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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

The first part of this story was inspired by and done in tribute to a number of pictures done by Tebra, a few from Kirk Lindo, and one by Joe Gravel.  It also borrows some ideas and a few words posted to Superstories Addventures, along with some capped pictures done by Luke to give tribute to them.  The rest was intended to be a short sequel, and grew considerably, now all one very long story nearly long enough to be a book.

Just as a way to set up how I wrote my story, note that while in the more recent comics Wonder Woman can fly, I don't have her with that capability.  Also, I'm not using Martian Manhunter's ability to go immaterial and/or invisible until later.  In the first part I'm making it that once J'onn turned himself into Wonder Woman he didn't think to make sure he'd keep ready access to his own powers, and just have hers.  And hopefully lastly, I know as Green Lantern, Kyle's ring doesn't have the limitation against yellow that Hal Jordan's did, but I still wanted to use that, so...

Wonder Woman & the JLA - Momentous Identity Problems by Steve Zink

After trying over the years to get the better of Wonder Woman using his own mental skills and also various abilities borrowed or stolen from other super beings, Dr. Psycho finally decided to go to a scientific genius for help.  Lex Luthor normally kept his devious inventions to himself for his own agenda against the Man of Steel, but when he was asked by the grotesque looking midget villain for a device to bring down the super heroine Amazon who was also a teammate of his own favorite foe, the bald super criminal figured this could be a step toward getting at Superman himself and decided to help.  So when Dr. Psycho was contacted and told to visit the lab in Luthor's Metropolis corporate headquarters building, his spirits lifted.

It would not be wise to visit Lex in his usual, easily identified form, so before leaving for the trip to Metropolis, Dr. Psycho used his ectoplasmic extractor to change himself into a tall but more or less nondescript looking, middle-aged black haired man.  With the code words prearranged between he and Lex, Psycho was given ready access to the LexCorp building once he got there.  After a brief stop to be checked by Mercy, Lex's gorgeous assistant and security expert, he went in to confer with the bald super villain in person.

After a few minutes of villain to villain chat, the two went to the special elevator leading from Lex's office to the lab buried well below the bottom level of the skyscraper.  The super genius villain led his 'customer' to the far corner where a glass cylinder stood.  "Here it is, and this may look like normal glass, but in reality it's a special polymer that can resist the strength of even a super being's blows.  I'm not sure about it withstanding Superman's heat vision, but for your purposes, it should be more than adequate.  I suspect from experience that you won't even be worried about fists if your hypnotic abilities are put to good use."

Psycho nodded.  "Correct," he told Lex, "or at least as far as I have planned.  Now, what about the device you worked on for me?"

Lex pointed to a unit mounted in the top of the cylinder.  "There it is.  Tests on homeless vagrants have shown results leading to what you want, but in reality, the Amazon will be a real test to see just what the Parody Pulsator can do.  In some way or another, that sanctimonious bitch will end up as a woman with a totally opposite personality.  I'd like for you to let me know just what the result is, and also how her costume changes during the process.  I do have plans to use this device later along with my friends in the Legion of Doom."

"Of course," Dr. Psycho replied, "and I hadn't figured on her costume being affected by the pulsator also.  That's an added benefit."  Then, as he looked at the entire assembly, Lex's customer asked, "But how will I get Wonder Woman into the cylinder?"

Lex grinned.  "That's the fun part.  Watch this."  He reached for a small control box and pressed a button.  The seemingly solid and clear cylinder rose from the floor into a barrel surrounding the Parody Pulsator, disappearing into the ceiling.  "You saw how quickly it went up and then stowed itself, but just wait until you see how fast it can come down."  Another button was pressed and, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the cylinder was back in place.  "Even if you don't have the Amazon knocked out or otherwise senseless, this can come down and trap her."

Dr. Psycho grinned his approval.  "Looks great!  All I need to do is rig a false ceiling so that this device is out of sight and it should be perfect.  I presume in its compacted form it can be shipped and handled reasonably easily.  Now, just how much do I owe you for this little jewel?"

"If I was to ask for money for this device," Lex said with a wide grin, "I doubt very much you could afford it.  But I don't want any money; I just want the results of your first for real use of the machine so I'll know if I can indeed use it on big blue and a few other heroes myself and the Legion would love to get out of the way.  If it does what I hope, we'll have new allies in crime, instead of old heroic enemies."

"Ah, in that case you have my deepest thanks," Psycho replied.  "Now, if you can get this device packaged and sent to the site I told you about in Gateway City, I'll get back there and set myself up to meet the Amazon."

"Of course.  So please tell me, I know you won't have Wonder Woman come to you in your true form.  Are you going to see her as you are right now?"

"Ha, ha," Dr. Psycho laughed in reply.  "No, in fact I've already been preparing her for the visit.  The Amazon has been having some fascinating nightmares and visions lately, provided by me, of course, and to find out why she is having such strange dreams it has been arranged for her to visit Doctor Yvonne Simons, a gorgeous looking young woman with long blonde hair who's a specialist in superhuman psychiatry."

Lex crossed his arms as he raised an eyebrow.  "And perchance, am I standing before Dr. Simons?"

"Yes, indeed," Psycho answered with a grin.  "It's a bit too involved a process to change right here in front of you.  Perhaps you'll meet her at some point during this working trial run of the device."

"Right, I'm hoping it will be she who will give me the results of Wonder Woman's change," Luthor told him.  "Okay, we'll get this all packed up and I'll have the guys doing the delivery see if you want any help setting it up in your office."

"Thanks.  Since they're already familiar with the device, let your guys know I'll let them do all the set up work.  Now, lead the way back up and out of here, please."

Luthor nodded, then waved an arm in the direction of the elevator.  He let Psycho off at ground level, then went all the way back up to his penthouse suite.

Gateway City

As soon as Psycho got back to Gateway City, he went to the office leased to Dr. Yvonne Simons.  Since everything going on for the next few days to a week would involve the psychiatrist herself, he put the ectoplasmic extractor to use for the second time that day.  Moments later, the black haired, ugly as sin and very short man was replaced by a tall, very shapely and well proportioned female with wavy blonde hair going halfway down her back.  "Ahh," she said in her soft and sexy enough to be a phone sex operator voice, "back into the form of the woman who has already talked to and will soon meet Wonder Woman.  And most likely, the last person to ever see the Amazon, too!  Ha, ha!"  She giggled, almost like a gleeful high schooler.

The usually male villain actually despised women, but had played female roles before; however, never had the villain ever done so to the extent he intended to this time.  As much as Psycho hated the idea of living as a woman, he wanted Yvonne to appear totally at ease and normal to his enemy when she showed up at the office, so he had decided to live as her even overnight when it wasn't entirely necessary.  Living as Yvonne for a few days to a week or more would make her feel more and more at ease and seem like just the beautiful psychiatrist she pretended to be.  The only thing worrying Psycho was having something happen while Lex's techs were installing the device; as a female, SHE would be much more easily injured in an accident, not to mention having to possibly fend off any sexual advances they might make.  'Just let one of them try that,' she thought.  'I'll get him separated from his companions and he'll soon join me as a member of the fairer sex.  A much more exotically built member of the fairer sex, who will draw lots of attention on the streets!'

For the next two days and nights, Dr. Yvonne Simons mentally fed more and more horrendous visions and nightmares to Wonder Woman.  By the time she would be able to come in for a visit, the Amazon would be a real mental case.

On the third day, the team of technicians from LexCorp arrived with Luthor's new toy.  Taking advantage of her much increased height, Yvonne had already reset the hung ceiling of the office.  It took the techs only three hours to install the Parody Pulsator in the floor and the gap between the hung ceiling and the true ceiling above.  They also cut through the false ceiling where the cylinder would descend, and disguised it almost perfectly with the circle still being in place but hooked to an ultra quick snap switch to slide it out of the way in the thousandths of a second it would take for the identity changing weapon to drop into place.  To Yvonne's half disappointment and half thankfulness, none of the guys made any eyes at her, let alone come on to her.  As soon as the job was done, they were history, leaving no sign that they'd even been there to any but a very careful eye.  Yvonne was not worried - she knew just where to look for the circular cut out, and she could barely notice it.

To cock the device and have it ready, Yvonne did the first activation that made the cylinder drop from the ceiling and come into place around the hidden base in the floor.  Then she clicked the button that made it rise back up, to set it up hidden in the ceiling all set for her target.

With good timing, Yvonne got a phone call from Wonder Woman an hour and a half after Luthor's team of technicians left.  "Is there any possibility I could come in and see you as soon as you can fit me in?" the Amazon asked.  "My nightmares have become more and more strange and intense."

"Let me check my schedule," Yvonne answered, "hold on a moment."  She stalled as if having a clerk look through an appointment list, then came back with, "Yes, if you can come in tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, the 7th of October at 3:30, I should be able to see you with nobody else here to spot you."  She nodded as the Amazon told her in more detail about the building mental stresses she was feeling, then said she'd be there right at 3:30.  "Very good, I'll be here all by myself and watching for you then.  Goodbye."

Just for reinforcement, as soon as Wonder Woman hung up, Yvonne projected another horrific visage to the super heroine's mind.  'I'll let her have tonight off,' she mused.  'That way she'll be fresh and open for the end of her present life tomorrow.'

Unlike the Amazon, who even without prompting from her foe would toss and turn all night, Yvonne slept very soundly that evening.  Anxiety was banished from her mind, replaced with the idea that this would most likely be the last evening that she'd sleep as a female.  For the time being, at least.

* * * * *

Wonder Woman stayed inside her apartment all day Wednesday, fretting about the stressful dreams and nightmares she'd been continuing to experience.  Then, as the afternoon wore on, she looked forward to seeing the psychiatrist.  It was just a short walk, and at 3:25 she entered the office.  Nobody else was around, as predicted, so she sat.  The buxom Amazon shifted with a bit of embarrassment on the leather couch.  "Thank you for agreeing to see me," she said as the gorgeous looking blonde entered the room.  "I...I have to admit that I'm a bit hesitant about coming to see you, but I've heard that you've not only helped people with metahuman abilities before, but that you're also...discrete."  Diana looked worriedly over to the attractive young woman nearly as tall as herself with long blonde hair, dressed in a feminine but professional beige suit emphasizing her own well built chest and female curves as she sat in the chair at the desk.

The disguised villain nodded.  "Of course, Diana.  I can call you Diana, can't I?"  At her nod, she continued, "The psychology of metahumans is a barely explored field, especially in the area of dreams.  There are so few of you who are willing to...subject yourselves to the rigorous examinations necessary that it's hard to gather empirical data.  Nevertheless, I think I can help you."

'I can help you because I'm the one who's been sending those disturbing dreams into your mind, you Amazon cow,' the disguised Dr. Psycho thought to herself.  'I knew you would come to me if I posed as a young FEMALE psychiatrist who had done graduate work in metahuman psychology...'

With a dazzling smile, the faux therapist continued, "Now, in regular cases I would conduct a series of interviews and such to build a case history.  However, I believe that in your situation more drastic measures are called for, since you're in need of immediate relief."  She prepared a needle and approached the heroine.  "This is a mild sedative.  It'll help you relax, hopefully as a preface to putting you under hypnosis so we can find the underlying roots of your disturbing visions."

Wonder Woman bit her lip hesitantly.  'I barely know this woman.  Letting myself be hypnotized right off the bat is presuming a lot...'

But then she flashed back to the nightmares, where she would alternately wake in fits of screaming terror or flopping about in pools of her own cum.  She would HAVE to find some relief...she hadn't had a decent night's sleep in two weeks.  "All right," she nodded, extending her arm and steeling herself for the sting of the piercing metal.

With practiced ease, the psychiatrist gave her the injection.  Her smile grew wider, for in reality this chemical cocktail was not a sedative but actually a powerful will suppressant.  The Amazon would keep her full faculties, but in a few moments her mind would be malleable putty, completely Psycho's to mold and shape.  Or more precisely, hers and the Parody Pulsator.

Indeed, after only a few moments, Diana's face had smoothed into an emotionless mask, her eyes glassy and empty.

"Your will is now mine to control, Wonder Woman.  Until you hear the key words, 'On your own,' you may only do what I tell you to.  Nod if you understand."  The drugged super heroine's blank face nodded.  Yvonne grinned, it was time for a test.  "I'd like for you to get up and stand next to my desk," the insidious brainwasher suggested.

"Stand and move over to your desk," the Amazon parroted as she stood to obey her instructions.  In a trice, she stood ramrod straight before her enemy, completely helpless and exposed to Psycho's wicked whims.  There wasn't even any need for her to move, for the Amazon was already standing in exactly the right spot on the floor directly under the Pulsator.

"And now," the gorgeous blonde chuckled, "the fun begins..."

The disguised Psycho reached to the actuator tucked behind a photo on the desk.  Not even needing to pick it up, she stabbed a petite finger at the actuator button and in the blink of an eye, the clear cylinder dropped down from the ceiling.  Wonder Woman remained motionless with her arms at her sides, surrounded by the glassy material.

'Now then,' the blonde mused, 'we can't have a mindless or no willpower villainess when the machine has done its job.'  She stood directly in front of the Amazon, and in a loud voice said, "On your own."

It took a few seconds, but Wonder Woman did come back to her full faculties.  She saw her psychiatrist standing directly in front of her, and then noticed the clear cylinder surrounding her.  Her hands shot up to spots directly in front of her chest for maximum effect and pushed while asking, "Doctor Simons, what-"

The super heroine stopped as soon as she started, for no matter how hard she pushed, the cylinder appeared to resist the Amazon's incredible strength.  The beautiful blonde answered without needing the full question.  "You are trapped inside a cylinder strong enough to hold Superman.  Yes, getting you here into this office was merely a ruse to get you inside that cylinder.  In only a few more moments, I will finally be able to get out of this female form."

"Inside the cylinder for what purpose?" raged the heroine.  "Out of this female form, did you say?  By Hera, are you Dr. Psycho?"

The blonde laughed heartily.  "Yes, indeed.  I'm not really your trusted psychiatrist Dr. Yvonne Simons, I am Dr. Psycho.  And in just a few seconds, you will no longer be Wonder Woman!  When the cylinder rises, I will welcome you with open arms as a brand new super villainess.  Today your present noble life as a heroine ends, and your new malevolent life of crime as an evil femme fatale begins."

"WHAT?!  NO!!" the Amazon started to scream, but her voice fell silent as the blonde's svelte index finger hit the start button for the Parody Pulsator.  A loud hum came from the unit over Wonder Woman's head, and the moisture in the air of the cylinder turned into a dense fog, hiding her red, white, blue and gold garbed form from view.

The normally diminutive dwarf and woman-hating mentalist now actually in the form of a beautiful woman laughed wildly as she watched her captive hidden in the mists of the Parody Pulsator.  Psycho wasn't sure what she'd be transformed into, but whatever it was, it would be a complete mockery of everything Wonder Woman stood for.

The disguised villain's excitement was rewarded, for when the cylinder lifted, her subject was no longer clad in her heroic Amazon costume, but instead in a costume of a totally different sort, covering her from head to toe in golden yellow with brown splotches of all sizes.  It was the costume of her longtime nemesis, the original Cheetah.  Her huge bust was bulging in the tight costume with her nipples plainly evident, and her luxuriant black hair was completely hidden inside the catsuit.  A long and thick tail came from a spot just above her gorgeously feminine butt, and it wasn't hanging straight down but twisting as if alive.  The heels built into the feet of her costume looked like they were nearly twice as high as the ones that had been on Wonder Woman's boots, so the Pulsator must have made even the costume of the new villainess a parody.  There was no sign of any of her original costume, but Psycho had no way of knowing that the wrist shooters around both of her wrists were made of Amazonium and used to be her Amazon bracelets, and the belt hanging loosely around her hips holding a small weapons bag used to be the golden lasso.  All of her compulsions for justice and heroism had turned into desires for wrongdoing and everything evil.  To clean out bank vaults, to clean away the morals of her contemporaries, whom she wished dearly to turn into parodies of themselves.

Worst of all, though, was the extreme urge she felt to destroy her foe, Wonder Woman.  She knew that once the hated Amazon was dead, she would be free to create mayhem for the rest of her life as Cheetah.  The catch was, since she herself was truly Wonder Woman, there would be no way for the obsessed bad girl to ever destroy her heroic foe.  This would cause the villainess to eventually lose her mind.

Psycho had no way of knowing about this flaw in the mind of the new super villainess, nor about the fact that while seeming to be a recreation of the original golden blonde Priscilla Rich Cheetah, this new one still had her original body, including her black hair.  It was her mind and her costume that the Pulsator had altered.  "Cheetah, I'm glad to see you made it here to Gateway City," the blonde said in welcome.

The new villainess could think of nothing better to do, so she stepped over to her beautiful blonde greeter and embraced her in a hug.  Yvonne, as much as she abhorred women as her true self, experienced some very pleasant feelings coursing through her body as she joined with her foe turned ally, and was very pleasantly surprised when she felt Cheetah's tail caressing her back and butt.  As their breasts angled to mesh with each other, Cheetah answered by saying, "I'm just as glad to be here.  Now I can create hell in this city and try to draw out my enemy, Wonder Woman."

Yvonne's eyes widened as she shook her head.  'What did you say?!' she thought.  'She must have all the original compulsions of Priscilla, now that she has her life.  I wonder...'  The blonde pulled away from the hug, and while holding Cheetah's shoulders asked, "So that I can still help you in your plans, can I ask who you are when you aren't Cheetah?"

The villainess narrowed her own eyes, then replied by saying, "I guess I can tell you.  I am always Cheetah, but when I'm not in my costume I go by the name of Diana Prince."

Dr. Simons nodded, thinking, 'Good, so she isn't also thinking she's Priscilla.'  As she took her computer notepad in hand, the blonde said, "If you don't already have a place to stay while you're here, I can get something set up for you."

Cheetah shook her head.  "That won't be necessary.  I'm going to find a place on my own, but I'll get back in touch once I'm settled.  In other words, don't call me, I'll call you.  Unless you have anything else, I want to get going."

"No, nothing else," Yvonne said as she closed the notepad, "and the door to the left at the end of the hallway exits into the loading dock at the rear of the building, so you should be able to get out of here without being noticed.  Good hunting, Cheetah!"

The new villainess nodded, then turned for the door and was gone.  Yvonne reached for her phone and hit the speed dial for Lex Luthor.  The super villain in Metropolis knew who was calling, so as he hit the button he said, "Did you use the Pulsator?"

He heard a pleasantly feminine and truly sexy voice say, "It worked beyond my wildest dreams!  The machine turned Wonder Woman into a new version of the old, original Cheetah.  And her costume changed completely to that of her new identity, also.  She even has a tactile and very much alive tail that seems like the original.  Her heels did seem a lot higher, though."

"By old and original, I presume you mean Priscilla and not Debbi?  And that must be the fact that you're a woman now, why else would you notice her heels?"

"Priscilla.  But she doesn't have Priscilla's name, she still calls herself Diana Prince.  And if anything, she seems even more wicked than Priscilla was.  Male or female, it would be hard not to notice the incredible stiletto heels she now has."

Lex frowned.  "This means we now have two Cheetahs.  I'll see what I can do to put Ms. Minerva out of circulation for the time being.  Maybe since Barbara has never felt inclined to join my Legion, our new Cheetah will."

There was a moment's hesitation before the female voice came back.  "I hadn't figured on our new costumed Cheetah meeting the furry one.  They're already on opposite coasts, but if there's anything you can do to make Diana the only Cheetah for the time being, that would be good."

"Shouldn't be any problem, YVONNE," Luthor said with emphasis.  "I do wish this was a video phone.  I'm sure with the way you despise women, you're going to get back into your normal form as soon as this conversation finishes."

"Yes, indeed," he heard.  "And we do know now just how effective your Parody Pulsator is.  With what it did to Wonder Woman, I can't wait to see what else you do with it.  You'll just have to use your imagination, because Yvonne Simons will cease to exist in moments."

"So, when my guys get there to collect the Pulsator, they're going to see your normal self?"

"If they see me at all.  I suppose somebody will have to let them in.  We'll see.  Thanks again, and bye."

"Goodbye, Psycho, and I'm glad the machine worked as hoped.  Stay in touch."

"Right, bye."

Just as she'd told Lex, Psycho went straight to the ectoplasmic extractor and set it up to do away with Yvonne.  In mere moments, Psycho lost half the height as his normal and hideous form reappeared.

* * * * *

When Cheetah got to the door the blonde had pointed out, she pulled it in and stuck her yellow and brown spots with two small cat ears cowled head out just far enough to do a quick scan to confirm nobody was in sight.  Thus assured, she stood tall in her unbelievably high heels and strode out onto the small loading area.  'Now then,' she thought while noting the signs over nearby doors with her tail dancing sensually behind her, 'if I'm going to find a place to stay while luring my foe Wonder Woman into battle, I'd better get my claws on some clothes to cover or take the place of my costume.'  She walked down to a sign saying 'Employees Only: Cathleen's Couture' and saw that the door was propped open.  'So much for their security,' the villainess thought as she stepped into the back of the shop.

There proved to be nobody in the rear of the store, and after purposely willing her tail to stick straight up her back and curl back down, the now incredibly evil ex-heroine stealthily moved toward the front where she heard a customer thanking the person at the register, and no other sounds.  The super villainess made her way to a spot from which she could see the register, and spotted the good looking but hardly gorgeous middle aged redhead with a large bag in her hand now turning toward the front door.

Cheetah waited a moment until the door closed, then concentrated on any more noises.  It seemed that the young looking and quite gorgeous short, blonde haired woman who had been behind the register was now the only person in the store other than herself.  If she had gotten closer right away, the woman in the skintight catsuit would have noticed the name tag reading Cathleen above the other woman's rather substantial left breast.  The evil interloper lifted her left hand and selected a button on one of the tubes wringing her wrist.  'One knockout dart should give me the run of the store,' she thought.

She stood and walked very openly into the store itself, Cheetah's tail once more active and her heels making very evident clicking sounds.  Intrigued by the new sounds, the clerk came back, expecting to see another customer she hadn't noticed before.  When she came upon the menacing looking woman in the garish costume, the blonde froze.  "Gee, if you're going to just stand there like a totem pole, maybe I don't need this," the sexy villainess said as she lifted her left arm.  "But then, I don't like to take chances."

The claw on the new femme fatale's gloved right index finger ticked the button on the tube she'd selected earlier on her left wrist, and a small dart shot out to lodge in the blonde's neck.  Her target slumped to the floor immediately, her eyes rolling and then closing.  Cheetah reached for the keys clipped to the woman's belt and pulled them off, then went straight to the front door to lock it.  "No more customers for now," she said aloud, "I want to do my shopping all alone."  But before looking through any of the trendy clothes, she made her way to the back door to close and lock it.  No sense inviting any other felons to her party, or allowing anyone else in who had any real reason to be there.  If they were to use keys in the lock, the feline villainess would hear them with plenty of time to get out of the way.

With the shop now secured, Cheetah went up and down a few aisles looking to see what was available.  While she would have liked to grab one or more of the black or red leather miniskirts, there were no shoes in the shop, so she'd have to stick with at least the bottom of her costume for the time being.  She pulled a yellow skirt off the hanger that would go down to her calves, and held it to her tiny waist.  "Good, with this my costume legs and heels look like fashionable boots," she muttered softly.  "Now, for those miniskirts and a blouse or two."

After collecting three miniskirts, one knee length one and one more long skirt, Cheetah added five blouses of mix and match colors and textures to the pile on her left arm.  She went to the register and grabbed one of the large bags, into which went her haul along with some packs of the knee length hose and pantyhose from a display.  Then she held up the key ring.  One small one looked about right, and it went easily into the lock on the register drawer.  The drawer sprang open, exposing what had to be many hundreds of dollars in cash.  "Don't these fools know about making money drops during the work day?" the sexy thief scowled.  "I bet they're too used to customers using credit cards, and I just got lucky that one or more customers paid big bills with cash.  Now I have enough to actually go buy some shoes and boots, and also pay for my room."

She looked around and spotted some purses on a shelf.  Into a rather large black one went all the cash.  Then Cheetah grabbed her bag and the purse and headed for one of the changing rooms.  After she pulled her cowl back and off her head, the villainess shook her long black hair to loosen it up.  She unhooked the thin belt that was around her waist holding the chemicals bag and set them in the big bag.  Then she unzipped her costume from the nape of her neck down between her shoulder blades and down to her waist, which also took the mystical life out of her tail which shrank and then disappeared.  She pulled off her wrist shooters and laid them in the purse.  Next Diana pulled her hands and arms out of the realistically flesh colored and wickedly clawed gloves and brown spotted yellow sleeves of the costume, then rolled it flat around her waist.

Braless, the thief put on a black faux leather blouse, followed by the calf length yellow cotton skirt.  In the mirror, the newly dressed brunette saw herself as a very good looking woman in a sharp looking yellow and black outfit with long, luxurious black hair and trendy boots with really sexy, incredibly high heels.

"Hee, hee!" she actually giggled.  An idea had just come to Diana's now nefarious mind.  'Why not get things set up for a diversion?  If at the same time I'm out pillaging banks and other targets and another Cheetah was to appear on the scene, it could only serve to confuse the authorities.'  The villainess pulled the left wrist shooter out of her bag and selected the dart for will sapping and mind control, then went over to the sales clerk she'd hit with the knockout dart earlier.  This time Cheetah took a moment to look at her name tag.  'Oh, so you must be the owner and likely the only person working here right now, eh?  That makes this even better!'

The woman who no longer looked like Cheetah fired the weapon's dart into the blonde's neck in almost the same spot as before, then waited a few seconds for the potent drug to take effect.  She was grinning as she said, "I know you can hear and understand these commands even though you're unconscious, my dear Cathleen.  From this point on, even if in the past you used Cathy for a nickname, your nickname is now Cat.  When you awaken, you will have full recollection of seeing the super villainess and stealthy thief called Cheetah, including the details of her costume.  You will know that this was really your imagination seeing yourself as you wish to look in a mirror.  You will find all the materials and accessories you need to make a costume for yourself so that you can fill your deepest wishes of being the super thief called Cheetah.  Of course, while any police or law enforcement people are your natural enemies, your particular antagonist is the heroine called Wonder Woman."

Leaving her knocked out host behind after pulling the pair of darts from her neck and dropping them into her purse, the true and presently disguised Cheetah knew she'd need to make a stop at a drug store in addition to all her other hoped for visits.  She needed to get some sealed containers and vials to refill the darts she had just used.  She double checked the lock on the front door and went back out the rear.  Now as Diana Prince instead of Cheetah, she added a few more bags while visiting two shoe stores and three department store sized women's clothing stores.  By the time she got to the apartment complex that was showing weekly rentals and space available, her hands and arms were full.  She'd given up trying to count how many times she was asked by salespersons how she was able to stand, let alone walk, in the ultra high heels she was wearing.  One of the shoe store guys knew to stop asking when one of her purchases was a pair of lace up, knee high glossy black ballet toed boots.

Diana put on her little girl lost face for the woman at the apartment complex.  It didn't take much to convince her that the brunette had lost her driver's license and that it didn't really matter anyway, did it, since she was paying in advance with cash.  Since many of the renters were call girls, the woman didn't give her newest renter any hassle.  Diana made her way up to her new domicile, and started to put away all her new apparel.  Before finishing, though, she unbuttoned her yellow skirt and sat down to pull off the bottom of her costume.  She merely set the costume aside since she intended to put it to use again later in the evening.  On a whim, the super villainess slipped her feet into one of the pairs of nylon knee highs and then opened the box with her new ballet toed boots.  She was on her toes while putting away the rest of her some stolen, some bought with stolen money, clothes.

After changing into black fishnet pantyhose and a more normal looking pair of triple strapped black shoes with hooker heels and her black miniskirt, the villainess who now looked as black as her soul went for a bite to eat.  She enjoyed ignoring all the guys who thought she was looking for business.  With her tummy feeling satisfied, Diana then made her way back to the apartment.  As soon as it was dark, Cheetah got back into her costume and left via the fire escape on the back side of the building.  Two banks felt her sting that night.  Security cameras in each got good imagery of the feline felon.

A bit earlier in the evening, Cathleen Leeman's eye started to flutter open, and she found herself stretched out on the floor of her shop.  She didn't see any customers or anyone else as a quick look was made, so at least no one was there to see her in such poor condition.  As soon as she got up, a quick walk to the front door showed that for some reason her store was already locked up and closed.  'No wonder nobody else was in here as I woke up,' she mused.  Then she went over to the cash register and found it to be empty.  "Gee, I wonder if while I was out of it my alter ego robbed my till and hid the money somewhere," she said out loud.  "I sure hope I figure out where I hid the take from myself.  I guess it's time to do things the correct way and make my Cheetah costume so I can do it right and rob other people instead of myself."

Cat collected what few items were on hand in her own clothing store which would be of use, then hung up the closed sign to make it real and started her quest to obtain the proper colored catsuit and accessories for her costume.  That night and the next day were spent driving to various adult book stores and fetish clothing shops in search of the very different articles from the usual black items.  In the end, she decided to give up the actual search and just make special orders from different shops for all the different pieces of her costume.  No sense making all the orders from any one place so that what she was obtaining would be obvious.

The most important order was made online, from a web based costume company.  She had located in their menu a gallery of available designs and found a catsuit very similar to what she needed, even having the ultra high stiletto heels and soles built into the feet of the costume.  They pictured it in shiny black, and an inquiry she made about other colors elicited a reply saying a leopard type print that was much more like a cheetah was available.  She told them it was okay that the colors were more like a cheetah, and besides her measurements and shoe size, she sent the payment via PayPal so her identity would not be too obvious to them.

It was expected that Cat Leeman would be seeing her new costume first, a two-day delivery via UPS.  The rest of the various pieces of her costume puzzle would be found in the meantime, such as flesh colored latex gloves and some Halloween style claws to add to them.

When she saw news reports of Cheetah robbing banks and the like on her TV, Cat knew it was her mind foretelling what her other cat identity would be accomplishing soon, not another Cheetah who was preceding her.

Watchtower, Thursday

Inside the Justice League of America's Watchtower at its duty desk with clocks showing Earth time in various locations such as Metropolis 1502, Central City 1402 and Gateway City 1202, Flash watched a scrolling report of news relating to two bank robberies that had taken place the night before in Gateway City.  'Wonder Woman's down there right now,' he thought, 'how is it she didn't get involved?'  The speedster kept reading, then his eyes widened when he read about the perpetrator.  Next, Wally gasped when he saw the pictures captured by the security cameras in the banks.  When he'd read it was Cheetah doing the robberies, he expected to see the furry form of Barbara Minerva.  The sight of what appeared to be the original Cheetah from back when he had only been Kid Flash came as a shock.  The only other Leaguer on board at the moment was Martian Manhunter, so the speedster hit J'onn's pager button.

A few minutes later, the hulking green form of the lawman from Mars came up behind Flash.  "What's up?"

Wally swiveled around and said, "Last night in Gateway City, two banks got robbed by Cheetah, but it wasn't Barbara Minerva.  This Cheetah looked just like the original from eons ago, Priscilla Rich.  Same type of costume, anyway, even the tail.  Diana is supposed to be down there right now, but nobody saw her anywhere near either bank.  I just tried to page her, but there was no connection at all on the frequency."

While listening, J'onn was also reading the scroll his teammate had noted.  Then he said, "Something's not right down in Gateway City.  Leave word for the others that I'm going down there to try and locate Diana.  If her comm system is inop, maybe I can find her using her brainwaves.  I should be able to handle the situation on my own, but I'll zap you if I need any help."

"Okay.  I'll note you leaving on the Gateway teleporter at 1906 Zulu.  Good luck, and do let me know as soon as you find Wonder Woman."

Martian Manhunter waved a salute to Flash, then turned to walk over to the teleporter.  He set the button for Wonder Woman's location, then was gone.

Gateway City

At more or less the same moment, J'onn came into view inside a small room.  He opened the door to see a familiar sight, the roof of the condo building that was home to Princess Diana of the Amazons, known to man's world as Wonder Woman.  He walked from what looked like a tool shed on the outside to the door leading into the stairwell of the building.  Down the steps the not very jolly green giant went, until he got to the fifth floor.  Ringing the doorbell and knocking on Diana's door brought no response.  'Desperate times call for desperate measures,' he figured, so from his belt the Manhunter retrieved his very high tech lock pick.  Diana's door was open in seconds.

It was evident that the Amazon was not home, but J'onn did the obvious and gave the place a thorough look-see.  There was no sign of any foul play, nor any indication that his gorgeous teammate had left any kind of message for others.  She was just plain gone.  Then the Manhunter stood still and concentrated, probing with his mind.  After almost two minutes, he snapped his fingers.  Very faint indications of Diana's brainwaves were coming from what seemed to be the opposite side of the city.  What he perceived greatly disturbed the Martian for, after 'listening' for more than five minutes, he found that Diana was thinking of herself as Cheetah.  There were weak indications that she knew Dr. Psycho was somehow involved in her change of identity.  After listening a bit more, he thought, 'By the moons of Mars!  Dr. Psycho has convinced Diana that she is Cheetah!  She now has an overpowering desire to destroy Wonder Woman!  If she cannot find Wonder Woman, she will go permanently insane!  To save my teammate, I must become Wonder Woman!  But if she wins, she will permanently become Cheetah!  I dare not fail!'

Martian Manhunter disconnected from Diana and then pondered the situation for a moment.  If Cheetah needed to find Wonder Woman to keep her sanity, he could easily allow that to happen.  But to fight the Amazon turned into her own evil foe?  If he was to become Wonder Woman and go into battle with Diana, J'onn would absolutely have to win; otherwise, his teammate would remain as Cheetah and spend the rest of her life as a super villainess.  Assuming he did win though, what would that do to Diana?  Would she lose her sanity then and there, or would her teammates in the Justice League be able to somehow restore their changed friend back to her true identity?

That would have to be handled as the situation developed, the Manhunter decided as he morphed his hulking green form into the tall but beautifully feminine form of Wonder Woman.  J'onn had taken on many human female forms in the past, but never one as exquisitely shaped and marvelous as Princess Diana's.  She felt all the power and strength in her adopted Amazon body, along with the bonuses provided by the golden power belt molding her already narrow waist into an even smaller and much more shapely one.  J'onn had purposely made every part of the costume she wore be identical to the original, which also gave her odd feelings of subservience from the actual Amazonium bracelets around her wrists.

Just to make sure, J'onn walked over to Diana's vertical mirror on the bedroom door.  She stood in front of it with her hands on her hips and saw just what she'd hoped, the heroine known to the world as Wonder Woman.  Then, as she perceived the size and weight of the breasts on her chest, the newly created Amazon put her hands under the globes of flesh and hefted them.  What a feeling that gave her!  Her left hand reached up and pulled down on the golden W covering her left breast to expose the aureola and nipple.  A long fingernail touching that nipple made a bolt of pleasure shoot through her body.  But before the temptation took her any further, Wonder Woman put her golden W back into place.

The Amazon then reached down to her waist to unclip the golden lasso looped at her side.  She had seen Diana use it on a number of occasions, and knew that it could extend almost by sheer willpower, besides being incredibly strong and unbreakable.  As for its power to cause a person around whom it was looped to speak only the truth or obey whatever instructions were given by its holder, Wonder Woman was sure the lasso she held would do just what it was supposed to.  She looped it into a circle to form a big halo around her reflection, then on a thought wrapped it around her own shoulders.  "You are J'onn J'onzz, but only you can know that.  No one else, even with the power of this lasso, can make you give any other name than, 'I am Wonder Woman.'  While in this form, you will only think and act just as you would if you were the real Wonder Woman."

As she rolled up her lasso to reattach it to her power belt, Wonder Woman figured she had just made it so that nobody would be able to tell or even make her say she was anyone other than whom she appeared to be.  What she wasn't aware of was that she had just banished the powers of J'onn J'onzz.  While she still had J'onn's memories and mission in mind, she knew only that she had to be the person she had become.  So, with the Amazon's strength and skills, but none of Martian Manhunter's shape shifting or mind reading powers, the heroine who was almost Diana and knew she was Wonder Woman left Diana's condo to go find the villainess who was Diana and knew she was Cheetah - both with exactly the same bodies, if not powers.

As she was going down the stairwell, Wonder Woman realized she no longer had a communicator with which to call Flash or any of the others.  She turned around and broke into the condo for the second time, this time with force instead of finesse.  The Amazon heroine sheered the lock with her strength, then went to the desk and wrote a note explaining what she had found out and what she was now intending to do.  Oddly, she found that even though she could mention changing from Martian Manhunter to Wonder Woman in the note, the only name with which she could sign it was Wonder Woman.  This should have keyed the heroine to the error she'd made with her lasso, but in her haste she didn't pay it enough attention.  With some record now left behind, the red, white, blue and gold clad beautiful brunette did her best to make the door look normal and then got back to her search.

When she got to the street, the Amazon started to wonder about getting to the other side of town.  Walking that far seemed a bit much, even if she could run twice as fast as the best Olympic runners.  She felt a strange sort of tingling from the tiara on her head, then knew just what to do.  Wonder Woman's invisible airplane was more than just that, it was any form of transportation needed by the heroine.  In mere moments a humming noise came from behind, and only Diana could see the invisible motorcycle waiting there.  With but a thought, it became visible and looked like a glisteningly clean, covered in chrome Harley Hog.  She thought briefly about the skin tight blue unitard and blue helmet normally worn while riding the bike, but since the heroine didn't have the biker costume handy, people would have to see the normally clad Wonder Woman zipping along the streets without any sound.  It was as this vision sped toward her goal that she also recalled the different costume boots that went with the biker costume.  The high heels on her normal costume boots kept slipping into the perforations of the bike's foot pads.

Then she stopped as another thought came to the Amazon's head.  'If I've got all the other powers of Wonder Woman thanks to the perfect copy of her costume, I wonder if...?'  J'onn had watched Diana raise her arms and spin, to reappear after a burst of light in whatever clothes she seemed to be imagining.  So, the heroine parked and got off the bike, then raised her arms and spun.  After the usual burst of light, she reappeared in the blue biker costume, flat heeled boots and all.  'Well, I'll be!' she thought.  'I do appear to have been accepted by the Greek gods as the true Wonder Woman!'  Properly clad now, Biker Wonder Woman got back onto the seat of her motorcycle and on the way to Diana.  Passersby now were seeing just what they normally did, and seemed to ignore her.  When she got close to the apartment complex, the super heroine parked and got off the bike and then spun again, to revert to the more usually seen costume and in so doing increase her height by four inches.

It was as she approached the apartment building from which Diana's mind waves had been felt that Wonder Woman noticed finally the error she'd made with her own lasso.  She could no longer use her mind to search.  Again, this should have made her stop and possibly even use the lasso on herself to fix the situation, but the Amazon kept right on going without worrying about it.  After all, she was supposed to think and act as who she was, Wonder Woman.  She willed her wonder bike to go back into hiding, then went to the back side of the apartment building.  It was a few minutes after one in the afternoon.  What few people were nearby didn't pay her any attention; the residents of Gateway City must be used to seeing the colorful super heroine in action.  Utilizing the same fire escape Cheetah had used the night before, Diana number two climbed up to the window of the apartment she knew was being rented by Diana number one.  She just hoped number one was still at home.

* * * * *

Wonder Woman was prudent enough to not barge right in, but instead ducked and peeked to see if there was any sign of activity inside.  Sure enough, the first thing she spotted moving was a thick and furry tail that wiggled back and forth, in and out of view.  This let her know that Diana had to be in her Cheetah costume and seated at a table to the right of the window.  What the newly minted Wonder Woman couldn't see was the huge piles of valuables on the table that Cheetah had stolen the night before, which the villainess was sorting and assessing.  The Amazon waited, not very patiently, to see if her quarry was going to get up and move so she'd have an easier entry.  Her waiting paid off, for after about ten minutes she saw the tail move and then she saw her changed teammate fully from head to toe...  'Moons of Mars, how does she walk in those heels?!'

Walk Cheetah did, though, right out of sight.  Wonder Woman pried open the window, not difficult since her target had done just the same the night before, and slipped into the room.  The Amazon took one quick look at the loot on the table, then started looking for a spot from which she could hide and stay out of her target's sight.  She was still looking when that became pointless - the super villainess came out of her bedroom door to see the one person she wanted to find more than any other standing right there in the living room of her own apartment.  "Wonder Woman!" she exclaimed.  At the same time, the enraged ex-heroine was bringing her right arm up to fire a poison dart at her foe.  The claw of her left index finger tripped the trigger button as she was finishing her exclamation.

Wonder Woman raised her arms and used the bracelet on her right wrist to deflect the dart.  "Bullets and bracelets or darts and bracelets, it's all the same to me!" she replied while getting behind a high backed chair to provide a bit of cover.  'Wait a minute,' she suddenly thought, 'how did I just rattle off that bit about bullets and bracelets?  Oh well, no time for worrying about that now.'  Then the Amazon pulled her lasso free.  'If I can get this around Diana before she fires another dart...'

Wonder Woman stepped out from behind the chair as Cheetah was readying her right wrist for another shot.  She charged at the heroine turned hellion, her lasso looped and ready to go.  Cheetah got off the second dart, and in bringing her wrists up to deflect it, Wonder Woman's lasso went flying loosely toward her.  The feline felon reached out and grabbed the lasso, yanking it from the distracted Amazon's hand.  Cheetah looped the lasso herself, and rapidly flung it over the head of Wonder Woman.  As it fell over her shoulders, Cheetah pulled it tight and, for good measure, wrapped it around and around the heroine until her arms were tight against her sides.

"Stop fighting and stand still!" Cheetah ordered.

The Amazon felt the same compulsion she'd noticed when instructing herself earlier, and obeyed without question.  She was afraid to say anything, lest she give Diana any ideas.  She shouldn't have worried, for ideas were exactly what Diana...Cheetah was getting.

"I can't believe how much you look like me," Cheetah told her.  "We could be twins.  Say no more unless I tell you to, and get on your hands and knees."

The bound Amazon's unwilling muscles did just as her enslaved brain mandated, and dropped to the floor so that Cheetah loomed over her.  'What is she getting at, with all the talk about us being twins?' she wondered.

"Get up on your knees and pull your arms behind yourself."  Even with that lasso wrapped around her arms, the Amazon found herself putting her wrists behind her back after she got up so that she was balanced on her booted toes and her knees.  Then she felt Cheetah pull her elbows together and tighten the lasso so that she was bound even more humiliatingly.  "Now then, tell me who you really are."

Now J'onn became thankful for the idea she'd had earlier.  "I am Wonder Woman."

"No, who are you when you aren't Wonder Woman?"

"I am Wonder Woman," J'onn answered.

Then what J'onn couldn't have expected occurred.  "Shit!  In that case, you fucking bitch, that is exactly who you are...Wonder Woman," Cheetah told her.  "You are Wonder Woman...and no one else.  If ever you have known yourself by any other name or identity, you may never know of it again.  You have only memories of being Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman...and no one else."

What little bit of Martian Manhunter that was still active in the mind of Wonder Woman suddenly became hidden to her.  She now knew only that she was a fucking bitch who was also the Amazon heroine called Wonder Woman.

"Stand up now," Cheetah ordered.

With difficulty, the bound Amazon leaned back off her knees and then rose.  Cheetah placed her gloved right hand under Wonder Woman's chin while her left held on to the lasso.  She seemed to be looking more and more closely at the face of the heroine.  "Looking at you like this is like looking in the mirror...except for that tiara on your head," the villainess told her.  "I'm going to unwrap this lasso from you now, but I order you to stand perfectly still and not try to move, let alone escape."  The feline felon did just that, and saw her foe standing rock solid before her.

"Hug me and kiss me," Cheetah instructed, "I want to see what it's like to kiss my twin."

Without any control, the Amazon found herself wrapping her arms around the waist of Cheetah.  Her foe likewise put her left arm down and spread her clawed hand on the heroine's right hip, with her right arm under Wonder Woman's left arm and her right hand on the bare left shoulder blade.  Two massive sets of breasts intermeshed and squeezed together, and Wonder Woman tilted her head to the right as Cheetah tilted to the left.  Their lips joined, and as two sets of eyes closed, two tongues met.

Suddenly Cheetah pulled away.  "Mmmmm, that was fantastic," she purred.  Then she quickly looped the lasso around the Amazon's neck, like a leash.  "Take off your top and shorts now.  You can leave on your boots, tiara and bracelets, but I want your body nude."

Just as quickly as she had back in Diana's condo earlier, Wonder Woman pulled off her golden power belt, then stripped off her blue with white stars shorts and finally her red and gold bustier.  Since there were obviously no bra or panties, her body was now bare.  "Very nice," Cheetah said.  "Now I can see just how much more you look like me.  Down on your hands and knees again, slave!"

Cheetah stood in an imperious pose with her left hand on her hip and the right clutching the golden lasso.  "Who are you?"

"I am Wonder Woman."

"No, you are my slave.  Who are you?"

The Amazon clenched her teeth in a scowl.  "I am your slave."

"That's right, slave.  Now, pull off your bracelets."

There was nothing the slave could do but follow her instructions.  First the left and then the right bracelets came off her wrists.  "Now to see if what I've been thinking will work," Cheetah said while she zipped the lasso off the slave's neck and pushed her flat to the floor.  Wonder Woman, who could only now think of herself as Cheetah's slave, felt her hands being bound together behind her back and then her still booted ankles being similarly bound.  As the lasso was tightened, her back arched and she found herself with her ankles drawn to her hands in a hog-tie bondage.

Cheetah got up and proceeded to pull off her entire costume except for the cowl still covering her luxurious black hair.  Luxurious black hair exactly like that of the stripped heroine bound on her floor.  Then she started to check her idea.  First she pulled off the cowl, then put on the red and gold bustier, followed by the star spangled blue shorts.  Then, after she clipped the gold power belt around her waist, the now incredibly evil ex-heroine felt a surge of strength go through her body.  Finally, she placed the two bracelets over her wrists.  Holding up her right arm, she looked at it and said, "Since I look just like Wonder Woman, there's no sense in trying to kill myself.  I can get out of my desire to destroy Wonder Woman by becoming Wonder Woman myself!"  She bent down and grabbed the lasso between the ankles and the wrists of her prisoner.  "Slave, I order you to reveal to me all I need to know to become you!"

The bound heroine started to say what would be needed to become a dominated slave, but Cheetah cut her off.  "Slave, for the time being you are Wonder Woman.  NOW tell me what I need to know to become you!"  Corrected, she began to recite everything she knew about being Wonder Woman.  Cheetah took this all in, unaware that in the back of her own mind was every bit of this same information.  It took over an hour and a half for the Amazon to tell her captor all she knew.

As soon as she finished, Cheetah untied the lasso from the heroine's ankles and then proceeded to pull off each of her boots.  The villainess sat to pull each onto her own feet, knowing already that they would fit exactly.  She stood in the heels that were nearly three inches shorter than those on her regular costume, but figured she could get used to the lesser height.  Then she bent and pulled the tiara off her bound twin's head, followed by placing it likewise over her own.  Then she walked to the mirror in her bedroom and turned her back to it.  Looking over her shoulder, a first glimpse showed that she was now Wonder Woman.  But with her own wicked eyes, she could see herself as Cheetah.  'But soon someone else will have this reflection,' she mused.  Looking like Wonder Woman, there was no end to the fun she could now have.

Then the evil Wonder Woman walked back out to the naked and bound female in her living room.  She grabbed the lasso and then said, "You know what they say, 'Wonder Woman always wins!'  So it's too bad for you...I am Wonder Woman...and you aren't anymore!"

The new Wonder Woman then proceeded to do a reverse of what had happened earlier.  It took a lot less time since the tied up woman already knew nearly everything there was to being her new evil and hateful villainess self.  When the instructions were finished, Wonder Woman grabbed the costume she had removed earlier and handed it to her slave.  The new Cheetah sat to slip her feet into the leggings and felt the extreme arch they were put into.  The new villainess now felt for herself the thrill provided by the unbelievable heels she'd marveled at earlier, and like her predecessor, loved the way they made her feel as she stood to pull the catsuit up to her waist.  "I just know you thoroughly enjoy the height those heels give you," Wonder Woman said when she saw how her twin was delighting herself.  Then, after the top was zipped up on back from below her waist to the nape of her neck, the tail came into view, hanging from above her butt at first, but it thickened and became alive a moment later.  She reveled in the way her alive tail felt.  Eagerly now, she slipped her fingers into the claws of her ultra realistic looking flesh colored gloves and pulled the cowl over her head to hide all that black hair.  Now her costume was complete, and the villainess felt ready to strike.

Wonder Woman looped the lasso loosely around the brown spotted, golden yellow shoulders.  "With my old costume, you make a very convincing new version of me.  You are now the feline felon with not a shred of decency in your body.  You will continue your life of crime, and when my teammates of the Justice League come to help me, you will fight them, of course...just as I would have done!  Eventually you will allow yourself to be captured.  After all, we don't want to see a dangerous criminal such as you get away, do we?"

Wonder Woman then glared at her twin.  "Now you will behave exactly like me before!"

The new Cheetah thought of all the fun crimes she could commit, along with the super sexy clothes and boots she could wear when she wasn't on the job in her costume and living as a bitch who loved to get fucked.  If anything, the identity instructions her predecessor had given for her Diana Prince alter ego had given her an even wilder idea of how she should look and act.  "Yes, Wonder Woman, I...I shall obey.  I am Cheetah, the enemy of all that is good and righteous."  She was already thinking of ways she could try to trap and defeat Wonder Woman.  And then trade places with her.  'Just wait until that fucking bitch lets me get a hold of her lasso...and allow myself to be captured eventually?  Yeah, when hell eventually freezes over!'

* * * * *

The new, evil version of Wonder Woman willed the invisible motorcycle to come to her as soon as she came down from Cheetah's apartment.  She made it become visible, then got on it with no intention of changing into the biker costume or its easier to work with boots.  She had other ideas for costumes into which she would change...none of which involved blue or red.  She rode the bike only far enough to put it into a big enough space, then willed it into the form of the invisible jet.  She climbed into the cockpit, then zoomed into the sky.  Halfway across the country toward her goal of turning Supergirl into a Superslut that would join her as a super villainess, the now evil Amazon had second thoughts about leaving her replacement behind on her own.  Instead of getting into a turn, which at her Mach number would have a radius of hundreds of miles, she pulled the jet into a steep climb so as to start a loop that would peak at the edge of space.  At the top she rolled to wings level and started a gravity assisted, even quicker flight back toward Gateway City.

She was more than pleasantly surprised upon landing to hear word about a daring daylight robbery at a savings and loan.  Since the news people had already called she herself Cheetah upon seeing the security camera footage from the night before, Wonder Woman grinned wickedly when she found out that it was the new Cheetah hitting the S&L.  'I can't let her have all the fun,' she thought while getting out of the jet and willing it away for the time being.  Hidden as she was in the secluded landing spot, the Amazon raised her arms as her predecessor had told her (and she herself had actually done countless times without knowing it) and spun.  What she had in mind for clothing bore no relation to anything seen before after the burst of light.  Gone was the heroic red, gold and blue of Wonder Woman.  In its place was a gleaming silver unitard identical to her old Cheetah costume but without a tail and a totally different cowl.  Now her entire head, including her face, was enclosed in the almost metallic silver.  There were two tiny holes for her nose, an opening for her lips, and two sexy shaped openings at her eyes.  The golden lasso was replaced by a silver whip, wrapped around her torso and extendable just as the lasso if needed.  And, she was back to what to her felt like the more natural seven-inch plus heels on the boots built into her costume.

To the security guards at the jewelry store who felt the sting of her willpower nullifying whip, the villainess said, "Just remember that you have been looted by Metallica!"  When she finished there, the gleaming felon changed back into Wonder Woman and made her way to what had been her apartment.  She wondered if Cheetah would notice the extra bags of jewels on the table top, and grinned.  The news reports she had been hearing told her that there was no need to even personally check on her replacement.  Had she stuck around though, the Amazon would have been more than surprised.  Shortly after she left to just spin into street clothes and cruise the night streets, Cheetah came back to make a few changes herself.

* * * * *

By the time Thursday afternoon was waning, the Cheetah who had started the day as Martian Manhunter had already more than doubled the loot residing on the table in her apartment.  The reports of her brazen daylight robberies were in news flashes across the country, in particular noted by Lex Luthor on the east coast and Dr. Psycho on the west.  Added to what they'd seen from her robberies the night before, both thought the changed heroine was turning out to be a perfect villainess.  They had no way of knowing, of course, that this was a second changed, make that a twice changed hero.

Since she saw no more sign of the woman she thought of partially as the foe she needed to destroy and partially as her partner in crime, thoughts which really confused the villainess, Diana had removed her Cheetah costume and gotten into some clothes that would make any man seeing her forget about her other identity.  In her stretch pink tube top and cherry red leather jacket over her black leather miniskirt, she looked like a hot to trot slut.  Added to this, though, was the glossy nude crotchless pantyhose and the black calf high ballet toed boots.  She was really a sight to see, and with the extreme makeup on her already superbly beautiful face, Diana Prince was making all those who saw her think she was a high class whore on the make.  She grinned wickedly at all who dared to actually approach her.  "Sorry, worm, you're not worthy."

Dressed as she was, Diana was able to scout for other females she intended to trap and then turn into her cohorts in crime.  She just sat and observed, taking sips occasionally from the drink which had little effect on her Amazon body.


Flash had been relieved at the Justice League's Watchtower's duty desk by Aquaman at the Earth American east coast time of 1800, or 6 pm for the members of the League who abhorred what sounded like military time.  Wally had told Arthur about the situation in Gateway City and that J'onn had gone down to check things out.  "And you haven't heard anything more from the Manhunter since he left?" the ex-King of Atlantis asked the speedster.

Flash shook his head.  "Nope.  But I figured he'd call if anything came up, so up to this point I've been just watching and waiting.  Nothing has happened in Gateway City, as far as I know."

The Atlantean merman scowled.  "That doesn't sound like J'onn to me.  Stick around, I'm going to call an alert for all League members."

By the time most of the heroes and heroines were seated at the conference table, Aquaman was able to tell them that things most definitely had started to happen in Gateway City, and none mentioned anything about Wonder Woman.  "Cheetah was at it again, if anything more brazen and wicked than the night before, and a new villainess calling herself Metallica hit a jewelry store.  If J'onn is down there, he's not making his presence known.  Pretty obviously, he wasn't able to find Wonder Woman, either.  Diana hasn't been seen for two days now."  Hearing his briefing were Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, Dr. Fate, Zatanna and Hawkgirl.

The Man of Steel was chairing the meeting, and scowled as he saw the empty seats at both Diana's and J'onn's spots.  Along with a few others.  "J'onn was our primary telepath, and without him it's going to be rough trying to figure out what's going on in the minds of these new villainesses.  Arthur, you can read minds from close proximity, can't you?"

Aquaman nodded.  "But not with the precision J'onn has."

"Okay," the Last Son of Krypton said, "I wish my cousin had answered the call; having Supergirl along to duplicate my own powers would have been very helpful.  I don't know why Ray isn't here, either.  Atom might have been quite a help.  Even though there are reports of at least two felons on the loose down there, I think the best idea is to go down all together and stay as a single group until anything makes it necessary to break up.  Zee, I'm glad that you're back and can possibly help Dr. Fate if we need any magical help tonight.  Wally, you and I can do the high speed recon runs.  Dinah, you and Ollie stick with Zee and Kyle.  Arthur, set the duty desk for auto reply, then stay with Shayera so she can give you a dip in the Pacific if needed.  She can also fly you to wherever we need some mind reading, presuming Lantern or myself aren't on hand.  Bruce, you stick with Inza.  She can get you anywhere instantly to give help where needed."

Batman interrupted Superman.  "Kal, do you see any need for Selina's help, since we're dealing with a cat oriented felon?"

Superman shook his head.  "I doubt Catwoman would be of much help tonight.  Granted, her skills are right up the alley of these villainesses, but I think we've got all the help we need at this table.  Now, if Selina was a mind reader instead of a stealthy kitten..."

Kyle broke in then.  "Hey, if you think we need them, Booster and Blue Beetle are back at my place.  They were visiting when the call came."

"No, I doubt Ted's mechanical aptitude would be of much use tonight," the Man of Steel answered, "and Booster is still too much of a loose cannon for me.  I think we can handle the task with the team as it is at the table.  Okay, folks, let's get a move on."

Superman did his usual thing and zipped Earthward on his own, while the rest prepared to be wrapped in a green power bubble from Kyle's ring for transport.  Before he activated it, though, Zatanna said, "Hang on, Kyle, I can do this a lot faster.  How does Gateway City Central Park sound to all of you?"  Most heads nodded.  "llA fo su ot lartneC kraP."  The entire group disappeared...

Gateway City

...and reappeared in the moist grass of Gateway City's Central Park amongst a few startled onlookers.  They waited a few moments, then Kyle shot a green energy flare into the sky.  Within seconds the Man of Steel dropped in on the group.  "What took you so long, Supes?" Wally joked.

"Let me guess," Kal answered, "Zee Express."

"Faster than a speeding bullet," the beautiful, black haired magician in her traditional tophat and tails over fishnets costume replied.  She was the only one in the group now thinking the park wasn't such a good idea.  Hawkgirl, Black Canary and Dr. Fate were all wearing costume boots that had flat or low block heels.  Zee's dress black pumps, however, had sharp and tall stiletto heels that were sinking into the soft soil.

"Let's get going, then," Superman said.  "Wally, you take the west side of town, I'll take the east.  If you spot either Cheetah or Metallica, or any other criminals for that matter, get word to me and the others."

Flash didn't need to say anything, he just waved a salute at Kal and then blurred into a red and gold speed demon.  The Man of Steel took off as quickly, but in the air as opposed to on the ground.

Batman lost his patience right away.  "Inza, you know the insides of Diana's condo, don't you?"

Dr. Fate thought for just a moment, then said, "It's been a while, but I know where it is and the layout of her interior, BATMAN."

The Caped Crusader shook his head.  "Sorry, I forgot there were people within earshot.  How about teleporting us into Wonder Woman's condo, that was most likely where Martian Manhunter would have gone first.  Maybe there's some clue as to what's going on there."

The golden helmet atop the head of Inza nodded, and both disappeared.

"She's as good at that as me," Zee noted.

"Maybe better," Aquaman replied.  "Dr. Fate's been doing this for a lonnnngggg time."

"I just hope something happens soon, or I'm going to die of boredom," Green Lantern mentioned.

Black Canary nodded at Ollie, then walked over to Green Lantern.  "Kyle," she said softly, "patience is not just a virtue.  It's something an experienced crime fighter like Green Arrow or myself has learned to value; you never know when fate is going to drop the big one on you, and patience will afford you better than anxiety."

Just as Dinah was finishing, all the communicators of the League members beeped.  Hawkgirl was the first to open the line.  "Kal, Wally, and all the rest of you.  This is Bruce.  Get over to Diana's condo ASAP!"

"So much for patience," Kyle said with irony in his voice.

"Ready, everybody?" Zee asked.  Luckily, Zatanna had just visited the Amazon a month before, and knew the interior of her place very well.  As she saw heads nodding, the mage said, "s'anaiD moordeb."  The group left the view of those watching in Central Park to reappear in one of the rooms Zee knew best...for reasons best left unsaid for now.

Hawkgirl felt her wings brushing the ceiling under which she appeared, and angled them to a more relaxed position.  Then she noticed what was around herself and before any of the others could ask, said, "Zee, her bedroom?  Any particular reason we ended up in here?"

Black Canary was grinning to herself as she saw Zatanna blush while replying, "Ah...let's just say I knew this spot better than any other in the condo and leave it at that for now, okay?"

Hawkgirl giggled as she nodded her head.

The three guys tried their best to just leave the girls to their fun.

At the desk in the living room, Batman heard the voices.  "I hate to break up the fun and games, people, but you need to get out here NOW."

Dinah turned to Ollie as they went toward the bedroom door and both said softly in unison, "Bats!"  Zee, directly in front of them, heard and turned to smile before turning back again as everybody headed toward the Dark Knight and presumably Fate.

It was as they all fell in around Bruce that Flash vibrated through the wall to the left of the desk, followed a few seconds later by the Man of Steel opening and closing the entry door which he found to have a broken lock.  He found out why moments later.

"J'onn was here earlier today, everybody," Batman started to say as he held the note Martian Manhunter had left behind.  He quickly related everything J'onn had written.  "So, we should have seen some sign of Wonder Woman earlier today and this evening.  But, has there been any indication she was seen at all?  No.  Obviously, something has happened to J'onn while posing as Wonder Woman.  In effect, we now have two Wonder Women we're trying to find."

"Bruce," Inza said before anyone else could reply, "I may not have J'onn's ability to search minds, but I have my own ways.  You all stay out here for a moment while I go meditate in the bedroom."

No one felt it necessary to say anything to Dr. Fate.  The blue and gold clad mystic walked into the bedroom and sat on the floor, then let her astral self emerge from her physical body.  Like a ghost, she expanded herself to cover almost the entire city.  Searching in particular for any thoughts relating to Wonder Woman, she first had to filter out the members of the police force wondering where their own super heroine was, followed by the news people.  She first found Dr. Psycho, and after getting a very good idea of what the Amazon's foe was thinking, went on.  The next smidgen she found was coming from the mind of a black haired woman that looked a lot like Diana if the Amazon ever tried to look like a high priced hooker.  Her thoughts were all of Wonder Woman as her foe, though, and this had Inza confused.  Then a more intense thought of Wonder Woman came to her, and she had to leave the slut behind.  This new thought was of Wonder Woman thinking of ways to trap her fellow Justice League members and turn them into villains and villainesses like herself.  This turned out to come from yet another woman that looked like Diana, but dressed much less drastically.  She stayed with this mind long enough to find some very interesting events from earlier in the day.  'Mission accomplished,' Fate thought as she had her astral form compress and then return to her meditating body.

Kyle was the first to see her come back out of the bedroom.  "You can't be finished already, you were only in there for four minutes!"

"Not to disappoint you," Inza replied, "but I fear you would never be able to understand the ways of my mystical actions.  I found everything we need."

All faces turned toward the golden helmet.  "Dr. Psycho had Lex Luthor let him use a machine that was intended originally for you, Kal.  It's called the Parody Pulsator, and it turns a person into the opposite of what they had been.  Yesterday he trapped Diana and put her into the machine, resulting in the new Cheetah we saw in the news.  It really gets weird now.  Earlier today, after Manhunter turned himself into Wonder Woman to try and find Diana, she did so quickly.  But our new Amazon met Cheetah who grabbed the magic lasso and used it to trade places with her.  There were no indications in her mind of being J'onn, but the person who had been Wonder Woman this afternoon is now Cheetah, and the woman who had been Cheetah is now an evil Wonder Woman.  Here's where Psycho and the two women are located."  She went to the desk and wrote the three addresses on the note pad while relating more details of the women she'd seen in her astral form.

"Inza, this address you show Cheetah at is a nightclub I zipped through during my search," Flash said.  "I didn't see any women in a Cheetah costume."

"She was in the form of Diana Prince, but dressed ultra sexy and made up to look like a really high priced hooker," Inza replied.

"I saw quite a few good looking whores in there!" Wally replied with a grin.

"In that case, it should be no problem for me to grab her," Superman mentioned.  "Unless she has some of those darts in her purse, she should be unable to hurt me or anyone else around as I take hold of her."

"I'll be there as backup for you," Flash said.  "I can make a run through the club again to verify whatever you see with your X-ray vision as we get there.  I can also vibrate invisibly to assist if needed."

"Good, then let's get going.  If you don't come up with any ways of grabbing the evil Wonder Woman before we get back, we'll see what we can think of then."  Both were gone in the blink of an eye.

"Inza," Zee asked, "can you go invisible in any way other than your astral form?"

The golden helmet shook.  "No, just while my physical body is in meditation."

"Hmmmm...Dinah or Shayera, I think I know how we can get really close to the evil Wonder Woman and get that lasso away from her.  Inza, you said the new Cheetah still had it in for Wonder Woman, even though they're both now evil, right?"

"That's what I 'heard', yes."

"Okay," Zatanna continued, "I had hoped Inza could go invisible while I did the change, but it looks like I'll have to do the invisible bit.  I'm betting that if the evil Wonder Woman sees Cheetah approaching her, she'll change from the outfit Inza described to her costume.  Invisible, I can sneak up and grab it from her belt before she knows what's happening.  This means we need a Cheetah, now, and I won't be able to do her.  Dinah or Shayera, would either of you allow me to magically change you into Cheetah long enough to fool Wonder Woman?"

Black Canary spoke first.  "Shayera, let me do it.  I don't have wings to possibly get in the way, and I'm much more adept at rough and tumble action if it gets to that."

Hawkgirl gave her a look, then told Dinah, "I think Zee's magic could take care of any differences between us, but if you're so eager to be turned into Cheetah, go for it.  And good luck with those damned heels, too!"

"Heels?  What's so significant about Cheetah's heels?" Canary asked with a puzzled look.

"You must not have looked closely at the videotapes and security camera still images," Hawkgirl told her.  "That bitch has got what look like over six-inch heels on the boots of her costume."

"Well," Black Canary said softly, "I have been known to wear some really high heels of my own on occasion.  So I don't see a problem.  Let's go, Zee."

"Right.  Stand beside me, Dinah.  5142 renra-"

Batman cut Zee off before she could complete the transportation spell.  "I don't want you two taking her on by yourselves.  Kyle, get on over there right now and be on hand for the arrival of Zee and Dinah."


"No arguments, Dinah.  Kyle, go."

As Green Lantern took off for the site where Inza had spotted the evil Wonder Woman, Dinah winked at Zee.  Both just mouthed the word, Bats.

Zatanna tapped her foot for two minutes, then said, "Can we go now?"

Batman nodded.  "Get going.  And good luck."

"Thanks.  5142 renraK doaR."  The two beauties disappeared.

As soon as the four were gone, Aquaman said, "While we're waiting for them to get back or whatever, would you care to make a quick trip to the beach, Shayera?"

"Feeling a bit dry?" she asked.  "Guys, we'll be back in a few minutes.  Let's go, Arthur."  The two made their way to the rooftop, since Hawkgirl's wings wouldn't fit through the window very easily.

* * * * *

Inside the nightclub, Diana was having fun fending off all the guys who thought she was on the make, while in reality she was keeping track of the various young women who came and went.  Two in particular struck her as being of the right build and least connection to anybody in the club.  Their disappearance would not be noticed.  She reached into her purse and pulled the wrist shooter for her left wrist on.  She selected the dart for will sapping and mind control, and was about to get up and aim her left arm at her first target when the young lady seemed to disappear.

Superman had been watching Diana with his X-ray vision and told Flash about the way she seemed to be concentrating her attention on two other women.  Wally was standing right next to Diana's table, but vibrating at such a frequency that he was invisible.  When he heard Kal calling, the speedster moved away and turned on the communicator.  "What is it?"

"She just put on one of her wrist shooters.  Either she saw you and is getting ready to zap you, or maybe she's getting set to go after one or both of those ladies she's been watching."

"Couldn't possibly have seen me.  She's staring at the one girl who's next to the CD player, so she must be her first target.  One target, about to become a nonentity."

Wally closed the communicator and zipped over to the young lady.  In both joining her to his vibration and also speeding away with her in his arms, she seemed to suddenly disappear from Diana's sight.

While the subject of his observation seemed to be a bit disoriented, Superman left his lofty perch and flew into the club so fast that no one saw him until he suddenly came to a stop right next to her.  Just in case any of her darts were made of Kryptonite, the first thing Kal did was to grab her left hand and yank the shooter from her wrist.  Then he hoisted both Diana and her purse into his arms, locking her in place.  Gingerly but extremely rapidly, the Last Son of Krypton held her with his arms to free his hands so he could open the purse and drop the wrist shooter in.  After the alien super hero put a more stringent hold on the incredibly sexy woman he just knew was really Wonder Woman, the Man of Steel went right back into super speed and shot out of the club.

Flash didn't need for Supes to free a hand again and call on the communicator.  He had watched his companion grab the presumed out of costume Cheetah and zip out of the building.  To the by now very confused and gorgeous young brunette in his arms, Flash said, "I'm not absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure you were about to be attacked by the woman you just saw leaving in Superman's arms.  Trust me, we're not just guys who like to grab hold of good looking girls.  I'd like to say more, but I need to go back out and see how Superman is doing."

Her confusion became much greater when Wally seemed to just be there one second and be gone the next.  "Did I just imagine all of that, or am I seeing things I don't want to understand?"  She tried to put it all out of her mind, and go back to her trolling for guys.

Outside, Wally found Kal holding a thrashing woman that sure looked like Wonder Woman, but was dressed and made up in no way that he had ever seen the Amazon Princess before.  'And ballet toed boots?' Flash noticed.  'She was walking around in those things?'

When he spotted the speedster, the Man of Steel said, "We need to get her back to the condo.  I don't know whose mind is inside her head, but maybe Zee or Fate can undo whatever has been done.  Oh, and I got that shooter away from her."

"Gotcha.  Another possibility for figuring out what got done could be Wonder Woman's magic lasso.  I wonder if anybody went after her yet?"

"Give Batman a call.  My hands have been too full to get at my communicator."

Wally pulled out his own communicator and zipped a few feet away so whatever got said wouldn't be heard by the squealing and squirming wench in Kal's arms.  "Batman, Flash here.  We have our babe.  Did anybody leave to go after the other one yet?"

"I'll give you the details when you and Superman get here.  Right after you and Supes left, Zatanna came up with an idea for just her and Black Canary to go after her.  I stopped them long enough to let Lantern get there to cover for them."

'Don't trust the girls to do the job?' Wally thought before saying in reply, "Okay, we at least have one of them now.  We'll be back there in a minute or two.  Out."

Wally zipped back over to Kal, then said, "Three of them are out right now trying to get our other babe.  Let's get this one into the condo and secured."

"I can't fly at max speed with her flailing her arms and legs like this, so you go ahead and I'll be there shortly."

"Okay, give me her purse so all you have to hold on to is her."

"Here you go," Kal said as he held out the purse as best he could.  "Don't let anybody see you carrying that purse!"

"Ha, ha!  See ya!"  With that, a scarlet and gold blur blinked out.

"Now, to get you back to the others, my dear."  If she was still and close to his body, his aura would protect her from the heat and wind blast of high speed flight.  But with the way she was all over the place, Kal could only fly at a helicopter like speed.  Which of course also prolonged the agony of listening to her ranting.  Ranting he recognized as Diana's voice, but saying things he would never have dreamed of hearing until now.

