watchtower, tracing all of the Amazon's last known activities. This occupied her time almost completely, and aside from a new version of her old and traditional costume she made, further costume work would have to await more free time in the future. She now had enough information to get started with her Earthside investigation, and made her way to the teleportation tubes; luckily for her, since the Amazing Amazon was based in DC, she could use that terminal and get started right away. But just before getting into the tube, an idea struck her. She knew the layout of the mall just outside the Smithsonian, so she intoned, "refsnarT morf ereh ot eht llam!"
 More than a few tourists were stunned to see the daringly clad heroine pop into view moments later!
 * * * * *
 Barbara came back from the library early to await the delivery from FedEx, and she wasn't disappointed; Tim had kept his promise at his end, and the van pulled up in front of her condo at twenty past two. As soon as she'd unpacked the boxes, Babs put away her alter ego's enticing black and yellow costume in the far left side of her bedroom closet. A more hidden storage would have to be found later, but for the time being, since the door opened to the far right side of the closet, enough regular clothes were in front of the costume to hide it satisfactorily.
 Originally planning to wait for darkness, Babs suddenly changed her mind and pulled what she needed back out of the closet. She got out of her work dress, then took off her pantyhose and bra, making herself completely nude save for her panties. She slipped her legs into the shiny black spandex of her costume for the first time in over a month, and in no time was completely encased in shimmering black save for the large yellow bat across the huge black orbs projecting from her chest. Soon more yellow was added as she zipped on her boots with their medium high four-inch spike heels and pulled the elbow length gloves with projecting bat scalloping onto her hands and arms. She hooked the yellow utility belt around her upper hips, well below her tiny waist. Finally, she pulled the black mask and cowl with attached cape down over her head, and after centering the eye holes over her baby blues, reached behind her head to pull the bulk of her red hair through the hole at the bottom rear of the cowl. After shaking it loose, this shock of hair billowed to either side and covered her shoulders, besides falling to her shoulderblades over the cape, which was black on the outside, and yellow on the inside.
 Batgirl then went out through the fire escape after first disconnecting the alarm signal attached to it. She gave a quick scan back and forth and up and down the alleyway, and saw no sign of any open windows. She locked her door and placed the key in her utility belt, then made her way to the niche in which she'd parked the motorcycle the night before. She then got underway and began her crusade for the truth at Star Labs, with the picture of the new Catwoman lingering in the back of her mind. She believed she knew who she was, but was unable to believe it, since there was no logical explanation.
 * * * * *
 At that same momemt, Diana was in her office when she overheard a computer genius and Steve Trevor discussing the new files protection installation. When they finished, she seduced the computer genius in a storeroom, and used her magical black whip to obtain a proper clearance and a backdoor into the computer system. She got not only that, but also a commitment from her new unwitting slave to tell her about any further security systems or other computer work he would be contracted to perform for the IADC. So far, Catwoman would still have complete access to every bit of information handled by the security agency.
 * * * * *
 Batgirl parked her improvised Batcycle in the Star Labs garage after the short trip, during which she'd noted quite a few stunned faces with ogling eyes and gaping mouths. Much to her surprise, Zatanna was there when she arrived. "Back to your old costume, Zatanna?" she said in greeting.
 The beautiful magician smiled in seeing the totally unexpected Batgirl, and replied, "I went back to my traditional costume, as opposed to any of the newer variations I've been designing during my spare time at the Watchtower. I figured that most people would recognize me in a slight variation of my older and very well known costume!" This consisted of black fishnet pantyhose with black patent spike heels, a long sleeved white leotard patterned to look like a white tuxedo shirt with thin red bow tie, a tightly fitted blue vest that almost looked like a bustier, and a short black jacket that looked like a tux but was shaped to fit her very feminine form. She had wrist length blue gloves on her hands, and was holding the black and white top hat which normally rode atop her head. Since it wasn't there, her long black hair was hanging freely, with the bangs in front being parted ever so slightly as they fell to her eyebrows.
 Zatanna was surprised when she heard Batgirl say, "Have you seen or heard about the new Catwoman? She's a lot more daring and wicked than Selina ever was."
 "New Catwoman? I was under the impression that Selina had busted out of prison."
 "No; it's not a well known fact, but shortly after being busted by Wonder Woman, Selina was taken to a special federal prison out west. That's all I've been able to dig up so far, but that does mean that we do have somebody else as Catwoman now," the walking, talking encyclopedia in sexy black spandex told Zatanna.
 Then they traded what they each knew about Wonder Woman's disappearance. "And the last contact she was supposed to have made before dropping from the face of the Earth was some low-life techie fence here in DC," the magician said in conclusion.
