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Ami had had enough, she was walking out on Adrian! She was sick and tired of being yelled at whenever something went wrong at work, when the mailman arrived with more bills, when she was minutes late in having his meals ready for him.
 How had she missed the signs of his abuse when he had swept into her life, whisked her away from everything and everyone she knew, and set up house on the other side of the country to her home town? She didn't know, all she knew was that now that the worst of the bruises had healed, and a bit of extra makeup to hide the rest, she was walking out. There was no way she could have left the house before now, the cuts and bruises would have had everyone looking at her, staring, wondering what she had done.
 It's a sad fact that the abused woman so often thinks that it is SHE that is at fault and even after all the abuse she has suffered, still feels that it is she to blame.
 Ami packed a few things in a small case, Adrian didn't allow her much, just a few undies and a "going out outfit" for the rare times they went out to a works do, the rest of the time she had to make do with wearing only her underwear and a nightdress, long and opaque to hid the bruises otherwise Adrian took her to task for showing her bruises as she waited on him, hand and foot, or she had to wear a fetish's dream of a French Maid costume around the house, never being allowed out for others to see her.

The costume she was made to wear was of a shiny black latex finish, highly polished as part of her duties each day, with a latex polish spray, with the bodice tightly laced to pull her 38C cup breasts together and lift them up and outwards, making it difficult for her to see her feet. Her trim waist was pulled even smaller by the corset hidden in the costume, laced up tight each morning by Adrian, once the costume was polished up, along with a crotch rope wound around her waist and then pulled up and into her vagina before her panties where put on. This rope along with the corset made it so painful to bend or even walk normally, she had to keep her body vertical at all times, as Adrian had so enjoyed in training her. Her fishnet stay ups meant that she didn't need a garter belt, which would have got in the way of the rope, but her feet where buckled into a pair of black six inch stiletto heeled fetish shoes, fastened off with padlocks around her trim ankles. Ami in happier times - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 The skirt of the costume was heavily flared out over her pert bottom, aided in this by several layers of white lace petticoat and of course the white lacy apron and white satin ruffled panties exposed every time she poured his drinks or reached up.
 Once she was in her costume, Adrian meant her to stay in it all day until he returned from work. Until then, she had to dust and clean the house, make the meals ready for him and was unable to relieve herself until he gave her permission and untied the ropes around her waist and crotch. The one time she had released herself so she could use the toilet he had beaten her senseless for disobeying him.
 Today however was different, somehow when he left for work, the front door had not locked behind him, trapping her in the house as normal. Once she had realised this, she dashed upstairs and tried to strip out of the black maids dress, but to no avail, the knots lacing her bodice where tied too tightly for her to undo and she was too cowed by Adrian to dare to cut the knots to the bodice or the crotch rope for that matter. Instead, she grabbed her "going out" coat and threw that on over her costume, thankfully it was long enough to hide the costume, and most of her fishnets as well.It soon became unhappier times for Ami 0 transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story She would have to risk the padlocks on the spike shoes and hope no one stopped her.
 She knew where Adrian kept some ready cash so grabbing that, she made her way back downstairs and carefully opened the front door, and tried to walk quietly down the path to the sidewalk to find the bus station, someway of getting out of the town and away from Adrian.
 She clip-clopped her way down the main street, her spike heels sounding a rat-a-tat-tat all the way. If she tried to walk on the grass verges, then she found she was in danger of getting one foot stuck and falling down, so had to stay with the paving instead.
 She made her way down town towards the bus station, hoping against hope that there would be a Greyhound bus in so she could simply get in and be taken as far away from this town as fast as possible. She rat-a-tatted her way into the mall where she knew the bus station should be and tried to walk as quietly as possible though the paved walkways. Everyone seemed to be staring at her, staring at her spike heels and padlocks around her ankles, staring at her uplifted bust jutting out under her coat. She looked up and down the mall, there seemed to be no end to it or the people staring at her, then she gasped in horror, Adrian! Adrian was coming out of a shop at the far end of the mall, and he saw her! His face seemed to twist into a demons' face, it looked so cruel and angry. He started to walk towards her, slowly and menacing in tread. She backed away slowly, then turned and tried to run down a side street lined with shops, but in the spike heels, could only totter.
 It was a dead end! She was trapped, where could she turn, there was only the one shop occupied down this end of the mall, obviously it was a run down area, all the others were boarded up and grimy. This one, although grimy had lights on and a once colourful sign on the window. It was so dirty that only three letters were still legible, the same letter, widely spaced, "S", "S" and "S". She hurried as best she could and entered the store.
