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Unwinding After A Stressful Week
 It's been a long, long week. What better way to unwind than with a nice bit of dressing up, followed by some tight bondage?
 Firm control Pantie corselette - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 So, getting ready. Lock up, draw the curtains first, then a nice hot shower to get all the sensations fresh, a quick shave, get rid of the stubble and then slip my legs into a pair of firm control pantie girdle. Tuck my rapidly growing penis into a condom, to catch all the mess later, also it gives a sensation of restriction which just adds to the pleasure of the evening. Adding a firm control pantie corselet over them and just pulling the bra cups above my waist for now, just adds to the feeling of restriction.
 Pull on a pair of black opaque tights, or pantyhose, smoothing the seams at the toes and lining up the gusset centrally over the corselet. Add a sexy pair of satin panties, red or gold, or for a special night, a pair of white frilly maid's panties.
 Next, get things ready as you don't want too much excitement or the fun will be over before the evenings out.

Lay out the rest of my clothes on the bed ready, a lacy, sexy bra, some false breasts, a silk or satin blouse and a tight mini-skirt, the tighter the better. Finally a wig and a butt plug of sorts. I managed to get hold of an old rubber aerial from a hand radio, don't know just why, but it transmits the vibrations from a vibrator up my bum SO well, it's incredible. Of course, I also get the ball gag, blindfold, gloves and ropes etc out for later on.

Pop into the bathroom, lubricate the butt plug, pull the layers of panties and tights down enough to ease in the butt plug, slide it in as far as it'll go, all the way in! Oooohhh! Clench the buttocks and pull up the layers of panties so as to trap the plug in place. Now pull up the corselets so I can slip my arms though the straps, position the false breasts in place, now the straps are tight, cutting into my shoulders, crumbs, how do women cope with this on a daily basis?

Carefully walk back into the bedroom, slip into the blouse, leaving the top couple of buttons sexily undone so as to allow a wisp of lace to appear from time to time, pull on the two sizes too small mini-skirt so it really hugs my butt, line up the seams and bend carefully to pick up the knee boots with the four inch heels. Slip my black nylon clad legs into them, sitting carefully on the edge of the bed, the butt plug sliding up and down gently in its lubricant.

Adjust the wig and sit, carefully at the mirror and make myself up for the evening. Watch a little television, dust or vacuum, as any house proud little lady would do, read a magazine, Belle or Hello, or surf the internet. Visit the Yahoo Chat Rooms, either the BDSM or Role Playing in the Adult section, then finally, the time is right, I can't wait any longer, beside the butt plug is starting to rub now!

Turn the lights out downstairs as I go up to the bedroom, first thing, tie my feet together, wrapping the rope around so that I cannot move them more than a inch, if that, leaving a short loop by the heels of the knee boots. Next, another length of rope goes around my knees, a few loops above the knee, some below, wrapping more between the knees, cinching up the slack so once more, no movement was possible. Now the ball gag goes in, tied off behind my head good and tight, meaning any sound I make is going to be really well muffled, the ballgag filling my mouth.

Oh lor, I'm getting excited now, and I'm not ready yet! Deep breathing exercises, not easy though a full ballgag I can tell you. Slow my breathing down, calm, calm, CALM DOWN DAMN IT!

Lay down for a minute, resting my legs, nope, not working, okay then, let's get on before it's all over and I haven't managed to enjoy ALL the evening's plans.

Last check, and everything left is to hand, slip the blindfold on, but on my forehead, so I can still see for a little while longer. Gloves ready, rubber tree tie already set as tight as possible for me to get it on and have great difficulty removing later. Kneeling, with difficulty now because of the knee ropes, pull my blouse out of the back of my tight red mini-skirt, reach up, slip the vibrator into the back of the corselets, then squeeze it down into my panties, resting against both my hard penis and the bottom of the rubber aerial buttplug, giving it a little twist though the layers of panties, thus turning it on! GAWD! Thank heavens for the ballgag, it's muffling all the noise I'm now starting to make, groans and all.

Quickly now, gloves on, pull the blindfold down into place, hands behind my back, slipping the tree tie on, first to one wrist, easy! Just open it up all the way, pull the loop back to my bound wrist, then, laying down on the floor on my side (safer than on a bed) pull my bound heels back until I can slip the loop of rope left behind my heels over the tree tie, then twist and push my other hand into the very tight loop. Once down, and this can take several goes as it is very tight and the gloves kill a lot of sensation, take a deep breath, and roll over onto my stomach. this has the multiple bonus of pulling my arms tighter behind me, bringing my breasts up off the floor and my hands tight to my heels as a rather effective hog tie.Gloved Hands secured behind my back - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

The sensation now of pretty total helplessness and the tightness of both the bonds and clothes, all work together with the vibrator resting against my penis and butt plug sending me into orgasmic release!

