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 Janus was bored.

Now, for you or I to be bored is perhaps not too unusual, but for a GOD to be bored! Mankind should look out, or at least one or two specimens of mankind should be afraid, they should be very afraid.

Lee strutted down the sidewalk in the middle of the city. He was big and looked mean and nasty, looks were not deceiving, he was. Most people, seeing him coming towards them, moved out of the way, or even went into shops or crossed the road. Today, Peter was occupied with his thoughts. Too occupied for his own good I'm afraid.

Lee saw that this punk was not getting out of his way, like everyone else on the street. So he swerved so he was directly in Peter's way. Peter was reasonable well built, but had no chance when Lee crashed into him, sending him flying.

"What you tink you playing at mon, why you no look where you going?" snarled Lee.

"But...." stammered Peter, totally shocked at the sight of the big guy standing over him, threatening him.

"Don but me mon, I gonna make an example of you! Get up and take your beating like a mon!"


Peter looked around, everyone had disappeared, there was no help anywhere. He started crawling backwards, trying to get away from the thug in front of him.He got a few feet clear and managed to twist himself around, got to his feet and started running. Running for his life.

"Okay mon, you wanna make a bit of fun of it huh. Okay, I's a coming!" Lee growled as he started lumbering after the fleeing youth.

"I's gonna beat you to a pulp!"

Peter dashed down an alley, too late realising it was a dead end. He almost bounced off the back wall before he realised it. He turned only to find the big thug was already filling the alley's entrance. He seemed so big, there was no escape.

Lee moved down the alley, past the back door to the local bakery on the one side and the door to the dress shop's delivery door on the other. As he did so a shape moved behind a bin. He twisted and reached in and pulled out an old homeless woman dressed in dirty cast off clothes.

"Ah yuk, you ol'bitch, you made me muss my clothes!" so saying he threw the old woman back into the pile of bins and rubish behind the shops. She landed with a sodden thud, having somehow missed all the metal bins, and finding the pile of bags filled with old rags from the dress shop.

"Hey, leave the woman alone you big bully" shouted Peter. Well, he wasn't too bright, but he had spunk.

Bad idea Peter, you reminded Lee of why he had come into the alley in the first place.

"Okay mon, it's clobbering time!" Lee read a lot of comics in his youth, didn't bother much with school, but liked to read the comics he stole, still did for that matter.

A cool, clear and deep, very deep, mans voice rang out, "No!"

"Wha, who said dat, who messing wit me?" Lee looked around only to see the old woman getting up from the pile of trash he had thrown her into.

The woman spoke, in the very deep man's voice "and why do you speak like that? You are neither black nor a Rastarfarian. Never mind, it won't matter soon."

"Now then boys. I, am a God, Janus by name, but you can call me God. As far as you are concerned, I may be the last thing you see in this life! I'm bored, and you two are the lucky ones who I'm going to use to relieve my ennui."

Peter stared in disbelief, a minute ago he was looking at the beating of his life, if not the beating to end his life, now, well!

Lee was still trying to come to terms with the insults coming from the woman, who now sounded like a man.
Janus decided to settle the matter, first he transformed himself from the bag lady appearance to his more usual tall, handsome yet threatening visage clad in flowing robes.

Both Peter's and Lee's response could be summed up in two words "Oh Shit!"

"First, let's deal with you Lee, you like beating people up, like stealing and you've even had a go at rape, but not very successfully it must be said. The girl is either unconscious or you can't 'get it up', can you?"

"Now, what shall I turn you into? A frog, no, that's being done, and he was a lot better looking than you, and better mannered too. How about a female, well endowed, bimbo stripper, again, that's being done by the Wizard. A little too often perhaps. Hmmm. We'll have to think this out, why don't you just wait there whilst I deal with Peter." So saying, a slight wave of the hand, and Lee was pinned to the side of the building, ten foot up in the air, nothing seeming to support him! Unable to move, speak or even hear what Peter and Janus where discussing below him.

"So, Peter, what about you? No, don't worry, I'm not vindictive, {flicker} not really. A lot of what I said was for Lee's benefit, let him get good and worried about what WE are going to do to him. But let's sort you out first.

"Life is not too good for you is my young friend? Your family died recently and you lost your job, partly because of your loss, and partly due to your new boss promoting her son in your place. If you could have anything, what would you like to have or to become? Remember, I am a God and I can grant you your heart's desire."

Peter thought good and hard about his life, his family and what he could do with his life, if, oh boy, if anything was possible. Janus followed his thoughts along and when they started to settle on Peter's lost wife and children interupted Peter's thoughts.

"Sorry, Peter, it is not permitted to bring your family back. What I can offer is for you to become the person of your dreams and I could give you a baby daughter for you to raise." With that, Janus gave a sideways glance at Lee.

"Well, I would like to have a family again and I often wished I could have been more like my beloved Linda. I kept many of her clothes so I could feel like she was still around."

"What you mean is that you wear them from time to time to remember her don't you? Don't be embarassed, I'm a God, I know these things. How would you like the chance to wear them all the time, and look right in them? What do you say, would you like me to make this possible?" Janus asked.

Peter gave the offer thought. Quite who or what this guy really was Peter was unsure, but, he had only to look at the thug pinned up against the wall to see that there had to be something special going on. He really did miss his wife, but also the chance to wear her clothing permantely and from the sound of things, effectively, was very tempting.

"When you say look right in her clothes, what do you mean?" he asked Janus.

"Simply this, as a God I have the power to transform you into a female, with all the attributes necessary to make it a successful transistion for you. You WILL be female, you will always have been female, as it was really intended for you to be born as a girl. You will have a lovely daughter, and in time, you will find your new husband. Now, time presses, what do you say?"

What Janus didn't tell him was that he had already met his new husband, his new bosses' son. Their time together was going to be wonderful and prosperous, but Janus wanted Peter to find this out for him, or her, self.

Peter didn't have much more to think about, he nodded to Janus, "Do it" he said.

Janus lifted his hand and a soft golden glow covered both Peter and Lee, high up the wall. Peter felt his body changing. Everything slimmed down to a more femine shape, his boxers became red nylon panties, his vest a matching red bra. His chest expanded to fill the cups to a tasteful 38C cup while his socks grew and joined to become a pair of barely black tights. His shirt changed to become a red cowl neck top and his jeans flowed to become a tasteful camel two piece set.

The internal changes where happening too, his penis disappeared up inside of him whilst a vagina and womb where created, his adams apple faded away and his hair grew long, blonde and luxuriant, cascading down her back. Meanwhile, Lee was also changing. This time from a hulking great thug, down to a baby girl. As his body changed and seemingly melted away, he felt his mind, such as it was, disappearing too. The baby disappeared from high up the wall and reappeared in the woman's arms, she who was Peter just moments ago.

"So Peter, choose your new name and that of your daughter too. Once you do so, the changes will be finalised and made permanent, choose wisely." Janus warned.

"I want to be known as Patricia and my lovely daughter should have my late wife's name, Linda. And thank you Janus."

"So be it." As Janus spoke, reality changed around Patricia and it was as if she had been Patricia all her life, her husband Peter had left her when she became pregnant with Linda and divorce followed quickly after that. Her new boss was already asking her if she would have a meal with him. He even seemed to like Linda as well, perhaps he was the guy she had been looking for for so long.

Patricia and Linda walked out of the alley, with no knowledge of Janus who was stood watching them go.

"There brother, today hasn't turned out too bad after all." said Janus to his brother.

{flicker} "Maybe so, but I'm bored again!"

The end.

Hope you enjoyed it

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