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 A Smilin' Jack Halloween Story

I have to admit that I don't think I used Jack quite as well as I should have, compared to how Maggie used him in her own story. I sure had fun using him as a means to an end for this story. It was a lot of fun to write, and I sure hope you have as much fun in reading it.
 Hi! Do I have a story to tell you! My name's Bill Evers, and...oh, what's that you say, Melanie? Yeah, you're right, that isn't exactly my correct name now, is it! Just let me tell them the story, okay?
 Well, anyway, ever since I'd met a new friend four years ago, who just happened to be female, I'd started to feel so much better about life. Things which for about fifteen years had to be hushed and hidden had since then become something to be shared and discussed openly. She turned out to be such an open-minded person, and I couldn't believe how far her friendship went toward making my day to day life so much more upbeat and carefree than it once had been. At least, between the two of us and a few other friends we'd discovered in our activities.
 At about the time when puberty started to affect me at age ten, I'd found that I had a fascination with close fitting female garments and high heeled footwear such as the costumes worn by female comics characters, and a desire to crossdress in such as a female. This eventually broadened into a fetish for sexy looking dresses and skirts also, still with the love of stiletto heels. This wasn't related in any way to a yearning to actually become a female, just to dress as one. I suppose the fantasies I'd developed over the years did involve my supposing that I was a true female while dressed as such, but I still never found myself trying to physically change.
 The hardest part about all my dressing was probably something I've shared with many other crossdressers over the years - acquiring good clothes and accessories. Many of the early efforts I made into doing comics type costumes were pretty makeshift, since most Halloween costumes depicting characters such as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Catwoman were overly simple. The dearth of readily available costumes may have been what sparked my branching into dresses and skirts, which were much more available, but still not easily obtained. The second hardest part was probably that even with some really great looking outfits, or at least ones I thought looked good, it was kind of pointless to get all dressed up while hiding so that I was the only witness.

Meeting and developing a quick friendship with Melanie proved to be the turning point for me. I was hesitant to mention my fantasy life to her at first, but after a while, it became apparent to me that she was a really true friend who had a very open mind, and a pretty active fantasy world of her own. She actually couldn't wait to see me dressed up as Jennifer once I'd told her, and when I showed her my hidden wardrobe before doing so, she was stunned. As it turned out, over the years I'd acquired a pretty extensive wardrobe, even with the difficulties in obtaining it. "Holy shit, Bill," she exclaimed, "Jennifer actually has more shoes and boots than I do!"
 The best thing about all this was that with Melanie's conniving help, I developed a body even more able to appear feminine, and most of Jen's ensemble ended up at least two sizes smaller than the huge collection she saw when I first let her on. She had gotten me much more fit and healthy than I once was, with a much sleeker male figure that was a lot easier to modify into a feminine form. In the process of replacing older outfits, Melanie had also come along with me to make it look like I was the male being dragged along by the female into all the great apparel and accessory shops. The feminine clothes still hiding in my closet (I occasionally got visitors for whom knowledge of my crossdressing would not be widely accepted...) had a lot more class and true female attributes than my older slapped-together ensembles.
 The hair on my arms and chest had always been one of the detriments to looking truly feminine, and Melanie persuaded me to shave it all off, since I could wear long sleeved shirts to work. The hair on my legs was another matter, and we decided to leave that alone since a couple layers of hose would hide it nicely. The smooth chest I got in the process gave her a working board to practice her makeup techniques, and for the first time, I was able to wear cleavage baring dresses and blouses that showed off my breast forms which had been perfectly blended in. Melanie also gave me good instruction on the proper care and usage of glue on fingernails. Since my hands weren't massive, they ended up looking feminine if not svelte after we got my nails looking good.
