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Hi, my name's Dan, well, it was, and I'm twenty-four, or I used to be, and I'm your average WASP, but not now. No, that doesn't make sense, let me tell you my story from the beginning.


It all happened last Saturday. I was bored as usual, and trolling the Mall for any babe to try to grope. I never get very far with them, as I was overweight and dumpy, to say the least. Let me describe myself, and you'll see. I suppose I am, or was, a typical spoiled rich kid brat. Mom and Dad always gave me whatever I wanted, money, cars, just anything, really. The one thing they couldn't help with, though, was my weight and desires. About four years ago, I just seemed to balloon, and now weigh just short of three hundred pounds, and I was only five foot in height.

My desires? Well, you'll see soon enough, read on.

Anyway, there I was in the mall, trying to find a tasty babe to hang around with for a while. They may not like how I look, but they do like the color of my money. Sooner or later, there's always one who'll sit with me at the coffee shop and let me feel her legs, and skirt material, under the table.


Ohh, I could get a real hard-on feeling the satin on her slip, or the feel of my hand on her nylon clad leg. With a large enough pile of cash on the table, she may even let me feel her panties and crotch through them, too. And you know, all I could think about was how they would feel if I was wearing them, if only I was of a size to fit in them.

Would you believe it, today there was not a babe in sight! I was really getting depressed and when I get depressed, I get morose and can drink a full bottle of any liquor available.

As I had just decided to go home and tie a real bender on, this wizened little guy seemed to pop up out of nowhere and stopped me.

"Ah, there you are, Dan; I've been waiting for you to come into my shop all afternoon. I can't wait anymore, I'm needed elsewhere in an hour. As you know, it takes time to get elsewhere from somewhere!"

I looked at him. He just stood there, dressed in an old blue bathrobe with some weird symbols on it. I was pretty sure I'd never seen him before, so how did he know my name, and which store was he talking about?

"It's very simple Dan, I'm a wizard, and my store is just behind you, but because I'm in a hurry, here's a bottle of wine for you with my compliments. Take it home and drink the whole bottle. It will help you get the figure you always wanted, and it will fulfill your deepest desires. It'll even sort out the special clothes you'll need!" he finished with a wink and a nudge, as he pressed a bottle of wine into my hand.

I still couldn't work out how he knew my name, but I turned around to see the shop he was talking about. Weird, I was sure that a dingy looking old fashioned store named Spell's R Us had never been there before. I turned to face him again, but he had gone without a sound!

"Right, wizard, indeed!" I said to myself. I turned round and stormed into the store to confront him, only to end up facing a very disapproving old battleaxe who asked me to take my bottle outside, and then she would serve me if I still wanted to buy lingerie for my wife.

I left the store in a state of shock. Looking back, there she was, glaring out at me as if daring me to come near her pristine store again. Victoria's Secret?! Where had the dingy shop front gone? Surely the old man was nuts, there ain't no such thing as wizards, are there? But he knew my name, and my desires to be slim and able to wear ladies frilly underwear. Perhaps the bottle of...hmm, excellent wine from a very good year. Perhaps it was worth a try.

I set off for home in my Aston Martin DB8 that Dad had bought for me last year, after I wrote off the last car. I kept glancing at the bottle in the seat beside me. It stayed perfectly still, no matter how I threw the car around the corners; strange.

When I got home, the place was empty. The servants had the day off, as my parents were away until this evening and I had been planning to be out all day. I turned the television on and there was some old TV show being repeated. I paid very little attention to it, as all I wanted was to drink this wine and find out what the old guy had meant about it fulfilling my desires.

Apparently, as became clear later, the TV show was a bad choice. It was 'The Cisco Kid', with some actor called Duncan Reynaldo. Who ever heard of a guy called Reynaldo, for God's sake?

I opened the bottle and poured some out into a glass, twirled it around the bowl and smelt the bouquet, wow! What a scent, what a body for wine. It was heady, it was intoxicating! I started to drink, then I refilled the glass and emptied it again. It tasted wonderful as it hit my taste buds; the glass was not quick enough, I drank straight from the bottle. It poured down my throat like nectar as it went down.

All too soon, the bottle was empty and I let it drop to the floor. I tried to get up, but my legs wouldn't work. I had never become so drunk on a single bottle before! The room started to sway, then I felt like I was in a tornado. The room spun faster and faster around me, I was dizzy and spinning myself, but I didn't feel sick!