 "I know that she was here at Star Labs at some point prior to her disappearing act," Batgirl added. "Though they're keeping their lips sealed about its loss, the lab had asked Wonder Woman to locate the Neural Programmer that had just been stolen."
 "Yeah, that much I knew. That's why I was here to see you arrive, Batgirl."
 "Okay, let's see if we can get anything at all from Dr. Moon. So far, she and the rest of Star Labs have been stonewalling any further investigation into the loss of her device." Though they'd agreed to work together, Batgirl decided to keep her suspicions about the new Catwoman's identity to herself for the moment. She still thought it was too tenuous a track, and didn't want to get Zatanna sidetracked.
 The two heroines were escorted to Dr. Rebecca Moon's office, and after brief and hardly necessary introductions, told her what their initial investigations had pressed to. Soon they had both been briefed by Dr. Moon on the Neural Programmer. She did so without getting any further into the details of what it could accomplish than what the nation had seen on the television that same day that Kitka had been inspired. "We can't even let the world know that it's missing, since general knowledge of its capabilities in the hands of illicit seekers could make for a frenzied search. Ergo, since we can't talk about the loss, there's no way we can say anything offically about asking Wonder Woman to get it back."
 "So even if you did know if and when the Amazon was here, you can't tell even us?" a pleading Batgirl asked.
 "Sorry, no. The government has placed such a high-level need-to-know classification on this that not even you two can be told."
 "Well, then I guess we're on our own from this point. Thank you for what little help you could give, Dr. Moon," a very sarcastic sounding Zatanna said.
 Once they'd made their way back to the lab's entry area, Zatanna said, "Since I've been working on tracking down Wonder Woman's last known steps, Batgirl, I'll continue along that line and go make a visit to that fence."
 "Yeah, that makes sense, Zatanna. I'll keep working from my end on finding more info on Catwoman. If I happen to find anything that can help you, I'll email you via your JLA addie."
 "Great! See you later, then, Batgirl. Good hunting!"
 As soon as they'd left her office, Rebecca punched the special line that had just been installed on her phone. Just in case the encrypted line wasn't as secure as promised and any sharp ears might overhear, she made her end of the conversation sound absolutely normal. "Hi, this is Rebecca. You're not gonna believe who just came here together to ask about the Programmer, and Wonder Woman. Both Batgirl and Zatanna are in town starting to dig for info. Thought you might want to let her know. Yeah, that's right, you heard correct. See ya later, bye!"
 In the Cat's Lair, Kitka shook her head as she hung up the phone, then her eyes went wide as she thought of just how to tell what she'd learned from the hidden Tigra to Diana. She picked up the phone once again and punched the original special line. "Diana, make sure you come over to the Cat's Lair when you get off!"
 "What's up, Kitten?"
 "Tigra just called me from Star Labs; you're never gonna believe who's in town searching for both Wonder Woman and the Programmer - Zatanna is hot on the trail, and Batgirl seems to be helping her in an as yet undertermined way."
 "Batgirl!? What the hell is that little bitch doing here in DC?"
 "Dunno, Diana. Like I said, Tigra just told me she was working with Zatanna in looking for information. Here's the best part, though. Zatanna seems to be headed right for Frank Mintel's place, and if she has as much power in her magic as I've heard, she's going to hear about our phone booth. I'd thought Tigra was going to be my only experiment in seeing if I could manipulate the Programmer, but if Zatanna is going to walk right into our little trap, I think we'll soon have yet another kitten!"
 "Oooo, Kitka, you little minx! You bet I'll be there! If we can get that magical slut's powers working for us, we'll really have it good. I just hope Zatanna doesn't 'drop in' too early, because..." and here she lowered her voice to a very business-like level, "I have some work to do here before I leave this evening."
 "Don't worry, Diana. If she does get here before you, I'll keep her in stasis until you can join me."
 "Thank you, Karen. Good-bye."
 'Karen? I haven't used my real name since...' "Oh, I'll bet Trevor just walked in...later, Diana!"
 Steve watched what looked like a really wicked grin form on Diana's lips as he stepped into her office while she was on the phone. She was quick witted enough to make sure Trevor heard nothing significant as she put on a straight face before hanging up. After putting the phone back in its cradle, she said, "Girl talk, Steve. You wouldn't understand."
 This sparked an idea which popped into her head, upon which another Cheshire cat grin became evident. 'But if what I just thought of can work, Mr. Trevor, maybe you soon will!'
 * * * * *
 Batgirl made her way back to her condo after leaving saying good-bye to Zatanna. It was getting dark by then, and she felt a bit easier about her return than she had about her departure. As she got close to the condo, she doused the makeshift Batcycle's lights, then just idled into the alley to keep the noise to a minimum. Once again, she noted no windows either open or with lights showing, and hid her cycle in the same niche as the night before. She'd been going over what she'd uncovered about the new Catwoman in her research while driving back, and kept going over details as she got out of her costume and replaced it in the far left side of her closet.