 "Wow, what a place" she breathed to herself. It was far bigger on the inside than it had seemed on the outside, the aisles stretched as far as the eye could see with a counter just down the first aisle, not far from the front door, with another door close by, leading to an office or stockroom perhaps.
 "Hello Ami," a voice said close behind her.
 She spun in abject terror, thinking that Adrian had entered and had caught up with her, but it was an elderly gentleman, dressed in, well, what could only be considered a magician's robes, covered with arcane symbols. Ami thought he looked so kind and, well, grandfatherly as he stood there, not doing anything, not allowing his eyes to move from hers, not even to glance at her spiked heels, padlocks or fishnets, not even to drop to her jutting breasts.
 As she spun, her heels caused her to fall, or they should have, only the frail old grandfather put his hand out to steady her. He was stronger than he looked, with his hand gently supporting her, she felt safe and secure for the first time in months.
 "Those shoes don't look too comfortable for you Ami, let's go in the backroom, there's a chair there where you can sit and we can see about sorting things out for you." He said.
 Ami let him lead her to the back room, it was through the door she had noticed. Not until she was in the room, and out of sight of Adrian looking though the store window did she find her voice again.
 "Sorry, how do you know my name? And I can't sit down, Adrian won't let me." She finished falteringly, not willing to explain to this kind gentleman about the indignities that Adrian forced upon her, or about the ropes cutting cruelly into her vagina making sitting extremely torturous.
 "Ami, don't worry! I mean you no harm and in fact, hope to help you get on with the rest of your life, as your life should be that is. As for how I know your name," he said, with a twinkle in his eye. (No, really, a genuine twinkle sparkled in the corner of his eye as he smiled kindly at her). "Well, child, I'm a wizard, a real wizard."
 He paused, smiled smugly and said "In fact, you may have heard of me, I'm the Spells 'R' Us wizard, the real deal, the genuine article, the Wiz!"
 He seemed quite disheartened when Ami admitted not having heard of him, or Spells 'R' Us for that matter.
 "Well, let me make you more comfortable anyway Ami, then I'll go and greet Adrian and deal with him!" The 'Wizard' said.
 "OH Adrian!" Ami gasped in terror. "He was right behind me when I dashed in your shop!"
 "It's alright, the shop won't let anyone find it, or enter, until they are ready to enter, or I'm ready for them! Now, let's get you comfortable shall we? Please, take your coat off and let me prove I AM a wizard!"The Spells R Us Wiz weaves his magic - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 His voice was so compelling, Ami unbuttoned her coat, revealing the fetish dream of a Maid's costume she had been trying to hid from sight. He intoned a few arcane phrases as she passed him the coat, waved his hands gently in the air around her and a soft glow filled the room.
 When Ami looked down she gasped in surprise and if truth be told, a little terror too. She was no longer wearing what Adrian insisted she wear during the day, but a crisp white blouse and a soft, ankle length, black skirt which swirled gently around her now silken clad legs. She could feel that instead of the fishnet hold-ups, which were so uncomfortable in the spike heels stilettos, she now wore a pair of regular pantyhose, black in colour if you wondered, with a wonderfully soft and comfortable pair of white silk panties, NO rope wrapped anywhere. Her shoes had changed to a pair of very comfortable black patent leather court shoes with no more than a two inch heel. Her bra was unchanged, it uplifted and pointed her breasts as before, well, the Wizard liked the way they looked! Her face was far more gently made up, no longer looking like a French Tart, but a well-to-do lady about town.
 Her hair cascaded down her back and shoulders like it had down before Adrian had taken her away and her entrapment had begun, causing her hair to lose it's beauty and shine.
 "Now, you stay in here and I'll go deal with Adrian. Don't worry, he won't find you here and afterwards, it'll be safe for you to get on with your life. Have a drink of this and I won't be long." He said, passing her a cup filled with a steaming liquid which smelt wonderful!
 As he left her alone, it was obvious to Ami that he must be some sort of Wizard, but magic! There's no such thing as magic is there? But, how did he know her name, how did her clothes change from what Adrian demanded she wore, to these far more comfortable and "proper" clothes? And just where DID that cup he gave her come from, his hands were empty a moment ago, she was sure of that, there is no kettle in the room anyway, so where did it come from? She sipped at the superb drink in the cup, it tasted of so many things, many she couldn't even begin to identify and sat back in the chair to relax for the first time in months. She didn't even think of Adrian, nor did she worry about him bursting into the room to beat her senseless for trying to left him, she simply sipped her drink and felt safe.
