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All Derek wanted to do was unwind when he got home that night. He'd had a really stressful day at work and he was looking forward to getting home, drawing the curtains and becoming Karen, if only for a few hours.
 As he walked up the drive to his modest little home, he found his way blocked by two females, one a matronly woman, the other a pleasant younger woman, maybe late teens he thought. The matron was wearing a severe frown and an outfit to match, the girl, her blonde hair pulled back into a severe ponytail, wearing a white blouse with a beautiful crisp black skirt almost down to her ankles, and a black jacket to match.
 'Probably mother and daughter.' Derek thought.
 "Help you ladies?" Derek asked. Although he was tired, he was a polite man, normally!
 "Good evening brother! We are here to bring the glory of God to your household! All praise to Him!" The matronly Jehovah's Witness cried, for that was what the duo was, doorstep callers from the local Kingdom Hall.
 Derek saw red! He had told them before, time and time again, he did not wish to be bothered by them or their spiel, he simply wanted to be left in peace, to have his privacy, his quiet time to be Karen, as and when he wanted, and not to be disturbed, especially when he was dressed and enjoying primping, enjoying the sensations of being, if only fleetingly and in his imagination, a woman.


He went ballistic! He ranted and raved at them, only for them to continue their simpering smiles at him, to "turn the other cheek" as their reading of the bible seemed to install in them, to continue in their attempt to convert him to their belief, as if no other church was valid, as if no other religion was acceptable to them. Islam, Buddhism, all were nothing when compared with the word of Jehovah, in their eyes at least!

Derek wound down eventually, before he had a heart attack, and the twosome in black primly walked off down the drive to bother some other poor lost soul, but they would be back, or others of their creed, Derek just knew it!

He was so upset he knew that just being Karen was not going to be enough tonight, not now! He would have to be Karen in Distress! He went upstairs, drew the curtains and stripped his clothes off, delving in the underwear drawer he pulled out a pair of satin panties and slipped into them. Next a sexy black bra went on, arms around his back to do he clasps, them his arms through the straps on the bra and final adjustments of the bra into place. The breasts forms came out of their formers and into the cups, giving his chest a solid 38C cup and plenty of weight in front. The sensations of the bra and breast forms started his penis hardening so he lowered his satin panties and giving his member a tweak, making it harder still, he opened a packet of condoms and slipped on one over his now large member, before bending it back into his panties and pulling them up and back at the rear. Not enough, he thought, so he pulled out a Playtex 18 hour Girdle, a size too small for him really and pulled that on, squeezing it up over his stomach and giving some real firmness in his crotch, hiding his hard penis from casual view, if there was anyone else to view it, of course!

Next a pair of black opaque tights went on his legs, followed rapidly by a crisp white blouse and short black skirt. A pair of white patent court shoes with 1" heels and a rich auburn wig followed. A few passes of makeup as he looked in the mirror and Karen was looking out at him.Derek/Karen in her Black and White outfit, unwinding after the latest visit. transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Blowing his reflection a kiss, he went downstairs and made his tea, his heels clicking sexily on the wooden floor, his upper arms brushing against his bra and breast forms under the blouse as often as he could. After tea, he washed up and cleaned up, as any house proud woman would do and decided that he would watch a little television before finding himself in that Distress he promised himself.

The programme he ended up watching was one on the ancient Gods and Goddess's of Ancient Greece, one in particular caught his eye, Circe, a beautiful goddess who could turn men into animals. Odysseus was enchanted by Circe and spent a very pleasurable year with her, as a human it must be said! Who knows, perhaps Circe could change men into females, rather than actual animals!

Derek had not planned on watching the whole programme, but it had caught his interest so much so, that he did watch it all and finally he went upstairs to complete his relief from the day from hell.

He had all his stuff to hand as always when he felt like this, so he sat down in the steel framed chair and taking the pre-cut ropes, he tied his feet off to the front legs of the chair, then another coil of rope was wound around his knees several times before been passed around and around the ropes, between his knees, becoming tighter and tighter with each loop, before being tied off making it impossible for him to move his legs from where they were, any movement was painful as the knots would bite in to the soft skin around his knee caps and there was no slack anyway to move more than a couple of millimetres.

