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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

This story is set up with the characters as they were existing in the Justice League of America comics prior to the upheaval in DC stories called Crisis on Infinite Earths, with two major exceptions.  I have Clark Kent married to Lois Lane, something that should have happened prior to Crisis but didn't actually happen until a decade later.  I also have the original Wonder Woman villainess, Cheetah, and not the newer replacement for her who debuted in 1980.

I would really love to hear any comments you'd like to send me.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

This is a very much rewritten and expanded version of the first long story I posted to the web in 1998.  The original version is at Fictionmania and possibly even the Grey Archive.

In 2001, the writer of the original short story which gave me the inspiration to write this one, FFCSKRULL2, asked me to help with a complete revision of the basic story so that different changes could be used.  I worked hard at writing the new version for that, and I've adapted some of the newer material to the beginning of this one where it fits.  I've also added a brief bit with an additional Justice League of America member, along with big changes to how I handled Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Flash.  In fact, the Amazon got a lot of space in the rewrite, nearly doubling the size of the later chapters.

Comments and criticism are accepted gratefully.

Justice League of America - TG
In the End, Justice No More
By Steve Zink
adapted from original start by FFCSKRULL2


Early Sunday morning, the sun was shining brightly through the bedroom window of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in beautiful downtown Metropolis.  The two had only just been married a month earlier, and Lois was still using her own last name because of the fame associated with it.  Almost anybody reading the newspaper would recognize the name Lois Lane, but if Lois Kent were to appear in a byline, it would probably be passed by without a thought.  On any given work day, both would have been up and out of the apartment long before the sun was blasting through the window, but this was Sunday, and they were sleeping in.  Or, were intending to.

Clark suddenly sat up in the bed, dragging bed sheet and blanket with him, alert to an ultrasonic signal that was way out of his wife's hearing range, but hit him like a sonic battering ram.  He tried to get out of the bed without disturbing Lois, but she had been roused when he first woke with a start and yanked the covers off her.  "What's wrong?" she asked, as the gorgeous brunette watched him changing into his blue and red costume in a blur.

When his super speed blur had slowed to a normal human pace, Clark replied, "I just picked up a high priority alert from the Justice League.  They need me ASAP; something seems to be developing, something BIG."

Lois gave him a longing look, and said, "Just be careful."

Bending down to kiss her forehead, he told her assuredly, "You know I will."  With that, the Man of Steel took off out the window at a pace so fast that if anyone was looking in that direction, they'd see nothing more than a blur.  That blur was careening at hypersonic speed toward the Justice League of America's HQ satellite in geosynchronous orbit over the East Coast of the United States.

Just north of Los Angeles...

At that very moment, Superman's seemingly oldest foe, Lex Luthor, was in California at the USAF's Vandenburg AFB military satellite launch facility.  He and his minions had taken over a Titan IV-D launch pad and its control bunker the night before, with the remaining USAF personnel at the base oblivious to their presence.  They spent the night replacing the latest recce satellite the USAF would launch with a much different payload Luthor had been putting together for the past four months.  With dawn not yet approaching the West Coast, a bright streak of light was seen by those nearby, climbing skyward.  Going into a polar orbit from which every spot on the globe would be covered was the satellite Luthor had rigged to skirt the Earth's atmosphere releasing a gas.  This gas would within hours mix completely with the air breathed by every soul on Earth.  It would wipe from their minds any memory of the Justice League and its members, and accept as normal the changes in their lives which they'd soon be encountering.

The villains made good time going east northeast from Vandenburg after the launch, and were in position inside a specially constructed bunker sealed from the outside air an hour before the gas would begin to have effect.  Not that they needed to be shielded from the gas and its effects, for Lex and all his associates had taken pills which would negate the effects.  Luthor had timed it such that the Justice League members he hoped to get his hands on would also be inside that same building just before they themselves would lose all memory of who they were, by either the gas or more diabolical means.  If things went as planned, only the one or two heroes still on their satellite would be free and have knowledge of the heroic team.

Most of his dwindling Legion of Doom was with Luthor at Vandenburg for the launch, but one key member had been left behind.  Toyman, Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro were all given pills to counteract the effects of the gas.  Back east in Gotham City, Joker and his cronies had also been given the pills.  However, Cheetah was not with them to be given the antidote.  She was the alter ego of Washington, DC socialite Priscilla Rich, and went in and out of character depending upon the influence of her nemesis, Wonder Woman.  Unfortunately for the group of super villains, Wonder Woman had been off planet in the Justice League's satellite for a number of days, so Priscilla had slipped out from under Cheetah's influence before they left for the West Coast.  They had no time to search for the beautiful blonde before leaving, and so assumed that the gas would wipe any memory of the heroic Amazon from her mind, effectively wiping out their compatriot, Cheetah.

Justice League HQ...Space

Onboard the League's satellite, Batman was with Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman in the conference room.  The Dark Knight had teleported up from his Bat Cave before any of the others, after getting a frantic heads up message from Zatanna at the duty desk.  Martian Manhunter wasn't present because of a special project he was doing on his own.  Superman stepped out of the airlock and, after a hastily done walk through the hallways, sat down to join them.  After a quick set of greetings, Flash put on a big grin, then put a hand on the Man of Steel's shoulder as he said, "About time!  We sent that alert signal five minutes ago.  What took you so long?"

Kal gave Barry a look, then turned to his friend who was the other half of the World's Finest.  Batman picked up the unspoken plea for info and said, "Before you ask, it's Luthor.  He apparently has some kind of new weapon, and if what I was told by Zee half an hour ago is correct, it could be very dangerous, for us in particular.  She came across info related to some kind of device which would erase knowledge of us from a person's mind."

Just then Zatanna, who was still seated at the duty desk console, sat up straight.  She'd noted the launch from Vandenburg, but thought no more of it since it was on the usual trajectory for a USAF recon satellite.  However, she had just heard something much more dire and alarming.  She hit the page button for the conference room and said, "A new danger signal just came in.  Luthor is threatening to take out Los Angeles with a thermonuclear weapon!"

'This is impossible, Lex Luthor was in jail,' Superman thought to himself, then quickly followed with, "Where is he?"

"According to this source, he's in California, in a research lab located in the dry lake beds north northeast of Los Angeles," Zee replied.

"He's got to be in the vicinity of Edwards Air Force Base," Green Lantern offered.

"Then let's get going, and stop him!" Superman announced, putting the threat from his old foe before any thought of discussion.  "This meeting is adjourned!  Zatanna, stay here and watch for any further alerts; if you hear from J'onn, tell him what's going on and to come help us out."

The leaguers all reported to the teleport pads.  Superman went past them to the airlock and took off on his own, then the rest beamed down to a pad which had been installed for Green Lantern's sake just outside Lockheed's Skunk Works in Palmdale.  This put them about fifty miles from Luthor's reported location, with the sun not yet quite risen.  The Last Son of Krypton got there just as they were showing up.  He grabbed Batman and Aquaman and took off, with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern following closely, Green Arrow and Canary in a green bubble generated by Lantern's ring, and Flash disappearing in a scarlet and gold blur as he sped away on foot.

A Dry Lake Bed, between Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Weapons Center China Lake...

The four super villains were in position in a remote complex not far from Edwards AFB just before the Justice League got there.  The spot where Luthor supposedly had situated his fusion device was the obvious starting point for the heroes and heroines to begin their search for the evil doers.

Flash was standing just outside the bunker, leaning on the access door when the fliers landed.  A newly risen sun was just starting to peek through the crags of the mountains far off to the east.  "What kept you?"

"Just for your information," Aquaman said as they came up to the door, "Supes did a quick scan of the building with his X-ray vision as we got close, instead of coming in directly.  The entire building is lead shielded."

As expected, the door was locked.  Superman was about to just tear the door off its hinges when Batman said, "Easy, Kal.  Give me a few seconds, and I believe we shall be inside with a lot less chance of alerting the occupants."

"Okay," the Man of Steel replied, "just don't take too long."

"Now who's joking about speed?" the Dark Knight said as he reached into his utility belt for a lock pick set.  As predicted, he had the door swinging open with nary a bell, whistle or other alarm sounding in less than one minute.  "Okay, let's go get Luthor!" he proclaimed, going in first.

The first few rooms they came to were devoid of occupants and quite simple, but then the group came upon a glassed in enclosure with many computer banks and lots of apparent lab equipment.  There was an office in the far corner with its door closed, and the group approached it carefully.  None noticed the fact that the door through which they'd entered the lab had sealed shut behind them.  Upon opening the lead lined door which had prevented him from checking it out visually, Superman saw that the office was just as deserted as all the others they'd checked.  There was no sign of any nuclear warheads, delivery systems for same, any obvious control consoles for weapons, nor Luthor, for that matter.  "We were tricked," he said.

"Exactly!" Luthor gloated from a TV monitor.  With that, jets of gas erupted from every corner of the room, filling it almost instantly with a Green Kryptonite-laced knockout gas.  Wonder Woman and Superman were the last of the group to succumb, but even their hardened bodies gave in, and the entire group slumped to the floor, unconscious.  The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight were extracted from the room, with the others left to puzzle over what could have happened once they regained their senses.  The room was sealed and should hold them for later processing, or so Luthor thought.

Luthor and the Legion of Doom got aboard their nearly supersonic bizjet and brought the World's Finest duo to Lex's hidden laboratory in Metropolis.  It was early afternoon in the huge East Coast city by the time they got there, and Luthor had to get busy.  The Dark Knight was put into a straitjacket and tied to a chair adjacent to a large computer on one side of the lab.  His body changes would have to wait, for Luthor had other work to do before taking care of Joker's nemesis.  The Last Son of Krypton was stripped out of his costume and put into a large, clear walled tank, Luthor's latest pride and joy.  Lex left Toyman in charge of Superman's modification process, then went over to Batman in the seat next to the large computer.  The Mind Modification Computer would take out all of the Dark Knight's memories so that details of his alter ego could be discovered.  As soon as this was accomplished, Lex got in touch with Joker to let the Clown Prince of Crime know about their next set of acquisitions.

Toyman turned to Sinestro, since the super ape Grodd was keeping to himself in another corner of the lab, and said, "Do you think Luthor's process will work on Superman?  I mean, he is invulnerable and all."

Sinestro pondered this while the tank filled with its pink tinted fluid.  "I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  His body should absorb the fluid, since it's on a subcellular, almost atomic level."  They did not have long to wait.  Less than a minute after the tank filled, there was a woman with a very beautiful face, long blonde hair and an unbelievably shaped, sexy and appealing figure leaning in the same position they'd left Superman.  "Ah yes," remarked Sinestro casually, "I do believe it has worked on Superman."

As Toyman worked at lifting the bodacious babe out of the tank, long vinyl gloves protecting his own hands and arms from the fluid clinging to her body, he said, "Sinestro, you have a way with words.  Give me a hand rinsing her off, then we can hook her up to the Mind Modification Computer as soon as Lex has Batman off it."

After being hosed off, Superman was placed into the seat just vacated by Batman, who had been taken to a separate room and securely tied down.  Just then, Luthor walked back up to place the band around her head and then attach the electrodes of the machine to each side of her head at the temples.  "Oh, I have waited for this moment for so long," he said, then flipped a switch above Superman's head.  The entire content of the super hero's mind was sucked into the memory banks of the machine, and as soon as the light went green, Lex had a quick search done to find that his old foe was none other than Clark Kent.  The machine did a quick assimilation of the basic information of Clark's life that would be needed for her new identity, adding to the basic programming done previously.

The bald super villain then grinned impishly and pressed the erase button.  What had been the mind of Clark Kent, Superman, existed no longer.  He then flipped another switch, and this time the reverse happened; a completely new identity with a mind that had a very low IQ and all the attributes of an airhead blonde bimbo was fed from the machine into the now blank mind of the voluptuous and incredibly beautiful blonde haired babe.

* * * * *

Lois Lane was in her living room, watching tapes her VCR had made earlier in the week of her favorite soap operas.  Without realizing it, she'd lost all knowledge of Superman, the love of her life, along with the rest of the Justice League moments before, as Luthor's insidious gas did its work worldwide.  She now knew herself only to be the wife of Clark Kent, fellow reporter for the Daily Planet.  Attentively watching the latest development in one of countless love triangles, she failed to note the newer and sweet-smelling but clear gas rapidly filling her apartment.  Her eyes fluttered, then closed as she slumped to the right on her couch.  Two of Luthor's henchmen, who along with all of Luthor's associates had swallowed pills to counteract the gas robbing the world of knowledge of the heroes, had made quick time in finding Clark Kent's abode after getting the message from their leader.  They were waiting outside her door, with one holding a small, now empty gas tank in his hands.  The other made quick work of the locks on the door and then, wearing a gas mask, went into the apartment and opened windows to let the gas dissipate.

When his compatriot saw the first henchman remove his mask, he too entered the apartment.  While the first picked up the comatose Lois, the second took his huge bag and went to the bedroom to start replacing all the clothing there, all the towels and toiletries in the bathroom, and all the person-specific books on the shelves.  He was dragging his once again full bag out to the car when he saw his buddy putting his own bulky bag, containing Lois, on the back seat.

When Luthor's henchman walked into the lab with his petite bundle after their short drive, Toyman told Luthor, "Everything's gone exactly as planned for Superman.  The tank worked beautifully, and the Mind Modification Computer worked like a charm.  Is this our next subject?"

"Yes, indeed," replied Luthor.  "I'm anxious to see if the Transgender Tank will work on either sex, as I have designed it.  Superman was the first subject, Lois will be the second."  The brunette was stripped of her clothes, then placed in the tank.

Gotham City

Luthor had sent his message after learning Batman's secret identity, and within moments of getting their signal from Luthor, two of Joker's cronies descended upon stately Wayne Manor.  Alfred the butler, who now knew only of his master Bruce Wayne and nothing of his alter ego, Batman, nor anything about the cavern full of wonders below the mansion, was greeted by a whiff of knockout gas as he opened the front door to see who was calling.  The slight and lanky frame of the elderly man was taken back to their car, then the pair headed back to the mansion with a pair of large trunks in tow.  Soon every item of clothing belonging to both Bruce Wayne and Alfred had been replaced by brand new articles.  All books and photos with reference to Bruce or Alfred were removed, but since the mansion's new occupant would still be a Wayne, no family related materials were removed.

This job took much more time than going through the Kent's apartment in Metropolis, but these two were back on the way to the airport within two hours.

At the same time these two met Alfred at the door of Wayne Manor, Joker and six of his gang members went up to the downtown Gotham condo of Police Commissioner James Gordon.  Joker had already determined that he could use plan A, since Gordon's daughter Barbara was spotted leaving earlier.  He stuck the tube connected to the bottle of knockout gas under the door and then opened the valve.  Less than a minute later he heard a soft thump, and after putting a gas mask over his garish face, jimmied the door open.  He went to open a window, then after a moment, signaled for his men to bring in the bags they'd brought along.

As before, all of James Gordon's clothing was replaced with more suitable articles, but in this case, some quite special articles of clothing were placed into a special section of the closet, which was then sectioned off to become hidden.  Joker grinned maniacally, thinking of the person who'd be seen in these new clothes soon.  Four of his goons immediately got to work in making the required alterations to the apartment's structure, adding a rooftop hatch and a ladder.  The unconscious man was then placed into one of the bags, and those not doing modifications were soon on the way to the airport, to join up with the other henchmen of the Clown Prince of Crime for the flight to Metropolis.  The entire group was on the way in one of Luthor's Gulfstream IVs soon enough, expecting to join the evil scientist in not much more than an hour.

Luthor's Laboratory

The van which picked up Joker and his henchmen from the Gulfstream which had landed at Metropolis International Airport arrived at the lab with its cargo of conscious and unconscious people during the middle of the process of the hoped for change in Lois Lane.  They brought their captives to Luthor.  He greeted his compatriots, saying, "I see you apparently had no difficulties acquiring your targets.  Let's put them away for the moment."  Instead of doing all three of the Bat males at once, he directed Joker to hold Alfred and James Gordon in a side room, to be changed long before Batman himself would be changed.
As the pink fluid drained from the tank, a strapping, handsome male was seen where Lois Lane had been.  "Ah, very nice," remarked Luthor.  "It does work both ways.  Now, let's get him over to the computer and give this guy his new identity."  The wet man was rinsed off, toweled dry, and then placed in the seat next to the Mind Modification Computer.  A metallic band was placed around his head, with electrodes then attached to his temples with tape.  As the computer was set for download, it read every memory in the mind of Lois Lane, then sucked out her entire psyche.  The computer was reset for upload, and a suitably modified male version of what was pulled out was put back in.

When finished, the still unconscious man was lifted from the seat and placed next to the voluptuous blonde.  "Very good," said Luthor, confidently.  "Get this loving couple back to their apartment now, Toyman.  When they wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be different, but to them, everything will seem the same."  Toyman had Gorilla Grodd pick up the sleeping young man, while he grabbed the lighter young lady, and they left in Luthor's car to drop the pair off in the bedroom of their apartment.

Luthor took a short break to fix something to eat, since it was nearing 5 PM and he hadn't eaten since snacking on the jet flight back from the West Coast.  As he was rinsing his plate in the lab sink, he told Sinestro, "Keep Mr. Gordon in the room.  We'll take care of Alfred first.  Joker, please strip him of his clothes."

The denuded, grey haired old man was placed in the tank.  Luthor set the tank to start, and the pink fluid once again filled it.  The fluid was absorbed into his skin, and being oxygenated, briefly breathed into his lungs.  It worked rapidly, and after the tank drained, a black haired young woman was pulled out.  When she was eventually placed on the seat at the Mind Mod Computer, the computer was set to yank all the memories of Alfred, and replace them with the memories of Alice, the Wayne Manor maid.

While Alice was still being given her new identity, Police Commissioner Gordon was being stripped and then placed into the tank.  When Jim Gordon emerged from the tank, she appeared to be a middle-aged but still well built and pretty woman with long black hair.  At the MMC, Jim's mind was completely reworked.  Jeanette Gordon was given the mind of a middle ranked officer in the police department, and also an additional night job.  When all was done, she and Alice were both dressed and readied for placement back in their new lives.  "Make sure Jeanette's house has had all her clothes and costumes set up before you leave her," Luthor told Sinestro.  "And Joker, as you're setting up Alice at the mansion, be sure to rig the bugs we talked about earlier."

Joker and Sinestro then departed with the two most recent victims of Luthor's scheme.  Lex made sure Batman was still secure in his room, then waited for Toyman and Grodd to return to call it a day.

By now, it was getting late in the evening.  Luthor's satellite had been spewing its vile load for twelve hours, and to all residents of the earth, save the Legion of Doom, the Justice League of America ceased to exist.  If Lex's plans had worked as he wished, the occupants of the room he'd gassed earlier in morning would also have breathed the gas with fascinating results, but as he would find later, they were not in the room.

The League members were back on their own satellite.  The knockout gas had not affected Wonder Woman as well as Luthor had expected, and even before the memory affecting gas could get to them, she had awakened her teammates.  A quick search had shown no sign of Superman or Batman, so a quick trip back to the satellite headquarters was made via Green Lantern.

* * * * *

The sun of a new day was streaming through the windows of the Lane and Kent apartment as the alarm clock started beeping.  As the sun poured onto her eyes, the young lady that the world once knew as Superman awoke first, not knowing why she had heard the first tones of the alarm long before her husband.  She set the snooze button, then turned her head softly to look at the man still sleeping next to her.  He would be awakened by the alarm in ten minutes, and she didn't want to disturb him any sooner than he had to be.  This was her husband, Luke Lane, whom she loved very much.  She carefully got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

She took off her nightgown, then turned on the tap in the shower to get the hot water going.  She turned to the mirror and smiled.  She knew why Luke loved her so much.  She had an awesome blonde mane, beautiful blue eyes, and long eyelashes; simply put, she had the head of a super model.  But not just the head!  She had an incredibly small waist over nicely rounded hips and an exquisitely shaped, bulbous ass, and exquisitely formed buxom breasts over them all.  She was the perfect woman.  Of course, being a natural blonde didn't hurt, either!

