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This one was "inspired" by the Lighthouse Family's video for Free. The little kid being bullied by a group of older boys. Warning for those searching for Lighthouse Family items, this is a Mature story!

Enjoy, pjb. Again, my thanks to Steve Z for his tireless editing, and suggestions too.

Daniel was dreading the walk home from school. Every day was the same. The gang was always waiting for him, no matter which way he went home, there they were. Half a dozen older boys and a couple of girls lying in wait for him.

Today was no different. As he rounded the last corner and could see his house, they stepped out from behind the hedge where they had been waiting for him.

"Okay kid, strip!" the leader of the gang said. He was a big lad, named Justin, and he could hardly keep the predatory grin off his face.

"No," Daniel wavered, then tried to run, but Charlene had appeared from behind him, and caught him as he turned. Daniel was quickly dragged behind the hedge, slapped around the head and pushed from one thug to another until he was so dizzy he couldn't stand, never mind resist what was coming.

The gang quickly removed Daniel's clothes, and threw them into the neighbor's trash can. The girls pulled his new clothes from their backpacks, stolen minutes ago from the washing lines around the block. First they forced his legs into a pair of girl's frilly nylon panties, a size too small to fit properly today, so they nipped the tops of his thighs as they were pulled up tight. Then a lacy girl's bra was fastened around his chest, his arms being pushed through the straps and some more panties being bunched up and stuffed into the small cups of the bra. A pair of white bobby sox and a blue summer dress, fastened up the back, completed Daniel's outfit; no shoes today, which made a change. Usually the gang found some shoes from somewhere, always a couple of sizes too small.

"Ah, doesn't she look sweet!" Barbie cooed, hugging her sides with laughter.


"Hang on," Steve said, "there's something missing. Oh, I know, here they are. Look what we found for you today, Danielle!" So saying, he pulled a pair of black patent high heels from behind his back.

Daniel could not believe what he saw in the bully's hands. They looked to be about Daniel's size, but they had to have heels four inches high, and there were little padlocks on the straps! He struggled for all he was worth, but it was no good. The boys where much bigger than he was, and even the girls where stronger. Although he was sixteen only last week, he was small for his age and looked to be no more than eleven or twelve. So minutes later, he was wearing the stiletto heels and the padlocks had been put in place. He wasn't going to get out of them in a hurry.

"Okay, here's the finishing touch, a matching ball gag complete with padlock!" crowed Mikey. Daniel could only lie there unbelieving as the black patent leather gag was forced into his mouth, pulled tight behind his head and a padlock fastened in place. He could hardly make a sound, his mouth forced open by the ball.

Justin and Barbie helped Daniel to his feet, where he struggled to stay upright in the ridiculous high heels, obviously stolen from the sex shop in town. As they let him go, Daniel had to grasp for the hedge to keep from falling over immediately.

"Ah, look at Danielle, isn't she cute?" Steve said as he pulled up the back of Daniel's dress, exposing the nylon panties, slapping the exposed cheeks, hard. This caused Daniel to fall down, and he cried in shame as he lay there, whilst the gang pulled the skirt of the dress up and slapped his nylon clad behind, then pulling it down again, slapped his head, or slapped his exposed legs. All the time, the young punks were passing comments about how good he looked as a girl, or threatening him with what they would do to him and his mother if he told anyone of this.

Finally, having had their fun for the day, they walked away, laughing their heads off.

Daniel lay there, crying in embarrassment and pain. Eventually, he struggled to sit up and tried to remove the shoes, but to no avail. There was no way he could remove the shoes without a key for the padlocks, or a knife to cut the straps. Well, he knew where there was a knife, in his father's tool box, at the back of the garage, empty since the car accident that had killed his Dad. At least his mother would still be at work, so she wouldn't see him like this. By the time she got home, working late to make ends meet, he would have struggled home and freed himself, or so he hoped.

Daniel, using the hedge, managed to get to his feet, hobble over to the trash can and get his clothes back out. There was no way he was going to leave them there, but also, there was no way he could get changed in the middle of a neighbor's garden; he had to struggle home, get free of the shoes and girls clothing, and all before his mother got home.

