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Pete and May Ling worked at the same firm though in different departments and although Pete had repeatedly tried to talk May Ling into going out with him, she had never said yes. It certainly wasn't because Pete was unpleasant, in fact he was a real gentleman, if a few years older than May Ling, and he wasn't exactly bad looking. He sure wasn't a Tom Cruise or George Clooney, but he was no dog either.

May Ling on the other hand was a drop dead gorgeous raven haired oriental beauty of Chinese ancestry, a few generations back, now she was as American as Pete, but was never seen in the company of males.

Anyway, she had finally agreed to let him be her escort to a costume party she had been invited to this very evening. The only conditions she had imposed were that she would provide the costume and he must present himself at her apartment, freshly shaven and casually dressed, two hours before they were due to go. Pete was delighted with the chance to go out with her, even as an escort, rather than on a "proper" date.

Chapter One

Two hours before the party, on the dot, Pete presented himself at May Ling's door, a bunch of roses in his hand.

"Oh, that's so sweet Pete, thank you. You didn't need to you know. But thank you!" May Ling said as she took the flowers and gave Pete a quick peck on the cheek. She smelt WONDERFUL.

"Now, you don't mind coming with me tonight do you Pete? I really do appreciate this. It's the sort of party that if you come alone, you are hit upon from the minute you walk though the door and it's a family thing so I HAVE to go." She asked him as she handed him a cool drink for it was yet another hot night in the middle of summer.


Taking a sip, Pete mumbled something as he took in May Ling's outfit for the night. She was dressed as the originalMay Ling - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story Chinese Doll, lilac silk cheonsam. She looked awesome to say the least, her legs, clad in wisps of nylon, peeking out through the slit in the skirt, her pert breasts gently pushing the silk fabric of the bodice outwards, her dark hair falling in a gentle cascade, framing the oriental beauty of her face, she really took Pete's breath away.

"Great," she said. "Your costume is in the back bedroom, everything you'll need is laid out for you. Pete, it's really important to me this party. I'm SO grateful to you for agreeing to escort me tonight, you'll understand everything soon enough. I'll explain everything once we get to the party, okay?" Then she kissed him gently on the cheek. Pete's mind simmered into meltdown. May Ling gently pushed him towards the back bedroom and his costume.

He went through the door and glanced at the costume pieces laid out on the bed ready for him.

"Whoa!" Pete came to his senses abruptly at this point. He backed out of the room to find May Ling waiting for him, her bottom lip quivering as if to hold back the tears his refusal to wear the costume was going to cause.

"Please Pete, this party is VERY important to me and you are the only person I thought about when I knew this time had come. I NEED you tonight, I need you as my escort. I promise you, no one at work will find out about this. My uncle will explain everything once we get there. Pl-e-a-s-e Pe-t-e." She wheedled, tilting her beautiful head to one side so her dark hair fell down well below her right breast.

The words rang in his mind, "She needed him. No one at work, She NEEDED HIM! HIM!"

"Okay, but if anyone does find out about this, I'll never be able to live it down!" Pete muttered as he turned back to the bedroom and his, "costume".

"Give me a shout if you need help putting the bits on, or in place." May Ling called though the door.

'Yeah, right, as if you're getting near me in this lot!' Pete thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled his t-shirt off, followed by his sneakers, jeans and finally, with a quick glance at the closed door, his boxers.

Swallowing hard, he picked up the top item on the underwear pile, a pair of women's black panties. Thankfully they weren't the lacy type! Slipping them over his feet, he pulled them up to his crotch, tucking his penis, gently hardening as the soft, yet firm nylon caressed it, backwards and finished pulling the panties up over his crotch and waist. The panties were obviously control panties for there was an instant feeling of tightness across his stomach and an inch or so disappeared off his waistline. The next item on the pile was a pair of dark tan pantihose. He had seem enough movies, and women for that matter, putting hose on he knew enough to bunch up the legs to the toes, then put one leg in at a time, pulling the hose up his rather hairy legs.

Pulling them up over his panties, he soon worked out that the seam should be centred and straightened it up centrally. The sensations of the pantihose up and down his legs as he gently ran his hands over them was quite exciting, and he could feel his penis hardening under the control panties. Looking down at his legs he realised that his leg hairs were still visible. Looking over at the pile of clothing he noticed that there was a second pair of pantihose, this pair a silky bronze finish to it, so thinking 'In for a penny....' he took hold and rolling up the legs, put his feet into them and pulled the second pair up, smoothing them out as he went. As this pair got higher and higher up his legs he realised that his leg hairs had disappeared from sight and the support of the tights made his legs look quite, well, quite feminine!