Not that she'd be able to put much of that description into her own words.  She just knew she was really pretty!

Claire giggled.  She loved to please her man.  That was the only reason she existed, to make her husband happy.  Her name was Claire Kent-Lane, and she, along with an unwitting Luthor, had no idea whatsoever of the super powers hidden in her body.  She had no knowledge at all of any super heroes, let alone the one she used to be.  The blonde, airheaded bimbo stepped into the shower and then giggled some more as she thought her simple ideas.

After savoring the steamy shower for ten minutes, the blonde beauty turned off the water and gently dried off.  As Luke sleepily stuck his head through the gap in the door, Claire cooed a good morning to him, then gave him the bathroom.  Back in the bedroom, she went to work donning the clothes she figured she must have set out the night before.  She knew her mind wasn't that sharp and probably wouldn't remember doing that, and so, didn't let it bother her.

She pulled on her black lace panties, clasped the black lace wonder bra around her awesome chest, then put on her matching garter belt.  The back seamed smokey grey hose were pulled onto her perfectly sculpted legs, then secured to the garter belt.  Claire then finished by slipping into the daringly cut black spandex minidress and sliding her feet into her spike heeled black pumps.  She and Luke once more traded rooms, and while he dressed, Claire went into the still steamy bathroom to apply her coral pink lip gloss, steel blue eye shadow and rose blush.  By the time she was finished, Luke was waiting at the door, dressed and ready to go.  Claire grabbed her purse, and together they left for the Daily Planet.

* * * * *

At that very moment, Batman was being prepared as the next victim in Lex's plot.  The bald super genius criminal watched as the tank which held Bruce Wayne filled up.  The pink fluid was over him in just over a minute.  Lex watched as the naked man grew monstrous breasts, and other body altering changes took place.  In less time than it took the tank to fill, the fluid had done its work, and Bruce Wayne was now a female.

Luthor stood at the control panel as Joker and Toyman proceeded to seat the newly created woman in the chair of the Mind Modification Computer.  "My, but you did turn out to be a stunningly beautiful woman, Batman.  How appropriate for your new role in life!"  As soon as the electrodes were in place on her temples, the switch was activated once again.  Bruce Wayne had already disappeared into the computer's memory banks the day before, so she was a blank slate ready to be filled.  When Lex flipped the upload switch, a new identity with much more intelligence than her Kryptonian friend got moved in to take the place of her vacated past, but still far shy of what she'd had until the day before.  While she was much more intelligent, she was also the possessor of a truly nymphomaniacal personality.  Since her new lifestyle would be on the wrong side of the law, she was also very acceptable of all other types of criminal behavior.  To say that she would be an insatiable slut and wanton whore would be putting it mildly, and with the incredible beauty and almost unbelievable body she now possessed, her future was set.

"Okay, take her home," Luthor told Sinestro and Joker.  "Her maid, Alice, is probably waiting for her anxiously.  She will need her rest today, for our beauty named Bambi here will be going out to prowl the streets of Gotham City tonight...but not in the way she used to as Batman.  She'll be prowling in a very different way!  Ha, ha, ha!"  Luthor then had Toyman and Grodd go out into downtown Metropolis and run some checks on the effects of the gas the world's populace had been breathing.

Luthor fiddled around in his lab to kill time, and had just made a single change to the settings on the tank when he got an idea and stopped.  He went over to the bank of monitor screens and did a video check on the heroes he had gassed in Los Angeles the day before, fully expecting to see them trying every power they had to escape from his specially rigged room.  He gasped, and his jaw dropped.  Somehow, the other heroes had escaped!  The room was vacant.

Lex looked to see if any of his Legion members were still in the lab, then was getting ready to press the alarm button that would have alerted the others to return.

His hand never made it to the alarm, as his wrist was ensnared by a golden lasso.  Wonder Woman smiled as she reeled in her lasso up to his wrist.  Luthor was now raging mad.  His plans for erasing the Justice League from existence were ruined.  But at least two of the heroes were completely gone, even if the other League members were able to find them.

"Where are Superman and Batman?" Wonder Woman demanded while staring point blank into Lex's face.

He knew he couldn't fight the lasso's truth compulsion, so Luthor blurted out, "They're back at the their homes in Metropolis and Gotham City, but you'll never see your pals again!  My bath here changed them into over-feminized sluts, and the computer next to it has changed their minds to match their bodies.  And it cannot be reversed!  Even if you were to change their bodies back to males, their minds have been permanently altered; mentally, they are now and forever more females.  There is no way for you to ever get Superman or Batman back!"

The other League members knew Luthor had to be telling the truth, thanks to Wonder Woman's magic lasso making it impossible for him to lie.  Flash, who had been taking a quick look at the videotapes showing the change just completed on Batman, then used his ultra quick speed to unwrap the lasso from Luthor's wrist.  The speedster took off all of Lex's clothes so fast that to everyone present he went from clothed to naked in the blink of an eye, and tossed him into the tank.  Lex had never dreamed he'd be a subject of his own device, and screamed, "No!  What are you doing?  NOOOOOO!"

Flash pushed the fill button, and in two minutes, since only one of the settings on the tank had been changed, a beautiful female Luthor looking very much like the babe now on the way to Wayne Manor was ready for reprogramming.  Where the ex-Bruce Wayne had luxurious black hair though, the new Lex had become a mind numbingly beautiful female possessing glowing auburn hair.  Flash was prepared to turn her into another slut with the programming already set on the computer, but Black Canary had quickly told Wonder Woman about a better idea she had.  The Amazon pulled Barry away from the panel, then had Dinah start entering a new program into the upload sequence.

* * * * *

After leaving her husband Luke at his job at the Planet shortly after noon in Metropolis, Claire went directly to the shopping mall.  She bought some more lingerie, sure to please her loving husband, then went to a beauty parlor to have her hair and nails done.  Luthor's gas had done its work.  The staff at the Planet knew only of one working member of the Lane family, and the men there envied Luke for the catch he'd made.

Later, when Claire got home, she sat watching a soap that Luke had set the VCR to tape for her.  She was a bit disappointed when a special announcement came on in the middle of a hot love scene, but not knowing how to fast forward the tape, watched and listened to the news flash.

"Today, a group of heroes calling themselves the Justice League of America got together to hold a press conference.  They are trying to locate some lost friends.  They swear to use their special powers only for good, and will gladly accept any help in finding their friends.  They are," and a series of images began to appear, "Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, Flash and Batgal.  Will these heroes find their friends?  Only time will tell.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming..."

Back onboard the Justice League's satellite, Wonder Woman looked over to her new teammate, Batgal.  "So, how are you feeling now that you're part of our group and you've been on TV?"

Beaming, Alexis Luthor replied, "I feel great!  I just love being a heroine in a sexy costume and doing good deeds."

Aquaman, sitting at the monitor desk, then spoke up.  "Diana, we seem to have monitored some changes at the Daily Planet, possibly showing a trail leading to Superman."

"Good," she replied.  "Let's start working on a search pattern for Superman and Batman.  Hopefully we'll find them, even if we have to have new female teammates!"

* * * * *

Later that day, as the sun was starting to set, Bambi Wayne was sitting at her dressing table.  She was filthy rich, but that didn't matter.  She needed to get out on the street.  It was her life.  She had just finished putting on her final coat of lip gloss, and preened in her mirror.  Now she was ready.  She did indeed look like the slut she had become.  Possibly the most beautiful slut to ever walk the face of the earth, but a slut for sure.

The gorgeous brunette was dressed in a white lace long sleeve blouse which clung closely to the curves and bodacious bulges of her chest, crotchless black fishnet panty hose, a black leather miniskirt which barely came below her crotch, and black pumps with incredibly high fuck me heels to match.  She stood to give herself a final inspection, then minced to the door in her killer heels and picked up her purse.  She then went out to the car in which Alice sat waiting, and got into the back seat.  She had Alice take her into downtown Gotham.  It was time to slake her sexual needs and make some more totally unneeded money...

* * * * *

As the sun fell and night started to rule, Joker decided to have some fun on the rooftops of Gotham.  After he and his men had set up Jeanette Gordon back in her condo, the Clown Prince of Crime was sure he'd see Jeanette again very soon, and wanted to give her time to prepare.  He planted stink bombs next to a few air-conditioning units, broke numerous TV aerials, and reset the aim on too many satellite dishes to count.  As he was beginning to stand after leaving yet another stink bomb, he caught sight of a shape standing next to him out the corner of his eye.

Slowly turning, Joker saw dark blue high heeled boots, then raising his eyes, saw a dark shiny grey spandex clad pair of legs, followed by a narrow waist tightly belted with a dark blue utility belt.  Two beautifully rounded dark grey mounds stuck out from the chest over this tiny waist as the mad villain continued upwards, then the dark blue cowled face with long black hair streaming behind the head over and behind the long dark blue cape.  'Jeanette worked fast,' he thought.  "Ah, Batwoman, I see we meet again," chortled the Clown Prince of Crime.  "Please don't hurt me, I give up!"

Batwoman reached into her utility belt for a pair of Bat cuffs, saying, "When will you ever learn, Joker?  How many times do I have to put you away before you realize you can't win?"

Joker's plans went awry at that point.  He had forgotten just how close he was to the edge of the roof.  "No, Batwoman!  Please don't take me in!  I'll be a good boy!"  He shot his hands high into the air, throwing off his balance in the process.  As the heroine tried desperately to grab him before he went over, Joker staggered backwards, felt the back of his heels hit the lip of the roof, then went over the edge in what would have looked like an awkward back dive at a swimming pool.

Batwoman peered over the side, looked down to the ground thirty floors below, and saw a wreck of a man splattered on the pavement.  "Oh my God," she muttered.  "Even if he was the Joker, what a way to go!"

She had no more heart to continue her patrol for the evening, so Batwoman made her way back to her downtown townhouse.  Making sure that no one was around to see her, she opened the rooftop hatch, then descended the ladder within to the landing outside a utility entrance to her house.  She snuck quietly in, making sure not to wake her daughter, Barbara, who was staying with her Mom while getting started at the library after her graduation from college.

It hadn't been only Jim Gordon's mind that was messed with, for to make reality work for her new life as Jeanette, Barbara Gordon had all memories of her father Jim replaced by those of her mother, Jeanette, thanks to Luthor's insidious gas.  This way, both would continue to live just as they had in the past, but under entirely new precepts.  These were about to change.

Jeanette thought she had once again made it past her last obstacle, and after changing out of her costume, sat at her desk to review some of the files she had brought home from the police station at the end of her daytime workday.  She lost track of time and kept at it, until she heard the door to her den opening.  Looking up, she saw Barbara.  In her daughter's hands was one of her grey catsuits.  "Mom, I think you have some explaining to do," was all the pretty redhead had to say.

"Honey, I was hoping I would never have to get you involved in this," Jeanette said.  "My career as Batwoman has had a lot of close calls that would scare you out of your pants.  Now that you know, I guess I'll have to retire."

Barbara walked over to hug her Mom.  "No, don't even think of retiring.  I've been a longtime admirer of Batwoman, and had even hoped to follow in her footsteps someday.  Now that I know how close to Batwoman I am, I know I can do so.  Let me join you, I'll be your assistant, I can be Batgirl!"

Jeanette took her by the hand, and said, "Are you sure that's what you want to do?  The risks are astounding!"

"Yes, please let me join you!"

"Okay, if that's what you really want," Jeanette replied.  "Let's get to work on making you a set of costumes!"

* * * * *

While Jeannette Gordon and her daughter were starting to make sketches of what Barbara's Batgirl costume should look like, Bambi Wayne was having a busy night.  She had already serviced four customers that evening and was now standing seductively once again on her favorite corner.  As each car drove by, the whore would take a pose and wave.  Men on foot were given a bit of a show as she and her companions did a come on to attract them.  A large sedan pulled to the curb next to her, and as the window rolled down, Bambi walked over and stuck her head into the interior.  She was not shy about looking for business.

"What can I do for you, this fine evening?" she asked the young man at the wheel.  He told her he was looking for a good time, and motioned for her to come around to the passenger side of the car.  As the window closed and the air-conditioning went to work to beat off the warm, moist air which had just invaded the car, the slut worked her way around the front of the car, hips wiggling all the way.  As she slipped her tush onto the seat and swung her gorgeous legs into the foot well, Bambi asked in a low, breathy voice, "Your place, or mine?"

"Yours, my dear," he replied.  "Point the way!"

Bambi gave him directions to the upscale hotel she had been utilizing for her tricks, and when the car had been parked in the garage there, she led him to the twelfth floor room she'd rented for a two week stay.  If the beautiful brunette had watched a bit more closely, she'd have seen the car which followed the sedan all the way to the hotel, and parked within sight of it.  The small transmitter beacon attached to the young man's belt would lead the occupants of this car to the room they were entering.

Bambi wasted no time in her room, and as soon as the door closed, was starting to drop her skirt.  As she did so, she said, "That will be $100 for a blowjob, or $200 for a lay.  Which would you like?"  The young man pulled out a wad of twenties, and peeled off ten of them.  He handed them to the whore, and as soon as she accepted the money, he whipped his left hand behind his back and brought forth a set of handcuffs.  They were slapped onto her wrists faster than she could even think, and all she could say was, "Huh?"

The money was pocketed by the young man, then he looked into the woman's purse for identification.  Finding her wallet, he looked it over, then said, "Bambi Wayne, you are under arrest for prostitution," and continued with all the usual Miranda statements and questions.

At that moment, the backup team that had shadowed them from the pick up point burst into the room.  They collected Bambi after letting her pull her skirt back on, then a portly policeman walked over to the man who had nabbed her.  "Good work, kid," he said as he draped an arm across his shoulder.  

"Thanks, sir!" was all he said in reply.

"You know, kid," continued his superior, "you may just end up becoming a hero after all.  The name of detective Dick Grayson will soon be dreaded by Gotham's evil doers!"  Dick, who no longer had any knowledge of Batman or himself as Robin and was actively pursuing his new but to him lifelong career, actually blushed at hearing this praise.  The pair then followed the other two officers out of the room, with Bambi between them.

The whore was unceremoniously shoved into the rear seat of the sedan in which she'd ridden in the front seat not so long ago.  Dick Grayson again drove the car, and his sergeant took the right front seat.  This time, the car went directly to the downtown headquarters of the Gotham City Police Department.  Sgt. Kendall and Det. Grayson held a low volume conversation during the short trip, and didn't even bother to look back to see how their prisoner was doing, let alone talk to her.  Bambi's rage at the injustice she felt had been done to her was starting to grow.

When they got to the station, Ms. Wayne was brought inside and booked.  After her handcuffs were removed, she was pushed into the overnight holding cell where the rest of the prostitutes, drunks, drug addicts and other dregs of the city were held for later processing.  There, Bambi met another stunningly beautiful lady with long black hair cascading down her back, dressed in a loose-fitting, state-issued grey jumpsuit.  As the whore passed her and then plopped down in despair on the bench along the wall, this other female prisoner took a seat next to her by pushing a drunken sot out of the way.  Then she made an effort to console Bambi.  "Hi there, lost, lonely and forsaken looking, my name is Selina.  If this is your first time in the overnight slammer, don't worry.  I've been here a number of times, and they usually let you go the next morning.  Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky this time."

Turning to face her newfound friend, Bambi tried to put on a bit of a smile, then said, "Hello, Selina.  My name is Bambi.  I'm just so mad at these clowns for arresting me!  As if they don't have anything better to do than bring in people trying hard to make a living.  I'd give anything to find a way to make them pay for the humiliation they've caused me.  I want to get back at them so bad!  If they want to think of me as a criminal, I want to show them just how bad a criminal I can be!"

Selina pondered what she'd just heard for a moment, then, inching closer to Bambi's ear so she couldn't be overheard, whispered, "If you're mad enough to want to REALLY get back at them, I think I can help you.  See this stupid looking jumpsuit I'm wearing?  This is NOT what I was wearing when they caught me.  They took away my black spandex costume and covered me with this piece of shit that hides my figure.  They've really got me this time, and I'm going to be in prison for life.  I need a favor.  You see, I am Catwoman, and I need someone to take my place!"

Bambi giggled.

"I've got a number of safe houses I use here in Gotham City, along with my Cat's Lair, of course.  Forget the Lair for the time being, and go to the safe house where I have a few sets of my new costume that I was all set to use, and whips and stuff.  Here's where it is..." and Selina both told and wrote the directions for Bambi.  "If you use the so far unseen costume to take my place as the new Catwoman, you could become the scourge of all Gotham City!  Give 'em hell, Bambi!"

After getting only fitful naps in the cell, Bambi was awakened well before sunrise by the officer at the desk calling out names as bail was posted and other arrangements were made for those in the cell to be handled.  "Mike Ames, released to parents, free to go...Selina Kyle, transfer to State Prison...Bambi Wayne, released on bail, given to the hands of Alice Pennyworth, free to go..." and Bambi was out of there.

'Bambi Wayne?!' Selina thought upon hearing her full name.  'She must have done a fantastic job with her whore makeup if I didn't recognize her.  What the hell is the richest woman in Gotham doing, being out on the streets as a slut?  And to think, now she's going to be Catwoman!'

Those watching, with the exception of Ms. Kyle, were more than a bit astounded to see Bambi being escorted to the rear door of her limo by the young lady who'd bailed her.  That limo did not go directly back to Wayne Manor, though.  Selina was pleased when she watched it heading in the general direction of the safe house she'd told Bambi about.  "I'm going to have to pay attention to the news for the next few days," she mused to herself.  "I'd bet better than even money that we're going to start hearing about an even more ruthless Catwoman real soon!"

Alice drove the limo to the area near where Selina had said the safe house was, and parked in a hidden spot.  Bambi got out of the car, wearing a robe that Alice had brought for her to cover her minimal clothes.  She found the cache within the townhouse with no problem, along with all the references she'd need to eventually get to the full fledged Cat's Lair.  After collecting the entire assortment in three trips to the limo, Bambi had Alice drive them back to Wayne Manor.

After telling Alice what she had planned, Bambi then secreted herself into one of the rarely used dens of the mansion.  There she set up the costume parts and the accessories.  A vertical mirror was brought in, a dressing table was put against one of the walls, and after two hours work, she had her new miniature lair in which she could base her nefarious activities.  A temporary Cat's Lair from which to work, until moving into the real thing.

The whore then stripped out of the street clothes she'd put on the night before.  She gave them to her maid to put away, then took a quick shower to get the stink of the holding cell off herself.  After she helped her to dry off, Bambi asked Alice to wait for her in the library.

She then went into her new hideaway to get dressed.  Heeding Selina's advice, Bambi used no underwear.  She put her legs into the purple catsuit, then drew it up over her lower body to smooth it out.  Once she'd put her arms into its sleeves and pulled the costume up over her chest, the brunette could reach behind herself and pull up the zipper.  When it closed, she saw that the catsuit fit her as if it was spray painted on.  Her entire body was now looking like it had a purple skin, with no details of her anatomy left to the imagination.

