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The Miss Adventures of Eric and Raven

Chapter 11
"Of Cats and Women"
by Steve Zink

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." - Mae West

Interlude: Raven is not the only writer who lives in the section of Florida where the mall containing the new 'Spells R Us' shop is located.  Steve Zink visits many malls as a matter of principle, always checking for new stock in shoe stores or clothes and accessories to add to the collection of costumes that his alter ego Jennifer likes to wear.  So it came to be that Raven was not the only one to discover the opening of the 'Spells R Us' shop.

Shortly after Erica picked up little Ravena and carried her out of the shop on that fateful first day, Steve found the shop as he turned the corner from the mall wing containing the book store he'd just spent one hour but no money in.  There was a bag in his hands, containing the new pair of black pumps he'd found at Wild Pair.

"I don't believe it!" he exclaimed, when he saw the quaint old storefront of the SRU directly in front of him.  He'd written a 'Spells R Us' story as his very first entry into Web stories, and kept promising Morpheus that he'd write another one where the old wizard would help Steve to live out his fantasy of becoming Catwoman.  Now, seeing the shop in reality stunned him.  "I wonder if my promises have started to catch up with me?" he mused, while trying to decide if he dared to go through the door into the shop.

When he realized that the SRU only appeared to those whom the Wizard wanted to see, the writer threw caution to the wind and swung open the door.  The odd little bell overhead did its thing, and Steve's jaw dropped as he briefly mouthed a "WOW!" then closed up again when he pursed his lips and whistled a soft "PHEW!"  None of the bright light from the mall outside made it into the dark little shop, but then the visitor started to wonder just how little it was.  He had noted the size of the storefront before entering, yet the racks and wall displays seemed to occupy much more footage than that outer size implied.

Seeing costumes hanging upon one of the side walls, Steve made a beeline.  He set his bag on the floor near his feet, and started flipping through an unbelievable collection that he knew from his readings was filled with the potency of making the body fit the costume, not the usual case of finding a costume that fit the wearer's body.  He'd already given up on caution, and handled French Maid, Nurse, Pop Singer, Stripper and myriad other costumes to see if there really were any comic character costumes.  He figured that if the old man wanted him in one of the costumes, he'd be out there taunting him about trying one on, not trapping him by having him just handle the clothes.

Steve was so intent in his search that he did not hear the Wizard walk up behind him after slipping through the curtain covering the entrance to the back rooms.  "Good morning, Steve.  I see you finally made it in to see me in person."

Even knowing about the old man's abilities at stealth, the voice made Steve jump just a bit.  He turned to greet the Wizard.  "Good morning to you, too.  I've read so much about this costume collection of yours, and just had to look through it when I saw it for real."

The Wizard thought to himself, 'I don't believe it!  Finally, a person smart enough not to ask...' then said, "If it's a Catwoman costume you're seeking, I'm sorry, but you won't find one on this visit.  I know you're fascinated by costumes, and one of your fellow authors has even named this section of my shop after you.  So I have found a way for you to help me in a little game of retribution being played on Eric and Raven.  If I promise to get you a nifty costume for your next visit, would you agree to help me out this time?  The new shoes you have in your bag would be perfect, though their size might change."

Steve knew that trusting the Wizard could be hazardous, but was game to see just what he had in mind.  "Since you've already mentioned that I'd be making at least one more visit, I suppose that helping you out won't be detrimental to my heath or well being.  I think I should help you, if for no other reason than to meet two of my favorite authors, in whatever form you've put them."

The old man chuckled, marveling at the prescience Steve was showing about his friends.  "I need you to become one of the key characters in their second scenario, and since I know you are temporarily unemployed, you should be able to spend at least a couple of days in your new form.  You might even make some additional money to offset your lack of funds!"

Steve knew for sure that the Wizard knew all there was to know about the subjects of his machinations now.  He hadn't told very many people about his fiscal problems, and if this gambit of the Wizard's could help to offset some of his troubles, what the heck.  "I just hope that whatever you have planned for me won't be something I'll regret later."

