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kaylaIt all came about by accident, honest! I was shopping in town as usual the other weekend and I was talking to this very pretty young woman, everything normal and thinking how pretty she was and how nice it must be to be her with her fantastic long platinum blonde hair hanging down below her firm shapely breasts and her tight black shop skirt when it happened!

Suddenly I was looking back at me standing in front of the shop counter and I could feel the sensations in her body as her nipples hardened against her bra, quite lacy from what I could feel hugging MY breasts, and her vagina moist against her panties. My body looked as shocked as I now felt, then I was back in my own body looking back at her again. Neither of us said a word and both walked away without looking back. I left the shop and she disappeared into the back of the shop.


I got home and thought again of how it had felt being in her body, absolutely fantastic to be honest, she was HOT to say the least and being in her was very arousing for me just thinking back to the experience. I had no idea of how she had taken to being in my body but hoped that she was as freaked out by this as me, though she had just all but run off.

Could I do this again I wondered? I thought of her again and tried to imagine myself in her body again, but nothing happened this time. That was SO disappointing!

So, whatever happened, it wasn't real, I guess I was just day dreaming because let's face it, outside of a fantasy story there's no such thing as magic, right?

I had gone to bed and finally dozed off when I was awakened by loud music in my ears, I opened my eyes expecting to find the inconsiderate neighbours where playing their hi-fi too loud for that time of night, but when my eyes adjusted I was sat in a simple hard chair. And I wasn't me, again! I was that girl but this time I was bound and gagged and I had something uncomfortable up my arse. As I tried to move to ease the discomfort I found that I was bound so firmly movement was almost impossible. I was as I said gagged and had loud music playing directly in my ears, I was apparently wearing some sort of earplugs from a MP3 player or similar.

Kayla self-tied to her own chairMy ankles where bound together and although I could not see them, they were fastened with rope to one side of the chair and if I tried to move them, the ropes cut into my ankles, there was just enough give in the rope that if I did not move them they did not hurt. I can't say I was comfortable, but if I stopped trying to move them, the pain subsided. My legs were bound in pink rope around and around and seemed to fastened to the opposite side of the chair seat from my ankles, so I was sitting somewhat twisted. And I was wearing black tights or stockings and a tight black skirt!

I couldn't move my upper body at all, there were some red ropes crisscrossing my torso splitting my large firm breasts in a white blouse, I had BREASTS!  And they were firm, heavy and sensitive, especially the hardened nipples visible through the material. I tried to look down but there was something fastened around my throat which tightened as I tried to move my head. I was more than ready to scream at this nightmare but the panel gag stopped any sound getting past it. I couldn't even bring my hands forward to untie myself or, being honest, copping a feel of the wonderful breasts hanging in front of me! They were tied in some fashion behind my back and from the aches in them, obviously had been for some time.

What ever was stuffed up my arse was making itself more and more known as my body squirmed around on it and my crotch started feeling strange as some liquid seemed to be weeping out down there. I couldn't even feel myself to find out if I had a vagina or not, but going from the rest of the body I was in, I had one I was sure. But why couldn't I wake up?

I'd never had a dream or nightmare like this, not one that I could remember anyway.

Then things got really weird! I walked into the room! Yes, me, or at least my own body walked in to stand in front of me, or at least the woman's body I was apparently inhabiting whilst tied to the chair. What. The. Hell?

The last I knew, I was at home in bed asleep and now I was in front of me as impossible as this was sounding, this is what was happening! This dream was blowing my mind, why couldn't I just wake up? Then I sat on MY lap!

My body was sitting on my lap and I could feel every pound of ME as I sat there, I looked into my eyes and he smiled at me, then he raised my hands and gently held my face as looked deeply into my eyes and he caressed my face, easing my platinum blonde hair away from my eyes and removed the earplugs from my ears, allowing me to hear again, then he, I, she spoke.

"Don't worry, I mean you no harm, I just wanted to be with you. I know you were attracted to me from the first time we met, but neither of us seemed willing to take it any further than that. I've wanted you ever since and now we have a chance of being together if you are willing. I'm Kayla, or rather your current body is Kayla and my essence is within your body just as your essence is within mine. Hope you've enjoyed the sensations of being in mine. I must admit I've liked being in your body. Sorry you're all tied up but I needed some time to find out where you were so I could bring your body to me so that we could talk."

"I didn't want to you freak out when you found yourself in my body and run about and risk damaging my beautiful body or screaming so I'm sorry but I had to tie myself up before I transferring our essences to each others bodies. Okay, I'll remove the gag if you promise not to scream and think about what I've said and so we can talk, okay?" she asked.

I thought about it for all of 2 seconds, I wanted the gag out so I could ask her what the fuck was going on, but also, my hands caressing my, her, face were distracting and calming me down so I nodded. She, I smiled, and she reached behind my head and undid the strap of the gag and gently eased the gag out of my mouth. Before I could say a word, she leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips. It may sound weird me kissing me, and it was, but it was also a man kissing a woman in more ways than one, on the one hand he was kissing me, in Kayla's body, and I, a man was kissing Kayla in my male body. And I was feeling all the emotions and feelings of a woman's body kissing a man, and wow, at least one of us is a good kisser!