 Babs fixed a salad for a quick dinner after putting on a loose fitting blue blouse and her jeans, then got back to her computer. Using Catwoman's robberies as a lead, she deduced she was making top security level heists, nearly all of which which lead to the IADC. She put her computer skills to work and hacked in.
 * * * * *
 Zatanna's research into the Amazing Amazon's last known movements did indeed lead her to Frank Mintel, as reckoned by Rebecca earlier. Using her magic, she managed to uncover what Wonder Woman's magic lasso had coersed him to tell her, even though her lasso had more or less wiped the recollections from his mind. She found out about the specific phone booth he'd told Wonder Woman that he was supposed to use to contact the woman who'd talked to him about the Programmer, and how to just pick up the phone to reach her. Since this was the end of the trail that Zatanna had put together, she knew she'd have to get over to that phone booth and give it a good checking out. As soon as she'd made Frank lose any memory of her being there, erasing the same information for the second time from his meager brain, she made her way to that very same booby trapped phone booth to which Wonder Woman was supposed to go. So intent was she in her tracing of the Amazon that she didn't even consider that if Wonder Woman had disappeared via the phone booth, she could do the same.
 * * * * *
 Diana did stay a bit late at the IADC, but it was actually to do some information theft, and was using Steve's computer when Barbara hacked in. Using the new installation, Diana traced the identification of the hacker's computer to discover the hacker's location, unknown to Barbara, of course. She decided that anybody smart enough to get into the IADC'c computer and look around was potentially dangerous to her own operations. Working on the assumption that the hacker had some kind of normal day job, she left word on the way out that she would not be returning after lunch tomorrow. Catwoman would have some research of her own to do.
 * * * * *
 Zatanna got to the phone booth at 6th and Addison and observed it for about an hour, which got awfully boring since not a soul used it. Since it was now quite dark, she figured closer scrutiny would be safer. After getting a bit nearer, she noticed that it was apparently out of order, and decided to check it out in detail. When she picked up the handset, an alarm went off down in the Cat's Lair.
 Kitka looked over at the monitor, and as expected, saw the shapely magician on the screen. Laughing with glee, she sprang her trap. "Well, if it isn't Zatanna! Feel free to drop in!" Zatanna was shocked to hear. Before she could utter any kind of reply or even a spell to protect herself in any way, the phone once again shot a continuous burst of knockout gas which enveloped her whole face. The booth rapidly filled with the gas, and almost instantly, she lost conciousness and fell through the same trap door that first Wonder Woman and then just the day before Dr. Moon had dropped. She was zipping down the tube as the floor of the phone booth returned to normal and all the gas was vented, to appear once again as a typical mid-city out of order phone booth.
 Zatanna plopped down onto the pillows face up, and Kitka did a quick check to make sure she was healthy other than being unconcious. With no apparent anomalies found, she proceeded to drag the still fully costumed Zatanna, other than her top hat, over to the stasis pad. As soon as she had the incredibly sexy looking magician held in a standing position, Kitka started going over the set ups she'd just finished using on the Programmer. With all in readiness, she sat down to await Diana's arrival.
 She didn't have long to wait. Kitka was a bit surprised when she heard a distinctive clicking of heels on the tiled floor, and turned to see Diana in her Catwoman costume standing before the frozen Zatanna. "Purrrrrrr...hi, Kitka. She really looks enticing in this costume, doesn't she!"
 "I'll say! Zatanna got here only thirty-five minutes before you did, Diana. Do you want to torment her at all while in stasis, or do you think we should wait until we have her denuded and hooked up to the Programmer before waking her up?"
 Catwoman eyed their newest prize briefly, then said, "Let's just get her into the Programmer, Kitten."
 "Okay, Catwoman. Be ready to grab her as I turn off the stasis ray."
 Catwoman took hold of the much smaller woman, in stature at least, as she started to fall forward. Before anything else, she picked up one of the orange ball bags that had seen so much use the night before and strapped it around Zatanna's head with her mouth wide around the gag. This way there'd be no chance of the mage using any of her backwards spoken spells to get herself out of her predicament. She and Kitka then made quick work of taking off her costume, and both marveled at how large her chest seemed for such a relatively short height. "Think they're real, Kitka?"
 "I'm betting they are, Catwoman, but we'll know for sure once we've opened up her mind to all her memories and personality traits. Speaking of which, for her transformation, I'm going to allow all of her original traits and memories to remain, but increase any tendencies I can find toward her darker side. They will become her controling persona, making her a devious villainess with magical powers leading a double life."
