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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 I've been writing comic character related fantasy stories since my high school days in the early 70's. This probably got started by my intense interest in the fantastic stories and artwork appearing in the Silver Age comic books of the time, peaking in the late 70's. At the time, I wrote really short stories just to satisfy my own whims, basing them on scenes or imagined scenes taken from the comics themselves. When the computer came along, I ignored it for the longest time, just doing my stories on my electric typewriter once I got tired of writing by hand on lined paper.
 Eventually, a need came for me to get online, so I finally broke down and bought a computer. This opened the floodgates. I found writers on the web doing similar stories to the short works I was doing, but on a grand, almost book-length scale. I finally got a push from some other readers on the web, and started putting my imagination to work on doing stories for others to see on the web. I started writing a lot of stories, almost all comic character related, concentrating on DC Comics characters like Catwoman, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Of these, Catwoman was probably my favourite, closely followed by Cheetah. SZ

 A convention was announced early in the year to take place on the Halloween weekend. The theme was comic books, and with the ultimate costuming event of the year taking place at the same time, it was a foregone conclusion that portraying comic book characters via costume would be a big part of the convention. Not only would there be a party and contest on Saturday night, but from Friday morning until midday Sunday, conventioneers were urged to dress up and show off throughout the convention hall. Covert judges would be roaming the hall, using their own judgment and that of people in general, to come up with a grand prize for best of show.
 Not only was I desperate to get to this show to photograph people in the costumes of my favourite characters, I had a much more interesting need to be there. Some of my Internet friends had challenged me to go to a costume contest wearing the costume of one of my favourite fantasy subjects. I had started in crossdressing many years earlier, and still had fond memories of dressing up as Catwoman one Halloween for a party, long before Michelle Pfeiffer made her famous on the big screen. I had based my costume on the comic version from the early 70's. My sisters had helped me with the basics, getting me set up with underwear and doing my makeup. I crafted the costume, and spent a bit more than I'd anticipated on things like the wig and boots.

So when I was challenged to do another crossdressed version of one of my favourite characters, I started saving up money to get the best I could find. I decided to try and make a Cheetah costume similar to the one she wore on the cover of a mid-70's Wonder Woman comic. It covered her from head to toe, with only her face showing. I found a website selling lycra spandex catsuits, and lo and behold, they had a leopard print catsuit with attached hood. Not quite a cheetah print, but leopard was close. I found some gloves in a similar pattern at an accessories store, and even broke down and bought a latex female face mask so I wouldn't have to worry about doing a makeup job. Undergarments were a simple matter, and a cheap corset was found at Frederick's of Hollywood, who also had some inexpensive breast forms. This was starting to be almost too simple.
 The problem arose in finding either good shoes to blend in with the feet of the catsuit, or some boots in a similar pattern. Toward July, I was starting to get a bit antsy about not finding any good shoes or boots. None of the catalogs I had on hand had anything like what I needed, and stores I checked out were of no help, either. I decided to put the computer to work once again, and did a web search for a couple of evenings looking at sites selling regular and fantasy footwear. Almost by accident, I stumbled onto a site via a link from another that had some shoes and boots for showgirls and dancers. One of the styles was almost exactly what I was looking for. They had a thigh high boot that zipped up the inside of the leg, with two-inch platforms and seven-inch spike heels, in a velvet finish leopard pattern. This was too good to be true, and I immediately whipped out my credit card and ordered them from the site. I was advised to watch for express delivery via the US Postal Service.
 * * * * *
 At that same time, there was a twenty year veteran of the USPS working at the regional sorting center down the road from where I lived. He had spent his entire time working on the floor, avoiding promotions to the front desk or even supervisor positions in his own department. The computer age arrived at the Post Office midway through Bill Morrell's career, and he watched as more and more automated sorting machines started showing up, many of his friends transferring out or changing jobs as the machines took their places. Bill wasn't worried; he had so much time they would never let him go. He was looking forward to the time two years down the road that he'd be able to do an early retirement on the age plus seniority rule.
 Retiring from the Post Office would give Bill the opportunity to spend more time at his second career. He was a warlock, and found many chances to amaze friends and neighbors with what they thought were simple magic tricks. Little did they know, that Bill was a master of the darker arts, who played magic tricks to keep in practice. Bill had his own plans for the upcoming Halloween, but they didn't involve anybody on this plane of reality. There were some other warlocks and witches he met with yearly to party with, and have fun playing with lesser mortals, who had no idea where the changes they were going through came from.
 The same day that my new boots were going through the sorting center, Bill was doing his usual slow sorting of packages behind the computers doing the letter sorts. His interest was gained by a work crew busy installing what looked like a massive version of the letter sorter, large enough to process packages occupying quite a few cubic feet. As he was busy watching that crew do their work, his own work started to slow. When Bill caught sight of a supervisor coming his way, he put his mind and hands back to the task at hand, thinking he was in for a reprimand for slacking off.
 Bill was in for more than a reprimand. The supervisor tapped him on the shoulder, then unceremoniously handed him a pink slip. In plain language, it said Bill was unpromotable, and being displaced by the machines he had been seeing installed. Since he was not yet at the magic number for retirement, he was being dumped without any claim to time in service.
 In a fit of rage, Bill balled up his pink sacking slip, and waved his hand at the supervisor who had already turned his back on him to walk back to his office. There was a puff of smoke, and a nearby female coworker screamed when she saw the resulting rat go scurrying past her position. Bill then turned toward the packages on the sorting rack in front of him, and said, "They dare to replace ME with a machine? Well then, let those receiving these packages get an early Halloween gift from me. Oh, but I wish I could see all the faces of those changed by their packages!" He waved his hand over the packages, then Bill turned to depart, no longer a full time mail sorter and part time warlock.