* * * * *

Black Canary and Zatanna popped into view on a street that seemed to be much more level than those around Central Park and near Diana's condo.  It also appeared to be a financial district of some kind, because every other building seemed to be a bank, savings and loan or credit union.  As if to answer the question, a loud alarm suddenly sounded.  At the same moment, Kyle landed next to them.  Three pairs of eyes looked toward the source of the sound and saw an incredibly nicely shaped and tall female in a shiny black costume that seemed to cover every square inch of her body.  This ebony vision was running out of a three story brick and glass building with a large sack in her left hand.  It was Dinah who said something first, "Did you see the goddamn heels that bitch is running in?!"

"That may be a connection to what Inza told us about the silver costumed villainess called Metallica who was seen earlier today," Kyle answered.  "Metallica was seen to be wearing heels that increased her already tall height a good deal, and Inza said it was the Wonder Woman we're looking for who was actually Metallica.  I'm betting she was in silver earlier today and in black-"

Zee cut him off.  "Kyle, that black she's wearing is in no way a fashion statement - it's perfect for nighttime camouflage.  She just disappeared into the shadows."

"Kyle, get back upstairs," Dinah said.  "See if you can spot her from the air, but just get back to us about where she is when you find her.  Zee, I think it's time for me to turn from a heroine into a villainess."

As Green Lantern took off, Zatanna looked around, trying to find a relatively secluded spot.  She spotted an unlit alley that had just a token amount of illumination from a distant street light two blocks away.  "This way," the magician said as she pointed.

A quick look moments later proved there were no vagrants or other people in the alley, nor were there any windows looking into it.  "Now then," Zee said softly, "you do realize that you won't just be changing costumes.  You're going to change from your body into one identical to Wonder Woman's."

"Yes, I was thinking about that," Canary answered.  "All that size and strength, and for such a short time.  And to have to pretend to be evil at the same time, too."

Zee looked at Dinah for a moment, then said, "This might sound iffy, but to make sure you put on a good show for our presumed evil Wonder Woman and make sure she thinks she's being approached by Cheetah, once we get close to her I could change not only how you look but also how you think.  In effect, you would truly become the evil Cheetah for a minute or two while I snatch the lasso and Kyle helps me grab her."

Black Canary put her left hand to her chin while contemplating this new kink.  "And you'd be able to let me be myself again right away?"

"Of course."

"Okay," Dinah said quite seriously, "this sounds a lot more risky now than it did before, but let's do it."

"haniD sah eht ydob fo anaiD dna eht emutsoc fo hateehC," Zatanna said to invoke the spell.

Black Canary could feel her increased strength and bigger build as her line of sight suddenly shot from even with Zee to more than a foot over her head.  She looked down to see two huge orbs on her chest encased in golden yellow with brown splotches, then tilted her head to the side to see one of the reasons for her big increase in stature.  'Damn, Shayera wasn't kidding!' she noted.  'These heels are really something!'  Just to try, she took a few steps.  Dinah was surprised to find that apparently the physical qualities of her new body allowed her to walk in them with not a bit of difficulty.  "Now I know how that vision in black was running in those heels she was wearing," she said in a voice identical to Wonder Woman's that surprised her for just a fleeting moment.  "I feel like I can run on pointed toes in this body!"

"Gotta be that Amazon build," Zatanna replied.  "Let's wait here until Kyle calls to tell us where that other ultra tall heel wearer went."  Then, as Dinah was turning back around, Zee noticed the way the tail of the costume was hanging limply.  "I just noticed something about your costume that isn't right.  emutsoC and liat emoc evila."

Dinah suddenly noticed an uncanny feeling above her ass, then knew why as she felt in her mind an ability to make her tail do almost anything.  As a test, she had its tip move quickly over to her companion, where it stroked the camel toe in her crotch.  "Oooo," Zee said softly, "not here and not now, Cheetah!"

"Heh, heh, yes, I truly am Cheetah now in all but the way I know who I really am," the perfectly disguised heroine said.  "The way I feel now, it won't take much to make me be perfect for my foe, Wonder Woman."  She lifted her two wickedly clawed hands to the front of her face, then added, "After I felt my tail coming alive, I also became aware of the function of each tube of my wrist shooters.  I seem to know everything about being Cheetah."

"That must be because of the way I told both the tail and the costume to come alive in the spell, Cheetah," Zee said, specifically calling her by her costumed name to get her used to it.  "I can undo part of it if you want me to."

"No, no, I'm hardly complaining, you fucking bitch."  Zee's eyes went wide.  "If nothing else, I'm getting a really good impression of how truly evil I am now and how I'm supposed to feel since I'm not anyone else but Cheetah.  I'm alread-"

"Zatanna and Canary, this is Green Lantern," came from the only communicator left, cutting her off.

"Cat instead of a bird, Kyle," Zee said.  "Make that Zatanna and Cheetah.  What have you got for us?"

"Changed Dinah already, huh?  Good thing.  Our vision in black made her way to a clearing in the woods a half mile or so north of you.  She nearly blinded me with that burst of light during the costume change.  She's back to looking like Wonder Woman now, and is busy at the moment going through her loot."

"I can't get us there magically since I'm not familiar with the spot.  We'll have to walk," Zatanna answered.  "Or at least, I have to walk.  Cheetah could probably sprint there."

"Right, I'll keep watching her for you, and give you directional pointers along the way."

"Good, just don't say anything once we get close enough to see her," was said by Zee as she and Cheetah walked out of the alley and into the street.  Zatanna's companion did indeed feel like she could easily run ahead of the magician and get away from her, but decided to stick with her instead.  As they passed more and more monetary institutions on the way, she kept feeling urges to break in and loot them.  Something in her head was fighting those urges though, making her stride side by side in excruciatingly short steps with whoever that woman in the tophat was.

It didn't take long for the pair to get within eyesight of the crouched evil Wonder Woman.  She was lit well by the cloudless sky and half moon overhead.  Cheetah's eyes narrowed upon seeing her prey, while from the back of her mind came the relief at finally finding her teammate.  That changed abruptly, however, as she heard, "hateehC sah on egdelwonk fo gnieb haniD," come from nowhere and what had been thought earlier became sure.  Zee had already said the quick spell turning herself invisible, and with the results of her prior spell, the additional one just uttered to change Black Canary completely to Cheetah was almost unnecessary.

"Goddamn mother fucking bitch, I've got you now, Wonder Woman!" the now true villainess said as she crouched to activate her wrist shooters.

Zatanna barely heard that as she proceeded toward the evil Wonder Woman.  She figured the plan was going exactly right.

Invisible as Zee was, her shoes were still making impacts in the leaves and twigs.  Cheetah noticed the way other footsteps seemed to be making their way also toward the Amazon, and thought, 'I can't believe there's somebody else trying to get to my foe.  No one can take her away from me!'  She raised her left arm and aimed toward a spot directly above the next footfall to be seen.  Crunch, and the claw of her right index finger pushed the button.  A dart shot out and impacted Zatanna's left calf.  Cheetah had selected a knock out dart, and a large indentation formed in the leaves as the still invisible form collapsed.

From above, Kyle watched as who he presumed to be just a disguised Dinah in the Cheetah costume started to make a stealthy approach to Wonder Woman after stopping briefly to do what looked like the shooting of a dart at a squirrel.  Why she bothered to do that he had no idea, and just watched, expecting to see her challenge Wonder Woman so that Zee could grab the golden lasso off her belt.  But Dinah didn't seem to be going by the plan; she seemed to be setting herself up to actually attack the Amazon.  The super senses of the changed heroine allowed her to hear the dart that was coming her way and raised her wrists to deflect it.  Then she spotted who she thought was the person from whom she'd stolen her new identity.  "Cheetah, what are you doing here?  And why are you attacking me?"

"I'm here to destroy you, of course.  Are you clueless, you fucking cow?" Cheetah answered.

Kyle heard that exchange, and also saw no sign of any movement of Wonder Woman's lasso.  'That didn't sound like what Dinah would say,' the Emerald Gladiator noted, 'and where the hell is Zee?'  The hero didn't want to take any chances with what he was seeing and hearing, so to hell with the plan.  He formed a hand from green energy out of his ring, and like lightning reached down to pick up a stick and then use it to snare the golden lasso before the still super strong hands of the changed Wonder Woman could grab it.  He saw that both she and the person in the Cheetah costume, Dinah or whoever, noticed this and watched while stunned as it zoomed into the sky.  Once it was in his real hands, Kyle tucked it in his belt and put a green energy shield around it.

'Now, I can't just leave these two here trying to kill each other, especially if that's really Dinah down there,' he thought.  'With her in yellow, the only one of them I can tackle is Wonder Woman.  Oh, shit!'  Still keeping an eye on the scene below, Kyle went a bit higher and turned on his communicator.  To hell with any name security.  "Kyle to Kal, do you copy?"

Superman had just delivered the first female they'd captured to the condo and was just finishing the tie up job started by Batman.  He grabbed his communicator.  "You in trouble, Kyle?"

"I don't know what, but something has gone wrong here.  I've got the lasso, but there's been no sign of Zee and if that is Dinah down there acting like Cheetah, she sure seems to be doing more than just acting."

"Hang on a sec."  Kal clicked off the comm.  "Inza, how fast can you do an astral scan of where Kyle is so that you can transport everybody but me over there?"

She raised a finger and turned for the bedroom without uttering a word.  Before she sat with her legs crossed, Inza said, "Will somebody please gag her?  I can't concentrate with her ranting."

"Too bad I don't have one of Selina's ball gags," Batman said as he approached the tied up Diana with a wad of paper towels and some more twine.  He spread her lips wide and stuffed the wad between her teeth, then wrapped the cord around her head to keep it there, making note to add one or more ball gags to his utility belt on the next trip home.

While Dr. Fate got to work in the bedroom, a still damp Aquaman started to probe Diana's mind.  He was still concentrating with his eyes closed as Inza came back out only a minute later.  "Got it," she told Superman.

"Kyle, Kal here.  I'll be there in seconds, and the rest may beat me if Inza does her usual."

"Better hurry!" Lantern replied.  "There's a pitched battle going on down below."

"Feel free to interfere with your ring if need be.  Just try to keep either of them from getting hurt.  I'm on the way now."

As Superman was clicking off his communicator, Aquaman got his attention.  "Kal, I was just able to get deep into her mind.  This isn't the original Wonder Woman, just like we thought, this is the changed a couple times over J'onn."

Batman cut in.  "At least we know exactly who we're working with now.  But if J'onn here was the most recent Cheetah, I wonder if something went wrong with Zee's plan and now the latest Cheetah is, or was, Dinah."

"That's the main reason I told Kyle to try not to hurt either of them," Superman said.  "Presuming you have J'onn as Diana tied up well enough, leave her alone here and the rest of you get over to the battle via Inza."

Batman glanced at his handiwork, and thought, 'Sorry, J'onn,' then replied, "Yep, she's not going anywhere.  See you there in a moment."

As soon as Superman zoomed out the window, Dr. Fate had everybody stand close together, Hawkgirl's wings splayed to the outside.  Then she did her spell, and the only one left in the condo was the tied up J'onn who was thinking she was Wonder Woman thinking she was Cheetah.  And also thinking that if she could get to her purse, her shooter was already cocked and ready to fire.

Both Wonder Woman's and Cheetah's heads turned when five Justice Leaguers popped into view suddenly.  This was a distraction Superman hadn't counted on, but decided to put to good use.  He arrived at Kyle's aerial box seat just as his teammates came into view below.  "Quick," he said, "while those two are distracted.  I'll grab Wonder Woman and should be able to hold her if the past is an example, and you take the lasso and try to get Cheetah settled.  Just watch out for those darts of hers."

There was no need to waste time with a reply, as both dove toward the ground.  The Last Son of Krypton landed right behind the woman who appeared to be the Amazon princess and twisted her arms behind her back while she was gaping at his teammates.  Cheetah didn't even see this since her eyes also were glued to the heroes.  She was more than surprised to find a golden rope descending around her shoulders and then being pulled tight so her arms became secure at her sides.  Neither hand could reach the shooter on the other wrist.  "Cheetah, don't move a muscle and say nothing," she heard from behind, and felt compelled to do as instructed.

Meanwhile, all the others were converging on Superman who was holding on to a kicking and arms flailing Wonder Woman.  Aquaman did the best he could with all the activity to delve into her mind, and after a short time said, "I can't see anything of the original Wonder Woman in her head, only the mind of Cheetah thinking she has taken on the identity of the Amazon."

"I wonder if that device Psycho used can reverse what was done to Wonder Woman," Inza said.  "For the time being, I think using the lasso to calm her and restrain her evil urges will be the best course."

By now Green Arrow was getting antsy.  "I know the plan Zatanna had was for Black Canary to disguise herself as Cheetah.  But where the hell is Zatanna, and why is Canary acting like she really is Cheetah?"

Kyle had walked over with the lassoed Dinah who thought she was Diana Prince, otherwise known as Cheetah, and said, "There's nothing I can do with my ring to her since she's in yellow.  Hawkgirl, take those two wrist shooters off her.  Batman, I think you're the strongest available, hold on to Cheetah while I give the lasso to Superman.  Cheetah, I order you to remain standing here as I remove the lasso.  Make no effort to fight or escape."

Bruce took hold of what to him seemed a perfectly calm and good natured Cheetah.  As serene as she was, however, he knew better than to slacken his grip.  He had memories of holding Selina this way in a number of occasions, and now it was a different cat he had in his hands.

As soon as Wonder Woman was also standing rock solid, Superman stepped away from the group and concentrated his super hearing.  It took a while to filter out all the sounds of the night forest, but eventually he heard the sounds of Zatanna's breathing and her heartbeat.  After narrowing down the direction, he looked with his super vision but saw nothing.  'Did she collapse while invisible?' he wondered.  It took his hearing to finally locate Zee, confirmed as Kal got closer by the indentation seen showing where her body was.  He also noticed the dart sticking out of her invisible left leg.  He yanked it out, but held on to it for analysis.  It seemed odd to gingerly pick up the invisible form of his teammate, but he floated down amongst the others moments later with his unconscious friend.

"I've got the dart with which Cheetah apparently hit her," the Man of Steel told the others.  "Maybe we can analyze it and find out what got Zatanna."

"Better idea," Bruce said.  "Green Lantern, pass me that lasso, please."

'Please?' thought a number of minds at once.

Kyle handed it to Bruce, who wrapped it around Cheetah's shoulders.  "Cheetah, you may speak to answer my questions.  What was on the dart you shot at Zatanna?"

"Zatanna?  I have no idea.  I shot at some invisible person who was trying to get to my foe before I could."

'Damn, if this really is Dinah, what caused her to become Cheetah for real?' Bruce thought, then came back with, "What was on the dart you fired at the invisible person?"

"It was a knock out dart."

"How long does the knock out last?"

"Three hours."

"Lantern, it was what, about forty-five minutes ago that things went to hell with Zatanna's plan?" Bruce asked.

"More like forty."

"Damn," the Caped Crusade cursed.  "Supes, it looks like Zatanna won't come to for nearly two and a half hours.  Hey, wait a minute!  Cheetah, is there any antidote for your knock out darts?"

"Of course.  My anti-knock out darts."

'Why didn't I just know that was coming?' the Dark Knight asked himself.  "Hawkgirl, give Cheetah her shooters back.  Cheetah, I order you to use your shooters only to select and fire the anti-knock out dart at the invisible female."  He used the hand not holding the lasso to unclip his cape.  "Arrow, do me favor and drape my cape over Zatanna's body so Cheetah can see her shape and fire a dart at what would be some exposed flesh."

Ollie placed the huge black cape over the form where he presumed it to be, and saw as it covered her from the hat down to her crotch.  "Is she gonna be able to breathe okay like this?" he asked.

"Yes, it's not going to smother her," Bruce replied.  "Cheetah, you should be able to tell where her thighs are.  Shoot the dart at one of them."

A clawed and gloved left hand arose, aiming at where Zatanna's left thigh should be.  Cheetah's right hand reached up and hit the button on the shooter she'd been instructed to use.  For the second time in the hour a dart impacted Zee's leg, so Ollie pulled the cape off of her.  After a short minute and a half wait, the crowd heard a soft, "Oooooo...Where am I?  Wait!  What are all of you doing here?"

"Zatanna," intoned the strict Kryptonian voice from above her head, "your plan must have fallen completely apart.  What did you do to make Black Canary think she is the real Cheetah?"  He also reached down to pull the second dart from her leg.

"Uh, oh..."  Nothing was heard for a moment, then they heard, "emoceB elbisiv."  A now seated Zee came into view.  "I can't see hiding our names, Kal.  Both of these captives are our teammates, all we need to do is make things right again.  Dinah and I agreed that after I gave her the body and costume of Cheetah, it would be best to have her think she really was the villainess to have a realistic meeting with the evil Wonder Woman.  hateehC swonk ehs si yllaer haniD."

"Thanks for letting me know I've also got the cover identities of Dinah Lance and Black Canary, so I can hide even better between my robberies, bitch," Cheetah then said.

"Oh, crap.  s'haniD emutsoc si ton evila.  haniD swonk ehs t'nsi eht live hateehC, ehs si yllaer kcalB yranaC.  haniD sah reh lanigiro ydob dna emutsoc."

All of a sudden there was no more Cheetah in front of Batman, but Black Canary.  "Zee, I sure hope one of you mystics is gonna be able to wipe the memory of the past hour from my mind," the restored heroine said.  "Right after you did that spell to make the tail and costume alive, I was already starting to think and act like Cheetah.  I even found myself wanting to rob those banks we were walking past.  When you took away my identity as Dinah, I knew for sure I was now Cheetah.  I don't want to have any memories of being that villainess!"

"Sorry I screwed that up," Zee said humbly.  "So much for my good ideas.  There might be something we can do about your memories."

"I agree," Inza added.  "I hate toying with memories, but it's been done before and I'm sure we can do so again."

"Now the only problem is Wonder Woman," Bruce said, looking at the still scowling Diana.

"Don't forget about J'onn," Aquaman replied.

"Damn, I got so tied up with the present situation I forgot about J'onn," Batman said.  "Hey, wait.  Inza, you said Wonder Woman there used to be Cheetah after what Psycho did, then used the lasso to make J'onn disguised as Wonder Woman think she was Cheetah, right?"

Inza grinned under her mask so nobody could see her mirth at hearing the way Bruce had described the identity switches, then answered, "Exactly.  So presumably we can reverse that with this same lasso.  Everybody ready to go back to the condo?"

All heads nodded save that of the original Wonder Woman, which was to be expected.  After they huddled close to the golden domed mage, the group disappeared from the clearing, to solidify again in Diana's condo.  The other Diana, the newer Wonder Woman, was still fuming in her bondage, wishing she could get at her purse and her wrist shooters.  She found a golden lasso descending around her shoulders, then the voice of Dr. Fate saying more or less the reverse of all that had been said earlier in the day to change her identity.  Meanwhile, Bruce was removing the gag from her mouth.

"Thank you, Inza," she then said.  "Be assured I no longer think of myself as Diana Prince or Cheetah.  But there's still something more I did to myself earlier.  Please allow me to hold the lasso myself for the last changes."  Inza turned toward Kal and Bruce, who nodded, then handed the lasso to J'onn.  "In this form, I am merely a changed Martian Manhunter, not a true Wonder Woman, and I will act as I wish, not just as Wonder Woman.  I know that I am more than just Wonder Woman, with more than just that name.  Everyone will be allowed to know that I am J'onn J'onzz, not just myself.  I will be free to say my name to anyone."  Immediately the morphed Manhunter was able to read the minds of those around her.  She handed the lasso to Inza, who then removed it from her shoulders.  "Bruce, would you be so kind as to remove this exquisite bondage job you did?  Oh, and to reduce the risk of any accidents, you may want to go into that purse to remove and disarm the wrist shooters."

Kal immediately grabbed the purse he'd set on the table earlier and opened it.  Sure enough, when he'd slipped the wrist shooters in at the nightclub, they were still cocked and ready to fire.  "J'onn, if you remembered the wrist shooters, does that mean you recall what you did as Cheetah after being changed?"

The untied J'onn then stood in the boots that had her on her toes, feeling perfectly at ease in them, and still looking like an Amazon whore.  "Of course.  But have no fear, I have no wish or compulsion to take on that role again.  And the reason I asked you to be careful with the wrist shooter is because it's cocked with a will nullifying mind control dart."

"Damn, and to think..." Superman started to say before he placed one shooter set in each hand and tried to crush them.  He was puzzled when neither even dented.  Had the Man of Steel known they were originally Amazonium wrist bracelets, there would have been no wonder.  As it was, conversation was continuing, so all he did was disarm the one dart and set them behind the purse.

"Also, back at the apartment Diana rented and then became my abode earlier today," J'onn added, "you'll find my Cheetah costume, a lot of clothes much like what I'm currently wearing, and all the loot the two of us gathered.  I do hope the courts, banks and the like will accept the return of all the loot and not bring charges, since neither of us was really in control of our actions.  Anybody have any ideas for getting Diana out of that change Psycho did to her?"

Inza nodded her golden helmet.  "I got into Psycho's mind earlier.  I know about the machine he used, but two things argue against trying to reuse it.  One, it's in Lex Luthor's hands, and two, I rather doubt our Diana who knows she is Cheetah would get changed into Wonder Woman.  It's a wild guess as to what the parody of Cheetah would be.  My best bet would be to take Diana to her sisters on Themyscira, and let the Amazon physicians there use all the tools of their trade to restore her mind.  Oh, and I've just got to ask, are you really comfortable staying in Diana's body and wearing those boots?"

"You don't see me in any hurry to change back into my 'normal' green form, do you?" J'onn replied.  "Yes, I'm quite comfortable as I am right now.  And, if we're going to send Diana to Themyscira for treatment, the world is still going to need a Wonder Woman.  I see no reason to ask Hippolyte to fill in as her again or to do another contest to find a temporary Amazon replacement for her like Artemis did before.  For the near future, I will fill in as Wonder Woman.  I can easily revert to my Manhunter form if needed, but since I have all my powers in this form as well, I see no reason to change back until the true owner of this form is ready to use it again."

Superman rapped his knuckles on the table top.  Faces turned in his direction.  "It's pretty late now, everybody.  I move that this meeting of the Justice League be adjourned.  J'onn, since you know where everything is, I'll let you clean out the apartment Diana rented and return what you can to the proper owners.  Everybody else, let's call it a night.  Oh, one last thing.  Zee, next time you get good ideas for plans, discuss them with the others before going on, okay?"

Zatanna, who was already feeling bad from back at the clearing, now felt like hell.  But she still answered, "I promise, no more going off on my own."

"Good," Kal answered.  "Now, who wants to do the honors, you or Inza?"

"You trust me for that, eh?" Zee said.  "ydobyrevE tub nno'J, rewothctaW tropelet mroftalp."

The next moment, the Amazon who still looked like a high priced whore was the only one left in the condo.  She picked up the golden lasso and looped it around herself once more.  "Until further notice, you are the only and true Wonder Woman, with all her powers again.  While you know you are J'onn J'onzz and also have all of your normal powers, while in the form of Wonder Woman you will have her identity primarily and know her name as your own."

After removing her lasso, the Amazon spun on her toes with her arms out, and after the burst of light no longer was dressed in black but in a slight variation of what she knew the original was still wearing until she got to Themyscira.  Instead of the golden W on her chest, she wore the original eagle.  And instead of the knee high red boots with white trim or sandals or other footwear seen over the years, she was wearing red thigh high boots with the traditional white trim.  Oh, and the heels on the boots?  Not the measly three inches from before.  The Amazon was perched on what she had become comfortable in since mid day, seven-and-a-half-inch heels.  She'd considered ballet toed boots before the change, but thought that would be going too far.

She went to the roof to summon her invisible jet.  No sense using it as a bike and having to change again.  Wonder Woman climbed aboard and flew only a minute or so to the roof of the apartment complex.  She collected all her clothes and put them into the area behind the jet's seat, then went back to gather all the valuables stolen by herself and the other Diana.  Every bit of the money, jewels and other such commodities was going to go back where they came from.  For the boutique from which the other Diana had taken both cash and clothing, a check drawn on Justice League funds would be made out.  No sense in trying to return the clothing, it was all going to be a part of the replacement Diana Prince's wardrobe.  J'onn had no way of knowing that the owner of that boutique had been given an evil gift by Diana.

After everything was aboard the jet, becoming invisible once inside, Wonder Woman went downstairs to the front desk.  "Here are your keys, Mrs. Snider.  I didn't need your apartment as long as I'd thought.  Don't worry about any refunds or anything, and I believe you'll find the apartment to be clean and in order."

'I was renting to Wonder Woman disguised as a whore?!' she thought.  "Ah, okay, Wonder Woman.  Now I know why you didn't have a driver's license.  Can I get your autograph?"

J'onn readily signed a gracious Wonder Woman to the piece of paper proffered.  "Now, if that will be all, goodbye, Mrs. Snider."

"Good night, Wonder Woman!"  'WOW!'


On the Thursday night that things had been more or less straightened out in Gateway City with the identity problems started by Dr. Psycho, Superman and the rest of the Justice League of America members other than Martian Manhunter went directly up to the Watchtower.  As much as they hated the idea, Wonder Woman was locked up in one of the holding cells for the overnight since, until she could be taken to Themyscira the next day, she had a most definitely evil personality.

As soon as the Amazon was locked up, a brief discussion was held about how to handle things the next day.  Hawkgirl, Zatanna and Black Canary would take Wonder Woman to Themyscira, while the others would make another visit to Gateway City to grab Dr. Psycho and see what could be gotten out of him about the machine that had changed the Amazon, along with whatever else he'd been doing to her recently.  Green Arrow had asked about needing such a big group to go after just Psycho, but before Kal could answer, Kyle stepped in.  "With the way Psycho can change himself into any form and also affect the minds of those around him, it's really an all hands affair.  Inza, you're probably going to be the key to the nab, identifying him no matter what he looks like before those of us with all the power and strength work at physically grabbing him, with your own mental powers helping."

Superman nodded.  "Thanks, you pretty much nailed it for me, Kyle.  A long time ago I would have thought I could go after him all by myself, but with the way he's working with Luthor and all the other stuff that's going on, a well-rounded attack is the way to do it.  Now, it's already getting close to 11 on the east coast, so unless anyone wants to just stay up here at the Watchtower, I'd suggest joining me in going back down to spend the rest of the night with family, friends or whoever."

"I'm on watch duty, so I'll stay up here obviously," Hawkgirl said.

"I'll stay up here with you," Zatanna added, "I don't have anyone to go home to right now."

"Okay," Shayera said, "I'll show everybody else teleporting or flying home at 0251 Zulu in the log, Kal."

"Right, see you all tomorrow," answered the Man of Steel as he went to the airlock to make like a speeding bullet headed toward home.


As Kal-El descended upon the condo he shared with Lois Lane, his wife who was keeping her maiden name due to name recognition in her profession as a newspaper reporter, he noticed that the lights were still on.  The pretty brunette heard the swoosh at the window and looked up from the TV set showing Lana Lang giving the evening news.  "Welcome back!  Lana was just giving some brief details about what seemed to be the old Cheetah in Wonder Woman's home town doing some more dirty work during the afternoon there, with a couple of pictures from security cameras.  You didn't happen to just come from that way, did you?"

As soon as Superman made his way over to his wife, he bent down and kissed her on the forehead.  "Yeah, you should have seen it, hon.  We're trying to keep this quiet until we can go back and get him tomorrow, but Dr. Psycho used some kind of new device he borrowed from Lex called a Parody Pulsator to turn-"

"Parody Pulsator?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"From what Inza said...that's Dr. Fate-"

"I know."

Kal crossed his arms and gave Lois a look.  "Give me a chance, will you?"  Lois squeezed her lips with her right fingers, then gave her super husband a nod.  "He used that device to turn Wonder Woman into Cheetah-"

Lois gasped, cutting off the Man of Steel again.  "You mean it was the Amazon herself who was the Cheetah we saw and heard about in the news?  I thought she looked a lot bigger than the woman who wore that costume a while back."

His eyes went up but with a grin on his lips.  "Yes, Inza scanned Psycho's mind for a bit while she was trying to locate J'onn and Diana.  What that device does somehow is turn a person into the opposite of what they were."

"Sounds like a machine to stay away from.  Anyway, go on now."

"J'onn went down there early in the afternoon to change himself into Wonder Woman and go after Diana, but as Cheetah she got the edge on the changed Manhunter and made him or her...depending of course on how you want to call it...become Cheetah while she turned into an evil Wonder Woman.  When we got to Gateway City, Inza did that scan I mentioned and found two versions of the Amazon.  It took some fancy footwork by both myself and Flash to get what turned out to be J'onn as Cheetah who was in a nightclub dressed like a real slut.  Then while we were getting her, Zee came up with the idea to get the lasso away from Diana as the evil Wonder Woman by going invisible while Black Canary disguised as Cheetah got her attention.  Zee went too far with Dinah's change, and she actually became Cheetah for a few minutes.  We eventually got it all straightened out, and three of the girls are taking Diana to Themyscira tomorrow to see if the Amazons there can use some of their special medical arts and tools to get her back.  J'onn is going to stay in Gateway City as the new temporary Wonder Woman, and while the girls are taking Diana, the rest of us are going back to Gateway City to grab Psycho."

"Black Canary also got turned into Cheetah?" Lois asked with a grin.  "Sounds like you had way too many Cheetahs with which to contend!"

"Ever the proper gramarian, I see.  Yeah, as if it wasn't bad enough we had two already, Zatanna had to go and make a third."

"Oh, and you said that the Parody Pulsator was something Lex had, and lended it to Psycho?" Lois mentioned.  Her super husband nodded.  "Sounds like maybe Lex has you in mind for his machine."

"That's our guess, too.  I'm hoping we can get some info out of Psycho about it."

"That may work.  There's been no word on the news about you and the others taking Diana out of the picture."

Kal nodded, then said, "I'm going to clear it with Perry early in the morning to take off as soon as possible to go with the others to get Psycho.  You up for any fun in bed tonight, or are you planning on getting some sleep?"

She grinned, then replied, "Much as I'd like to manhandle that super human body of yours, I think we'd both best just use the bed for its primary purpose.  Let's go."  The newspaper reporter used the remote to turn off Lana as the TV reporter, then stood up.  Clark picked her up and carried Lois into their bedroom.  "Watch it, Smallville!  The way you're going, I'll have to take a cold shower to fall asleep!"

"Just having fun, hon."

After a bit more small talk following lights out, both fell into the arms of Morpheus.  Lois was keeping to herself the idea which had come to her while talking about Lex's new machine.  With a bit of chicanery and a lot of luck, while her husband and his friends were on their mission, she could rescue Clark from Luthor before it actually became necessary.

* * * * *

Clark Kent did indeed go in to check with the Daily Planet's Editor, Perry White, early in the morning.  Only fifteen minutes after the unlit cigar chomping white haired newspaper veteran had given his morning pep talk and daily assignments right after opening, the Man of Steel in his alter ego strode into Perry's office.  Much as he wanted to continue the ribbing photographer Jimmy Olsen always gave their editor by calling him 'Chief', Clark did want his boss to give him the time off so he said, "Perry, after I get the Flatley story written, I want to drive over to S.T.A.R. Labs to check with Dr. Boykin about his work on virtual reality systems.  Okay with you?"

"Sure, as long as you remember who's paying you," Perry replied with a big grin.

Clark chuckled, then replied, "If there's anything worth writing about, I'll give you a special story for next Sunday's science section.  Thanks."  With that, the reporter turned and went back out the door, and thence to his desk.  "I just got the time free, hon," he said softly while going by the desk at which Lois was already punching her keyboard.  "Cover for me if things drag on longer than expected."

His wife looked up and smiled, "Sure thing.  Gonna be another lonely night if you don't get back in time."  Then she pointed at her screen.  "Can you believe the way Carmichael is trying to screw the teachers' union?"

"You mean he's still fomenting dissension among the younger ones with no tenure yet?"

Lois Lane nodded her head.  "You'd think he'd have learned with that huge fine he got three months ago.  Then again, and this is what I'm trying to work on, if somebody else is backing Carmichael and paying his fines, there's more going on than is obvious.  Well, let me get back to this, so I can avoid watching you type like lightning on that fire resistant keyboard."

"Heh, with any luck I'll have Perry's story done so fast I'll be able to slip out of here even before lunch.  I'll let you know when I'm going."

Clark Kent did indeed finish his story at only 9:40, and while Perry added this to the other wonders he'd seen from his star reporter, he was puzzled as to how such a long story could be written so quickly and, if the past was an example, so flawlessly.  Clark tapped Lois on the shoulder as he passed by, and waved when she nodded.

'Good, I was hoping Clark would finish even earlier than planned,' Lois thought as she finished up the section she was in.  Just before 10 she saved the story to file and buzzed her editor on the intercom.  "Perry, can I see you for a moment?"

"Sure.  Come on in."

Lois made her way over to her Mr. White's door and gave it a tap before entering.  She went right to his desk and sat on the left corner.  "Perry, I've got a favor to ask.  I've got Carmichael pretty much figured out, but there's a connection he's got that no one has any info on.  With your permission, I want to go undercover and talk to some of the teachers without anybody knowing who I am."

"Great Caesar's ghost!  Both of my best writers want to get away for the day.  You and Clark aren't really getting together for on the clock fun, are you?"

Lois chuckled, then told him, "No, believe me, Clark and I are going to be a long ways from each other.  You gonna let me do it?"

Perry leaned back in his chair before saying, "Sure, why not.  Just make sure you stay out of trouble while you're digging for info.  As long as you keep your own last name, I'll okay almost anything you ask.  Just don't ever tell me your byline is going to change to Lois Kent."

"How about Lois Lane-Kent?  No, just kidding!" she replied.  "You know I'm never going to change my name.  Way too many readers know me as Lois Lane.  Wouldn't want to disappoint them, now, would we?  I am Lois Lane, the best reporter at the Daily Planet."

"I won't tell your husband you said that," Perry chuckled.  "Now get going; I don't even want to know how you intend to disguise yourself.  I just hope it's as a good looking woman, and not some hag."

"Thanks.  Just know I'm picturing myself as being a really good looking woman who in no way could be called a hag."  Lois got up from her desk corner and almost ran out the door.

Because of days such as this which seemed to happen quite often, Lois and Clark almost always drove from the condo to the Planet in their own cars.  She wondered where her husband had taken his car in an effort to hide it, then figured maybe he'd left it at ST.A.R. Labs to cover his supposed visit there.  She hopped into her own cherry red Pontiac Solstice to make her way out of the garage below the building and drive back to the condo.  The schemer wondered as she got out where she could stash her own car while she was gone.  Or, maybe just drive it over?  What were the chances Lex or any of his flunkies would recognize it as hers?  A lot of the rent a car companies had them.

She went up to their unit and then straight to the Justice League alert box in their bedroom, disguised as a clock radio.  The plotter hit the send button, then waited.  Not very long.  Almost as soon as she'd hit the button, Lois heard, "Hi, Kal.  What's up?"  She recognized it as the voice of Hawkgirl.

"Not Kal, Shayera, it's Lois.  He doesn't know anything about what I'm going to ask, so don't let him know, okay?  He might even already be up there by now."

The winged super heroine checked a monitor on her panel, and sure enough, there was the Man of Steel.  "He's in the briefing room with the others right now.  From what I heard last night, they're getting set to go to Gateway City this afternoon.  My lips are sealed."

"Yeah, he told me about that last mission last night.  I was wondering if I could come up to the Watchtower and use Zatanna's costume machine."

"Zee's right here if you want to ask her directly.  Let me get her for you."

The pretty brunette heard a click.  Then an instant later a new voice came over, "Hi, Lois.  Shayera told me you want to use the costume maker?"

"Hello, Zatanna," Lois replied.  "Yes, when Clark told me last night about that Parody Pulsator Lex Luthor has that Psycho used on Diana, I figured right away that Lex must have Big Blue in mind for it.  So to make sure it gets taken out of his hands and into ours, I want to disguise myself as Catwoman and get him to lend it to me.  With that loosely fitted but head to toe leather costume Selina has now, I should be able to work over my face enough to look like her."

"Oh, it's a Catwoman costume you want to make?  The machine could do that one easily, but I have a better idea.  You're in your bedroom, right?"

Lois nodded while saying, "Yes," as if she could be seen.

In the Watchtower, Zee turned and said, "Come back over here a sec, Shayera."

Hawkgirl walked over to the desk.  "What's up?"

"Lois wants to use the costume maker, but I think I can help her a lot more and quicker.  When are we due to leave for Themyscira?"

"At 1800 Zulu.  A bit more than three and half hours from now."

"Okay, I'm going to zap down to see Lois in person.  I should be back in plenty of time.  Don't tell anybody else where I went, I think Lois wants to keep this secret."

Shayera nodded, "That's what she told me.  Okay, I haven't seen you, and you're still in your room.  Hey, do you keep a wardrobe in your room, or did you just zap those boots up here from home?  As much as I like to see your fishnets, those thigh high boots really look fantastic on you!"

"Thanks!" Zatanna grinned.  "I do keep a few extras in my room up here, but I zapped these boots up from Shadowcrest last night after everybody else went back Earthside."

"Magic sure comes in handy for clothing changes.  Just don't do anything we'll regret down there."

"I don't think there's any way this could go wrong.  See you in a bit.  sioL dna s'kralC moordeb."  Hawkgirl watched as Zatanna blinked out of sight.

To reappear right next to a momentarily startled Lois Lane.  "Hi, Lois."

"Gee, I hadn't figured on you coming right to me!  Welcome to our humble abode."

"I had an idea," Zee replied.  "I figured, why use the costume machine if I can do it directly for you via magic?  Also, you mentioned using makeup to alter your face while the costume hid the rest of your body; I'm betting Lex Luthor has heard you talking enough that he'd recognize your voice."

Lois looked up in wonder before replying, "How did I not think of such an obvious problem?  Thanks for thinking of that.  What did you have in mind, though?  And hey, when did you start wearing those incredibly great looking stiletto heeled black thigh high boots instead of your usual sexy black high heeled shoes?"

As the magician in her revised costume sat on the edge of the bed, she said, "You like them?  I've worn these black boots during some of my stage acts, and a lot of my fans have said they make me look sexier."

"I agree, those high heels you used to wear did make you look good, but while those boots hide a lot of your trademark fishnets," Lois answered, "they do seem to be stretched to show the shape of your legs and have heels just as high as the shoes, or are they higher?  Oh, and they do give you a much sexier look!"

"Thanks, I'm glad you agree with my fans.  Yes, these heels are an inch higher than my dress pumps.  Now, what I thought of as you told me your idea is that instead of using the machine to make a Catwoman costume for you, I could just zap one onto you magically.  And to cover that voice problem?  Why even need to use any makeup?  I could go one step further and actually give you a copy of Selina's body."

Lois swore, "Damn!  I don't know if you're aware of this, but just a few years ago, back when she was as evil as they come and with a soul as black as sin, Selina had me put on an exact copy of the black, green and purple costume she was wearing then and hypnotized me so I didn't just look exactly like her...except for my hair...I was thinking I really was her.  Now, I'm going to be voluntarily letting myself be made into an exact copy of her by you.  I'm already the same height and with similar shoulder length black hair, but I guess I'll go from blue eyes to green, and get a new face and voice.  Shit, talk about the irony!"

"No, I had no idea you once played the role of Catwoman, that's news to me," Zatanna replied.  "But the difference is, this time it will be you in her body and costume.  It'll be your mind controlling what you do, not hers.  And in case you're unaware, you're not the only one who's had to take on other identities.  Did Clark ever tell you about that time when the Secret Society of Super-Villains traded places with five of us and he got changed from Superman to Wizard?"

"NO!  How long ago did that happen, and tell me more, please!"

"I'm surprised he never told you," Zee said.  "It was about six years ago.  Batman switched with Blockbuster, Green Lantern became Reverse Flash, also called Professor Zoom, Wonder Woman got it the worst by getting turned into Plant-Master, better known now as Floronic Man, and I got changed into Star Sapphire.  At least we had our own minds in the bodies of those villains."

"Thanks for letting me know.  That time when Selina made me think I was her, she used Circe's wand to change Clark into a black cat.  It took a magic monkey's paw Lana Lang got from her father to change him back to Superman," Lois said.

Zatanna nodded while saying, "A black cat, you say?  I'll have to see if any of the Leaguers other than Batman knows about that."

"And you aren't the only one to have at least worn Sapphire's costume," Lois told her.  "A while back that vixen thought Clark had killed Green Lantern and tried to take over his mind and make him her slave.  She actually had him kissing her boots!  At her command, he was about to destroy the Planet building.  I had been loaned a Star Sapphire costume from the museum which was setting up a display about her just by chance, so when I saw what Sapphire was doing to Clark, I put on the costume to challenge her and introduce some confusion into the situation.  I looked enough like Sapphire that it worked, and in the process of obeying MY instructions to him, Superman flew up.  Then when the original ordered him back down, the sapphire necklace fell off his neck.  After it fell into her hands, we never saw the real Star Sapphire again here in Metropolis."

"As far as Sapphire goes," Zatanna replied, "at least you only wore her costume.  I actually had Star Sapphire's body and her powers instead of my own.  nurT em otni ratS erihppaS htiw ym dnim, tub peek ym nwo srewop ni noitidda ot sreh."

Lois gasped, as before her eyes was no longer the tux costume clad magician, but the witch she'd hoped to never see again.  Her upper body and arms were in the figure hugging pink which formed two huge orbs on her chest.  A deep V starting between those two mounds went up to her shoulders, with an expanding white collar for want of a better word coming up from the V with points behind her ears.  A white belt was around her waist, narrow at the back and sides but expanding up and down in front to hold a pink star burst design.  Knee high pink boots with even higher stiletto heels were on her legs, while nearly elbow length purple gloves covered her hands and forearms.  A pink tiara was in the much different hair over her forehead, and a matching domino mask covered the eyes of Star Sapphire's face, not Zatanna's.  Centered on the tiara was a glowing purple gem.

"Zee, that is still you, isn't it?!"

From a very different body than Zatanna's, a totally different voice that also brought back bad memories answered, "Zee?  Who's Zee?  I am Star Sapphire!"  A bolt of icy blue energy shot from the sapphire gem in her tiara, hitting Lois and making her feel like a mannequin.  The clothes she had been wearing disappeared, to be replaced with a familiar costume as her height increased by nearly four inches.  "And now you are Star Sapphire, also!"

Lois felt something this time which was lacking the last time she'd worn the pink and purple costume.  This time she was actually in the body of the super villainess and, in addition, there was a sapphire in her own tiara; it was just as powerful as the one on the Star Sapphire grinning at her.  She could feel the mystical energy flowing through her altered body.  And also starting to control her mind!  But before she could put this power to use, the second Star Sapphire heard the first say, "esU on srewop!  uoY era ton ratS erihppaS, uoy era sioL enaL.  ydoB egnahc kcab ot sioL dna emutsoc egnahc kcab ot sehtolc."

The second Star Sapphire reverted back to the body and clothes of Lois Lane as the first added, "Sorry, I just couldn't resist!  Been a long time since I was able to use this gem like that.  egnahC kcab ot annataZ."  Now the other pink and purple costume disappeared, with Zee reappearing as she was before.  "You brought back some memories I had tried to banish.  But now that I know I can fully use that gem, I may have to keep that in mind if a situation calls for it."

Lois had a look of shock on her face.  "You had me actually thinking I was becoming Star Sapphire for real!  I could feel that same awesome power.  And just imagine if we two had both become Star Sapphire, I wonder what the original would think?  Speaking of which, I wonder why we haven't heard about Sapphire for the past few years.  Hey, that brings up another point.  If I'm going to be Selina for all intents and purposes, what about the real Selina?"

"Hmmm...Sapphire seems to have vanished.  And as far as Selina goes, well, she is in Gotham while you're here in Metropolis," Zatanna replied, "but if you really want to be safe, I could bring her here while you go to see Lex.  I could even turn Selina into a copy of you to balance things, but keep her out of the action by either freezing her in place in here or if you're feeling really kinky, tie her up and gag her.  Then, after you get finished with Lex, I'll probably be back from dropping off Diana and can just wait for you to call me back to switch you both back."

Lois shook her head.  "You sure come up with some freaky ideas.  But I have to tell you, I do like what you've suggested.  Even though she in no way deserves it anymore since Catwoman is helping things in Gotham City now, that'd be a good way to get back at Selina.  However, I don't want to waste any time.  I'll let you magically tie up 'Lois' here in her bedroom.  I don't want her to know that I'm taking her place, so do that after I leave."

"Okay," Zee replied.  "Since as you say, you and Selina are the same height, I wouldn't worry about you changing while wearing your clothes.  But, I know for a fact that Bruce's girlfriend has a bigger rack than you do, in addition to slightly smaller feet, so unless you want to lose the buttons on your blouse and have a bra that bursts, then find your toes able to wiggle in loose fitting shoes or boots, I'd recommend getting undressed now."

Lois grinned at that.  "Yeah, believe it or not, I was going to stuff my bra to make that costume look right," she said while getting out of her knee length navy blue skirt and sky blue blouse.  Her low heeled black shoes, nude pantyhose, white lace panties and matching bra then followed.  "Okay, I'm ready.  But before you turn me into Selina Kyle, how about one more costume?  Kal told me last night that you turned Black Canary into Cheetah yesterday.  Can you do that for me, too?  I'd love to see myself in that outfit."

Zatanna grimaced at first, then grinned.  "As long as it's just the costume.  Dinah actually became Cheetah with her body besides the costume, and then finally her mind.  tuP sioL otni eht hatteehC emutsoc, htiw a evil emutsoc dna liat taht t'now ekat revo reh dnim."

Suddenly Lois was no longer nude but covered from head to toe in the brown splotched golden yellow costume, and teetering on the incredibly high heels built into its feet.  She looked down at her chest to see the way her breasts formed two yellow and brown orbs, and also looked at the shooters on her wrists behind hands covered in the flesh colored gloves and with wickedly long and sharp claws on her finger tips.  "Wow!  I fully understand all the uses of these shooters!"

"Yes," Zatanna replied, "I found out yesterday when I made Dinah's costume be alive that it filled her mind with all the knowledge of Cheetah's weapons.  And one other thing you may not have noticed yet is also alive.  Feel anything different above your tush?"

It wasn't until her guest mentioned this that Lois noticed the odd twitching sensation.  She looked over her left shoulder and saw the way the tail of the costume was not just hanging limp but seemed to be curled in wait.  With but a thought she watched as the tail straightened out and then came around so she could see its tip.  "WOW!  This is really something!  I can actually control what this tail does.  It would have been something if the Catwoman costume I wore had a tail like this."  Curious, Lois took cautious steps in her incredibly high heels to stand before her vertical mirror.  Then as a test, she angled the tail down to form a tripod between it and her legs to get a bit more stability.  "This Cheetah outfit is really something.  And the heels on this costume!  Are they for real?"

Zatanna nodded.  "Yes, that's the way the Cheetah costume Wonder Woman got from the Parody Pulsator had them.  The Amazon apparently has a lot more agility and stability than normal women, and could even run easily in those seven-and-a-half-inch heels.  Satisfied now with looking like Cheetah?"  The cowled head nodded, so Zee continued, "ekaT eht emutsoc ffo fo sioL."

As her eye level lowered more than seven inches, Lois found herself in the nude again.  "Thanks a lot!  That was fun.  Seven-and-a-half-inch heels, damn!  Okay, back to the task at hand.  Time to change into Selina."

Zee nodded, then said, "sioL sah eht ydob fo anileS elyK."

She didn't feel much of a change due to the same height and similar hair, but Lois had watched as her breasts actually inflated to be more than fifty percent bigger than before.  The first thing she did was to reach up with her also noticeably different hands and cupped them while at the same time squeezing her also more apparent nipples.  They felt so big, and of course her crotch was making itself known thanks to those nipples.  She had to put out that fire between her legs, so the now changed woman let go of her nipples and massive new globes of flesh.

"Back when Selina had me become her near twin," Lois then said with Selina's voice, "my breasts were quite similar in size to hers and we each looked about the same in the costumes.  But if this is her body now, I'm presuming she did some enhancement sometime in the past.  You weren't kidding when you told me Selina has a bigger rack than mine!"

"Yeah, Bruce was more than pleasantly surprised when he first saw Selina after she'd taken some time off to have that done," Zatanna replied.  "Even though the body you now occupy is very much used to those huge breasts, I'd recommend that you get your own mind in full acceptance and let yourself become used to it."

The changed woman did as suggested.  As she stood there, Lois did feel the increased pull from the bigger mass on her chest.  But the feeling seemed to go away as soon as it had come, for it actually was Selina's body she was in now, not hers, and Selina would naturally be used to the weight of her huge breasts.  She walked over to her mirror and saw the face she recognized but didn't usually see there, with those sexy green eyes and differently styled black hair.  While there she reached up to cup her breasts in her hands again, this time paying more attention to the long and wickedly shaped fingernails on her finger tips.  "Damn, does Selina even have claws without her gloves?" Lois said, again hearing Selina's voice.  "Hee, hee...I mean do I even have claws without my gloves?  Oh, before you put me into my costume, let me give Lex a call."

"I like the way you called it YOUR costume, Catwoman; go ahead and call, I have the time.  I'm not due back up on the Watchtower for another two hours or so.  But before you dial, let me make it so the caller ID Lex most likely has on his phone will show the call coming from a number he might recognize from Gotham and not one he should recognize from Metropolis.  ekaM eht langis morf 'sioL enohp mees ot emoc morf s'anileS enohp rof siht llac.  Oh, and so that Lex can't trip you up with any trick questions or Catwoman trivia, sioL sah lla fo s'anileS egdelwonk dna sieromem."

Lois liked hearing Zatanna call her Catwoman, that's who she was now, of course.  "Thanks a lot for catching another ID point I should have thought of."  The changed reporter punched the numbers she had hit more times than she wished to remember, but this time it would be a different voice with which she spoke to Lex.  She suddenly sensed all the additional info in her head as she was punching.  She felt even more like Selina now.


"Hi, I wanted to say good morning, but let me instead just say how purrrrrfectly nice it is to hear your voice.  This is Selina Kyle, Lex."

"Well, hello to you, Selina.  Or should I say Catwoman?"

"I'm not in my costume yet.  I hope to get into it after I fly from here to Metropolis.  I just heard about a new machine you made that changes a purrrrrrson into their opposite.  If it made Wonder Woman into Cheetah, I'd like very much to borrow your machine."

"Hmm, I wonder who you have in mind for my newest toy.  Yes, go ahead and fly on up here.  I'd love to show you how it works and then maybe let you take it with you."

"Thanks.  I should be able to get the shuttle and be there by 3 in the afternoon."

"Good, I'll watch for your arrival, but I presume you won't be showing yourself as Catwoman on the streets of Metropolis.  When you get to the desk at the main entrance, just say the words, 'Kitty Litter' and you'll be shown to a room in which you can change into your costume."

"Kitty Litter, purrrrrfect!  Thanks again, Lex, and I'll see you soon.  Bye."

"Goodbye, Selina.  Have a safe flight."

Lois hung up the phone, then said to Zee, "That's something I hadn't considered.  I guess I'll have to stay in normal street clothes and not get zapped into my costume.  And where did those purrrrrs come from?"

Zatanna giggled, "Oh, I don't know.  You can always take it off and change.  Just before you started dialing, I added all of Selina's knowledge to your mind so Lex can't trip you up.  sioL si gniraew s'namowtaC emutsoc."

Lois suddenly found herself in head to toe black leather, luckily form fitting but not too tightly.  There was what looked like a leather rope belt around her waist but was actually a long bullwhip clinched with a big square quick release silver buckle.  The costume was secured via a zipper going from her crotch up to her neck, with a big ring pull on the zipper.  Almost knee high sleekly fitted black leather boots with buckled straps above her ankles and almost clunky soles and flat block heels were on her feet.  There were retractable, sharp titanium pitons in their soles under her toes.  The black gloves, which of course had the updated retractable sharp metal claws instead of the fixed ones she'd last worn, went only just past her wrists.  The cowl was a separate item leaving her neck uncovered, and it had a buckled strap going under her chin.  The cat ears of this cowl were bigger and more prominent than the ones on the costume she'd had to put on a few years ago.  Also, instead of an eye covering mask like the older costume cowl had, on this one there were two hubs over her ears holding cat eye shaped goggles with yellow lenses.

Lois lifted these goggles up and onto her forehead just as Selina usually did as she turned to face Zatanna.  "I've seen pictures of this costume," she said, "but never seen it up close.  It's a lot more loose on my body than that incredibly sexy feeling spandex type one I wore the last time, but it still molds to my body nicely.  And I don't feel a bra or panties under this thing, I presume they're built in?"

Zee nodded.  "I have seen it up close, and I can tell you that Selina really looks at ease in it.  No built in bra, since Selina seems to like to have her breasts free, but there is a panel lining the crotch.  Now, if you're going to arrive at LexCorp out of costume, I'd suggest wearing something like Selina would wear, and not that outfit you just took off.  nruT 'sioL triks dna esuolb otni eno fo s'anileS stiustnap."  The black catsuited woman reached to pick up what was now a pale blue sleeveless pantsuit.  "Let's see how fast you can change clothes, Catwoman."

Lois grinned again at hearing Zee call her that, then did a quick disrobing.  First came the gloves, then the cowl, the boots and the buckle, followed by the belt/whip.  Then down came the zipper, and in less than two minutes she was naked again.  She pulled her own white lace panties on again, then looked back and forth from her bra to her now much bigger chest.  "Braless, right?" she said while reaching for the blue pantsuit.


The pantsuit took all of a few seconds to get into, then Lois said, "As I recall, the boots Selina had for the costume I wore were specially made.  So none of the shoes in my closet will fit now."

"Not a problem," Zatanna replied.  "What did you want to wear with that pantsuit?"

"With light blue, either white or black.  White wouldn't be right for this time of the year, so my black knee high boots."  She reached into her closet to grab them.

"egnahC 'sioL stoob ot s'anileS ezis," Zee paused, then added, "evif-hcni sleeh daetsni fo eerht."

Lois noticed the slight increase in the size of the boots, then watched the heels extend to nearly double their original height with a commensurate change in the arch.  "Let me guess, you figured these would look better with higher heels, right?"

"Yes, that and the fact that I've never seen Selina go anywhere with heels less than that, other than her new costume, of course."

The woman who was no longer Lois Lane slid her feet into the boots to find that they fit perfectly as she'd expected, then zipped them tight to her calves.  She stood, and found that apparently Selina's body was well adapted to the high arch; she felt no problem in standing or walking in the boots.  In fact, she seemed to feel like the body she was now in could easily do all kinds of physical activities in them, including rough and tumble acrobatics and running.  "Wow, now I can feel why Selina does wear heels like this most of the time.  I wonder why she went to those flat heels on the new costume's boots?  Okay, let me bag up my costume in one of my small suitcases, then I'll get out of here and kill time until 3 to visit Lex.  That way you can do whatever you want with the real Selina before having to get back up to the Watchtower."

"I'll fix two more things while you're packing, Selina.  You wouldn't want Lex or anybody else you meet over there to recognize Lois's car or purse."  Zee paused as Lois grinned at hearing what she'd called her while starting to pack, then said, "egnahC 'sioL redluohs gab otni tahw anileS dluow evah sa reh hctulc gab.  ehT rac anileS detner si ni tnorf fo s'sioL."  Lois saw the external change to the purse as she looked up, but couldn't see all the other changes involved which even Zatanna hadn't considered.

Lois picked up the small black suitcase and then the gold clutch bag, saying, "This is getting really weird.  With Selina's memories and knowledge, I now have both my perspective of that time Catwoman hypnotized me into being her, and in addition, the perspective of when I hypnotized Lois Lane into being me.  I'm ready to go now.  Thanks a lot for all the help, and with any luck, we'll have the Parody Pulsator in the Justice League's hands soon.  I'll call for you as soon as I get back."

"You'll see a bound and gagged Lois Lane in here when you get back, remember," Zee replied.  "But don't worry, she won't see you."


"Don't worry, just get going, Catwoman."

Lois waved, then was out the door.  Nobody she saw in the hallways or elevator gave any indication seeing her as Selina Kyle was significant.  The big surprise came when she got out to her car.  Right in front of it was an identical model but in silver.  The answer was hanging below the rear view mirror - the lot tag from Hertz at Metropolis International Airport.  'Zee must have set me up with the car Selina would be renting for her visit.  Great!'  Lois slid the suitcase onto the back seat and then got into the car.  Just to be sure, she did look around to make sure nobody was watching Selina getting into a car in front of Lois's place.  The gold bag was set on the floor of the passenger side, then Lois started up and checked the dash clock.  "11:03, so I've got almost four hours to kill.  Ah, I know!"  The gleaming silver Solstice headed for the Metropolis beltway and the Winter Oaks shopping mall.

* * * * *

As soon as, Selina was out the door, Zatanna went to the sink in the adjacent bathroom.  As the water filled, she murmured, "Not exactly a true scrying bowl, but when in need..."  When there was a good depth in the sink, she said, "emoceB ym gniyrcs lwob."  Then she searched in the changed waters until she found Selina Kyle in Gotham City.  Luckily, the raven haired beauty wasn't involved in anything with other people, she was just in her condo feeding her cats.  Zee waited until the last bowl was filled, then after the box was put away she said, "anileS elyK ot siht moordeb htiw eht ydob, esrup dna sehtolc fo sioL enaL.  ehS sah on egdelwonk fo gnieb enoyna esle, ehs swonk ehs si sioL enaL thiw lla fo reh slliks, egdelwonk dna seiromem tpecxe rof eht hctiws gnieb enod."

The image of Selina disappeared from the waters in the sink, so Zee pulled the plug.  At the same time she started to hear a confused, "Why am I holding my purse?" coming from the bedroom.

Zee grinned.  Softly, she repeated the earlier spell, "nurT em otni ratS erihppaS htiw ym dnim tub peek ym nwo srewop ni noitidda ot sreh."  Now as Star Sapphire once again, she levitated so as to appear to be making a flying landing into Lois and Clark's bedroom.

The woman who had been Selina Kyle but now knew herself to be Lois Lane heard a swooshing sound and turned from setting her purse on the dresser toward her bedroom doorway.  Her chin dropped in surprised awe.  "Star Sapphire!  What are you doing here?"

The pink and purple clad super villainess landed on the unbelievably high heels of her boots and placed her hands on her hips in a challenging pose.  "Hello, Miss Lane.  Or should I say Mrs. Kent now?  I could have had Superman in the palm of my hand if you hadn't made yourself look similar to me and confuse him.  I'm back to take out my revenge upon you!  Since you wanted to look like me that fateful day, now you shall do so once again."

This time an energy beam shot forth from the fingertips of Sapphire's right hand which was pointed at the ex-Selina, and in the blink of an eye the new Lois Lane was clad in an exact copy of her costume just like the old Lois had gotten a bit earlier, but without a sapphire of its own and still in her own body this time.  The new Lois held her arms out and looked down upon a costume she did remember wearing in the past.  "Now you look exactly like me, except for a slightly different hair style and a different face.  But this may change."  Another energy beam hit the powerless Star Sapphire, and she suddenly found herself on her belly atop the bed, her arms and legs hog-tied behind her via cuffs and chains held by small locks.  A huge pink ball gag to match her costume stuffed her mouth, held by a strap secured with a lock behind her head.  A second black mask was in place over her pink costume one, with no eye holes making her blind.  Its straps were also held behind her head by a small lock.

"I hope you enjoy your bondage, you bitch.  If you are still in this costume by the time the sun goes down, there will be a gem in your tiara and your face, hair and the rest of your body will change.  You will then become identical to me, truly an evil Star Sapphire and not the fake you became to foil my plans.  Farewell, super villainess to be!"

Nothing prevented the bound woman's ears from hearing that same swooshing sound as her tormentor flew out of the room.  She wriggled in her tight bondage, and thought, 'I sure hope Clark gets here before sunset!  Or he will find himself married to Star Sapphire!'

As soon as she was out of the bedroom, Zee landed and softly said, "egnahC kcab ot annataZ."  Now back in her own body and costume, she thought, 'Well, this should really get Selina's mind going.  She knows she's Lois Lane now, and is in fear of becoming Star Sapphire.  No chance of that really happening unless the real Sapphire happens to make an appearance.  Lois should have fun coming home to see her like that on her bed!'  Then she said, "yM moor ni eht rewothctaW," and disappeared.

Gateway City, same time but three time zones earlier  

Dr. Psycho read the daily paper front section very carefully.  The articles about the robberies committed by Cheetah brought glee to his warped mind.  His use of Luthor's new toy worked better than he could have hoped.  The ex-heroine was now committing crimes like there was no tomorrow.  If it could do this to Wonder Woman, he could just imagine the results of Luthor putting Superman into it.  Since the LexCorp techs had come to collect the Pulsator yesterday afternoon, it was most likely already back in the LexCorp lab, waiting to be used again.

His interest became even more intense when the villain spotted the articles about further robberies done by another costumed female crook.  The descriptions of her costumes made him think she must have had some connection to Cheetah.  Maybe if more reports came in to give more clues to her location, he could try to locate her later in the day.

When Psycho tried to send a vision to Cheetah herself to get her interested in meeting him, he couldn't find her right away.  'How odd,' he thought.  Searching a bit harder linked him to a mind that seemed to have small inklings of being Cheetah, but had much stronger tendencies toward being Wonder Woman.  'What the hell,' he figured.  'No way could the effects of the Parody Pulsator have worn off or reversed.'  Maybe by putting a vision into her head things would clear up.  He projected both the vision of and desire to be Cheetah, but got no indication it was having any effect.  Until he found out where Cheetah was living, it seemed her mental state was a puzzle.

The grotesque looking dwarf took his mind off his most recent project for the time being and got back to working on ways to use his ectoplasmic extractor to alter not just his own body but also others.  The first try by making the frumpy looking redhead housewife living next door turn into a sex bomb with knee length platinum blonde hair and the minimal but super provocative clothing of a whore worked to a degree, but wore off after four hours.  He erased all memory of what she'd experienced afterward so her further use as a guinea pig would be simple.  Just a few more tweaks, and it would be all set, he figured.

* * * * *

Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman, AKA J'onn J'onzz, AKA Martian Manhunter had just finished eating her breakfast and was washing the dishes.  She was drying them before getting set to collect all the loot brought from the night before to begin returning it, when for some reason her mind seemed consumed with herself as Cheetah.  Had exposure to all the criminally obtained money, gems and other loot sparked a revival of the personality which had done those crimes?  She knew the lasso the night before had freed her from being the villainess, so why had her ego suddenly become so infatuated with her?  It seemed as if no matter what she did, be it drying the dishes, putting them away, assembling the loot, doing some general cleanup or any other of her mundane tasks, there was the image of and a strange beckoning to become Cheetah in her mind.  Something that should have alarmed her even more about the situation was that she no longer was even considering doing that return of the loot.

Just to prove to herself that she was no longer Cheetah, Diana went into her bedroom and got out of the yellow blouse and tan slacks she'd put on after showering earlier.  After she was completely nude, the Amazon got into her Wonder Woman costume the slow way by actually putting each piece on, instead of spinning into it.  Once she was finished, Diana faced her mirror and said aloud, "I'm not Cheetah, I am Wonder Woman.  It's plain to see."  But still, her mind seemed consumed with the image of herself in golden yellow and brown instead of the red, blue, gold and white she was wearing.

Completely at a loss for an explanation by now, Diana figured maybe she could force the images from her mind with her lasso.  She unhooked it from her belt and draped it over her shoulders, facing the mirror.  Then, intending to tell herself to ignore the impeding images, instead the Amazon heard herself say, "You are Diana Prince.  Diana Prince is Wonder Woman.  But Diana Prince is not only Wonder Woman, though.  Diana Prince is really Cheetah, and you use your Wonder Woman identity as a cover.  You will forget what you just instructed yourself, and be Wonder Woman until your true self orders you to change."  In a daze, she watched her reflection pulling the lasso off and recoil it before clipping it back on the power belt.  She couldn't remember ordering herself to ignore the images, but it must have worked because they were no longer there.

Wonder Woman stayed in her costume as she went about the rest of her morning tasks.  It felt so much better to have a clear head again.  No calls for her help or aid came in, so she decided to just turn on the TV and catch the news and talk shows.  As one news report started with a brunette female in a grey business telling about the string of robberies the day before, the image seemed to quiver before Diana's eyes; when it became solid once again, instead of the grey suited brunette she saw Cheetah.  And instead of hearing the further reports of stolen goods, she heard Cheetah saying in a voice she recognized as her own, "You know that's you they're talking about.  Be proud of what you have done.  Now, get ready for the rest of your day.  Take off your false identity of Wonder Woman and put on your true identity as Cheetah."

With a determined look on her face that morphed via her shape shifting powers to a wickedly made up face, Diana got up from the couch and went back into her bedroom.  There she hastened to remove the heroic disguise she was wearing.  The costume was left in a pile at the foot of her bed as the gorgeous brunette reached into the dresser drawer for the costume her alter ego had placed there the night before.  She couldn't wait to get it on and zipped up to feel her tail once again.  She sat on the edge of her bed to slide her legs into the slinky yellow and brown, and felt her feet molding to the arch that was by now very familiar since even her false heroic alter ego's boots had similar ones.  In short order the top was covering her massive chest, and she slid her hands and arms into the sleeves and attached gloves.  Diana hooked a claw into the zipper and pulled it up, followed by seeing her tail wiggle into view at the side of her left leg.  She tucked her hair in, and then pulled the cowl over her head.

Cheetah was admiring herself in the mirror when, seemingly with a mind of its own, her tail angled to her right wrist and seemed to point.  "Ah, yes.  They did get left in the kitchen, didn't they."  She left the bedroom and went to the kitchen to reach behind the purse on the counter.  She unhooked and then placed each wrist shooter over a wrist, snapping each into place.  "Now I am fully myself once again," she said while holding up her hands.  "I am Cheetah!"

Cheetah went right back to the same position on the couch she had been before while in her disguise as Wonder Woman.  She got a bit disgusted at hearing about all the loot she'd amassed which was no longer hers, and used the remote to flip through the channels; she stopped when she came to Donahue.  That was always good for laughs.


As soon as he'd hung up from talking to Catwoman, Lex Luthor hit the pager on his desk to summon his assistant, Mercy Graves.  The husky but still sleek woman with short brown hair who doubled as Luthor's bodyguard was at his desk moments later.  "Mercy, I just had Catwoman on the phone.  She's going to be dropping in for a visit this afternoon around 3 or so.  Cover for me up here.  I'm going to go downstairs to the lab and do some file uploads to the programing in the personality modifier."

"I'll cover for you, yes.  But the personality modifier?" she asked.  "Is that something new?  I haven't heard you mention that before.  I presume I can't help with that programming?"

Luthor shook his bald head as he said, "Yes, it's brand new.  I just started working on it yesterday.  And no, this is something I want to use my own memories for.  As you are aware, Selina has been known more for helping Batman lately than being the wicked villainess I used to know.  I know the machine hasn't had a test done yet of its capabilities, but this should be a good way to do that."

Mercy grinned.  "Ah, so you have plans to make the Caped Crusader's life more interesting, eh?"

"Yes, indeed.  Now, I need to get moving.  Besides the work I need to do in the computer, the people in the uniform shop are going to be really busy.  If the personality modifier works the way it should, Catwoman will next appear in Gotham in a much better costume than that black abomination she's been wearing for the past couple of years."

"Presuming you have her try it on before leaving here," Mercy replied, "I hope you'll page me.  I want to see this in person before seeing it on the news."

"Of course.  And if the uniform shop works fast enough, you may do a lot more than just see Selina in it.  Later."  Luthor got up from his desk and walked over to the elevator door.  Moments later, he came out of the door in the subbasement well below the center of the building.  As he walked past the spot holding the Parody Pulsator which had just gotten back from Gateway City at dawn, he thought about what Psycho had accomplished with it.  'If I could just get the Big Blue Boy Scout into it...'

Lex picked up the phone and hit the extension for the uniform shop at the same time he got the computer started up for the personality modifier.  As soon as they answered, he described the old Catwoman costume he wanted them to make ASAP.  All the size details they'd need were readily available in the database Lex kept on all his past and present criminal cronies.  The genius super villain grinned when he was told they should be able to have it finished in about two hours.  "Make sure to fully equip the Kat Kit with all her feline weapons," he added.

"That may add a few minutes, but shouldn't be any problem, sir," Lex heard.  "But you know we won't be able to replicate Circe's wand or her cat's eye ring."

"Maybe not the wand," Luthor responded, "but we have enough hypnotic devices in our arsenal.  You of course can make her ring."

The older woman on the other end hesitated for just a moment, then said, "Yes, Catwoman's cat's eye ring will also be in her Kat Kit.  Also, the two Superslut costumes you told us to make have been ready and waiting."

"Very good, now get to work."  Luthor hung up.  Now, if he could just get all the data into his new toy in time, everything would be set for Selina's visit.

* * * * *

Lois had been very careful to stay under the speed limits and make full stops among other things while driving to the mall to make sure no cops would look at her license and see no resemblance.  She made it to the Winter Oaks Mall with no difficulties, and figured she had a bit more than two and a half hours to shop before getting back on the road toward LexCorp.  She grabbed the gold clutch purse as if she'd been doing so all along and absently dropped the car keys into it after locking the rental almost identical to her own Solstice.  The memories and knowledge of Selina that Zatanna had given Lois were already making her accept things like that purse as natural.

The temptations of Victoria's Secret almost made Lois spend money besides time, but she did manage to just look.  She tried on lots of shoes and even more boots at various shoe stores, then finally met her match when she spotted the Exotique store.  After spending half an hour exploring their aisle after aisle of very sexy clothes, the schemer now in Selina Kyle's body came upon a display of shiny black vinyl, leather, spandex and lord only knows what other materials.  She picked out a pair of stretch PVC pants and a leather bustier, then headed for a trying on room.  After a more slow and easy disrobing than she'd done back in her bedroom earlier, the now much longer haired brunette slipped into the pants.  They clung to the shape of her calves and thighs, molding them in shiny black.  They had a really fascinating cut at the top, with the sides and back coming up to her narrow waist and the front dipping down in a V to almost her crotch.  Then she hung the cups of the bustier on her bounteous breasts and brought the zips together behind her back.  With the zipper pulled up it felt like a corset, and when she looked into the mirror, the replacement Selina loved seeing the way the bottom front of the bustier angled down, leaving a flesh colored V between it and the pants and also exposed plenty of cleavage at the top.  "Oh yes, these I just have to buy!" she said softly, not even thinking whose body she was fitting them to.

Back into her pantsuit, Lois went back to the display and found a PVC coat that matched the pants, along with some wrist length gloves.  'No claws,' she mused, 'but they'll look great with the pants and coat.'  She gathered her pile of goodies and headed for the register in the back corner of the shop.