If the ballgag slipped out the neighbours would be round banging on the door wanting to know what the hell was happening!

Sometime later, I come back to earth, but still tied up good and tight, the vibrator playing merry hell with my sensitive bits and causing me to quickly lose the plot. Oh well, time to get free I suppose, go have another shower and think about bed.

Mmmmpphh! Damn, tied this a bit tight, if I twist and pull maybe I can get my hand free from the tree tie? Hmmm, maybe not. Perhaps if I roll over onto my side, I can release my hands from the loop behind my heels. No, not without freeing my hand first, perhaps if I try the other hand? No! Shit! Vibrator still going strong, knew I shouldn't have put fresh batteries in, it's getting hot as well, not to mention I'm getting hard again! My butt is nearly on fire from the vibrations being sent up the aerial, stray thought: Wonder why it transmits the vibes so well? Perhaps it's due to it being an aerial.....

"Oh God, I'm coming again!" Rubbing myself on the carpet and pulling on the tie means I'm going to be marked by the morning. "OoooHhhhhhh .... Mmmmmmmpghhh! Sigh!" as I pass out.

A bit later, don't know how much later, curtains drawn, lights out, blindfolded! Can't see the clock, can hardly tell which direction the clock is even in by now! Mouth dry, jaws aching from the ball gag, hands going numb from the too-tight tree tie around my wrists, pulled tight by the hog tie, made tighter by passing out. Okay, nothing else for it, but have to use the craft knife I put out in case of an emergency, cut the rope around my ankles and go from there.

"Where's the knife?" Okay, who got so carried away with the preparations for the evenings fun, he forgot to pick the knife up when I came upstairs? I'm scared now, how do I get free? What happens if I don't? What will... Hang on, I've got a pocket knife in my jeans. All I have to do is shuffle over and put the jeans off the bedroom chair, root though the pockets, find the knife and open the blade up, then cut though the rope. All with my hands tied behind my back, pulled to my ankles, wearing gloves, hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. Piece of cake! I don't think!

Struggling, hooded, legs and wrists tied - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story Struggling, hooded, legs and wrists tied - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story Struggling, hooded, legs and wrists tied - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Well, I made it, obviously, but I ended up orgasming another three or four times, it took me about three hours as well 'cos by then I was exhausted from inching my way over rough carpet, well it certainly felt rough by then, first in one direction, hitting my head on the wardrobe, at least that told me which way I was going, the wrong one of course, and where I was on the floor. Eventually I found the chair, managed to twist around and get my quite numb fingers to pick at the leg of my jeans enough to bring them down to my level. The heavy buckle hitting me on the back of the head as it did so, hard enough to make me see stars, and cut my scalp, even though the wig.

By now I was well out of things and it took me nearly a dozen attempts to find which of three pockets the knife was in, never mind the ages that it took to get the blade open.You try to open a folding knife with gloves on, you can't get a thumb or finger nail into the little depression! Thankfully I keep the blade sharp at all times for work and it made quick work of cutting the loop fastening my tree tied hands to the loop near my ankles. It also managed to cut the rubber of the tree tie so I could free my hands. The first thing I did, even before removing the ballgag and blindfold or turn the light on? Get that damn vibrator out of my panties before they, and I, combusted!

Finally, I managed to get the blindfold and ball gag off, hobble over to the bed and drink the water I had put on the bedside table ready for just this need. I was so dehydrated I was having trouble thinking straight. Untying my legs and ankles left me writhing on the bed with pins and needles as the circulation went back down my legs. When that at last eased, off came the too-tight clothing and sexy, lacy underwear, exposing the red raw marks on both shoulders were the straps had really cut in, and around the pantie lines on my legs, where again the control panties had marked me for what would turn out to be several days. The semen filled condom hit the floor with a loud THUMP! and masses of the stuff spilt out, marking the carpet. Nothing quite seems to get this stuff out! Have to consider a new bedroom carpet one of these days.

Free at last, a quite shower, clean up, get the butt plug out and washed and cleaned. Then off to bed for a good nights sleep, thankfully it's Saturday (now) so I don't have to get up in the morning, oops, just glanced at the bedside clock, it IS Saturday morning now, nearly time to get up anyway! Think I'll still try to get some sleep before the sunlight is too bright to let me stay asleep. Well, I know better than to try this again!



Well, maybe I'll make sure I have the knife ready another time.

No. I won't do that again!




Well, let's wait and see what this next week brings, maybe I'll be desperate for some relaxing by the weekend!

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