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Henry was bored. He was also depressed. He had a dream and if he was honest, a fantasy too. Neither of which had any chance of ever becoming true!
 He was so bored nothing on the TV appealed, so he decided to browse the internet. Maybe one of the chat rooms had someone he could talk to. He logged on in his chat room persona of Amanda. Yep, he liked to pretend he was a female when online. He even had his dream of how he, or rather SHE would look. Useful if anyone asked him to describe "herself".
 Amanda was tall and leggy. She was a slim redhead, with breasts that stood firm even without a bra and was given to wearing short skirts, usually tight ones and tight see through tops. Her shapely ankles and feet were always clad in either knee boots, or ankle boots, always with a minimum of 3 inch heels, usually stiletto.
 Tonight, even the chat rooms were nearly empty, just the usual porno robots trying to get people to visit the pay-cam sites. So Henry flitted from room to room, but nowhere did he find anyone "real" he could talk to. Then a message popped up, so unexpected that he nearly missed it.
 "Amanda, do you want to be pampered? To have your very own fantasy come true? If so click on this link"
 Too late, he had already left the room when he realised that who ever posted that message had addressed it to him!

Entering the new room, he was about to try to return to the last room, if only he could remember which one it was, when another new message popped up.
 "Yes Henry, I mean you!"
 "Amanda, if you want your fantasy and dream to come true, click here NOW!"
 Well, he thought, might relieve the boredom and clicked before he spotted that the second message was addressed to him as Henry, whilst the other two where addressed to him as Amanda! Someone knew who he really was!
 Too late, he had already clicked the link! The screen went blank, there was no way he could stop the process now, even his browser window had disappeared.
 The screen cleared, an image appeared, it was a cartoon image of a woman, or at least a sexless android from the look of it.
 The next thing that happened nearly had Henry wetting himself, a seriously sexy, sultry female voice invited him to use his mouse, to adjust the figure on screen to create his perfect woman. One whose body he would like to be in.
 He couldn't help himself, he had to give it a try. It must be some really fancy cadcam software of some sort.
 He started off by moving his mouse over the breasts, as he did so, a multi-choice menu appeared over them. 36B, 36C, 36D, 38C, 38D, 40C, 40D. He started to choose 40D wondering if there was a type over option where he could type in something like 44DD, then decided to choose a size more like his dream Amanda would be, a 38C seemed big enough.
 He moved the mouse next over the pelvic area, but all that came up was a waist size option, so he went for 34 and as his mouse moved lower, a hip size offering. This time he chose 38, to match the breast size he had picked.
 "Thank you, please choose your hair colour and length" the voice offered as a new window popped up with various hairstyles and colours on offer. He chose his favourite, rich auburn and long, finishing below the shoulder blades, well below!
 The image on screen altered as he continued to fine tune it. Shapely ankles, trim calves, firm stomach, nothing like Henry, but everything that he imagined "he" would be as Amanda. By now he was so engrossed in designing his alter ego, he had forgotten that who ever it was, seemed to know his real name. He continued to make adjustments here and there until he was finally happy with how "Amanda" looked. She was STUNNING!
 As he stared, entranced at the beauty he had created, the screen seemed to flicker, though not enough for him to notice, but unbeknownst to him, he was being programmed by some subliminal messages.
 Completely in the power of whomever was working the design package, Henry rose and went into his bedroom. There on the bed was a package. How did it got there? Magic! Well, you tell me? Henry untied the purple lace bow and lifted the lid off to reveal a number of black and red ladies clothes and underwear.
 Doing as the subliminal messages commanded, he removed his own clothes, dropping them to the floor and sitting on the bed, rolled up the black tights and carefully inserting one foot into them, started to pull them up his leg. Getting so far up the first, he did the same with the second leg and stood as he pulled them up around his crotch and waist, adjusting his limp penis centrally as he smoothed the silky nylon around his legs.
 Next item on was a very lacy red bra, a 38C, very sexy item, on a suitably endowed female that is, on Henry, it just looked silly. Still, Henry didn't mind, he was so far in thrall of the subliminal messages, he didn't care. As each item of feminine clothing went on, he got deeper and deeper into thrall. Next he picked up the lacy red satin panties and stepped into them, pulling them up around his crotch. Looking back in the box, there where only two more items, a black pvc mini skirt and a georgette sheer red blouse. He pulled both on, tucking the blouse into the waistband of the skirt, then adjusting the belt to hold the very short skirt in place.