Next item on the pile was a frilly lacy white bra with full cups and alongside it was a pair of realistic breast forms.

"Oh, you got to be kidding me!" Pete muttered. "Well, this party better have plenty of booze!"

He picked up the bra, put it up to his chest, then tried to put it on by pulling it behind his back, as he had seen women do, only to find it was not as easy as they made it seem. After a couple more tries, he decided against calling out for May Ling but instead pulled the bra around so the cups were behind him, and he could see the hooks in front of his chest. Now it was easy to do and then he simply twisted the bra back around so that the cups were once again in front of him. Slipping his arms through the straps he pulled them up onto his shoulders, then pulled the bra cups down so the underwiring didn't chafe so much. Picking up the first breast form, he couldn't help but feel aroused by the realistic way it felt as he stroked it, then realising what he was doing, slipped it into the cup of the bra, then quickly, before his nerve gave way completely, picked the other one up and inserted that into the other cup. A little tweaking to get them positioned evenly in the cups, false nipples pointing outwards, as against up as one was at first and he was almost completely changed.

The next item was a very sexy and lacy white satin pantie corselete. Holding it up, Pete wondered how he was supposed to get into such a small item, it looked far too small for his male body, but he was getting to the stage now that he was willing to give it a try! No way was it going on over his head, so he put first one foot, then the other through the leg holes and pulled it up to his crotch. Getting it over his waist was a bit harder, a deep breath in and pulling in his stomach helped to pull the garment up so the underwired cups where now under the bra cups. Pete was amazed at how much the flimsy fabric of the garment actually held his stomach in place, slimming another inch or so off his waist as well. Putting his arms in though the lacy straps he pulled the corselete's bra cups into place over the cups holding "his" breasts in place and adjusted the lacy fabric of the cups over the bra. The effect of the corselete was to pull the breast forms in closer together, firming them up and pulling things tighter still between his legs.

"Pete," May Ling called though the door. "How are you doing? Don't put the dress on yet, let me know when you are decent as I need to do your make up, otherwise you'll just look silly." She finished on a giggle.

"Okay, I'm at that stage, I'm sort of decent, so you can come in, but if you laugh May Ling, I'm outta here!" He threatened.

The door opened and May Ling came in, her face lighting up when she saw how well he had done getting all the underwear on by himself, and in the right order too.

"Okay, sit yourself down here by my makeup table, no, I'll move the mirror, just wait and see the final result before you decide anything." She said, suiting actions to words and rotating the mirror up and out of Pete's vision.

He sat down and closed his eyes, pouted his lips and everything else she told him to do, watching her beautiful face, and bust moving around in front of him as she worked on his face. The sensations of the soft make up brushes on his face were very calming and he soon had his growing erection under control as he waited for her to finish.

"Okay, before I put your wig on, do you want to put the cheonsam on and then I'll touch up any smudges. Then we can put the wig on and we can get off, there's just time to get to the party then." May Ling suggested.

Standing, Pete reached for the silk chinese mini-dress, a cheonsam she called it. He rubbed his fingers over the smooth glossy fabric, no wonder pretty, young chinese women looked so good in these, the feel of them was quite something too he thought. He pulled the dress over his head, feeding his arms though the sleeve holes, pulling the sensous fabric down past his now curveous body, smoothing it over his flat stomach allowing the hem to drop to below his crotch, well above his knees, the side slit flaring as he moved, exposing a LOT of nylon clad leg and the corselete's lace around his hip. His dress matched May Ling's, differing only in the fact his was short, red and gold, her's being longer, lilac and white.Long Legged Grace - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

He turned back to her, and she gestured for him to sit again whilst she fitted the long black haired wig over his short crew cut style. She gave it a couple of twists to make sure it was placed correctly, stood back to check her work, then touched in a couple of smudges of makeup, then combed out the wig so it was straight and perfect.

"A last couple of touches and you'll be done!" She said as she took his hands, one by one, sticking false pre-painted red nails onto his, then passed him a pair of fingerless lace gloves which he carefully put on trying not to snag the lace on the inch overlaps of his new nails. She turned, rotated the mirror back so that Pete could look and stood back so he could see the results clearly.