 The weirdest bit about my newer, healthier and trimmer body was that Jennifer had become a full two sizes smaller than Melanie herself! Of course, being a real girl, she didn't need a corset and a lot of other foundation garments to get into a shape able to fill out the finery she owned. Still, with her help in teaching me to use makeup, I'd been able to turn myself into not just a wanna be Jennifer that couldn't look into a mirror without losing it, to a downright good looking Jennifer who could not only pass in public, but draw the eyes of both men and possibly envious women. Melanie had so much as told me that she sometimes felt outclassed - she told me that she thought Jen made a better looking female than she did on occasion!
 Needless to say, Halloweens since befriending Melanie became a costuming delight of which I could only dream in years before. For the first one that we shared, we both did ourselves up in tight-fitting head to toe black spandex and leather to look like a pair of dominatrixes. She was in her normal long black hair, while I was using one of my black wigs which had hair that just hit my shoulders to cover up my own short sandy hair. I was lucky about having that sandy colored hair, since we could pluck and trim my eyebrows a bit without them becoming overly noticeable as a male, then use dark eyebrow pencil to make them look more feminine as Jen. The domino masks that were a major part of the dom look fit in perfectly, since it was Halloween. I hadn't yet gotten trimmed down, so my corset barely gave me a figure to match my costume, but it certainly didn't hurt the look that the breast forms I had were double D in size. So between us, Melanie was the wasp waisted vixen, while I was the more buxom vixen.
 We spent the evening at a private party she'd finagled us invitations to. Since everybody there was in really wild and varied costumes, it only took a bit of effort on my part to make my voice sound more feminine to have everyone wondering who the two foxy chicks in black were. The gasps heard when we unmasked at midnight were very much appreciated, after hiding by myself for so many years and then being able to do crossdressing with people who not only accepted it, but encouraged it. It even made the ache my feet were feeling after being in stiletto heels for hours worth it. As it turned out, by the way, I was one of *three* male to female crossdressers at that party, and I for one had not been able to make them out, either.
 The following year and then again last year, Melanie indulged my fantasies for comics heroine and villainess costumes. In the ensuing twelve months following that first Halloween, I'd slimmed down more than enough to make any of my costumes look nearly as good as the exaggerated female forms seen in the comics. That second year Melanie wore a Rogue costume she put together herself. She looked like the Rogue seen on the animated X-Men TV show, with a spandex unitard that had a yellow front and back, including her inner thighs, and bright green elsewhere. A thin brown belt with a X buckle was wrapped around her narrow waist, and Rogue's trademark brown leather jacket with rolled up sleeves was draped loosely over her upper body. Somehow, Melanie had gotten some over the knee fold over tops leather boots that took on the same yellow color as the spandex, and she was really glad that Rogue wore flat heels! Best of all, she'd worked up a long and full light brown wig to have Rogue's other trademark, her white skunk striped big hair. From her forehead over to the top of the back of her head the hair was a shocking white, and the green headband really set this off well. Melanie even managed to do her makeup such that she looked like a much younger twenty or so, to match Rogue's youth.
 I had put together a Phoenix costume for that party. My shiny spandex unitard was entirely bright green, with a deep black vee going from my shoulders to a point just below my breasts. The bottom of this vee had a yellow design depicting a spread winged bird - a phoenix. All the accents of this costume were in that same golden yellow - gloves which came nearly to my shoulders, a wide sash belt around my now much narrower waist that met at a phoenix shaped clasp on the right side and then streamed down my right leg, and thigh high boots which had much higher fronts than backs, going from a peak on the front of my thighs to a nadir just above the back of my knees. Unlike Rogue, my boots *did* have heels! I topped off the costume with a long red wig, and had golden dangle earrings clipped to my still un-pierced earlobes.
 Since I'd shown her what I was going to wear quite a few months before Halloween, Melanie had made her Rogue costume to go with my Phoenix costume. That way we both became real live X-Men, with the Marvel group's name being sort of 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' in my case. Also, I'd spent so much time with Melanie wearing heels by then that those on my boots gave me no problem at all that night.
