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The date is November 13th 1888, the place London England. The Ripper last struck three days ago and the police are still no wiser as to who he is, nor how to stop him.

The prostitutes are still plying their trade, albeit forever looking over their shoulders. But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to make ends meet.

It was, as usual, dark and foggy in London tonight, Becky was trolling for business beside the old bakery when she was approached by a fine looking gentleman, very well dressed and with his silk top hat set at a rakish angle.

"Looks like my lucks in tonight" she thought "should get a few shillings for turning his lordship here""His Lordship" - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story witch fishnets satin panties

"Now then girl, how do you fancy having my company for a while?" the toff asked of her.

"It’ll cost yer 10 bob or a whole guinea if you want to go inside dearie"

"Oh, I think that round the back of this bakery will be fine."

"Come on then, let’s see your money, then we’ll go" Becky said. As the toff handed over his money Becky could see the quality of the gloves on his hands.

"Blind me, should have asked for more" she thought as she led the way down the alley and behind the bakery.

"So over here do for you dearie?" she said as she hiked her dress up over her hips. It was at this point that she realised that she had not being able to see his face as it was covered in a muffler.

He looked around and saw that there were no windows overlooking them so decided to have some fun with the girl first. He removed his muffler so that Becky got a glimpse of his face, just as his right hand slipped behind his back to draw out the Ripper’s knife, for it was he.


"Oh my gawd, you’re him, it’s an honour your lordship. Just wait until I tell the other girls who I...... Wait, that knife, NO YOU’RE JACK!"

"Yes my dear, and you will never tell another soul who I really am"

"A curse on you! Gawd if you’re listening, curse this evil man and may he one day find out what it’s like for us working people!" she screamed into the night.

"Be quiet you little slut, this is going to hurt, a lot!" he snarled as he grabbed Becky by the throat with his left hand and raised the knife in his right, preparing to slash for all he was worth. Oh the excitement of it all, he was getting so horny and worked up, just as usual.

As the knife descended, time seemed to slow for the Ripper, whilst for Becky time stopped and so did the knife, as a door opened in the alleyway. Not a normal sort of door mind you, this one was in the middle of the alleyway where no door should exist. Also this one was made of light and through it stepped a very tall figure, dressed in robes. He had a face to scare children, yet it was a kind face too. It was Janus, the God of Doors and Trickery.

"Enough your Lordship, oh no, you prefer Jack, don’t you. The girl appealed to me, for I am a God, and made a valid wish." Janus rumbled a laugh which made the very fabric of the buildings tremble. Jack did the same, trembled that is.

"I think you have done enough damage to your fellow mortals so it is time for this killing to stop." Saying so, Janus waved his hand and the knife vanished. Another wave and Jack found himself flying through the air to crash against the alley wall, several feet up in the air! Nothing supported him, but he didn’t fall, he just hung there, unable to move, unable to speak. Janus turned to Becky, and his face turned kindly and said

"Child, you have had a hard life, I think it is time you had a little help with bringing in the money. "{flicker} "I think you should have a sister to look after as well." With another {flicker} Janus reverted to the kinder face and waved his hand gently. Becky’s clothes rearranged themselves more demurely, now clean and repaired, as she fell asleep.

With another {flicker} Janus turned to Jack, still suspended up the alley wall.

"Well, it is time we started isn’t it Jackie boy!" With these words Janus gestured sharply and Jack was enveloped in a glow of golden light. His body seemed to shrink in on itself a little, he could feel his legs losing 3-4 inches. His arms where changing too, they became slimmer as did his legs and hands, feet too! What was happening to him?!? His already long dark hair was changing too, it cascaded down his back and past his eyes as it became both longer and blonde. The pain! It felt like his bones where breaking! (They were, also shrinking and re-knitting. The darker Janus felt that unlike many of his "victims", Jack deserved some pain). His hairy chest shrank in, slimming, then as the hair fell out, his chest ballooned out to gift him with a beautiful firm pair of breasts.

The final indignity! He could feel his under developed penis shrinking away to nothing! Then it continued up inside him, turning things inside out! By the time the glow disappeared, so had Jack, or at least his male body. All that was left of Jack the Ripper was his mind trapped in the naked body of a young, quite beautiful, blonde-haired girl. Janus held Jack’s top hat and expensive clothes over an arm.

"Hmmm, yes I think you will do quite well now Jack. Hmm, Jack doesn’t quite seem to fit you does it. Let me see, how about Jacky, yes, sister to Becky over there."

"What have you done to me you beast?" Screamed Jacky, startled to hear her voice. It was totally unlike his voice, deep and powerful. Now it was feminine and a lilting soprano, with a gentle huskiness that men would find irresistible.

"Oh, you are going to enjoy your new life Jack, just think, Becky is going to look after you and you will look after her. Both as a sister would, and as a fellow prostitute will! Now, to finish this off. Your clothes first."

Thus saying, Janus waved a hand over the clothes on his arm and they too where covered in a golden glow which slowly faded from his arm, taking the clothes along with it. They re-appeared as silken camisole and bustles. Then a corset, pulled tight, appeared, cupping the breasts and lifting them upwards, finally a long flowing dress materalised to complete the transformation.

"You look ravishing Jacky, the men are going to be falling over themselves to pay to use you. Becky will be able to retire soon and live on the proceeds of running you. Oh yes, just one more item to sort out isn’t there. We don’t want you trying to hurt anyone else, nor tell them what happened tonight do we."

"NO!" Screamed Jack, buried deep inside Jacky.

"I so cast it, whilst you are with anyone, male or female, you will act as Jacky, the beautiful young prostitute. Under no circumstances will you find yourself able to harm anyone nor tell anyone who you where or what happened tonight. You will be protective of Becky, and will willingly work for her from tonight on. She is your sister. You, yourself Jack, you will always be there, in the back of Jacky’s mind, but unable to affect her physically nor mentally, but you will know every minute of her life and how much she enjoys having sex with strangers"

Jack screamed as loud as he could, but not a sound escaped Jacky’s lips, who even now was feeling ready for her next customer. Wet and willing.

Jacky turned to Becky who was only just waking up from her enforced nap.

"Come on sis, it’s time to go earn some more money"

Arm in arm, the two sisters walked out of the alley without a backwards glance.

Janus gestured and the portal reappeared. He paused, looked after the two girls, who no longer remembered him, nor could even see him.

"That was a nice gesture" he said to his brother.

"What was that?"

"Giving her a strong sexual appetite"

"That wasn’t nice....that was a necessity!"

"Come on brother, let’s go find some other soul who want’s to get even with someone!"

So saying, Janus, the God of Doors and Trickery stepped through the interdimensional portal, disappeared from our mortal view, and the doorway of light, folded up on itself, and disappeared with a ping!

Headline from a January 1889 newspaper:- The Ripper Gone?

No more cases reported in over two months. Police Chief to Resign.

The end.

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