 Meanwhile, outside the store Adrian was pacing up and down the aisle he had seen Ami totter into, there was no sign of her, all the shops where boarded up and there was no other exit, it was a dead end! Where the hell had that bitch gone to! He tried all the doors, pushed and pulled them to see if she had managed to slip into one of the closed down shops, all to no avail. The shops where all closed and had been for months, if not years from the looks of them. He was considering smashing some windows in to see if the little bitch was hiding, though how she had managed to disappear so fast, especially whilst wearing her spike shoes, for he had the only key to the padlocks around her ankles, he didn't know.
 He was growing more and more angry and was about to kick in a window when he realised that there was a light shining from behind him, one that hadn't been there before. He turned and saw that one of the abandoned shops, wasn't so abandoned after all, it looked just as grimy as all the rest, but now, the store door was open and light shown out.
 He stormed in, ready to demand to know where Ami was only to be greeted by the sight of a little old man in a grubby cloak of some nondescript appearance with an idiots grin on his face. Adrian looked around at the small shop, grubby in the extreme, looking like it had not been cleaned in years and the shelves piled high with all sorts of useless junk that Adrian couldn't even begin to identify, except for one item. A box with a clear cellophane window through which a beautiful pvc maid's costume was visible, the box itself depicting what must have been a blow-up sex doll in a French Maid's uniform, just like Ami's.
 "Good morning sir." Croaked the old man. "How may I be of assistance to you today?"
 Adrian was strangely distracted by the doll in the box, for he could only ask if the old fool had seen a girl dressed in a costume like that shown on the box instead of grabbing the old man by the throat and shaking him until he made him tell if he had seen Ami.
 "Why no sir, but if you need a new maid, may I recommend this item. It's very special, one of a kind in fact. As I'm sure sir is aware, being a gentleman of such taste, the costume, for that is what it is, rather than a tawdry blow-up doll, can be worn by an adult male, giving them the outward appearance and indeed, the skills, of the female maid."
 "Hmmm," Adrian said distractedly, "so you haven't seen a girl dressed like that? So, in that case, how much would a costume like that cost?" Adrian was becoming more and more enchanted by the costume, and needing to obtain it so he could dash home and wear it. He was rapidly forgetting all about Ami, all he now wanted was the costume.
 "Why sir, to you, a mere $500 including all sales tax." The wizard said, knowing the sale was assured the moment Adrian had stepped into the store, but also knowing that Adrian needed to be kowtowed to rather than the usual "I'm a wizard, I know all" spiel, for the sale to be complete.
 "Do you take Visa?"
 "I prefer cash, but in your case I'm sure that Visa will do nicely!"
 Moments later, the sale was complete and Adrian was walking rapidly away from the mall to get home and try on his costume and see what he looked like as a super-sexy French Maid. The Wizard's parting remarks of "Don't damage the skin." and "Read the instructions on the box" already fading from his memory.
 Arriving home, he dashed upstairs and unwrapped the box, shaking out the full body costume onto the bed. It, SHE, was stunning! The skin was flawless, the body was one any woman would kill for, it was anatomically perfect, from the toenails up past the perfectly details vagina to the head and crowning glory that was the two foot of cascading rich deep auburn hair. The seam ran from just above the vagina up to the neck and the head was attached at the back of the neck. The maids costume was awesome, although Adrian had already forgotten about Ami, it was hers, complete with built in corset to add extra shape and curves.
 The shoes! The super sexy shoes had 6" spike heels on them, a last glimmer of Adrian's sanity whispered "I'll never be able to wear them!" as he started to remove his clothes so he could try the body suit on.
 Off came his clothes, then as soon as he was nude, he sat on the bed and pushed his feet carefully into first one leg, then the other and the body suit. Considering the difference in size between Adrian's legs and the apparently size of the suits', it was amazing how easily he fitted into it. Standing, he gently pulled the suit up his legs until it's crotch was at his.
 "Wow!" He thought, "There's even a funnel for my penis to fit so I could use the toilet whilst in the suit! What quality!"
 Tucking his penis into the funnel was harder than he had expected, something must had caught as there was a momentary stab of pain as he pulled the crotch up snugly to his, but gone almost before he noticed it. Then, bending slightly, he pulled the suit up to his shoulders, slipping his arms into its arms, wiggling his fingers into the matching ones in the suits' hands. Still with the front of the suit open, exposing his slightly hairy chest, he reached back and pulled the head of the suit over his, smoothing it into place, checking that everything looked to be in the right place, finding the eye holes to see out of, and the nostrils where allowing him to breathe normally. Fantastic, everything fitted and in the right places, he looked GOOD! He looked down for the zip only to realise as he had been admiring the fit, the suit had sealed itself up and there was not a visible trace of the zip.