 We were at a much larger gathering that second Halloween together, and there was a contest for best costume. There were very few comics related costumes that night, with most being Star Trek and Star Wars types. As I fully expected, Melanie was awarded the grand prize for her exquisitely done Rogue, while surprisingly, I got second place! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that when I arrived I was in the green and gold Phoenix outfit, but reappeared in the middle of the festivities in the scarlet red and golden yellow Dark Phoenix outfit, with much more wicked looking makeup to boot. Costume-wise, it had been a simple matter of replacing the green unitard with the red one, which had a large golden phoenix in that vee, with no black. I even surprised Melanie with that switch (girls have to keep some secrets, don't they?) and it must have impressed the judges, too!
 Last year, instead of going to a really large gathering, we went to a smaller setting that had both adults and their kids. This was a church-sponsored Halloween party, and I was a big hit with the kids. They recognized my Batgirl costume as being the one from the still in repeats Batman animated show on the WB. It was a shiny black spandex unitard with a large yellow bat emblazoned over my big breasts, and there were gloves and boots with bat scalloping accents to match, along with the utility belt hanging loosely atop my hips. The front of my cowl's mask was black, but the top and sides were a dark blue to match the outer, back side of the cape hanging down to the top of my butt. Its inner surface was good old yellow, and the bottom edge was bat scalloped. The red wig I'd used the year before for Phoenix worked almost as well for Batgirl, and while the WB Batgirl wore flat heeled boots, I patterned mine from the Silver Age comics version, with medium high heels that were a bit easier on my feet than some of my usual stilettos.
 Of course, it didn't hurt that Melanie was in the black Catwoman costume that replaced the grey version used during the first few years of the same show. She had an easy task in making that costume, since it was basically the dominatrix outfit she'd worn two years earlier. It was a shiny, solid black unitard, and she added the cowl and mask that typified the newer Catwoman and allowed none of her hair to be seen. Her eyes were covered by large white shapes similar to the kind on Spider-Man's costume, and while nobody could see her hazel eyes through them, she could see out just fine. She wore the same elbow length gloves from her dom costume, along with the knee high spike heeled boots. The fact that both of us were in heels was the only thing making us different from the shows, but most of the kids couldn't tell the difference.
 We made quite a pair, and very few of the kids noticed the fact that Batgirl was a bit taller than Catwoman, even with her much higher heels, quite the opposite of the relationship on the cartoons. They were just so glad to see real live versions of what they'd seen as two-dimensional figures on TV. The kids with cameras were using up a lot of film, especially when halfway though the night a friend of Melanie's named Suzanne showed up in her Harley Quinn costume! This time, it was Melanie who'd kept a secret from me. If we'd had a Poison Ivy also, we'd have had the Gotham Girls as a full set.
 Anyway, the fun part for me came after that party, when Melanie and I went back to my house to play around. She indulged some of the fantasies I'd mentioned to her by having her Catwoman turn my Batgirl into her new kitten, Catgirl. It sure helped to have so many sexy undergarments and costume parts on hand! Simulated lesbian love making while still in costume led to some pretty vigorous heterosexual coupling after disrobing. Good thing the kids from the party weren't around to see just what Catwoman and Catgirl started doing with each other...
 It wasn't long after that third Halloween that Melanie and I got married. It had become pretty obvious to the both us that we just seemed to be truly made for each other. Some of our friends actually suggested that besides the regular wedding we should do a mirror version where Jennifer would get a wedding gown and wed Melanie in a lesbian joining. It sounded like fun, but I couldn't see going through all the cost and time of getting fitted for a gown, so we skipped that idea for at least the time being. The honeymoon that we spent in Vale skiing *was* spent almost entirely as two females, however. For somebody who'd originally only wanted to dress up and not truly become a woman, I was really starting to wonder...Melanie and I sure loved our shared role playing!
 As you can probably imagine, I started to spend a lot more time as Jennifer than just on Halloweens, thanks to Melanie. We'd gotten me dressed and done the malls quite a few times, and once she even brought me along to a boutique to get a makeover and nail job beside her. I had the supposition that the young lady doing my facial would surely recognize my slightly rougher male skin and pores, along with the evidence of a shoulder length black wig seen from close-up, but either Kim has had other transvestites who came to her for makeovers, or Melanie gave her the word beforehand. As it happened, Kim never made any mention of my being anybody other than Jennifer, and even oohed and ahhed at the results when she'd finished. When I saw myself in the mirror, I nearly fainted. Never before had I looked as stunning as the new and improved Jennifer I was seeing.