"Well, I know you're a relatively conservative person with pretty straight laced attitudes, so this will be a rather abrupt change for you, but I think it will enhance your life by opening up your character into more freely lived lifestyles.  I know you actually avoided her when she showed up on one of the chats, so you're going to be pretty surprised!"

Steve followed the old man back to the countertop near the cash register, being careful not to step on the flowing blue bathrobe that the Wizard wore as his trademark.  He set his bag on the glass top, then watched as the Wizard rooted through various boxes and bags.  Steve wondered how it was that if the old man knew what he wanted him to become, why the implement of change wasn't out and ready.  He guessed that it was all for effect.  It wouldn't look right for a magic shop to be neat and orderly, after all.

As if to confirm his thoughts, a muffled voice came up from behind the counter, "Yes, I do know precisely where it is, I just want to make this look good."  Steve smiled widely.

Shortly, the Wizard stood, holding a deteriorated and banged up bracelet which looked fit for the garbage can.  "There aren't any complicated instructions for the use of this bracelet.  I only caution you to wait until you get home to put it on.  Once it is around your left wrist, and believe me, you don't want to know what would happen if you put it on your right wrist, you won't be able to remove it or change back into yourself.  Only coming here to my shop will enable you to get the bangle off, and resume your normal life.  You should find the five-inch heels on those new shoes of yours becoming just right once the bracelet is on."

Steve placed the bracelet into the bag holding the shoe box, then looked up as if to say something.  As his mouth started to open, the Wizard cut him off.  "Yes, I agree with Morpheus, and hope you will write another story about me and my little shop.  Your costume box was a really good idea, even though I had to intervene a couple of times to make sure nothing dangerous came about.  Just try to squeeze it into all those other stories you're working on for yourself and other authors.  For that matter, it was your help for Eric that made me want to get you involved with this scheme.  Now then, off with you, and remember, left wrist!"

Steve felt compelled to turn and leave the shop, and without doing any more exploring of the fascinating stock, pulled the door open with the goofy little bell doing its thing.  Though tempted to reach into the bag from the moment he left the SRU, he kept the bag folded shut and avoided the hazards predicted by the old man all the way back to his house.

There was no way Steve was going to wait for the evening or anything once he was inside.  Without even turning on his computer to check for any new email, he stripped out of his clothes and put the shoe box and bracelet on his bed.  The box still said size 10 on its side, and a quick peek by lifting the lid confirmed that they still looked big enough to fit on his current feet.  Then he picked up the bracelet, and looked for a way to open it up.  There were no obvious clasps or even hinges.  It sort of sprang open on its own when a slight twisting motion was applied to it.  Since his watch was still on his left wrist, Steve almost slipped it onto his right wrist.

Remembering the twice uttered warning, Steve slipped the bracelet over his left wrist just ahead of his watch.  A massive feeling of arcane energy seemed to envelop him, and in less time than it took to think about it, a tall blonde with looks to kill was standing where moments before Steve had stood.  The watch on her wrist was now a petite ladies watch with a face barely big enough to read, and the ornament around her wrist was a flashy gold band.  To see if the gold band could be hidden since she couldn't take it off, she grabbed a pair of Jennifer's black opera length gloves, and pulled them on.  Both the watch and the band were easily hidden.  She turned to see the image presented in the vertical mirror hanging on the door, and knew just who she was from the descriptions she'd read in the chat logs.

"Oh wow, I'm Tryxi Trash!  Now I know what the Wizard was talking about.  I'm so opposite what Steve would be that its incredible.  Even while dressed as Jennifer, I could never become anywhere near this brazen.  I can't wait to get to that porno movie set tomorrow!"  Tryxi reached for the shoe box, and noted the size marked on the side.  She looked down to see her now tiny feet, seemingly inappropriate for her new height, and said, "Yep, 6 looks about right!"  The five-inch heels made her all that much taller, and almost put her on her toes.

