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Wonder Woman & the JLA - Momentous Identity Problems by Steve Zink

Mount Olympus, late Sunday morning Themyscira time

From her personal space among the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus, Aphrodite had been watching what had transpired over the past few days for her two favorite Amazons, Queen Hippolyte and Princess Diana, otherwise known as Wonder Woman.  She had been on the verge of going down to play her own hand in undoing what Dr. Psycho had done to Diana but changed her mind when things changed for the better thanks to the Amazon heroine's friends in the Justice League.  But even from Mt. Olympus, the goddess of beauty lent her hand in the affairs.  It was she who had blessed J'onn J'onzz with all the powers associated with Wonder Woman's body.

But then Aphrodite watched what that loathsome witch Circe had done once she dipped her own fingers in the stew.  First the way she influenced Epione to have Flash make the temporary changes Dr. Fate had made permanent and then want to change even further than the young man originally wanted, followed by what she did to change Epione herself into Dark Angel.

She felt Circe went over the edge when the witch used Dark Angel to send Hippolyte to Man's World and then alter her body and mind until she had changed so far from her original self that she became both a dominantly inclined promiscuous and slutty lesbian whore and the super villainess called Cheetah.  Circe's thought patterns had been easy to follow as Aphrodite watched the way the changed Hippolyte then used a device from Man's World to switch their bodies so that Diana thought she was the slut and the villainess called Cheetah, while the now evil person Hippolyte had become was in Diana's body as Wonder Woman.  She noted that as of just then, the woman who now knew herself to be Priscilla was in her downtown Gateway City condo instead of the mansion, while the woman who occupied the body of Wonder Woman was in her invisible jet flying from east to west across the United States.

Now she HAD to do something.

In preparation, the blonde haired goddess of beauty fashioned a pair of black leather chokers, one bearing a diamond far larger than any ever seen on Man's World, and the other a much smaller but still bigger than any ring stone diamond, both at the front to rest over the throat.  While standing straight and facing the wall of her space holding examples of the finest Greek artwork and a huge ceramic statue of Zeus, she put the choker with the monstrous diamond around her neck and pulled it closed.  She then placed her arms at her sides and proceeded to send her total being and essence into the large gem.

Her standing goddess form became still, as if Aphrodite was in a deep sleep.  Very obviously, she looked like the most beautiful mannequin ever seen.  Then from the gem she projected an astral form, and placed the choker with the smaller gem around its throat.  While this astral form was Aphrodite as she intended to go down and make an effort to change the course of events started by Circe, the large diamond actually held the solidity and pureness of the goddess while her true form stayed as a sort of pink dress and sandals clad lifeless shell.

Aphrodite's astral form then followed the past route down from Olympus to get to the Amazons on Themyscira.

The goddess of beauty hadn't of course been the only resident of Mount Olympus to take an interest in Wonder Woman's troubles and Circe's expansion of the travails.  As a long time enemy of the Amazon heroine, Ares was finding great satisfaction in seeing how her Earthly foes had given the Princess a new lease on life much to his liking.  He cursed when the Amazon's friends found a way to turn her back.  The God of War had just the opposite reaction to seeing what Circe did compared to Aphrodite, and by chance happened to catch sight of what the goddess was starting to do in an apparent effort to interfere.  He grinned when he saw the way her astral form left her goddess form behind.


As Aphrodite's astral form entered Hippolyte's bed chamber close to the midday noon hour, she decided to make the very lifelike doll Dark Angel had left there become her link from Olympus to Earth.  It looked exactly like Hippolyte, making her subjects think the queen had been transformed into a life sized doll.  Well, it wouldn't look like the Queen for very much longer.  She slipped her form into the doll, and as a result the choker appeared in place around the doll's throat and Hippolyte's form along with the white sheaths and Amazon sandals which had adorned the doll disappeared, to be replaced by her own image along with the diaphanous pink dress and more simple sandals which had been on her goddess form on Olympus, which was now more or less a nude blonde mannequin save for the choker on her throat.  But what exactly had she just placed her being into?  Instead of ceramics with which she was familiar, she seemed to be animating some material similar to rubber.

Just to make sure she could do so in the hard but pliable rubber like unknown material with which Dark Angel had made the doll, Aphrodite made the effort to touch the gem on her throat with the tip of her right pointing finger.  It wasn't easy, but the doll did move.  She let some of her greatly reduced essence flow from the gem through the fingertip, and it and the rest of the fake body did become more like flesh, though still actually composed of the foreign material which was now nearly as flexible as a real human body.  But the doll had no vocal cords, and for what she planned for her mission, it was a real human body she was going to need.  So, while still having use of them, she used her powers to call out ethereally to Artemis to visit the Queen's chamber.

This done, she made one last use of her godlike powers and through the diamond on her throat conjured a physical human Amazon body identical to Hippolyte's, then proceeded to shift from the doll to it.  Suddenly Apphrodite experienced all the feelings of the physical Amazon body which had always been absent from her form as a goddess.  Something else new to her were the female hormones permeating the body.  In just the first few instants she was already perceiving the powerful sexual impulses and feelings of her new body.  While it had been her intention to make this a fully capable Amazon body, she had to make a strong effort to suppress the urges she hadn't expected.

Now able to move a bit more easily than she could have in that doll, the transformed goddess walked over to it and removed the choker.  It was then closed around the throat of her new body.  The ex-goddess now animating the duplicate of the Amazon queen's body felt almost natural with one big exception - other, of course, than the intense tactile feelings and sexual impulses - she was now powerless.  Of course, if she had some need for her power, her form could jump instantly from the diamond on her throat to the dress adorning the doll as her earthly form and thence to the big diamond on her true form at home on Mount Olympus.

Moments later, Artemis walked into the Queen's bed chamber, not knowing quite what to expect.  She had been with some of the other Amazons who had investigated the chamber earlier and discovered their Queen to be an unmoving but very lifelike statue or doll.  As she looked up after entry, the redhead was shocked to see that the unmoving doll like figure now looked like the goddess of beauty Aphrodite.  Alongside the doll stood a very animated Hippolyte.  But if her queen had been unmoving before and now it seemed like the goddess was unmoving, something odd was happening.  The Amazon huntress did some reasoning, and then looking directly at the apparently alive Queen said, "Aphrodite, is that you?!"

The transformed goddess motioned for Artemis to join her sitting on the edge of the bed.  She then answered, "Yes, and I'm here because Circe has gone much too far with her games this time.  All of you had thought Hippolyte had been transformed into that almost live looking doll which I just discovered is made of something like rubber, but she was actually magically shifted to Man's World and then transformed into a very exaggerated but incredibly good looking younger female.  She was then made to think that she was no longer Hippolyte but now Priscilla Rich, who as I'm sure you know was the original Cheetah.  She has two alternate homes for whatever role she is playing, a mansion in the hills outside Gateway City and a condo downtown across from Diana's place.  To make it worse, Circe gave her a mind changing, no, make that a mind switching machine which was destroyed after its use.  As of late last night, it's now Diana in that blonde caricature's body back to thinking she's Cheetah, but now as Priscilla instead of Diana.  The now evil Hippolyte, who knows she used to be Priscilla but now knows she's Diana, is in Wonder Woman's body getting set to create all sorts of mayhem."

She placed her right hand on top of Artemis's left thigh.  "I want you to go to Man's World as the new, good Wonder Woman.  Don't wear the special version of the costume you wore when you temporarily took on the role of Wonder Woman a few years ago.  Utilize the actual costume parts Diana has on hand here so you can look as much like the regular Wonder Woman as possible, other than your hair.

"Martian Manhunter of the Justice League is able to make himself look just like the evil Wonder Woman, and for a plan I'd recommend that you get, her to fight her twin but lose on purpose so that you can jump the presumed winner and subdue her with the golden lasso.  Then once you've also got Diana in that other body captured from her condo, you can try to use the magicians in the Justice League to switch their minds back.  Meanwhile, since Circe and the others in her accursed group called the Legion of Doom are expecting Diana as Cheetah to join up with them soon, I'm going to get rid of Circe by taking Diana's place.  Even in a human body with no godly powers, my links to my original goddess form via the diamond on my choker and the pink dress on the doll anchoring my goodness will make it so that Circe and the others won't be able to affect my efforts to take that witch out of commission."

The Amazon at her side was stunned!  "I know you must be serious!  As you mentioned, this won't be my first visit to Man's World as Wonder Woman, and wearing Diana's original costume instead of my own will be different.  Oh, and that plan for getting to the other Wonder Woman sounds good.  I guess we'll have to figure out some way of getting our hands on Diana if she's back to being Cheetah again.  What's the street location for that place Diana is at?  Do you know?  And I sure hope you know what you're doing taking Diana's place.  I'd feel a lot better about that if you were here as your true goddess form with all your powers."

The apparent Hippolyte told Artemis, "She's in number 506 at 2473 Jaskins Street, which is across the park from where Diana's original home is located."  Then she tapped the small diamond on her choker as she added, "I'm both linked to my powers and can escape if necessary through my gem to my pink dress on the doll and thence to the much larger gem which is on what I know is my true form's neck to reoccupy it.  But with my pink dress guaranteeing goodness on the doll, there's no way I'd have to do that.  The doll is residing here on Themyscira with nothing but goodness around it.  Now, let's go use Hippolyte's Purple Ray to turn me into a duplicate of Diana as she now is."

The pair got up from the bed and walked over to the anteroom of the chamber in which the Queen's Purple Ray resided.  The redhead watched as the ex-goddess made all the settings.  Then the woman who at the moment looked like the Amazon queen with whom she was so familiar stepped around the machine and into its field of effect.  At her signal, Artemis hit the on button.  When the machine finished its work seconds later, the redhead gasped.  It had been one thing to picture in her mind the female Hippolyte had become, going by the goddess's description.  But it was a totally different matter to see in person the indescribably and fantastically beautiful looking, exaggeratedly feminine blonde the goddess had told her about.

After being surprised by the sexual and other feelings of the Amazon body she'd made for herself just a bit earlier, the ex-goddess was now in a completely human body which was totally foreign to her.  As designed by Dark Angel and copied unknowingly by her, this body was optimized for exotic and erotic, intense sexual perception, and it was now flooding her senses and nerve endings with extreme sexually oriented sensations.  In particular, her overly ample chest and already very wet, smoothly shaved crotch were crying for attention.  She felt like a sexual bomb, ready to explode!

For as much as she'd observed human females experiencing sex over the millennia, this was the very first time Aphrodite had actually felt what was experienced by them.  She felt the weight of her massive breasts and reached up to cup them in her hands, in the process unwittingly rubbing her nipples with her long, scarlet hued fingernails.  The sensation made her purposely pinch her expanding nipples with the colorful claws on her fingertips, nearly causing her to orgasm right then and there.  She really had to fight the urge to use those same red nails to pinch her craving clitoris.

The ex-goddess had never before even imagined what she was feeling, let alone experienced it.  She had to force herself to try and hold it in.

The changed goddess had come out of the purple ray not only in the same sexually intensive body into which Hippolyte got transformed, but also with the details of that body.  Her blonde crotch was smooth as silk, as if freshly shaved, and exploring fingertips broke her will and confirmed the feeling which was totally novel to the new human woman.  She also was wearing the nail polish and heavy slut makeup Dark Angel had put on her.  "Wow, Aphrodite!  I can't believe how unbelievably proportioned that body is!" Artemis exclaimed, thankfully breaking the spell and taking the new slut's attention away from the cravings she felt.

The new blonde picture of depravity tried to compose herself.  In a very new and sexually soft and enticing voice she replied, "No, no, Artemis.  And this is really very important, try hard to remember it.  Pretty obviously, I'm not anymore the goddess you used to know as Aphrodite in this body.  While I'm in this body to do my thing here in your world, my name is Priscilla Rich.  But that's my more demure and just official name, for as I am in my more usual role I'm Honey, Honey Welch.  That's who Diana knows she is while she's just like me as a dominant and promiscuous lesbian whore.  I can't let you or anybody else mention who I used to be, or Circe and the Legion might find out."

The stunningly beautiful human female looked around, and spotted a hair brush on the counter against the wall.  She went over to pick it up and started to brush and tease her long blonde hair.  Then she continued while stroking, "Oh, and if you're wondering, I had the Purple Ray do my nail polish and makeup since I knew neither Hippolyte nor Diana would have any on hand.  Uh, have you ever shaved off the hair in your crotch?"

"No, I've left my red bush as it has always been.  I'm betting it felt quite different when you just stroked your mound with no pubic hair at all on it.  And is that makeup permanent if the ray did it?" Artemis asked.

"To be honest, I wouldn't know how different it felt just now in my crotch, since what we feel in our godly forms is totally different from what humans feel.  And no," the ex-goddess added, "it's not like the tattooed makeup they have in Man's World.  It's real makeup I can wash off later and put back on when I need it using what's available in both the condo and the mansion.  It wasn't just my crotch that felt different from all I've experienced before, either.  I'm getting sexually related impulses from all over this body, especially these two huge, tits.  It feels oh so much more fun than anything I used to feel back when I was just a goddess.  By the way, make sure when you get Diana out of my condo that you leave my purse behind, and also leave my door unlocked so I can get in."

"Oh, you're not going to be with us?"

The incredible blonde shook her head.  "No, I'll need to stay out of sight, off to the side, and start being the real Honey after you finish."

After they went back into the Queen's main bed chamber, the now two or three times changed Aphrodite covered her new body in Hippolyte's robes and veils to hide its outrageous form.  Then the two walked the short distance over to Princess Diana's chalet.  With nearly all the other Amazons gathered for the midday meal, there was little worry about being seen by anyone.

Artemis took off every piece of her strappy green leather hunting garb and then her sandals.  Now she was ready.  From the top drawer of Diana's dresser she pulled out one of the extra costumes the Princess kept there.  The costume she'd been given by Hippolyte the first time to play the role of Wonder Woman was different in minor details, but now she was putting on the real thing.  After she clamped the golden power belt around her waist, the huntress said, "I'm only missing the lasso, since I don't recall Diana ever leaving behind any spares."

Then she went over to the closet where Diana kept all her footwear.  "Good thing my feet are the same size as Diana's," the redhead said as she zipped the first of the boots tight to her right calf, feeling her foot arch due to the moderate spiked heel which was actually rather unfamiliar to her.  Then as she did the same with the other boot to stand four inches taller than before.  The added height gave her a view of something she hadn't expected at all.  Coiled on the shelf high in the closet was another golden lasso!  "Looks like I've got a lasso to use, after all!" she said while clipping it to her golden belt, then she added, "Too bad none of the rest of the Amazons other than Diana and her mother got that ability to spin into a costume.  I might have just gotten the whole costume with a lasso included by spinning.  Well, my hair color is different, but now I am Wonder Woman!"

