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 Location: A Danish Shoreline, the time, many eons ago.

Hagen, the young prince, was walking along the beach pondering his future. He was very handsome and he was a good man, very well liked by the people. His father, the King, was dying, and soon it would be his time to take his father's place and rule Denmark. He worried that he would be good king, but had been trained all his life for this, he would succeed. All he lacked was a wife.

Although there were many prospective brides paraded before him, none had been the one to share his life with. He continued walking along the beach, his escorts awaiting him away on the dunes.

He heard a splash, as though something heavy had dropped into the sea, he looked outwards, toward where he thought the sound had come from. What was that, it looked like a young girl, with long dark hair, naked in the surf. Or at least, she certainly did not seem to be clothed!

The prince started to wade out toward her, calling as he did, "Do you need help? Who are you?"


The girl just swam backwards, further away from him, not saying a word. Then, she sank below the surface, with just a glimpse of, no it could not have been...


"Daughter, you have been near the humans again, haven't you?" her father demanded of the little mermaid.

"Yes, father, I saw him again. He looks so lonely, just walking along the beach as he does, day after day. I know if he and I could meet, we would be soulmates, I just know it."

"Oh, my beautiful daughter, I wish that it could be so. Your mother and I were also destined to be soulmates, and when she died, I wished that I could, too. But that was not to be, and neither can this. I must forbid you to see the human, and you must stop visiting the surface to see him. Obey me, my daughter!"

She burst into tears and swam at speed into her own section of the underwater grotto, her tail flicking from side to side to show her displeasure at her father's orders.

"Oh, how I wish I had legs and could meet the human. I know we are soulmates..."Mermaid - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story witch fishnets satin panties


Location: The Other Realm, time the day before.

"Well, brother, look after ourself whilst I have a break. I will be gone for a week or so, but try not to cause too much disruption to the Mortal Realm while I'm away."

{flicker} "Of course not, brother, I'll behave ourselves."

{flicker} "Hmmm, I wish I could believe you, still, the Council has been promising us a holiday from each other for centuries, so I'm off to Risa for a rest, they'll even lend me a body for the duration of my stay. Try to behave!"

With these parting words, the kinder half of Janus, the God of Doors and Trickery left his body to his more cruel brother, and went off on his first holiday for a thousand years.

"Enjoy your holiday, brother, I hope you like the body I've arranged for you!"


Location: Risa, the pleasure planet

"NOOOOOOOO!" screamed the beautiful young woman known, for this week anyway, as Jane!


Location: Off the Danish shore

Copra, the little mermaid, was swimming through the blue waters off the Danish coast, crying gently, her salt tears mingling with the water around her. Luckily, she was not to continue crying, for the last time a mermaid cried too long, the Dead Sea was the result!

Ahead of her, in the clear water, a door appeared, opened, and a tall man-like figure stepped through! Amazingly, he remained dry even though he was underwater. This was quite strange, for the door was somewhere there should not be a door, and besides, it was made of light! Then it was gone, closing behind him.

Copra swam carefully toward the man, ready in an instant to turn and flee, or to give him such a thump with her powerful tail.

"So, little mermaid, you want to meet the human prince, do you? Well, I can make this possible, but there are conditions. Are you interested?" Janus the cruel said.

"Oh, yes, but who are you? How do you know about my wishes?" the mermaid said, ignoring the fact completely that the human in front of her should be drowning by now, for she had not extended her protection to him. After all, when a dolphin rescues a drowning human, it is really a mermaid or merman in disguise, using their power to protect the human from drowning.Dolphin animation - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story witch fishnets satin panties

"Ah, my child, I am Janus, a god, and I have the power to grant your wish. However, there are one or two minor conditions if I do grant your wish. Are you interested?"

"Yes, but how do I know you are a god, I am unfamiliar with your name? I know of my great, great great uncle Neptune, but I know not your name."

"Child, I appeared from a door-like portal made of light, under the ocean. I am in ten fathoms of water, yet I am both dry and NOT drowning. What more proof do you want?"

"Oh, sorry. Yes, please, I wish to be human so I can get to know the handsome prince whom I have seen on the beach."

"Very well, I will grant your wish, but the conditions are thus. You will not speak of your past life to him, in fact, you will not speak at all, you will be as a mute. Also, it will be as if you are walking on broken glass, and you will be unable to return to the form you are now. Do you understand, will you accept these conditions?" Janus sneered at the mermaid.

The little mermaid thought long and hard. Mute she could understand, and probably live with. Walking on broken glass? She knew nothing of this, either walking or broken glass. It probably meant it would be uncomfortable, and as for returning to the sea, as long as she could be with her prince, what would it matter?

"Yes, I accept. I want to be with the prince."

"So be it." Janus waved his arms in the water. As he did so, a water spout formed around Copra, dragging her toward the beach. As it did so, she could feel her body reforming itself. Her beautiful tail shed its translucent scales, and a split started to form down the centre. Although she did not realise it, these were not the only changes Janus had inflicted on her as she passed out.

The prince was taking his usual daily walk along the beach when he saw a body washed up on the shore. It was quite bare; he debated about calling his guards over, but decided that he would be perfectly safe from one washed up sailor, especially one without clothes or weapon.

As he drew near he could see that the youngster was breathing. In fact, the boy was crying. Crying great tears of sadness and pain, yet in total silence.

"Tell me, boy, what ship are you from, how are you hurt?" the prince demanded.

