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A word from the author! The people and places are all from my imagination; although there is a place called Maysville in KY, I've never been there (and probably won't be allowed there now). The house, lawyers office and such like are likewise all in my imagination, as far as I know! Any resemblence to any person, dead or living, is pure coincidence.

My Thanks as ever to SteveZ for his tireless editing and suggestions.

It was a real surprise. The call from the attorneys came from out of the blue. Neither Peter nor Jane knew that they had a rich, a VERY rich relative. Apparently she was a great-aunt on Jane's mother's sister's mother's side or some such. By the time the lawyer had explained this, they where confused enough. Still, they were not well off, and the promise of a large inheritance, plus the tickets to travel by train from Chicago to the solicitor's office in Maysville, Kentucky were enough to send them halfway across the eastern half of the country.

They left their little apartment and caught the Amtrak, Cardinal 50 train to Washington. The tickets were first class, so they enjoyed some private, quality time together for the first time in ages. It was the first time they had been warm in the winter for years. They left Chicago's Union Station shortly before 8pm, and settled into their cabin after a visit to the dining car.

The arrival time at Maysville was about 7am the next morning, so they arranged for an early call, and decided to go to bed early. Peter put his usual pajamas on, whilst Jane slipped into her ankle length nightdress, neither looking at the other. However, the night they spent in the sleeper was wonderful; perhaps it was the rocking of the train or maybe something else, but the sexual escapades they shared that night were enough to start to rekindle their marriage. They still loved each other, but there was something missing from their marriage, but not just money. They each had a secret that neither dared speak out loud.

The purser gave them their early call as promised, about 5:30am, as the train pulled out of Cincinnati. They dressed, lingering this time on each other's bodies. A quick caress, then Peter shaved whilst Jane did her makeup for the day. A quick visit to the dining car for an early breakfast, and then they sat in their cabin and waited for the train to arrive at Maysville.


Although officially the train did not stop there, that day it did. For whatever reason, the train pulled into the station, stopping for them alone to alight. The attorney had arranged for them to be met, and the taxi took them straight to his office. The time was only about 7:15am, and he was waiting for them at this early hour; something was going on here, but what?

"Good morning, Jane, Peter, my name is Wilberforce, your Great Aunt's lawyer. I hope you've had a restful journey? Yes? Good. Now, I have some news for you. Your great-aunt Millicent passed away recently, and although you never met her, she knew of you and approved very much of your marriage. She was a VERY wealthy lady, and she has left everything to you both."

"Oh, but why us, Mother never spoke of her at all?" Jane said. "It's wonderful news that she thought of us, but what have we done to deserve this?"

Peter nodded, "Yes, why us? We have done nothing to be named in her will, we never even knew she existed."

"Well, apparently this was part of her liking for you both. You never approached her for money, even though you needed it. Also, your mother, Jane, knew all about Millicent, but kept the knowledge from you both. She was also your Aunt's favorite relative. When she died, and you married, she kept a gentle eye over you both. She was quite a gifted lady, in many ways as I am sure you will find out in due course.

"Now," he continued, "would you like me to read the will? There are a few conditions that may surprise you, as well as the amount you may inherit in due course."

"Yes, please," Jane said, whilst both she and Peter were thinking, 'conditions?'

"Fine, we'll skip the boring bits, and get right to the bequests. 'I leave my entire estate, possessions and funds, to Peter and Jane, so long as they are both married to each other at the time of my death, subject to the following conditions. These conditions are on the videotape my lawyer will now play.'"

Suiting words to actions, he inserted a videotape in the television/video player in the corner of the office. Pressing play, he settled down to watch the young couple's faces, as he had already seen the tape once before. The static dissolved, and the face of a stranger looked out at them, paused, then started to speak.

"Hello, Jane, Peter. Thank you for coming, I am sorry I never met you in life, but in my death, perhaps I can make things, and life, wonderful for you. I bequeath all my money, possessions and property to you both. However, there are a couple of conditions which MUST be fulfilled for you to receive everything. If you refuse them, or do not carry out my wishes, then you will lose everything, and it will be split amongst a number of charities.

"These conditions are to be known only to the three of you here in this room. Don't worry about Mr. Wilberforce, he is completely trustworthy, and will not betray you. He knows what would happen to him if he did." She smiled to take the sting out of her remark, though Wilberforce paled slightly.

She continued, "My conditions are as follows: first, you will immediately move into my house just outside of town; you will live there for a period of one year. You may live there for as long as you wish, once the initial conditions have been met. The second condition is this," here she seemed to stare directly at Jane through the television screen.

"Jane, you will live as Peter. You will dress as if a man, you will act as if a man. Also, you will find work here in town as a man. There is an opening for an architect at a firm in this very building." Now she turned, and her attention seemed directed straight at Peter.

"Peter, you will help Jane in her behavior as a man; she will become as you. Likewise, she will help you! You will live as Jane, you will dress as if a woman, you will act as if a woman, and you will look after the house as a woman would. You will also find employment, I'm sure; there are a lot of people here who would love the attentions of a hairdresser.

"As long as these conditions are met for a period of one year from your moving in, and you must at all times be in character as it where, the house and funds will become yours. After that time, you can decide what to do and where to go from there. In the meantime, you will both receive a generous allowance to live on. Obviously, there are some things that will not change, like going to the toilet and having sex, but you will have to do it as if you were the opposite sex. If, however, at any time, you are seen or found to be acting out of character, even in bed, for example, then you will leave my house and not receive a further dollar from my estate. The actual inheritance will be made clear to you only upon successful completion of this first year.

"Now, give it some thought, and let Wilberforce know your answer. If I know you, you will enjoy your time in the house and succeed." Millicent seemed to smile directly at the pair of them through the screen, as if she were in on something secret, impossible though it seemed.