 With the two of them helping each other, strapping Zatanna into the X of the computer and hooking her up to the Programmer's cables went quickly. The VR headset was being held off for the time being. When all was ready, Kitka waved smelling smalts under Zatanna's nose.
 It took a couple of minutes for the gas effects to be overcome, but when her eyes flickered open, the magician saw what could only be the new and more daring Catwoman that Batgirl had told her about. What a costume! Standing next to her was a shorter redhead dressed in a shiny black latex outfit with golden orange tiger stripes. One of her kittens? Then Zatanna realized she was in a spread eagle bondage setup, with something huge and long filling her pussy, and was also gagged. "Mmmmpppphhhh?!" was all she could get out.
 "Welcome to the Cat's Lair, Zatanna," the apparent kitten said. "I'm betting you've already recognized Catwoman, so by way of introduction, my name is Kitka. This is our home, and it will soon be yours, also. You see, the machine to which you find yourself bound is the heavily modified Neural Programmer. After I stole it from Star Labs," and here Kitka curled her hand in front of her mouth then polished her claws on her upper chest in pride, "I made a few alterations to its systems. You see, I needed to have Catwoman on hand to give me guidance; since Selina had been taken into custody thanks to that bitch, Wonder Woman, I brought the Amazon here to make a few changes. You really enjoy being Catwoman now, don't you, Diana?" she concluded as she turned.
 "Mmmmmm, yes! I feel like this is who I was meant to be all along, and I have my kitten here to thank for that. At first I didn't even know that I used to be Wonder Woman, but Kitka has told me about my background so that in the near future, we will be even more capable of causing mayhem. In just a moment, Zatanna, we're going to get the Programmer started. You're going to find yourself in a heaven of sexual bliss, experiencing glorious orgasm after glorious orgasm. Each of them will allow the Programmer to get more and more access to your mind. By the time it's finished, you will no longer have any thoughts of being a heroine named Zatanna, except as a cover to hide your true identity as the villainess called Black Cat. Now, let's get started!"
 "MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHH!!! MMMMMNNNNNNNNNMMMMM!!!" was all the wide-eyed brunette could say in terror as she found the VR head piece being placed over her eyes and strapped around her head, then some cables being taped to her forehead. Moments later, she felt jolts of stimulating energy entering her nipples, followed by a rhythmic expansion and contraction of the dildo within her cunt. Already horny, she felt her first orgasm in mere minutes, and noted a spike go though her head at the same time. She was in total bliss within an hour, and was in unconcious glee in two. The Programmer first displayed all the data that Kitka had programmed it to look for, then went into the personality augmenting that she'd set it up for.
 Kitka took the ball gag away from her mouth since there was no longer any need for it, then she and Catwoman watched as they let the computer do its work on the by now ex-heroine, who was screaming in unknowing but delightful pleasures. "Well, there's no sign of her ever going under the knife for breast augmentation, so she must be naturally big-breasted. Hey, Diana, look at this! Zatanna has been acting as a costume designer, using herself as a model. How about, instead of putting together a costume for her to wear after being converted, we get her to magically make whatever her evil mind can concieve?"
 "Good idea, Kitten. We've already given her the new identity as Black Cat, so let's see what happens."
 Unlike Wonder Woman's ordeal of total personality replacement and Rebecca's partial rewrite, Kitka had decided to transform Zatanna into a villainess by letting her own dark desires and her inner evil tendencies and malice take over. She would still have her Zatanna memories, but with the knowledge that this was a false identity she used. The Programmer was setting it up so that it would be her own evil self that would be in control.
 When the Programmer finally blinked its message that the transformation was complete as it mentally shocked its subject back into consciousness, the two villainesses got up to start removing the cables and electrodes from her body. While her eyes could not be seen, the voluptuous brunette had the most wicked looking sneer on her lips that either of them could imagine. When the VR head piece was pulled away from her face, those eyes added to the look of depravity she had. As soon as she could see Catwoman again, her sneer turned into a malicious grin. "Mmmmmmeeeeooowwwwwwwrrrrrr! Catwoman, please turn that vibrator back on! Though it still fills my juicy pussy, it's nowhere near as stimulating as it was!"
 "I'm glad you like it so much, Black Cat, but playtime is over for now," Catwoman told her. "Are you ready to get out of your bondage setup and get into costume so you can join Kitka and I as we go over to Tigra's place?"
 "Mmmmm, by all means, Catwoman. As soon as I can get unbuckled..."
 Kitka pressed the button, and simultaneously, all the restraints holding the brunette to the X indendation came free. Instead of stumbling forward as had the previous convertees, Black Cat stepped out of the X, then slinked with a newly realized feline grace to a spot a few feet from the wall, and wide open, where she came to a stop. Without even seeming to take any time to think about it, she uttered what her new teammates thought sounded like some strange foriegn language, but what they would soon come to recognize intimately.
