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 Here's one that is not my usual style, but it was a topic requested by a reader.
 It got me thinking, and here is the result.

Sandy couldn't wait until his mother and sister Ann left for work that morning, he had a day off work and knew just how he was going to spend it. As soon as they left the house, he was going to search the laundry basket for their used panties and he was going to be in seventh heaven! He would be able to wear them, sniff them, lick them, anything he wanted, all he had to do was make sure they were back in the laundry by the time the women returned from work that evening.

Finally, he heard them shout bye to him as they left the house, leaving him alone in the house, though still in bed. He rose, checked the drive through the window, to make sure they had gone, watching them drive off in their own cars, leaving his in the drive, then off he went in search of the used panties.

There they were, super, Ann's were still damp from her night out on the town! Which were Ann's and which were their mothers' were quite obvious, Ann's were much frillier and sexier, Mom's were larger though both were satin or nylon. Stripping his pyjamas off, he quickly stepped into his monther's panties, pulling them up against his crotch, his penis already straining the fabric as the smooth nylon caressed him in their most sensitive area. He rubbed his hand over his rapidly growing penis, enjoying the sensation of satin, both in his hand, and on his penis.


Returning to his bedroom, he laid down and rolled over onto his stomach, his penis throbbing hard now both with the sensations of the nylon and his body knowing what was still to come. Quickly, before he came and wasted the chance, he stuffed a second pair of panties into his mouth, the taste of his sister's moist panties nearly drove him wild, then using a pair of her used pantihose, he wrapped it around his mouth, tying it off behind his head, keeping the panties stuffed in his mouth. Then getting another pair of Ann's most sexy panties, he placed them in the pillow in front of him and laid down so his nose was embedded in the satin of these panties, rubbing his nose up and down with his head, his hands playing with the now rock hard penis, rubbing it up and down, pumping away in his mother's panties until with a great spurt, he came and ejaculated into them.

Finally spent, he rolled over onto his back and saw his sister stood by the side of the bed, her mouth open with a look of glee on her face. In shock, Sandy couldn't move as he saw his big sis look down at him, clad only in a pair of their mother's panties, Sandy's manhood very rapidly deflating now. He tried to speak but the panties in his mouth, held in by the pantihose stifled all sound.

"Roll over you perv!" Commanded Ann, "Or else I'll tell Mom!" She threatened.

What else could he do, both Ann and Sandy knew that their mother had a bad heart, a shock like this could kill her. So, he rolled over, back onto his stomach, still gagged, with a VERY wet pair of his mother's panties giving him a modicum of modesty.

"Hands behind your back, NOW!" Ann commanded.

Not knowing what to expect, Sandy did as he was ordered. First one, then the other hand was grabbed by Ann and some soft material was wrapped around them, fastening them together behind his back, so that he could not move them other than together. Ann pulled on Sandy's right arm, bringing him back around to face her.

"Right, now you are going to sit up and I'm going to change you. If you struggle or flinch, I'll make sure mom knows about this! Do you understand me? Nod if you do!"

What else could he do, he nodded. As he did so, a stray tear fell from his eyes.

"Now, swing your legs off the bed, and stand up, or do I have to help you?" Ann asked.

"Mmmpphhh!" Sandy struggled to say 'No' but that was all that came out as he dropped his feet to the floor and raised himself upright.

"Right, let's get these off and you into some clean panties! Then the fun can begin." Ann finished with a smile.

Sandy started to sweat when he heard that, Ann was a beautiful woman, but she was also a lot stronger than she looked as she worked out at the local gym and had always been able to beat him in any competitive way, being a very sporty girl at school to arm wrestling for who had the biggest slice of pie.

Sandy could have cried, if men cried that is. Here he was, powerless in his own bedroom, naked in front of his sister, his very hot sister! She had pulled the soaked panties down around his ankles, instructing him to lift one foot, then the other so she could remove them completely. Then, she stood back up, raised her skirt and put her hands up underneath it, then looked up to see Sandy's eyes where following her every move, almost standing out on stalks!

"Ah Ahh, turn around, no peeking!" She said, licking her lips as she did so. Sandy turned away, catching a glimpse of Ann's panties coming down her legs in the wardrobe mirror as he did so.

'Oh wow, I'm going to get to wear Ann's panties, fresh off her body, still warm!' Sandy was becoming excited again, then he heard Ann's voice instructing him to raise one foot, then the other as she slipped the still warm panties up and over his legs, then he felt her hand grab his penis, itself starting to lift and grow again, before pushing it firmly inside her panties, pulling them tightly up and into his crotch.

"Right one more thing, now don't you dare move from this spot or else I'll tell mom on you!" Ann threatened.

He nodded as Ann left the room, gone to do or get something, he knew not what or where. He stood there waiting, his penis hardening in his sisters sexy white nylon panties, then shrinking as his thoughts turned to what she might have planned for him. Five minutes must have passed, he not daring to move, nor to try to release himself. Then, from the door;

"Okay Sandy, close your eyes. Are your eyes closed little brother?" He nodded as he closed them.