Still draped in white robes but with the veils removed, her companion answered, "I wish I'd thought to give you and me that power while I was still just a goddess.  And your hair isn't the only difference now.  Instead of trying to describe it to you, I'll just let you see the new version of the Wonder Woman costume J'onn and Diana came up with on Friday.  Now, since we're going to go up to the Justice League's Watchtower to get word to Martian Manhunter and then go to Gateway City, I think I'll put on one of Donna Troy's old Wonder Girl costumes."

"New Wonder Woman costume?  How could it possibly be different?  I guess I'll have to wait.  Oh, and I wouldn't try that, Aphrodite" the newest Wonder Woman told her.  "Oops, I mean, Honey.  I'm not sure any of Donna's old costumes are still here in Diana's room, more likely just some of the really old costumes Diana herself wore as the teenaged Wonder Girl.  Even if Donna's outfits were here, I'm betting your body would never fit into any of them.  And I just know your feet in that unbelievable body have to be way too small for Donna's boots.  I have a better idea - put on that black leather and whatever outfit Diana wore back when I was Wonder Woman that first time."

The redhead started looking into the drawers.  "Those breasts you've got are so much bigger than even Diana's that none of the costumes like this one I'm wearing would fit you, but that black halter bra top is made of that weird stretch material and should cover at least your nipples and aureolas and give you some support.  That light blue jacket with the silver stars and stylized gold WW design more or less just hung from her shoulders, so on you it wouldn't be any problem.  The black shorts were also made of that same stretchy material, and should fit over your big hips and ass; the straps leading up to the belt will allow it to close around that impossibly small waist of yours.  I've got an idea for how to do the black ankle boots that went with that outfit, let's stick them into Diana's Purple Ray and see what happens.  If it doesn't work, we could always put you into some black sandals instead."

She turned from the drawer with some black and blue in her hands to face the blonde.  "Ah, here it is; try it on!"

Honey took the outfit from Artemis's hands and held up the jacket and shorts.  "I remember how good Diana looked in this.  I bet I'm going to look like a Goth prostitute in it!"

Artemis laughed hard at that.  "I'm surprised you're familiar with those Man's World words!  Oh, wait a sec before you pull on those shorts.  You don't have any panties on over your smooth crotch.  Diana almost never wore panties either, she always used to wear pantyhose with her outfits, and that one was no exception.  How she kept her hose from getting shredded in her battles is beyond me; Diana doesn't have that same protective aura which Superman has around his body protecting his costume."  She fished in one of the smaller drawers and then pulled out a pair of suntan pantyhose.  "Here, put these on first.  I presume you know how."

"What, do you think we only watch you Amazons up there on Mount Olympus?" the blonde bombshell answered while sitting on the edge of the bed to pull on the pantyhose.  "We don't just hear a lot of the language we should avoid, but the ways the women of the world dress and act is real important for me.  Oh, my oops!  Not for me, for that goddess of beauty called what's her name...oh, you know who I mean.  But I will say that one part of Diana's new life will be hard for me; besides being a lesbian whore, she's a dominatrix.  I don't have any idea what this world's dominatrixes do."  Then over her now richer colored and shinier legs were pulled the shorts which did manage to cover her huge hips and ass.  Their very high waist was pulled up fully, with the twin thin belts buckled over the patch of her tummy left showing.  Then she circled the gold belt around her itty bitty waist with its stylized golden WW and thin black stripe in the middle.  She made sure to get the WW design perfectly centered under the twin buckles.

Moments later she was fully in the outfit, including the wrist length black gloves and something which sent very estrange feelings through Honey's human body - the silver colored Amazonium bracelets of submission.  The outfit's bra top was woefully inadequate as predicted, but actually worked to show off her incredibly large breasts.  It gave the transformed Goddess of Beauty a thrill to buckle the the two bra parts between her two monstrous globes of flesh, then connect and tighten the thin halter straps going up between them and down over her shoulders to connect with the strap across her back.  "Good thing this body Diana got has a good tan!  Do I look okay with my blonde hair?  I know Diana doesn't have any wigs."

Artemis shook her head.  "You don't look just okay,, Honey.  As you said, you look so good you'd be a top draw on the streets as a Goth prostitute.  Now, let's see if my idea for the boots will work.  I seem to recall Diana once using the Purple Ray for not just her body but also her clothes."

Artemis went back to the closet from which she'd gotten her white striped red boots, and came back out holding a pair of flat heeled black boots that actually were a bit high to be called ankle boots; they came about halfway up the calf.  As she started heading back toward the side room with the Purple Ray, Honey said, "If you can use the ray to make them small enough to fit me, do you think you can also put some, real high spike heels on them?  Those flat heels might have been good for Diana in her old body doing her bit as a heroine, but in her new body just like mine and since I'm going to be a lesbian whore and villainess just like her, I'll need them a lot different.  And besides, if I'm going to take Diana's place and be Cheetah, I'll be wearing seven-inch heels and these black ankle boots would help me get used to really high heels.  All the sandals I ever wore as a goddess were flat soled, so heels are a new experience for me; at least this body was programmed by the purple ray to have an affinity for ultra high heels."

The red headed Wonder Woman went to the control panel of the Purple Ray and took a while finding the settings for inanimate objects.  "I think you're in luck...Honey," she said, finally getting her name right even if it was with a short hesitation.  "With what I see as options here, not only could I make those boots any size we want and at the same time put any heel height you want on them, I could change them from going halfway up your calves to going all the way up to your hairless crotch!"

"Ha, ha!  Just leave them as ankle high," the incredible blonde dressed as a black clad unofficial Wonder Woman stated.  "But for the changes, I'm a size six and I want the same height for the heels."

Artemis set the pair of boots on the table and pushed it under the area of the machine's beam, then turned it on.  Both of them thought it was fascinating to actually watch the boots quickly morph from Diana's size and flat heels to the much smaller size of Honey's new feet with six-inch heels that at that size would nearly put her on her toes.  As the ray finished and the image of the boots became more clear, Artemis whistled softly upon seeing the much clearer image.  "You really want to wear heels like that?!  To borrow a trite expression I picked up in Man's World, more power to you."

The changed goddess just smiled and picked up her new boots.  She turned to sit on the small seat Diana had in the room for the ray's operator, then slid her tiny feet into the boots.  After she zipped them closed and secured the twin straps at the top of each, Honey stood even more solidly than if she was still barefoot, then surprised Artemis by walking over to her with all the grace of a ballet dancer.  "Looks like I can already wear heels like these, huh?"

Artemis could think of only one thing to say upon seeing the Goth prostitute now in such incredible heels, "I'm glad you seem to be able to handle those heels so much better than I think I could, and with them, you no longer look like a mere Goth prostitute, you're Honey the Wonder Whore!"

"I'll take that as a compliment, I guess.  Just watch out, though, payback will be hell after I get back to being who I used to be, a powerful but sexless goddess!"  She grinned, then slapped the redhead on her shoulder.  "Just kidding!  Let's get going, 'k?"

"Damn, now you're even starting to sound like the blonde bimbo you look like.  First let me check and make sure none of the other Amazons are finished with eating and out there to see us when we go to Diana's Justice League teleport pad."

Artemis went to each of Diana's windows first, then opened the door nearest to the teleport pad.  None of her sisters seemed to be nearby.  "Looks clear, let's move!"

The two new red and blonde haired versions of Wonder Woman slipped out of Diana's side door, much like the heroine herself usually did to avoid fanfare when leaving her home to visit her teammates in the Justice League of America.  They wasted no time in setting up the key pad, since Artemis had used it a number of times in the past.  Codes had changed a lot since her last time, but Diana was good enough to keep her updated.  Artemis punched the contact button, and in answer she heard, "Who is this, I know Wonder Woman is in Gateway City, not at her home on Themyscira."

"Relax, Canary," the redhead Amazon replied after recognizing their inquisitor's voice.  "This is Artemis.  Both Diana and her mother the Queen are in trouble right now, and I was asked by-" she felt a jab in her side, and saw Honey shaking her head and mouthing NOT ME, "excuse me, sorry.  I was asked by the goddesses through our oracle to put on one of Diana's costumes and go to Man's World as a new Wonder Woman to try and help them.  I want to beam up to you and see if I can get Martian Manhunter to work with me.  Hold on a sec."

She turned around really quickly and said softly but firmly, "What was THAT all about?"

"I don't want anybody else to know I'm going to be taking Diana's place, and if nobody in the Justice League knows, I won't have anybody to worry about except you," came the even softer reply.  "So tell Black Canary you're by yourself and I'll hope they don't find out two of us were using the teleport."

Artemis scowled, but it was her companion's game, so she turned back toward the control box and said, "I'm back.  Do you know where J'onn is right now?"

"You're in luck.  He's in his quarters up here.  In fact, he and I are the only ones awake in the Watchtower at this time.  Dr. Fate is in her room still sleeping after her late night, and all the others are Earthside.  No one's at our end's teleport pad, so just hit the codes and push send.  Oh, are you current with the codes?"

"Yes, Diana trusts me with every update since I work on and off with the League.  Ask J'onn to meet me there at your watch desk, would you?"

"Gotcha.  How would you prefer J'onn to see you, as himself or as Wonder Woman?"

Artemis grinned.  "You must be getting prescient.  Tell J'onn that as the old Wonder Woman, she will be meeting the new Wonder Woman.  See ya in a minute or two."

"Well, it looks like there wouldn't be too many Justice League members up there to see you anyway," Artemis said after turning back toward Honey.  "But if you want to keep this close, that's your prerogative.  Here we go."

Artemis started to punch in the activation codes while Honey walked up right behind her.  As soon as the redhead hit the send button, their images wavered and then disappeared.

The Watchtower

Both of the Amazons wavered back into sight on the same teleport pad from which Canary and Hawkgirl had left escorting Diana two days before.  Without any complications, this time.  As she was stepping off the pad, Artemis heard her companion say, "Before you go to see Black Canary and the Manhunter, let me see your lasso."

Artemis had to wonder just what the woman who used to be so powerful that the lasso would be nothing could need it for, but she figured there had to be a good reason and unclipped her golden lasso.  She passed it back to Honey, who seemed to hold it for a moment lost in her mind's wanderings.  The changed goddess had been worried a lot about the way earlier Artemis kept letting her original name slip, and had come to the conclusion that it would be best if she no longer knew she'd come up with anyone else.  Then abruptly, the blonde looped the lasso and slipped it over the apparent red headed Wonder Woman's shoulders.  "Be absolutely still and silent, Artemis.  Like you told Canary earlier, you are here after getting word from Olympus and the oracle.  Your mission to work with J'onn in getting both Diana and Hippolyte back to who they should be is still the same.  You still know all the details about the different personalities of Priscilla, Honey and Cheetah that Diana has.  Be sure to remember to leave the purse behind and also leave the door unlocked.  You never saw or heard directly from Aphrodite, and you know that you just came up from Themyscira by yourself, with no golden lasso.  You will go directly from here to the watch desk to meet Canary and Manhunter, and you will not see anyone else in the teleport area.  For the next minute, remain absolutely still and unknowing."

She took the lasso off the redhead and looped it, then slipped it over her black belt.  Then, so that no chances could be taken with her recognition, while Artemis was still standing and staring like a colorful Amazon mannequin, Honey turned to the control panel near her left side and punched the button she'd noticed as soon as they'd arrived.  The panels onboard the Watchtower were preset for each of the hero's or heroine's home locations, and Honey blinked out of sight as she was on the way down to the pad on the roof of Diana's building in Gateway City.

When the minute expired, Artemis shook her head as if coming out of a momentary lapse or something, and started the short walk to the duty desk area on the Watchtower.  Along the way, she passed the hallway leading to the members' onboard residences, and was both pleased and shocked at the same time to see the sexier, updated Wonder Woman in the form of Diana only a few steps away from reaching her, approaching the turn.  She waited a moment, then turned to greet her temporary teammate.  "J'onn, I presume?"

"Yes, and to avoid the confusion with both the princess and I looking the same, I call myself Wondie," she replied.  "I presume things are getting really bad for Diana again somehow if you're up here and in a full Wonder Woman costume yourself.  As I presume you've noticed, the costume you're wearing is a bit out of date.  Both the real Diana and I changed our costumes to have these gloves and the thigh high boots Friday afternoon."  She grinned.  "And changed the heel height!"

Artemis took more careful notice and looked down.  "By the gods!  Are you really able to get around in those heels that easily?"

J'onn, or Diana as she preferred while in that body, got closer and hugged the newcomer, then said, "Yes, it seems both your princess and I have been acclimated to the very high heels and our Amazon bodies are used to them now.  Oh, Inza, er...Dr. Fate is still on hand but asleep in her room.  Do you want me to wake her up?"

Artemis waved a hand toward the watch desk and started to walk, and at the same time she was marveling at the way the similarly clad woman next to her was walking just as easily if not more so than herself she said, "For the time being, no.  But if we have a successful mission, I'm sure Inza's talents will be of great use."  They continued to chat amicably the rest of the way toward Dinah at the watch desk, and by the time they got there, Artemis felt at ease in calling her Diana.

Artemis walked up to Dinah and said, "Hey, I never saw you in a costume like that before!  New one?"

Canary turned away from the monitors and greeted the newcomer by answering, "Yes, and I'll probably have time to tell you later about how all my old costumes got destroyed on Friday.  I could have changed into one of my original costumes at home yesterday, but I'm starting to like this one.  I did it with Zatanna's machine, do you like?"

"Yes, indeed!" Artemis told her.  "Now, the reason I wanted to brief J'onn, or I guess Diana now, about the plan here with you is because of the sensors you have at the desk.  Before I say anything else, can you punch up where the invisible jet is right now?"

Years before, Wonder Woman had equipped her invisible jet with a special transponder which would allow her teammates to find her if needed while she was otherwise undetectable.  Black Canary turned to her control board and flipped a button, then said, "Watch that screen on the right.  Wherever the jet is as of this moment, you'll see a blinking blue light."  Three sets of eyes watched the Mercator projection map of the world with the tiny blue light centered on it narrow down first to the United States, then the West Coast.  As the upper coastal area of California appeared, the blue light started to flicker at the location of Gateway City.  Artemis reacted first, "I don't believe this!  Both of them are going to be in the same place!"

"Both of them?" came from two other sets of lips in unison.

