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My thanks to Steve Zink for his editing skills

This story makes reference to an actual person, this is coincidental and nothing is meant by this. No profit has been nor will be made by the author, it is a fantasy story only.


This story is set a few years ago.

The singer was trying to get her big break, but so far the only gigs she could get were in seedy bars or mob joints. Tonight's gig was no exception, other than it was a higher class joint than she usually managed to get a tryout in.

As she set up for tonight's gig, Anna noticed that there were three thugs giving her the eye from the floor. She asked the lead guitarist about them.

"The guy in the middle, the one in the flashy suit, he's the local Don, you know, the Capo of New Jersey. The other two, well, they're bad news, the short one on the left, he's Tony 'Fingers', the Don's hitter. He's called 'Fingers', cos he takes a finger off his victims to prove to his Capo he did kill them. The other, he's Georgi 'The Knife' Andretti. You can guess how he got his 'name' as a made man, I'm sure," he warned the girl.

"Eeuu, no wonder they make me nervous!"


"Yeah, well, if I were you, but don't say I said this, I'd get out of here while you still can. The last pretty girl singer they took a fancy for, well, the cops still haven't found all of her."

"Shit, I need the money, and the exposure. I gotta sing and get a recording contract somehow. One day I'll be famous, and these punks won't be able to get near me!" she blustered, and moved away to discuss the music she needed with the drummer.

"Shit, girl, you need to concentrate on getting out of here alive tonight!" the guitarist muttered under his breath.


"Okay, boys, let's get to our table, I want to see if this broad sings as good as she looks. But first, we'll see if she fucks as good as she looks! If she don't like it, well, you make sure she no tella the cops. Okay, Tony, Georgi?"

"Si, boss."

"Yeah, boss, you got it."


Finally, she was satisfied with the band's setting up and after a brief rehearsal went to have a chat with the manager and get a drink.

"Okay, everything's set for tonight. Any chance of something to eat before the show starts?" she asked him.

"Sorry, babe, kitchen's closed. There's a bakery across the back alley if you want," he snarled, turning away. His boss had already had words and told him to get the singer out of the club for a while.

'God, what a dump! And everyone's just so friendly!' Anna thought.

Walking up the back stairs, she left the club via the fire exit and looked around for the quickest away to the bakery. As she did, she heard the fire door crash open behind her as the same three thugs she had seen before came though, following her.

"Here she is, boss!" Tony 'Fingers' said, as he grabbed her arm, swinging her back to face the Don.

"Hey, get your mitts offa me, you heap of shit!" she said, kicking out with her chunky boots, catching Tony unawares, hard between the legs.

A high-pitched scream erupted from Tony's mouth as the pain from the boot in his testicles caused him to drop his arm to grip his battered pride as he sank to his knees.

Unfortunately for the girl, Georgi had come up behind her and grabbed her, pinning her arms, catching a grope as he did so for her breasts were firm and large, almost bursting from her bustier. His other hand brought up his ten-inch long knife under the girl's chin as he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Move or struggle, and I'll cut your throat! Understand me, you bitch? Say yes if you do or nod and cut your own throat if you don't!" He chuckled at his own joke as Tony lay on the alley floor and vomited up his drinks from the pain in his groin.

"Feisty little thing, ain't you?" the Don said, coming up to look at her breasts a bit closer. "If she tries to kick me, Georgi, kill her," he instructed the thug holding her.

"What, what do you want?" she gulped, trying not to show how afraid she was feeling.

"Hey, what do you think I want from you? This is my club, if you want to sing, you let me fuck you. Then Tony and Georgi if they want, well, probably Tony won't be able to for a while. I'd probably stay away from him if I were you." He smiled; she thought a shark would probably look friendlier when moving in for the kill.

"You bastards! I ain't letting you have me! You can all go straight to hell, fuck you all! I just wish to God that I could be here when you get yours!" she shouted, too angry and afraid to realize that she had probably just signed her own death certificate.

"Yeah, well, bitch, you don't understand, you have no say in this, we're going to have you whatever you think! Still, if you're really good I might give you all of ten seconds head start before Tony comes for you. What the fu-" He broke off as a bright light flooded the dark alley.

The light came from a doorway that had opened, a doorway suspended in midair in the middle of the alley, a place where no doorway had been moments before, indeed, a place that a doorway had no business in existing. Then, as they watched in amazement, the light dimmed as a tall shape stepped though and floated gently down to the ground.

As he, for it was male, landed, the doorway closed in on itself and with a slight 'pop', disappeared. Even though it was now darker, there was sufficient light from the exit signs over the clubs' fire door to see that he was tall and was dressed in flowing robes, something like the Romans wore in bad historical documentaries. His face, though, had a hooked nose and when he looked at the men, it seemed cruel and terrifying; yet, when the same face looked at the girl, {flicker} she felt safe, even with a knife at her throat.

"So, I have been summoned to help, and so I shall!" his voice thundered through the alley, as he gently waved his right arm. As he did so, the knife held at her throat disappeared.

"What the fu-" Georgi started to say, then as the girl tried to wriggle free, he used his now empty knife hand to grab her throat in a choke hold.

"Try anything, and I'll break your pretty little neck!" he started to say, then realized that the weirdo had waved his hand again and he was now holding nothing except thin air.

"Wow, how did you do that?" the girl asked, now standing besides the tall man (?).

"That was easy for me. I am the God Janus, and you called for my help whilst by a portal of power, or as you mortals would recognize it, the back of a bakery. I am here to help you and, wait a minute, I know you. You're Anastasia! Oh my word, can we have your autograph? We love your music, and some of your videos are seriously awesome! We're one of your biggest fans!"