 One nice thing about being married was having Melanie in the same house. No longer did I have to hide Jennifer's wardrobe. It may have seemed to visitors who weren't in the know that Melanie sure had a huge collection of shoes and boots, not to mention one hell of a lot of dresses and the like, but that was an easy explanation for that part of my collection. The only things we had to keep more or less hidden for those visits were our wigs. They couldn't be explained away quite as easily.
 * * * * *
 So that we'd be all set to pass out candy on Halloween this year, Melanie and I started a week early in setting up the ghoulish monster spiders and their webs, caskets containing vampires and mummies, witches holding brooms and stirring their wicked brews, and more pumpkins than any of those witches could shake a broom at. Since the plastic ones with lights inside were starting to look nearly as good as the traditional hollowed out real things, our pumpkins were merely pulled out of storage in the attic and put into position. No more cutting, carving and hollowing...then again, that meant no homemade pumpkin pies, either. Both of us thought the simplicity of the plastic ones far outweighed the loss of usable pie material. The best of these pumpkins was a really wicked looking one that we put on a stand right next to the front door on the inside, which would be guarding the candy dish come Halloween night.
 We even had a sound system rigged to provide feedback, screeches, groans and other nerve-shattering sounds to scare the bejeebers out of trick or treaters. I had a cassette tape that would reverse play on a continuous loop so that we could ignore the sound system, other than listening for any slowing down that would imply a change in batteries. The speakers were hidden in the bushes just outside the front door, with one more below and behind the pumpkin inside the door.
 Just for good measure, both Melanie and I were going to be wearing witch costumes that night to match the hags tending their cauldrons we'd set up. However, only our costumes would match - both of us intended to look like some of the most beautiful witches seen since Samantha Stevens on "Bewitched". We did plan on letting Melanie do most of the greeting and other talking, while I would add a few barely feminine cackles and such.
 * * * * *
 As he had done down through the millennia and in more worlds than mankind could even imagine, a certain prankster known to the English speaking world as Smilin' Jack picked a location to bestow his fiendish trickery upon. Of course, he was really only known to those upon whom he'd bestowed his pleasures, and most of them truly wished they'd never made his acquaintance. He particularly enjoyed the holiday known to us as Halloween, because there were usually many extra opportunities for his particular trickery, since the holiday was celebrated on both the actual day and usually on the weekend before, also.
 As always, Jack looked around for a likely setup to pull his pranks. When he spotted the preparations being made by Melanie and Bill Evers, he smiled maliciously and settled right into his usual corporeal host. Had it been nighttime, even with the lamps on inside it, anybody could have seen the eyes on the pumpkin just inside the door glow brightly, and its mouth leering briefly. However, since it was daytime on Friday afternoon, Jack's arrival went unnoticed. Right away he took note of all the clothes and costumes which weren't in Melanie's size, and as soon as she got home, started accessing her memories. When he found all the recollections of past Halloweens and plans for the one coming up, along with the more current crossdressing fun she had shared with her husband, Jack knew he'd found a mother lode. The couple he'd come upon were going to find themselves bestowed with his gifts, and would then go on to be his emissaries, provoking even more fun and games.
 Right away, Jack got to work in influencing Melanie to change the plans that had been made for the party they were going to.
 * * * * *
 As soon as I got home from work Friday evening, Melanie suggested that we do something completely different for the Halloween party. She said she wanted to surprise me this time, and to just trust her. With the way she was smiling, I didn't know if I should trust her...or be very afraid! All she would tell me was that there was another big costume contest at the party we'd be going to, but she didn't want to do any comics characters this time.
