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My first J-Files Story, a little darker, so not set in the SRU Universe, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless.


All copyrights freely acknowledged  but the J-Files are mine!


Title: The J-Files - A Matter of Light and Dark (With thanks to SteveZ for the suggestion)


Derek was a worried man, he had escaped from the police chasing him by the skin of his teeth. If that damn cop hadn'’t crossed the end of the alley when he did Derek would have killed the woman he had just raped, just like the others.

Derek, you see was a serial rapist and as he liked to think of it, he was good at it! He really enjoyed his work and took his time. The women suffered before he killed them. Still, this last one had put up a struggle and marked his face with her nails. The sooner he got under cover the better.

"God, I wish I could hide from this damn cop. While I’'m at it, how about changing my appearance and giving me some more strength, so that the next bitch can'’t scratch me like this one did!" he said.

He ducked into a side door which swung open as he approached and quietly closed it, dropping the bar so that the cop would think it locked all along. As it dropped, he turned and looked up the darkened stairs only to be dazzled as a bright shape appeared above him. This looked like nothing less than a doorway, but made of light, bright light. Incredibly, as Derek looked, someone, or something stepped through the light which seemed to close behind him, it, him, well, whatever.

"So Derek," the creature said in a deep bass voice which echoed around the stairway "you want to change your appearance and even gain more strength do you?"

"Yeah dude, what'’s it to you, and what'’s with the light? Hey, how do you know my name? I don'’t know you, how do you know what I want? Spit it out man or I'’ll carve you!"


"Derek, your little knife cannot harm me." A casual wave of the creature’'s hand and the knife disappeared from Derek'’s hand. "However, I can help you. You see, you made a couple of wishes as you passed a portal of power which crosses from your universe into ours."

"Portal of power, YOUR universe? What shit is this man? And just who the f**k are you anyway?"

"You don’t know us, nor will you recognise our name, for you missed so much schooling you are a very ignorant and callous human. However, if it will make you happy, our name is Janus."

"Okay Jane! I’ve read the Arabian Nights, I know the deal, give me my f**king wishes and my knife back. Make me stronger and unrecognisable to the police!"

As Derek said this, Janus’'s face seemed to, well, flicker, and the face before him seemed crueller somehow, yet it was the same creature still there.

"Very well, rude mortal, we grant you your wishes, you will become stronger, and also {flicker} unrecognisable to the police, or anyone else who knows you."

Janus, the two headed god of mischief granted Derek his wishes spoken as he passed the portal of power, or as we mere mortals would recognise it, the back of the local bakery, but Janus was in a playful mood, so Derek didn'’t quite get what he expected.

First, one Janus granted him extra strength, whilst the other {flicker} granted him the other wish, that of being unrecognisable to the police, and anyone else for that matter. Derek felt his whole body changing as power flowed through his body, his arms became finer and his body hair melted off both his arms and legs. His legs! They grew slender and a little shorter, his behind swelled out somewhat whilst his penis and balls shrank and withered away to vanish inside his body. His face changed as his hair lengthened to cascade below his shoulder blades, luxuriant and rich auburn. His clothes changed to match her new appearance. His trainers became 2" pumps whilst his socks became tights, his jeans became her tight leather mini skirt and his t-shirt reformed to become a bright red bra cupping the 38C cup breasts now projecting from his, her chest. His jumper became a sheer black blouse, but the strength which now coursed through his veins was incredible, as was the thirst she now felt.

"What have you done to me" Derek purred to Janus once she regained her voice, her now sexy and sulty voice it must be said.

"I have given you what you asked for, strength and a new appearance so that the police will not recognise you."

"Yeah, but I’'m a WOMAN! "I’'m a rapist how in hell’s name can I rape like this?!?!? And what'’s with this thirst for god’s sake? I am so thirsty I want to kill to slake this thirst!"

"Ah yes, well there is always a catch in these grant a wish events. Anyway, if you really don'’t like the sensation and want to be changed back in a week or so, go back to the bakery and wish again. In the meantime why not go outside and enjoy the sun on your new body. In another week or so, the police won’t be looking for you and you can decide then, okay?"

"Well, as you say the police ain’'t looking for me like this, so okay then. One week, yeah?"

"Derek, if, in one week you still want to change back, go to the bakery and wish." Janus said.

"Okay, I’'m going to get clear of this area, hey, what about money and stuff?"

"All in your purse, everything you’ll need for the rest of your life"

"Wow, really, but, what about this thirst?"

"No problem, everything will become clear before you get to your car. I Promise" said Janus.

Still a little unsure, Derek released the bar on the door and stepped out into the alley. Great she thought, no police, and there'’s my car at the end of the alley.

She stepped out into the sun light and walked toward her car.

Inside the doorway Janus looked on and watched as his handiwork walked away. {flicker} Janus watched HIS handiwork walk away "Well brother, if the council realise that we are granting wishes but including characters set in a Mortal Television Show, YOU are going to be in trouble!"

{flicker} "What do you mean ME, I granted him his strength, he deserves all he gets! Anyway, YOU changed his sex!"

Just then, there where screams from outside, as Derek incinerated herself in the bright sunlight.

{flicker} "Yes, but only by changing him into a vampire. The council is going to insist you stop watching Buffy on Interdimensional Sky One so much!"

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