"Okay, time to let you both know why I'm here again.  I got told that Queen Hippolyte was abducted magically from Themyscira and given both a new body and new evil mind at the same time.  Circe must have gotten mad at the way you managed to get Diana out of her being Cheetah, and in turn got Hippolyte to know that she was now Cheetah.  As Cheetah, she was given a mind swapping device by Circe-"

Diana cut her off.  "Mind swapping device?  By Circe?  Now we know why CyberCat didn't have it when she got back Friday night.  Oh, I'm sorry, please continue."

"CyberCat?  Friday night?  I've got a lot of catching up to do, I guess.  Oh, right.  Apparently, late Friday night Diana got body swapped with her changed mother, and as of this moment, Diana is Cheetah again but this time thinking her name is Priscilla Rich and her mother is in her body acting like another evil Wonder Woman.  The plan is to have you," she looked directly at Diana, "confront your presumed twin and fight her, but lose intentionally.  As your twin is starting to gloat over her win, I'm going to jump from hiding and wrap her up with your golden lasso.  I should be able to at least partially get her mind back toward thinking she's Hippolyte.  Then we need to get our hands on Diana, or should I say Priscilla, so we can do a job on her mind and then in the end try to see if Dr. Fate or some other magic user can switch their minds back again."

"Not trying to do too much all at once, are you?" Diana asked.  Then she added, "No, don't answer.  I like the plan as you gave it to us.  Here, take my lasso now."  She unclipped it and passed it to Artemis.  "Let's get in touch with Flash in Central City and see if she can get to Gateway City to locate the other Wonder Woman, since she most likely isn't sitting in the cockpit of her jet."

"Did you just say she?" Artemis asked.  "The last I knew, Flash was very much a he."

"Later, okay?"  The redhead nodded.

Black Canary took care of the request, and punched the button for Flash.  "Yes?" Lis asked.

"Hi, Lis, sorry to bother you again, but we need to locate Wonder Woman, or at least the current person who looks like Wonder Woman, in Gateway City.  I know what I just said has questions ready to come from you, but please wait until we have time to explain.  If you can get to Gateway City on the double and locate her for us, we'll be all set."

Artemis turned toward Diana and just mouthed, Lis?  The other Wonder Woman grinned, then mouthed, Later.

"Okay, I'll wait to hear from you about the details of this new situation.  I'll be on the way in a sec.  Would it be better if I went as Flash or the less recognizable Pantha?  And any idea where I should start?"

Artemis was still staring at Diana.  She mouthed, Pantha?  Diana just winked.

"Stay as Flash."  Dinah then read to her the coordinates they had on the invisible jet, concluding by saying, "See if she's anywhere near her jet first, then expand the search from there.  She could be still in a Wonder Woman costume, or maybe in her silver or black costumes, let's just hope she hasn't come up with something even newer that wouldn't be recognized.  Don't try to do anything if you spot her, just give us a call so we can send down a welcoming party for her."

"Welcoming party, eh?  I'll be back with you in a minute or two after I get there."

As Canary was finishing, Diana tapped her arm to let her know she wanted to add something.  "Lis, before you go, it's Wondie.  Do you still have those two black hoods from Friday?"

"Hi, Diana.  Yup, I still have them.  I was kinda surprised Inza didn't ask for them, nor anyone else at the meeting later."

"Good!  Bring both of them with you, they might be handy for working with the real Diana and her mother," the transformed manhunter told her.

"Diana and her mother?  More I'll have to wait on, I presume," Flash replied.

"Hopefully we'll get a few seconds to tell you about the latest thing for the Amazons when we get down there to join you," Wondie told her.  "Oh, just wondering.  When you and Inza put the hood on Dinah's head while she was Wonder Woman," Artemis looked at Black Canary, who just grinned, "did it go over her tiara?"

"Sure did!"

"That means we can put the hood over Wonder Woman's head once you find her, instead of just using my golden lasso," Diana said.  "We'll see you down there as soon as you find Wonder Woman."

"With explanations, right!"

Canary started to thank Lis, but the connection had already been killed.  "That girl's in a real hurry, ladies.  Let's just sit tight until she calls in from Gateway City."

As part of the sitting tight, Artemis got Dinah and Diana to tell her about those black hoods.  "It was Dinah who was in Wonder Woman's body when Inza and Lis got there on Themyscira on Friday, Artemis.  It'll have to wait til later to tell you about where the hoods came from, but they control the mind of the person they've been put on and force any instructions to be followed, even better than the lasso.  But we'll still use both."

Then the redhead asked for a bit about Flash being a female and called Lis and Pantha.  When Circe did that bit about altering minds, history and paperwork about Flash, she'd affected the world in which the speedster lived, but the magic didn't extend to the actual place they'd been at the moment, Themyscira.  So Artemis and all the other Amazons had no idea and still thought of Flash as the male hero he'd actually been.  The story had only just gotten started when over the radio they heard, "Dinah, it's Lis."

"You're there already?  Go ahead."

"Hey!  I don't waste any time.  I've been here for two minutes so far, and there's no sign of the Amazon."

Artemis had an inspiration and motioned to Dinah to let her speak.  "Lis, it's Artemis.  I'm here to help, and there's a good chance she may be there in Gateway City to watch for what the occupier of her past body does.  See if you can spot her anywhere near the condo building at 2473 Jaskins Street.  Just watch for Wonder Woman, and try to avoid actual contact with her."

"Ah, plot details starting to leak!  I got that address and will look there," Flash replied.

A moment later, they heard, "I just found Wonder Woman.  She's still in the new version of the Wonder Woman costume, and she's watching the address you gave me from the top of a building not far from the condo."

"Thanks," the redhead replied.  "I'm giving you back to Canary; Wondie and I are heading for the teleport pad."

Wondie took the comm before Dinah could.  "It's Diana, Lis.  We'll give you a call as soon as we get to the teleport pad on Diana's rooftop."

"I'll be listening for you while keeping my eyes on the other Wonder Woman.  I'm on the roof watching her; she's not moving, just intensely watching that condo from next to a low brick wall."

"Maybe she's expecting to see Diana in her old body leave to go somewhere," Black Canary said as her teammates headed for the teleport pads.

"Yeah, and she sure seems to be concentrating.  We'd better sign off so I can hear Wondie calling me."

"Right.  I'll be waiting to hear about what happens," Dinah said before clicking off.

Gateway City

As soon as they were on Diana's Gateway City teleport pad, Artemis called on the communicator, "Lis, we're here."

Instead of hearing a reply on the almost Star Trek like version of a walkie talkie, the red headed Amazon saw in person the ultra feminine form of Flash they'd started to describe to her.  'WOW!!' Artemis thought, her eyes wide.

"Okay," Lis said in greeting, "who wants to go first?"

"Oh," Wondie said in surprise, "I hadn't figured on you carrying us over to that rooftop at your speed.  Since there'll only be a few seconds difference, take me first so I can start the fake fight with the other Wonder Woman.  I should be able to make it look like I'm losing by the time you get back with Artemis."  She looked at the other Wonder Woman in the shed.  "Artemis, you've already got my lasso, so make sure you subdue the winner of the battle.  Flash, do your thing, let's go!"

The golden haired speedster (speedstress?) picked up the raven haired Amazon and cradled her form in her gold and scarlet covered arms.  Then a heartbeat later she put her on her ultra high stiletto heeled feet in the same spot from which she'd been watching the other Wonder Woman.  Their quarry still had her eyes glued on the nearby condo inside which resided her old body.  "Lis," her passenger said, "you're going to be a lot faster than Artemis with her golden lasso.  As soon as the other Wonder Woman has me beaten, get that hood over her head."

"Right, but since I can get back with Artemis in only a second unless she holds us up," Flash answered, "do you want us to wait a minute or two so you can get into the fight and lose?"

Wondie contemplated that for a moment, then said, "I'd rather have you both watching the fight, but now that I think about it, we wouldn't want the other Wonder Woman to see either of you two.  Just tell Artemis you're going to wait a minute.  I should be able to get and hold my twin's attention while we're fighting, just don't make a spectacle when you get back until it's showtime for the other Wonder Woman."

Flash was gone as soon as her teammate finished, and stood next to Artemis another heartbeat later.  She took only a few seconds to relay the game plan.  "I'd feel safer watching the whole fight," Artemis told her, "but since a minute will be up in just a bit, let's get going.  Get one of those black hoods ready, and just remember, no matter who's up or down after the fight, I have Wondie's golden lasso, so whichever Wonder Woman is holding a lasso is the bad one who's really Hippolyte."

Lis pulled the hood from her left boot top and unzipped it.  Then she held out her arms with one golden fist closed on shiny black, and the redhead hopped aboard the scarlet and gold express.

As soon as Flash had left, Wondie quickly but quietly advanced on her unmoving twin.  At the last moment the evil Wonder Woman must have heard something, because she leapt to her own stiletto heeled feet and sprang toward Diana.  There seemed to be a moment's hesitation on her part as she saw her twin.  She had to make this look good, so Diana raised her red gloved and bracelet sheathed arms and started to fist fight her surprised foe.  The real surprise came when the evil Wonder Woman must have put her left seven-inch heel down on a loose pebble or something; she twisted and came down with her head striking the side of the wall hard, with a loud thud.

Her foe seemed to be unconscious, and Diana wondered how she could possibly lose the fight now?  Oh, well, best to make do with the seemingly providential change in plans.  Wondie crouched to unclip the golden lasso from her fallen twin's golden belt so she could get the change started by wrapping the lasso around her shoulders.

Flash with Artemis in her arms got there just as Diana was finishing looping the glistening gold lasso around the downed Wonder Woman's shoulders.  Lis put Artemis down with celerity while thinking, 'Oh, NO!  She's got Diana wrapped in her lasso!'  Less that a heartbeat later, the Wonder Woman holding the loose end of the golden lasso had the sexy and evil looking black hood zipped tightly over her head.  When Lis got back to Artemis she said, "It's a good thing you warned me about her holding that golden lasso.  In another second or two she would have started to utter words to order Diana to do something."

Artemis was only looking at the obvious and didn't consider any alternatives.  "Good thing you stopped her when you did.  A good question, though, is what she might have already done to Diana.  All right, since she already has a lasso ready, I won't need this one."

The pair walked over to the knocked out Wonder Woman first, and determined she seemed to be okay other than being in dreamland.  So they left her and looked at the rigidly still Amazon staring with wide eyes through the wicked looking eye holes of the gleaming black hood.  Before the redhead could say anything, Lis told her, "Be careful with what you say now.  Anything that sounds like an order or instruction will have an impact.  Make sure to say the right things."

Artemis figured the evil Wonder Woman was rigidly still because Flash had told her to be that way when she put the hood on her, so she said, "Gotcha.  Please wrap her up in that lasso."  As if by magic, the lasso came off the shoulders of the downed Wonder Woman and showed up coiled around the shoulders of the one in the black hood.  "Thanks.  Now, please try to both make sure what I say to Hippolyte will work, and at the same time watch our knocked out teammate."

"I'll do my best."  Flash started to do lightning quick scans back and forth between the twin amazons, but then decided to just watch the changed manhunter while listening to the redhead.

The latest Amazon heroine was silent for a bit longer, staring at the sexy and evil looking, shiny black latex covered head, awed by the way it made her look, while figuring out just how to begin.  Then finally she started, "You have been falsely living the life of Princess Diana who is also Wonder Woman.  While you are in the body of Wonder Woman now, that's not who you really are.  Your true identity is Hippolyte, queen of the Amazons on Themyscira and the mother of Princess Diana, the true Wonder Woman.  Even though your form was changed, first to a woman who was a lesbian whore and also the super villainess called Cheetah, then to the body of Wonder Woman, your mind has to forget any other identities and specific special powers and know that you truly are Queen Hippolyte only.  You will help us when we need to capture Princess Diana in the body she now occupies, and once we
have her you will assist in whatever is needed to have you swap your body with hers so she can get back into her own body.  No matter what else happens, once you get to Themyscira you must use the Amazon memory machine to fully restore your mind and memories since you lost some of them when you got changed."

At first, as her mind locked up in the black hood, J'onn as Diana now knew what first Kal, then Bruce and finally Dinah had gone through in the hoods.  But right away, the cognizant recognition faded away as her mind went blank first, then started to accept the words it was hearing.  'Yes, I have been falsely living as Diana and Wonder Woman.  Oh, that's who I really am, Hippolyte?  Yes, I have been acting like a lesbian whore while I was Cheetah, but did get to just being Wonder Woman.  Oh, so I'm not J'onn J'onzz and have all kinds of special Martian powers, I'm just Queen Hippolyte.  I will need to help in capturing my daughter in the body she's in, then make sure I let her back into this body while I go into the one she's in.  My knowledge of who I am needs to be expanded with our memory machine at home on Themyscira, since I lost a lot when I changed.'

At that point, Flash interrupted Artemis.  "Stop giving instructions to her and take off that hood.  It sounded like you did a real good job in giving her the identity of Hippolyte.  Just leave that lasso around Hippolyte for the time being.  Diana's starting to come around."

Artemis looked over to see the other Wonder Woman rubbing the side of her head slowly, with her eyes still closed.  She unzipped the black latex hood and pulled it off, then looked toward Lis to give it back.  Flash was concentrating on Diana, so without really thinking what she was doing, the redhead stuffed it into the top of her own left boot.  Then she picked up the loose end of the golden lasso and said, "Who are you?"

The raven haired Amazon was compelled to answer, "I am Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons."  As she finished, her eyes went wide as she saw what she was wearing.  "I am Hippolyte, but I'm in the body and costume of my daughter, Princess Diana!"

"That's correct," Artemis told her.  "You really are Hippolyte, not Diana.  Please remain quiet and still until I remove the lasso."

Artemis undid the golden lasso, then scooted over to squat next to Lis.  Diana opened her eyes and said upon seeing them both, "Who are you?"  She looked back and forth, not seeing her twin since the redhead was blocking the view, and said again, "Who are you, and where am I?"  Then she caught a glimpse of the colorful costume she was wearing and asked, "Who am I?"

Lis turned to Artemis and said, "Could be simple amnesia from that blow to her head, but maybe before I stopped her Hippolyte used the lasso to start by robbing her of her memories."

"Let's hope it's just amnesia," the newest Wonder Woman replied.  She turned to the puzzled Amazon and said, "I am Artemis, and this is Flash, we're both here for the Justice League of America.  You're on a rooftop where the plan was to subdue the other Wonder Woman," she moved to allow her twin to be seen, "and while right now you look just like Wonder Woman, you're really Martian Manhunter.  We're guessing that bump you took robbed you of your memories.  Concentrate, and see if you can find any."

She closed her eyes again and searched her mind.  There were faint notions of a big, green skinned hero called Martian Manhunter, but nothing very strong.  What she did find much more strongly apparent was confusing.  "I don't find very much in my memories of Martian Manhunter, but I do seem to have strong memories of being Cheetah and Wonder Woman."