 The party would be the next evening, a few days before Halloween proper, and I'd been looking forward to showing off the Scarlet Witch costume we'd made. It would be neat to do a comics heroine witch for the party, and a more normal black clad witch on Halloween night. But since Melanie said she'd changed her mind and didn't want to wear her Wasp costume so we could do our two Avengers, I started to wonder if we had time to do anything else. I figured she must have come up with something workable, and to see what happened.
 I got my first hint when Melanie told me just before noon the next day that she wanted to help Jennifer get dressed right away. She and I got to chatting about work and such just to reduce the size and hardness of my prick, which had come to attention as soon as she mentioned her intentions. This accomplished, I quickly went into our bedroom to doff my pants and then reach into my briefs to fold my prick back between my legs under my crotch. Melanie followed, and was holding one of my flesh colored gaffes which had a realistic looking vagina molded onto it, and a good bit of brown hair to look like a feminine bush. She helped me step into it, which was a lot easier than doing it solo with one hand jammed into my crotch.
 With my crotch now looking feminine, we started making the rest of my body match. Melanie did the laces of my corset for me, pulling my waist in to only twenty-one inches. We followed that with one of my flesh colored body briefers to smooth it all out, then put the double D breast forms into its cups. She told me not to bother with blending these into my chest, since it wouldn't be until costuming time that this would be necessary. I put on two pair of flesh tone pantyhose to hide my leg hair, then slipped my legs into my dark blue stirrup pants. I used a loose fitting medium blue turtleneck sweater to cover my upper body, and after we did a quick and basic job with my makeup, at her suggestion I put on my short black wig. I finished becoming Jen by slipping some silver hoop earrings into my now pierced earlobes, and slipping my feet into a pair of dark brown shoes with low block heels. Interestingly, she told me not to worry about fingernails. Hmmm...
 It took a lot less time for Melanie to get dressed, and after grabbing both of our purses, by 1 we were out the door and getting into her Saturn. She then drove us both back to the same boutique that I got my first makeover in a couple of months earlier. This time, I just knew that Melanie had given some prior instructions to Kim. She was being very particular in how she redid my makeup, and when she finished with my face, she fitted me with some *much* longer fingernails, painted a bright red. From what I could see of the work being done on Melanie at the same time, I got the impression that the both of us were going to be awfully damned stunning by the time we left.
 My assessment proved correct.
 When I was shown how I looked after Kim had finished her task, I gasped. As good as I'd looked when Kim had last worked me over, I now looked like a stunningly beautiful but heavily made up model with my short black haired wig. Melanie's look was even more drastic, with her long black hair framing a face that seemed to advertise her sexuality. The grin on her face as she joined me while staring at myself really got me wondering about what she had in mind for later in the evening. She could obviously sense my wonderment. "You look incredible, Jennifer! Between us, we are going to be a real hit later just wait, girl!"
 Kim got us both to stand together away from the mirror then. She wanted to take a couple of pictures of the two vixens that she and her partner, Vicky, had turned Melanie and I into. We gave her a couple of different poses, really vamping for her. She promised to send us some copies. I was really looking forward to having them as keepsakes to remind me of just how sexy I could look for once.
 By the time we got home, it was nearing 5 pm. With the party due to start in three hours, that gave us a chance to sit down for a light meal so that we'd have something in our stomachs to absorb some of the beer and other alcohol that was going to be heavily consumed later. Of course, with my corset tightly laced around my waist, my stomach was in no condition to handle much food anyway. As we ate, I started to wonder why I didn't feel instantly full, but didn't think much of it since Melanie was nearly unstoppable in her praise of my new look.
 As soon as we finished, Melanie said, "Jennifer, I'll refresh your makeup after we get you into your costume. It got a bit messed up while you were eating. Just toss the stuff into the sink, we can wash them later. Let's get going on getting dressed!"
 In my best sultry voice to match my new look, I told her, "I can't wait to see what you've got in mind to go with this new look, hon." Wait a minute...sultry? To my own ears, that sounded more like a phone sex operator. Must be trying too hard...