 "emutsoC, raeppa no ym ydob!"
 In the blink of two pairs of eyes, the naked form before them suddenly became fully clad in her costume. Perhaps 'fully' is the wrong word to use, however. Very little costume material appeared, and quite a bit of flesh was still apparent!
 Black Cat retained one item from the disguise of her other identity, the black fishnet pantyhose. Instead of the mere black pumps that used to adorn those fishnet-clad feet, she was wearing shiny knee high black PVC boots that laced up the front and had incredibly high stiletto heels which practically put her on her toes. The hose went all the way up to her narrow waist, and showed through the high French-cut legs of the minimal panty which formed the bottom part of the black spandex upper part of her costume. A single narrow band went up from front center of this panty, then divided to form two narrow strips which barely covered her nipples and aureolas as they left almost all of her huge mounds of flesh exposed. The bands then went back around her neck in a halter design. There were opera length black PVC gloves on her arms, and covering her entire face from her lips up and back to her ears was a form-fitting black cat mask with whiskers below her nose. This mask had large and sexy looking eye holes which allowed her eerily made-up eyes look incredibly cunning, wicked and mischievous. The upper back of the mask had cat ears which left no question as to her true nature.
 "Mmmmmmeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Black Cat, you look too wicked to be true!" Catwoman exclaimed. "And I thought I had come up with a good looking costume when I created this one. With your ability and keen sense of costuming, maybe we should experiment with my own costume sometime soon."
 "Wow, that's a killer costume, Black Cat!" Kitka added. "Personally, I think my own and Catwoman's costumes are perfect, but then..." and she faded, as she started to visualize other possibilities.
 "I'll be glad to help either of you become the most wicked looking cats ever seen, if that's what you wish, but playing around with costumes is hardly the most productive thing I think we could be doing. I want to go meet Tigra, and maybe get into some mischief a bit later."
 "Then let's get going, ladies!" Catwoman said. "And just to get you ready, I'm already setting my sites on the Programmer's next subject. Batgirl is in town now, and if I get my hands on her, she won't be a thorn in our sides for long. As soon as we get her into the Programmer, her name will no longer start with a 'B', but a 'C'!"
 As Catwoman and Kitka started to turn toward the doorway which would lead up to their car, Black Cat said, "Were you planning on driving over to Tigra's? Just tell me where she lives, and we'll be there in no time."
 Kitka turned to look at Catwoman, who had also turned to look at her. "Magic teleportation? Why not!" Kitka described the layout around Rebecca's house, and the park which was across the street. Since the park would be another wide open area in which to reappear, that's what Black Cat mentioned in her next spell, and with a 'poof!', all three cats blinked out of the lair and reappeared in the cool night air of the park.
 One thing they hadn't considered beforehand was being seen going into Rebecca's house in costume. Anyone spotting them could easily blow Tigra's cover. Black Cat got a wicked idea, and with a sly grin suggested, "Think we should go to Tigra', Rebecca's door in something other than our costumes?"
 Without thinking about the look on Black Cat's face or the way in which she'd said that, Catwoman replied, "Good idea, Black Cat. Go ahead and change us all into normal street wear."
 She giggled, then Black Cat said, "semutsoC hsinav! teertS sehtolc raeppa!"
 Diana and Kitka were just a bit stunned to see the clothes which their newest partner had imagined when she said what they realized was 'Street clothes'. All three looked very much like they belonged on the streets, with even their makeup making them look ready to market themselves! They all shared Black Cat's sexy black fishnets, and while her black boots remained as such, the similar ones on Diana were a bright red to match the tube top and shorts she was wearing, while Kitka's were a coral pink to go with her sleeveless spandex leotard and micro skirt. Black was the only color for Cat, and she was wearing a long sleeved spandex leotard, an unbuttoned vest, and a leather miniskirt. Each also now had a purse to match their new garb slung over their shoulders.
 "Very funny, Black Cat!" Diana grinned, then added, "Oh, and we can't call you Black Cat in public! What should we use for your street name?"
 "Silly! Didn't you know? My name is Felicia!" (Okay, readers, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist that one!) (And if you don't know why I'm mentioning that, make sure you don't go reading any of Marvel's Spider-Man books...)
 With that, Diana, Felicia and Kitka, who started to think that maybe using her original name, Karen, might be necessary again, strutted up to Rebecca's house. Just before she rang the doorbell, Diana turned to Felicia and asked, "If you can teleport people and change costumes in the blink of an eye, can you also completely alter how a person looks?"
 "Hmmm, I've never tried that before...let's see," she replied. Felicia thought for a moment, searching her memories for somebody significant, then said, "anaiD skool ekil lrigtaB!"