The handcuffs where already fastened to the back of the chair by a strong cord, along with a key for them cuffs, but dangling well below the cuffs. He first took up the blindfold and slipped it on over his auburn wig, leaving it on his forehead for a moment, making sure his hair was still able to flick around as he moved and the next item he put on was a drooler ball gag, slipping it into his mouth as if someone was doing it to him, pulling it against his closed mouth, harder and harder until he had no choice but to open his mouth, allowing the ball to fill his mouth, keeping any noise he might make to a minimum. As his ruby lipsticked lips sucked onto the ball, he fastened the clip behind his head, trying to keep his hair free, then reaching down for the last piece of rope, wrapped it around the chair back and his stomach several times before tying it off behind the chair, making movement on the chair very difficult. Finally, he reached up and pulled down the blindfold and reaching behind his, slipped first one, then the other hand, into his lightweight opera gloves, then into the waiting steel jaws of the handcuffs.

As he sucked on the ball of the ballgag, Derek couldn't help but think 'Oh, if only Circe was still around and was able to transform males into females.'

Little did he know!

As the night wore on, Derek found that he had tied himself really well and ended up coming several times before he managed to get hold of the string with the handcuff key to release himself, by which time his wrists were very marked by his struggles against the steel cuffs, even though the gloves.

His crisp white blouse, now looking and feeling VERY soggy and wet from the hours of his drooling down it, to the extent that his skirt was also soaked in the process was stripped off and all the clothes went into the laundry basket before Derek had a shower to rid himself of the final stresses of the day.

Tomorrow was another day after all, just another day.


That night, as Derek slept in his satin panties and ivory satin nightie, he dreamt of weird and wonderfully strange rituals performed over a bound figure by two rubber or pvc clad female figures dressed all in black with stunning figures and long black hair, only their eyes visible in their all over costumes. There was a voice too, too indistinct to make out in his dream, but it was there. It was insistent too, in fact, it was Circe programming Derek for the forthcoming ritual that he would soon be taking part in.

When he awoke, he remembered nothing of the dream, only knowing that he must have had a real wet dream that night for he was once again soaked in sweat, his satin panties absolutely drenched in semen from his overnight ejections. His crotch was so wet and sticky from the overnight exertions another shower was in order before he dared go to work without risking someone smelling the semen on him!


A few days later, another difficult day at work, so when Derek got home that evening, the curtains were drawn early and Karen made her re-appearance. A very sexy and lacy black bra, filled with a pair of wonderfully realistic looking, and bouncy, breasts forms, a pair of satin panties with a condom on place over his rapidly swelling and hardening penis which was tucked into the panties which were pulled up tight, and a pair of black opaque tights over them, smoothing the nylon out over his legs. His Playtex 18hour extra-firm control pantie girdle was pulled up over them, giving him a slim stomach and plenty of pressure on his throbbing penis. A white blouse and a stylish and colourful knee length check skirt followed by a pair of black knee boots with the three inch heels completed his clothes. A few minutes in front of the mirror with the makeup kit, a long auburn wig and Karen was back for the night.Karen in her white blouse and stylish check skirt. transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Derek took a few moments to enjoy the sensations of the sexy feminine clothing against his skin, his hands wandering over the soft but firm mounds on his chest, feeling the silicon move so realistically under the embossed design of the bra under the silken fabric of the blouse, so much so, he felt the first bit of wetness in his crotch of the evening.

"Oooohhhh." A shuddering sigh escaped his purple lips as he pulled his hands away and took a few deep breaths to calm down so he could enjoy the evening longer. It was pointless going to all this trouble only for it to be over in the first few minutes after all. Standing, he checked his skirt seams where in the right place, he hadn't managed to get it caught in his panties somehow, which he hadn't, so made his way downstairs to have a bite to eat before enjoying the evening as Karen in front of the television or reading a book, or better still, surfing to see if Petra Jane or Steve Zink had published a new story at their website!