Mincing in short, sexy steps over to the clothes closet, Tryxi saw that the magic had made Steve's existence seem to disappear.  All the clothes in it were her ultra sexy skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and blouses.  There wasn't a flat heeled shoe in sight on the floor.  She picked a mini dress to put on, then went to her chest of drawers to get a bra and panties set.  "Nah, I think just the panties should be enough!  Hell, I might even skip the panties.  Well, later tonight, anyway."

Then it dawned upon Tryxi why she had to put the bracelet on her left wrist.  She looked at the contents of her closet, and said, "That garbage dump fated bauble would have turned me into Trashy Tryxi if I'd put it on my right wrist, and I can just imagine what I'd be doing all night and day instead of films and strip shows.  I'm glad the Wizard warned me so strongly!"

For the next three days, Tryxi did her thing while Erica and Ravena were going through their travails.  She was so glad to see the girls in action, along with some of the other authors who had no idea who was hiding under her awesome skin, most of which was always on show.

Back to the present...

The glowing cauldron before them seemed to be beckoning Eric and Raven.  The goal of their quest had been wisdom, hopefully enough to satisfy Madame Olga, and even the Wizard.  Would drinking the seemingly magic potion give them this wisdom?  It almost seemed too obvious.

"As tempted as I am to imbibe that foul brew," Eric offered, "I wish all the more that the cauldron there was a long tub in which I could soak these tired old bones."

"I agree," Raven replied.  "The health aspects of drinking something foul in the hopes of gaining some kind of knowledge does seem kind of forbidding, while taking these tired old feminine forms and giving them rest would be quite beneficial.  The warm fluids would do wonders, regardless of their contents."

To their great surprise, at the conclusion of Raven's statement, the two adventuresses found themselves whisked through time and space to the smoky chambers of Madam Olga.  They were no longer old hags, but were not their old male selves, either.

"I can't believe that you two were able to get out of the situation I'd put you in so readily.  Both of you in your writing seem to glamorize the good and easy aspects of womanhood, without showcasing any of the travails our sex incurs.  I'd hoped to make you see a lot more trials and tribulations, but you've apparently gained the wisdom I wanted you to attain in quick order, so I'm giving you back to my cousin.  You still haven't satisfied his requirements."

Ravena looked towards the mirror once again, and saw that she was back to the shape of Ravena Lovejoy, then turned and saw that Erica LaShank was back, also.  At least they were in good looking forms.  Ravena knew better than to mouth her thought that the decision made in the chamber was more good luck than any learned wisdom.  She did know that if she had to stay in her current form long enough to go through a period, then she would start to more openly acknowledge the harsher aspects of womanhood.  "We're both great authors who know enough to fully describe the women in our stories, and if you're quite finished with us here, Madam Olga, I think Erica and I would both like to get back and make another stab at apologizing to the Wizard."

"You assume too much, you young whelp," she replied.  "But if you think you know of the correct apology, I can see no reason not to send you back to the mall outside his shop.  I don't dare try to use my magic to get you directly into it.  Good luck, because personally, I don't think either of you is ready to apologize correctly yet."

* * * * *

At about the same time, Tryxi was in the shop conversing with the old man.  "Can I presume that the contents of my closets at home will change back when you remove this bracelet?  I presume it was my proximity to them which changed them when I first took shape a few days ago, but it would be kind of pointless for me to become Steve again if Tryxi's clothes are still on hand at home."

"No worries there, my friend.  You did such a marvelous job that I wouldn't dare try to pull a fast one on you.  In fact, you did such a great job as Tryxi that I think you deserve to become her whenever you like from now on.  Give me your left wrist."

Tryxi raised her left wrist, and the wizard easily unhitched it and pulled it away.  Steve took shape instantly, without even feeling any of the changes.  The Wizard had made this a totally painless operation.  "I have now made it possible for you to open and close the bracelet yourself.  Since you did learn the reason for not using your right wrist, I think you can be trusted to be the owner of Tryxi's future.  Should you ever decide to let Raven or anyone else become Tryxi, only you or I will be able to return them to their own forms."