"So, there you have it," Wilberforce said. "If you would like any further information that I can give you, just ask. If you wish to discuss the matter in private, please use the room through here. In the event you do decide to go ahead with this, there are a number of sets of clothes for you both to use, instead of your own, as you will need to start immediately with your changes. As you are a hairdresser, Peter, you will also find scissors and an electric razor, so you may shape Jane's hair to that of a man's. Also, there are several items that you would need to appear female. You know, makeup, underwear and err, fillings, shall we say?"

Peter and Jane went into the room Wilberforce indicated. They looked around; as promised, there were two piles of clothes, and various tools necessary for the alterations that Aunt Millie had mentioned. There were also two chairs onto which they both sat. They looked at one another in silence for some time, their thoughts whirling around in their heads.

Finally, Peter broke the silence. "I'm willing to give it a go if you are, dear," he said carefully. He didn't want to let on just how much he wanted Jane to say yes to this whole thing. It didn't even matter to him not knowing just how much money was involved, he wanted to become a woman, even if it was only in appearance, to wear the clothes, to be made up properly and to spend time as a woman, with the woman he loved as a man. Thank God that Jane didn't know that he would wear her clothes from the laundry basket whilst she was out at work.

Jane couldn't believe what Peter had just said; she so wanted to do this, the money was nice, and it would make things incredibly comfortable for them both, but it didn't really count. What did was the chance to dress up, with Peter's help, to look and act as a man. What he didn't know was that while he was working weekends, she would get his clothes out of the laundry basket and pretend that she was a man.

"Oh, Peter, you really do love me, don't you? Oh, I want to do this, it's not the money, but I'll do it only if you want to," she said, silently willing him to say yes.

"Okay, let's do it! I think Aunt Millie was right, we are going to enjoy this!"

So, they checked out their piles. First they looked at Peter's pile. There was a lacy but firm control panty corselet fitted with hip enhancers, some barely black tights, a ladyshave razor, some calf-high boots with two-inch heels and a pair of false breasts. These looked and felt so real they were incredible. He had never dreamt of such realistic falsies. A cerise satin camisole trimmed with black lace finished off the underwear side of things, while the outer clothes were a crisp white blouse with a knee length black skirt, and an auburn bob wig finished off the pile. On a table by the clothes was a makeup kit and mirror.

Peter stripped off his clothes and pulled on the control corselet. He tucked a rather excited male organ into place and pulled the garment up tightly and snugly, slipping his arms though the straps. The ladyshave was plugged in, and he spent the next half hour shaving off the body hair on his legs and arms.

Meanwhile, Jane checked out the pile of male clothing put out for her. There was a pair of boxer shorts, some socks and a pair of brogues. She slipped out of her dress, undid her bra clasp and dropped that onto the dress. Her panties quickly followed, and she slipped the boxers on in their place. They felt so right, cotton boxers loose around her crotch, wonderful! Next, a T-shirt. She pulled it on over her head and down her body. Incredibly, it actually tightened up across her breasts, pulling them flatter, making her bosom less noticeable and firmer. The trousers fitted well, but baggy, more male than form fitting as she was used to.

"Leave the shirt off, Jane; I'll cut your hair in a minute. Oh, you'll need to wipe your makeup off, too. Thank goodness you don't pluck your eyebrows like most women," Peter said, as he finished his shaving.

"Okay, darling, you leave your blouse off, too, then I'll make you up. Once we get settled, you can learn to do it yourself, okay?" she replied.

"Hmmm, yes," he said, as he rolled up the tights to their toes and started to put them on, one leg at a time. They felt to smooth and silky as they unrolled up his legs. He pulled them gently into place and smoothed out the seam so it was straight. He picked up the breast forms, and carefully placed one into each of the bra cups, adjusting them so that the nipples were front and center of the cup. The satin camisole was next, then the skirt. Fantastic, it fit him so well it could have been made to measure for him. It finished just above his knees, and although it was stretchy, it was tight enough to make walking like a woman natural, as it restricted his stride.

Next on went the wig; what a quality to the hair, it felt so real. Finally, he pulled on the boots, leaving just the blouse to go on when Jane had finished with the makeup. He walked around the room to get the hang of the heels on the boots, but it didn't take him long. All his memories of walking in Janes' much higher heeled shoes came back, and he soon was walking in them as easily as if in his old trainers.

Jane sat in the chair, in front of the mirror, and watched her husband cut her hair into a male style. It was weird and quite erotic to see a part naked woman in the mirror walking around behind the chair as her husband cut her hair. She could feel damp in her crotch, she just hoped that there would some spare clothes at the house, when they eventually got there!

"Okay, put your shirt and tie on, then you can do my makeup for me if you please, kind sir," Peter giggled.

"Right, my lady, sit thyself in this chair, and I will do just that," Jane giggled back at Peter.

Jane finished dressing, and then applied herself to making Peter up. She didn't make him up to look like a man in drag; luckily, Peter was quite trim. What wasn't feminine curves now, would improve with a little exercise and padding in the right places. No, she made him up as if doing her own makeup. Subtle, yet sufficient to hide the fact that he was a man. Quite tastefully, in fact.

"Okay, let's go out and see what Wilberforce thinks of us, eh, Peter?" Jane said after she finished.

"Let me get my blouse on first, lover." Peter thought a little while, then added, "Do you think you should call me Peter anymore? Or me call you Jane? Surely we should swap names, or pick a couple of new ones?"

"Hmm, okay, I'll be David, you could be Diana, what do you think?" Jane suggested.

"Hmm, yes, sounds good to me, David!"

The two of them linked arms and walked out into the main office to show Wilberforce their decision.