 In a flash, the red clad hooker suddenly shrank in size and became clad in a familiar black and yellow costume. Her yellow gloved hands went wide out to take in her new form, and in a voice which sounded totally foreign to her ears, she exclaimed, "Ohmigawd! I look and even sound exactly like Batgirl! Felicia, quick, turn me back before anybody sees this, and have I got an idea on somebody to completely change to tell you about later!"
 "anaiD si flesreh niaga!" was chanted, and just as quickly, the tall and voluptuous red clad hooker was back. Grinning wide, she pressed Rebecca's doorbell.
 When the now more vivacious blonde opened her door, she was stunned to see what looked like three wanton hookers smiling at her; the two in red and pink she recognized as Diana and Kitka, but who was the stunning third in black? She somehow seemed familiar, but...
 "Hi, Rebecca!" Diana said in greeting. "Meet our newest teammate, Felicia. In costume, she is Black Cat; in her heroine disguise, she's known as Zatanna."
 Rebecca's mouth dropped as she suddenly recognized the person who'd been in her office that afternoon. "Wow! You really look stunning in your new look! Glad to see you as Black Cat now, too. Diana, I know you're all probably itching to get out and create mayhem, but since you're already dressed for the part, want to come inside and play around?"
 Three wide grins gave her the answer she expected, and until the wee hours of the morning, intense lesbian lovemaking was shared in many combinations. Tigra also was able to get into her role as a dominant mistress when Black Cat zapped some of her toys from the lair into her rec room. Black Cat had been fully initiated into the intimate fun and not so fun affairs and bedroom activities of her new team by the time she zapped all but Tigra back to the lair.
 After she and Kitka slept in a bit longer once Diana had left for work the next morning, Black Cat decided to change into her heroine disguise. She went back up to the Watchtower, and while tempted to leave behind some magical booby traps for her yet to return teammates, Zatanna did go to the computers and remove all evidense of the costume work she'd been doing. If nothing else, she didn't want her new teammates to know that Black Cat's costume wasn't entirely original. Zatanna had done a computer model of something similar in dark blue!
 When she'd finished all of the erasures that she felt necessary, the disguised Black Cat made her way back to the Cat's Lair. She and Kitka had a lot to discuss about the planned changes that Kitka had mentioned to her in brief while eating breakfast. And both were starting to wonder just who Diana had in mind for a total makeover...
 * * * * *
 The morning hours at IADC were filled with the usual trivial tasks to be accomplished, since other than a certain villainess they were still trying to figure out, who Diana herself just so happened to be, there was little going on. His constant visits to her office gave Diana even more inspiration to put Steve Trevor into a new role that would solve one of the problems he'd been bitching and moaning about so much recently. Of course, in doing so, yet another disappearance would then plague the IADC. Tough shit, she thought.
 After lunch, Diana made her way to the address which the IADC's computer had identified as being the location of the hacker who'd broken in the night before. Originally she'd intended to do the whole trip in her costumed identity as the feline felon, but thought better of being spotted in broad daylight while just casually driving around. Instead, she waited until she was inside the hallway of the condo complex she dicovered at the address, then did her magical spin. After a burst of light, Catwoman was fully costumed to do all the dirty work she had planned.
 The door to the unit in which the hacker had been doing his dirty work had a simple name tag under the number which was below the peep hole. B. Gordon, it said, and while Selina Kyle would have recognized that last name as significant, Diana was unfamiliar with the Gotham City environment; Catwoman made no more than a cursory note of the last name. She reached into the Cat Kit hooked to her waist which Diana's purse had transformed into during the spin, and pulled out the lock pick. While she fully intended to make the interior of the condo look like hell, she didn't want the exterior of the door to look out of the norm. Otherwise, she'd have just utilized her incredible amazon strength to just break the door open.
 The very first thing Catwoman noticed after closing the door behind herself was that the condo looked way too neat and clean to be the abode of what she had assumed to be your typical young male computer hacker. This made her think that maybe she'd blown it by assuming nobody would be home when she broke in - what if the hacker was married and his wife was at home? She froze for just a moment, her senses all primed to catch any movement or sound. She heard and saw nothing, and breathed a sigh in relief.
 There was no sign of a computer work station in either the living room or the kitchenette, so she made her way down a short hallway to the open door of the hacker's bedroom. Now Catwoman really started to doubt her assumptions about the hacker - this was most definitely the bedroom of a female, and there was no sign whatsoever of any male clothing or other evidence of a male's living conditions. She stepped back out into the hallway, and saw no other doors other than the bathroom's. That settled it; the hacker had to be a female. She went back into the bedroom, and saw the computer on the desk in the far corner. There were a number of envelopes and other papers there at the desk which bore the name Barbara Gordon.