"Thanks, old man.  I won't let you down.  Neither will Tryxi, for that matter.  I can see becoming her quite a few times in the future, she can be so much fun!  And you were right, that was a very enlightening experience," Steve told him.  He then turned to look at the costume wall, and his eyes lit up.

"Yes, your present for helping is here.  Do you want to become Selina right away, or wait until later?" the Wizard asked.  "You can take the costume into the changing room if you want to go away in costume."

The look on Steve's face answered the question.

* * * * *

Erica and Ravena popped into view directly in front of the unbearably uncomfortable seats directly in front of the 'Spells R Us', and what with all they'd gone through, sat down very ladylike instead of plopping back.  "Well, what do think?" Erica said.  "I believe the Wizard wants an apology from each of us, not a blanket one covering the both of us."

"I agree," replied Ravena, "I think that there must be some way that each of us has managed to tick off Mindy.  I like the idea of using Madam Olga's lesson to base my apology on, how about you?"

Erica twisted her mouth in a bit of a feminine scowl, then said, "Since Madam Olga is one of my characters, I was hoping to use her lesson myself.  But you do have such an eloquent, legalese way of putting it that I wouldn't want to rob you of the opportunity.  I guess my apology should be based upon my abuse of Madam Olga herself."

Ravena was starting to nod, when both girls saw the door to the SRU swing inward.  Since no one had been seen going in, they both knew that there had to be someone coming out now.  A goddess in shiny black latex stepped out, covered from the cowl over her head to the stiletto heeled boots on her feet.  It was a variation on Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume from the movie, "Batman Returns", without all the lacing implying a homemade origin.  The corset on the outside of her costume, just as Michelle's had, drew in her waist, but to a much higher degree.  And where Michelle didn't have very much of a chest pushing out over the corset, this Catwoman was very generously endowed.

Erica turned to Ravena and said softly, "Steve also lives around this area, doesn't he?  He's a Catwoman fanatic, you don't suppose..."

Ravena shook her head, hair splaying out.  "That would be too much of a coincidence.  No, that's a fantastic Catwoman, but it couldn't possibly be Steve."  Little did either of them know.  The Wizard's gift to him of both the costume and the bracelet had made 'her' a very happy person.  She just wasn't sure how much time she'd spend as Steve anymore.

The two ladies stood, and watched Catwoman march away regally on heels neither of them wanted to even consider.  "If that is Steve, he must be in heaven," Erica said as they turned to enter the shop.

The old man stood behind his counter as the two made their presence known.  "Good morning, sir," Ravena said, in hopes of getting on his good side.

"Good morning to you, too," the old man replied, before Erica could say anything to add.  "Don't ask.  Catwoman's identity is a sworn secret between us.  But just between you and I, she is planning on writing a story or two about her activities.  But back to the task at hand.  Did you have fun working with my cousin?"

Erica spoke first.  "I found out that Madam Olga is a much more complicated woman, with aspects that I've totally ignored in using her in my stories.  I'd like to apologize for abusing her, and promise to write of her in a better light in the future."

"Madam Olga taught me that there are aspects of femininity that I've ignored in the past," Ravena added as soon as Erica concluded.  "I need to show more of the non-glamorous parts of a woman's life in my stories, instead of just showing all the soft and easy sides."

The Wizard nodded, making the girls feel hopeful, but their moods changed when he spoke.  "Those are very good apologies for things which each of you has been guilty, and I'll be sure to pass that on to my cousin.  However, even though you've realized that you each have individual apologies to make, you've not yet gotten it right.  You only have one chance left to get it right, ladies, and now I have to change you once again.  Since you have learned a little bit, this change will be painless, but the results may be a bit less easy for you to handle."

Knowing it was the best way to handle it, both girls shut their eyes closed hard.  The old man waved his hands over them, and their forms took on new aspects and shapes.