"Hi, I'm Kristin.  Looks like you found some great looking black wear, ma'am," the cute redhead at the counter said as Lois approached.  "If you'd like, I can cut off all the tags after the sale and you can wear them out of here."

Lois looked down at her pantsuit and thought for just a moment, then said, "Thanks, Kristin.  Yes, I'd like very much to change back into them before leaving."

The clerk started scanning the price tags, then after doing the coat last she looked at her display and said, "That will be $314.42, ma'am."

When Lois went into the gold bag for her wallet, she got a shock.  The Visa card that she was looking for with her name on it was not to be found; instead, she pulled out a gold Mastercard with the name of Selina Kyle on it.  In order not to alarm the lady at the register, the slightly puzzled shopper just handed the card to her.  While the clerk was scanning the credit card, the woman who had been changed looked for her driver's license and vehicle registration.  Sure enough, the license had a picture of Selina on it and also her name and address in Gotham City, along with the registration for her sleek black Dodge Charger; there was also paperwork that showed the Solstice as being a rental car picked up from Hertz at Metropolis International Airport.  There was also a stub from the flight from Gotham to Metropolis and the return flight ticket.  'Damn, Zee really equipped this purse!' she noted.  Now thinking that at least her IDs matched her body,, Selina said, "Do you need my ID, Kristin?"

"Yes, please," the redhead replied, "just for verification."  She took the license and wrote its number on the credit slip, then looked up to hand it back.  "Here you go, Ms. Kyle.  You're all set.  Just give me a minute or two to get all the tags off, and you'll be all set to leave here as a beautiful Goth."

'Good thing we're not in Gotham where she might recognize that name,' Lois thought as she put the charge slip into her purse while the clerk went to work.  'And I guess I'd better start thinking of myself as Selina now so that by the time I'm facing Lex it will be natural.'  She snapped the purse closed and then said, "Don't be so formal, Kristin, please just call me Selina.  Goth, you say?  I was thinking more along the lines of a dominatrix, but I do see your point.  On the streets a Goth, and inside a more demanding role."

At that the clerk looked up and said, "We do have a display of whips, crops, paddles and other dungeon gear, Selina.  Could I interest you in any of that?"

'You don't know about the whip I already have in my bag, which I'm betting is of much better quality than what you have,' Selina mused before saying, "Not this time, Kristin.  I'll just go with what I've got right here."

With that, the clerk handed the now ready to wear pile back to her customer.  "Here you are," she said, then reached down to grab a bag.  "Here's a bag you can put your pantsuit in after you change."

"Thank you.  Now to go get a lot more exotic."

"Or at least more erotic," Kristin grinned.  "I'll wait here for you."

Once again she went into the trying on room, but now it wasn't Lois Lane who was doing so but Selina Kyle.  'It was as Lois that I came into this store, but now that I know I have a purse full of things that say I'm Selina Kyle, that's who I am for the time being,' she thought while getting out of the pantsuit again.  This time, Selina left her boots on and pulled her new black pants on over them, taking care not to snag their heels.  'Good thing these come up just high enough in front to cover my white panties so I didn't have to also get a black thong or something,' she mused, then zipped on her bustier.  After putting the pantsuit into the bag, she pulled on the coat and then the gloves.  She buttoned up the coat just to see what that looked like in the mirror, then undid it to allow her cleavage and that wicked V above her crotch to show.  'Yes, I think this is not only how I'll leave this store, but also present myself to Luthor.  To hell with changing into my costume.'

As she stepped out of the room, Selina saw Kristin looking in her direction.  She put a sinister sneer on her face for effect, then waved and headed back out to her car.  The time on the dash now showed 2:10, and Selina knew that unless there was an accident somewhere, she'd be pulling into the LexCorp parking garage at quarter to 3.  Plenty of time.  "Hah!  Let a cop stop me now, though.  What do I care if Selina gets a ticket?" Lois as Selina laughed out loud.  Even with the change in attitude, she still made it to LexCorp without attracting any attention.


While Lois was on the way to the mall, Zatanna reappeared in her room at the Watchtower.  She keyed the button on the comm panel and said, "Shayera, it's Zee.  I just got back from seeing Lois."

"Thanks for letting me know you're back.  You still have over two and half hours before leaving for Themyscira."

"I might get a light lunch at some point, but for the time being I'm just going to hang here in my room."

"Okay," Hawkgirl replied.  "Green Arrow is relieving me here at the watch desk at noon.  I'll tell Dinah to come and fetch you if you're not out when we're getting set to leave."

"Right.  Out."

Hawkgirl went back to her monitoring of scanners, and Zatanna took off her top hat and placed it on the end table before settling into her lounge chair to read more from her latest issue of Magic-Unity-Might.

The Mystical Realms

Zatanna was not the only witch who had been making use of a scrying bowl.  The long time foe of her father's that Zatanna had seemed to inherit, who had waist length black hair, had been keeping an eye on Zee for the past week and a half from her luxurious abode in the mystical realm.  Allura had grinned when she saw the way Zee had screwed up the change of Black Canary into Cheetah, and became truly fascinated when she looked into her huge spa sized scrying bowl and saw the events in Lois Lane's bedroom.  "So, you gave yourself a totally different body and the identity of a super villainess, Zatanna?  Now I know how to finally defeat you utterly, daughter of Zatara!"

Before doing anything else, Allura mystically changed from her usual costume of a sleeveless purple bodice with gold braid buttons and trim and purple streamers coming from her shoulders to golden bracelets on her wrists and high heeled purple boots that came halfway up her thigh on the right leg and only to her knee on the left leg.  In its place was now a metallic golden bodice with a super short purple skirt, a gold helmet on her head with a tall arch on top denoting high rank, a wide golden belt around her waist and golden bracelets covering her forearms along with narrower ones around her biceps, and golden boots with flat heels.  The wicked witch now looked like one of the commanding Zamaron warriors.  She even had a magically formed, fully capable copy of the sapphire gem in her belt.  "Now I'm all set to turn you into my Queen, Zatanna.  But first..."

Allura zapped herself not to the Watchtower, but to Clark Kent's and Lois Lane's bedroom.  "Ah, it looks like my Queen has been bound and gagged in sadistic bondage somehow," the costumed woman who now knew herself to be Lois Lane heard.  "How could you get this way?  Oh, wait.  Your humble Zamaron subject can see now that you look a bit different from our queens and also have no gem in your tiara.  Since your costume is complete except for the gem, I'll fill that hole.  At sunset it will change you to look exactly like our queens, and then you will be truly ready to fulfill your role as Star Sapphire."  She pulled a sapphire from her belt and the bound woman felt her tiara jolt as the gem flew into its hole.  "You will no longer be just dressed like Star Sapphire, you will truly be Star Sapphire come sunset."

The imitation Zamaron then left the woman who thought she was Lois Lane and now wondered even more about the situation she was in.  She could feel some kind of powerful sensation filling her hog-tied body, but with the situation she was in, she had to ignore it.  'Am I really destined to become the super villainess called Star Sapphire?  If only Clark can get home before sunset...'

The next thing Allura did was to magically move from Metropolis to the West Coast city of Palmdale.  She located an unused condo and magically altered it to fit what was to come.  She then reappeared in, or rather zapped to without appearing, the room holding the woman she had come to hate more than any other.  She was invisible at first so as to observe, and she kept her presence cloaked from the Watchtower's sensors.  For the first minute or so she saw Zatanna just reading, but then heard her say, "egaP nrut," and watched as the page of her magazine flipped.

Satisfied that all was now ready, Allura cast a spell to put words into her foe's mind.  Also, thinking of her own regular purple costume, she gave the mage an urge to make additional changes following the first.  The next time she went to turn a page, a different backwards spell would come from Zatanna's lips.

As she finished the page she was on, Zee thought to say, "egaP nrut," but instead found herself saying, "yM eman si eibbeD ellimaC llenraD.  I ma ratS erihppaS, I ma on regnol annataZ."  Instantly her body and costume altered just as it had shortly before in Lois's bedroom, but this time she no longer had her magical powers.  Nor did she have her own identity any longer.  She now had both the body and the almost triple sided mind of Debbie Camille Darnell, who was also Star Sapphire.

She was startled to see a Zamaron warrior come into view standing before her who bowed, saying in English, "My Queen, your servant is here to assist in your change to a new hunting costume."

Star Sapphire stood, then said, "I don't see why I would need your help, my subject.  My sapphire should be able to make the change without the need of our special organ."

"I shall stand by just in case I'm needed, my Queen.  The organ can be teleported here just as quickly and as easily as did I."

"No special sounds from the organ are needed."  The mystical gem in Star Sapphire's tiara glowed and shrouded the pink, white and purple clad brunette in a bright and impenetrable energy field.  A moment later, the shimmering shroud disappeared, revealing Star Sapphire in a new and very purple oriented costume.  A long sleeved, very dark bluish purple leotard covered her upper body, with an arrow shaped magenta design coming down from her shoulders to form a point between her breasts.  The magenta top to the leotard completely covered her neck, connecting at her ears to a mask covering her face above her nose and forming two spikes just over the top of her head.  Her sapphire was mounted at the point where the spikes met on her forehead just above her nose.  Her elbow length gloves were of this same magenta color, as were the nearly crotch high boots with heels so high she was nearly on her toes.

"Now then, my subject.  Does my new hunting costume meet with your approval?"

"Oh yes, my Queen!" Allura replied.  "I can see that you had no need for the organ.  I do wonder, though.  Are you here in the Justice League's Watchtower to make some trouble, or would you prefer to be back at home in Palmdale?"

Star Sapphire looked puzzled for just a moment, then answered, "I can imagine doing all kinds of nasty things to my foes in the Justice League, but I can't figure out why I'm here in their Watchtower base at the moment.  There's more to be done back home, so to Palmdale I'm headed.  I have some scheming to do as Camille," she altered her appearance by changing from the costume to a yellow long sleeved blouse and a knee length tan skirt with moderately heeled brown pumps, along with her hair in a pony tail, "and then some fun as my slut side named Debbie," now appearing in a pink latex tube top, a scarlet red leather miniskirt and knee high, shiny red boots with what she liked to call her 'fuck me' seven-inch heels and her hair long and loose, "before getting into action as my true self," at which point her costume came back into view.  "Will you join me, my subject?"

Allura bowed again, then said, "No, my Queen.  I will just teleport back home.  If we need you we'll be in touch, and of course come to visit your subjects so we may pay our respects if you can."

"Farewell, then, my subject," Sapphire told her.  "We both have short trips ahead of ourselves.  My sapphire can teleport me home even faster than the milliseconds you will take to teleport to Zamaron."

Allura watched as Star Sapphire became enveloped in yet another energy field, and after it blinked out there was nobody there.  "No need for this disguise now that my foe no longer exists!" she said, and reverted to her own basically purple costume.  Then she used a spell to head back to her own home in the mystical realm, a big smile on her face.

Gotham City

A few minutes after 12 noon, Barbara Gordon, the demure alter ego of Batgirl, picked up the phone at her desk in the library reference office and dialed Duela Dent's phone extension.  "Good afternoon, Gotham City Public Library, Duela Dent speaking.  How may I help you?"

"Hi, Duela, it's Babs.  I did get the second half of the day off.  Were you able to make that mask and wig I'd asked you about?"

"You bet I did, and hi.  I was a bit rusty.  It's been a year or so since I've used those masking skills.  But experience and past fun with my masking seemed to be like riding a bike, they came right back.  I have the mask and wig waiting for you here at my desk.  I presume you still won't tell me what you needed them for?"

At her end, Babs grinned.  "Nope.  But presuming what we've been planning works out, I'll let you know after everything's finished.  I'll be there in about two minutes."

"Okay, I'll have them in a bag for you.  Bye!"

"Bye, Duela, and thanks."

Babs hung up the phone and zipped from her office to the admin area behind the front counter.  She knocked lightly on Duela's door, then opened it a bit and said, "Hi, okay to come in?"


The redhead walked up to her friend's desk as Duela was reaching down into one of her desk drawers.  "One mask and wig, made to order.  I did the magic spell on this mask in a different manner especially for you so that you will be the one controlling who you become once you see your reflection, instead of just me.  But remember that with my masks, the normal magic makes whoever's in the mask turn into the person the mask represents.  I know it's hardly worth mentioning, but be careful what you say while looking at your reflection, since it could be taken as orders to alter your identity.  And even though you're in control of who you become, you'll still need to come to me to undo the magic and allow the wig and mask to come back off."

Barbara nodded as she reached for the paper grocery bag.  "Thanks for the advice, and thanks again for making this for me.  I have good memories of that time two years ago when we did the bit with your masks.  It was fun with me being Harley Quinn while you became Batgirl.  It was a good thing you changed that mask just for that occasion so I'd be in Harley's body but not think I was her.  Oh, and I don't want to get into all of what I'm doing with this mask, but I can tell you it will make me the twin of one of the waitresses at Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.  Helena's place is just a short walk from it, so I'm going over to her home to change.  Anyway, time's a wasting, so let me get going."

"You're welcome, and thanks for at least that tip of the iceberg, pun intended, as to what you're doing.  Have fun with your new mask.  I do hope to see some pictures, maybe."

"Good one!  Pictures?  Possibly.  Oh, one question.  When the mask becomes my face and head after I see my reflection, will my body stay the same, or alter to match the photos I gave you?"

"I figured you would want her body," Duela told her, "so I added that to the special magic on this mask.  In fact, that's the way I'm going to do the masks from now on.  No more having to start with body modifying corsets or whatever.  It will be an entirely new you, both head and body, after you see your reflection.  Just like when you became a twin of Harley and I turned into a copy of you."

"That's great!  I'm all set then.  Until next time."

"See ya later, and have fun!"

With the bag in hand, Barbara left the office and made her way to the elevator.  After entering her specially encrypted code, down she went to the special room just below the library basement.  With practiced ease she got out of her white blouse, tan plaid skirt and low, one-inch heeled work shoes.  She left her panties and pantyhose on, but finally removed her bra.

Now that she was nearly nude, it was time to make her change.  Babs grabbed her black latex unitard with the yellow bat across the chest and slipped into it.  As usual, it took a moment to center the bat properly over her breasts, which became well defined latex globes after the zipper was pulled up.  The black and yellow molded her unfettered breasts into latex orbs not quite as thrilling as say Catwoman's, but still impressive.  She clipped the yellow cape to her shoulders, pulled on her elbow length yellow latex gloves edged with bat scalloping, hooked her yellow utility belt around the tops of her hips, then zipped on her knee high yellow latex boots that had bat shaping at the top and three-inch heels at the bottom.  Finally, she pulled the black cowl and mask down over her long red hair and centered it over her eyes and nose.  She tucked its neck into the top of the unitard.

The librarian was no longer the demure information geek known as Barbara Gordon.  Batgirl stuck the bag holding the mask and wig into the carrying case above her bike's rear wheel next to the small box holding the clothes she'd just obtained the night before.  Then the heroine hopped onto her Bat Bike and after a quick start zoomed out the portal that opened on her command.

The Bat Bike sped up the ramp and out onto the exit on the opposite side of the building from the library's parking garage.

It took less time than estimated to get over to Helena's place, since the noon time traffic was light.  Batgirl slowly made her way to the back side of her friend's building, then shut down the engine and set the parking stand.  The Dark Knight Damsel took the bag Duela had given her from the bike's container and placed the small box into it, making sure she wasn't screwing up either the mask or wig, then tucked its top between her utility belt and her left hip.  It wouldn't look good to have the Bat bike sitting next to the building, so she reached into the utility shed and selected the khaki canvas bike cover used for regular visits.  Since it also wouldn't look good for Batgirl to be going into the front door of teacher Helena Bertinelli's place, she used the same method Huntress did to get in and out.

None of the other buildings facing the alley had windows for obvious reasons, but for her own purposes Helena had one installed in her bedroom.  Batgirl reached to her utility belt for a bat line, and fired it toward the rail to the left side of the window.  A quick two story climb got Babs to the rail, from which she hung with her left arm as her right went to the release below the top edge of the window.

'I sure am glad Helena let me use her place to change since she lives within easy walking distance of the lounge,' Batgirl thought as she wound up the bat line and then closed the window behind herself after getting in.  She removed Duela's bag and set it on Helena's dressing table, then did a quick reversal of the costume donning.  She placed her slightly larger sized yellow boots next to her friend's mostly blue but some black costume boots on the floor in the back left section of Helena's closet, then grabbed an empty hanger to take care of her costume.  She hung her utility belt, cape and gloves over the inner bar of the hanger, and put her cowl on the shelf over where her costume was hung adjacent to the Huntress costumes.

Now Babs finally removed her pantyhose and laid them near her boots in the closet.  Wearing only her black panties now, she reached for the small box in the bag.  She pulled out the outfit she'd bought to closely match what the waitress normally wore when going to work, light blue nylon shorts and a dark grey tube top, followed by the dark blue wind breaker jacket.  Lastly came the white running shoes, which for the moment were placed on the closet floor next to Helena's shoes.  'I hope I got the size right for these,' she noted, then out loud said, "I'll be damned, it looks like these sneakers are the same size as Helena's shoes."  A quick look at the bottom of one of Helena's dress shoes confirmed it.  The shoes she'd bought for her role as the waitress were identical in size to Helena's.  She grinned.  "Well, at least if they don't fit my new body, Helena can wear them."  Babs put on the tube top, then the shorts.  Then she went back to the dressing table.

From the bag Duela had given her, Babs pulled out the black wig which would fall down to her shoulder blades.  She knew from past experience with Duela's masks not to bother brushing it out before putting it on, and set it on the table top.  Then she reached in for the new mask.  Even hanging loose in her hand the face looked gorgeous, and she knew that in a few moments it would no longer be a latex face but her own flesh and blood face.  She grabbed a hair net from Helena's supply drawer, then pulled it over her head to secure her long red hair.  Babs opened up the back of the mask to slide it over her head, then felt as her nose, eyes and lips matched with those of the mask.  She wiggled the mask briefly to get her eyes exactly matched, then pulled the zipper down until it stopped at her neck.  The face she saw through the mask's eyes already looked good, but now it was time to finish.  She lifted the black wig into position on top of her bald latex head, then looked into the mirror.

As she watched, a transformation almost too quick to see took place.  The latex mask over the heroine's face turned into real flesh and the wig into real hair, the stunningly beautiful face and rich black hair of Clarissa Heath.  Staring at her reflection that was already done with great makeup, she said in a voice that surprised her with its practically Valley Girl bimbo sound, "I am still Barbara Gordon, but until Duela removes my mask, I know myself as Clarissa Heath.  That will be the only name I know if anyone happens to ask, even though I myself will still know my real name."

The new Clarissa then looked down from her face in the reflection and noted how much larger her breasts had become in the tube top.  "Good thing this top stretches!  I've gone from my usual C to DD or maybe even bigger!" she giggled.  "I might be even bigger than Selina now!  Bigger also weighs more," she observed.  Then she looked away from the mirror to see the way her waist had narrowed considerably and her legs become somehow even more shapely and lengthened a bit.  "What the hell is she doing as a waitress with a body like this?  She should be an exotic dancer or a porno actress!  I hadn't realized from seeing Clarissa in her clothes and waitress uniform just how good a figure she has!  Now to see if I got the size right on my shoes."

The transformed Babs grabbed the shoes out of the closet and sat again in the chair to lace them on.  They felt perfect as the laces were tightened, then after she stood and walked a few steps, concluded that they were perfect.  'Hmm, this means I could now wear any of Helena's shoes or costume boots.  I bet I'm too big in the chest for her costumes, though!'  She got the last item from the box, and put the windbreaker on to cut the outside chill at least a bit.  She took a couple of Bat knockout pellets from her utility belt and put them into one of the jacket's pockets, along with some bat line and a cutter, and lastly an orange ball gag.

She went to the desk and found a pen, then on the note pad next to the phone Babs as Clarissa wrote the words "Iceberg Lounge" to let Helena know she was set to go as the two had agreed earlier.  Then she stood tall in her new body and said, "Now to go make a change at the Iceberg Lounge!"

In her excitement to get going to the lounge, Babs as Clarissa simply closed the front door behind her, forgetting to reset the security code.  It was just a short walk to the lounge, and it was close to quarter to one when she opened the door and walked in.  The young man at the desk saw her and said, "Hi, Ris.  I thought I saw you come in about fifteen minutes ago?"

She looked at his badge, then in reply said, "I had to go back to my car to get something, Kurt."

"Okay, but I guess you'll have to hurry to get dressed now."

"I know.  I guess you've never seen me do one of my lightning quick outfit changes."  He grinned as she walked past, headed for the employee entrance in the back right corner.

When Babs opened the door, she saw a blonde securing the door of her locker in what looked a lot like Black Canary's costume but with a much sexier cut and boots with heels the likes of which Canary would find it difficult to do her usual acrobatics in fighting crime.  She noted that the black fishnets on her legs were the closest thing to the real Canary's dark blue fishnets and costume.  The either real blonde hair or wig atop her head was wavy like the wig Dinah wore, but instead of stopping at her shoulder blades, it went all the way down to her butt.  While Dinah's dark blue top was form fitting, the one on this waitress was presumably highly polished black latex that made her upper body look like it was spray painted.  And while Dinah usually wore blue shorts, this costume had no shorts at all and the top was cut high to show off the tops of her legs almost all the way to her waist.  She was wearing a short jacket something like Dinah's, but it served to show off her legs.  And those boots she was wearing at the bottom of those legs!  They did have folded over tops like the real blue ones, but presumably instead of being pull on and loose on her calves, these black ones must have been zipped on and molded tightly from her knees down.  The heels on the boots were sculpted beautifully and the disguised heroine figured they had to be at least six inches, if not even higher.

She ducked back to let the door close, and waited for the faux Canary to leave.  As soon as she was gone, Babs went carefully through the door hoping to see Clarissa before Clarissa saw her.

Luckily, there was nobody else to be seen after that other girl had left, and Babs saw Clarissa with her face buried in her own locker.  Instead of her usual waitress uniform as expected, she was dressed in what looked like Zatanna's costume, with the top hat on the bench behind her.  Swiftly and silently, Babs made her way to a spot just far enough away while reaching into her pocket for the two knockout gas pellets and tossed them at Clarissa's feet.  The costumed twin of Babs collapsed in a heap at the base of her locker.

She picked up the real Clarissa and carried her through the door in the right rear corner, leading to the maintenance hallway.  By now, it would be pointless to worry about someone coming on to the scene since a woman holding her knocked out twin would not be very easily explained.  But the altered Babs still looked around first before kicking open the door leading into the utility room with the building's air conditioning and water pumps.  It was loud, but certainly bearable.

There was a fold up seat leaning next to the control panel on the wall, so Babs shifted Ris to just her left arm as her right unfolded the chair.  Ris was seated in it, then Babs looked around for another seat or whatever because the floor was so dusty and dirty.  She found a stool and brought it next to the chair so she could put her outfit on it.  She got out of her clothes and shoes, this time including her black panties, possibly a second or two slower than usual since she was in a body not as familiar as her own.

Next came a quick undressing of her twin.  She didn't want any of the Zatanna costume copy to get soiled by the dust and grit on the floor, so Babs carefully laid each piece on top of the small pile she'd just removed from her own body on the stool.  When she got to the white lace demi bra, it came off one set of huge fleshy orbs and immediately placed over the matching ones on her own chest.  She quickly put on the white tuxedo type blouse, then went to work on the last two items on her twin's body, the black fishnet pantyhose and the black lace G-string under them.

The changed Babs could feel the heat of Ris's crotch as the G-string was pulled onto her own body, then she wished there was a second chair to sit on while putting on the fishnet hose.  But the new Ris just improvised and put them on while standing up.  Then she put on the combination black crotch piece and golden cummerbund, feeling the way the shiny waist piece acted like a stretch corset to pull in her already tiny waist even more.  This was followed by the red bow tie and the black bolero jacket, with a name tag saying Ris pinned to its lapel.  Lastly, the conscious Ris slipped her feet into the pointy toed black dress pumps and secured the twin straps around her fishnet covered ankles.  'Wow, good thing I've been practicing at home for the past couple of weeks in the fetish shoes I found with six-inch heels!' Ris thought as she stood with apparent ease in what were actually six-and-a-half-inch heels, which she presumed were just like the heels on the faux Black Canary.  Her costume was now complete, save for the top hat still back in the dressing room.

If Kurt back at the desk had been able to watch, he'd have marveled at the speed with which Ris got into the costume.  She looked at her now nude twin in the chair and reached for the black panties she'd just removed from her own body moments before.  'Too bad you can't savor the feeling of having panties warmed by somebody else being put over your crotch,' she thought while putting them onto the real Ris.  A minute later she was also in the slightly dirty blue shorts and grey tube top, followed by the jacket and running shoes.  Moments later, her calves were tied to the legs of the chair, while her arms were bound behind the back of the chair.  Finally, Ris put the ball gag into her twin's mouth and pulled the strap tight around her head, latching it into place.

Ris found a piece of paper and a pen left near the bottom of the panel, so she wrote a small note saying,

  Clarissa, thank you for letting me be you this afternoon.  Now I can
  finally get the dirt on that bitch Poison Ivy.


She placed the note in the lap of her unconscious twin, then headed back to the dressing room.  Ris knew it would be at least four hours before the Bat pellets wore off, and an unknown amount of time until somebody stumbled across her tied up body.  With luck she'd be gone long before.  Taped inside the locker door was her weekly work schedule, and the doubly disguised Babs noted that she was supposed to start at 1, take a lunch or dinner break from 4 to 5, and get off at 10.  Good thing she had picked Friday to replace Ris, because her Saturday schedule had her starting at 4 and going til 1 in the morning.  4 would be a nearly perfect time to get out after presumably getting what she wanted and before the real Ris was discovered.  Time to get out on the floor of the Iceberg Lounge as the waitress/attendant/whatever Penguin called his girls, dressed like Zatanna with a slightly more exotic costume than even the heroine usually wore.  She grabbed the top hat and put it in place, checked how she looked in the mirror provided for the girls, then stepped out onto the floor.  Ris looked up at the clock, and noted she was still two minutes early.

Her musings were interrupted by, "How do you like your Zatanna outfit, Ris?  I just love this Wonder Woman outfit."

She turned toward the voice to see a woman a bit short for the Amazon costume she wore, but still looking awesome with elbow length red gloves under the golden instead of silver bracelets and thigh high boots she had no way of knowing matched almost exactly the ones the new Wonder Woman had adopted in Gateway City.  Ris noted the name tag mounted strategically below and between the gold encapsulated amazon sized orbs on her chest, and in reply said, "Hi, Emerald.  I hope you like your exotic outfit as much as I like mine.  These and all those other ones I've seen are really great costumes...too bad the real girls in the Justice League can't look this good."

"Those bitches would never change to anything this good looking!  And just wait until you get out on the floor and see some of the other girls.  The real GUYS of the Justice League could never look as good.  Go ahead and take the number three section for this afternoon.  Maybe you can move over to the two after dinner."

"The guys?!  Oooo, I can't wait.  Number three, gotcha."

She walked over to the bar to get a blank order pad and a pen, then looked to see if a floor chart happened to be placed anywhere in sight.  Bingo.  Section three was the back left corner, and when she looked in that direction, Ris saw Penguin himself seated at a table along with four women she couldn't yet identity.  She also spotted the bartender, a really cute, short blonde dressed like Green Arrow.  Of course, Ollie would most likely never be seen in the big difference between hers and his costumes, the nearly shoulder length green gloves replacing his wrist length archery gloves.  Nor the knee high green boots that stretched to shape her calves and had big folded over tops like the faux Canary's, along with heels much like those on the shoes she herself was wearing.  There was no sign of any type of waist cincher or corset as a part of her outfit, but from what Ris could see, she certainly didn't need one.  Her figure looked phenomenal with the field green molded to breasts at least as large as her own new ones, and a tiny waist over perfectly shaped hips and a to die for ass.  "Hi, Kim," she said in greeting after noting the name tag on her green vest.

"Hiya, Ris.  Be careful this afternoon, I heard Pengy say that Harley and Ivy are coming by today, and they always sit in that section you're working this afternoon."

Ris grinned, "I just love working with Harley, Kim.  She's a lot smarter than most people figure, which is why I think Pam likes to hang with her...that and her great body, of course!"

"I know, that's why you have to be careful with that pair.  Get to work now, bitch."

Ris saw the way Kim was grinning, and knew that had to be a common way the bartender greeted her.  "On the way."

Going toward the section three tables, Ris passed by the sound section.  Busy at her control board was another fantastic looking girl with really long and big blonde hair like Dolly Parton and what looked like Aquaman's metallic gold scale like top from her waist up and elbow length green gloves.  Below her waist, instead of Arthur's green leggings and the fetish boots Ris expected to see, the blonde had a mermaid tail presumably zipped on over her legs.  As she got closer and spotted her name tag, Ris said, "Love the Aquamermaid outfit, Billie!" in greeting.

Billie looked up and told Ris, "It's more than a bit warm!  I'm going to ask Pengy if we can arrange some kind of cooling system for this tail.  I do have the regular shiny green tights and some wicked green boots to go with them if the tail gets too annoying and I have to unzip it.  You look just super in your Zatanna outfit!"

"Thanks, gotta get going now.  Catch you later."

"If you get any requests, let me know."

Ris nodded, then walked over to the still nearly empty tables in section three.  It was easy to handle the drink and song requests for such a small number of customers.


Star Sapphire had found her home to be both familiar and oddly strange at the same time after teleporting into it.  She spent the first ten minutes walking around and checking out all her closets, with each room and closet she visited clicking in her mind as being just what was supposed to be there as Camille's belongings, along of course with all the sexy and slutty clothes belonging to Debbie.  She found her purse sitting on the end table next to the couch in the living room, and in the wallet found her California driver's license under the name of Deborah Camille Darnell, her work ID for the cover job she held at Lockheed, and of course all the cash she still had from her last bank robbery.  Banks were so easy, though.  She also knew that as Debbie she was a carefree flirt, but as Camille she was a deviously conniving bitch.

Sapphire decided to stay in costume as opposed to changing into any of her regular clothes.  No sense in changing into Camille if she was going to make a visit to Lockheed to create mayhem instead of working.  She put her purse on the dresser in her bedroom, then went to her kitchen to work out her plans.  To make sure she wasn't surprised by interruptions, a different type of force field was erected around her condo by her gem, one that would act as a tripwire to alert her about anybody not expected approaching.  Safely ensconced, the super villainess sat down to work out the details of her caper.  For the next few hours, security people at the Lockheed plant may have noticed pulses of power entering and scouring the buildings, but none were able to perceive them with their normal human senses.


Just prior to 2 pm, Black Canary walked up to the Watchtower's teleport platform with Wonder Woman at her side wrapped in her own golden lasso.  Hawkgirl was waiting there for her, since Green Arrow had taken her place at the duty desk two hours before.  Dinah looked to the other group getting set to go to Gateway City, but still didn't see their own third companion.  "Shayera, where's Zee?"

"She told me she was going to be in her room reading.  I guess she did let time get past her, even though I'd reminded her about being here a couple of hours ago.  Give me the lasso, I'll guard Diana.  Go over to Zee's room and get her out of her book...or wake her up if she fell asleep."

"Here you go," Canary said while handing the lasso end to her winged teammate.  "Be back in a moment, presuming Zee does her thing for us."

Dinah walked quickly to the wardroom corridor and thence to the magician's room.  She tapped the door with her knuckles, but heard nothing and saw no movement of the door handle.  She knocked a lot harder while saying, "Zee, are you there?  It's time to go."

Again, Dinah got no response.  It was rarely needed and even more rarely used, but she punched the emergency opening code into the lock pad next to Zatanna's door.  It clicked and then swung inward, allowing Canary to enter.  "Zee, come on, it's-" she started to say while sticking her first fishnet clad leg into the room, but by the time both legs were in, it was obvious why Zee hadn't answered, and she stopped in mid sentence.  There was no sign of the mystical maiden, just her top hat sitting on the end table next to the chair.  A closed magazine was on the chair's cushion.  "I wonder where she is?" Dinah wondered aloud.  She turned and left the room, locking it again before leaving, then raced back to Hawkgirl.

Shayera was more than surprised to see Dinah running toward her from the hallway, alone.  "Where's Zee?"

"I wish I knew.  She's not in her room.  Give me a sec, and then we'll have to take Diana to Themyscira on our own."

Canary walked over to the other group and got Dr. Fate's attention.  "Inza, see if you can reach Zatara in the mystical realm.  His daughter seems to have disappeared; maybe he can find her."

"Okay," Inza replied.  "I'll see what I can do before we get going to Gateway City.  Hopefully he'll respond before I have to both find him and Psycho."

"Good luck.  Shayera and I are heading for Themyscira now."

"Keep good control of Diana, and I hope her sisters will be able to help her.  Bye!"

Canary waved, then headed back over to Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman.  "She's going to try and reach Zatara so he can make an attempt at locating Zee.  We'd better get going to keep the time we told Hippolyte we'd see her.  Like Inza said, we need to keep good control of Diana.  I'll take the lasso again."

Shayera handed the golden lasso end back to her teammate, then went to the teleport pad.  Dinah looked at the Amazon and said, "Diana, follow me onto the teleport pad, then remain calm and motionless after stepping onto the pad."  She went to the pad herself and then said, "Shayera, as soon as Diana is on the pad, hit the actuator."  Wonder Woman stepped over to the pad and into exactly the same place Black Canary was standing as she had interpreted her instructions, and then froze in place.  Hawkgirl reached over and pressed the go button.  She hadn't noticed the way Wonder Woman had moved right up against Dinah who was still clutching the golden lasso, and that the Amazon and the Canary were in close physical contact with their right arms intertwined and Canary's head bent back by the Amazon's neck as the teleport came to life.


When the trio reappeared a moment later on Wonder Woman's teleport pad outside her villa next to the palace, Dinah felt odd, like she was again in the same tall and powerful body she'd occupied the night before.  It was confirmed when she turned her head and saw herself, Black Canary, who while still clutching the golden lasso immediately said, "Wonder Woman, you are to remain silent as we bring you to Hippolyte and the other Amazons."

'Oh God, it figures that she would call me Wonder Woman and not Diana,' the woman who was now in the Amazon's body thought as she looked to see the wicked grin on Black Canary's face.  'If she'd said Diana, I'd still be able to talk and tell Shayera to take the lasso and tell her that my name isn't Diana, it's Dinah.  The teleport somehow switched our minds and bodies around!  But it's weird, although I know I'm Dinah, I seem to have Diana's memories of her new identity after the Parody Pulsator, in addition to my own.'  She concentrated a bit more, and found very remote memories of the Wonder Woman identity that were expanded by what J'onn had told her.  'I wonder if she now has access to all of my memories in my body?'

"Come on, Hawkgirl," Black Canary said.  "Let's get Wonder Woman to her sisters.  From what I've heard the Amazon say over the years, a stay on Transformation Island is just what she needs to solidify her identity."

'NO!!  Please God, no!' the Amazon thought.  'She's making it so I'll be trapped in this body and identity, while she will be free to go!'

Hawkgirl turned toward the palace and walked beside her companion, who then said to Wonder Woman, "Stay alongside us, and make no efforts to run away or escape.  You know that your true name is Diana, even though you also have the evil mind your body was given by Psycho's device.  You of course know that you are really Cheetah, even though you've changed to being dressed like the evil Wonder Woman now.  You will not be able to tell the Amazons anything else.  Do not resist any efforts they make to turn you back into their loving Princess Diana."

"Was all that necessary?" Shayera asked as they continued walking toward the palace.

"I was just making sure Wonder Woman doesn't give us any trouble, just like Inza suggested.  It will help her Amazon sisters if she can't resist and try to spout any gibberish to get out of her treatment."

Hawkgirl shook her head, a bit puzzled by what she'd heard, but figured Canary knew what she was talking about.  "Okay, let's get going."

Black Canary strutted alongside the body that used to be hers, thinking, 'Thank Hera!  Now I'll be free to go and find new ways to make havoc once we get back to the Watchtower.  This may not be the immortal and ultrapowerful body I'm used to, but at least I've got a very agile body and this canary cry.  I'm free, and it's actually Dinah who's in my body again thinking she is Cheetah, and is now going to get her mind worked on by my Amazon sisters.  I can really make this work, since I have all of her memories in addition to my own.  This is going to work out just fine!'

Queen Hippolyte and a number of other Amazons met the trio as they neared the palace.  "We got your message last night," the Queen said, "and I hope my daughter can be brought back to being Wonder Woman."

"You heard your mother," Black Canary said to her prisoner.  "You know only that you are the incredibly evil Cheetah, but they're going to try to turn you back."  She tiptoed to put her lips next to Wonder Woman's ear, then whispered, "You have no knowledge of being anyone other than the evil Wonder Woman who is really Cheetah.  Use your Amazon mind and willpower to overcome the mind numbing power of the Venus Girdles.  Nothing they order you to do using the name of Diana or Princess can force you to do anything, since you know your true name is Cheetah.  Just do whatever is necessary.  You must do everything you can to make them think you've been cured and are Wonder Woman again, so that you can get back to America and resume your true identity as the evil Wonder Woman and Cheetah."

With a puzzled look on her face, Hippolyte looked directly at Black Canary and asked, "What was that all about, whispering to Diana?"

Canary handed the lasso end to the Queen as she replied, "I was just giving your daughter my best wishes for her quick return to taking on the role of Wonder Woman.  Oh, and the reason you haven't heard her speak is that she has been ordered to say nothing."

"Thank you," the Queen said as she then passed on the lasso end to their healer.  "Epione, take Diana to Transformation Island and do whatever you can to bring back her identity as Wonder Woman."

The beautiful Amazon healer with long and curly honey blonde hair kept off her face by a thin golden head band and wearing a loosely fitted golden gown hanging almost to her knees looked lovingly into the eyes of the Queen's daughter and said, "Hold still for a moment, Princess, as I remove your power belt and replace it with this Venus Girdle."  For a moment, the woman who now knew of herself only by the name of Cheetah felt compelled to stay still, then briefly felt doubly controlled as the Venus Girdle was latched around her waist.  Then the lasso was taken from around her arms and handed back to the Queen.  As instructed, she concentrated deeply and accessed her incredible willpower.  All feelings of servitude from the special golden girdle subsided, making her want to grin, but she knew better and kept a subdued look on her face.  "You may now speak again.  Until we get to Transformation Island and you get put into treatment, Princess, you must wear your Venus Girdle and obey everything you're told."

"I hear and obey," the Amazon said, trying to make it sound good.

"My Queen," Epione said, "I beg your leave, so that I may take your daughter with me to Transformation Island."

"Gaea be with you," Hippolyte replied.  "Do your best to bring me back my daughter."  Then the Queen turned back to face Hawkgirl and Black Canary.  "I thank you and your brothers and sisters of the Justice League for bringing Diana back to us.  You are now free to return."

Black Canary did a slight bow as she said, "You're welcome.  We do hope to see Wonder Woman come back to us soon."  She looked to Hawkgirl then and said, "Okay, let's get back to the teleport pad and back up to the Watchtower.  We'll have to see how the others have done or are doing with Psycho."

The two went back up the trail toward Diana's villa while the Queen and the other Amazons made their own way back to the palace.  Unseen by all, the ages old witch called Circe, who most recently had joined with Lex Luthor in the Legion of Doom, watched in interest as her perennial foe Wonder Woman now seemed to be more on the side of the devils than the angels.  For the time being, she decided to just watch and see what might happen.  Also, she was no longer able to use her magic directly against any Amazon, including Wonder Woman, so the purple haired witch needed unwitting assistants to do her will.

Epione and her charge were already halfway to Transformation Island in their small boat.  Dinah Lance was now even deeper into her role as Cheetah, once again with no way of knowing what her real name was.  She wondered if when she got back to America she would be able to make contact with the other erstwhile Cheetah and join with her.  Since Epione's attention was concentrated on the tiller and not her, she quickly reached behind her back and undid the latches on her Venus Girdle, then pulled it off.  She did her best to keep the heels of her boots from clicking on the deck and snuck up behind Epione.  The healer was shocked a moment later to feel her golden gown being pulled up and then a Venus Girdle being clamped around her waist and latched into place, with the gown dropped back down to cover it.

"Epione, you will take me to your spa on Transformation Island.  When we get there, no machines or other devices will be put to use on me.  You will stay with me, avoiding contact with any other girls on the island, and bide your time until sundown tomorrow, when you will contact Hippolyte and give her the good news that I am cured and know myself to be her loving Princess Diana and Wonder Woman."

"I hear and obey."

"Proceed in bringing us to your island."

"I hear and obey, Princess."

"Address me correctly, Epione.  Do not call me Princess.  Call me by my true name, Cheetah."

"I hear and obey, Cheetah."

Circe was unaware that the Wonder Woman she was watching who knew herself to be Cheetah was someone other than Amazon Princess Diana.  She was very pleased to see the way her foe was acting very much like a friend now, and decided to start helping things along.  The witch put a few ideas into the evil Amazon's head and watched to see what would come next.

Now grinning wickedly, the Amazon went to the storage locker amidships in the small craft and pulled out her power belt and another Venus Girdle.  First she put the power belt on to recover her enhanced strength, then she put the Venus Girdle over it to make it look good in case any other Amazons working under Epione were on hand to greet them on arrival.

Then an idea came to the Amazon.  On the off chance that any of the healer's helpers did try to change her identity or if anyone back home in America tried to alter her way of thinking, she could make use of the Venus Girdle to solidify her true identity and protect it from tampering.  She relaxed her willpower so as to allow the girdle to affect her, then went back to the healer and said, "Epione, tell me who I am."

"You are Cheetah."

"Yes, that is who I am.  I am Cheetah, and I have no other names that I could ever know other than that one, even if magic or machine is used on me.  Not even a Venus Girdle.  I can never be anyone other than the wicked woman called Cheetah, isn't that right?"

"That is correct.  There is no name that you can ever know other than Cheetah, even if magic or machine is used on you.  You can never be anybody else.  You are Cheetah."  Then on her own, the healer accessed her memories and added, "Nothing can ever change you from being the most immoral, malevolent and indecent female to have ever lived, with not even an inkling of virtue in your body.  No matter what happens, you will forever more be the ultra evil villainess called Cheetah."

Her psyche feeling reinforced by the Venus Girdle and now knowing herself to be even more sinful than before thanks to the unwitting help of the healer, the Amazon said, "Thank you.  You are most correct about just exactly who I am.  In the future, when you hear my voice and I say the word 'demoness', you will lose all your own virtue and become as evil as me.  You will dye your hair black and become Dark Angel.  You will know yourself only as her until I say 'archangel'."

"I hear and obey.  When you say demoness to me, I shall become Dark Angel until you say archangel."

"Is there still the shop to fashion garments on Transformation Island?"

"Of course," the enslaved healer said, "that's how we make gowns for Amazons needing treatment, and prison shifts for the criminals."

"When we get to Transformation Island, you will order any other Amazons to leave the two of us alone as we do our work in making a new costume for me and also one for you."

"I hear and obey."

"Call out when we are ready to dock."

"I hear and obey."

Circe grinned, thinking, 'Lex and the rest of us in his Legion of Doom will still have Cheetah working with us.  Along with an ex-Amazon named Dark Angel to be her...and my...agent of misdeeds.'

Watchtower, a bit earlier

The larger group watched as their two female teammates escorting the third, who it was hoped could be returned to teammate status, initiated the teleport to Themyscira.  Batman was the one to bring up the oddity, saying to Superman, "Kal, has anybody ever been in close physical contact like that during a teleport?"

The Man of Steel shook his head, saying, "Not that I know of.  But then, even though I admit it's my system, I rarely use the teleport - I fly."  He tapped Aquaman's shoulder.  "How about it, Arthur?  Can you think of any time the teleport was done with anyone practically hugging another person?"

The deposed King of Atlantis shrugged.  "Can't say that I've ever seen or heard of anybody doing that.  Maybe Ollie and Dinah would be the ones to ask.  Can't see that it would make any difference, though."

"I'll have to remember to check with Shayera and Dinah after they get back," Kal answered.  'And I'm betting Ray might know something about it, too.  Atom has been on some of our shoulders while using the teleport.  Odd that neither he nor my cousin answered our calls earlier.  Supergirl's powers added to mine would be very helpful.'  Then the Man of Steel put his mind back on track.

Raising his voice, Superman said, "They're on the way.  Let's get on down to Gateway City.  I was just thinking we can't use the teleport pad outside Diana's place, since we're keeping J'onn out of the mission.  Inza, could you teleport us your own way to a spot not far from Psycho's location?"

Dr. Fate seemed to shake upon hearing her name.  "I was just conferring with Zatara.  Bruce, do me a favor and tell Ollie that Zatara had already been looking casually for Zee since he hadn't noticed her psyche in the mystic reaches.  Now he's going into a more intensive search since he knows she's missing from here.  He said he'd let me know if he finds her.  Now, what was it you asked, Kal?"

As Batman flipped the button on the comm panel near his left shoulder to tell Ollie about Zatara, Superman repeated, "Can you teleport us using your magic to a spot somewhere close to Psycho?"

With her golden helmet nodding, Inza replied, "Sure, no problem.  And even faster, too.  I know just the location to appear in from that search I did last night.  There's a condo six doors down from his that's unoccupied.  Everybody ready?"  With all heads nodding, including the Dark Knight, she cast the spell and the pad was now empty.

Milliseconds later, Flash was looking at Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Dr. Fate and Superman all standing in a barren living room.  "Not only unoccupied, but also unfurnished, Inza!" he joked.

"Good thing, too," Kyle replied.  "Could you imagine us materializing on top of or amongst furniture?"

Inza was shaking her head all along.  "C'mon, guys.  Don't you think I knew in advance exactly where we'd be materializing?"  Then she held up her golden gloved left hand.  "Hold on a sec'."

Green Lantern was about to say something in reply when Batman jabbed him with an elbow and put a finger to his lips.

"That was Zatara, guys," Inza explained a moment later.  "He said we'd most likely see Zee again later in the afternoon...Watchtower and Eastern time, that is."

"Right, it's only a bit after 11 in the morning here.  It'll be good if Zee does show up," Kal replied.  "Can you do a check on Psycho now, Inza?"

The golden helmet nodded, and Fate again became still.  Seconds later she said, "He's alone in his living room, working on his ectoplasmic extractor.  He's setting it up to alter the looks of a person other than himself so it could become a weapon.  It used to take a few seconds to work and affected only himself, but he's thinking it will be almost instantaneous now, besides being able to affect others.  Now would be a perfect time to make our attempt to grab him, while his concentration is on his toy."

"Some toy," Flash said.

The Man of Steel harrumphed, then said, "Inza, you stay here and try to put a damper on Psycho's own mind probes so he doesn't catch us.  Wally, you can race in as fast as I can, so we'll be going in together.  While I grab Psycho from behind, you see if the extractor can be manhandled, and if not, just find a way to shut it off.  Bruce, we're going to get access via you picking his door.  Once I've got Psycho, give me backup with your cuffs.  Arthur, you're going to be our on hand mind reader.  Give us some warning if it seems like Psycho gets past whatever Inza does."

Kyle raised his right index finger and said, "I'm feeling a bit left out, Supes."

"Different mission for you," Kal replied.  "Zip on over to Diana's place and check on J'onn.  Since she didn't call up to the Watchtower at all before we left, something might have her busy."

"I wish you would have said that before we left the Watchtower.  I could have just gone there directly."

"I know, I know," the Man of Steel sighed.  "I just wanted to make sure once we got here that Psycho would be at home and seemingly easy to get at."

Kyle shook his head, but then said, "Okay, I'm gone.  I sure hope I don't find a mess when I get back."  Before anyone could reply, the ring on the Emerald Gladiator's hand flared and a green streak went out the window.  The closed window.  There wasn't much Lantern couldn't do with his ring.

"All right, let's go," Kal said.  "Inza, is Psycho's mind muffled?"

"For the most part.  He's a lot more powerful than I had imagined."

Superman nodded, then said, "I just had another idea.  Wally, I'll go in first by myself after Bruce opens the door.  I'm pretty sure I can resist his mind probes, and I can grab him so the rest of you can come in."

"Hey wait, hold on a sec!" Fate said in alarm.  "I think Psycho might have felt my probes.  He just used his ectoplasmic extractor to change into an identity he's thinking of as Dr. Yvonne Simons.  She's the female psychiatrist form he was in to lure Diana in and trap her."

"That's just going to make it a bit weirder.  At least I'll know not to look for his usual dwarf form," the Man of Steel replied.  "All right, we've been updated.  Let's move."

Before they got to the door, Batman approached Inza and softly said, "Just in case things get dicey, let's form a mind link."

<Got me?>

<Loud and clear.  Let's hope this is the last time we have to do this.>

Four minutes or so later, the four heroes were at Psycho's door, with the Dark Knight on one knee finishing the use of one of his universal lock picks.  "Okay, as soon as I give a yell, zip on in, Wally.  Arthur, do your best to counter Psycho's mind if he gets past Inza.  Bruce, follow Wally in once Psycho is secure."  With that, Superman did an ultra quick opening and closing of the door, going in so fast his teammates barely noticed.

"Almost as fast as me," Wally said.

As soon as Kal was through the door, he saw Psycho's foyer.  A quick look with his X-ray vision into the living room showed a tall and stunningly beautiful, silvery grey eyed woman with wavy, honey blonde hair going halfway down her back.  She had a super model's legs, hips and ultra narrow waist, along with what looked like an exotic dancer's massive breasts with big pointed nipples that even showed up at the front of each glimmering black orb.  The reason they were black orbs was that she was dressed in a gleaming, glossy black catsuit covering her body from neck to toe.

Presumably to toe, anyway.  There were just as shiny black boots clinging so tightly to her legs that they were barely distinguishable, coming almost up to her crotch.  The one heel the super hero could see was a really sexy looking stiletto type which looked like some of those really high ones his wife liked to wear occasionally, which would add at least five inches to her already tall height.  A wide black belt with a circular silver buckle up front was around her hips well below her tiny waist, with a narrow rectangular bag attached to its left side and pulling that side down even lower on her hip.  A sleekly tapered black domino mask was hanging below her chin on its elastic strap, still above her ears and under the hair behind her head.  Her shimmering black gloved hands seemed to have really long black fingernails or claws punching at buttons and twisting knobs on a breadbox sized device.

If the Man of Steel had kept his X-ray vision trained on that scene for a moment longer, he might have noticed a totally different person at the device.  But Psycho had felt Inza's powerful mind from the moment they'd arrived in the other condo and immediately checked to see who else was there.  When he discovered Superman in the group, he used his powerful mind to get past Dr. Fate's buffers and implant the idea to go in first by himself, and monitor what the Man of Steel was thinking continuously since then.  The extractor had been proven by now, so it was nearly a sure thing it would work on the alien body of Superman.  Altering it and, in the process, removing any super powers.  So as soon as Dr. Psycho noted the vision power being shut down, he (or she, really) used the extractor to become identical to the Kryptonian in form only, not with his super powers.

Superman was momentarily startled to see himself as he entered the living room, which was just what Psycho had counted upon.  The apparent Man of Steel touched a button on the ectoplasmic extractor, and seemingly instantly the real Man of Steel spotted two huge black mounds blocking his view of the floor and found himself to have become the black costumed blonde bombshell he'd observed just moments before.  'She' tried to use her heat vision on Psycho, but it wasn't there!  When the blonde beauty started to charge toward the disguised villain, she almost tripped in the heels on her boots that were actually six and a half inches high.

"You need to be more careful in those ultra high spike heels, Raven," she heard the Man of Steel say.  A second later his muscular body, at least not super powered she noticed, had come over to grab her by the arms from behind.  The skyscraper stiletto heels of her boots added to her already tall height put her eyes at the same level as those of her original body.  "That's who you are in your super villainess cat burglar costume, my dear," he told her.  "Here, let's put away that mask of yours."  He yanked the mask from under her chin, making her hair go flying as it was pulled off her head and placed into the twelve-inch deep, six-inch wide but only two-inch thick bag hanging at her left hip.

Then the brand new woman felt her mind being stormed, and after the hurricane blew through and her mind became more clear, psychiatrist Dr. Yvonne Simons in her super criminal femme fatale disguise as Raven knew that she was actually just in another form of her real identity as Dr. Psycho.  But in mindstorming the female form he himself had enhanced a bit from before and had just occupied, the real Psycho didn't count on the fact that a large percentage...nearly all, actually...of his own powers were left behind there.  She was too overwhelmed to be aware of her gift, though.

"Come on in, Flash!  I've got her under control," 'Superman' said loudly.

A red and gold blur then zoomed past the two, to stop at the extractor.  "Took you longer to grab Psycho than you thought, eh?  The extractor's light enough.  I'll take it with me."

"Psycho had been getting ready to go out and rob the Lassington mansion in the female body he got from the ectoplasmic extractor and called Dr. Yvonne Simons, dressed as the super villainess cat burglar called Raven.  That's why Dr. Fate noticed him using that female name."

Batman and Aquaman soon followed Wally, at a much slower pace.  Bruce saw the black costumed vision of female perfection Kal was holding and thought, 'My God, that's almost identical to what Joker had.'

Arthur spoke first as the Dark Knight seemed to be momentarily in shock upon seeing the ultra sexy vision in black that Psycho had become.  "I just did a quick scan of her mind, Kal.  That really is Dr. Psycho, or rather with how he looks now, psychiatrist Dr. Yvonne Simons in her disguise as Raven.  But I don't sense any control of mind powers."

Superman thought for just a second, then replied, "Just to be sure, Aquaman, before I even grabbed her arms I used a quick blast of super hypnotism to question her and lock away her mental powers."

"You'll never be able to hold me, you fools!" came from an ultra sexy voice none of the heroes would have expected to also say, "I am Dr. Psycho!"

By now Bruce had recovered and was placing bat cuffs around black gloved wrists behind her back, taking care to avoid the apparently metallic razor sharp three-inch talons at her fingertips.  'They look even more deadly than what Selina used to use,' he thought.  He followed these with wide bands that wrapped around her arms just above her elbows at the tops of the gloves.  Thanks to the overnight visit to his Bat Cave, there was also something else now in his utility belt.  "Kal, I'm not looking forward to hearing this bitch screaming at us.  Okay with you if I gag her?"

"By all means.  I'm already getting tired of listening to her myself, Batman," Superman replied.

The Dark Knight pulled a large, appropriately black ball gag out of his utility belt and jammed it between the lips of the blonde beauty in shiny black after forcing open her mouth.  Its straps were pulled behind her head and then secured.  This done, Batman stepped back to more fully inspect what she looked like from the front.  He flipped open the bag, but only saw a mask and decided to leave it.  While he was surprised to see no zipper down the front nor either side since none was seen on her back where the other black catsuit he'd seen had one, Bruce did spot short zippers just to the side of each of her nipples, and a longer one that went from just below her belt buckle around to the middle of her ass.  She was apparently wearing no bra with the way her tits and nipples looked, and it was a safe bet she wore no panties, either.  The zipper made the way her pussy formed a camel toe even more obvious, like she was advertising her sex.  'At least it's plain to see how she goes to the bathroom and gets to play with her tits,' the hero observed, 'but I wonder how she gets this thing on an-'

"Flash, go ahead and take the extractor back to Dr. Fate while Batman and Aquaman take our female Psycho," the Man of Steel said to interrupt Bruce's thoughts.  "Can you believe the way Psycho turned himself into this incredibly beautiful and superbly built and shaped, erotic and exotic vixen in black latex?  I'm going to stick around and take a quick look around his place before heading back."

Something that had ticked in the Dark Knight Detective's mind a minute or so earlier now became much clearer.  Kal was calling all his teammates by their code names, even though there was no worry about their given names being in close contact with a powerful telepath.  "No, we can do that later, Kal.  Let's all go back together."

Now more or less trapped, the disguised Psycho said, "All right.  I guess nothing is going to change here anytime soon, Batman."

There it was again.  <Inza, this is Bruce.>


<I sure hope Psycho can't hear this.  I think we might have Kal all tied up and gagged as that female you mentioned earlier.  I think the Superman who's with us is really Psycho.>

<I'm not registering any tap from Psycho right now.  I'll try to delve into the mind of Superman as you and the others are on the way.>

<Right.  We're leaving now.>

Flash walked at what to him was a snail's pace along with the three guys and the blonde bombshell in shiny black who now seemed to be perfectly at ease in her heels and walking with such a libido inflating sway of her hips and ass.  Batman, bringing up the rear to watch for any false moves by the suspected Superman, was getting an eyeful of the way her gleaming black tush and hips were wiggling.  'Oh, man,' he thought, 'just to think that's what Batgirl would have looked like...  If that really is Kal in that body, I'm going to catch hell when the bondage comes off.'

When they were still four doors from the unit in which Fate was waiting, Batman got an alert from her.  <Bruce!>

<Go ahead.>

<It wasn't easy, but I did get through to his mind.  That really is Psycho in Kal's body.  Make sure he's with you and the others when you come back in.>

<I'll see what I can do.  So far, he hasn't shown any sign of having any of Kal's super powers, so it looks like he just has his body.  Whatever the extractor did to turn Kal into Yvonne must have voided his powers, because she doesn't seem to have them.>

There was a brief lapse, then, <It's barely there, but under all the surety that she is Psycho disguised as Yvonne Simons and costumed as Raven, I did see a faint residue of Kal's identity.  Since Psycho doesn't have Kal's powers, do your best to restrain him as soon as everyone's inside.>

<I'll have some bat cuffs ready to use on Psycho as Superman.  Work on freeing Kal from Psycho's mind as we're still coming, if you can.  Another twenty or thirty seconds, I'd guess.>

<Yikes!  Talk about quickies...>

Batman 'heard' Dr. Fate move over to the blonde's mind via the link, and took up watching both a red and blue clad apparent superhero and a sexy as hell black tush and hips again.  She sure seemed to be handling those heels easily enough.  Luckily, the presumed Psycho wasn't trying anything funny.

Being in the rear of the group, the Dark Knight was the last one through the door.  He saw that the apparent Superman was standing at ease, so with the cuffs he'd taken from his belt just before entering at the ready, he slid in behind him.  At the same time he slapped the first cuff on Superman's right wrist, Bruce yelled, "Wally, quick!  Grab Kal's body to restrain him.  Inza, try to block his mind."

Flash knew better than to question frantic orders like that from the Dark Knight, and in a millisecond set down the extractor and went to wrap his arms around Superman's chest.  He figured it wouldn't hurt to do a bit more than asked and started to vibrate at a frequency that would be sure to disorient who he was now guessing was really Psycho.  That added to the mental barrage provided by Fate allowed Bruce to easily grab the left wrist and bring it back to slap on the other cuff.  "Okay, Wally, I think that's got him for the moment.  See if you can locate some cord in this or another unit so we can tie him up good."

Superman's body stopped vibrating, and a red and gold blur was barely noticed going by him and right thru the door after having already found no trace of cord where they were.  Batman then said, "Inza, it's up to you right now to block Psycho from using his mind on any of us."

Aquaman answered, "Bruce, I can tell she's got a block on him so far.  It's too bad you don't have a restraining devise for a brain in your utility belt."

"I've got a black hood that looks like latex, but is actually a blend Joker developed, designed to do just that.  It would look really good added to this blonde's costume, but it's back on the workbench in the Bat Cave, so that's of no use to us now," Bruce replied.  "Inza's our best bet.  Odd that none of us thought about his mental powers and just figured on physically restraining Psycho to bring him in."

"You'll never be able to stop me from mentally forcing one of you to free me!" Psycho said in Superman's voice.

"Arthur," Batman suggested, "I only brought that one ball gag with me.  Do me a favor and unclip his cape...and then stuff that damned thing in his mouth."

No more was heard verbally from Psycho, and now it was just a matter of blocking his mental powers.

Dr. Fate released her hold for a moment and walked over to Batman.  "You say there's a hood in the Bat Cave that could constrain Psycho's mind powers?"

The Dark Knight nodded, saying, "Yes."  Suddenly he was no longer in the barren apartment but in the middle of the Bat Cave.  'Inza, you're a wonder,' he thought while walking over to the work bench.

<Why, thank you!> he heard in reply.  Bruce had forgotten about their mind link.

The glossy black hood which would indeed look good added to their bound blonde's outfit had been made by Joker to use on Batgirl.  It had really sexy shaped eyes holes, two tiny openings below where her nose's nostrils would be, and glossy bright red lips around the mouth opening into which the wearer's lips would fit.  A zipper ran from its top to the base on the back of the extension that was deep enough to cover her neck.  The one time it had been placed over her head, the Dark Knight Damsel had found her own thoughts and will to be overpowered.  Robin had gotten to her and did a quick unzip and removal of the devious hood before Joker could impose the new identity he intended to give her.  In a reverse of the current situation, with Raven completely covered in glossy black except for her head, Batgirl had the glossy black mask over her head and was otherwise completely naked, which of course Robin found extremely distracting.  The clown prince of crime had turned to pick up the new costume Babs was to wear with her new hood, which is what gave the Boy Wonder his opening.  That costume was now hanging in the Bat Cave's disguise closet.

Batman picked up the hood and mentally said, <Got it.>

Having been gone for all of ten seconds, the Dark Knight reappeared in the apartment with the hood in his hands.  He was about to pull it over the false Man of Steel's head when Aquaman interrupted him.

The king of the seas said rather urgently, "Uh, Bruce, our female captive?"

Batman took his eyes off of Superman and looked over at the ball gagged blonde.  She was nodding her head up and down, and trying to make her eyes look toward the gag.  'Oh, what the hell,' Bruce thought, and set the hood on the floor near her feet.

<I did get through to Kal in her head, Bruce.  We should be safe in freeing her.>

He rose and unsnapped the straps of the gag.  As soon as Batman pulled the big black rubber ball from between her teeth, she started to exercise her jaw.  "Bruce!" she finally exclaimed.  "Inza freed my mind from the block Psycho put in when he flooded my mind right after changing me.  And I think I have the solution to your problem about blocking Psycho mentally."  She turned and looked toward Fate.  "Inza, I'm pretty sure there's no problem in you letting go of Psycho for just a moment.  I felt something in my head after he made me take on his role as Yvonne and Raven.  I'm almost sure I have a large portion of his mental powers, but I can't access them yet.  That's why you didn't detect them back in Psycho's place, Arthur.  See if you can dive into my head and let me get at them, Inza.  If I can, that will let me put Psycho out of commission all on my own."

Yvonne felt a strange massaging of her mind as Inza started her task.  Then suddenly she felt as if a floodgate had been opened.  <I think you now have your mental powers,> she heard.

Before she said anything, Yvonne probed for the mind of the fool who had provided her with the newfound power.  What she found in Psycho's mind was just a tiny proportion of what he'd once had.  Meaning she most likely now had the rest.  "Bruce, we can stop worrying.  He doesn't have enough mental power to affect the mind of a lower life form, let alone that of a human being.  Now, let's see if we can use that extractor of his to put us back into our own bodies."

"Phew, that's a relief for me," Inza said.  "I was wondering why it seemed like he was holding back to strike at me."

"Is it okay to call you Yvonne now instead of Kal?" Batman asked.  "It seems more logical and appropriate."  She nodded, so he continued, "Yvonne, if we can work that machine, be sure to change him back into his dwarf form with the reduced mental power he now has.  I don't want to see any of his power that you obtained getting back to him if you change and it migrates."

She nodded, then said with her ultra sexy voice, "It's not just okay to call me Yvonne.  That is who I am now.  If you would be so kind as to free my arms and hands, Bruce?"

At the same moment the Dark Knight started to take the strap off her upper arms, Flash suddenly came to a stop in the middle of the floor with quite a bit of what looked like white vinyl clothes line coiled in his left hand.  He saw the gag off of the tall blonde bombshell as Bruce was removing the strap and said, "I presume we have Superman in that body now, and not Psycho as Yvonne Simons."

"Correct," she answered.  "But not really Superman, since nobody could possibly call me a man, and I no longer have my super powers.  I'm more like Superman in the body of Yvonne Simons as Raven, with Psycho's mental powers.  For the time being, at least."

"Jeez, I'm glad you've got that all figured out," Wally answered.  "I won't ask you to say that all again fast."

She felt the bat cuffs come off, then the gorgeous blonde in black swung her arms out to flex them, black talons scything nothing but air luckily.  Wally in particular noted the way that made her humongous black covered breasts bounce on her chest.  He also spotted what looked like a part of her costume he hadn't noticed before at her feet.  'Had that been in the bag on her hip?  Damn, but she would look sexy in that hood!'

Yvonne walked over to the ectoplasmic extractor on the floor not far from the side of he apparent Superman, hoping to see the switches in the setting that had turned her from Superman into the form she now occupied.  "Uh, Wally," she said almost caustically, "did you mess around with any of these buttons and dials?"

"mmm...Yes, I was just trying to make sure it was off before picking it up to take it here."

"So much for just reversing what Psycho did to me, then."  Yvonne went into both her own newly acquired memories and also probed Psycho's remaining mind, looking for the way to operate the machine.  She found the way to set it for altering Psycho's body and also what he had come up with for changing someone else's body, like he'd done to her.  She also discovered the setting to revert Psycho into his default hideous dwarf form from whatever he'd changed into, and as if it was perfectly normal, immediately changed the dials on the machine with the points of her talons just as if they were regular fingertips.  She punched the actuator and, in the blink of an eye, the form eating a red super cape changed from the handsome and muscular Kryptonian to the wretched and hideous dwarf.

That half of the task accomplished, Yvonne then did her damnedest to find any reference to reverting a different body to its original form.  Nothing came to mind anywhere in her own memories, nor in her searches through Psycho's mind.  "Bruce," she said, "pull that cape out of his mouth.  Rao, I wish we had Diana's lasso right now.  Inza, see if you can reach Kyle."  As soon as Psycho could move his jaws again, she said, "Sooner or later we're going to be able to force you to tell the truth, Psycho.  How does this thing get set to turn me back into Superman?"

As soon as she finished speaking, nobody saw the red and gold blur which in the space of milliseconds picked up the black hood from the floor, pulled it over Yvonne's head while tucking in all her blonde hair and seating her lips, nose and eyes into its erotic looking face, and then pulled the zipper down to the back of her neck.  To everybody, it seemed like Yvonne had just suddenly appeared to be completely encased in black the moment she stopped talking.  With an incredibly sexy but wicked looking new glossy black face and head.

"Hah!" Psycho exclaimed.  "No need for a lasso of truth, as if it still existed...I hadn't yet gotten to any programming for undoing the change to somebody else before you dropped in on me."  He neglected to mention that his next door neighbor was no longer a frumpy redhead divorcee, but was now and forever more the stunning blonde sex machine already out turning tricks that he'd turned her into as the machine's final test.  "You are trapped in that body now, and if that isn't good enough, you also can't remove any of that fetching black outfit I had the extractor put together.  It's just as locked by the extractor as your flesh and blood.  You can try covering it, maybe, but for the rest of your life you're in a costume that may as well be your flesh.  I don't know how you managed to finish your encapsulation in black, but with that cowl and hood, you're in your even better cat burglar costume as Raven now.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your life as the super villainess named Raven you look like and the blonde bimbo you are, YVONNE!"

'Yes, I am the super villainess cat burglar named Raven,' Yvonne thought briefly before her thoughts clouded considerably.  "Bimbo?  Yes, I am Yvonne the blonde bimbo," she said aloud like an airhead.

Batman had been too far away when he first saw Yvonne suddenly wearing the hood.  But he was pretty sure how it had gotten onto her.  "Wally, get that hood off of her NOW!" he screamed.

Alarmed, Flash got it off just as fast as he'd put it on.  Her face visible again, Yvonne had the goofiest blank look on her face.

"Wally, I'm gonna kill you," Bruce said.  "Why the hell did you put that hood on Yvonne?"

"I saw it at her feet when I came in, and figured it was a part of her costume she carried in and dropped.  I thought she would look sexy in it."

"Congratulations," the Dark Knight replied, "that hood is something Inza just sent me to the Bat Cave to get.  It blocks a person's mind and allows someone else's orders to give its wearer a new identity.  We were planning to put it on Psycho's head."  He turned.  "Inza, I don't know if what Psycho just told Yvonne is permanent.  Now that the hood's off, see if you can check her mind's status."

Yvonne saw the way Batman was looking at her and said, "Hi!  My name is Yvonne the blonde bimbo.  What's your name?"

Bruce didn't answer, and just cursed inwardly at Flash.  Then Inza said, "It would seem that your hood is very effective.  Yvonne is pretty solidly a not very solid airheaded bimbo.  But that also seems to be in her head almost the same way Psycho's imposition of his identity was.  Make sure to keep her steady for a minute or two, and I should be able to get her intelligence back."

Bruce took Yvonne's hands into his, avoiding her talons, then held on tight making her think he was starting to like her.  Inza didn't need to say anything about success when after almost exactly two minutes Yvonne blinked and a more serious look came to her face.  "Bruce, why are you holding my hands?"

"You don't recall what happened about four minutes ago?" Batman asked.

She concentrated for a moment, then said, "I felt like my mind was being shut down, then Psycho told me about being stuck in both this body and the cat burglar costume I'm in.  And he said something about me being the super villainess named Raven and also a blonde bimbo."

The Dark Knight shook his head, saying, "For a minute or two you were acting like a bimbo.  But I guess that's just another part of your mind to store away like the forced identity of Dr. Psycho in the role of Yvonne Simons."

"Psycho in the role of Dr. Yvonne Simons as Raven.  Yes, I think you're right.  I can sense a part of me that wants to be both a super villainess cat burglar to rival Catwoman and a brainless bimbo, but like being Psycho, that's just in the past.  I'm now permanently in this body and costume as Yvonne if Psycho wasn't lying, but at least I've got my Kryptonian intellect added to Psycho's perverted memories and knowledge.  And his tremendous mental powers, too!  I'm taking the extractor with me, just to see if someday I can find a way to change back.  And if I do say so myself, I've got an incredibly great body and this does make for a very good looking costume covering it, even if I'm going to have to wash myself as if it were my skin.  I suppose I could just use my ultrasonic cleanser."

Batman's eyebrows went sky high on hearing that, but the contented look on Yvonne's face told him that she must have been serious.  'And the way she had already said she wished to be called Yvonne.  Is Kal changing that much already?'

By now a mollified Flash had practically mummified Dr. Psycho in the clothes line.  The speedster had made sure to make numerous wrappings that cleaved his jaws open so they wouldn't have to hear his voice again.  When he was finished, he simply said, "Sorry, Bruce."

"And I thought Zee was the only one we had to worry about doing dumb stuff," Batman answered.  "When you have something that's questionable, don't make assumptions, okay?"