Next, she zipped on the shiny black, stiletto heeled thigh high boots.  Luckily, since neither Selina nor Bambi had even given it any thought, it turned out that both of them shared the same size 7 feet.  It felt so natural for her to wear the boots because they fit as if they'd been made for her.  She pulled on the black shoulder length gloves with retractable claws in the fingertips, and flexed the claws to get a feel for them.  Finally, she pulled the black fronted purple cowl with cat ears high on its sides down over her head, and after tucking its neck into the top of the catsuit, shook her hair out the back slot of the cowl to let it hang freely down her back.  Bambi stood, and walked over to face the vertical mirror.

After purring her approval, the newly minted villainess marched out of her hidden room and made her way to the library.  Finding Alice there, reading a magazine, she stealthily moved around behind her young maid to a spot where the vision in purple and black had lots of room.  Standing proudly, with clawed hands on her hips and arms akimbo, legs spread in a defiant pose, the new feline felon let out a loud, "Meeeoowwwwrrrrrrr!" to get Alice's attention.  As Alice turned, mouth agape, Bambi announced, "Let all of Gotham beware!  Catwoman is now ready to prowl!"

An unplanned bonus had just been added to Luthor's plot.

* * * * *

At the same time in Metropolis, the Justice League's other missing hero was about to come into some changes of her own.  Claire Kent-Lane had gone in to the Planet with Luke again, devoted wife that she was.  This day, she felt no need to visit the mall, and came directly back home.  The pretty blonde spent all morning watching morning talk shows, then made some salad for lunch.  After eating, she decided to watch some more videotapes, and was finally getting the hang of taking them in and out of the VCR, along with starting and stopping.

Sitting on the couch for hours on end got Claire wondering as to why she wasn't feeling any cramps, but the bimbo passed it off and got up to put another tape in the VCR.  She thought it looked familiar, and then the news flash from the day before came back on.  The coverage of the Justice League of America announcement was over before she hit stop, and ejected the tape.

Claire took a glance at the clock on the wall to check the time.  She didn't want to miss one of her soaps.  At first seeing a digital display showing 2:50 PM, she looked more intently at the clock and was surprised to see some of the pots hanging on the wall of her kitchen, the other side of the wall the clock was on!  "Wait a minute, how am I seeing pots hanging in the kitchen?" the airheaded blonde muttered as she shook her head, trying to clear up what she thought was a mental apparition, even if she couldn't spell it.  With her long blonde hair resettled, draped down both sides of her shoulders, the tester once again concentrated on the clock.  This time, after first noticing the pots in the next room, she also saw an airliner climbing out of Metropolis International Airport.  "Oh wow," she exclaimed, "I've got some kind of special power letting me see through things!"

Thinking back to the videotape, Claire wondered if she was one of the people like the Justice League members, with special powers.  Her rather low IQ did not give the gorgeous blonde a strong reasoning ability, so she didn't immediately line up a set of tests to figure out just exactly what she could do.  She did come up with a few simple ideas, like taking one of the pots and trying to look through it from close up.  She saw through it as expected, then watched it melt in her hands as her vision kicked into a heat mode while she was concentrating.

"Oooo, neat," she said, before jumping back after she saw the molten metal burning the formica countertop underneath.  Her jump back propelled her through the ceiling into the bedroom above.  When gravity pulled her back down, she landed on her feet without falling any farther.

In her surprise at seeing what just occurred, Claire clenched hard on the handle of the pot she was still holding, and gasped when she saw the hand marks she'd squeezed onto the handle.  Her meager intelligence started to add up a few things she'd just discovered.  She could bend metal, so must have great strength; she could also see through and melt that metal, so must have vision powers.  She could bust through things without getting hurt, and she could jump pretty hard.

Claire stepped outside, looked around to see if anybody was looking, then tried jumping as hard as she could.  She figured she'd probably see the top of her building's roof.  With almost no effort felt, the airhead found herself streaking past the moon, with the earth rapidly receding, and not a stitch missing from her clothes.  'Whoa, this is way cool,' the now very spacey blonde bimbo thought to herself.  'I'm in space, I don't need to breathe, and I must have some kind of shell around myself that protects whatever I'm wearing!'

(Claire just described for herself the word she didn't know, aura.)

Giggling profusely, Claire found a way to turn around and head back home.

* * * * *

Upon her return from the quick visit to outer space she'd just made, Claire accidentally discovered a key alteration to one of her original powers which the process that turned her from Kal to Claire had caused.  While using her new found X-ray vision to further look around her apartment complex, she saw the neighbor's German Shepherd, and concentrating hard, saw the dog's innards.  She gaped in fascination as the dog's anatomy changed radically while she was scanning it.  The dog, which moments before had been a well-endowed male Shepherd, now appeared to be a female with swollen tits.

"Ooooo, this is too much," Claire marveled.  "I think I'm going to have some fun.  That Justice League of America said they were heroes, doing good deeds for everybody, but I don't think I want to have anything to do with good guys.  These powers would be too much fun to use and waste on just good stuff!  And if I'm not one of the good guys, I guess that means I have to be one of the bad guys.  Goodie!  I get to be a bad girl!  Let's see, I think I have to call myself a name like those Justice League heroes did.  I know!  I'll call myself Superfem.  Now, I need a costume like they have to wear..."

Claire took off, going high enough to not be readily noticed by anyone on the ground, and did a quick scan of various clothing shops in the red light area of Metropolis.  She found what she was looking for, and in the process, watched quite a few salesmen turn into abundantly equipped and exquisitely shaped saleswomen.  She zoomed thru each shop, grabbing what she wanted so fast that no one even saw her coming or going.  Clothing just sort of magically vanished from racks and shelves, along with a good number of sex toys and bondage and discipline items she figured might add to her fun.  With her arms full, the blonde bad girl headed back to her apartment.

After putting away all the chains, straps, cuffs and ball gags in one of her dresser drawers, Claire stripped down to her bare super skin.  She then proceeded to put on her new outfit.  First she pulled on a pair of black fishnet tights, then she slipped into a sleek black long sleeved spandex leotard with French cut legs, a deep scooped front to show off her well endowed chest, and a V back.  Next, the blonde put on a pair of black cire gloves which came to halfway between her elbows and shoulders.  Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, Superfem smiled.

Then she grabbed the very glossy knee high stiletto heeled black vinyl boots and laced them on.  Now standing a full six inches taller, Superfem reached for the black domino face mask and placed it over her eyes, tying it off in the back, then pulling her hair back down to cover the knot.  Lastly, she put on the widely tapered black leather belt with two D rings on each side, which hugged her hips well below her minuscule waist.  "Now, watch out world, Superfem is out to have some fun!  Let's see, I need a test..."

* * * * *

Jimmy Olsen found Luke Lane in the file room, and gave him the message that Claire needed to see him right away at their home.  Putting away what he was researching, then quickly gathering up what he needed to work on from his desk, Luke cleared it with Perry White to get an early departure for a family emergency.  Jimmy got permission to tag along, in case any help was needed, and he and Luke proceeded with caution thrown to the wind, her husband wondering what kind of trouble Claire could be in that she would need him at home long before normal.

If only he knew...

Superfem had flown high into the sky to watch for her mate's progress, and was pleased to spot the car shortly after the phone call had been made.  Making a quick scan of the car to check things out, but not perform any preliminary changes, the blonde in black was surprised to see Jimmy Olsen tagging along with Luke.  "Ah well," she mused, "I was planning to get one helper, now I'll get two!"

Superfem dove earthward, and once again became a blur going through the shops, collecting fetish clothing to make yet another costume in addition to the one she had waiting back at the apartment.  On the way back toward home and her two new helpers, she stopped, make that visited at a breakneck speed...a jewelry shop near the apartment.  She wanted to make her first acquisitions as a super criminal.  What would be more obvious to her simple mind than jewelry?

Back in the apartment, Superfem hid away the second costume, as she had the first one she'd assembled earlier.  Then she started to toy with the gems she had latched onto.  As the blonde hit them with her vision powers, she saw them start to glow, and change.  This power even gave her an insight into what it was doing.  "Oooo, neat!  Another power.  I can make these gems have their own powers.  This is too much!"  The super powered airhead then put the now mystical gems away for upcoming use, and set herself up to await the arrival of her husband and the unwitting fool, Olsen.

Superfem was waiting in the bedroom when Luke came bounding in.  Olsen was still outside parking the car.  Luke had a puzzled look on his face, seeing both the ragged hole in the bedroom floor and the picture of evil black super sensuality standing in front of him, and came to an abrupt halt.  "Who are you?" he exclaimed.  "What have you done to my Claire?"

"Silly boy," she shot back, "your Claire is no more."

After she quickly lifted it to hold up for a moment and then replaced her mask, Superfem asked, "Recognize me now?"  Before Luke could even nod, let alone make a verbal response, she told him, "Say good-bye, Luke.  I have just discovered how much fun I can have with these powers I found out that I've got, and being a bad girl is the best way to have that fun!  I want to share my discovery and I want somebody to help me in my fun!  When your friend Olsen gets up here, he will become my second helper.  Now, what should your new name be?"  The ditzy blonde thought for a moment, and then an inspiration came to her.  "I know!"

With that, Superfem hit Luke with a blast of her X-ray vision, and in moments, a stunning black haired beauty stood where Luke had been.  "Now, look deep into my eyes.  I think I can hypnotize people, too.  Yes, I see that you are in a trance already.  Your name is now Lois Lane.  Go into the next room, and put on the costume I've laid out for you."

Zombie-like, the woman who was now back in a form similar to that which she'd had until three days before, and by chance (or was it?) the same name she'd had, went to the next room as instructed.

Jimmy Olsen came bounding up the stairs, yelling both Luke's and Claire's names.  Superfem called out from the room, "It's okay, Jimmy.  This is Claire, there's no hurry."

Jimmy slowed to a normal walking pace, then rounded the corner into the bedroom.  He, too, froze at the sight of Superfem and the hole in the floor.  "Wh...who are you?" he finally managed to say.

"You know, that's getting to be an old question."  Jimmy recognized the voice, but had no chance to do anything further.  "Welcome to my little group," was all Superfem said before she turned her X-ray vision on the unwitting Olsen.  The slightly built young man with a red haired crew cut top became almost instantly a buxom amazon of a woman with waist length red hair.  The gorgeous babe was still trying to take in the change she'd just undergone when Superfem put her masked face directly in front of hers and locked her eyes on her.  "You are now going to be a helper of mine.  You are no longer Jimmy Olsen.  You are a bad girl, and your name is Maxima.  Go to the bathroom, where you will find your costume.  Put it on, then join me here."

While Lois and Maxima were putting on their costumes, Superfem used her newfound abilities to fix the hole she'd made in the bedroom floor.  It looked as good as before in less than two minutes.

* * * * *

While Lois and Maxima were putting on the costumes that Superfem had arranged for them, the three remaining members of the Legion of Doom were taking stock of their situation.  They had heard about Joker's untimely demise the night before, and were still wondering where Luthor had gone off to.  The lab with the Transgender Bath and the Mind Modification Computer had been sealed off by the Justice League after changing Luthor, with the intention of moving it to some secure place like their orbital HQ or some other earthbound location.  The Legion beat them to it, though.  They managed to get through the seals the League had put on the lab, and got in to move it themselves before the heroes could come looking for it.

Sinestro, Toyman and Grodd disassembled the equipment in the lab, and moved it to a location sure to be unknown and unfindable by the Justice League.  Of all places, the gear was merely moved three stories down, to a shielded complex built by the Legion of Doom before starting operations in the lab that had been discovered by the heroes upstairs.  In addition to the shielding, it was one of those, 'last place you'd think to look' situations.  The lab upstairs was left as an empty shell, and the new underground facility was brought online as quickly as they could.

The Mind Modification Computer was then checked, and Toyman was astounded to see that the most recent usage had been to download and erase Lex Luthor's mind, followed by the upload of the psyche of a heroic female named Batgal.  "Gentlemen...and I use that term loosely without meaning any offense," the super villain said, "I fear we will no longer have the brains of Lex Luthor working with us.  The irony is almost too much to be believed.  SHE is now in the Justice League of America!"  Since their numbers were dwindling, the remaining three members of the Legion were eager to bring back a past member of their group, and Luthor's process would fill their need nicely.

With no idea as to the actual current location of Priscilla Rich, and fearful of ever being able to bring on her villainous identity if they did find her, Toyman and Sinestro worked on building a database of known personality traits and mind patterns for Cheetah in the computer.  All the wicked, evil to the core mind patterns of Cheetah with none of the good patterns of Priscilla's life, and even worse, tainted by their own evil minds in the process, led to a stored mind with the identity of Priscilla Rich, an evil vixen who would never have to worry about being anyone other than Cheetah.  In addition, the controls on the Transgender Tank were set to make a female who would look a bit like their friend Priscilla, but with a much more idealized body.  Satisfied that they could now duplicate both the mental and physical makeup of their erstwhile ally as they felt they knew and preferred her, the remaining members of the Legion of Doom went about locating some of Cheetah's old spare costumes in their old upstate New York hideout.  With these on hand later in the afternoon, the Legion went about creating havoc in the hope that the Justice League would show up to correct the situation.

Alerts went off on the satellite's monitors, and Green Lantern didn't want to disturb Diana in her planning for the search they were setting up, so he hit the beeper for his friend, Green Arrow.  The archer showed up at the Emerald Gladiator's right side at the desk in moments.  "What's up, Hal?"

"Ollie, we just got a notice that somebody using some really high tech equipment is taking apart the import jewelry center in Metropolis that's real close to Clark's apartment...well, maybe it's Lois' now.  Anyway, Diana's getting set to go to the apartment in just a bit, but see if you can get down there right away and see what's going on.  From what I've seen so far, it looks like Toyman might be involved."

As he finished, Hal felt a hand come down on his left shoulder.  He turned his head as he heard, "And wherever Ollie goes, I go.  We are a team, you know."

"No point trying to stop you, I guess," Hal replied.  "Just get back up here as soon as you can if Ollie doesn't need your help."

"Gotcha," Black Canary replied.  "C'mon, Ollie, let's go see what's happening down in Metropolis."

"You sure you want to go along, pretty bird?  I should be able to handle whatever's going on, and Diana may want you to stick around and help in the searches."

"Well, if you can handle it so easily, between the two of us we should be able to mop up the mess twice as fast," Dinah told him.  "We should be back before Diana even notices we're gone, so let's get going!"

Sure enough, as Toyman was using one of his remote control tanks to blast open a diamond case in the Metropolis Jewelry Center, visited only an hour earlier by Superfem without Toyman's knowledge, Green Arrow and Black Canary popped onto the scene after having teleported down to the pad next to the Kent...or was it Lane  Canary saw that the tank was the only sign of activity, and figured maybe her sonic cry could be put to use.  She stayed right behind Green Arrow as he was sneaking up on the rear of the tiny tank.  The super villain watched the pair approach the seemingly inactive rear of his toy and actuated the real weapon of the tank.  Before the Emerald Archer had a chance to turn away, let alone fire off an arrow, or Black Canary get in any swift kicks or unleash any sonic screams, or either of them even hold their breath, the tank spewed out a blast of knockout gas.  The heroic pair collapsed three feet behind the tank, which at Toyman's prompting, then shot out a net which enveloped the unconscious duo.  Those on hand in the store watched in awe as the tank was directed to tow its booty out the back door of the building, where the villain was waiting.

A short while later, both Justice Leaguers had been brought to the Legion's lab.  Oliver Queen, Green Arrow's non-costumed alter ego, awoke to find himself sealed inside a large clear-walled tank, wondering where Dinah was.  Since he had been briefed by his teammates on their earlier escapades with Luthor's device, Ollie came to a rapid conclusion as to his situation and wondered just what was in store for him.  Shortly, Sinestro and Toyman walked into the lab and, seeing their captive awake, turned toward the glassed in hero.

"We'd only expected to get our hands on one hero," Sinestro mentioned.  "Getting both you and Black Canary is more than we could have hoped for!  We'll take care of you first, since there's more work to do, then we'll see what we can do with your partner."

"My, my, my, what a wonderful set of coincidences, having you for our next project, Green Arrow," remarked Toyman.  "Or should I say, Oliver QUEEN, with long blonde hair already!"  Toyman turned on the taps, and as Ollie was rapidly becoming inundated, he added, "In no time, you are going to be a ravishing blonde female.  Your teammates have seen the last of Green Arrow, and will soon be reintroduced to an opponent they, especially Wonder Woman, probably thought they'd never encounter again!  Goodbye, Green Arrow!"

When the tank was drained, the buxom female with nearly waist length golden blonde hair was taken out, then rinsed and dried.  As she was directed to the seat next to the computer, Ollie tried to resist their ministrations, but her weakened form was no match for their combined strength.  She was strapped into the chair.  Toyman carefully placed the MMC's band around her head, followed by the electrodes which got taped to her temples.  The switch was flipped, and in moments, the beautiful blonde was a total mental void.

Sinestro reset the computer for upload, and all the data he and Toyman had input into the computer earlier was dumped into the waiting cavity of her mind.  After a few minutes, the blonde's eyes did a rapid blinking, signaling a realization of identity, but she was still groggy.  Toyman led her to the dressing room, then went back to help Sinestro set up the equipment for its next subject.

Consideration had been given to putting Black Canary into the tank and changing her into a new male villain at first, but with all the great looking females it had been making, they decided to leave her as a female and just use the MMC to change her mind.

In the process of removing the sexy costume from a kicking and scratching Black Canary after bringing her from the room in which she'd been tied up, Gorilla Grodd discovered the blonde wig covering Dinah's black hair.  So when a nude, black haired Dinah was brought to Toyman at the MMC, the villain chuckled.  "I'd thought that we were going to have to do something with your blonde hair.  After all, everybody knows black hair looks much more evil than blonde.  And since you're about to join us as the newest villainess in the Legion of Doom and black is the color of choice we've made for your costume, your black hair is perfect."

"Villainess?  What the hell are you talking about?"

Sinestro saw Dinah seeming to set up to open her mouth for an ear shattering scream, and used his ring to put a ball gag into her opened lips, tied tightly around her head.

"Good work, Sinestro.  Let's get her strapped into the MMC," said Toyman.  Nobody else had to touch her, for Sinestro used his ring to plop Dinah firmly into the seat which had just been vacated by the woman who'd been her friend Ollie.  The band was placed around her head, with its electrodes taped to her temples.  Toyman hit the download switch, and Canary briefly felt a massive draining of her mind.  A second or two later, there was no sign of Dinah Lance left in her mind.  Erase was punched, and Black Canary ceased to exist as either an identity or a computer file.  Toyman then flipped on the upload function, and the hastily put together identity the villains had dreamed up upon discovering their bounty started to fill the void in the brunette's head.

The newly minted super villainess was dizzy as the band was pulled from her head and Sinestro's bondage disappeared.  "We've got your costume all set up for you, Black Shrike," said Sinestro.  "Go ahead and get yourself dressed, then come join us."

The woman got up slowly, then was led by Grodd to the room in which the hastily prepared costume had been laid out.  The trickiest part had been finding the right sized boots; there were no signs of a size on Black Canary's boots, so her feet had been measured with a ruler and the result taken along with one of her old boots to the fetish shoe store by one of Lex's remaining henchmen.  So that calf and thigh size would not be a factor, he'd been told to find some lace up black boots that came close to matching the size of the originals.  The other costume parts had been easier; black fishnet pantyhose were easily found almost everywhere, black opera length gloves were even more common, and both the black leather bustier and ultra short black leather pants along with a wide black belt were readily available in fetish sex shops.  The final part of her costume had been a last minute acquisition.  It was Grodd who suggested getting her a mask so that her identity would not be too readily ascertained by her ex-teammates.  Luthor's goon hustled back to the same shop, and as soon as he got back passed the black domino mask into the room just as Shrike was lacing up her six-inch heeled boots.

