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Christopher was looking forward to the weekend. As they say, today's Friday, the weekend starts here!

Tonight was the best day of the week as far as Chris was concerned. Work was done for the week, almost the entire weekend was clear, no visitors, no need to go out if he didn't have to, but he probably would, once or twice, anyway.

Arriving at his home, he let himself in, locked up, drew the curtains and went upstairs to prepare his things, then himself.

First, he drew the bedroom curtains, then opening the wardrobe doors, started to get everything he would need for the weekend. First, his underwear, a pair of cotton panties, to catch any leakage should he get overexcited. Then his white panty corselet, and his favorite purple bra as the corselet never quite held the breast forms in place just right. A pair of black tights, a pair of purple nylon panties and a lacy red short slip completed the underwear selection.

A white blouse, a short black semi-fitted jacket, a tight red mini skirt and a pair of white shoes, with a comfortable two-inch heels, finished off his outfit. Chris was a crossdresser, but he was also taking some arcane herbs from the local Chinese health store, just down the road, so he had hopes that things may one day change. Old Mr Chin was half blind, but he knew his stuff, and seemed open to helping Chris to become Kitty, his female alter-ego as it were, even accepting "her" help in the store from time to time.

 transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story clothes laid out ready

Chris entered the bathroom, then got his razor out and shaved himself carefully, getting rid of a faint five o'clock shadow. The herbs were reducing that all the time. Then he checked his body and legs for hair growback; thankfully, very little needed shaving this week, the herbs were indeed working their magic well. Once shaved, he got the shower going and stepped inside. He lathered the gel all over, then set to washing all the week's cares and stresses away. Finally, he turned the shower off, toweled himself dry, and stepping out for the shower, reached for the body cream, another one of Mr Chin's products.

Gently rubbing the cream all over his legs and body, he felt so good. His whole body zinged with excitement as he padded back to the bedroom. Picking up the cotton panties, he stepped into them, pulling them up toward his crotch. Gently caressing his penis, he eased the panties up, adjusting them so as not to trap his tender areas, as he pulled the panties up snugly.

Next, he took the corselet and stepping into the leg holes, eased that up around his crotch, too. The corselet was a firm control one, and he instantly lost four inches off his waist, already reasonably trim. He pulled the body up and slipped his arms though the arm holes, easing the straps over his shoulders. The bra was next; he pulled it up against his chest and, pulling it behind him, easily hooked the catches behind his back. Next, he slipped his arms though those straps and adjusted the cups to be around the cups of the corselet.

The breast forms followed, adding quite a few extra pounds to his frame, and the bra straps suddenly started to bite into his shoulders, just like they always did. Reaching to the back of the wardrobe, Chris took out his black wig and fastened it to his own hair, combing it out to its full length, below his shoulders. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he rolled up the tights, putting his left foot into the left leg of the tights, unrolling it up his leg, luxuriating in the sensations all the time. Then easing the right leg of the tights over his right foot, he unrolled that too up his leg. Standing, he finished adjusting the tights so that the seam was straight and if he'd had one, it would have been in line with his vagina.

He stood for a moment, admiring his shape in the mirror, then sighing, sat down at the bedside table and applied his makeup. Foundation, blusher, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara all went on just so until a very acceptable female face looked out at him.

"Hi, Kitty," he said, his reflection agreeing with him.

Bunching up the lacy slip, he eased it on over his head, sighing as it swooshed down his body, static helping it to cling in all the right places. Sitting again, he gathered the mini skirt and put his feet into the opening, standing so he could raise it to his waist. Doing so, he pulled it down toward his knees, smoothing it out as he did so. The blouse was the next item, and he quickly put it on, caressing it around his breasts and tucking it into the waistband of the skirt. Buttoning it up, he felt wonderful. Slipping the jacket and shoes on, he went downstairs to think about the evening ahead.

It was still early, so after a quick snack, Kitty decided to go and visit Mr Chin at the store. It was probably time she helped out a little again. After all, if she didn't, Mr Chin may stop letting her have the herbs and creams, and Kitty so wanted to continue in her changes.

Grabbing her purse, she let herself out of the house, and walked down the steps to the pavement and with a confident, yet feminine stride, walked to the corner and into Mr Chin's store.

Kitty was always concerned that someone from work might see her, but hopefully if they did, they would only see a tall, almost pretty woman visiting Christopher. Well, he could hope, anyway. Besides, no one from work ever visited him, he always seemed to be the outsider. Everyone else at work was married, or had their own partners, he was the only single person there.

"Hello, Mr Chin," Kitty said, in her well practiced feminine voice, quite husky but very alluring, "it's Kitty. I've come to give you a hand if you like."