"Lesson learned."

Yvonne turned toward Dr. Fate and said, "Inza, any sign of Kyle?"

"I'm not getting through to either Kyle or J'onn, Yvonne.  It seems like there's some kind of mental interference."

"Not good," the blonde replied with a scowl.  "Wally, how about heading on over to Diana's and see if you can check things out?  If it looks like anything other than normal, get back here ASAP."

"On the way."  The red and gold blur was gone no sooner that it had appeared.

With nearly everybody watching the red and gold blur, nobody noticed Yvonne stooping to pick up what looked like a black rubber hood with sexy looking eye holes and lips.  'This looks like it's supposed to be a part of my costume.  I wonder what I'd look like with this over my head?' she thought while unzipping her crotch zipper and stuffing it inside up against her left thigh before closing the zipper again.  'There must be a mirror in the ladies' room.'

When the others came back to reality after watching Flash leave, Yvonne said, "Since Wally's gonna be gone for a minute or two or maybe longer, I'm going to go visit the ladies' room."

'Visit the ladies' room?' Bruce thought.  'Why not just go to the bathroom?  Or take a leak?  Kal must be picking up more of Yvonne's tendencies and thought patterns than he...she figured.  And she must know about that zipper in her crotch.'

<She's just accepting what seems to be her fate.  I can't help thinking Kal is handling this very well.>

<I forgot you'd be listening, sorry.  Kal does seem to be adapting to the form of Yvonne just a bit too easily.>

<I wouldn't worry.  When I was in her mind burying the bimbo and criminal identity, Kal seemed really strong and accepting the name of Yvonne to match how she looks.>

<If you say so.  I'm going to check out that extractor.>

Nobody gave even a second thought to Yvonne walking into the bathroom and closing the door.  All three remaining heroes turned their attention to the ectoplasmic extractor.

Since there was no electricity, Yvonne was glad a large frosted glass window over the tub allowed plenty of light into the bathroom.  She reached down to grab the zipper below her belly button with her talons and pulled it down again, then reached in and pulled out that sexy looking hood.  After zipping her crotch closed again over her pussy without a thought, she held the hood up to look more closely at it.  'Damn, the eyes and lips of this mask sure look wickedly sexy!  Too bad it doesn't have a hole at the top for my hair.'  Just to make sure, before she went any further, the blonde beauty used her mental powers to first see if any of the others, especially Inza, were thinking of her.

Everyone seemed to be concentrating on the extractor, so she pulled the hood's chin under her own and then got her eyes, nose and lips settled into those of the hood's mask.  Yvonne gathered her long blonde hair and stuffed it into sides of the hood, then pulled it completely into place ready to zip it closed.  She looked at the mirror and saw the identity that had just been deeply buried in her mind.  She told her reflection, "Damn, you are sinfully sexy, Raven."  Her black latex face formed an evil looking sneer.  "Yes, you are an erotically sexy and wicked super villainess cat burglar.  Looking good so far, now to finish," she said aloud but softly.  Her hood was closed just enough to impose instructions, which she had given herself since without being zipped her mind was still working.  Yvonne didn't even notice what she had called herself as she reached up to pull the zipper down to the back of her neck.

Raven couldn't react to the ultra sexy and erotically evil image she saw in the mirror.  The now completely head to toe shiny black cat burglar in the mirror just stared at herself, reinforcing in her mind the identity she now knew of as her own since no further instructions were being given.

When it had been more than four minutes since Yvonne said she wanted to go to the, go to the ladies' room, Bruce started to wonder.  She didn't have anything to read, and it couldn't take that long to piss or even take a dump.  Then as he looked away from the extractor, Batman scanned the floor.  'Where's that hood Wally had pulled off of Yvonne's head?  Oh, no...she couldn't have found it and gotten curious, could she?' he thought.  "Inza, keep monitoring our link!"

He walked over to the closed bathroom door and said, "Yvonne, are you finished yet?"

There was no reply.  He tapped on the door, and repeated, "Yvonne, are you finished yet?"

Bruce twisted the door handle and pushed in the door.  There was Yvonne, standing before the mirror in that damned hood again.  He turned around to face the others, and said, "Don't anybody say anything that sounds like an instruction or order to Yvonne."

After going into the bathroom and standing directly behind the vision in black, the Dark Knight grabbed the zipper and two end flaps of the hood's neck, then pulled it up to the top of her head.  'This is what it must have been like for Tim with Babs,' he thought.  'But Babs wasn't yet in the black costume Joker had turned to fetch.'  Then he peeled the hood away from her face and head.

The blank look stayed on her face for about a minute, and when it looked like she was coming out of it Batman said, "Yvonne, are you feeling okay now?"

Turning toward the voice, she replied, "Yvonne?  My name is Raven.  I'm still a bit shaky, but I think I'll be all set to get back to being an active cat burglar and give Catwoman some competition in a few minutes.  As soon as I can get my costume's hood back on, anyway."

'Uh, oh...I wonder how Yvonne got that into her head?' Bruce thought before continuing, <Inza, I presume you've followed what I've been thinking.  Quick, get into Yvonne's head and see if you can bury the Raven identity so Kal...or at least Yvonne...can be wish us again.>

He felt the link weaken as the mage apparently went to work in the blonde's mind.  After a short wait with Bruce casually but strongly clenching black clad shoulders, he heard in his head, <She should be free of Raven unless something sparks that identity.  Best I can tell, her mind is now controlled by Kal as Yvonne.>

<Let's hope.>

Yvonne blinked, then saw herself with Bruce standing behind her clutching her shoulders with her hood in his right hand.  "When did you come in?  I did a mental check just before putting on my hood and you were all out busy on the extractor."

Batman shook his head.  "This hood is NOT a part of your outfit.  This is a hood Joker made which numbs a person's will and allows someone to give the wearer a new identity.  Part of the reason you're accepting that you're going to be Yvonne and wearing that outfit for the rest of your life is that Wally had put this hood over your head just before Psycho ranted about you being stuck in that body dressed like the cat burglar named Raven and a blonde bimbo.  It engraved those ideas into your psyche, and you need to use your superior intellect to get past those ideas."

"You mean I was standing here staring at my hooded reflection, my mind frozen and waiting for instructions?"

"Exactly.  As soon as I get back to the Bat Cave, this thing is going under lock and key."

"That's good.  Keep that hood far from me, please.  Hey, if I was a gleaming black latex zombie for a few minutes, shouldn't we be hearing from Wally soon?"

Bruce turned to face Inza and Arthur, who we both looking into the bathroom in fascination, and said, "Inza, anything going on over at Diana's?"

"Haven't been able to see anything over there yet.  Wally should have gotten there a minute or two ago-" Fate froze for a moment, "I just got a thought from Diana.  Hang on."

Greenville, South Carolina

Shortly after two in the afternoon, John Drake was in the living room of his apartment listening to and snap watching CNN Headline News while scanning the help wanted section of the newspaper he'd bought during that morning's job interviews.  Between jobs (read looking for work) after the closing of Lockheed's rework facility, he'd gotten home just before 1 and had a late lunch.  At thirty-one years of age, he was at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the multitude of younger folks with whom he was competing, but between his positive and happy demeanor and a fit body resulting from his regular workouts and proper diet, many of those seeing him figured the trim young man was in his middle twenties.  Keeping his light brown hair stylishly short didn't hurt, and gleaming blue eyes added to his constant smile gave most of those he saw a very good impression; it was when they got to parts of the applications referring to schooling and past jobs that his true age became apparent, even if date of birth was no longer allowed on job applications.

One thing that didn't show up anywhere in John's job applications or his resume was his intense interest and practical devotion to the comics and any other book appearances of DC's heroine and stage magician called Zatanna.  He'd started reading Justice League of America books as a youngster and, as he grew older and wiser, found more and more books in which she starred or costarred, and more recently collected everything he could find in the press and on the web about her activities.  Other than maybe her writers, artists and editors at DC, there were probably very few people who knew as much as this avid fan did about Zatanna's life, stage shows and crime fighting activities.  A visit to his bedroom would give evidence of his devotion, with quite a few photos of real women dressed like Zee and comic art and posters lining the walls.

This connection to Zee is what brought about the sudden disappearance of John from his living room.  Thanks to his research, he had a good idea of where he ended up.  It seemed as if he was standing not on anything solid, but supported somehow by the thick mists with which he was surrounded.  "Zatara?" he asked.

Moments later, Zatanna's father stepped out of the mists to stand before John.  "I knew you of all people would recognize where you are," the elder magician said.  "I know about your devotion to my daughter.  You know more about what she does and also how she does it than anyone on the real Earth or in our comics world that I know of.  Which is why I've brought you here.  Zatanna seems to have disappeared.  There is no sign of her anywhere on Earth or in the mystical realms.  Therefore, I am hoping you will help me to find her and at the same time fill in for Zee in the Justice League."

"I'd be more than happy to help you find Zatanna," John replied, "but how would I be able to fill in for her with the Justice League?"

Zatara grinned, then said, "I know that you have no job to tie you to a real world Earthly role as John Drake at this time.  Therefore, I am asking you to take on the comics Earthly role of Zatanna."

"Whoa!" John exclaimed.  "You want me to actually change from being me to being your daughter?"

"I know it's asking a lot, but nobody else on Earth, in the comics world or here in the mystical realms knows Zee any better than you," Zatara told him.  "I know you've spent your entire life as a male, but I'm betting that your knowledge of my daughter would allow you as a female, in effect a twin of my daughter, to live as if you'd been born as a girl.  In addition, there's a reason I brought you here unrelated to your deep devotion to my daughter.  You obviously are unaware of this, but you John Drake have the untapped nascent abilities of a warlock.  Added to what I could give you should you agree, this would make you the perfect person to become a new Zatanna."

John was silent for a moment, then said, "If I was to become Zatanna for any length of time if we don't find her right away, this would mean accustoming myself to the peculiarities of the female body such as different hormones and shaving rituals, menstrual periods, and lots more I can't imagine as a male.  I'd also have to do something about my residence in John's name in the real world if I'm going to live as Zatanna in the comics world.  But that's just details.  Hell, something as simple as a magical spell might get me used to being female, along with taking care of my current home."

"The way I have planned for you to change to Zatanna will take care of everything related to being a female," Zatara replied.  "It would only be a small portion of my payment to you for doing this that you would have no worries about the residence in Greenville.  I will take care of that so you will have no concerns other than those pertaining to Zatanna."

John nodded while saying, "In that case, tell me what I need to do to make you my father."

"You'll know intuitively when you get there.  For the record, my daughter was supposed to have joined Black Canary and Hawkgirl in taking Wonder Woman to her home on Themyscira.  The real Wonder Woman got turned into an evil Cheetah by Dr. Psycho, and Martian Manhunter has taken on the Amazon's form and identity for the time being.  That may be of help when you meet any of the other members of the Justice League later on after they get back from Gateway City.  I thank you for all you're doing, and I hope you won't have to be my daughter for very long."  Zatara shook John's hand, then said softly, "nhoJ ot s'annataZ moor ni eht rewothctaW, htiw lla fo reh sdrawkcab slleps srewop."

John did another disappearing act, and this time appeared in a small room with a bed, desk, chest of drawers and two chairs.  Two small circular windows on one wall showed a black sky with crystal clear stars gleaming.  Even without seeing Zatanna's costume top hat on the end table, the pictures hanging everywhere other than on the closet doors would have told him where he was.  This was obviously a room used by the heroine whose life he was to assume and, from its small size and the scene outside the tiny windows, he figured it had to be in the Justice League's Moon base headquarters, the Watchtower.  The volunteer wondered why Zatara had said the spell too softly to hear, but figured maybe it was so that he'd see it before hearing it.

He also knew now what Zatara had meant about knowing what to do.  John walked to the end table and picked up the top hat left there earlier.  'I wonder if whoever's at the duty desk has noted anybody being in this room?' he wondered while lifting the hat over his head.  'If so, they're about to find a familiar person here, and not a stranger.'  John settled the hat onto his light brown hair covered too large head, then felt something indescribable as long black hair appeared in his peripheral vision and the hat fit perfectly.  Make that, her peripheral vision.

The hat had transformed John into Zatanna, and she now was in the body her huge fan had only seen and admired in the past.  She found herself to be in the costume seen at the last show in Miami.  In addition, she felt a oneness of being that indicated what Zatara had said to be true.  Zatanna knew everything there was about living as a female, for that's what she was.  A magical female, at least, one who was able to change from being a male and be perfectly at ease as a female.  She also had picked up a lot of intimate knowledge and memories Zatanna had of her life which John could never have known.

Zatanna looked down at the thigh high boots covering almost all of her fishnets, and said aloud, "I liked seeing these at the show, but I prefer the shoes that let my legs be seen.  stooB egnahc ot ym seohs."  She felt herself drop an inch as the lower heeled shoes took the place of the boots.  As she took off the hat to put it back on the end table, the new mage thought, 'I wonder how long I should wait before letting everybody else know I'm here.'

The answer came in her head.  <Zatanna, I told Inza that you'd be back later in the afternoon.  You may want to just sit tight in the room reading until 4 or so.>

<Is it okay to call you daddy or father now?>

<Of course, since in effect you truly are Zatanna now.>

<Thanks, I do really feel that I'm your daughter in every way now.  I did see what you meant about the way the change would affect me.  I'm now feeling as if I've been your daughter all my life.>

<That was to make sure you fit in as best you could.  I hope you won't have to be like this for long.  The real Zatanna must be found.>

<I'll do what I can, father.>

<Thank you again.  I'd suggest you change back into the boots.  That's what 'you' were wearing earlier in the day, and while I'm sure the others are used to the way you change on a whim, you should appear as you were earlier.  And another thing, let's tell the others that you got snared by Allura, and it wasn't until her good twin sister helped me that we got you free from her.>

"seohS egnahc ot stoob."  Zatanna regained her lost inch.  <That does sound like a good explanation, thanks.  Hopefully we'll know the real explanation soon.>

<Best of luck, my dear.>

Zatanna felt the presence of her father in her head go away, then figured it was a good thing he was helping her along the way.  Then she picked up the same issue of Magic-Unity-Might that had been dropped earlier and sat in the very same chair to read for a while.

Gateway City - Wonder Woman's place, a bit earlier

As Green Lantern was nearing Diana's condo faster than any human could discern, Cheetah (the changed J'onn, not the one on Transformation Island) felt his energy in her mind.  Instantly she used her power to turn invisible, at the same time also selecting and arming the mind control dart on her left wrist.  Then she waited.

Green Lantern came to a halt and took shape in the living room of Diana's condo.  He noticed that all the money, jewels and other loot that first Wonder Woman as Cheetah and then Martian Manhunter as Cheetah had stolen was still on hand.  'She hasn't gotten around to returning all of this yet?  Odd.  The TV is on, and I can't believe J'onn even as Diana could be entertained by Donahue.  But if the TV is on, where is she?'  Kyle decided to try the direct approach.  "J'onn, or Diana, whichever you prefer, are you here?"

He stood stock still for a moment to try and hear anything, but the only sound that came was one Lantern was not prepared for and could not avoid.  The dart made a swishing sound as it shot toward his neck, and it impacted just above the collar line on his left side.  Kyle then felt his mind go numb, and a slack jawed look came to his face.

Cheetah came back into view then, and walked to stand directly in front of the ring wielder.  Before she started to give him any instructions, the villainess used her mental powers to erect a firewall around them both.  No one would be able to interfere.  "You hear and understand me, don't you?"

"I do."

"We're not at a wedding."

"I hear and understand you."

"Much better.  Tell me, who is here from the Justice League besides yourself?"

"Superman, Batman, Dr. Fate, Flash and Aquaman."

'Good thing I erected that mental firewall,' she thought.  "Your ring can alter anything to match what you imagine, am I correct?"


"Even something as hard as solid steel, or as soft as a human body?"

"Nothing can resist the power of my ring."

"Good!  Now, I'm going to put an image into your mind.  I want you to will your ring to make yourself match that image."  Cheetah pictured the image in her own mind, then transferred it to Lantern's.

A few seconds later, Cheetah saw the ring on Kyle's hand start to glow.  After only another heartbeat or two, he was enclosed in a solid emerald shell.  Less than a minute later, that shell vanished.

Standing in the same spot Green Lantern had before was now a very pretty but pale green skinned female with shoulder length dark green hair and clothed in a forest green monokini that barely covered the aureolas of her huge breasts, let alone any of the rest of the green orbs.  Matching green gloves came to her elbows, and knee high boots of that same color with moderate high heels completed her costume.  The shocking thing wasn't necessarily Kyle's totally different and new female form, but more her size.  She stood only four inches tall.  She was even smaller than a Barbie doll, more the size of a toy action figure.

"You, my dear, are now Pixie.  You know who you are and why you're here."

"Yes," came the tiny but sexy voice.  "I am Pixie, your partner in crime."

"That's right.  With your power ring, we will be unstoppable.  But you will only become Pixie if you feel my mental summons.  At all other times, you will still be Green Lantern.  As the super hero, you will have no knowledge of what Pixie does, while you will know everything that he does, is that clear?"

"Yes.  I'm only your wicked little green vixen when you call for me.  Otherwise, I will still be Green Lantern.  I'm going to be aware at all times, but as my bigger and goody goody self, I'll be ignorant of my current form and anything I do."

"That's correct.  And now, since I'm sure Green Lantern's teammates are probably going to be looking for him, make the change back to your other form; but the effects of the dart won't wear off for another fifteen minutes, so wait until then to change.  I'll let you watch me change while we're waiting."

"Okay, I'll wait."

Cheetah went back to her couch and sat to watch the TV.  Donahue was wrapping up a segment of audience participation prior to a commercial break.  When the commercial came on, the super villainess saw her own self come into view.  She heard her own voice say, "Time to go back into hiding.  Let Wonder Woman take over your mind once again."

The image on the screen went over to the commercial every other TV set was seeing, and Diana rapidly noticed the costume she was wearing.  "There, I knew I'd be able to put on this Cheetah costume and still be myself.  I'm not giving in to that urge to change to my old identity.  I guess I can get back into my regular costume now."

Diana walked into her bedroom, unaware of the tiny girl in green who was watching.  She saw the costume her alter ego had discarded earlier and placed it on her bed, then got out of the Cheetah costume.  Before putting on any of the Wonder Woman costume, she surprised herself by carefully folding the golden yellow and brown costume and placing it in her drawer with the wrist shooters on top.  But her surprise was soon replaced by a thought of just taking good care of something else to wear.  And while she could have just spun, the Amazon took the time again to put on each piece of what she considered her true costume.

When Diana came out of her bedroom as Wonder Woman, she was surprised to see Green Lantern standing in her living room.  He looked a bit stunned.  "Kyle, are okay?  What are you doing here?"

He placed both white gloved hands over his temples and said, "I feel like I just came out of a mixing bowl, J'onn...or do you prefer Diana?"

"Diana's fine.  Again, why are you here?"

"The others are over at Psycho's place taking him out of commission.  Superman asked me to drop in and see how you were doing, since we hadn't heard from you at the Watchtower this morning.  And if I may ask, why do you have your face made up so differently?"

"Differently?"  She walked over to the mirror over the couch.  "Oh, I must have been experimenting with my look earlier and forgot to change back."  Kyle noted that she left her face looking just as wicked.  "And, I wasn't aware I was supposed to clock in every morning.  Tell Kal that I'm just fine, thank you, and to let me run my own life here.  I don't need the rest of the Justice League as my baby sitters."

As soon as Diana finished saying that, a red and gold blur appeared between she and Kyle, then solidified into the form of Flash.  "What, they sent you over here now, too, Wally?"

Flash took a quick look at Kyle that wasn't even noticed by Diana, then turned toward her and saw the way her face looked.  He replied, "What's with that almost evil look with the makeup?  When Kyle hadn't come back right away, we got a little worried.  Inza did a mental check, and found she couldn't get through due to a mental block of some kind."

"Makeup?  This is just me.  I left my face looking the way I had it earlier when I was experimenting with my look.  And sorry about that, I must have put up a mental firewall earlier today and forgotten about it."  She did a quick check, and yes, there it was.  She took it down right away.  "No more firewall."  <Inza, this is Diana.>

It took longer than she expected, but Diana finally heard, <Diana, we couldn't reach you before.  Are Kyle and Wally both there?>

<Both getting set to leave.>

<Okay, thanks.  Can you see the image?>

Diana saw in her mind a blonde with a body even an Amazon might envy, in glossy black from her neck down.  <The blonde in black?>

<Yes.  I guess you'll hear a lot more later, but thanks to Psycho's ectoplasmic extractor, that's who Superman is now.  Meet Yvonne Simons.>


<Either come back with the guys, or wait until you get a full briefing later on.>

<I'll wait, thanks.  See you later.>

<Glad we finally got through to you.>

<Oh, that was a mental firewall I must have put up and forgot about.  It's down now, obviously.  Bye.>  She shut down the link herself, to keep Fate from mentally yacking.

"Sorry, guys, I was just chatting with Inza.  Wally, have fun telling Kyle about Superman on your way back."

Kyle looked at Wally with a question in his eyes.  "You're gonna love this, Kyle.  See ya later, Diana."

"Bye, guys."


When Hawkgirl and Black Canary appeared on the teleport pad of the Watchtower moments after leaving Themyscira, nobody else was there other than Arrow at the duty desk.  The woman who now knew herself as Dinah Lance grinned as she figured the time before the others got back would give her plenty of opportunities to make plans.  To make it sound good, she told Hawkgirl, "I'm going over to check with Ollie about whether Inza got hold of Zatara."

Shayera nodded, then said in reply, "I'm going to wait in my room to see if they need anything when the others get back, and if not, I'm getting back to my home for some rest."

"I'll tell Ollie for you."

As she made her way toward the duty desk, Canary thought to herself, 'First thing to do will be to ditch this blonde wig.  Then I'll have to see if I can do a quick job at Zee's costume machine.'  She was also trying to think up a name for her first new villainess identity.  It was going to be fun playing at just being a super villainess; she'd already given up the idea of playing both roles.  Her thoughts came to a halt as the now bare handed, green clad hero who was the lover of the old owner of her body came into view.  She noted that his gloves were stacked to his right.  'Gotta keep it straight for the time being.'

Green Arrow spotted his lady love and spoke first, "Ah, you're back.  I'll show you returning from Themyscira at 18:25Z.  Did everything go okay getting Wonder Woman to Themyscira, pretty bird?"

"I'll say it did," she answered quickly.  "The Amazon is already beginning her treatment on Transformation Island.  She's a new person already, and she's gonna get that identity even more solidified while there," Canary said cryptically.  "In fact, doing that mission has made a new person out of me, too.  I feel so much more in control of my emotions and sure of my own identity."

"Hmmm...You do sound a bit different and sure of yourself, love.  Too bad I'm stuck here at the desk for the time being."

"Oh, don't worry.  I'll find something to do to occupy my time.  Hey, was there any word from Inza before they left about her dad finding Zatanna?"

"Yes," he replied, "she said he had already been doing a search for Zee, but is now hunting even more diligently since Inza told him she went missing up here."

"Good, now we'll just have to wait, I guess.  Oh, before I go, Shayera is in her room and plans on going back Earthside if the others don't need her help when they get back from Gateway City.  That reminds me, any word from them how that mission is going?"

"Nothing yet.  You gonna be in your own room?"

"In and out.  Don't call me, I'll call you."

Green Arrow thought, 'Huh?', then just said, "Okay, guess I'll have to wait for another day that we're practically alone together."

'Dream on, asshole,' she thought.  "Later, Ollie."  As she turned away from the archer with a strange look on his face, Dinah muttered softly, "Much later.  I was originally planning on keeping it up with you for the time being, but you're history now."  She started walking toward the wardroom corridor to make it look good, then diverted to make her way toward the rec area and Zatanna's costume machine.

As the machine was booting up, Dinah went over to the comm panel on the wall to punch the numbers for Hawkgirl's room.  "Yes?"

"Shayera, Ollie says Zatara was already casually looking for Zee, but is now searching more diligently.  Ollie knows where you're at, and your intentions."

"Thanks.  You in your own room?"

"No, I'm killing time in the rec room.  I'll see you at the teleport pads maybe when the others get back."

"Okay.  Have fun."

She turned off the comm panel and then, while the machine was still coming online, went over to the wall containing the Justice League's small museum of weapons and costumes from past battles with criminals adventures.  The answer to her question of who to be in her first role as a villainess was right there in the display.  Many years ago, Wizard had transformed the second Flash's wife, Iris Allen, into a super villainess called Satanica wearing the really wild red costume she was seeing.  He had conjured up the costume and then placed it in her wardrobe; Iris felt compelled to put it on, and once the whole thing was on and the mask in place, she became Satanica.  Dinah stopped reading before getting to the description of the powers Satanica got from her costume, or how the Justice League had carefully defeated her after recognizing who she really was.  She really didn't care.  That costume was going to be hers.  'Or rather,' she thought, 'a copy of it will be mine.  The costume with its identity compulsion will be perfect to transform Huntress into a super villainess.'

Since the total costume would have had a similar compelling affect on any viewer, its mask was kept out of sight in a drawer below the glass case holding the red bodice, red fishnet tights, shoulder length red gloves and knee high red boots on a mannequin.  Dinah was especially pleased to note that the costume's boots had ballet toed heels, and was eager to get back into boots like that.  She opened up the case to take the costume off the mannequin, then pulled the mask out of the drawer and wrapped it inside the costume to keep it from clouding her own mind.

On her way back to the costume machine with the costume filling her hands, Dinah saw another display that caught her attention.  Neither she as Wonder Woman, nor Black Canary apparently, had made many visits to this museum since there were no memories of seeing the Satanica costume and Circe's wand on display.  That wand could come in very handy, so she added it to her bundle.  An idea had just come to her about putting the wand to an immediate use, besides adding it to the original costume which was going to be used by someone other than herself.

When she got to the costume machine, the screen was now ready to be viewed.  Dinah first set the purloined costume and magic wand on the counter top, then accessed the file showing the body statistics for each of the Justice League members, and selected Huntress.  She knew the basic costume would fit Helena without any problems, but needed to check on shoe size.  7.  Then she looked at the bottom of the Satanica boots to see a perfect match.  'Great, I won't have to make any extra pieces for this costume to change Huntress!'

This done, she pulled up the stats for Black Canary.  Then she put up a basic female figure and told the machine to adapt it to display Dinah's body.  As soon as she saw the blonde hair, in went a command to change it to black.  Then for the costume option she selected items to duplicate the costume she'd just taken, which she was now certain would fit Huntress so perfectly.  First were the red fishnet pantyhose.  Next, she played with a few options for a top before getting to a close if not identical sleeveless, shiny bright red stretch PVC bodice with high French cut legs, a really low rounded back and a deep, wide V up front to expose plenty of cleavage.  Straps would go up from the parts covering her breasts to form a halter which spread into a wide collar atop her shoulders and behind her neck.  She then added gloves to match the originals which would go up halfway between her elbows and her armpits.  With good claws at each fingertip, of course.  A sweeping red domino mask very close to the original was selected to cover her eyes, held in place with a strap going behind her head.  Knee high, shiny red PVC boots with ballet toed heels in her own size that would lace up tight to her calves were set up to match those of the costume.  Finally, Dinah selected an option to add the costume's showy touch - a thick red tail with a curl and an arrowhead at its end was added just above the ass.

She had the computer rotate the image on the screen, then Dinah felt satisfied and hit save.  She went to the build menu, and specified all the materials to use for the various costume parts.  Finally, ready to hit the make button, the brunette wearing a blonde wig got up to see if there was any sign of any of the other Justice League members yet.  The coast looked clear, so she punched the button.  As soon as it started humming, she cleared the screen and went back to the file for Black Canary.  She deleted all the reference material for the costume she would no longer have any need for, then verified in the memory that no sign of her new villainess nor old heroine costume remained.  To allay any questions from anyone else using the machine in the future, the heading for Black Canary was left in the contents, but the file was now empty.  Four minutes later, the missing magician's miraculous machine beeped ready.  The villainess collected the duplicate red costume into her arms along with the original and Circe's wand, then finally headed for her room.

She almost stopped at what was her old room before going on to that belonging to Black Canary.  Into a dresser drawer went the two costumes.  She took Circe's wand into her hand and held it over the two costumes, then spent a moment making up a rhyming spell.  "Costume of Satanica which I've just duplicated, have all the powers of the original replicated.  But where the original forces the ID change, make the copy ID easy to arrange."  Now her own costume would give her whatever powers the original had given Iris when she became Satanica, without forcing her to take on the new identity.  Then she held the wand over both pairs of costume boots and said, "Ultra sexy ballet toed boots, with incredible heels so high, give the wearer the ability to use them easily and naturally, without even wondering why."

What the spell caster didn't know was that her open ended wording of that spell, which didn't specify the boots in front of her in particular at that moment, made it possible for every pair of ballet toed boots on Earth to have the same easily worn capability.  And not just on the planet Earth...

As tempted as she was to try on the costume to see how she'd look as Satanica, Dinah figured it couldn't be too much longer before word came from the others about Gateway City.  It was already nearly ten til three, after all.  She could wait until the time came when she was alone, presumably back on Earth, and could put her Banshee Wail to use.  To kill time, she started to look around in Canary's room.  When she spotted a note with the words Igloo Lounge on it and underlined, Dinah's interest perked up.  Her memories were rather vague, so she went to the computer and booted it up, then did a search in the Justice League records for that name.  When the results came up, she knew just where the new, present day Satanica would make her debut.  Then the villainess snapped her fingers.  She was already planning to change in Huntress' apartment to set up the younger woman's donning of the original Satanica costume, and as Helena Bertinelli she lived in downtown Gotham City very close to the lounge.  Perfect.

Then, since she had already changed her mind about leading a double life and pretending to still be Black Canary, Dinah went to the drawers holding the replacement costumes and wigs for the heroine and filled her arms once again.  This time she went only across the room to the refuse hatch, into which was dumped her blue, black and blonde load.  Added to that first load went all the pictures, paintings, books and other paraphernalia collected by the original Dinah over the years.  The very efficient vaporizers the Justice League used to eliminate their garbage left no trace of Black Canary in her own room, other than the woman wearing her costume for the last time.  Then it was only a matter of waiting for the others to get back so she could get out.

Gateway City

Green Lantern actually beat Flash back to the room by a heartbeat, and grinned at the speedster when he came to a halt.  "What'd you do, go sightseeing on the way back, Wally?"

A golden gloved fist lightly punched Lantern in the shoulder.  "Sorry, I didn't know we were racing.  Next time warn me, and I'll leave you in the dust."

Then Kyle turned away from Wally and noticed Yvonne watching them.  "Is that really you now, Superman?"

She nodded while replying, "Yes, but without any super powers I figure there's no sense in using my old name for the time being.  You can call me Yvonne, and if you're also wondering about how I'm dressed, this is my Raven costume."

Bruce caught that, and thought, 'It seems like she hasn't buried her Raven identity as much as we thought.' <Inza?>

<I heard you.  I heard her, also.>

<Hmmm...I wonder.  Would you come with me to the Bat Cave?>

<Sure, but weren't we about ready to go back to the Watchtower?>

<That can wait a few minutes.>

"Yvonne, guys, Inza and I are going to make a quick trip to check on something," Batman told the others.  "You shouldn't have to wait too long before we take Psycho and his extractor up to the Watchtower.  Yvonne, we might need to have you join us about halfway through, so be ready for a quick and unannounced teleport from Inza."

He didn't wait for any replies, and while looking at Inza said right away, "Okay, let's go."

Gotham City, the Bat Cave

The mage did her thing, and the pair disappeared from the condo to find themselves standing in the Bat Cave.

Batman turned to Inza and said, "Before we do anything else, cut off our mental link."  He barely noticed the closure in his mind.

"Now, what did you want us here for?" she asked.

"Inza, all the while we were back there, you caught my thoughts about the origin of this hood," he pulled it out from being wedged between his waist and the utility belt, "and the way Joker wanted to use it on Batgirl, right?"

She tilted her head and then answered, "Yes, and that you saved the costume he was going to put on her in your disguise closet."

"That costume in the closet is so similar to what Yvonne is wearing that it's uncanny.  Joker's outfit didn't have claws quite so long on the gloves, I guess he was just copying what Selina was using at the time on her own costume, and while the nearly crotch high boots are stretch just like Yvonne's, besides the really high stiletto heels, they also have what look like about two-inch platforms."

Inza shook her head.  "So with the platforms, are the heels the same six and half inches or so that Yvonne's are, making for a lower arch, or are they even higher to still make the same high arch?"

"The heels on Joker's boots make Yvonne's look short, so it must be a similar arch or whatever you said."

"I guess you're like most men and don't know about arches in female footwear," Inza grinned.  "Anyway, what are you getting at?"

"Your magic can transform me into a different body, right?"

"Of course, but that's not something I do as often as Zee seems to."

He chuckled at that.  "Good, here's what I have in mind.  Turn my body into a near twin of Yvonne's, with the difference being green eyes and a just marginally different face, and maybe even a slightly bigger rack to impress her.  Then I'll get into that costume Joker had intended for Batgirl, and put over my head a copy of this hood that you'll make.  Then we'll have Yvonne join us and, while you turn invisible, I'll put the real hood on her head so I can challenge her saying I'm the real Raven, not her.  I'm the real super villainess cat burglar, not her, and I'm a dominant, make that a full fledged dominatrix who's pissed that she's trying to be me.  With luck, that will get the Raven identity completely out of her head.  Then, after she's just Yvonne again, you can turn visible again and get going."

Inza's jaw had dropped inside her golden helmet upon hearing his plan, and when Bruce finished said, "I don't believe this!  We have Kal fully accepting being turned into a female against her will, and now you want to willingly be turned into a woman just like her?"

"Just like her, but with even bigger breasts, a slightly different and more beautiful but wicked looking face and green eyes, yes."

"Okay, you seem pretty sure of yourself; want to get out of your Bat costume the slow way, or have me zap it off of you?"

"Normally I'd have said the slow way," Bruce replied, "but time is short.  Zap away.  Keep the costume on hand for a quick change back into it."

Batman had just barely stopped talking when he found himself naked, with his costume laid out on the counter top as opposed to hung in the cabinet like usual.  "If you were planning on changing me right away, hang on a sec."

Bruce went over to the comm panel on the side of the Bat computer and pressed a button.  "Yes, Master Bruce?"

"Alfred, in a few minutes I'm going to need the living room.  Please be sure the TV and other items are all turned off.  Then please go upstairs and wait; I don't want you to witness what is going to take place there."

'He sure uses 'please' a lot more with his butler than any of us,' the mage thought.

"Everything off and wait upstairs, very well, sir.  Master Bruce, are you expecting Master Tim to be coming over?"

Bruce thought for a moment, then said, "I think Tim's visiting Stephanie after school today, so most likely we won't be seeing him."

"Very well, Master Bruce.  If Master Tim does show up while you're busy, I'll try to distract him."

"Thank you.  "I'll let you know when we're ready to leave."

The nude Adonis of a male figure went back to where his guest was waiting.  "Well, I guess it's time for me to see how Yvonne feels.  Do your thing."

Dr. Fate cast her spell, and the changes to his body were so rapid that he never felt them occurring.  But when Bruce looked down upon feeling a tremendous combination of a pulling sensation on his chest and a big change in his sense of balance, he saw the huge breasts and knew he was now a she.  She reached up with her hands to cup her breasts, and saw the svelte fingers with elegantly shaped fingernails.  After ever so briefly feeling the stimulation that was caused by cupping her breasts, she felt below them to notice her own now very narrow waist.  'Wow, evem more tiny than Selina's,' she thought.

"Let me get to a mirror," the new woman said while noticing her sexy contralto voice.  "It sure feels good, but I want to see what I look like."

She walked over to the mirror on the column next to the costume closet.  There, the person who normally checked to see how well whatever Batman or disguise costume had been donned looked, instead saw the reflection of a goddess with an exotic dancer's monstrous breasts in long, golden blonde hair that fell to the top of her exquisitely shaped ass.  Her eyes were indeed green, and if Yvonne had a beautiful face, this one she now had was even more so.  Inza had spared her the details of doing makeup, and amplified her natural beauty using the magically added enhancements which made her face look both stunningly beautiful and at the same time sinfully wicked.  She noted the trimmed blonde bush around her new pussy, and was really tempted to use her fingers to see what it felt like.  But the inner strength of will of the hero known as Batman was still hers, and she prevailed.

As she turned away from the mirror to shift over to the disguise closet, the ex-Bruce Wayne said, "Incredible!  For the time being, I'm not Bruce, my name is Raven...Raven Demonica.  You did a fantastic change for this body, thanks.  Now, go ahead and make that copy of Joker's hood while I get into that costume the Clown Prince of Crime put together in order to change Batgirl into his evil accomplice."

"Raven Demonica, eh?  Interesting full name.  I just knew you'd like what I did, since you'd said you wanted to be like Yvonne but different and better.  You'll find the hood waiting for you."  Inza looked at the hood Bruce had set down, and did a quick duplication spell.

The new female reached into the closet past many suits and other types of disguises Batman and Robin, and Nightwing before as the original Robin, had utilized.  There were also a few outfits left from disguises used by Batgirl.  There behind a Harley Quinn costume Batgirl had once used was the black catsuit Joker had intended for her.  Raven pulled it off the hanger and held it up in front of herself.  'Damn, even without being stretched, this thing is reflecting all the lights of the Bat Cave with its incredible shininess.  This costume is so sexy and evil looking, and I can just imagine if Joker had gotten it onto Babs.  Hey, wait a sec, Joker had intended it this for Babs, and she's a good foot shorter than me.  Will the costume stretch enough to fit me?  Only one way to find out.'

Raven sat down on the bench next to the closet and slipped her feet into the two legs of the catsuit, and after fitting them into the foot ends of the legs, started to work the smooth and glistening black material up her legs.  It made her legs feel really sexy the way it had stretched around them.  She stood, and the catsuit was then pulled up to her hips and ass, to which it again stretched and molded itself.  The material got pulled up over her massive chest, and as the gorgeous looking babe hoping for a good fit stuck her arms into the sleeves, she saw the way her huge globes of flesh became encased in black.  Once the sleeves were filled, she pulled the top up to her neck and then reached behind her back.  Up came the zipper, making the latex like black material squeeze her torso and breasts all the more.  The feeling of sexiness first felt in her legs was now experienced by Raven's whole body from her neck down.

She had no way of knowing, but the catsuit fit Raven so well because the reason it looked so much like latex but wasn't should have been an easy to see and obvious giveaway.  It had been made at Joker's request by a Creole Voodoo witch named Marie deMal who was well hidden in the spooky bayous north of New Orleans and mystically created the entire costume.  Not only would the catsuit and all its associated parts such as the gloves and boots fit whoever it was donned by, but that hood was not the only controlling part of it.  Raven had just gotten started putting on a costume that would make the body inside it become a powerhouse of female attributes, accentuating all the stimulations normally felt to a tremendously increased level.

Now encased in black very much like Yvonne, Raven looked down to her breasts and noticed smaller but similar zippers that would expose her nipples.  She bent over to see past her breasts and perceived yet another zipper in her crotch, just like Yvonne's.  'I bet Joker had intended to open these zippers to sexually torture Babs,' she thought.  Sure enough, when she pulled out the bag holding the costume's gloves, the curious new female also found a wide black belt that had what looked like a weapons or just plain goody bag attached.

Inside, Raven found a black domino mask similar to Yvonne's, a universal lock pick tool much like the one in Batman's utility belt, various other items she recognized as tools of the cat burglar trade, chained together nipple clamps and a vibrator that looked like it was intended to have the catsuit zipped closed over it.  She left the burglary tools and sexual devices in the bag along with the mask since her face was going to be otherwise covered, and put the belt on just below her waist.  The plotter who was so pleased the costume fit so well pulled out the gloves, which she noted had claws more like Selina's on the fingertips just she'd expected.  They were black, and about two inches long.  She slipped on one and then the other glove, pulling each up to her shoulders.  The gloves, just like the catsuit in being so similar to latex but not, were so tight they were almost invisible against her sleeves.

She went back into the closet and pulled out the box into which the boots Joker had gotten were put.  Sure enough, just as Bruce had told Inza, the heels were actually very sexy looking nine-inch high stilettos which, with the two-inch platforms under the balls of her feet and toes, would give her an effective heel height of seven inches.  As foreboding as they looked, Raven couldn't wait to get them on and see first if they'd fit, then what it would feel like to stand in them.  She slipped her already black encased left foot into the matching black boot and made a very pleasant discovery.  'Apparently, my feet are so close in size to the much shorter Barbara's that for my height, I must have smaller than normal feet.'  She obviously didn't know about the sizing magic.  When she pulled the zipper of that boot up almost to her crotch, her left leg was closely encased just as were her arms now.  The right boot was put on much more quickly, and the black catsuited vixen then planted her platforms and heels just in front of the bench and stood up.

She could feel her body wavering slightly in the heels that just about had Raven on her toes, but after a mere moment, a Voodoo magically generated feeling of stability and surety came to her.  She took a few steps, and then turned to go back to where Inza was waiting.

"Wow!" Dr. Fate said when she saw Raven come around the corner.  "You weren't kidding, that does look so close to Yvonne's costume that it doesn't seem possible.  Just for the record, the heels on those boots are much higher than Yvonne's, even considering the platforms.  Meaning these boots do have a much higher arch than hers."  She reached to the counter and picked up the hood she'd magically conjured while Raven was dressing.

"I think I get the idea about shoe arches now, thanks," Raven said.  "That is the copy of the hood and not the original, right?"

"Copy it is.  Would you like to put it on yourself, or can I do the honors?"

Raven shook her head while extending her clawed hand.  "No, I want to put it on to experience for myself what both Batgirl and Yvonne did while slipping my lips and nose into its wickedly sexy face.  But I'll tell you what...just for the hell of it, do that bit about telling me my new identity and what I am to do once it's on.  I'll try to reply as if I'm a really bitchy Raven, and if I sound right, use your magic to move both of us and also Yvonne up to the living room.  You've been there before and know what it's like, right?"

Not really catching the significance of what Raven had told her to do, Inza said, "Yes, I know your living room enough to shift us all to it."

Raven placed the face of the hood over her own, with its chin below hers, then worked her lips into the glossy red ones of the hood's mask.  Her nose fell right into place, and her eyes needed just a bit of adjustment before they were centered in the wickedly sexy eye holes of the mask.  Satisfied, she pulled the flaps of the hood back around her head to pile all her hair up inside it.  Then she pulled the zipper down to seal the lower part around her neck at the top of her catsuit, making her look like she was totally encased in black.  It was at that point in which her mind went blank and all physical control and sensation left her.

The vision in ebony's hands then fell to her sides and she stood stock still like an evil looking mannequin as the catsuit worked its wonders on her body, while her mask awaited its instructions for altering her mind.

Inza wasted no time, and said, "Your name is Raven Demonica, the strong willed bitch who is a dominatrix called Mistress Demonica, and you're also the incredibly evil and unbelievably wicked super villainess cat burglar known more simply Raven.  You are really pissed off that another woman who looks a lot like you and dressed in a similar costume thinks she is Raven.  You will put the mind control hood here," she picked up the match to what Raven was wearing and handed it to her, "over her head and tell her she is not the cat burglar Raven, she is Dr. Yvonne Simons.  Then you'll take her mask back off so we can go back to the others and then up to the Watchtower."

Raven was still for just a moment, then with a sneer said, "I am Raven Demonica, the dominatrix known as Mistress Demonica.  I'm also the absolutely evil to the Nth degree super villainess cat burglar called Raven, and I'm going to use this mind control mask to make a woman who looks like me named Yvonne know she is not me.  I'm really pissed off at her since she's been trying to act like me.  I'm going to make sure she only thinks she's Yvonne, so I'll be the only Raven.  Then I'll take off her mask so you two'll be able to go back to the others and then go up to the Watchtower."

Inza became more than a bit confused, but in her reply added to the problem.  "Oh, you're going to stay here and not go up to the Watchtower with us, Raven.  You're staying here, right?"

"Yes, I'm staying here while you go up to the Watchtower."

Satisfied that Raven sounded nearly perfect with not a clue as to why, Inza did a spell to bring the two of them up to the living room, and at the same time have Yvonne disappear from the condo on the other side of the country and appear with them at the same time.  In the process, she also turned herself invisible.

Yvonne was momentarily disoriented after the move, and was starting to think her surroundings sure looked familiar when she gave a start.  There standing next to her was a vixen that looked almost exactly the way she had when she was wearing her sexy, head covering Raven mask and cowl.  It was while the changed Man of Steel was staring agape that her twin quickly moved behind her and pulled the hood over her head.  Her twin took a moment to seat the hood's mask over Yvonne's face properly, then quickly stuffed all her hair up into the hood.  She grabbed the zipper and pulled it down to the back of her imitator's neck, and Yvonne froze in place.

Raven looked at the way her target was standing there, and said, "I hear you have been thinking you are an evil super criminal villainess, a cat burglar called Raven.  But you're not Raven, that's who I am.  I'm really pissed that you're trying to be me, so make sure from now on you forget everything you ever knew about being the criminal villainess called Raven.  You are Dr. Yvonne Simons.  You're not anybody but Yvonne."

Raven saw how Yvonne was still like a mannequin and asked, "Who are you?"

"I am Dr. Yvonne Simons."

"Yvonne, even though you just love being dressed like that, you don't use that costume to pretend you're anybody else because you know Yvonne is your only name, right?"

"Yes, that is correct.  You are the cat burglar called Raven.  You are an evil criminal and super villainess, but I don't ever pretend that I'm like you.  My only name is Yvonne, and I just love being dressed like this."

'She sounds like she's lost any thought of being me,' Raven thought, with her own identity as a wicked villainess reinforced by the way in which Yvonne had responded.  Just before unzipping the mask on Yvonne's head, Raven gave her yet another instruction.  "Yvonne, you will forget that you ever saw the ultra evil villainess called Raven.  You will never be able to look in a mirror and see Raven, the only image you will ever be able to see in a mirror is yourself as Yvonne."

"I have never seen Raven.  When I look in a mirror, I can never see Raven, or any other person.  I will only be able to see myself as Yvonne."

Satisfied, Raven grabbed the zipper and pulled it up, then yanked it off Yvonne's head and stuffed it into that bag on her belt.  She noted what looked like a sleek black domino mask in the bag while cramming that other one in, and figured it must be her normal cat burglar mask.

Inza saw that Yvonne still had the blank look on her face, and figured now was the perfect time to transfer the two of them back to the condo so she wouldn't see Raven.  She couldn't believe how good a job Raven had done, and staying invisible for the moment she said, "I'm taking Yvonne back with me while she is out of it and can't see you, Raven.  You don't ever want to wear that hood again, because it hides that beautiful face you have.  Since you're staying here while we go back, you must enjoy being the evil as sin criminal and super villainess named Raven and the dominatrix called Mistress Demonica.  Call me when you want to change."

"Yes, take her back before she can see me.  I'll make sure I don't hide my beautiful face under this hood ever again.  I will really enjoy being the evil as sin villainess called Raven, and while I'm here I will also enjoy being the bitchy dominatrix called Mistress Demonica.  When I want to change, I'll call you."  She started to unzip her hood right away, and laid it on an end table next to a chair after pulling it off.

Inza saw the beautiful face she'd given Bruce Wayne again just before she and Yvonne left for the condo.  Her face seemed a bit frozen in awe for a moment, but in what Inza thought of as a jestful parting measure, her look turned positively evil.  She wondered why first Yvonne and then Bruce had developed such a liking for the female bodies into which they had been transformed.

Dr. Fate was unaware that the copy spell she had used to duplicate Joker's hood made an exact copy, nor that in completing the costume just like the original, the body inside it had been turned into female perfection with a deep love and want for all that could excite and satisfy it sexually.

As soon as the other two were gone, Raven started to look around the room she had been standing in with that impostor.  'Everything looks so really elegant, like I'm in some kind of rich boy's mansion.  Of course, why else would I be here, it's a ripe place for stealing whatever I can get my claws into.'  She spotted a journal on the end table and turned it to read the address label.  'Bruce Wayne.  So that's the name of the rich boy who owns this place.'  The cat burglar who was more evil than Catwoman had ever been started to look all over for what she could steal and also what she might put it in.

'Before anybody shows up,' the femme fatale thought, 'I might as well put on my cat burglar mask, since it would only hide my eyes and not my whole beautiful face.'  The super villainess lifted the hood she had used on that impostor out of the bag to get at her sleek black one, and as she was pulling the domino mask out, its elastic band hooked on one of the nipple clamps.  In her new identity, she was unaware of the items in the bag discovered earlier while putting on the costume.  'What have we here?  Lock picks, nipple clamps...and a vibrator?  Hmmmm...'

Raven slipped her cat burglar mask on over her eyes and pulled its elastic strap over her head.  She lifted her long, golden blonde hair up off her back to slip the band over her ears and under her hair.  She glanced at the big mirror over the couch along the wall and grinned wickedly at her reflection.  She looked perfectly evil.  Then the super villainess sat down on the floor.  Since she appeared to have the place to herself, hunting for loot could wait.

First she unzipped the little zippers over her breasts and used the points of her gloves' claws to tweak her nipples and make them get even more rigid than they already were.  First one and then the other nipple clamp was sprung tight to them, bringing a slight pain which was oh so sexually stimulating to her bounteous chest and also great heat between her legs.  Down went the zipper in her crotch, exposing the matching blonde bush surrounding her feminine mound.  One long claw was inserted into her slit, bringing Raven to an even higher level of sexually induced excitement.  She took the small vibrator and inserted it into her love canal, then flipped the tiny switch.  In her last moment of control, the beauty in shiny black zipped her crotch closed again over the tiny device.

Gateway City

When Dr. Fate and Yvonne blinked into view in the empty living room, Flash said, "What's up, Inza?  You left with Batman and came back with, Yvonne."

"Bruce had an idea for a way to make sure Kal got rid of the idea she was anybody other than Yvonne," she replied.  "It seems to have worked very well."

Kyle walked over to Yvonne and said, "So now you just have two minds in your head, Kal and Yvonne?  You do still have most of Psycho's powers, right?"

Yvonne gave Lantern a strange look, then said, "Two minds?  I don't know what you mean.  I am Dr. Yvonne Simons, and I can't think of anybody else I might be."

Inza's alarms started ringing when she heard that, and she began reviewing what Raven had instructed Yvonne while she was in that hood.  'Oh yeah, that's right, she had told Yvonne that she wasn't anybody else, and that Yvonne was her only name.  At the time, I had figured that would eliminate Raven as an identity, but I hadn't figured on it also nullifying her identity as Kal.'

Before anything else, Dr. Fate did a quick search into Yvonne's head.  'Yes, there's Kal tucked neatly away, not as deeply as the bimbo.  Killing Raven in her head must have worked, because there are no obvious signs of her.'  Bringing Kal back could wait, though.  Something else had occurred to Inza while thinking about what Raven had told Yvonne.

"Follow me into the bedroom, everyone," Fate said.  "I don't want Psycho to hear any of this."

As soon as Wally, Kyle, Yvonne and Arthur were in and the door closed, Inza said, "Where I went with Bruce was to his Bat Cave.  There, I changed him to look almost identical to Yvonne since he had in his collection a costume Joker had made for changing Batgirl which was nearly the same as hers.  I made a copy of that mind control hood for her to wear, and it just dawned on me that I must have made an exact copy of the hood, including its mind control powers, not just a simple physical copy.  Bruce figured that as a female she would be Raven, and had me do a rehearsal of the instructions by giving some to her.  I should have noticed earlier how she was responding methodically.  Now Bruce knows that she really is Raven, a bitchy and dominant cat burglar, and she's in Wayne Manor.  Wally, let's you and me get back there right now so you can do another lightning quick hood bit to try and get Bruce back quick."

"Geez, this sounds like one of Zee's escapades," Kyle said.

"I presume you figure the hood is faster than using your mind powers, or maybe Yvonne's?" Wally asked.

Dr. Fate nodded.  "Yes, the hood is the quick and dirty way to do it.  I can get into her head and then change her back to Bruce once the hood has slowed her down.  I presume you're good to go, Wally?"  He nodded.  "Okay, you three wait here while Wally and I go get Bruce back.  I'm hoping this won't take long."  She did her thing, and the two disappeared from the bedroom.

Gotham City, Wayne Manor

On top of the overall body stimulation brought by the magic of the catsuit, the stimulation of her breasts and the vibrator making her clitoris get incredibly aroused meant it didn't take long before Raven planted her spike heels in the carpet and arched her back with an orgasm flooding her body with pleasure.  As it turned out, the enhanced woman was a screamer and shrieked a loud sexual moan upon experiencing her sexual bliss.  As soon as the euphoria ebbed, she unclasped her nipples to relieve what was now feeling more like just pain, and closed the zippers over her breasts.  Then she opened her crotch zipper just enough to turn off the vibrator, leaving it in place to further stimulate her.  As soon as that zipper was closed again, the super villainess stood up to start her hunt for loot.

Still waiting upstairs, Alfred heard something usually expected to come from an upstairs bedroom and not the living room.  'Surely Master Bruce didn't tell me to wait upstairs while he used the living room for sexual adventures?  That didn't sound like Selina, either.'  The old butler went to the stairwell and proceeded down slowly and carefully so as not to disturb the love making.  'Instructions be damned, no one is going to turn the Wayne Manor living room into a love nest.  If Master Bruce wants to continue, he and his loud lover can move to a bedroom.'

What Alfred discovered upon turning the corner into the living room was not his master and a lover, but a masked woman in a glossy black costume with golden blonde hair going down to her butt.  She seemed to be starting a hunt for small valuables to steal.  He didn't see any guns, so the butler boldly said, "I don't know how you got through security to get into this household, madam, but to be sure, you will not be leaving here as easily, nor with any of our valuables in your possession."

Raven heard the voice and was startled to find she wasn't as alone as she'd thought.  She turned and looked at the old fart as he finished his spiel, then with her clenched fists on her hips told him, "Oh, and I suppose you're going to stop me?  Lots of luck, you old asshole."

She couldn't believe her eyes when Raven saw Alfred actually charging toward her.  Then she had an idea and yanked that mind control hood she'd used on that other woman from her bag.  'If it worked on her, why wouldn't it also work on him?'

At just that moment Flash and Dr. Fate appeared, right next to Raven.  Wally saw the hood in her hand and as both Alfred and his opponent stopped to gape in amazement, he zipped around to grab it from her and did a repeat of what he'd done to Yvonne a few minutes earlier.  Raven felt her mind go numb and froze in place as she was once more completely covered in black from the top of her head to her toes.

Inza first looked toward the elderly master of the house and said, "Alfred, what you're about to hear will most likely shock you, but please just listen and don't say anything until you get the okay."  His grey haired head nodded.  She then turned toward Raven.  "You are not the bitchy dominatrix and evil super villainess cat burglar named Raven.  In that body you are the woman you've called Raven Demonica, but you are really Bruce Wayne and have all of his memories and identity."

"I'm not the bitchy dominatrix and evil super villainess cat burglar named Raven, I am the woman known as Raven Demonica.  I am really Bruce Wayne, and I have all of his memories and knowledge."

"Wally, take off her hood," Inza instructed, then when it seemed as if the hood just disappeared from the blonde's head the mage asked, "Who are you?"

The vixen in shiny black stood there dumbfounded for a moment, then answered, "I'm Raven Demonica now since I don't look like Bruce, like I told you, Inza.  When did we get up to the living room, and for that matter, what are Alfred and Wally doing here?"

"You do know you're really Bruce Wayne, though, right?" Fate asked.

The blonde nodded.  "Well, yes," she said, "of course that's who I am really, but not in this body, that's for sure."

"Stand still for just a moment," Inza told her.  She went deep into Bruce's mind for a quick check, and found that the hood had done a better job than she'd imagined.  Later on it would take just a short time for her to completely fix both Bruce and Yvonne.  "Okay, it seems like you're back to being yourself instead of a cat burglar."

"I could have told you that," Raven replied rather arrogantly, then added, "and like Yvonne has said, while she's like that she prefers to be called Yvonne; while I'm like this, I prefer to be called Raven, not Bruce.  And what happened after I got changed down in the Bat Cave?"

Flash broke in to say, "Inza, should I hang on to this hood or deep six it?"

Fate thought for a few seconds, then answered, "Hang on to it.  As dangerous as that hood and its copy are in the wrong hands, I think they are powerful tools if used properly like we just did."  Flash stuffed the hood in his hand into his right boot, then picked up the other hood from the table and crammed it into his left boot.  "And Raven, I didn't know I had made the copy hood an exact copy.  When I repeated to you the details of Raven's identity and what you were to do, the hood actually did change you to Raven.  You did fix Yvonne's problem, but then became a problem yourself after I left.  We just used the hood to change you back, and later I'm going to fine tune both you and Kal."

Inza noticed Alfred getting anxious and said, "Sorry, Alfred.  It's safe now that she isn't wearing that hood.  Go ahead."

"You mean this cat burglar I found is really Master Bruce?" the butler asked.  "I can't wait to hear this story someday.  I presume it's out of the question at this time."

Raven nodded her head while saying, "Yes, of course, Alfred.  I'll be glad to tell you all about it, but not now."

"I'm sure this will be one for the record books, Master Bruce...err, Raven," Alfred replied.  "When I first saw you, I thought someone had taken the Vixen costume that Master Dick wore while he was still Robin four years ago from its special storage closet.  But can you at least tell me what that loud scream I heard you make was about?"

Raven blushed.  "Ummm, er...I do know this looks a bit like the Vixen costume, but it's actually that one Joker made to try and change Batgirl.  That Vixen costume had to be even more completely locked up and hidden away with Selina's old mind swapping machine.  At some point Felix Faust heard or read about Dick's portrayal of Vixen, and put a spell on the costume.  In this costume, before I started to pick up some of our valuables, I succumbed to the urge to use the nipple clamps and vibrator I found in my bag.  I must say, a female orgasm is a much better experience than a male ejaculation.  In fact, it's not on right now, but that vibrator is still-"

Raven's description of her sexual thrills was cut off by Inza.  She touched the shiny black costumed babe on her arm and asked, "Don't you want me to change you back to Bruce and Batman now?"

"Don't let this shock you," Raven replied, "but I'm getting used to this body and I do like the way it feels."  Little did the woman she now was know just why she so enjoyed the way her body felt.  The Creole Voodoo magic was very powerful.  At that very moment she was still experiencing the incredible sexual stimulation provided by the catsuit.  "I will change back, but not right away, okay?"

Flash was shaking his head.  "This is too much.  First Kal gets used to being Yvonne and like being her, now Bruce is doing it.  Can I suggest we get back to the others now, before it gets any weirder here?"

"That sounds good to me," Raven said.  "Inza?"

"What Wally just said echoes my own observation from earlier.  Alfred, I hate to leave you like this, but we do need to get going."

The butler grinned oddly, then said, "Good thing I was the only one here for this truly different Friday afternoon.  You three get back to the others, and I'll get back to straightening up here."

"Thank you," Raven said.  "You're going to love hearing about this when I get the chance.  Inza?"

Alfred watched as the trio disappeared.  He looked around.  'Well, at least Master, Mistress Raven...didn't drip anywhere on the carpet, and I guess I caught her before she could actually pick up anything to steal.  This should be easy...'

Gotham City, downtown

Things did get just a bit more interesting for the disguised Barbara Gordon when she finally saw Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn come in the door and walk toward her area at almost exactly two-forty-five.  Ris took their orders, then headed for the bar.  After bringing the two drinks back to the table, she walked away with her ears attuned to Pamela's voice.  What she did hear softly though, was a male voice say, "Come over here for a minute, Ris."

The only male Ris had seen was Penguin, and he was looking at her.  "Be right there, sir."

As she walked up, Penguin said, "What's with this sir shit, Ris?  I've never heard you call me that before."

'Uh oh.'  Then Ris remembered how Kim had referred to him.  "Sorry, Pengy.  I've just been psyching myself for Harley and Ivy getting here."

"Good, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about," Penguin replied.  "Keep your ears open.  Pamela has been working on something lately, and I want to know just what that vixen has planted in her garden.  Whatever you do, watch out for either of them to hit you with any kind of mist or powder."

Ris nodded.  'Precisely what I'm here for myself.'  She told the foul fowl fiend, "I hope you do realize Zatanna would never allow herself to fall into the hands of Harley and Ivy."

Pengy grinned, then said, "Everybody so far has loved seeing the way I have the staff dressed up as female fetish versions of the Justice League guys and gals.  Too bad there wasn't anything other than your shoes and that gold thing on your waist we could do with that Zatanna outfit.  That witch already looks sexy as hell all the time anyway, so there wasn't much we had to work with.  Oh, while you're here, allow me to introduce my guests.  To my left, this is Valerie Ashlyn, the owner of Apparel Obsessia.  She's the one I can thank both for the idea of dressing the staff in these costumes and also for making them at her fetish wear company.  To my right is her model Lisa Hartley, to her right is Victoria's assistant Shelley Prince, and finally the absolutely gorgeous Cheri La Gams, another of Victoria's aides."

In her true identity, Ris was a long time fan of the fetish wear and other fun goodies that company made, but there was no way she could let them know that.  She nodded toward each of the ladies, then said, "Apparel Obsessia?  I've seen many of your ads, but never seen any of your fetish gear.  I'm very pleased to meet all of you."

Valerie took the look from Penguin and replied, "Well, not only have you seen some of our fetish gear, but you're now wearing some.  We would have put locks on the straps of your stiletto heels, but Pengy didn't want any of you trapped in your outfits if anything came up making it necessary to get out of the outfits quickly.  And I presume you're feeling the effects of your gold stretch corset."

"And I wanted to put some of the thigh high boots Zatanna has been wearing with your outfit," Cheri added with what Ris figured was a light French Quebec accent as she nodded in answer to Valerie.  "But my solution of how to make them more fetish oriented than usual didn't sit well with Pengy, Ris.  All the girls' boots have just six and half-inch heels.  He didn't think you'd enjoy spending your shift walking around in ballet toed boots."

Ris took a moment to picture that in her mind, and grinned.  "Most likely not, Miss Gams, but it sure would be neat to try them on!"

"Miss Gams?  Cheri, please.  I have them in our truck.  Pengy?"

Penguin looked at Ris, then said, "If she really wants to try to wear them, go ahead and bring them in, Cheri.  Ris, let Emerald know you're going to be off the floor for a few minutes, then go on back to the dressing room."

"Good luck, Ris," said Lisa.  "I hope you can balance in them the way I can.  I get to wear ballet toed shoes and boots almost all day back at the shop."

Grinning broadly, the apparent Zatanna nodded to the ladies and then said, "I really appreciate this, Pengy!  You might be seeing Zatanna on her toes for a good part of the afternoon."  She turned away quickly to go locate the fetish version of Wonder Woman.  When she caught up to Emerald, Ris took a closer look at the outfit she was wearing after her visit with its makers.  Sure enough, the gold power belt around her waist was actually a corset with laces in back.  "Emerald, Pengy is letting me try on some of the fetish boots the girls brought with them.  I should be back out on the floor in ten or fifteen minutes."

"Oh, this should be good," the supervisor told her.  "No prob, your section is still nearly empty, and I'll cover Pam and Harl while you're gone.  Most of the other customers won't be here until later in the afternoon."

"With luck, you'll see me on my toes for the afternoon.  And I don't mean just being alert!"

"I always knew you must have had a fetish streak in you!  Come find me again as soon as you're ready to get back to work."

'The real Ris probably doesn't, but I sure do!' the changed Babs thought.  As soon as she turned away from Emerald to head back to the dressing room, Ris spotted what she had been hoping to see.  A waitress dressed as Batgirl was working a nearby table, and the most obvious fetish deviation from what she considered to be her already pretty daring costume was the boots.  Instead of coming to just below the knees like on her own costume, these golden boots came all the way to her crotch, with straight edged tops instead of the bat edging her own had.  Of course, they were also like all the other footwear seen so far, with ultra high stiletto heels.  'Maybe I should get in touch with Obsessia after I get back into my own body and see if the costume of the Dominoed Dare Doll could become even more daring.'

Babs as Ris had only been in the dressing room long enough to unstrap and take off her shoes and then wait for two minutes when Cheri walked in with an obvious boot box in her hands.  "The shoe sizes of all of you girls were recorded back when we did all your sizings, as you recall, so these boots were made especially for you.  I was so worried that they were going to go to waste.  Here they are for you."  She handed the box to the black fishnets covered barefoot Zatanna wannabe.

Ris took the lid off the box to see a folded up pair of what looked like faux glossy black patent leather boots that actually stretched to cling tightly to their wearer's calves and thighs.  She noted the laces running up the fronts of the boots, along with zippers down the inner sides.  "Should I undo the laces before putting them on?"

"No, they're more or less tied at a default sizing.  You can loosen or tighten them up if necessary once you have them on and zipped up."

Ris took the right boot and unzipped it, then stuck her pointed, fishnet covered toes into the foot.  The severe arch of the boots held her toes in just that position as she started to pull the zipper up over her ankle and then all the way up to only an inch or so below her crotch, leaving very little of the fishnets showing.  The material of the boot did stretch almost perfectly with the laces just the way they were.  She eagerly picked up the left boot and repeated the process.  With great anticipation combined with apprehension, the faux Zatanna shifted to place the toes and heel tips of her boots on the floor and then stood.

After just a moment or two, the changed Barbara Gordon made the assumption that some agility the real Ris must have developed gave her the perfect balance she needed to stand almost easily in the boots.  Then came the acid test - she started to walk toward Cheri.  The obvious thing she noted was the relatively short steps the boots forced her to take, but surprisingly, her balance gave Ris the assurance that she could carry trays of drinks and do other tasks while wearing the boots.  So far, she wasn't feeling any pain or discomfort at all from being on her toes, either.

"It sure looks like you're taking to ballet toes easily!" Cheri told her.  "You must be gifted as a dancer or gymnast, because most girls almost fall flat on their faces when they just try to stand in those kind of heels, let alone walk in them."

"I did do gymnastics in both high school and college," Ris answered, wondering if her twin really did have a similar background to her own.  "I feel no different from wearing my other heels, even though I'm on my toes.  I think I could even run in these boots, but working the floor in them will be a piece of cake it seems.  I sure am glad you had them in your truck!  Now I can look even more exotic than the real Zatanna."

Cheri was nodding her head eagerly.  "Can you imagine seeing her in boots like those at one of her shows...or better yet, fighting some criminals with the Justice League?  I do hope you will be able to stay in those boots all afternoon.  Please stop by our table every now and then while we're still here to let us know how you're doing."

"Of course!" Ris told her.  "And to take drink orders at the same time, I hope."  The pair walked out of the dressing together then, with Cheri heading back to her table with the good news and Ris going off in her second search for Emerald.  She felt perfectly fine walking around on her toes, and was to bring wide eyed wonder to the eyes of many of the customers she would be seeing during the shift.  Harley in particular took more than a usual interest in them.  And all along, the Babs in Ris was eagerly taking in all the details of how Pengy's club was being run, along with tidbits of plans for criminal activity being discussed by those at her tables, though not much from the main reason she was there.  Unfortunately, she didn't hear anything about what Ivy was planning.


After another ten minutes had passed and there was still no word from the Justice League members who'd gone to Gateway City, Diana in Dinah's body decided, 'Oh, to hell with waiting, it's time to go.'  She went to the comm panel next to the door.  "Ollie?"

"Go ahead, pretty bird."

"I wish something would happen.  I'm getting bored sitting around and waiting up here," she told the archer.  "I'm going down to Gotham to see if Huntress or Batgirl have anything going on."

"I doubt it, neither of them has posted anything to us, anyway."

She scowled.  "Well, even if there's no action in Gotham, at least it's more fun being with other girls than sitting around up here.  See ya later, Ollie."

Green Arrow saw the link being terminated from his lover's room, and added it to the surprises he'd noted since seeing her come back from Themyscira.  'Did the Amazons affect her somehow?'

Dinah got a pillow case from the linen closet and started filling it with the new red costume parts from the drawer in which they'd been placed.  She took each of the four boot heels and wrapped tape around them to keep them from snagging the material of the two costumes.  Then she went to the teleport pad.  Briefly she considered setting it for Gateway City and going to a place with which she was most familiar, but since the villainess in her new body planned to visit Penguin's Iceberg Lounge and had told Ollie she was going to Gotham and the teleports could be checked, that's what she entered for her destination.  There was a pad on top of the building in which Huntress lived, so at least she wouldn't have to teleport into the Bat Cave.

Gotham City

Being on the roof of the complex at least had her close, so Dinah went to what looked like the entry way to a stairwell.  It was actually a ladder going down to the top floor near the elevator.  She figured that in all apartments and condos such as this, a set of mail boxes would be on the ground floor, so down four floors she went.  There it was, Helena Bertinelli 207.  Back up two flights.  She wasn't surprised to see the keypad at the door instead of a key lock, and was glad because that would be easier to bypass than trying to pick a lock.  Getting ready to concentrate what the original owner of her body called her Canary Cry but what she had decided to call her Banshee Wail on the keypad, she was astounded to see that the door was not locked.  It popped right open.

As soon as she was inside the apartment, Dinah looked around and noted the simple elegance of the furnishings.  Since Helena would presumably be at the school for another half hour at least plus transit time, she figured there was no big hurry getting changed.  A quick look in the closet of the teacher and heroine showed a number of Huntress costumes in the left end, along with a Batgirl costume.  'Has Helena been playing around with costumes, too?' she wondered.  The checker spotted the pantyhose left on the floor next to the yellow boots of the Batgirl costume, but failed to notice the bigger size of the yellow boots.  Dinah was really tempted to add one of the Huntress costumes to her collection.  But that would only cause unneeded trouble, so she closed the closet and looked over the bedroom quickly.

On the desk of the bedroom next to the phone was a small pad, with just two words on it - Iceberg Lounge.  Interesting.  She couldn't find anything about it in her acquired memories, but figured either Canary had called about the place or Huntress had called Canary about it.  This did solve one problem - at first Dinah figured she'd have to find Catwoman or Ivy or maybe Harley Quinn, but from what she'd seen back up in Canary's room at the Watchtower, any number of Gotham's felons might be on hand in Penguin's personal night club.  Granted, it was only about three in the afternoon, but she hoped at least a couple of felons might be on hand.  She pulled the page from the pad and balled it up in her hand.

When her checks of what was on hand were finished, Dinah pulled the blonde wig off her head.  "Never again!" she said while sliding it and the wad of paper into the garbage dump in the kitchen.  The wig was followed soon thereafter by the black choker, the blue jacket, the blue shorts and leotard, the goddamned flat heeled blue boots and finally the dark blue fishnet tights of the Black Canary costume.  No longer was Dinah Lance a heroine, it was time to make some changes.