For the first time since his creation, Janus was almost speechless, or at least, was babbling!

"'Scuse me? Annawho? What videos? I haven't made any videos, I haven't even got a record deal yet." Anna was really confused now, who was this guy, Janus? What was he babbling about?

"Oh, sorry, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Okay, you WILL be famous in another year or so, your music is going to go to number one all over the world! 'One Day In Your Life' is an absolute classic, not to mention 'Not That Kind of Girl' and as for 'Paid My Dues', oh, wonderful music!"

"Well, yeah, they are the titles of some of my songs, but they haven't been recorded yet, how can you have heard them?"

"Listen, and I'll try to explain it so you can understand," Janus started to say.

"Hey, big man! What the fuck are you sticking your beak into our business for?! Tony, get up and kill this sucker for me! Teach him not to get involved with Family business!" the Capo instructed.

Tony tried to stand, couldn't, and settled on aiming the gun at Janus from a kneeling position, only for the gun to disappear as Janus waved his hand at the three men, and all found that they could no longer move, nor make a sound.

"Now, as I was saying. I am a God, Janus by name, and I have the power to help you. Being a God, I also know things. And I know that in a year or two, you will be very famous and have top ten hits, albums and videos. But, for that, you really need a record deal and a backing band of singers. I can probably steer you toward the former, and I certainly can help you with the latter. Do you have any preference about the makeup of your singers?" he asked.

"Well, female I guess. Otherwise, as long as they can sing and complement my voice, look good and can dance." Anna was trying to understand what was going on, but was still rather bemused.

"Okay, let's have some fun!" {flicker} With that, his crueler half came to the fore, and he looked at the three men who had been listening to the conversation without any way to make a sound or contribute to the madness they were hearing.

"So, as I say it, let it be. A threesome, pretty and slim, tuneful and strong. Dancers all, female of course. One black with an Afro, one black with long black hair, and one white, also with long black hair. Dressed to suit, makeup perfect, and ready to sing!" He spoke the words as his arms waved gently, and as he did so, a soft golden glow started to encircle the three men.

The three thugs could only stare in terror as the glow built up around them, as the world as they knew it disappeared from view and as their minds started to fade within their changing bodies.

The Capo became a willowy black woman with an Afro, dressed in a silky top, one shoulder bare, no bra, but her breasts were so firm, she didn't need one. His body must have lost half its weight and bulk in seconds, as he became a she complete with all the internal organs necessary. Finally, as his mind slipped away forever, Denise realized that her new, female body was gently gyrating to an unheard beat, ready for tonight's performance at what had been a now unremembered 'his' club mere minutes ago.

Tony 'Fingers' was pulled upright against the pain in his crotch which started to fade, along with his penis and testicles as he too changed from male to female. Tony became nearly as tall as Anna, but with long black hair reaching down almost as far as her gently curving hips. His clothes changed from that of a mobster to those of an attractive backing singer, complete with lacy black bra and matching thong panties. His suit became a semi-see through black blouse and short, tight, figure hugging black miniskirt, and Diane now had a figure well worth hugging.

Georgi 'The Knife', meanwhile, was staring in terror at the others' changes, then realized that he too was changing. He changed from a thug to a fair skinned woman with long black hair, finishing about halfway down her back, his genitalia shrinking and disappearing up inside him as they changed to female ovaries and vagina, whilst his clothes also changed. His boxers twisted and split to form a very fetching orange balconette bra and matching frilled panties as his suit became a bustier exposing a firm 38DD cleavage and belly button. Katy body slimmed down to that of a very athletic dancer and backup singer dressed in leather jeans above a pair of four-inch heel stilettos.

As the last of the changes finished, the golden glow faded until Anna could see her new backing group in front of her.

"Oh, wow!" was all she could say.

"There," said Janus. "A singer as good as you needs a good backing group. Now, you have one. Tonight there will be a scout from Sony in the audience, a little gift from us. Go, have fun and sing your music. All things will come to pass!"

With that, the doorway reappeared and Janus stepped though and he, and it, disappeared.

"Oh, wow!" was still all that Anna could say. She turned to look at the three girls, the same three who only minutes before had been the three thugs threatening her. They too just stood there, but in their case, they were waiting for her to speak to them as Janus had frozen them so only Anna knew what had occurred.

"Hey, girls, let's go knock their socks off!" she said.

With that, the gorgeous threesome seemed to come out of their trance and strutted their way toward the fire door of the club.

"Okay, Anna, which song first?" Katy asked.

"'Not That Kind of Girl', I think, and we'll finish with 'One Day In Your Life'. Now, what did he call me? Oh yes. Girls, my stage name is going to be Anastasia! Now, let's ROCK this town tonight!"

As the foursome went though the door and up onto the stage, Anna did become Anastacia and as she did so, she forgot all about her experience with Janus, for had she remembered who the girls had been, she would have been uncomfortable with their presence, to say the least.

The stage show went well, the club was jumping by the time the group finished, and they got a standing ovation and multiple encores and call backs. After the show finally finished, when the girls were chilling in Anastasia's dressing room, there was a knock on the door.

Diane opened the door to find a smartly dressed man standing there.

"Help you?" she asked.

"Hi, I'm from Sony Music, might I come in and discuss a recording contract with you all?" he said, showing his card to prove he really was from Sony Music.

As the door closed on the five of them, another door was also gently closing, but unseen this time.


"Well, brother, I think that went well. She is going to be so big in a year or so, and her music will brighten up this mortal world. That was a good evening's work."

{flicker} "Yes, it was, and dealing with those three thugs was fun as well, too. Oh, Damn! You know what we forgot, don't you? We forgot to get her autograph."

{flicker} "Oh, no we didn't!"

The end.


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