He stood and turned. "Ahhh, hello Kitty, thank you for visiting this old man on such a quiet night. Perhaps trade will pick up with a pretty lady behind the counter? Yes, I think tonight may be just so," he finished confusingly.

"Oh, Mr Chin, you are too kind, you old flatterer, you!" Kitty smiled back.

The evening went slowly, for there were very few people about, and those who were didn't seem interested in herbs. Kitty spent the evening straightening up the shelves, restocking from the back room as necessary. Every so often someone would come in for an herb or cream that she could sell them, otherwise, Mr Chin would appear to mix a special concoction for them, just like he did for Kitty.

Kitty was alone when a couple of boys came in. They asked her for some dried fruits, and she knew why they wanted those particular ones. Apart from the effects of eating them, which gave the user a non-addictive rush, the packets were on the higher shelf, which meant that Kitty had to climb the step ladder to get them, giving the boys a flash of her panties as she climbed.

The fruits were one of the ways Mr Chin tried to keep the neighbourhood children off the streets and away from hard drugs.

'Poor dears,' she thought, 'they really do think I'm a woman and that I don't know that they are looking up my skirt. Still, I'm not going to spoil their evening.'

So, up the step ladder she went, reaching over to get the packet of fruit, letting her left leg lift as she did so, exposing a nice thigh and just a glimpse of her panties to the boys below. The boys were nudging one another and pointing as they watched her reach and her skirt moved up her quite shapely bottom.

"There you go, boys, that'll be $5." Kitty took their money and handed over the fruit, then watched them as they left, still giggling to themselves at the memory of seeing Kitty's underwear.

A little later, as Mr Chin came through from the back of the store, with Kitty's payment for the evening, a new batch of herbs, they heard a police siren nearing the store. As they looked up, an unkempt man dashed across the road and ran into the store.

"Where's the back way out of here?" he shouted.

"What you mean, running in here like that, this no bus station!" Mr Chin demanded.

"Listen, old man, show me the back way or you'll get it now! Where's the back door?!" he shouted, pulling out a gun and waving it in Mr Chin's face.

Kitty's mind was racing. If she did nothing and Mr Chin got shot, she would lose her supply of the herbs, she would probably be taken in for questioning by the police, and they might not be very nice to her when they realized she was a he. Then they would find out at work... However, if she tried to interfere, the thug might shoot her, as well as Mr Chin, or instead of Mr Chin, or, or...

Something seemed to snap, and she found herself stepping forward, to place her own body between the gun and Mr Chin. "I'll show you the back exit, just leave us alone."

"Yeah, come on, bitch, show me the exit NOW!" he shouted as he grabbed her arm, pushing the gun into her side.

Kitty was scared. What had made her step forward like that? All she wanted was a quiet life, a chance to live as a female, if only for a weekend at a time, with the very, very faint possibility of become fully female if Mr Chin's herbs worked their magic, just as he had promised so many years ago.

"This way," she quavered, as the gun was ground painfully into her side.

The gun was removed from her side momentarily as the thug used it to club Mr Chin to the ground.

"No!" Kitty screamed.

"No more pissing me around, get me out of here NOW!" The gun ground even harder into her side, and the thug's other arm was now around her chest, having a quick grope whilst he held her tight. Kitty could even feel his arousal as his body pressed up against hers.

The two of them made their way to the back of the store, and Kitty pointed to the rear exit. "There it is, just push the fire bar and you'll be out in the back alley, free and clear."

"Yeah, right. You first, bitch! You're coming with me. If there are any cops, you're my hostage, if not, you're still coming with me, we can have some fun afterwards. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and enjoy the evening I've got planned for you!" The thug snickered, pushing her through the door.

'Not as big a surprise as you'll get if you try to get into my panties,' Kitty thought.

As Kitty staggered through the door on her heels following the push, the same something that had caused her to put herself in between the gun and Mr Chin earlier, came back. She stood upright as the thug tried to grab her arm and push the gun back into her side.

"You know, you little bastard, one of these days, you're going to get your just desserts. I just wish to God that I could be around when you do! If you think I'm going any further with you, then you are seriously mistaken!" Then she slapped him, HARD. It wasn't a woman's slap, it was delivered with all the strength of a man, a man who had just had enough.

"Why, you arrogant bitch!" the thug said, as he stood back up from where the roundhouse slap had dropped him to the ground, from surprise of course; a mere woman's slap could never drop Jimmy Barnes!

"That's it, I was going to take you with me and rape you. If you were good, I'd even have let you go, but now, no. I'm going to have to kill you, you bitch!" he snarled.

"Yeah, well, stop calling me a bitch in that case! You would have had a real surprise if you had tried to rape me, pal! I'm a-" Kitty's outburst was cut short, as Jimmy thrust the gun toward her face and snarled as he tightened up on the trigger.

