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Phil was finishing off for the day when his mobile rang, it was that snooty cow Louise up in Customer Support. Just how she managed to keep her job was a mystery to Phil, she was always so unpleasant and unhelpful to the customers, it just didn't seem fair she was higher up the company ladder than he was. After all, didn't he work hard and get the customers on board for Louise to insult and offend?

Best to get it over with, she may be a real bitch, but she is gorgeous to say the least. Thick luxuriant auburn hair, almost long enough for her to sit on, a firm 38D bust on top of a 28-36 figure and legs so long and shapely any male in the vicinity wondered if he would need oxygen by the time he got to the top of them.

"Hi, this is Phil, how can I help you today Louise?" he asked, following the firm's rules about answering the phone.

"Oh hello Phil, I'm glad I caught you," her sultry voice purred down the phone at him. "Listen Phil, I'm having a little get together at my house tonight, would you like to come? The MD and his wife would be there and I'm sure I could get you two together." The bitch knew all the right buttons to press with any man she wanted and the chance to talk to the MD about a few things was all Phil needed to say Yes, admittedly against his better instincts.

"Yes, okay, then, what time should I..."

"Don't bother about that Phil, come home with me now, and you can help me get a few things ready, besides, we can take this opportunity to get to know each other a little better first. Hmmm? What do you say?" she purred.

"Hmmmp!" Was about all that Phil managed to stutter. Before he know what had happened he was in Louise's car driving up her driveway to her very expensive house. House, hell, more like one of those massive estates you saw on old re-runs of Dallas.


"Come on the Phil, let's get you a drink whilst I slip into something a little more comfortable...."

'Oh boy' he thought, 'there is something strange going on, this is one of the foxiest babes in the company and she's coming on to me like all she wants is me in bed with her! I can't complain, but this is so unreal!'

Louise poured them both drinks, handed Phil his and then, saying she wouldn't be long, took herself off up the stairs.

Phil sipped his drink, wow, best whiskey he had ever drunk, pretty strong too. He looked around the living room, taking note of the laptop on the side table, complete with digital camera. Strange chair to have in a room as upmarket as this, it was all angular steel and cheap wood, badly scratched too.

He felt dizzy, the whisky was going straight to his head, the cheap chair was handy so he sat down on for a moment, took another sip of his drink, to clear his head, or so he hoped. Unfortunately, the drink seemed to make things worse, as his head seemed to be detached from the rest of his body now. The room was spinning around and around, it was all he could do to hold on to the glass as the room spun and started to go dark.


Sometime later, he came to, still sitting in that same chair, but something was really strange, he couldn't close his mouth, or make a sound. He tried to brush some hair out of his eyes, but his hand wouldn't move, in fact, nothing moved. He was still very dizzy but he tried to stand, he tried to move his feet or arms, nothing happened. Oh sure, they moved an inch or so, but 'My god, I'm tied up, and what the hell am I wearing!' He thought, almost screaming in his mind.

He looked down at his body, sitting very erect in the straight backed steel framed chair. From what he could see, and feel, his ankles where tied to the front legs of the chair, but they felt wrong, it was almost as if his heels where several inches off the floor! His legs! His legs where clad in black fishnet tights which disappeared under a red nylon micro-mini skirt.

His torso was encased in what looked like one of his mothers' firm control corselets which hugged his stomach andPhil tied to the chair - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story pulled it in somewhat, topped off by a black and white lacy bra, supporting a pair of very fine breasts, jiggling around as he struggled to get free. His wrists where obviously tied to the chair in some fashion behind his back. As he continued to struggle, the hair that fell across his eyes make itself known again, by poking itself into his left eyeball, making it weep.

"Oh hello Phillipa, I'm glad that you are with us again, I was beginning to think you had drunk too much of the drugged whisky. So, what do you think to your new look? This is what you will wear this weekend whilst you are my slave. And YOU will be my slave Phillipa, trust me on this!" Louise purred as she came around from behind Phil.

Phil's eyes bulged as he saw how Louise was now dressed. Imagine if you will Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns, okay? Well, now take away about half of the leather costume and you get the picture!Louise in her catwoman like domantrix costume - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story She had seriously high stiletto heeled PVC boots on, which must had added six inches to her already impressive height, she too was wearing black fishnets and her shiny black PVC panties dug deep into her crotch and rode high on her impressive hips.

