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True to form for me, you just know I'm going to say that this story utilizes some characters owned by DC Comics/TimeWarner.  It's only a story done for readers' enjoyment with no profit to be made by the author.  Ergo, it's free to be archived on any site, provided the site has free access to its stories.

And yes, Elrod did say it was okay to do this story.  I want to thank Ellie Dauber for getting me started on it, and Elrod along with a few other friends for encouraging me to finish it.  That was back in 2000.  I just did a rewrite and update in 2013.

Bikini Beach: A Friend in Need...
by Steve Zink

A week after the private party had taken place, Anya got a strange phone call during what was proving to be yet another slow Wednesday at the park.  The weather was almost unbelievably good, with the skies a sparkling blue accented by a few billowing cumulus clouds that kept it from looking boring.  The temperatures had stayed hot after the rains which had finally come a few days before to relieve the severe dryness a bit, and this weather should have been drawing in customers like bees to a honeycomb.  Yet somehow, other than a few park regulars, very few first-time visitors and guests were coming into the park.  In particular, hardly any males were being set up or coming on their own.

"Good afternoon, Bikini Beach, this is Anya, may I help you?"  Anya had relieved her Grandmother in the small grey admin office for a few hours while Vicky took over at the very slow ticket office.  She focused her mind, as her Grandmother had taught her, and did a quick scan of the caller.  Her eyes widened in pleasant surprise at finding him to be a truly kind and generous young man.

She listened to his initial questions, then replied, "Why, yes, of course we can do specific changes if they are required.  We've turned a few men into very young girls who got to start life all over again, and while most of the guys got changed to specifications given by females, there have been a few special men that we have changed to particular female forms that they themselves wanted.  What did you have in mind?"

Her caller started to give her information.  Anya's eyebrows rose as a look of surprise came to her face, when she heard, "There's a friend of mine named Steve.  He's an author, and has had a bad problem with getting fresh ideas for his writing.  One of the women I work with told me about the changes that occur at your park, so I want to buy him a weekend pass that can be upgraded if he so desires, and give him a body that will really surprise him.  If *she* gets to work with the body you'd give *him*, I'm sure that he, or maybe eventually, she would have plenty to write about, and not just in the limited venues in which he's been holed up.  Here's who I'd like to have you turn him into..."

She took notes as the caller started to give her rather specific details.  It was definitely different, but didn't sound difficult at all.  Her growing magical ability alone could probably handle it, but as the young woman linked her mind to her Grandmother to see where she was, she watched her acting almost like a little girl on the Spillway Slide.  Anya knew that the age and wisdom of her elder would be quite beneficial to a successful conclusion to this strange request.  "Thank you, Jerry, and I'll put that charge on your card for you.  Would you like me to mail the pass to you?"

"No.  I'm hoping you can do this favor for Steve this coming weekend.  If so, I'll come by tomorrow around noon during my lunch break to pick it up.  I hope to see you then."

"I'll try to make sure I'm on duty at the gate for you.  This weekend makes it a bit of a rush, but that shouldn't be a problem," Anya explained.  "As I believe you know, it has been rather slow at the gate recently.  I look forward to seeing you, and also in setting up the change you want."

"Thank you, Anya.  Goodbye."

With a wide grin forming on her now happy face, Anya told him goodbye, and saw her Grandmother making her way down the path toward the ladies' locker room as she was hanging up the phone.  She couldn't wait to tell her about the deal she's just arranged.  Then again, maybe the reason she was heading in was that she already knew...

This was confirmed when her Grandmother came back into the office to relieve her.  "Anya, this deal you're setting up sounds like a very pleasant change, with some real surprises for our client.  You should know, however, that my magic is not boundless and capable of any and everything.  With the lessons you've been getting, and some additional heavy practice in the next couple of days, you might be capable of handling it all on your own.  If not, the Wiz at SRU owes me; we might get some help from him, and maybe Dannie, to complete the transformation."

Anya stood there with a deep look on her face for a few moments as this sunk in, frowned for effect, then said, "Gee, I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this deal, but I should be able to handle it just fine.  Besides, I doubt Steve would want the Wizard to get into it; he wouldn't want to end up as a Gloverized bimbo!  I'll call Dannie tonight, and we'll see what I can do.  I'll also ask her to be on standby, with a quick connection to the Wizard, just in case."

"I trust you, just be careful.  Have fun, too!"

Anya grinned with a wide and toothy smile as she turned to leave the office.  "This sounds like almost as much fun as playing with Hernando!  But then, this change is going to be all for the good, I hope.  See ya later!"

* * * * *

Early that evening, Anya was munching on a pizza with Dannie, who just popped in moments after the pizza delivery guy left.  The visitor from Bikini Beach wished she could get around as easily as Dannie did, but maybe that would come, eventually.  As they worked on devouring the medium pepperoni, Dannie told Anya about the latest goings on at the SRU.  "It sure is fun, with the shop going from place to place to spread our magic far and wide," she said in conclusion.  "I only had to jump from New Orleans to get here this evening; it may have taken a bit more out of me if the shop had been on the West Coast!"

"Makes me glad I can reach you so easily," Anya replied.  "I can just see a phone trying to catch up with you two!"

Then Anya told her about the request that had been made.  Once she had briefed Dannie on all the details that would be required for this change, they started working on Anya's control.  Dannie had Anya first do some modifications to each of their bodies, both in eye contact and separated in different rooms.  Dannie giggled loudly when, without warning, her breasts suddenly expanded to the kind of proportions normally seen on the SRU's clients.  "Anya...!" she started to yell, but stopped as the room around her shimmered and then took on an entirely different aspect.

Dannie looked around at the completely redone furniture, then thought to glance in the closet.  Its contents didn't surprise her, since Anya had told her about the goals of this training session.  To surprise her friend, though, Dannie did an instant change from the aqua blouse and teal slacks she'd been wearing to one of the purple spandex outfits in the closet.  As Anya came through the doorway, Dannie placed her now black clad fists on her hips and said, "Very interesting!  I can see why you did that number on my tits!  I suppose a contented meow would be appropriate now?"

Anya laughed uncontrollably at this, then watched as Dannie blinked back into her normal clothes, and assumed her normal chest size.  "I guess this means that besides the body changes which I can do so easily, physical changes to environments are also possible.  What you found in this room is what I intend to do with Steve's room.  If you looked that good in the costume, I'm sure Steve is going to love it.  You did look a bit short for it, though."

"I can't believe how easily this is coming to you," Dannie replied.  "After the way you did almost all the work on Hernando yourself, I felt a bit sidelined.  It seems to me that you've got the potential to make what the Wiz and I do look pale in comparison.  At first I'd thought you were just a lower-level mage, since some of what you were doing seemed sort of haphazard, but your control has really tightened up.  I dare say that if your grandmother had taken on this project, the Wiz would have had to do most of the work; you seem to have a lot more going for you than even your grandmother."

Anya felt both a thrill and an ominous shiver upon hearing Dannie's words; this was no faint praise.  "Wow!  Now that you mention it, it seems that I've been doing more and more of the harder changes at the park.  Maybe Grandmother had me join her so I could learn my true potential."

Dannie smiled to conceal her fear.  'That, and learn control,' she thought.  'So you don't end up causing all Hell to break loose.'  She looked thoughtfully at Anya.  "Let's see how well you can add changes on top of changes."

The girls spent the rest of the evening seeing how well Anya could do an almost instantaneous change on top of one just initiated in case something was to go wrong.  By the time the witching hour was approaching, Dannie was satisfied that with only a short session again Thursday night, Anya would be perfectly ready, and she would only need to be on standby.  She'd talk to the Wiz, but the young SRU clerk was pretty sure that he wouldn't be needed this time.  The two young almost-witches were both getting quite adept at their trade.

* * * * *

Jerry Garster drove the eleven miles from his office to Bikini Beach across town as soon as he was released for his lunch break.  From what Anya had told him, he'd expected to find no trouble in parking when he got there.  However, he was truly shocked to see how few cars were actually there.  It was the summer, and school was out.  There should have been untold numbers of patrons using the popular women's resort.  Where was everybody?

He found a spot no more than twenty yards from the entry gate, and Jerry grinned as he caught a glimpse of a few women going in and out of the locker room and gift shop nearby, and walking down the path leading to the park beyond when he got closer.  The short walk had given him a quick view of an abnormally small number of women using the facilities he could see, and while some were real stunners, most were your typical family women with their youngsters.  It was the kind of crowd Jerry expected to see at any given grocery store at that time of day, but at least they were in swimsuits of all sorts.

When he got to the ticket window, Jerry saw a good looking young woman with wavy black hair sitting at the position, with a wide grin on her face.  Unbeknownst to him, Anya had done a quick mental scan of the only male approaching about when Jerry had said he'd be there, and confirmed who he was.  Before he could introduce himself, she said, "Hello, Jerry!  I'm glad you could make it over here today.  I'm Anya, and my grandmother thinks there should be no problem in granting your request.  In fact, she seemed almost enthusiastic about the prospect of my helping you."

"Are you going to start playing the name game like a certain old wizard I've heard of?" Jerry asked.  "I hope you don't do that with all your new customers!  It might throw some people off."

Anya giggled.  "Well, since I knew that you'd heard a bit about the park, and what we were capable of, as soon as I knew it was you approaching, I figured I was safe in being straightforward with you.  Oh, excuse me for just a moment."

A pretty blonde was walking up to the gate and spotted Jerry with Anya.  "Excuse me, sir."  She looked over the strongly built man with close cropped black hair who seemed to be about 5'8", and grinned at what might be coming up.  "Hi, Anya!"

"Hi, Daphne!  Chastity is off duty on her lunch break right now, so you might find her over at Port Landing.  And don't expect to see Jerry here joining you in the park this afternoon...he's getting a package set up for a friend of his."

"Oh, poo!  Hello, Jerry.  You might want to make a visit anyway, sometime.  You never know what kind of fun you could have until you've tried it!"  There was a certain gleam in Daphne's eyes as she said this.

"Maybe, just maybe," Jerry replied, while nodding his head in acknowledgment to Daphne.  He watched as she slid her membership card, and went strolling into the park with almost nobody around to slow her down.

"That's something I hadn't really considered, Anya.  Do you think it would help if I joined Steve here in the park for the weekend to get things rolling for the first day or two?"

Anya actually looked a bit surprised, and thought about this new bit for a moment.  "Hmmm...I can see Steve being much more at ease if someone he knows is on hand to join in all the new experiences he's going to encounter.  I wouldn't want to force you into this, but if you wish to willingly change yourself to help your friend, I think we can surprise not only him, but give Daphne a bit of a thrill, also.  I can sell you a weekend pass that we can add to your current bill, so that you'll be ready to greet your friend."

Jerry did a bit of pondering himself for a moment, without the aid of the magical skills which Anya may have used in her deliberations.  "I hadn't planned on this, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea.  If you'll promise me that nothing untoward will result from my own fun in the park, let's add that second weekend pass to the weekend pass I've already got set up for Steve."

Anya grinned.  "When there's no vengeance, revenge, or other evil intention involved in a customer's change, we never willingly allow bad things to happen.  The only thing I'd have to warn you about is that you would be a full-fledged female from shortly after you activate your own pass until midnight Sunday.  This means that you'd have to contend with all that goes with femininity, both inside the park and outside, and be very careful in how you conduct yourself.  We wouldn't stick you with an increased libido or anything, but nevertheless, you'd have all the sensations and needs of a female body with which to contend."

"Thanks for the warnings," Jerry replied while nodding.  "It does sound like a bit more of a challenge than I'd originally thought, but it should be worth it.  Consider it done.  Here's my card."

With the new aspects of the changes being called for, Anya was feeling more than cheerful as she ran the charge for Jerry.  This was going to work out even better than before, she just knew it.  "Here are the two passes.  As requested, though the first one is a weekend pass, it can be upgraded without any trouble."

As Jerry looked over the passes, in particular the one that he himself would be using, he could find no hidden meanings in any of the printing on their fronts or backs.  As he slipped them both into his wallet, he told Anya, "I was originally going to be just an interested spectator, but now it seems that I'm going to have a much deeper role in this.  It should be fun!  I'll get here tomorrow at least two hours before Steve.  He gets off at 4 in the afternoon, and that should put him here around 6."

"Thanks for your 'business', Jerry!  I'll watch for you tomorrow afternoon, and we'll have to make sure Daphne doesn't see you until you're inside to surprise her.  I'll be sure to introduce you to Grandmother at that time, also.  She had hoped to be here today to meet you, but had business to take care of downtown with Ronnie."