 * * * * *
 My boots arrived the next morning, a full month before I had to fly to the West Coast for the convention. When I got home from work that evening, I found the large box sitting on my doorstep. In my excitement upon seeing the return address on it, I took it inside and immediately tore open the box. The boots looked incredible!
 I couldn't wait to finally see if all my preparations were going to result in a costume worth parading in at the convention. I took a shower to get the day's grime off, then before I had a chance to get excited, I started dressing by pulling my penis back between my legs with my balls tucked up into the cavity above it. The panties I'd acquired held it in place, with only a slight bulge showing in the back. To smooth out my legs and hide my hair, since I didn't want to shave it or use a depilatory, I pulled on two pairs of suntan colored tights.
 The corset I'd obtained was nothing like the heavy lace up ones; it was more of a glamorized waist cincher. I pulled it around my waist, and since I was already rather narrow waisted, it squeezed my waist in a good bit when I secured all the hooks. I pulled a body briefer over the panties and corset to smooth everything out, then filled the cups with the styrofoam breast forms. I thought these looked a little too flat, so I got a couple of balloons and filled them with just the right amount of water, then put them between my chest and the forms. My tits now stuck out to a better degree, looking more like a comic book Bad Girl's would.
 My feet slid easily into the legs of the catsuit, since they were already encased in spandex. I noticed that my legs still looked a bit muscular once the catsuit had been pulled up to my waist, but figured this wouldn't be a problem, since the boots would cover almost all of my legs. The boots standing out from the costume would not be authentic, in that the comic artwork had the boots as a one piece bottom to the catsuit, but I wasn't going to worry about that. I pulled my hands into the arms of the catsuit, then pulled it up over my torso. Once I had zipped up the back, the material pulled closely to the foundation garments, showing that it had been a good idea to use the balloons. The fact that the lines from the underwear showed through the spandex was a bit worrisome, but there was nothing that could be done about that.
 Before pulling the cowl up over my head, I got the face mask out. It was a bit garish, with heavy makeup. I guess it had been intended to make the wearer look a bit like a slut. I slipped the mask over my face, being careful to line up my own eyes with the contact covered eye holes of the mask, then felt my nose and lips slide into the moldings. I was now able to feel the latex clinging closely to my face, being animated by flexing and moving my own facial muscles. I pulled the sides of the mask tight, bringing the back flaps together, then tied it off behind my head.
 I didn't have to worry about covering my now bald head with a wig, since Cheetah's cowl and costume covered her head completely, with no hair showing. I pulled the cowl up over the mask, then pulled the zipper down in the rear, where it met the zipper from the back. I had added some cat ears to the top of the cowl, and they stood out a bit less than I'd hoped. Maybe in the time left before the trip, I'd be able to fix them. I then pulled on the elbow length gloves, and was amazed at how well they blended in with the catsuit's pattern.
 When I pulled the boots from their box, I couldn't believe the heel height. Apparently, the fact that I had women's size 11 feet meant that the heels were a bit taller than advertised to give the same effect as a smaller sized foot. I got a ruler, and saw that the actual height of the heels on my boots was eight inches, giving an effective height of six inches instead of the expected five inches. I started to worry about being able to walk in them, but figured I'd get a chance to practice in the weeks to come. The pattern on the boots didn't match the catsuit quite as well as the gloves had, but was close enough.
 I zipped on the first boot while sitting on the seat at my desk, then reached for the second. As I did so, I could swear the color and pattern were changing to match the catsuit exactly. As I finished zipping on the second boot, the magic spell Bill put on the boots took full effect. The zippers on the boots disappeared. The thought came to me that this meant I'd be trapped in the boots, unless I found a way to cut them off. That was only the beginning, though. The magic had a lot more work to do!
 Not only did the zippers on the boots disappear, but the boots themselves faded away, to become one with the catsuit, exactly as the comic version did. I watched in fascination as my feet shrunk to what looked like no more than a size 6 or 7, with the heel height staying where it was, increasing the arch under my feet considerably! The spell then worked its way up my legs, and when it reached my crotch, changed it to match what should have been there. I watched in awe, unable to do a thing, as the bulge in my crotch became flat, with the twin bulges of a feminine mound now showing where the lips of my new labia pushed out against the smooth spandex, no panty being there to show lines.
 Somehow, I was being turned into a real, fully equipped female, instead of the fake one I was pretending to be. I wondered what could possibly be causing this, and was this change only temporary, or was it permanent? As I was starting to reach with my left hand to feel the result of this change, I pulled it back, on feeling the result of the magic on my waist. Whereas I'd had an acceptably narrow waist before, I watched in horror as I felt my waist pulling in to an extremely narrow hourglass shape.
 I knew what had to be coming, now. The water balloons and styrofoam in my already large tits turned into real flesh and blood, at the same time expanding in size to a truly awesome degree. I was stunned to watch my breasts growing out to such a tremendous size, becoming every bit as huge as a typical comic book Bad Girl's melons. The hands that went to feel the masses now projecting out from my chest morphed as they did so.
 I had gloves covering my hands and fingers with the patterned material. The spell changed them to match the comic version, becoming flesh toned latex with steel claws at the fingertips, and when they reached my new tits, the claws gingerly flicked at my nipples, making them stand proud. My hands hefted my breasts, and I couldn't believe the mass they were holding. Just this simple grappling of my new breasts sent waves of pleasure through my body, and I could feel the resulting stimulation in my newly equipped crotch.