"Oh, have you decided not to go ahead, then? Oh, sorry, you have changed, yes of course, your clothes are those set aside for you by your Aunt. Your respective changes are so good you had me fooled there for a moment. Oh, good, I'm so glad you have decided to go for it, as it were. I'm sure you will find the house and this town to your liking," Wilberforce finished. He had been confused at first, for Peter was quite slim, and the padding along with the excellent quality of the clothing and the wig, along with Jane's makeup work, made him look very feminine. Jane's clothing had made her fade into the background alongside her husband in his new form.

"Yes, we will do our best to make sure this works out; we both want to succeed, and not just because of the money. Though it certainly is a chance to have a fresh start for our lives," Diana said.

"Right. Err, Jane, can you please sign this to say that you and Peter accept the conditions, and I'll get you the keys to the house, then take you there myself."

"Fine, but my name is David, and this is my wife, Diana. We want a completely fresh start," David said.

"Well, you'll still need to sign as Jane here, but I will arrange a checking account at the bank on Main Street in your new names as soon as I get back from taking you to the house, okay?"

Jane signed as directed, to say that they accepted the conditions, as did Peter, now Diana. Once finished, they went down the stairs to the street and Jane, as David, strode quite confidently to the waiting car and got in. Peter, as Diana, was a little more cautious; he was suddenly rather aware that HE was going out into public view as a SHE. Wilberforce noticed his hesitation, and offered his arm for Diana to accompany him to the car. Diana was grateful, and when Wilberforce opened the car door for 'her', 'she' felt like giving him a peck on the cheek!

The drive out of town did not take long, and Wilberforce pointed out the various businesses and places of interest on their way. "Over there is the school, next door is the bank. That's the main shopping arcade, behind that park is the cinema," and so on.

All too soon they where pulling into a driveway which led to a mansion! Bearing in mind the low-rent apartment they had left behind, a tidy bungalow with more than one room would have been grand, but this! This was a two story house built along the lines of Tara in Gone With the Wind! Great white stone pillars framed the front entrance; it was too grand to call it a door. The grounds seemed endless, the drive must have been almost a mile long between the road and the house! The grounds were 'mature' and immaculate, not a plant seemed out of place.

"Mr. Wilberforce," said Diana, "who looks after these grounds? It must take a legion of gardeners."

"No, my dear, you will look after them. But don't worry, the house makes sure that nothing much needs doing; also, you will find you do have some helpers, as needed."

"Oh." Diana was confused, he had never looked after a garden before. If Jane, sorry, David had bought a pot plant, he had managed to kill it quite quickly.

"Don't worry, all with become clear with time. Now, here's the keys, open up the house and explore the many rooms. You'll find the kitchen well stocked, and also the wardrobes have a selection of clothes available for your use." So saying, Wilberforce bade them a good day and drove off, back toward town.

"Well," Diana said, "we're in it now! Shall we go exploring as Wilberforce suggested?" 'she' asked David.

"Yes, just as long as you don't want ME to carry YOU over the thresh-hold! After all, isn't that what the man is supposed to do upon first entering a new house?" David asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry, you'll have to leave that until you get some muscles on that body! Anyway, come on, let's go find the bathroom, I need to pee!"

"Okay, but don't forget, you need to sit down to do that..." sniggered David.

"Yeah, right, and you should stand up to do that yourself; what a mess you might make!" Diana joked back.

Anyway, giggling like giddy children, they unlocked the door and went in. What an entrance hall greeted them, it was massive. It seemed so much bigger inside than from the outside, impossible as that seemed. It must have been two stories high itself, with twin staircases spiraling up the far wall to the upstairs floor. There were doors off to the left, to the right, and also underneath the staircases at the rear.

"Well, where do we go first? Left, right, ahead, upstairs?" asked David.

"Upstairs! I wasn't kidding!" Diana said, as he dashed for the right hand staircase.

"Whoa, girl, walk more steadily; remember, you're supposed to be female! Take shorter steps, and pull your skirt back down. You're supposed to ACT feminine, at least!" David reminded Diana.

"Damn!" he muttered, but slowed his pace down and, straightening his skirt, made a more graceful exit up the stairs, heels clicking on the marble steps.

David decided to have a quick explore downstairs, whilst Diana used the toilet. She decided to go from left to right, and suiting thoughts to actions, went through the left hand door into what must be the study or library. It was lined with books from floor to ceiling. The only areas not covered by books were the windows and another door.

'Wow, wonder what the old girl's favorite books were?' David thought as she looked around. She checked out the bookcase nearest to her to see titles like 'Witchcraft and the Nox', 'The Real Sabrina', 'Spellcasting for Learners', 'A Guide Book to the People and Places of Fairy Isle' and 'Mythical Beasts of Legend - Were They Real?'.

'Weird tastes!' David thought. She tried the door in the corner, and found it was just a cupboard, a very large cupboard, but there seemed nothing special in it. Leaving the library, she tried the first door under the stairs, and found herself in a very clean and well appointed kitchen. It even had a great open fireplace with what had to be a cauldron suspended over the center of the fire. Thankfully, it was unlit, and the cauldron was empty.

"Ahh, a kettle, let's get a pot of coffee on the go, if I can find the coffee!" David said to herself as she filled the kettle. Plugging it in, she started hunting through the cupboards for the coffee, finding that, as Wilberforce had promised, the kitchen was very well stocked. Though some of the ingredients she found were strange to her mind. Things such as belladonna, hemblane and the like.

'Now, where is that wife of mine,' she thought as she called out, "Diana, coffee's on, where are you?" stepping out into the hallway again.