Derek loved walking over his wooden kitchen floor in heels, the sound of them clicking away was so feminine and sexy, he would imagine really being female and the clicking heels being worn by him as a real woman made him moist in his crotch again. It was only the tight Pantie Girdle stopping his skirt from growing a bulge in front as he walked around the kitchen preparing his evening meal, his upper arms brushing against his firm breasts as he did so.

All too soon, the meal was ready and as he tucked his skirt under his bottom and sat down, keeping his knees together of course, the doorbell RANG!

"Oh crap!" Derek muttered. "Well, I'm NOT answering that, not dressed like this!"

The next thing he knew, he was standing up, brushing his skirt down and walking gracefully to the front door to open it to see who was ringing his doorbell!

'NO! What am I doing?! Stop!' He thought to himself, unable to stop himself, unlocking the door and opening it wide to find two inanely grinning men at the door.

As so many men do, they looked up from his feet to the bust before seeing the face above the firm, well filled bra visible though the blouse and they started into their spiel as soon as the door was open enough to see who was inside, stepping up as they did so.

"Good evening sister, we have come to bring the word of Jehovah into your life!" proclaimed one as the other took the time to register that perhaps this tall auburn haired woman, wasn't in fact, a woman!

"Hold fast Brother Gareth! This is no sister! This brother, is a disgusting perversion to the Lord! She is a HE! He must be punished and chastised before the Lord, he must be shown the errors of his ways, and brought to see that the ways of our Lord Jehovah are the ONLY way to exist!" As he shouted out, he pushed past the amazed Gareth and pushed Derek to the ground, not only invading his privacy, but his very home!

"Come Brother Gareth, help me subdue the blasphemer! We will chastise and humiliate this pervert before our Lord!"

Gareth stepped inside, almost as if he was following someone else's orders, as against his cult brothers' and closed and locked the door before helping Gareth to pin Derek's arms and frog march him upstairs to the bedrooms.

"You can't do this!" Derek shouted, beside himself in terror. "You cannot invade my house like you scum do my privacy! You mmmppppgghhhh!" He finished as Brother William stuffed his handkerchief into Derek's mouth and held it there with his hand, then pushed Derek through the bedroom door, his other hand pushing in between Derek's shoulder blades, feeling the bra clasp as he did so.

Staggering against the wall in shock, not to mention fear, Derek turned only to see all his bondage gear was laid out on the bed, as if ready for this very scenario! But, he had not put anything out, what was going on?

"Ah, more perversions! Grab his arms Brother Gareth, no, behind his back!" Brother William commanded. As Gareth did so, William slipped the steel handcuffs lying on the bed onto Derek's wrists, then using the pin on the key, locked then in place so they would not close any further, or open for that matter without the key, which he removed and threw into a corner of the room.

"Here, shut him up!" William said as he threw a scarf at Gareth and pushed Derek down onto the bed by pushing him in his bust, forcing him to sit whilst he wrapped some rope around his ankles, then another coil around his knees. The third coil of rope was wrapped around his elbows, then pulled tighter than Derek had ever managed by himself, causing him a lot of pain and discomfort, as well as pushing his breasts even further out.

The scarf was wrapped around Derek's mouth, the handkerchief still stuffed in it, then tied off behind his head, trapping his wig in place. So there he was, dressed as Karen, handcuffed, tied and gagged by two religious intruders who were threatening to "chastise and punish" him in his own bedroom and all he could do was sit on the edge of his own bed, unable to make a sound or move other than to fall off the bed if he was not careful. What were these two going to do next he wondered, quite terrified.

What happened next was even stranger! Derek, scared as he was, unable to move or make a sound, could have sworn he heard a beautiful female voice whisper in his ear "Do not be afraid, they will not harm you."

But, there was no one there! Then he realised that the two Witnesses were stood still, their eyes glazed over as if they too were hearing voices, voices telling them what to do.

