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Okay, this story was my first attempt at a Transgender/SRU story (I know, it shows) but I have enjoyed the SRU universe since I first found the Archive and wanted to show my appreciation by inflicting one of my own on everyone! It was received quite well so thank you to everyone who commented. It is perhaps too dark for the wizard but for now, it stands as it is.

My apologies to the Master, Bill Hart, for waking the wizard up on the wrong side of his bed that day. Enjoy.

Master Sergeant Sam Carter was striding through the Mall near the base early one December morning, well it was his job to sweep the mall for drunken airforce soldiers this week. If the more sensible drunks (if there were such a thing) knew he was on duty, they sobered up FAST! Sam was a big bruiser of a soldier, hated the duty of MP for he was highly intelligent but built and looking like he did, never got the chance to prove it. This is a guy who, on this side of the pond, we describe as being built like a brick outhouse.....
 Let's face it, if you where some 6 foot tall, had to turn sideways to get through most doors and had a face that not even your mother could love, but had an IQ of 175, would you like sweeping up drunks?


Anyway, this day he started off by checking the Mall toilet blocks for his missing charges, which where empty this time, so Sam was in a really "good" mood by the time he moved into the main aisles. Marching around a corner he was greeted with the sight of three gang punks strong arming an elderly guy in a very fancy bathrobe. The robe was covered in symbols which Sam did not recognize but he knew trouble when he saw it. The biggest youth was threatening the old man with a knife and shouting for him to hand over the money.

Sam dived in, feet first! He had always excelled in unarmed combat. The punk with the knife was thrown 15 feet away in one direction, the knife he held went another. Sam was on his feet again before the other punks knew what was happening. A quick right jab and one was on the ground with a broken jaw whilst the well placed military boot finished off any hopes the third punk had of being a father for a year or so......

"Why thank you Sam" said the old man, "though it wasn't really necessary, I was just about to deal with them myself before I sensed you coming".
"Sorry, you don't seem the strong arm type Sir, Wait a minute, how do you know my name? I don't think we've ever met, have we?" Sam was puzzled by now.
"No Sam, we haven't but I think I can help you get the advancement you deserve. Come into my store, it's just around the corner".

Sam, already under the wizards' spell, though he didn't realise it, knew that he had to follow the old man and did so without any further thought to the muggers lying on the floor behind them. The two went round the corner and the punk with the broken jaw thought "Thank God that's over, I'm going to... Oh shit!"

Through the waves of pain from his jaw, he saw that the old man had returned. "Oh yes, you three.... Just be a minute Sam". He waved his hands, murmured a few arcane phrases and walked away to where Sam awaited him. Behind him there where just three small white mice. The wizard's voice echoed round the empty mall, "here, kitty, kitty"

Sam followed the wizard into the dingy looking store, hardly noticing the sign on the window proclaiming it to be Spells 'R' Us. "Now Sam, let's see if I can help you as you where so kind to offer me help. Normally I give people what they deserve, he, he, he. But in a few special cases, I also try to put things right as the Council do seem to insist that I occasionally correct what we call mis-births".
"Who's that, miss births?"
"No, not who, what. In your case, (Wizard aside to reader - You know, I do miss the sound effects when reading text, even I can't add echo to text) you have a (Thunderous Echo) destiny!".

"When you where born, there was a mistake, or two made. You should have been female and I think it is now time to correct these mistakes. Your destiny is dangerous and wonderful at the same time. Do you wish to attain it? "
Sam thought about his life up to now, he had always thought there was more to life than sweeping up drunks and had several doctorates to his credit. Being under the wizards' influence, it didn't take him long to decide.
"That's what I thought Sam, drink this potion and I'll explain things to you".
Funny Sam thought, his hand was empty a second ago. Still, he took the phail and drank the glowing liquid.
"Wow, that's warm, I can feel it infusing me with a strange feeling".

"Well, Sam, you will not remember this so I can tell you many things such as you have now passed your Captain's exam and be assigned to a new facility in Cheyenne Mountain where you will be exposed to things like you cannot even dream of yet. You will meet Jolinar, well, sort of, visit the Nox and meet the Asgard, not to mention the Ga'ould." As the wizard spoke, Sam could feel his penis and testicles shrinking away, but there was no pain, his body was shrinking and although he couldn't see it, his rough craggy features where reforming to become those of a lovely young woman. His shoulders were a quarter of their original size, but his chest was pushing out now.
His arms changed from being big, hairy and about the size of a medium tree trunk, to smooth slender and feminine, as did his hands. The nails where sensible and well cared for, his legs shrank away and changed much as his arms had done, smooth and muscular. His size 12 boots became more suited to his new gender. His socks rose up her legs, joined and became tights (pantyhose to our US readers), his massive boxers became frilly tanga briefs whilst his t-shirt changed to a matching frilly white bra cupping her delicate breasts. The uniform also changed from extra-large MP's camouflage to airforce captain's dress blues, complete with knee length skirt and white blouse. His stripes morphed into silver Captain's bars and his crew cut became a very fetching blonde style, just above her collar.

"Well, Samantha, thanks for visiting, it was so nice to see you and I wish you well with your new posting, remember to call next time you are in the area".

Captain Samantha Carter gathered up her kitbag, hugged her old friend goodbye, and marched off to catch the bus to her new posting at, what did the General call it, oh yes, Stargate Command. Her future and amazing destiny among the stars awaited.

transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story Sam after transformation

Hope you have enjoyed it. Just to clarify things, this is set after the Film Stargate, but just before the first episode of Stargate SG-1 (TV show). Also, all Stargate SG-1 characters are the property of Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp and Showtime Networks Inc. No infringement of those rights is intended. No gain, only enjoyment, has been made from this fanfiction.

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