"I'd like to meet her, too.  See you tomorrow!"

Grinning broadly, Jerry turned away from the gate and headed back to his car.  The fact that he...ahem, *she*, would now become a key part of his friend's change was bringing all kinds of interesting thoughts to mind.  The trip back to work, and the remainder of the workday, went so much smoother than usual with the prospects of the weekend to come bearing on his thoughts.

* * * * *

The light on Steve's answering machine was blinking twice when he looked at it after coming through the door.  It had been a rough day working out in that blistering heat, and even though he normally hit the play button as he walked by, the young man made a bee line for his bathroom to take a quick shower.  The air conditioning, combined with a freshly cleansed body, gave him a totally reinvigorated feeling.  He threw on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts after drying off, and hit the play button as he went by headed for his kitchen.

"Beeeep.  Good morning, Mr. Jenson.  We would like to introduce you to our new rug cleaning service.  We can guarantee spotlessly clean rugs using our distinctly unique and different steam-cleaning system.  Please give us a call at 407-555-4321.  Thank you.  Thursday, 11:16AM.  Beeeep."

'Distinctly unique, eh?' Steve thought.  'Another great user of redundancies...'

"Beeeep.  Hey, Steve, it's Jerry.  Give me a call when you get in.  Don't plan on making hot dogs for dinner tonight, and put on something better than that T-shirt I know you've got on.  Meet me at Quincy's, and I'll treat you to a nice steak.  I'll be home at 5:15 waiting for you.  Thursday, 3:47PM.  Beeeep."

He grinned at the way his friend had him so well pegged.  He had no intention of calling the rug cleaners, and let his machine erase the messages he'd just heard.  He picked up the phone, and noted that it was now quarter to six.  'I hope Jerry hasn't given up on me yet,' Steve thought as he punched his friend's number on the dial.

"Hello, Garster resi-"

"Yeah, hi, Jerry, it's Steve."

"Did you take off the T-shirt yet?"

"C'mon, Jerry, give me a break.  It'll only take a couple of minutes to put on a better shirt and maybe some jeans.  I figured that as late as it was getting, I'd better call you back first."

"Heh, heh, thanks!  I was starting to wonder when you were going to call."

"I took a shower as soon as I got in to get the workday off.  I guess that was a good idea, seeing as how you want me to go to Quincy's."

"Ooo, I'll bet you smell fresh as a rose now.  Ha!  Okay, just get on some decent clothes, and I'll see you there in about twenty minutes."

"Gotcha, Jerry.  See ya."


Steve pulled the T-shirt up over his short, sandy blonde hair as he walked back toward his bedroom, taking care to not pull off his glasses at the same time.  He looked into his closet, and saw the small selection available amongst his shirts.  He wished he'd been able to have more clothes, but since there'd rarely been any need, the small selection he had would have to suffice.  'I don't want to look dressy, it's only Quincy's,' he mused while sifting through the few hangers.  He grabbed a navy blue polo shirt and pulled it off the hanger, then went over to his dresser to get a pair of jeans from the pants drawer.  Five minutes later, he was back in his little white Celica, and wishing that its a/c worked as well as the one in his house.

As he pulled into the Quincy's lot, Steve saw Jerry's tan Saturn, already parked and empty.  His friend was waiting as he strode through the front door.  "Hi," Jerry said in greeting.  "Let's get in line.  I've got some great news for you."

"Gee, this is really something," Steve grinned.  "You're buying dinner, and you have some good news.  Must be really something, if you didn't want to just tell me about it on the phone."

Any further discussion was put on hold as their orders were made, and a number of other customers piled up close behind them.  After their platters had been filled with drinks, utensils, napkins and receipts, the pair of friends made their way to a booth in the nonsmoking section.  "So what's the big deal?" Steve asked.

"I've been checking your archive pretty regularly lately," Jerry told him.  "You haven't finished any books or added any new stories since April.  Has your muse gone on vacation?"

Steve looked over the top of his glasses at his friend, and raised an eyebrow.  "I didn't think you were that concerned about my lack of output.  I think maybe my muse is taking the summer off.  I just can't seem to come up with any decent story ideas, and even adding more to some of my older, unfinished stories and books is fruitless."

"Well, how about if I give you a spark to ignite your imagination?" Jerry grinned.  "I presume you've heard about that water park over on the other side of town?  Bikini Beach is just chock full of good looking women almost all the time, and if seeing all that flesh in one spot doesn't get you going, I don't know what will.  I got a weekend pass for you so that you can enjoy yourself and not have to sit around the house this weekend."

"Yeah, I've heard about it.  Some of the guys at work have said that the park is a real haven for good looking women, and I know at least two of the female cashiers are members.  They've made comments about how much fun the park is," Steve told him.  "I've never seen anything like that, and can barely imagine all the great looking bodies in revealing bathing suits.  Does this mean you're planning on giving me a totally new perspective and viewpoint?"

Jerry lifted his right hand for a pause as he saw the server approaching with their plates, trying hard to suppress a grin at the choice of words his pal had used, then after she'd left said, "We both know that Bikini Beach is a park catering to women.  Good.  Yes, I'm hoping that spending the weekend there will give you a whole new attitude."

The rest of the dinner was spent with small talk about what to expect, and Jerry was very good at keeping any hints about his own part in the amusements from coming up.  He was also very crafty in suggesting about what time Steve should get there the next evening.  He wanted to make damn sure that he got there long before his friend.

After Jerry handed the pass to him, Steve studied it closely for a few minutes.  This was a ticket to things unimagined, well...imagined, maybe, but certainly not anticipated.  A large part of his psyche wanted desperately to accept the gift openly, with hopes of good things to come.  A nagging minority side tried to overrule this glee, warning that nothing from the pass could be without potential problems.

The majority ruled, and as they left Quincy's to head back to their respective cars, Steve said, "I think I'm safe to say thank you very much.  I'm really looking forward to visiting the park this weekend.  See ya!"

"You're welcome.  I'm sure you're going to enjoy your time there!"

That night, two completely different viewpoints about the next day kept both Steve and Jerry from getting to sleep right away.  Steve was envisioning all the women he'd be observing while enjoying the park, picturing in his mind a sea of tanned and swimsuited bodies.  Jerry, on the other hand, was envisioning being a part of that very sea, and trying hard to imagine just what it was going to be like.  Without any real experience in it, imagination was all he had.  He knew very well that this would be quite different less than twenty-four hours later.

* * * * *

Before his lunch break on Friday, Jerry made arrangements to get the remainder of the afternoon off.  Since he was known as a hard worker, dedicated to getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, his supervisor was glad to give him the afternoon as a free bonus that he wouldn't have to make up.  This gave him at least two hours before he'd have to get to the park, but as he was thinking about it while eating his sandwich, the schemer got an idea.  Anya had mentioned trying to pull a joke on Daphne, and instead of waiting until Saturday or Sunday, by which time Daphne may have already caught on to what was occurring, he decided to go directly to Bikini Beach after eating and see if they could hoodwink Daphne in the time before Steve was due to get there.  Since he'd put his swim trunks, a towel and his flip flops in the Saturn before leaving for work that morning, he was all set.

When Jerry pulled into the parking lot, he saw that it was a good bit more occupied than the day before, but still, nowhere near full.  He made the correct assumption that it was due to a lot of women taking a long weekend, which was more or less what he had done, also.  He had to park a good bit further from the entry gate, but still had just a short walk to make before he got to a very small line at the ticket window.  Most of the customers seemed to be regulars, because they were going directly to the gate and sliding their passes for entry.  Since the early visitor already had his own pass, he was tempted to get into the quickly moving line, but he wanted to see if Anya was around, and find out just what she had in mind for him.  As he got to the window, he saw a slightly chubby and short, older but still very elegant looking woman with a pleasant smile on her face.  She'd done a quick mental scan as she spotted him coming up to the window, and her smile turned into an even wider grin when she noted no one else behind him.

"Well, hello Mr. Garster!  Welcome to Bikini Beach.  May I call you Jerry?  Anya has told me a lot about your plans, and I think you are a very generous person to be doing this.  Let me get her for you.  Hold on just a sec."

"Jerry is just fine, but just a moment, before you go, ma'am.  Anya told me about her grandmother who actually owns and runs this park; would I be correct in guessing that you are her?"

Grandmother actually giggled softly, then said, "Why, what makes you think that we wouldn't have any older women as employees working the gate?  But yes, you're guessing correctly.  One moment, please."  She picked up the handset of her phone and punched the intercom call button.  "Anya, intercom line 1, Anya, intercom line 1."

Jerry heard this go out over the speaker system within the park, then heard Grandmother's side of the conversation as she asked her to come to the front gate.  "She'll be here in about six minutes.  She knew you were coming, but hadn't expected you quite so early, Jerry.  She's been helping Jenny, our on site maintenance guru, work on the pumps at the Lava Run.  You'll see just where that is very soon, I'm sure.  How would you like to surprise Anya, besides the surprise you've both been cooking up for Daphne?"

"I got the feeling that Anya has a great sense of humor, so just tell me what you have in mind."

"Has anyone told you anything yet about just how we change males here at the park?"  Jerry shook his head.  "All the water here in the park has mystical properties, but we primarily use the showers.  Go ahead and hop into the men's shower real quick while Anya is still walking here.  You'll be pleasantly surprised, I'm sure, by what you see and feel after coming out of that shower.  In your case, I'm letting you take on whatever female form you desire.  Just get a good picture in your mind before you get into the shower.  Now, get moving!"

"Aha, so that's how you do it!  Okay, I've been thinking all night about the woman I want to be for the weekend, so that's no problem."

"Normally, I'd be there at the exit from the shower to hand you the top to whatever bikini your trunks change into, but this time, I'll have the top waiting for you in the locker.  You'll have all the body knowledge normal for an adult woman so that you'll have no problem in putting the top on, or any of the other minutiae of day to day living.  Also, you didn't need to bring that towel.  We have large numbers of them throughout the park.  Now, get moving, young lady!"

Jerry grinned broadly at her last order, and pulled the pass out of his wallet while turning to the gate.  He slid it and then looked both right and left as he got inside.  He saw the women all using the locker room to his left, and saw a small male symbol on the much smaller locker room to the right.  He knew right away why this one was so much smaller, and made his way into it while noting a few women smiling knowingly at him as he did so.  Since he didn't want to give away the fact that he knew all about the park and its way of changing males into females, he returned their smiles with quizzical looks.

When he got into the locker room, Jerry noted just how small it really was.  There were only a half dozen or so lockers, and only three showers with their attendant towel racks.  He took off his work clothes and shoes and placed them in the locker, then pulled on his khaki swim trunks and slipped into his flip flops.  He stepped into the showers, and adjusted the single knob for a good flow and not too hot temperature.  Even though he knew something was about to happen, the young man still closed his eyes as the water streamed over his head and face, and therefore missed seeing the significant pink mist which started to accompany the water coming from the shower head.  However, he was observant enough to feel the changes it started to bestow.

It made a big difference for Jerry to have a picture in his mind of what his body was turning into in the shower.  He actually felt his prick and balls pulling up into the new vertical slit in *her* body, becoming her new clitoris and ovaries.  She felt her waist narrowing considerably from the already small one for a male that Jerry had earlier.  Of course, at the same time a lot of other changes were happening, and since they took only seconds, it really was happening too fast for her to assimilate them.  Jerry did know, though, that as she turned to shut off the water, it was a very much smaller and infinitely more feminine hand which reached up for the knob.  Up, meaning that she was much shorter now, probably on the order of four foot six or so.  She also noticed right away that the nondescript flip flops on her feet had turned into much more feminine looking and very small waterproof sandals on her much daintier feet.

The quick toweling off was an entirely new experience which Jerry reveled in, and it was while doing so that she saw that her khaki trunks had turned into the daringly cut bikini bottom to a bright pink swimsuit with black spots.  When the new babe turned to face the mirror, she saw from a much different perspective the still uncovered, very full and round breasts jutting from her chest.  Jerry had known enough not to picture in his mind an overly stacked woman, and was quite satisfied with the C or D cup breasts she now had, which were plenty for her near petite body.  She also noted the almost waist length strawberry blonde hair which now adorned her head, along with the icy blue grey eyes she had.

When the new femaile opened the locker into which *his* clothes had been placed, she noticed that the minuscule pink and black bra top for her string bikini was hanging there as promised.  It looked like just two small triangles of fabric connected by strings around the back and up behind the neck as a halter.  The towel placed there with the clothes had vanished.