 Then the magic went higher. I suddenly felt no latex on my face, saw no holes in front of my eyes. The slutty face that had been painted on latex had become my own heavily made up flesh! The Cheetah ears on top of my cowl became exact matches for those on the comic book. Other changes had to have occurred, hidden by the cowl.
 I had to see this in a mirror. I stood, finding no problem at all in standing in the skyscraper stilettos now projecting from the bottom of my costume's soles. Even with the eight-inch heels under my ankles, my perspective in the room seemed to have lowered. I must have shrunk to no more than five feet in height, with a well endowed petite sized body. Walking to the bathroom proved to be effortless, also. My body had been made to use every bit of my costume. What I saw in the mirror made my jaw, svelte as it was, drop.
 The beautifully proportioned face I saw was nowhere near as wide as mine had been, with the mask doing its best to just make it look feminine. My nose was now a small pert shape, and the full, pouty lips below it were ultra-feminine. My cheeks and jawline now looked like those of a model, not a male female wanna be. The slutty makeup of the mask had become intensely done makeup on MY face, a face that cried out, "I'm a slut looking for a fuck!"
 Almost in terror, I reached behind my head to unzip the cowl. When it was pulled back down to my neck, a glorious pile of blonde hair streamed past my neck to the middle of my back. I closed my eyes and shook my head, somehow thinking this would all go away. When I opened my eyes again and looked in the mirror, the image I saw was not of my head in its blonde halo. The image had the cowl on. This was happening way too much just like it had in the comic book.
 To this point, I hadn't uttered a word. I'm surprised I hadn't screamed. The image in the mirror talked first. "Don't think you're going to get away from me! I'm the real you, Cheetah. You are no longer a wimp, letting everybody do things to you. Get your cowl back on! Become your true self, a feline predator with no prohibitions."
 I began to say, "What do you mean..." but stopped when I heard my own voice, a sultry feminine voice identical to the voice coming from the mirror. Then, without any control, I piled up my hair behind my head and pulled the cowl back into place. When the zipper was closed, I felt my own personality fading, being pushed to the rear. The image in the mirror matched exactly the figure standing in front of the mirror. "Yes," I said in my own sexy contralto voice, "I AM Cheetah!"
 With that, the spell finished its work. I watched in wonder as my bathroom became a well equipped boudoir, with a huge makeup table. As I turned to go back into my bedroom, I saw the frilly queen sized four poster bed and pastel paint scheme it had been changed to. Cheetah had her own world now, and I was feeling myself being drawn into the character I had only intended to portray at a costume contest.
 I wondered, if I did go to the convention, would I be likely to see my nemesis, Wonder Woman? What was I thinking, my nemesis? Wonder Woman at a comic convention? But for all I knew, maybe the spell had changed my world completely, to include the other characters from the comics I've been in. I've been in? Cheetah was rapidly becoming the dominant part of my mind.
 Then, to my horror, I found myself doing the will of Cheetah. I disrobed from my costume, and went to my closet to get my street walking clothes. I was finding out that while Cheetah ruled the day, my alter ego worked the night. In the comic, my name was Priscilla Rich. But did I want a namby pamby name like that? No, I decided I'd call myself Prissy Pussy. I could be Priscilla in the daytime. 'Now, let's see, which shoes should I wear with this outfit? A black spandex top over a black leather miniskirt with black fishnet hose can only call for one pair - my black patent leather, six-inch heeled, fuck me shoes!' My shoes? The floor of my closet was now covered with shoes and boots, the magically changed tools of my new life!
 "I am Cheetah! I am Prissy Pussy, a beautiful slut! Who's Steve?"
 * * * * *
 Little did I know, that one of the most prolific writers of Wonder Woman fan fiction stories lived on the other side of town from me. He had plans to attend the convention also, and was going to portray his favourite heroine, Wonder Woman, once again. Dave Gibson had a very small build, and could easily use foundation garments to become an almost normally built female with the proper proportions for the Amazon Princess. He used this to his advantage in years past, making ever more detailed Wonder Woman costumes to wear, and he stunned viewers at parties and conventions with his ability. I had seen photos of Dave's Wonder Woman in magazines and on fan websites, but never knew that the person portraying her lived just down the road from me.
 For the upcoming comic convention, Dave went through his collection of Wonder Woman costume pieces, picking those which would be put to further use. He had all but the top, which he was going to make even larger this year. He called Frederick's of Hollywood to order the largest silicone breast forms they had, which turned out to be 40DD, and a shoulderless Wonder Bra in which to place them. How ironic, he thought after hanging up the phone, getting a Wonder Bra for Wonder Woman! He went to work at his sewing machine, crafting the metallic gold and red spandex material into the bustier for his new costume.
 Frederick's shipped Dave's new breast forms by FedEx, and he was hefting them in his hands only two days after ordering them. The bra, on the other hand, was a more popular item, and was back ordered. It was going to be delivered by the USPS, since there was obviously no high speed delivery being set up. As fate would have it, the package from Frederick's was sitting on the rack at the Postal Service regional sorting center right next to my boots on the day Bill was fired. Dave's Wonder Bra was going to create wonders.