 As he did so, the bra, which was tight about his body, but flat and empty on his chest, seemed to shimmer physically and his chest seemed to swell and fill the cups of the lacy bra with firm, and full, breasts. He stood for a few moments, completely unaware of what was happening to his body for as he stood there, his penis was shrinking away from his crotch, then he heard the so sexy sultry voice calling him back to his computer.
 He returned to his computer, his feet clad in black nylon pantyhose only and sat down in front of the monitor, looking at the swirling patterns that now filled the screen. Hypnotically pulling him deeper into a trance, able to do only what the mysterious voice said.
 "Now, Henry, put your left hand on the monitor screen, don't worry about the static charge, this is necessary, and your right hand on your keyboard. This is important, do not remove either hand until I tell you to do so!" The voice commanded him.
 He did as he was instructed. There was a flash of static discharge as his hands held the computer, the blue lightning seemed to race up his arm from the monitor until it reached his head, it kept on coming, wave after wave of blue lightning! He didn't flinch, he didn't move his hands, he couldn't, not until the voice said he could do so.
 As the waves of lightning reached his head, his hair, short and grey, shimmered in the strange light effects, it seemed to be growing, longer and longer. It was no longer grey either, but it was becoming a deep, rich auburn in colour, and growing all the time. Finally the voice instructed Henry to remove his hands. As he did so, there was one last burst of lightning which pulsed all over his body, removing all his body hair from his legs and arms. The only hair left to Henry now was in his pubic area, a couple of beautifully arched eyebrows which looked like they would never need a pair of tweezers again and what could only be described as a mane of gleaming auburn hair cascading down his back, reaching his pantie line.
 The voice continued to whisper directly into his brain it seemed, again, Henry stood and returned to the bedroom where he found another box. This one was the size and shape of a shoe box. Opening it, he found a pair of black ankle boots, pointed toes and 4 inch slim heels on them. Sitting down, he lowered the zip on the side of one, he slipped his foot into it, squeezing his size 8 male foot into a female's size 5 boot. It wasn't easy, but the voice insisted he do so, so he did. As he forced the zip back up to the top of the ankle, it seemed to become easier. Next he did the same with his other foot, again although hard to get his foot into, once he started to pull the zipper up, it seemed to get easier. He stood, unsteadily at first, and supporting himself against the wall, make his tottering way back to sit at the computer.
 "Well done Henry, it's nearly done now. Soon you will be complete and with us. I need you to return to your bedroom one last time tonight. There you will find a box with the final items you need. You MUST put them on, no matter what your psyche feels about them, deep down, then, in the morning, I will explain what is next. You must leave your computer on so that everything goes to plan. Now, go my dear, do as I instruct and in the morning, everything will become clear." The voice ceased. The only noise was the fan in Henry's computer whirring softly to itself.
 Henry walked in a daze back to his bedroom, this time, he hardly needed to balance himself against the wall, his feet seemed to be adjusting the ankle boots, or at least his sense of balance was improving. He found another box awaiting him on the bed, just as the voice told him.
 He opened it. Deep down inside him, the essence that was Henry cried out "NO!" at what he saw, but his body was far too deeply controlled by the mystic voice to listen to him, only to the voice telling him what to do.
 He took the rope out of the box, then sitting on the edge of the bed, looped it around his now shapely ankles, once, twice, three times, then looping it around between his ankles, pulled it tight so that although comfortable, it would not chafe or loosen. The loose end he tied to the foot of the leg of the bed. Amazingly, as he pulled himself up the bed, there was just enough slack in it to allow him to rest his head on the pillow.
 Before he could do that though, there were a few more items in the box. The next item in the box, as per the voice's instruction was a face mask. It was a full face mask, but had a cut out for the mouth and holes for the eyes. Henry placed it on over his face and as he smoothed it into place, it seemed to mould itself to his face, then pull in the cheeks a bit, giving him an appearance of feminine cheekbones. Although Henry couldn't see it, his face now looked very much like his ideal of Amanda, just artificial.