Flash nodded at Artemis.  "J'onn was Cheetah and obviously then Wonder Woman after we stopped her from acting as the villainess."  She addressed Diana, "But you can't remember living as Martian Manhunter?"

She dove into her mind again, then slowly said, "No, nothing."

The redhead told Lis, "Maybe the lasso did wipe out most of her past."  She took the red gloved right hand of the brain fried Amazon and asked, "Can you stand?"

"Give me a tug?"

Artemis pulled, and felt the other Amazon making an effort.  Then she was on her feet, unsteady at first due both to the extreme heels on her thigh high boots and her still shaky equilibrium.  But then she started to feel more secure and stood solidly with her hands as scarlet fists on her white star spangled blue hips.  The redhead asked, "Can you change back to your manhunter form?"

Memories stirred by the question again brought the image of the Martian's big, green skinned form, then also the knowledge of his mind reading and body alternating powers.  She seemed to know about these from somewhere in her mind.  As a test, she first tried to read the other Amazon's mind, with no result.  Then she tried to concentrate on changing her body.  Again, nothing happened.  "My powers don't seem to be working.  Maybe if I tried to change doing an Amazon spin?"

"Go ahead, it might be worth a try."

"Give me some space, okay?"  Lis and Artemis both backed off.  She began to twirl just as everyone had seen the heroine do so over the years, and after the expected flash of light, both of her viewers gasped.  It wasn't J'onn J'onzz to which she'd changed, but instead it was her same body in a head to toe forest green body suit with matching elbow length gloves and identically heeled thigh high boots which made her resemble a very feminine Martian Manhunter.  There was even a green colored latex mask over her face and head with a dark green wig covering her bald green dome taking the place of her own black hair.  She held out her hands and arms and looked down at herself, then with a puzzled look glanced at her presumed teammates.  "Seems like I'm stuck looking like Wonder Woman.  I wonder if my powers will come back?"

"I sure hope so," Lis replied.  "I guess you might as well change back to the regular Wonder Woman form.  You look more like a sexy She-Hulk like this."

Artemis gave Lis a puzzled look.  "She-Hulk?"

"That's right," Flash said, grinning, "you've probably never met Jennifer.  I'll have to see if I can get her to go to Themyscira with me.  I'm pretty sure you Amazons don't have any need of a lawyer, so it would just be a fun trip.  It would probably be a big surprise for Jen, too.  I'm betting that just like Themyscira, her world was also unaffected by Circe's magic.  She hasn't seen me as a female yet."

"Did you say lawyer?"

"Yes, that's what Jen does for a living," the speedster grinned.  "Oh, never mind for now.  We're back to having two Wonder Women."  Their own She-Hulk had spun back into a more familiar Amazon while they were talking.

Artemis unhooked the lasso from her belt and held it out.  "Here, this is yours, not mine."  After it was taken, she added, "Even if you don't have your Martian powers, you do have all the powers of the most gifted Amazon on Earth.  Let's get our other Wonder Woman and go get Diana.  The real Diana, that is."  Under her breath, the redhead continued, "This is too much.  Two Dianas, two identical Wonder Women..."

They all went over to the still motionless but very cognizant woman who now knew she was Hippolyte.  Artemis did a slower unwrapping of the lasso, then coiled it and handed it to her Queen.  "Here's your lasso, and I'm sorry I had to leave you wound in its thrall, but I figured it would be easier to bring Diana back to life without you there also."

Hippolyte nodded while replying, "I fully agree, that was a wise decision.  Now, are we going to get my daughter?"

"Lis, Diana?" Artemis said.  "It might look strange with the Amazon heroine twins, but let's all walk over to the building in which Diana in her new body was sighted.  When we get there, I think it would be best not to alarm her by seeing any Amazons.  Lis, vibrate in and try to do another hood bit.  Then give us a call."

"Just what I was thinking," Flash answered.  "Let's all take a short but colorful Sunday morning stroll."

The blonde speedster (speedstress?) along with one red headed Wonder Woman in a normal looking costume and twin raven haired Wonder Women in more recent and sexier looking costumes casually made their way down to the street and thence the couple of blocks distance to 2473 Jaskins St.  They all went into the building and up the elevator to the fifth floor, watching for anyone else out and about.  Nobody else was seen, so the three Amazons watched as Flash became a scarlet and gold blur, then vanished.

Lis went through the door, much easier than a wall, then advanced while still vibrating to stay invisible until she came upon a stunningly beautiful blonde sitting nude at a dressing table.  This had to be Diana, and it looked like she was getting set to put on some makeup.  Since the hood in her left boot had just been used, she reached for the fresh one in her right boot.  Lis had forgotten in all the activity back on the rooftop that the other hood hadn't been put back into her left boot top.  Before the blonde could reach any of the cosmetics on the table before her, the black hood was over her head and she froze in place, staring at her wickedly sexy reflection in the mirror before her.

Lis stopped vibrating and became solid, then walked back out of the bedroom and over to the door through which she'd come in.  She reached to unlock it, then pulled out her communicator.  "Artemis?"

"Go ahead."

"Come on in, but remember, she's in a hood and will obey anything like orders or instructions."

The three Amazons all entered excitedly, but with their lips closed.  One of the raven haired Wonder Women was eminently familiar with the nude body they found in the bedroom, but now that she thought she was Martian Manhunter trapped in the form of Wonder Woman, the fantastic looking body was just as much a surprise to her as the other black tressed Amazon who really was Martian Manhunter but no longer knew that since all she now had knowledge of was the minimal bit she knew about her life as Queen Hippolyte.  Of course, Artemis was just as much in awe, because the lasso had made her forget about seeing Aphrodite in that same body.  'By the gods,' she thought, 'first Hippolyte looked wickedly sexy in the black hood, now Diana does even more.  I wonder what I'd look like in it?  As long as nobody's around to tell me to freeze in place and give me any instructions, I should be okay.  Later...'

It was the redhead who came to her senses first and said, "Flash, I think a lasso would be better in this case.  As soon as we have her wound up, take off that hood."

"But Artemis," Lis argued, "the hood is very quick and effective."

"I know," she answered while getting the lasso from Hippolyte and wrapping it around the blonde beauty, "but I'd bet anything that it was a lasso which was used to make Diana think she is really Priscilla.  I'd rather use that lasso to bring her back."  The redhead turned to the twins and added, "You two need to stay out of her sight, at least at first.  Step out of the room and just listen."

Flash acted first once the pair was gone, then held the hood while saying, "Okay, it's off."

Before the gorgeous blonde could get her bearings and try to move, Artemis said, "Remain absolutely still.  You're in the body of Priscilla Rich, Honey Welch or Cheetah, whichever personality you wish to use, but that's not who you really are.  The person you were before you were commanded to know you are Priscilla or Honey or Cheetah is still in your psyche.  You need to let the real you come back into command and know that those are just other identities that were forced on you.  Think hard, then tell me who you really are."

A very puzzled look came to the face of the blonde, followed by a sort of far away look as if her mind was elsewhere.  Then recognition came back, and after first looking at her reflection and then the redhead she said, "I got put into the body of Priscilla Rich and she took mine.  I'm really Diana."

Artemis took off the lasso, then said, "Welcome back, Princess."

"Artemis, you're Wonder Woman again?" the very much changed original asked.  "What about Priscilla out there acting as an evil Wonder Woman?"

The newest Wonder Woman told her, "That wasn't really Priscilla Rich who captured you and then traded bodies with you."  She grinned while holding up a finger.  "Ladies, come back in."

The petite but voluptuous blonde gasped when she black haired Amazon twins come through the door, seemingly totally at ease.

"Let me give you a quick explanation," the redhead offered.  "Earlier today I got word via the oracle to come to Man's World as Wonder Woman to get help and correct the situation into which you and your mother, our Queen, got put."  She saw Diana getting set to say something and held up her right hand.  "Hold on, I'm getting there, just listen.  After you left Themyscira with Flash and Dr. Fate, Circe turned Epione into Dark Angel, a witch with nearly as much magical power as herself.  Dark Angel pulled the Queen into Man's World and then transformed her into a new version of Priscilla Rich.  Hippolyte?"

Diana watched as one of the twins stepped forward.

"Diana?  No, not you, Princess."  The other twin moved up to rejoin the first.  "Princess, why don't you put on some clothes while I continue to talk?"  The blonde got up and walked over to the huge closet.  "The Manhunter came with me in your form to help with both the Queen and you.  In her fight with the still evil Wonder Woman your mother had become, Wondie took a blow to the side of her head which caused amnesia.  In addition to that, she got wrapped up in the golden lasso and we don't know what she might have been ordered to do by your mother.  As of right now, she can't access any of her Martian powers and she's stuck as Wonder Woman, or Wondie as she told me it was decided she'd be called once you came back from Themy-  You're going to wear THAT?!"

The incredibly shaped blonde had gone to the costumes side of her closet and pulled out the boots for and hanger holding the bright green costume of Fire.  "Why not?" she asked, holding up both of her hands to show off what she was holding.

"Well, for one thing," Artemis answered, "we have to go through the Watchtower to see if Inza or anyone else can undo this body swap between you and your mother before using its teleport system to get back to Themyscira.  I know it's not likely, but if perchance Beatrice is up there, you being in her costume might cause problems."

"I rather doubt Bea would be making any of her infrequent visits, but..." Diana said as she went back to the closet and set down the boots before hanging up the Fire costume again.  Then she moved way over to her right.  Moments later she turned to face the redhead and the others while holding up a gleaming black body suit.  "How about Mistress Cali's basic black, then?"

Though there were other, more interesting ideas immediately running through her mind when Artemis saw the catsuit, but she merely said, "Much better."

Flash had a different answer.  "Mistress Cali?"

Diana had already moved nearly as fast as the blonde speedstress in getting into the catsuit.  As she was pulling up the zipper in back, encasing her exquisite form in glistening ebony, Diana replied, "Lis, besides being Priscilla, I also put on heavy makeup as you caught me in the process of starting to turn into the lesbian slut named Honey Welch, and for some of the girls I would go even further and turn into the dominatrix called Mistress Cali.  You're about to meet her."

Diana went back into the closet thinking, 'Artemis made it so that Priscilla, Honey and Cheetah would no longer be my dominant personalities, but since she didn't say anything about Mistress Cali, I can still be Diana along with my demanding and ultra cruel, viscious and wicked dominatrix identity.'  She sneered, then changed to the smile everyone there would be expecting and came out clutching shoulder length black latex gloves, a sleek black domino mask, both a three-foot crop and a nine-foot bullwhip, and a pair of black patent leather knee high lace up boots with six-inch stiletto heels.  Looking at the Wonder Woman twins, she said, "As tall as the heels are on these boots, I wish they were more like those heels you're both wearing.  I know I haven't been showing it, but without extremely high heels on my feet, I'm in a bit of pain.  Apparently Priscilla's body, as you got it, Mother, has feet predisposed toward wearing very high heels."

The redhead was looking at all the additional black items with conflicting thoughts, and asked, "Princess Diana, is there some reason for wanting to dress up as a dominatrix if you couldn't wear a heroine costume?"

As she was lacing up her left boot, Diana thought, 'Why should I tell you?' but then answered, "Well, the options in the closet here in the downtown condo are rather limited.  All of Priscilla's regular clothes are out in the mansion.  Here, there are only three options - dominatrix, heroine or villainess costumes, and all the slutty clothes for Honey.  Since you didn't want me to wear Bea's costume, I doubt any of the other heroine or villainess costumes would work.  I wouldn't want to show up in the Watchtower dressed like a promiscuous slut, so I'm going as Mistress Cali.  Maybe I can change into some more regular clothes either at the Watchtower or at home on Themyscira."

"Possibly," Artemis answered.  "It's a sure thing none of your own clothes in your condo down here would fit that body."

By now she had on both boots along with her gloves, and, Mistress Cali was setting the mask on the desk top with the whip and crop when Flash said, "Why don't you go ahead and put on your mask?  Even if you don't wear it while going over to your condo or the Watchtower, I'm sure I'm not the only one here who'd like to see you wearing your mask in that glistening black outfit."

'Or the black hood...' thought Artemis.

"Well, my makeup isn't right for it," Diana responded, then she added, "Oh, why not."  She picked up the mask and placed it over her eyes, then pulled the elastic strap up and over her head.  She lifted some of her long blonde hair to place the strap under it.  For added effect she then lifted the whip and crop to strike a menacing pose, and then said, "Bow to your Mistress Cali, slaves!"  Then she grinned wickedly.  "Just kidding!" was said, but not fully meaning it.

"Very impressive, Diana," Lis told her, "and I'd hate to meet you in a dungeon."

"That's Mistress Cali to you," the dominatrix said while tapping the heroine's scarlet shoulder with her crop.  "Diana would never dare to dress like this.  And do you see that door on the opposite wall?  I could meet you in my very own dungeon right this moment, very easily."

"Point taken, Diana," Hippolyte said, stressing the 'Diana'.  "Now take your mask back off so we can all go over to your place to teleport up to the Watchtower.  I do hope we will find you some other clothes to wear.  I'd rather not change from this body and costume to that one as a dominatrix."

That brought grins all around, including Diana nee Mistress Cali.  She much more easily pulled it off, by pulling it down to hang around her throat.

"Good thing it's Sunday morning.  There should be a lot less people around to see this colorful group walking over there," the other Diana said.

"I could take each of you over there one at a time so no one at all would see us," Lis offered.

"No thanks," Diana the blonde said, "I don't know about the others, but I want to show off!"

"I think there must still be some of Honey in you," her mother said.

"Thanks to you, of course, no offense," the blonde in black replied.  "And something else to keep in mind is that my alternate personality of Priscilla which is thankfully no longer my primary one is a very rich young lady worth many millions thanks to the black magic that was used to create you as me, mother.  This and the mansion are both really fascinating domiciles and it would be great to find some way to stay as the occupant of them."

Artemis shook her head.  "Ladies, please.  You're both Amazon royalty.  Hold off on the family squabble until we all get home.  Can we get going now?"

At the risk of the three real (sort of) Amazons and one body shifter stuck as an Amazon (sort of) getting into a deeper argument, Flash turned toward the bedroom door and said, "Yes, time's a wasting."

What Artemis perceived as enmity between mother and daughter proved merely to be more of an edgy but friendly banter, which continued as the eye catching group walked casually from Priscilla's downtown place to Diana's.  There were a few folks whose eyes went wide upon seeing the ladies, but no one bothered them.