Her shiny black PVC Bra was a work of art, lifting and cupping already impressive breasts to make then look almost like the nose cones of patriot missiles, pointing straight at Phil, nipples clearly hard as rocks beneath the black PVC. Her hair now cascaded out around her head, creating a halo effect, leading one's eyes to the black PVC Cat mask over her eyes and nose, complete with whiskers.

Louise giggled as she saw Phil's reactions, then did a little twirl around so that he could see that she even had a cat's tail projecting from a slit in the rear of her PVC panties. Obviously a butt plug based on the more normal pony tail idea ('Normal, what am I thinking' he thought).

"Now Phillipa, your duties tonight will involve serving me dinner, then standing quietly in an alcove whilst I have my meal. Afterwards, you will clean this room whilst I watch you. You will also learn to walk correctly as tomorrow evening we are going out to a special party. You as my slave, and I of course, will be your mistress, I even have a nice little chain for you to wear to your collar. I will not allow you to remove your harness ball gag until I think you are ready to do so. You will spend the night tied to this chair so I know exactly where you are at all times."

"Tomorrow morning," she continued "you will perform various duties as my maid, I may even allow you to wear a nice little maids uniform I have ready for you. That is, if you are a good girl tonight, if not, then you will spend your day in the cellar, in your new underwear, tied up and blindfolded for the entire day. Now, if you think that once I untie you from the chair you can simply overpower me, a mere girl, then think again! You see, whilst you were under the influence of the drug, I not only stripped you and re-dressed you as you are now, but I fitted you with a couple of extras. The first is a rather special collar."

She held up a small remote controller, fitted with a dainty gold chain. She pressed a button, holding it down as she did so. Phil felt his throat being squeezed firmly, his breathing, already difficult though the ballgag and harness, became even more labored and rasping. He struggled a little, but the bindings holding him to the chair held him in place. Finally, as his ears were buzzing and his vision blurring, Louise let up on the button on the remote.

When Phil's breathing returned to normal and he could see and hear again, he realized that her red painted fingernail was poised above a second button. He shook his head, "Mmmmpppg"-ing at her.

She smiled, it wasn't a pleasant sight.

"But Phillipa, if you are a really naughty girl, then I might press this second button. Do you want me to show you what would happen if I did so? No? Are you sure? Well, if you're sure. But don't worry, you'll be sure to find out sooner or later. Oh and Phillipa, after the weekend, when we are both back at work, this will be our little secret won't it dear. Then the next time I need you to do me a favor, you'll do it without trying to cause me trouble at work. If you don't, I'll email the digital photographs I took of your transformation to my sexy maid and slave to every department in the firm! Do you understand me bitch?" She suddenly screamed at the poor Phil.

When he didn't respond quick enough for her, she pressed the second button on the remote. Phil's back arched in agony as bolts of electricity surged though his body. He tried to scream though the gag but the harness held it in place and his mouth strapped tightly around the gag. Hardly a sound escaped as the pain continued as a second round of electricity surged from the second "little extra" that Louise had shoved into Phil's anus whilst he was out cold. It was a strange object which took a little time to set up properly, but it was a godsend for Louise in controlling her victim.

It was chrome and "L" shaped, but smooth, the butt plug part was first of all shoved hard into the victim's anus, then the longer part of the "L" was positioned towards the front of the victims' body. This then trapped the tip of the penis, both holding it place, giving the appearance of a vagina, as seen though a pair of thin nylon panties, and also allowing for the current to flow freely though the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy. There was something else this object could do, but Louise decided to leave Phil to discover for himself. If he could too excited and started to get an erection, the sensor in the object would trigger it's pain cycle all by itself and Phil would once again be shocked into immobility by the pain.

When Phil's mind cleared from the shock of the object up his anus, he realized that he was no longer tied to the chair. He looked around, no sign of her, he quickly brought his hands up to the back of his head, feeling for the way to untie the harness gag, but all his gloved hands found was a padlock holding it very firmly in place. He stood and promptly fell down. He had being tied to the chair for so long, plus the pain from the strange object and the very new sensations of trying to stand in what he now found to be high heeled boots with four inch heels were too much for him. He sat on the rug and tried to massage some feeling back into his legs.