 Next came a red ball gag. Henry opened his mouth and slipped the bright red gleaming rubber ball into his mouth, then, twisting his head to one side, allowing his mane of auburn hair to fall clear, buckled the ballgag tightly behind his head, as instructed. His lips rested on the ball, making them puff out, more feminine than masculine now.
 A pair of elbow length gloves came out next, Henry slipped his work torn hands into these, pulling the satin fabric smooth and as high up his arms as they would go. Two pairs of steel handcuffs were next, snicking one cuff from each pair onto each wrist, Henry reached in the box for the final item, a satin blindfold, the loose cuffs swinging against each other as he did so.
 Leaning forward slightly, he pulled the blindfold over his masked face and covered his eyes. Now unable to see, Henry was almost screaming deep in his mind, but no sound came out past the power of the voice controlling his body, never mind getting past the gag.
 Lowering himself down to the bed, he reached up behind himself and there was just enough slack in the ropes around his ankles for him to fasten first the loose cuff dangling from his left hand to the bed head, then groping along the bed for the right hand upright, he managed to fasten the empty cuff from his right hand to that. He still had some freedom of movement in his legs as the rope had just a little slack.
 As he laid there, blindfolded and gagged, unable to see or make any sound, just squirm a little on his own bed, the voice seemed to fade and Henry found that he had some control over his body at last. He tried to pull at the chains on the handcuffs to see if he could squeeze his hands free or perhaps lift the bed head clear of the bed itself. He tried to pull his feet up to get some leverage and to see if the rope would come untied from the foot of the bed. No such luck, he had tied himself up too well, as instructed.
 Then the voice came back, from the computer or in his head, he couldn't tell.
 "Henry, don't struggle, you'll only cut yourself on the cuffs, or interfere with the process. Let me fix this for you." There was a word spoken, it wasn't English, whatever it was didn't register with Henry's mind as a word, but there was an effect! There was a flash of lightning in the room, which Henry saw even though his blindfold and whatever it was, had the effect of tightening the ropes from Henry's ankle to the foot of the bed pulling him downwards so that what play he had before, no longer existed. The shortening of the ropes, put some strain on his body though he didn't realise that for the same flash had put Henry into a deep sleep, allowing the final effects time to work.
 As he slept, the final stages of his transformation continued apace. The bondage was necessary to pull his legs into a far more feminine shape, more suitable for a supermodel than a welder. The ballgag forced his male lips into a sexy feminine full lipped pout, the mask became his face whilst the blindfold caused his eyes and eyelids to become feminine along with lengthy eyelashes. The gloves reshaped his work torn hands into the slender hands of a beautiful young woman. The bra and panties worked their magic on Henry's body by pulling in his stomach to become hard and firm and really slim, the bra was there to lend support to the very firm and sensitive 38C cup breasts now fully formed.
 As the night went on, Henry's body softened and adjusted itself until by morning, a beautiful young woman lay on the bed. The handcuffs metamorphosed into a pair of charm bracelets and the ropes around her ankles faded away as dawn broke. The blindfold and ballgag likewise faded away as the sun streamed though the bedroom window and as it hit her face, Amanda woke. As she sat up and yawned daintily, she realised she had slept in her clothes, again!
 "Boy! What a night!" she mused as she undid her blouse and stepped out of her skirt, folding both on the bedside chair as she went to set her shower going.
 Dropping her bra, panties and tights into the hamper she luxuriated in her shower, then stepped out, grabbed the fluffy white towel and dried herself off. Returning to her bedroom, she opened the dresser and pulled some fresh green satin panties on and adjusted her breasts into a matching satin bra. Reaching around behind her back she did the clasps up, the action pushing her breasts up and out as she did so.
 Opening the next drawer, she removed a pair of red tights and sat on the bedroom chair to put them on. Once she was happy that the legs did not have any rucks on them, she stood and opened the wardrobe door, taking out a red midi skirt and white blouse. Stepping into the skirt she pulled it up around her slim waist and quickly pulled the blouse on over her head, teasing her auburn hair out and down her back.