"I'm here, dear. You really need to see the upstairs, it's wonderful! Apart from an awesome bathroom, there are loads of bedrooms, all with wardrobes full of clothes in superb condition, and so stylish. The Master Bedroom has lots of clothes in just our sizes, and the material of some are so incredible! I've never even dreamt about being able to wear clothes such as them; I can hardly wait to try them out!" Diana sounded totally giddy as he talked about the clothes on offer upstairs, so much so, David suddenly realized something.

"Oh my God, you wanted this as much as I did, didn't you? You enjoy dressing as a woman, in fact, thinking back, you got the hang of walking in heels very quickly; you've done that before, haven't you?" she accused Diana.

Diana blushed; even through his makeup, it was clear to David as he nodded.

"Oh, don't be ashamed, Di, I've long dreamt of being able to dress as a man and go out as such. I loved you from the minute we met, and although we've had our ups and downs, I love you more now than ever before. Both as my husband, and," a shy smile crept in here, "as my wife, too," David said, almost in tears.

"Oh, David, I knew there was something really special about you, too, from the moment I first saw you. I have loved you all the time I have known you, and now, well, as your wife, my husband, I'm only too glad to be able to cry for us, I am so happy. Men don't cry, by the way; you'll have to not do that in public. Come home and we'll do it together!" Diana sobbed.

After a time of just standing together, hugging each other, they parted rather reluctantly, it must be said.

"Hey, you'll have to get that under control, my good woman, ladies don't have a bulge there! Not unless they have a vibrator plugged in, anyway! By the way, did you find the bathroom okay? I could use it myself now."

"Yes, it was the third door on the right, up the stairs. But how do women cope with the underwear thing when you go? I nearly wet myself before I got the hang of unclipping the crutch catches on this corselet, and I'm afraid I just pulled the skirt up to my waist," Diana explained.

"Okay, well, you take your skirt off, but dresses you can pull up, lower your tights, but stockings stay as they are. Panties lower, corselet as you found, unclips in the crotch and you lift both parts up out of the way. Wipe off afterwards, and put it back together in reverse order. Simple, really!"

They spent the rest of the day exploring the house. It was so large it took them all day to look everywhere they could. The loft and the cellar doors were locked, and there were no keys to be found so far as they could tell. The food they found was of a quality that they would never have afforded before, and they enjoyed it like everything else this first day in their new lives had brought.

Finally, night had fallen; they had spent the evening curled up on the massive sofa in the main lounge, David cuddling Diana to her, her hand caressing Diana's breasts. Incredible, they felt just like a real thing, like her own used to feel. As for Diana, he was almost falling asleep in David's arms, it was so wonderful to be able to dress as a woman and curl up with his wife and be accepted as a woman to her as a man. He could feel her hand caressing his breasts, then he suddenly realized he could feel her hand on the FALSE breast!

"What!" He shifted in her arms, and as she stopped caressing in surprise, he felt his false breasts to find that the nipples where firm and erect, and he could feel them as he touched them!

"What's wrong?" David asked, as she felt him stiffen in her arms.

"I don't know, I felt your hand on my breasts, but they're false! How could this be?" he asked.

"I wonder," David said. "I wonder if it is this house. Wilberforce and Aunt Millie said the house would look after us..."

"Anything is possible, I suppose, just look at the day we are having!" Diana said, settling down again.

"Well, come on, dear, it's ten o'clock and it's been a long day, let's go to bed. Don't forget, you have to get all your makeup off before you come to bed, and I want to see how you look in a nightie!"

"Yeah, well, we'll see how funny you look in pajamas!" Diana said, sticking our his tongue and bursting out laughing.

They went upstairs, hand in hand, something they had not done for many years now. There certainly was something working it's magic on them, but what?

In the bedroom, as they undressed for bed, David found that her pajamas also had a tensioning effect on her breasts, firming them up, but she didn't feel constricted. In fact, she felt the effect less than with a bra.

Diana removed his skirt and blouse, putting all the clothes in the laundry hamper, and slipping off his slippers, removed the tights. Slipping the straps of the camisole and corselet, allowing the camisole to slip to the floor, he eased the corselet down past the false breasts and down his legs. As he stood to drop the underwear in the basket, he realized that the false breasts were now stuck to his body!

He swung around to face David, who looked in amazement at the sight of her 'husband' standing stark naked in front of her, penis and firm breasts pointed directly at her.

"Oh boy! We have GOT to find you a sleep bra, or you will have back ache by morning, and I think you need some cotton panties to spend the night in, too, or neither of us will get any sleep tonight! Oh, damn! We can't have sex!" David said in horror.

"What, why ever not?" Diana said, as he found the sleep bra and panties in a drawer and eased himself into them. "Ah, that's better! Why can't we have sex, I'm horny!"

"Yes, I had noticed! And so am I! BUT, remember the conditions, we have to live as the opposite sex for a year."

"Yeah, so?"

"What happens if I get pregnant?" David said, pointing to her stomach.

"But I want to have sex tonight, it may be the clothes or something else entirely, but I want to have sex now!" Diana wailed.

"So do I, but did you find any condoms in your travels, or any 'pills'?" asked David, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Hang on," Diana said as he slipped a silken nightdress over his head. It was pale lilac and reached to his ankles, trimmed with lace around the neckline and on the hems. He rooted though one of the dresser drawers, and finally came up with a packet of condoms!

"Success, my sweet! Remember, Aunt Millie did say to live as the other, except for sex! So she must have anticipated this sort of problem, bless her."

"Well, come here, drop your knickers and get into bed!" David smiled as Diana did just that, slipping a condom over his firm penis, dropping the nightie back in place as he climbed into bed.

"Oh, no you don't, my girl, YOU'RE on the bottom now!" David said as she lowered her pajama bottoms and straddled her mate, lifting his nightdress up out of the way, then lowered herself onto him.