So, hobbling all the way across the street, dreading it in case anyone who knew him appeared, he inched his way toward his house. By the time he made it across the street, thankfully without being seen, as far as he could tell anyway, his feet had blisters on them from the high heels. He collapsed against the back door to the garage, felt in his jacket pocket for the key. It wasn't there! Daniel couldn't believe it, he dug deeper, he tried another pocket, where was the key, he couldn't stay like this, where was the damn key?!

It wasn't in his coat! He looked back across the street toward where he had been forcibly changed. There it was, it had fallen out of his coat pocket and lay in the middle of the street. He had to go get it, and quickly; time was getting on, and soon the neighbors would be arriving home from work. He HAD to be out of sight before then.

He hobbled back toward the street, then Daniel heard a car. He fell behind a bush in his front garden, and watched a police car drive slowly down the street. They seemed to be looking for someone or something. Daniel hoped they wasn't looking for him, hoped that a neighbor hadn't witnessed the gang doing this to him. The gang would think he'd squealed on them, and then what would they do to him and his mother?

The police cruiser drove on, still looking for someone, but not finding whoever it was. With the street once again clear, Daniel staggered to his feet and hobbled as fast as he could into the road. He knelt down, almost falling to his knees, and grabbed the key ring, then turned and made his painful way back to the garage door. His lungs where bursting with the effort of trying to hurry and breathe through his nose only thanks to the ball gag. He collapsed against the door, and finally got the strength to open the door and drag himself and his clothes inside. He shut the door behind himself, made sure the blind was down over the single window, which it was, and flicked the light switch on.

He looked around for his father's tool box. There it was, up on the bench. He hobbled over to the bench, opened the toolbox and rooted around for the knife, but then saw something that would be more useful, a pair of wire cutters. Grabbing the cutters, Daniel slipped to the floor, and pulling first his left foot, then his right, carefully used the cutters to clip though the straps around his ankles, thus freeing his feet from the stiletto heels. Still dressed as a girl, the next thing was to rid himself of the ball gag. Carefully feeling for the strap, he eased the cutters between his face and the strap, and cut that through, too. Finally, he could breathe properly again.

Getting to his feet, he stood gingerly in the bobby sox, and tried to undo the buttons on the back of the dress, but he couldn't reach most of them, so he was still stuck in a girl's dress. He found the knife and very carefully, pulled the neckline away from his throat and slowly cut the dress down the front, pulling it away from his trembling body all the time. Finally, he was able to step clear of it. The bra was treated the same way, a quick, careful cut of the knife and he was free of that, too. The nylon panties, still cutting into the skin at the top of his legs were next, and he gratefully stepped out of them, too. He gathered everything up and put it all into the boiler to be burnt up, just like he did most days after school.

He gathered his own clothes to himself and went into the house. He dropped his soiled clothes into the washer and set that going, then went to have a shower to get clean and treat his feet for blisters before getting dressed again and making a start on his homework before his mother came home.


The next day

Daniel was dreading the walk home from school. Every day was the same. The gang was always waiting for him, no matter which way he went home, there they were. Half a dozen older boys and a couple of girls lying in wait for him.

Today was no different. As he rounded the last corner and could see his house, they stepped out from behind the fence where they had been waiting for him.

This time, he decided he was going to run as soon as one of them appeared, and run fast! He did.

So fast in fact, he managed to flat foot Charlene who grabbed for him. But she missed, and he took off like a scalded rabbit, straight down the side street, heading back into town.

"After the little shit!" Steve shouted. The eight of them scooted after Daniel, soon catching up to him with their longer legs. The only reason he made it as far as the back of the town's bakery was the adrenaline charge from his fear.

Tom, short for Tomahawk, as he liked to brag, dived and took Daniel down into a pile of trash bags outside the bakery's back door.

"Okay, you little punk, what do you mean setting the cops onto us yesterday? Didn't we warn you what would happen if you told on us? Hmm? Well! What've you got to say for yourself, then?" snarled Steve.

"I didn't, I didn't tell anyone! Really," Daniel cried.

From the way they started to slap him around, it was clear that they didn't believe him. Finally, dazed and bleeding from the beating they dished out to him, Daniel lay in the trash as once again, the bullies stripped his clothes from him, then shredded them with their knives, leaving him shivering in pain and embarrassment.

"You won't need these again, ever!" Barbie said.

"Okay, look what we've got for you today, it's a special treat for you, you little sneak! When we finish with you today, you're coming back to our clubhouse to wait on us until we decide what we're going to do with you, and your hag of a mother, too!"