'Hmmm, these fishnets do feel rather nice I must admit, no wonder women like them.' He thought. His hands moved upwards, almost of their own volition, to lift the red nylon mini skirt. Almost too afraid to look, he did, and could not believe the fine white nylon panties he saw, not sign of his own male member, just a hint of a crevice, such as a vagina would appear though such delicate panties.

"Get up Phillipa! I want my dinner NOW!" Louise screamed from behind him. Startled, he struggled to his feet, staggering in the strange sensations of the high heels. There she was, still dressed in her gothic impression of a lunatic's idea of Catwoman's costume. Now she even had a whip in her hand, as she waited for Phil to get his bearings.

Louise sat at the head of the table, started at Phil and pointed, with the whip to the door at the end of the lounge.

"Well, what are you waiting for, the kitchen is though there, everything is ready, all you need to do is serve it to me, NOW!"

Phil stood there seething with anger, but also afraid about what was going to happen to him. Even if this lunatic was serious about his living to go to work on Monday, was life going to be worth living with the blackmail that Louise was holding over him now. As he stood thinking, he felt the collar around his throat tightening, Louise did not have much patience that was for sure.

'Okay, you bitch, I'll do this for now. BUT I am not your slave and I will get my own back on you somehow, and this weekend!' Phil thought to himself, glaring at Louise, then as the collar continued tightening around his throat, nodded, then turned and started his evening duties as maid to the mad mistress.

An hour or so later, finally getting the hang of the high heels, Phil breathed a sign of relief around the ball gag, his jaw had long since gone numb, stretched around the ball, yet strapped tightly around it by the harness. He had managed to get the hang of the heels in time for him not to spill any of the food over his tormentor, tempting as it was. However, as he had brought the first course, piping hot soup, Louise had warned him about spilling anything and it he so much as splashed a single drop onto her precious table, he would suffer!

After Louise had eaten, she made Phil walk around the room, feather duster in hand, dusting as he went. She made various derogatory remarks about his deportment and if he ignored her suggestions, the collar tightened until he obeyed her.

"Yes, that's better, but put a little more wiggle into your ass as you walk, men like to see a nice ass wiggle!"

Finally, Louise had had enough of her new toy for the evening. Phil's legs ached from the unusual strain of the high heels, he had never worn any shoes before which had heels so high. The heels on his work shoes were perhaps a quarter inch higher than the soles.

"Sit down Phillipa, you can spend the night in this chair, then in the morning, we will see if you have been a good girl. If you have, you can use the toilet, otherwise you can clean your own mess up and you can spend the day in the cellars, but you'll probably think of them more as a dungeon. I said, SIT DOWN! Bitch!"

Phil gave in as the collar tightened up again, his throat was going to be badly marked by Monday at this rate! Louise pulled his hands behind his back and rapidly secured them in place, she had obviously done this many times before. Next, his legs were tied off to the legs of the chair and he was quickly immobilized with a few turns of rope around his waist and torso.

"Now, just for disobeying me and not sitting down the first time I told you..." Louise pressed the second button and the pain shooting though his lower body was the last thing Phil know that night.


Phil came to in the early morning, sitting tied to the chair, his crotch wet from urine, having pissed himself over night whilst unconscious from the shock delivered to him last thing last night.

When Louise came down and found the mess Phil had made overnight, she ranted and raved at him, calling him an ungrateful slut who needed to be taught a lesson. When she finally calmed down and released the choke hold the collar had been making on Phil until his face turned blue from lack of oxygen, she released him from the bindings on the chair and made him clear up the mess. Unfortunately for Phil, not with a cloth! Oh no, she released the ball gag and harness and made him lick up all the urine from the chair, all the time his hands were tied behind his back in a very severe tie. Louise even did a elbow tie, so strict a tie that Phil's elbows actually touched. If Phil showed any hesitation in licking up the urine, the collar tightened a little more. Once he continued licking, the collar slackened slightly, never as much though as it had tightened. Finally, the chair and carpet was clean enough for Louise, pulling Phil's head back up, Louise forced the ball gag and harness back on, clicking the padlock tightly back in place.