Fifteen minutes later, Toyman and Sinestro heard the door behind them open and close again, and turning, gasped.  A picture of evil femininity was walking toward them.  She was dressed in a yellow/orange catsuit with brown splotches, with a matching cowl that covered her head and throat completely except for her face, and had tiny ears on top.  It went as far as her wrists, and continued all the way to her toes with included boots having five-inch spike heels.  Her hands were encased in flesh colored gloves, with awesome claws at the fingertips.  She came to a stop in front of the two with mouths agape, put her clawed hands seductively on her hips, thrust her abundant chest forward out over her minuscule waist and announced, "Hello, boys.  Cheetah is ready to pounce!  When do we go looking for the remainders of the Justice League?"

"As soon as possible, I hope!" answered a newcomer who walked up to the group after stepping out of the room in which she'd gotten dressed.  "I'm eager to use my sonic scream to kill any hero stupid enough to get close.  Or put my stiletto heel into their guts!"  Her hair was still a bit of a mess, but even with only a couple of inches of fishnets showing on her legs now thanks to the nearly crotch high lace up boots she was wearing, Shrike knew she was a sexy sight.

Already, the odds were getting better for the Legion of Doom versus the Justice League of America.

* * * * *

A few moments earlier, Superfem had used her new found sex-changing X-ray vision to change her husband Luke into a beautiful woman with short jet black hair.  Her even newer found power of super hypnotism was used to give her the identity of Lois Lane.  She was now almost as she had been three days earlier.  She would not stay that way for long.

Jimmy Olsen had been with Luke Lane when they answered Superfem's bogus call for help, and he also fell victim to the sex-change X-ray vision.  The incredibly well built redhead she had become was given the identity of Maxima by the new blonde super villainess, and she and Lois were instructed by Superfem to put on the costumes which she had acquired earlier in the afternoon by whisking her way through fetish clothing stores.

As ordered by Superfem, Lois proceeded to put on the costume laid out on the bed in the guest room.  First on was a long black wig which, after being set in place and then brushed out, came halfway down her back.  Next came a pair of opaque light blue tights, then a rakishly cut sleeveless black leotard.  The now longer haired brunette then put on a black choker with a beautiful blue gem mounted on its front.  A pair of black spike heeled boots which increased her height by five inches and came to just below her knees were zipped on, then she put on a pair of shoulder length black gloves.  After she finished by donning a wicked looking red domino mask and strapping a red waist cinching belt around her waist, she turned to face the door and await her mistress, Superfem.

Superfem did a quick scan of the two rooms, and noted that Lois had finished her change.  She stepped into the room in which the now very much changed woman was standing, and found herself face to face with her ex-husband.  Looking directly into Lois' eyes, Superfem said, "Whenever you are wearing this choker, you will be Catgirl.  With the gem on your choker I have given you the power to move yourself or anybody or anything you can see to anywhere you want.  Any time you put on this choker, you will instantly change out of whatever clothes you were wearing into this costume and longer hair.  You have had your super powers all your life, it is the only life you know.  You have used your powers to commit crimes, which you enjoy doing so much and will continue to do so forever.  Do you understand?"

The whole time, Lois had stared wide-eyed behind her red mask into Superfem's eyes.  She nodded, then Catgirl blinked her eyes a few times, taking on her new persona.  Sneering wickedly, she looked at the blonde super villainess in black, then, in an instant, was behind her.  Superfem turned to see Catgirl standing provocatively, with her hands spread across her hips.  "Meeeooowwwwrrrr!  I'm waiting for you to give me a new target, Mistress.  What are we waiting for?"

Superfem took her by the hand, and said, "Take it easy, kitten.  Let's go check on Maxima!"

The red haired goddess who had been Jimmy Olsen had gone into the bathroom as instructed by Superfem, another zombie-like expression on her own face.  The costume she found awaiting her donning was shiny and metallic looking.  The light green sleeveless leotard was pulled over her bulbous chest, barely holding in her massive twin orbs.  Golden thigh high boots were zipped on, clinging tightly to the exquisite curves of her calves and thighs after arching her feet to an extreme angle.  Matching gloves were pulled onto her arms, going just past her elbows.  A nearly floor length golden cape was pulled under her hair, and then secured to clips on her shoulders.  Finally, a light green head band was drawn around her forehead, then under the hair on the back of her head.  This headband had a glowing green gem proudly mounted on her forehead.

Maxima had just finished straightening her headband when Superfem opened the door to the bathroom.  As she turned to look out the door, the red haired goddess saw Superfem with Catgirl standing behind her.  Superfem made a waving motion with her black gloved hand, then said, "Come on out and join myself and Catgirl, Maxima."

She glistened, even in the reduced lighting of the apartment's interior, then Maxima stepped out into the hallway, taking short steps limited by the extreme height of the heels on her boots.  Superfem did not move, and Maxima found herself staring into the gleaming eyes of her mistress.  "You are Maxima, a superpowered queen from a far away planet.  Your power is derived from the magical gem on your forehead.  No matter what clothes you wear, as long as you keep your headband on, you will have super strength, can't get hurt, and the power to fly.  You use these powers to control men and have your way, no matter what.  Whatever you want, you take.  Do you understand?"

Maxima blinked her eyes, then said, "Of course," while folding her golden arms across her bright green chest under the massive orbs projecting from it.

* * * * *

Catgirl did not have long to wait for her next target.  The remaining Justice League members had the address used by Clark and Lois in the group's data banks.  After figuring it was a good place to start a search for Superman, in whatever form he might be, they decided Wonder Woman and Green Lantern would be the best team to check out the building after teleporting to the nearby pad.  Superfem heard them coming before they got close, adding yet another new power to the list of those she had.  She instructed Catgirl to teleport to the roof, not necessarily in those terms, and Maxima to wait in the bathroom once again, with the door closed, while she herself waited in the bedroom.
Wonder Woman was the first to climb the stairs and get to the bedroom, and upon catching sight of Superfem, turned and told the Emerald Gladiator, "GL, back off, quick!"  Superfem engaged in a brief cat fight with Wonder Woman, but with her greatly superior strength overshadowing her lack of intellect, she soon got the edge on the Amazon.  Superfem then called for Maxima to join her, and Green Lantern, watching from the floor below, saw a beautiful green and gold clad redhead come out of the bathroom and fly into the bedroom.

As soon as Maxima got there, Superfem said, "Hold on to her for a minute, and keep her mouth closed.  I just thought of the perfect way to keep her from yelling any more for her friend and giving him any more warnings."  Maxima did as ordered, and watched Superfem go over to her dresser and open the drawer in which she'd placed all her newly acquired sex toys.  From it she lifted a bright red ball gag with leather straps and a locking buckle.  Wonder Woman tried to keep her lips sealed, but as dimwitted as she was, Superfem knew enough to just pinch the Amazon's nose closed.  As soon as Diana started to gasp for air, the new bad girl stuck first a couple of fingers and then the huge red ball into her forced open mouth.  The leather straps were drawn behind her head and then hooked and locked when they'd pulled the ball tight in her lips.

Then, as she traded places with the redhead and held Wonder Woman's wrists together behind her back, Superfem told Maxima to take the golden lasso off Wonder Woman's belt and tie her elbows together.  If Superfem had known of just what that lasso was capable, she could have done all kinds of interesting things at that moment, for this was the Amazon's deepest fear, to be bound by her own lasso.  Superfem did not know about the lasso's magic, however, and merely left her sitting there bound and gagged.

Superfem left Maxima watching Wonder Woman, and took off after Green Lantern.  He flew out a window, with the blonde in black following closely.  As they got to roof level, the Emerald Gladiator projected a green shield between himself and the super villainess, but she then played her trump card.  "Catgirl, quick, get him!" she said.

Before he could even think of who had been addressed by that statement, Lantern found himself flat on the roof, with Catgirl standing over him after she'd teleported him to her feet.  Superfem joined her, and slapped Green Lantern silly, knocking him senseless.  Again, her lack of knowledge had caused Superfem work she didn't have to do.  Had she used Maxima to help her fight Green Lantern, her powers and the amount of yellow in her costume would have negated Green Lantern's power ring, which was incapable of affecting anything colored yellow.  Nevertheless, Superfem had Catgirl teleport the three of them to the bedroom, where Maxima was still standing guard over the Amazon.

After she placed Green Lantern on the floor next to Wonder Woman, Superfem, on a whim, hit him with her X-ray vision.  There were now two beautiful black haired females sitting side by side on the floor.  Catgirl then pulled her mistress aside and whispered in her ear.  While Superfem had the brains of an airhead, Catgirl had the immense brain power of Lois Lane to call upon.  Catgirl told her leader about an opponent Green Lantern had faced many years ago, a female empowered with a mystical gem.

Superfem got the idea surprisingly quickly, and went to get another of the gems she'd purloined earlier in the day.  She trained her super vision upon a large blue sapphire; she imbued it with extensive powers, and was pleased to see it starting to glow in her hand.

As she turned to the black haired woman in the tight fitting green and white Green Lantern costume, Superfem said, "Catgirl told me that this gem would have an interesting affect upon your new body.  Exposed to its alien energies, your body will take on an entirely new persona.  Let's see if she is correct!"

Superfem held the gem up to the feminized Green Lantern's face.  An instant later, the dark green and white costume that had been on Hal's body was replaced by a long sleeved pink leotard with a turned up white collar, knee high stiletto heeled pink boots, purple gloves, a wide white belt around her waist with a purple star design on it, a pink domino mask and a tiara of the same color in the hair over her forehead.  There was a gaping hole on the front of the tiara, which Superfem filled with the glowing gem.

Once again utilizing her super hypnotic ability, Superfem looked into the ex-Green Lantern's eyes and told her, "Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League are your enemies, to be be whatever you want to them."  The super blonde dimwit paused as she tried to make her brain work better, then gave the newly minted villainess the identity she was to have for the remainder of her life.  "You are Star Sapphire.  Your gem is way more powerful than the ones powering all the older Star Sapphires.  It's controlled by your willpower, and can perform any feat you can imagine.  Now, go and track down the Justice League of America's remaining members for us, but don't destroy any of them yet."

With that, Star Sapphire got up off the floor, stood majestically in her new ultra high heels and then flew off, leaving Superfem, Catgirl and Maxima watching Wonder Woman.

As Superfem observed the bound Amazon, another idea came to her.  She went back to her dresser drawer and reappeared holding two pairs of black leather cuffs and some clips, along with a few lengths of chain, one of which had clamps at its ends.  "She looks so good with that ball gag in her mouth," the blonde told her friends, "let's see how much better Wonder Woman will look all tied up!"

The first thing the super villainess did was to pull the golden cups of the Amazon's bustier down away from her breasts, and after tweaking her nipples to make them expand, placed a nipple clamp over each with the connecting chain hanging between them.  Wonder Woman had no way to grimace, but her pain showed in her wild eyes.  Then Superfem flipped the heroine over onto her belly and, while leaving the lasso wound around her elbows, added a leather cuff to each of her wrists.  These were joined by a clip.  Similar cuffs were secured around the mighty heroine's booted ankles and clipped together.  Then a chain was hooked to the ankle cuffs.  This was pulled to the wrist cuffs and secured, leaving the super heroine hogtied.

"She looks too good to be true!" Catgirl said as soon as Superfem had finished.  "Too bad nobody in the Justice League can see her now!"

"Maybe we should go get a camera?" the blonde asked.

"No, Mistress, let's just leave her be for now and be on guard for any other heroes who might show up."  Catgirl then suggested that it would be a good idea to turn on the TV and catch the evening news as it was coming on.  Purely by chance, a report was aired about some strange activity at the Metropolis Jewelry Center, involving a couple of super heroes who seemed to have been taken prisoner by a supervillain.  Catgirl told her Mistress that this might be a group of bad guys they could meet up with.  A plan was quickly developed for the three of them to start searching Metropolis the next day for any sign of these 'bad guys'.

The bound and gagged Wonder Woman seemed to be completely immobilized with no chance of escape, so it was decided that she could be left to stew that night, and all the next day while they searched.  Maxima would carry Catgirl while Superfem flew alongside doing a super vision search of Metropolis.  The remainder of the evening was spent by the three villainesses discussing further plans, Catgirl providing most of the ideas.

* * * * *

It was now rapidly approaching nightfall, and two entirely separate plans for the evening were being activated in Gotham City.  Catwoman was going out on her first night of raising hell for the government, and in particular, the police, of Gotham City.  She started shortly after sundown with a raid on the Gotham Stock Exchange, where she shut down the power systems.  That would be sure to keep the authorities tied up while she went about creating havoc.  It was while she was in the process of trying to short out the computerized street light system that the feline felon met those with the other plan for the evening.

For her first night on the streets, Batwoman was trying to keep Batgirl out of any major incidences.  Her daughter's costume had been decided upon, then made the night before.  Unlike her Mom's grey costume, hers was jet black, with a blue cowl and cape.  A yellow bat emblazoned her ample chest, and yellow gloves and high heeled boots were on her hands and feet.  A yellow utility belt hung on her hips below her tiny waist, and her long red hair flowed out the back of her cowl on top of the cape.  Batwoman got word that the power outage at the Stock Exchange was being fixed, then heard of the problem developing at the city computer center and figured this would be a light, easy task to handle with her new protege.  How wrong could she be...

Batwoman and Batgirl approached the Gotham City Central Computer center, expecting to find teenagers playing pranks or some other low-threat activity taking place.  Just to be safe, the elder heroine told her young neophyte to stay back while she cased the building, trying to ascertain the situation.  Batgirl chafed at the restraint, but obeyed her mother's wishes.

The young heroine was waiting, growing increasingly less patient, for Batwoman to get back from her circuit of the building.  When more time had elapsed than she thought necessary, Batgirl started to worry.  Suddenly, she heard her mother's voice yell, "Batgi-," but her name wasn't finished.  The alarmed redhead took off on a run in the opposite direction from which her Mom had started the circuit.

As she rounded the first corner, Batgirl came to an abrupt halt.  Her mother was on her knees, her arms behind her back wrapped by a long bullwhip being held by another woman in a purple costume with black boots and gloves.  This other woman had also stuffed a rag into her Mom's mouth when she started to yell.  "Who are you, and what have you done to Batwoman?" Batgirl demanded, at least having the presence of mind to remember not to mention anything about Batwoman being her Mom.

"Well, if it isn't a smaller Bat-bitch!  I am Catwoman, and I'm making sure this bigger Bat-bitch doesn't interfere with my destroying this computer system."

Batgirl took stock of the situation, and didn't like what she saw.  "You don't look like the Catwoman I've read about.  My name is Batgirl.  If you hurt Batwoman, there is going to be a lot more for you to worry about than harming this station would entail," she said, trying to stall.

"What, you mean you don't like my new costume?  I don't think there's anything you could do that would keep me from completing my mission here," Catwoman replied, as she finished looping the bullwhip around Batwoman's ankles, drawing her arms even further back.  Just then, the feline felon leapt at the young heroine, claws extended.  Batgirl only just managed to duck sideways enough to avoid having the claws tear into her neck.  The bulk of Catwoman's body still hit Batgirl full force and she toppled backwards, her head banging off the side of a concrete pylon as she fell.

Catwoman rolled off to the side, then picked herself up, brushing the dust from her purple catsuit as she did so.  She then walked over to the fallen Batgirl.  Reaching for her neck, Batwoman thought she was going to slice her daughter's throat, but the villainess merely felt for a pulse.  She was relieved to feel a strong pulse.  'The youngster must have been knocked cold,' she thought.  Batwoman merely raged silently in her bondage.

While Catwoman was still crouched over Batgirl, she saw the young heroine's eyes start to flutter.  Barbara started to lift her head, but gave up with the pain she felt.  "Oh," she gasped.  "What happened?"  She saw a woman with a purple and black cowl on her head looking down at her.  "Can you tell me why I hurt so much?  I don't know where I am!"

Catwoman couldn't believe what she was hearing.  She softly patted Batgirl on the cheek, and said, "Don't you remember why you're here?  You do know who you are, don't you?"

Batgirl put the pain she was feeling out of her mind, and sat up.  "No, I can't think of who I am, or what I'm doing here.  Do I know you?"

The feline felon placed a clawed hand behind Batgirl's head to support it, then started a story she made up as she told it.  "Yes, you should know me, I am Catwoman.  You are one of my kittens.  Your name is Tabby.  You were helping me to shut down this computer center by disguising yourself as Batgirl to gain their confidence.  When Batwoman showed up to try and stop us, you hit your head during the scuffle.  I managed to get her all tied up, then came to check on you as soon as I could.  Are you starting to feel any better yet?"

The youngster pulled off her cowl and reached to feel the bump on the back of her head, then answered, "I'm going to have the headache to end all headaches, but I guess I'll live.  You say we stopped her," pointing at Batwoman, "before our work was completed?  I still can't recall any of what you told me, but I hope you'll fill me in later, after we get away from here."

"Of course I will," the feline felon replied, "and if it doesn't hurt too much, I'd recommend putting your cowl back on.  While we're out here with others around, your face shouldn't be seen."  The redhead quickly pulled it back over her head, noting that the bound heroine didn't seem to be interested in taking advantage of her mistake.

Catwoman helped Tabby to her feet, then walked away with her, grinning wickedly at Batwoman as they passed the still trussed heroine, who was screaming silently for her daughter to come back.

Catwoman was hesitant to bring Tabby back to her Cat's Lair in Wayne Manor right away, and so instead sat with her under some trees on the riverbank.  The feline felon filled the redhead in as best she could on her kitten's life history, made up on the spot of course, until the ex-heroine started to exhibit some reassurance.

Satisfied, Catwoman then led her back to the Cat's Lair.  Her maid was asleep, so they entered without worry of discovery.  The villainess wanted to surprise Alice the next evening with her new accomplice.  There was a spare copy of the new Catwoman costume hanging there, courtesy of Selina's foresight when she had considered using the new costume herself.  Since Tabby was a similar size to herself, Bambi figured it should fit her.

Catwoman told Tabby to take off her Batgirl disguise and get back into her own costume.  The redhead easily got the meaning of this, and quickly shucked the black, blue and yellow costume she'd only worn for the first time earlier that day.  Catwoman went to get some aspirin for her, and while she was gone Tabby got to work putting on 'her' purple costume.

Tabby was thrilled with the way it made her feel as she pulled on the purple catsuit.  She zipped on her boots, but was a bit puzzled when her feet seemed so loose in them.  The young woman figured maybe her boss had accidentally put another of her own set of boots there with her costume, and after pulling each one off again, found a couple of pairs of pantyhose to ball up and insert into the toes to make for a tighter fit.  She zipped the boots on again, finding that they still felt a bit odd but at least they'd feel more solid, then put on her own clawed gloves.  She reached for the black fronted purple cowl, and without a moment's hesitation pulled it down over her long red hair.  Tabby was turning to admire herself in the vertical mirror when her mistress came back into the Lair with two aspirin and a glass of water.  "There you go," said Catwoman.  "Now you look like your old self instead of the wimpy Batgirl disguise.  Welcome back, Tabby!"

Tabby high-fived Catwoman, then took her aspirin.  The two cats each grabbed a spare whip, coiled them, and stuck them into the tops of their right boots.

Catwoman really wanted to gloat.  She and Tabby left the Cat's Lair as silently as they'd entered it.  They were also quiet enough to avoid the Legion of Doom's bugs, laced throughout Wayne Manor, but not in the Cat's Lair, which did not exist yet the night Joker wired the place.  The feline felon and her kitten made their way back to the computer center to finish business, as Catwoman put it.