 "You're gonna love this one, Jen. Come on."
 After we took off my wig, top and pants, Melanie had me take off the body briefer and corset with her help. This gave her a clean canvas upon which to work her art. The two breast forms were reapplied with glue, then blended into my chest with makeup. I was so fascinated with what she was doing to the top of my chest that I failed to notice the change which had taken place on my lower chest. Eating had been easier because my waist had narrowed considerably, so that less was squeezed into place. In actuality, one set of ribs had disappeared also, but I couldn't tell that just yet.
 When the corset was wrapped around my waist again, it felt like it wasn't pulling in enough. "Melanie, are you sure you've got this thing laced as tight as usual?"
 "Yes, but if you really want it tighter, I'll see if I can help."
 I then felt a more normal squeezing, but couldn't yet see that this had brought my waist down to a minuscule eighteen inches. "Don't worry about the body briefer, honey," Melanie said, "your corset is part of the look for your costume."
 The first thing she handed me was a black lace garter belt. This already got me wondering what could follow. What followed was a matching black lace G-string to put on over my gaffe. Hmmm.... Then she gave me some black fishnet hose to put on over my pantyhose, the tops of which were help up by the garters. "Now for the best part!"
 Melanie handed me a shiny black pvc...dress? It was a sleeveless top that looked like a bustier and worked perfectly with the corset as predicted, with a micro miniskirt bottom that came to just below the tops of the fishnets, only inches below my crotch. It buckled up the front, so Melanie watched as I fastened each strap. Then she surprised me! To each buckle, she added a small lock!
 While I was still almost in shock taking this in, she pulled a matching black choker around my throat, right over my Adam's apple, and then hooked another lock into place on it. This was getting really kinky! It would have seemed even kinkier if I could have seen that Adam's apple disappearing.
 "Here you go, Jen," Melanie then said as she handed me a new pair of boots. They were shiny black granny boots that laced up the front, with a locking strap at the top. As soon as I'd laced them on, she attached the locks. Another old fantasy fulfilled...ultra high stiletto heeled boots that were now securely on my feet, unable to be removed.
 "Okay, now let's get your makeup renewed," she said, with what I could swear was a hint of venom in her voice. "Close your eyes." She worked over my face a lot more than I thought would be needed, since I expected that only my lipstick would have been affected at dinner. "Now, don't look in the mirror until I get your wig on, dear. In fact, keep your eyes closed."
 Dear? The way she said it...and why did I actually feel compelled to do just as she said?
 Unable to move, I started to feel something strange happening to me as I waited. The cramped and crushed feeling in my crotch under the gaffe suddenly seemed more like an open and moist area with no constrictions at all. The weights on my chest seemed to become more intimately attached, and I could sense my nipples inside the cups of the corset. I even seemed to become more cushioned where I was seated, as if my ass was blossoming. And did my feet seem to be shrinking, with the arch of my boots becoming even higher? What was happening to me?
 I could then feel Melanie pulling a wig over my head, and as soon as it was in place, I knew it was one of my really long ones. I felt hair tickling the top of my tush. She used a brush to straighten it out, and when finished, said, "Take a look at the new you, Jennifer."
 I opened my eyes to see a reflection of the most sultry and slutty looking bitch I'd ever seen, dressed in tight fitting black with delicious cleavage and a full head of incredibly long brown hair. When I raised my fingers with their long scarlet red painted nails to my cheeks in horror, I saw hands that were tiny and svelte. "What..." I started to say, and stopped when I heard the voice of a sultry bimbo.
 "You mean you can't tell?" a strange male voice said, from out of nowhere. "You've always wanted to look like a beautiful woman, but not actually be one, right, Jennifer? Well, now you're one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but you're such a wanton slut that you've got enough makeup on to hide your beauty under your advertisement for sex."
 "Wha...who are you?" I barely managed to get out before Melanie glared at me.
 "His name is Smilin' Jack, and I am thoroughly enjoying helping him. Keep your mouth shut and listen, Jennifer."