Ravena opened her eyes cautiously, and saw Erica, or who she thought was Erica.  She was another Catwoman, this time dressed in the gaudy purple costume with black thigh high boots and black opera length gloves that Eric had written about in his story shared with Steve, "Batman and Catwoman, The Wager."  Erica was looking down at her own form before looking at Ravena, and knew right away who she was.  She was yet another male in a female form, Bruce Wayne as Catwoman.  In an incredibly sexy voice, Ravena said, "Eric, you're another version of Catwoman!"

Erica then looked up, and her mouth dropped open in a gasp.  She was gaping at the living Barbie Doll with long blonde hair framing an incredibly beautiful face, an impossibly small waist below huge breasts, and standing very tall even without counting the inches added by the heels of her boots.  "Raven, you've become Pussywillow from your James Bond story!"

The old man crossed his arms.  "Yes, ladies, you've each become a character from your stories which had both exceedingly evil and also good and righteous sides.  Your task is to live those lives as the others you've had to, and try to keep your evil sides at bay.  The answers to your apologies are hidden in the forms you now occupy, and the stories behind them, so try to figure it out this time."

Pussywillow thought it ironic that her name worked so well with Catwoman, but made a mental note to fight the urge to become her teammate in crime.  Catwoman was getting exactly the same thoughts, with much less luck in subduing the tendencies.  This was going to be very interesting.

The Wizard waved his right hand, and the pair disappeared from the 'Spells R Us' shop.

* * * * *

Chapter 12
"A Little Help"
by Eddie Glover

"We can't all be heroes, because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." -Will Rogers

Gotham City----

Erica smiled as she gazed through the skylight at the priceless ruby below.  It would be so easy to just take it...who would know?  And it was purrrrfect for her.

Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by her long black hair, and pulled away.  "Eric!  Would you stop it!  Ever since we got here, you've been acting more and more like a thief!  Remember what the wizard said to us before he zapped us here...we have to keep our evil selves at bay."

Erica sighed, "Sure.  But when I see something like that I...I just can't help myself!"

Ravena frowned, "I know what you mean...but we can't afford it!  I don't want to spend the rest of my life as Pussywillow...these breasts are heavy!"

Erica grinned, "We could spend the night doing other things, you know."

Ravena found herself thinking about Erica, she could think of something.  Like the new Catwoman, she was a very horny woman...and the thought of just letting go made her tingle.

"Would that be considered evil?  I mean, we wouldn't be breaking the law or anything," Ravena mused.

"What fun would that be?" the Joker smiled, while coming up behind them.

Erica backed up in shock.  She hadn't expected to actually run into a super villain.  Surely, the old man had known this would happen!  How could they apologize, if they were dead?

The Joker grinned, "Oh, don't fret, my dears, I won't harm you.  I just want you to look at this little trinket I picked up."

He pulled out a golden pendant, that seemed to shine the moonlight into their eyes.  Both women couldn't help but stare at it, even as the Joker spoke.

"I heard you two talking about keeping your evil at bay...what fun would that be!?  Now the ONLY thing on your minds will be evil.  Crime is a drug to both of you...and the only thing you want more is sex," the Clown Prince of Crime chuckled.

Erica shook her head, and then grinned, "Thanks for opening my eyes, Joker.  Why shouldn't I take what I want?"

With that, she walked to the skylight, and used the claws in her gloves to open the skylight glass without breaking it.  Before she could descend though, Ravena walked over.

"You're not having any fun without me, Catwoman," Pussywillow cooed.

The Joker laughed, and turned to leave...shimmering into the form of a husky man in the process.  The man wore a shirt proclaiming himself "King Bimbo" and grinned at the thought of the two prolific net authors Raven and Eric stuck forever in this comic world as evil villainesses...after all, the comic world was one of his specialties.

The SRU store---real world--

The old man frowned as he sensed the disturbance of his plans.  Someone had gotten into comic world, and forced Eric and Raven to lapse into the characters they were portraying...only even more evil than they should be at their worst!  Only two people came to mind, so he wasted little time in teleporting both of them outside his door.

Eddie Glover had been working on a story when he felt a tingle, and found himself sitting on a bench in front of...the SRU store?