The system never had been shut down, but that didn't concern the villainess now.  She had better things to be proud of.  The bound figure of Batwoman still had not been discovered by any employees or passers by.  Catwoman approached Batwoman, Tabby following closely.  Sticking her own cowled face close to Batwoman's, the queen of crime whispered, "How does she look?  She's mine now, you know!"

Batwoman could only glare back at her, the protestations trying to be yelled resulting in only muffled grunts thanks to the rag stuffed in her mouth.

Catwoman told Tabby to split up, and go take out two of the targets she had on her list.  Her kitten was also told to bide time on her own until the next evening, when Catwoman would bring her back in.  When Tabby asked why she couldn't come home tonight, her mistress made up a quick excuse that there were guests coming to the Manor that might question her being there.  Little did Catwoman know just how true that 'lie' would turn out to be.

While Tabby dutifully followed Catwoman's instructions and went to do her dirty work, then hide out the following day, Catwoman spent the remainder of the evening cutting electrical power to the GCPD station in which she'd spent the prior evening.  Then she spent a large amount of time setting the charges on the high explosives she stole, and put in position at her last target for the night.

* * * * *

The next morning in Metropolis, Catgirl approached Superfem with an idea she'd gotten just after waking up.  She'd gone to sleep still wearing her choker, finding that the costume provided by the choker could be easily removed and replaced by a nightie, and so had arisen as the longer haired villainess instead of the shorter haired Lois.  "Instead of going off to hunt for the bad guys right away, let's play some games with Wonder Woman so that if any other Justice League members come looking for her, things won't be as simple as they look right now."  Both turned to eye their helpless, hogtied prisoner.  "First, pull off one of her boots and see if it fits you."

Claire took the cuff off the heroine's left boot, then unzipped and pulled it off.  She sat on the couch and slid her own left foot into it, then pulled up the zipper.  "Fits like it was made for me!" she exclaimed.

"Good, so now I know this will work.  All we need are two wigs, one blonde to look like your hair, and a black one to look like hers."

Superfem wasn't too quick on the uptake, so Catgirl went on to give her a simpler explanation as the white striped red boot got removed and then placed back on Wonder Woman's leg, with the cuff following.  The blonde's face lit up with malicious glee as she finally understood, and after doing an ultra fast change from her nightie into the same blouse and skirt she'd been wearing during her costume gathering trip the day before, she was off.  The super fast blur this time went through a couple of wig shops before finding just the two she wanted.  The beautiful blonde bimbo reappeared in the apartment less than five minutes later with a pair of wigs on styrofoam heads, just as Maxima came into the living room yawning.  Catgirl filled in the redhead as Claire set the wigs on the counter top and then went back to her bedroom to more leisurely get out of her clothes.

She came back out clutching her Superfem costume parts in her hands.  The super villainess looked down at Wonder Woman, whose eyes were rapidly going back and forth observing the three villainesses, two in nighties and one now in the buff.  "If any of your friends from the Justice League come here looking for you today, they won't be in luck.  Wonder Woman is going to go out looking for the bad guys today, along with her friends Catgirl and Maxima.  We might have to make up some good names for them so they won't look wrong being with Wonder Woman, though."  The Amazon's face had some puzzlement added to its pain.  "Oh, you're wondering how Wonder Woman is going to be out looking for the bad guys?  That's easy!  I'm going to be Wonder Woman!  So guess who you get to be?"

Superfem giggled as she crouched to unhook the chain hogtying the heroine, then undid all the cuffs.  Even with her super strength, Wonder Woman was too stiff and achy to move her arms very much as her golden lasso was finally unwrapped from around her elbows, but even if she had full strength, it would have availed her not as Maxima grabbed each of her upper arms tightly to hold her rigid.  The tiara and her red earrings were removed from her head, then the bracelets from her wrists.  Her power belt was removed, followed by her star spangled blue shorts and then her red and gold bustier.  Finally, each white striped red boot was unzipped and pulled off her feet.  Without her belt, the heroine was now not much stronger than an average Amazon.

Maxima lifted Wonder Woman up so that her feet were well clear of the floor, and Catgirl went to work while Superfem got busy herself.  She gathered the legs of the black fishnet tights and tried to get them onto the heroine's feet, but she was kicking and wiggling.  Catgirl stood up.  "You might as well let me do this the easy way.  You're going to get dressed one way or another, and it will be a lot easier on you if you let me do it without having to restrain you an appendage at a time."

Wonder Woman saw all three ladies glaring at her, and decided to let fate come about.  It seemed pointless to try and fight them.  She felt the black fishnets being pulled up her legs and over her bare crotch.  They were followed by the shiny black spandex leotard which barely covered her renowned, exotic dancer sized breasts.  She more or less willingly inserted her arms into its sleeves, having given in to her destiny.  The gloves were pulled on over her hands and then up over her arms, then the black boots with heels much higher than her red ones were pulled onto her feet and laced up to her knees.  Lastly, the wide black belt with the two D rings on each side was pulled around the top of her hips, and buckled in the back.

Catgirl went to get the blonde wig, then came over and reached behind Wonder Woman's head to undo the ball gag's strap.  "Why are you making me look like Superfem?" the Amazon managed to say in a very garbled voice; her lips and jaws were almost rigid.

"We want to make sure the Justice League has some surprises if they somehow come here today while we're out searching," Catgirl told her as the blonde wig was pulled over her raven hair.  Wonder Woman now looked identical to the new supervillainess, aside from a few facial features.  These were taken care of with some carefully applied makeup, and finally by the addition of the black domino mask, the strap of which was placed under the blonde wig just as Superfem had done with her real hair.

"Now, no more complaints from you, Superfem!"  The ball gag was inserted into the mouth of what looked like a totally different woman from the one it had been in all night.  In rapid order, the now changed Wonder Woman was once again secured with all the cuffs and chains, and she grimaced as the nipple clamps were reapplied.  In effect, it was now Superfem who was hogtied on the floor.

The one item that had been part of her earlier bondage but not now was at the moment being wound up and clipped to its hook on the power belt part of her costume, now worn by the airheaded blonde supervillainess.  She was getting ready to put on the black wig when she saw just how much the bound heroine looked like her.  Just then another idea came to her, and the still blonde Wonder Woman went back into her bedroom.  She selected a tiny black stone from her gem collection and trained her eyes upon it.  Once it glowed and told her it was ready for its job, she went back out to the living room and hooked the gem into the belt buckle which was handily pointed up now that the disguised Amazon was on her belly again.  It melded into the buckle to become an integral part of it.

It was a good thing for the once again bound heroine that the golden lasso was not wrapped around her, as the black wig was finally pulled on over blonde hair, red earrings clipped to her ears and the tiara placed over her head, and the ditz who knew nothing of the lasso's mind control powers said, "Well, how do I look?  You see, now I'm Wonder Woman, and you're Superfem.  It is you who is now the bad girl who hates doing good stuff, and I'm the good girl...for the time being.  The gem I've added to your costume is now permanently part of it, and I'll let you find out what its power is.  Have fun when the Justice League finds you, Superfem!"

As the new Wonder Woman had been saying this, a once again inspired Catgirl was writing a note which she tucked into the strap of the ball gag on the tied up Superfem's head.  "Guys, this is Superfem.  Be real careful with her.  She is the girl who used to be Superman, and is somehow now an evil vixen.  GL and I managed to overpower her, but had to leave her here for you while we went to chase her cohorts.  WW"

Then Catgirl tried an experiment.  The others watched as she pulled off the choker and turned into the shorter black haired Lois still wearing the nightie.  With a grin, she placed the choker back around her throat and found the manually removed costume again magically replacing the nightie.  The super villainess was back!  Then she looked at Maxima and said, "Too bad our mistress didn't give your gem the same power she gave to mine.  You still have to go put on your costume all by hand, piece by piece!"

The faux Wonder Woman grinned.  "As soon as you've got your costume back on, come back to me and I'll fix that problem for you!"

A few minutes later, Maxima in her full green and gold glory walked up to her disguised mistress and lowered her head so the gem on her head band was before her eyes.  A few seconds later the gem glowed and told the super villainess who appeared to be a super heroine that it was all set.  "Okay, now you can change clothes just like Catgirl!" she said with a big smile on her face.

Besides the bit of luck that her lasso was not around her, it was also a stroke of luck that Superfem and the others only wanted to play games.  Superfem could easily have used her hypnotism to change Wonder Woman much more permanently right away.

The apparent Superfem was left there in severe bondage as she watched a now costumed Catgirl and Maxima leave with Wonder Woman.  Catgirl had convinced her mistress that it was pointless to change their outfits; they'd be high enough and moving fast enough during their search that nobody would be able to make them out.  Besides, if they did meet up with anyone, Maxima's costume looked almost like a heroine's and they could say that Wonder Woman and Maxima had captured her.

* * * * *

While Wonder Woman and Green Lantern had left the Justice League's satellite in late afternoon Metropolis time to search for Superman, Flash and Zatanna waited until early the next morning to start their hunt for Batman in Gotham City.  Since the Gotham City teleport pad was inside the Bat Cave, Zee said, "ehT owt fo su, na nepo tops ni tnorf fo ytiC llaH," and the pair popped into view there just as the sun was rising.  The secret identities of all the League members were known to each other, so the first thing the red and gold clad super speedster did was zip at hyperspeed to Wayne Manor.  The gorgeous woman with long black hair, her legs covered by black fishnets and her upper body by a tuxedo like outfit with a tall top hat on her head considered going into City Hall, but figured hardly anyone would be there at that early hour, so turned to the GCPD next door.

Zatanna went right to the top, and proceeded to Police Commissioner Faulkner's office.  She entered after a brief discussion with her receptionist, and saw the Commissioner having a discussion with Batwoman about the disappearance of her new assistant, Batgirl.  As Batwoman was leaving, the mage walked over to Faulkner's desk to introduce herself.
With intro's out of the way, she got down to the task at hand, asking the Commissioner if she had ever heard of any news relating to Bruce Wayne.  She told Zatanna that she had never heard of a Bruce Wayne, but she did recall an interesting arrest the night before last of Bambi Wayne, who was released the next morning to go to Wayne Manor.  Why that rich millionairess was out walking the streets, she could not understand.  The reference to Wayne Manor was all Zatanna needed to hear, and she thanked the Commissioner for her help.

As she was walking down the hallway after leaving the Commissioner's office, Zatanna spotted Detective Jeanette Gordon entering her own office.  There were massive black and blue marks on her arms and legs, but Zee figured there must be some interesting work that those detectives did, and passed it off.  She stopped at the break room on the way out to get a cup of coffee, then chatted briefly with the officers lounging there.  Eventually, the beautiful brunette left the building and hailed a taxi to take her to Wayne Manor.  She was in no hurry, her partner was already out there.

Flash had met Alice at the Manor, asking her if she knew anything about Mr. Bruce Wayne.  The red and gold clad hero knew Luthor must have been at work here, since he knew Bruce's butler was Alfred; this must be Alfred in feminized form.  Alice told Flash that the only residents at the manor were herself and Bambi Wayne, keeping to herself the information that there were more like three residents.  The speedster asked for some background info, trying to find the connection between Bruce and Bambi, although he was pretty sure what it was from the start.

When Alice offered to get him some coffee, Barry took the opportunity to do a hyperspeed run through the estate, finding the Batcave still in existence below it and no sign of Bambi in any of the rooms.  For that matter, there was no sign of any of Bruce's clothes or belongings.  He did not find the hidden den now serving as Bambi's Cat's Lair due to its odd location.  He was back in his seat in the library before Alice came back with the coffee.

While Zatanna was enroute to Wayne Manor to rejoin Flash and pass on the info she'd gathered, Catwoman was finishing her dirty work for the night before.  As she likewise headed for Wayne Manor, an explosion took place at the entrance to the Transbay Tunnel on the Gotham side.  The feline felon grinned with an evil smirk, and thought to herself, 'Good, one more night leading to a day of agony for Gotham City.  Payback is hell!  I hope Tabby had as much fun as I did, and can hold out until tonight.'  Little known to Catwoman, however, was the fact that there would be company waiting for her alter ego at the mansion.

As Catwoman was furtively entering a side door to the estate, Zatanna was approaching the front gate after paying her cabbie, and caught sight of her going in.  Since she thought that Wayne Manor was now in the process of being robbed by this unknown female cat burglar, the mage said, "ralgruB fo siht noisnam, ezeerf ni ecalp," then proceeded in haste to the front door.  After being admitted, she quickly told Flash about the presumed burglar she'd spotted and the way she'd made her freeze up, then related all the info she'd found at police HQ.  Alice made a slight gasp, but caught it before either visitor noticed it.

Flash took off on a high speed search for the burglar, and after what seemed like only seconds, reappeared with a purple and black costumed, thrashing female in his grasp.  "Something must have gone wrong with your spell.  This vixen was making her way down one of the mansion's corridors, moving freely."  What had thrown off Zatanna's spell was the fact that Catwoman was in no way a burglar of the mansion; she was a resident of the mansion!  "Now, let's see who we have here," said the speedster as he started to remove the feline felon's cowl, not seeing the look passed between Catwoman and Alice.

With the cowl removed, Zatanna gasped, and blurted out, "I've seen that face before, in the police blotter photos of prostitution arrestee Bambi Wayne!"  Then she placed her lips close to the speedster's red covered ear and whispered, "This must be the ex-Bruce!"

Squirming and kicking, Catwoman shot back, "Meeeoowwwrrrr!  So you've found me out already!  I'm not going to let you take me back to the police, they are still going to feel my wrath!"

Flash held on to her tightly, and told her, "Take it easy, Bambi.  We're not here to take you back to the police.  We're going to find a way to get you back into our friendship."

Zatanna then spoke up, "I think I can handle this problem in my own unique fashion.  Hold on to Bambi for a moment more."  She thought for a few seconds, then the League's fantastic magic wielder used her own special methods and uttered, "ibmaB, emoceb elicod dna lufecaep.  esoL ruoy htarw," then followed that with, "emoceB yldneirf, ecilA."

The woman in purple and black relaxed and smiled, leading Flash to release her.  "Hello, my name is Bambi Wayne.  I see you two in costumes, but why am I in this fancy getup?"  While Zatanna filled Bambi in on the details of her background, Ms. Wayne was, without any worry, removing her costume.

Flash turned away from the now naked Bambi and zipped back into the hallway in which he had found Catwoman moments before.  When he checked the rooms there more closely, the hero discovered the Cat's Lair.  Then the red and gold costumed speedster called for Zee, Alice and Bambi to join him.  As the others entered, they gasped at seeing all the wicked looking costume pieces and accessories stockpiled there.  "Were these mine?" asked Bambi.

"Apparently so," replied Zatanna, who hung up the costume Bambi had just removed.  The nude brunette put on the robe she found on the dresser in the room, then went back to the library with the others.  She was told all the heroic pair knew about the events of the weekend, and about who she had once been.  The group then tried to figure out a way for her to get back into the swing of things with the Justice League.  Then the mage said, "ehT ruof fo su ot eht tropelet sdap fo eht etilletas," and Wayne Manor became empty.

* * * * *

Unfortunately for the remaining members of the Justice League of America, Bambi Wayne's return from evil was not the last that they would see of Catwoman.  Unbeknownst to Flash, Zatanna or even Bambi and Alice, most of Wayne Manor had been bugged by Joker the night he'd brought Alice back after her change.  Toyman, Sinestro, Black Shrike and Cheetah had been monitoring the emergence of Bambi as the new Catwoman and enjoyed seeing the single security camera image of her that had been shown on the TV news.  The new purple and black costume that showed off her figure so well impressed them each very much, especially the two girls who appreciated that look a lot more than the guys.  They were on the verge of getting the feline felon to join them when they were shocked to hear the exchange that returned Bambi to good from evil.  Cheetah was the one who came up with an idea that the others wanted to get started on right away.  They set up the computer for a continuous loop email feed, then waited for the results of their efforts to appear.

At 12 noon Eastern time, Batgal's time at the duty desk on the Justice League satellite was finished.  Next up for the assignment was Zatanna.  After she sat down, the beautiful mage was going to remove her trademark top hat and place it next to the keyboard, but decided to leave it on until the system came up.  When she signed in on the League's computer for monitor duty, the bewitching brunette in fishnet's access code tripped a data switch in the Legion of Doom's computer via the data link they had hacked into the Justice League's system.  As the heroine was watching her monitor screen, she started to notice a swirling pattern developing.  Unable to figure out what was causing it, her mind was snared by the intriguing imagery which induced her to stare all the more intently at the display.  After a few moments, Zee was in a hypnotic trance.

The screen started to dissolve into a pattern of letters that, to anyone else looking on, would look like gibberish.  To Zatanna, however, the letters were easily understood.  "I tsum yebo.  I lliw wollof eseht snoitcurtsni.  taepeR gnihtyreve tuo duol ylteiuq."

The mesmerized super heroine spoke the words out loud, softly so no one else would hear her.  This activated her own magic against her.  More code followed.  "yM lacigam srewop era llits enim ot esu, tub I ma on regnol annataZ.  I ma na ylbaitasni yttuls notnaw erohw esohw eman si eibraB enyaW, dna ym emoh si enyaW ronaM.  llA sdrocer dna ytilaer gniniatrep ot pihsrenwo fo eht enyaW enutrof wohs ym eman.  I ma a dekciw lanimirc dna ylbidercni live repus ssenialliv ohw si na ymene fo eht ecitsuJ eugaeL.  revenehW I ma ni ym demutsoc ytitnedi, I ma eht ylgnidnuotsa live nexiv dna enilef nollef dellac namowtaC.  I llits evah lla ym lacigam srewop hcihw I esu ot pleh em ni gnittimmoc lla ym semirc.  taepeR tuo duol."  The beautiful brunette did as she had instructed herself and read the words aloud, softly once again, transforming herself.  An evil smirk formed on her lips.  Since Cheetah had figured that their target would be changed by now, the rest of the Legion of Doom's instructions came in plain English.  "Go to your Cat's Lair.  Change into your sexy super criminal costume.  Wait there for further instructions.  Execute."  The screen then went blank.

The beautiful magician still wearing her top hat turned to her left and then right, followed by the area behind herself.  There was no one in sight, so she smiled wickedly and said, "s'taC riaL, enyaW ronaM".  She vanished.

Flash was the first to notice the empty seat at the duty desk more than ten minutes later.  He saw no sign of Zatanna, nor any record of message traffic on the computer, so he called for the others to look around the station for her.  She would not be found, for at that very moment Catwoman was in the process of pulling the cowl down over her head.

The woman who now knew herself to be Barbie Wayne had magically transported down to the Cat's Lair of Wayne Manor as purrrrrrr her instructions.  Upon appearing she emitted a very intense, "Mmmeeeeeeooooowwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr!" and then closed the door.  This loud and provacative meowr in addition to the sound of the door slamming which the eager members of the Legion of Doom had heard via their bugs assured them that their plan had worked.  She took off her top hat, then the tails-like leotard she used to wear for a costume.  The black haired beauty shucked her black high heel pumps, then pulled off the black fishnet tights she had once loved so much as her trademark.  Finally out of a costume that was now strange to her, she bundled it into a trash bag, to be torched later.