 The computer looked like a perfect target for the upheaval Catwoman was set to create, but on a whim, she decided to trash the woman's closet first. She opened the closet door and started to rip blouses, skirts, pants and dresses from the hangers inside. These were strewn onto the floor of the bedroom as they were yanked out. Catwoman had to pull out an awful lot of outfits, and was stunned when she got to what was hanging at the far end of the closet. It was just what she herself was wearing the night before - a Batgirl costume!
 Leaving the costume hanging for the time being, since for all she knew it could be merely a Halloween costume, she got to work in tossing all the shoes from the floor of the closet out into the bedroom. When she got to a stack of boxes, Diana's catty curiosity got the better of her. Instead of just tossing them all out of the closet, she lifted the lid of each box and found quite a few pairs of really good looking, in fact, sexy as hell boots. At the bottom of the stack of boxes were the yellow boots of the costume, and they bore all the evidence of being well worn, not just the casually worn boots of a Halloween costume or the like. That had to be the real Batgirl costume, which meant that Barbara Gordon had to be the hacker who'd gotten into the IADC's files, and she was none other than the young heroine who Catwoman was hoping to ensnare. The Feline Felon put on a Cheshire cat smile; she was actually standing in the heroine's closet!
 If Batgirl was soon to become a kitten of hers, Catwoman had no intention of trashing her computer. However, to make it look really good, she pulled the covers and sheets up off the bed and strew them at the bed's base. To make the plan which she was conceiving as she went work, instead of finding all the clothes scattered on the floor, Ms. Gordon needed to find no clothes at all. So all the clothes which had been pulled from the closet were stuffed under the bed, since she didn't want to take the time and possibly expose her activities by getting bags and hauling them to a dumpster. The shoes and shoe boxes were added to the mass under the bed until it could hide no more, then the last few, mostly larger boot boxes, were placed under the couch in the living room. She took the yellow boots for the costume out of their box, and placed them under the outfit which now was hanging solo in the closet right at the door.
 To make it look even more like hell warmed over, Catwoman then pulled all the cushions off the couch and chairs in the living room, knocked over all the lamps, and opened all the doors of the kitchen cabinets. There didn't seem any point in destroying what was within them, so all she did was make it look on first inspection that somebody had been looking for something.
 With all the mayhem she'd wanted to commit completed, Catwoman pulled a piece of paper from the pad next to the computer and wrote a note. This was folded over, with the name Batgirl written in large letters on the upper side of the fold, then placed nearby the phone in the living room.
 Her mission accomplished, Catwoman then decided to check out once again some of the boots she'd noted in the boxes back in the closet. She went to the couch and yanked out a few boxes. One box had a pair of red boots that looked quite similar to the ones Black Cat had put her in the night before, but with even higher heels. She figured they had to be at least six inches high! The next box she opened had an almost identical pair of boots in black, and at that point, and idea came to her and Catwoman decided to put the red boot's box back under the couch with the others. The black boots would become the first part of the new costume Batgirl would find herself wearing soon!
 After replacing the black boots in their box and setting it down on the cushionless couch, Catwoman did another spin. She reappeared as Diana Prince, then picked up the box again and headed out the door. She turned around as she was leaving to make sure the sight which would great Batgirl's eyes upon opening it would truly shock her, and grinned mischievously as she turned back to leave, fully satisfied with her work. Diana made her way back to her car with the boot box under her left arm, then drove to the Cat's Lair. There was a lot of work to do quickly if Batgirl was to fall into their clutches as she'd hoped.
 * * * * *
 After the success with Zatanna, now also called Black Cat, the new Catwoman had to undergo another pleasurable round of desires to regain her Wonder Woman identity, but with her own evil in control.
 As soon as Diana made it back to the lair, she told Kitka and Felicia about her discovery. "We won't have to do any searching at all to get our hands on Batgirl! I stumbled upon her condo a couple hours ago when I went to investigate the hacker who'd gotten into my files at the IADC. She even already owned a pair of boots which will be perfect for her Catgirl costume once we change her. Now, how about putting me into the Programmer again, Kitka. I know you originally intended to put a complete Wonder Woman identity back into my head, but under the control of Catwoman. However, we won't be needing me to be Wonder Woman at all quite soon. Just give me enough of the Amazon's traits to fool Batgirl, and then we'll be all set to put her into our hands later this evening. I left her a note to meet me, and will she ever be surprised when she sees who meets her!"
 "If we don't have any need for you to be Wonder Woman again after tonight," Kitka asked, "just exactly how is she going to seen by the fools of this city that have been clamoring for her?"
 "I'll bet I know!" Black Cat blurted before Diana could answer. "Since you want me to totally transform someone, I'm betting that instead of you having to be both Catwoman and Wonder Woman, I'm going to change some other woman into her."