He could not believe the sight he saw. He shook his head in disbelief, his eyes widening as the beautiful asian girl in the mirror shook her head in perfect harmony with him. She, er, He was gorgeous! He may be a man with all the things that go with being male, but the body forming garments, not to mention the sexy dress, all went together with the makeup to make him appear to be a 100% genuine drop dead gorgeous Chinese girl. May Ling had even managed to make him look several years younger than he actually was. "Her" lips were glossy red and full, "her" eyes even had the oriental slant to them, how May Ling had managed that was beyond Pete (a bit of special glue and a lot of makeup) pale powder blue eyeshadow and something on "her" cheeks gave "her" the appearance of a woman's high cheek bones and structure. His face even looked slimmer and far, far smoother than his had done for many years, ever since he had started shaving in fact. There was one thing for sure anyway. If anyone from work saw him, they would NEVER, EVER recognise him as Pete, as May Ling's sister maybe, but never as Pete. Going out to this party of May Ling's didn't worry him half as much as it had done when he first saw the 'costume' she had put out for him an hour or so ago.

The only thing May Ling had not being able to change, was his voice, well, apart from his genuine sex of course.

Now he could hardly speak, this was some hot babe he had become, someone he would love to get together with and make love to anytime she wanted him to do so. He turned to May Ling, then blushed as he realised what he had thought, about himself! And with May Ling stood next to him, looking just as hot as he did, the person he was kind of hoping to get it on with anyway, especially after agreeing to this!

"Okay Pete, let's go. Slip into this jacket, it'll hide the hair on your arms, though being blonde they are not noticeable. Here's one of my spare over the shoulder handbags, it goes with the dress so that's okay, there's a few things in you'll probably need later, oh yes, see if you can fit into these boots, you need something on your feet other than those old trainers of yours! Nearly forgot you need some footwear!"

Pete looked down at the boots, they had what must be four inch heels on them, how in God's name was he going to walk in them! Still, he found himself sitting down once more and slipping his feet into the boots, they were a tight fit, and pulling the zips up he nearly pinched the skin of his calves, but he got them on, somehow! He stood and found to his surprise that although they did add a good four inches to his height, it wasn't as hard to walk in them as he had expected.

"Okay Pete, come on, let's go! Oops, watch yourself going downstairs in the boots, you may be able to walk in them okay, but stairs for the first time can be a killer, especially if you slip! And I can't keep calling you Pete, not dressed like that anyway. Have you any preference?" May Ling asked.

"Preference?" Pete asked, his attention more on watching his leather clad feet clump down the stairs to the exit door and concentrating on not falling down the flight of stairs.

"Hmmm, what shall I call you? You know, to suit your new appearance?" She prompted.

"Oh, erm, well I kind of liked the actress who played Pei-Pei in that Sammo Hung cop show? What was her name, Kelly Hu or something. Her 'American' name was Grace something?" Pete admitted, blushing.

"You kind of liked? You mean you fancied the pants off her don't you?" May Ling teased.

"Erm, well, oh okay! Yes." Pete stuttered. May Ling smiled, she loved the way Pete looked now, and when he blushed, he looked really good!

"Well, you can't really use her name, so how about Grace Hu? That gives you your link to Kelly Hu and Grace suits you, looking like that especially!" May Ling offered, linking her arm in his as they started off down the street, nylon clad legs swishing in almost perfect unision. "Oh Grace, shorter steps, you're supposed to be female, don't go marching off as if you are a man on the way to a bar! Keep in step with me, okay hon?"

Pete did his best to walk in step with May Ling, must have worked as by the time they arrived at the party they had been wolf-whistled at several times. Pete even got used to the feel of the extra weight on his chest, as well as the swinging sensations of the heavy breasts as they moved up and down as he walked. The control panties were struggling a little to keep everything under control by the time he accepted the sensations, and there was a definite wet patch in the crotch of the panties, though it soon dried up as he walked along, the evening air circulating freely under his dress and around his crotch.

The gorgeous twosome climbed the steps to the tenament building where from the noise coming out of the windows, the party was in full swing. May Ling took one last look around and checked Pete's makeup and takinga deep breath, pressed the bellpush. The noise inside stopped immediately and the door swung open on well oiled hinges, not making a sound. Pete looked up apprehensively but there was no one there, the door seemed to have opened by itself. No, surely there was someone standing just out of sight behind the door. They entered and the door swung to behind then, the heavy lock clicking into place clearly heard in the silence. Pete looked round, there was no one there! The door HAD opened and shut by itself. He could see no wires or fancy door openers or closers anywhere.

"What's going on May Ling? How..." Pete started to say.

"Hello May Ling, Pete, or should I call you Grace?" A deep, male, voice said from behind him. Pete turned and saw May Ling hugging an old man, dressed in a strange bathrobe, or maybe it was a tatty kimono?