Kitty's eyes grew larger, but she was looking over Jimmy's shoulder, not at the gun. She looked scared, as Jimmy would have expected, but there was too much light suddenly, and he realized that she wasn't looking at him or the gun, but at something behind him.

"Don't try to fool me bitch, there's no one there," he blustered, knowing full well that there WAS someone there. Or worse still, something!

Kitty could only nod mutely at her accoster, and carefully raised her arm to point behind him.

Jimmy swallowed nervously, and keeping the gun pointed at Kitty, turned his head to view what was behind him.

The gun sagged toward the ground as he watched a tall man, clad in strange white robes, float down to the alley's pavement. Float with no visible means of support, float down from a doorway suspended in midair. A doorway composed of blinding white light, where no doorway should be.

The man must have been seven feet tall, and his face, it was so cruel, yet so gentle at the same time. The face as it looked at Kitty was kind and gentle, and as it looked at Jimmy, the face was so cruel it made him want to wet himself. Jimmy tried to lift his gun to shoot the stranger, but it had gone. He glanced around, all the time bringing his eyes back to the stranger, not wishing to lose sight of him for fear of something happening to him.

The man landed lightly and, raising his hand, opened it palm down. A fine mist of metal fragments floated down from it, apparently only partially affected by gravity.

"Your gun, Jimmy. It is of no use to you now, and I certainly do not need a gun to deal with you," the incredible stranger thundered.

"Oh, crap!" Jimmy whimpered, and turned to run. Or at least, his upper body turned, but nothing from his waist down moved. He was frozen to the spot.

{flicker} "Christopher, are you all right? Is there anything I can do for you?" the stranger asked, very kindly, a great deal softer than he had spoken to Jimmy.

"No, I'm all right, but Mr Chin, he's old and this bastard clubbed him badly." She paused. "Sorry, do I know you? You know my true name, but..."

"No, you do not know me, but I know you, and {flicker} you too, Jimmy!" The cruel face was back, then {flicker} "I am Janus. Perhaps you read of me during your schooling in Roman Gods and Legends. I am a God and I heard your plea for this unworthy person to get what was coming to him. Your prayer was heard, as it was made in the vicinity of a Portal Of Power, what you recognize as the rear exit of a Bakery. I am here to answer your prayer."

"Janus, Janus... Oh my, I remember a little of my lessons. You were described as the God of Doors, the Trickster," Kitty gasped.

"Well done, very few people remember even that of me. For that I will grant you a boon, well, let's deal with this scum first. Now, {flicker} what shall I do with you!" The cruel face had reappeared with that last {flicker} and was now facing Jimmy full on.

"Let me think, you have wasted most of your life beating up women, robbing and burgling people and their homes, then throwing your ill gotten gains away on run down horse after run down horse. So, what I think I will do with you is transform you into a racehorse, a gelding! Your new owners will look after you and enter you in many races. You will be quite successful, and earn much for your owners. Yes, as I say it, so let it be." Janus gestured as he spoke these last few words, and a rosy glow enveloped Jimmy.

Jimmy felt himself falling forward, his arms catching him before he fell to the ground. Then he realized he was growing taller, even though he was now on all fours, his arms growing longer to match the growth of his legs. His neck thickened and lengthened, bringing his head up as high as Janus, then a little higher. He tried to speak, but his face was now the wrong shape for speech. All he could do was whinny quietly. His body, never very slender, now bulked up much bigger and his clothes disappeared before they shredded from the growth coursing through him. He didn't feel cold, though, his fine brown coat of hair protected him from the cold. Finally, just before Jimmy's mind went away forever, he realized that he was no longer male, he had been neutered!

"Neigh!!!!" was all he could manage. That was the last time Jimmy had any control over his new body. He was locked away, unable to do anything with his body, only watch and listen to the God in front of him, and the girl petting the beautiful, powerful racehorse, talk.

"So, that takes care of him. He will not be missed. {flicker} Now, what can I do for you? You called me forth, but you also had heard of me, so, what can I do for you?" Janus asked.

"I'm sorry, but how do I address you? Sir, God? ...err?" Kitty asked, still in shock at everything that had happened this evening.

"You may call me Janus, or Sir, if you prefer. I am a God, not THE GOD, so God is not really my title. What can I do for you?" Janus insisted.

"Oh, Mr Chin! He's hurt, he needs help!" Kitty gasped, remembering the cruel treatment Jimmy had handed out to her friend.

Kitty dashed inside. Janus followed at a more leisurely pace, but was right behind her when she got to the front of the store, finding Mr Chin still laid where he had fallen, blood pooling around his head.

