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From earlier...
the conclusion to Tokens: The Bitch, by Morpheus

Corey pulled out a cigarette, holding it very femininely in his hand as he lit it, took a drag and blew the smoke out to the side. He smiled in satisfaction, deciding that maybe his new life really wouldn't be so bad. He had a fantastic job with lots of power and influence. It gave him the perfect way to finally get even with his Dad. To turn the tables. Of course, he wouldn't really fire him like he'd told Meredith, not when it was so much more fun to keep him right there. For a moment, Corey just thought about his Dad, then frowned. It just didn't feel right at all to think of him as "Dad" anymore. Not in the least. After all, how could he possibly consider that spineless worm to be his father. Corey smiled faintly to himself, resolving that Tom still wasn't going to get away easily. Not at all.

Then he took another drag from the cigarette, realizing that it certainly didn't hurt that he was now very rich as well. That idea especially appealed to him, perhaps even more than the revenge. In fact, even being a woman wasn't such a big deal anymore. Corey's body no longer felt strange and uncomfortable. Instead, it felt almost natural. Normal. And to his excitement, very sexy as well. Corey decided that he sort of liked that feeling. Hell, he sort of liked it...a lot. Of course, the fact that he was actually a very beautiful woman helped, even if Meredith did tone it down while at work. It gave him an unfamiliar sense of pride in his body and appearance which was something else that was new to Corey.

After a few more minutes of smoking and considering what his new life was going to be like, Corey smiled and stubbed the cigarette out. "I wonder if there are any more of those wish tokens," he mused to himself thoughtfully. He smiled as he considered what he might wish for if he found another. It was certainly an interesting idea, though he had nothing that he really wanted at the moment. After all, he certainly had no intention of becoming a snot nosed kid again, not when he had wealth, power and beauty now. But still, Corey couldn't help but wondering...

And now, the bitch learns more...
added by Steve Zink

Later that day...

By the end of the day, Corey had fully accepted the role in life that *she* was now destined to live. She even came to the conclusion that since she was living Meredith's life, she may as well use her name. The one person that Meredith had refrained from being bitchy at all day wondered what had come over her boss, and Anne worried that maybe she was having difficulties of some kind. As Meredith passed Anne's desk on the way out, she pleasantly said, "Goodnight, Anne. Thank you for all the help you gave me today," and with an uncharacteristic smile, waved as she went by.

Anne was more than a bit shocked, but still managed to keep a poker face as she said, "You're welcome, Ms. Brooks. I hope your evening goes as well as your day." The look on her face as her boss strode past in a proud but cheerful gait, strutting in her high heels, was priceless. Anne recovered quickly, though, before any of the other departing workers could see her reaction.

Meredith found that she knew instinctively which parking spot to go to, and was surprised yet at the same time right at home in seeing the bright red Jaguar coupe parked there. Even the license plate fit. It was a vanity tag that said BTC HY1. She giggled to herself in realizing just how much the old Meredith had reveled in her own self image. She was really going to enjoy this new life!

The first thing Meredith did upon entering her car was to open up her purse and take out the pack of cigarettes. She noted that her ash tray was almost full, and without another thought, shook it out on the pavement below her door. The action had seemed so natural to Meredith that she never even contemplated the fact that as Corey she had always been neat and avoided littering. After she put the ash tray back and closed the door, Meredith felt the shoulder harness of the seatbelt come up and over her chest. For the first time that day, the stimulation of her breasts made her realize what an abundant and stimulating asset she had.

As she had assumed, Meredith's trip home was done without any question of where she was going. She had toyed with the idea of looking at the address on her driver's license, but from what had happened earlier in the day, Meredith knew that she'd know just where to go. Her first stop was the post office, to collect the mail from her box. There were two bills, three very elegantly hand lettered envelopes from three different return addresses, one male and two female, but all addressed to a Monique Masters. The address was right, so Meredith bundled them. There was also an issue of Newsweek, and intriguingly, a catalogue that Meredith pulled out of a large plain white envelope. It was full of patent leather clothes and accessories, and she couldn't wait to get home and see why Meredith was getting this.

The trip to her house took Meredith even further into the suburbs, to a ritzy looking neighborhood with almost palatial houses. When her Jag rounded a corner with a stone wall hiding what was beyond, Meredith almost instinctively reached into her glove compartment for the remote, one of whose buttons she then pressed. The Jag approached a set of iron gates swinging in at a driveway set into the wall, and she swung it in while pressing the second button, which opened the doors to her garage. Meredith was pleased to see that this garage was nearly as big as some of the houses in her old neighborhood.

There was an enclosed walkway that lead from the garage to the house, and Meredith reached into her bag for the house keys in a motion that was as natural as the smug sneer on her lips. "This bitch really does live high on the hog!" Meredith said aloud to herself. Her station in life made her so glad that she'd decided to fully adopt it. She set the mail on the desk just inside the door to the house, no make that mansion, with her purse next to them. The decor she saw drew a brief whistle from Meredith's lips, but of course she felt right at home in

Meredith saw the blinking light on the phone, but decided to check for the messages after she went and inspected her bedroom. The winding staircase leading to the upper deck visible from the cathedral ceilinged living room showed her exactly where to go. There were four doors visible beyond the railing along the second floor's landing, and the first one visited was her gold trimmed bathroom. The second door in the bathroom naturally led to Meredith's bedroom, and the four poster queen sized bed was exactly as she knew it would be. The other doors on that floor would take a visual inspection to spark memories, though. Meredith could not visualize what lay beyond them.

The first door that Meredith opened revealed a huge dressing room, with two mirrored vanity tables and more closets than she'd ever seen in her life. The first closet opened was chock full of black patent clothing. 'Now I know why Meredith got that catalogue!' she thought. Meredith suddenly had an inspiration of what the rest of the room contained, and decided to go back downstairs to check both her mail and the phone answering machine.

"Beeeep. Mistress Monique, this is your slutty slave Samantha. I hope that the bondage session that we had scheduled for tonight is still being planned. At work today, you didn't seem to be quite yourself, and if you are not feeling well, your slave humbly begs to be considered for a different evening. Please be so kind as to call this lowly wench and let her know if Her Bitchiness is still feeling dominant. Beeeep."

It was Anne's voice! Monique suddenly knew just what kind of bitch she was, and why everyone at work feared her so much. A sly sneer formed on her lips as she decided to see what the worms who'd sent the three letters dared to want. After, of course, calling Samantha back and giving her the good news bad news message. That evening was going to be an eventful one, for sure!

Yes, indeed, Meredith was going to really enjoy the new life she had adopted!

Another End

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