Daniel was too dizzy and scared to resist as the gang dressed him in the latest items that had stolen from the sex shop. Today they dressed him in a pair of black nylon panties, complete with white frills on the back. Then the girls forced a matching black bra, trimmed with white lace onto him, packing the monstrous cups with a lot of rolled up pantyhose. A pair of black fishnet stockings and black garter belt to hold them up finished off the underwear. Then a black satin French Maid's costume appeared from Charlene's bag, and this was placed on poor Daniel. Charlene pulled the laces up tight, which made the very short skirt ride up, exposing the frills on Daniel's panties, and also made the huge breasts on his chest stand out.

Another pair of the black patent high heel stilettos appeared, only this time, they were a fetishist's dream, with heels at least six inchestransgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story high. With the tiny size of Daniel's feet and the resulting shoes, they put him almost onto his toes! As Barbie was putting them onto his feet, Charlene brought out a long blonde, curly wig and fastened it over his hair. The padlocks were fastened to the shoe's straps around his ankles again, and Daniel saw, out of the corner of his eye, that Justin was twirling another of those awful ball gags around his finger, waiting for the girls to finish.

"Just a minute, Justin, I want to make him up before we put his leash on and take him to the clubhouse. Then you can gag him, and after that you boys can go wait for his mother to come home," Barbie said.

Charlene hummed happily as she applied the makeup to Daniel's face, "a bit of eye shadow, a little more lip gloss and just a touch of rouge. There, all done, doesn't he make the perfect little maid?"

Daniel was pulled roughly to his feet, again, tottering unsteadily on the over six-inch heels. He looked around, terrified as Justin approached him with the gag.

"Okay, Danielle, any last words before we gag you and take you to wait on us? Don't forget, your mother will be joining us later. We're going to have SO much fun with her, and you'll be tied to a post and have to watch it all!" Justine sneered at the terrified boy.

Daniel had to lick his lips, as they were so dry in fear; the taste of the lipstick made him cringe. He swallowed a few times, too, before he could find his voice. "I know you're going to kill us, but one day you'll find someone bigger than you, and you'll all get what you deserve. I just wish to God that I could be there when that happens!" he spat.

Justin flushed with anger, and forced the gag into Daniel's mouth, then said, "Yeah, right, you little prick, you ain't going to see the sun rise tomorrow, you or your mother, either."

Daniel, looking over Justin's shoulder as the gag was forced home, saw something that made his eyes open very wide! A glowing doorway appeared in the middle of the alley behind the gang. A doorway where no door should have been, one made of light. A shape obscured the light for a moment, and as the doorway faded, a deep voice rang out, "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that, Justin. I'd be more worried about YOU seeing the sun rise tomorrow!"

The gang whipped around almost as one to see who was interfering in their fun. The man(?) who stood before them was tall, very tall! He was wearing a sort of robe, one that was gathered at the shoulders, then fell away to his feet. He didn't seemed armed, but he exuded confidence and power, nonetheless.

"Who the shit are you, old man? Don't you know better than to interfere in gang business?" Justin snarled.

"Take him out, Steve!" giggled Barbie.

Steve pulled out his Saturday Night Special, pointed it at the man and pulled the trigger, once, twice, three times. The man just stood there. "Wha, I can't have missed!" Steve was stunned, he had never missed at this range before. He fired again. Once, two, three times he pulled the trigger. The gun emptied itself, and still the man stood there. He raised his right hand and turning it upside down, opened it. Six bullet shells dropped to the ground.

"Gulp," was about the only sound any of the gang could make.

"Now, that wasn't nice, was it? Let's see shall we? I am Janus. I know this means nothing to you with your limited time in education, but I am a God, and one of your number, young Daniel, called to me for help." As Janus said Daniel's name, he disappeared from Charleen's grasp and reappeared beside Janus, dressed as he had been earlier that afternoon before the gang had stripped him and destroyed his clothes, free of the stilettos and ball gag, all his cuts and bruises healed.

"Oh, WOW!" said Daniel, feeling safe in the power emanating from Janus.

"Now, Daniel, what would you like me to do with these low lifes?" asked Janus, with a curl to his lip.

