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Please Note: If you have arrived from a search engine, looking for Cockertiel, be advised, this is a MATURE story.

Charlie was a failure, he couldn'’t get a girl even though there where many foxy babes around him. (His description by the way). This is probably why he failed every time he got near a girl and started groping her rather than chatting to her or trying to go on a date, but no, Charlie just even straight for the kill, figuratively speaking.

As a total jerk Charlie excelled at life, in reality, he sucketransgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storyd! He was balding, fat and greasy. His job, filling station attendant didn'’t earn him much money and what he got went on drink or food. His health wasn'’t good either, his feet always ached and his back was killing him today as he walked down the street. Let'’s not forget, he was pretty high too having just rolled out of the pub at closing time.

Just as he was turning into the alley that ran between the pet shop and the local bakery he saw a cockertiel preening itself in the pet shop window. The bird had its head under his tail, picking for all he was worth at something that was stuck!

As Charlie started down the alley he missed his footing and jarred his back, which was seriously painful to say the least.

"God," he groaned "I wish that my back was as supple as that bird's’." As he said this, there was a loud Whooshing noise and a sort of door appeared in front of him. I say a sort of door as it was made of light, in the middle of the alley where no door had ever existed before, and a something stepped out of it. As it did so, the doorway seemed to fold in on itself and with a pop, disappeared.

In front of Charlie stood a tall man dressed in funny flowing robes, a little like a sheet wrapped around him and over his shoulder. His face was strange, sort of fierce, but gentle too.

"Greetings Charlie, I am Janus and I heard your wish as you passed the Portal of Power. I have the power to grant you this wish."

"Awesome man, do I get three wishes, like in the stories?"

"No, Charlie, just the one, I am a God, not a mere Genie. I MAKE the rules!"

"Bummer, okay then, give me my wish. I want my health back. Oh yeah, and my youth too. And I want a Foxy Babe as well" Charlie said. Like I said, he was not too smart and pretty drunk too.

"No, that'’s not what you wished for Charlie. You wished that your back was as supple as the pet shop bird." Janus’ face seemed to flicker in front of Charlie. The face now looking down on him was the same, but the gentleness had gone and the hooked nose now looked cruel.

"So Charlie, enjoy your new found health, and just so you aren'’t lonely, I’ll even fix you up with a friend for sexual company". So saying Janus gestured and Charlie felt strange energies flowing over his skin.

The energies flowed and glowed and Charlie shrank and as he did so, so did the lights around him, until it, and he disappeared. Janus was left in the alley alone with himself. He walked into the street and looked in the pet shop window to see a cage with two cockertiels in. One male and one female.

At first Charlie couldn’t work out what was wrong with his vision. Everything seemed out of place, and the size was SO wrong. His back didn'’t hurt, but his feet! What was wrong with them? He looked down at them and nearly fell off his perch! They were claws! Great hooked claws!

"Shit! I’m a bloody bird in a cage!" He turned his head, his now plumed head to the side and saw this very colourful cockertiel looking at him strangely. Okay, there'’s strange and there'’s STRANGE, this was STRANGE!

"Hey babe, I was getting really lonely in this cage all by myself" tweeted the male cockertiel to Charlie "Just call me Randy!" So saying, the cock bird jumped over and grabbed Charlie by the claws and in seconds was letting all his sexual frustrations at being alone for so long go. Charlie started screaming! He was a SHE bird and he was being screwed by a seriously randy cock bird. Janus stood outside laughing his faces off. As he turned away he saw the petshop owner drape a cover over the cage and say to the customer that he was sorry about the noise, they only got this way at certain times of the month.

Janus walked down the alley and the doorway to the other dimension appeared and he walked through into the light. The door closed and the only evidence of his presence was the screaming of Charlie, the hen cockertiel.

The end.

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