 For all intents and purposes, he was now female as far as anyone who saw him would have said. He looked at the red hot babe in the mirror, 'Incredible' he thought, 'the suit's even given me an hourglass figure and these boobs, they must be 38DD or bigger!' As he felt the nipples on the suit, HE felt his fingers on them, they became hard and protruded further, almost as if they were real, he felt his vagina, it was damp as well, and felt so sensitive as he caressed it.
 "Un-fucking-real!" He said, then it hit him, the voice was so sexy, so feminine, so French, so REAL! He JUST HAD to put the Maid's costume on top of the body suit, if only to see what she looked like.
 From time to time as he had dressed himself, first in the bodysuit, which changed his physical appearance SO much as it pulled in his waist, pushed out his bottom and hips to form a beautiful derrière, created firm and jutting breasts and so on, Adrian had doubts about what he was doing, and tried to stop himself, but the enchantment on the body suit was too strong for mortal man to resist, so he carried on. Even as he did so, he couldn't help wondering why he was so smitten by the body suit, so compelled to wear it, though he couldn't stop himself from putting it on in the first place, from putting his penis in the funnel to the very accurate vagina, from slipping his hairy muscular arms into the slim silken skinned arms of the body suit, and finally, from pulling the head into place over his, allowing the suit to seal him into it.
 Once he was sealed in however, there was no going back, all he wanted to do now was get the clothes on so he could see the fantastic sight he had now become in full Maid's regalia.
 Shaking out the costume, his arms brushing the suit's breasts as he did so, making them harder as he did so, a pair of white satin frilled maid's panties fell to the floor, he bent, nearly overbalancing with the sudden shift of weight on his chest as he did so. Picking them up, he put the frills to the rear, then stepped into the panties, sliding them up his legs, feeling the erotic sensation of satin caressing his silken skin as he did so, finally pulling them snugly into his crotch, letting his fingers gently feel his vagina beneath the material.
 Picking up the bra that matched the white panties, he pulled it to his chest, and found it amazing easy to reach behind him to secure the clasps, as if he had been doing it all his adult life, though this was the first time he had done this on his own body. Adjusting the large, firm breasts in the lacy cups, a quick tweak on the nipples to send them even harder, he reached for the maid's dress, stepping into it and pulling it easily up and into place around his sylph-like figure. As he slipped his sleeves into the arm holes, the cups of the bodice seemed to shimmer and move into place, cupping his breasts and pushing them up and together even more than before. He was shivering in excitement now, so much so, he could hardly pull the cords at the front of the bodice to fasten the dress into place, but after a couple of failures, he managed to do so. As he did, he felt a surge go though his body as the girdle embedded within the maid's dress activated and pulled his new stomach in even further, tightening itself up around his already slim waist, created by the body suit, bringing his figure to one even more hourglass-like than Ami's had ever been.Adrian trying on his new body costume - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 Unfortunately for Adrian, in his haste to do the bidding of the costume's enchantment, he hadn't quite smoothed the body suit out as the (unread) instructions on the box had warned about, and the surge he had felt was the girdle pinching, then cutting into the fabric of the suit, damaging it.
 Stepping to the mirror, he looked at himself, or rather, herself as she was patently both female and very beautiful. A pair of fishnet stockings and some spike shoes awaited him in the box, so sitting on the edge of the bed, he rolled up the fishnets and one by one, pulled them up his legs, automatically ensuring that the seams were straight, then slipped his black fishnet clad feet into the spike shoes, each with a 6" extreme stiletto heel, fastening the straps around his now very shapely ankles.
 Somehow, when he stood, Adrian found to his amazement that he could not only stand, but found it very easy to walk around the room in the 6" spikes as if he had been doing so for years, his body seemed to know exactly how to walk in the heels, without discomfort or overbalancing, though as he walked to and fro past the mirror, the sight of his projecting breasts reflected there did distract him from time to time.
 Earlier, back at the Mall, Ami and the Wizard had been talking, discussing what Ami wanted to do and how best for her to get on with her life now.
 "So," Ami asked. "How DID you get rid of Adrian, there didn't seem to be any riot out in the store when you left me to deal with him?"