"Hmmm" I murmured, "That was really nice. A little weird, kissing myself, but nice." My body was having all sorts of reactions to kissing myself, my nipples were hardening and getting more sensitive by the second and my vagina was feeling something and I was feeling my panties getting damp, and a quick glance down as my (male) crotch still sat on my lap, showed a bulge growing in my trousers, so I wasn't the only one enjoying the situation. Perhaps it was being bound and helpless to resist or maybe it was a case of Kayla was whom I'd been waiting for all the lonely years.

"Okay" I asked "do you want to talk or shall I untie you first?"

"Can't we talk whilst you untie me?" I asked. Kayla's lovely female voice teased me, the male me inside her as well as the male me sat on my lap.

"Okay, let me start on your ropes, you just sit there and let me do the work." So I did, and yes, the bondage and helplessness certainly played it's part in enhancing our budding relationship!

As I untied the ropes securing Kayla's body to the chair, my hands couldn't help but caress my nylon clad legs and I found myself enjoying this sensation. I'd never thought of myself being into bondage and certainly never thought of dressing in woman's clothing, but hell, this was such a turn on. The feeling of support my breasts where getting from the satin and lace bra as well as the sensations from the bra rubbing my oh so sensitive nipples were so distracting, I found myself gently squirming on whatever it was stuffed up my, Kayla's butt. So much so, Kayla, in my body had to tell me to stop enjoying herself so much!

Finally the last of the ropes was released and I could stand, and then the butt plug made itself known and released itself and I needed to use the toilet urgently.

Kayla said "You might want to slip the heels off to walk first and the toilet is through that door" as she led me out of the bedroom that I had awoken in, tied to the chair, earlier this evening.

"Don't forget, in my body, pull the skirt up, tights and panties down, try to catch the butt plug as it comes out, and you'll need to sit down to use the toilet!"

"Thanks for the tips, I'll be out soon." I said and closed the door for some privacy even though I was in her body and I was going to be doing something she did and saw everyday. I did as she suggested and having finished and dried myself off, front and back, i took the opportunity to give my female bits a caress or two, or three! Wow, females are really sensitive there but the boobs! Oh wow!

I opened the door and Kayla, I was nowhere to be seen. I called out to her, him and she, he called back that she, he was downstairs and to come on down. I went down the stairs carefully as this was the first time doing so in a tight knee length skirt never mind having the extra weights on my chest and whilst the body may know how to walk, I didn't want to end up going tits over ass the first time I was in Kayla's body, not the best of impressions to make, not now we've finally met and were finding our way with each other.

I found her in the kitchen making a pot of tea and we sat around her kitchen table and sipped our drinks and talked late into the night. You may wonder why I seemed so comfortable being in her body talking to her in mine, I can't explain it, it just seemed so right even though I would never have thought this possible before. I mean, body swapping! Talking to a beautiful lady whilst being in her body! Being a beautiful lady! I found I didn't really want this to end. Of course I found out much later why I was not freaked out as much as you would expect, Kayla had cast a calming spell on me, but deep down, really deep down, I was happy for although I didn't know it consciously at the time, Fate had arranged for Kayla and I to meet, for we were soul mates and destined to be together.

kayla sat on our bed, she still looks really good after 50 years of marriage and 30 children don't you think?We found that we had so much in common and that we enjoyed being able to talk to one another so freely I never actually noticed when Kayla switched us back into our own bodies, we just talked and talked until by dawn we were in bed together having made the most incredible love to one another, first I was on top, then without moving I was inside Kayla and she took charge and rammed her self into me as she knew just how much her body could take and wanted to be made love to so much.

We moved in together that same day and we've been together ever since. She once explained that she is descended from a long line of super-powerful white witches, the platinum blonde hair should have been a giveaway, but honestly, magic? There's no such thing.... Right?


Our children have her powers, her hair and my nature and strengths, they are out in the world now, striking out on their own, looking for their own partners, I hope you might be lucky enough to attract their attention, Kayla and I look forward to welcoming you to our ever growing family. We've been together over 50 years now and thanks to Kayla's magic, we still look in our mid thirties and Kayla's pregnant with our 30th child. Sometimes I'm the one who's pregnant, though to be honest, carrying a baby isn't always the fun job especially when she kicks my bladder overnight, but I do still like to give Kayla a break from being the mother of our latest daughter!

And yes, we still enjoy our bondage at least once a week, though Kayla's excused from being the one tied when she's pregnant, sometimes I'm the one tied up, other times Kayla is and still other times it's me tied up in Kayla's body or she's tied up whilst in my body, whichever way round we do it, we enjoy both the teasing, foreplay and the mind blowing sex each and every time!

I hope you'll enjoy being with one of our daughters, if you're reading this then she's chosen you and you're just coming to terms with being in love with a body switching white witch and ALL that that entails!

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