He saw a gorgeous and buxom young woman in Catwoman's uniform, movie style, and immediately gasped.

"Steve?" he asked the woman who had been about to enter the store.

Steve Zink turned and frowned at the man, "Who are you?  And how do you know my name?"

Eddie sighed, "Lucky guess.  I...I guess I'm wanted here."

They entered together, and saw the old man frowning...not a sight one would like to see, knowing the old man.

"Glover!" the old man growled.  "Care to tell me why you're messing with my little game, before I turn you into a little girl?"

Eddie gulped, "What?  I haven't done anything!  What makes you think I did?"

The Wizard pulled a comic book out, titled "Catwoman and Pussywillow", and turned to the last page, where the Joker seemed to hypnotize the lead women.

Then, on the next panel, that Joker turned into...Eddie himself.

"I did give you that amulet to allow you to enter comic worlds so that you'd continue your super hero stories," the old man said coldly.

"But...but I was home all day.  I swear," Eddie stammered.

For a moment, the old man frowned, but finally he sighed, "I believe you.  You've got no reason to hate Eric or Raven...but I know someone who does...your evil self, eddiE."

Eddie gasped, "We only created him to fool those inspectors a few years ago!  I thought he was just a temporary creation."

Steve finally spoke up, "Why am I here?  This seems to be between you two."

The old man smiled, "Because you two know the comic world as well as anyone.  So I'm sending you both in to help restore Eric and Raven so that my little game can continue without interference."

"Sure, I'll is a way...who is responsible," Eddie said firmly.

"You can't go like that, though...I've got it," said the Wizard as he pointed at Eddie, and smiled as his spell altered the man.

Eddie looked down into his deep cleavage, then to the metal bracelets on his wrists.  He glanced farther down at the blue bottom with stars, and the golden lasso attached to his much wider hips.

Steve whistled, "Wow!  I thought I was stacked!"

Eddie cupped her mammoth breasts and smirked, "Wonder Woman doesn't have breasts the size of bowling balls, old man."

"Consider it poetic justice, given the tits you give your characters," the Wizard said with a grin.  "Now, it shouldn't be too hard to find eddiE, he'll more than likely be watching to insure that Eric and Raven follow his commands."

With a wave, the two men-turned busty superheroines were gone.


Eddie turned to look at the buxom Catwoman that he knew to be Steve Zink and smirked, "It makes sense for the Wizard to send you in here with me, Steve...after all, who knows Gotham City and Catwoman better than you."

Steve/Catwoman grinned, "Thanks.  But...and don't take this the wrong way...I'm happy to say that I got to see Wonder Woman in the flesh.  Now I see why so many of the superheroes are always lusting for her."

Eddie frowned while looking down into her abundant cleavage, "Yeah, well, I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't looking at her from this vantage point."

Steve let the former man stew for a moment, then pointed, "See that museum over there...that banner says something about Egyptian gems on display.  Knowing Miss Kitty the way I do...well, that has to be where Erica and Ravena are."

Eddie nodded while squinting at a figure on the roof, "You take our author friends...I'm going to have a little talk with myself."

Steve started to protest, but Eddie/Wonder Woman was already flying toward the museum.

"Some of us can't fly, you know," Steve frowned.

Inside the museum, half a dozen guards were lying unconscious.

"You about ready?" Erica/Catwoman purred, as she threw more jewels into the pouch she carried.

"Almost," Ravena/Pussywillow sighed, as she took an emerald from another display case.  "It's too bad we had to knock out those guards...that tall one was kind of cute."

"Now, now, this any way for us felines to act?" Steve cooed, as she swayed into the room sporting the whip she carried in her Catwoman persona.

"Who the hell is she trying to be?" Ravena laughed.

"She's about to join...urrrrk!" eddiE had appeared behind Steve, and pulled a medallion to hypnotize her with...until a slim female hand grabbed his shirt and pulled him up...through the skylight and onto the roof.

Steve hadn't even sensed the ambush.  She only hoped Eddie could beat his evil twin.