Luck was still with the costumed ladies as they went into the door of Diana's building.  There was nobody on hand to question seeing the twins and the redhead all dressed as Wonder Woman, and they took the elevator up to the princess's floor.  None of them had the key, so as they'd discussed during the walk, Flash did her thing and opened the door from the inside for the others.  After they were all in, Lis said, "I doubt there's any more help I can give, other than more chatter.  If there's no objection, I'd like to head back home to Central City."

"Just one moment, Lis," Hippolyte said.  "Diana, do you still have the spare door key?"  It wasn't actually one of the Queen's memories which spurred the question, but one of J'onn's from her own stay in the condo which was now buried deep in her new identity as Hippolyte.

Her ebony clad daughter walked over to the media center against one of the living room's walls and then stooped to lift its right front corner.  It wouldn't budge!  "Oops!  I forgot.  Mother?"  Hippolyte went to her side and casually lifted the corner, revealing the key.  Diana used the black claw of her right pointing finger to scoot the key out, then picked it up.

"Okay, we've got a key if we need to come back in, Lis," Hippolyte said.  "Thank you for all your help."

"You're welcome," the blonde in red and gold responded.  "Oh, before I go, would it be all right to bring an absolutely gorgeous looking, big green female lawyer to Themyscira for a visit?"

"As long as she isn't planning to bring along a summons or have plans to sue us!" the Queen said with a smile.  "Wait!  Did you say green?"

"Yep!  Bye!"  With that, Lis was gone.

"Lis told me about that big green lawyer back when we were on the rooftop, my Queen," Artemis said.  "She told me her name is She-Hulk."

"A name like She-Hulk, and she's a lawyer?" Hippolyte answered.  "I hope Flash brings her to see us soon!"

At this point the raven haired Diana finally spoke up.  "I seem to have some memories of me staying here and filling in for the princess before.  Since the only powers I have right now are of an Amazon nature, how about if I reduce the possible questions about us as twins by staying here in Gateway City while you three go up to the Watchtower and then on home to Themyscira?"

The princess who looked more like a dominatrix beat the others to a reply.  "I certainly have no argument, since I don't know how soon my mother and I can change back.  But if it turns out we can't for any reason, I presume it would be you, mother, who would want to continue in my body as Wonder Woman?"

"I suppose so, yes," the Queen answered.  "But of course, I am hoping Dr. Fate, Zatanna or someone else will be able to help us."  She paused.  "If they can't switch our minds, maybe we could use the purple ray to redo our bodies?"

"That might work as a last ditch method," the blonde replied, "but I'm still hoping our mystics can do the job.  Diana, the place is yours again, along with being Wonder Woman, not Wondie.  Don't worry about calling up to the Watchtower, we'll let them know about your situation.  Here, keep the key for the time being."

"Good luck, you two," the black haired Diana said while taking the key from the blonde haired Diana.  "If I need any help, I can still call for you, Artemis?"

"Of course," the redhead replied.  "And I'm sure your teammates in the Justice League would expect you to call on them for help, besides still working with them on a regular basis.  You do know how to use the mental radio link to Themyscira, right?"

"Yes.  Okay, you three, as Lis said, time's a wasting."

"Right," Hippolyte said.  "Stay in touch."

It didn't take long for the trio to get up to the roof and over to the shed.  At the teleport pad, Artemis said, "Before we go up, I'm a bit worried about you seeming to be so happy playing the role of a dominatrix, Diana.  Can I put the lasso around you again to remove that from your psyche, also?"

'Uh, oh,' Diana thought, 'seems like she's on to me.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.'  She shrugged, then said, "If you think that's best for me.  Go ahead."

"Yes," the Amazon who was now her mother agreed, "that would be good, especially if I have to placed in her body."

Artemis wound the lasso around the glistening black shoulders of the blonde and then said, "Princess Diana, you must never more think that you like or want to be a dominatrix.  Mistress Cali is just a memory for you, exactly like Priscilla, Honey and Cheetah.  Now tell me, is the way you are presently dressed just a necessity, or something you like?"

"Just a necessity, to be dressed long enough to get to at least the Watchtower, if not all the to home on Themyscira," was said in reply.

The lasso got unwound, then coiled and placed back on the golden power belt around the waist of Artemis.  Then she placed her hand over the control pad and said, "If I may?"

Diana just waved her jet black covered hand toward the console, as her mother simply said, "Sure."

Artemis punched in the code, then hit the comm button.  "Watchtower, three coming up from Diana's place."

"Just three, Artemis?"

"Yes, that's right.  We'll explain once we get up there.  Please try to have Dr. Fate meet us at the teleport pads, and if you could also get Zatanna, she might also be of some help."

Black Canary flipped a few switches to check on the mages, then said, "I'm sure I can get Inza to the pads, but I'm not sure if Zee will be available.  I'll see if I can contact her.  Out."

Dinah clicked the comm off, then punched the button for Dr. Fate's quarters.


"Inza, sorry to bother you, but it's very important for you to meet the Amazons 'porting up right now."

"Not a problem," the now more alert Inza said, "I've been awake for a while now.  I'll be at the pads as soon as I stop talking."

The grinning Canary knew better than to reply, but to herself she said, "You go, girl!"  Then she selected the pager to beep Zatanna.  It took a few beeps, but then mage's miniature cell phone came on.

"Hi, Dinah, what's up?"

"Oh, Ms. Romana, I was expecting Zee to answer.  Is she available?"

"Just Glinda when I'm not on stage or whatever, okay, Dinah?  And about Zee, yes and no.  We've been practicing a bondage escape act, and she's a bit tied up at the moment, in more ways than one!  But hang on a sec, I'll take the ball gag out of her mouth so she can get free faster."

Canary had just started imagining what the bound and gagged Zatanna would look like when she heard, "Hello, Dinah.  My arms are a bit stiff, but what's up?"

"Practicing bondage escapes, eh?  I wanna see that show!" replied her grinning teammate.  "Just try to get up here if you can.  To make a long story short, Wonder Woman got swapped into the different body her mother was transformed into.  They're probably in the teleport pads now with Inza, trying to see if they can get back into the right bodies."

"That's the short story?  I won't ask you to say that again faster.  I'll be up there right away!"

Canary heard the connection click off, and so turned on the rarely needed speaker system in the teleport pad area.  "Presuming everybody's there now, Zee will be joining you shortly.  Artemis, go to the comm panel or come see me, please."

The light came on right away on the comm, so Dinah opened up the line.  "That you, Artemis?"

"Yes.  J'onn stayed behind in Diana's condo because something happened to cause the loss of his Martian powers.  I should say HER Martian powers, because she's stuck the last way you saw her as a copy of Diana as Wonder Woman, with just her Amazon powers."

"And there's no idea what caused the loss of J'onn's original powers?"

"It might have been due to a golden lasso treatment, but we're not sure.  I'll tell you more about how the mission went when we get face to face.  Right now, Dr. Fate is starting to talk to Diana and her mother."

"Zatanna didn't get there yet?"

"No, but are you sure she'd use the teleport?  I'd assume she'd use her magic to get here."

Just at that moment, Zatanna and Romana in her Glinda the witch costume popped into view in front of Black Canary.  "Good guess, Artemis.  She just got here at the duty desk.  Out."  She flipped off the switch, then faced Zee.

"Sorry we didn't go directly to the others," the sexy magician said in apology, "but I forgot to ask you where they'd all be."

"Oops!  That was my fault," Canary replied.  "I should have said everybody would be in the teleport pad area."

"Okay, we'll just walk fast; I wouldn't want to zap into the pads without looking first, and it's a short walk."

"I sure hope you or Inza or maybe Glinda can switch Diana and her mother back."

Zatanna looked puzzled.  "Do you know how they got switched?"

Black Canary nodded.  "Artemis said it was a device Circe gave to the changed Hippolyte on Friday evening.  J'onn assumed it was the one Circe stole from CyberCat.  And now, because of something which happened while on the mission to get Diana and her mother, J'onn seems to be stuck as Wondie with just her Amazon powers and none of his own."

A scowl formed on the beautiful magician's face.  "Oh, nuts.  More problems.  See if you can get back with Artemis and confirm that bit about the body swap while we walk that way."

"Right."  Dinah flipped on the speaker again.  "Artemis, please go back to the comm panel."  After only a few seconds, the light came on, so Canary made the switch.

"Watcha need?" Artemis asked.

"You told me Diana and her mother got switched with a device?"

"Right, from Circe."

"Uh oh.  Earlier in that evening Batman and Catwoman swapped using that device, and without it to swap back it seems like they have to stay that way," Dinah related.  "Nothing tried by Inza, Zatanna nor any of the other mystics worked to swap them back."

"I got told that device was destroyed by Hippolyte once she was in her daughter's body as the evil Wonder Woman."

"Make sure to tell that to Inza and Zee, so they'll know what they're up against.  Zee should be walking into the pad area any moment now."

"Yes, there she is.  I'll get back to you later.  Out."

The Amazon redhead turned off the communicator, then headed back to where Inza was conferring with Diana and Hippolyte to pass on the news.  As she got there, the Queen was saying, "...when I get put into that body.  Are there any other clothes up here into which Diana could change?"

Dr. Fate grinned.  "It's too bad Power Girl hasn't been to the Watchtower for so long.  She's almost the same height as Diana is right now, and she's the only one I know of with a set of breasts anywhere near that large.  Hey, wait a minute!  Karen's body stats should be in the computer, maybe we can use them to make an outfit with Zatanna's costume machine."

"Did I just hear my name being mentioned?" asked the grinning Zee, who had just walked up with Glinda behind her.  "Why bother with the machine?  I can use my magic to put Diana into any kind of clothes imaginable."

"That easily?" the blonde in gleaming ebony asked.  "How about a simple Amazon toga and sandals, but not the usual flat heeled ones, they need to have heels like these," she lifted her right foot, "because my feet feel pain in flats.  Oh, and don't make this black outfit go away if you do put me in a toga.  I want to keep it for putting back in the closet of what is still MY Gateway City home."

"You have a strange taste for souvenirs," Hippolyte commented.


"Easy, girls, easy," Zee said with a big grin; she sympathized with the princess.  Even if it was never worn again, that catsuit and its accessories looked too good to trash.  "anaiD si gniraew a esool gnittif elap eulb agot dna ecal pu nworb sladnas htiw hcni-xis ekips sleeh dna reh kcalb tiftuo si dedlof ni a elip ta reh teef."

"Oh, WOW!  Thanks a lot!" Diana said as she held out her now bare arms and hands and took in her new attire.

After a moment of self satisfaction, the Amazon heroine in the body of a Man's World sex kitten stooped to pick up the black outfit, but Artemis said, "No, Princess, allow me.  You'll need your hands free if anything is going to be done about you and the Queen being switched."  Diana realized the redhead had a good point and stood back up, allowing Artemis to grab the stack.

Zatanna took one look at the Amazon whose arms were awkwardly laden and said, "Let me make that a lot easier for you.  ehT kcalb tiftuo si ni a sserd gab htiw seldnah taht nac ekam ti ysae ot hctulc."

Suddenly Artemis looked as if she'd been on a shopping trip!  "Much better, thank you," the redhead said.

"No prob.  Now then, what's this I heard about you saying Diana got switched with her mother using a machine Circe gave her?"

Artemis nodded.  "Yes, Black Canary asked me to tell you and Inza about that.  I'm sure neither Hippolyte nor Diana remember anything about it, but once she was in the body of Wonder Woman, the altered Hippolyte destroyed the device.  Dinah told me that Batman and Catwoman also were swapped by that machine, and that nothing you and your teammates tried could undo it.  Which means you probably won't be able to undo the princess and her mother."

"It's still worth a try, right, Zee?" Inza asked.

"Of course!"

"I'll give it another try, too," Glinda added.

"Let me take a look and see what I can find first," Dr. Fate told the others.  "Diana, I was inside your head just two days ago, but not yet into yours, Hippolyte.  So I'm going to visit what should be familiar territory first."  They saw Inza's eyes close.  As before on Friday, at first there was no way for Diana to know her head had a visitor.  But after a minute or so Inza made a mental connection.  <I presume you got your identity back via a golden lasso?>

<Yes, they put a hood on me again, but not for long.  Artemis used a lasso after the hood came off.>

<I see now why I think you wore that dominatrix outfit.  The lasso did bring your true identity into prominence, but Priscilla as herself, Cheetah, Honey Welch and Mistress Cali is still a big part of your mind.  I won't try right now, but we should make an effort to expunge Priscilla completely so you don't have a potential split personality.>

<As tempting as it is to want to keep some of my alternates, I believe you're right.  But Priscilla is a multi-millionaire thanks to that magic which changed Mother into this body, and that's something which will need to be taken care of.>

<I'm sure something can be arranged, and even if Priscilla gets fully removed from your mind, you'd still be able to do things as her, as long as your present body still exists.  Now for the bad news.  Your mind seems to be locked in your head the same way it was for Bruce and Selina.  Let me go check your mother.>

Inza was no longer there for any mental reply by the princess.

As soon as she was out of Diana's head, Dr. Fate entered that of the Amazon Queen.  What a difference she found!  There was just one identity present, but Hippolyte seemed to be in no way filling her own mind.  <Hippolyte, I just got in.  Your total identity is whole, but seems very incomplete.  Did they use a black hood on you?>

<I'm not sure.  There was something besides a golden lasso that Artemis used.  And she did tell me I had to use the memory machine at home on Themyscira to complete my identity.>

<Yes, she must have used a black hood to remove your false or additional identities and just get the basics of your true identity in place using the lasso.  I couldn't do anything to remove Diana's mind from her current body, but let me try your mind.>

<By all means, but there's no sense in you moving me from her body if my daughter can't move from that unbelievably feminine body I was changed into that she's now occupying.>

<Right.  I do agree with your description of that body she's in, and I guess you couldn't register the change when you were transformed into it.  I'm not going to remove you from Diana's body, I'm just going to see if it's possible.  Now I'm going to check the mobility of your mind.>  Dr. Fate backed away from the direct contact and started to probe.  She was astonished when it became apparent that removal would be easy.  <Now this is interesting.  Your mind is the opposite of Diana's.  I could easily remove your mind from this body.  I'm going to pull out now so we can all discuss this problem.>

The Queen noticed the same thing her daughter had; Inza was gone before she could mentally reply.

After a short moment Dr. Fate was back to animating her own body.  She turned toward Zatanna and Glinda before saying, "This is very odd.  Diana's mind is as I feared, seemingly immovable.  On the other hand, Hippolyte's mind could be easily moved."  She turned to face the Amazon redhead.  "Artemis, did you place a black hood on the Queen?"