 Sitting at the dresser, she looked at her beautiful face and effortlessly applied her traces of makeup, her beauty needing only the slightest gilding.
 Putting her ankle boots back on, she stood and pouted at the mirror before setting off to get a diet biscuit for her breakfast. As she passed the computer, the screen flashed into life and the voice from the night before spoke to her.
 "Amanda, we need to talk."
 Amanda sat in front of the screen. "Hello Circe," she said. "How are you this beautiful morning?"
 "I'm fine sister. It's you that we need to discuss."
 "Why, what's wrong?" Amanda asked.
 "Well, Henry. Remember!" Circe commanded.
 It all came back to Amanda, or rather Henry, in a flood of memories. He, she, no HE, he looked down at himself, WOW, HER, definitely her body was HOT!
 When he could speak, he asked the screen "What the hell is going on?"
 "Henry, do you remember your fantasy? To go to sleep one night and wake up a beautiful young woman? Well, I took pity on you and made the transformation happen. Now, I can make it permanent and YOU will be Amanda or you can go back to the way things were. I can make it so that everyone knows you as Amanda, a Supermodel and member of the Inner Circle but you remember being Henry or you can choose to forget being Henry and will have always been Amanda."
 "What do you mean? Always been Amanda? I'm Henry, well, in my mind anyway. Certainly not in body any more! What??" Henry stammered, his mind almost going into meltdown at the sound of the beautiful voice coming out of his, erm, her, mouth.
 "You can choose to be returned to Henry, in Henry's body. You won't remember any of this though. Or, you can become Amanda, but remember your life as Henry. Alternatively, I can wipe Henry and Amanda will always have been the owner of that body and life." Circe said patiently. After all, she had done this many times, this was Henry's first!
 "The Inner Circle? What's that?"
 "Ahh, this is my own circle of friends and erm, changees. We meet once a month and help one another become even more successful at what we do. all members become very wealthy and are all at the top of their fields. Hilary Clinton, Oprah and Celine Dion are all members, just as a few examples. As I say, we help one another and from time to time you will do me a favour, nothing impossible though, I do that!"
 "So, what do you want to do? Go back to being a loser, a man, or step forward into a bright new world as Amanda, one of the most successful and desirable supermodels in the western world?"
 Henry couldn't believe his ears, but, looking down at himself, erm, herself, prodding her firm breasts and finding them very real and very sensitive, he had to believe this was happening. His fantasy woman come to life, and he was her!
 "Yes, I want to stay Amanda!"
 "Right answer! Now, Amanda, do you want to remember being Henry or not?"
 "I don't know. I've been Henry for over 30 years now, but do I want to think as a man whilst looking and being THIS!" Henry asked Circe.
 "Well, I've done this for a couple of the other members of my Inner Circle, I can make it so that you are Amanda in body, spirit and soul, but have the memories of Henry, so that you know people who knew you as Henry, but you think, feel and react as Amanda to everyone. That way, you can be the woman you always dreamt of, without feeling like a man in a woman's body. How does that sound?" Circe offered.
 "Sounds like I get the best of all worlds, what's the catch?" Henry asked dubiously.
 "No catch. I want you to join us as a willing participant and help create a wonderful future for us all. It will also probably help the rest of mankind as well as we do so." Circe added honestly.
 "Okay." Henry said, taking a deep breath, her breasts expanding impressively as she did so. "Let's do it!"
 "So be it. Amanda, how do you feel today?" Circe asked.
 "Oh fine hon, I can't wait to get out and about. What's the plan for today?" Amanda asked.
 "There's a photo shoot arranged for you, your plane leaves for Barbados this afternoon and your limo will arrive in good time to get you to the airport. It's a swim shoot and lingerie shoot for ELLE. You're their favourite model at the moment as you know. You might meet up with a cute guy as well. Enjoy yourself!"
 With that, Circe released control of Amanda's computer and moved on to find her next applicant to join the Inner Circle knowing that Henry would be happy now in his new body and in due course, Amanda would meet and fall in love with a great guy, never mind a cute one! Henry wouldn't object either to the match or having a man make love to "him" as by then, "he" would be fully integrated to the female persona that he and Amanda would become.
 Author's note: This story was inspired by a request in the Guestbook

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