Barbie took down the purple catsuit from the hanger on which she'd placed it in an earlier, now unknown identity only three hours before and began to pull it on.  She relished the feeling of the smooth, shiny and clingy fabric, and fondled her breasts as she saw the way they projected unhindered and majestically from her chest.  When the evil beauty looked down, she saw the way the lips of her labia stood out as a prominent camel toe in her crotch.  With a now rapidly growing feeling of satisfaction, she picked up her clawed gloves, and eagerly pulled them into position on her arms.  After her fingertips were seated in them, she flexed the long and razor sharp claws in and out of their mountings.  With them retracted, she lifted her thigh high black boots off the floor and zipped them on, admiring the exquisite shape her legs took in them.  Her feet felt a bit loose in the boots, so a quick correction spell came to mind.  "stooB nethgit pu ot eht tcerroc ezis," and on a whim she added, "sleeH xis sehcni...dna stit dnapxe eerht puc sezis."  Her stature rose an inch while the already huge purple shrouded mounds on her chest grew considerably to become nearly the same size that her predecessor possessed.  Finally, the ex-heroine picked up her cowl and completed her transformation into an incredibly evil super villainess.

The wicked super villainess who had once been the heroine Zatanna turned to her vertical mirror.  She put her clawed fingers around her hips, spread her legs, and sneered wickedly.  She proclaimed, "Meeooowwwrrrrr!  I AM Catwoman!"  Then she looked at her reflection once again, and noted what seemed like something missing from her costume.  "staC evah sliat, dna os od I."  A long purple tail suddenly appeared, coming from just above her ass.  It wavered and curled, for it was now an alive part of Catwoman, yet only while she was costumed.

Then an idea came to her while studying her image.  The clingy purple was great, but to look truly evil...

"emutsoC egnahc."

Instead of the time consuming doffing and donning that had just taken place, this time magic brought about an instantaneous change in how Catwoman appeared which matched the considerably more evil conception she had just imagined.  She was now in glistening, figure hugging black latex from head to toe.  A black corset now appeared on the outside of her black catsuit, and the feline felon's boots were no longer separate items but the termini of her leggings just like on Cheetah's costume.  These 'boots' had her standing much higher, for they had her tipped up on ballet toe heels.  Likewise, her gloves were actually the endings of her sleeves much like Cheetah's, with even sharper claws than before.  Her left hand was clutching a coiled, fifteen-foot long bull whip.

At first all her hair was hidden under the head covering black latex cowl and mask which had very sexy eye holes, a pair of openings under her nose and bright red latex lips over her own so that the only skin seen was the small amount around her eyes.  As wicked as this looked though, Catwoman decided she was a super criminal and not the dastardly dominatrix with cat ears she appeared to be.  "ksaM dna lwoc nepo dnuora eht mottob ot tel ym riah maerts nwod ym kcab dna esopxe ym nihc morf woleb ym eson ot ym enobwaj."  Now she liked very much how she looked.  This costume had no zippers, buttons or lacings, for it had been magically put on.  And of course, a black tail now wavered behind and around her body.

As much as she loved how wicked this costume made her look, Catwoman decided that for the time being she'd better stay in a costume familiar to those she knew would be coming from the instructions she'd read.  After another, "emutsoC egnahc," the feline femme fatale was back into the purple costume with black trim that had only first appeared the day before on Bambi Wayne.  Now with a tail and six-inch heeled boots, however.

Catwoman obeyed the instructions she'd been given, and took a seat at her dressing table to await further instructions after moving her tail up and off to the side.  She playfully wiggled it as she waited.

* * * * *

The Legion of Doom, now less one more of its original members after Gorilla Grodd decided to leave since he saw no point in staying, was rapidly setting up for a quick trip to Gotham City.  Just before leaving the lab, the remaining four were surprised to see a tall, black haired female in a costume they dreaded seeing pop into view just inside the door.  "Don't be scared," Wonder Woman said as she took off her tiara and then her black wig.  "I'm not really the Amazon super heroine.  The real Wonder Woman is all tied up and looking like me right now back at my apartment.  My real name is Superfem, and I'm here to use my powers for fun and join you in doing bad stuff as a super villainess.  I heard about some bad things happening in this area.  I flew over the area to check it out, and my super vision told me where you were."

Toyman turned to Sinestro, and softly said, "Does she look familiar?  Sounds like Luthor really made her a ditz.  Could she have kept all the super powers?"  Then, turning back to Superfem, he said, "Well, hello there, Superfem.  I am Toyman, the scarlet skinned gent to my left is Sinestro, the evil beauty in yellow and brown to my right is Cheetah, and the wicked witch in the black outfit is Black Shrike.  We're on the way right now to pick up another member for our group.  Why don't you join us in going there...but only if you change out of that Wonder Woman costume!"

Superfem giggled while nodding, then said, "You said Luthor made me a ditz?  I am super powered, so maybe I can thank this Luthor guy for giving these powers to me.  My super hearing let me hear you, of course.  So anyway, I have two more surprises for you!  I can get you wherever you need to go a lot faster than you think, and more super strength is also with me."  Superfem opened the door behind her, stuck her head out and said, "Ladies, come in!"

As Superfem turned back to face her new friends, another black clad female, this time with long black hair and mid blue and red trim on her costume, popped into view standing behind and to her left.  A metallic green and gold vision of beauty with long red hair then flew into the room, alighting on incredibly high heels to Superfem's right rear.  "Meet my super helpers," the blonde in black said.  "On the right is Maxima, and her powers are flight, super strength and in...inv..." Catgirl whispered in her ear, "invulnerability.  On the left is our way to go to wherever you want to go, Catgirl, and she has the power to move herself and anyone else to anywhere she wants."

The two new girls were introduced to the Legion members as Superfem had been, and Toyman again remarked quietly to Sinestro, "I know her hair is way longer and that mask hides her upper face quite well, but does Catgirl look to you like she bears a certain resemblance to Lois Lane?  I wonder how she got changed back from a guy?  I can't wait to hear Superfem's story!"

Superfem ignored the comments her super hearing picked up, thinking they were just jealous, and said, "Did you see the way Catgirl and I came in?  Tell us where you want to go, and we're there!  But first..."  Superfem turned to whisper to Catgirl, "Zap on over to that adult shop I told you about and get another set of parts for my costume.  This is the one thing I hadn't figured on when leaving Wonder Woman wearing my outfit."  Catgirl blinked out of sight.

It took a bit longer for the new costume to be acquired than the original, for while Catgirl could have easily teleported in and out of the store with purloined costume parts, she wasn't familiar with the store layout and had to go in as Lois Lane and actually purchase them.  She was glad her mistress had a simple costume that didn't cost a fortune!  As soon as she had the goods, Lois made her switch back to Catgirl and zapped back to the Legion of Doom's lab.

Superfem didn't even bother with finding a room in which to change.  She was out of the Wonder Woman costume and back into the copy of her black costume in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  The members of the Legion of Doom gazed upon her new visage approvingly, even though Toyman in particular thought she'd look more evil with black hair just like Black Shrike.

After showing Catgirl a picture of the Wayne Manor grounds and then its location on a map, the group was treated to an experience that would have blown their minds had they been given the time to actually figure out what had just taken place.

All seven popped into view at the front door of Wayne Manor.  "I couldn't take us inside," Catgirl mentioned, "without knowing what the interior looked like."

"Wow!" exclaimed Toyman.  "That was some ride!  Now, let's go find Catwoman."

Superfem did a quick check of the area on the other side of the door and then told Catgirl what she saw.  The ebony clad vixen popped inside and moments later opened the door wide.  The group went inside immediately and saw right away just how many hallways and rooms the huge building contained.  After realizing that the Cat's Lair was hidden down one of the hallways, Toyman started to yell Catwoman's name, hoping she would reply and give them some idea where to look for her.  Catwoman heard, and opened her door to stick her head out and say, "Meeeeooooooowwwwrrrrrr, here I am."

Moments later, the group was standing outside the doorway of the temporary Cat's Lair.  Catwoman invited them in, then stood still, waiting.  All were more familiar with Catwoman's traditional cleavage baring black skirt costume, and a number of unmuttered 'WOW!!!'s were thought of at the same moment upon seeing the outstanding female figure molded in purple and black who was much more incredible in person than as seen from the security camera.  Upon seeing the way she was standing there waiting, Toyman realized that the computer instructions had been followed exactly.  He then said, "Catwoman, we need you to start getting your Cat's Lair ready to move.  This area will not be safe for you for much longer.  We will relocate you to a separate area within our hidden lab in Metropolis.  Do you understand?"

Catwoman purred, then replied, "Yes, of course."  She was starting to move toward her wall to remove things when Toyman uttered the key word the computer hypnotic program had put into her psyche as a trigger, "Kitty."

Catwoman froze, standing in a zombie-like pose staring straight ahead with her tail losing all animation and falling straight down behind her legs.  Toyman continued, "I want our friends to see what we've accomplished here, Catwoman.  Please remove your cowl."  She did as she was ordered.  "Now, tell us who you are."

"My name is Barbie Wayne, and I am Catwoman," she replied.

"Do any of you recognize the face you see here on top of this outstandingly clad example of beautiful female anatomy?" he asked, turning to the new members of the group and motioning to Shrike, Sinestro and Cheetah to remain quiet.

Catgirl said, "Isn't that Zatanna from the Justice League of America which we just heard about on the news?  But her tits look a lot bigger."

"Do you think so, Catgirl?" Toyman responded.  Turning back to the frozen woman, he said, "Tell us who you were."

"Who I was?" she replied.  "I don't understand, I've always been the multi-millionairess named Barbie Wayne who is a really slutty whore and the evil super villainess called Catwoman."

"Do you see, my friends?" said Toyman.  "We have done via hypnotism what Luthor's computer can do via technology.  This was indeed Zatanna, Catgirl, but she's no longer a heroic magician.  She is now and forever more an evil villainess, our newest ally, the magical Catwoman."

From what Catgirl had said, Toyman also noticed that this new Catwoman had a chest very much as large as what Luthor's machine had given to Bambi.  "Catwoman, did you do a spell to make your tits bigger?"

"Yes, I wanted to look a lot sexier."

"She certainly succeeded!" Sinestro observed.  Then he suggested, "To make her fit in exactly like Bambi had instead of just taking her place, do you think it would be better if she no longer had any resemblance to the heroine she used to be?"

"Would that work with Bambi herself still being in existance, even if she's holed up on board the Justice League's satellite at the moment?" Cheetah asked.

"I don't see why not," Sinestro answered, "especially since the original up over us no longer has any connection to the millions now in Barbie's name."

Catgirl started to work out this conundrum in her mind, then offered, "If the person who used to be in this mansion and was Catwoman is gone for the time being, I think this new occupant should replace her completely in her entire identity.  Name, face and hair, body, the whole thing.  With the magic she has, this complete mansion could be relocated to some new site to satisfy that problem you mentioned, and the babe up on the satellite could be given a totally new face, body and hair."

"Great suggestions!" Toyman replied.  "Catwoman, do a spell to change your name all the related records and reality so that nothing is different from just a short while ago when the owner here was Bambi Wayne, your name from now on."

A long, backwards pronounced spell which sounded like gibberish to all the others was said by the beauty in purple and black.

Sinestro made an assumption and asked, "What is your alter ego's name, Catwoman?"

"Bambi Wayne."

Then the evil ring wielder said, "I doubt she can remember what the ex-Bruce Wayne looked like, so would you like for me to use my ring to change her?"

"Good idea," Toyman said.  "Do it."

An energy field sprang from Sinestro's ring and enveloped Catwoman.  When it faded, Bambi Wayne as made by Luthor's alteration tank was standing there.  "Not only did my ring alter her body, but also the costume she's wearing so everything will still fit.  Obviously, she'll also be able now to wear all the clothes in the closets here."

"And to make sure the woman up on the satellite won't fit into them anymore, let's change her now," Toyman said.  "Catwoman, there's another Bambi Wayne inside the Justice League of America's headquarters satellite right now.  Leave her hair as black, but do a spell to alter her face and the remainder of her body, along with her name."

"ibmaB enyaW pu ni taht etilletas si won deman eibraB sretlaW, sselemoh eud ot erusolcerof.  s'ehS a yttuls erohw dna sah tsiaw htgnel kcalb riah, eht ydob fo na citoxe recnad htiw a ynit tsiaw, yletulosba eguh stit dna ledom ytilauq sgel.  s'ehS pu no eht etilletas gnillik emit litnu gnihtemos nac eb tes pu rof reh, ecnis s'ehs a dneirf fo ecilA."

Black Shrike suggested, "If we're cleaning up details so Bambi can be our Catwoman without any question, there's one other thing to take care of.  Odds are, the reason the ex-Bruce became Catwoman in the first place is that Selina Kyle talked to her in the overnight holding cell before being sent away to Jackson State pen.  How about another spell so that Selina will have no more memory of ever being Catwoman, and that she's been put away after being caught committing crimes as the villainess called Black Cat."

"Good idea!" Catgirl said.

"Yes, I agree," Toyman added.  "Catwoman, there's a woman named Selina Kyle being held in Jackson State prison.  She's there because Selina is the incredibly evil villlainess called Black Cat.  She's trying hard to escape and make her way to us to get back into her crimes.  Do a spell repeating that information."

Bambi did as instructed, and being a sympathetic feline felon added to the spell by making it so that Selina would be escaping two weeks from then and making her way home to get into her costume before going back out to seek the Legion.

Again, nobody there could figure out what Catwoman had said.  So Shrike asked, "Okay, I give up.  Does anyone know if what we asked just got done?"

Toyman asked, "Catwoman, what is Selina Kyle's alter ego?"

"Black Cat."

"I think we're all set now," Toyman said, "and we can have her move this mansion before it becomes a hot item."  Then he looked directly into the ex-Zatanna's eyes, and said, "Yes indeed, my dear Bambi.  You truly are the incredibly sexy and at the same time evil as sin Catwoman!  Put your cowl back on."  As soon as she finished, he said, "Kitty."

Catwoman once again relaxed and her tail became alive as she was introduced to the rest of the group.  She took a special liking to Catgirl, for the dual reason of name and the form of costume.  Catgirl herself was pleasantly surprised to feel something caressing her inner thighs and crotch, and grinned when she saw the animated purple tail doing its thing.  Catwoman winked at her when their eyes met, and muttered very softly so that no others could hear, "lrigtaC sah a liat, oot."  The costumed Lois Lane noted the sudden addition to her anatomy, and the tip of a black tail then made its way to the crotch of Catwoman.  The two girls smiled wickedly, each with the same thought in mind.  That would have to wait for later, however, as there was work to be done.

Even though the urgency to move the mansion had been eased, it was decided that the feline felon should join her teammates in the Legion of Doom more closely.  With fourteen other hands chipping in, Catwoman soon had all her gear in the room that had been set up as the temporary Cat's Lair placed into the same boxes with which it had been brought into the room early the day before.  Catgirl teleported the whole group back to the lab, where Catwoman set about making a new Cat's Lair out of one of the larger rooms there, with an included bedroom she intended to put to good use very soon.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back at the Lane apartment, the jaws of the bound and gagged woman who appeared to be Superfem were getting very sore and her muscles ached from the inaction of being hogtied.  She figured, 'It's most likely that I'm going to stay this way until my tormentors return, and Hera only knows what they'll do then.'

Luck was with the disguised Wonder Woman, though.  Onboard the Justice League's satellite, Flash was on watch at the duty desk, and had noted a total lack of communication from Wonder Woman and Green Lantern since the day before.  Barry tried to convince himself that Diana and Hal had to be okay, but the fact that they hadn't checked in at all raised his feelings of dread.  He called Aquaman and Batgal to the desk, then told them, "Arthur, you'll have to sit in for me here.  There's been no word at all from Diana or Hal, and odds are something has gone wrong.  I'll take Alexis with me and try to find out what's going on."

"You sure just the two of you will be enough?" the ex-king of Atlantis asked.

"I sure hope so," the speedster replied.  "My speed combined with Batgal's hand to hand skill and utility belt gadgets should be enough to keep us safe until we can figure out what's going on.  Hopefully we'll find our friends without much trouble."

"And if I can get a word in edgewise, I'm raring to go!" added Alexis.

"Okay, you two.  I've got the desk.  Get back to me as soon as you find out anything."

"Will do," Flash said.  "Ready for a quick trip to the teleport pads, Alexis?"  He scooped up the voluptuous Bat heroine after she nodded and disappeared as they sped toward the pads.  Seconds later, both heroes appeared just outside the Lane apartment in Metropolis, the last known spot to which Wonder Woman and Green Lantern had gone.

Capable of unimaginable speed, Flash nevertheless went up the stairs at a snail's pace.  He and Batgal were watching and listening for anything out of the ordinary.  When they got to the Lane unit, the door was locked as expected.  The fastest man on Earth vibrated through the door and then unlocked and opened it for Alexis.  When she joined him, the door was closed once again to avoid attention.  It was a good thing Barry had closed the door, because almost right away, Batgal shrieked but covered her mouth with a pair of gloved hands upon seeing what awaited them.  Barry looked at her, and she nodded toward the living room.

The red and gold clad hero did a double take when he finally saw the blonde haired vision in black hogtied and gagged on the floor.  "Who the hell..." he started to say, then spotted the note inserted in the strap around her head.  The two heroes walked over to the black clad blonde in bondage and Flash stooped to pick up the note.  He read it aloud to Batgal, then muttered, "My God, Superman reduced to this?"

As best she could, the tied up blonde tried to shake her head.  "Oh, I know you don't like being tied up like that," Barry said, "but if what Wonder Woman has told us is right, you're too dangerous now to be free."

The blonde shook her head all the more energetically upon hearing this.

It was Batgal who came to her rescue.  "Uh, I hate to state the obvious, but if this is the ex-Superman, don't you think she'd be able to bust right out of those chains?"

"Hmmm, good point," Flash said.  "But if he lost all his powers after the change, this could be Superman as this great looking babe here now."  The blonde head wagged a no all the more furiously.  "Well, I suppose we could at least take the gag out of her mouth."

After pondering the lock holding the gag in the blonde's lips for just a moment, Barry pinched it between two fingers and then vibrated them so fast that the metal disintegrated.  He carefully pulled the huge red ball from her mouth, finally allowing Diana to move her jaws for the first time in agonizing hours.  She flexed her lips for a moment, then said, "Phew!  Thanks, Barry!  I know I don't look right, but take off this blonde wig and check out my own black hair, then hopefully you'll recognize me.  I'm Superfem!  Huh, what did I just say?  I'm not Superfem, I'm Superfe-"  Her voice stopped then.

"What-" he exclaimed, then reached to pull off the wig.  Flash was more than a bit surprised to find that there was no wig; blonde hair came from the roots of the bound woman's scalp.  "What wig?  This is your natural blonde hair."

"What?  You mean the blonde hair on my head is real now?  What's going on?  Take off my mask, then; surely you'll be able to recognize the face of your Amazon teammate."

Flash then reached behind her head to untie the mask.  There was no knot, and neither would it slip up off her face!  The makeup applied by Catgirl had by now magically altered the Amazon's true features, so in effect, he had only Diana's recognized voice to go on.  "Diana?  Is that really you?  Seems like this costume is permanently part of you."

"Permanently?  Oh, no!  Before she left as Wonder Woman, she added a gem to my costume, saying it was permanent and that I would find out what its power is.  Don't tell me..."

"Geez, Diana, you look wicked in that outfit.  Fishnets look really good on you-" he blushed almost enough to match his costume, "-sorry!  Here, let's get you out of that bondage!"
While quickly unlatching all the chains and cuffs, Flash said, "We've been wondering when we were going to hear from you.  What happened here?"

"Thank Hera!  Am I glad to see you two!" the blonde replied as she flexed her legs and arms while seated on the floor.  "Superman is now a superpowered evil blonde bimbo calling herself Wonder, she's calling herself Won-" she halted again.  What was going on?  "This is the Superfem costume I'm wearing.  GL and I got trapped here, and they switched costumes so that earlier today she left here as Wonder Woman, leaving me as Superfem in bondage.  One of the powers she has, in addition to all of Superman's old ones, is the ability to hit a male with her super vision and turn him into a female.  Now we have two switch problems to worry about.  She can also alter gems to have powers she determines, such as the one on my costume.  Oh, no, now I'm calling it my costume!"