"If it isn't my creator...and looking much more pleasing to the eye!" eddiE said, upon being slammed to the ground by an enraged Eddie/Wonder Woman.  "Care for a trial run of your new bod?"

"I should have written you into a body like this," Eddie said while advancing.  "As is, I can use Wonder Woman's strength to kick your butt."

eddiE grinned, "You always did have such a narrow view!  Now drop those clothes, and show me the proper respect."

Even as he spoke, the medallion flashed, and Eddie staggered.  Then she stripped nude and pressed herself to the man wearing a variation on her normal form.

Even as the evil twin planned to truly show his creator the joys of womanhood, he felt her hand pull the medallion from him.

"What!?  But nobody can resist its power!  You should be my slave!" eddiE gasped.

Eddie smiled even as she zapped him with the same medallion, "Who do you think wrote this medallion for you, moron?  And now I'm changing you a little..."  Another flash was followed by a scream.

Inside the museum, Steve leaped to avoid a batarang.  She frowned at that; the Catwoman variation that Erica now portrayed was the former Bruce Wayne...and had some of Batman's weapons hidden God only knows where.

The much taller Pussywillow tried to grab her, but she moved aside and tripped the blonde, who fell with a squeal of pain onto her ass.

Steve turned just as the other Catwoman tackled her.

"Purrrrrrrfect.  You know, my feline sister, we could make a lovely team...and I must say, you fill out that uniform deliciously," Erica cooed, while squeezing Steve's firm breasts through the costume.

Steve moaned in pleasure, until something flashed in her gorgeous as this beauty was...she was also Eric!  She pushed the woman off, and started to get up.

Pussywillow started to slap her, but a red gloved hand grabbed her hand and stopped the blow.

Erica frowned as Ravena was restrained by someone who looked a lot like Wonder Woman.  She started toward the roof until a buxom brunette floated down toward her in a skintight pink costume.  The woman wore a domino mask, and her enormous breasts were barely contained by the deep V-neck of her costume.  Atop that bosom was a medallion that was glowing brightly.

"I am Lady Bimbo...and I command you two who were under my spell to regain your former minds completely," she said softly.

Erica shook her head, and realized that she was back to normal...mentally at least.  None of the sexual urges that were more than usual seemed to affect her...nor did the desire for crime.  She turned to see the other Catwoman, and recognized her from a meeting at the mall...Steve!  But who was the Wonder Woman clone who had been restraining Ravena?

"Sorry I had to grab you, Raven," Eddie sighed, while letting the tall blonde go, "but I'm sure Steve didn't want a shot in the face."

Steve frowned, "What happened to your evil twin, Eddie?"

Lady Bimbo landed, and smiled while removing her mask, "My creator showed me the error of my ways.  Now I will only use my powers for good...most of the time," she said with a smirk.

Eddie grinned from her Wonder Woman form, "I used the medallion to reprogram him/her.  She'll be a super heroine from now on."

Ravena grimaced, "Eric! We gave in to the urges of our bodies!  We other things."

As if to answer them, all four appeared back inside the Wizard's shop.

"You did, indeed, Raven...but my test was somewhat warped by the arrival of Mr. Glover's evil counterpart.  Thus, I've ended it," the old man said with a grin.

"What about Eddie's twin?  Are we sure she'll stay like that?" Steve asked.

The old man picked up a comic entitled "Lady Bimbo" that showed that woman zapping two criminals into cheerleaders.  "She'll become required reading for the TG community.  I wouldn't worry about her."

"What about me?  I would kind of like to get back to being a man," Eddie asked while indicating her female form.

The old man gestured, and Eddie was back to normal.  "I did leave you the ability to change into Wonder Woman...form only...we can't have a real life super heroine flying around."

"Thanks for your help, Steve...and enjoy the bracelet I gave you," he said while teleporting Steve and Eddie back to where they'd been taken from.

Erica turned to Ravena...both women knowing what the wizard would ask.

"Now, ladies.  Do you have something to say to me?" he asked with a smile.

* * * * *

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