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Bruce had had a bad day at work, the new babe in the office had not only turned his advances down, but Bruce had still grabbed her ass and tried to slip his hand up her brief mini-skirt to see if he could cope a feel through her panties, satin if he was any judge from the brief touch he had managed before she slapped him. The bitch, Fiona by name, had then threatened to sue him for sexual harassment if he didn't leave her well alone!

Bruce did not take that sort of treatment well, his parents had left he well off and as office manager he would see to it that she was either fired or did end up in his clutches, one way or another! He would find out her address and waylay her one dark evening, taking her out into the desert to an old barn he owned and he'd have his way with her then. Whether she made it back to town or remained there for the rest of her brief life would be entirely up to her! That Bitch!

His car spluttered as the petrol gauge warning light flickered so he pulled off the road to fill it up at a nearby gas station. Having filled the car up, he went to pay for his fuel and realised that he had never noticed this gas station before. 'Must be new' he thought.

Not only was it a gas station there was a dirty looking shop attached to it, but there in the window, the only clear part of the frontage in fact, was a well lit display of a female mannekin wearing a fantastic latex body suit, all shining bright, her knockers straining the glossy material, they were stunning. the whole suit was for that matter, high heels, face mask or hood or something, every thing was perfect, looked like it could have been sprayed on to the model, every curve was dazzling and the nipples stood firm and erect under the latex.

Bruce's jaw dropped at the sight of it. Before he knew it, he had found the door to the shop and made his way inside, all but drooling at the model in the latex suit.

"If only it came in a male version" he thought. "Just think what I could do to that bitch Fiona once I get her in my barn, me dressed like that! Pure domination in latex!"

"Ah, but it does Bruce, one size fits all, and suits both male and female, depending on what you want to be at the time you put it on." A voice said by his side.

Bruce jumped as he had not heard anyone walk up to him, and certainly not a little old man in a tatty bathrobe with scraggly grey whiskers sticking out at all angles from his chin.

"Who the f..." Bruce started to say only for the little man to hold up a hand.

"Just listen Bruce! Short version as you are in a hurry I know, I'm a Wizard, I can read your mind, hence I know your name and what you want. The suit will do everything you want and more, it's quite robust but don't break the skin whilst wearing it."

"What?! Never mind old man, how much is it in my size?" Bruce demanded, not being the sharpest tool in the drawer.

"*sigh* Ok Bruce, you've been told so on your head be it. $599 and it comes in several pieces, you just put each piece on and once complete, let it do it's magic. Here's your suit, already boxed up and your credit card has been charged. Now, leave my store!" Said the Wizard, reacting to Bruce's hostility.

Next thing Bruce knew, he was standing by his car with a big box in his hands looking at an empty lot, no store, no gas station!

He cracked open the box, and there it was, a latex suit all of his own, all highly polished and glistening. He got back in his car and drove home, not understanding what had happened and honestly? Not caring.

Once he had got his car parked in his garage, he took the box up to his apartment and went straight into his bedroom, drew the curtains closed and opened the box.

He spread the various bits of material out on the bed, the instruction sheet remained in the box unread, all he had eyes for was the fantastic glistening latex items.

Stripping off his own clothes, he pulled on the latex shorts, the tight fitting shorts and he needed to adjust his hardening cock so it was held by the shorts, giving it a large bulge it must be said. The latex suspender belt went on next, then the latex stockings, one by one. The next item he came across was a glossy black latex bra!

'No way!' he thought. But his hands had a different idea and on the bra went, then he struggled to work out how to get the latex corset on, again not something he wanted to use, but he seemed to have no choice in the matter! Eventually he did manage to get it worn the right way round, laces at the back, even though they were quite loose, and the cups of the corset aligned up with his bra, then the pair of latex gloves which came well above his elbows.

A latex hood and ballet boots were the last items in the box and once they were on, they completed the suit's preliminary setup.

A disembodied voice seemed to speak directly into his mind, "Which sex do you want to be?"

Bruce was so startled, all he could think of in that split second was the mannekin he had seem in the store window and before he could say anything or otherwise react, the separate parts of the latex suit felt warm against his body and they rippled and started to flow towards one another, covering his body with liquid latex until he was no longer wearing a seperate corset, stockings, gloves or hood, but was now encased in a one piece latex body suit, each part tightening up as required to give him the same body form as the female mannikin had back in the store. He stumbled to his feet as all this started to happen and nearly fell, putting his hand out to catch himself on the edge of the bed as the heels on the ballet boots and the not inconsiderable weights on his chest pulled him off balance.

Slipping to his knees, or shold that be her knees Bruce wondered, he looked across his bedroom to the mirror on the tatty old wardrobe and saw the same fantastic latex body that he had seen in the gas station window. Two startled eyes looking out from his reflection, and as he lifted his hand towards his face, the reflection did the same. Cupping his hands around his chest instead he saw the reflection do the same just as his hands closed around a pair of large, firm, sensitive breasts and as he groped himself, he tweaked the protruding nipples which were hard and extremely sensitive to say the least.

Using the bed to help himself stand, he was amazed to find that the ballet boots did not impede his movement at all, he could walk and walk comfortably!

So he walked around his room, gazing at the boobs in the mirror as he past it and coping a feel of them or his female curves around his now trim waist, or his now much more obvious butt. Running his latex clad fingers around his crotch, they found not a penis, but a very sensitive vagina instead, the latex so tight the shape of the labia was basically embossed in the tight latex.


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