Also, all the male clothes had changed into a pale blue blouse and navy blue shorts set, with strapped high heeled sandals replacing the leather dress shoes.  The wallet that had been laid on the platform was replaced by a clutch purse with a shoulder strap, and when she looked inside, noticed that the driver's license and other ID's had all been appropriately changed to her new name.  The gorgeous, petite blonde had a wide grin on her face as she first let her mind go blank for a moment, then suddenly knew what to do as she expertly positioned and tied her bra top into place.

Jerry was gone, and Jacquie was ready to go out and see if she could surprise Anya.

Very slowly and carefully, Jacquie edged an eye toward the doorway to see if she could spot Anya.  She figured she had to have used most of that six minutes already.  With no sign of the young mage yet, she stepped out proudly and walked over to the park-side window of the pass booth to show Grandmother the result of her handiwork.  'As if she doesn't know already,' the brand new blonde beauty thought.

The cute babe who'd left the office as Jerry only a few minutes before caught sight of the older woman smiling as she turned and saw her, then observed her pointing behind and to her left.  Jacquie slowly turned her head and viewed Anya, wearing an aqua pair of shorts and a loose fitting pale yellow blouse along with some light grey walking shoes.  She was walking at a rather quick pace in her direction, but still far enough away that she probably hadn't taken notice yet of her visitor.  The blonde grabbed a towel off the rack and flung it over her right shoulder, and in the process, noticed that she'd done so with her left hand; apparently the change from Jerry to Jacquie had also changed her handedness.  Now decked out like a park regular, she stood and waited for Anya, just as if she was waiting for a friend.

Anya had indeed used a bit more than six minutes in getting back to the gate.  She'd seen two good friends while walking, and slowed to a near stop both times, which is why she was walking at such a quick pace when Jacquie spotted her.  As the young woman got closer to the gate, she started to look around for any sign of Jerry.  When she couldn't spot him or any other men, she figured maybe her grandmother had taken him inside the booth.  When she got close enough to look into the booth's window, the youngster really got puzzled because there was no sign of Jerry in there, either.  She passed a much shorter, particularly good looking blonde in a racy pink and black bikini as she was going in, and said, "Hi, welcome to Bikini Beach.  I can't recall seeing you here before, so I hope you have a great time!"

Jacquie waited until Anya had just about passed her before replying.  "Why, thank you, Anya.  This is my first time within the park, and I'm sure I'm going to just love it."  This was the first time Jacquie had used her new voice, and was just a bit surprised at how low pitched and sexy it sounded.  She waited just a moment to see if Anya caught on, and sure enough, Anya turned with a wide grin on her face as she did a quick mental scan after hearing this apparent stranger use her name.

"Jacquie!  You've already changed!  I guess that means you've already met my grandmother!  I just love your body selection.  You have great taste in looking sexy without flaunting it too much.  But why are you here so early?  I wasn't expecting you for another couple of hours or so."

"I hope my surprising you wasn't too over the top," Jacquie replied.  "Your grandmother thought that since I'd gotten here before you'd get back from the Lava Run, we should see if I could play a joke on you by changing before you knew about it.  The main reason I got here so early is that you had mentioned trying to pull a gag on Daphne if I changed my mind and came into the park, and I figured it would be best to try that early on, before Daphne saw us all weekend."

Anya turned them both toward the walkway she'd just come down, saying, "Good thinking!  Daphne is more or less here by herself this afternoon, because Chastity is doing her medical rounds which require her complete attention.  I saw her sunning and sipping over at the Tiki Hut when I was leaving the Lava Run, and I'd bet she's still there.  I know!  Here's what we'll do.  Since everything is all set for Steve's arrival around 6, instead of me showing you around the park to get you acclimated, I'll set up a funny introduction to Daphne for you, and then she can give you the tour while I get back to helping our mechanic, Jenny.  Hey, that's a thought.  How would you like to meet our own version of Scotty from Star Trek?"

"Sounds good all around," Jacquie grinned.  "I'm guessing we can give Daphne at least as good a surprise as your grandmother and I gave you, and as long as Jenny doesn't mind the intrusion, I'd love to meet her.  If she's as good as the description your grandmother gave of her, let's see, I think she called Jenny your 'maintenance guru', I bet she's got her mind on the task at hand and won't want to be disturbed."

Anya stopped short at that, which caught Jacquie by surprise.  When she looked back at Anya, the pretty brunette had her hands on her hips and her mouth was agape.  When she recovered, Anya said, "How the hell did you get Jenny pegged so well without even meeting her yet?!  Are you clairvoyant or something?"

"No special powers that I know of," Jacquie assured her.  "I guess I'm just really good at taking given facts and descriptions and putting them together for analysis."

They started walking again after that, with Anya looking pensive, as if trying to put something in her mind to rest.  When they neared the Tiki Hut on their right, she pointed toward one of the lounge chairs and said, "Yep, there's Daphne, in that yellow bikini, adding to her already deep tan.  You know, I'm aware the whole idea of this weekend is to help out your friend, and that you weren't even going to come into the park originally, but if perchance you take a liking to the new reality that your change has brought on, I think a woman with your skills would be very useful to us.  If you want it, I'm sure there's a job for you here in the park's administration section."

"Whoa, I don't know about that," Jacquie responded.  "I've got, or at least had, a pretty good life as Jerry."  She paused just a bit as they came to a fork in the path, and bore to the left.  Then she continued, "Tell you what, though.  I'll keep an open mind as the weekend progresses, and we'll see what happens come Sunday.  Now, let's go see if we can bother Jenny without bothering her.  *Giggle*"

"Are you sure you're a blonde, Jacquie?  Ha!"  Anya put her left arm across Jacquie's shoulders, and got them moving toward the pump house for the Lava Run just a bit further down the path onto which they'd just made another left turn.  "If ever I've met the antithesis of the dumb blonde, you're it!  Gee, if you'd gone for platinum blonde or bleached blonde, you'd really be out of character."

"You don't sound too dumb yourself," Jacquie replied.  "You give me the impression that you've had a pretty good education, and not just in the books.  Your people skills seem to be excellent, and if your grandmother is any indication, I think I know where you got them."

"Well, I never got any further than high school, because of coming to work with my grandmother, but I think you're right about the influence she's had on me.  And you haven't even seen some of the *other* skills I have yet, with which Grandmother is helping me so much.  Just you wait, when Steve gets here, you're going to get a good showing.  Actually, you'll see more of my work in what we do for *her* outside the park.  Remember, once a man is changed to a woman here in the park, reality is rewritten to accommodate that new woman, with no sign of the old man.  A friend of mine and I worked out everything, or what we hope will be everything, Wednesday night.  We got in a bit more tweaking and honing last night.  The descriptions you gave me on the phone seem to be perfect, and it looks like everything should work out perfectly."

"That's good.  This should be Steve's dream come true weekend, and if I know my friend, that pass is going to become a lifetime one for sure.  I've never been up close and personal with any magic before coming to the park this afternoon, so this is all a real eye opener for me."  Jacquie then pointed to a bamboo hut set amongst the trees to their left.  "Is that the pump house?"

"Yep, let's go find Jenny."

They made their way through the high grass and trees to the hut, then Anya went in, motioning for Jacquie to hold outside for the time being.  A few moments later, first Anya and then a greasy but very pretty young woman with long and wavy red hair wearing form fitting light blue coveralls came out.  She didn't look too pissed, so Jacquie guessed that not only had Anya done a good convincing job, but the pumps must have been coming around in addition.  "Jacquie, this is our 'maintenance guru', Jenny Michaels," Anya said in introduction.  "Jenny, Jacquie Garster is here for the weekend to help a friend who needs a booster shot at life.  She just changed into the luscious blonde you see a few minutes ago.  And don't let those blonde locks fool you.  She is one bright cookie!"

"Maintenance guru?" Jenny asked with an eye cocked toward Anya.  "Pleased to meet you, Jacquie.  I'd offer to show you the results of my work here, but even though Anya manages to stay grease free while helping me in there, I wouldn't want to see you get all messed up in that great looking bikini."

Jacquie's face reddened just a bit, then she approached Jenny with her arms opened invitingly for a hug.  "Thank you, Jenny, but with all the water around here, I'm not going to let a little grime and grease get in the way of good human relations."  The surprised Jenny accepted the hug eagerly, then blushed herself.  "From what I've heard, you deserve that title of maintenance guru more than anyone I think I've ever heard of, let alone met," Jacquie added as she backed away just enough to put her hands on Jenny's shoulders.  "It's an honor to meet you in person, ma'am."

As they separated, Jenny looked over at Anya, and while pointing very directly and unabashedly at Jacquie, said, "You need to do whatever you can to keep this girl here!  If we had her in the PR or HR department, we'd have it made!"  Then she turned back to Jacquie and added, "No offense, but you make one hell of an effective woman with words, Jacquie.  I don't know what you have planned for after this weekend, but I can assure you, life as a woman and working here is something to relish."

"Jenny, Anya has already made that pitch to me once so far.  As I told her, I hadn't originally even planned to come into the park and change while helping my friend, but since I've done so, I'll keep an open mind and see what happens as the weekend progresses.  If I do decide to stick around, I'll make sure that Anya or her grandmother make you one of the first to know."

"Good God, she's reassuring," Jenny said as she shook her head.  "Anya, do whatever you can to persuade her.  Don't do anything to force her, but make damned sure that she gets a good opinion of this park!  Now, if you two don't mind, there's still a bit of work to do here before these pumps are back to 100%."

"I'll be back to help you in just a bit, Jenny," Anya said.  "I'm going to go introduce Jacquie to Daphne, who I'm going to draft into showing her around."

"Oooo...This I would love to see," Jenny responded while grinning broadly, "but work comes first.  You're gonna just love Daphne.  But be careful; even though she's married to a part time male, part time female, that girl can be a real flirt.  Do have fun, and I hope to see you again in less grimy conditions at some point this weekend."

"Thanks for the advice, Jenny," Jacquie grinned.  "I'll look forward to seeing you again, also.  Ciao!"

Both Anya and Jacquie waved as Jenny turned to go back into the hut, then they went back out to the pathways and back down to the Tiki Hut.  On the way, Anya gave Jacquie a quick rundown on what she hoped to do when they got to Daphne.  She also gave her new friend the first taste of her magical powers.  First, she handed Jacquie from nowhere a pair of round lensed and almost goofy looking sunglasses, which she placed in her hair atop her head, then the small amount of grease that had adhered to Jacquie's suit and skin suddenly disappeared.  "Who needs water?" Anya joked.  "You don't really think that I stay spotless while working with Jenny, do you?"

* * * * *

Daphne's eyes sprang open when she was startled out of her reverie by the most God-awful, Valley Girl sounding, "Like, y'know, can you maybe tell me where, y'know, The Pipeline is?"

The sight she saw made her cringe.  A short strawberry blonde with hair down almost to her waist, goofy looking sunglasses up in her hair as opposed to protecting her eyes, and a bright pink string bikini with black polkadots that set off her almost perfectly sculpted, tiny body was standing there with a senseless grin on her too perfect face.  Her first thought was, 'Yeah, and I'll bet you've got just enough brains in that vacuous head of yours to try that plunge wearing that tiny bit of thread, you airhead.'

Then Daphne's better senses clicked in, and she offered, "Are you really sure you want to go on that thrill ride, dear?  I mean, that's one hell of a plunge, and bikinis aren't known to survive it very well.  If you really do want to go there, though, it's just around the bend past Tropical Waves, which is the ride you can't miss a little ways down that path, there."  She pointed in the direction from which Jacquie and Anya had just come.

Jacquie changed her voice for the reply, dropping any pretenses, and used her now dominant left hand to remove her sunglasses from her hair.  "Actually, I was told that I'd be able to find my way to the Wild Luau Raft Ride by making my way first to The Pipeline.  From what I've heard, only real daredevils go on that ride.  And if I did decide to try it, I'd probably put on my black spandex unitard instead of my tanning suit."

Upon hearing this come from the same covergirl lips that had just been spouting Valley Girl, Daphne's eyes went wide.  Just then, Anya, who'd been standing behind Daphne and out of view, walked around to stand at Jacquie's side.  "Daphne, meet the most intelligent blonde I think I've ever met, Jacquelyn Garster, but she prefers Jacquie.  Jacquie, this is Daphne Middleton; but you two have already met.  Daphne, do you remember Jerry at the gate yesterday?"

Daphne's mouth joined her eyes in going wide.  Then she finally got control of herself, and said, "So you *did* decide to come into the park and see how the other side lives, eh, Jacquie?  I presume from the way this has been going that yours was a controlled change into a feminine body, and not the usual forced one with resultant mental changes?"