 "Well, Ami, he didn't see the same store that you did, his mind couldn't cope with your reality. Your mind is so pure, even after the treatment you received from Adrian that you saw a wondrous massive, clean, megastore. He saw a small grubby ghetto almost of a shop. Just what he needed to see. Also, the item he bought had a very strong enchantment on it that he couldn't resist buying, and once he gets home, from trying on and that will be his downfall. The enchantment on his purchase is one that was well as compelling him to wear it, also worked on his mind to forget about you as his slave and torture victim. You'll see what I mean when I take you home later."
 "WHAT! BUT I can't go back to him! He'll kill me, literally!" Ami protested.
 "No Ami, he won't. By the time we get there, Adrian won't be there any more. You'll see. Just sip your drink and you'll see, everything will be fine." The Wizard assured Ami.
 After drinking some more of the wonderful potion the Wizard had offered her, Ami wondered what she was going to do if, as the Wizard assured her, Adrian wasn't going to be in her life anymore.
 "Well, what do you want to do Ami?" He asked.
 "I've always had a hankering to write and be a newspaper columnist." She admitted finally. "But, what with meeting and falling in love with Adrian, before he started to abuse me so much, it never happened, and besides, what could I write about? How could I support myself now? I guess I'll have to see if my parents will help me, though it's doubtful they'll even want to see me again."
 "Oh, I think you'll be surprised there Ami. Besides, they'll be really proud of their daughter, the famous writer and columnist. As for money, I don't think that will be any issue. Especially with your writing such a successful Agony Aunt column." As he spoke, reality re-wove itself so that Ami was in fact a very renowned columnist and buried inside her, the first of her novels was almost ready to burst out and take shape on her Word Processor!
 Finally, it was time the Wizard said, to go home.
 As Ami and the Wizard walked into Adrian and Ami's house, Ami was staggered to find a twin dressed as she had been only this very morning, rat-a-tatting around the house, dusting the shelves and ornaments as she herself had been forced to do for so long.
 The Wiz of course was not surprised, he knew exactly what would happen even before he sold Adrian the body suit and costume!
 "Oh! Bonjour Madame, Monsieur, I didn't hear you come in. May I take your coats?" Adrian said as she curtsied to Ami, bobbing so sexily in her flared Maid's Dress, in her French accent. The thing was, the longer Adrian wore the body suit, even before he damaged it, the more he would become Fifi, the French Au-pair. Now that he had damaged the suit, he was becoming Fifi in reality and forever.
 "So, Ami, how do you like your au-pair, Fifi? She will look after the house for you whilst you are at work writing your column. Cook your meals and everything. She can even share your bed if you like, or if you prefer, she can go out to work the streets at night to bring in some more money, up to you my dear!" The Wizard say slyly.
 "But, where is Adrian? You said he would be here!"
 "My dear, Fifi WAS Adrian, but now and forever, he is a she and a very nubile and willing she at that, so many of my spells and costumes do seem to have the effect on their purchasers. Adrian has gone completely now, there is only Fifi and she is willing to do what ever you want of her, without the need for slavery or torture as in Adrian's way with you."
 All this was a lot for Ami to take in, even with all that had happened to her today, or maybe it was whatever was in that potion she had drunk, she seemed to quite happy with the situation.
 "What makes you think I won't become like Adrian? Make him, erm, HER, MY slave, tie her up like he tied me? Crotch ropes and all?" She asked, knowing that she wouldn't.
 "Because you aren't that sort of person Ami. Besides, Fifi isn't Adrian, Adrian's gone forever and you, even with all you went through, aren't the sort of person to hold Fifi responsible for Adrian's actions. Anyway, I shall go and leave you two beautiful ladies alone, enjoy the rest of your life Ami." He smiled, but not in a grandfatherly manner, and disappeared.
 As he did so, a shimmer seemed to run through the house as reality completed it's rewrite of Ami and Adrian, or rather Fifi's lives. Now Ami had always been a successful writer, Fifi had always been her loyal and loving Au-pair/Maid and lover. Fifi was happiest doing for her mistress, be it cooking and cleaning, or sharing her bed every night and the buxom twosome wore their baby doll nighties, if they wore anything that is, cuddling and making one another orgasm until they were exhausted.
 Fifi flashing her ruffled lacy maids panties - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 During the day, they happily played out their roles of the Mistress and her Maid, Ami's dinner parties were always a success, the women came for Fifi's cooking and the men for the chance to see Fifi in her dress. Strange how afterwards, the guests always seemed to have a happier marriage then before, and very few singles were ever invited, and those lucky few, married weeks later to other singles at the same party.

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