I was fast losing my senses; it seemed as if my bloated body was shrinking in on itself. Then I was naked! Wow, what a dream this was becoming. In the middle of this tornado I looked down at myself and realized, just barely, that my penis was shrinking away as fast as the flab on my disappearing belly. Not to mention the fact that my arms, usually thicker than most people's thighs, were slimming down to some very dainty dimensions. Funny, though, my eyes were surely having difficulty seeing clearly; the color of my arms, and legs and the rest of my body for that matter, was wrong! I was normally a pale pasty white, never bothering with the sun before; now, my skin looked quite dusky. When my sight cleared a little more, my penis, everything in fact had gone. The only thing visible left between a pair of admittedly rather shapely legs was a small bush of hair.

What I hadn't noticed until I slipped forward a little, and it cascaded down my chest, was that I now had thick black curly hair, long enough to partly cover my now prominent and firm breasts! What the hell was happening to me?!

I then realized that the tornado was slowing a little, and there were stripes of color appearing in it. Before I knew it, the colors become clothing and flung themselves onto me. A lacy blue bra, 38D as I found out later, attached itself to me, supporting my new breasts, slipping the catches behind my back thankfully without any help from me. A white blur was a pair of very white, nylon frilled-back maid's panties, whilst a second white form was a lacy white suspender belt which attached itself around my seriously slim waist. Two black blurs became a pair of fishnet stockings, sliding up my legs and attaching themselves to the suspender straps.

A large red and white blur turned out to be a very short, and tight, maid's outfit complete with lacy white apron and hat, all arranging themselves around my new body. The final gust of wind as the tornado disappeared blew a pair of black three-inch stiletto heeled shoes onto my dainty feet, the two straps on each fastening themselves, again without my being able to do a thing.

My face felt strange for a moment; apparently, makeup had just been applied. Nice and tasteful, as would suit a Puerto Rican maid to a rich white household.

It was at this point that my parents arrived home. I struggled to my feet, amazed not only that could I move again, but also in finding that I could walk in the high heels as if I had worn them for ages. My new body moved so smoothly and easily I was lost for a while in the sensations, before realizing that my father had entered the living room.

"Ah, Conseula, thank you for waiting for us. Mrs. Cooper and I are ready for our evening meal. Please tell the cook to serve it at seven. You will, of course, wait on us as usual; make sure that the table is set for six, as we will have guests arriving shortly. Please greet them and make them welcome," my father said to me.

I could not believe either my eyes or ears. We didn't have a maid, so why was my Dad talking to me as if he found nothing strange?

"Dad, it's me, Dan!" I said, or at least, that's what I tried to say. What came out was, "Si, Senor Cooper, I shall do so immediately."

Then, by God, what did I do but make a perfect curtsey, bobbing up and down so that the little flared skirt of my maid's dress lifted to expose my frilly white panties. Off I went, to the kitchen to inform the cook. A cook who should not have been there. It was his day off, too, but there he was, as well as the rest of the serving staff. Conseula in her Saturday Uniform - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

All I could say was to pass on the Master's instructions, and in a goddamn sexy Spanish accent, too.

All evening, as I waited on my parents and their guests, no matter how I tried to tell them what had happened to me, or that I was their son, the only thing that came out of my luscious lips was, "Si, senor," or "Gracias," or some other pleasantries, all in Spanish, and I don't even speak Spanish! Or at least, couldn't before...

Finally, the night came to an end. The last guest left, and I found myself cleaning up the after effects of the dinner party with the other staff.

I spoke to the head butler; I wanted to ask him if he knew what had happened to me, but all that I could ask him was, "'Scusi, Senor, where shall I sleep tonight?"

"Conseula, you know it's Saturday today! Tonight you share the cook's bed, tomorrow is your night off, then on Monday, we shall make such passionate love, as we do every Monday!"

Conseula in her Sunday Dress - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storyI wanted to scream, but all I could do was lower my eyes and flutter their long lashes coyly in his direction.

So, that's my story. At least by writing it down I've found that I can warn others about the old man in a bathrobe at the mall. If he approaches you with a bottle of wine, knowing your name, don't hesitate, don't even think of it, RUN!

The end. Conseula in her Weekday Uniform (okay, so it's Daisy Duke!) - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

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