"Aw, c'mon, Daphne," Anya broke in, "Jacquie knows all about our reputation here at the park, and we all know it's not as bad as you make it sound!"

"She's got a good point there, Daphne," Jacquie added.  "I'm sure that quite a few changes have taken place here because of deeds or attitudes that called for massive correction.  However, what I'm doing this weekend is a very controlled and positive situation, and if you would be so kind as to give me a quick tour of the park in the next three and a half hours, I'll tell you all about why I'm here and who else you're going to meet a bit later."

Daphne hung her head just a bit, and by way of apology said, "I know, not all the changes are to result in retributions; hell, I wouldn't have Chastity, heh, *and* Chester, if it weren't for this park.  Let's start your tour right here at the Tiki Hut.  I'll treat for the first round of drinks to keep our lips moist while we're touring."

"Would you mind if I just had iced tea?" Jacquie asked.

"What do you think I've been working on all afternoon, Scotch and soda?  Gimme a break!" Daphne laughed.  "Alcohol is available here, but that's for nighttime and special occasions.  Iced tea is my staple here!"

"You two have fun," Anya said, "I'm going back to help Jenny.  I'll see you at quarter to 6, Jacquie."

"Gotcha, Anya.  Shall we meet at the ticket office?"

"Hmmm...No, I'll tell you what," Anya replied.  "Let's get together at the entrance to the ladies' locker room.  By the way, that's where your clothes and purse are now, in number 26.  The men's locker room just didn't seem proper for them.  *Giggle*"

"Number 26, got it.  See you then," Jacquie told her, "and thanks for my initial introduction to the park.  I'm sure Daphne is going to get me up to speed!"

With that, Anya headed back down the path to the Lava Run's pump hut, and the now chatty pair of Daphne and Jacquie made a quick stop at the drink stand before starting off on a whirlwind tour.  Daphne made sure to get past enough of the more hairy rides to allow Jacquie the time to actually sample a few of the tamer ones they visited.  Jacquie was particularly impressed with the recreation areas adjacent to each of the individual parks, and with the excellent facilities in the Kiddy Play Land and the Junior Lifeguard Academy.  They'd refilled their teas while at Port Landing, and since it looked like the evening was going to be pretty busy, with any chance for a meal coming much later, Jacquie also got a chicken salad there to put a light dinner in her stomach.  It was another of her fresh surprises to find out just how much that small salad filled her up.

Daphne was very interested in the plans that Jacquie had for her friend, which were mostly related while they were stopped at Port Landing.  She invited both Jacquie and her friend to stop by her place later in the evening as a rest stop, and Jacquie gladly accepted, even remembering Jenny's warning about Daphne being a bit of a flirt.  It didn't sound like Daphne was trying to set something up; she only sounded like she was trying to be as helpful as possible.  Jacquie figured that Steve's adjustment may need a bit of help, and that if Daphne did start to go too far, she could easily get them away and out of that situation.

Before Jacquie knew it, the sun was working its way down and to the west, and a glance at one of the plaza timepieces at Kiddy Playland told her that it was 5:30 and time to start heading back to the park entrance.  She bade Daphne a fond farewell with deepest thanks for the help she'd given, and gave her a warm and tender hug.  She left her then, unaware of just what message this hug had inadvertently given her guide.  Daphne made her way back to the Tiki Hut with a glow on her face to await the soon to be off-duty Chastity.

When a still spotlessly clean and ebullient Anya approached her at precisely quarter to 6 outside the ladies' locker room, Jacquie grinned widely.  "Do you use Daphne as a park tour guide all the time?  She knows the park so well, and has the most bubbly personality.  If nothing else, she would make a great goodwill ambassador to the world outside the park walls.  She's so enthusiastic in her love of Bikini Beach as a whole that it's contagious.  I'll have you know that I'm already a good bit closer to making the kind of decision you want to hear on Sunday night."

Anya's already happy face seemed to glow even more at hearing this.  "My grandmother and I have made use of Daphne as an introduction to the park in the past, but I don't think we've ever considered giving her any official status.  That sounds like another good reason for you, yourself, to join us here.  You have such a great feel for personal traits and abilities that I'm starting to wonder just what around here you couldn't do.  Let me guess, you're also a mechanic and a lifeguard?"

"Well, lifeguard, maybe, but I'll let Jenny handle maintenance.  I've never yet done any hands-on work with machinery.  Whenever anything around my house started to break down, into the shop it went.  Likewise, whenever my car acted up in any way, to the garage it went.  I just never worked at developing any hands-on skills like that; I guess maybe I did concentrate too much on my mental development."

"Too much?!  Hah!" Anya scoffed.  "If the world had more people like you in it, we'd have a lot fewer conflicts going on, and people would be able to live together so much better.  Anyway, we know you're good.  Let's leave it at that for now.  When Steve gets here, I'll be at the window; other than her shower, Grandmother wants me to use my own magic for this change, mostly as a way of expanding my own abilities.  Everything that happens in the shower will be a big surprise for him, I'm sure.  None of his own mental abilities will be reduced, as we sometimes do, but I'm sure *she'll* need your help in coping with the physical changes.  Why don't you watch for him to go into the locker room, then wait just outside for *her* to come out.  She'll be topless, and I'll come out to meet her with a bra top for her bikini."

"Ah, okay, so Steve's probably going to be in a bit of shock.  As soon as you finish with her, I'll take her under my wing and show her around, and gradually ease into who I really am.  That should help to reassure her."  Jacquie then put her left hand's index finger under her chin as if in deeper thought, and added, "We'll probably stop in at Daphne's place for a rest stop a bit later in the evening, and I'm going to take her to a hotel for her first night en femme.  I don't want her to discover the changes at her house until Saturday night.  I'm presuming you'll be able to have that all in place and ready?"

"Good plan, just be careful with Daphne.  And yes, as I mentioned before, I've been working with a friend of mine named Dannie to make sure I can handle all the changes, and it looks like it should happen as planned.  I'll have to introduce you to Dannie at some point this weekend.  You two would really hit it off.  There's also another friend who's worked and played with Dannie and I a few times, named Erin, but she's a tiny leprechaun and could be anywhere in the world right now.  Oh, and I've even had a lifetime pass already made out, on the presumption that Steve's going to like those changes so much she won't ever want to go back."

"I'd love to meet Dannie if possible, and a leprechaun, you say?  Magic really does seem to be a bigger part of life than I'd imagined.  And about that pass," Jacquie advised, "just make sure you don't force that lifetime pass or otherwise coerce her.  If she does go lifetime, I want to make sure it's of her own free will.  Lord knows, the persuasion I've been getting has sure been effective.  I'm so tempted to ask you to make up a second lifetime pass, but hold off on that for now.  I'll let you know, soon enough."

"Gotcha," Anya assured her.  "Anything Steve eventually decides to do will be strictly from *her* own will, and be at ease yourself.  Though we've been pushing and prodding you, we haven't done anything involving magic or coercion to change your own attitudes.  Now, get ready, because I'm going to go relieve Grandmother at the window."

"Thanks, I'll be watching for Steve's arrival.  Bye, for now."

As Anya made her way into the office, Jacquie watched as her grandmother came out and went over to her own small grey administration building.  She then went into people watching mode; granted there wasn't a big crowd at the park, but the blonde noted that had she still been Jerry, the number of very good looking young women in both very revealing bikinis and also almost completely covering but leaving nothing to the imagination single piece swimsuits would have had him getting pretty excited.  However, as Jacquie, she was using a more critical eye, evaluating what she saw for both practicality and also fashion sense.  Where these abilities had come from she had to wonder about, but then she recalled the statement that Grandmother had made about her gaining all the normal feminine knowledge necessary for day to day activities.  That had to be it.

While Anya was in the office waiting for Steve, between what few other customers showed up she worked at recalling what Jacquie had told Daphne about using The Pipeline.  A black spandex unitard?  Was Jacquie thinking more of what she'd asked for in Steve's new wardrobe?  Well, if she'd told Daphne that she had a black spandex unitard, so be it.  Amongst all the other now totally feminine clothes that had taken the place of Jerry's wardrobe at what was now her house, Anya added the unitard, and a few appropriate accessories to accompany it.  She wondered just what Jacquie's reaction might be in seeing these when she got home.

* * * * *

Steve took a really quick rinsing shower when he got home from the store, threw on a navy blue t-shirt and his typical blue jeans, and then stopped at MickieD's for a quick hamburger and Coke to eat while driving across town to Bikini Beach.  He was pretty sure he'd get there no later than 6 as he'd promised Jerry, as long as no traffic jams or accidents happened.  Since the park was pretty much in the opposite direction from most of the other destinations that people were heading for to get out of town for the weekend, he had an even faster trip than expected.  This put him into the parking lot at Bikini Beach at five til, but he took his time finding a good parking spot so that the short walk to the gate would put him there right on the hour.

He grabbed his light blue swim trunks and flip flops from the passenger seat, and after locking up his Celica, started walking toward the entry gate.  When he got a bit closer to the gate, Steve saw that there were actually two lines.  The longer one was moving much faster, and appeared to be regular members using their passes.  The much shorter line that was moving a lot slower was the one at what looked like the ticket window.  He already had his pass, but since the new visitor had no idea what the park was going to be like, he figured that stopping at the window for some info would be a good idea.

There were only two women ahead of him, and it turned out they were together, so after only a couple of minutes, Steve found himself looking into the window at a pretty young brunette.  "Hi, my name is Steve Jenson, and I was given a weekend pass to use the park by a friend of mine.  Could you possibly give me a map or any other kind of park info so that I'll know where to go and what to do?"

"Hello, Steve, my name is Anya.  You really won't need any hand held maps or info sheets.  The park is laid out very simply, with signs along the pathways showing you both where you are and what rides and attractions you're near.  Just slide your pass at the gate there, and you'll be all set.  Any time you want to reenter the park through closing on Sunday evening, you can just go directly to the gate and slide your pass.  I remember your friend Jerry coming to buy that pass for you.  He seems like a pretty good guy.  Oh, and before you go to use any of the park facilities, we ask that you take a quick shower in the locker room."

"Yeah, Jerry's a real friend," Steve told her.  "He's done a lot to help me.  Using the shower is no prob, we always had to do that at the neighborhood swimming pool when I was younger, too.  Which way is that locker room?"

"The men's locker room is to your immediate right as soon as you go through the gate.  I'm sure you're going to just love your visit here, and find lots to do at all the attractions and water rides.  Have fun!"

"Thanks a lot.  I've been looking forward to this ever since Jerry told me about it last night.  See ya!" Steve said as he turned away from the window.

Anya was grinning broadly as she watched him use his pass.  The mental scan she'd done while Steve was talking gave her the impression that as friends, Jerry and Steve were two of a kind.  She did note the slight bit of self-doubt that was fogging his mind, though, and figured that this must be one of the things which Jerry was hoping to clear up.  Well, things were already progressing to see if they could do that.

Because he'd seen no other guys in the lines, and nothing but women and younger girls milling about after he went through the gate, Steve wasn't too surprised to see how small the men's locker room looked compared to the ladies' locker room on his left.  From what he'd heard from the women at work, he'd gotten the impression that it was a really peaceful environment for women using the park, without guys around to bug them, so he figured that most guys didn't come because of the "girlie" nature of the park and its attractions.  The small men's locker room was probably easily capable of handling the small number of guys who made the visit, anyway.

Jacquie spotted her friend making his usual quick inspection and analysis, as did a number of other women who noted the only male in the park, some with knowing smiles on their faces.  When she saw him enter the men's locker room, the new blonde made her way to a bench about twenty feet away from the exit, and waited for the fun to start.

Steve saw that none of the lockers had their locks set, and wondered if that meant he was the only guy there at the time.  He stripped and neatly folded his clothes, then put the stack on top of his sneakers in a randomly picked locker, after which he pulled on his swimsuit and slipped his flip flops on.  He left his glasses on the bench in front of the locker, becoming effectively blind almost, then stepped into a shower stall.  He noticed that it was of the single knob variety for ease of use, and stepped back a bit to let the water come up to temp after he set it over to the hot side just a bit and pulled it out to activate it.  A hand stuck into the flow told him that it was at a near perfect temperature almost instantly, and he closed his eyes as he stepped into the spray.

Since he'd showered before leaving his house, Steve didn't see the need for any more than a quick use of soap on his face and armpits.  As soon as his face and body were wet, he took the bar of soap and lathered up his hands, which then worked over his face.  As he was doing so, he felt a slight change in the water flow, but put it off to others using the system, probably in the ladies' locker room.  Since his eyes were closed, he couldn't see the pink mist which had joined the water, bringing on the change he'd felt.  When he started to lather up his upper arms in order to wash his armpits, they seemed a bit smoother than he recalled, but he didn't pay any more attention to that.

