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Many centuries ago, a powerful Welsh Wizard lay in his bed. He was dying and he knew it, well he was a most powerful wizard. His apprentice, watched over his Master. We know of the apprentice of course, but this story is of the Master Wizard.

This was a time of powerful magic and powerful wizards, a time when dragons still flew through the air, swooping down to feed on sheep and cattle as hunger found them.

"My apprentice, you must prepare for my passing, it will not be long now, then you will take on the mantel of master wizard. You are not fully ready yet, but you always were a slow learner! Soon it will come to pass when I pass to the next veil and I will be one with the spirits. You must prepare my pyre for my body must be burnt so as to prevent the warlords from attempting to claim my head as a trophy."

"Yes, my Master, I will do your bidding as you ask, but surely your magic can help you. Why must you leave me now, my training is not yet complete."

"No, it certainly is not, but magic, even magic as powerful as mine cannot alter the fact that my time is almost done. Not even the Elven magic can change things now. Go, prepare my pyre, and what ever you do, bless the woods in the correct order with the right potions!" Saying so, the old wizard closed his eyes, sank back onto the straw matting of his bed and slept again.


The young apprentice went outside to continue to build his Master’s pyre, blessing the woods with the potions as instructed. Of course he didn’t bother to check which bottles he picked up for the various chants where the right ones, did he?

Night fell soon enough and it was a black night indeed for this was a rare event, a very rare event indeed. Tonight was a total eclipse of the moon, and a wizard was due to die tonight. The local warlords saw that the moon had been eaten and cowered in their huts and prayed to their pagan gods, none of whom took the slightest notice of them, their prayers or sacrifices, as usual.

The apprentice went back inside his Master’s house to tell the old one that night had fallen and ask if should he start the evening meal. When he got to the bedside however he found that in his absence the old one had indeed passed through the veil to the next plane. The old one’s body was very light now as the apprentice found as he lifted it from the bed. He walked outside and gently laid his Master’s frail body onto the pyre. He arranged the robes just so, folding the sleeves and pulling the hood up over the head. Stepping back, he wiped a tear from his face, knelt, and started the death chant.

I cannot reproduce this here for it is a very ancient and archane secret which must never be used except at a wizards death, sorry.

As the apprentice neared the end of the chant, he gestured, just so, and the pyre started to burn. It started to get hot, too hot for the young man to stay near the pyre. He backed off and as he did so, tripped over a bottle of a potion that he had forgotten to use!

"Oh crap! The Master is going to kill me when I go to join him!" he thought.

As the flames grew higher and hotter, they started the whirl around, almost as if they were alive. They whirled faster and faster and then with a great flash of flame they burst into the night sky, but not as normal flames, but in the shape of a great bird with giant wings outstretched. The apprentice cowered in awe, what had happened, what had gone wrong?

"What indeed has gone wrong oh miserable excuse for an apprentice wizard" roared the flame creature.


"Yes, you insignificant little worm, it is me, your Master, reborn as a dragon. After all, there is no moon tonight, the world has eaten it. You see, without Magic, there can be no Dragons. But there is something not quite right....."

"Oops" said the apprentice, creeping away towards the shelter of the wizards’ house.

Meanwhile, in the sky, the very large bird-shaped flames started to cool and the glare faded. As it did so, the wizard flapped his giant gold wings and lowered himself gently to the ground. The apprentice wizard could not believe his eyes, before him stood his old master, magically transformed into a beautiful gold dragon.

A GOLD dragon. A beautiful GOLD FEMALE dragon.

"Wait a minute, why have I got GOLD wings, only the queen dragons have gold wings! Oh apprentice, tell me you didn’t forget the sodding viagra oil!"

"Errm, well, errm sort of Master..... Please don’t eat me!" the apprentice cowered.

"I really ought to, if nothing else it would save a lot of people a great deal of trouble in the future, but I quite like the idea of being female for the next thousand years. There’s a kind of soft feeling beneath my tail, which if I can just claw my way sideways a little, I can get that damn tree out of my axis!"

The beautiful gold dragon moved around the yard and decided that yes, she liked the idea of being female. Rather than flame the little twat who cocked up the spell, she decided that the future would look after itself, and him, whilst she could enjoy herself now. No more responsibility to the warlords, now she could have a little fun with them. Perhaps she would fly over their huts whilst they cowered in them awaiting the end of the eclipse. Or perhaps she could go feed on their horses, or, sniff, sniff.

"What’s that scent? Oh, yes. It’s the bronze dragon over the valley, he’s scented me. Oh yes, I’m a brand new dragon and I’m in heat! Look after yourself apprentice, the mantle of wizard is all yours now, I’m off to get laid by that bronze!"

So saying, the gold dragon, who used to be a very old male wizard, tensed her powerful hind legs, dug her claws into the ground and with a powerful bound, reached for the sky, her awesome golden wings flapping as she soared away to her new destiny with the other dragons. If she had a bumper, her bumper sticker would read, "Dragon’s do it in flight"The Wizard, in his new form as a powerful, very female, dragon - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

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