"Yes, I used one to eliminate her other identities and restore her true one before using the lasso to expand her instructions," she replied.  "And to answer your next question, Diana only had a hood on long enough to immobilize her.  I asked Flash to remove it so I could just use a golden lasso on her."

Inza nodded.  "That may be the key to the differences I observed in their minds.  It may be that the hood disconnected Hippolyte from whatever bindings the mind transfer machine put into the others."

"So for the time being," Diana broke in, "my mother and I are still stuck in our present bodies, right?"

"So it would seem," Dr. Fate answered.

"If you saw the same lock in Diana's mind that you found in Bruce and Selina," Zee said, "I don't see where it would do any good for me to try."

"Nor me," added Glinda.

"It would also be risky if Hippolyte's mind was pulled and not Diana's," Zee mentioned.

"I had been thinking," Dr. Fate mused, "of trying to get in touch with Usagi or his other persona the Witch Queen, but since she had also tried with the Bat and the Cat with no results, I doubt she'd be able to help Diana, either."

"I'm going to suggest that there's no point in any of us staying up here in the Watchtower," Hippolyte said.  "I'm sorry, by us I mean all the Amazons."

"I agree, mother," Diana replied.  "But I don't think we should plan on changing our bodies using the purple ray right away.  I'm still hoping my teammates can think of some solution, so let's go back but keep our hopes up."

"That's a good point, Diana," Inza said.  We'll be in touch if anything comes up."

"No problem for me," Artemis added, "but it might have been good to see some of my Justice League friends again after all this time."

"I'm sure you'll be able to come back and visit again, Artemis," Inza replied, "so don't fret not seeing any more of us at this time."

"If you wish to see your friends so much, why don't you stay here in the Watchtower for however long you'd like," Hippolyte suggested.  "You could then come back whenever you're ready."

"Thank you, my Queen!" the redheaded Wonder Woman replied.  "Inza, Zee, do you figure I could stay in Diana's quarters while I'm up here?"

"That should work, since Diana is going back home now and J'onn stuck as Wondie is filling in for her in Gateway City right now," Zatanna said.  "Let's check in with Dinah before you do, though."

"Right, let's head for the duty desk after Diana and her mother leave," Artemis suggested, still holding the clutch bag Zee had given to her.

"Which we'll do right now," Diana said.  "Mother, shall we?"

"Point me to a pad, Diana," Hippolyte said with a grin.  The blonde tapped in the code for her spot on Themyscira, then took her mother's hand and led her to a pad.  The button got pushed, and then Artemis was the only Amazon left in the Watchtower.

When Princess Diana and Martian Manhunter who was more and more feeling complete as her mother teleported to Themyscira, there was no sign of any doll in the Queen's bedroom.  But since neither of them had even known it had been there, its lack went unnoticed.  Right away though, Hippolyte told her daughter, "Since there are at present a Wonder Woman doing her mission in Gateway City, along with Artemis who could fill in as Wonder Woman if Martian Manhunter gets his...or her...powers back and wants to get back up to the Watchtower, I don't see any reason why I should want to stay in this copy of your body.  I know you don't want to use the Purple Ray yet in hope that some way can be found to change our minds back, but I do want to use it to become myself again.  Would you do the setting of the controls and do the procedure for me?"

"Mother, NO!" Diana exclaimed.  "That's good logic you're using, but try to remember that this body I'm in right now is the one you got transformed into by Dark Angel, and that's not of copy of my body, it IS my body.  So if you were to go under the Purple Ray in that body, you would be changing mine, not yours."  In effect, both of the Amazons were thinking a bit incorrectly, since Diana's true body was currently in her Gateway City abode.  But because of the errors done with the black mask, Martian Manhunter was set to become no longer in existance since the mind inside what had been his or her body was becoming more and more only that of Queen Hippolyte.  "So as we decided up in the Watchtower, let's stay in these bodies we're both in right now until we can either get switched back or it becomes final that we're stuck where we are right now.  And if they can't find any way to switch our minds, at least then we could both go under the Purple Ray.  I wonder if the ray could put all my Amazon body powers into this sexually explosive human one I'm in right now.  I have been sort of getting used to this fantastic body I have now, though..."


"Oh, don't worry, Mother.  As great as this body is, an Amazon physique is much better!" Diana replied.

Artemis and Zatanna would have both enjoyed being in on this mother and daughter exchange.  To avoid having to do any explaining to all the other Amazons, both stayed in Diana's chalet to spend the rest of the day and then to night to sleep together.

Mount Olympus, earlier

Unlike Aphrodite or in particular Circe, Ares didn't have the inclination to watch every detail of what was going on in the realm of the mortals.  As the God of War, there were much more important things various men (and women) were doing that garnered his attention.  But something as odd as seeing the Goddess of Beauty depart Olympus in her astral form and where she went was definitely of note.  He spent a bit of time observing what she got into on Themyscira, then got back to his more fascinating observations.

So it wasn't until nearly three hours after Aphrodite departed that Ares got around to telling Circe about it.  "...and that plastic or rubber or whatever doll Dark Angel conjured to take Hippolyte's place is now in the form of her.  She's using that as her link to get back here to Mount Olympus," he concluded.

"Oh, so the Goddess of Beauty has gone to Man's World to try and interfere with my plans for Princess Diana and her mother, eh?" the witch replied.  "Don't go anywhere right away, Ares.  I think I'll have need for your help if Dark Angel and I can get to her before she gets to us."

"Oh, don't worry.  I'm not planning on putting my own personal touch on Afghanistan yet, Circe.  Just let me know when I can help."

Ares had only gotten back to watching with glee the situations in both the Middle East and Southwest Asia in Man's World for an hour or so when Circe got back to him.  "I know how to get at Aphrodite now.  Get that doll figure out of Hippolyte's room and mystically combine it with the form the Goddess left up there on Olympus.  Have the resulting doll be a true human female's flesh and blood, then leave it with me.  I'm going to enthrall the doll to become clothed in the same items Dark Angel is going to have Aphrodite in her Mistress Cali identity clad her in."

"Heh, heh!" the God of War responded.  "So you're going to have her become trapped on Man's World with no way to get back up here?  Perfect!  I'll deliver your Aphrodite doll to your lair in a few moments."

Meanwhile, going back to a bit earlier in Gateway City

The woman who had once been the Goddess of Beauty named Aphrodite and was now the new Honey Welch materialized on the teleport pad inside the shed on the rooftop of Diana's building, dark but thankfully only warm and not steaming hot.  She wondered how Diana managed in the shed in later hours of days after the sun had turned it into an oven.  She slowly opened the door just a crack to take a quick peek to see if anyone else was up there.  From her vantage point the roof appeared to be vacant, so still being careful she stepped out and did a quick look all around.  The distinctively dressed blonde was alone.  Now she had to decide, stay and try to watch the upcoming events from her high vantage point, or find a spot closer to the building which would soon become her temporary second home in the city.  Since she was limited to what could be seen through human eyes, closer won.

After a quick trip to the ground floor via the stairwell, Honey found herself among a presumed family of two girls and their mom waiting for the elevator, all dressed up in their Sunday best.  Right away she thought, 'It's a good thing Diana hadn't put anything on this black outfit to identify her as Wonder Woman.  Oops!  I'd forgotten about the stylized golden WW on my blue jacket, the golden W buckle and the lasso draped from my belt.'  Like lighting she gathered the lasso up into her right hand, then put her fists on her hips so that her arms would keep the jacket spread apart.  Unwittingly, this pose made the golden WW on her pelvis below her belt that she'd completely forgotten about stand out proudly.  So without knowing that she was actually advertising the logo, Honey wondered if any of them would recognize the improvised black costume Diana had worn while Artemis was taking her place as the Amazon heroine.

The younger of the woman's daughters, a cute seven-year-old named Susie with short, jet black hair, was a big fan of Wonder Woman and exclaimed, "Mommy, she looks like Wonder Woman did, but how come she has light hair and why are her bumps so much bigger?"

Her mother with similar but longer hair didn't answer that observation right away, but turned to her fifteen-year-old daughter to say softly but still loud enough to be heard by Honey, "Oh my, Carly.  The nerve of that prostitute, dressing up to look like Wonder Woman did, and at this time of the morning on a Sunday!"

The just starting to bloom teen already had gained a not so healthy knowledge about sex and its trappings from peers at school.  She had a pretty face and wore her light brown hair with bangs and hanging straight down to her shoulders like her Mom.  She'd been giggling softly from hearing her little sister refer to the whore's blonde's hair as just light and her absolutely huge tits as 'bumps'.  Then after hearing her Mom, she nodded while scowling and replied, "Yeah, you'd think she could at least wait until it got dark.  Jeez, do you think maybe she was at it all night and she's just now leaving?"

Honey fought the urge to say something, and just made her way surprisingly quickly in the heels she was wearing to the door opening to the street at the end of the hallway.  'What could I have told them, anyway?  Like, that right now I'm just that, an exotically dressed whore with huge tits, but that I'm really a goddess?  Yeah, right.'  But that thought did give her an idea for once she was in her new temporary home.

From where she now stood, Honey looked toward her soon to be home and then to either side.  'Three buildings over to my left there's one much higher than all the others, with what appears to be a flat, open roof much like the one I just left on Diana's building.  But wait, is there somebody already up there?  Oh, but to have a spy glass to help my weak, human eyes.'

After watching intently for a minute, Honey noticed long black hair and red and gold over the person's chest.  'The glint of gold from her forehead confirms it.  I've just found the changed Hippolyte in Diana's body!  The identity thief must have come back to watch what Diana as Priscilla or Honey did after going from the mansion to her city condo.  I wonder if Artemis and the Manhunter know she's up there.'  Then the blonde spotted a fantastically shaped female figure in red with gold trim who had stupendous blonde hair and seemed to just come out of nowhere on the street below the building.  It had to be the now female Flash.  She saw the ultra feminine speedster seem to speak into a radio, so it must have been that Artemis and the others sent Flash to look for the renegade Amazon.

Something was bound to happen soon, so even if it was a story or so shorter than the other building, Honey went inside the building next to her and took the elevator to the top floor.  As in Diana's place, she found a stairwell not far from the elevator and went up one more story, hoping the door at the top wouldn't be locked.  It wasn't and, after the ex-goddess stepped out, she ran over to the edge closest to that tallest building.  'The action has already started!'

From her lower vantage point, Honey only saw heads as they got closer to their roof's edge.  She just barely caught sight of Artemis lassoing the evil Wonder Woman.  It didn't take long for the redhead Amazon to follow through with the plan, and she saw the group of three Amazons along with Flash emerge from the doorway at the bottom of that building.  They walked directly to the place where her twin was to be found, thankfully not seeing too many other folks for whom the sight of three versions of Wonder Woman walking together would be fodder for many questions.

Again Honey had to fight the urges her body felt and just wait for the group to leave with her twin so she could go over there and take her place.  She didn't have to fight those urges for very long!  When they came out the door, again all three Amazons were together.  'Hippolyte must have willed her invisible jet to go somewhere on its own since she's walking with the others on the way over to Diana's place, presumably to use the teleport.  And is that Diana dressed from head to toe in what looks like shiny black latex?  No way!  But it has to be her!' the blonde decided.  She watched them until they got to the door, and Flash was with the others as they went inside.  She made a bet with herself that the speedster would be at home in Central City before the others even got to Diana's doorway.

Now she could finally get started with her plan to take down Circe.  The ultra sexy blonde went back down the stairs to the top floor, then took an elevator down to ground level.  After a short and thankfully uneventful walk, she was inside the ground floor of her temporary downtown home.  Along the way, Honey had walked past the doors of 'EEEE' first, where she knew she'd be doing some erotically exotic dancing and then Cassandra's, the club she knew she'd be visiting later in the day and also that evening.  She went right to the elevator and thence up to the fifth floor.  Down the hallway she turned right and walked until she got to 506.

Honey reached for the doorknob, and it turned.  Artemis had done what she'd asked on that point, and after going in and locking the door behind her, the hopeful blonde made her way to the bedroom.  A glance to the side into another room on the way showed all the treasure Cheetah had been stealing since Diana had become her.  'None of it has been returned yet, I wonder why not?  Oh well, it'll be here as mine for when I become Cheetah.  Even better for fitting in as her to be with the Legion of Doom.'  Then she got to the bedroom.  'Yes!  There's what is now my purse on the dressing table.  Judging by the amount of makeup out on the table top, it's easy to see why the changed Diana looked like the gorgeous Priscilla in that gleaming black and not like the slutty Honey.  She must have just gotten started to turn herself from the blonde socialite into the nympho blonde lesbian whore.'  She opened up her purse and pulled out her wallet.  'There they are, one drivers license for Priscilla Rich and the other for Honey Welch.'

She put the wallet back into her purse, then Honey walked over to her closet.  'Ah, there it is!  Hanging very prominently front and center is the Cheetah costume Diana must have brought or wore over from the mansion to be placed here where it had originally been set up for the changed Hippolyte.'  To its right were a large number of presumably dominatrix outfit leotards and catsuits in shiny black latex, and to its left was a colorful collection of costumes.  'Now, what's way further to the left down there?  Ah, a collection of exotic clothes for my fun as Honey the, make that just Honey the whore.  On second thought, or was that third,' she giggled and corrected herself out loud, "Make that Honey the lesbian whore.  While I'm sure some vibrators of that shape and form will enter my cunt, hee hee!, no prick attached to a man will ever do so.  Hee hee!  As Honey I've got my blonde bimbo personality and voice all set.  If Artemis could hear me now!"

Since it was still early in the morning here in her new home, Honey decided to experiment by trying on some of her huge collection of clothes that had been earlier provided by Dark Angel and Circe.  This was mostly just to see what could be mixed and matched.  She pulled off the blue jacket and put it on a hanger amongst all the other costume parts, then grabbed the golden lasso from her waist.  'Ah, yes,' she thought, 'time to do my idea and borrow a line from Manhunter.'  She looped the lasso over her own shoulders this time and said, "I am still really Aphrodite, but until I get into my true form via my gem, I can only act like and be fully able to function as and say that my name is Honey Welch while dressed and made up as the lesbian whore, Mistress Cali while playing my role as the dominatrix, or Priscilla Rich while dressed and made up as the ultra rich and beautiful socialite who also takes on the role of Cheetah when in that costume.  While wearing the Cheetah costume, it can try to control me, but I will stay in control."  Satisfied, Honey took off and coiled the lasso, then placed it on the shelf above the dom outfit hangers amongst gags, straps and other S&M fetish items which she now knew very well how to use.

