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PJB (C) 2016 Tied to chair with rope, straps, gagged, vibrator and beltedThere I was, minding my own business when I was grabbed from behind, a sweet smelling cloth held over my mouth and nose and before I knew what was happening, everything went dark. When I awoke, I found myself sat in a steel framed chair with my ankles strapped to the steel legs, my knees tied together with coills of rope and breast bound to the chair. I couldn't move much as a belt was also around my waist pulled tight, very tight, fastening me to the chair so I had very little freedom of movement. I was firmly gagged and had some sort of hard plastic collar around my neck making it both difficult to take a deep breath and I couldn't move my head to look down or around to see what was happening. My arms were strapped to a metal bar above and behind my head so I couldn't lower them and just had to sit there and await whatever my captor had in mind for me. The orange and black thing that you can see on my skirt was some sort of music player which was turned up quite loud so I couldn't hear anything other than the music playing in my ears and the white thing between my knees was a "hitachi wand" on some sort of random timer and the head of that was pressed against my crotch. I know this as although I couldn't look down much, there was a laptop in my sight line which had a countdown timer and the screen showed a webcam image of me tied to the chair and whatever it was behind me. Everytime I struggled, a bar went red and the timer showing how long I had to wait for release or whatever increased, so after adding several minutes to the initial time shown, I realised the more I tried to get free, the longer it would be before I was released, so I tried to be as still as I could. It seemed to be working as the countdown started to slowly reduce towards zero. Then I found out the wand was on a timer as it kicked in and made me jump, which set the timer on screen to climbing again. The wand didn't seem to want to stop either, it went on and on, making me horny and getting wetter and wetter. My panties started to feel damp and the vibrations carried on until with a great sigh it switched off. The sudden stopping made me writhe, which added more time to the laptop's timer which made me realise that I would have to be very still for the next half hour or so or I'd be there all night. Less than a minute later, the wand started up again and again, my instincts to get away from it made me struggle and the timer started to increase again. I was moaning behind the tight gag and this time I noticed that there was a second bar on screen and when I moaned, this bar too went red if I moaned too loud and as it did so, the collar around my neck tightened, making it difficult to for me to breathe. On and on the wand did it's job turning on and off at some preset times and for differing durations of vibrations. The vibrations made me moan, the louder the moans, the tighter my neck collar became, the less air I had, the quieter I became and the collar would loosen though it seemed to remain a little tighter than it had been before.  

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