The boy just looked up at him, eyes red and sore from crying, yet the prince could see that he could be lost in them, for they where as deep pools. The boy made no sound.

"Boy, what has happened to you?" The prince knelt beside the boy and supported his head with his arm. The boy just seemed to cry harder whenever the prince said the word "boy", yet still he made no sound.

"Can you walk? Here, let me help you up whilst my guards come over." So saying, the prince called his guards over and helped the boy to his

feet, which promptly made the young boy pass out in pain and collapse at the prince's feet.


The next time Copra came to, she was in a bed with a nurse from the royal household and the Captain of the Guard watching over her!

"Ah, he's awake, Captain. Now, boy, what is your name? What happened to you?" the nurse said kindly.

All Copra could do was shake her/his head at them and mime that she/he could not talk.

"Hmmm, perhaps it is shock at being overboard. Possibly something has attacked him to cause damage to his feet, though I can see nothing wrong with them. Perhaps the Royal Doctor could suggest something, aye, Captain?"

"Aye, Nancy, we'll make sure the doctor comes as soon as he has seen to our beloved King," the Captain promised.

In time the doctor came, but was unable to make sense of the boy's condition, or why he was unable to talk. The one time he tried examining the boy's feet was pretty much a disaster as he screamed, silently of course, then passed out from the pain.

The days passed. The nurse helped the lad to dress as even this simple task seemed beyond him. The shock, they thought, though there was intelligence in the eyes, such beautiful deep eyes he had. Everyone who saw them sighed, and felt so good afterwards.

The biggest shock for Copra was when she needed to use the castle privy. In the past, all she had done was swim and her wastes simply disappated into the sea. Now, she had to be carried to the privy, drop her/his drawers and be lowered onto a hole in the floor and use this wrinkled, THING, to relieve herself. As for what came out her/his bottom, yuk, it didn't bear thinking out, and she had to clean up after herself in that area. Disgusting!

Why, oh why, had she agreed to the urgings of that nasty, evil creature? Yes, she was human, yes, she was near to the prince, but she was not a she, she could not get near him now, nor could she return to the sea. All Copra could do was sit and listen to the gossip in the kitchens or to the guards patrolling outside her/his room at night.

Janus could not believe how wonderful this week had turned out. Watching over the erstwhile mermaid was superb entertainment. His brother ought to go on holiday more often; it let him get to play and have much more fun with these pathetic mortals.


Finally the week was up; Jane, on Risa, had been having a wonderful time, once he got used to being female! He had to admit that his brother had found him a wonderful body to use for his holiday. Funny, though, she did seem to remind him of someone. Tall, slim, dark hair down to the small of her back, funny little pouch in her stomach, though.

"Of course, the lack of spots fooled me. Well, time to go home; thank you, Risa, for a wonderful break. I supose I had better go and find out what mischief my brother has done in my absence." With this, Janus found himself back in his own body, sharing once more with his brother.

"Why are we spying on this boy, brother?" {flicker}

"Oops..." {flicker}

"Oh, tell me you haven't done what I think you've done!" Being one half of a god meant that the kinder Janus very soon caught up with what his nastier brother had done.

"Right, first of all, I will sort this out, but I think it is time you had a holiday, brother!" So saying, the more cruel Janus found himself on Risa, you guessed it, in the same body that his brother had used up to minutes ago.

"Oh, well," he said. "I suppose it could have been worse. At least I can have a week's break from him, and in this body I can have some fun with the males around here."

So saying, he stood up. And screamed before passing out from the pain in his feet.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, Janus created the doorway to allow him to enter our realm. He stepped though to the bedroom of the boy Copra.

She cowered at the end of the bed from the vile creature that stood before her. She tried to reach the chamber pot to throw at him, but she had shuffled too far up the bed to do so. Luckily for her, even the kinder Janus would not have been impressed had she managed that!

"Don't worry, child, I am here to put right what my brother has done. First, your feet." A wave of his hands, and the pain was gone. "Next, your voice." Another wave, and Copra could once again speak.

"What have you done to me? All I wanted was to be with the Prince, but as his bride!"

"I know, this too will come to pass. I must say, this does not come easy to me, you must understand. I am a God, I should not have to do this, but, I, I...I apologise on behalf of my twisted brother. Usually I can control his darker impulses, but I was away, you see."

"Hmmm, I'll believe this when I'm me again!" sniffled Copra.

"So be it, as it was, as it should be, as it will always be."

With these words, Copra felt herself changing again, this time to the human form of her mermaid self. When Janus had finished, the beautiful blonde haired girl standing before him was the real form that Copra would have been, had she been born human.

"Come, we must let the prince find you on the beach, and this time, we'll let you walk to him. As for the boy you were, people will soon forget him, I will see to that, don't worry."

Another wave of the hands, and Copra was on the beach, walking out of the surf, and coming toward her was the prince. It's true what they said, they really were soulmates, you know. The prince took one look into those beautiful deep pools that where her eyes and fell in love with her. Just as she had fallen in love with him so many years ago when she watched him walking alone on her beach.

The old king lived long enough to see his son and new daughter-in-law married and with child. After his death, the new King and Queen ruled well, and lived happily ever after.

The end.

I hope you have enjoyed this one. Pjb

The name of the town where they lived? Doh, their names were Copra and Hagen, which in time was corrupted to Copenhagen...

My thanks, as ever, to SteveZ for the edit.

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