 "Close, Cat, but not quite," Diana said in glee. "Not another woman. The person who will soon become Wonder Woman is none other than her biggest fan, Steve Trevor!"
 Kitka hid the grin forming on her lips as she pictured what was to be. "Ah, so instead of putting all the memories and personality traits of the heroic bitch into your head, Catwoman, we're going to put them into the head of Steve Trevor after he gets turned into a female. Mmmmmmmm, purrrrrrrfect! I can even have the Programmer set to put both Wonder Woman's and also some newly invented persona into her mind to replace her identity of Trevor. That way, Wonder Woman can be a heroine most of the time, and keep the populace happy; but when we need another superpowered ally to help us in a crime, we'll be able to trigger a switch in her mind."
 Catwoman walked over to Kitka and hugged her tightly. "Kitten, you're a mind reader! That's so close to what I had been planning that I'm going to let you and Black Cat discuss some of the details while I'm spending a couple of *very* enjoyable hours in the Programmer. Let's get me strapped in, so we'll be all set to go after Batgirl a little more than four hours from now."
 There was no need to strip Diana out of her Catwoman costume, as she had been taken out of her Wonder Woman costume the first time. She went into her costume change spin, and her kittens watched in awe as her lush and denuded body became visible when she stopped. "New trick I learned for getting dressed or undressed real quick!" Diana told them.
 The tall brunette purposefully walked over to the X-shaped indentation in the wall next to the Programmer, and spread herself into each part. She was grinning broadly as Kitka and Felicia proceeded to strap her in and connect all the cables and diodes. Kitka decided to get cute, and put the VR face mask over Diana's head before anything else. So she was blinded when she felt the huge electronic dildo being pushed into eagerly awaiting pussy. Mere moments later, that same dildo started into its activity, and Diana was back in the Programmers grasp. This time, she was enjoying every orgasmic moment.
 After two hours of intricate memory replacement on the one hand and intricate discussion of who Steve Trevor should become, and how, on the other, Diana was ready to come back out of the Programmer. As the VR mask was pulled away first, Catwoman gleamed at her kittens. "You know, I could really begin to develop a liking for this baby! Kitka, you might want to figure out some way of making another version of the programmer which has sexual satisfaction as its primary goal, without the need for mental modification. I'm all set now to be a temporary Wonder Woman, but let me tell you, she will never overcome my identity as Catwoman. In fact, Kitka, I want you to put me into this baby again after we have our new Wonder Woman; with her on hand, I won't have any need for the slight feelings of heroism and righteousness which we just put back."
 Kitka was nodding as a wider and wider grin formed on her lips. "Okay, Catwoman. Making your mind once again clear and free of the Amazon's identity sort of makes my efforts in changing Dr. Moon and Zatanna here kind of pointless, but the experience has given me all I need to know to change both Batgirl and Steve Trevor."
 "And if I may offer something," Black Cat said, "I think using the Programmer on Steve Trevor will be the best way to introduce *her* to femininity. When I first change his body, he is going to be a male in a fantastic female form. But after the Programmer finishes, she will be a woman through and through, without any memories of being anyone other than who she has become."
 "That sounds purrrrrrfect," Catwoman replied as the last of the leads and straps were pulled away from her body. "Now, let's get all set for our upcoming meeting with Batgirl. Black Cat, I want you to change into Zatanna for the first part of the action. Kitka, get out of your costume; you're going to be meeting Batgirl as Catwoman, thanks to Black Cat. I'll show up first as Wonder Woman, but that won't be for long."
 As Kitka started to pull off her gloves, still wondering about what she'd just been told, Black Cat said, "emutsoC egnahc! annataZ raeppa!" In a poof, her wicked black costume was replaced once again by the heroic costume Batgirl would recognize as her friend's. "Now, do you want me to turn Kitka into Catwoman?"
 Kitka looked up in surprise at hearing this, and was reassured when the still naked Diana said, "No, Cat, just conjure up a Catwoman costume identical to my own that will fit her, along with a matching wig. Taking off my own costume would be pointless, since Kitka is so much smaller than me; besides, I'm going to be needing it during our little show for Batgirl."
 "Since I am so much smaller than you, Catwoman," Kitka asked as she was pulling off her costume top, "won't Batgirl notice the difference? If she's been following the news reports like I'm betting she has, she's got to know that Catwoman is an amazon of a woman, not the relatively small vixen that I am."
 "I'm actually counting on that, Kitka," Diana said. "It should bring a spark of confusion into her mind which will give us an initial advantage over her. And I'm betting you're going to love being in my costume, anyway, you little show-off. Now, just watch!"
 With that, Diana started into her spin. When the burst of light faded, she was back in red, white, star spangled blue and gold for the first time in months. "Now all I have to do is remember to act and move like a heroine!" she giggled.

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