At that same moment, however, Steve started to feel some odd sensations all through his body.  He didn't know if it was the shivers brought on by being in the water, but let it go.  When he stuck his head back into the shower flow, he got a big surprise, though.  What felt like wet hair was tickling his upper back, and he didn't have hair long enough to tickle even his neck.  As he was rinsing off his face, using his hands like always, he felt much smoother skin with no beard stubble, and a pointed nail jabbed his eyebrow.  'A pointed nail?  I just trimmed my fingernails three days ago.  What the hell?'

As always, as soon a Steve's face was out of the water, he opened his eyes while rinsing the soap off his armpits and points below.  The first shock came when he saw everything sharp and clear.  Everything should have been very fuzzy, without his glasses.  The very first thing that he saw sharp and clear was a tremendously large pair of breasts projecting from his chest.  They were so large that he didn't even want to hazard a guess at what letter or letters of the alphabet applied to them.  Then another surprise came.  Was he actually reaching *down* to grab the knob?  With his five foot seven height, he'd stretched his arm out almost straight to turn it on, and now he seemed to be angling his smooth and feminine looking arm down a bit.  He shut off the water right away, and told himself, 'DON'T PANIC!!!'

It didn't help very much.  When he leaned to the side in order to see past those monsters on his chest, he saw all the other changes wrought on his body, including a shiny, wet-look dark blue bikini bottom instead of his trunks.  This also gave him his first glimpse of that hair that had tickled his back, and he saw that it was jet black.  Now he started to wonder about those sensations he'd felt in the shower, as he noticed that the bikini bottom was strung around a very small waist, and also clinging tightly to a very flat and taut tummy and what looked like a feminine mound in his crotch.

Correction, *she* thought, *her* crotch.

Steve had written quite a few stories which involved gender switches, and read an untold number by other authors which did just the same, but this wasn't a story, this was reality!  Just exactly how had she been transformed, merely within the time of a quick shower, from his normal male body into the overly voluptuous female one which she now occupied?  Well, no matter what gender, that body needed to be dried off.  There were park supplied towels hanging on a rack, and Steve picked one of the largest ones she saw.

She started to dry off in the normal pattern that *he* used to use, but stopped short upon feeling the sensations shooting through her body as she rubbed her huge breasts.  It was upon realizing that things were now going to be *quite* different that Steve thought about her wet hair.  She knew enough from all those years of growing up with four sisters that this long and slightly curly black hair would *not* dry as fast as the short, sandy blonde hair she used to have.  She decided to be just a bit more circumspect while toweling off the rest of her body, which was a good thing; her inner thighs and newly equipped crotch sent altogether more exciting waves of sensations to the rest of her body.

As soon as she finished drying, with the exception of that long and thick mane, Steve looked around at the bench.  Sure enough, there was no sign of any glasses.  Then she looked toward the doorway, and saw a woman with a statuesque figure and unbelievably big breasts.  Those breasts were uncovered, and appeared to be not only huge, but exquisitely shaped.  They didn't sag, but held their shape without any bra to support them.  Then Steve noticed that this woman also had wet black hair and what looked like a dark blue spandex bikini bottom.  It was a mirror, and that woman was herself!  'Oh my God!' Steve thought.  'Not only a woman, but one of the best looking women I've ever seen!'

Then she walked a bit closer to the mirror and noticed that instead of the flip flops, she was wearing much more feminine looking sandals.  As she got a closer look at her face, Steve could have sworn she'd seen it before somewhere, but where?

Personal inspection and introspection wasn't going to answer any of the questions that were begging for answers, so Steve decided to go back to the ticket booth and ask that young woman, what was her name, Anya, what was going on.  She didn't have to go anywhere near that far, however.  As soon as Steve stepped out the door into the still bright sunshine, that same young woman was standing there, blocking her path.  "Selina, I know you've got one of the best sets of breasts in the park at this moment, but the park regulations don't allow topless sunbathing," Anya said, with a stern look on her face.

'Did she say, Selina?' Steve thought.  'Is that my name now?  Wait, Selina...big, it couldn't be...'

"Here's your top, my dear," she said as a matching shiny dark blue spandex bikini bra top appeared in her hand from out of nowhere.  Before she passed it to the still surprised and stunned brunette, Anya chanted very softly a spell to have it finish and seal the changes she'd initiated upon Steve's entry into the shower.  "And yes, that is your name now, Selina.  Steve just wouldn't sound right for a woman as pretty, no, make that beautiful as you are."

As soon as Selina took the top from Anya, she felt a tingle which started at the fingers holding the top and progressed throughout her entire new body.  It seemed to end only when with a skill she didn't know she had, the new brunette beauty positioned the bra cups over her mounds of flesh and secured the hooks behind her neck and back.  She noted that the top just barely met the standard of not going topless; it barely covered her nipples and aureoles, and showed plenty of exposed cleavage.  She also felt, somehow, that she now knew everything there was to know about both her body and all that living in that body entailed.  Had that tingle had something to do with it?

"Yes," Anya said in answer to her unspoken question.  "You were given a complete feminine makeup via that 'tingle' you felt.  You did get changed from a man into a woman in the shower, and as to why, it's because we don't allow any men in Bikini Beach.  It's a haven for women who want to have a good time without being ogled and pawed at and hassled by lurid males.  Your change is a bit different from most that we do, in that you still have your original mind and all its history, but altered now to have a complete feminine background.  You have all the knowledge of feminine lore that a girl would obtain while growing into a woman twenty-six years of age.  Now, you'll retain this new body and identity until midnight following the end of your pass, which is this coming Sunday."

"You mean, even if I go out the gate into 'the real world', I'd still be in this voluptuous form?"  When she heard her new voice for the first time, Selina tried to use her memories of singing ranges to define it.  Soprano?  No, not that high...maybe contralto?  Whatever, she gave up and just acknowledged that she now had a pretty sexy sounding voice...and what was it that the other woman was telling her?

"That's right, until midnight Sunday.  Then your pass would expire, and with it, your female body.  In the meantime, everything about your life has changed.  No one knows anybody named Steve Jenson.  Everything within your house is now changed to reflect the new you, and though I doubt you'd do so, if you went in to work on Saturday, you'd find that everybody knows and enjoys working with Selina.  And be careful.  Your body is now a fully equipped female one with entirely different needs and hormones.  I should warn you that getting pregnant between now and Sunday evening would have lasting consequences."

"Oh, don't worry.  Me, have sex with a guy?  I don't think so."

"Selina, you saw yourself in the mirror.  You did see a very good looking female there, right?  Well, that female is you.  You're not a guy now, you're a gal, with all a gal's needs.  I dare say you're going to feel quite different when you see guys at some point.  Just make sure to control yourself, and be careful in what you do.  Now, since you've been changed into a woman, go enjoy this woman's paradise!"

"Enjoy it?!  Yeah, right.  I came here as a guy expecting to have a good time, and now I'm a female.  And you expect me to have fun?"

"Oh, come on, lighten up," Anya said with a big grin on her face.  "Don't be so serious.  This is an amusement park, so amuse yourself!"

"Okay, I guess..." Selina said with her head not exactly looking up, bright and exuberant.  She turned away from Anya, and started walking over to the 'you are here' sign on a pole near the pathway.  Even with her tall height, for this she did have to look up.

Anya saw Jacquie nodding, and figured she'd done as much as she could.  She headed back to the ticket booth, which luckily still had no other people waiting at it.  She'd done a quick scan of Selina just before leaving her, and while her spirits were not the best, she did seem to have a positive attitude about the change, even if she didn't want to admit it.  Now she'd just wait and see, because until Selina saw the extent of her work on Saturday night, she was pretty much in Jacquie's hands.  Hands that Anya now trusted implicitly.

As Selina was studying the map on the sign, Jacquie walked up behind her.  "Hi, it looks like this is your first time in the park.  My name is Jacquie, and I'd be glad to take you to the nearest of the ride groups, or one of the refreshment stands if you feel like getting something to eat or drink."

Selina turned to see a perky little strawberry blonde in a black dotted pink bikini while she was talking, and had to look down considerably to see her face.  Either this woman was really short, or she herself was pretty tall.  Maybe both?  The smile that Jacquie held, even while talking, turned out to be contagious.  Selina broke into a big grin and said, "This map does seem to give a good idea of where stuff is, but I'd love to have somebody to talk to while at least getting started here.  Thanks for the offer!  Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Selina.  Personally, I'd rather go to the nearest of the rides first, but would you like to get anything to eat or drink yourself?"

"No thanks, I just had a salad about an hour ago, so I'm good to go.  How about if we head for Wild River Fun?  That's got some great water rides, and unless you're a real quickie, should fill most of your night until the park closes.  Will you be back tomorrow?"

"Yes, and Sunday, also.  I have a weekend pass that was given to me by a friend.  I have to wonder now if my friend knew what this place was really like...oops, I'm sorry, I start musing like that every now and then.  Which way do we want to go to get to Wild River Fun?"

"Let's go up this path and then to the left.  We should be there in only a few minutes.  You were given a pass, eh?  Lucky you.  From what I've heard, the regulars here have got it made.  It seems they don't sell too many passes."

As the two very mismatched women started down the path, one having to constantly look up and the other down, they were observed by a number of park regulars who figured that since both girls were new to the park and had better than average bodies, they were both probably ex-males who'd been altered by the park's magic.  Those regulars were some of the few ex-males themselves who'd been left with memories of who they'd been and how they themselves had been changed.  For the time being, since they were pretty occupied with chatting with each other, it seemed best to leave well enough alone and let them be.

As Jacquie was pointing out the Kiddy Play Land which they were passing to the right of, she finally started to edge into giving some hints to Selina.  "You know something?  The reason I came over to you back there was because you looked kind of puzzled.  Could it possibly be that your bewilderment was caused by the same thing that happened to me earlier today?"

"Err...Just what is it that happened to you, Jacquie?"

"Well, Jacquie wasn't my name when I got into the park..."

"You mean that you got changed from a guy like I did?!" Selina blurted out without thinking too much.  "I mean, gee, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so blunt, but when I got here, my name was Steve, and now look at me..." she added, as she stretched out her arms and looked down upon her voluptuous body herself.

"Yeah, that's what happened to me, too.  Only it looks like you got both a lot of height and also a really stacked body, compared to what I got," Jacquie replied, making it sound like she was envious of Selina.  "I'm only four and a half feet tall, and you seem to be about a foot or so taller, even in flats."

"It seems like I've been given a real life version of a comic book 'bad girl' type body," Selina replied.  "I mean, just look at the size of these boobs!  I can't recall seeing too many women with breasts like this before in real life, other than on exotic dancers and porn stars, but they do look a lot like the way some of my favorite comics artists draw them."

The rest of the walk to Ole Man River, the first of the attractions at Wild River Fun that Selina and Jacquie got to, was spent discussing the merits and failings of each of their bodies.  Jacquie cleverly made it sound like neither of them had come away with anything less than a perfect body, hers being a petite one while Selina's was statuesque.  At the entrance to that ride, they were each issued a plastic bag for their sandals and an inner tube.  Then, when they'd both gotten into their inner tubes for a leisurely trip around the rides on the mini-river, Jacquie finally let go with the bombshell that she knew would probably result in a loud retort from Selina.  Now that they were pretty isolated, not too many would hear her.

"Oh, by the way.  You said that before you got into the park your name was Steve?  Mine was Jerry."  She put a big smile on her angelic looking face.

"SAY WHAT?!" Selina nearly screamed, just as Jacquie had predicted.  Then, in a much more controlled voice, she said, "You mean you got a pass for yourself, too?  Did you know what was going to happen to you, or for that matter, what was going to happen to *me*, when you gave me that pass?"

"Yes, I knew.  I wanted this change to be a big surprise for you, and give you a lot of insights into more story possibilities.  However, I wasn't originally planning on coming into the park myself.  It wasn't until yesterday as I was picking up your pass that an idea was given to me by a new friend that I hope you'll be meeting later this evening.  I had the hardest time during our dinner last night keeping what I knew about the changes occurring here at Bikini Beach from getting out.  I'm sorry to have misled you, but I wasn't lying when I said that your weekend here should be both fun and give you a lot of new insights."

"Well, I'm sure that being in this body until Sunday night is a sure way to gain a lot of knowledge and story ideas," Selina replied.  "I was told that come midnight Sunday, I'll be getting back to being Steve.  I guess I should just go with the flow and enjoy this while I have the opportunity, especially since you yourself decided to go through the same thing.  Thanks for joining me here!"