Intermission: They are adjusting to their new roles quite nicely now.

Perhaps in the morning, Diana will be ready to meet one of the gardeners.

Maybe so, maybe so.

The next morning, they awoke to the sun streaming in though their bedroom window, as was to be expected at this time of year; the sun was quite low in the sky, and hit their bed full on. It was some moments before the two of them realized that they were accepting the change in character in themselves so easily. David pulled off her pajamas and was getting dressed in boxers, T-shirt and trousers before it dawned on her that only yesterday she would have been trying to find a blouse and skirt that was good enough to try to find work in.

Diana had already slipped out of his nightie and sleep bra, delving in the underwear drawer for tights, a fresh bra and matching panties, all before realizing what he was doing, it just seemed so natural to him. Once he had found a suitable set, he gathered everything he would need and headed for the en-suite shower. He quickly ran the shaver over his stubble, then after stripping off the panties, too, he adjusted the temperature of the water. He had a lovely hot shower, shampooing his auburn bob, lathering the shower gel all over his body, then letting it all rinse away. Climbing out of the shower, he dried himself off. Stepping into the panties, he positioned his penis comfortably, then easily slipped the bra on, adjusting the cups under his breasts, easing his arms though the straps and closing the catches behind him. Toweling off his hair, it dawned on him that his breasts, false only yesterday, really did seem to be part of him now. Even throughout the shower they hadn't loosened, and had felt wonderful as he'd massaged the lather around them.

He returned to the bedroom to find David had dressed and gone downstairs to start breakfast. He settled down at the dresser and combed his hair into shape. After putting his tights on, he then reached for a firm control panty girdle, again complete with hip enhancers. He slipped these on and stood up to choose his outfit for the day, at which point he realized that the hair, which was a wig after all, had acted as if it was his own hair. He gave it a gentle pull; it didn't move. He gave a harder pull.

"Ow!" It still didn't move...weird. Moving to the wardrobe, Diana chose a casual outfit for the morning; he was going to have a wander around the grounds this morning, he decided. He picked a crisp white blouse, blue denim jeans, and topped it off with a colorful jersey.

"Breakfast is ready, come and get it!" came floating up the stairs from David in the kitchen.

'Hmm, she needs to work on her voice a little bit yet,' Diana thought. 'Better practice mine, too, for that matter.'

Over breakfast they amused each other by trying out all sorts of voices, until they were happy with how each sounded. They went back upstairs, and David led Diana though putting on makeup. Today, she let him try the foundation, then lipstick. After a few botched attempts, the lipstick was pronounced okay, but the eye shadow and finishing touches, David did for him.

Diana admired himself in the mirror and, truth be told, so did David. She thought how lucky she was to have married someone like Diana, and how really lucky they both were to have the chance they now had.

David decided to go into town this morning to find the bank and check out the details of their 'allowance', plus see Wilberforce again about the architect's position that had been mentioned. Diana said that he would do a little exploring of the grounds this morning, and escorted his husband to the door where they kissed good-bye.

"Okay, now go and retouch your lipstick, dear! Have fun, see you later," David said, as she went down the drive.

Diana did so and, grabbing a coat as there was a cool wind blowing, went into the garden around the back of the house.

What a view, the grounds seemed to go on forever. There was not a house in sight to the left or the right; as for straight ahead, the grounds seemed to go to the horizon! Incredible.

Diana wandered between trees full of autumn color and bushes trimmed into shapes. Some he could recognize, others he could only guess at. Who did the pruning, he wondered?


He walked around a hedge, again, perfectly trimmed into sides so straight they must have been cut with a set square, and saw someone. He seemed to be bare chested behind a group of bushes, quite tall, too, or maybe he was on a hillock or something. "Hello, who are you?" Diana asked. "What are you doing in this garden?"

"My name is Michael. I help look after the grounds with the others. You would be the new Mistress of the House, yes?" he responded in a very deep voice.

"Err, yes, I guess so," Diana smiled. 'Hey! Mistress,' he thought. 'I like that.'

"You're welcome here, Mistress of the House; you'll be happy here, I think. Now, I must go, there are other areas to work on, and you perhaps wish to be alone, yes?" Michael responded, as he backed away into the bushes.

Diana heard horses' hooves fading as Michael disappeared into the bushes. 'Ah,' he thought, 'that's why he seemed so tall, he was on a horse. Hmmm, never saw its head, strange.'

Meanwhile, David had been walking for ages when a car pulled up beside her and a voice shouted out, "Hey, neighbor, want a lift?"

"Thanks, but it's my first day here, and I thought I would like to walk into town and see the scenery," David answered, as she turned to look into the car. She was also nervous about getting into a car with a total stranger, especially as she was dressed as a man, would the impersonation hold up?

"That's okay, I live about two miles further up the road out of town than you do. You're Millicent's Grandnephew, aren't you? I'm Joe, by the way. Jill, my wife, said if I saw either you or your wife to invite you over for dinner sometime soon," he rattled on, hardly pausing for breath as he spoke.

"Yeah, right, okay, err, I'm David. My wife, Diana, and I would be happy to come over once we get a little more settled. Thank you." David finally had a chance to speak when Joe finally paused for breath.

"Great, we'll give you a call in a few days, okay? Bye," Joe said as he put the car into gear and drove off, leaving David on the roadside, grateful that Joe had not pushed the lift idea too much.

Half an hour later, she wished she had taken him up on the offer, as she finally arrived in town, tired and footsore. At least the men's shoes she was wearing were more comfortable than heels would have been after the walk she had gone through.

Entering the bank, she was greeted by the teller who passed her on to the manager, who took her into his office.

