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pmsmeans 1Had a really stressful day yesterday, one job in particular took four hours when it should have taken less than 2 due in the main to the customer demanding I switched to different issues rather than allowing me to complete one issue before moving onto the next.

So last night, still having gritty eyes from the job I decided that overnight I'd be in my white panties, white bra and slip. Got up today and added a pair of black tights, firm satin red panties, white satin blouse and tight black butt-hugging mini skirt and heels. I spent early morning fully dressed whilst having my breakfast, then removed my blouse and pulled a sweatshirt on with a fleece on top.

This afternoon, needed some more relaxing and de-stressing so got my stuff together and went into the back bedroom. Stripped off my sweatshirt, fleece and jeans, down to my bra, slip, tights and panties. First I put my purple patent heels on, got into my black butt-hugger Mini-Skirt, placed the straps and padlocks around my ankles and under my heels so that I am unable to remove my heels. Creamed up a nice butt plug and pulling my tights and panties down, inserted the plug up and into place, pulling my tights and panties back up snuggly to keep the butt plug firmly in place.

Next I tucked my white satin blouse into the waist band of my tight black skirt adjusting my breasts to show their nipples pushing through the blouse as they would get harder the longer the session went on. Plugged a set of earphones into my mobile phone and tuned it to the local radio station. Earplugs in place, a large ballgag trapping the leads securely then tucked the phone up my skirt so it stayed in place. Got a coil of red bondage rope and wrapped it around my ankles, then made a loop between my ankles with it and pulled it tight so I could not move my ankles or free my feet, then threaded the rope under the steel bar at the base of the chair legs and pulled the rope tight behind the chair, fastening it off at the back bringing it around my stomach and bringing it to the back chair to be tied off tightly to the rope from my ankles. This way I was unable to lift my feet off the steel bar and remained in place on the chair, my butt plug gently sliding up and down as I struggled which made me horny all over again.

So I was now fastened in the chair and to the chair. A couple of plastic tree ties fastened together made a wonderful belt to fasten my legs together above my knees so I couldn't spread my legs. A pair of tree ties looped at the back of the chair, one on each side make wonderful wrist restraints, already prepared for me. A pair of gloves on my hands and a pair of metal cuffs with magnetic fastenings, one on each wrist with a loop on each for a padlock would be the final items.

Before then however, as well as the ballgag already in place, I pulled a tight and very effective blindfold over my eyes, the straps keeping the earplugs in place as well, then a leather hood pulled over the lot, with some effort, now being blind and my hands in gloves which restrict my ability to feel exactly what I'm doing the hood laces are pulled tight and the neck strap is pulled and belted off keeping me in a pretty effective isolation effect.

A quick grope to one side finds the Hitachi Wand which is placed on my knees, with it's head tucked under my skirt keeping it in place not quite touching my crotch, then struggling a bit now, fed the rings on the wrist cuffs into the padlock and locked it. Both wrists went into the loops on the chair back uprights and they were adjusted just right to allow my cuffed wrists to slip into one, then a bit of a stretch, into the other and I was stuck until I was sufficiently de-stressed to consider escaping. Of course my nose did start to itch 2 minutes later! Tough!

An hour, and some very wet panties later, I was much more relaxed and ready to free myself and get on with my day. I can't wait for tonight when I'll probably have another session then be allowed to have a shower to get clean and dry once more.

That evening I still needed more de-stressing after a whinging phone call from the customer whose job took so long yesterday. Finally got rid of her and spent the evening dressed in my white satin blouse and short tight mini-skirt, this time my purple one which pretty well matched my high heels.

When I went to bed I decided that it was still not enough, so dropping my panties I  slipped the larger penis shaped butt plug into place and pulled my tights and panties up to fasten the plug firmly in place. Fastening my heels onto my feet with the straps and mini padlocks made specifically for this purpose, I bent over and crossed my ankles and fastened a soft yet secure rubber strap around my ankles, tightening it up so my ankles stayed together. A longer similar strap went around my legs just above my knees which kept my legs tightly together and a little bit of pressure on my crotch also helped by my control panties.

I adjusted my breasts in my matching red coral lacy bra and added my panel gag securing it behind my head but allowing my long blonde hair to fall down my back. Putting an arm strap and wrist cuffs to one side of me, I got hold of my blackout blindfold and turned the bedside lamp out and fitted the blindfold over my eyes, fastening it by feel behind my head, the straps covering my ears thus muffling my hearing. Slipping my arms into the arm strap behind me and then my wrists into the cuffs, I laid down on the bed.

I was basically deaf, dumb and blind, bound in tights and tight panties, my breast forms in my bra where heavy on my chest and I could just feel the bra straps on my shoulders and behind my back. I was in near total darkness and in total  chewing gently on my gag, allowing my stress to disappear into the darkness.

Some time later I must have actually dozed off as I managed to roll off the bed and smashed through the bedside table before hitting the floor. The table suffered as did my ribs where some part of the table hit me as it shattered.

My biggest concern was not that I had fallen out of bed but that the table had a telephone, electric alarm clock and electric lamp as well as a glass of water, and I was sitting in the resulting debris!

Even blindfolded and tied, as well as gagged I had the presence of mind to swing my legs away from the bed and use my arms, tied behind my back still, to push myself out of the wet patch and do my best to get away from the chance of the water getting anyway near the electric items.

I managed to free my wrists and then my arms and groped for the fastening to my blindfold, allowing me to see just what I'd done. Luckily there was enough moonlight coming through the curtains to allow to see I was clear of the water, so even though I was a little stunned from the fall I was clear headed enough to make the most of the event. I freed my legs and my ankles of their straps, removed the straps around my heels so I could remove my shoes and managed to get up.

Still dressed and gagged I went into the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels and mopped up the worst of the damp and picked up the remanents of the bedside table, nothing else was broken thankfully, though my lower ribs ached. I took the table top downstairs to go to the tip later and got myself a fresh glass of water for the morning, went back upstairs, the butt plug moving sensually as I went up and down the stairs, before making things safe around the bed. I pulled my skirt down and removed my blouse and checked for cuts and grazes. Apart from a graze on my side where the table hit, which developed into a pretty stunning bruise a day or so later, my only other visible injury was a graze from my wrist half way down towards my elbow, obviously the location where I'd hit the table as I fell.

babydollRemoving my tights and panties and allowing the butt plug to fall free I pulled on a fresh pair of panties, grabbed my baby doll nightie I finally removed the ballgag, gave it a rinse in the bathroom sink, left it to dry and finally went to bed for the rest of the night planing to find a replacement bedside table in the morning, which I did.

I actually slept very well, I was so un-stressed after that night, in the morning although I was sore I was also very relaxed and had my breakfast just in my bra, tights and panties, wearing only my incredibly sexy sheer baby doll before I got dressed suitable to go into town.

Now, if I need to think about the dreadful lady who caused the amount of stress, instead I think of that night and how much stress it cleared from me and my life, though I'm somewhat unwilling to risk it again, bedside tables can be painful, and they're not cheap!

Post script: I told you I was stressed, I actually suffered a stroke a few weeks later.

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