As she returned to the bedroom and the pillow case containing her first villainess costume, Dinah caught sight of her reflection in the mirror.  Her shoulder length black hair looked a mess from being under that blonde wig, but there wasn't time to wash it.  She found a brush in the cabinet under the sink of the bathroom, and spent nearly five minutes working with her hair to end up with a part down the middle and short bangs in front.  Satisfied that it looked at least presentable, she emptied the pillowcase and separated her copy from the original costume, making sure to keep the original's mask hidden for the time being.

To make sure the costume would entice Huntress into putting it on, she laid it out on the bed instead of hanging it next to the Huntress and Batgirl costumes.  Off came the tape she had placed over the tips of the boot heels.  Dinah took the wand of Circe and went to add it to the costume intended to turn the heroine into the villainess called Satanica, but finally noticed that the costume not only had no weapons bag or pouch but also no belt.  So she held up the wand and thought up another quick spell.  "Satanica costumes with nothing to hold weapons or wares, gain wide red belts riding the hips and holding pouch pairs."  She watched as a three-inches-wide belt with a huge square golden buckle in front came into being on the costume before her on the bed, followed by red bags with latched flaps appearing on the belt over the left and right hips.  She opened up the flap of the one on the right side of the costume and inserted the wand, then closed it back up again.

Then Dinah took the components of her own copy of the costume, noting the matching belt and bags, and grabbed then put on the red fishnet pantyhose.  These were followed by the red bodice, and it took another minute to get that collar to look right under her hair in back.  It turned out the front worked perfectly, for each of her breasts was just barely covered by the red PVC material.  There were hints of each of her aureolas at the edges, and her nipples were plainly evident.  Without adding any more makeup than her body's original occupant had put on earlier in the day, she placed the mask over her eyes and pulled the elastic band over her head and then under her hair.  She pulled the belt around the tops of her hips well below her waist and hooked it in the big buckle.

Dinah wanted to leave the best for last, so she skipped the boots and grabbed the gloves.  Each arm became encased in red up past her biceps and the red claws at her fingertips looked positively wicked.  Now it was time to see if the spell she'd cast worked.  Her claws made short work of the tape on the heels.  She first picked up the hopefully hexed pair in her own size, then slipped her feet into the ballet toed boots and laced them on.  When she stood, the vision in red felt just as at ease as she had in her own body with the boots she had bought two nights earlier.  As a test, she turned and ran out to the living room, and the pretend Satanica knew she was ready to go now.  After a quick trip back to the bedroom, she closed her eyes and reached into the bag for the mask to complete the original costume laid out on the bed.

Satanica then went back out to the living room to the phone book to see if the address for the Iceberg Lounge was it.  'Penguin must be bold,' she figured.  'There it is, plain as day in the business listings.  And only three blocks away, an easy walk!'  On her way out the door, Dinah as Satanica absentmindedly set the lock out of force of habit.

Since she knew Batman was still in Gateway City, or at worst, just teleported to the Watchtower, the only superheroes Satanica was worried about seeing during the short walk were Batgirl, Robin, Huntress or Spoiler.  Unless one or more of them were out of school early, or in Batgirl's case, possibly checking out Penguin's lounge for herself, the odds of being seen by anyone other than normal Gotham bystanders were pretty slim.  As it was, the sight of a new costumed heroine or villainess in a really sexy and provocative bright red costume with a springy red devil tail walking briskly in unbelievable ballet toed heels caused many heads to turn in her direction, resulting in quite a few open-mouthed stares and a number of quick reaction pictures being taken on photo cell phones.  'Good,' she figured, 'Satanica will become well known just in time for the next, real Satanica to get in stride.'

As expected, she found the club to be nearly empty at that hour of the afternoon.  As she walked toward the bar to get set up, Satanica figured that while her costume hid the body of Black Canary well, she'd better work on changing her voice a bit.  Dinah's voice powers seemed to give her an advantage, as the lower and more sexy sounding words she tried softly came easily.  The very first club employee she spotted dressed in a provocative Justice League costume was the bartender in her very feminine version of the Green Arrow costume.  A thought immediately came to her mind, which she muttered softly to herself, "Damn, I wish Ollie up at the Watchtower was a female with a body like that, and wore a costume that looked like hers.  Then I wouldn't have to ever worry again about a Green Arrow named Oliver, hmm,, make that Ashley Queen trying to hit on me.  She'd have all the guys trying to hit on her."

After a very short wait, she was met by a woman in a version of her own Wonder Woman costume that looked worth copying.  "I'd never thought of wearing gloves with my costume back when I was Wonder Woman.  Those gold bracelets look better than silver with the red.  I wish when the real Wonder Woman gets back to wearing her costume when she's not in a Cheetah costume, she would think to add gloves and bracelets like these to her outfit," she said while pondering them as she followed the fake.

"I'm sorry, did you say something, ma'am?" Emerald asked.  "I missed what you said if it was for me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking out loud," Satanica said.  "I love those gloves and boots you have with that Wonder Woman costume."

"They do make the costume different, don't they.  Of course, I've never seen Wonder Woman in boots or gloves anything like these."  The faux Amazon took her to a seat at an otherwise empty table involving a walk to almost the far back corner.  On the way Satanica also noted the mermaid version of Aquaman handling sound, a sexier than usual Batgirl, a female Batman that gave Batgirl lots of competition in sexiness, and a female Superman that was easily seen as a true SuperWOMAN with her waist length black hair, an exquisitely shaped and well stacked body with the blue body suit of the costume looking like it was spray painted on, and stiletto heeled red boots that came up to her thighs instead of below the knees like on the Man of Steel's costume.  Instead of being bare handed like the Man of Steel, she was wearing red gloves that went almost all the way up to her elbows, and at each of her fingertips was what looked like an inch or so red talon.  She also had a red G-string instead of his red shorts, and Satanica noted correctly in thinking it looked like the red around her waist was a corset.

After carefully situating her devil tail behind her in the seat and another very short wait, Satanica ordered an iced tea from a cute waitress in a wild variation of Zatanna's costume with what looked a lot like a golden corset for her cummerbund; more potent drinks would have to wait until later in the evening.  "That variation of Zatanna's costume looks really good on you!" she told her after making the order.

The fake Zatanna winked at her, then said, "Thank you!  This bit we started today with all the staff in costumes does make things a lot more colorful.  That outfit you're wearing is a killer.  Let me go get your drink, ma'am."

"Ma'am?  Please call me Satanica."  She noticed the ballet toed heels on the waitress' laced up thigh high boots as soon as she turned to walk toward the bar with a stride so casual that she could have been wearing sneakers.  "Another one that would be fantastic," Dinah said softly once she was alone.  "I wish Zatanna, wherever she is, would have that same figure and hair, and be wearing exactly that same costume with the combined black panty and golden corset and those super sexy boots, perfectly at ease in it knowing that it's just her latest costume variation.  Too bad wishes never come true.  Heh, if they did, I'd also wish that as a joke, on the day after Halloween, every single member of the Justice League and others would become a twin of all these girls here in the lounge, wearing the same costumes.  What a thrill it would be to see such a sexy Justice League!"

At the same time, Babs Gordon as Ris was wondering about both the new to her presumed villainess named Satanica in the wild red costume and the ballet toed boots she herself was wearing.  She made a point to try and get some info from her customer when the tea was brought back.

Penguin himself was at a table in the back left corner, already eyeing the new babe in red.  Satanica had noticed the porcine villain as she was being seated, and at first had worried he might recognize her since Black Canary often helped the Bat team.  Restyled black hair instead of the usual blonde and a mask that covered the upper part of her face did the trick, though.  The fine feathered fiend was sitting tight with his four female guests for the time being, so maybe she would have to get up and go visit him sooner or later.  The club visitors that had her much more interested were at a table between her and Penguin, and both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy were turning their heads toward Satanica periodically.

Just after she finished her first iced tea and the cute young waitress took the glass to bring back another, the new villainess saw the two girls get up from their table and head toward her own.  Honor among thieves, she figured, and stood to greet them with her tail coming free and coiling behind her.  In her lower and more sexy tone she said, "Hi, Ivy, and to you also, Harley.  Would you care to join me?  Oh, silly me.  My name is Satanica."

Poison Ivy spoke first for the two of them.  "Pleased to meet you, Satanica.  We'd like very much to sit with you for a bit.  Harl spotted you first as you were coming in, and it's not often that we see new faces here in Gotham."

Harley broke in at that point.  "Yeah, like Red said, we've been wondering where you might have come from.  I love your choice of color for the costume!"

All three girls sat for a girl to girl talk about who, when and where that Satanica had to make up as she went along, followed by a description of her primary power, the Banshee Wail.  Much of which was also committed to memory by Ris as she tended the tables nearby.

Watchtower, duty desk

Ollie was seated at the console casually watching the various monitors, one of which had a feed from CNN Headline News, while at the same time in the Iceberg Lounge the woman who had been his girlfriend saw the bartender.  He was tapping the fingers of his left hand in boredom next to the two wrist length gloves he'd removed earlier.  Suddenly the angle Green Arrow had to look up to see the monitors increased a bit, and the sound from finger nails tapping the desk became louder and more noticeable.  Long, very nicely shaped finger nails.  The sound was coming from a spot next to a pair of folded up shoulder length dark green gloves.  Those same fingers reached up to brush aside the blonde hair which fell into her field of view of the monitors.  Ashley was tempted to change one of the monitors to one of her favorite afternoon talk shows, but figured she'd better leave them all on news and the like.

Watchtower, Zee's room

Without even noticing as she was reading, a little before three in the afternoon, Zatanna's legs lengthened slightly and the boots she was wearing morphed into laced up versions coming even closer to her crotch, with inner zippers and ballet toed heels.  Her white cummerbund changed to a tightly stretched, glossy golden yellow one that was actually the top of a black panty.  It was more of a corset and pulled in her now even narrower waist.  The already big fleshy mounds on her chest expanded exponentially, with her blouse also changing to accommodate them, causing her to shift the magazine on her lap a bit so she could still read it.  She also now had a much fuller head of long black hair.

Gateway City

When Dr. Fate, Flash and Raven popped into view among the others at the condo, Green Lantern beat Aquaman and Yvonne to the punch.  "Inza, you weren't kidding!  She does look a lot like Yvonne.  Bruce, why are you staying like this?"

Raven couldn't see under Inza's golden helmet, but figured she was about to reply and so held up her black gloved hand to make sure she'd notice.  "Allow me, Inza.  It's Raven, Kyle, not Bruce while I'm like this.  Yes, you can see now just how similar this costume Joker had made is to the one Psycho put Yvonne's body into.  That's the main reason I wanted to stay as Raven for the time being, and not come back as Batman.  As soon as we all get back up to the Watchtower, I want to see if we can find out from Psycho why the costumes are so similar."

This time Arthur cut off Green Lantern and asked first, "I've got no problem with getting back up to the Watchtower, but I must say, this is getting really weird with both you and Kal seeming to be satisfied and happy with those ultra feminine bodies.  I trust Inza has already done a quick check in your mind; I did one of my own while you were answering Kyle, and it seems like we do have the Dark Knight somewhere inside your pretty head."

Now it was Yvonne's turn to raise a clawed finger and get the floor.  "I also did a presumably deeper scan of Raven's mind.  That is Bruce with whom we're speaking, she just prefers Raven for now.  Just like I still prefer Yvonne as long as I'm like this.  I know why I'm happy with being Yvonne, since I'm more or less stuck this way until we find some solution.  Bruce has a history of taking on other identities in his undercover work, so I don't see any problem with him...err, her, I mean, acclimating herself to being Raven.  Let's all get on up to the Watchtower."

"I guess there's not much more I can add," Inza finally said.  "Wally, anything you want to say before we go?"

Flash just grinned wide and said, "Nope.  And I'll grab the extractor."

The six heroes and the thoroughly bound and gagged Dr. Psycho blinked out of sight from the condo they'd borrowed, to reappear an instant later on the floor of the...

Watchtower's teleport section  

Rather than use the comm unit on the wall, in the blink of an eye Wally put the ectoplasmic extractor on the floor and then took off for the duty desk to let Green Arrow know they were back.  He took a moment to once again admire and ogle the group's gorgeous blonde archer, then got back to business.  True to form, he was short and quick.  "Ashley, we all just got back.  We have Psycho with us, all tied up and about to tell us everything he knows...I hope.  There are a few changes to Superman and Batman, but I'm sure you'll find out from them soon enough.  See ya!"

Flash was gone just as fast as he'd arrived, and Ashley shook her head, long blonde hair swishing across her shoulders.  "Well, thanks at least for letting me know you're all back.  As if replying makes any difference.  At least I didn't have to hear you trying to make out with me again."  She noted the group getting back at 18:56Z.  Since she knew Dinah had already left, Ashley only paged Shayera's room.  "Hawkgirl, they just got back."

"Thanks, Ashley, I'll go join them in a moment.  Did you tell Dinah?"

"No, she got bored and left a few minutes ago.  Let the others know, 'kay?"

"Of course.  Later."

Wally got back to see everybody still next to the teleport pads.  "I just told Ashley we're back.  The poor girl was looking really lonely.  You gonna take Psycho to the holding cells?"

Yvonne answered, "We could, but I want to see what we can get from him right here and now.  Want to undo the twine from around his face and mouth, Wally?"

An instant later, Dr. Psycho's mouth was free to speak again.  "You're not going to get anything from me, bitch!  Not even my powers in your mind will be able to get past my own defenses.  Nothing short of Wonder Woman's magic lasso can make me talk, and as of two days ago, it no longer exists!"

Yvonne immediately did a scan of Psycho's mind, and found Inza doing the same.  Both found what the villain had said to be true, at least for now.



<I think you need to make another trip to Gateway City.  We need to borrow the lasso J'onn has.>

<Exactly what I was thinking.  Be back in a minute or two.>

To keep Psycho from knowing what was going on, Yvonne quickly linked with her teammates.  <Inza just zapped back down to see J'onn.  I'm betting Psycho has no idea she has a for real golden lasso.>

Kyle answered, <He's in for a surprise!>

Arthur asked, <Wouldn't it have been better to bring J'onn as Wonder Woman up here to visually shock Psycho, too?>

<Possibly, but her lasso is all we need for now.  Wally, completely untie Psycho from his elbows up.  Raven, I want you to do the questioning with the lasso.  I don't want to take any chances of being in direct contact with him.>

<Just what I was thinking.  I'll ask him what was done to change Diana, and then what was done earlier today to get any clues about his extractor.>

<I'll listen for any cues to other questions you can ask.>

Gateway City

Inza popped into view in Diana Prince's living room, to the surprise of J'onn as Diana.  "Hello, Inza," she said.  "What brings you here?  It was just, what, about thirty minutes ago that we were chatting?"

"Yes, and I wish we'd thought of this while we were down here earlier," Fate answered.  "We need to borrow your magic lasso to get the truth from Psycho.  I love the way you've made the costume boots thigh highs, and I see you've made the heels more like what you were wearing yesterday.  But what's with the wicked looking makeup?"

As she was unclipping the lasso from her golden belt, Diana said, "Here you are.  Just make sure nobody other than Psycho gets this thing wrapped around themselves.  It's rather compelling.  I love the boots the way they are now, too.  This isn't makeup, it's my shape shifting.  I was experimenting with different looks and left it this way."

"You do look quite good and a lot different from the way Diana used to.  Heh, compelling, you say?" Inza grinned.  "You've had more experience with this thing in the past couple of days than anyone I know.  Thanks, I'll get this back to you right away."

Wonder Woman nodded, saying, "Good luck.  Let me know if you get anything from Psycho that's of significance to me."

"Will do."  Golden lasso and golden helmeted Inza blinked out of sight.

Watchtower, teleport pads

As soon as Dr. Fate reappeared, Raven held out her hand.  "Inza, we decided while you were with J'onn that it would be best for me to do the questioning."

"Good idea, here you go," Dr. Fate said while passing her the lasso.

Raven walked over to Dr. Psycho, whose shoulders were now free of clothes line.  "So you thought this no longer existed, eh?  Sorry to disappoint you, but we do have the real lasso of truth."  The shocked and puzzled Psycho felt the golden lasso replacing the other cord that had been around his arms and shoulders, and in the process felt his willpower fading.

"Dr. Psycho, tell us what you did to change Wonder Woman."

Under the compulsion of the lasso, Psycho gave a more detailed explanation of the Parody Pulsator than what Inza had gotten from his mind the night before.  "And Luthor's technicians took it back to Metropolis yesterday afternoon."

Dr. Fate nodded.  "That expands what I found out last night.  If it's back in Luthor's hands, we'll need to watch out for him."

Yvonne chuckled, then said, "At least Lex wouldn't recognize me the way I am now.  Ask him about earlier today, Raven."

"Right.  What were you doing with your mental powers and the extractor earlier today?"

"After I saw on the news that there was a second villainess besides Cheetah doing robberies, I tried to find Cheetah to meet with her.  I couldn't find her mentally as I'd hoped, and for some reason I found her thinking more like Wonder Woman.  So I planted the image of Cheetah, and a push to make that the dominant personality, into her mind.  I left her to get back to being Cheetah, then started to modify my ectoplasmic extractor so I could use it as a weapon against others, instead of just a way to disguise myself.  I got all the programming set to affect others and had to stop working on a reversal of that when I detected the Justice League coming nearby.  I implanted the idea in Superman's head to go in first instead of together with Flash, then I changed into the same form I used to get the Amazon, but enhanced her figure a lot from before with much larger breasts, an even narrower waist and really shapely legs.  I also put my female body into a costume I remembered seeing Harley Quinn model for Joker that he was planning to use for Batgirl.  I figured I could use the extractor to change Superman into that body once he came into-"

"That will be enough.  Say nothing more unless you are asked to reply to a question."

"He did something to J'onn," Yvonne said.  "There must be some kind of urge in her head to be Cheetah."

"And now we know why your costume looks so much like this one," Raven said while untying the lasso from Psycho.  "Psycho came close using just his memory of seeing Harley in it.  Yvonne, I think you and Inza should get back to J'onn really quickly.  You can use your mental powers to freeze her as Inza makes it look like she's returning the lasso, but actually loops it around her.  Between the lasso and both of your minds, I hope we can get the Cheetah identity out of her."

Inza nodded.  "Good idea.  Yvonne, that sound good to you?"

"Indeed.  Let's go."  The pair went poof...

Gateway City

...and reappeared in Diana's living room.  "Back so soon?  I hope the lasso worked for you," their host asked.  "And wow, seeing you in person is almost shocking, Kal."

"Kal?  Not for the time being.  My name is Yvonne.  Yes, we found out a lot more about the Parody Pulsator, and also what Psycho was up to earlier today."

At that moment, while the Amazon was in a bit of confusion about what Yvonne had said, she found herself mentally blocked by the combined psyches of Yvonne and Inza.  Her own mental powers would have been able to get out of this, but that moment of confusion was just what the other two mentalists needed.  The lasso was quickly wrapped around her upper arms.  Both of her mental visitors found the identity of Cheetah that was actually using Wonder Woman as a cover.

"You are J'onn J'onzz, the hero called Martian Manhunter," Yvonne told her.  "You are in the form of Wonder Woman temporarily, using her name and the name of her alter ego, Diana Prince.  You are not playing the role of any other personalities.  In particular, you have no desire to be Cheetah.  Anything you have done as Cheetah will be memories, so that you can help to fix anything you have done."

Wonder Woman repeated the instructions, with Yvonne in particular monitoring her mind.  Even with the identity of Cheetah banished via the lasso, there was still a lingering bit of the villainess still hiding deep in her psyche under the memories.  Just as the prior owner of her powers had used them to impose images and ideas, the present holder of Psycho's awesome mental powers used them to coax out the last remnants of Cheetah as an identity from Diana's mind and abolish them, just leaving the memories.

The lasso was then unwrapped from the shoulders of the person who normally used it on others.  She looped it and hooked it to her belt.  "You don't have any more desire to be Cheetah," Inza told her.  "There's no sign of her in your mind, other than the memories of what you did and the knowledge that Cheetah's one of your foes as Wonder Woman."

The Amazon took on a serious look and said, "It won't happen since only mental instructions from Cheetah can bring it on, but Kyle got changed by me as Cheetah earlier while he was visiting.  His ring turned Lantern into a tiny villainess called Pixie who would help Cheetah in her criminal activities."

Yvonne's eyes went wide.  "So you were Cheetah during the first part of his visit?  Does that explain the wicked looking makeup on your face?"

"Right.  I was overcome by an urge to become Cheetah, and used my shape shifting powers to change my face.  I was Cheetah when Kyle got here, and changed to Wonder Woman while waiting for him to change back from Pixie to Green Lantern.  But that's all history now.  Let me go with you when you go back up to the Watchtower."

Yvonne looked toward Inza, who nodded.  "Okay, let's go."  The trio went poof...


...and appeared right in front of Dr. Psycho.  He was forbidden to talk, so could only show the shock on his face upon seeing Wonder Woman.

"You made me turn back into Cheetah this morning, Psycho, but I'm back to being Wonder Woman.  Let's get him into a cell to make him feel really comfy," Diana said while turning from the hideous dwarf to the others around her.  "Heh, and maybe we should consider something more for Psycho.  Since the regular justice system doesn't seem to keep him out of trouble, maybe we should think about using his own extractor on this assh...jerk to change him into another identity and at the same time totally change his mind."

"I agree," said Yvonne, "there's nothing more to get from him now.  But using the extractor on him?  That might be a bit extreme.  Just the cell for now.  Kyle, wanna do the honors?"

Green Lantern nodded.  "Sure thing."  His ring flared, and a big green energy hand picked up the dwarf villain to be locked up until transfer to an Earthly jail.

While Kyle was doing that, Diana said, "If you want, I could summon Pixie when Lantern is on the way back, and in the process you could get into her mind and remove the urge to be a criminal."

"I don't know," Yvonne replied.  "Presuming Pixie's ring is as powerful as Kyle's, we may not be able to stop her."

At this point Aquaman said, "Uh, could somebody please tell us who Pixie is, and how she could have a ring just as powerful as Kyle's?"

Wonder Woman chuckled.  "It's easier to show than explain.  Earlier today, when he first got to my place, I was Cheetah, not Wonder Woman.  I made Kyle use his ring to change himself into a tiny villainess called Pixie."

At this point a puzzled Hawkgirl walked into the conversation, and seeing a wicked looking Wonder Woman in unbelievably high heeled thigh high boots, along with a couple of unfamiliar black clad females who seemed to fit right in, made Shayera just want to observe and listen for a moment.

"I'm pretty sure we can get into her mind before she can put her ring to use," Yvonne said.  "That does sound like a good way to get rid of yet another super villainess hidden in our midst...even if she's really tiny."

The Amazon nodded her head, then said, "Get ready, here he comes."  She used her own mental powers to send the message to Green Lantern that Cheetah would have done, and instead of the usual emerald ring bearer everyone was expecting to see come around the corner, the toy sized Pixie flew into view.  The tiny green villainess was alarmed when she saw all the heroes instead of her boss, Cheetah.  Before she could have her ring even put up a shield, the action figure sized, green hued and clad beauty found her mind being assaulted by three powerful psyches.  Moments later, Pixie knew she was not a villainess but the tiny heroine form used by her bigger hero self when the situation required.

"Hi, everybody!" said the tiny but sexy voice.  She realized how difficult it was for the others to hear her and used her ring to make a miniature amplifier.  "Hi, everybody!  This better?"  A couple of shocked heads nodded.  Then Pixie figured her full sized voice would be easier than the little green amp and expanded to full size, still a foot shorter than her male form.  "I hope you don't mind my coming back like this.  I just wanted to show you my Tinkerbelle sized form.  Same ring, smaller target.  Bigger target now, of course.  Bet I look a lot like She-Hulk now, though not as tall or muscular."

Wally was gaping at the new, first miniature and then full sized female form of his friend.  "Kyle, I can't believe this!  You're happy being like this?  ...And who's She-Hulk?"

She giggled.  "Sure!  Why shouldn't I be?  But if it bothers you..."  Pixie activated her ring, and then in her place stood the normal looking and taller Green Lantern.  "This better, now?" asked a more familiar male voice.  "She-Hulk is a big, really muscular but nicely shaped heroine in a different dimension from ours.  I met her two years ago-"

"Later with that story, okay?" Yvonne grinned.  "Now there are four of us here in or capable of getting into female bodies.  Since we're used to the way you look as Lantern, stay that way unless there's a need for Pixie, okay?"

"Of course," Kyle answered.  "And I hope you can get back to your own male identity soon.  It's just not the same without Superman."

"Me, too," Yvonne replied, "but until I or anyone else can understand the ectoplasmic extractor enough to do a reversal, this is the identity I'm more or less stuck in and have to live with."

Her patience wearing thin, Shayera finally broke in.  "Ashley told me you all had returned, but not anything about all the changes I'm seeing."

The winged heroine was reintroduced to her changed teammates and given a brief rundown on how the changes had taken place.  It was more than a little hard to accept, but when they finished she said, "Black Canary got bored after we came back and went Earthside.  Dinah seemed a little strange herself ever since the teleport to Themyscira, but being amongst all those Amazons was unsettling for me, so maybe she was affected the same way."  Then she shook her head.  "Is that really you, Superman?"

Inza cut off any reply from the ex-Man of Steel.  "That reminds me, it's time to sit down with both you and Raven, Yvonne.  Let's use my room."

"Yes!" Yvonne said to Shayera as the two gorgeous blonde babes in black nodded, and all three took the Inza express method of getting into her room.

As soon as they were gone, Flash asked the group's merman, "Arthur, you saw the way that black hood worked on Yvonne back at the condo, and I saw the way it was also used on Raven.  Do you think it might be possible to use that hood to change the real Diana from her evil form the Parody Pulsator gave her back to her true identity to help the Amazons?"

Wonder Woman broke in, saying, "What hood, Wally?"

Flash reached into his right boot to pull out the first of the two hoods he'd stashed while at Wayne Manor.  "This one.  Joker had it made to take over the mind of Batgirl and turn her into another of his accomplices.  It was supposed to go with that costume you see Raven wearing.  It seems to shut down the identity of its wearer and allow instructions for a new identity to be given."

Aquaman came in with, "That might work.  If it was put over her head and Diana was then told she was not an evil person but the heroine we know, it just might work where even the lasso wouldn't.  Wait until Inza and the others get back out here."

They didn't have long to wait.  It was only a few minutes later that Inza and the two blondes in black zapped back into view.  "Ladies, tell the others who you are," the mage said.

"I'm still Yvonne, but at least now I also know that I'm really Kal-El," the first one said.  "Thanks to Inza I still know all about who I really am.  But while I do know I'm Kal, as long as I'm in this form I wish to be called Yvonne, and more fully and formally, Dr. Yvonne Simons."  She also still had her identity as Yvonne the bimbo but, because Inza had buried it pretty deep in her psyche earlier, she didn't know about it.

The other then said, "I had no problem with knowing that I'm actually Bruce Wayne and Batman, but Inza has given me a much surer basis for who I am as Raven."  She kept to herself the fact that a still dormant vibrator occupied her pussy inside the zipped closed catsuit she was wearing.  "At least for now, I want to stay in this female body Inza magically made for me.  Until I change back to Batman, like Yvonne I want to be known by my female identity as Raven Demonica."  Then, in her head she added, 'And Mistress Demonica.'

True to his name, Flash was first to reply.  "Yvonne, I can see why you're using that name since you're stuck in that incredible body until we find a solution.  But Raven, I find it hard to believe you're preferring to stay in that form when Inza could easily change you back at any time."

"No good answer," Raven replied.  "I just feel more comfortable around Yvonne like this, I guess.  Kal and I always were the World's Finest, and this way we're still a World's Finest of a different sort.  A lot of folks like to refer to Batgirl and Supergirl as the Distaff World's Finest, but as of right now, all four of us fit that description."

Aquaman snuck in with, "While you three were in Inza's room, Wally came up with an idea to help Diana's Amazon sisters change her back to a heroine from the evil identity she got.  Inza, what do you think about you using your mental powers to monitor while one of those black hoods erases her evil identity and then plants her original identity to take over?"

Wonder Woman broke in before Dr. Fate could answer.  "Not to brag, but I think my own mental powers are stronger than Inza's."

"But I think I know why Arthur asked me and not you, Diana," Fate replied.  "Even with your Martian Manhunter shape changing ability added to your mental powers, the similarity of your current mental makeup to the original Diana's is too close.  I wouldn't want to risk any backlash, nor do I think it would be a good idea to have two Princess Dianas on hand at the same time.  You can't go as your usual male self, so you'd have to go as some other female...and Cheetah's a definite no go.  Now then, if I was to go to Themyscira, I'd need some help to work with that hood.  Wally, you helped me before and know just what to do.  Would you be willing to come with me to try and help Diana?"

"Sure I would," Flash replied.  "Why wouldn't I?"

"I think I know, Wally," Raven said.  "Let me guess, Inza.  To bring Wally with you, we'd have to get yet another of us into a female body like you just told J', Diana."

"Exactly.  Wally, you and Arthur are about the only guys left in the group up here who haven't been transformed in any way.  Would you be willing to let me turn you into a female Flash just long enough for this visit to Themyscira?"

"Now, wait just a minute," Wally muttered.  Then he considered what was called for and said, "Just for this visit with the Amazons, right?  No extended time when we get back...or anything like that?"

"Remember, Wally, this is just my own choice," Raven said.  "It has nothing to do with anything Inza did."

"Exactly, Wally," Fate added.  "I can change you just before we leave, and then change you back as soon as we're off Amazon territory.  Willing to sample what Kal, Bruce, J'onn and Kyle have experienced?"

Flash was shaking his head in disbelief as he replied, "Oh, what have I got to lose?  This can hopefully help Diana, so I'll do it."

"Thanks.  Options for you - hair streaming out the back of your cowl, or stuffed up inside?  Good looking figure, or just a generic female form?  Lastly, I'm betting that for your high speed sprinting, heels on your boots would be better at putting you on your toes than flat heeled boots."

Wally thought for a moment, trying to picture this in his head, then said, "A full head of big, shoulder blade length hair that can be fully seen.  Make my cowl open on the top and back so my forehead, ears and neck are still covered.  All that hair can then be coming up and out from the top and back of my cowl, but to make it more impressive looking for the Amazons, how about hair in my Uncle Barry's golden blonde color instead of my red hair, please.  Might as well go for broke and say a really good figure, sort of like what Raven did, so the Amazons will be even more impressed.  And your bet would win.  You don't want to know how many times I've heard Jesse Quick bemoaning the fact that her boots have flat heels."

"Okay," Inza replied.  "Red hair is sexy in its own right, just think of the Amazon named Artemis.  But with your scarlet red costume, I think the choice of golden blonde is a good one.  Want me to change you right here, or away from the others?"

"Why waste time?  Go ahead and do it right here," Wally replied, still wondering what he was getting into.

In the blink of an eye, the Flash all his teammates were used to seeing was replaced by a female version with a figure to nearly match Raven's.  The lower part of her face still showing below her red cowl's mask had a cute little nose and very kissable lips.  What could be seen of her eyes made it obvious she really had nothing to hide if it weren't for security.  Her already statuesque form and height were enhanced by the shapely four-inch spike heels on her golden yellow boots, which themselves looked sexy and shapely over her now very much smaller female feet.  One noticeably different part of her costume was the yellow lightning bolt that normally went all the way around Flash's waist, looking like a belt.  Now it didn't connect in front, and each side came down off her hips, curving to point toward the camel toe very much evident in her crotch.

The changed Wally looked down upon the massive twin red globes sticking out over her chest with readily apparent nipples, and thought just how much she would have appreciated seeing breasts of this size on any woman she'd have seen as a guy, then said, "Looks like I'm way more than legit for a visit to Themyscira.  I've even got a voice to match this sexy body.  You don't mess around, do you?"

"I aim to please, Wally," Inza said with an unseen grin.  "Oops, Wally doesn't sound right anymore.  Any ideas?"

"Just Flash, okay?" she replied.  "I don't want to get into picking a female name if I'm only going to look like this for a quick visit."

"Flash it is," Fate said.  "You've got what, one or both of the hoods tucked into your boots?"

"Both.  Want me to leave one here or bring them both along?"

"Bring 'em both.  If nothing else, it reduces the chances of anyone else getting into one."

"In that case, I'm ready to go whenever you are."  Both disappeared a moment later.

Gotham City

A brand new nightclub was in its final stages of preparation for the grand opening during the upcoming rush hour.  Katie Telic was a just over five foot tall woman with wavy brown hair parted slightly to the left of center and looking very good for a forty-year-old with bright blue eyes.  She was the cousin of Gotham City's mayor Jim Ryan, and had found the building she was now putting to use up for sale back during the summer.  She had worked very hard to rework the interior so that they'd be ready before Halloween.  As it was, the new club she called Gata's came in ahead of schedule and was now ready for its grand opening, three weeks before Halloween.  Besides the last few workers doing touch ups, the six main attractions she'd hired were all chipping in by adding their personal touches to the stages.  In addition to her cousin's daughter, twenty-year-old Rhianon Ryan, Katie had held auditions for four back up singers and the winners of the positions were Gotham City Community College students Jane Siper, Cary Akerson, Carol Nichols and Pat Moore.  They were already in their kitten costumes while getting set for the 5 PM opening.  Lastly, twenty-one-year-old Haley Faulks had been hired as a dancer to go along with Rhianon, and she too was in her costume, ready to go while helping with the last minute touches.

Haley had hair looking very much like that of her boss, and for a costume had obtained a shiny, long sleeved purple latex catsuit with a wide open neck lined with a one-inch wide gold border.  A matching purple mask was over her eyes, with very open cat shaped eye holes and turned up outside top corners.  There were also little purple cat ears in her hair up over each of her ears, and her hands were bare.  She was wearing some purple boots she'd been able to find which were just a bit darker than her catsuit and were ankle high with short, two-inch block heels.  A golden belt was around her narrow waist, accenting the way her well endowed chest bulged in purple over it.  Attached to her belt on the left side was a long, coiled up black whip for accent.

Katie herself was also wearing her own cat motiffed outfit, a long sleeved cobalt blue leather catsuit with matching leather gloves zipped tightly over its sleeves up to just below her elbows.  She kept the zipper in the catsuit's front down quite a bit to show off her own nice cleavage, and was wearing a four-inch wide matching blue belt around the tops of her hips, secured at the front with a huge, square silver buckle.  Blue cat ears were on top of her head like Haley's, and she had exactly the same shade blue leather boots that were knee high with three-inch block heels.

The four younger girls were all in much different kitten outfits, similar to each other but varying in detail.  Waist length blonde haired Carol was the only one of the girls in a long skirt going almost to the floor, a pale tan in color.  She wore a long sleeved white blouse with a bright blue bustier over it that had wide shoulder pieces.  Like each of the girls, she also had a white apron coming out from under the bustier to go down to her thighs and flat heeled black baby doll toed shoes on her feet.  To go with her blonde hair, the cat ears she wore were a mid tan in color.  Shoulder length brown haired Pat had a mid grey miniskirt with a short sleeved white blouse and a dark purple bustier.  Brown cat ears to match her hair were mounted above her own.  Short black haired Jane was in a silver miniskirt and a red bustier over her short sleeved tan blouse.  Likewise, she had black cat ears.  Finally, short red haired Cary had an orange miniskirt, a white long sleeved blouse and a dark green bustier.  The almost orange cat ears she wore were a close match to her hair.

The most fascinating costume worn by any of the girls was Rhianon's.  She was wearing a furry black catsuit that molded to her expansive chest and narrow waist.  To accent her waist and chest, the suit had silver chain and ring details and a black choker with a silver ring clamp at the front of her throat.  The matching furry paws over her hands gave the young woman enough dexterity to continue helping out, she just had to be careful with the sharp claws now at her fingertips.  She had lots of fun with the long, curled, bushy black fur tail attached just above her butt, and it had a white fur tip.  Instead of having more furred paws over her feet, she had much more provocative boots than Katie or Haley, being shiny black leather zipped tightly to her calves up to just below her knees and having sexily shaped five-inch spike heels.  Whereas Haley had the whip for an accent, Rhianon had a handcuff attached to her left wrist with its mate hanging free.  So far Rhianon's gorgeous blue-eyed face and shoulder length wavy blonde hair could be seen, but she was almost ready to place the very realistic looking black cat head with green cat eyes and silver whiskers over her own.  To match her tail, there was a splotch of white fur on the cat head's forehead.

"Rhianon," Katie said as she walked up to her singer, "would you like some help with your cat head?"

Rhianon picked up the cat head which was only a bit larger than her human head and nodded while handing it to her boss.  "Yes, thanks.  That'll save me the trouble of going to the mirror in the ladies room."

"Aren't you going to use a hair net with this?" Katie asked as she hefted the lighter than expected cat head in her blue gloved hands.

Rhianon shook her head.  "Nah, my hair's short enough.  If it was much longer, yeah, I'd probably have to use a net.  Since you've got the head, I'll hold my hair."  She reached behind her head and gathered her blonde hair in her hands.  "Okay, time for me to turn into a cat!"

Katie unhooked the little latch at the back of the head's neck and lifted the surprisingly wide access panel up.  "Wow!  I had no idea with the fur hiding it that this access panel was the way in and out of this head."  With that, she slid the head in front of her singer's face and pulled it down and back over her hair filled hands.  Once she felt the head's mask over her own face, Rhianon knew she could let go of her hair.  Her boss gathered the few loose strands and pushed them in, then brought the panel back down and latched it shut making it disappear into the black fur once again.

Katie stepped around and looked at the now fully costumed Rhianon.  "I don't believe how much you look like a real black cat!  I presume you can see through those cat eyes okay?"

"Yes, of course," Rhianon told her, as Katie watched the cat's jaw open up matching her singer's mouth.  "And my mouth opens up to allow my singing without any distortion."

Haley had walked over as the cat head was being put in place, and now said, "I thought I had put together a good version of a cat costume using Catwoman for an example, but after seeing you like this, I think we have the best Cat Woman, with a space between the words.  Say meow for us, Rhianon."

With her cat's mouth still closed, Rhianon put her prior practice to use and purred first.  Then she let loose with a loud, "Meowwwrrrrrr!"

"Damn!  Sounds like you've been taking lessons from Selina Kyle!" Katie exclaimed.

"I'll say," Haley added.  "Speaking of Selina, you don't think she's going to have any problem with our cat themed club, do you, boss?"

"I may be the boss, but please just call me Katie," the blue colored cat responded.  "I asked my cousin about that before I got started, and he said Selina would most likely love seeing what we've done.  She has been more of a good kitten helping to fight crime lately than the feline felon she used to be, so maybe we can get her to make an appearance sometime soon."

"Too bad we couldn't get her here for the grand opening tonight," Rhianon said.  "Especially since Channel 6 is going to do a live newscast for the Entertainment Tonight show before the news."

"That reminds me," Katie said as she turned toward the right rear side of the stage.  "Girls, the TV crews are going to be here soon.  You're all set to go as my Gatitas, I hope."

Carol got the attention of the other three girls and motioned for them to stay silent.  Then, playing with the way their boss had used the Spanish word for girl kittens, Carol signaled and they replied in unison, "Si, Gata!"

"Okay," Katie giggled, "I know the club has a Hispanic name, but let's stay with English unless otherwise needed, girls!"

Still playing along, Carol did her best imitation of Rhianon and said, "Meowwrr."

Katie actually burst out laughing at that reply, and as her boss was overcome, Rhianon said, "No, like this.  Meowwwrrrrrr!"

All four of the kittens then chimed in, "Meowwwrrrrrr!"

"Katie, I think we're going to have a fantastic opening night!" Haley said after the meows and giggling stopped.

"I know I'm going to have fun," their boss replied.  "Let's just hope we get a lot of support from the public.  This really is a business, after all."

"Good timing, Katie," Rhianon said.  "There's the TV guys and gals at the door."

"Great!  Okay, all my Gatas and Gatitas, let's put on a good show!  Mary, go ahead and start up for Rhianon."  The almost unseen pianist did her thing, with the black cat following her.


With a bit more than thirty minutes to spare before Catwoman was supposed to make her visit, Luthor hit the enter button on the computer database of his new personality modifier, followed by the actuator button.  All Selina would have to do would be to walk through the infrared actuator beam and the modifier would first do a quick scan through all parts of her brain for identity and wipe them clean, then replace them all with what Lex had spent the past couple of hours programming into its database.  All the rest of her brain including memories, skills, fetishes and the like would remain to be used by her new personality for its base.  He himself would just be standing by to watch so there'd be no way she'd see him flipping a switch or hitting a button.  'Now, if this works as planned, Selina, I don't care what kind of good girl attitudes you bring with you.  They will be wiped out and replaced with the version of you I knew so well back when we worked together.'

He hit the extension on the phone for the uniform shop, and didn't even need to ask when it was picked up and he heard, "It's been ready and waiting for you, Mr. Luthor."

"Very good.  If it's as good as I hope, watch for some big bonuses on your next checks.  And besides the costume, give Mercy a long black wig, also."  Lex hung up before he could hear any reply, then punched the button for his assistant's desk.  "Mercy, stop at the uniform shop and then get down here right away."

"Right, I'm on the way."

Since the speedy and talented tailors had become accustomed to Luthor's secretive ways over the years, Mercy had no idea what she was being given to bring to her boss when she got to the shop two minutes later.  She tucked the package under her left arm and headed for the elevator to join him in the subbasement with not one but two black wigs in her right hand.  She was assuming the wigs were intended to alter Selina's hair style.

When she came to Luthor's side at his latest toy, Mercy held out the wigs and the package while saying, "Here you go."

She was a bit surprised when her boss didn't move.  Then he turned with a smile and said, "Keep them in your own hands.  You wanted to see Catwoman in her older and more wicked costume?  Go on around the corner, so I can't see you.  Use that wig to cover your own hair and model the costume for me.  I'm not sure, but I think your shoe size is almost the same as Selina's, so the boots should fit you."

Mercy knew time was of the essence, so with a wide grin she brought the package and wigs back close to her body, thinking, 'Lex must not have noticed two different wigs.  I'll have to see what comes out of this package to know which to use.'  Then while starting to zip around the corner she said, "Oh, so I get to not just see, but actually BE Catwoman for a few minutes!  I can't wait!"

She set the two wigs down on a table top, then Mercy laid the package next to them as she started a quick removal of her long sleeved white blouse, knee length dark brown skirt and short heeled brown shoes.  Since she knew what costumes looked like, the eager brunette pulled off her bra and pantyhose, but decided to leave her white lace panties on.  Now nearly naked, she picked up the package and examined the way it had been sealed.  The tape was pulled away, allowing the flaps to open up.  She saw what looked like a shiny black...or was it a really dark purple...catsuit and a green cape with purple boots, and when she lifted it spotted a note on top of a much less bulky pile.  The note explained it.

"Lex, Angelina in the uniform shop went above and beyond," Mercy told him.  "I'm going to leave what I'm pretty sure you had intended for Selina to use and put on what Angelina also made.  I recognize it as a different, older Catwoman costume."

"Say what?"

Mercy was grinning.  "Just wait.  I think you're going to like this."  Now she knew why they had included the short black wig, it matched the way Catwoman had her hair with that skimpier costume.  'Lex must have intended for me to wear that longer wig with the other costume.  Selina herself wouldn't need it, her own hair is just a bit shorter; but then, Catwoman did have much longer hair with that purplish black costume than she does now.'

First things first, the eager to get costumed woman pulled the short black wig over her own brown hair, and shook her head to loosen it up.  It had a pageboy cut in front to cover her forehead and came down to just below her jaw line with a bit of a flip up at the front.  She pulled the opaque, bright light blue tights over her legs, then put on the shiny black bodice.  It was very low cut in the back and exposed quite a bit of her cleavage in front.  She knew her own breasts weren't as bulbous as Selina's, but Mercy still was quite pleased with the way the black molded around her fleshy orbs.  The halter top broadened into a wide and curled down collar with pointed fronts.  There was also a long, curly black tail attached to it just above her ass crack in the back.

'Wow, too bad this sucker is going to be static.  I can just imagine having a tail I could wag around and make use of!'

She placed the red mask over her eyes, which angled up to almost look like cat ears, and hooked its clips over her ears.  It took her a moment to get used to looking through the yellow glass eye openings and the imitation cat eye lenses of the mask, and it came as a surprise when she noticed the tiny switches near the edges of each side.  The yellow lenses varied from normal daylight filters to low light night vision and even infrared scan.  She brought each lens back to daylight, then Mercy sat to pull on the black leather boots with expansive, rolled over red cuffs at their tops and big golden buckles over her insteps.  'Lex guessed right,' she noticed, 'since my feet are only a bit small for the boots but fit almost perfectly since they're boots and not shoes.  They look very sexy with these high and elegantly shaped stiletto heels, but I wonder how well I'll manage walking in what look like at least six-inch heels.'  She stood and found herself feeling a lot more comfortable with them than she'd assumed.  Then it dawned on her, how somebody from the shop must have managed to get to a shoe store to obtain such specially designed boots.  'And those purple ones with that other costume, too, for that matter,' Mercy mused.  'I'll have to make a point of asking Angelina later on.'  She picked up the nearly shoulder length, stretch black faux leather gloves and pulled them onto her arms.  The long and sharp claws on the finger tips made Mercy glad she'd waited til last to put these on.

She gathered up her clothes so that only the other Catwoman costume was left, but didn't think to grab that other wig.  Mercy opened up one of the drawers of the cabinets along the wall to her left and stuck her clothes there for the time being.  Then she picked up the cat-o-nine tails whip that went with this costume which was shorter and more easily controlled than the one with the other costume and stepped around the corner.

When Mercy saw the expression on her boss's face, she uttered the obvious, "Meowwwwwwrrrrrrrr!"  She waited a moment, then added, "This extra costume means there's no hurry to get out of it for Catwoman's arrival.  I'll just stay out of sight until after you've used your device on Selina and she gets into that other costume."

"Good idea.  And you say Angelina did that costume on her own, in addition to what I had asked for?"

"That's what her note said," Mercy answered.  "And that other costume does look really good.  The uniform shop really deserves a big bonus-"

Mercy was interrupted by the speaker overhead.  "Mr. Luthor, Selina Kyle's car has just entered the garage."

Lex reached down to flip the button, then said, "Very well, I'll be up to my office in a moment.  Have her sent up to meet me after she checks in and changes into her costume."  Then he released the button and turned back to Mercy.  "I expect you'll have at least ten minutes to get to wherever you wish to hide.  This is going to be fascinating, with two versions of Catwoman together.  Maybe you can say you're her kitten or something."

"Meowwwwwrrrrrrr, or something!  I'll be watching for you both."  Mercy's Catwoman stood with her clawed right fist on her hip, and her left hand held the whip as she watched her boss head for the elevator door.  A wicked looking smile formed on her lips as she made her way to the hiding place of choice after he was gone.

Perhaps if Mercy had turned the lenses of her mask to the infrared setting, she might have noticed the otherwise invisible beam near the base of Luthor's personality modifier.  Her right boot crossed the beam, and her body froze in pain as the machine actuated.  She raised her clawed hands to try and cover her head, but it was of no use.  Less than a minute after her boot crossed the beam, Lex Luthor no longer had a person named Mercy Graves working for him.  And another minute or so later, the woman who now knew she was a very evil minded Selina Kyle looked down upon her body clad in a sexy looking costume she couldn't recognize, but figured had to be one of her own Catwoman costumes since it had all the requisite cat themes.  Her mind seemed to be a bit cloudy; she knew who she was of course, but couldn't find her memories.  In fact, odd memories of a totally different background seemed to be at odds with her knowledge of who she was.  Oh well, that all could be worked out later.  She was in something quite different from her usual digs in Gotham City.  She hissed when all the labeling on equipment around her turned out to have Luthor's name on them.

"I'm in Luthor's lab?  What the hell?  I don't have any idea why I'm here," she wondered aloud.  "purrrrrrrr, I'd better get out of here; since I don't see him anywhere, odds are I'm not here as his guest."  She picked up the cat-o-nine tails from the floor, then did a quick look around to see if there were any weapons she could take along with her.  "Nope, that sucker labeled as Parody Pulsator looks way too big."  Then her eyes settled on what looked for all the world like a Glock pistol grip with a huge flashlight instead of a gun barrel.  "purrrrrrr...No way of knowing what this sucker does, but something tells me it will come in handy later."  The part of Selina's mind that held Mercy's knowledge of Lex's weaponry wasn't wiped clean and was giving her some hints.  "Now, to make my way out of here.  Good thing there's nobody else hanging around."  Catwoman made her way to the hard way of getting upstairs; her chances of getting away unseen seemed a lot better in the stairwell than the elevator.

* * * * *

After Selina Kyle parked the Solstice in the garage under the left side of the LexCorp building, something she was used to doing as having done so many times before in her real identity as Lois Lane, she grabbed the bag containing the blue pantsuit from the right passenger seat along with the gold clutch bag and went to open the trunk.  She set the bag in the trunk and then grabbed the small suitcase containing her Catwoman costume.  Even though she'd changed her mind about changing into the costume after acquiring the black outfit she was now wearing, Catwoman figured it would help to have it on hand when she got to Lex's office.

She knew her choice of garb was good as Selina noted the looks on the faces of both men and women who watched her walking from the elevator to the front desk after leaving the garage.  As she approached the desk, the brunette said, "Good afternoon, my name is Selina Kyle.  I have an appointment to see Mr. Luthor."

"We've been waiting for you, Ms. Kyle."

"I purrrrrrsume he's up in his office?"

The young lady at the desk hesitated just a moment, then said, "Yes, but weren't you supposed to give me a password?"

Lois as Selina smiled, and then giggled softly before replying, "Oh, there's no need for the kitty litter.  I do have my costume with me, but I think Mr. Luthor will be just as pleased with what I'm wearing now."

"I'm betting he will.  One moment, please."  The cute blonde touched the button on her panel and then said, "Mr. Luthor, Ms. Kyle is here and ready to come up."

"Is she snarling at you?" Luthor answered.  "Ms. Kyle?  You'd better call her Selina, or your blouse may get shredded by cat claws."

A big smile formed on Selina's face upon hearing this, then she pointed a finger at her bodice while shaking her head.  Very softly she said, "I want this to be a surprise.  Don't tell Luthor I'm not in my costume."

The blonde's head nodded while she was saying, "Mr. Luthor, my blouse is still intact.  Catwoman is on the way."  Then she grinned at Selina.  "I'll get one of the guards to take you on up.  Do you really hate being called Ms. Kyle?"

"Don't you worry about that," Selina replied.  "Lex has good memories of my old purrrrrreferences.  But I do like Selina best."

"Okay, Selina."  She flipped another tab on the panel, then said, "Driscoll, come to the front desk.  There's a visitor waiting to be taken to Mr. Luthor's office."

Moments later, a tall young black male in a LexCorp security uniform approached Selina.  "Driscoll, this is Selina Kyle.  Please give her an escort up to Mr. Luthor's suite."

He waved his hand toward the elevator and said, "Ma'am?"

"I'm right behind you," Selina said, then fell in and followed him to the elevator.  From her past visits as Lois, she knew they weren't going to be using the usual lift.

"Over here to this you use Miss, Mrs. or Ms.?"

"Ms., but please call me Selina."

He grinned, then said, "We'll use this direct lift to go to Mr. Luthor's executive suite, Selina.  No other stops along the way."  The door opened right away when he hit the button, and as soon as they were both inside, the tab next to Lex's office label was punched and up they went.

Selina knew exactly how long it would take since she'd done this as Lois many times, but to make it look good she asked, "Is this a long elevator ride?"

"No, ma'am," he assured her.  "In fact, we should be stopping any second now."

Sure enough, a moment later the elevator came to a soft stop and the door slid open.  Driscoll stayed inside, and waved an arm to show Selina out.  Since she had known how short a trip it was, the suitcase was never set on the elevator floor, and when she noticed Luthor at his desk, Selina nodded to Driscoll and mouthed a thanks before starting to make her way toward the obese scientific genius super villain.

As soon as she got close to the desk, Luthor stood in greeting and said, "Hello, Selina.  I thought you were going to change into your costume.  But I must say, you do look quite fetching in that black outfit."

Selina set her suitcase down, then replied, "Meowwwwrrrrr.  Good afternoon to you, Lex.  I do have my costume in this bag just in case you insist, but I thought this outfit would look purrrrrfect and be useable on the flight and the streets.  Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you like it."

Lex came around the desk and took his guest's hand to lead her to the couch on the far wall.  "No need to get into your costume," he said as they were traversing the office.  "Here, take a load off your feet and let's talk."

Once they were both seated, one in each corner of the couch, she turned to face Lex and said, "As I said on the phone earlier today, I heard what Dr. Psycho had done to Wonder Woman with your new toy called the Parody Pulsator.  I would like very much to put your device to use in Gotham City."

Luthor grinned broadly, then said, "Toy?  That may be what you'd like to call it, but to me it is both a tool and a weapon.  Wonder Woman was the first real test of what the machine could do.  From what Psycho told me, it completely changed the Amazon from the heroine she used to be into the exact opposite, a reborn version of her old foe, the villainess called Cheetah."

Selina nodded while saying, "I saw some pictures of her on the news.  I'm more familiar with the more recent Cheetah who looks furry but, as another feline felon, I've followed what her predecessors did, also.  Diana looked awesome in her version of Priscilla's costume.  If Psycho's change of Wonder Woman was only its first use, I wouldn't want to rob you of any chance to make the next use of the Pulsator.  There are a couple of uses I'd love to do, if you'll let me, though."

"I can just imagine a couple of bats being turned into their opposites," Luthor answered.  "I do have plans of my own for the device here in Metropolis, but let's go down to the lab so I can show it to you.  It's rather large."

Selina stood, then said, "My first and primary target is Batgirl, but there are so many other possibilities.  Let's go, I would like to see this new marvel of yours.  And not that I don't trust you, but I'm taking both my purrrrrse and my bag with me instead of leaving them up here."

Roaring with laughter, Lex stood to join her.  After the super villain recovered, he told her, "I've never known any woman who would let her purse get out of her clutches.  Here, allow me."  He offered a hand to take the suitcase from her.  "Not very heavy, is it?" he said after accepting it from her.

"No, I just have my costume in it.  Even if it had been full, it would weigh a lot less than what you'd imagine.  Feminine finery is a lot lighter than your bulky male stuff."

"I can imagine," Lex said as they got to the elevator.  "After you, my dear."  Selina stepped into the elevator, and noticed something she'd never caught during her visits as Lois.  There were actually two elevator shafts, so that a car would always be on hand no matter what level Luthor was on, while the other must stay at the main floor for ready use.  By the time she'd finished musing, they were already dropping.  In no time the door opened again, to a scene never before witnessed by her eyes.  It was Lex Luthor's actual laboratory!

Luthor had other things on his mind as he saw the doors open.  The first thing he did was make a quick scan for any sign of Mercy, but his assistant must have found her hiding place.  He picked up the bag and then said, "Right this way.  The Parody Pulsator is in the far right corner.  I've already made sure nobody else will be in the lab to bother us."

Wide eyed in wonder at what she was seeing all around her, Selina fell in alongside Luthor as he started walking toward that corner.  She was pretty sure the real Selina had not been in this lab anytime recently, so there were no worries about giving herself away with her awe.  She couldn't wait to tell Clark about all the stuff she was seeing.  She knew from many conversations that he'd never seen any of it with the lead lining Luthor had in the lab's walls, ceiling and floor.

As he set the bag down not far from the Pulsator, Lex made a sideways glance toward the personality modifier.  'I could have sworn I turned on the actuator,' he thought, puzzled.  Instead of walking directly to the Parody Pulsator upon which Selina's eyes were glued, he slipped over to the panel of the personality modifier and, with barely a perceptible motion, the actuator button was depressed.  Now it was just a matter of steering Selina toward the beam.

"I can see the presumed armored base on the floor and the box on the ceiling overhead," Selina mentioned as she placed her purse on the counter top, "but what's to prevent whoever's being changed from getting out of it?"

Luthor moved over to the control panel for the Parody Pulsator and readied his finger over the switch.  "Watch this."  He hit the button and, in the blink of an eye, the Pulsator's armored glass cylinder dropped from its hidden spot in the ceiling to meet with the armored circle on the floor.  She couldn't believe how quickly it had fallen into place, and with hardly any perceptible sound from the impact with the floor.

As he noticed his guest with a dropped jaw and wide eyes, Luthor said, "That glass is strong enough to keep even Superman from breaking it, and with the armored floor and ceiling above, there's no way he or anyone else could find a way out.  And as soon as the cylinder is in place, the Pulsator can be turned on to effect the changes."

Finally coming out of her awe inspired stupor, Selina replied, "I can see why you'd like to have this on hand here in Metropolis.  But if I could possibly make use of it in Gotham first, I'd be most grateful."  She thought for a second of the now apparent degree of difficulty in getting it into the hands of the Justice League.  "I'm presuming it would have to be shipped and then installed once it gets to Gotham."

"Just the way I did for Psycho.  At least you live a lot closer than he does.  It could be sent to you and set up in Gotham in only a few hours.  Come over here, so I can show you the actuator panel."

Selina took her eyes off the cylinder and glanced toward where Lex was standing.  She turned around the corner and started to walk toward him, and in the process crossed an unseen infrared beam.  Suddenly a searing pain flooded her body, centered in her head.  She angled her head back and screamed while placing her hands over her temples.  Nothing seemed to help.  Of course, in the process of screaming, Selina couldn't sense that all she knew about Lois Lane's past life and personality, and for that matter, the personality of the almost heroic Selina Kyle that Zee had given her all got erased from her mind, leaving just basic memories and knowledge.  As the pain started to subside, all those personality traits had been replaced.  Now she was only Selina Kyle, the wantonly wicked, exceptionally evil and ferocious feline felon version of her that was known to Lex Luthor from many years before.

Selina rubbed her head gently, than finally felt serene again.  "Lex, I feel like I just got hit with the migraine to end all migraines.  But it seems to have passed."

"Would you like me to get you an aspirin or anything before you try on your old costume?" Luthor asked, starting to wonder when Mercy was going to make an appearance.

"Oh.  I'd that why I came here, to get into an older costume more akin to my way of thinking?  I can't imagine why I'd be up here in Metropolis with you.  And no, I don't think there's any need for aspirin.  Whatever it was seems to have gone away as fast as it hit."

Luthor nodded while saying, "I'm glad whatever hit you didn't stay around.  Your costume is on the table around the corner."  Then Lex thought about that wig he'd intended for Mercy to wear with the costume, and was most likely still back there.  "Also, since your hair is back to being only shoulder length right now, there's what I think you'll agree is a great looking waist length black wig."

"Pass me my purrrrrse, would you?  My brush is in there."  He reached for the gold purse and then handed it to Selina.  She took it, then walked around the corner.

'Where's Mercy?' Lex wondered as his new ally disappeared from view.  His question was answered a minute and a half later.

"Mr. Luthor," came over the overhead speaker.

Instead of using the handless system, Lex picked up the phone.  He didn't want to bother Selina as she was changing.  "What is it?" he replied.

"Mr. Luthor, I thought Catwoman was with you in the lab.  A report just came over the radio news that Catwoman knocked out the traffic signals at first Kincaid and 7th, then Sullivan and 5th before they were able to run her off.  No one was able to catch her, and she's on the loose as of the last alert."

Sudden inspiration came to Lex then, and he groaned.  'Now I know why the actuator on the personality modifier was off.  Mercy didn't know where the beam was, and she must have tripped it while heading toward her hiding place.'  He had to try and cover for her.  "No, Catwoman is here in the lab with me and has been with me for the past fifteen minutes, Miss Hanks.  There must be a faker on the streets of Metropolis trying to make trouble for Catwoman.  Did the news say anything about what her costume looked like?"

"Only that it looked like a black swimsuit with a tail over blue tights, and it was noted that she should be awfully cold in something that skimpy."

'I can imagine,' he thought.  "Send out our security team to locate and bring her back here.  Let me know if there are any further alerts."  Luthor then hung up without waiting for Hanks to reply.  Presumably, there were now two women with identical identities and personalities.  One was around the corner getting dressed, and the other was already on the streets making trouble.  A quick glance around the tables told him how Mercy as Catwoman had disrupted the traffic signals.  There was no sign of the electrical nullifier gun he'd been working on, and since his assistant had been in on its testing, he was pretty sure that as Catwoman she'd know just how to utilize it.

Meanwhile, Selina had finished getting out of her newly acquired black fetish clothes.  As soon as the feline felon had seen the folded up costume on the table, she'd known to get out of all her clothes, including her panties.  She picked up the shiny, really dark purple tights which might as well be called black, marveling at the exquisite material from which they'd been made.  'Someone has gone through a lot of trouble duplicating my specially made costume material which had improved upon Lycra considerably.'  A big grin formed on her face.  "Ah, a very good choice for one of the favorites of my past costumes," she mentioned loud enough for her host to hear.  "I only wore this one briefly, but I loved seeing Lois Lane in a copy of it when I used my Cat's Eye ring to make her think she was me."  She slid her feet and legs into the tights, and made sure to seat the built in panty into her crotch perfectly.

From around the corner she heard, "I remember that incident.  That was the same time you turned Superman into a cat, right?"

The matching long sleeved leotard top was pulled on while Lex was talking, and Selina took a moment to center the V of its front over her cleavage.  "Yes, a black super cat.  Must have been bad luck for me.  Unfortunately, my replacement screwed up everything by setting off a cataclysm grenade.  The resulting shock waves brought the Gotham Police and Batman, and my kittens and I got marched into armored cars and then off to Arkham while my replacement slept off the shock.  Too bad they didn't arrest her as Catwoman instead of me."

Then she picked up the long black wig, agreeing with Lex that it looked very nice and her current hair wasn't long enough as is.  'It's really long, and it'll probably make me look sexy as hell like in the past.'

She put the wig on by tucking her own hair under it while Lex was replying, "Hah!  If that had happened, I wouldn't have had Lois to mess with along with the big blue boy scout."

Selina opened up her purse and pulled out the brush, then carefully gave her new longer hair a good brushing to unsnag it and make it look glorious.  "Too true.  I'm about half finished, so let me get the rest of my costume on, then get set to see the new, evil as can be version of the old wickedest version of Catwoman."  After putting the brush back in her purse, she picked up the white belt with its attached Kat Kit containing the tools of her feline trade which would rest over the front of her left thigh and hooked it around her waist.  Next came the knee length green cape which attached to the upturned green collar at her shoulders, and had her now long hair draped over it.

Then Catwoman sat down to pull on her royal purple boots with her trademark, unbelievably high stiletto heels; their tops came nearly to her knees, but they were then folded back down to expose the upper halves of her calves and fall to just above her ankles.  Selina grabbed her wickedly clawed gloves that also matched the purplish black of the rest of the costume and inserted her hands into them.  They were blended into the sleeves of the leotard to almost appear contiguous with them.  Finally, she took the masked cowl, likewise in the same color, and pulled it down over her head.  After its strap was under her chin and its eye holes centered over her own, the feline felon was fully back into a costume she knew would match her evil personality and intentions.

She used the claw of her right index finger to pop open her Kat Kit.  A quick inspection showed that everything appeared to be in place, other than Circe's wand.  'I'll have to do a google search of museums sometime soon to see where it is now.'  In the bottom rear corner, Selina found what she was looking for and, after pulling it out, slipped her cat's eye ring over her right hand's ring finger.  There was no way for the feline felon to know that the gleaming ring she'd just put on was very much more incredibly powerful as a hypnotic weapon than her original ring, almost to the Nth degree.  When Lex had instructed the uniform shop to make a replacement using what they had on hand, no thought was made to degrade the capabilities of the hypnotic gem Lex had in storage.

Lex knew she was coming when he heard the clicking of her heels on the lab floor.  When Catwoman came into view, the genius villain was tempted to whistle but thought better of it; he did verify what Mercy had said about the fantastic work done by the uniform shop.  'Where the hell did they find such accurate purple boots with higher than six-inch heels?'  He grinned.  "Now you look more like the very villainous vixen I remember!"

"Meowwwwrrrrr!  It's purrrrrfect.  I can't wait to get back to Gotham and get my claws into Batman and Robin...but most especially Batgirl!"

Luthor nodded his head while saying, "Very good, I look forward to seeing how you handle them.  Just remember your friends in the Legion of Doom and come back to visit every now and then."

Catwoman walked up to Lex and wrapped her arms around his broad chest to hug him.  Luthor returned the hug by carefully slipping his hands under her green cape and then immediately got a hard on when her large breasts mashed closely to his own chest.  "Have a safe flight, I'll miss you."

As she broke the hug, Catwoman told him, "See if you can get Giganta and Circe to be here for my next visit.  "I'll see if I can get Ivy and maybe Harley to come along from my side."

"I'll do that.  Oh, and just in case you hear reports about Catwoman making trouble here in Metropolis, don't let it bother you.  I heard that Lois Lane was dressing up in another old Catwoman costume and trying to give you a bad name.  Have no fear, I'll take care of her."

Catwoman shook her head.  "That pesky Lane bitch!  She must have found out about my visit somehow...she's dressing up as me?  On her own, this time?  I'd love to get my own claws on her again and put this ring back into use," she held up her cat's eye ring, avoiding pointing it at Luthor's eyes, "but since she's up here and I'll be in Gotham, I'll let you take care of her.  If you want to put her into that Parody Pulsator, besides the big blue boy scout, and she comes out with the right mindset, I wouldn't mind getting a kitten to help me out."

'Catwoman, you just gave me the solution to my problem,' he thought before replying, "I'll keep you advised.  Now, I guess you're going to want to change out of your costume to fly back home."

Selina pondered that for a moment, then said, "On second thought, I want to see this other Catwoman that's running around.  If you don't mind, I'll wait right here to see if your boys can get their hands on her."

"That's fine with me," he replied.  "Take a seat or just look around, I only suggest that you not touch anything without asking me first."  He moved over to the panel for the personality modifier.  Lex was thinking of ways to change Mercy from thinking she was Catwoman.  'There probably isn't any way I can program the personality modifier to restore her original identity, so just altering it so she thinks of herself as Catgirl and with a name other than Selina might do the trick.  Better not make it so she's Lois Lane as Catgirl, though, even though that's what I told Selina.  The real Lois Lane is still out there.'

Little could Lex know that he'd just spent the past forty minutes or so with the real Lois Lane, who was just now perusing the tables full of gadgets and weapons.  Of course, thanks to him, she had no idea she had ever been Lois Lane; now and forever more she was the most wicked and evil Selina Kyle that had ever walked this Earth.

As Lex started to type, he heard Selina musing, "Lex, to avoid any future hassles with airport security if I'm going to visit a lot, I'm going to suggest using one of your bizjets for getting back and forth from now on."

"Sure thing," he replied.  "Just give me a few hours notice whenever you want to jet up here."

"Great!  Hey, what does this one right here do?"  She was pointing at a long, narrow box with a shoulder strap and a small lens on one end.

Lex looked up, then in reply told her, "Nothing yet.  That's one I've been working on for five months now.  If I can get it to work, it will revert an adult to a child."

"You and your weird ideas," she told him, and went back to her silent perusals while Luthor busied himself at the personality modifier.


Not long after the newest Justice League female and the golden helmeted mage had left for Themyscira, the group's other mage looked at the clock in her room and decided it was late enough in the afternoon to let the others know she was there.  She had already thought up the story she'd give about why she had disappeared, so the new Zatanna stood up in her ballet toed boots without any question or difficulty and went over to the comm panel.  She pressed the button for the desk.  "Zatanna?!!  You're back?" said a surprised and sexy sounding female voice.

"Hi, Ashley.  Yes, I just got free and popped into my room."

"Everybody that's here is at the teleport pads," Green Arrow told her.  "I've been told there are some changes to expect in Superman and Batman."

"Okay, I guess I'd better go join them and see what's up.  See you later, girlfriend."  Zee flipped off the panel, then said, "tropeleT sdap."  This resulted in her making a surprising appearance.  "Sorry I missed out on the trip to Themyscira, Shayera, and all the other things which have been going on this afternoon," Zatanna said after popping into view.  "I'm only here now because my father got some help from Allura's good blonde haired twin sister to get me out of the dark haired witch's hands."

"Good to see you back with us!" Yvonne said.  "We got word from your father via Inza just before we left for Gateway City that we'd be seeing you later in the afternoon.  Did that witch give you a body makeover?  Your figure looks fantastic now, your hair seems to have become fuller and a bit longer, and those boots make you look a lot sexier!"

Zee was looking wide eyed at the speaker and also the near twin of her standing just behind.  "Body makeover?  Not that I know of.  This is just the same old me.  Who gave you one?"

Yvonne grinned.  "I used to be Superman.  I got changed permanently to Dr. Yvonne Simons in this body and black outfit by Dr. Psycho's ectoplasmic extractor.  Or at least, he said it was permanent.  I'm going to keep trying to reset the extractor to change back again."

"And I got changed to Raven Demonica by Inza so we could make Yvonne lose the idea that she was also an evil cat burglar called Raven," her near twin added.  "I at least have the option of being turned back into Batman by Inza when I wish."

Zatanna shook her head.  "Damn, you're really Batman?!  Phew!  It looks like you two got changed radically in Gateway City.  Ashley told me to expect some changes, but this is a bit much.  I'm glad you like this change in my footwear.  I've worn thigh high boots during a few stage acts and the crowds seemed to like them, and the ballet toed heels are my latest variation."

Raven spoke before Yvonne could reply.  "I like the boots, too.  Technically, Inza changed me in the Bat Cave, not in Gateway City."

Zatanna nodded.  "Details, details...but while you were all on that mission to Gateway City, right?  And what brings you up here, Diana?  Or should I say J'onn?  Love the new makeup and your sexy boots.  Those are really high heels!"

"Diana, please, for the time being.  I wanted to help out with the questioning of Psycho," the apparent Wonder Woman replied.  "I like these boots a lot more than the originals, and I got used to heels like these while I was forced into being Cheetah.  This isn't makeup, it's the way I shape shifted my face when I changed into Cheetah this morning.  I also just assisted in fixing a problem I started while I was Cheetah earlier today.  Kyle, wanna show Zee?"

"You were Cheetah earlier..." Zatanna started to say, when she saw Green Lantern glow in a green bubble.  When it disappeared, nobody was there.  "Where did Kyle go?"

She was surprised to hear a faint female voice say, "Look down, Zee."

As she was angling her head down, the gorgeous magician heard Wonder Woman say, "Zatanna, meet Pixie.  As Cheetah, I made Kyle turn into her.  I helped fix that a few minutes ago, so now she's a good fairy and not a devilish imp."

