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stephanieSteve was a prolific burglar whom the local police knew about but had never managed to catch in the act or prove his criminality was the bane of the town. Things were about to change!

Steve had been watching the old guy for a few days now and had worked out when the house would be empty and today was the day when he would see what the old guy had stored away worth nicking to sell to feed his drug habit. Regular as clockwork the old feller went off for his morning walk so Steve slipped around the back of the house and soon had the patio door off it's tracks and he was in the house.

Steve was quickly disappointed as there was nothing worth nicking downstairs, even the flat screen television was old and nothing special. Perhaps before he left he would kick it in just for the hell of it. Steve made his way upstairs and found a computer room come home office, a bedroom with books and no jewellry so the final bedroom beckoned. The one where the blinds were always drawn day and night, stopping Steve seeing what was in there. Perhaps there were some valuables hidden in here.


Opening the door he stepped into a darkened room which had a steel framed chair in the middle and a pile of clothing stacked neatly on a low table. Besides the chair was a box of ropes and all sorts of stuff! WTF! There was a gag, hoods, blindfold, cuffs and loads of what Steve could only guess at their use.

Oh, this was going to be fun to trash this place and leave the old git to clean up after finding there was nothing worth stealing! Steve was furious and reached for the stack of clothing.

As soon as he touched it though, something changed, he felt a compulsion to stop what he was doing and started to remove his own clothing. Once nude, he sorted though the clothes and found a pair of what were obviously womens panties, and pulled them on. A pair of black nylon tights followed, even though he had never worn them before, nor even given thought to how they were worn, he found himself carefully angling his feet into the legs of the tights, pulling them up each leg, one by one, until they were snug around his crotch. Next a pair of what turned out to be a very firm controlling pantie girdle was in his hands and again, he pulled them up into place around his crotch and they compressed his penis quite erotically, making him hard.

A satin and lace bra was the next item he picked up and although he struggled to figure out the clasps, he had no option but to perserve and eventually had it in place and ready for the waiting "D" sized breast forms which he slipped into their waiting cups. A white satin blouse was soon slipped on as was a black satin knee length skirt.

He was helpless to stop himself slipping his feet into the high heeled purple court shoes waiting by the chair which, combined with the unusual weights on his chest, caused him to teeter so he grasped the back of the chair to steady himself. He found himself unable to stand easily so sat down on the chair's wooden seat and found that his feet where perfectly positioned for a pair of leather cuffs fastened to the steel legs and was unable to stop himself strapping these tightly around his nylon clad ankles.

Reaching down into the box besides the chair he pulled out a length of rope and wound it around his waist and the back of the chair, pulling it tight so he was fastened in place, sat firmly on a hard wooden seat but free surely to stop and untie himself at any moment. But, no, that was something he could not manage to do, he was still under the strange compulsion and reached for the next item in the box.

It was a mini mp3 player complete with earplugs, so he placed the earplugs into his ears and pressed play. Nothing seemed to change and he reached down for the leather penis gag, unable to stop himself from opening his mouth and biting down on the gag before fastening it tightly behind his head. A spandex hood followed and adjusting it so the eye holes lined up with his eyes, he pulled the zip down at the back of the hood, tightening it up around his face. A long sexy blonde wig was next, he pulled it on over the hood, and then pulled a blindfold out of the box, placing it over his head before reaching for a second length of rope.

He fastened one end of it to the back of the chair and wound the rope around his upper body restricting his movements further, then pulled the blindfold down over his eyes. Steve reached behind the chair and found there was a set of handcuffs already fastened to the bar under the wooden seat and slipped first one wrist then the other into the steel cuffs and ratched them closed and sat back.

The compulsion lifted as he did this and he found himself securely fastened to a steel framed chair, unable to release himself and dressed in women's clothing! The gag keep his panic reasonably quiet and the blindfold kept him disorientated. After a few minutes of struggling Steve realised that he was not getting free and he was stuck until the old git whose house he had broken into came home and found him. What would he do? Why was Steve compelled to dress like this and tie himself up for fucks sake?

Several more minutes passed with Steve getting more and more panic stricken when he was shocked when a voice in his ears said "Well Steve, I bet you are wondering just what on earth is happening, hmmm?"

Steve jumped as the voice started, which had scared him by breaking the silence he was suffering under the hood.

The voice started up again, obviously coming from the mp3 player. "You have plagued the area for long enough and it is time to sort you out, you little scumbag. The neighborhood is sick and tired of you breaking into our homes and stealing our possessions that we have worked for so we have decided to set a little trap for you."

"You are such a scumbag that you won't be missed! Just sit back and 'ENJOY' the process. I knew you would not be able to resist trying to trash my home so I set all the stuff out that you would need to be changed and set a compulsion of the back bedroom to make you dress up as a woman and be unable to resist tying yourself up. And yes, this does mean that magic really does exist and you broke into a Warlock's house. BIG mistake Steve, or should I start calling you Stephanie?"

"HUH?!?" Thought Steve as the voice continued. "What does he mean, Stephanie?!" He tried to scream for help but the penis gag kept his struggles and cries for help and mercy muffled. Besides, there was no one coming to help him, there was no one wiling to even consider helping him even if they were to hear his cries for help.

The voice returned. "Okay Stephanie, let's get started!"

Steve tensed as something seemed to grow from the chair seat and pushed it's way, none too gently up his arse and throbbed as it grew to fill his back passage and forced its way further into his bowels.

A hot flush of viscous fluid seemed to come out of whatever was up his arse and worked it's way thoughout his bowels and he screamed as it pulled and pushed inside his body. Although he did not know what it was or what it was doing, in fact it was adjusting his internal organs into a woman's internal organs, replacing anything male with female organs. His penis disappeared into his body, becoming a vagina leaving to a fully working womb, the breast forms merged into his chest, becoming a very firm and shapely pair of 42D cup breasts, the sexy long blonde wig became real hair, long and luxurious with shining blonde curls. The hood pulled in and gave him a pretty and fully female face with feminine lips and trim eyebrows, lashes to die for and his paunch pulled taut, then disappeared along with all his flab.

Steve had a few last minutes of panicked thought as his mind was wiped and Stephanie's memories replaced his leaving Stephanie tied, gagged and blindfolded awaiting her loving and dearly loved husband's return from his morning walk. Once he released her, it would his turn in the chair and she would enjoy teasing him as he did her on his returning, just as they did every day ever since they were married so many years ago.

The neighborhood settled into the new reality without the disruption of Steve the prolific burglar blighting it and as before his arrival, everyone lived happily ever after. And of course, if another burglar turned up, he would get the same treatment and another neighbour would find themselves with a loving wife.

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