 With two months remaining before the convention, Dave went about his normal day to day activities, working at an ad firm during the day, and reading, writing and watching TV at night. The magically endowed bra had been packed with the rest of the Wonder Woman costume, working its magic upon the other pieces of the outfit. He would be in for a shock once every part of the costume was on. He felt no need to test fit his costume before departing for the convention, since most of it had already been worn in the past. The costume was merely packed away with the rest of Dave's clothes in his luggage, the long black wig being the most carefully packed item.
 He arrived in San Fran on Friday afternoon, and after dropping his bags in the hotel room, went to the convention hall to scope it out and see what might be new this year. Row upon row of dealers selling older comics were already in place, and Dave was lucky to find a few ancient Wonder Woman books before others had a chance to get to them later in the show. The booths for the various comic publishers were still being set up, but they already had some of their own models dressed up in costumes to draw onlookers, and a few costumed attendees were also being seen. He decided to let his new Wonder Woman make her first appearance after dinner.
 Dave got back to his room shortly before 7 PM. He took a quick shower to rinse off the day's sweat, carefully shaving the hair off his arms and hands while doing so. He wasn't worried about losing the hair, since he could wear long sleeved shirts at work while it grew back out. Once he had dried off, he started his transformation into the Amazing Amazon. He folded his penis back between his legs, then put on a gaff to hold it there. Flesh colored panties were then pulled on over the gaff. Two pairs of shiny tan spandex tights were pulled onto his legs to give them a smooth feminine look, smoothing out his leg muscles in the process. Dave then put bright red press on nails onto each of his fingernails, making his small male hands look that much more feminine.
 Dave pulled the corset around his already small waist, and tightened it until his midsection had been drawn in to an appropriate hourglass shape. The tops of the tights were then pulled over the bottom of the corset, making a continuous show of glossy leg from the waist down. He reached for the magic Wonder Bra next, and hooked the back snaps together while they were in front of him. After rotating the bra into position, he inserted the new breast forms into its cups.
 Dave was well pleased with the shape they took on, standing out from his chest considerably. He pulled the golden bustier on, the red spandex covering his belly and sides while the golden globes fitted nicely over the Wonder Bra. The dark blue, almost not there shorts with a smattering of white stars were pulled on over the bustier, and he worked at making sure the bottoms were even on both sides, so high that they were almost to his waist.
 The golden power belt was secured around Dave's now tiny waist, covering the tops of the shorts. The golden lasso was hooked to the belt, then silver bracelets of submission were put on, extending from his wrists to mid-forearm. He sat down, then zipped on the shiny red PVC boots with three-inch heels. He'd found over the last two years that these heels were easy to walk in, making his display of Wonder Woman something he could handle. From the neck down, Dave now looked like Wonder Woman. He stood, and walked back to the costume parts on his bed to complete his costume.
 Dave had his own female face mask which he used to portray Wonder Woman, making it unnecessary for him to worry about facial structure and makeup for costume shows. An artist friend of his had done the makeup on the mask, using actual airbrushed paints to make the face look elegantly beautiful. He lifted the mask into position in front of his face, then placed the latex over his own features, pulling the nose, cheeks and lips over his own, at the same time making sure the eyes were directly in front of his. He slipped his ears into the molded ones, then pulled the flaps together at the back, where he laced them tightly.
 The bottom of the mask matched his own skin tone nicely, but still was readily apparent on the neck, so Dave had added one thing to Wonder Woman's costume that the original didn't have - an inch wide blue choker with white stars was pulled around his neck, neatly covering the join line with the mask.
 Dave reached for the shoulder length black wig which had served him so well for the past two years, and carefully brushed it out. He put it into position over his mask, then once again took the brush to it. It had been teased to have a fluffed front and top, with sides and back falling straight then curling at the bottom. he put down the brush, then reached for the last item of the costume, Wonder Woman's golden tiara. He placed the tiara into the fluffed hair on his scalp while looking closely at his reflection in the mirror.
 With the tiara in position, he felt a strange wave of energy go through him. He closed his eyes in reaction, wondering what was happening. He briefly felt a churning of his insides, and when the energy seemed to fade, Dave reopened his eyes. Only, they weren't his eyes - they were Wonder Woman's eyes! He saw that the face looking back from the mirror was a very real, solid flesh, drop dead beautiful image, appropriate for an Amazon Princess. The hands reaching up to this face were exquisitely formed female hands.
 Dave was at a loss for an explanation of how she had actually become her favourite heroine. When she started to say, "What..." she stopped when she heard the soft soprano voice saying it. Then the realization hit her. "I truly am Diana Prince, I am Wonder Woman!" It was then that she noticed that her reflection was higher in the mirror. She looked down, and saw that her boots now had the sky high heels that Wonder Woman was known for, appearing to be at least six inches in height!
 Dave reached with her new hands to feel what she assumed she'd find on her chest, and found flesh and blood filling out the golden bustier even more prominently than the fakes had, with lots of cleavage showing above the gold straining to hold it in. There was also no sign of the bra underneath the bustier, or for that matter, the corset or any of the other underwear Dave had put on earlier. The corset certainly was no longer needed, as the golden Amazon power belt seemed to have shrunk in size, yet didn't even feel tight.
 Wonder Woman was bare legged, her smooth, tanned skin proudly displayed between the boot tops and her shorts. A quick jab to the crotch told Dave that she was, indeed, a complete woman. She also noticed that her golden lasso now seemed to be glowing slightly. Placing her arms akimbo, Wonder Woman stood in a heroic stance with her legs spread, then checked herself out in the mirror. "Well," she proclaimed, "I don't think I'll be needing this anymore!" She reached to her neck and pulled off the blue choker.