"I don't know; if I ask you to get the police to them, they'll only come back and threaten my Mom and me again. All I want is for them never to bother us, or any other kid, again, ever!" He shouted the last word, he was so upset about the threats to his mother.

"Well, Daniel, I don't as a rule get involved with your police, but I think I can promise you that they will never again bother any child, nor harm anyone ever again. Okay?" Janus smiled down at Daniel.

"Hey, big dude, don't we get any say in this?" blustered Steve.

{flicker} Janus looked over at Steve and the rest of the gang; he was the same, but now he looked more cruel, somehow. "No! Now, shut up and don't move." With these words, the gang found that none of them could speak, nor move a muscle. They could only stand and listen to Janus, as he turned to Daniel.

{flicker} Janus stooped down to bring his kinder face nearer to the boy; he rested one large hand on Daniel's shoulder, and gazed into his eyes. "Daniel, you can go now, these 'people' will not bother you or your mother again, ever, just as you wish. Now, go home, be with your mother and enjoy the rest of your youth. Forget me and these others, they never existed for you."

So saying, Janus gave Daniel a gentle push toward the end of the alley. Daniel set off for home, happy in the knowledge that his Mom would be home from work soon, and she would be happy to see her son.

Janus turned his attention back to the gang {flicker}. He stood looking at them for a moment, then waved his hands in a complex gesture. "Since you seem to enjoy dressing up others in clothing of the opposite sex, so shall you become!"

A glow appeared to emanate from inside each of the gang; each quickly spread until mere mortal eyes could not bear to watch. Janus, of course, watched and enjoyed the show.

Each of the boys glowed gold, their bodies changing. Their limbs slimmed down, as did their bodies. They all felt some pain, their chests expanding to grow very full breasts, and all felt their bodies stiffening, becoming hard. They could feel their genitals disappearing, but nothing seemed to replace them. Their faces changed to those of females, but bland, without expression. Their lips become fuller, but would not open. Their eyes shrank slightly and seemed to stare, unblinking, into infinity.

The girls, however, glowed silver, their bodies also changing. This time their limbs and bodies thickened, their breasts disappearing, as did their vagina's, but again, nothing seemed to replace them. Their jaws became more protruding, more jutting. Their faces thickened, as their lips slimmed and again, their mouths did not seem to open. Their eyes stared out unseeingly, unable to close. Finally, they felt their new bodies become denser and hard, unable to move a muscle.

"There, that should hold you. It will also be the first time in your lives that you have actually made a contribution to society." Janus turned and knocked on the door beside him.

The lady who answered looked out, and saw that the delivery she had been waiting for had been made.

"Honestly, why is it that those deliverers never hang around to bring the mannequins into the shop?! Harry, come and give me a hand to get the new window dummies inside, please."

"Hmm, these mannequins seem much more realistic than the last lot," Harry said as he grabbed what had been Justin under the bosom, which gave ever so slightly as he tightened his grip. transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Justin couldn't help being aroused by Harry's handling of his bosom, but being a window dresser's dummy, unable to make a sound or move anything, ever, there was nothing he or any of the gang could now do about their situation.

Over the years to come, Justin, or perhaps we should call her Justine now, and her gang would become accustomed to being dressed in clothing more suited to the forms that they now inhabited, as mannequins in the town's sex shop, displaying such items as French Maid costumes, latex body suits, gloves, boots and other accessories, bondage gear and the like. For the ex-girls, Charlie and Brian, they had to get used to being the servile side of the bondage displays, often chained up with a leash to Stephanie or Tamara, dressed exquisitely as black latex clad dominatrixes. Incidentally, the arches of each female mannequin's feet were so extreme that no shoes or boots with anything less than six inches could ever be put on them. pvcmaid transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

As for Daniel and his mother? Janus {flicker} took pity on them for what Daniel had suffered at the hands of the gang, and on his mother, for it was the gang which had rigged her husband's car to crash some years before.

He arranged for an insurance policy to be found and paid off, which allowed the two of them live much happier than before, and in time, Daniel's mother met and married someone who was good to them both. Daniel grew up to be a baseball player, and married the most popular girl in his class now that Justin was no longer in the picture, forcing her to be his "girlfriend".

Funny thing, though. Daniel never wanted to go to the costume ball at the end of the school year, but he could never explain why...

The end.

Hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I've had writing it.


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