"Hello uncle. Grace is my chosen escort for the duration of the task. Please be gentle with him, he's a really nice guy, and he'll make a really great travelling companion, once you've explained everything to her!" May Ling said, totally confusing Pete as he tried to take all that in. How did the old guy know his 'name' and what was May Ling on about 'travelling companion'?

"Come through Grace, we might as well be comfortable whilst you acclimatise to everything. Can I get you a drink?" The old man asked.

"Yeah, I'll have a scotch on the rocks please. How..." The old man cut him off.

"Here's your drink, please sit and I'll explain what is going on, and what is going to happen tonight." (Where did the glass of whisky come from? His hand was empty a moment ago I'm sure Pete thought. And where are the rest of the guests? It's gone very quiet).

"Right first things first Grace. As to how I know your 'name', I'm a wizard, a honest to god genuine wizard. You may have heard of me," he said immodestly. "I'm the wizard from the Spells 'R' Us store and May Ling is my adopted niece. So, being a wizard, I can do simple things such as read your mind to find out the name you chose for your party persona. Nice makeup May Ling by the way! He looks good, won't take much work on my behalf to finish things off, you've done really well."

"Now, it is May Ling's time to go on a quest! It does involve some travelling and she needs a companion and escort. That's where you come in. You will protect her from harm, I know that you know some Karate and I'll arrange it so you know a lot more, your male strength will remain, though your body will change. You'll also keep her company on a night as well, that's why she picked you, for she does like you, but she's a little biased towards females in that respect so you can see there does need to be a change or two made for her to enjoy that side of the quest. Still, I'm sure you will enjoy yourself too."

Pete struggled to stand and get the hell out of this madhouse! A Wizard! A Quest! Body changes, May Ling a lesbian! But, he found he could not move!

"What have you done to me?" He murmured through frozen lips.

"Don't worry about a thing Grace, the whisky merely allows me to make the changes without you feeling any discomfort. Once you have changed you will regain your mobility and you can both be on your way." The old man said.

As Pete sat there, unable to move, pretty much all he could do was move his eyes a little, even his lips seemed to have seized up, he could see, but thanks to the whisky, not feel, his legs firmed up and slimming into really sexy feminine shapes and his waist slimmed still further, as his hips expanded somewhat. What he couldn't see was his breast forms becoming part of his body and his penis shrivelling away and disappearing up inside his crotch which now held genuine labia as his internal organs reassembled themselves to become fully female even to the stage that he could now conceive a child.

Luckily he didn't know that last bit! Otherwise things may have gone differently by the time this adventure finished.

"Now, Let's get you on your way. May Ling!" The Wizard called out. "Grace is ready for you." May Ling entered the room, walked over and sat beside Grace, now an almost identical twin sister.

"Right, ground rules. You may not tell anyone you meet about the future, their future, your present, in fact, you will find you are unable to do so." He said, flicking his hands in a specific way. "Also, you need to complete each part of your quest before you are able to move along to the next. Once you have completed the quest, you will return here and I will put things straight for Grace, or Pete. Understood? Good."

Pete, or rather Grace as we should now call her, had a thousand questions, but with another wave of his hands, the Wizard sent the beautiful twosome on their way, questions unasked, and certainly, unanswered.

The room spun around them and they seemed to be within the calm of a tornado's eye for the apparent wind did not even muss their hairstyles. After a short time, or perhaps a long time, or no time at all, for who could tell, the twister slowed and gradually stopped.

"What the hell is going on!" Grace started to say to May Ling, only for her voice to trail off, her very feminine, very sexy, voice. "What.... What happened? What, how...?"

"Uncle told you, he is the SRU Wizard, and he's arranged things, in you, so that you can pass as my female companion and escort. The includes giving you a perfect asian female's voice, as well as a few other things. Don't be mad! It's going to be fun, just think, we can have a real adventure, and hey, you always wanted to get into my knickers didn't you?"

"Yeah, right, not quite the way I hoped for!" Grace muttered. "I didn't expect to end up wearing them!"

"Oh come on Grace, don't you want to see when and where we are!"

Chapter Two


"Wow! Who would have believed it? He really did exist!" May Ling said in awe as the whirlwind gently started to gather momentum around them, the first part of their quest complete.

"I know! But at least WE know why He disappeared after being resurrected! Do you think she'll be happy?"

"Don't know about her being happy, but you certainly were!" May Ling exclaimed just before the whirlwind whisked them away to the next stage of the quest.

To be continued!

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