 Dave was now more than prepared to give the convention goers a new Wonder Woman this year. She decided to see if the magic inherent in the storied Amazon would work for her, and started to rapidly spin counterclockwise with her hands outstretched, thinking of a business suit. When she stopped, she was dressed in a business suit with a pastel yellow blouse, light grey jacket and miniskirt, and round toed, grey pumps with four-inch heels. A light grey purse hung from her shoulder.
 Opening the purse, Dave found a wallet with all the old credit cards and other ID's, but saying Diana Prince, with her photo included! Even the convention pass and ID had her name on them. She wondered right then if she should start thinking of herself as Diana instead of Dave. She was having fun acting out the role she'd written so much about, but for real now!
 Still wearing her business suit, but carrying the jacket draped over her shoulder with her purse, Diana went back to the convention hall. She was waved in by the gate guards, as if she'd been in and out all day. Once inside, she made a point of checking out the publisher's booths to see if any more had opened up, or added more models to their displays. She chuckled when she went by the DC Comics stand, guarded by a skinny Wonder Woman with no muscle tone! The costume looked good, being paid for by a company that not only had the money to do so, but owned the character as well. Too bad the woman inside the costume didn't have the voluptuous build of an Amazon!
 Diana decided to show them what the real Wonder Woman looked like. She found a secluded spot at the back of the hall, with no one around, and once again spun counterclockwise. Back in costume, Wonder Woman made her way back to the DC stand, being ogled by comic fans all the way, many camera strobes flashing. She marched majestically in her six-inch heels. Super powers sure come in handy, she thought.
 * * * * *
 I knew I was going to have to get up early for my flight on Friday morning, so I had to curtail my streetwalking a bit earlier than usual on Thursday night. Before I retired to my bed, I called the airline to confirm the reservation for Priscilla Rich on the San Fran flight early the next day. The magic had even worked far enough to change the reservation in Steve's name to Priscilla's. That done, I washed up and went to bed, eager to see what was waiting in San Francisco.
 Priscilla was given a First Class upgrade on the flight the next morning, something I think Steve never would have gotten. Good looks, blonde hair and money are worth a lot, at least to the airlines. My costume was carefully packed into my carry on bag, since I didn't want to take any chances whatsoever with it. My checked bags had plenty of clothes for Prissy to wear on the streets of San Francisco, especially since they were so lacking in material. The various pairs of stilettos took up the most room. After getting breakfast served in the first hour of the flight, I napped for the remainder of the trip, since I wanted to be fully alert for my evening's activities.
 When I got to San Francisco, I waited for my checked bags to come around on the carousel, but even with First Class tags on them, it seemed to take forever. I was about ready to go into the ladies' room and change into my Cheetah costume, to scratch somebody badly, when my two bags finally came around. In the back of my mind, I could barely feel Steve trying to say that this was normal for the airlines, but I was doing my best to keep him from influencing my actions.
 I got a skycap to gather my bags, then went out front to hail a cab. The cabbie I eventually got seemed more than happy to have a beautiful blonde to take across town to the hotel. Prissy got some early activity when I brought the cabbie into my room to "tip" him for the drive and carrying my bags upstairs. He left the hotel looking like a very satisfied cabbie. The last vestige of Steve's personality was screaming weakly from the back of my mind after the way I thanked the cabbie, and then died away completely.
 I'm glad the hotel allowed early check ins, because it was only noon by the time I was settled in my room. Foregoing lunch, I decided to sleep in for the afternoon, to have an active evening. When the wake up call came at 5 PM, I hopped into the shower for a quick freshup, then had room service bring up a salad for dinner. I ate slowly, savouring the small amount of greens on the plate.
 I decided to go to the convention across the street in the most daring clothes I could wear, but not look ridiculous carrying my shoulder bag with costume inside, and room for books and art I might find at the show. I put on smoky grey hose, a black spandex miniskirt, and a white spandex turtleneck leotard. I pulled a pair of ankle high white boots onto my feet, and I was ready to go! I fixed my makeup, emptied my purse into the shoulder bag, then slung it over my shoulder. I couldn't wait to see if Wonder Woman dared to show her face at the show!
 I could feel the eyes of those around me lusting for my body as I crossed the street, and I put on a Cheshire Cat grin to tease them. Once I'd made my way inside, I found that the show was picking up momentum, with many used book dealers filling half the hall, and comic publisher booths open or about to open in the other half. There were so many comic characters walking the aisles that the costuming judges were going to be very busy, and it was only Friday! I saw a number of Batgirls, Catwomen in different costumes from over the years, and a lot of guys in Batman costumes who did not have anything like the bodies they needed to be Batman.
 I made my way to the used comics, and found a few good copies of older Catwoman books, and even the issue of Wonder Woman with me on the cover. I almost had the impression that the dealer was ready to say that just being able to look at me had paid for the books, but I pulled my wallet out of the shoulder bag, and gave him his money, along with a slip of paper with my room number on it.
 I decided to go check out the models at the publisher's booths, and was pleased to see a number of perfectly done costumes at the Image booth. Marvel had a good looking Spider-Man and Wolverine, but the Storm and Rogue characters looked a bit wimpy. As I turned the corner, I saw what had to be DC's own purple Catwoman, so I knew the DC booth had to be nearby. When I got there, I saw TWO Wonder Women! One was staying close to the booth, and actually looked a bit scrawny, but the other, hogging all the attention in the aisle outside the booth, looked just as I'd remembered her. She was a goddess, in both shape and being! It was time for Cheetah to make her appearance at the show!