Flash and Batgal watched as she stopped talking and looked down upon herself with her arms held out wide.  And had her voice just changed?

"Now what's happening to me?  I can only think of the person who left here in the Wonder Woman costume as Wonder Woman.  But my name is Su-" she froze.  "My name is Superfem!  What has this costume done to me?  Now I can only say that I am the person who is supposed to wear this costume!  I'm a heroine, I'm from Paradise Island, my mother is Queen Hyppolyta, I'm Superfem.  I can't say who I really am anymore!  I don't even sound like myself anymore!"

"At least your memories of your past are still your own," Batgal offered.  "Can you say that name, by the way?"

"I'm Diana...thank Hera, I can at least say my other name.  Well, as if this wasn't enough of a problem, we have three other headaches to ponder now, also.  *She* has a beautiful, long black haired woman working with her who has the power of teleportation and is called Catgirl.  *She* has another helper called Maxima, a female with super strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly.  Lastly, Green Lantern is also no longer with us, but hopefully not forever.  The bitch turned him into a female, then changed her again into the super powered villainess called Star Sapphire who used to be one of Hal's foes.  She's probably busy trying to find the members left in the Justice League right this very moment."

Batgal nodded, then said, "There's bad news from our end, also.  Green Arrow and Black Canary disappeared while on a mission to thwart a robbery, and just a little while ago, Zatanna disappeared while she had the duty watch.  We've had no luck locating any of them.  Worse yet, the laboratory we locked all the equipment in has been cleaned out, presumably by the Legion of Doom."

"Oh no!  Let's see if I can use my powers to get out of this costume," the ex-Amazon said, and began to spin.  No traditional burst of light occurred however, and when she stopped spinning, Diana still looked like the blonde haired Superfem.  "Uh, oh.  I sure hope this isn't because I don't have my power belt or bracelets."  In frustration, she pounded down on the end table.  It burst into splinters.  "What it even seems I have all the powers of Superfem, too."  Without thinking what she was doing, the blonde looked at Barry and thought about Superman's X-ray vision at the same time.  Not only did she see the speedster's innards, but also watched as those innards turned into a female anatomy.  She turned off her vision power right away, but it was too late.

With a voice that surprised her, the now very shapely Flash said, "Uh, oh.  I sure hope you can reverse this.  I kinda liked being a guy!"

The now confused and scared blonde once again used her X-ray vision.  All she saw were the inner workings of a healthy female body.  Nothing changed.  "I'm sorry.  It seems this is a one-way power.  If I have this power, maybe I can also do that bit with gems and find some way out of both our problems.  I guess you're stuck as a female Flash until that time."

"Well, I guess for the time being I'll have to live on the distaff side and you'll have to be Superfem," Flash replied.  "The first thing I'll have to do is make some new yellow boots that fit.  My feet are swimming in these!  You just be real careful with how you use those powers you've got now!"

With that, three females went back to the Kent place teleport pad and zapped back up to the satellite, only one looking as she had when she beamed down.

* * * * *

The three Justice League members that Batgal had said everybody was looking for were at that moment seeing a pink and purple shape they'd all seen earlier in their lives come into view on their own monitor screen.  Cheetah, Black Shrike and Catwoman turned in unison to ask if the vision in pink that was coming into view was who they thought she was.  Superfem took a look, then said, "Ah, that's our friend, Star Sapphire.  She might have news of the Justice League's location."

Superfem was again showing her lack of knowledge, for almost everyone in the lab was fully aware of the League's satellite.  Only Superfem could be expecting Star Sapphire to give them any info they didn't already know.  Having a bimbo in charge of things could be dangerous.  Luckily, the Legion was only letting her think she had any authority.

* * * * *

In Gotham City, Jeanette Gordon had spent almost the entire morning and her lunch break trying to explain the black and blue marks on her arms and legs.  'If only I'd thought to leave a long sleeved blouse and slacks in my hideaway at GCPD for my change back from Batwoman,' she kept saying to herself.  After lunch, she got permission from her superiors to go home early, feigning aches and pains in her appendages.  They did hurt, quite a bit actually, but not enough to keep her from trying to locate her daughter.  The heroine stopped at her cache, and while no one was looking, grabbed the bundle containing her Batwoman costume.  She then left the station to go home and change.

The Dark Mistress was not used to going out in the daylight.  The night was her realm.  But the need to find her daughter was outweighing any other considerations.  Batwoman put out word among all her contacts that she was looking for a redhead in a tight fitting purple costume with black boots and gloves.  A few mentioned seeing either a woman bearing that description, or similar to it but with black hair the night before, but no word on current locale.

Batwoman was not likely to find Barbara very easily.  She was on the move.

Barbara, after a bout with amnesia brought on by a blow to the head, was told by Catwoman (the original Bambi Wayne at that time) that her name was Tabby, her kitten.  The kitten had dutifully followed the feline felon's instructions of the night before and gleefully went about committing crimes and making mayhem.  Catwoman had also told her to hide out during the daytime, that she would come back to get her later that coming evening.  Tabby was getting antsy though.  She was finding it very difficult to slip between shadows and stay out of view.  The way in which she was dressed was more than a bit too provocative to blend in.  She found a discarded trench coat in an alley, and made her decision.  She was going to violate Catwoman's instructions and go to her now.

Tabby put on the coat, buttoning it all the way to the top to effectively block any sign of the purple underneath.  She pulled off her cowl and put it in one of the coat's pockets, then shook her head to loosen up her hair.  Anyone seeing her now merely saw a beautiful young lady with red hair in a long coat with black gloves at the wrists and stunning black boots with very high stiletto heels below it.  She then made her way back toward Wayne Manor.

Two drivers were eager to give a ride to the gorgeous dame hitching rides, and Tabby got to Wayne Manor only twenty minutes after the Legion of Doom had moved the entire contents of the temporary Cat's Lair.  So she missed seeing the new Catwoman who hadn't yet met her.  The kitten entered the estate via the hidden door she and Catwoman had used the night before, then chucked her coat.  She put her cowl back on, then started looking for her boss.  She saw no sign of anybody, so the youngster started to yell out, "Catwoman, are you here?  It's me, Tabby.  Catwoman, where are you?"

Those in the Legion's lab had missed the sound of Tabby's boot heels clicking on the floors of Wayne Manor, but noticed with a start when the bugs picked up her yelling.  Toyman called Catwoman over to the speaker.  "Listen," he said.  "I think there must be somebody back at the mansion who is an accomplice of yours.  We didn't know about her."  They heard Tabby continuing to yell in her search.  "Before she gets frustrated and gives up, why don't you and Catgirl go and get her," he proposed to her.

"Right away," she replied, then went to tell Catgirl.  The two popped out of view moments later via Catgirl's special ability instead of one of Catwoman's spells.

Catwoman and Catgirl popped back into view in the library of Wayne Manor, since Catgirl was now familiar with the mansion's interior.  They listened for a moment, then heard Tabby's now plaintive cry one more time.  The two of them headed in the direction of the kitten's mewling, and turned a corner down a long hallway to spot a carbon copy of Catwoman except for the long red hair, a much less massive chest and the lack of a tail.  The heels on her boots didn't seem quite as high, either.  "Here I am, Tabby!" said Catwoman, as she approached her kitten with open arms, just as she and Catgirl had decided she should.

"Catwoman, I don't remember you having a tail on your costume last night," Tabby said as she spotted her boss.  "I thought we had identical costumes?"

"Oh, but we do, Tabby!" Catwoman said with a grin as she stopped just before reaching her near twin.  "ybbaT sah a liat dna stit tsuj eno puc ezis rellams naht enim os ehs nac eb a ohpmyn erohw dna citoxe recnad ekil em," she added under her breath.

Tabby suddenly noticed her chest expanding exponentially and felt a moving appendage at the top of her ass, and grinned wickedly when she saw the way she was able to manipulate it.  She cupped her new massive sized tits and pinched her readily apparent nipples with her claws, sending a shudder through her body that culminated in her crotch.  She also knew now about her other night jobs.  But she hadn't been given any clue by her boss the night before that she had what seemed like magical powers.  "Wow!  If you can do that, can you fix my boots so they're the right size for me?  I had to stick hose in the toes yesterday because they were too big."

Catwoman remembered the way she'd had to fix her own boots, then said, "s'ybbaT stoob era yltcaxe reh ezis.  gnihtoN dellab pu edisni."  Then she giggled and added, "reH sleeh era xis sehcni dna ehs nac raew yna sleeh htiw esae."
Tabby felt the way her boots sudddenly seemed to fit like they were made for her, and also felt her arch get even higher.  She then opened her arms wide!

After a heartwarming hug, bulging purple against bulging purple, Catwoman said, "Tabby, meet a new friend of mine, Catgirl.  She and some friends of hers just helped me take the entire Cat's Lair out of here less than thirty minutes ago."

Tabby walked over to Catgirl, and gave her a quick hello hug while entangling purple and black tails.  "Pleased to meet you, Catgirl.  Thanks for helping my boss."

"You're very welcome," said Catgirl.  "If you two are ready to go, let's get back to the lab.  Tabby, you're in for the ride of your life!"

Two purple femme fatales and one black clad villainess popped into view in the middle of the lab's floor, to the universal gasp of all on hand, at seeing what looked like two Catwomen.  To make it a lot easier for everyone to tell them apart, Bambi said, "Before you came to visit me back at the Manor, I experimented with a new black costume.  Would it be okay if I changed into that so from now on my kitten will look fantastic in purple while I hope to look fantastic in black?"

"This I've got to see!" Catgirl said.

"Black is just fine with me!" Black Shrike added.

Toyman looked around at the others who hadn't said anything yet but seemed to be on the verge and quickly said, "I think I can safely speak for my other teammates.  Go right ahead and change!"

Catwoman did her quick spell again, "emutsoC egnahc," and became covered with shiny black latex again.  As much as she liked the ballet toe heeled boots though, heels like her kittens's would be easier overall, so she wasn't quite as tall this time.  "How do I look?" she asked.

"Meooowwwwwrrrrrr!" both Tabby and Catgirl uttered at the same time.

"Even more wicked looking than I thought possible!" Cheetah told her.

"You look perfect for melting into the night," Sinestro replied.

"A costume variation I might have to try for myself," Superfem said.

Toyman crossed his fingers at the blonde with a big grin on his face.  "No, stay just the way you are, Catwoman looks incredible and I don't want to get confused."

They quickly got intros out of the way with more personally delivered compliments, then Catwoman showed Tabby where the new Cat's Lair was being set up.  The two of them got into the task.

* * * * *

Another woman was also popping into view after a teleportation at the same time.  Batwoman had started to despair of finding her daughter, and returned to the Police Commissioner's office asking to use her emergency contact with the Justice League.  Batwoman was quickly given permission, and explained her problem to the blonde woman in a killer black outfit sitting at the monitor.  The others on the satellite assured Batwoman that even though the blonde could not say that she was Wonder Woman, that's who she really was.  The disguised Amazon empathized with the distraught heroine, and asked if she would like to come on up to the satellite to discuss things.  The Dark Mistress leapt at the idea, and after going to the teleport pad which had been set up next to the Bat signal on the roof, popped into view on a pad inside the Justice League's HQ satellite.  The blonde vixen who wished she could say her true name turned to her compatriots before Batwoman came from the pad area and said, "This must be another result of the changes from Sunday.  There didn't used to be a Batwoman!"

Batwoman was introduced to Aquaman, Batgal, a Wonder Woman who apologized for the way she looked and name she was forced to call herself, Barbie Walters and Alice.  Nothing else Diana or the others had tried so far made any difference - she could only say that her name was Diana and that she was called Superfem, and each part of the black costume seemed to be unremovable.  It had also been discovered, much to her chagrin, that the makeup which Catgirl had used to alter the look of her face seemed to have made permanent changes to her appearance.  In effect, other than her given name, Diana truly was Superfem.  Even without the use of the golden lasso, the mystical gem that had been made a part of the costume had changed her.  The only difference, so far at least, was that she was showing much more intelligence and no desire to be a criminal.

Just then Flash walked up to join them.  She'd just made some new boots at the costume synthesizer, and all eyes went to her feet.  She noted their stares and said, "Since I had to make boots that fit, I figured I'd give them really high heels which put my feet in a sprinting angle.  Do you like?"  More than one of her friends wondered if the change in Flash had affected his mind even more than his body.  She sure was thinking and sounding like a full fledged female now, maybe even so far as being a full fledged bimbo!  "Oh, and until Superfem can make a gem to change me back, I can't be Barry Allen.  In honor of my deceased wife, I'll be Iris West."

These five females and one male were the only ones left on the satellite, with Martian Manhunter still out of communications.  It was starting to feel sort of empty, with so many of the past members no longer around.  It was still hoped by the veteran Justice League members that their friends could be retrieved, no matter what form they would be eventually holding.  It was quickly decided by those on hand that they could use all the help they could get.  Batwoman was invited to join the Justice League on the spot, which she eagerly accepted.  The monitors were all left on auto at the watch desk, and they all went to the costume synthesizer.

It had also been decided to get Barbie into action since she had been clamoring to do something, the only question being, in what identity?  They determined right off that using the Catwoman costume Alice brought up with her for a heroine instead of a villainess was risky, and that two Bats were already on hand so she couldn't very well be another Bat of any kind.  After a bit of discussion, it was concluded that a totally new costume would be generated by the computerized synthesizer in the HQ.  Well, almost totally new.  It was actually a perfect copy of the costume worn by the daughter of the Batman from an alternate universe that the Justice Leaguers had joined with on a strange mission a few years earlier.

What they designed and made was a pale purple sleeveless leotard with a deep V to show off most of Barbie's cleavage.  It had a dark purple hour glass like design on the front, wide at her shoulders and waist with a narrowing at her navel.  Matching dark purple opera length gloves and thigh high boots were made.  The heels on the boots were high, but nowhere near as high as what she usually wore as a whore.  A bat styled dark purple mask was designed, with its upper tips extending a couple inches over her forehead.  A yellow utility belt with a bat buckle was added, along with a yellow clip and crossbow pistol which would attach to her right calf.  Finally, a sweeping dark blue cape was added that originated at the base of the V on her chest, went up and over her shoulders, then draped almost to the ground with bat scalloping for its edges.

In this costume, Barbie would go into action as Huntress.  It was also determined that it would be a good idea for Huntress to use the Bat Cave as an Earthbound base of operations, and that Batwoman and Batgal would join with her there.  Barbie and Alice would go to live in Wayne Manor, with Jeanette and Alexis to move in with them.

While Barbie was being outfitted in her new identity, the Amazon as Superfem and Flash did high speed searches of the satellite spaces for any gems which might be on hand.  No jewels of terran origin could be found, but Flash did discover in the museum room a long forgotten collection of baubles brought back as a gift from the people of a planet many galaxies away that the Justice League had helped in fighting off a would-be conqueror.  She left them in their display for the moment and zipped off to find Diana.  Iris found her flying though the living quarters, using the X-ray vision she knew would be safe since nobody was in any of the rooms.

"I struck it rich, Diana!  Wait'l you see all the jewels I found in the museum."

"Okay, race you there!"

"You're on.  At the count of 0.  3, 2, 1, 0-"

Two blurred streaks were all that could be seen, one reddish and one black.

The reddish blur solidified at the jewel display no more than a millisecond before the black one.  "I guess those heels really do help you run!" Diana told her.

"Yep, on my toes and ready to go all the time!  Now, let's see if you can do anything with these gems the way you said the original Superfem did."

"Okay, let's see, I wonder which color I should try first?"

"Try to find something fast," Flash suggested.  "You're starting to sound a lot more like a bimbo than the intelligent Amazon I knew.  Hell, even I seem to be acting more and more ditzy."

"Great Hera, I think you're right!" the blonde said.  "I'll just do this little red gem first for you, because if I go first, I might not still be able to do you."

Not really knowing how to do what she was attempting, the pseudo Superfem set the red gem on the countertop and concentrated on it, thinking about changing gender.  The gem suddenly glowed eerily, and Diana 'heard' a voice in her head saying that the gem was ready to go to work.  'What a strange power,' she thought.  She picked up the gem and faced Iris.  "I'd suggest taking off your boots.  If this works, your feet would burst those small sized, you'd look weird as a guy in really high heels!"

"Good point!"  Flash lifted one foot at a time to unzip and then pull off her golden yellow boots.

"Okay, now take this gem and let me weld it to your costume ring."  She handed it to Iris, who used a fingertip to hold the gem in place.  Diana used her heat vision to secure it.  As soon as it was in place, Flash concentrated on becoming Barry once again.  Instantly, the traditional male form of Flash was back.

"Ah, much better.  Thanks!"

"Just remember," Diana said, "that gem is now a part of your costume.  It has the power to go either way in gender reversals."

"Oh, so you mean if I either want to or mistakenly think about becoming a female again, the ring will change me?  Hey, that might even come in handy in some situations to come."

"*Giggle* You don't want to know what kind of thoughts that just brought to my mind.  I'd better get changed myself really quick!"  The League's Superfem picked out a bright blue gem with silver sparkles that just happened to be attached to a choker.  She laid the choker on the counter top and, since Diana knew just what to do now, thought of just what she wanted its function to be as she bathed it in her mystical vision.  The gem glowed, and instantly fed back to Diana what it would do.  She secured the choker around her neck, and right away things started to happen.

The gem on the choker overrode what the earlier gem on the costume's belt was doing.  Diana's mind opened up once again, allowing her full access to all her knowledge and ability.  "I'm myself finally," she said.  "My name is Princess Diana, and I am Wonder Woman.  But I'm Wonder Woman with a difference.  Since Superfem has my power belt and bracelets, I'm going to keep these new powers I've gotten.  Now, even though I don't have my real power belt, that doesn't mean I can't wear something that looks like it."

Flash watched as one of the new powers the gem gave its owner kicked in.  The visage of the blonde Superfem started to quiver, then blurred for a moment.  When her form became solid once again, he saw a raven haired Wonder Woman standing there in what looked like a perfect copy of her stolen costume.  The golden lasso looped on her belt even gleamed, but he was pretty sure it had none of the original's powers.

"All I have to do now is be really careful in how I use my new powers," she said.  "With this gem, I can make myself look any way I want and be anyone I want, but always with my newly acquired Superfem powers.  Now, let's go join the others and get your original boots back."

"And you've also got your own voice back, Diana."

"Of course," she said as they started walking, "I can alter my voice to go with whatever identity I'm wearing."

Those busy outfitting Huntress in her new costume were pleasantly surprised to see the male Flash and Wonder Woman walk up to join them.  The speedster laid down the high heeled golden yellow boots and put back on the traditional ones he'd left at the synthesizer earlier.  It was Alexis who first noticed the only obvious difference in Wonder Woman.  "Got a choker as part of your costume now, eh, Diana?"

"Yes, the gem on this choker is what has allowed me to change into this identity.  In reality, I still look like and have all the powers I gained from becoming Superfem.  But where she uses her powers without any intelligence, I have all of my faculties available to me.  As cautioned by Flash earlier, though, I do need to be careful in how I use my powers, at least until I get totally used to them.  So now, I really am still a clone of Superfem with all her powers, but I can take on any form I wish."

"Really?  Can you show us right here?" asked Alexis.

"Sure."  Wonder Woman's image blurred, and when it solidified again, Batgal saw her twin standing there.  