Still with his arms tied severely behind him,, elbows touching, Louise fitted a chain to his collar and using it led the way down into the cellar. Wearing only a white pantie corselet, black lacy bra and frilly white panties over fishnet tights, he stumbled down the wooden stairs in his high heel knee boots until his feet touched the cold cement floor.

"Kneel down Bitch!" Louise snarled, her finger poised over the shocker button on the remote.

Knowing if he hesitated, she would shock him and he would go down anyway, he managed to kneel without falling flat on his face, high heels and tied arms not withstanding. Then the collar tightened up again and he felt himself slipping into unconsciousness.


When he became aware of his surroundings once more, he found that he was in a tight frog tie, elbows touching as before, but now, both his feet and legs, just above the knee, were roped together and another rope went from the ankle bonds to the ropes around his wrists and looped though to the ropes around his elbows. His hands actually touched the heels on his boots though the bondage was too severe for him to do anything about it as the ropes cut off the circulation to his hands and they had already gone numb.

A pair of stiletto heeled boots moved into his limited line of vision and straining his head to look up, he saw a furious Louise glaring down at him. His eyes were drawn however to her panties which were quite wet now, from Louise's own excitement at having Phil so helpless before her. The camera in her hand was another worry, obviously she had been using it to further record his degradation with plans to store the pictures for future blackmail. Then she knelt down and opened her other hand, a blindfold slipped out, held only by a cord caught around her finger. She quickly slipped it over his eyes and tied it behind his head, pretty much blinding him.

"Enjoy your day you slut, think about what is going to happen to you tonight whilst you lay here in the dark and cold. You are going to come with me, as my slave and submissive to a very special party, one where the Dominatrix rule and you will do everything and anything anybody instructs you to do, otherwise I'll fuse your cock to a bit of blackened flesh that no one will ever want to see or touch, not even you!" With that, Louise gave him a painful slap to the head which banged it against the cold floor. She rose and strutted up the stairs, closing the door and turning the light out as she did.

Left alone in the cold and dark, now completely blind, Phil felt the pangs of fear and despair start to really take hold of him. He no longer thought he was going to live to see Monday, he was no longer sure that he was going to withstand the pressure and not break. He would try, but he was no longer sure he would survive and get even. His stomach was in turmoil from hunger and from the torture of licking up his own urine but, with the ball gag in place, there was no way he could vomit up the poisons and he had somehow to lay there and suffer in the cold and damp.

He tried to shuffle into an almost comfortable position but he had been bound so tightly there was no comfort to be found in any position he could manage. What he did find was that the combination of the bondage, the tight stricture of the corselet and bra, plus the satin sensation of the lingerie was getting him excited and a real hard-on was developing. The strange object up his anus sensed his erection and just as it was approaching its climax, activated and shocked Phil into unconsciousness.


Hours later, the light came on. The glare through the blindfold was sufficient to rouse him from his stupor, but he could hardly feel any part of his body now, the cold and damp had taken it's toll, as had the severe bondage, pulling the various parts of his body in directions it was not meant to go.

"Okay you dirty little bitch, have you learnt your lesson for now? Do you understand that you obey me and only me now? Do you? Do you really understand that you live only to serve me and live only as long as I wish it?" Louise ranted at the hog-tied and semi-conscious Phil.

Somehow Phil found the sense to nod as best he could. It seemed to please the madwoman that Louise had become.

She untied the ropes from his feet and legs, then from his arms and wrists, leaving the blindfold and harness ball gag in place for the time being. As each limb was freed the blood rushed back into place, bringing with it the pain of pins and needles and cramp. Only a soft moan escaped the gag though.

"Right, you can remove your blindfold now" Louise said standing in front of him as he did so. She was wearing her Catwoman Dominatrix costume again and holding a purple satin blouse in one hand, plus the ever present camera and a chain in the other.

"Put this on!" She snapped.Phil in his satin outfit - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Phil was so cold he would have put anything on to try to get warm, so wearing a thin satin blouse was a minor thing at this point. When he had done so, he was instructed to put his hands together and in front of him which he did. As he did so, Louise slipped a slip knot of rope over them and with a well practiced flick, tightened them around Phil's wrists and with a few twists of rope, his hands were now immobile in front of him. An instruction to turn round later and he was now wearing a pair of leg cuffs, fastened around his ankles, thankfully around the boots, though even through those, he could feel them cutting into his legs.