 * * * * *
 I left the DC Comics booth area, then went to the back wall of the hall, looking for a ladies' room. I found one after a short search, and couldn't believe that there wasn't a long line of women waiting to use it! Even though there were relatively few women at the comic convention, being conducted in the grand ballroom, there was, at the same time, another convention group meeting in the dining hall, "Female Opportunities in Banking", which obviously meant there would be a lot of women looking for restrooms. The people running this convention center must have heard about the lawsuits, and built enough facilities to satisfy the users.
 The carpet of the convention hall floors gave way to tile in the restroom, and the heels on my boots started to click loudly, drawing the eyes of the two women primping in the mirrors. One scowled, the other, a cute redhead, grinned broadly. I could tell which one of them I'd rather come together with for fun later on!
 The stall I entered was more than big enough for my now tiny body to change clothes in. I took off Prissy's finery, and carefully folded and packed them into the shoulder bag after I took my costume out. It took no time at all to put on the costume, since it was now a one piece item from head to toe. Sitting on the toilet seat, I pulled both feet into the legs of the costume, fitting them into the built in platform shoes at the ends. I put my hands into the sleeves, then pulled them into the flesh colored latex gloves. Pulling two zippers closed completed my transformation into Cheetah, one from my ass up to my neck on my back, the other down from the top of my head to the neck, sealing my head in the cowl. The only problem was getting all my hair to stay inside.
 Carrying my shoulder bag in my left hand, I exited the stall, seeing only the redhead who'd grinned earlier still in the facility. She looked up, and saw my new image. She gave a low whistle, and said, "Wow! That is some costume you've got"
 "Why, thank you," I replied, "but my name is Cheetah, and I'm going to go put Wonder Woman out of commission!"
 She probably thought I was referring to just looking better than the Amazon, because she quickly came back with, "Knock her dead!" I winked at her, then went back out into the convention hall.
 I found a good spot to hide my bag where I could come back for it later, then went back toward the DC booth. I was delayed a bit in getting there, because so many fans wanted to stop me and take my picture. I'm probably one of the few costumed criminals who enjoyed having my picture taken. Hell, the police sure wouldn't be able to see any part of the person under the costume!
 I finally made it to the area near the DC Comics crowd, and both of the Amazons were still there, along with someone I hadn't seen closely earlier, the well endowed model or actress that DC had hired to wear their new purple Catwoman costume. My foe actually seemed to be having fun telling her not so well endowed twin how to better portray her.
 I casually walked up to the obviously real Wonder Woman, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, and gasped briefly before saying, "That is a fantastic Cheetah costume! You've really done an incredible job in making yourself look like her."
 "Thank you, Wonder Woman," I replied, "I can truly say that I don't just look like her, I am her!"
 "You've really gotten into character," the Amazon said while turning to face me completely. She continued, "You've definitely got a good chance in the costume contest with that Cheetah costume. I've decided it wouldn't be fair for me to be in any of the contests. I'm just going to watch and enjoy."
 I took Wonder Woman's right hand and squeezed it between my own, then said, "How would you like to join me in checking out some of the costumes around the hall?"
 "Thanks for the offer," she said, since she hadn't been out on the floor for a good while.
 We turned, and headed back toward the front door, to start at the beginning, or so Wonder Woman thought. I made sure that I was walking on her right side, and when I had maneuvered us into a crowded area where we would be bustled, I took Wonder Woman's golden lasso off her belt. She didn't feel it go, since the crowds were banging all around her.
 I quickly made a small loop in the lasso, and pulled it over right wrist. This she noticed. When Wonder Woman turned to ask what was going on, but before she could say anything, I brought my lips close to her ear so I wouldn't be overheard. I told her, "You are wrapped in your own magic lasso, in my control. Don't say a thing. Start walking toward the back of the hall, and I'll be at your side, leading you by your golden leash! Nod if you understand me, Wonder Woman!" The Amazon's head gently moved up and down, a meek look on her face. Her will was no longer her own.
 As we started back to where I'd hidden my shoulder bag, I leaned over toward my thrall, and told her, "If any fans want to stop us, be sure to oblige them. Smile for their pictures, because it's the last time Wonder Woman will be posing for photos." My warning paid off, because a large number of photographers wanted to get the Amazon on film, and most shot from an angle where the golden line on her right wrist could not be seen. I stood by her side for some of the pictures, behind her for the rest. This time, I declined to have my own picture taken by myself. I didn't want very many people to notice that I was holding on to the golden lasso.
 Once I finally had my bag slung under the hand opposite Wonder Woman, I told her to head for her hotel room. We made it back through the crowd in the hall, then exited the building. Luckily for us, there were a number of convention goers in costume, both on the street and in the foyer of Wonder Woman's hotel. It was only one block away from my own hotel, and that was going to make this much easier. We made our way to her room, and finally we had some privacy.
 Now in a full commanding voice, I said, "Relax, Wonder Woman. I hope you can feel the strength of your own magic lasso bending your will. We're going to make some changes here, tonight. I will no longer have the Amazon to vex my plans. In fact, you're going to become an integral part of my plans! Now, take off your costume. Do it the slow way, by actually pulling the pieces off, not spinning out of it." The blank look on her face as she sat to unzip her boots told me that Wonder Woman was totally without willpower.
 When Wonder Woman had taken off the last part of her costume, the red and gold bustier, I had her sit on the end of her bed. I let out some slack in the lasso, then collected the entire Wonder Woman costume and put it in my shoulder bag. "Tell me," I said, "what is your name?"