"Hello, Mr. Spencer, I'm Justin Roberts, the manager. Mr. Wilberforce has passed me all the relevant details of your move here, and if you would sign here, I'll get you your checkbook and credit cards. Then, if there are any questions, or if you need any help with anything, you can ask me, or anyone in town will be glad to help out one of Millie's kin."

"Right, thanks, can you give me a balance of the account as it stands, please?" she said, as she signed herself David Spencer where indicated. "Mr. Wilberforce said we would have an allowance from the estate for a while, but no figures where mentioned."

"That's fine, thank you. I'll take this away, bring you the paperwork and check on the amount available to you now. I'll just be a minute," Mr. Roberts said, as he left the office. David looked around the room; just a normal small town bank manager's office, she assumed.

Exactly one minute later, Justin was back with the checkbook and credit cards, platinum ones at that! David couldn't believe it; in Chicago, neither of them had ever been issued a credit card, never mind a platinum one.

"Here you go, Mr. Spencer, if you sign the back of your card, then get your wife to sign the back of hers, they are ready to use immediately. Your checking account stands at $10,000, and your monthly allowance is the same, $10,000 paid in on the 1st of the month. Your card limit is $25,000 at present; if it's not enough, then please, come in and discuss it with me."

'Wow!' David thought. 'That's more than we both earned last year, in one month's allowance!'

As she left the bank, she spotted Wilberforce's building across the street, and made her way inside.

The receptionist took one look at David and, sniffing, asked disdainfully if the gentleman had an appointment. Looking down at herself, she realized that her shoes had become rather dusty from the walk into town, as had her trouser legs. If she had not been used to this sort of treatment in Chicago, David may have become upset, but she took it.

"Err, no, but Mr. Wilberf..." David began.

The harridan cut her short. "If you do not have an appointment, you cannot see Mr. Wilberforce. You will need to make an appointment for a week tomorrow. That is the earliest he can see anyone."

"Err, right. I would like to make an appointment then, please. My name is David Spencer."

"Fine, that's Spencer, David, and the appointment is for next... Spencer? Not a relation of Millicent Spencer?" The woman behind the desk went pale, and seemed to almost deflate in front of David's eyes.

"Yes, she's my Great-aunt; my wife and I have just moved in." David was about to ask why when the woman got up and knocked on the office door, opening it for her.

"Mr. Wilberforce, Mr. Spencer is here."

"Come on in, David, come on in," Wilberforce's voice greeted her.

As she went past the receptionist, the woman flinched away and muttered an apology to David.

David gave her a look as she was beginning to realize that Aunt Millie had been held in great regard in this town. Also, the regard had somehow transferred itself to her and Diana.

"Hello, Mr. Wilberforce, thanks for seeing me at such short notice," David began, only for Wilberforce to cut her off, but nicely this time.

"Not at all, my dear, your Aunt would never hear of anyone in town not having the time for you or Diana. Now, what can I do for you?"

"A couple of things; the allowance we receive, what is it for? It's so large, what can we use it on? Also, is there a bus or taxi service we could use? I did walk into town today, but I was regretting it by the time I got here. Finally, how do I go about applying for the architect's job you mentioned?" David asked.

"Right, in order, the allowance is yours, use it for food, gasoline, clothing you may need, or anything else you may wish to buy. The house will pretty much look after itself, you won't need to buy much for it. As for using a bus or taxi, sorry. This is my fault, I should have told you, there is a garage around the side of the house which has your cars in it. I'm surprised, though, that no one offered you a lift whilst you were walking in."

"Actually, they did, but in Chicago you just don't get into a total stranger's car."

"No, perhaps not. But here, you and Diana are perfectly safe. If anyone says or does anything to upset you, just mention that you are Millicent's kin, that will straighten any misunderstanding out; she is, err...was, very highly thought of. Okay?"

"Yes, thank you. I'm starting to see that now," David mused.

"As for the job, you certainly don't have to apply for it, it is yours just as soon as you wish to start. I thought Millicent had made that clear yesterday."

"Oh, right, it's just a lot to take in at once. Although I am a good architect, I could never get a job in Chicago, as there where so many applying for the posts, and they all wanted men. So, we could never get the money together to move more upmarket, as our address always worked against us."

"Well, now your address is going to help you. Also, remember, you are a man now, as far as the rest of the town is concerned, so that is also something that won't work against you any more. Shall I come and introduce you to the others in the office?" Wilberforce offered.

"Yes, please, that way there will be no more unpleasantness," David replied.

"What, who has been unpleasant to you?" Wilberforce snapped.

"Well, your receptionist was not going to let me see you for at least a week, just because I was a bit dusty. Or at least that was the impression I got at first."

"Hmm, right, thank you. Now, let's go across the hall and get you started there."

Wilberforce took David over to the architect's office, and got her installed in a tasteful cubicle, introduced her to the others there, and left her to set herself up. Returning to his office, he glared down at the harridan in the chair. "Well, that was really stupid of you, wasn't it? I think you'd better go home and make ready for tonight. You can have a couple of days off until you get better, but I expect to see you back here Monday morning. Next time, try to think before upsetting a Spencer; you know Millie won't like it!"

"Yes, Mr. Wilberforce, thank you, Mr. Wilberforce," the receptionist said, already scratching her arms which were turning a nice shade of purple.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Diana had found the garage, if something as big as this could be called just a garage. It was just one story high, but was big enough to store a dozen cars, at least. He went in and found that there was a Lincoln, a Cadillac and a matching pair of Ferraris, as well as a Ford Puma.

"Oh, wow! Wonder if I can drive the Ferrari in high heels?" Diana said as he tried the doors or the cars.