The leisurely flowing Ole Man River brought the pair to the pathway leading to the various raft rides, and as soon as they were out of the water and into their sandals once again, they were off to become what appeared to be two of the most fun-loving women at the park.  Selina, as predicted by Jacquie, savored the rides so much that they were both enjoying the Spillway Slide when it was announced that the park would be closing in fifteen minutes.  Jacquie led Selina back to the ladies' locker room via the pathways, since they could walk a lot faster than Ole Man River flowed.

Jacquie and Selina both picked up park towels inside the locker room to dry off without even thinking about it now.  As Jacquie went to locker number 26 to get her change of clothes, Selina suddenly walked over to her side, and after placing her lips close to Jacquie's ear, said, "Hey, wait, my clothes are over in the men's locker room!"

"I'll bet they aren't!" Jacquie said softly.  "I'm assuming you didn't look inside your locker after you got changed.  I'm betting that your neat stack of male clothes got turned into an even more neat stack of feminine attire, just like mine did.  In fact, I wouldn't put it past Anya to have moved your stuff to the locker right next to mine.  Let's see."

Jacquie reached over to open the door to locker number 27.  Sure enough, though they bore no relationship to the clothes Steve had piled up in the men's locker, Selina knew somehow that these were her clothes.  This was confirmed when the purse that had taken the place of Steve's wallet showed a driver's license with Selina's picture on it.  In her surprise, she neglected to note the name on that license.

As Jacquie got out of her bikini and into her short sleeved light blue blouse and navy blue shorts, Selina discovered just what she'd be wearing.  After typically folding her bikini neatly, she picked up a white spandex tube top and a bright red faux leather miniskirt.  A wide grin showed up on her face as she pulled the tube top over her massive chest; without a bra, each mound was prominently displayed, and Selina became quite proud of her new physique.  She zipped on her skirt, then sat down next to Jacquie on the bench to put on her footwear.

As Jacquie was wrapping the laces of her sandals around her lower calves and then tying them, Selina was slipping her feet into knee high red boots that matched her skirt.  She thought it was either ironic or appropriate that she was wearing tight fitting stretch PVC boots with tall, five-inch stiletto heels, since they were a major theme in many of the stories that she'd written as Steve.  When she stood in them, Selina knew that if she'd seemed tall before, she really stood high now.  However, her friend didn't seem to have lost any height; if anything, Jacquie seemed to be standing closer to her own height now.  She looked down at the blonde's heels, and whistled softly.  "Geez, Jacquie!  I thought I had good heels on these boots, but I can't believe how high the ones are on your sandals!"

To her surprise, Jacquie hadn't even thought about this as she was standing and then walking over to Selina.  Then she lifted her left leg up behind herself, and while balancing on the right foot's one-inch platform and seven-inch heel without even wavering, noticed just how high her own heels were.  "I guess I have one way of accommodating my short height!  It looks like really high heels are going to be a part of my outfits this weekend.  Your boots look like they have pretty good heels on them, and with your height, I wouldn't want anything very high."

Both ladies then used talents they'd only just gained that afternoon to put on their faces, doing so with not only ease but a skill seemingly as good as a beauty salon attendant.  Selina finally got a chance to brush out her now dry hair, and when she finished, saw a tall picture of assured femininity.  There was nothing slutty looking about her, even with the attire in which she'd been clad.  Then she glanced over at Jacquie, and saw what looked like a fun-loving blonde with a partying outlook.

Jacquie caught her looking, and grinned even wider.  "Like what you see?  I dare say, you look quite fetching, yourself.  Since neither of us are really prepared for what our new hormones might entail, I figured on taking you over to the house of a friend I met this afternoon.  She's a regular at the park here, named Daphne.  She invited us both to stop by after closing, so let's go on over.  Then we're going over to the Holiday Inn just down the road from the park's entrance.  I made reservations for us there, in Jerry's name, *giggle*, so that we wouldn't have to go all the way back across town tonight."

"You really are treating me this weekend, aren't you!?  I suppose we're going in your car, too?"

"Of course!  You don't think I'd let you do any work this weekend, do you?  Let's get going."

For someone who'd been utterly downcast only three hours earlier, Selina was one of the most jubilant looking women heading out the gate and into the parking lot.  The bubbly blonde beside her was no less happy looking, and those observing the mismatched pair knew deep down that the magic of Bikini Beach had once again been at work.

Jacquie was only a bit surprised when they approached the spot in which Jerry had parked his tan Saturn.  Since the Saturn was a very female friendly car to begin with, about the only external change noted was its color.  Instead of tan, it was now maroon.  Because the exterior was now a dark color, they found the leatherette interior to be a pale grey instead of the original black.  Both girls were glad that it was well past sundown as they slid onto the front seats, the bottoms of their thighs meeting no longer hotter than Hades seat material.

As they were buckling their seat belts and letting the engine warm up a bit, Jacquie got on her cell phone and called Daphne to let her know they were on the way.  She scribbled some notes on her dash pad as Daphne gave her directions for getting there, and wondered just a bit about the seemingly enthusiastic voice in which her new friend was speaking.  She just put it off to the personality that she'd noted Daphne had.  Jacquie should have remembered more about what others had told her concerning Daphne.

It was only a short drive to the Middleton's place, and Jacquie found a parking spot not far from their front door.  Neither of them thought it wise to leave their purses in the car, and each slung the shoulder straps over their shoulders as they got out of the car almost as second nature.  In actuality, it was precisely the new second nature that each had gained, since neither woman would go anywhere without her makeup to do touchups.  Since Jacquie seemed to be the lead agent of all that was occurring, Selina let her approach the door and hit the doorbell, even though her height advantage would have made it easier for her to do so.

It was Daphne who came to the door and showed the ladies in, dressed in an eye-catching sleeveless blue skirt with more than enough cleavage visible and a slit up her right side giving a view of that thigh all the way to her waist.  The sandals on her feet resembled those of Jacquie's quite a bit, the main difference being the black color as opposed to Jacquie's brown.  Her eyes lit up when she saw Selina for the first time, and her first view of Jacquie dressed for partying instead of the beach brought a soft purr.  Then she turned back toward Selina, and looked longingly at her bulging chest.

While her eyes were still wide and her attention riveted upon Selina, Jacquie said, "Daphne, this is Selina, my friend who used to be Steve, who I told you about this afternoon.  Selina, meet Daphne Middleton, a regular at the park and one its best ambassadors of good will."

Just then, Chastity came to Daphne's side, wearing a much simpler short sleeved rose dress whose hem skirted the tops of her knees, and Daphne replied, "I'm pleased to meet you, Selina.  This is my *husband* Chastity, who really does become a male husband named Chester two days a week, so that he can still do his medical practice outside the park.  Most of the time, though, she is my best friend, lover, and female husband.  Chastity, if you didn't hear Jacquie moments ago, this black haired vision in white and red is Selina, newly female to enjoy the park over the weekend.  And the blonde in blue is her friend Jacquie, also a new female.  They used to be Steve and Jerry, respectively."

"Pleased to meet you both," Chastity said.  "Daphne told me that you both might be in need of a good dinner after the events of the afternoon, so if you're interested, I've got four places set at our table, and a lasagna to die for waiting to be served."

Selina looked to Jacquie, who nodded.  "We'd love to join you, Chastity.  I'm famished, but in this new body, I'm not sure just how much I'll be able to eat."

"Believe me, Selina, it won't be much.  With both my experience as a physician and as a part-time male, part-time female, I know just how little you'll really need and be able to handle.  Have no fear, whatever we don't finish here this evening will make good leftovers to heat for lunches later.  Let's dig in!"

Daphne just couldn't take her eyes from Selina's chest, and Chastity had to grab her by the arm and lead her to the dining room.  During the meal, while discussion centered on the changes three of the four had encountered at the park, the only non-changee's eyes stayed glued on Selina.  Had Chastity used her instruments, she'd have registered a much higher pulse and blood pressure.  The poor woman was in a state of sexual longing that was about to make her burst.

Chastity, however, was fully aware of the lesbian fervor of her wife.  She noted the building tension, and carefully eased the conversation into their own backgrounds to involve her more fully in what was being discussed and get her mind off of sex.  This worked to a degree, but as dinner was ending and Chastity excused herself from the table to start bringing the dishes back into the kitchen, Daphne's control failed.

"My God, Selina!  I just can't get you out of my system!  If I can't get my hands on you, I'm going to just die!"

Chastity came running upon hearing this outburst, but before she got to the dining room, Jacquie was already saying, "Easy, Daphne, easy.  Calm down, and just think of Chastity in your arms.  Think of your body intertwined with hers; Selina may be in an unbelievable body, but you have ready access right here at home to a person who is dedicated to you and loves you very much."

Daphne was shaking as Chastity bent down and hugged her from behind around her shoulders.  Chastity's own firm breasts made their presence known to her shoulder blades, and while Daphne's fire was still burning intensely, her thoughts were finally redirected.  She turned her head to look up into the loving eyes of her husband, and started crying.

Chastity held onto her tightly, and as her sobbing finally ceased, Daphne said, "Jacquie, you got me started this afternoon with the way you got me hot for your own delicious body.  Every signal I got from you told me that you were hot to be with me, also.  Had you come alone this evening, I may have been able to keep my cool.  But when you showed up with this Venus in tow, I completely lost it.  Selina, can you please forgive me for being so smitten with you?"

Doing all she could to utilize the new feelings and abilities of her admittedly over-sexed body, Selina told her, "Daphne, the part of me that was at once male sees in you a female to lust for.  The new me, which is obviously all female, sees you as a friend to savor.  I'm so new to this body that I've no idea of just what to look for in a sexual nature, but I'm sure that Chastity wants you to be a true wife and lover, not a tramp lusting after every good body that comes along."

Selina's hands shot to her mouth, and she hung her head in shame.  "Did I really just say what I think I said?  My God, Daphne, I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to offend you, and I don't know where those words came from.  Now it isn't you who should be asking for forgiveness, but me."

Now it was Daphne's head that hung.  Without looking up, she said, "No forgiveness needed, Selina.  You're right; I am a tramp.  Chastity..."  Her words faded as intense sobbing started once again.

Chastity squeezed her wife's shoulders all that much harder, and placed her head on Daphne's right shoulder, with her lips close to her ear.  "Easy, my love, easy.  You're no tramp, you're a wonderful lover who gets the most from the world.  Come on now, let's be the good hostesses we are, and show our friends what a loving couple we really are."

Daphne turned her head to look into her lover's eyes, then arched her body around to reach up and circle her arms around her neck and squeeze tightly.  She planted her lips on Chastity's, and didn't release either for two minutes.  Finally, she pouted and said, "What did I do to deserve you, Chastity?"

Needless to say, the rest of the evening at the Middleton's was spent with a lot less sexual tension.  Selina and Jacquie were both fascinated by Chastity's story, and the loving warmth obviously shared between she and Daphne was evident from the way they sat nestled together while chatting.  Jacquie's impressions of Daphne from earlier in the day were further cemented, and while she now knew even more fully about her new friend's sexual fervor than she'd been warned, she saw Daphne as a valuable friend to have.  As if Chastity was a person who didn't matter.  Jacquie now knew why Grandmother had wanted the good doctor so much.

Selina, on the other hand, had a fire building within her which almost matched Daphne's.  She remembered the warning she'd been given about her new body's needs, and thought that if she was getting so hot and bothered amongst three other women, what would have happened if she'd been placed in a male environment?  As it was, she was glad that Jacquie and Chastity had been able to cool down Daphne.  God help her, but Selina wanted to join with Daphne as much as Daphne had with she.

On the way to the Holiday Inn after leaving Chastity and Daphne with a look of love in each of their eyes, Selina was fighting the sexual tension building within her own body.  She kept giving sidelong glances to her short partner, and thinking about sexual roles, both past and present.  Then, in an effort to break the spell, she brought up a subject that had come to her earlier while driving over to Daphne's.  "Jacquie, I know the bikinis we wore will still be good to go for tomorrow and Sunday, but are you planning on wearing these same clothes tomorrow?  Can we maybe stop at the mall and get some additional clothes to wear for the rest of the weekend?"

Jacquie thought for a moment, then said, "Maybe you didn't know this, but everything at your house has been changed to reflect the new you.  Every bit of male clothing is now female, at least until midnight Sunday.  You do have a good point, though.  Since we aren't going back to either of our houses tonight, neither of us has access to any of our new feminine finery.  We'll stop after breakfast before going back to the park, and see what we can find that strikes our new fancies.  My credit card's are all in my new name, so I'm good to cover whatever you'd like to purchase."