"In your costume, my choker is hidden."

"You even sound like me!" Batgal exclaimed.

"Goes with the identity," Diana explained.  "I can both look like and sound like anybody I wish."

The second Batgal then reverted back to Wonder Woman.

A short while later, now garbed in her new costume, Huntress and the rest of those on the satellite teleported down to the pad inside the Bat Cave.  It had been decided that there were too few Justice League members to have anyone left at the watch desk, all hands would be needed for the task at hand Earthside.  Huntress intended to get resettled and then go into action right away, but was persuaded to take it easy and rest a bit in the library.

While lounging in the library discussing their possible courses of action, every word the Justice Leaguers said was listened to intently in the Legion of Doom's lab.  A quick discussion was held there, and the villains concluded that the opportunity of a lifetime was at hand.  A quick plan of action was decided upon with the group's acknowledged tactician, Catgirl, leading the discussion.  The lab was set up quickly for more activity.

Catgirl teleported herself back to the front gate of Wayne Manor, then removed her choker.  In less time than it took to say 'poof', Lois Lane was standing at the gate.  After requesting a chance to come in and interview the heroes for background on a story, she was allowed in.  It hadn't even occurred to the Justice League members to wonder how this reporter knew they'd be at Wayne Manor, or what she was doing in Gotham City.  They had no way of knowing that besides Superman, Lois Lane had also been changed by Luthor.  Alexis had no more of his memories.

Lois was led to the library and introduced to those on hand, then was offered a mini-tour of the mansion by Alice, with the rest of the group joining in since most had never seen the interior of Wayne Manor.  Feigning a surprised look at all the opulence on hand, their guest attentively noted what she was experiencing.  As the group slowly made its way down just the hallway Lois was hoping they'd get to, she slowly eased the choker from her purse to hide it in her clenched hand.

"Lois," said Wonder Woman, "we're about to show you a room that until earlier this morning was the hidden hideaway for Bambi, the woman Bruce Wayne had been transformed into, while she was in the grip of an evil group of villains, calling herself Catwoman."

As the Amazon started to open the door, Lois perkily responded, "Ooo, I can't wait!"

As the heroes filed into the room, they were astonished to find it barren.  Lois came in last, and closed the door behind her.  Before the heroes could even say a word of surprise at their discovery, the reporter put on her choker.  When they turned to look back to her, they saw Catgirl, who said with a wicked sneer, "Thank you for making my task so much easier, you heroic saps.  I can't believe you're all here in one room.  Say goodbye!"

With that, Catgirl teleported the entire group to the Legion's lab.  As soon as she saw what had been prepared for the heroes, they popped into view inside a clear sealed chamber set up by Catgirl's cohorts while she was away doing her dirty work.  Batwoman was staring directly into the face of her daughter!  "Barbara!" she cried out, as a knockout gas started to fill the chamber from the top down.

"Who's Barbara?  My name is Tabby," the purple clad redhead proclaimed.

Batwoman hung her head, sighing, "Noooooo..." as she joined her compatriots in unconsciousness.

Toyman chortled, "I wouldn't feel so bad at what you've seen, Batwoman.  Now the fun begins!"

Even Wonder Woman, with her enhanced powers, slumped to the floor.  As she lost consciousness, her form reverted to that of Superfem.  This caught the attention of the original, who alone noted the choker around her twin's throat.  Without knowing how, Superfem communicated with the gem on her choker and knew everything.  Without realizing it, she had made some real changes to Wonder Woman when she put that little black gem on her Superfem costume.  This would make further changes to the ex-Amazon very interesting.

Also, as Flash lost consciousness, his subconscious mind fluctuated back and forth in the identity it knew to be real.  His form seemed to go back and forth from Barry's to Iris' every few seconds.  The Legion of Doom members seeing this were fascinated, and got wind of what was causing it when Superfem joined them and spotted the gem on his ring.  What she told them changed very much the ideas they had for his upcoming change.

While the heroes were succumbing to the gas, decisions were made by the Legion as to what to do with their prizes.  It was easily decided that all would be turned into super villainesses, using the Transgender Tank and Mind Modification Computer on Aquaman, just the MMC on Wonder Woman and Flash, and Wonder Woman's magic lasso on those who had already gone through the MMC earlier.  The lasso was retrieved from the room in which Superfem had put it and the rest of the original Wonder Woman costume earlier.

Identities were selected for them, Star Sapphire generating the costumes envisioned by each member of the group.  Cheetah said she wanted Batwoman all for herself, with a new identity of her choice.  She would allow only Star Sapphire in on the secret, and swore her to not tell the others until Cheetah had been able to show off her handiwork.  The others readily agreed.  The costumes for each of the seven new super villainesses were placed into individual rooms in the lab's hallways, the spots where each newly minted villainess would actually be born.

Wonder Woman's magic lasso had been placed by Superfem on a counter top to be readily at hand.  After trying to remove any part of the Superfem costume from Wonder Woman's body, now once again a twin of the blonde super villainess, the Legion members found out just how dangerous Superfem's low IQ could be.  Inadvertently, she had made it impossible for her twin to have any of her costume removed.  When told by the ditzy blonde about the blue gem on the choker around the changed Amazon's neck, it was decided that a very careful memory removal and insertion would be done for her at the Mind Modification Unit instead of the planned erasure and fresh new start.

Superfem's twin was placed into the seat adjacent to the Mind Modification Computer.  With the headband and electrodes in place, the altered Amazon's entire psyche was drained into the computer's databanks.  Searches and siftings were done to pick out the knowledge she had of her Superfem powers and in particular the powers of her new gem.  All the heroic memories, knowledge and personality of Wonder Woman were sorted and separated from the newly developed nefarious memories, knowledge and personality of Superfem that the heroine had been fighting to suppress.  These evil tendencies were then added to the particularly appropriate identity for a holder of Diana's special powers which had been decided upon earlier, giving her new identity the newer powers instead of the Amazon based ones.  It was uploaded into the void of her waiting mind.  When the process was completed, she was awakened.  The dizzy ex-Wonder Woman was escorted to her dressing room by Tabby, who then told the black clad blonde to use her power to change into her new identity and costume.

As soon as the seat was empty, Toyman asked Superfem to sit there.

"Why are you putting me into your mind erasing machine?"

"I'm not going to erase any of your mind, don't fret.  What I want to do is add to your mind all of the very intelligent aspects of the Superfem memories that were in Wonder Woman's mind.  It seems she was fighting to keep her own identity as your own was taking over her mind.  With the addition of her intelligence, I think you will be much more helpful to us and an even more bad girl than you are now.  Doesn't that sound like a good idea to you?"

"Well, okay, I guess that's a good idea.  I don't know what half of what you said means, but if you think this can help me be a better bad girl, I'll do it.  Give me the head band."  Superfem became the first 'victim' of the MMC to place the band around her own head, but let Toyman put the electrodes in place.  Once more the same memories and personality aspects that had just been uploaded into Wonder Woman were set up in an upload file, with the addition of a few appropriate aspects of Wonder Woman herself, making very sure to not use any memories of Superman and his change.  When just what was desired was set, the upload button was pressed.  Superfem felt a flood of information entering her mind, and was overcome by the input.  Shortly after the MMC finished its job, her eyes flickered, then the blonde in black sat up straight in the chair.  Toyman took care in removing the electrodes and then the band.

"Thank you very much," she said.  "I feel so much more complete now.  I can easily see how to use all my powers to become the most diabolical vixen on the planet.  Bad girl, indeed, I'm certainly the most evil villainess the world has ever faced.  With what I now know, I sure hope to be able to work closely with my twin."

"You're most welcome," Toyman replied.  "I'm sure you will be creating havoc alongside your twin, but with her power, she won't be your twin unless she so desires.  Wait for her to make her debut, I'm sure you'll be pleased.  Now, please get out of the chair, we have more work to do."

Superfem did as she was asked, then went in search of Black Shrike and Catwoman.

Huntress was then brought over and seated in the chair next to the MMC, but instead of the headband, she was wrapped with the magic lasso.  Smelling salts were waved under her nose to arouse her.  After her head jolted back in awareness and her eyes sprang open, Barbie heard Sinestro say, "That is an interesting name you've chosen, Huntress.  Did you know that, many years ago, there was a villainess using exactly that same name?"

"No," she felt compelled to say.

"Tell me, what is your full name?"

Huntress once again resisted, but the compulsion of the lasso forced her to respond, "I'm Barbie Walters, an exotic dancer and also a slutty, wanton whore.  Also, I'm a member of the Justice League of America, using the identity of the heroine called Huntress."

"No, that is incorrect," replied Sinestro.  "Your name is Barbie Walters, an exotic dancer and also an ultra slutty whore who pursues that activity as often as she can, also acting as a commanding dominatrix for customers wanting S&M.  During your spare time, you are a member of the Legion of Doom, using the identity of the evil super villainess called Huntress."

When she was asked to repeat her answer to the question, Huntress echoed his statement in its entirety, placing additional emphasis and relish in the words, "ultra slutty whore", "commanding dominatrix" and "evil super villainess".  The sappy look of the do-gooder on her face disappeared, to be replaced by an evil sneer.  Just as they'd planned, the use of the lasso had put Barbie Walters right back into the criminal mindset given to her by Luthor a scant few days earlier before being altered by Zatanna first as herself and then as Catwoman.  Only this time, she was thinking much more prevalently so.  Huntress was led by Star Sapphire to her special room, and told to change.

The next Justice Leaguer to be brought to the seat was Batgal, who posed a special problem.  As much as the Legion of Doom wished they could regain the evil genius of Lex Luthor to once again lead them, the fact that the Mental Modification Computer had eliminated all vestiges of Luthor's evil mind and then converted her into the heroine that she now knew herself to be eliminated that possibility.  While admiring the work done by their own equipment on her massive chest, Toyman and Sinestro wrapped the lasso around her torso.  After going through a simpler version of the question and answer session to which Barbie had just been subjected, Alexis got up from the chair with the new name of Aleta Lennox.  She was taken to her changing room by Catwoman, to turn into her new villainess identity.  Speaking lowly enough so that only Aleta could hear her, Catwoman said as they both entered her room, "atelA sah lla fo xeL s'rohtuL live suineg.  ehS lliw llet on eno, tub krow ni eht dnuorgkcab ot niager pihsredael."  Aleta had no idea what Catwoman had said, but suddenly knew very well what her role was to be.

Wayne Manor's maid Alice was by no means a heroine, but her figure was one to be admired, and her presence was put to use in a different manner.  Giving her a villainous identity and a costume was pointless, with all the fresh subjects they had on hand.  After she had been wrapped in the magic lasso, Alice was left with her name, but instructed that she was now the lab assistant to the Legion of Doom.  She was expected to dress, not as a smocked lab rat, but as a seductively attired secretary.  Alice was led by Black Shrike to her changing room, and told to put on her new uniform.  It wasn't until they were inside with the door closed that Shrike handed Alice the gem adorned choker to put around her neck first.  Superfem had handed it to Black Shrike soon after her own mind had become enhanced.

Aquaman had a need to be immersed in water regularly since he was, in reality, a merman.  The Legion wondered if this would lead to any trouble with their conversion.  After reading through Luthor's old notes from the construction period of the Transgender Tank, they found that it was expected to totally rework the subject.  The semiconscious body of the ex-King of Atlantis was placed into the tank.  He became fully awake as the cool pink fluid enveloped his body, shocking him out of his stupor.  Arthur, having watched Luthor change by Flash's hand only two days earlier, now experienced the effects of the Transgender Tank himself.

As Aquaman became immersed in the cool pink fluid, he felt his insides being scrambled, bones rearranging themselves, matter sucking out of the waist area to reappear in the hips, ass and chest.  As he felt his face refining itself, he saw long blonde hair starting to swirl about his body, and massive breasts ballooning into view.  He was most definitely now a she.  Her stature was now that of an exotic female.  After she had been rinsed and dried, she was placed in the seat of the Mind Modification Computer.  The blonde had her mind wiped clean, then was given her new psyche.  Maxima helped her up, then took her to her own personal changing room to finish her metamorphosis.

Batwoman was then set upon by Cheetah.  After the heroine had been put into the seat, the villainess considered wrapping the lasso around her arms as a form of bondage, but thought better of what she would do to her future accomplice.  The still sleeping woman had her cowl pulled off, then the magic lasso was wrapped around her neck as a collar and leash.  Smelling salts were once again put to use, and the brunette's eyes slowly fluttered open.  Before the heroine could say anything, Cheetah went to work, saying, "Do not say anything unless instructed to do so by me.  Do not try to move."

As much as she wanted to cry out and lunge from the chair, Batwoman felt compelled to freeze in place, eyes forward.

Cheetah began her subtle changes.  "Tell me who you are."

"My name is Jeanette Gordon, a detective with the Gotham City Police Department, and I'm also the heroine called Batwoman, a new member of the Justice League of America."

"Are you sure?  I thought your name was Pamela Rich, a well to do debutante, and also the evil vixen called Tigress, a new member of the Legion of Doom."  When asked to repeat her answer, the grey clad woman resounded with exactly the same words Cheetah had used.

"Do you have any relatives?"

"I have a daughter, Barbara, who I just started to train as Batgirl, but she has become Tabby."

"Gosh, I thought the only relative you had was your older sister, Priscilla, who is me.  And I am Cheetah, the controller of your alter ego, Tigress."  Again, this answer was repeated.

"Where do you live?"

"I have a townhouse in Gotham City, but I am in the process of moving to Wayne Manor."

"Gee, and here I thought you lived next door to me in Washington, DC whenever we weren't plundering the planet with the Legion of Doom."  When this statement had been repeated, Cheetah was finished.

Leading her new charge by the golden leash, still wrapped around her neck like a collar, Cheetah took her to her changing room to put her in form.

Last but not least, Flash was stripped but left with his ring, and put into the seat by way of a zap done by Catgirl.  It had been planned to put him into the tank like Aquaman, but when Superfem told them how the red gem on his ring was causing him to fluctuate between the crew cut blonde male and long blonde haired female, new plans were made.  After the band and electrodes were in place on his head, Barry's mind was wiped clean.  They then uploaded a new identity into that vacuous brain which had no idea of being male.  Right away, even before becoming aware of anything, the form in the seat shifted into the long blonde haired female brought about inadvertently by Diana.  She didn't shift back to male, but remained in her only known form.  She was given knowledge of her ring and what it could do, however.  Groggy from the work of the MMC, Catgirl saved her the trouble of walking to her changing room, by zapping them both into it instantly.

* * * * *

Time Shift: Here and Now

We have progressed up to the present, which is now the first day in the lives of the new Legion of Doom members.  A new roll call is now needed for the greatly expanded Legion of Doom.  The only two original members, Toyman and Sinestro, are in the lab cleaning up after the marathon change session they just conducted.

Coming out of the room the ex-Wonder Woman had gone to, we see Tabby, looking for all the world like a red-haired Catwoman.  She is followed by a raven haired villainess dressed in a green and white costume covering her completely from the neck down.  This covers the choker around her neck holding the gem which allows her to change her appearance at will.  Her hands are enclosed in green gloves, her feet in stiletto heeled boots which are actually the termini of the green legs of her costume.  There are golden bracelets around her wrists, and a wide golden belt around her waist.  She is called Obsession, and besides being a shape shifter, has the same powers as Superfem.

From the room the purple clad Huntress had entered, first we see Star Sapphire walking out, then Huntress herself, her face made up to look like the extreme street slut she is.  The costume she has changed into is a tiger striped sleeveless leotard, with opera length gloves and knee high boots to match having ultra high stiletto heels.  There is a similarly patterned cowl on her head, covering all but her face, with little cat ears sticking up and her long ebony hair cascading down her back.  She has no powers, other than that of alluring men, and has a number of weapons at her disposal, primarily a hand held crossbow.  When needed, her whips, crops and paddles are also available.

Catwoman is the first out of the room that the person originally known as Lex Luthor, then Batgal, had gone into to change.  As we see Aleta coming out of the room, she has what seems to be a very sly look on her face.  Other than Catwoman, everyone seeing her assumes it is because of how she now looks.  She's clad in a black fishnet body stocking, over which is a blue sleeveless leotard.  She is wearing blue shoulder length gloves, and blue thigh high boots with stiletto heels even higher than what Huntress has.  The choker around her neck, securing the top of the body stocking, is also blue and holds another of Superfem's modified gems centered on its front, patterned after the one discovered around Wonder Woman's neck.  She is the group's second shape shifter, now known as Chimaera.  The gem gives her the power to take on the physical appearance of anyone she contacts, and likewise change the target person's appearance to whatever she desires.

Black Shrike marches seductively out of the room into which Alice had been sent.  Alice struts confidently out of the room to sit confidently at the communications console, after first stopping next to Huntress to pass something to her.  She is dressed in a black leather micro miniskirt barely getting below her crotch.  Her legs are in sheer black back seamed hose, the garters of which just show when her skirt rises upon sitting.  Above the micro miniskirt is a shiny black, long sleeved, turtleneck lycra spandex leotard, the material trying desperately to stretch over her massive chest.  On her feet are triple lock-strapped black leather pumps with five-inch heels.  Her mistress is now holding the keys to those locks.  Her turtleneck is hiding the gem and choker which will allow her to later become Enigma, one of Superfem's super powered cronies in putting Aleta in charge of the Legion.

The room to which Maxima had assisted the ex-Aquaman then opens, with Maxima strutting in her own incredibly high heels.  After her, we see a perfectly formed female figure in a glossy jet black costume, clinging tightly to every square inch of her body except her chin, lower face and eyes.  Even her magnificent, long blonde hair is covered up by the cowl atop her head.  There are gloves going up to her elbows, and cuffed boots coming up to her knees after starting with beautifully arched stiletto heels.  There is a cape attached to her shoulders, dropping to the back of her knees.  She is now Satan Girl, thanks to another of Superfem's gems, attached to an ebony brooch over her left breast, giving her all the original powers that Superfem had.

Cheetah has now coiled the magic lasso, swinging it as she comes out of the room in which she reworked Batwoman to her specifications.  What more the villainess did with the lasso in that room is not yet known, but it certainly looks like the lasso is no longer needed.  The Tigress that Cheetah has made follows her out of the room demurely.  Her costume is a near twin of Cheetah's, except that is has tiger stripes instead of a cheetah's spots.  Cheetah just turned and said something softly to Tigress so that only she could hear, and now Tigress is forming a wicked sneer on her face and crouching as if to attack.  It would seem that Cheetah has done well in making her new accomplice.  Tabby would be proud of her mother, if she only knew.

As they entered, so do they come out.  Catgirl pops into lab center with the ex-Flash.  She is now Magenta, garbed in a purple and white costume completely enclosing her body from head to beautifully booted toe.  Only her mystical eyes are seen.  The silver choker around her neck has a Superfem gem on it giving her total control of the magnetic field of Planet Earth, and maybe others, it hasn't been tested that far yet.  This also gives her the ability to control all ferrous based metallic elements.  Try not to forget that human blood is heavy in ferrous elements.

The Legion of Doom has completed its mission.  Other than the out of touch Martian Manhunter, the Justice League of America no longer exists.  The now greatly expanded ranks of the Legion of Doom are free to wreak havoc on the Earth as they see fit.

Or are they?  Are there potentially other heroes to take up the mantle of the Justice League and bring justice to the world?

How soon will the leadership mantle of the Legion pass back onto the shoulders of Chimaera, the form now holding the infamous mind of Lex Luthor?

Will all those women in the Legion of Doom put up with having two males in their group?  Toyman and Sinestro had better stay on Superfem's and Obsession's good sides...

The End

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