The two men stood there for a long minute, then without looking at Derek or each other, turned and left the bedroom, not saying a word. As Derek sat on the edge of his bed, panting through the handkerchief stuffed in his mouth, and the scarf wrapped around his mouth and lower face, he could only watch as they left, and then wait until they returned. He was powerless to do anything. He tried to feel if the handcuffs could be slipped off his wrists, but they had been locked in place, and with his arms pinioned at the elbows, he could not get any leverage to gain any freedom of movement. His ankles tied tightly together, his knees tied and wrapped in rope meant he was unable to stand in an effort to find the handcuff key from the floor, even if the two Witnesses left him alone long enough to try. Perhaps they were just waiting for him to try, then they would return and start their abuse of him!Derek gagged, blindfolded, tied and helpless, waiting as Circe whispers in his ear...  transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

In fact, the two men where in the back bedroom, removing all their own clothes, totally in the thrall of whatever compulsion was upon them. Once naked they sat, one on the bed, the other on a handy chair and started to dress themselves in some clothes that had been laid out for them. Derek would not have recognised any of the clothes, for they were not his and how they came to be in his house, he would have had no idea.

The two men dressed themselves in silence and almost perfect unison. First, a pair of black rubber panties were pulled up their legs, their limp penises tucked into a small pouch in the front of the panties, and as they pulled them firmly up into place, a rubber dildo inserted itself up their anal passages. Not a glimmer of pain or discomfort crossed their faces, but inside their minds, they could feel everything and although they could not make a sound, they were screaming for help, forgetting all about what they had planned on doing to Derek!

Next they each picked up a black bra and inserting their arms into the straps, one allowed the other to fasten the clasps, before returning the favour for the other one. As the clasp locked in place, the cups of the bras seemed to suck on their chests, pulling the flesh out to meet the fabric of the bra cups, filling them with a pair of substantial 44DD breasts.

A pair of black fishnet tights awaited each man and these were pulled on carefully so that no ladders were formed, pulling them tightly into the crotch areas, where they seemed to tighten and as they did so, all the hair on the men's legs, seemed to shimmer and drop off.

The all over body garments that awaited them shone like glass, black glass and these were skin tight, surely too small and feminine for the men to put on, but they had no choice, they were compelled to at least try.

Each put one leg into the body suit, drawing it carefully up their leg, then the other leg went in to the matching leg, pulling it up too. The fabric must have been more elastic than it seemed for they were an easy fit and seemed to snuggle their bodies comfortably. As they pulled the body suits up and past their waists, the arms seemed to almost flow on their arms and soon all that was to do was to pull the full head hoods over their heads and lace up the back of the suits.

Pulling William's hood up over his head, Gareth looked into his friend's eyes without apparent recognition and helped him fit the built in penis gag that fitted snugly in his mouth and as the Gareth started to pull the laces on the back tighter and tighter, the hood seemed to close up and tighten itself so that William's mouth was forced to suck on the gag and it became impossible for him to move his mouth within the hood. Gareth continued to lace up the body suit until there was no more give in William and he ended up with quite the figure!

Now, William returned the favour for Gareth and lifted the hood over his head, adjusting the matching penis gag so it went into Gareth's mouth and the eye holes were lined up, then he too started to lace up the body suit until Gareth too had quite a feminine figure. Each hood also had a black mane of hair out of the top and these flicked from side to side as William moved his head as he laced Gareth's body suit up every bit as tight as his was.

The next items to go on were a matching pair of electric blue waist reducers and the two men laced each other up into these too. A pair of wrist cuffs on bars awaited them and although they were difficult to fit with the rubber hands of the body suits, between them, they did manage to do so. Now, with their hands held away from their bodies, the two Witnesses felt the urge to return to the front bedroom with Derek awaiting them.The two Witnesses' in their costumes, awaiting Circe's commands transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

As they returned to the other bedroom, Derek heard them re-enter and twisted to see what they were going to do now, after keeping him waiting for what seemed like an hour. His eyes almost came out on stalks, if he had not been gagged his jaw would have dropped to the floor I think!