Another hanger was hung moments later holding the bra top and shorts Honey had quickly doffed.  She undid the twin straps, then unzipped and pulled off each of the black ankle boots and placed them on the floor of the closet along with the many other pairs of shoes and boots that weren't stored in the piled up boxes against the back wall.  She started to grab the top of her pantyhose to pull them off, but stopped when she figured that since they were sheer everywhere except for the small cotton panel in her crotch, they could probably stay on for almost any of the outfits she was going to try on.  They would definitely be okay for at least the first thing she intended to put on - the Cheetah costume.

To get in some practice for doing her own makeup, Honey decided to do the opposite of what her twin was set to do.  She went to the sink and with a combination of lots of water, cold cream and soap, the makeup put on her face by the purple ray was removed.  While as the goddess of beauty she had been impressed by the new face given to Hippolyte, seeing it now up close and personal and in effect animating that face herself, the woman who knew she was now Priscilla instead of Honey was even more impressed.  Very little makeup would be needed, since her face was even better than cover model perfect.  She left her eyebrows alone and used just a bit of mascara to lengthen her lashes.  Some pale rose was used to highlight her eyelids, and an even lighter shade of rose was brushed onto her cheeks as a blush.  Just on a whim, she decided to use a bright red lipstick instead of a more subdued hue.  She picked up a brush and started to stroke her long blonde hair.  Soon Priscilla was a near perfect example of feminine beauty, thoroughly befitting her original identity.

As she set the brush down and stood after pushing her chair back, Priscilla said, "Now to see how I look as Cheetah."  She went back over to the closet and pulled the costume off its hanger.  It felt heavy, but then she realized this was a result of the boot soles and heels built into the feet of the costume, along with the metallic dart shooters attached to each of the sleeves' wrists.  Then she also noted the tail and hefted it with her other hand.  'WOW!  This must weigh as much as the rest of the costume combined!' she noted.

She walked back to the chair at the dressing table and turned it away from the table, then sat.  Priscilla gathered the left leg of the costume just as she would with pantyhose, then slid her hose covered foot into the severely arched boot bottom.  She quickly did the same with the other leg, then let go of the gathered costume to stand in the heels that were a full inch higher than what she had been wearing earlier.  They did feel awesome, but just plain standing in them seemed to be no problem.  Walking in them had to wait a moment.

Priscilla crouched to grab the costume surrounding her feet, then stood to pull it up over her legs.  At the wide point of her hips, she paused to use her hands to smooth and further pull up each leg, then pulled the costume up to her tiny waist.  The heavy tail was now hanging limply from the point where her ass cheeks met.  She put both of her arms behind her back to slide them into the sleeves, then stretched them out so her hands could squeeze past the wrist shooters and into the flesh colored latex gloves with long red claws built into their fingertips.  'Next time, I'll do one hand at a time to make it easier.'

With her claws, Priscilla reached for the costume's top to pull it up to her neck.  She gathered up her long hair behind her head, then pulled the two halves of the cowl up over it.  She brought the contiguous front and top of the cowl forward to her forehead, then carefully pulled the small zipper back and down over her hair until it had pulled the cowl tight over her head and neck.  This also brought together the two sides of the main part of the costume, which made pulling up the zipper from the tail to her neck easy.  She felt her tail come alive as the zippers met, sealing the costume, along with sensing a full knowledge of her wrist shooters.  Suddenly, she also knew fully and personally about all the evil deeds and crimes Cheetah had done and committed since first Diana, then J'onn, then Hippolyte, then Diana again and now finally she herself had been changed into her.  But while the now alive costume tried to make her feel truly evil, it failed.

One quick glance in the makeup mirror pleased the blonde whose identity was now hidden, so she walked over to the vertical mirror on the door.  It wasn't until she stopped to take in her head to toe reflection that, make that Cheetah, realized that she had just walked easily without even thinking about the ultra high heels she was wearing.  She watched her tail make every move she wished, then to see if it was just as capable as the original Priscilla's tail, she used it to open the door first by turning the knob and pulling, then she hooked it over the top of the door and hoisted herself a foot off the floor.  'Indeed, my tail seems to be just as capable as the original.  Good!  I'll be perfect as Cheetah to get close to Circe in the Legion.'

But then the costume tried once again to dominate the ex-goddess's mind while she seemed to be less in control.  As she stood there in her tremendously high heels, Cheetah's tail looped up and wound itself around her wrists, bringing them together behind her back.  While this got her confused, the costume tried to get into her mind.  But the way she had done the safety factor saved Cheetah's mind from being swayed to the costume's evil will, and after a few moments she had her tail back under control, with her hands and arms free.

Staying as Cheetah for the benefit of becoming completely familiar with her heels, claws and tail (too bad there weren't any practice darts in her wrist shooters) she walked over to the closet to look through the huge collection with more detail than before.  On the domination side, she found four black head to toe bodysuits.  Two were latex, one leather and the last PVC.  There was one more PVC catsuit in red, and a leather one in white.  In addition, Priscilla found a number of legless bodysuits, all long sleeved and in black; most were PVC, the remainder all latex.  A shelf down low below the legless bodysuits held black, white and red gloves in the three bodysuit materials, along with more simple spandex.  They varied in length from wrist to elbow to shoulder.

In addition, there were a multitude of masks, mostly domino style, but also including some full head masks and cowls.  At the far right end next to the wall, this lower shelf held cuffs, chains, clips and gags, along with a few vibrators and dildos.  Up above the hanging bodysuits was a shelf holding wigs on head forms, along with a few fetish styled hats.  Amongst these was the golden lasso she'd placed there a few moments ago.  Hooks on the front of the shelf held paddles, crops, whips of various lengths and what appeared to be a skin baring black strap bodysuit hanging on them.

Amazed by what she had found and knew exactly utilize, Cheetah stepped back out of the closet.  'From outside, it doesn't seem big enough to hold everything I've just seen.  I haven't even looked through the slut outfits, nor all the various heroine and villainess costumes on the left side yet!'

To look through the slut assortment, Cheetah wanted to locate first the pink outfit Hippolyte had been transformed in and change into it.  She knew it had been left in the dungeon by Hippolyte when she became Cheetah, but Diana had also wanted to put on what seemed to be a special outfit for the owner of the ultra feminine body.  She had placed it back in the closet before selecting something else.  The pink skirt was the easiest to find, and her luck was good since the pink tube top was on the same hanger.  She figured the gloves would be on a lower shelf as at the other end, so Cheetah looked down.  Yes, over toward the left wall corner was the shelf, and there were the gloves.  The pink boots weren't far from the shelf on the floor, so now she had the whole outfit.  'Now, to go back out to the dressing table and change from Cheetah back to Priscilla, and then to Honey again.'

When she set the pink slut outfit on the floor next to the dressing table's seat, Cheetah started to again feel the presumed magic power put into the costume by Circe and/or Dark Angel.  It still was trying to get her to go out and do something evil, and must have sensed it was about to be removed.  The unwilling super villainess had to use her lasso amplified willpower to force her clawed fingers to reach behind her neck and start lowering the main zipper.  As soon as it got started, the rest became easy, for the costume and its tail lost their mystical life.  She pretty much just reversed the way it had been put on, except that her left arm and hand came out of the glove and sleeve first, followed by the right.  As soon as her feet were out of the legs, Priscilla took the costume back to the closet and hung it where it was before.

When she got back to the dressing table, Priscilla decided to do Honey's makeup from scratch, and so quickly removed the light makeup from her face.  The makeup seen on the changed Hippolyte which she'd duplicated with the purple ray was now just a start for the ex-goddess of beauty.  All the beautiful and not-so-beautiful human faces she had watched over the eons gave her much more to work with than just the way she herself had looked until washing it off.  So, armed with all the makeup available, Honey was reborn.

But with a difference!  It was as if in her first incarnation as a sexual bomb, the makeup used as ammunition was a simple hand grenade.  This time it was as if the ammo was a multi-megaton H-Bomb!  'Now I look so sophisticatedly sexy and slutty I could tempt the Pope, if not Zeus himself!'

Now back into the slutty, lesbian hooker personality with which she'd become most familiar, admittedly a scary thought, Honey looked at the pile of pink and red and realized it was time to take off Diana's pantyhose.  Then she sat her now naked tush on the dressing table chair to put on the red fishnets.  She would have preferred garters as a goddess, but in her current form the elastic stay up tops were perfect.  While still seated, she pulled on each of the pink boots.

Platforms on shoes were something a lot more folks than just the Goddess of Beauty had wondered about, but in this mindset she loved the 'fuck me' look they gave along with the incredible heels.  These boots had the same arch and effective heel height as the Cheetah costume's heels, but with the added height from the platforms, Honey would have to pay more attention to her balance.  Since she had to stand to put on the skirt anyway, the slut rose to her feet.  Her eyes were now ten inches higher, making for quite a change in reference.  But just as she'd been surprised at the ease in wearing Cheetah's heels, these seemed to pose no problems.  The top and gloves got put on, and Honey herself felt the satisfaction of being in the special pink transformation outfit.

Now it was time to start checking out all of her new ultra sexy clothes that would be appropriate for Honey and not Priscilla.  After spending most of the afternoon trying on some of the really slutty clothes Dark Angel had provided for the changed Hippolyte and thence Diana to lure other women for sexual encounters, Honey succumbed to the urges of her body and did just as the changed Hippolyte and Diana had.  First she went to do a few exotic dances at 'EEEE' to get a feel for that, then over to the lesbian club.  Cassandra's turned out to be an overflowing source of other women to bring back to her condo for heavy lesbian sex, which the ex-goddess who had previously only observed was thrilled to experience.  Then Honey decided to dress quite differently for her trip to the club after the sun set.

While at Cassandra's, Honey had been seen by the one person expecting and watching for her arrival.  Dark Angel was disguised so there was no way to be identified, and she grinned while watching the woman who, the first time she'd seen her was the transformed Queen of the Amazons and afterward her daughter Diana, was acting like the nympho lesbian whore she'd become.  Satisfied, she left to report her findings to Circe.

When she found the ageless witch, Dark Angel was in for a shock.  "Yes, that's right.  Both Diana and her mother are back on Themyscira," Circe told her.  "The blonde nympho you saw was Aphrodite, not Diana.  Ares found me and let me know about the way the goddess of beauty left her true form behind to come to Earth and play act the role of Honey as a real human female in order to trap me.  But it's not me who's going to find herself trapped; Ares and I have got everything set up to give Aphrodite a whole new way of living, on Earth and never again on Mount Olympus."

"That was Aphrodite, not Diana?" Dark Angel wondered.  "If she's in a human body instead of a goddess, we can handle her with ease."

"That's what I'm counting on.  Now, get back to Cassandra's and wait for our pigeon to come back.  I'm going to make sure Ares has everything all set up for me to get everything prepared.  Oh, and while you're acting out your role as a submissive with our dominant minded Aphrodite, call yourself not just Angela, but Angela Noir.  Be sure to remember the exact words she uses during the change you ask for, so you can repeat them back to her."  Dark Angel nodded, grinning at the alliteration of her name, then zapped herself back to the club, while Circe did her own version of zapping to check on the God of War.

* * *

After getting a bite to eat, Honey knew she'd have to get back to Cassandra's.  It would have been good to have available that black outfit her twin had been wearing, but she was sure something just as good could be found in the closet.  Sure enough, in addition to that catsuit Diana had been wearing, there were at least three others very similar.  Along with almost too many pairs of black boots to count, ranging from ankle high like the ones she'd worn earlier all the way up to high enough to reach her crotch.  As tempting as these dominatrix clothes were, though, Honey figured they wouldn't fit in at the club as well as some more 'normal' risque outfits.

She selected from amongst all the costume parts and already test worn hooker clothes a pair of black leather shorts similar to the ones from Diana's costume she'd worn earlier in the day, but cut much higher on the leg and lower on the hips.  Then Honey looked a bit further and, after pushing aside that red dress she'd found in with all the other costumes, found a black mesh long sleeved leotard with small black leather diamonds positioned to cover the wearer's nipples.  Since her upper body was going to be in mesh, she then went over to the chest of drawers and pulled out some black fishnet tights.  Once all this black was on, she went back to the closet to get the black knee high boots with ultra high stiletto heels appropriate for her look as a dominatrix and feel most comfortable on her made for highly arched shoes feet.  It was fun to lace them up tightly to her calves.  The ex-goddess was finding that playing the role of Mistress Cali would be much easier than she'd imagined while talking to Artemis earlier because of the way she'd worded her lassoed instructions.

One look in the mirror gave Honey the assurance that she did look like what she had observed over the eons as the street wear of a dominant woman.  To add to the look, she put on the short black gloves from Diana's outfit in addition, then also started looking in the closet for a mask.  She found quite a few variations, and picked the one that covered the least, barely covering her eyes and top of her nose and then sweeping up and back to a point.  It had a stretch strap made of black, and she pulled it over her head and put the mask itself under her chin and the strap under her hair behind her neck.  Now she figured she was all set to go to the club and find out how a demanding dominatrix fit in as opposed to a simple lesbian whore.

Not more than ten minutes after she had made her newly clad reappearance in Casandra's, Honey was sitting at a table watching the very sexually stimulating stage show when an absolutely stunning looking woman with waist length black hair sat to join her.  She was all in white as opposed to her own black, wearing a sleeveless minidress and high heeled knee high white boots.  "Good evening, may I join you here at your table?" she asked.

Honey was at first going to reply very pleasantly as she had earlier in the day, but then the realization hit that as a dominatrix, she would have to give a more stern reply.  "Only girls willing to lower themselves in my presence can sit with me.  Are you willing to submit?"

The babe in white lowered her head toward Honey and said softly, "Mistress Cali, you know I am always in submission to you!  I am so appreciative of the way you dress me as a wanton whore and use costumes to turn me into someone else."

'Mistress Cali?' Honey thought.  'I guess that's how it had been set it up by Circe for 'our' dominant side.  So that's who I am now, instead of Honey.  She must be a girl who's been with me before, but I wonder who she is?'  Cali started to think more like the dominant bitch she was pretending to be and took on an even more severe look.  Then she crossed her arms under her huge breasts and said, "I accept your submission, slave.  As I'm sure you know, I have only what I'm wearing for doing any domination here, but so much more in my dungeon.  But before I will accept your servitude, tell me who you think you are before I change you into someone entirely different."

"Of course I know that, Mistress," the brunette replied.  "I am Angela Noir, your willing slave ready to become a new person.  But actually, I'm hoping that we can go back to your dungeon so you can change and then we can engage in our usual heavy and strict domination.  I do hope you will use different costumes from our usual thing, though."