Another turn and the chain in Louise's hands was now fastened to the collar around his throat. Louise set off up the stairs, a tug on the chain, and a brief tightening of the collar warned Phil not to resist, but to follow.

They exited the cellar and to Phil's horror, left the house and walked down to the main road. Thankfully night had fallen and this was a quite area of town. The only people out at this time of night up here were those going to the same party Louise was taking Phil to.

As they made their way, Phil reluctantly, Louise in a state of excitement at the prospect at showing off her new slave to her fellow Dominatrix they passed the town bakery. Phil had not eaten for over twenty four hours now and the aromas of fresh baked bread still lingered around the place and his stomach simply growled. Loudly!

Louise went berserk! She rounded on Phil and slapped his face, punched him in the stomach and kicked him in the crotch. Even after over a day of abuse, Phil was still tender there and he fell against the wall of the bakery, dragging the chain out of Louise's hands. Phil knew he didn't have much of a chance, but decided to take what chance he had and ran into the alley besides the bakery. Perhaps he could make it far enough into town that the range on the remote could be exceeded, then he would work out what he was going to do about getting free of his bonds, then free of these clothes.

Unfortunately for Phil, the alley was a dead end, there was nowhere to run. Then things got worse again, the collar started to choke him. Tighter and tighter it went, he collapsed, tied hands dragging at the collar, scratching his neck, drawing blood but nothing stopped the collar from tightening and choking him.

As the alley started to spin he heard Louise speaking as if from a distance. She was probably screaming at him, as she kicked him in the ribs with her stiletto heeled boots, but he was passing out and could barely hear her ranting. As he felt his life force fading, and a couple of ribs breaking, he thought if only he had not fallen for her ploy about the Managing Director and a party and that he would not after all get to see Louise get her just desserts.

Meanwhile Louise was ranting and raving away as she kicked out yet again at the dying captive at her feet. "I bet you wish that it was you standing here, doing the kicking, wish that you had me at a disadvantage huh? Bet you wish to God that I'd get what is coming to me, well, let me tell you bitch, you're going to take that thought with you to the next world, you, you....." Her voice trailed off as she realized that the alley was brightly lit, almost as if a searchlight had been turned on her.

She turned around, shielding her eyes from the glare and saw an open door through which the glare emerged. As she squinted into the light, it was partially obscured by a tall man stepping though. A very tall man, and as he stepped fully through, the light faded and Louise realized that the door had opened in the middle of the alley, not in a wall, but in thin air.

"So, Louise. I hope that you appreciate that this is a first for Us. Usually it is the victim who calls upon Us to right a wrong or to rescue them. But this time you, the attacker, summon Us on behalf of your victim. Come to Us Phil." As the tall stranger spoke these last words, a soft golden glow surrounded Phil, lying on the ground, slowly bleeding to death. As the glow brightened, Louise was forced to look away. As the glow faded, she looked back at the ground but Phil had gone. She stared, then looked at the tall man beside whom, was Phil. Stood upright, fully healed and free from his bonds, still dressed in purple satin blouse, red mini-skirt, fishnets and high heeled boots, but free at last of the harness ball gag, able to talk once more.

"You sick bitch! You need sorting out you do!" Phil shouted at the stunned Louise.

"How did you, who are YOU? What the shit just happened here?" she stammered, for once, her looks not working for her.

"Right, quick explanation. I'm Janus, I'm a God so, teleportation, miraculous healing and all that sort of thing, it sort of goes with the territory. Now, I could leave her for you or your police to deal with her Phil, or I could sort things out so that your life gets back on track. What would you like me to do? Sort it out or leave you to explain what happened with you dressed like that to your authorities, never mind your bosses."

Phil looked down at himself, dressed like a $20 hooker, no way of getting back home looking like this without being picked up, or picked up by the police for that matter! He looked up, and up, at Janus and nodded.

"Yeah, you're right, let's do this your way."

"Good man Phil, you know it makes sense. Now, {flicker} let Me deal with you." Now, although he looked the same, Janus seemed far crueler that a moment ago. This was because his darker half had come to the fore and Louise was facing the vengeful side of the God of Doors and Trickery.