Selina was on the verge on putting her left hand atop Jacquie's thigh, but stopped herself just in time.  "Thanks.  I knew you as a good friend as Jerry, but you're just as much if not more so a friend as Jacquie."

When she heard her friend suddenly stop, Jacquie glanced over at her briefly.  What she saw scared her.  Selina was almost staring blankly, with her lips closed tightly and her chest heaving from heavy breathing.  She was tempted to pull over to the side of the road, but traffic didn't look like it would allow that.  The rest of the way to the hotel, Jacquie kept glancing furtively at Selina, whose red boots were crossing and uncrossing at her ankles, squeezing her awesome legs close together each time.  Even without any prior experience, Jacquie had a real good idea of what her friend was going through.

She had been feeling a bit of it, herself.

After checking in at the Holiday Inn and leaving a wake up call request, Jacquie led her now almost shaking friend up to their room.  It dawned on her at that time that neither of them had any nighties or robes, and she called the front desk to ask if any such were to be had in any of the hotel's shops.  None were available, and so she resigned herself to sleeping in her bra and panties, while Selina would have to sleep in panties only, since she had no bra.

It was as both girls were down to the last of their clothes and getting ready to climb into their individual beds that things fell apart.

Or...came together.

The much larger and therefore stronger Selina lunged at the tiny Jacquie, sexual rage in her eyes.  While still standing, she locked the small woman in her arms and planted her oh so moist lips on hers.  By now Jacquie had lost all opposition, and thrust her tongue into her friend's mouth.  Selina replied in kind, with a duel taking place between hot, red swords.  Jacquie felt Selina's huge tits mashing into her own not so small mamaries, and noticed a desire that was building to a crescendo.  She maneuvered her tight blonde pussy into position next to Selina's black mound, and started to scrunch them together.

Selina turned with both bodies and aimed for her own bed.  She slammed Jacquie down on her back, and started to lick, kiss and chew on each tit's now firm nipple while her hands worked on the opposite one.  All the while, she was mimicking Jacquie's earlier motion and sliding and mashing her pussy down onto hers.  Neither woman had ever experienced a female orgasm before, but each felt the beginnings of what felt like a heavenly experience.

On an impulse, Selina slid down and, while now kneading each of Jacquie's tits with her fingers, slid her tongue into a now very moist blonde haired cunt.  The tip of her tongue found the smaller woman's clitoris, which while already enlarged and sensitive, became even more so under this direct stimulation.  After using her tongue for a few minutes, Selina switched to her lips and then teeth.  She was pleased to note after only a few moments that Jacquie's body tensed up and a heavy flow of juices poured from her pussy, which were eagerly lapped up.

"OH...MY...GOD!!!" Jacquie screamed.  She now knew what a female orgasm felt like.  As Jerry, he'd thought that he'd been able to induce the same in his bed partners, but now had to wonder.

Her train of thought was interrupted, however.  Selina's tongue was delving even further into her cunt, alternating between teasing her clit and tingling the inner walls of her vagina.  No more than one minute after her first female orgasm, Jacquie was experiencing her second.  This was so different from what she'd known as Jerry!

Her craving for more notwithstanding, Jacquie saw a need for fair play and a return of favors.  She reached down and tore Selina's face from her cunt and lifted her to kiss her again deeply.  Then, using every ounce of strength she had, Jacquie twisted the larger woman over onto her own back.  Instead of stimulating Selina's tits, though, she turned into a 69 position and dove directly into the very hot and moist cunt of her friend.

This, of course, also allowed Selina to continue her own stimulation of Jacquie's waiting cunt.  With her own body being racked with orgasm after orgasm, Jacquie used her past knowledge of muff diving added to her new body's abilities to bring Selina to an uncounted number of obviously intense orgasms, also.  Other than Jacquie's original outburst upon her first orgasm, neither woman was a screamer, luckily.  While the bed's sheets became completely disheveled and wet with sexual juices, nobody else in the hotel was aware of the sexual awakenings which were taking place.

By mutual consent, both now very tired and exhausted women left Selina's bed as it was, and fell asleep in each other's arms in Jacquie's bed.  Two very contented minds each had fascinating dreams that night, with nary a sight of males in either.  By the time the wake up call came at 8, not only had each ex-male become fully in tune with the physical female body she now had, each had a mind that was working right along.  While both Jacquie and Selina still had thoughts of Jerry and Steve returning after the weekend, this was already becoming more and more unlikely.

* * * * *

After showering and redonning their fetching outfits from the night before, Selina and Jacquie had breakfast in the hotel's adjacent restaurant.  Each drew the stares of a lot of males, some of whom found their sides being jabbed by the women accompanying them.  Before they checked out and left for the mall, Jacquie made a call to Daphne's to see if she was going to be at the park.  Jacquie was grinning broadly as she told Daphne that she had a secret to tell her once they'd gotten together.

At the mall, each of the women selected one outfit to replace the ones they were currently wearing.  Selina opted for a slightly longer and more loosely fitting dark blue skirt and a sleeveless light blue blouse from the big and tall selections in the Penneys.  Of course, before doing so, she and Jacquie had made a bee line for Victoria's Secret to get bras and panties.  The clerk they worked with seemed to be really awed by Selina's endowments, and was overjoyed to find not only a bra that fit, but did so comfortably while still giving her support and showing off those incredible assets.

Jacquie had picked up a Wonder Bra for herself, and while still glad that she hadn't straddled herself with huge tits, loved the way this bra enhanced what she did have.  For her own new outfit, she took Selina with her into the petite shop at the Massey's.  Talk about looking out of place!  It was pretty obvious which of the two was getting something there, and Jacquie bought herself a short sleeved black dress that came down just short of her knees.  Since the sandals and boots they were wearing didn't go well with these new outfits, the next stop was the Baker's shoe store.

While the clerk who waited on them seemed more than happy to see the red boots and brown sandals they were currently wearing, she was glad to get a pair of black leather boots for Jacquie with tall, chunky heels and had tops that could either fold down as cuffs or go up over her knees.  Selina found a pair of dark blue pumps with nicely sculpted short heels that went well with her new skirt and blouse, but none were in stock in her size.  The clerk came back out with a pair of shoes in the same color and Selina's size, but both she and Jacquie gasped when they saw what looked like tall and slim six-inch heels on them.  Then Selina grinned at Jacquie, and said, "These ought to *really* make me look tall!"

Needless to say, a much loftier Selina who carried herself in a very assured way went out to Jacquie's car wearing her new blue outfit.  The blonde in black made a real statement of authority, even if she wasn't aware of this herself.  This newly clad pair then drove down the road to another shop that Selina wanted to visit, Everything But Water.  The blue bikini was okay, but she was visualizing something entirely different.

They had just what she was looking for, and stretchable enough to fit over her abundant chest.  It was a single piece suit that looked a bit like the red Baywatch suits, made from a very shiny wet look red material.  It had white edging, and a short white zipper opening to reveal as much cleavage as desired, or closing to show absolutely none.  Selina had vague thoughts about what her new suit would look like with the boots she'd just replaced, but doubted they'd want to see heels like those inside the park.  Elsewhere, however...

Jacquie saw a number of suits that *suited* her tastes, but felt comfortable with her pink and black bikini.  She did make note of the shop, just in case...

* * * * *

The rest of Saturday was spent enjoying to the fullest all the rides at Bikini Beach.  In particular, Selina was glad to have gotten the new suit she had, which made going on the Pipeline safe, at least for her suit.  The ride itself she found so thrilling that she revisited it three times that day.  Jacquie stuck with Selina most of the day, but shied away from trying the Pipeline.  Jokingly, she recalled the way she'd told Daphne the day before that she'd go on the ride - in a black unitard.  With her selection of a black dress and boots, she started to wonder if she had some deeper need for things black of which she wasn't fully aware.

It was while Selina was on one of her Pipeline plunges that Jacquie caught up with Daphne.  When she told her friend about what had happened after they got to the hotel, Daphne grinned broadly.  Without saying so out loud, she had a solid feeling that two lifetime passes were about to be bought, and that she would definitely be seeing more of Jacquie and Selina, in more ways than one.

Anya made a point of observing her pair of guests from a distance, watching to see how they were making out, but making a point of not coming into direct contact with them.  She deeply wanted to see both Jacquie and Selina become lifetime members and hopefully employees, but didn't want to be accused of affecting their decisions in the slightest.  Well, maybe the slightest, but not a lot...

* * * * *

Instead of staying at the park until closing, Jacquie and Selina left around dinner time.  Now dressed a lot less provocatively, they went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant just down the road from Bikini Beach.  Lasagna the night before had given each a yearning for more pasta, and after the house salad nearly filled each of their small stomachs, they shared a single plate of tortellini.  Needless to say, the only dessert partaken of was coffee.

Selina was in for a bit of a surprise when she was taken back to the Bikini Beach parking lot to get her own car for the trip back to her house.  While Jacquie's car had stayed about the same with just color variations, what had been Steve's white Toyota Celica was now a considerably different mauve Jaguar XJ8.  Selina wondered what the significance was of this elegant sports car to a female, but wasn't about to question the big upgrade from Steve's little clunker.  The car purred like the proverbial kitten on the leisurely trip back across town, and still the connections weren't apparent to Selina.

The first difference Selina noticed when she got home was that there was a garage in which to park her car.  It was soon after entering her
*completely* redone house that Selina finally discovered the completeness of the changes made to her the day before.  The interior of the living room was very clean and feminine looking.  Interestingly, all the paintings on the walls seemed to be cat oriented.  Her bedroom was now a feminine dream, and upon opening her closet to see if what Jacquie had said the night before was true, she found a *very* full selection of dresses, skirts, blouses, and everything else a modern female would have in her finery.

It was what Selina found in the back of her closet that finally made all the earlier clues gel into the big picture.  Neatly hung behind the regular clothes so as to not be readily evident, she found the purple catsuits, purple and black cowls, black gloves and thigh high boots that were all part of her costume collection.  Now, she finally went back to her purse to get a good close look at her driver's license.

Selina Kyle.

Now she knew where she'd seen her face before.  She was a living, breathing incarnation of the comics Catwoman as drawn by *her* favorite artist, Jim Balent.  She knew there was one big difference, though.  The comics Catwoman was sometimes a heroine, but most of the time a very successful thief.  Selina felt no urge in her whatsoever to go out and rob anybody.

But be a heroine?  Now, that was a totally different matter.

Selina wasted no time in taking off her blue outfit and adding it to the wardrobe in her closet.  She took off her now slightly soiled undies and got a fresh pair of panties from her drawer.  She knew without a doubt that she'd need no bra.  She selected one of the purple catsuits, and after pulling down the zipper in back, slipped into it.  The slick material made the spandex of her bikini and red one piece seem almost bland.  When the zipper was pulled up, the suit clung to her incredible figure like a second skin.

The black thigh high boots became a third skin for her legs, and had heels similar to the ones on her red boots.  She was glad they weren't as high as her new blue shoes.  They would have looked fantastic, but heels like that weren't conducive to running and jumping.  The opera length black gloves with *very* sharp claws at the fingertips became the third skin for her arms, and finally, she pulled the purple cowl with a black face plate over her head.  Her long black mane streamed out the back, and no clue as to her real identity could be seen with the mask in place.

"Oh wow!  I really am Catwoman!  I've just got to show this to Jacquie!"

Catwoman took her license and a few other needed items from her purse and put them into the small pouch which tucked into the top of her left boot, while her bullwhip was coiled and tucked into the top of her right boot.  She made a mental note to see about getting a license with a different picture and no address on it.  It wouldn't do for anyone in this reality to know that there was a real Selina Kyle who was also Catwoman.

Then, as she was getting into her Jag, Catwoman finally caught the significance of the car type and color.  She was in her Kitty Kar!  Sure enough, a careful inspection of the interior revealed many hidden actuators and other devices.  The first one she activated was the device that polarized her windows so that she could see out, but to anyone looking at the car, it would seem like solid metal, impossible to see through.  She just couldn't wait to show this to Jacquie.

What Catwoman couldn't know, however, was that when she got there, she wouldn't be showing her car and new identity to Jacquie.  Well, Jacquie, yes, but not really...

* * * * *

During her own trip back across town, Jacquie was wondering what she would discover in her own home.  She knew Anya had told her that Selina would find all kinds of fascinating changes at her place, but if Jacquie was only going to be a female for the weekend, would her place be changed, as well?  She presumed that for the duration of her time as a woman, it probably would be changed to give her a wardrobe and living spaces appropriate to her new form.  What would they look like, though?