The so radically altered goddess was so caught up in the domination discussion that she didn't catch the significance of the supplicant's name.  'Usual domination?  Costumes, usual thing?' Cali wondered.  'I guess the magic that was used to set up Hippolyte made a sort of history for past exploits.'  She decided this was just the opportunity she'd come to the club for, so why not?  "In that case, Angela," Mistress Cali said as she stood, "let's get out of here and into a much better place.  It's time for you to lose that good sounding name.  Follow me, slave."

Her slave apparently was a manufactured veteran of past domination scenes, because the blonde who was now starting to think of herself as Cali noticed that all the way back to her condo the other woman stayed directly behind her in seeming subservience.

"Mistress Cali," said the submissive woman in white as soon as the front door was locked behind them and she knelt to kiss the toes of her mistress's boots, "I hope you will want to do the same bondage scene I'm hoping for.  Instead of doing that one where you dress me up as Wonder Woman and you dress up as Cheetah, then put me in hog-tie bondage after changing our costumes and make me think that I'm Cheetah and you are Wonder Woman, I hope instead you'll dress up in your demonic red Devilina costume and then dominate me.  I beg you to force me to change first from the good hearted Angela to become first a lustful whore, then the ultra cruel, eminently evil cohort of Circe in the Legion of Doom, Mistress Aphrodite, the Demoness of Beauty who not only loves to put other women into bondage but begs to be put into bondage herself."

'What an imagination!  Can she somehow know about J'onn and Diana with their Wonder Woman and Cheetah ID swap?  Mistress Aphrodite?  What the hell, this has to be a coincidence...but females of this world do aspire to the beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite, so...'  The blonde nodded, saying, "Before I will do anything for you, slave, you must direct me to my closet to get each piece of my Devilina outfit and beg me to put it on.  Follow me into my dungeon.  If you want my most wicked bondage, slave, you'll have to beg for each and every item and event of your bondage before I'll consent to do it for you."

"As you wish, Mistress."  The disguised Dark Angel was right behind the blonde now thinking of herself as Cali the cruel, wicked and demanding dominatrix, headed for where all her costumes and tools of domination were that she herself had placed there earlier.  As they entered the bedroom, the brunette said, "First, Mistress, I beg you to take off everything you're wearing."  That would be easy, so Cali quickly removed her gloves, boots and other sexy items she'd only just put on such a short time before.  She was now nude, with the exception of the choker still around her throat.

"Mistress, please, I beg you remove your diamond choker that looks so good and put on your more evil looking black opal choker."

The blonde hesitated; to deny the request might raise questions.  'Will I still be able to project my essence through the opal instead of the diamond?  It was the diamond I had set up, but maybe...  No way to find out without doing it, and I sure hope I won't need to try.'  She pulled off her insurance for getting out of a fix and back into her true goddess form, then picked up the black opal choker off the shelf in the closet.  It was just the opposite of her diamond, solid and wicked looking instead of clear and wholesome.  She noticed its wickedness was enhanced by a small black lock instead of a simple clasp.  It was completely evil looking and totally different from her original choker, but to satisfy the other woman and the scene she was developing, Cali pulled it around her neck and then clicked the lock closed, securing it to her.  She just assumed that since it was in the closet as an outfit part, the key would be handy.

Key?  What key?  No such item had been included when Dark Angel magically placed the collar and everything else in that closet.  Locked as it was, the demonic looking gem and choker would be the only thing on her body to transfer along with her astral form.  But the ex-goddess had no way of knowing that.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I now beg you to put on your blood red Devilina dress."

'Oh, I noticed that one earlier, but pushed it aside while selecting my other slutty and then more demanding black outfits.'  She found it again, then pulled the hanger out.  'Interesting, this dress looks a lot like the one Dark Angel wears.'  She put it on and zipped it tight to her body, then clasped the golden ring belt around her waist.

"Bloody wicked, Mistress!  Now, I beg you to put on your pointed on the side thigh high black boots."

Those were even easier to find and, after slipping into them, the blonde thought, 'More look alikes!  Even more like Dark Angel now.'

"Now, Mistress, I beg you to change your makeup from a beautiful whore to the ultra wicked demoness witch."

Cali went over to the sink to wash off the makeup used for Honey's persona, then the woman who now looked more like Priscilla again sat at the makeup table.  She thought, 'Hey, if I'm starting to look like Dark Angel, why not use her face, too?'  She used just what was needed to make her reflection look like the witch Epione had been turned into by Circe.  Her newest reflection actually scared the goddess who'd come to this realm to bring vengeance upon Circe, and if need be, Dark Angel.

"Now, to finish and become Devilina, I beg you to cover your good looking blonde hair with your demonic looking black wig."

The now wicked looking blonde haired woman in the red dress and black boots got up and went over to the top shelf of the closet where the wig stands were and guessed at the nearly waist length black wig that had split bangs.  She picked up a wig cap and stuffed her long blonde mane into it, then pulled on the black wig.  What she saw in the mirror while brushing it made the now evil looking ex-goddess think she now looked like an actual twin of Dark Angel!

The subject of her domination then said, "Now that you have become the evil Devilina, I beg you to take whatever beauty I have and change me into an even more wanton looking whore than you did."

After what she'd just done to her own face, the now wicked looking bitch in red figured she'd really get into the act.  She went way overboard, making Angela look like Honey but even more so, oh so beautiful but at the same time the sluttiest tramp ever seen.  'Demoness of Beauty, heh!'

"Oh, thank you, Mistress!  I beg you to take away my sensibility and cover my black hair with the knee length blonde bimbo wig."

That one had been close by the black wig she was now wearing, and was easy to identify since it was similar to her own hair as Honey.  So the dominatrix named Cali but now called Devilina and looked just like Dark Angel went right to it in the closet.  First a wig cap to hide all that black hair, then she placed the very long blonde wig over her submissive's head.

"Thank you very much, Mistress.  Now, I beg you to begin the bondage of this wanton blonde slut, to hide my looks under the black latex catsuit."

That was one of the alternatives to what Diana had left, which she'd seen in the closet earlier.  It was real easy to locate, and when the dominatrix held it up, she couldn't believe how, make that unnaturally shiny it looked.  She marveled at the fact that the suit's feet had toes; likewise, no gloves would be needed since its arms ended at fingers with long, claw-like black fingernails...claws...talons, sort of like Cheetah's.  Off came the sub's own clothing at this point, and moments later Angela was standing there in shimmering black.

"Thank you, Mistress.  My feet are the same size as yours, so I beg you to put your ultra thigh high black boots with seven-inch heels onto my legs."

'Ultra thigh high?'  Honey had noticed the crotch high ones in the closet earlier, so the new twin of Dark Angel made a quick search and located them.  She dreaded the idea of having to do the lacing on front from the bottom up, then having to tighten the nine buckles, five below the knee and four above, but then found the hidden inside zippers.  So the only hassle then would be to tighten all those buckles after the zippers were pulled up.  On the boots went, and the dom found a thrill in pulling tight each of the nine buckled straps going up each of her sub's legs.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I beg you now to immobilize me by locking the spreader bar between my ankles."

She found the three-foot long chrome rod in the closet, then the demoness who used to be a goddess locked the right clamp around the gleaming black leg just above her ankle, followed by the left one.

"Thank you, Mistress.  Now that I cannot move, I beg you to lock the arm clamp strap around my waist, pulling it in like yours."

The latest owner of the fully stocked closet figured this one must look like a heavy black belt, and found it amongst the corsets.  She pulled it around the sub's shiny black waist, drawing it in a bit but not quite as much as a corset.  Then she pulled each of the black latex clad arms back and locked her wrists in the cuffs.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I beg you to put the black latex mask and cowl over my head so that the blonde hair shoots up through the tube at the top."

Ah, that was one she'd noticed earlier, so the woman who now looked like Dark Angel went right to it in the closet.  First she placed the mask so similar to the pair of mind control ones with its ultra sexy eye holes over her sub's face, then brought the sides back.  She gathered the ultra long, fine blonde hair and got it up into the tube, which closed with four small snaps.  Then she stretched the hood's sides from the tube down to her neck, securing its back with the velcro as she went.  The neck of the hood was tucked into the top of the catsuit.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I beg you to make my breasts even larger looking by putting the breast forms over them."

'Breast forms?'  Nothing like that had been noticed earlier in the closet, but the dom in red looked around and then spotted some flesh colored objects up on the wig shelf.  They were huge, and would make her slave's chest nearly the same size as her own.  There were some zippers on the front of the catsuit over her breasts, so after they were opened up the two forms were placed over her sub's natural breasts.  With the zippers closed again, she now sported two huge globes of gleaming black on her chest.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I beg you to open those zippers over my tits again and put on the nipple clamps.  Even if I can't feel their painful but stimulating pinch, I want to have them as part of my severe bondage."

It seemed like a strange request, but why not?  First things first.  The ex-goddess undid the zippers again, only just enough to expose the unnaturally augmented huge aureolae and nipples.  Then she located the foot-long chrome chain with a sprung clamp at each end in the equipment drawer.  Just to make it look good, she toyed with the unfeeling nipples as if to get them to expand if they were real, then attached a clamp to each and closed the zippers up to them.  This left the chain hanging between the two huge breasts.

"Thank you, Mistress.  I beg you to open the zipper over my cunt and stick the expanding and contracting prick vibrator into my pussy, then turn it on."

The babe in red had noticed that in the equipment drawer when she was getting the nipple clamps, and before sticking it into her glistening black shrouded sub's, shouldn't she be thinking vagina?  Then a stark realization hit her, and Cali grinned with her now wicked face.  'No, not vagina.  While I'm in this persona, it's her pussy and her cunt!'  She held the vibrator and turned it on to see how it worked.  Amazing!  It looked like a large penis shooting in and out, with much more vitality than a real one.  She stuck it into the cunt surrounded by black and turned it on, then zipped the catsuit closed over it.

"Slave, before I make it so that you can no longer speak, tell me who you really are now that you have been so radically changed?"

"Mistress, I am your slave, the wantonly promiscuous lesbian slut named Honey."

'My name?!  This is getting weirder and weirder.'  But since she'd accepted all the coincidences earlier, why not continue?  "Not any longer, slave.  I have turned you into evil personified.  Tell me who it is, in your total being, that you are now."

"In all that I am, I am Mistress Aphrodite, the Demoness of Beauty who is a cohort of Circe in the Legion of Doom and not only loves to put other women into bondage, but begs to be put into bondage herself."

The dom in red sneered at hearing this.  "Yes, that is who you are, the wantonly promiscuous lesbian slut named Honey who becomes Mistress Aphrodite to help her friend Circe in the Legion of Doom.  You just love to put other women into bondage, and of course, you enjoy very much being put into bondage yourself.  Now, open wide, slave!"  The vision in black opened her mouth, and the two-inch open chrome ring was placed inside her lips.  The straps on the ring were pulled around her head and snapped closed.  Then the penis gag was inserted through the ring and secured to it.  The switch was turned on, and her sub started to involuntarily deep throat the dildo.  At first.  Then she began to eagerly deep throat it.

This had actually been a lot of fun to do, which came as a surprise to the woman who'd once been a goddess and feared not knowing how to play the role of a dominatrix.  She stepped back to watch this vision in gleaming black bondage with her hands on her hips.

Suddenly, Circe appeared at her right side!  "I've finally caught up with you, Dark Angel!  It looks like you already got her into perfect bondage so she can't escape."

'Circe?!  What's she doing here?  She thinks I'm really Dark Angel!  My whole plan is shot.  Now this opal will have to work.  Gotta somehow stall her...'  "Yes, of course!  She's now your cohort, Mistress Aphrodite.  She is now a dominatrix without peer, but loves to be placed into bondage herself.  Feel free to twist her nipple clamps, she'll enjoy it."

Circe did as suggested, so while she was occupied the ex-goddess went for broke and sent her astral self out through the solid black gem.  She sensed she was out, but couldn't see anything.  'Damn that opal!'  After a second or two she sensed her form passing through her pink dress.  Then it shot in no time into the large gem holding her total being.  Somehow, though, she kept right on going into her goddess form.  Her eyes opened immediately to see the same wall and Greek statue of Zeus.

'But wait!  Instead of my flat sandals, why does it seem like I'm standing almost on my toes with my legs securely spread apart...and I can't get my arms to move from behind my back.  Why does it feel like my cunt is full?  Cunt?  Why did I still call it that?  For that matter, why does my cunt have a full feeling like I got as Honey?'  Suddenly her cunt felt the rapid extending and shortening as the dildo was turned on.  And was her mouth splayed wide open, with something stuck inside?  She glanced down, and saw two huge orbs in shiny black blocking her view.  A glance to her left side showed nine silver buckles clamped tight around the gleaming black boots on her legs.  'What the?!  This seems to be just the same costume I put on Angela.'  It was then that she saw the clamps on her nipples and then felt their clenching stimulation.

To her shock, first Dark Angel and then Circe walked in front of her.  Dark Angel was wearing the choker with a diamond on it instead of the black opal choker the goddess wore while dressed as her.  'Wait, does that mean...'

"I just love the way that black opal choker works with your shiny black costume."  That answered that question.  "You seem to have been fooled for the first few moments.  We made it look like your room's wall, didn't we?" Circe gloated.  The she walked right up and pulled the dildo gag out of the bound woman's mouth, followed by the removal of the O-ring.  She handed both to Dark Angel.

Then Dark Angel spoke up, "Slave, before I make it so that you can no longer speak again, tell me who you really are now that you have been so radically changed?"

'Wait, isn't that exactly what I said a short while ago to Angela?  What's going on?'  She wanted to say that she was Aphrodite, but she could tell Honey's spell from the lasso still held, for some reason.  In answer, she intended to reply with just 'Honey' as the lasso commanded, but instead replied, "Mistress, I am your slave, the wantonly promiscuous lesbian slut named Honey."  This stunned her.  'Damn, not only dressed like Angela, but now repeating her line, too!  Something really strange is happening.  I need to get my total being out of the gem and into my body so I'll know who I really am.'  She willed it to open up, and suddenly felt incredible evil and black energy flooding into her being.  Instead of her going out, it was coming in!  When it finished, the ex-goddess was a new woman.  An incredibly evil and wicked, fully human with no connection to godhood woman.

Circe nodded, so Dark Angel said, "Not any longer, slave.  I have turned you into evil personified.  Tell me who it is, in your total being, that you are now."

She grinned wickedly.  "In all that I am, I am Mistress Aphrodite, the Demoness of Beauty who is a cohort of Circe in the Legion of Doom and not only loves to put other women into bondage, but begs to be put into bondage myself."  Then she opened her mouth wide to accept the chrome ring Dark Angel was holding, eagerly anticipating the dildo she'd soon be fervently deep throating at the same time her cunt was being stimulated by that penis dildo.

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