"Now, what shall We do to you Louise hmm? Let Us see, We could turn you into a man and set you up as the teaboy at your old firm, or We could leave you female but remove all your fine trappings and wealth. Let Us think about this." Janus mused, enjoying this one, she had called Him here to rescue her victim and He wanted her to suffer before He did what He knew He was going to do to her.

"Phil, help me, you know I didn't mean any of this, it was all just a bit of fun." Louise implored Phil, thrusting her quite superb bosom towards him, accentuating her firm breasts while her body language was saying, 'You know you want these, help me and they are yours'.

"Dream on you catty bitch, it looks to me as if you are going to get just what you deserve and about time too!" Phil replied, even though he could feel a hardening in his crotch beneath the satin panties at Louise's actions.

"Well, Phil, I think that is as good an idea as any and as We say it, so shall it be!" Janus waved his arm in a gentle sweep towards Louise who was enveloped in a silver glow which although it grew brighter, it also seemed to shrink in on itself as if she was growing smaller.

She was. By the time the glow disappeared, so had Louise. In her place stood a rather shaken alley cat, dirty and half starved. Louise was still there in the back of the cat's mind, but as her memories faded from the cat, she heard Janus say to Phil; "There, that should fix her, in fact, I already did!"

"You neutered her?"

Janus nodded.


{flicker} "Now Phil, how about you, do you wish Us to help you out or are you happy as things are? We can arrange things so that you could take Louise's place in life or put you back in your own. What do you fancy?" Janus offered kindly, his gentler face to the fore now.

Phil thought hard. His life up to present had not being easy, he did work hard and had got nowhere, he knew he preferred the company of men to that of women and that had always been something that held him back both at work and in his social life.

"Yes, I've decided, can I take Louise's place, as Louise please? I mean as Louise as she was, not as a cat. But I don't want to be such a bitch as she was, is that okay?" he finished.

"No don't worry Phil, your essence will still be you inside, but your body will be that of Louise, a long legged auburn haired beauty with looks to die for, but now, it will also have genuine intelligence and compassion. We know you will be happy in your new life." As Janus spoke, a soft golden glow reformed around Phil and as it faded, Louise stood before Him. But, it was clear from the expression in her eyes, this was a very different Louise to the one who had entered the alley mere minutes ago.

"Yeow! Oh God, can someone please get this thing out of my arse, it's killing me!" Louise purred as she ran her hands up and down her new, to Phil, figure, checking out the feel of the very firm breasts under the purple blouse to the genuine vagina under the white nylon frilled panties.

"Oh sorry," and with a flick of His fingers, Janus was holding the object, clean and dry of course, and Louise could relax as that thing came out at last.

"So what the hell is that?" The new Louise asked.

"Hmm, this is a little something an old friend has been pushing of late, I think it's time We paid him another visit to discourage him from continuing with this line. Oh by the way, We have destroyed all the old Louise's blackmail pictures, just so there's no temptation for you in the future. You'll understand I'm sure having almost become a victim yourself, if not for the grace of a God, etc etc."

"Yeah, you could be right." Louise agreed, still enjoying the sensations of her new body and the sensitivity of her nipples as the fabric of her bra caressed them as she moved.

"Go now, enjoy your new life and status, don't let Us down, or We may be back!" With that, Janus gestured and the doorway reopened in the middle of the alley, bright light from the otherside preventing Louise from seeing just what was through there and Janus stepped through the portal and he, and it, disappeared ready for the next time someone invoked Janus.

"Need we return brother? I think she'll do very well as a woman." Janus said.

{flicker} "No, I said it to keep her on the straight and narrow, We don't need another evil-Louise after all. As you know, Phil was one of those rare babies born with both sets of organs fully functioning. His parents decided that they wanted a boy, but fate had always wanted, in fact, needed for Phil to be a female all along. We simply set things on the right track once more."


"Oh wow, what an evening. Okay, legs, let's walk, I want to explore my new house and see what sort of clothes Louise has for me to wear now though I think there may be a bit of house cleaning to do before I'm fully comfortable there. That damn chair has to go as well as any more of those damn cat suits!"

With that last remark directed at the scrawny alley cat foraging in the bins at the back of the bakery, Louise turned on her high heel and walked out into the street and off to her new life, her very shapely posterior giving a very sexy wiggle as she walked away.

The end.

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