A moment later the full sized Green Lantern was back.  "I'm keeping the option of using Pixie's form if being tiny ever comes in handy.  As I showed the others earlier, I can also be Pixie in full size.  But even though Diana said I'm a good fairy now, I don't have any wings like Tinkerbell and almost all other tiny fairies."

Zatanna uttered a spell so softly nobody else could hear it, then said in a louder voice, "From now on, whenever you change into Pixie and wish to look more like Tink with wings, just think they're on your back and they'll be there.  Think gone, and no wings."

"Thanks a lot!" Kyle replied with a big smile.  "More options and variations."

"If you think Kyle as Pixie is good," Shayera said, "you should have been here a minute or two earlier.  Wally just left with Inza to visit Themyscira.  Take a wild guess what that means for Wally."

Zee shook her head while saying, "I can just imagine.  No males can set foot on Wonder Woman's home island.  Too bad we don't have pictures.  But I could use my scrying bowl if I really wanted to see Wally as a female."

Shayera walked over to whisper in Zatanna's ear, "Any word on how Lois is doing with the Catwoman disguise you made for her?"

This was something the new Zatanna had no idea the old one had done, and so answered in another whisper, "No word yet, but I'll see about checking soon."  Then in a louder voice she said to the others, "If nothing else, at some point later this afternoon or this evening I'm going to conjure up a review of today's events so I can be better aware of what you all did while I was in Allura's clutches."

"Before you do that," Yvonne said, "I want to make a visit home to see if I can put any of my wife's clothes over this costume and make a visit to the Planet to show Lois what I look like now.  I'd like you to come along so I can use your magic instead of the teleport pads, and also get to the Planet quickly."

"I'd like to join you on that trip," Raven added.  "If you don't mind, of course.  It might be easier to explain things to Lois if I'm there for backup.  I could always just ask Zee to change my outfit."

"That's fine with me," Yvonne said.  "I think it'd be good for Lois to see us as near twins.  Zee?"

"I'm good for taking you both as you look right now.  But before we leave, let me see if my magic can undo what Psycho's extractor did to you, Yvonne.  ennovY si namrepuS dna sah sih ydob dna srewop."  She had hoped for the best, but Yvonne appeared to still be the same.  "Your changes must be really set on you."

"Apparently so," Yvonne answered.  "Inza tried earlier, also with no effect."

"Maybe my father can think of some way.  I'll check later.  Ready to go?"  She saw two blonde heads nodding.  "ehT eerht fo su ot kralC s'tneK gnivil moor," Zatanna said, not knowing for sure exactly where in the Kent household would be safest.

When the three disappeared via Zee's magic, Aquaman said, "I can't see waiting around here at the pads while they make their visit.  I'm going to my room to take a dip in my tub and wait for Inza and Flash to get back, or Kal and Bruce if they're faster."

"I just spent the past half hour in my own room," Shayera told him.  "I'm going to go chat with Ashley."

"Okay, presuming either group checks with the desk on their return," he replied, "give me a call."

"I'm going to stay right here just in case Inza and Wally come back with Diana changed back into Wonder Woman," J'onn as Wonder Woman said.  She sat, then closed her eyes and crossed her sexy, thigh booted legs to meditate.

Green Lantern looked at them all, then said, "I guess that leaves me.  I'm going to go to my room to do some preliminary drawings that have been put off for the assignment I got, and maybe take a nap."


When all three appeared as they'd been standing in the Watchtower but now in the middle of the living room with only a small table in front of the couch as the only impediment, Zatanna sighed in relief.  Her duplicated memories weren't precise, and until she had more experience in visiting places, shifting via magic could be a bit hazardous.  "Thanks a lot, Zatanna," Yvonne said.

In the bedroom, the woman who'd started the day as Selina Kyle, but due to the original Zatanna's spell was now Lois Lane, heard this and felt relief.  Even if her husband didn't get back before sunset, Zatanna and whoever that female was could help.  She started to, "Mmmmppphhh!" loudly through the ball gag filling her mouth.

"Yvonne, did you hear that?" Raven asked.  The dominatrix in her recognized that sound readily.

Yvonne was already turning to go toward the bedroom as she replied, "I sure did, Raven."

'Yvonne?  Raven?' thought Lois.  'Who are they, presumably with Zatanna?'  She tried even more loudly, "Mmmmmmppppphhhhhhh!!"

Yvonne got to the doorway of the bedroom and received a shock.  There on the bed was a hog-tied, blinded and gagged Star Sapphire.  Raven was right behind her, and also stopped abruptly.  She was admiring the excellent bondage scene before her eyes.  By the time Zatanna joined them, Yvonne had already probed with her mind to see why Star Sapphire was in her bedroom.  With a very surprised voice she said, "Raven, that isn't Sapphire, that's Lois dressed up as her!  Give me a hand undoing her bondage."

"I'll get her legs and arms," Raven replied.  "You take care of the mask and gag."

Yvonne went immediately to the source of the mmmpppphing and debated for a millisecond whether to remove the gag first or the mask.  Gag, she decided, using her talons to sever the strap and ignoring the lock.  Lois gasped as she tried to move her jaw after having that ball jammed in her mouth for the past few hours.  By the time she could manage to say anything, Yvonne had sliced the strap holding the mask and it was off, also.  With her own extensive experience as Batman in using 'bondage' to secure criminals added to her acquired extensive knowledge of bondage and discipline, Raven had Lois' pink booted feet and purple gloved hands free at about the same time, using the lock pick tool from her weapons bag.  She hadn't even thought about the way she was using her own shorter claws to easily handle the locks and chains.

Before Lois could ask what she knew had to be coming, Yvonne said, "You may find this hard to believe, Lois, but I'm Clark.  I got changed to this body and costume by Dr. Psycho's ectoplasmic extractor this afternoon, and I'm stuck like this until we can find a way for me to change.  Even the black costume I'm in is permanent, like a new skin.  The only removable part is this mask."  She reached into the bag on her hip and pulled out the black domino mask, then decided what the hell and placed it over her eyes while pulling its strap over her head and then under her hair.

"And while I don't look like it right now," Raven added quickly, "I'm really Batman.  If you're going to wear your mask, Yvonne, I'll wear mine, too."  She pulled hers out of her goody bag, with the nipple clamps chain snagging and dragging them out also.  "Oops!" she said in a practically giggling voice while unhooking them, then put on her own mask after replacing her bondage gear.

Now out of her bed and standing tall in her high heeled boots with her legs still a bit stiff, the person who'd started the day knowing she was Selina but now knew she was Lois was looking at them both, blinking in her pink mask.  "As high as my heels are, both of you seem to be handling even higher ones with no problems.  I heard the names Yvonne and Raven.  Who's who?"

"I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we've both grown very used to the heels of our boots," her changed husband replied.  "Both of our bodies seem to easily handle doing anything in them, no different from just wearing sneakers or whatever.  I'm Dr. Yvonne Simons and Bruce is Raven Demonica, hon.  Oh, and you might as well join us, Zee."

The magician came in closer upon hearing the invitation, now really puzzled by what Hawkgirl had said earlier.  Lois took note of her boots in particular, which by her reckoning made Yvonne's and Raven's look tame.  "This is something really different and sexy as all get out for you, Zee!  I just love seeing you wearing ballet toe heels!"

"Thanks!  I love wearing them!" Zatanna replied.

Yvonne could just imagine how that conversation would go, so she cut it off.  "Lois, why are you in a Star Sapphire costume, and how did you get hog-tied and gagged?"

Lois turned from Zee to her very much changed husband.  "I got off from the Planet early, telling Perry I was going to go undercover to check on Carmichael.  I must have used that as an excuse, but I can't think of what the real reason might have been.  Around noon time, Star Sapphire came into the condo and berated me for dressing up as her that time a few years ago to keep her from making you her slave.  To take her revenge, that bitch put me into this copy of her costume and told me that if I was still in it when the sun went down, not only would I be wearing the costume, but I would then have her body and a power gem in my tiara, too.  Instead of pretending to be Star Sapphire, I would then actually be her.  On top of that, a bit later, one of her Zamaron subjects made a visit.  She filled the hole in my tiara with a power gem right away, emphasizing that I'd be a real Star Sapphire come sunset.  The last time, I just had the tiara.  Now I have a sapphire in it, too."

"Is it a real sapphire with the Zamaron power?" Zatanna asked.

Lois thought before answering, then said, "As that Zamaron bitch finished putting this gem in my tiara, I felt something but didn't pay attention due to the bondage which was keeping my attention.  Now I feel it better.  I'm not sure, but I think this is a real sapphire power gem."  She gave it some thought, and suddenly a purple beam shot from her forehead to the ball gag that was left near the pillow.  It floated up into the air.  "Unreal!  This gem is the real thing, I have all the powers of Star Sapphire!  If only I'd noticed this earlier, I could have zapped myself out of the bondage!"

"Making you more powerful than me for once," Yvonne replied.  "The only powers I have now are the mental powers I got from Psycho."

Lois turned to Zatanna and said, "Your magic couldn't change Yvonne back to Clark?"

"Nothing tried by Dr. Fate or myself worked," Zee replied.

"If no Earthly magic could transform Clark," Lois said, "let's see what Zamaron power can do."  She put a picture of her husband in his superhero costume into her mind and concentrated, then pointed her purple gloved hand.  Suddenly a purple beam shot from her fingertips toward Yvonne.  The blonde was encased in an eerie purple hued energy field, and when the power faded she had been changed back to Superman!

He looked up and down at his body for a moment, then said, "This is incredible!"  Kal did a quick test by turning on his X-ray vision and saw Lois' bone structure.  "I have at least my vision powers it seems.  I wonder if I have all of them?"

"You should," Lois told him.  "I was concentrating on all your powers as I pictured you in your own body.  But just in case you ever have need of those mental powers you mentioned instead of your Kryptonian powers, I think I made it so you can go back and forth from this body to Yvonne's."

"Oh, really?"  Kal put his own not insignificant male mind to the task of seeing himself as Yvonne, and suddenly the red and blue covering a muscular male body was replaced by shiny black covering a super sexy female body.  <It works!> she mentally projected to Lois.

<Now try to change back on your own,> she heard in reply.

Yvonne used her much more powerful mind to picture herself as the Man of Steel, and sure enough she morphed back into the male form.  "This is fantastic, hon!  It seems like your accidental transformation into a near copy of Star Sapphire has done what nothing else we tried could do."

"Now try something more," the disguised Lois told him.  "See if you can change to Yvonne, but in something other than the black outfit."

Kal had his doubts, but with hope pictured himself as Yvonne clad in a female version of the costume he was wearing.  Suddenly, the blonde beauty was back and dressed in bright blue and red instead of masked and in black!  "It works!" she exclaimed.

"Now you can change back and forth from Clark to Yvonne and have her dressed however you desire, Smallville!" Lois told her.  "I might have to get used to living with a part time man, part time woman."

Yvonne transformed herself back into the Man of Steel, then said in reply, "Plan on a man most of the time, hon.  While I've been getting used to being Yvonne, this is how I feel most natural.  Can't beat the super powers, either!"

"That's one hell of a great ability you have now," Raven said.

Lois grinned, then enveloped Raven in another purple energy field.  A moment later when it dissipated, Batman was standing where Raven had been.  "Same deal.  If you desire to be Raven for any reason, just think about changing and you'll be her again.  Dressed however you like."

Bruce did the same as Kal, and thought of himself as Raven.  The foreboding appearance of the Dark Knight was replaced by that of Raven, but instead of black and a domino mask, she was in purple with black trim with a mask and cowl.  She was more than pleased to feel her inert vibrator still in place, and was very pleased to find the bullwhip tucked into the top of her right boot.  "Had to imagine myself as Catwoman used to be just for the test!  Since I know how this works, I'll change back to Batman and just do Raven if necessary.  Thanks a lot!"  An instant later, Raven was back to her male form.

"You have one hell of a lot of power to work with, Lois," Zatanna said.  "I might suggest that you alter your costume so that when the sun goes down, you don't get Star Sapphire's body in addition to her powers."

Lois thought for a moment, then answered, "I know we've still got nearly two hours before sunset, but since I'm betting you all want to get back to the Watchtower, and I want to go with you, it's time to say goodbye to the newest Star Sapphire."  Suddenly a purple energy field hid her from view.  Moments later, it faded to reveal a black haired female figure in a very feminine version of Bruce's Batman costume.  Her gem was in a brooch hanging from her neck inside the costume.  Then she experimented to see if the change could be done without the eye catching energy field, and Batwoman was instantaneously replaced by Catwoman in the same purple outfit Raven had worn.

Then she paused for a moment.  With a puzzled look she turned to face Batman.  "Bruce, it probably wasn't obvious as I was changing costumes, but I was at the same time using the power of my gem to duplicate the powers of your body.  Specifically, your female body.  I picked up all the skills and mental attitudes of a dominatrix called Mistress Demonica.  Is that a quirk left over in your female body from earlier?  I hate to think you want to keep that tendency so prominent in your female body."

Bruce hedged a bit, totally off from his usual demeanor, then in reply said, "As Raven, I had been turned into a bitchy dominatrix and cat burglar before I did the change for Yvonne, which you'll most likely hear about soon.  Inza did clear away my cat burglar identity, but left behind my dominatrix tendencies.  I'll have to ask her to go deeper in my mind and erase that also when she gets back from Themyscira."

Lois, still looking like Catwoman (ironic, considering who she had started the day as), nodded.  "You may not have to wait for Inza.  I believe with the power I now have, I can delete Mistress Demonica from Raven's personality in your mind.  Let's see."  Exercising the limits of her newly acquired powers, she went into a mode unfamiliar to her but more along the lines of what Zatanna and Inza did.  Her conscience went into what she didn't know was the mystical realms and thence into the mind of Raven within Bruce Wayne.  The yearning for a vibrator to be constantly in place in her crotch was a surprise to find, and was expunged to reduce the chances of Raven reverting.  The whole additional identity of the malicious dominatrix proved an easy target, and was deleted as well.  She also detected the sexual stimulation magic left behind from the black costume, and took that away in addition.

What Lois couldn't feel or notice was where the vibrator longing and identity and personality of Mistress Demonica went after leaving the mind of Bruce Wayne.  Or where that powerful Creole Voodoo magic went.  None of that could just disappear, and all found a home deep inside her own mind and psyche now.  Feeling triumphant and glowing in her success, the new super heroine exited and went back to her own body.  'Is that a vibrator I feel in my pussy?  Nifty!  At least it isn't turned on.  And this stimulation the costume is giving my body, WOW!  I guess I own both of these traits now instead of Bruce.'  She didn't think about that other trait, though...  Turning to her husband, she said, "You and I may have to work together to hone our mental capabilities if Yvonne is as powerful as you say, dear.  I just had a very enlightening experience."  She turned back to face Bruce.  "The next time you change to Raven, you should find no urges to be a dominatrix."

He took the hint, and Batman was replaced by Raven in her black outfit.  'Where did that vibrator that always seemed to be in my pussy go?  Good, I'll no longer have to put up with it.'  She concentrated for a moment, then said, "I do believe you were successful, thanks.  I can't find any sign of Mistress Demonica in my mind."  Then she just as quickly changed back to Batman, not having noticed the lack of stimulation from her catsuit.

"Great!" Lois replied, then decided to continue her costume and power switching tests.  Seconds later, Catwoman was replaced by a twin of Raven, followed by a twin of Yvonne in her black outfit.  Then she did the Superwoman Yvonne had tried, but with the shorter blonde hair normally seen on Supergirl.  The big difference was, her gem had empowered her with all the super powers expected to go with the costume.  Along with turning her vibrator on an off with but a thought.  No matter which costume, each was pumping sexual energy into her body.  What a benefit, on all accounts!

She grinned widely, and then went for the finale.  All present saw Lois reappear in a shimmering pale purple, long sleeved leotard with a deep and wide rounded neck clinging tightly and molding her breasts into large orbs.  A thin gold belt was just below her waist.  Gold boots that came up to a few inches above her knees and had heels only a bit less imposing than those on Sapphire's boots were on her legs.  A gold mask covered her nose and the area around and behind her eyes.  Her hands were bare, and the sapphire was mounted to the hem of her neckline in front.  Finally, instead of shoulder length and black, her hair was in a short bobbed do and blonde.  "Say hello to Omniwoman!"

Batman was the first with a comeback.  "As Omniwoman, you can use your sapphire to duplicate the powers of other heroes and villains, and just as easily change your look to match them.  Am I close?"

"As always, you have proven to be the ace detective," she replied.  "I made this to be an original costume, or so I hope."

"Looks really good, Lois...err, Omniwoman.  Can't say I've ever seen a costume like that before," Batman told her.

"Looks great, hon," Kal said.  "I think I can speak for the rest of the Justice League members when I say you will make a great addition to the group.  The only problem I see is coordinating this new life with your work at the Planet, the way I have to."

Omniwoman tilted her head to ponder this for a moment, then said, "I think if you can handle it, I can too, dear.  We have the weekend to think of things, and then play around with Perry on Monday."

"With your conniving mind added to the powers you now have," Batman said, "I doubt it's going to be any problem.  Let's get on back to the Watchtower now.  Zee?"

Before Zatanna could reply, Omniwoman broke in.  "Dear, I can teleport us all using my power."

"That may come in handy later, hon, but not for this trip.  I think Zee has a better idea of exactly where we need to be at the Watchtower."

Zatanna grinned.  "Party of four, Zee express to the Watchtower, now departing.  llA fo su ot ym moor ni eht rewothctaW."

Themyscira, a bit earlier

Dr. Fate and the now very top heavy, beautifully gorgeous and ultra feminine Flash popped into view on the steps of Queen Hippolyte's palace.  One of the guards spotted their arrival and went inside to alert the queen.  Moments later, the pair saw the regal blonde with four of her attendants flanking her emerge from the palace.  As they came closer, Hippolyte said, "Hola, Dr. Fate.  I would also like to greet your partner, but I only know a slightly different version of this costume as belonging to your teammate called Flash."

Circe was wondering the same thing, from her hidden viewpoint.  'From all my past visits to this time period to heckle Wonder Woman, the Justice League member called Flash has been a well-built male.  But this Flash is in no way a male; if anything, she's even more feminine that her Amazon hostesses!'

Flash considered doing a curtsy, but didn't think it would look that good considering how she was dressed, so she bowed gracefully.  Then in her very pleasant female voice she answered, "I know my costume does look a bit different now, heh, and my body looks very different, but I truly am Flash.  To be able to come here and assist Dr. Fate, I allowed her to change me from a guy to a form more appropriate for this island."

"It must be a very important task you have to give up your masculinity even temporarily," Hippolyte replied.  "I commend you upon your adoption of such a finely feminine body.  It is a pity that this beautiful form you have adopted will not be permanent.  What is it that brings you both here, so soon after your teammates brought my daughter here for treatment?"

'Not be permanent?'  Circe grinned widely and wickedly, thinking of how this would bring her back close to her ages old fun and games.

Flash blushed, and while choosing her words carefully, Inza told the busty and blonde Amazon queen, "I realize Diana is in the best of care here with your subjects, but only in the last hour did we discover a possible way to eliminate the evil personality your daughter was given and restore her true identity.  Would you please give us permission to see the princess and try to use our method?"

The queen glowed upon hearing about a possible cure for her daughter's problem.  "She is on Transformation Island now, under the care of Epione.  I'll have a boat take you there."

"No need for that, your highness," Inza said.  "I can get us there the same way we came from the Watchtower.  I just need some idea of what the layout is of the island, and what to look for."

Hippolyte nodded, then said, "In that case, follow me."

All proceeded into the main hall of the palace.  The queen walked to a wall on the left and pointed.  "That is Transformation Island."  What she was pointing at was no mere photograph, but what looked like a 3D miniature version of the island which could be rotated on any axis to present the viewer with what was needed.  "This is the building in which Epione is treating Diana," the queen added while pointing to a low, white stone structure.

Inza looked at it for a moment, then said, "We can arrive in that clearing to the left side of the building.  Ready to go, Flash?"

"Ready when you are.  I'm tempted to race you there, though."

Hippolyte's eyes went wide upon hearing this exchange.  "I presume you are talking about transporting to the island in some magical way.  But how could you race a magician's spell, Flash?"

The red and gold clad super heroine grinned, which looked much different with her now beautiful face.  "I can run on water just as easily as on land, your highness.  You may not have heard, but as fast as Superman can fly, I can run.  But to keep things simple, I'll go along with Inza."

"That's the second time I have heard you called by that name, Dr. Fate," Hippolyte said.  "Is that another name you have?"

Inza grinned inside her helmet.  "Yes, your highness.  Just li-"

The queen interrupted Inza, "I beg you, skip the 'your highness'.  I have a name of my own.  Just call me Hippolyte, please."

"I'm sorry, Hippolyte.  I knew your name, but I didn't want to sound informal," Inza replied.  "As I was saying, like your daughter is called Wonder Woman while also having the name Diana Prince, I am called Dr. Fate while having the name Inza Cramer.  If we may take your leave now?"

"Yes, of course," the queen replied.  "Best of luck in your efforts to aid my daughter."  Then Hippolyte added, "Oh, wait one moment."  She reached under her robes to the belt around her own waist and unhooked the golden lasso Black Canary had given her earlier.  "Take this with you.  It may be of use in your work with Diana."

'I wish that I'd noticed Diana's mother wearing that golden lasso earlier.  Another opportunity lost,' Circe figured.

Inza took the lasso from the Amazon queen's hand, and as her golden helmet bowed toward Hippolyte, the queen saw the pair of super heroines disappear.

They reappeared in that clearing Inza had noted but, before advancing, she told Flash, "Just to be on the safe side and not surprise any Amazons hard at work, make a quick run through the building to see what's up."

"Be back in a second or two," Flash replied, and was gone in a scarlet and gold blur.  As predicted, the blur was back at Inza's side a second later.  "We were right about the heels on my boots.  They make sprinting so much easier.  Bad news, inside, though.  Diana didn't look like she was being treated at all.  The other Amazon in there who I presume to be Epione was seated, while Diana was standing and looking down at her."

"Uh oh, not good," Fate replied.  "Can they both be seen from that big doorway?"


'So, the way your heels put you on your toes makes it easier for you to run?'  Circe snickered.  'Heels that really put you on your toes would obviously be even better!'

"Okay, here's what we're going to do," Inza said.  "I'm going to get up to that doorway.  At the drop of my hand, I'll move Epione from in there to this spot in the grass while you race in and place the hood over Diana's head."

"Sounds good," Flash said.  "Let's move."

The pair moved quickly but quietly up to the doorway.  Inza then saw what her partner had described, and it sure looked like Diana was treating Epione, not the other way around.  She raised her right hand to get Flash's attention, then dropped it.  The heroine in gold trimmed figure hugging scarlet disappeared in a blur as Inza mystically moved Epione out of the room and into the grass clearing.  She saw the black hood seem to just appear over Wonder Woman's head, at which point the Amazon froze in position.  Inza was distracted when she heard Epione call out, "Cheetah, beware!  Someone is attacking us!"

'What the hell?' Inza thought, then to play it safe she conjured up rope to tie up and gag Epione.  'That'll keep you until we can do something with Diana.'

Dr. Fate went inside, to see a now motionless Flash standing next to the Amazon with a sexy black hood covering her head.  "You haven't said anything to her yet, have you?"

"No, I figured you would want to do that."

"Good."  Fate walked up to Diana and, after winding the golden lasso around her shoulders for added benefit, said, "You are not Cheetah.  You do not have any evil tendencies in your personality.  You have your original identity that's been buried in your psyche, not the false one that was imposed upon you."

She turned back toward Flash.  "I wonder if that's enough for a start?"

"Let's check," Flash replied.  She asked the Amazon, "Who are you?"

"I am Wonder Woman, and my name is Dinah Lance."

"WHAT?!" two voices said in unison, along with an unheard third voice belonging to Circe adding to theirs loudly.

Then Inza said, "Hey, remember what Shayera said about Black Canary seeming to be a bit different after the teleport to Themyscira and her return to the Watchtower?  When they left the Watchtower, those also at the teleport pads were wondering about the way Diana and Dinah were scrunched together and connected via the golden lasso.  From what we just heard, Dinah must have been put into Diana's body and vice versa."

She turned back toward the hooded Amazon again.  "You say that you are Wonder Woman and that your name is Dinah Lance.  Are you also another identity?"

"I have also been Cheetah, but that's no longer my identity.  I have also been Black Canary, but that's no longer my identity."

"Flash, I think we can take off that hood and the lasso," Inza said after hearing this.  "Along with that Venus Girdle over her power belt."  Her companion did another blink of the eye removal, with the hood being tucked back into her boot and the golden lasso coiled in her left hand before Inza even finished.  As soon as the golden helmeted heroine stopped talking, she felt a Venus Girdle being placed in her left hand.

It took a moment for the effects of the hood to wear off, then the Amazon showed some life and turned her head to look at the two women in front of her.  "Inza...and is that really you, Flash?"

"Yep!" Flash said quickly.

"We came here thinking we could use a special mind control hood to fix the situation Diana was in.  We heard you say your name is Dinah Lance.  Can you tell us anything about that?"

Wonder Woman closed her eyes briefly, then said, "My mind is a bit cloudy about what has taken place since the teleport from the Watchtower.  I recall finding myself in this body when we got to Themyscira, and it was then that using the lasso, Diana in my body told me I had no identity other than the very evil Cheetah.  Then, while coming to this island, I even had my identity as Cheetah doubly secured in my mind so that no form of machine or magic could undo that.  But somehow, you have undone that."  She stopped for a moment, then shouted, "Oh my God...Epione!"

"I have her tied up out on the lawn," Inza said.  "What's the concern?"

"While I was Cheetah and the two of us were on the boat coming over here, I used a Venus Girdle to make Epione an ally of mine.  Again, I even put that Venus Girdle you're holding on myself to try and make it so that nothing could prevent me from staying as Cheetah.  I don't know how, but you've succeeded in getting the evil mind and identity of Cheetah out of me.  But Epione's now an evil Amazon, with no need for the Venus Girdle she's still wearing to keep her that way."

"We can fix that with either the lasso or the Venus Girdle she's wearing, can't we?" Inza asked, while placing the Venus Girdle taken from the ersatz Wonder Woman's waist on the bench.

"I think the lasso would be better.  And since she knows me in this body, it might be best if I go do that, not you."

"As long as you don't object to my watching just to make sure," Dr. Fate replied.

"Let's go!"

Alarmed, Circe immediately went to Epione's side, unseen of course, and put a block into the Amazon's mind.  <No matter what they do to try and change your mind, all the instructions you were given by Cheetah will stay in effect.  You will pretend that what they tell you has changed you, while in reality you will stay as you are now.>

They found Epione still sitting in the grass with rope wound around her torso, trapping her arms behind her back and more rope immobilizing her legs and mouth.  Wonder Woman tapped the area of her midriff so Inza and Flash could hear the metallic sound.  "She's still wearing the Venus Girdle, so orders she gets will be doubled from the Girdle and the lasso.  Go ahead and remove her rope gag."  The rope keeping Epione's lips from moving vanished.  The golden lasso was coiled around her neck like a collar and leash, and the woman she knew as Cheetah told her, "Remain silent until you are told to speak.  You know me only as Princess Diana and Wonder Woman, Epione.  Forget that I told you anything about me being Cheetah and you being my assistant.  Now, tell me who I am, and why I am here."

"You are Princess Diana, also known by the name of Wonder Woman.  You're here to be treated by me to change you back from being evil to your original personality."  And in her mind she added, 'Your original, ultra evil personality as Cheetah.'

The golden leash was removed from her neck, and then Inza had the rest of the ropes disappear.  When Epione stood, Wonder Woman undid the blonde Amazon's Venus Girdle and pulled it off.  Then Inza said, "Epione, my name is Inza, and I'm also known as Dr. Fate, a magical super heroine in the Justice League of America.  This is my friend and teammate Flash, and both she and I were sent here by Hippolyte to use a cure we discovered only an hour or so ago to change your Princess Diana back.  I can assure you, there is no further need for you to try and cure Diana.  However, in a few moments you will see an evil Diana again.  Your Princess Diana is not in Wonder Woman's body right now.  She and my other teammate Black Canary had their minds switched when they came here with Hawkgirl earlier.  I'm going to attempt a mystical mind swap to get them each back into their own bodies."

'So maybe I still had a chance to mess with Diana,' Circe figured.  'Especially since I now have Epione at my side, and even more so very soon, if my plans work.'  The witch grinned.

"That sounds difficult to believe," Epione replied.  "But I will go by your word.  Might I suggest that we remove Wonder Woman's power belt and replace it with that Venus Girdle you're holding, so that if your swap works, she will be easier to handle?"

"Yes, that's an excellent idea," Fate answered.  "I had planned on just using the golden lasso."

"Added to the Venus Girdle, the lasso will give us positive control over the Princess.  I would suggest going back inside to do this swap."

"I agree.  Let's go," Inza said.  "Dinah, I'm not sure where you're going to be sent to get into your own body.  We were told that Black Canary left the Watchtower to go back Earthside, but not where in particular."

"With the evil Diana in my body, it's a really good question as to where I'm going to end up.  I'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens."

Before they started walking to follow Inza and Dinah as Wonder Woman, Flash lifted her hand and then asked, "I keep hearing mention of these Venus Girdles.  What do they do?"

Circe couldn't resist.  'Epione isn't mine completely yet, but for now there are ways for her to start playing her role.'  She quickly put suggestions into the Amazon mind manipulator's own mind.

After a brief moment while Flash wondered, her question got answered.  "The best way to answer your question is to demonstrate," the corrupted Amazon healer replied.  The blonde beauty took the Venus Girdle she was holding and placed it around Flash's now very narrow waist, snapping it closed behind her back.  "While you are wearing this Venus Girdle, any orders you are given will be impossible to disobey.  Walk directly behind me as we go toward the building."

Staying immaterial so she could remain hidden for the time being, Wonder Woman's old foe Circe grinned.  'Good, Epione just said and did exactly what I planted in her mind.  Now to watch as the rest unfolds...'

Flash started to think that what she'd been told sounded ridiculous, and the stunningly beautiful blonde figured she would run a few laps around the place and then come back in a second to face Epione.  But her thoughts immediately altered to walking behind the Amazon.  She fell in right behind the healer and started to walk slowly and obediently.  The blonde Amazon turned her head and smiled, saying, "You see?  You are doing exactly what I told you to do.  You have to know that of course you're a female, and just like any other female who is wearing her Venus Girdle, you submit your will.  We normally only put them on captives or other women who are placed here in our care.  You're obviously not a captive.  You are a very beautiful woman with an awesome and far beyond perfectly shaped body.  You must always take great pride in having such an exquisitely shaped body and never even think of allowing your body to deteriorate or change.  Do your best to keep yourself trim and looking this good.  You must be always aware that yours is a better than perfect female form."

Flash nodded her head in understanding as she walked along.  "Yes, I feel the compulsion to do just as you say, since of course I'm a female and wearing my Venus Girdle.  I can thank Inza for this awesome and more than perfect female form.  I am a very beautiful woman, and I have every reason to be very proud of my better than perfect female form.  I will do my best to try and stay looking this good, and never allow anything to change the way I look.  How could I possibly forget that I have such a better than perfect form?"

Epione turned her head to check on those walking in front of them, then back to her walking partner.  "Flash, you look like you would be much more comfortable walking and running if the heels on your boots were high enough to put you on the tips of your toes.  You need to replace those short heels to be more comfortable.  And I'm wondering, do you have any other name other than your heroine identity?"

"Yes, I'm called Wally," the heroine answered.  "I know I would be able to run much better with higher heels, I need to replace these way too short ones soon."

The Amazon shook her head while just short of laughing and said, "Wally?  That sounds like you're protected by walls."

Flash did give in and laughed in a much more feminine way than ever in the past, then said in reply, "That's the first time I've ever heard that one.  Wally is what we in Man's World call a nickname.  It's short for my full name, Wallace West."

As she nodded, Epione said, "That sounds so much nicer, Flash.  Going by its sound, that is spelled W-A-L-L-I-S, and we have one of our sisters whose name is spelled N-A-R-A-L-I-S.  To make it easier, we call her Lis.  To make it sound better, you also should call yourself Lis.  Lis West.  What did you call it, a nickname?  But it's not a nickname, your full name is Lis."

"Yes, my name is Lis, Lis West.  That is my real name, Lis.  Oh, look, we're almost there."

Ahead of Epione and Flash, neither Dinah nor Inza paid any attention to the low volume discussion that just took place.  As soon as they were inside, Epione removed the Venus Girdle from Flash, saying, "Now you are back under your own willpower, Lis."  Circe had been listening in on what was being spoken, and decided it was about time she started to lend a more direct hand.  All along she had been noticing how pretty and exceedingly feminine Flash looked and how she was willingly wearing a Venus girdle.

Her new lieutenant had already put that girdle to good use in altering Flash's mind, but now it was time to go much further.  As Epione removed the girdle, Circe waved her hands and the girdle flew from her hands, locking in place with the lock disappearing as it fitted around the now proud to be and very happy to be female Flash's waist under her costume.  It blended so smoothly as to become nearly invisible under the red spandex, just making her waist even more narrow and her tummy look even flatter and more sexy than before; she was now wearing what was more or less a golden corset.  Since Epione had just told her that she was back under her own willpower, it would now be Flash's own newly ultrafeminine mind which would control her own will.  Epione grinned quickly, but then put back on a more serious face, ignoring what her mistress had just done.  To make it work completely, Circe then did a quick spell to remove from both Inza's and Dinah's minds any memory of Epione having a Venus Girdle, and to use the one removed from Dinah.

"Thank you for letting me experience what those girdles can do, Epione," Flash told her.  "I can see how helpful they could be for your work here."

She made her way over to Dr. Fate and, before the mage could get started on whatever she would be doing for Wonder Woman, the shapely heroine in scarlet and gold said, "Remember I told you how much easier it was to run in these heels?  As good as they are compared to flat heels, though, they aren't anywhere near as high as I'd like.  Can you please make my feet another size or two smaller and change my heels to about double their height?"

Inside her helmet, Inza's eyes went wide as she heard Flash's request.  "Are you sure?  That would make your feet really tiny and put you on your toes, like those ballet toed boots J'onn as Diana was wearing."

"Yes, I know, that's exactly what I'm hoping for," her smiling partner said while nodding her red cowled head, "and that would be perfect for my sprinting."

"If you say so..."  Inza worked a quick spell, and Flash's height increased by another four inches as her feet shrank and her boots' stiletto heels became fully eight inches long and placed the heroine on her tippy toes like a ballerina.

Now on her toes and feeling the extreme arch of her feet, Lis grinned widely.  "Thank you, these are perfect heels for my boots now!"  She didn't even need that universal spell to wear them easily, for Circe had given a bit of assistance to Inza's own magic.

"Phew, I'm glad you seem to like being on your toes like that," Fate replied.  "They do make you look even sexier than before."

'I agree!' Circe added.

Flash grinned widely in a charming smile, "Thanks, and looking ultra sexy is another reason why I wanted you to do this for me."

Inza wondered about the way Wally was seeming to go way overboard in the way she was only playing the role of a female for the short visit, but let that go so she could get back to the task at hand.  She took the golden power belt from Wonder Woman's waist and replaced it with the Venus Girdle from the bench before having her sit down.  Then Flash looped the golden lasso around her shoulders at what for her was a snail's pace.  She handed the loose end to Epione.  Inza then sat cross-legged and sent her astral self into the mystical realm.  Luckily for the mage, since she started the search for Diana's psyche on the nearer east coast of the USA, the search ended quickly.  She pulled Diana's psyche into the mystical realm and then reached back for Dinah's psyche.  First she guided Diana's psyche into the awaiting body of Wonder Woman, then she guided Dinah's psyche back down the path from which Diana had come.  Mission accomplished, she brought her astral self back and came back to life.

Flash was leaning over to assist the powerful magician if needed as she saw the change in Wonder Woman's face, then said, "Inza, once again I'm amazed by how quickly you do things with your astral self.  You only went into that trance two minutes ago, and we already have Diana in her body here."

"Good," Inza said quickly.  "I just hope Dinah is faring well wherever it is that Diana was before.  Let's put that hood back into use and see if it will work on Diana the way it did for Dinah."

Less than a second later, Wonder Woman's head was covered by the sexy looking black hood again.  This time with Epione observing, Inza and Flash did a similar routine to the prior use, but found it took a bit more work.  Whereas Dinah merely had the Cheetah identity imposed on her own identity, because of the Parody Pulsator, Diana had the Cheetah identity replace her true identity.  The fact that J'onn as Wonder Woman had told her quite a bit about how to be Wonder Woman gave them something to work with, so that when the Cheetah identity was removed, there was at least something with which to start over again.  Added to that was Inza getting into Diana's mind during the process to see what she could find.  It took longer, but with an eager and seemingly very pleased Epione watching, the hood was removed to expose the face of Princess Diana, the super heroine known as Wonder Woman.

When the lapse time expired and she showed some life in her expression, the original Wonder Woman said, "Inza and Epione, and is that really you as an outrageously shaped and gorgeous looking female, Flash?"  Then the Amazon noticed where she was sitting, and that she was both wearing a Venus Girdle and wrapped in the golden lasso.  She felt powerless.  "What am I doing here on Transformation Island?"

"Yes, of course I'm an outrageously and better than perfectly shaped, gorgeous looking emale," Flash quickly answered.  "How else would you expect me to look?"

Inza figured this reply she heard must have been related to the fact that Flash was changed to come to Themyscira, and said to Wonder Woman, "You're here because for the past few days you haven't been yourself.  You got changed by Dr. Psycho into a new Cheetah and went on a crime spree.  We just used a mind control hood Batman liberated from Joker to remove all of that Cheetah identity from your mind.  There is just a bare, basic Wonder Woman now in your mind, as I presume you can tell."

"Thank you for making it so that I could be myself again instead of the evil person I must have been for the past few days," she replied.  "You say I was Cheetah?  I hope it's not of any importance, but thankfully I have no memories of what I did as that demoness.  My mother the queen has a memory restoring device in the palace that can bring my true identity back."

"You're welcome," Fate answered as she saw Epione drop the end of the lasso and then turn away from the group in order to head for her back rooms.  "We have a good record of what you did as Cheetah, so your personal memories aren't very important.  Now we need to check with your mother to see if your original memories can be strengthened."

Inza unwound the lasso from around Wonder Woman, then pulled off the Venus Girdle.  To restore her strength, the golden power belt took the girdle's place.  Then she looked to Flash, going back to how she seemed to make a sort of rote reply to Diana's question.  'I wonder if Flash is still acting like she did earlier with the Venus girdle around her waist.'  Looking more closely at the gorgeous woman in red, she also observed that her costume didn't fit like it did before, and then the mage noticed a flat area at her tummy.  'Also, is her waist now even more wasp-like than before?'  Fate was puzzled.  "Wally, come here and allow me to check something odd I just noticed."

Flash was talking to Diana and didn't want to stop, but the beauty knew she should do as she was asked.  Stepping over to Fate she said, "Wally?  Why did you call me that?  My name is Lis."  Then she finally noticed the constriction around her waist.  "This is weird, I feel like I'm still wearing that Venus girdle."  She put her hands down to her waist.  "What is this, I thought Epione removed it earlier, but I can feel the magical corset under my costume, even though I can't see it.  How did it get under my costume?"

Inza was just as confused as Flash and wondered about that name retort.  But the presumed Venus Girdle was much more important, so with the newly minted heroine's permission, she pulled up Flash's costume top and the tights to below her waist and found that a different looking Venus Girdle was secured around her waist.  Not only that, but there was no way to remove the girdle.  The latching mechanism had disappeared and it appeared to be a seamless golden corset.  "Lis, you say?  I don't know what to do.  The girdle is impossible to remove now; the latching mechanism is gone and the whole thing is now one piece."

With a puff of smoke Circe appeared, chuckling.  "The girdle is a gift from me, Flash.  You were enjoying wearing it too much.  Since you liked it so much, I fixed it so it can't be removed.  Don't fret, because you can bathe with it on and your skin will clean as if bare.  From now on, you are a prisoner of your Venus Girdle, making you a very attractive female for the rest of your life.  No other magic can change your sex, because the Venus Girdle can only be worn by women.  Oh, and I did give you two more gifts.  For one, while the girdle is locking you into your new femininity, it won't make you follow orders anymore, other than your own to yourself, keeping you looking as fantastic as you do.  The second is that since you're a female and no longer a male, I magically altered all the records back in your own world, along with all the details of your abode.  In effect, reality has been altered to the effect that you've always been a female.  Hee, hee, you still have a girlfriend, and you both enjoy your lesbian relationship.  Enjoy my joke at your cost!"

As soon as the witch finished, Wonder Woman leapt over to grab her.  The Amazon went right on flying into a heap on the floor.  It turned out that Circe had been talking through what those in Man's World would call a holographic projection.  Before Dr. Fate or Flash could reply or otherwise go after the purple haired witch, she immediately went back into the espers so even Dr. Fate would have difficulty locating her.  Even though she was still right there.  Almost gleeful in the realization that her plans for changing Flash had worked perfectly, the ages old but prefectly gorgeous witch started to think more about the task at hand.  If Diana was already back to being the good girl she used to be, her nemesis started to think the game would become a lot more complicated and fun.  With the help of a changed Epione thanks to the words she had just put into Diana's head!

Gotham City

Dinah became more than a bit disoriented as Inza pulled her psyche from the Amazon's body.  She came back into the world hearing a familiar female voice in her ears saying, "Satanica, are you okay?...Satanica, what's wrong?" and another voice she recognized saying, "Earth to Satanica."

When her visual senses started to work in addition to her hearing, Dinah confirmed what her ears had told her about the women to whom the voices belonged.  She was seated in what looked like a nightclub with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn at her table.  It would have to be Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.  And what had they called her, Satanica?  "Uh...Sorry about that, girls...momentary space out."

"You really looked spacey there for a minute," Harley said.  "Your voice seems to have changed a bit from that spell, too.  Now, you were telling us about the way you can use your Banshee Wail like an audio laser?"

It was at this point that Dinah noticed her natural black hair instead of the usually seen blonde wig, the red gloves on her hands, the devilish tip to her tail and then the red bustier barely covering her breasts.  'Red, devil, Satanica...  Wasn't there a costume in the Watchtower criminal artifacts museum that had belonged to a villainess calling herself Satanica?'  She started to think it would have been a good idea to be more familiar with the League's museum.  What had Diana gotten her into?  At least she had an idea about what Diana must have called her Canary Cry.  "It's just a matter of concentrating where I want the high frequency audio waves to go.  And I'm sorry, but apparently that spaceout took more from me than I thought.  I'll have to beg off for another visit later."

"Don't worry," Ivy said.  "I hope you feel better soon.  And don't worry about the tab for your iced tea.  I'll add it to our bill."  She waved to get the attention of Ris, the waitress who looked like an even sexier version of Zatanna and had Barbara Gordon's mind inside, who came right over.

Relieved that Diana in her body had stayed away from alcohol for some reason, Dinah said, "Thanks a lot," as she stood to walk away from the table with her long red tail springing out behind her.  'I'm on my toes!  What the hell kind of heels are on these boots I'm wearing?  And for that matter, why does it seem perfectly normal that I feel so comfortable in both standing and walking in them?'  The apparent super villainess was in awe.  "This is a really great costume, now that I'm getting used to it.  I sure wish I knew what Diana had in mind when she got dressed in this costume," Dinah muttered softly to herself when she was far enough away from any others in the club to avoid being heard.

Suddenly, the disguised Black Canary became fully aware that in her Satanica costume, she was primed to become the newest super villainess in Gotham City and beyond.  But she had only wished to know, not actually take over the planned role Diana had used her body to take on, so Dinah kept her wits about her and continued to walk away from the table gracefully in her incredible boots.  Then, looking back at the waitress, she grinned while saying, "I sure wish Zatanna herself could look that sexy and flaunt it as her usual appearance."  In effect, she just reinforced the change for Zee which Diana had done a bit earlier.

'Getting out of Penguin's Iceberg Lounge seems like a really good idea, even disguised the way I am.  Especially disguised the way I am!  A super villainess called Satanica is not the way I want to be found!'  On her way toward the front and the exit door, she passed the sound booth and saw the beautiful blonde in a variation of Aquaman's costume unzipping the tail over her legs.  Fascinated briefly, she stopped to watch the costumed sound girl set her tail aside and then slide her pantyhose covered legs into shiny, dark green leggings or tights similar to Arthur's.  The DJ followed by zipping on knee high, matching dark green boots perfectly shaping her calves both with the way they molded tightly to each leg's shape and also with the severe arch into which her feet were put by the extremely high heels.

"What a way to go back and forth," Dinah said softly to herself.  "I wish Arthur was a beautiful young woman who looked as good or better than her with that same fantastic costume, so the rest of the group in the Watchtower could have with them an unbelievably fantastic looking blonde mermaid...named Meera, since Arthur wouldn't be right...becoming a green and gold costumed blonde goddess.  Or even better, I wish she could transform back and forth from tail to legs on a whim.  Too bad I'm the only one who can see this.  Speaking of which, I'd better get back up there ASAP.  I wish I could forget about doing things as Satanica.  I can't wait to get out of red and back into blue."

Watchtower, Aquaman's room

As soon as Arthur had gotten to his room, he had turned on the water to fill his tub to get a quick water recharge.  He quickly got out of his green and gold costume as the tub filled, then slipped in to take a relaxing soak.  There then came a sudden change in reality, and the aquatic hero never felt or noticed anything as his legs merged into a tail, while the rest of his body and mind changed to the stunningly beautiful blonde haired female named Meera.  She continued to flip her tail in the water, glad to finally exercise her fins besides her legs.


'Damn, I sure hope Meera comes back home soon,' thought Mera, the sometimes mermaid, sometimes shapely legged queen's lesbian lover.

Gotham City

Dinah knew how close the Iceberg Lounge was to Huntress' apartment, which had a Justice League teleport pad on the roof.  'I wonder if Helena is back from school yet?' she wondered while going out the club's door, no longer conscious of anything she might have done if she'd continued in the role of the super villainess Diana had intended.  'Oh, wait, that's right, she always does her grocery shopping on Fridays after school.  I'll just use the elevator to go up to the top floor and sneak out using Helena's hatch to get to the pad.'  The current Satanica didn't get the same thrill from the way onlookers gaped at her that the prior occupant of her body did, and did her best to just ignore them as she walked a lot faster than she thought possible in her ballet toed boots.

As soon as she got to Helena's apartment building, Dinah took a quick look around to see if she was being watched.  There may have been some eyes in windows, but there were no others nearby other than a presumed mother and daughter across the street who must have been used to seeing superheroes, because they were playing on a swing and ignoring her.  What she couldn't hear was what the cute looking and wide eyed little black girl said as her mother gave her another push.  "Did you see the devil lady, mommy?"

"Yes, I saw her.  She must be another friend of that lady who wears the black and purple costume, Sonia.  Let's just let her be."

Dinah went in the front door and proceeded straight to the elevator at the end of the hall.  She clicked on the top floor, then waited as the car rose.  At the top she got out and walked to the door Helena used for getting to the roof.  The brunette in the sexy red costume climbed the ladder, again with her boots giving her no trouble even though it was just her toes landing on each step.  Standing on the top rung, she popped open the doorway, then went directly to the disguised Justice League teleport pad.  Anybody not in the League would just see it as a smooth section of the roof without the gravel.

Dinah stooped to open a small panel, and then keyed in her special code.  She waited a few seconds for the okay green light, then pressed the actuator button, closed the panel door and stood.  A moment later, she was no longer on a rooftop lit by an afternoon setting sun but in the much darker teleport pads of the...


Nobody else was in sight with the exception of who she presumed to be J'onn as Wonder Woman, judging by the thigh high boots with really high heels she was wearing.  The apparent Amazon gave her no notice, and Dinah saw that her eyes were closed.  'Maybe my heels clicking will get her attention,' she wondered.

Indeed they did.  This Wonder Woman's eyes popped open, and she gasped upon seeing the satanic vision in red approaching her.  Before the current Amazon could exclaim her surprise, Dinah said, "J'onn, or that way Diana, I presume...I may not look like her, but I'm really Black Canary.  Diana had switched bodies with me during the teleport to Themyscira, and must have changed into this costume after she got back.  Inza switched us back, and I found myself to be dressed as Satanica in Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.  I just ported up from Huntress' rooftop."

The Amazon recovered quickly, and stood to meet this villainess claiming to be Dinah.  Her voice sounded right, and a quick mental scan gave the right indications, but...  "That does look identical to the Satanica costume we saved from that time Iris West got turned into her.  But it can't be the real thing, or the costume would be controlling your mind to make you know you were Satanica.  I hope that costume you're wearing doesn't have the same powers the original did.  Just in case, whatever you do, don't make any wishes.  And to settle my doubts, what was the name of Zatanna's mother who you went to help her bury?"

"Good one for the ID test.  Not many people would know her name was Sindella.  I haven't made any wishes, and I'll make sure not to since you warned me.  I presume wishing had something to do with Satanica's powers?"

"Yes, anything Satanica put into the form of a wish came true, and it wasn't easy for us to subdue Barry's wife and get her back to her true self," the imitation Wonder Woman said.  "Now I know for sure you're really Dinah, thanks.  Let's go over to the museum display so I can show you more about Satanica."

"Yes, let's do that.  That incident must have been before I became active again."

As they started down the hallway, J'onn as Diana noticed the way in which Dinah was walking so easily in the ballet toed boots she was wearing.  She made the assumption that something about the costume was allowing her teammate to handle them even more easily than she herself could.  Just before they got to the display area, the apparent Amazon said, "Just as a test, make a wish that won't cause any problems if it does come true."

The disguised Dinah knitted her brows for a moment, then said, "I wish we were standing in front of the Satanica display case."

Both Dinah and the new Diana were surprised to find themselves no longer walking in the hallway, but looking at the now empty display case.  Diana recovered first.  "It seems your costume does give you Satanica's powers, even if it isn't forcing you to actually become Satanica.  Be very careful now that we know your wish power does exist.  But could it really be the costume missing from this display now?  No, I doubt it; you wouldn't be able to control yourself, I'm sure."

"If my wishes can make things happen, I know just what wish to make," the confident looking Dinah said with her balled red fists on her hips.  "I wish the original Wonder Woman could get all her memories back so she can know all about her past and become a full fledged Justice League member again.  I wish she would not remember anything about being in my body, though."


After a heated discussion about the fact that Circe was back to plague Wonder Woman and her friends, the trio decided to leave Epione to her labors and get back to the palace to see Diana's mother, the queen.  Hippolyte was more than eager to put the headset of the special Amazon memory machine around her daughter's head, now that she seemed to be herself once again.  The incredible machine would add a lot to what Diana already knew.  The queen took Dr. Fate and Flash aside to discuss the now permanent Venus Girdle worn by the blonde in red and gold as the almost mystical computer started its work.

Sitting away from Hippolyte with the futuristic Amazon head set over her ears and temples, the real Diana's eyes suddenly went wide and her hands reached up to remove the device that had been supplying only basics to her history for the past few minutes.  "Mother, Inza and Wally, I can't explain how, but I just gained knowledge of everything I should know, everything I've ever done including that brief time I just spent as Cheetah instead of Wonder Woman after being changed by Dr. Psycho.  Staying under the memory machine would be pointless now.  And so, Mother, as much as I'd love to stay here and be with you and my sisters, I think it would be best if the three of us got back to the rest of the Justice League right away."

"I thought I already told you, my name isn't Wally, it's Lis.  Why is it so hard to remeber that?" the stunningly beautiful blonde hidden under a scarlet and gold costume said.

'So you now know all about how you were Cheetah,' Circe noted from her viewpoint in the ethers.  She hadn't noticed the powerful magic that must have given Diana this knowledge, but while her foe might not have thought so, the witch figured it might fit perfectly into her plans.  'Now, maybe that memory machine can be put to my use, also...'

Inza looked confused.  "You say you know even what you did as Cheetah?  The black hood should have erased that information from your mind.  Something beyond even my power must have infused you with that knowledge.  I do agree that we should depart instead of enjoying your mother's hospitality.  Shall we just walk to the teleport pad back at your place, or would you like to zap there instantly?"

"I would suggest using your power to magically shift to Diana's teleport pad," Queen Hippolyte mentioned.  "I do hope to see you return soon, daughter."

Inza saw the way Flash was grinning in such a feminine way, and said, "I presume you're planning on racing us there, Wally?  Anxious to put your new ultra high heels to good use and then get back to being a guy?"

Flash tilted her head with a puzzled look on her masked face, then said in reply, "I do intend to get there faster than even your magic can get you both to the pad.  But why did you call me Wally?  I've been telling you, just like I told Diana, my name is Lis.  And why on earth did you say get back to being a guy?  I've never been a guy, I have always been a female.  Why would I want to become a guy?  Euuuch!"  Before any questions could be raised about her answers, Flash was gone in a red and gold blur.

Diana and Inza shared an alarmed look, then the mage said, "I guess we'd better get over there quickly now.  Something has happened to change Wally."  She did the transference spell, and both blinked away to then show up at the teleport pad.

Hippolyte watched as her daughter and the golden helmeted heroine disappeared.  'Gaea be with you, Diana,' she thought, then started to put away the device which had become unneeded.

When Inza and Diana popped into view at the Amazon's teleport pad, Flash was standing there tapping her toes.  "What took you so long?" she joked.

"Flash, we need to talk as soon as we all get back to the Watchtower," Dr. Fate told her.  "Please don't go running off when we get there."

"Oooo...Now you sound so formal calling me Flash instead of Lis.  Okay, I'll stay close by your side until you tell me otherwise."

Inza nodded, then turned to Diana and said, "Go ahead and zap us on up, please.  It sure is good to have you back as Wonder Woman now."

"It feels good to be back as myself.  Here we go."  The Amazon punched the code on her pad, then hit the activate button.

Watching the proceedings, Circe took note of the fact that Diana once again at least had her memories of being Cheetah.  Her plans to bring Cheetah back into her villainous career with the Legion of Doom in an indirect way now seemed much easier to accomplish.  But first things first...

As the heroines were bidding a farewell and disappearing, none could know the result of Wonder Woman using the word demoness to describe herself as Cheetah after having the hood removed.  Already, alone in her workshops, Epione had used Transformation Island's Purple Ray to change her hair from long and curly honey blonde to waist length and jet black.  She also had set it to change her skin from a very healthy looking tan to a chalk white.  To complete the transformation and make it so that no one would ever be able to know who she originally was, the machine altered the Amazon's angelic face to a completely different one looking still as beautiful as all her sisters, but at the same time wickedly demonic, altered her already gorgeous body into one shaped too sexy to believe, and finished by putting long black claws in place of her fingernails.

It was just as Dark Angel shifted to get out from under the Purple Ray that a visitor appeared before her eyes.  Grinning wickedly, the woman with long purple hair and her latest outfit, a body covering light green catsuit with bare hands and knee high, dark green stiletto heeled boots observed the woman she had perceived being changed.  "I love the way you've made your body so sexually enticing, Dark Angel.  You look like a Goth exotic dancer who would be found in what you have called Man's World in the past.  But no longer; I'm going to give you a full working knowledge of everything to do with what is now your own world.  To make it easier and speed things up, I can save you the trouble of going to your shop to finish the costume you were working on earlier.  Also, I think it was shortsighted of Wonder Woman while she was Cheetah to tell you about your new role, but not have any way to give you appropriate powers."

Circe waved her hands, and Dark Angel became fully aware of her new world, so much more interesting than the boring Themyscira, and became clad in a long sleeved, deep crimson dress that had a back but very little front.  From her navel, it opened up to her shoulders with raised points, exposing plenty of cleavage.  It also came down from her incredibly narrow waist to a point between her thighs, exposing almost all of her upper legs.  In back it barely covered her ass cheeks.  Two huge gold rings hung from her earlobes, a heavy gold chain belt appeared around her hips, and on her legs appeared matching deep red boots that molded to her shapely legs and came as high as her knees on the inside but angled up to points high on the outsides of her thighs.  Her height was increased by five inches thanks to their stiletto heels.

Dark Angel could feel the raw, evil magic power flooding her being, and placed her hands on her hips while saying, "I am in your debt, Circe.  I can now go on my own to give the Amazons and the rest of the world the trouble Cheetah would have hoped for.  It's a shame Cheetah got changed back to being Wonder Woman."

Circe grinned while nodding.  "Think nothing of it!  I too wish the Amazon could have stayed the way Dr. Psycho changed her.  I look forward to seeing just what you do with your powers.  If you wish to have Cheetah as your companion and playmate, you'll find the costume that you both started on earlier to be complete and ready to wear.  It even has a built-in memory of everything done by Cheetah in the past few days to give its new wearer a background on what she's already done.  Why don't you let Hippolyte get a brief taste of her new life as Priscilla Rich in her normal life as an exotic dancer and wanton, promiscuous lesbian whore and slut, before I come back to use the costume in a variation of the original scheme to give Priscilla her new identity as Cheetah and a wish to trade identities with Wonder Woman.  Now, I have some business to take care of in Man's World, so I'll leave you to get started."  With that, the ancient witch blinked out of sight.

Eminently satisfied with the results of her work, Circe left to go visit her old teammate Lex Luthor.  There were things to discuss.

Dark Angel walked around the corner into the clothing shop, and just as Circe had said, the complete and ready to wear Cheetah costume was laid out.  "Very good!" she exclaimed, then used her new powers to make a very special purse appear in her hands, then disappear herself.


The Amazon at Dinah's side nodded, then said, "Those sounds like two very well stated wishes.  Might I suggest that to make things easier now, you make a wish to lose your wish making power?"

Dinah pouted, then smiled.  "Lose the new power I've got so soon after getting it?  You're right, though.  I wish I could no longer make wishes that became true so that any wish I make will just be a whim and not something that would change reality."

"That should do it," the Wonder Woman who knew she most likely wouldn't be that way for much longer now told her.  "Since the costume you're wearing most likely isn't the one that's supposed to be in this case, I have to wonder where the real one is.  Oh well, let's go ahead and walk on back to the teleport pads the usual way."  They walked in silence most of the way, and just as they got to the pads J'onn asked, "I presume you can get out of that costume using spare Black Canary costumes and blonde wigs in your room?"

"Surely you don't think I wouldn't keep a number of costumes and wigs on hand," she answered.  "I'll go change before-"

The conclusion of Dinah's statement was cut off as Dr. Fate, a very feminine Flash and the real Wonder Woman appeared before them on the Watchtower's teleport pads.

Before anyone else could say anything, Wonder Woman said to her twin, "No need for you to fill in as me any longer, J'onn.  I'm back and 100% ready to be the heroine I used to be."  Then she paused a moment.  "Who's this wearing the Satanica costume?"

"It's me, Dinah."  Then the disguised heroine remembered she had wished for Diana to not know about doing anything in her body.  How to explain being in the Satanica costume, then?  "I'm not sure how, but somebody took over my mind...and I got back in control to find myself dressed as Satanica at a table with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in Gotham City."

"It's been ages since we had to fight Barry's wife Iris in that costume," the Amazon replied.  "Good thing it isn't controlling you the same way it controlled her.  No thanks to that costume, Iris had lost all of her normal identity and knew herself only to be the wicked wish making super villainess named Gail Donnelly and called Satanica."  She turned to face the other Wonder Woman, then said, "I love those boots you came up with to alter my costume.  Mind if I give them a try myself?"

The other Wonder Woman nodded, then said, "It was part of the changes to my personality you made while making me take your place as Cheetah that gave me the inclination to change my boots.  I'm glad you do like them, hang on a sec and I'll unzip them for you."

The original raised her hands while saying in reply, "No, no, don't bother taking yours off.  Besides those great looking thigh high boots, I've been thinking about another addition to my own costume.  Watch!"  She went into the well known spin, and after the flash of light faded, appeared to be wearing the same thigh high red boots with white edging along the tops and in stripes down the fronts along with the ultra tall heels her replacement had.  In addition, she was wearing red gloves that covered her forearms up to her elbows with more white edging at their ends.  Her Amazonium bracelets were in place on top of these gloves, golden colored now instead of silver to go better with the red.  "It might take a bit of practice to get used to making quick motions in these heels, but I think my body must have picked up an acclimation to them while I was Cheetah."

"Now we really are twins, except for your new gloves and the different bracelets," J'onn said.  She went into a spin of her own, and reappeared with the gloves and golden bracelets.  "Fixed that.  Let's give the girls who went to Metropolis a surprise when they get back and have me stay like I am for the time being.  How about keeping things straight by you answering to Wonder Woman, and me answering to Wondie."

"Girls?" her twin asked.  "All right, you can stay and be Wondie, but I do want to be the only Wonder Woman on hand soon."

"Hey, I wanna know, too!" Dinah blurted.  "Girls going to Metropolis?"

Wondie grinned.  "Neither of you two know what Inza and Wally do.  Both Kal and Bruce left here as the great looking blonde haired women they became earlier today.  I'll plan on changing back once they get back.  And Wally, I love seeing those heels you're wearing that make mine look short.  Why are you still a good looking babe, though?"

Lis balanced on her left boot's toes as she lifted her right leg behind herself and grabbed the heel in her hand.  "These are the best heels for me to run in."  She put her foot back down and looked at Inza, then said in addition, "Still?  I sure hope to keep on looking like I always have for a long time, J'onn.  And for the record, I keep hearing everybody getting my name wrong.  My full name is Lis West, and I wonder why everybody keeps wanting to call me Wally."

Dr. Fate shook her head barely noticeably, then said, "Lis, we need to go to my room or yours so we can talk.  I'd recommend mine."

"Wanna race?"

"No."  Inza cast her spell to move the pair, and the others watched them blink out of sight.

Before any other questions or comments could come up, Superman, Batman, Zatanna and a strange, blonde haired woman in a fascinating light purple and gold costume popped into view only a few feet from where the four were standing after their short stop in Zee's room, from which they'd called Green Arrow at the desk to let her know they were all back.  'What's with Zatanna's costume,' Dinah wondered, 'and for that matter, the way her body looks so much more like a porno movie goddess?'  Her wish while departing the Iceberg Lounge had erased Canary's memory of seeing Ris and everyone else there.

Her questions were partially answered by the way in which Wondie spoke first, but added another question.  "Kal!  You got your original body back!  Was our new found Zee able to finally change you during the trip?"

Before Superman could reply, Dinah blurted out, "Original body back?  What are you talking about, Wondie?"

The Man of Steel raised his hand to get the replacement Wonder Woman's attention.  He also noted another Wonder Woman standing alongside her, presumably the original Diana but now in the same boots J'onn had adopted and also some gloves now shared by J'onn.  "Let me tell her,, they're calling you Wondie now?  I presume Inza was able to bring Diana back to us.  But first, I couldn't tell using my X-ray vision.  Who is this in the Satanica costume?"

"It's me, Dinah."  She then repeated the short version of the mind control story she'd made up for Diana.  "I was getting ready to go to my room to change when you four showed up.  Who's the blonde-"

Before Dinah could finish or Lois answer for herself, Superman cut her off by saying, "It's a bit too long a story to tell right here, so wait until we're all together later.  Just be aware that while we were going after Psycho while you went to Themyscira, he used his ectoplasmic extractor to turn me into a blonde bombshell in a sexy, head to toe, shiny black costume.  We thought it was going to be permanent until Zatanna took Bruce and I home to try and see Lois.  We found her costumed as Star Sapphire and in a hogtie bondage on our bed.  She did have a real power gem in her tiara, and used it to give both Bruce and I the ability to easily go back and forth from our male to female bodies.  Then-"

"Wait, you said both you and Bruce?" Dinah asked in shock.

"Shall we show them, Kal?" Batman asked.

"I was just planning on doing that later, but to show Dinah and Diana, why not," the Man of Steel replied.  Both transformed into their near twin, shiny black covered, beautiful blonde identities.  "I'm Yvonne," she finished.

"And I'm Raven," said the transformed Batman.

Both went right back to being the guys the others were used to seeing, with Kal picking up where he got cut off.  "As I was saying, Lois changed herself to Omniwoman.  Allow me to introduce Omniwoman, who I hope will be joining us in the Justice League soon."

Lois bowed.

"You're really Lois?!" Dinah exclaimed.

Omniwoman used her gem, and in the blink of an eye Dinah and the others saw the much more familiar form of Kal's wife, still in the same costume.  "I figured disguising myself as a blonde with a new face would keep away any questions about my real identity," she told Dinah.

At this point she figured she had been ignored long enough, so Wonder Woman said, "I'm back to being the real me.  It feels good to be acting like the heroine I was meant to be, and not the evil to the core villainess into which I'd been changed."  She visibly shuddered.  "Actually being Cheetah instead of Wonder Woman.  Am I ever glad I'm back to being the real me and not what Psycho wanted.  Just imagine, I might have ended up as a member of the Legion of Doom instead of being in the Justice League!  I liked the changes J'onn had made to my boots for the costume, so I changed mine, also.  I thought these gloves and golden bracelets would look good, too.  We need to have a short meeting to discuss all that has gone on in the past few days."

"I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're glad to have you back, Diana," Bruce said.  "Those gloves do look good on you, especially with the new boots."

"Here, here!" came from all the other mouths almost in unison.

"While you all get caught up, I want to go to my room to review the day's events so I can catch up on everything I missed," Zatanna said before anybody else could speak.

"Before you go, Zee," Dinah said, "what happened to your body while you were gone?  You have a fantastic figure with a huge chest now, and I've seen you in thigh high boots before, but not with ballet toed heels like the ones I'm wearing."

"You're the second person to ask me about my body.  I have no idea what brings up the question.  This is me," Zee answered, now starting to wonder herself.  "And I just added the new boots as my latest costume."

"Maybe your examination of the day's activities will answer the questions," Kal told her.  "Go ahead.  We'll catch up with you when you finish."

"I hope so, also," Zatanna said.  "yM moor."

Meanwhile, inside Inza's room, the mage had told Lis the reason she selected her own room was that her guest's room was a most definitely female oriented one, presumably thanks to Circe.  Fate was worried that the changed Flash might be a bit disoriented in what she presumed would be an unfamiliar room.  But after the way in which the new babe had been talking, it seemed as if Circe's magic had also taken care of that.  "I guess the temporary change I did for you to go with me to Themyscira backfired," Inza told her.  "Thanks to Circe down on Themyscira, you're apparently now permanently female...and it seems like you wish to stay as a female."

"I can't think of anything that might make me want to be turned into a guy.  I'm the girl I've always been," Lis replied.  "Why wouldn't I want to stay as a female?"

Inza was puzzled.  She didn't think Circe's magic should have altered Flash's mind in such a complete way, but obviously was unaware of what Epione had accomplished using that Venus Girdle.  "You may not be aware of or believe this, but you were a guy before going to Themyscira.  I could try to change you back, if it weren't for Circe's gift of that Venus Girdle guarding your way past basic and normal, best of the best beauty and femininity.  But since you're feeling so strongly that you should stay the way you are, I guess the world may have to get ready to meet a female Flash."

Lis grinned.  "If you say I was once a male without my knowing it, I'll have to take your word for it.  But since I know nothing more than myself as the woman I was born as, that is how I think of myself.  I have every reason to want to stay as I am.  And from what Circe said, I'm betting the world already knows me as a female Flash, with no knowledge of a male Flash except for my progenitors, Barry and Jay."

"You should find that when you next enter your room, it will look perfectly normal and right for your female form, then.  Circe must have changed everything related to you, not just things on Earth."  When Inza finished, the pair started to just chat, with the mage trying to get a better bearing on this new reality.

While questions and answers was being played at the teleport pads and in Inza's room, Ashley had gotten Shayera to make a call to Aquamaid's room to let her know the World's Finest team plus Zatanna and Lois had just followed Inza, Flash and Wonder Woman back to the Watchtower.  Due to her particular needs to be in water often, Meera's room was the only one with a comm panel at the tub.  The utterly gorgeous blonde haired mermaid took the call from the winged heroine, and in three quick motions turned off the panel, pulled the plug to drain the tub, and shifted her tail into her legs again.  After a quick drying off, she got back into her gleaming gold top which displayed her massive breasts so well, and then her pantyhose followed by her shiny green leggings.  Next, she zipped on her knee high, matching green boots with sexy stiletto heels which added five inches to her height.  She quickly brushed her long blonde hair, then finally pulled on her elbow length green gloves.  Then the Justice League's superheroine mermaid left to go join the others.

While those she had left were still chatting at the teleport pads, Zatanna appeared in her room and immediately went to her desk drawer to pull out the scrying bowl.  It was going to call for some intense meditation and deep viewing, but once it was filled with water from her tap, the magician got to work.  She concentrated first on the form of her predecessor.

She was rewarded with a view of the scene in Lois Lane's bedroom, and finally knew what Shayera was asking about.  Lois became a double of Catwoman after first both Zatanna then she became twin Star Sapphires.  Zee's quick question about how they saw Lois in the bedroom later got answered when she saw the first Zatanna using her makeshift scrying bowl, with the image of Selina Kyle seen on its surface.  Then Selina appeared in Lois' bedroom, looking like Lois herself.  For the second time she saw the original Zee transform herself into Star Sapphire, and found out how the Lois they found was in that costume and in bondage.

Staying with the form of Zatanna with the intention of following the changed Lois Lane later, her replacement watched as Star Sapphire turned back into Zatanna and went back to a spot only inches from where she was at that very moment.  She saw the top hat get set down, then gasped when she watched her predecessor utter a spell turning her completely into Star Sapphire with no connection to her original self.  A Zamaron warrior then appeared, followed by a change to a completely new Star Sapphire costume.  Apparently she was also modeling clothes appropriate for her two other identities, also.  After this new Star Sapphire got back into her costume and disappeared, she watched the Zamaron warrior turn into Allura!

"So that's what happened!" the new Zatanna exclaimed.  'Too bad daddy couldn't have seen this.  He got so close to reality with that explanation he came up for me having been in Allura's hands.  Now, let's see if I can follow where Zee as Star Sapphire went.'  Turning her mind away from Zee, Allura and Lois Lane in the scrying bowl for the moment, the new Zatanna put that image of the new Star Sapphire in her mind and went into the mystical realms.  Working even faster than the speedy Inza, she came to the new place in Palmdale, California that Allura had set up to be Sapphire's home.  She was lucky in that the newly minted super villainess was still in her costume and masked while using her gem to view various scenes in the city.  Making plans for mayhem, no doubt.  Three different ways?  Camille had plans for mischievous fun making, Debbie for luring some unwitting guys into her home to satisfy her desires as a sex-starved slut, and of course, Star Sapphire would use her powers to bring untold mayhem to the Lockheed plant.