"Bummer, locked!" In fact, the only car which was not locked, and had the keys in it, was the Puma. He got in and tried to adjust the belt comfortably across his breasts as the door shut. He turned the key and the engine roared into life. As he did so, a light came on on top of the dashboard, and the garage doors opened automatically.

"Okay, let's try this out." Carefully, as this was the first time he had had a car to drive in a long time, never mind the first time in heels! He engaged drive and pressed the accelerator pedal. The car was tuned to perfection, and it squealed its tires as it zoomed out of the garage. Thankfully, the drive was straight and long here, so Diana was able to stop the car before he hit anything.

"Awesome!" He tried again, this time more carefully, and thankfully, he started to get the hang of driving again, even in heels. Diana decided to drive toward town; perhaps David would be coming back by now, besides, the Puma was a superb car. He was going to enjoy their time at the house, he could tell.

* * *

A little later, he was pulling over to the side of the road to meet David, who had just started to walk back to the house.

"Oh, thank God! I thought I was in good shape, but the walk into town was enough for me today; perhaps over time it'll get easier," David said as she embraced Diana.

"Nice to see you, too, but tell me, how do women drive in heels?" Diana asked her.

"We don't! Or rather, you don't, you wear flats to drive in, then change into heels if you want when you get where you are going, if the occasion merits them, otherwise you can wear the flats, or have a pair of shoes with small heels. Silly girl, let me drive the rest of the way home," David said.

Of course, this was the first time she had driven as powerful a car as the Puma, but by the time they got home, the jerky driving had improved, and she was able to reverse it into the garage quite well.


"Hmm, wonder who looks after these cars? Come on into the house, Diana, I've got a surprise for you; I have your credit card for you to sign, your platinum credit card!"

A little later, after their meal, they had settled down again for the evening, and David was letting her hands 'do the walking' on Diana's breasts and stomach, letting them drop lower so as to caress his legs, when she remembered the invite she had received earlier. "Oh, yes, we must go to at least visit Jill and Joe; having a meal with them might be fun, too," she said.

"Did anything else happen to you today? Wait 'til I tell you what I saw today."

"Nothing much, saw the bank manager and Mr. Wilberforce, made a start at my job. I'm really going to enjoy it here! So, what did you see today?"

"Well, I walked around the grounds a bit and met Michael, one of the gardeners. This place is so big, I think he uses a horse to get around it. Then I found the garage, as you know, and drove to meet you. It really is a wonderful place here, we are so lucky, and I am really lucky to have you, too, dear."

"Oh, yes, we are so fortunate in both the house and having each other. Do you want to go to bed yet?" David asked, arching her eyebrows questioningly.

"I'm not tired."

"Neither am I"


Intermission: Yes, they are settling in nicely, time for the next stage in their adaptation, perhaps.

Maybe so, maybe so.

They rapidly settled into their new roles and routines. David became more confident in her role as a man. The work at the architects was what she had wanted to do for many years, ever since getting her diploma. Thankfully, Wilberforce had arranged one in her new name. He was a marvel; what he couldn't arrange, Aunt Millie's name did.

Diana soon got a routine together; mornings, he would do what little bit of housework was necessary. The grounds seemed to look after themselves, or perhaps Michael did it all, he didn't know. After that first day, he never saw Michael around again. He knew there were some horses around, as he had heard the sound of their hooves once or twice. In the afternoons he would take himself around to various neighbors' houses and give haircuts to the men, and shampoos and sets to the ladies.

Spring came, then Summer. David and Diana hosted dinners for their new neighbors, and went out some nights in return visits. No one seemed to be any the wiser about their swapped roles. Even Justin, the bank manager, and his wife were regular guests at the House.

Diana spent much of the weekends out in the garden. When the sun shone, he even wore a bikini and got a wonderful tan, just as David did, though she had to wear a T-shirt along with her shorts.

Changes where happening, though, some so slowly they just weren't noticed at first.

One morning in late August, Diana woke up and went to the bathroom, raised his nightie and, lowering his panties, settled himself on the toilet. Whilst relieving himself, he rubbed his hand over his stubble. Looking around for the razor, it dawned on him that he could not actually feel his stubble. Impossible! He needed to shave every day, but thinking back, didn't he used to have to shave three times a day to keep the stubble at bay under the makeup? Yes, surely he did. But now, he couldn't even feel the stubble from overnight growth.

Finishing off on the toilet, he rose, flushed the toilet, and stripped off, then climbed into the shower. Shampooing his auburn hair, for so long a tidy bob style, and lathering up the shower gel around his firm breasts and body as usual, he didn't notice anything different, not at first. Turning the shower off and climbing out to dry everything off, he finally noticed that his hair had grown; no longer did it finish just about his shoulders, but now trailed down his back. What was a wig, had become real and grown!

Finishing drying himself, he dashed out to the bedroom to find David waking up and smiling at him. Then she rubbed her face to wake herself up a little more, and realized that she had stubble! David dashed out of bed and all but flew to the dresser to view her face. Yes, she now had bristles, she was now the one who would need to get shaved each day.

"What has happened?" David said to Diana.

"I don't know, all I can think is that the house is helping us to adjust in more ways than we realize. And look, my hips are wider now than they used to be, I don't need the hip enhancers in my panties anymore. And you, your body is bulking up more and more, so your clothes should fit better, as well, without the extra layers."

As they dressed that day, they realized that their bodies had indeed changed to make them physically more like the opposite sex. The only things which did not seem to have changed were their sex organs. Both had breasts, David still had a vagina, and Diana still had a penis.

They carried on with their new lives, each morning checking each other to see if there were any further changes that they could see, but apart from David's muscles getting stronger as well as needing to shave daily, and Diana's limbs becoming softer and trimming up a little, nothing major happened.