 "That's right, Jennifer. I'm here to grant you your fondest wish, even though it's one you never wished to actually happen. Melanie is now your Mistress, and has total control over you. Do have fun tonight; the two of you are going to really enjoy your new lives, and have fun showing off to those you meet."
 "Now it's time for me to get into my own costume!" Melanie said in a truly malicious tone.
 She quickly got out of the normal clothes she'd been wearing, and pulled on a halter top black pvc bustier with an attached panty that barely covered her nether regions and proudly displayed her ass cheeks. She zipped a pair of similar thigh high boots onto her legs, with heels even higher than my own. She pulled a silver choker around her own neck, and to it attached the key to all my locks. She pulled a pair of fingerless gauntlets over her wrists, then she brushed her hair. "Okay, Jennifer, I'm now ready. Let's go."
 As we both neared the front door to leave, Jack's voice came forth once again. "You're going to have a lot of fun tonight, Jennifer, offering up your body to anybody willing to pay your high prices. But for the rest of this evening, you're not Jennifer. You are Francesca, the willing whore slave of Mistress Monica."
 The voice seemed to be coming from near the pumpkin. Was this actually some kind of stunt Melanie was pulling with the speaker system?
 "No, Francesca, it's not anything your Mistress has done. She has only done what I suggested to her, and she readily accepted. I hope you get some protection before you spread your legs for the first time tonight. You're going to find that filling the hole between your legs is a passion that you cannot fight, and you are a fully equipped female now. Fully equipped for some fun you can't yet imagine!"
 Mistress Monica picked up one of the dog chains we had placed in the gory display around the pumpkin, then clipped it to a ring that I didn't know was on my choker. "Let's get moving, you cunt!" she said with an evil gleam in her eye.
 * * * * *
 That night at the party, I felt the pleasures of every single male. I also was forced by my Mistress to satisfy the first few women, but soon I was thrilled to cater to every female in attendance. It didn't dawn on me until late in the evening why I was servicing so many more females than males. By the time it came for us to leave, not a single male character was there. It hadn't started as a party for women only, but I sure made it that way!
 My Mistress had a lot of fun, because besides toying with me, she also found that every other woman at the party, and that eventually meant everybody at the party, eagerly gave themselves to her demanding pleasure.
 By the time we got back home, I'd also made a few hundred dollars in addition to what I'd gotten at the party. If this was going to be my new source of income, work was going to be something I would enjoy a lot more than in the past! Mistress also made a lot of money; it seems like a lot of the people there wanted her to demean them, whip them, chain them, get the idea.
 We both found out the next morning when we woke up that what I'd become was permanent, but that my role as the whore named Francesca was strictly an after sundown activity. A werewhore, you say? Hee, hee!
 We also found out about a few other powers Jack had given us when Halloween night came. Mistress got into her witch costume, and if anything, looked like a really domineering witch. I actually did all the talking instead of the other way around, since Francesca was a witch that had to do exactly what her Mistress told her. I do mean witch. We both cast spells on the candy that we passed out, and the cauldrons that now had real brew in them provided more avenues for change. I'm betting that there weren't very many boys in our local school the next day.
 Luckily for the rest of the kids, our witch powers were only with us on Halloween night. It sure is fun to dress up as really sexy witches now, though, even long after Halloween. Getting into our heroine and villainess costumes has a whole new meaning now, too. I have to be careful, because one night (at least, that's all I can remember!) when I was wearing Melanie's Catwoman costume, Monica commanded me to use my new identity for its intended purpose. I don't know if any jewelry stores really got broken into that night, but the next time I was being marketed out on the streets, I was wearing some brand new diamonds!
 So, like Melanie mentioned at the top, Bill isn't exactly my name any more. Of course, part of the time, Melanie isn't hers, either. "Ouch!"
 "That's right, you little cunt! The sun just went down, and Mistress Monica wields her whip with glee!"
 Phew...I sure hope Smilin' Jack never decides to drop in anywhere near where you live!
 The End!

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