When she pulled into her driveway, nothing apparent was different about the exterior of her house.  What wasn't readily apparent, but carefully hidden so as to be visible only upon very close inspection, was a new door that Jacquie found.  It was screened by bushes, and she knew it was in a wall that would be where her bedroom is or was.  What was a secret doorway doing there?

When she entered her house, Jacquie found a similar change to that found by Selina.  While Jerry had kept his house neat, it was now neat as a pin, spotlessly clean.  Everything had an aura of femininity to it.  Wall colors, paintings, types of furniture, flowers and vases throughout, even a certain smell all told of the woman who now lived there.  *She* was that woman, and knew very well all that she saw was just as it should be.  She found memories in her mind of just exactly everything she was really seeing for the very first time.  'Anya's magic is really something,' she thought.

When she went into her bedroom, Jacquie immediately went looking for the secret doorway.  Even from the interior, it wasn't very obvious.  It was actually in the back wall of her new walk in wardrobe closet.  This wardrobe was chock full of both day to day and also quite elegant evening wear, presumably appropriate for the life that Jacquie now had, sort of in parallel with the one Jerry had led.  What she found tucked away in the closet was what surprised her.

Just as she'd told Daphne on Friday afternoon, there was a shiny black, long sleeved unitard hanging next to what looked like a number of identical ones, along with what looked like a rainbow assortment of similar unitards.  There was also a large selection of boots of varying colors, all with spike heels of a height similar to the chunky ones on the black boots she was wearing.  Added to these was a collection of domino masks in colors to match the unitards, along with a smaller collection of full head covering cowls.  Gloves of all colors and lengths were also on hand.

Jacquie grinned.  Jerry had been a big fan of Steve's comics stories with all kinds of heroines and villainesses.  Apparently, besides Steve becoming Catwoman, Jerry was becoming...who?  So many choices, so many possibilities...

She decided to just do what seemed natural, and put on the costume that was in front.  After she took off her black dress and boots, and also doffed the Wonder Bra, Jacquie put on more black.  She pulled the unitard on, and zipped it up to her neck.  Staying in color, she also zipped on the knee high pair of black boots.  Next followed the black shoulder length gloves, followed by a black belt she strung around her waist.  The small boxes on this belt all seemed to contain tiny tools of the espionage trade.

She sat at her makeup table to make her face look totally different and almost wicked.  As she picked up the black domino mask, Jacquie wondered if she should also cover her blonde hair with a black wig.  'No, not this time,' she decided.  'I want to surprise Selina, not try to fool her completely.'  With the mask in place, Jacquie picked up a black riding crop and, looking into her vertical mirror, saw what looked for all the world like a dominatrix.  With Selina as Catwoman, however, Jacquie knew who she now was, at least this time.

"Meowwwrrrrrrr!  I am Catgirl!"

Catgirl unlocked her secret entrance, then worked her way around the house to her driveway.  She was about to climb into her Saturn to go visit Selina when she saw the mauve Jag pulling up, with its windows turned opaque.

Catwoman didn't notice Catgirl at once due to the camouflage effect of her black costume at night, but when she did, she decided right then and there to put together a black costume of her own.  She was pretty sure of who she was seeing because of that distinctive long strawberry blonde hair.  Instead of flipping the switch to make her windows clear, Selina just pushed the button to lower her window.  "Well, well.  Who do we have here?  Is that Catgirl I'm seeing?"

"That's me!"  Catgirl giggled, then said, "Catwoman, why don't you park and step out so I can see you in costume?  I've already seen just what kind of magic Anya can do myself, but I want to see what she did for you!"

Selina opened her door with the engine still purring, and stepped out in all her glory.  Jacquie saw that her lanky purple frame was just as provocative as the comics version, and she was a real living version of same.  "Catwoman, you look incredible!  I don't know why I had any doubts that Anya's magic could this for you, but it looks like you have gotten your dream come true.  On the other hand, I think maybe I gave Anya the idea for my own costumes when I was with her yesterday.  I was only joking, but I guess she decided to go all out with my joke!  You should see what I have inside in my wardrobe.  Catgirl is but one of I don't know how many different identities I can take on!"

Catwoman grinned.  "Well, my kitten, the night is young.  Hop in, and let's see if there are any situations we can take care of."

Without any prior training, Catwoman was relying completely on the knowledge passed on to her during her confrontation with Anya Friday evening.  Luckily for both she and Catgirl, though, they didn't come across any crimes or other activity to handle.  As they were patrolling, however, both senior and junior Cats made life changing decisions.  The next day, when they were at Bikini Beach for what would have been the final day of their passes, both Selina and Jacquie would both buy lifetime pass upgrades.

* * * * *

Anya was at the gate when Jacquie and Selina showed up together Sunday morning, having driven together in Selina's Jag.  They were each in matching light green culottes ensembles that they'd found in their new wardrobes, with small shoulder bags carrying their swimsuits.  She didn't have to do any mental scans to tell that Selina had been completely satisfied with the results of her spells.  In fact, both she and Jacquie had the proverbial grins on their faces of the cats that ate the canaries.  "Good morning, ladies!  I presume you found everything to be in order at your house, Selina?"

"Yes, indeed!  I'd never heard of magic such as this before Friday, but you've got a firm believer in me now.  I'm also now so glad that you changed me the way you did on Friday.  I can't believe now that I was so down about it at that time."

At that point, Jacquie added her own input.  "Selina became a convert Friday evening, I think.  Shortly after I told her what was really going on, she let loose and started to enjoy herself.  Later that night, while we were at Daphne and Chastity's, the situation got a bit tense, but Selina came through to save the day."  Upon hearing this, Selina remembered, and blushed.  "Later still, at our hotel, we both discovered the joys of the bodies we have taken on.  Saturday started out with some good old malling, and I presume you saw Selina's new suit yesterday afternoon."  Anya nodded.  "Then last night, not only did Selina find all the wonderful results of your great magic, but I found some additions at my own place that I hadn't counted on.  Anya, you're unbelievable, and I can't thank you enough!"

Anya actually blushed.

"Ahem.  Well, with all the descriptions you gave me for Selina's new place, I really couldn't miss there.  It was your own joking suggestion that brought on the changes at your place, Jacquie.  I was hoping you wouldn't be mad at me for being presumptuous."

"Mad?!  Hell, no!  And I hope you still have *both* of those lifetime upgrades," Jacquie said.  "Selina and I both decided last night that these are the lives we wish to lead now."

"In that case, ladies, I want you both to go and visit my grandmother.  There are a few matters she wants to bring up, since you've *both* decided to stay with us.  Please go on in and tap on her door.  I do believe she's actually expecting you.  Oh, and do stop by the admin building around three in the afternoon if you can, Jacquie, and you, too, Selina.  I have a surprise for you."

Both girls looked at Anya with raised eyebrows, then headed for the grey admin building.  After what they'd each been through so far, what kind of surprise could Anya possibly have cooked up?

Since Anya had made it sound sort of urgent, neither of them took the time to go to the locker room and change into their swimsuits.  Jacquie tapped on the door, and in mere moments, it opened wide, revealing a brightly lit and well equipped office.  Sitting at her desk reading a report was Grandmother, who looked up as they approached.  "Good morning, ladies.  A very good morning!  Please, take a seat.  I understand that you each wish to make permanent the changes that were temporarily given to you on Friday."

Selina spoke for them both.  "Yes, Ma'am, that's correct.  Not only have I discovered a whole new world about which to write, but thanks to Anya, I've been given the tools to live my life's dream.  Jacquie and I have each discovered the joys of the bodies we've been given, and now have no desire to go back to the male forms with which we started.  We both realize the pitfalls of these bodies, also, but have decided that they are as nothing compared to the benefits."

"In that case, ladies, I have an offer to make to each of you.  Selina, in your case, it was suggested right from the start that your writing abilities could be a real benefit to the park.  We really have no capacity for advertisement or promotional writing at present, and have had to contract out all such work.  I would like very much for you to join my staff as chief writer, with the authority to hire others should the need occur at any time."

Grandmother paused for a moment, as Selina took in what she'd just heard.  Then she continued, "Also, your, ahem, nighttime identity and her inherent skills could be of use to me, also.  There are a number of water parks around the country, some of which are exclusive and barred to the general public, much as we are.  I know you're basically a heroine, but there are some breaking and entering skills which came along with your new body.  How would you like to be an undercover operative doing park checkouts for us?"

Selina just sat there with her mouth agape.

"Oh, and did I mention that should you accept my more or less twin job offers, your life membership would be given gratis, and you would be paid very handsomely, as appropriate for a staff's chief writer, along with the less publicized work you'd be doing?  Should you desire, there is also housing available in the condos right next door, and staff get a big discount on rent.  Lastly, I have to wonder about the security of you using your actual name here.  I think there are way too many comics fans who would make the connection right away between a real, live Catwoman and a lady working at Bikini Beach named Selina Kyle."

Before Selina could get a chance to say anything, Grandmother looked at Jacquie and said, "As for you, young miss Jacquie, my granddaughter and chief mechanic, among others, have told me that you have an uncanny skill at people handling.  As of this moment, Bikini Beach has no real Human Resources department.  How would you like to come onboard, with the same employment details I gave to Selina?  You would become the head of what I hope would be a small but effective force of people to handle PR and HR business.  Oh, and I am aware how much you were making as Jerry and would still be making as Jacquie in the outside world.  I am prepared to offer you a considerable income increase."

"Grandmother, just show me where to sign!" Jacquie blurted.  "After meeting Jenny and Daphne on Friday, along with a number of other park members and employees, I can see where I would fit in.  I also hope my favorite writer is going to say yes," she added, turning to Selina.

"How could I say no?  With the offer to utilize my skills on two different levels, this is more than a dream come true.  This is heaven on Earth!  Besides, with the partnership that Jacquie and I have developed for our nocturnal activities, how could I let her get away from me?  For that matter, I may need her to go undercover with me every now and then.  Would that be okay?"

"Deal, ladies!  You're both hired on multiple levels of activity.  As of this very moment, the passes in your wallets say lifetime.  Stop back in here on your way out, and I'll have all your paperwork, with the tax boys' stuff showing only your official jobs, ready to sign.  You'll both start tomorrow, so enjoy your free day today.  Welcome to Bikini Beach, in an entirely new way, ladies!"

"One last thing, Grandmother," Selina added.  "For the benefit of your paperwork here, I am now Jennifer Stevens."

Jacquie, Selina and Grandmother all stood for a sort of a group grope hug, then the two newest employees of Bikini Beach went over to the ladies' locker room to change.  There were precious few other park members on hand to see the ebullient girls getting into their pink and black bikini and red single piece.  There were even fewer on hand at the Pipeline when Jacquie joined Selina in its enjoyment by pulling her black unitard on over her bikini.  One who did see it was Daphne, who clapped upon seeing her friend in the figure hugging shiny black.

Later that afternoon, Jacquie made a point of dragging Daphne along with she and Selina as they went to see what kind of surprise Anya had for them in the admin building.  Anya saw Daphne coming along with them, and knew that since Jacquie was planning on making Daphne her own first hire, she was going to enjoy the presentation as much as the other two.  She turned to her two companions, and said, "Ready?"




"Okay, already.  Ready!"

Both of the black arts practitioners suddenly disappeared from view.  As the trio came into the office, they saw Anya standing there with a Cheshire Cat grin on her face.  "Hi, Anya," said Jacquie, now back in just her bikini.  "Reporting as requested.  What's up?"

Suddenly, a good looking young lady and an equally good looking but less than a foot tall female leprechaun appeared, standing upright on the ceiling, upside down for those below.  "We're what's up!" they said in unison.

"Okay, girls, down to our level, please," Anya said.  As the pair blinked back into view with Dannie standing next to Anya and Erin sitting with her tiny legs crossed on the desk next to them, Anya said, "Jacquie, Selina, Daphne, allow me to introduce you to a pair of magical friends of mine.  Standing to my left is Dannie, the one who I told you helped me practice for this weekend, Jacquie.  The elf on the desk is Erin, a leprechaun with a sense of humor that can't be beat.  Getting the two of them to join us here this afternoon took some doing, and I'm now going to be in debt to Erin for some time, but it was worth it.  All three of you are going to be integral parts of our operations here at Bikini Beach, even if you didn't know that yet, Daphne, and you'll all be seeing some pretty hairy stunts pulled, usually with one or the other of my cohorts here helping out.  Okay, ladies, group hug!"

Even little Erin joined in by clasping some outstretched arms, and six young women clasped each other warmly, for the beginning of what all hoped would be a long and fruitful friendship.

The end

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