With the original Zee now found, the current one went back to her scrying bowl to concentrate on Lois in the body of Selina Kyle.  She watched her acquiring the new black outfit, then getting to Lex's building.  There was no way to tell exactly what happened as she saw the changed Lois reach for her head, then moments later change into an older Catwoman costume.  Lex was busy at something in his lab while Catwoman wandered around.  It seemed like something had made Lois get not only Selina's body but her mind, also.  Along with seeming to be totally at home with Lex and enjoying being so evil.

Zatanna toyed with the idea on concentrating on herself to see if what the others said about her body being different was true, or getting into the events of the afternoon which were so eventful for Superman and Batman, but figured it was more important to get the results of her search for her twin to the others.  Or at least, what she wanted to tell them all so far.  If nothing else, seeing how her predecessor had appeared before being turned into Star Sapphire brought back old memories of shows and other appearances.  She had to admit, her current appearance was very much more sexy and eye appealing.  But finding out how and why would have to wait.  "tropeleT sdap."

When Zatanna rejoined the others a moment later, she saw that Aquamaid had come out to join them, along with Hawkgirl who came after Bruce called Green Arrow to let her know they were back.  Meera was chatting with Dinah as Zee walked up to them.  "Looks like we have almost everybody back together now with Aquamaid and Hawkgirl here.  If I could have the attention of all of you, please.  There's a woman now named Deborah Camille Darnell in Palmdale, California...a name I'm sure at some of you are familiar with from a few years back...she must have gone through something like what you did, Lois.  She is now living as a new Star Sapphire, and in a totally new type of costume.  If we can get to her to remove the idea about being a super villainess from her mind, I think I can work with her to get our hands on the person who transformed her.  Lois, you and I weren't the only ones Allura got her hands on today."

"Allura?" Omniwoman asked with a puzzled face.

"The witch who's been a pain in the ass for first my daddy and then me for so many years.  She mystically changed herself to be that Zamaron warrior who visited you today.  I suspect she went on to this other lady after finding you the way you already were.  You got stopped before being turned into a real Star Sapphire, while the woman who now knows of herself as Camille and Debbie wasn't so lucky and did get changed.  But so far, she hasn't gone into an active role," Zee explained, keeping her subject's original identity...along with her own, of herself for the time being.  "I hope she can be changed back before she starts making trouble.  Also, this means that your sapphire gem isn't powered by true Zamaron energy, but black magic.  Oh, and all of what Lois and I were just talking about is what just occured back in Metropolis...which I'm sure will be discussed along with the rest of the day's activities at some point later on."

"It doesn't seem to be giving me any tendencies related to black magic," the changed Lois replied.  "I'll pay attention whenever I use the power from now on, though.  I'm looking forward to sitting in on this discussion you just mentioned."

"It would help if we could wait for Inza and Wally to get back, but I sense a note of urgency in your voice, Zee," Superman said.  "If we were to approach this new Star Sapphire as the Justice League, I'm sure she would react violently."

"I think we should call Inza in her room to get them both here," Wonder Woman said.  "We should have everybody here for this discussion.  And Zee, did you say her name was Deborah Camille?"

Zatanna quickly cut off the reply before it could come from the altered Martian Manhunter to answer the real Wonder Woman's question, "Yes, her full name is Deborah Camille Darnell."  Upon hearing this, the true Amazon's eyebrows raised in wonder.

"I'll give them a buzz, Diana," Wonder Woman's twin finally said.  She walked over to the wall comm panel.  Moments later, Fate and Flash were standing next to her.

The true Amazon looked closely at Zee, then thought better about bringing up her alarm at hearing Star Sapphire's name.

"I think I know what Zee is getting to, Kal," Batman said.  "With the way you, Omniwoman and I can change, the way Zee can magically make herself look different, the way J'onn could disguise herself as Cheetah with Pixie joining her, we could all go visit her as a team of other villainesses trying to get her to join us."

Zatanna was nodding as Batman got into his spiel.  "Not exactly what I had in mind, but that does seem like a very good idea, Bruce.  Do you think we should also bring along Wonder Woman, Flash, Dr. Fate, Aquamaid and Hawkgirl in disguise?"

"I could change into my tail and alter its color to black or something else," the Queen of Atlantis suggested with a sound of hope in her voice.

At the same time, Shayera was changing her nearly white wings to jet black.  "I could go as an evil winged female," she suggested.

"And I could easily change into the Metallica costume I wore as a bad girl," Diana offered.

"I don't like the idea of disguising myself," Inza said.  "Also, I've come to the conclusion that it would be best for Lis to stay just as she is for now."

"I can't think of any way to make a bad girl with speed powers who wouldn't be recognizable as me," Lis offered.

"Lis, I suppose you're in a similar situation to what Kal was until Lois changed him back to his original body.  If living as a female is what you want, I don't think it's for us to argue with you.  Staying here would be good, since a large group going to Palmdale might be awkward.  Meera, you'd be more mobile with your legs," Bruce said.  "In your tail, you'd have to be carried.  Diana, you would be a good addition to the team as the evil Metallica.  Inza, even if you don't go in disguise, it would be good to have you along to back up Kal's new mental powers.  Shayera, even in a different costume and your different colored wings, you might be too easily identified as who you really are.  No, I think you, Meera and Ashley should stay here along with, Lis, while the rest of us make this visit."

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe I should go," Inza said.  "I know I could magically alter myself into any form to go along, but I want to stay here with Lis."

"I guess we'll have to rely on Kal's and J'onn's mental powers, then," the Dark Knight replied.

Zatanna saw the dejected look on Meera's face, and knew how much the group's deceptively strong aquatic mentalist wanted to join with her teammates.  "Uh...Bruce, I have an idea for a way to let Meera join us using her tail, but not needing to be carried.  That way she'd be able to assist Kal and J'onn."

Batman looked at Zee to see the conspiratorial look on her angelic face, then over to Aquamaid who merely looked puzzled.  "Okay, I'll bite.  What's your idea?" he asked.

"Meera, what would you think about having a different type of tail from your normal fish tail?" Zee asked.

"A different tail?"

"Yes, let's see what you think," Zatanna offered.  "Go ahead and change from legs to tail for us."  Meera squatted on her heels, then sat to take the weight off her legs.  Then she did something most of the others remembered only seeing done in the water.  Her green clad legs seemed to quickly fuse together and then her entire lower body changed to the familiar green mermaid's tail.  "Okay, now get ready," Zee said with a grin.  The mermaid's blonde head nodded.  "areeM sah a ekans liat daetsni fo a hsif liat."

Gasps came from all mouths including Meera's as her fins disappeared and a long and coiling green snake tail became her new lower half.  Zatanna smiled, then said, "And to make the total change to look evil, areeM sah kcalb riah dna a neerg rehtael ecidob gnisopxe stol fo egavaelc ot hctam reh liat, gnola htiw redluohs htgnel gnihctam neerg sevolg."  Now there was no longer any sign of the Justice League's beautiful blonde mermaid, and in her place slithered a wicked looking, black haired snake woman.  "Now Meera can join us as Viper."

"Wow!" Meera exclaimed as she sort of rose to a 'standing' position on her tail, looking down toward the deep Vee on her chest, with very little of her breasts covered.  "I was thinking of Coral Snake, but Viper is a lot shorter and quicker.  Bruce, what do you think?  Can I please go with you now?"

Batman was shaking his head in wonder, not in disapproval.  "Far be it from me to keep you away.  Kal, what do you think?"

Superman was still marveling at seeing the change from stunningly beautiful mermaid to beautiful in a different way and wickedly evil looking snake, and in reply said, "I certainly can't see any problem with Viper going along."

"Looks like you're going with us, Meera," Bruce smiled.  "But I still think Shayera should stay here along with Ashley and Lis unless Zatanna has more ideas for transformations."

The magician giggled, then said, "No more from me."

At this point, Martian Manhunter as the group's replacement Wonder Woman spoke up.  "I'm fascinated with the way Meera looks as a snake, Zee.  Now, since I'd rather do a normal change of clothes instead of spinning, could you zap me to Diana's place in Gateway City?"

"Sure," she replied quickly, "but we'll go together.  I don't want to just send you off by yourself."  Zatanna almost panicked with the thought of zapping into the unfamiliar home of Wonder Woman where J'onn as Diana wanted to go, but then figured a way to do it safely.  "eidnoW dna I era gnittis no s'anaiD deb."

The two blinked out of sight, at which point Batman said, "I'm betting we see a different Zee when they both come back, instead just J'onn as Cheetah.  Be interesting to see what she comes up with for herself."  When he finished speaking, Bruce altered his body into Raven, back in black with the domino mask over her eyes.  "I'm ready to go as Raven," she announced.

"I'm already set to go as Satanica," Dinah offered, "even if I don't still have my wish powers anymore."

Wonder Woman did her spin and, after a flash of light, was clad in gleaming silver from head to toe.  Her bracelets were back to being silver, and indistinguishable as integral parts of her silver sleeves with built in gloves.  "Metallica, reporting for duty," she said in a wicked sounding voice.

Omniwoman changed her face and hair again, to appear with long red hair.  Then she changed her costume to a head to toe to fingertips gleaming red latex with cloven toes on her stiletto heeled boots, a tail much like Satanica's but much longer and controlled, and devil horns sticking up from the red cowl covering her head but allowing her red mane to fall down her back.  "Beelzebabe ready to join you, Satanica!  Since most of you seem to enjoy really high heels so much and also long claws for fingernails, I did both for this female devil costume," she said in a now wicked sounding voice.

The costumed Dinah gasped.  "Wow!  That was quick and looks really great, Omni-...Beelzebabe," Satanica exclaimed.

Superman's eyes were practically bugging out!  "I agree.  You did a fantastic job with this quick change!"

Then, before changing himself, Kal said, "I just looked and Kyle is asleep in his room with his head down on the sketch he was working on.  I'll go get him to see if he wants to join us as Pixie."  The Man of Steel made like Flash and sprinted at super speed as opposed to flying through the Watchtower's hallways.  Seconds later, the group saw Yvonne in her own black outfit and also masked, being carried by a green energy hand coming from the barely visible, tiny and now winged Pixie's power ring.  "Pixie is obviously with us," she said, "and I'll go as Ebony.  My mental powers added to what J'onn will have as Cheetah and Meera as Viper should be our trump cards when we meet the new Star Sapphire."

Gateway City

"Hmm, directly to my bedroom, eh?" Wondie said upon their reappearance.

"Speed is of the essence, I figured.  How fast can you get into your Cheetah costume, or would you prefer me to zap you into it?"

"You obviously would be faster than me, but just watch how fast I can change from being the heroic Amazon to the devious Cheetah, without doing a spin, even," Diana answered while Zatanna was looking around, her eyes taking in all she could see for future relocations.

"Okay, in that case, while you're changing into Cheetah, I'll make my own change," Zatanna told her.  "Out in the living room, so we don't interfere with each other."

Diana was already almost completely out of her red, blue, gold and white using Amazon super speed as Zee went out the bedroom door.  While Wondie reached into the drawer in which the Cheetah costume had been placed not that long ago, Zatanna figured that she could alter herself nearly as fast and almost as easily as Omniwoman.  So as she stood in Diana's living room, again adding all she saw to her memories, the magician pictured herself in a grey bodysuit with white trim, gloves and knee high ballet toed boots, along with a grey cowl and mask over her head and face.  Then she spoke the spell to change herself, "elihW llits gnieb annataZ dna gnipeek lla ym srewop, egnahc otni dribgnikcoM."

Mockingbird went to the mirror she'd seen on the living room wall and inspected herself.  Satisfied, the slightly shorter woman with a new and very wicked looking face and waist length blonde hair headed for the bedroom.  She was met at the door by Cheetah.  "Meet Mockingbird, Cheetah."

Cheetah drew Mockingbird into a hug, with her tail adding to the thrill, and said, "Great looking costume.  I presume from your name that you can mimic other girls."

While still hugging, under her breath Mockingbird said, "dribgnikcoM si desserd sa hateehC."  Suddenly, Cheetah's question got answered as she found herself to be hugging another Cheetah.

"Very good!  I guess you'd better change back so we can get back to the others."

"Oh, you don't think seeing two Cheetah's would go over very well?" her twin answered.  "No, don't answer.  I was just kidding.  egnahC kcab otni s'dribgnikcoM emutsoc."  The two then broke their hug, and Mockingbird followed with, "htoB fo su ot eht rewothctaW tropelet sdap."


The other Justice League members already disguised as villainesses watched as Cheetah and a presumed changed Zatanna appeared in their midst.  "Ladies," offered Cheetah, "meet Mockingbird."

"Ah, another quick change artist like myself," Beelzebabe answered.

To which Mockingbird replied, "Meaning you must be Omniwoman.  Another great looking devil costume!"

"Thanks, I'm now Beelzebabe.  I think you already know Raven, and our other babe in black is Yvonne as Ebony.  Are you going to zap us all to that place where you saw the new Star Sapphire?"

"Outside Camille's place, not inside, her back yard to be specific," the disguised Zee replied.  "Once we're that close, then we can see how to best approach our hopefully new teammate.  Speaking of which, what should we call ourselves?"

Raven actually giggled.  "Hell's Angels, of course!"

"Sounds too easy," Ebony said, "but maybe simplicity is just what's needed.  Okay, let's get going."

"Just one thing before we go, the evil version of Zatanna said.  "As much as I like the ballet toed boots, I think they might be a bit awkward if we get into any action.  stooB egnahc ot evif-hcni sleeh."  They all watched as Mockingbird seemed to shrink a couple of inches.  "Much better, I think.  s'lleH slegnA, kcab dray fo 6173 ylleK nosnhoJ enaL."

Hawkgirl watched the group of heroes and heroines disguised as villainesses disappear, at which point she figured white looked better and turned her wings back to normal.  "Maybe Ashley and I should do up some quick changes for ourselves to show the others what they left behind," she muttered softly to herself as Shayera started walking toward the duty desk.

Palmdale, California

When the group of heroes and heroines all appearing to be villainesses came into view in her back yard, the original Zatanna who was now Star Sapphire had just been at the point of taking down her alert force field since she was nearly set to go execute her plan for making trouble at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works.  The jolt she got from all the women arriving startled her, and the super villainess altered her plans right away to see what was about to occur.  She used her gem to erect a firewall around her mind so no one would be able to access it.  'Now, to see just what's going on here,' she thought.  'Presuming only one of them comes in first, I know a good way to find out without endangering myself...'

Outside in her back yard, all the apparent villainesses took a moment to get their bearings after the magical teleport done by Mockingbird, the new and hoping to only be temporary replacement Zee.  Then Manhunter as Cheetah tapped the Man of Steel as Ebony on the shoulder and said, "Instead of all of us going to her door, how about since I can turn invisible, I dematerialize and go under her door, then see if I can spot anything she's setting up."

Ebony nodded, then said, "Doing an initial scouting mission sounds good, J', Cheetah.  Don't take too long, though.  I'm sure we don't look quite right just standing here in the back yard.  Good thing there's a high fence surrounding us so nobody can see us unless they're above us."

"Okay, I'll see about checking as quickly as I can and then get back to you," Cheetah replied.  "I'll contact you via a mental probe."

With a grin on her now demonic looking face, Lois as Beelzebabe told her presently female husband, "Don't worry about being seen from above, dear.  Anyone looking down from a helicopter or other aircraft is going to see an empty back yard.  I just put up a camouflaging energy field."

"Really?  Good thinking, hon.  Thanks!"

J'onn turned invisible, then walked up to the back door which led into the kitchen.  Then she dematerialized and sort of oozed under the door sill.  Inside, she came back to solid form, but still invisible.  A quick look around inside told her that Star Sapphire must have been in there working, since the table still had a coffee cup on it and some notes were laying next to it.  'Oh, so she's planning on going into the Skunk Works and doing a number on their new stealth UAV,' she thought.  'Time to see where she is now.'  First J'onn went through the doorway leading to the bathroom and bedroom, and while there was no sign of her quarry, she did see quite a collection of both business type and also sexy as hell clothes in her bedroom closet.  She then went out to go down the other hallway, back toward the living room.

Debbie Camille had detected the invisible form of her visitor as soon as she came under the door, and waited behind the door of the coat closet in her living room.  She had to kick a pair of her carefree slut personality's knee high black boots out of the way, and almost got the toe of her thigh high magenta boot caught in one of the black boot's stiletto heels.  As soon as the invisible intruder came into the room, the super villainess used her power to put a stationary shell around whoever it was.  J'onn felt the way her body froze in place, then watched as Star Sapphire came out of the closet.  The wicked femme fatale walked over to stand directly in front of her.  "Now, to make it so I can see who you are," she said.

Sapphire used her gem's power again to work into her visitor's mind and willed him or her to become solid.  J'onn felt the intrusion in her mind, but couldn't resist the compulsion she'd been given.  Star Sapphire watched as the villainess she recognized as Cheetah came into view.  "Now, to find out what your friends out there have in mind, let's see what they plan to do to Star Sapphire."  A purple glow enveloped the villainess, and when it faded, J'onn saw a copy of herself as Cheetah, with the sapphire gem barely visible as a lump on her throat under the catsuit's neck.  It was almost like looking in a mirror, but she had to look down to see her reflection.  "I have copied all of your powers along with your costume, so now I am Cheetah.  Since I'm Cheetah, you must really be Star Sapphire."

Her power made another purple energy field cover the intruder, and as it faded, she was no longer in the head to toe yellow and brown spotted costume.  She couldn't move her head or any of the rest of her body, but from what J'onn could see by moving her eyes around, she was now dressed in the almost black leotard with a magenta lightning design, along with the magenta gloves and thigh high boots she had seen on Sapphire.  The apparent Cheetah placed her clawed hands on the new Star Sapphire's shoulders and gripped them tightly.  "You are now Star Sapphire, and the block I just put on your mind will prevent you from calling out by voice or mentally to any of your friends.  You have all the powers that go with your identity thanks to the copy of my gem I put into your mask, with all your original powers blocked.  You may know who you really are, but all you can do is speak as Star Sapphire and act appropriately.  Make sure you try to fight back if anyone makes any efforts to subdue you."

As soon as the field restraining her was released, J'onn as Star Sapphire felt the desire to do just what she'd been instructed.  She was being subdued and held in place by the clawed hands of this other woman she recognized as Cheetah.  A burst of energy from her hand froze the woman in the cat like costume in place.  "I've got you now, intruder."  She slipped down and out of the clawed hands that were now resting on her shoulders more than gripping them, then stepped back to look her over more closely.

Outside, Kal as Ebony had decided that Cheetah was taking way too long inside without giving a mental call.  She sent out her own mental probe, but with J'onn's powers now in the possession of a different woman who was frozen in place, the probe went unanswered.  She turned to the four-inch high Pixie and asked, "Kyle, is that the smallest you can get as Pixie, or can you shrink down even more?"

As Ebony watched, Pixie seemed to disappear.  Then a presumed amplified tiny voice said in her ear, "Is the size of a gnat small enough?"

The changed Man of Steel grinned, then said, "Fly under her door and see if you can tell what's going on in there since I'm not getting any mental connection with J'onn."

Ebony was pretty sure she heard a buzzing noise briefly, and assumed Pixie was already on the way.

Being no bigger than any of the many insects present in and around Ms. Darnell's house, Pixie was able to reconnoiter the scene without being noticed.  She took note of what appeared to be J'onn as Cheetah frozen in place with her arms outstretched and her fingers spread out, with who she assumed was Star Sapphire in a new costume facing her.  This did not look good, and the minuscule winged heroine reversed course to do a high Mach insect related speed back out the rear door.

Pixie flew back up to Ebony's right ear and expanded her size a bit to make things easier.  "It looks like J'onn got trapped by Star Sapphire, but if that is Sapphire, it's a costume I've never seen before."

Mockingbird was near enough to hear that, and said, "My oops, I should have told you all about the totally new costume this woman came up with after she got turned into Star Sapphire."

"Let's go, everybody," Ebony said.  "Something must have gone wrong inside."

"Too bad I no longer have my wish powers," Satanica mentioned.  Dinah had a feeling quick alterations to reality would have been very helpful.

"If things went wrong for J'onn as Cheetah in there," the Dark Knight as Raven said, "I think we'd better be doubly alert as we go in."

The super heroine Aquamaid who was now appearing to be the wicked snake called Viper kept her mouth shut.  She was trying to mentally get a grip on the situation inside.  She was drawing a blank, though.

Ebony herself was the first one through the back door, with the others right behind her.  After a few steps she spotted Cheetah frozen in place with her arms outstretched before Star Sapphire.

Star Sapphire was momentarily at a loss, since these newcomers were all dressed in wicked looking villainess type costumes, not those of heroines.  In that same short time, Ebony noticed something very wrong with the picture she was seeing.  Star Sapphire was very tall and the size of an Amazon, while Cheetah was much smaller in stature.  <Lois, quick, use your own Sapphire powers to freeze this one in place,> she directed to her wife mentally.

Beelzebabe did just as she was asked and, after a quick flare of energy, another costumed form was stationary.  Aloud, she then said, "Ebony, why did you have me do that?"

"Look at their respective heights and body builds," Ebony answered.  "Cheetah should be the size of an Amazon.  But look at which of them actually is."

"Ah," Mockingbird noted, "it would seem that Star Sapphire did a quick costume and identity switch with Cheetah.  Allow me."  Ebony nodded.  "hateehC dna ratS erihppaS hctiws semutsoc," the disguised Zee said softly.

The results of her spell were nearly instantaneous.  Now Cheetah looked more like the disguised J'onn again, and with no sign of the sapphire gem which had been in a choker around the other's throat.  More than likely, it was now occupying the spot on Star Sapphire's mask which had held a copy when on J'onn.  "Ebony, I'm worried that Cheetah will still have the mental blocks Sapphire must have put on her, making her think she is Star Sapphire dressed as Cheetah," Mockingbird said.  "Let me see if we can get out of this by working with this woman who Allura turned into Star Sapphire.  It would be best to do it without a crowd, so if you don't mind, I'll work with her in her bedroom."

Before Ebony could respond, Viper broke in.  "While you were talking, Mockingbird, I did a mental scan of both girls.  You're correct, Cheetah is thinking she is really Star Sapphire, and wondering where her power gem has gone."

Ebony looked at J'onn, then the target of their mission, and said, "All right.  Beelzebabe, make sure you keep Cheetah immobile until her mental blocks can be undone.  Are you certain your magic can control this new Star Sapphire, Za- ...Mockingbird?"

The disguised Zee reached up to pluck the sapphire gem from the mounting on Star Sapphire's mask, then said, "Without this she is powerless.  Here, hold on to it while I see if I can reverse what Allura did earlier today."  She passed the gem to Raven, who placed it into the left side pouch on her belt.  The blonde beauty in shiny black froze for just a moment, then started to walk back into the kitchen.  Mockingbird by that time had turned to face the woman who used to be Zatanna.  "oG htiw em ot ruoy moordeb dna ekam on troffe ot evael ym edis.  Beelzebabe, undo the sapphire energy which has her frozen in place."


While their teammates were off to Palmdale in their new villainess disguises, Shayera and Ashley commiserated at the duty desk.  "At least you have the monitors to keep yourself busy," the winged heroine told the archer.  "I have half a mind to go use Zatanna's costume machine to make some kind of disguise that would make the others think again about leaving me behind."

The gorgeous blonde in green nodded, then reached to clasp Hawkgirl's hand before replying, "I feel for you.  But I think the others were probably right, it would be difficult for you to make yourself unrecognizable."

"In that case, I accept that as a challenge," Shayera told her.  "Let's see if you think I'm so recognizable after I see what I can do with Zee's machine."

Ashley grinned, "I look forward to seeing what you can do.  And if you feel so inclined, how about doing up some kind of outfit for me, too?"

"Ah!  A double challenge," Hawkgirl answered assuredly.  "To quote your General MacArthur, I shall return.  Or better yet, quoting Arnold, I'll be back!"


Already becoming possibly too at ease with her own use of the Star Sapphire power, the disguised Lois Lane zapped the woman in the new version of a Star Sapphire costume (which she did think looked very good) and watched as she flexed her arms upon release.

As Mockingbird started to walk toward the hallway, Star Sapphire fell in right beside her.  They walked together down the hall and then into the bedroom.  The new Zatanna escorting the changed original took a look into the closet still open from J'onn's checking, and noted the totally different styles of clothes inside.  She then sat on the edge of the bed, and Sapphire followed.  As much as she'd been thinking of the correct way to do the spell ever since arriving, it still took the magical heroine who was playing the role of a super villainess a moment to get what she wanted to say right.  "uoY evah neeb denrut otni ratS erihppaS, tub taht si ton ohw uoy era desoppus ot eb.  potS gnikniht fo flesruoy sa eht repus ssenialliv dellac ratS erihppaS.  knihT fo flesruoy sa a lamron, yadyreve namow os ew nac klat tuoba ruoy laer ytitnedi."

The effects of the disguised Zee's spell started to show right away.  The woman seated next to her stuck her hands out in front of herself as if to see them for the first time, and then said, "Why am I in this strange costume?"  Then she turned and took in the image of Mockingbird.  "And who are you, also in a costume?  Is it Halloween?"

"No, it won't be Halloween for another three weeks.  Dressed as I am right now, I'm called Mockingbird," she answered.  "But I'm really a member of the Justice League of America called Zatanna, and I'm a magician.  Real magic, not stage craft.  Try to think hard of who you are.  While I look like Zatanna and have her powers, I'm really someone else who was asked to take her place when she got lost.  While you no longer look right, YOU are the woman who is or was the real Zatanna.  Do you have any memories of being her?"

With her eyes closed, the ex-Zatanna tried her hardest to find any memories to go with what she'd just heard.  After a minute that for Mockingbird seemed to last an hour, she opened her eyes and said, "I can't find anything in my head to match what you just told me.  All my memories are of the dual life I've led as conniver Camille and slut Debbie, along with some vague recollections of my evil career as Star Sapphire."

Mockingbird took the magenta gloved hands into her own and clenched them.  "But those memories must have been just manufactured magically when you got turned from Zatanna into Star Sapphire.  Until sometime earlier today, Camille didn't exist, nor did your utterly different identity as Debbie or your role as Star Sapphire.  With no memories to back this up, I don't think I can easily turn you back into Zatanna using my magic.  You could have the body of Zatanna, but not her mind and memories.  For that matter, you might not even be able to take on the magic powers with which you had been born."

"I hope you can see why I also would be hesitant to change from who I am to being somebody else," Camille replied.  "It would be like trying to ignore all I am and starting all over with something new."  Then the ex-Zee smiled and added in what had to be Debbie's voice, "However, I think with your help, I could build a new life upon what I know of my 'manufactured' memories.  If you could stay as Zatanna, you and I could work together."

"Hmmm," Mockingbird mused, "that might be a track to follow, and your and now my daddy might be amenable.  If I could give you enough background on what I think happened to make you change, maybe we could find some way to get back at the person who did this to you."

A more serious look came back to her face as Camille instead of Debbie nodded her head eagerly while smiling, "I'd like to try to help you as much as I can.  Where should we go from here?"

"First of all, let's go back out to the living room and see what we can do about something you did while you were still Star Sapphire."


As she was walking toward Zatanna's costume machine, which Shayera was unaware had been put to use less than two hours earlier, the winged heroine was thinking about a perfect disguise considering that most of her teammates would be celebrating Thanksgiving in a bit more than a month.  As soon as she sat at its console, Hawkgirl turned the machine on and concentrated on how Turkeygirl should appear as it booted up.  After the front page showing Zee posing in a bikini version of her stage costume came up, she clicked on the icon to take her to the female form page.  A basic nude figure came up, after which she entered the data for her own body's statistics.

With all in readiness, she selected a bodysuit covering the nude form from the neck to the feet, and for color and material selected metallic gold and latex.  Then it occurred to Hawkgirl just how hot and sweaty latex could get, so she changed the material to a more breathable tight weave spandex.  To simulate a turkey's legs, she specified knee high light brown boots, and was at first going to go with flat heels.  But after thinking about it for a moment and finally convincing herself, she changed them to high spike heels considering what nearly all of her teammates were now wearing.  Matching light brown gloves going just to her wrists were next.  Finally, Shayera got to the mask and cowl.

To make herself look as much like a turkey as possible, Hawkgirl set it up to make the head covering cowl out of a gleaming silver latex, which would be okay since it was just over her face and hair.  It was set up with a golden beak to stick out over her nose, and a red area below her chin to simulate a turkey's crop.  The last details were the air holes for her nose in the top of the beak and a small silver extension on top of where the beak's gold met the head's silver.  'If I could do up the boots to look like real turkey feet, I'd be perfect,' Shayera thought as the button to add the projected costume to the female form was pressed.  Her image on the screen took on the new costume, and pleased with the way it looked, the cosplayer saved the data to the costume maker part of Zee's machine.

As the costume parts started to get worked on, Shayera started to wonder just what she could do for Ashley.  Then, on an inspiration, she went into the machine's memory to see if there were any pictures of Vampirella.  No such luck.  Well, a costume could still be made just going by her memories of working along with the vampire hunting heroine three years before on a case she had worked.  Hawkgirl went back to the monitor and selected the nude form once again, then since there was so little costume to worry about, she made approximations for her friend's torso, waist and chest sizes.  It would take too long to pull up the data from the machine's files, so she quickly got on the communicator to ask Ashley what her shoe size was.

"Six and a half.  What are you setting up for me?"

"Got it, six and a half.  It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it."

"Too true.  I'll be waiting to see what you did for yourself and also me."

"I think you'll be surprised by both.  See ya in a bit."

Shayera closed the connection and went back to enter six and half for the size of the boots.  Then she heard the costume maker beep, and got up to grab her new outfit.  In mere seconds she was out of her Hawkgirl costume, completely without worry about being in the buff and white feathers since almost all her teammates were Earthside.  As she was slipping into the golden bodysuit, her wings were changing in color to a brown not much different from the color of her new boots and gloves.  She sat on the bench to pull on the boots, and felt herself rising in height to a degree unfelt in a long time when she stood.  "At least I'll fit in with all the other girls now," she said aloud while looking down the side of each of her legs to examine the new heels.  Then she pulled the gloves on to cover her hands and wrists.  Finally, it became time for the cosplayer to stop being a hawk and become a turkey.  She pulled the cowl over her hair and down over her head, tucking it into the top of the golden bodysuit.

A quick look in the mirror gave Shayera a confirmation that she was indeed a turkey now.  But as good as she looked, there was no escaping the fact that she looked lame compared to her prior form.  Turkeygirl went over to the communicator and punched in Inza's room.


"Inza, it's Shayera, and I'm at Zee's costume machine.  Could you come out and give me your opinion of what I did for a new costume to show the others what I could do?"

Dr. Fate magically zapped her golden helmet back on to become complete and, since she was alone at the moment, instead of replying to Shayera and walking down the passageways, she clicked off the communicator and magically appeared right next to Hawkgirl.  Err, Turkeygirl.  She spooked the changed heroine a bit by saying, "A turkey, huh?  You definitely look different.  But if you think this is going to bring any fear to evil doers you might have to meet, I think you may find them cringing in laughter instead of fear."

Shayera hung her head so that her beak nearly nestled between her breasts, then told Inza, "That's pretty much what I was thinking.  I believe I came up with a great costume for Ashley, but it looks like I didn't do myself any favors."

"Even though this is hardly a fear inducing costume, it's still a great example of what your imagination can do for costumes.  What did you make for Ashley?"

Turkeygirl turned back toward the machine's monitor while crooking a brown gloved finger in front of Inza's face.  "Thanks for the compliment.  Hers isn't made yet, but I do have the costume set up on the figure in the machine," Shayera said as she started walking over to the machine.

Inza took immediate notice of the heels on the shapely turkey's boots and said, "What's with the stiletto heels?  I've never seen you in boots or shoes with heels like these."

"I was going to make them flat heels, but then I figured since all the other girls are wearing really high heels, I might as well join them."

The golden helmeted magician looked down toward her own bright yellow boots, then said, "Well, not all of us.  But you do have a good point there."  Inza invoked a quick spell, felt her feet arch just as considerably as Raven's had back in the Bat Cave, and suddenly her eyes were much closer to the same level as Shayera's.  "Oooo, it might take me a few minutes to get used to my balance in these seven-inch heels!" she exclaimed.

"A lot less time than you think, I'm betting," Turkeygirl replied while pointing toward the monitor.  "Ever heard of Vampirella?"

"Yes, but I've never met her.  Is that what she looks like?"

"Yes and no.  It's more or less Vampi's outfit, but based on my memory of working with her a while back, so it might not be exactly right."

Inza looked at the displayed costume for a few moments, then said, "I think I just came up with a way for you to impress the others a lot more than as a turkey...and for me to impress them a lot in addition.  I know a lot more about one of Vampirella's associates than I do Vampi herself.  Did she ever mention Lady Death to you, or Lady D's sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, Purgatori?"

"No.  Who are they?"

"A couple of awesome women I once met during a strange magic oriented mission.  You'll see what they both look like in mere moments...and each of us will have full and complete knowledge of them as if we'd spent our whole lives as them.  Stand away from the machine," Inza said with a hidden smile that was still apparent in her voice.  "I'll do you a favor and magically make that costume for Ashley, and likewise make you look a lot more foreboding than a turkey."

While Turkeygirl was moving back from the machine and not looking at Inza, the other heroine's blue and gold did her original body.  In its place was a body of about the same height but much more shapely and top heavy than before, looking ivory white with hair to match.  This hair was much fuller and longer than Inza's original short, light brown hair.  Covering her body now instead of blue and gold was shiny black that did not cover very much at all.  The bra looked like a bikini top that was intended to just barely hold the massive orbs of flesh on her chest, and the thong panty just barely covered the slit in her crotch and the hole to the rear.  Two black garters came down from each side of this thong to clip to the front and back tops of the thigh high black boots that looked more like shiny black hose at the top.  Shoulder length black gloves covered her arms, but left her fingers bare, and a black cape hung all the way to the floor, secured by a choker held at her throat by a gold skull and crossbones.  Similar gold skulls held together the bra halves and also covered the spot where her feminine mound's camel toe was very evident below the thong.  Needless to say, the black boots had ultra high stiletto heels like those just added to her golden Dr. Fate boots that would have made Inza cringe earlier.  But her new body handled them with ease.

"I am Lady Death," the changed mage said with a totally different and much more sultry voice, "who Vampirella has met on a few occasions.  Now, to give you a costume to instill fear, can you make your wings look leathery like a bat's?"

"WOW!!  You look incredible as Lady Death!  Eerie new voice, too.  I did leathery bat wings for Bruce one time, watch."

Lady Death saw the turkey's wings alter from brown feathers to the leather like wings of Batman's namesake.  "Perfect!" the snow white skinned babe told her.  "Now, what I'm going to do is make a body covering costume for you like the white one over my own body which has magically altered my flesh and blood underneath it, in the process also giving me Lady D's voice.  It will make you look like your skin is blood red, and its mask will also alter how your face and head look, just like mine.  Latex would work best, so I hope you can work with that."

Shayera's beak nodded as she replied, "I was going to go with latex at first for this one.  Red, you say?  Ah...with wings like these, I'll look devilish like Omniwoman's Beelzebabe."

"Exactly!"  Inza...err, Lady Death worked her spell, and instantly Shayera was no longer looking like a turkey.  "Take a look in the mirror, Purgatori."

The transformed Shayera turned to see herself looking even more demonic than Beelzebabe had.  She was a female devil personified!  "Is this my own hair, now jet black and hanging down to my ass?"

"A wig would have been a bit much, so yes, that is your hair altered magically.  Just like mine, of course."

Two tall, red horns sprung up from her head, and big diamond shaped hoops hung from Shayera's new red ears.  A wide black choker was around her throat with a spoked star design in front.  A halter back shiny black top barely held her breasts, and white demonic skull faces armored her shoulders.  From these faces to her fingertips were shiny black gloves, and matching boots with even higher heels than those of her turkey boots came up her legs almost to her crotch.  A thin black thong covered just what was needed at her crotch and ass.

"So now I'm Purgatori, eh?  WOW!!  This is a lot better than my turkey costume, and I just love the way my new body feels just fine in these ultra high heels!  Like you said, besides still knowing who I really am, I seem to know that I really am Purgatori with my life history in my head.  Thank you very much, Inza!"

"Lady Death, not Inza.  I knew you'd like that, Shayera!"

Her teammate picked up on the new ID bit, and answered, "Shayera?  Who's Shayera?  My name is Purgatori."  She even noticed a difference in her voice.

Lady Death giggled loud, looking and sounding odd for her look.  "Right, you sure can't be anyone other than Purgatori looking and sounding like that.  Good thing you only look like Purgatori, though, and not have any inclination to act like her.  For one thing, she likes to get into really hot lesbian scenes  Now, let me zap up Ashley's new costume so Vampirella can join us."

"Since there's so little material for the Vampi costume, I did rough estimates for Ashley's body," Purgatori said.  "Oh, the one exact thing you'll need is her shoe size for the boots.  It's six and a half."

"Gotcha."  The totally changed Inza did her thing, and seconds later was holding a perfectly sized via magic version of what had been on the monitor in her hands.  "I'll skip making a wig, and just change Ashley's hair like I did yours and mine.  Let's go show our archer what we look like now, then give her a totally new look herself."

"Right, but first..."  Purgatori went over to the communicator and hit the button for Flash's new feminine room.


Remembering what had been discussed earlier, she said, "Lis, you may not recognize my voice, and if this thing had a video along with the audio, you'd see why.  This is Shayera; Inza and I are now in some killer costumes she did for us so we can show the others what we could do.  You might want to sneak out to the duty desk area to see us both and what we're going to give Ashley for a costume."

"Killer costumes, you say?  Goodie!  I'll be there in a second."  For her, this expression was no exaggeration.  The connection broke.

Purgatori started to turn and walk toward the duty desk with short steps brought on by her new heels, but was halted as Lady D said, "Wait, I'll save us both the trouble of walking in these new heels.  We might even beat Lis."

Instantly, the pair was no longer near the break room area but were standing behind a seated Ashley, whose attention was rapt on one of the monitors showing the CNN top of the hour news.  Lady Death turned her head and winked at Lis, who she spotted nearly hidden behind one of the verticals.  Purgatori walked up right behind Ashley.  "Think you can tear yourself away from the news for few minutes?" the archer heard.  Whose voice was that?  It sounded like Shayera, but a bit different, more sexy?  She turned to see Purgatori standing in front of Lady Death, and thought for a brief moment that intruders were in the Watchtower somehow.  Then she figured that was almost impossible, and since Hawkgirl had told her about making a costume...

"Shayera, is that you in your new costume?"

The red skinned demoness guffawed.  "Who's Shayera, you do-good bitch?  New costume?  No, new identity.  I am Purgatori!"

Ashley turned more toward Lady Death, then asked, "Can I presume that if she used to be Shayera, you used to be Inza?  Is that costume she has more the result of your magic or Zee's machine?"

"While I'm sure Zee's costume machine could make Purgatori look that way eventually, I did think my magic could be a lot faster," Lady D replied, then stepped closer to Purgatori and rested her snow white left hand on the blood red right shoulder's skull face.  "This may look like real red skin, but Shayera is still there under this new latex skin on top of her own.  Same thing for me, with this white skin over mine.  These magical latex skins work sort of like the way Duela Dent's masks do, but even better.  Looks pretty real, doesn't it?"

"I'll say!" Green Arrow answered.  "Those are really great looking new costumes!"

Lady Death said softly to Purgatori, "You want the honor, or should I?"

"Give it to me," the demoness softly replied.  The disguised Inza passed the barely there Vampirella costume to her.

"Now it's your turn, Ashley.  Lady Death will watch the monitors for a moment.  Step away from the desk and put on your own new costume to become Vampirella."

"Vampirella?  I've heard of her.  Vampire hunter, worked a couple of times with Buffy, right?"

"Correct," answered Purgatori.  "And in moments, you will become the Vampire hunter."

Ashley saw the incredibly different Inza approach to sit at the desk, so she went over to the end of the counter where her hat, gloves, quiver and bow were placed.  Not even trying yet to figure out what her transformed friend was holding in her hands, she got out of her green bodice and leggings after unzipping her boots.  These were quickly folded and added to the other costume components.  It was as she turned back toward Purgatori that the archer noticed her hair suddenly shifting from golden blonde to black as sin.  Not only that, but almost perfectly straight and a lot longer!

"Inza?  Uh, Lady Death?" she asked.  'Has my own voice now altered?' she wondered.

"Don't worry," Lady D grinned, "I just figured magic could do your hair better than a wig.  And if you're wondering, your own body is now enclosed in a flesh colored body suit so you have a totally different face...along with having a much larger chest and shapely figure like myself and Purgatori."

"Oh, that explains my new voice, I guess.  Magically putting me into the new costume would be better, too."

"But not as much fun for you!" Purgatori said before Lady Death could reply.  "Here, put this on, Vampi."


"Short for Vampirella," Lady Death said.  "None of your friends call you by your full name.  You'll know all about that after you've got your complete costume on."

Ashley could only look down upon her now more shapely and voluptuous body since she was too far from any mirrors.  She was more than impressed with what Inza...Lady Death had done for her.  After taking the small pile from her red skinned friend, she found herself holding up in front of her body what looked like a red looped thong with a few widened areas in either red or white and a ring holding it all together.  "This is a costume?!" she asked incredulously.

"You may have noticed that there isn't much covering my own torso, either," Purgatori told her.  "Go ahead and slip into that, you'll love the way you look once it's on."

"I'll take your word for it..." the altered Ashley said as she pulled the strips of fabric up between her legs and then noticed the golden bat design over her crotch.  "Now, this I like!"  More eagerly now, she pulled it up to where it divided over her waist and went up over her tits.  'Hey, they really are a lot bigger now!' she noticed.  The red material barely covered her aureolas and nipples, letting nearly all of the huge globes of flesh to be seen.  The wider white collar went up over her head and then back down under her hair, which she then shook out.

Purgatori handed her friend a pair of monstrous golden circle hoop earrings, which she placed into her piercings.  Then came a pair of golden metallic bands which she first started to put around her wrists like the Amazon's bracelets, but after her red skinned friend giggled and stuck the long nails of her index fingers into her upper arms, got clamped around her biceps.

"So now I'm Vampirella," the changed Ashley said.

"Not yet, babe.  Here."  Purgatori handed her the boots.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!" the altered archer shrieked.  She turned over the boots to look at the two-inch platforms and what seemed to be nearly twelve-inch heels.  "Where do my toes go in these things?"

"Over the platforms, silly girl," the red demoness answered while tapping her own weight carrying black encased toes.  "Just pull them on, Vampi."

The black stretch PVC or whatever they were made from boots had red platforms and heels, along with red toe tips and stripes going up their fronts, sort of like the white stripes on Wonder Woman's red boots.  Vampirella went over to sit on the seat next to Lady Death, and had to swish aside her hair which now hung down past her butt.  She pointed the toes of her left foot and slid them into the boot, then settled her foot into the severe arch.  Satisfied that the boot fit perfectly, she pulled the material up until her calf was covered in black, nearly to her knee in front and angling down toward the back.  The right boot followed more quickly, and then Vampi came to her feet.

'What the hell, I don't feel any tendency to wobble or anything, even though I'm almost standing on my toes,' Vampirella mused.  'And now I know that I seem to have also led the life of Vampi...WOW!'  She took shorter than usual but sexy as hell steps over to stand so much taller next to Purgatori.  "Now I'm Vampirella!  Good thing my teeth are still normal!" she said.

"You think so, Vampi?  Go over and grin in front of the mirror," Lady Death told her.

All the way over, again in way shorter that usual steps, Vampi kept moving her tongue and lips around.  She couldn't feel anything different.  But as she got to the mirror and first got a look at how she now appeared, the transformed archer grinned wide and then saw the extended canines she sported.  "Ah, I thought Vampirella was a vampire hunter, not a vampire herself!  But wait, I am from Drakulon, so..."

Purgatori laughed.  "Not a true vampire, my dear.  Folks from the planet Drakulon just have a natural ability to use their teeth for getting the most from their victims."

Purgatori went over to join her friend at the mirror, and the demonic pair made quite an image when seen together.  "Wow, talk about a dynamic duo!" she said.

"Or is it demonic duo?" Vampi asked with a smile.

"Either way, the three of us are going to really surprise the others when they get back!" Lady Death said from back at the desk.  "I'll bet they're going to freak out when they find Vampirella minding the duty desk!  Oh, before you come over here, let me take a picture of you both."  The white skinned beauty in black reached into the supply drawer of the desk and pulled out the digital camera kept on hand.  "Smile!"  She aimed the camera, then looked back up.  "Smile with your lips closed, both of you."

"I've got vampire teeth, too?" Purgatori asked.

"Of course!  Now just smile, tight lipped!"

After she'd taken a couple of pics, Flash stepped out of her hiding place and came to Lady Death's side.  "You three are too much to believe!  Ashley, as Vampirella now, you're wearing heels nearly as tall as my own!  Give me that camera, Lady Death, so you can go join Vampi and Purgatori."

Lady Death grinned almost wickedly, and handed Lis the camera.  "Before you use that camera, I have a question for you.  You're the last member of the Justice League who isn't in some kind of different costume now.  I know you had told Bruce you didn't want to try and costume yourself for that mission they all went on, but how would like to join the three of us in cosplaying to surprise the others when they get back?"

"Good point, Inz- ...Lady Death," she replied.  "I don't want to ever do anything that would detract from my incredibly beautiful look.  I do suppose for just this brief time I could get out of red and gold and into some other outfit like you three have.  But would I have to go and use Zee's machine to do some kind of costume?"

"No," the disguised Inza answered.  "I can use my magic to put another flesh colored skin over your body, with a head covering mask that would give you a new face and voice like it did for each of us.  It would even cover up that girdle so now one would know you're wearing it.  There's a constant companion of Vampirella that you could become, who is known as Pantha.  She even morphs into a real furry panther at times, but in her costume, you'd just be the superhuman form of Pantha."

"Superhuman or superfast?"

"Hah, hah!  Superfast, of course.  None of us have the actual powers of Lady Death, Purgatori or Vampirella.  Under our looks, we're still using our regular powers.  So, would you like me to transform you into Pantha?"

Lis giggled, then said, "I'd be sticking out being the only one in a normal costume!  Should I strip first?"

"No need."  Lady Death invoked her magic and the red and gold covering Lis from head to foot became a folded up pile on her bed while at the same time a deeply tanned flesh suddenly covered the speedster, including the girdle and the exotic face she now sported.  The magic allowed her original hair to show even though the mask covered her head, and for Pantha, it became jet black instead of golden blonde.  A thong covered her crotch and ass, and a bra top strained to hold in the globes of flesh even larger than what Lis had started with.  Opera length fingerless gloves covered her arms, and thigh high boots with heels just a bit lower than what Flash was now used to on her golden boots appeared on her legs.  All of these were a light bluish grey with darker shaded squiggle and circular patterns.  Large gold circular plate earrings hung from her ear lobes, and another piece of jewelry was the gold squares necklace with a black panther head in a golden circle hanging at its front.

The changed Lis then walked over to the same mirror in which Vampi had bared her teeth, and took in the visage of Pantha.  "I look totally different, and something like what a friend of Catwoman would be!" she said in what was recognized as her new voice.  "I'd meow, but from Pantha a roar would be more appropriate.  Thank you very much for doing this for me!"

"I figured you'd like that," Lady Death told her.  "In that form, try to think of yourself just as Pantha, not as Lis or Flash.  It'll work best for our costume trick for the others.  Now, instead of taking the pictures yourself, get that mini tripod out of the drawer and set up the camera on the desk top.  Then you can join us so a group picture of Vampirella, Pantha, Purgatori and Lady Death."

Just to make Lady Death grin, Pantha used her super speed to get the tripod and camera set up and then get back to the other girls less than a second after her voice trailed off.  She had the timer set.  "Ready when you are, Lady Death!  Smile for the camera."

Four of the most wicked looking females ever seen stood shoulder to shoulder with gleeful grins on their faces as the camera clicked.  A few more images were then exposed, giving record to one of the strangest costuming sessions in Justice League history.  Or so the four girls thought, unaware of what was at the same time transpiring Earthside.


When Camille came back out alongside her new friend and saw all the costumed ladies in her living room, including Pixie now at Barbie doll size, she meekly raised her still magenta gloved right hand to wave and said, "Hi!"

"If this young lady is no longer thinking she is Star Sapphire," Ebony asked while looking at Mockingbird, "can we drop the code names and go by our real names?"

"I don't see why not," Zee said.  "But as long as we're dressed as we are, the code names do fit."

"I see your point," Yvonne replied.  "Also, do you think it would be safe to give this young woman her gem back?  The Star Sapphire power of Beelzebabe hasn't been able to undo the mental blocks on Cheetah.  I think maybe only the person who did it can undo it, even if she isn't thinking the same way as before."  Then she looked around for its holder to get the gem.  "Where's Raven?"

All the time Zee had been talking with her predecessor and the others had been trying to work with J'onn, Raven had been standing in the kitchen.  The powerful gem in her left side pouch, whose origin was not Zamaron in nature but black magic just like the one Lois now possessed, had probed its holder's mind as soon as she touched it, and made her go where she'd be alone.  The gem found Raven's ability to morph her costume into anything she could imagine, and froze her mind as it started to work on the costume she was wearing.  Slowly, the black she was wearing started to alter to become identical to the costume in which first the ex-Zee and then J'onn had appeared.  As the costume finished morphing and she was now in black and magenta, Raven found the gem in her right hand since the pouch no longer existed.  "I am Star Sapphire," she uttered.

Ebony heard this, and raced into the kitchen to see what appeared to be Star Sapphire raising her right hand to place her power gem into its mount on the mask over her forehead.  "NO!" she exclaimed while reaching to grab the gem from the apparently changed Raven's hand.

With the gem removed from in her possession, Raven no longer had the identity of Star Sapphire.  But she was still in the costume also being worn by the woman at Zee's side.

The gem sensed the even more capable body and costume morphing power of the person now holding it, and used its own power to enhance her alteration powers even more and then work even faster.  With lightning like speed this time, Ebony now found her blonde hair to be black while her own black costume became replaced by the costume of Star Sapphire, then as she started to place the gem into her own new mask, she echoed the same words that had drawn her into the kitchen.  "I am Star Sapphire."

Ebony was not the only person who had started into the kitchen upon hearing Raven, and before the gem found its mounting, the alert OTHER Star Sapphire now called Beelzebabe nee Omniwoman nee Lois Lane nee Selina Kyle used her own powers to yank it from her changed husband's magenta gloved hand without actually touching it.  "No you're not!" she told the woman who now was the third person wearing the black and magenta colored costume.

Instinctively knowing just what the gem in her hand had presumably done to first Raven and then Ebony, Lois used her own sapphire power to put a protective shell around this one before it could start to take over her own mind.  She then clenched it all the more tightly.  "Now then," Beelzebabe finally said, "you both look identical.  I presume the Star Sapphire directly in front of me is Kal, and the one on my left is Bruce."

"Correct, hon," she heard the one in front of her say in a voice identical to the young woman they'd come to rescue.  Then this Sapphire turned to her twin.  "Bruce, do you feel the same inability to change from this costume that I do?"

"I was going to ask you the same question," Raven replied, also using that same voice.  "And I presume you've noticed that you apparently can now not only alter the way Yvonne is dressed but also how she actually looks.  Now you've got black hair and your face is different, too."

"As is yours...Raven for now I guess," Kal as Yvonne as Star Sapphire replied.  She turned back to face her wife.  "Honey, can your sapphire power undo the changes to our bodies?"

"Probably," Lois said while nodding, "but it might work better if we try to do it the same way we're going to try to help J'onn.  This gem," she held up her hand, "is what caused all the trouble, and if the woman who started out with it can control it and herself, I think that's our best option.  Let's go back out to the living room."

Beelzebabe turned and walked out, followed by twin Star Sapphires.

All eyes were on the trio when they appeared.  The woman who had been the first to wear the costume now adorning two others along with one in the Cheetah costume who thought she was supposed to be in it was able to put words together before any of the disguised as villainess Justice League members.  "I presume my power gem has been playing games with you both?"

"I wouldn't call both of us being turned into Star Sapphire playing games," Raven said.  "I'm hoping, and I'm sure Ebony is also, that you might be able to use your gem that altered us to change us back."

Pointing toward the unmoving Cheetah and then waving her hand toward the two new Star Sapphires, Zee asked Camille, "Do you think if you were to get your power back, you could use it to change the others back and free the other lady from her mental blocks?"

Nodding, Camille told Zee, "It sounds odd, but I do still know all about what I could do and actually did with my powers.  Now that you have taken away my inclination to actually be the evil Star Sapphire, I'm pretty sure I could free Cheetah from the mental blocks and mind warps I gave her, and also turn back these two new twins of me."

As she reached to pass the gem enclosed in her fist, Beelzebabe said, "Assurances are one thing.  Powered up, you would once again become one of the most powerful persons in this room.  I dare say, the rest of us will have to be ready to counter you if the power corrupts."

"I feel certain that you won't find any need to fight me, ...err?"

"Beelzebabe.  Normally Omniwoman, but I'm really Lois Lane."

"...Lois.  Thanks, and your trust will not be in vain."

Beelzebabe herself first undid the power shell she'd put around it, then placed the gem back into its receptacle on the mask over Camille's eyes.  The young woman felt the power flood though her body, but as much as she could feel its corruption trying to influence her, she kept it completely under control.  With but a thought she fired an energy bolt at Cheetah, and sure enough, J'onn's mind became free once again.  "That was certainly a strange turn of events," the Martian hero who'd been changed so much in the past few days remarked casually.

"You're back to normal now?" Yvonne asked, still in the form of Star Sapphire with the same voice as Camille.

An evil looking grin formed on the wickedly made up face J'onn had used again for Cheetah.  "As normal as it can be with all of us pretending to be bad girls!" she practically giggled.  "Before we go back, I have an idea I believe I got from thinking I was Star Sapphire, and actually looking like her briefly.  Presuming you're both next in line to be changed back by this new Star Sapphire, how about waiting and not changing right away.  Beelzebabe and Mockingbird, let's use the powers we have to change our costumes to variations of the Star Sapphire costumes, and have a little get-together of the Sisterhood of Star Sapphires!"

"I guess there's no real hurry," the very much changed Man of Steel said.  "Raven and I are already identical to this woman," she nodded toward Camille, "so if you, Zee and Lois are going to also become Star Sapphires, I hope you do them differently from this."

"Ah, no need for us to be exactly identical," Camille said in a giggling voice.  "For the time being you both will still be in bodies like mine, but there's no sense in all three of us wearing the same costumes.  I think just a small change for you, Raven, and just wait until you see the ultra sexy looking new costume I'm going to put on you, Ebony!"

Her power gem flared, first at Kal whose black and magenta outfit disappeared and got replaced by a pink top that had sleeves going all the way to form the gloves over her hands.  It barely covered any of her torso, with a scalloped V going from her shoulders to a copy gem at her navel.  It even had cut outs to the left and right of this navel gem to make it sort of look like panties with a belt.  A wickedly cut white collar was around her neck, attached to the pink top only behind her neck.  A similarly cut pink mask covered her eyes, with a minimal pink tiara over her forehead holding what would be a sapphire power gem.  Nearly identical boots were on her legs, but in the same shade of pink and with heels seeming to be even higher than before.

Then she directed her power at Raven, whose costume and its boots stayed the same but with black fishnet hose covering her legs under them.  "Now we'll be able to tell each other apart!"

"Very nice," Kal replied, "I like your idea to give me such an incredibly wicked looking new costume and sexy fishnets to Raven.  You have a good sense of humor!"

"And I love the fishnets you gave to Raven!" Mockingbird added.

"So do I!" Satanica echoed.

J'onn surprised the others as she used her shape shifting power to alter her form from Cheetah to the original Star Sapphire that had plagued the first Flash many years before.  Her long black hair was coiled on the sides of her head, black fishnet hose covered her legs, and yellow wedge sandals were on her feet with single straps above her ankles.  A long sleeved dark purple leotard covered her upper body, with a wide yellow belt around her waist.  This belt expanded even more in front to encompass a big purple star.  A high yellow collar came up from the neck of the leotard, big purple globe earrings hung from her ear lobes, and a golden band with a big holder for the sapphire gem was in the hair over her forehead.  Her hands were bare.

Lois as Beelzebabe whistled, then said, "Here on the West Coast it's still a good few hours off, but I don't want to take any chances by putting myself into that same costume I was wearing with the warning not to be in it when the sun went down.  So, I think I'll get creative."  She used her sapphire generated power to alter both her body and costume to have similar black hair to Camille, Raven and her husband.  What she did for a costume was to use the original pink for a similar top to the costume she'd been in, but with a much wider and deeper opening to expose much more cleavage.  A similar white belt was around her waist, with the enlarged front surrounding the purple star design.  The usual high white collar was around her neck, and while the gloves she wore were purple as before, they had spiked extensions going up outside her elbows.  Matching purple boots with traditional Star Sapphire heels were on her legs, but instead of being only knee high they came up to the tops of her thighs, like the magenta colored boots on the others.  Traditional white drop earrings adorned her ears, and lastly, instead of a mask over her eyes and a tiara above her head to hold the gem, she wore a pink mask much like the magenta colored ones worn by the others but much more spiked in front where the gem resided.

At the same time Lois was keeping everyone's attention, the Amazon in the form of Metallica snuck into the hallway and thence to Camille's bedroom.  A quick peek into the closet confirmed what she'd suspected.  This new Star Sapphire had been given the same dual personality, no make that a triple personality, that she herself had adopted for a cover a bit more than six years before.  Not as much space as she would have liked, but after a quick spin and burst of light blocked by the door, she was in a body identical to Carol Ferris and dressed exactly as the Star Sapphire Carol Ferris had become and Lois had been wearing in bondage on her bed.

Unknown to all the others in the house, Wonder Woman herself had been dressed in exactly the costume she was now wearing while in her Purple Ray altered new body playing the role of Debbie Camille Darnell, the new Star Sapphire of the Secret Society of Super Villains.  Thanks to the Purple Ray, not only had her spin resulted in the change of clothes but also back to her other body.  'I wonder what Zatanna would say if I was to tell her that it was me who switched bodies with her when The Wizard did his thing?' she thought while shaking her head.  The others were more than a bit surprised when they saw the traditional Star Sapphire as Lois had looked on her bed come out of the hallway into the living room, looking exactly like they all remembered, both in body and costume.  A quick explanation was given by the ex-Amazon that she'd been able to alter her body while spinning.  She didn't want to go any further...yet.

The costume J'onn had changed into was unexpected, but when Mockingbird uttered her spell to join in, another surprise was seen.  Whereas all the other Star Sapphires looked sleek, Zee had picked the armored form Carol Ferris took on after being abandoned by the Zamarons and being left as a queen with no subjects.  Both of her pink high heeled boots were metallic, with the right one being knee high and the left one thigh high.  Her pink gloves were also metallic, and matching the dissimilar boots went to her right elbow and her left shoulder.  The sleeveless pink leotard came off her left shoulder to fall well below her right arm.  A gleaming silver belt circled her upper thighs, with many star devices around it.  A wide pink choker formed a sort of collar, and a huge pink head piece covered her forehead and ears.  It had winged spikes going up over each ear.  The sapphire gem was in a mount on the head piece over her forehead, and huge pink globes hung from her ears.  To go with this costume variation, the bad ass looking Star Sapphire made her black hair go almost all the way to the floor.

Pixie pulled a real surprise on her teammates.  In her normal world as the male artist named Kyle Rayner who did a lot of comics type work, there was another artist whose similar work was something to be admired.  She used the power of her ring to turn herself into a full-sized female instead of a miniature one, giving herself much longer, wavy black hair that fell to her lower back and would go all the way down to her butt if wet or otherwise straightened out.  Then the ring changed her outfit from Pixie's to flesh colored tights, an emerald green long sleeved leotard with a wide and deep V showing off her cleavage and a white belt around her waist that expanded in front to cover the bottom of the V and contain the dark green oval surrounding a green lantern design.  Opera length light green gloves adorned her arms and hands, with over the knee dark green boots equipped with the now familiar high Sapphire heels being on her legs.  A normal looking Sapphire tiara and mask were over her forehead and face, but with the tiara matching her light green gloves and the mask her dark green leotard and boots.  There was a fake sapphire gem in the tiara since the power ring still on her green gloved finger was her power source.  Big circular light green earrings hung from her ears with the lantern logo on each.

All eyes were now glued on her, so Pixie told them, "I doubt many of you know about another artist whose drawings are real gems, who is named Tom Burgos.  He drew an amalgam picture of Green Lantern combined with Star Sapphire which he then called Green Sapphire a couple of years ago, and I figured making her a reality would be a good way to join this little gathering."

"Wow, Pixie!  Or should I say Green Sapphire?" Viper said before any of the others could close they're gaped mouths.  "Makes me wish there was some way I could join in.  You look fantastic like this, and if there was any way for Tom Burgos to see what you've done, I'm betting he would be thrilled."

After Viper finished, Wonder Woman, as the only Star Sapphire to look like what most of them expected, added, "I agree, that is a fascinating costume and identity you've shown us, Kyle.  Or Pixie.  Or maybe Green Sapphire?  I sure hope when we get back to the Watchtower you could show us some of Tom's artwork, especially the picture inspiring your new identity."

"I don't have any of his artwork in my room," the alive amalgam said, "but I do have a lot of printouts along with digitally stored files back in my apartment at home.  Anybody wanting to drop in for a visit can see them, or I suppose I could bring some up for the next visit to the Watchtower."

"Please do bring some up next time," Kal said.  "I want to add my own plaudits to what you've done, you look really good as Green Sapphire!"

"Ditto!" added Dinah as Satanica.

"Say, Dinah, if you wanted to join us, I could alter your costume and maybe even your body," Star Sapphire-Mockingbird offered.

"Uh, no thanks.  I think I've had enough changes in both costume and body for the time being," she told her.

Finally, they all sat down for a brief chat in Camille's living room just as J'onn had suggested, looking like a gathering of the Sisterhood of Star Sapphires.  The Star Sapphire who used to be Wonder Woman came very close to finally telling her secret, but she decided it would be better to inform the whole group together back at the Watchtower.

Mockingbird got up and went over to Beelzebabe while the others were chatting.  "There's something I need to talk to you about, Lois.  Can you come with me back to Camille's bedroom?" she asked softly so no others could hear.

"Sure," came as a just as soft reply.  Then she raised her voice.  "Girls, I'll be back in a few minutes.  Mockingbird and I are going to Camille's bedroom for some more personal girl talk."

"Are you sure we can trust those two away in the bedroom?" Raven said with a big grin.

"Oh, come on," Beelzebabe chided.

"Just kidding, have fun, you two."

As they got to the hallway where their voices would be less noticeable, Zee softly said to Lois, "Is it just me, or has Bruce really lightened up ever since these changes have occurred?"

"I don't think it's just you," the wife of Superman replied just as softly.  "Female hormones must be having a good affect on the Dark Knight."

Moments later they got to the bedroom.  Zee sat in the same spot she had when talking with Camille, and Lois took Camille's spot.  "I'm going to confide in you, and I hope you won't betray what I say to the others."

"My lips are sealed," Lois replied.  "What's up?"

"First of all, I may be Zatanna now, but until earlier this afternoon, I was not Zee but just a very big fan of hers.  The real Zee had disappeared, and her father asked me to take her place in an effort to locate her.  I-"

Lois cut her off.  "You certainly are doing a good job in acting as Zee.  I sure thought you were her."

Zatanna thought through what she was going to say, then changed her mind.  No need to tell her she used to be a guy.  "I am now Zatanna, and apparently for the rest of time.  The real Zee was found in my scrying bowl searches before we left, and she's out in the living room.  Yes, Camille used to be Zatanna."

"You're not kidding, are you?"

"No way.  Allura as that Zamaron warrior got to the original Zatanna while she was resting in her room in the Watchtower after first making that visit to you.  She induced Zee to turn herself into this new Star Sapphire with no recollection of her past.  Also, another thing I found in my scrying bowl is that early today, the original Zee was working with Lois Lane to make a way for her to get close to Lex Luther.  She did, but not as Lois Lane.  Zatanna transformed Lois into Selina Kyle so she could be Catwoman.  You don't know anything about any of this, do you?"

Lois shook her pink adorned head.

"Then, in an effort to keep things balanced, the original Zee pulled Selina Kyle away from Gotham City and placed her in Lois Lane's bedroom.  In Lois Lane's body, with Lois Lane's mind and all that went with it instead of Selina's.  That's how we found you in the bedroom this afternoon.  You are Lois Lane now, but you used to be Selina Kyle."

Lois thought for a moment, then said, "I can't find anything in my memories of being Selina Kyle.  That transformation must have been a thorough one.  Just like you are now Zatanna, I am now Lois Lane."

"I was hoping you wouldn't have big problems with this," Zee told her.  "The plot got deeper into the mud when Lex did something to alter the mind of the original Lois Lane to make her know that she was the evil to the core Catwoman."

"But from what I remember, for the past few years Selina has been helping Batman and the others, not evil in any way."

"Exactly.  Again, it was something Lex Luthor did to her.  Now Catwoman is one of if not the most evil women on the face of the Earth.  And balancing that to a degree is the fact that you who used to be Catwoman are now a perfectly good and helpful Lois Lane."

"Sounds like things are getting more than a bit confusing.  My lips are sealed, though.  As far as any of the others are concerned, my dear Man of Steel husband included, you are and always have been Zatanna, and I always have been and will continue to be Lois Lane.  But a lot more than just Lois now, of course!" she added with a big grin.

"Thanks.  Now, let's both get back out to rejoin the others."  A pair of differently clad Star Sapphires then got back up and left the room, to get back to all the other Star Sapphires.

Managing to resist both personal temptations and also the urgings of their teammates, Satanica and Viper were the only ones standing out as otherwise costumed babes in the group of various Star Sapphires.  Dinah was in awe after seeing the way her friends had changed, but Meera found some words as Zee and Lois sat back down.  "Oh, wow!  I thought it was strange enough when we all changed to look like bad girls up in the Watchtower, but seeing almost all of us now as variations of Star Sapphire is really something else.  What a Kodak moment, and not a camera in sight."

"Camera, you say?" Camille asked with a grin.  "Coming right up."  Using her gem power to save the trouble of walking back and forth to her kitchen, the now good girl Star Sapphire opened up the drawer next to her sink and brought out a state of the art digital camera her mind told her she had been using to case the Skunk Works' facilities.  She did a quick clearing of the camera's memory.  After a request to take the first photo herself, Camille handed the camera to her fishnet legged twin, Raven.  She had the other Sapphires line up side by side to record all the different costumes.

Moments later, the entire Sisterhood of Star Sapphires was photographed from many different angles and poses by both Viper and Satanica, sharing the duty.  Along with a few pics showing Viper and Satanica mingled with all the Star Sapphires, courtesy of a now involuntarily benevolent sapphire power.  Now there would be a record of the very unusual gathering.

Along of course with a way to show Mr. Burgos what his fellow artist had done!

When this pleasurable chore was completed, the armored Star Sapphire asked the ex-Zee Star Sapphire, "Now that we've all been recorded as being Star Sapphires, it's time to change Raven and Ebony back."

So it was that the first of the Star Sapphires to revert to a prior form were the Distaff World's Finest.  Camille used her seemingly resisting gem to undo what it had done to them both just a bit earlier, and two babes in Sapphire forms reappeared in their original villainess costumes as Ebony and Raven, both still black haired.  Just to make sure, Yvonne then changed her black hair back to its original blonde.  Zee was next, and she changed herself back to Mockingbird.  This time with no need for cover, Wonder Woman spun in the living room to revert back to her Amazon body and the costume of Metallica.  J'onn morphed for what seemed to her to be the umpteenth time that evening to once again take on the form of Cheetah, and Lois went right back to being Beelzebabe.

"I had a feeling we were all going to stay looking like bad girls," Raven said.  "Let's all go back to the Watchtower now just as we are, and then hold a meeting of the Justice League that looks more like a meeting of the Bad Girls United!"

Mockingbird placed her arm around the shoulder of the ex-Zee and said, "I hope you all won't mind, but I think it best to bring Camille back with us.  She and I are going to try to come up with a way to get back at Allura for what she did today."

"Just keep her close to you, okay?" Kal as Ebony said.  "Everybody ready now?"  All heads nodded.  "Let's go back, Zee."

"s'lleH slegnA sulp eno ot eht rewothctaW dapelet kced," Mockingbird said, and Camille's house became empty.


Lex Luthor was so intent on building a personality for Catgirl in his personality modifier that he hardly noticed Catwoman looking closely at a sealed lead box.  She herself was so fascinated by the box and was about to ask him about that when a third person joined them, unnoticed by either.  "Well, I must say it's been a while since I've been totally ignored.  Hello, Lex," said a woman that Selina gaped at, wearing a form fitting light green catsuit and dark green boots.  But it wasn't her costume, it was mostly her long purple hair that had Catwoman mesmerized.  Then Circe turned from Lex and faced an open mouthed Selina who seemed to have her eyes glued upon her.  "And greetings to you, Catwoman.  I wouldn't have expected to see you here with Lex."

Selina recovered before Luthor could jump in.  "I've heard about you from Lex, and I also put your old wand to good use a long time ago.  I'm so glad to finally see you in person!"

Lex finally got in a word before Circe could reply, saying, "I was telling Selina how we needed to get the old group back together with maybe a few new faces to get the Legion of Doom active again.  What brings you here now?"

Circe looked at Lex, then turned to see Selina before saying, "Why don't we go up to your office so I don't have to turn my head like a toy, Lex?"  The venue changed instantly, with all three sitting on the couch in his office.  The ancient witch knew better than to leave Selina's bag and purse behind, and both were in the middle of the floor.  Besides the costume Selina had brought in the bag, all of her newly acquired black fetish clothes were in it, also.  "Catwoman, I did you a favor and packed up all the clothes you were wearing in your bag.  The old costume you're now wearing looks very much better than your more recent black leather one that was in the bag.  The way you've let your hair grow so long really makes that costume look even better."

"Thanks for the compliment!" Catwoman enthused.  "If you missed Lex using it, I wish you would use my real first name and call me Selina instead of just Catwoman.  In private, at least.  Around other people, calling me Catwoman is a must.  And regarding my outfit, I can thank Lex for making this replacement of my old costume.  I'm glad you like it as much as I do!  I do wish there could be no more ever to be seen of that tame, oh so lame black leather costume.  It would be so much better if it was an ultra shiny black latex costume that covered my body from head to toe as a second skin, making me as evil as possible while showing off my sexual fetishes and ultra dominant, commanding attitude.  Oh, and I wish I could take credit for my long hair, but it's actually a wig."

