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She called round at my house last night, she had invited me to her house the other week, and had called around here after that. Then, at work the other day, she warned me off and told me she wasn't interested in me at all. Women, I really can't understand them! I thought she and I had something going.

Still, since that day, I've taken her warning to heart, don't want to get fired, or investigated, after all, I have a little evening past-time that I want to keep private.

Anyway, she came round last night, said that she didn't mean to push me away completely, only, well, she would trust me with her secret, and in return, she would do anything for me, if only I'd be her friend again.

'Anything?' I wondered.

"Okay," I said. "What's the big secret?"

"Can I come in? I don't want the whole street to know." She asked.

Against my better nature, I opened the door wider and she stepped inside. I closed the door, wishing I had a tape recorder, or a vid-cam recording this, for my own protection.

"Look," she said. "I'll come straight to the point, I'm a lesbian, but if work knew, they've have to fire me. It's not that I don't like you, as a friend, I'm just not interested in men that way. Mind you, I've never found the right woman for that matter." She finished wistfully.

That gave me an idea, but I waited for her to make good on her offer to "do anything". She did, she kept her word and asked what I would like her to do, "Other than make love to a man, that is!" she quickly qualified.

"You know, I've never seen you in a blouse and skirt, with tights and nice shoes, only sneakers and trousers with a black or dark blue sweater top on." I said, leading up to my "anything".

"I don't have them, I don't like looking feminine (she said that as if it were a swear word) and some days wish I wasn't female at all!"

"Well, you are female and I would like to see you in a nice feminine outfit, as a start!"

"But I don't have anything like that in my wardrobe!" She objected.

Here's where I give her a hold over me, I took a deep breath and put my job in her hands. I said "I have."

"What? YOU have.... Oh yes?" she said with a knowing smile. "So that's YOUR secret!"

"Well, sort of. Well, are you going to keep your promise, you know, to "do anything I ask"?"

She pulled a face, at the thought of wearing feminine clothes, or wearing MY feminine clothes, I don't know, and didn't ask! But she nodded.

Okay then. I took her upstairs and, drawing the curtains, well, it was evening and coming dark, opened the wardrobe and took out a few items. A pair of black opaque tights, a SHORT red, tight mini-skirt, that would show her figure off, a gold satin blouse, it would be a bit big for her, but it would look nice and a pair of high heeled knee boots, luckily she had quite large feet for a woman, whilst I had slightly small feet for a man, they would fit her. I also dug out a pair of bright red satin lacy panties for her. She would have to use her own bra, mine were far too big for her!

"Okay, put these on, then give me a call when you are ready, and we'll move on to the next step." I said.

'There's another step!' I could see her thinking. But hey, it's not a crime to have clothing of the opposite sex, after all, women wear men's clothing all the time!

I went downstairs and left her to it, boy, it took her some time, I can get dressed faster than that! Finally, she called me back up.

She looked GOOD, her short black hair notwithstanding (like long hair in a woman), she stood in my boots, a little unsteady as she was obviously unused to feminine heels, but at least she had got the tights on as well as the satin blouse and tight mini-skirt, even if it was pulled down as far as it would go. As I watched her, she was still trying to pull the hem down nearer her kneecaps, when I wear it, I wear it high, so as to show off my legs, of which I am justly proud!

"Okay. Wow, you look good darlin'" I had to say, she blushed!

"Look, sit down here, before you fall over. Just put these opera gloves on now, thank you, now, just bring your hands behind you." She did, without thinking, she put her gloved hands behind the chair. As quick and gently as I could, I slipped the handcuffs on to her wrists, the gloves protecting her delicate skin.

"What are you do.... Mffppghhhh!" She started to say as I slipped a bright red ballgag in place, the ball gently forcing her mouth to open around it as I fastened it off behind her head. The handcuffs where already fastened off to the back of the chair and I quickly, and carefully, as she was ready to kick my head in if I wasn't careful here, I slipped the cuffs of the leg-irons around both the ankles and the steel legs of the chair, fastening her in place.

I stepped back and looked at her, she glared at me, but secure in place, couldn't do anything whilst I gently, so gently slipped a blindfold in place over her eyes, cutting off her sight and my view of her flashing, angry eyes. I grabbed the digi-cam and got a number of shots off whilst she was unable to see what I was doing. Slipping the memory card out of the camera, I hid it safely, I was going to need my protection from her after this was over, but who knows, she might even enjoy herself by the time we finished.

Don't get me wrong, I know this is wrong and I was taking advantage of her, but I'm not going to rape her, or anything like that, I was just, well, just wait and see how this evening develops, okay?

So, there she is, hands cuffed behind her, legs cuffed to the legs of the chair, blindfolded and gagged, the only thing missing is some long hair, so I'll fit her with a long black wig in a minute or three. In the meantime, I dash to the bathroom, get my razor out and strip my bit of stubble off, a quick rinse and splash of perfume behind the ears, and down my (non-existent) cleavage and back into the bedroom, grab a few items and checking that she is okay, she is, into the spare bedroom.