Whenever they asked Wilberforce about the locked doors, he just said to leave them alone; attempting to force an entry would mean they would lose the house and be thrown out, as they were! But, if they showed a little patience, all would become clear in due course.

So, as much as they wanted to see what lay behind the doors, they wanted to stay in the house, very much more.

Time passed rapidly. David got a promotion all on her own work, getting more responsibility, and became a partner in the firm. Diana's gardening skills improved; the flower beds around the house flourished and were much admired by their visitors. His hairdressing business took off, and he was very much in demand in town and also in the area outside Maysville.

Intermission: A year is up tonight, and they have spent the full year as the opposite sex.

We say that they HAVE fulfilled the conditions of the will.

She will visit them tonight to wish them well for the rest of their lives together.


That night, they got back from a dinner party with Justin and his family, a glamorous affair, all the men in tuxedo's, including David, and didn't she look good in one! The women at the party were all trying to outdo one another in expensive gowns and cocktail dresses. Diana was a knockout in his, as far as David was concerned, anyway. She had never filled a dress as well as Diana did now, not that she could ever have afforded a dress as beautiful as the one he wore tonight.

It was late, so they went straight up to their bedroom and got ready for bed. Diana carefully removed his cocktail dress, and hung it neatly in the wardrobe; it was far too fine to drop in the laundry basket. Stripping off his makeup, sitting at the dresser in bra and panties, David thought he looked really feminine, and said as much.

"Why, thank you, kind sir, you look rather dashing, yourself!" Diana replied, catching her eye in the mirror.

"Hurry up, come to me, my sweet, I want a cuddle!"

Diana finished getting ready for bed, slipping into his sleep bra, shortie nightie and cotton panties. By now, he didn't need much encouragement for a kiss and cuddle session. They were tired, however, and soon settled down to sleep, just for once, without having sex.

"David, Diana, wake up and come with me," a voice called to them later that night, as they lay spooned together dreaming.

They rose, and entered a beautiful rose garden where the sun shone down on them. They were now dressed, David in a casual style, shirt, denim jeans and trainers, whilst Diana was in a blue satin blouse with long charcoal skirt and boots.

They sat on a bench, which wasn't there a moment before, as a beautiful lady, dressed in a flowing white dress, seemed to float in the air in front of them. The material billowed around her arms, making them seem almost like wings. It was Aunt Millie, but young again.

"Well, you two, you have done it. You have fulfilled all my conditions, as I knew you would. So, the house is yours, as is the rest of my inheritance, if you want it," she said.

"What is this? How is this possible?" Diana asked.

"This is a dream, as far as you are concerned, but in my reality, it is just a meeting of minds. Here, we are as we truly are. If you really wanted, in your hearts, to be as you were, you would appear as that here. Jane, you would be dressed as a female, Peter, you as a man. In truth, you are as you should have been so many years ago. David, you appear as a man, Diana, as a beautiful young woman. If you wish, I can arrange things so that you become this in actual fact. Instead of living as male or female, you will actually become the opposite sex.

"Also, I am here to tell you that everything of and in the House is yours now. The cellar and loft will open to you; I think you will enjoy exploring these areas, and where they lead. You will also meet the rest of the guardians of the House; you already met Michael. In time, you will meet his fellow centaurs, who do such an excellent job in the grounds. It befalls to you two to become the new guardians of the House, as it befell me many, many years ago."

The scene around them changed, until they were sitting beside a giant waterfall, higher than the Angel Falls, yet they did not get wet from the spray, and they could still hear Millicent speaking to them.

"So, would you like to really become as you see yourselves now? I can bestow this gift on you as you deserve it, having lived as my conditions required. They were a test, you know, to see if you would be worthy of the House. If you say yes, the House will look after you for many more years than you would expect; time runs differently in the House than in the outside world."

David looked at Diana, a younger appearing, fully female Diana, it must be said, as Diana looked at David, a fully male David, just a little younger than Jane had been. They were a perfect match for each other, and the House, and they all knew it, Millicent, David, Diana and the House itself.

In perfect unison, they both said, "YES!"

"So be it, we will probably not meet again in this life, but you never can tell. Enjoy your time together, look after the House, and you will find much to do in the future, I can see that. Now, go to sleep, and when you wake, this will all become clear. May the House bless you with love, life, and many children, too. Good-bye, my children, sleep now."

* * *

The next morning, Diana awoke first as usual, got up and went to the toilet. She dropped her panties and sat herself on the toilet. After relieving herself, she wiped her vagina dry, flushed the toilet and removed her nightie and sleep bra, set the shower going, and stepped in.

David awoke to a scream of pure joy coming from the en-suite bathroom. He almost fell out of the bed as he dashed into the bathroom to see his wife totally naked in the shower, half covered in suds, feeling her crotch and vagina. He did a double take, looking first at her crotch, then her face, then back down again. He blinked, then dropped his pajama trousers to see a splendid male penis between his legs, just coming awake at the sight of his wife standing naked.

He quickly removed his pajama top, finding that what had been female breasts, squeezed by the magic in the clothes, were now firm, flat male pectorals.

"Oh, wow, that dream last night, it wasn't a dream!" David said, now fully male.

"No, it wasn't! Now, come here, and let's try this from this perspective!" suggested Diana, licking her lips under the shower.

"What, no condom?" David suggested back to her.

"No, you heard Aunt Millie, children!"


Outside, the centaurs gathered to greet properly the new Guardians of the House, to welcome them into the fellowship of the House. Meanwhile, downstairs, the cellar door unlocked itself, as did the attic door at the top of the house. What lay behind these doors, and what adventures lay ahead of David and Diana, well, that's another story...


I hope that you have enjoyed this little tale as much as I have in writing it. Thanks to SteveZ for his tireless editing.

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