 She actually seemed to be thinking about this before answering, then replied, "I am Diana Prince, but I'm also Dave Gibson, and I am Wonder Woman."
 I got one more answer than I'd expected. "You say one of your names is Dave Gibson? How is this so?"
 "I was getting dressed in my Wonder Woman costume for the convention, when something magical made me real," was her response.
 This made me do a quick check of other things in the room. There was no evidence of a male ever being in the room; all the clothes in the dresser and the luggage were feminine.
 "You and I share something then, Diana. Forget any memories you have of Dave Gibson. Tell me once again, what is your name?"
 The Amazon came back quicker this time, saying, "My name is Diana Prince, and I am Wonder Woman."
 Good, I thought, this was working just as I'd hoped it would. "Diana, tell me, what do you do for a living, when you aren't being Wonder Woman?"
 "I am a field agent for the Defence Intelligence Agency."
 "Diana, you don't know who Wonder Woman is, do you?"
 The lasso did it's job. "No, I'm sorry, I have no idea who Wonder Woman is. Is that important?"
 "Well, Wonder Woman used to be a pain in the side for us while we did our crimes. You also have no idea of the true nature of your job with the DIA, do you Diana?"
 "I work there. Is there more that I do?" was her puzzled reply.
 I gathered my thoughts, then said, "Diana, you are a mole in the DIA, feeding information on important matters back to me for us to use in our crimes. You are an assistant of mine, and you've called yourself Puma. We've worked together on a number of crimes, and you are almost ready to go out on your own. You and I are also partners in our night time activities, since we both are slutty whores who can't get enough use of our pussies to satisfy us. When you're on the street, you like to be called Klitty Kitty. You and I usually get on with each other when we aren't being fucked by males. We're both bisexuals, who get as much fun with female partners as males."
 A smile seemed to be forming on the Amazon's lips as these facts settled into her mind to become her memory. I decided to add one last instruction before letting her go. "Diana, you also have a number of super powers which you use as Puma. If you search your memories, you will become aware of all that you are capable of." Her eyes closed, and her brow seemed to scrunch up, then she smiled. "Tell me once again, now," I told her, "what is your name, and tell me all the details of what you do."
 "I am Diana Prince, a field agent with the Defence Intelligence Agency, using that position as a cover for my gathering of information to leak to my partner, Cheetah, and any others giving the right price for it. In my work with Cheetah, I put on my Puma costume and use all my super powered abilities to help her and myself to commit all kinds of crimes. I'm also a partner with Cheetah in working the streets after nightfall, where I call myself Klitty Kitty, to try and satisfy the massive needs of our pussies. She and I are the sluttiest whores on the East Coast. We usually get together by ourselves to satisfy each other when we can't get males. I enjoy going either way, actually."
 This was music to my ears. Wonder Woman was no more, and I now had a super powered partner to work with, in all aspects of my life. Cheetah had Puma to work with in criminal activity, Prissy had Klitty to accompany her, and Priscilla would be working with Diana to syphon classified information from the government. I gathered the lasso in my hands, then loosened the loop around my new partner's wrist. I put the lasso in the bag with the rest of her old costume. I had further uses in mind for that lasso.
 "Diana," I said, "Why don't you show me your Puma costume? I'd like to see if you've done anything to make it better."
 "Sure, Cheetah, I'd love to show you the newest variation on my costume. You know I like to change it a lot from time to time, just to be different!" she replied with glee. She stood up and went to the middle of the floor, giggled, then said, "You just watch!"
 Diana spun counterclockwise, as I'm sure she'd done countless times in her past, in our new universe. I'm sure she has never done so while naked in the past, though. Seeing her massive breasts lifting up as she spun got my juices flowing.
 When she stopped spinning, Puma had taken Diana's place. The costume she was wearing was a killer! A tan leotard with a white chest area covered her upper body, with matching tan gloves going halfway up her biceps. There were what appeared to be retractable claws in her fingertips. Her legs were covered by tan thigh high boots, the stiletto heels of which had to be at least six inches in height. There was a tan cowl covering the top and sides of her head, and Diana made sure no one would identify her by having a sexy mask covering her face as part of the cowl. The crowning touch was the set of cat whiskers attached to the nose of the mask.
 "Well, boss, what do you think?"
 I walked over to Puma, and said, "You keep doing sexy costumes like that one, and I might have to do something to enliven my own to give you competition!" I opened my arms invitingly, and Puma embraced me in a loving hug. I couldn't wait to get her into bed with me! First things first, though. "Puma, we can wait 'til we get home to get into action in our costumes. How about we both get into our night time costumes, and go have some fun?"
 "I can't wait, Cheetah. My pussy is already yearning for some action. Stand back, and I'll get changed!" Puma started to spin once I'd backed off, and when she stopped, Klitty stood there in a black leather miniskirt, a bright red tube top, crotchless red fishnet tights, and black patent leather knee high "fuck me" boots, with pointed toes and six-inch heels.
 How did I know they were crotchless? Need you ask?
 I took off my Cheetah costume, and carefully laid it on top of the Wonder Woman costume in my bag. The clothes I'd worn into the convention earlier were then put back on, so I could get to my own room, with Klitty in tow, to change into something more daring. We made quite a sight, going through first her hotel lobby, then mine after walking two blocks outside. I could tell that we were definitely going to have some fun.
 When we got to my room, the message light was blinking on my phone. I asked Klitty to get the message, while I stripped from my "normal" clothes. As I was pulling on my own black fishnets, she said, "The message was from the guy who hoped you remembered from earlier in the evening at the convention. His name is Jake, and he wanted to get together with you after the show closed at 11."