The two male Witnesses now had figures many women would die for, tiny waists, large breasts, even their legs ad arms seemed to be feminine, even while encased in shiny black latex rubber! The two awesome figures moved to stand beside the bed that Derek sat on, and then with some difficultly considering their hands were held apart with bars, between them they placed a snug fitting red pvc blindfold over Derek's eyes and gently eased him back so that he now laid on the bed, his arms trapped behind him, his legs still over the edge of the bed, unable to see, unable to speak and pretty well freaked out as well as unable to move at all now. His hands had already gone numb, the arms now starting to do so as well.

What Derek could not see was that the two Witnesses now moved so that they stood one on each side of the bed, in line with Derek's crotch and in unison, they lifted their bound arms out horizontally in front of them, hands downwards. As they did so, from each bar, a pair of chains flew out, fastening themselves to a pair of rings now embedded in the ceiling, perfectly positioned so that neither person could move their arms from their position above Derek.

As this happened, the eyes behind the hoods seemed to clear and the compulsion on William and Gareth seemed to lift for as they now stared at one another in horror, unable to speak for the penis gags in their mouth under the sealed hoods, a bar grew from the ankles of their body suits fixing their legs at 18" apart, then a spike grew down from the centre of these bars into the floor so that they were fastened in place.

"Now, " a disembodied voice whispered, "now we can begin. Derek, have no fear, this misguided couple will not harm you, as I promised, they in fact are necessary for the ritual to be successful. You wanted to become female did you not? Nod if you did."

Derek managed to nod at this point. The two Witnesses shook their heads, but the voice continued.

"I, Circe, heard your wish and tonight, you will become Karen for the rest of your life. I do need a new pair of vestal virgins for my temple, so I get something too from tonight!"

The two Witnesses shook their heads even harder no but Circe just smiled as her face appeared to hover in the room, just visible in the air.

"Well, it is your own fault for intruding on a person's privacy, especially someone under my protection! The REAL almighty God does not believe in forcing people to believe in him as you zealots seem to demand people worship your aspect of Him, but there ARE other Gods and Goddesses about still. You should be grateful you met me and not Ares, you would not survive that encounter!"

As she spoke, the air in the room seemed to get sweeter and lighter as if great torches were burning incense though no such items appeared.

Circe spoke a few mystic words and time seemed to stop for the three men in the room as night fell outside and the word turned.


During the night, the two Witnesses' bodies transformed into fully virginal female forms, complete with 44(DD), 20,36 statistics the hair extensions in the hoods became part of their own hair which now cascaded below their waists and the hoods helped form their beautiful new faces, the special gags helping create luscious lips and their minds were reshaped to worship a real Goddess, Circe, and to serve at her temple for as long as Circe needed them, before allowing them to marry well and guide some poor unsuspecting mortal man to help create a better world.
Karen after her transformation by Circe. transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
As for Derek? He writhed and changed throughout the night as Circe's magic altered his form and the world that knew him before waking in the morning refreshed and curled up on her bed, dressed in her short satin nightdress and brief satin panties. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back and shoulders as she rose from her bed on her long shapely legs.

Now fully female Karen remembered Derek only as a fading dream, for that has been his wish, to be fully female, not to be a man in a female's body. As she showered and dressed herself for another day in the boardroom of her company, she blessed the day that she had started to follow the teachings of Circe, and lit a candle at Circe's shrine before leaving for work as normal, her stiletto heels clicking away on the driveway, her long rich blonde blowing gently in the wind over her white blouse and red knee length skirt as her chauffer driven limousine pulled up beside her.

In a temple, far, far away, Circe checked her crystal ball and saw how happy Karen was and was satisfied, for now. One day soon Karen would meet a man who would love her for herself and together they would be happy. A marriage blessed by many children would follow and there would be much cause for celebration. But, for now, there is always a man somewhere wanting help from Circe, perhaps it is you she is watching?

circe preparing to


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