Draw these curtains before I strip myself down, don't want to scare the neighbours after all! Remove my clothes, down to my birthday suit and step into a pair of satin panties, matching the pair she now wears, only green, a pair of tan pantihose on top, followed by a black firm control pantiebrief. A black lacy bra, clasped around the back, slip my breast forms in to the cups and then, sitting on the edge of the bed, squeeze myself into my corset. Pulling it up, already fastened up, I slip my legs into the barley black stockings already fastened to the suspenders. Deep breath in, pull the corset up around my body, allowing the stays of the corset to pull my waist in, and gasp as it bites! Slip a purple satin blouse on, tucking the hems into the waist of a very short, very tight black micro-mini skirt and slip my feet into black ankle boots with 3" stiletto heels on them and pull on my long auburn wig. A quick twirl in front of the mirror and I'm about ready. A second pair of opera gloves go on my hands, and grabbing a last few items, I return to the main bedroom.

There she is, still safely fastened in the chair, her head moving to each sound she hears, or imagines she hears. She hears, or senses my return to the bedroom.

"Now then darlin', I've brought you a playmate, be nice to her okay!" She seemed to prick her ears up at that!

Slipping another ball gag into my own mouth and tying it off behind my head, I slipped a black wig over her short hair and stood over her chair, legs akimbo slipped my own blindfold into place and carefully, oh so carefully, lowered myself onto her legs, reaching around behind her, slipped my second pair of handcuffs on to my wrists, trapping myself around her.

She started to rub her breasts against my body and writhe around almost immediately, her gagged mouth searching for my face, recoiling as she felt the gag in my own mouth, then coming back at me as she moved her face against mine, all the time, her breasts pushing up against me, becoming firmer and firmer. This continued for some time, both our ball gags dripping with our own saliva as we licked the insides of the balls as we, both heavily aroused, tried to kiss one another through the gags. I didn't know about her, but I was certainly wetting my panties!

Just how we were going to get out of this I didn't know, but likewise, didn't care at the time, this was fantastic, if only we could be together for ever! Again, what I didn't know was that she was thinking the same thing, she hadn't known what was happening to her at first, hadn't known it was me sitting on her lap at first, but had realised quite early on that I was actually male, obviously I'd missed some stubble in my haste to get back to her! But she didn't seem to care, perhaps she had finally found the "woman" that she had been searching for!

Then, as we both came, climaxing together, we heard the voices!

"Shall we brother? They both want to be the other, it seems only right for they are made for one another, just somewhere along the line, they got born into the wrong bodies. A real case of mis-births. They are each other's soul mates after all."

The same voice, yet different, replied. "Yes, let us make it so! What is male, shall be female, and what is female, shall be male. Put right what was wrong so long ago!"

We didn't know, but our bodies glowed, I glowed silver and apparently the glow left me, and went into her body, whilst she glowed gold and the glow left her, entering my body.

The voices returned as our senses spiralled back to normality, though now, it felt like someone was sitting on my legs and my hands where held behind me, not in front of me, and behind her as before. My crotch felt different as did my chest, the weight on it felt real, not padding, if that makes sense?

"So, listen well mortals, for We are Janus. We are a GOD and We have put right what should have been so many years ago. You where each born into the other's body, a cosmic error We call mis-birth and each is the other's soul mate, now put right and united at last. Be happy with one another, with your new lives as the other and together!"

There was a bright light, visible even through the blindfolds we both wore and we could just vaguely see a very tall shadow step into the light and disappear as did the light. Now, there we where, each in the other's body, she in mine could release herself, but didn't know how, me in hers, unable to move or speak, but knowing how to release, erm, him, but unable to pass on the message! GREAT!


It took some time, but eventually, with a lot of effort and much struggling to get the words out around the ball gag in my smaller mouth, I managed to communicate to her, well, him, how to release the handcuffs and free himself. He finally stood, getting his weight off my legs, my lovely slim, nylon clad legs. And do you know what the rotten sod did? He left me there still chained to the hard wooden seat of the metal framed chair, sitting in a pair of very wet nylon panties whilst he went and explored his new, male, mine as was, body!

Once he had figured out what had happened, he stripped out of my feminine clothes, tossing them on the bed for me to tidy away later I suppose, he went and got showered in my shower, dried himself (me) on my towels and came back in the bedroom where I was still fastened, unable to move, or see, or speak much more than a few grunts and he stood over me and he stroked my face with his hand, or so I thought, until it started to feel moist against my face, and something sweet and sour smelling started to run down my face, over the ball of the gag and into my mouth. The bastard, he was cumming over my face with my body! And it felt wonderful!

Obviously that god-geezer Janice or whatever, he's altered our minds so that we accepted what he did to us, or something, 'cos I love been a female, finally this body gets to dress feminine and I took over her job as if I had been doing it all my life. She took over my job the same, and we moved in together by the end of the week. Now, I look after the housework, clean up after him, make love with him every night, and at the weekends, we get dressed up like sisters and get the handcuffs out again and spend each Friday night chained together, each Saturday night we take it in turns to be in the chair all night, then off to church on the Sunday, to praise the God who make us whole!

Thing is, it ain't the same God that the local vicar believes in that we are praying to!

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