 "What do you think, Klitty, should we bring him up to the room later on to give him some fun?"
 "Sounds like fun to me, Prissy. Before or after the street?"
 I giggled, and replied, "After, of course! We have to get some action before 11, don't we?"
 "Oh, I don't know," Klitty said in a soft, sexy voice, "we could occupy ourselves for an hour or two, don't you think?"
 By now, I was finished dressing for the street, and told Klitty, "And waste this great dressing up we've done? Not on your life!" I was in a blue leather miniskirt, white lace blouse with a little black bow on my neck, and stiletto heeled pumps to match my skirt. Klitty's full head of black hair went nicely with her skirt and boots, while my own blonde mane settled on the white blouse perfectly. She and I would have to try using different colored wigs sometime, just to see what they could do for our outfits. I left a return message for our friend at the convention, then we hit the streets.
 After we'd each been with a couple of men who liked what they saw, I couldn't believe who I saw walking down the street toward our corner. It was the redhead I'd seen in the restroom earlier in the evening, who liked what she'd seen then. I waved to her, and without trying to disappoint Klitty, I ended up having my first lesbian affair that evening. Her name was Katey, short for Katherine, and before she left my room, I slipped the lasso around her wrist and gave her instructions for how to join with us later. I was setting up a very nice surprise for Klitty!
 As it got closer to 11 PM, I gathered up Klitty. She wanted very badly to stay on the corner where she was having so much fun, but I told her we had prior engagements, while nibbling on her ear.
 Klitty and I were petting each other on my bed when we heard a knock on the door. After we quickly straightened ourselves, I got up to go let in our latest bedmate. Seeing a familiar face when I looked through the door's peephole, I opened it to welcome Jake in. He was in for a treat. Neither of us had any intention of charging Jake for his time, and he was getting two for the price of none!
 I made a point of leaving the door slightly ajar, with the latch not quite closed. I doubted we had any worry about intruders, and I had a special intruder I was watching for to sneak in.
 I went with Jake first, while Klitty bided her time. I think I saw her sneak into the bathroom to get off by herself while we were hard at it, but I couldn't hold that against her. After all, I made her that way! After I finished with Jake, I asked Klitty to give him a good time. I noted that the time was 11:25. Good, five minutes to go! Klitty and Jake were busy 69ing each other at 11:30 when the door eased open. I held my finger to my lips, then waved my hand.
 Katey had followed my instructions to the letter. She marched into the room, wearing the black leather dominatrix outfit I'd instructed her to obtain. Mistress Kat was in a sleeveless vest with French cut legs, her cleavage proudly displayed by the deep V down her chest. The black back seamed hose she wore was held up by garters attached to the vest. Shoulder length gloves were on her arms, thigh high stiletto heeled boots on her legs, and a three foot long riding crop was brandished in her left hand. Her red hair was tightly bunned in the back, and a domino mask covered her eyes.
 She snuck over to the bed, and without warning, gave Jake a light swack across his buns. "Get out of bed, slaves!" she ordered, and Jake flew quickly off Klitty, who looked in wonder at the vision in black, then tumbled out of the bed herself.
 "Jake, would you please leave now?" I asked, and after he'd quickly thrown on his clothes, he scampered out the door. I turned to Klitty, and said, "Meet the newest member of our team, Klitty. This is Mistress Kat. During the day, she is Katherine Kline, a Vice President with the Bank of America. With her power business suit, she can safely hide away all our money, and launder what we need to use. But she has a slightly different outfit that she wears when she is working with us as Black Leopard. I used the magic lasso on Katey earlier this evening, to bring her into our fold. She has 'stealth of darkness, claws of pain, and teeth of death' to aid us in our activities. Kat, show Klitty how much you enjoy both taking and giving."
 Mistress Kat walked over to Klitty, and with her crop, drew Klitty's head to her own pussy, which she uncovered by unzipping the crotch of her vest. Klitty's tongue whipped her clit, then gently kissed her labia. Kat then said, "Get back on the bed, Klitty, I want to give you in return what you've given me." Kat approached Klitty from her feet, spreading Klitty's legs to open her crotch. Kat dove into Klitty's muff, her tongue lapping up the juices that had been building there, then she flicked it across Klitty's clit to arouse it, after which she nibbled on it gently with her teeth.
 Watching these two was amazing, with my own juices starting to flow from the excitement, but I still wanted some more action. The actress or model at the DC booth playing Catwoman had some potential. Some late night kidnapping may be in order before the weekend was completely over.
 When Kat had finished, she and Klitty looked to me in expectation.
 "Ladies, this is the team which shall take on the world both day and night, attacking society as a pack of cats and satisfying ourselves while draining the pockets of takers at night. With our combined expertise, we will take on any challengers, and with the help of the magic lasso which we now own, we may get even more teammates. Let's show the world what we can do!"
 I told Kat and Klitty to get well acquainted, and have some more fun if that became an option. I was going to get back out on the street, and watch for potential additions to our pack.
 * * * * *
 Bill Morrell joined with his friend Samantha, looking down in glee at the result of his early Halloween handiwork. They'd have to really outdo themselves to find a better spell for the 31st of October.
 Bill made plans to bring a few more DC cats into Cheetah's world, having some fun with them personally.
 Samantha had an idea to beat Bill with a variation on his spell, a perfectly Marrrrrrrrvelous idea...which she would join in personally.

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