He felt, more than heard her, step up behind him. Then something was slipped over his eyes and when he tried to open them, he saw nothing! The little witch had blindfolded him! Then, as sometimes can be the case, the loss of one sense increased the sensitivity of the other senses. He could feel her close behind him as she tied off the blindfold, she was no longer wearing her short skirt, he could feel some silky fabric brushing the backs of his thighs, he could feel her pert breasts rubbing his bare back, her nipples hard.

Then he felt her hands at his ankles again, heard her voice instructing him to lift first one foot, then the other, as before, but this time whatever was being raised up his legs had more resistance and was much tighter. Her hands guided whatever it was over his silken clad penis and bottom and as the new panties were eased into place, he had to breath in as they were so tight.

"Okay, I'm going to untie your gag Sandy okay, don't make a sound or you know what, okay?" Ann said, whispering into his ear.

He nodded, completely beaten by his own big sis.

"Hey, these are my pantihose!" She said as she got the knots free.

"Okay, spit those panties out little bro." She instructed.

Doing so, he licked his mouth out for he was getting dry.

"What's up bro, thirsty? Nod if you are, no noise remember!" She commanded.

He was, so he nodded.

"Okay, open wide and this should help your thirst."

'What?' he thought, but did as he was told, opening his mouth good and wide. Imagine his shock when a wad of damp material was pushed into his mouth, then the pantihose gag was wrapped around his mouth again.

"Mmmppggghhh!" He tried to say something, only to be unable to make much of a sound, but at least this material was damp, so he could try to suck a little moisture from whatever it was.

"Okay, one more thing to do. Let's keep those hands of yours from roving, I am your sister after all!" Ann said as she tied the feet of another pair of pantihose around the bonds at Sandy's wrists. He then felt her thread the legs of the pantihose between his legs, before pulling the body of the hose up his front, and stretching them over his head, releasing it behind his neck. This had the effect of pulling his hands tight against his own nylon clad bottom, unable to move his hands or arms away from his own body.

"Okay, nearly ready now Sandy, just another minute and we can start." There was a series of gentle clicks somewhere in the room, then his sister was back at his side and instructing him to ease himself back onto the bed. As he did so, he realised that the bedclothes had been peeled back and he was now laying on the bottom sheet.

"Shuffle over a bit dear, make some room for me!" As he shuffled over as best he could, he felt first the bedding being lowered over him, then the bed dipped behind him as his sister climbed in with him, laying one arm over his naked stomach, pulling him back into her body, her breasts once again pressed up against his bare back.

He could feel her now, her hot lithe body pressing up against his, she was obviously dressed in her satin nightie, maybe nothing else, her long auburn hair falling over his shoulder as she spooned her body with his, her hand resting on his stomach, playfully moving up and down the panties covering his penis.

He shuddered everytime her hand moved over his crotch, he could feel her hand moving in circles over his bare skin, his legs shaking in response to her legs gently rubbing his, his breath coming in shorter and shorter pants as he spasmed and he orgasmed again, his semen spurting out into his sisters' sexy white nylon panties, held in place by the tighter panties over them.

He gasped and sucked on the panties in his mouth held in by the pantihose, unable to see what his sister looked like in her nightie, only able to try to imagine what she must look like. He came and came again, his gasps echoed by his sisters' as she too orgasmed in sympathy as her little brother ejaculated into her panties, held against the strain by one of their mother's old pantie girdles.

Finally they both were spent, exhausted and drained. Sandy's bed would need a complete change after this morning's fun and games, that was for sure.

"Okay little brother, roll over here and let me untie you. Then we need to talk."

First she untied the blindfold, a pair of her old black opaque winter tights, but leaving him otherwise tied and gagged, she rolled him over, then pulling the bedcloths back, she straddled him, in her nightie, rucked up, exposing a LOT of her legs, the top of it straining against the weight of her breasts, pushing against the satin, her own panties quite wet.

'God my sister is HOT!" Sandy thought looking up at her breasts heaving above him. Even hot and sweating from the exertion, she was gorgeous!

"Now, I came back because mom and I had been talking as we noticed that some of our panties went missing from the laundry basket from time to time, before being found back there a day or so later. I thought I should be the one to find out what you were doing with them. I don't know if you heard some clicks a little earlier, well, that was me taking some pictures of you in my panties. The pictures are insurance about you doing this sort of thing again, without me that is! If you want to wear my used panties, or mom's then fine, but only when mom is out of the house, and I can be here as well, understood? Good, I'm glad we have cleared this up. By the way," she said with a sly smile, "How are those panties in your mouth? Good and damp are they?"

He nodded. There were wonderfully wet now, her juices were flooding out and into his mouth, swallowed lovingly just as quickly as he could.

"Well, I'm glad about that, 'cos actually, they are the ones I found you in when I came home! Any juice in them, is yours!"

His eyes gave away the horror he felt at this.

"Right, I'll just leave you whilst I go get showered and dressed, and of course, upload this digital images to somewhere on the net. Somewhere you can't get them, but my friends will if you try anything. I'll be back just as soon as I can. Enjoy the rest of your morning off, won't you?"

With that, she slowly eased herself off him, and the bed, and wiggled her way out of the room, humming to herself as she went to upload the pictures somewhere Sandy would not be able to get hold of them, then to have a shower whilst Sandy tried to stop himself drooling and swallowing his own semen on the panties stuffed in his mouth, without much success it must be said.

The end.

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