Kitty knelt by him, cradling his head in her lap, blood staining her red skirt. She looked up at Janus, imploring him to do something.

"I'm sorry, Christopher, it is his time, I cannot interfere. But wait a moment, and you will see something wondrous." Janus smiled down at the old man.

"Hello, old friend," Mr Chin whispered up at the imposing figure of Janus.

"Hello yourself, honored one. I am pleased to be here once more at your time of change," Janus said, as he watched a gentle golden glow start to surround the old man.

"What's happening?" Kitty asked, startled by the glow into almost dropping Mr Chin's head back onto the floor.


The glow grew and brightened until Chin's body was completely enveloped, and it was too bright for Kitty to look. She covered her eyes for protection. Very quickly, the glow faded and she felt the weight of Chin's head on her lap lift.

She lowered her hands and opened her eyes to see a young Chinese man standing in front of her. She glanced down to her lap to find nothing, no Mr Chin, no blood on her skirt, no trace of what had happened.

"What?" she stuttered.

The young man held out his hand, obviously offering to help her to her feet. She took the offered hand and was effortlessly pulled to her feet.

"Thank you, Kitty. For what you did for me by standing in the way of the gun like you did. Also, for thinking of me when Janus here offered you anything. So many in your position would have asked to be made fully female. Instead, you wanted him to save your friend, or at least your herbalist. Janus, I thank you for what you have done for Kitty, I think she is a real knockout!"

"What do you mean? And who are you?" Kitty was extremely confused now.

"Well, I am Mr Chin, reborn yet again. I achieved enlightenment many years ago, thanks to Janus here, and also the Buddha. Every hundred years I have to be reborn in the body of my younger self, as you see me now. All until I find the true love that I have been searching for all these centuries. Janus knows what you really want, and he has granted it to us both. Look in the mirror," Chin said, as he gestured to the display mirror.

Kitty walked over to the mirror, and gasped. That could not be her, surely, she was exquisite, a real China doll. Still dressed as she was when she arrived at the store earlier tonight, white blouse, red mini skirt and black jacket. But now she was a stunning oriental beauty. Her body had slimmed down from a crossdressed man to that of a petite Chinese beauty. Her long straight black hair was as beautiful as ever, but it was no wig, it was real. Her breasts, as she felt them, were also real, and very sensitive, as was her vagina, oh gosh, it was, too! transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story kitty after Janus worked his magic

Her face was that of an angel, and she had lost a good foot in height. Her arms, her legs had all slimmed down to an incredible package that any man would give his right arm to be seen with, never mind to have and to hold, as it were.

She turned back to the young Chin and Janus. "What has happened, HOW has this happened?" she said, in a very sexy feminine voice, no pretense now, she was female.

"Kitty," Janus replied, "you were willing to give up your chance to become female in one easy stroke, all for your friendship of an old man, young Chin here. I could not resist giving you your desire. One last item, then I shall be on my way. Do you wish to remember your life as a man, or do you wish me to give you the memories and experiences of the young woman you are now? In either case, I will make it so that as far as everyone else knows, you have always been as you are now."

"Oh boy, I don't know. I've had a pretty good life, if a lonely one, for many years. I've enjoyed my time here with Mr Chin, the old one, you know? But if I am to be female, perhaps I should go with that. What do you think, Chin? You've been my mentor these last few years as I've tried to become female, I value your friendship and advice."

"I would say keep your memories. I know Janus of old, he might have a few tricks up his sleeve yet for you. But, regardless, I hope that we can remain friends?" he finished hopefully.

"Oh yes, please. Yes, Sir, I wish to retain my male memories. If the herbs had succeeded, I would have remained male in my mind, just female in body and spirit."

"So be it." As Janus spoke these words, reality crawled around them and it was as if Kitty had being born a girl, and Chin was now the son of the old Chin, and he and Kitty became great friends and ran the store together. Janus stepped though his doorway of light, which promptly disappeared, ready for the next time he was summoned.

For the next few years, Chin and Kitty were the proud owners of a very successful racehorse, which won most of the races in which they entered it. In the end, the bookmakers would not offer any odds on Barnes' Folly, so they put him out to pasture at a ranch they had out west, bought with some of the proceeds of the horse's winnings.

Over time, Kitty became Chin's wife and although they aged, both kept their youthful appearance, and Kitty never lost her figure, even after giving birth to four bouncing babies. A little present from Janus.

Janus looked over them from time to time, and realized that this would be the last time that Chin would be reborn, for he had found his one true love, as foretold by the Buddha himself so many centuries ago. Although Chin and Kitty would eventually die, as all mortals must, they would live on in their children, and their children's children.

The end.

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