'Evil as possible?' Circe wondered.  'Sexual fetishes and ultra dominant, commanding attitude?  More than just a simply wild, wicked and evil Catwoman, but so much more?  I can take care of that!'  With a sly grin she answered, "That's a wig?  It sure looks real.  Your fairy godmother has taken care of the wish you made for a sexier looking black latex costume that can make you as evil as possible.  I think you'll like what you see when you next open your suitcase.  Would you like it if instead of a wig, that really was your own hair, and came down as far as your waist?"

"Ooo, now you have me anxious to get home," Selina replied.  "Or maybe I should change into it right now to see what you've done?"  She saw the look on Lex's face, and added, "No, I'll wait until I get home.  Oh, and hair?  Hmm, more of a pain to wash and dry..."  The feline felon thought for a second or two, then exclaimed, "But real hair down to my ass?  Oh, YES!"

Circe grinned, then said, "I wouldn't want to try and pull off your hair now, it's the real thing.  Hey, I wonder.  Have you considered adding a tail to this costume like the one you had on your purple one?"

Lex figured he'd let the girls finish their chat before getting to whatever the true business of the visit was.

Selina put her clawed right hand on Circe's left thigh before saying, "I would just love to have a tail on my costume, but one which could be alive and controlled like Cheetah's instead of the inert one I used to have."

Circe nodded while saying, "Go ahead and stand up."  As soon as Catwoman had come to her feet, she felt her now much longer hair brushing the top of her black encased ass even with her cape being between them.  From under her cape, she found a long black tail wagging from above her ass.  Before the excited kitty could say anything, Circe said, "As long as you're in this or any other costume from now on, you will have a tail you can control."

As Selina was positioning her tail to sit for the first time with an appendage, the witch continued, "Which brings up the reason I made this visit, Lex.  The other person with a live tail, Cheetah, has been turned back to being Wonder Woman.  Dr. Psycho's work was for naught.  But fear not, I already have a new lieutenant working for me to bring forth a new Cheetah, who if she does it right will have the Amazon Princess become Cheetah again and then join us in the Legion."

Lex gasped.  "Psycho's Cheetah has been undone?  I didn't think it was possible to undo the work of the Parody Pulsator."

"Well, they did.  But the Cheetah I and my new helpers will bring to the group will be another matter altogether."

"If we do get your Cheetah with us," Lex answered, "we'll need to make sure Barbara Minerva stays out of the way, since that bitch thinks she's the one and only Cheetah at this time."

The witch smiled at hearing that.  She concentrated for a moment, then said, "That cow has been a pain in the ass for Wonder Woman, but that's about all she's good for.  Have no fear, dearest Lex, as of this moment, Ms. Minerva no longer has the ability to make her skin furry and for that matter, doesn't even remember she used to do that.  So our costumed Cheetah will have the name all to herself."

Selina used her tail tip to tap Circe on the shoulder.  "I hope to meet and work with our Cheetah.  While you're here, could you help us and bring in the bitch who's out on the streets pretending to be me?"

"There's another Catwoman out there right now?" the surprised Circe answered.  "I hadn't noticed that while watching events here.  Is she dressed in the same costume you're wearing?"

"No," the now true Catwoman answered, "she's wearing that brief costume I wore for a while that looked like a black swimsuit, with blue hose, knee high black boots and opera length black gloves.  Also with the very much shorter hair I had at that time, probably as a wig.  If she could be brought here, I'd like very much to change her mind so that she will become a kitten and come back with me to Gotham City," Selina added, remembering what Lex had mentioned earlier.

Circe stood, then asked, "What name would your kitten have, Selina?"

Selina thought for just a moment, then answered, "In costume she would be Cat, and the rest of the time she could take on the name of my sister Maggie.  Magdalene Kyle.  She was actually a nun and died a few years ago while trying to help me, and a new Maggie would be great to have as an evil sister and kitten."

Lex broke in by saying, "That sounds good, but the system I have for giving a new name to a person would take a long time to set up."

Circe reached down to pat Lex on the leg.  "Don't you fret, my dear mad scientist.  Giving Selina a sister is no harder for me than finding and bringing her here to stand before you."  With that, the green clad super witch with purple hair disappeared.

To reappear only seconds later with the other Catwoman, who now knew that her hair was real and dressed the way she was, her nom de guerre was Cat.  Circe had actually taken nearly fifteen minutes in locating and then reworking for the second time that day the mind of the woman who'd started the day as Mercy Graves, but time meant nothing to the witch and so she made it seem like she'd been gone for only seconds.  The purple haired beauty in green hadn't bothered to look for traces of Mercy in her captive's mind since no clue had been given to her by Lex or Selina.  With a big grin on her wicked looking face, Cat opened her gloved arms wide for a hug.  "Hiya, sis!" she said in greeting to Selina, her own newly enlivened tail waving behind her.

"Maggie!" Selina exclaimed as she jumped to hug her new sister.  Their two tails intertwined also.

Lex was grinning as he said, "Thanks a lot for this quick solution to the problem I was facing, Circe.  With this extra cat taken care of, I guess I should tell you what else we might have yet to come for the Legion if you're also bringing in an even newer Cheetah.  I've been setting up a specially modified chuck of red Kryptonite that, instead of affecting Superman, Supergirl or any other Kryptonian, will give super powers like his to a regular Earthling.  But not any Earthling, only a female.  I've been planning to grab a really good looking blonde with a perfect figure and a big physique off the streets and turn her into a vision like Supergirl but who calls herself Superslut.  The fun part is, Superslut would have dual identities.  She could hide with the Justice League wearing an heroic looking red, white and blue costume as a new Supergirl, but also work with the Legion in her evil black and gold costume."

Circe was shaking her head.  "Sounds like another plot of yours that is doomed to failure.  Have you considered how the current Supergirl would react to this?  But I'll watch to see if we do get a new super babe to work with us."

By now Catwoman had settled down, and said, "Circe, I had been planning on flying back to Gotham tonight.  But if you're here, could you bring Maggie and I to my place instantly?"

Circe turned from Lex and answered Selina by saying, "I could, but I think you may want to reconsider where you go.  Your condo in Gotham City is well known to Batman and others."

Selina nodded.  "How true.  In that case, the Cat's Lair I was using the last time I wore this costume is still there, just a little dirty still from that earthquake Lois as me caused."

Circe grinned, then said, "I was thrilled to see the way you used your Cat's Eye Gem to hypnotize Lois Lane into thinking she was really you, and she looked almost just as great as you in that copy of your costume.  It was a slip up on your part not to bring a wig matching your own hair for her to wear, and a couple other details you missed but should keep in mind if you ever want to have another woman taking your place would be green contact lenses and a voice modifier.  Now then, your Cat's Lair?  Not dirty anymore.  I think you'll find your old place to be quite nice now.  With all your costumes and other clothing from that downtown condo moved and in place, waiting for you to move them around as desired.  Bye, Lex!"  The three girls all disappeared from Luthor's office, along with Selina's bag and purse of course.

Lex saw the keys with the Hertz tag and rental papers sitting on the arm of the couch and muttered, "Damn, Circe.  Sure, take Selina but leave it to me to return her rental car.  I should just toss the paperwork and let the folks at Hertz wonder where their car went."

"I wouldn't do that, Lex," came an ethereal female voice sounding suspiciously like Circe's.

Luthor scowled, then picked up his phone.  "Get Plonte up here.  There's a car he has to drive over to Hertz at the airport.  No, don't have anybody follow him, just tell him to catch a cab back here."

Outside Gotham City

Deep inside what most people thought was an abandoned mine, Circe stood alongside Selina and Maggie in the Cat's Lair.  "Selina, wait right here for a moment.  On the way in, I felt the presence of my old wand.  I'm going to go find it and bring it and its new owner to you."

Selina was halfway into, "Okay, we'll wait..." when the witch vanished.  "So much for that.  I guess she's in a hurry.  Well, while she's out hunting, let's get settled in our new home," she told Maggie.

"Lead the way to the bedrooms," her sister replied.  "I want to pick a good one.  I don't suppose you have any changes of clothes on hand, do you?"

"Follow me.  If Circe did this the way I think she did, we're going to find LOTS of clothes!"  Selina hefted her suitcase, ready to unpack it and place its contents into the closet she was expecting to find.

Indeed, to Selina's surprise and deep felt gratitude, all her old costumes, other than the one her sister was wearing and would continue to use, along with what looked at first sight like a fantastically sexy black leather costume and all her more normal clothes were hanging in the closets of the room obviously meant to be her own.  So, besides the latex replacement she still hadn't had a chance to see in her suitcase, Circe must have provided another and much sexier black leather one along with her other costumes.  The floors of all the closets were crowded with enough pairs of shoes and boots to keep any shoe fetishist satisfied forever.  The two agreed to have fun with all the costumes later on, should time permit.  She placed the suitcase on her bed, to be unpacked as soon as Maggie got set up.

Then they went down the rock hallway to look for a room for Maggie.  A big one that had originally been used by two of Selina's male kittens way back when looked to be ideal, and while Selina went back to the main multipurpose area of the lair, her newly acquired sister went about securing what would be needed to make the room look like it belonged to a female instead of some guys.  She was able to find all kinds of supplies in the utility cabinets back in the hallway.  Including many piles of folded up clothes intended for her.

Circe had done the girls well...very well, indeed!

Gotham City, a bit earlier

Just before 4 in the afternoon, Emerald walked up to Ris and said, "I presume you know you're set to go on your lunch or dinner break at 4."

The changed Barbara Gordon turned to look at the club's sexy Wonder Woman and replied, "I've been counting down the minutes!  No, really, time had escaped me.  Hey, do you think it would be okay if I just stayed in my costume to go down the street to McDonalds for my break?"

Emerald thought for a moment, then finally said, "I shouldn't think there'd be any problem with that.  You're only going a block from the club.  Yeah, go ahead and show off that Zatanna costume at McD's, you'll give 'em a thrill."

"Could you imagine what they'd think if they saw your Wonder Woman costume?"

"Or any of the other hot outfits in here today!" Emerald answered.  "I bet Pengy would have a fit if some of these costumes were seen on the street.  Hell, yours looks enough like a real costume the witch would wear that you can get away with it easy enough."

'Zatanna a witch?  Exactly!'  Babs had been calling the Justice League's gifted magician a witch for a good while.  But as she thought about it, maybe that was just what the backwards spell chanting heroine was, a good witch.  Then her thoughts returned to what had concerned her just before Emerald interrupted.  'It's starting to look like the whole idea of doing this bit at the Iceberg Lounge is pretty much a bust.  Aside from all the info I've picked up about Penguin's operation and what some of the felons enjoying his club are up to, I've uncovered next to nothing about what Ivy and her girlfriend Harley were planning.  Well, at least I caught note of that new villainess in town, Satanica.  All in all, playing the part of Ris for the afternoon has been fun.'  Then she told Emerald, "Yeah, I do look most like the person I'm costumed as, I guess.  Time to go give the folks at McD's a thrill."

Ris walked over to the clock to punch out, then headed for the door still hoping the real Ris wouldn't be found until she was long gone and back to being Babs.  She winked at Kurt on the way out, then headed off toward the fast food joint, which just happened to be on the way back to Helena's place.  She walked right on past the restaurant, and just as when Satanica had walked back and forth earlier, her Zatanna costume caught the eye of many bystanders.  But in the different bodied and quite different costumed Batgirl's case, it was more a case of recognizing a familiar and well known magic show star.  Luckily, no one approached her for an autograph or to chat, and Babs as Ris casually made her way back to Helena's building, taking much shorter but just as easy steps than she had in the sneakers on the outbound trip.  She took no notice since she felt so at ease in the ballet toed boots.

As she neared the building, the apparent Zatanna was spotted by the little black girl who was still being assisted at the swing by her mother.  "Hey, mommy!  Look, it's Zatanna!  I watched her show on the TV last week!"  She was squealing so loudly that Ris heard her from across the street.

"Yes, aren't we lucky.  It's not everybody that gets to see so many women in costumes," her mother said, just barely loud enough for Ris to hear her.  "Just wait for what we'll see on Halloween in three weeks, Sonia dear."

Though she did make mental note of the mother's costume and Halloween reference, Ris physically paid them no attention, and made her way into the foyer of Helena's complex.  She took the elevator up, then keyed in the code for her door lock.  Since there was no evidence that her friend had gotten back from school and grocery shopping yet, the faux Zatanna went straight for the bedroom so she could shed her adopted identity, take off the mask and change back to Babs.  What filled her eyes as soon as she entered the bedroom totally surprised her.  There laid out on Helena's bed was the costume of the new villainess she'd seen at the club - Satanica!  "Helena, that wasn't you there in that costume trying to do something just like me, was it?" she said aloud.

As Ris started to take off the exotic Zatanna costume by setting the top hat on the desk top and then the boots and the rest of the outfit on the bed next to the bright red costume, she said to no one in particular, "I wonder what I would look like in that Satanica outfit?  I wonder if the boots would fit me?"  Even though Barbara Gordon prided herself on knowing with a photographic memory nearly everything there was to know about crime fighting, the Bat history and the Justice League, there were a few things she didn't know about.  Unaware of the League's encounter with the original Satanica or the way the costume was enchanted to bring on a compulsion to wear it, the disguised heroine was falling rapidly under its spell.  She was practically staring at the red costume, and before she could start to pull off her wig and thence the mask, the young woman who was still Ris started to feel an uncontrollable and unfightable urge to put on that Satanica costume herself.

The speed with which she had been taking off the special Zatanna costume turned into a near frenzy.  Once she was down to just the thong panties, Ris slid her legs into the red fishnets.  Then she picked up the other costume's bodice and pulled it up over her legs and then over her ample chest.  'Wow, what a fantastic collar this halter makes!' she thought.  'I can't wait to finish putting on the rest!'  The belt with its twin pouches on either hip was clinched around her upper hips.  She slipped her feet into yet another pair of boots with ballet toed heels, finding them to fit perfectly, and after lacing them tightly to her calves, became perched on red sheathed toes now instead of black.  She picked up the gloves and pulled each up past her elbows, then finished by grabbing the sexy looking domino mask.  To put that on she went to the mirror.

She watched as the mask went into position over her eyes and upper face, then Ris more or less compounded the magical compulsion that was originally put into the costume by Wizard to become Satanica by looking herself directly in her reflected masked eyes and saying, "My real name is not Clarissa Heath, I am really...Barb...I real name is not Barbara Gordon.  My real name is not Barbara Gordon nor Clarissa Heath, the only name I have is Gail Donnelly, and I am the evil bitch and super villainess called Satanica!"

Thanks to not only Wizard's spell, but also the working of Duela's magical identity changing face and head mask, Gail's mind was now sure of who she had become.  Even more so than had happened to her predecessor a number of years before, Satanica knew exactly who she was, the most wicked and evil minded villainess with the power to make any wish she said come true.  She sneered at her reflection, then said, "I wish it was possible for my wishes to come true just by thinking them, instead of having to spe-"  Her words came to an abrupt halt as the realization came that just having mere thoughts change reality could be dangerous.  "I wish my spoken wish power would stay exactly as it is right now," she said to undo anything already started.  Then, after accessing the recently stored data in what in effect was the photographic memory of her body's brain, the mischievous villainess in red knew exactly what she wanted to do.

A wicked grin appeared on Satanica's face as she pictured her victims in her mind, then she invoked the magic by saying, "So, they want to see women in costumes, do they?  I wish that woman and her daughter wouldn't have to wait three weeks to see more women in costumes.  I wish they could blend their ages so that the little black girl was now a beautiful black teenager with an honors High School education and her mother just as good looking and now her sister, only a few years older with a college degree in business, and both are now the criminal pair called The Who.  I wish they had a huge collection of costumes of their own to wear in their lair in the basement of their building so that, as they go about committing their crimes, they will never be seen in the same costume twice in any given year.  I wish the older sister would have the power to teleport herself or both she and her sister.  To make the costume wish even better, I wish the teenager would have the power to magically put any female costume she can imagine on anyone she sees making another costumed woman, regardless of the person's original gender."

Across the street, Sonia and her mother suddenly changed, both becoming stunningly gorgeous young black women.  They were also in contrasting head to toe skin tight costumes, one in angelic white spandex and the other in sinfully black latex.  "Time to get back downstairs.  We have some more planning to do," Sheniqua told her younger sister, the one in black.

"Fuck that," Sonia answered, "let me just go out and change somebody before I go nuts!  And the stiletto heels of my boots keep digging into this soft ground right here."

"Patience, Sonia.  All will come in time.  Just you wait!"

The two disappeared, now the latest of the super villainesses to join the ranks of Gotham's criminal element.

Back up in Helena's place, Satanica was reaching over to the pouch on her right side to check out the wand she could feel in it.  Just as she pulled it out, Circe blinked into view right in front of her.  "Thank you, my dear.  I'll be glad to take that off your hands."

"I wish-"

"Oh no you don't," Circe said as she conjured up a red ball gag to go with Satanica's red outfit.  "Now, let's get you back to Selina."  The pair disappeared, with Satanica thinking it would have been nice if she'd gone ahead and made the wish to do mental wishes since her mouth was deactivated.

Outside Gotham City

While Maggie was still back in her new room and the feline felon was in her own bedroom putting away the last of the clothes from her suitcase (she was hanging up the black latex catsuit with the accompanying bag holding all its accessories, heavy because it included the special boots for the costume) Catwoman was surprised to see Circe pop back into view with a red clad girl who looked really sexy and evil to her.  Her long black hair and incredibly alluring body were enticing, and that red costume made her look even better!  "Selina," Circe said, "this is the young lady who had come into possession of my wand.  I may give the wand back to you sooner or later, but I want to hang on to it for the time being.  Oh, her name is Gail Donnelly.  She is the super villainess called Satanica, and she has the power to make any wish and have it come true."

Catwoman looked up and down at Satanica, then said, "Yes, I believe she could be a good kitten for me."  She lifted her right hand to place the Cat's Eye ring in Satanica's eyes, then said, "Look into my Cat's Eye, and know that you are a devoted kitten who yearns to work for and please me, your mistress Catwoman.  You must perform any wish I request, and you cannot make any wishes on your own that would bring ill to myself of any of my kittens.  Oh, and you are no longer Satanica, you are now Hellcat!"

The ultra powerful hypnotic power of the ring did an even deeper and thorough change to Satanica than Catwoman would have imagined.  Very deep in her mind was still the kernel of Barbara Gordon's identity, but everything other than that which had become her new identity was wiped clean.  She now knew of herself as a devoted kitten of her feline mistress.  Circe made the ball gag disappear, and after wiggling her jaw to loosen it up, the girl in red said, "Meowwwrrrrr, I am Hellcat.  I can be like a genie for you, my mistress.  Your wish is my command!"

Selina started to think about just how easy her life of crime was going to be with a wish granter at her side, but came to the realization that while convenient, it would take all the fun out of it.  "Just you wait, Hellcat, just you wait.  Hang on a minute or two, I want to change into my new black latex costume."

Back in her own room, Maggie had turned on the television (hooked up via a link to a hidden satellite TV dish antenna of course, since they were deep in a mountainside!) and saw something very interesting.  "Selina!" she called out.

Turning away from Circe and Hellcat, Catwoman thought, 'Damn!  So much for changing into my newest costume,' then answered, "What is it, Maggie?"

She didn't want to be yelling, so Maggie made her way back out to join her sister and the others.  "There's a new club they've just opened called Gata's.  Seems like they want you to be there with a name like that!  If that wasn't enough, the mayor's daughter is there doing some singing and dancing, and she's in a cat costume sort of like that black furry one you wore back when you first got started.  Along with the owner, a dancer and four girls doing backup vocals, all of them in cat styled costumes of one form or another!"

Selina grinned.  "Sounds like just where we want to be, Maggie.  Circe, would you care to join us?"

"Sure.  Let me change first, though."  The witch morphed her green outfit into something looking very much like the Cheetah costume she'd left for Dark Angel but with extremely deep cleavage and no cowl but ears in her hair; it was based on the costume Priscilla's niece Debbi Domaine wore as the new and short-lived replacement Cheetah after her mind had been warped by Kobra.  Then she figured purple hair might fit in at the club but would look odd with the other girls, and so Circe changed it to brown, to look like Debbi's.  "Ready to go now!" she announced.

"Meoowwwwwwwrrrr!  Very nice," Selina said.  "Those ears in your hair and the deep cleavage you've exposed look a lot more modern and sexy than Priscilla's Cheetah costume.  Hellcat, wish us all into that club."

"As you wish, Mistress!" Hellcat said as she bowed like a genie.  Followed of course by the appropriate wish.  All four cats disappeared.

Gata's, on Gotham's east side

The opening night party at the new club was going just as she'd hoped, and the mayor's cousin in a blue leather cat outfit felt like she had made a real deal when she got channel 6's entertainment division to give live coverage for the first night's festivities.  The girls Katie Telic had hired to be club regulars as a dancer and a singing group of four were all in their new kitty cat outfits, and were blending in with her cousin's daughter too well to be true.  Rhianon Ryan looked incredible in that furry black catsuit that included a long, coiled and furry tail.  Rhianon's beautiful face and bushy blonde hair were both hidden under the extremely realistic cat's head over her own to complete the costume.  The only thing that took away from her cat look was the pair of knee high, glossy black boots with their skyscraper spike heels that adorned her legs and feet, but they did sort of go with the chains, rings and handcuffs.  To hear this kitty cat singing the way she was brought grins to Katie and much clapping by the club's first visitors.

Katie was shocked when, from out of nowhere, Catwoman and three other costumed girls, two fantastic looking cats and the third in a wicked red outfit, appeared in the middle of the dance floor.  Selina spotted Katie in her blue cat costume and, after grabbing Hellcat's hand, immediately walked over to her.  Katie couldn't take her eyes off the ring that was glowing on the feline felon's right hand.  "Do you like my ring, Gata?  Yes, that's who you are.  Forget your past life, for from now on you are only to be known as Gata, who we all know is Catwoman in Spanish.  Only Catwoman could run a club called Gata's, of course.  You will always be letting me know how things are going on here.  Meowwwrrrrr!"

Once again, the incredible hypnotic power of the Cat's Eye ring owing its origin to Luthor's lab completely reworked the mind of the cat in blue.  That incredibly evil looking cat in extremely dark purple may have thought she was Catwoman, but due to the ring and Selina's words, the woman who used to be Katie knew she was the true Catwoman.  "Meowwrrrr!  I am Gata, and I will run this club as only Catwoman could!" the already fiendishly thinking woman replied.

Selina then turned toward Hellcat and said, "Gata will look a lot more wicked with the correct heels on her boots.  Not like yours, though, more like mine."

Hellcat grinned maliciously, then said, "As you wish, Mistress.  I wish Gata's boots had seven-inch stiletto heels!"  Then, under her breath so Catwoman wouldn't hear her, the kitten in red added another wish, "I wish all the changes we make to the girls here would be accepted by everyone as just the way they have always been."

Gata felt herself rise four inches higher as most of her weight seemed to fall on her toes.  "Meowwwrrrrrr!  Now my boots are finally perfect."

Selina smiled, then walked over toward that fantastic looking Black Cat who could sing better than almost anyone she'd ever heard before.

Gotham City, Bat Cave

It hadn't taken very long for Alfred to get the place straightened up after his master Bruce had made a showing as Raven, followed by that visit by Flash and Dr. Fate.  After the upstairs was looking spotless, he headed for the cave 'downstairs' to do the dusting and see if anything needed a heavier cleaning.

After he'd spent nearly an hour making all the bench tops and other surfaces in the cave look like they'd never been used, Alfred started to wonder about what Master Bruce...Raven...Mistress Raven(?) had told him earlier about that costume she was wearing.  She'd said it was made by Joker, but the keeper of the mansion and cave still thought it looked a lot like that older Vixen costume.  He figured it was easy enough to check that, and so went over to the closet that had been double locked for the past couple of years.  Double locks for which he of course had the keys.

In only seconds the two doors were opened wide, revealing the costume and that odd mind changing machine, both still just where they'd been placed a couple of years before.  'Did Master...Mistress Raven say something about a curse or hex put on this costume by Felix Faust?' he wondered.  'It certainly doesn't look any, wait, didn't the boots have only short spike heels when Master Dick was wearing them?  They've got unbelievably high heels more like the ones on Mistress Raven's boots now...did that hex or curse just change the heels of the boots?'  Now that he was seeing the costume again, Alfred could see many differences between it and what Raven was wearing.  'These boots are only knee high with just the incredibly high spike heels, whereas Mistress Raven's were thigh high and had similarly very high heels but with platforms to decrease the arch and effective heel height.  Also, this catsuit is a rich and glossy black leather, while Mistress Raven's outfit was more like a form fitting black latex.  And of course, her catsuit had those zippers over her breasts and in her crotch.  Maybe the curse did something to affect this Vixen costume's material?'  He reached in to grab the black catsuit to see if it felt any different.

Alfred froze as his fingers touched the catsuit.  He could barely sense it as his seemingly ancient and grey haired male body turned into that of an early twenties female one with a figure fashion models would kill for, along with long blonde hair streaming halfway down her back.  The clothes he had been wearing just fell off the new woman's body to pile up at her feet on the floor of the Bat Cave, while at the same time the identity of Alfred Pennyworth was pushed aside and displaced by that of the original costume's wearer.  Bethany Horkin kicked aside the odd looking pile of clothing and then pulled out her costume's catsuit.  She slid the black leather over her legs, up over her torso and over her arms.  After she pulled up the zipper in back and properly situated her huge breasts in the molded leather cups, Vixen laced the external corset around her tiny waist to make it even more unbelievably narrow.  She sat on a stool to tightly lace her ultra high heeled, shiny black leather boots onto her feet and legs, then pulled each of the black leather gloves up to her elbows.  Finally, she picked up the black domino mask and placed it into perfect position over her eyes, then lifted the elastic band over her head and under her luxurious, long blonde hair so that it snuggled into place tightly.

Faust's curse on the costume had done its work.  Her costume now complete, Vixen disappeared from the Bat Cave.

The other half of Faust's curse also brought a big change to occur.  Because it wouldn't be good to have two Bethanys alive and well at the same time, the original doing time in Arkham for crimes committed in her Vixen identity changed into a great looking redhead whose name was Lacey Scornlen.  She was doing time for the crimes she had committed as the hypnotic super villainess known as Mind Swipe.  She wouldn't be in Arkham very much longer, since the power suppression choker they'd placed around her neck was nowhere near as effective as thought.

Gata's, on Gotham's east side

As Selina was about to introduce herself to the furry Black Cat, she was more than surprised to see Vixen suddenly come into view right between herself and Hellcat.  Still stunned, she heard her old accomplice say, "Meowwwwrrrrrrr!  Here I am, Catwoman, right where I belong at your side."

"Vixen?" Selina finally said in reply.  "How did you get here?"

"I'm not sure.  I just know that I am here now, at your side and ready to get back into our felonious feline fun!"

"No argument there!  Let's both go see our new Black Cat.  Hellcat, go over to see if Maggie or Circe need any help."

Hellcat bowed, then in reply said, "As you wish, Mistress."

Rhianon was concentrating so much on her song and the crowd around her that she didn't spot the other women dressed like a cat and a dominatrix.  Suddenly a glowing gem appeared in front of the right cat's eye of her mask.  "Hello, Black Cat," was heard as the young woman's mind opened to accept whatever it was told.  "You look so much like I did in one of my own very first costumes.  Forget your past, for now you are only Black Cat.  You are now the kitten who is a dominatrix and teaches all the other kittens about bondage and discipline.  You work with Gata to keep this club running as a home for Catwoman."

The singing had stopped, to the chagrin of the club patrons who were all slowly but surely coming to realize that some new cats had appeared.  "That's right, you bitchy kitty, I am Black Cat, the one to teach you the meaning of pain."

"Easy, Black Cat.  We can have fun and games later.  Just make sure to keep everyone entertained for the time being," Selina told her.  "Sing to your heart's content."

The crowd finally heard more from the furry black kitty, but now there seemed to be more of an edge to her voice.

Selina touched Vixen on the shoulder, then pointed toward the dancer in what made her look like a purple latex costumed Catwoman.  Her sister was just off to the dancer's side, staying out of sight of her but giving most of the patrons a thrill thinking they were seeing yet another great cat girl at the club.  Haley was still facing the crowd, wondering about that brief lapse in Rhianon's singing, then had gotten right back into her gig as her partner started up again, sounding a bit different from before.  She noticed the way some of the patrons had odd looks on their faces, but figured it had to do with the singing, not the fact that an evil looking Catwoman and what looked like a blonde haired dominatrix were approaching her from behind.  Selina was motioning to Maggie to move off and give them room.

Vixen grabbed Haley's purple latex clad arms and clamped them to her sides, then the young lady saw a wickedly clawed black hand appear before her face with a glowing gem on a ring.  "Forget your past and know that from now on you are Gatita, Gata's Kitten.  You will assist Gata in running this club as a haven for cats.  Of course, running the club won't occupy all your time; as Gatita you are a very skillful cat burglar who uses her whip to take after her idol, Catwoman."

Gatita turned to face the black costumed cat, and knew she would have a hard time ever robbing more goodies than her boss in blue, the feline felon known as Catwoman.  "I will do my best to try and outdo Catwoman, but that won't be easy.  I will be making sure Gata has all the help she needs to run the club.  Meowwwwwrrrrr!"

"Just get back to your dancing for now, Gatita," Selina told her.  "There will be plenty of time for feline felonies later."  As the purple clad cat got back into her dancing, Selina looked down and noticed the ankle high boots with short block heels she was wearing.

As the feline felon turned to go over to the quartet of kittens giving Black Cat backup, Circe grabbed her arm and pulled her over.  "Selina, I saved you the trouble.  Four more uses of your ring might have been a bit too much.  I had Hellcat make a wish that all four would want to follow us home."

Selina nodded.  "Thank you!  I'm going to have Gata and Black Cat stay here to keep things going.  Those four and Gatita will be good to bring back with us in the Lair.  Hellcat, Gatita is that dancer in the purple costume.  She needs to have stretch black latex boots that hug tightly to her legs all the way up to her crotch, with heels to match Gata's.  To go along with the boots, give her black latex gloves with claws like mine that go all the way to her armpits."

The crowd watched the sudden change in Gatita's look and height as Hellcat made her wish.  Most wondered how the dancer had changed costumes without them noticing, but with the way in which singers such as Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears did such fascinating costume changes, they figured this was just a good local example.  Hellcat also assumed that her mistress would want better footwear on the four kittens, i.e., boots, so after another wish, each of the girls had their flat heeled black shoes replaced by knee high, black patent leather lace up boots with heels to match Gata's and Gatita's.

Catwoman noticed the abrupt change in height of the four girls and, after looking down, noticed the boots each was now wearing.  "Hellcat, I didn't ask for the boots on these girls, but you did make a good wish for them.  Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mistress.  I knew you'd want them to look as good as the other cats."

"Very nicely done, Selina and Hellcat," Circe said.  "But I'd suggest we get back to the Lair.  They have been showing this on your TV, and I wouldn't want us to be getting too much exposure.  Not yet, anyway."

"I agree.  Hellcat, all of us including Vixen, Gatita and the four kittens who are singing need to get back to our Cat's Lair."

Once again, Hellcat made like Jeannie.  She crossed her arms and said, "As you wish, Mistress," then repeated what Selina had said.


The group of heroes and heroines, who were all now in the form of evil looking villainesses, arrived on the teleport deck with one more member than which they'd left.  Ebony took a quick look around and after seeing no sign of any of her League teammates who'd stayed behind, changed to the normally seen Superman.  He used his X-ray vision and found all four near the duty desk.  Or at least, what he assumed were the other four.  He changed back to Ebony with Flash-like speed and said, "I think our teammates must have felt left out with the way we all changed before we left.  You're going to be really surprised when we get to the duty desk!"  She stopped before saying any more.

"Oh, sure, keep what you saw to yourself!" Dinah said.  "Instead of us going to the duty desk, though, let's go to the meeting room and get seated, then call the others to come and join us.  I think it would be good for us to all get together and tell each other about today's events."

Raven turned and clicked on the unit next to her on the wall.  She heard, "Are you all back now?" but in a voice that was not recognized.

"Yes, we're all back and headed for the meeting room...Ashley, I presume?"

"Hee, hee, well, deep down I'm Ashley, but you'd never know it now!  I'll set the panel for auto for a few minutes so I can come see you along with Inza, Lis and Shayera.  Or rather-"  Her voice sounded garbled and then stopped as Lady Death put a hand over her mouth.

"I guess we'd better get going, folks," Raven told them.  "Seems like Kal isn't the only one keeping us in suspense."

Lady Death grinned as she said to her companions, Vampi in particular, "I didn't want you to let them know who they'd see when we join them.  Let's give them time to get to the meeting room and get situated by just walking there instead of me using my magic."  The four started off as soon as Vampirella got up out of the duty desk seat.

Since the teleport pads were a lot closer to the meeting room than the duty desk, all of the villainesses were seated around the table in what would be the chairs they'd occupy in their original forms just after Raven had told them to go.  Beelzebabe took the hint from her husband to sit where Supergirl would if she was there, while Star Sapphire felt lucky that she was able to sit right next to Mockingbird in the seat usually occupied by Atom.  Viper looked over to Mockingbird and asked, "This might sound weird, but could you make it so that besides being able to go back and forth from a mermaid and a legged babe, I can also change to this snake form if needed?"

The disguised Zee looked around, and saw approving grins on most of the others' faces.  "I don't see why not, Meera...or should I say Viper.  ekaM siht mrof a lausu etanretla rof areeM.  There you go, now you can be a snake whenever you wish."

"Thanks a lot!"  Then Viper added, "Well, I wonder how much longer it will be before the others get here?"

"I heard that!" they all caught coming from the door to the passageway.  "We're here, ready to join our teammates in the Secret Society of Super Villainesses," said Lady Death as she led Purgatori, Vampirella and Pantha through the door.  Everyone knew who they really were as the quartet went to sit in their usual seats.

"I hereby announce that as suggested, this first meeting of the Secret Society of Super Villainesses shall take place instead of the usual Justice League meeting," Ebony proclaimed as soon as they were seated.  "I like that name a lot better than Bad Girls United!"

"Oh, wow!" Dinah exclaimed.  "You four seem to have had some costume fun while we were gone!"

Lady D looked toward Purgatori and nodded.  The red skinned demoness started, "I felt left out with the way all of you changed before leaving, so I went to Zatanna's machine and did up a costume for myself after you left.  It looked pretty weak, so Inza came and used her magic to do it even better.  She, Ashley, Lis and myself are all in magically generated second skins and costumes to go with them.  The new skins also gave us our new voices.  So, what do you think?"

"One moment, please," Raven said.  "Why don't you each stand as I mention your names, since I doubt many of the others have even a clue as to whom you've each become.  I don't know how familiar any of the others are with Lady Death...Purgatori...Vampirella...and Pantha, but I've had brief contacts with each.  I've had much more connections to Vampi than the others thanks to the way she worked with Selina.  I can tell you, I'd never have known you four weren't the real thing!  You both are to be commended, Shayera and Inza."

"Thanks,, Raven," Lady D replied.  "Vampi, stand up again and give everybody a good look, then I think you'd better get back to the duty desk."

The altered Green Arrow stood and walked back a few steps so she could show off her new form to the others.  "As you heard, I'm known to my friends as just Vampi, but formally my name is Vampirella.  While I may look like a vampire myself, I'm actually a hunter of vampires."

"Thanks for the introduction," Raven said.

"Okay, I'll go back to my isolation now," Vampi said.  "But make sure I get a good report of what gets discussed, since even though this is a meeting of the Secret Society of Super Villainesses instead of the Justice League, I know this is still going to be a good recap of this unbelievable day!"  Vampirella twirled on her super high heels and was out the door seconds later.

Brief intros for Lady D, Pantha and Purgatori then got given, after which all the others did just as Ashley had figured, putting into the record all the activities of this incredible day for the Justice League of America.

The day was not yet over, by a long shot, though.

Gotham City, Duela Dent's house

Duela was very interested in seeing the opening of Gata's, and had the TV on to Entertainment Tonight as she ate the salad which had been prepared for dinner.  When Catwoman and her three accomplices suddenly appeared, alarms rang in her head.  The super masker had a bonding of sorts with all the masks she made and, as soon as she saw Hellcat, the cute brunette knew right away that somehow that was Babs.  She looked at her clock, and figured Helena should be home by now.  She picked up her cell phone.

Gotham City, Helena's place

Helena Bertinelli did get home from her grocery shopping about twenty minutes before Duela called.  She'd gone straight to the kitchen to put away all the frozen and cold food items.  Finally, after the assortment of cans and boxes were put away, she went toward her bedroom to change clothes.  "What the hell?  Why is a Zatanna outfit sitting on my bed?!"  She saw the ballet toed thigh high boots and added, "A more sexy than usual Zatanna costume!"

It wasn't going anywhere, so Helena went over to her closet.  As she was hanging up her jacket, she spotted the Batgirl costume hanging next to her own Huntress costumes.  'Babs, you must have been here,' she concluded.  'If you had that Zatanna costume, where are you now?'  She confirmed that by going over to her window and looking down.  'Yep, there's her covered Bat bike.'

On a whim, Helena decided she wanted to see if she could fit into that funky looking Zatanna costume.  'It looks like it would really draw in my waist, and those boots!  Shit, ballet toed heels?  No way can I wear those.'

Before Helena could find out that yes, indeed, she COULD wear the boots and have not a single problem walking and even running in them, her phone rang.  She went over to the table next to her bed and picked it up.  "Hello?"

"Helena, this is Duela Dent.  I presume Babs mentioned something to you about going over to Penguin's Iceberg Lounge today?"

"Hi, Duela.  Yes, she did tell me she was going to go over there after using my place to change clothes.  I presume she was here because her Batgirl costume is in my closet and her Bat bike is parked out back.  There's also a Zatanna costume that looks too unreal, even considering who it's for sitting on my bed.  I wonder if that has anything to do with Babs?"

"Probably.  She wouldn't tell me any details," Duela said as she started removing all her clothes slowly with the hand not holding the phone while also still watching the scene in Gata's.  "I did make a new mask for her, and that's why I'm calling.  I was watching that special on TV of the opening at Gata's and just spotted Babs wearing that mask.  She's now in some ultra sexy and evil looking red costume and working side by side with Catwoman."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I wouldn't kid about something like this.  Hey, they all just disappeared from the club, including some of the club cats!  I bet they're now at one of the Cat's Lairs.  I'll know in moment as soon as my mask clues me in.  I do have an idea for how the two of us can get close to Catwoman and hence Babs."

"I'm all ears."

"I'll show you as soon as I get over there.  Watch for me in about twenty minutes.  Oh, and don't bother getting into any of your Huntress costumes."

"No Huntress costumes, you say?" Helena asked Duela with a hint of intrigue in her voice.  "How about Batgirl or Zatanna, then?"


"Okay," she responded more sheepishly.  "I'll stay in my school blouse and slacks 'til you get here."

"Well," Duela said softly, "it would speed things up if you got down to just your panties by the time I get there."

Now Helena was really wondering.  She didn't know as much about Duela's masking history as Babs, but knew enough to become very curious.  "Nearly nude, gotcha.  See you in a bit.  Bye."

"Goodbye, Helena."

As soon as she hung up, Duela thought once again about using her redhead friend's own Batgirl costume that Helena told her was hanging in her closet, but in the interest of speed decided to stick with her original idea of using the copy of the costume the heroine had given her two years earlier when she'd played Batgirl to Barbara's Harley Quinn.  She went to the special closet in which her masks were stored, and pulled out the Barbara Gordon one.  The mistress of the magical masks pulled the different face into position over her own, lining up her eyes, nose, mouth and ears, then pulled the side flaps back and zipped it closed tightly to her head.  So far, Duela was still a bald woman in a latex like head mask.  She went over to the other closet which held wigs, and picked out the shoulder length red one which matched the hair of Babs.  She pulled it into place over the bald latex dome, then without needing a mirror for herself, she worked her magic and became a twin of Barbara Gordon, not just in face and hair, but also her more shapely figure with a much narrower waist and moderately larger boobs.

It took Duela as Babs no more than a few minutes to get into the black spandex body suit with the yellow bat across the chest, and all its accessories.  She pulled on the boots last, the only parts of her costume in latex like the ones the original was now wearing, and chuckled with the memory of her good friend's reaction at seeing the much higher heels she had picked compared to the usual Batgirl boots.  Duela thought three inches was so wimpy, and knew that she'd be a lot more impressive in double that height.  She didn't want to attract any attention going out to her car, so the mask maiden as Batgirl took an overcoat and a wide brimmed hat out of her normal clothes closet.  It was a bit of trouble getting the cape to stay put inside the coat, but she got it and then went back to the closet from which the Batgirl costume had been taken.

While she had been putting on the costume and then the coat, Duela felt the connection she was looking for from the mask Babs was wearing.  'Of all the places!  Apparently Catwoman has set up again in that cave turned into a Cat's Lair.'

The masker picked up the costume she had last worn three years earlier without the knowledge of the Bat team.  She went to get the mask which went with it, then placed the small pile into a grocery sack.  Moments later, Duela as Batgirl was in her car and headed for Helena Bertinelli's place.

As she was pulling her car into the alley parking lot next to Helena's building, Duela spotted two black girls.  One was in a barely there pink costume consisting of a strap bra and thong, but with her arms and legs covered by pink gloves and super sexy thigh high boots.  The other was in a sleeveless yellow bodice with elbow length yellow gloves and knee high yellow boots nearly identical to her own Batgirl costume boots.  The two girls were coming up out of the basement entry way of the apartment building across the street, and the mask mistress wondered if she was seeing new villainesses on the Gotham scene.  They disappeared before the apparent Batgirl could even think any more about them, much less do anything.  So she parked the car, grabbed the bag and headed for the lobby of Helena's place.  A quick ride in the elevator brought the new Batgirl still disguised under a coat and hat up to her apartment.

"I think we need to find a more secure way of getting in and out of our basement hideaway," the beautiful black girl in pink said from the spot behind the dumpster they'd ported to after seeing Duela's car go by.  "I think the woman in that car got a good look at us coming out."

Scowling at her sister before looking back toward Duela's car, Sonia said, "I know what you mean.  We should have just teleported from the basement to farther up the street.  But why didn't you let me do a costume for that girl in the car as she went by?"

"Think," Sheniqua replied.  "If that girl suddenly found herself in a costume and a new identity to go with it while driving amongst the cars parked along the street, it's quite likely she'd have lost control in the shock of discovery and wreck her own and a few other cars.  You have to be in more controlled situations to use your power like that, or at least less dangerous."

Sonia cursed under her breath, then shook her head.  "All right, I'll try to be more careful.  Let's get going, now that she's in the building and can't see us."

"Now you're talking.  But we're using our legs now.  Move it!"

Duela kept her overcoat and hat on to hide the costume she was wearing just in case any of Helena's neighbors were in the hallways, and pressed the doorbell next to her friend's entry key pad.  She saw the darkness at the peep hole as the brunette came to the door and looked to see who was there, then heard a soft, "You have to know I can't open the door and greet you in just my panties.  I'll unlock the door so you can come on in."

Moments later, Duela opened the door just enough to slip through, and then closed and locked it again behind her.  Helena heard the click and stepped out from behind the room divider separating her living room from the kitchen to see what had to be Duela in a coat and hat covering all but her yellow gloved hands and yellow booted feet.  "I presume from what little I can see that you're wearing a Batgirl costume.  The heels look a lot higher than what Babs wears, though."

Duela set the grocery sack down on the couch, then pulled off her hat, followed by the coat.  Now Helena could see everything, including the fact that the person under the bat cowl and mask looked exactly like who she normally saw, except for the higher heels and spandex instead of latex.  Duela saw the way Helena's expression gave away her puzzlement, and said in a voice that also went with the costume, "I know you must be wondering.  You knew to expect Duela to come for a visit, but you're seeing and hearing Babs.  I don't know if Babs ever told you much about the masks I make and use, but this is one I did two years ago when Babs and I had some fun with her in a Harley Quinn mask and costume while I was in the mask and costume I'm wearing right now.  She thought the heels I put on my Batgirl costume boots were a lot higher, too.  Her heels are too wimpy."

"But I bet she has a lot easier time in her crime fighting with those shorter heels," Helena shot back.  Then she quickly added, "Okay, so I see you as being Batgirl.  How does that work with us getting to Babs?"

Helena saw Batgirl grin, then heard her say, "Let's go into your bedroom instead of the living room."  As they started that way she continued, "There was a mask and costume I used three years ago that I never told Babs or the others about.  Do you remember She-Cat, who had some fun with Selina for a few weeks?  I had started out by telling Catwoman I was Alley Cat, but I got stuck with being called She-Cat."

"You're not serious!  She-Cat was you?"

"Uh huh, and I'm deadly serious.  Of course, when that bit got finished, I saved the mask and costume."  Batgirl reached for the sack at her feet and placed the pile on the bed next to the Zatanna costume.  "Catwoman knows She-Cat to be a friend and ally, so you're going to become She-Cat and bring a present to Selina - I'm going to have you tie me up after we get to the Cat's Lair and enter as your prisoner.  The Cat's Lair in the cave out in those hills west of town must be back in use now, 'cause that's where the mask I gave to Babs is right now.  As She-Cat, I helped Catwoman to dig out some of her goodies from that Lair, so I know exactly where the hidden entry door and the buzzer are.  Once we're inside and I get close to Babs I can undo the magic of her mask, and hopefully that will get her back to being herself instead of one of Selina's kittens."

"You know how to get to that lair?" Helena asked as she bent over to pick up the latex head covering mask on the pile.

"Yes, but even if my memories are off, I can home in on my mask that Babs is wearing, and I can drive the Bat bike which should get us there in less than half an hour.  Of course, time is of the essence.  Get into your costume, She-Cat!"  Then Duela noticed the Batgirl costume in the closet and changed her mind.  'Looking exactly like Babs currently does other than the boot heels would be better,' she decided.  "While you're getting into your She-Cat costume, I'm going to change into the latex version of this costume in the closet so I'll look a lot more like Babs does currently."

Helena put the mask back down and raced over to her table to get a hair net.  She was pulling it on and securing her long black hair as she turned to see an already naked, Babs.  Putting on the mask was unfamiliar to her, but she figured it out quickly enough and settled its face over her own, getting her eyes and lips lined up, then pulling the sides up and over her head.  She reached up to the top of the latex mask and pulled down the zipper until the mask's neck was tight around her own.  She looked toward the mirror on the wall over the table and noticed the way her eyes already had black makeup around them to blend into the cowl of the She-Cat costume.  She knew She-Cat's cowl completely covered her head, and wondered about the shoulder length silver haired wig that was on the pile.  "Why the wig?"

"Just to make you complete before putting on the costume," said the apparent Barbara Gordon as she herself pulled up a zipper, encasing her body in a golden yellow bat enhanced shiny black latex body suit.  "My masks have a special magic once a wig is in place over them.  I already redid the magic on this one for you."

Helena shrugged, then lifted the wavy silver hair into place over her bald latex dome.  She was about to look into the mirror again, but Duela caught her.  "Don't look into the mirror yet.  If you were to do that on your own and mention anything about now being She-Cat, you would no longer be Helena Bertinelli but She-Cat for real.  Look into the mirror, but let me do the talking."  The owner of the silver framed face turned to see her reflection, then heard as she felt her body becoming even more voluptuous and curvy than before, "You are now in the body of Melissa Branson, known as She-Cat.  But even though you still have the mind of and know you're really Helena Bertinelli, you will only be able to identify yourself as She-Cat or Melissa Branson."

When Helena grinned after hearing that, she noticed the way she now had a pair of long fangs included with her teeth.  Then she heard an unfamiliar voice as she said, "I'm no longer wearing a mask, this is my real face and head now!  Including feline fangs!"

"Yes," she heard Batgirl say, "that's the way the magic of my masks works.  Tell me who you are."

'I'm Helena Bertinelli, of course,' she thought before finding herself answering, "My name is Melissa Branson.  Huh?  My name isn't Melissa, it's Melis-  Why can't I say who I really am?"

"Like I told you, in your mind you still know you're Helena," Duela said, "but you can only identify yourself as Melissa and She-Cat."  Then, just as she was getting ready to pick up the boots she had worn over, the masker hesitated.  "You know, as much as I prefer the higher heels, if I'm trying to look as much like Babs as possible, I'd better wear her shorter heeled boots."  She picked those up instead, and in moments was clad in the same outfit worn by Babs when she got there earlier.

"Good choice on the boots," Melissa said.  "I guess this bit about my name will make it safer for when we get to the Cat's Lair, right?"

"Exactly.  Now hurry up and get into your costume."

Melissa pulled the black fishnet pantyhose on over her panties, then picked up the brownish orange leggings with huge round cut outs over the outer parts of her rump.  The frayed white edging around the holes framed a view of her fishnets.  She followed by pulling the matching long sleeved leotard over them, then straitening out the lacing over her more massive chest that made the dark brown part of the leotard look like a corset.  More of the white fraying lined the wide upper opening of the leotard which exposed quite a bit of her new body's huge boobs.  She noticed now the leaping black cat tattoo above her left tit.  Helena grinned as she noticed the way as Melissa she was thinking of her own breasts!  She may have still been Helena, but in many ways, her way of thinking was rapidly altering to just how Melissa would.

She quickly pulled on each of the dark brown boots that went up over her knees in front, but were wide open in back with straps securing things at Melissa's ankles and above and below each calf, with additional straps going around each of her upper thighs.  More of that white fraying lined the tops of the boots, which she noticed had completely flat heels.  The gloves also had large amounts of that white fraying at their cuffs, and were brownish orange over each finger but dark brown over her hands themselves.  Of course, each of her fingertips now had a long and sharp brownish orange claw.  Finally, she picked up the brownish orange cowl with its cat nose and whiskers and long cat ears, and noticed the black cat eye shapes which would blend into the black makeup around her eyes.  She noticed the last detail after pulling the cowl into place over her head and tucking her silver hair inside and securing it by locking the black choker with silver spikes around her neck.  Her eyes now had yellow cats eyes covering them!

"This was really you as She-Cat?!" she asked after giving herself a good look in the mirror.

"Yep, I became Melissa Branson first, then She-Cat.  Selina hasn't seen She-Cat for a while now, so it should be a surprise when you show up with Batgirl as a present for her."

"Right!  Let's get going, then," She-Cat said.  "Out the back window of course, not the front door."

The two girls were out the window and down to the tarp covered Bat bike in no time, since it was a usual practice for Helena when more usually costumed as Huntress, and Duela was used to using the bat rope from her past times as Batgirl.  (Times?  Babs wasn't aware, but she wasn't the only Dark Knight Damsel to have made appearances in Gotham City.  Duela had made sure not to make herself noted while playing the role, though.  Nor be seen by the true Batgirl, since she knew enough not to ever let both of them be on the streets at the same time.)

Batgirl quickly pulled the tarp off her bike, then hopped on followed by She-Cat.  She turned around to say, "While we're on the way, go into the equipment bags on each side of the bike.  You should find some rope you can use to bind me, since it would look a bit odd if my wrists were secured with my own Bat cuffs."

"Right!  I've seen Babs reaching into these bags, so it shouldn't be difficult to balance while we're moving."

Batgirl keyed the starter, and in no time the Bat bike was zooming along the roads headed toward the Cat's Lair.  She-Cat was enjoying the thrill of the high speed jaunt, and found a few lengths of rope after some quick digging in the equipment bags.  She also found something else that would go with the ropes very well.  Helena would most likely never have even imagined using it and the ropes in such a way, but Melissa found a great thrill in looking forward to their use.

As predicted earlier by Duela, her past jaunts and the ability to home in on the mask being worn by Babs got the two girls to the camouflaged ground level vehicle entrance of the Cat's Lair in just over twenty minutes.  For the last three miles of the trip, She-Cat was driving with Batgirl behind her just in case Catwoman had any cameras monitoring the entrance of her lair.  Duela as the Dark Knight Damsel was sitting side saddle, since her ankles and thighs were now tightly wound and tied with rope.  Her golden wrists were tied together behind her back, and it was almost a miracle that she was able to stay on the seat as She-Cat sped toward the Lair.

As they parked, there was no sign of any lights coming on, nor any of the cats inside coming out to check.  Batgirl hopped off, straining in her leg and arm bondage.  She-Cat swung her left leg over and off the seat and set the kick stand, then casually walked behind the disguised Duela.  She waited for her accomplice to start saying something, and as soon as, "Well," was heard, a huge orange ball gag was slipped into her open mouth.  In seconds, it was tied tightly behind her cowl.

In her overzealous desire to make Batgirl a fitting bondage present for Catwoman, She-Cat had just killed Duela's ability to speak the words that would have gotten Babs out from under the spell of her mask.

" you're ready to be given to my mistress, Batgirl!" She-Cat said with a big grin on her catty face.  "Let's go, bitch!"  She grabbed Duela's arms and started pushing her toward the entrance.

Inside the Cat's Lair

Moments after all the cats and kittens had blinked into view in the Cat's Lair after Hellcat wished them out of Gata's, Selina said, "I think it's time now to put all those older costumes of mine and the various kitten costume parts we found to good use, Maggie.  Circe, do me a favor and wait here for a while to watch what we do, and if you would, keep an eye on Hellcat, Gatita and the four kittens while Maggie and I go get things sorted out."

"Sure thing.  It's been fun playing the role of a kitten for the last few minutes, and doing so a bit longer won't get in the way of what I have planned for Lex's new Cheetah," Circe replied, still in the revised Cheetah costume she'd come up with before going to Gata's.  The witch knew time was no real barrier to her.

Selina and Maggie went back to the room with all the costume parts in the closets, then started sorting out what would go with what.  Selina made sure that her own newest latex costume was separated from the others so nobody but her would get a chance to wear it first.  As soon as all the individual costumes were set up, they were hung with dividers in the closet.  One costume in particular was set aside by Selina.  'I've got special plans for the one person I want to wear that one, once I sink my claws into her.'

While Selina stayed behind in wait, Maggie went back out to the others and found all the girls gathered around Circe who was keeping them enthralled.  She tapped Jane on the shoulder.  "You're first, my dear.  Follow me."

As the kitty with short black hair broke away from the others and started to follow Cat, the elder Kitten who'd started the day as Mercy Graves got an idea and stopped to look back again at the harem of kittens surrounding Circe.  "Hellcat, I think Selina might be needing your wish power.  Join us, please."

Hellcat looked toward Circe, who nodded.  The wish granter in red left the gathering and scooted nimbly in her ballet toed boots to join with Cat and Jane.  The trio found Selina waiting in the doorway for them and, after noting the short black hair on Jane's head and her good build but short height, the wicked feline felon said, "What's your name, my dear?"

"My name is Jane Siper."

"I do like the red and silver outfit you're already wearing to look like a kitten, but now it's time for you to look even more like the Kitten you should be.  You're way too short right now, and so is your hair.  But we can fix that easily.  Maggie, I'm glad you brought Hellcat along.  Hellcat, keep her outfit on hand so that if she eventually changes back she'll have something to wear; wish her to be naked for me."

"As you wish, Mistress."  Hellcat kept it simple by not bothering to cross her arms, and said, "I wish Jane was nude with her outfit folded on the bed."

Jane had become a bit alarmed when she first heard her mistress say she was too short, then in hearing about becoming naked.  To her surprise, before the young lady could even think about it, she saw what she'd been wearing appear on the bed, all folded up.  A quick glance down showed that her body was completely exposed.  She looked up at Selina with a puzzled look on her face, but before she could say anything her mistress said, "Now then, Hellcat, let's let Jane keep her own face but give her a body more like my own height and proportions, along with hair to match."

"As you wish, Mistress.  I wish Jane would still look the same but have a body just like Selina's with hair coming down to her waistline."

Jane could feel it as she seemed to grow in height, her waist narrowing a bit while her breasts seemed to balloon outward in size and mass.  She then felt hair tickling the tops of her butt cheeks.

Selina could see the alarm on the youngster's face, and while reaching to her dressing table to grab the hand held mirror she said, "Hellcat, I didn't say to make her body identical to my own, but for the purpose at hand I guess that is the easiest way to do this."  She held the mirror up for Jane.  "Your body has changed quite a bit, but as you can see, you are still yourself."

The radically altered young woman saw her own face at least, and breathed a sigh of relief.  "Phew, at least I can still recognize my own face.  I may have a body like yours, but at least I'm really still Jane Siper."

'But not for long,' Selina thought with a wicked grin forming on her lips.  None of the four girls at the club had seen her Cat's Eye ring since they'd all been mentally changed by Hellcat's wish.  She held up her ringed hand and said, "Take a look at my pretty Cat's Eye."

The name piqued her interest, but as soon as Jane looked at the gem her mind froze.  She couldn't take her eyes off the gleaming stone.

"You are no longer known as Jane Siper, from this day on you will know that your name is Minx.  As Minx, you are one of my trusted felonious feline furies.  Nod if you know and understand your new name and role."

The younger looking version of Selina nodded her head with a wicked grin of her own forming, and the gem was taken from her view.  A moment later, she looked up into Selina's eyes and said, "Meowwrrrr, I can't very well be a kitten if I'm nude, can I?"

Selina grinned.  "No, of course not.  Maggie, the black dress Catwoman costume, please."

Her sister reached into the closet for the hanger holding the dress which was short in front and long in back, along with its matching gloves, boots, belt with tail attached and the cowl looking almost exactly like the one Selina was wearing.  Minx took them eagerly from Maggie's hands and in no time became a living model showing off the older model Catwoman costume.  "Meowwwwrrrrr!  Now, this is more like it.  I'm all set to join with you now, Catwoman."

"Very nice," Selina said.  "Now, be a good little kitten and go back to Circe.  Wait about five minutes, then send one of the other young girls back."

As Minx left the bedroom and started back up the stone hallway, Maggie asked, "Five minutes?"

"That's right, sis.  We have another change to do right now.  Hellcat, you look just fine in that demonic kitten costume, but since we're showing off already known costumes, you're going to change.  No need to alter your body, since it's already a great size and shape.  The stretch of the costume will take care of any differences.  Wish your costume to do just like Jane's did, my dear."

Hellcat was a bit more than puzzled, and even though she felt compelled, found the strength of will to alert her mistress to a potential problem.  "I would do as you wish, Mistress, but if I was to remove my costume I would no longer have my wish powers."

"Oh, I didn't know about that," Selina replied.  She gave this a bit of thought while looking more closely at her wish granting kitten, then said, "Aside from that halter collar, your red costume fits your body very closely.  I wonder if just removing your boots would rob you of your powers?"

Hellcat shook her head.  "No, I'm pretty sure that as long as my face is covered by the mask and my body by the bodice and fishnets, I will retain my powers.  I could remove both my boots and gloves, if I'm understanding my powers correctly.  Why, what did you have in mind, Mistress?"

"Hellcat, can you please just call me Catwoman or Selina?  While I like the idea of being a commanding mistress, it just doesn't sound right to me yet.  Also, I think I've heard enough of you sounding like that blonde genie from the TV show.  Just do the wishes I ask for without all the extra words.  Now, about your costume, there might be a bit of difficulty, but I was just thinking we could have you put on one of my own costumes over your own and even get the cowl on over your mask."

Hellcat grinned.  "I think I know how to take care of my mask.  I wish my mask was smaller and simpler, with wide open eye holes."  The two other cats watched as the sweeping red mask morphed into nothing more than a wide red strap making her eyes much more visible than before.

"Purrrrrfect, my dear!" Selina exclaimed upon seeing such a simple and seemingly ideal solution.  "Now go ahead and remove your boots and gloves, either the normal way or via a wish."

Hellcat had the impression that Selina was in a hurry, so she said, "I wish my boots and gloves were off and placed side by side on the bed."  Suddenly she seemed to lose over eight inches of height, as four bright red objects made their appearance atop the bedspread.  Then, Hellcat wanted to see if her presumption was correct.  "I wish the collar of my costume would shrink down so that the halter was just a simple strap."  She couldn't tell since there was no mirror in front of her, so she looked at Selina and asked, "Did it work?"

Catwoman nodded while answering, "It sure did, which means this will work even better and you do still have your wish powers."  She decided to spare her sister the trouble this time and had walked over to her closet while Hellcat was waiting.  She reached in and grabbed the hanger holding the purple spandex costume and its associated shoulder length black gloves and black and purple cowl, then picked up the black thigh high boots which had simple and very low block heels that went with it.  "I can see that your feet are bit bigger than mine.  Don't alter your feet, just wish for the boots to become your size."

"If that's what you want, Selina.  I'll make it so that I can wear them, and you can also wear them later on with no problem.  I wish these boots would turn into exactly the shoe size of the person putting them on, and also have heels just like my own costume boots except when Selina wears them."  All three cats watched the results of Hellcat's wish that went far beyond what Selina had asked.  The bottom foot parts of the boots grew ever so slightly, then went into extreme arches as elegantly shaped ballet toed heels took the place of the original short block heels.  "I hope you don't mind.  I didn't want to be walking around flat on my feet in the original short block heels."

"Hmmm....purrrrrr...Those heels do looks really sexy for you.  As long as it's you wearing those heels and not me.  Don't go beyond what I ask without checking first from now on."

"Thank you," Hellcat replied.  "I'll try to remember to ask you first.  May I get dressed in my own particular Catwoman costume now?"

"By all means, my dear!" Selina answered.  No wishes were needed.  In seconds Hellcat's body and remaining red costume parts were encased in shiny purple spandex, which showed almost no sign that there was another costume underneath it.  Then a few moments later, black leather was clinging tightly to her legs and she was standing eight inches taller.  Neither Maggie nor Selina could figure how the other girl was standing and walking in those incredible heels she seemed to like so much; it would surprise them each to no end to find out that had they actually tried them on themselves (in correct sizes, of course) the magic spell done earlier that afternoon would have made it just as easy for them as the wish granting kitten.  As soon as her fingers were inside black clawed gloves, Hellcat picked up the purple cowl with the black mask front and pulled it down over her head.  She felt the pull from just above her butt being made by the limp purple tail, then softly said, "I wish my tail was alive like Selina's."  It curled up and became another appendage for her.

Hellcat placed her black clawed fists on her hips then and said, "Catwoman number two, now taking the place of Hellcat.  Just one thing, I do look a lot like Gatita in this one.  Is five minutes up yet?  I want to see how our next kitten gets changed."

Selina shook her head.  "Oh, don't worry about Gatita.  As great as she does look right now, I have a different costume in mind for her to wear as my kitten.  Now, you do look imposing as Catwoman in that costume, especially with that live tail you gave yourself, but unless I change my mind later, I want you to keep your Hellcat name.  Hmm, I wonder, are you hotter with that purple over your red?"

The purple Catwoman nodded as she said, "Okay, I'm glad Gatita won't be close to being my twin.  I know you're the only Catwoman, Selina.  I'll answer to Hellcat, and so far I don't feel any warmer.  This spandex seems to breathe a bit."

"Yes, that's one of things I liked about spandex as opposed to latex and leather," Catwoman replied.

"Uh, I figure we have a bit less than another minute left to go," Maggie got in.

"In that case, Hellcat, stand in the closet so you're not seen right away when the next girl comes in."

Without getting tedious in covering the changes for the next three kittens and Gatita, just know that Gatita got to keep her own body form like Hellcat, while each of the other three had their bodies modified like Jane.  Pat Moore, with long brown hair, became Ocelot; she was in the original Catwoman costume so much like what Rhianon (Black Cat, now) was wearing at the club.  It didn't matter what length Cary Akerson's red hair was at; she was in one of the two special Kitten costumes in Selina's collection and became Puma.  Her black spotted brown catsuit left her shoulders exposed with furry edging, and a matching brown furry tail hung from the wide black belt around her waist.  Her cat eared cowl was the same color as the catsuit, and left her face plain to see after arcing down from the tops to a point above her nose.  Clawed black leather gloves and knee high black boots completed her new costume (it took a bit for Selina to keep Hellcat from changing the moderate three-inch heels to something much higher).

The blonde hair Carol Nichols had was perfect for the Tigress costume she was given.  White Tigress would be more appropriate, but a bit lengthy.  Her catsuit was white with black stripes, and the white fur around her neck made it so that her shoulders were covered.  White fur around her wrists led to clawed white gloves, and a furry white tail was attached to her white belt.  Catwoman knew better than to let her have white boots, though; black ones would show much less wear and tear.  Hers were more or less identical to Puma's, but had white fur at their tops.  Her cowl was identical to Puma's, but in her black and white colors.

Gatita was a more special case.  The way her already cat themed costume had been changed at the club would have been perfect, but Selina wanted to show off all the costumes in the closet.  The younger woman was given the honor of wearing the incredibly sexy and dominant looking new black leather costume Circe had provided Catwoman in the replacements for all her old costumes.  Selina saw no need to change her name, since the way in which she'd been renamed at the club was fitting.  The problem with her wearing that costume, though, was that she ended up looking a lot like a dark brown haired version of Vixen.

So Selina had her sis go out to bring Vixen back.  Again, there was no need to use the Cat's Eye ring on her.  She just asked her already loyal to the Nth degree Kitten to change from her own costume to the black lurex Catwoman costume that she'd worn just after the similar green one and before the one her sister was now wearing.  Vixen looked fetching as a blonde Catwoman once she had changed.

It was a much different looking scene then, with all the cats and kittens that gathered around Circe for more tales.  They hadn't been at it very long, though, when of all things, the meowwwwwrrrr doorbell rang(?) out.

Selina looked toward Circe and said, "Unless you equipped this Catacombs even better than I've seen so far, we don't have a video system set up to check our visitors.  Could you use your powers to see who's at our door, Circe?"

The ages old but not showing it witch saved time and just nodded before disappearing.  A moment later she reappeared with a sly grin on her face.  "I don't know how they could have known to push the button on your door 'meow' the way you have that entrance so well camouflaged.  But that thought aside, there's a mean looking babe in a sort of shredded tan and brown cat costume holding on to Batgirl all tied up with a huge orange ball gag in her mouth."

"Batgirl bound and gagged?" Selina answered.  Then a puzzled look replaced the gleeful grin the news about Batgirl had brought.  She thought for a moment, mumbling, "shredded tan and brown cat costume," before a realization came.  "Could that be She-Cat?  Bringing Batgirl as a gift?"

"She-Cat?" came from Circe and Maggie, while all the other kittens except Hellcat just mirrored Selina's earlier puzzled look.

Before Selina could start to explain, Hellcat told them, "Hmmmph!  She-Cat was a street smart kitty that tried to team up with Catwoman a couple of years ago.  But there's no way she could have known about this lair, let alone the hidden entrance.  Selina, I suspect Batgirl might be a Trojan Horse.  Beware of She-Cats bearing gifts."

"Just what I was thinking, Hellcat," Catwoman said in reply.  "But She-Cat did know about this lair since she came here a few times to help me look for stuff buried in the mess this place was in.  However, let's not take any chances.  Circe, would you bring them both right here?  I'll have my Cat's Eye ready and waiting for She-Cat, just to make sure.  There won't be won't be as much of a worry or need for speed with Batgirl if she's really bound and gagged.  Just to be certain, though, if you could remove her utility belt before placing them both before me, it would be good."

Circe was nodding as she said, "On my way," and disappeared.

As soon as she was gone, Hellcat suggested, "I can be ready to neutralize either of them with a wish if necessary, Catwoman."

"Good idea," Selina told her.  "You other kittens, just give us some space and watch what happens."

They were all nodding and Gatita was about to answer when a sight to make all their jaws drop appeared.  Circe popped into view directly in front of Catwoman with Batgirl to her left, the golden yellow utility belt in her left hand.  She-Cat was to her right, her face positioned just above the Cat's Eye ring.  Selina raised her hand.

She-Cat's (Helena's) perspective

Disguised as She-Cat, Huntress had been caught totally off guard by the way in which she and Duela playing the role of Batgirl had been magically yanked from the spot where they'd waited after pushing that hidden door bell or buzzer.  She had gotten a quick glimpse of all the cats, then found an eye-catching deep red Cat's Eye ring in front of her eyes.  She never got a chance to start that line which she'd been rehearsing in her mind during the trip from her place to the lair.  'What the...that' must...must be's taking...control...of my mind...'  Her thoughts went blank.

"She-Cat," Selina started, "if that's who you really are, forget any plans you may have had.  From now on, you will join all my other felonious feline furies as a loyal kitten.  I think She-Cat will still be a good name for you, but that costume has GOT to go.  You'll be given a new costume, one of my older ones actually, which will be yours to wear until we decide differently."

An evil looking grin formed on She-cat's face.  "Meowwwwrrrrrr...As your kitten, I will do whatever you want me to."

Selina lowered her hand, then turned toward Hellcat.  "Take her back and put her into the old grey costume of mine.  Use your wishes if She-Cat wants to change fast."

Hellcat grinned cattily, then did the next best thing to Circe.  "I wish She-Cat and I were in Selina's bedroom."

Both of the cats disappeared, and when they came back to reality, She-Cat noticed right away all the various costume parts folded, stacked or otherwise strewn on Catwoman's queen sized (what else?) bed.  "You can wish all of my costume to be off and placed with these others?  I presume one was yours?"

"No, actually I'm still wearing most of my own original costume under this Catwoman costume Selina gave me.  See those red boots and gloves over there?"

She-Cat looked where the black claw was pointing and noticed the boots and gloves that were alone with no other costume parts.  "Those red boots have got the same ballet toed heels as the black ones you're wearing right now.  I know Catwoman had much shorter heels, in fact, flat block heels most of the time that she wore that costume.  A result of your wishing, I presume?"

"Exactly.  I doubt you're going to be going back to that costume you're in, with the way Selina seemed to hate it.  But I look forward to getting back into my own regular costume.  You'll see why I'm called Hellcat!"

"Hellcat, right, that's what I heard Selina call you.  I can just imagine, seeing those red boots and gloves.  So, would you please wish my costume to come off, and just plain disappear since Catwoman hates it so much?"

"Good idea!  I wish She-Cat's costume would vanish, never more to be seen, leaving her naked."

Hellcat was surprised to see She-Cat's silver hair after her mask and cowl were gone.  She giggled, then said, "It's a good thing the Catwoman costume you get to wear completely hides your hair under the cowl!"  By now she was standing at the closet, and the wish kitten reached for the hanger holding the grey spandex Catwoman costume.  "Here you go."

"Um, I think Selina was in a hurry," She-Cat said as she took the hanger from Hellcat.  "This one time, could you do the opposite and wish this costume was on me?"

Hellcat was back in the closet picking up the knee high black boots for that costume when she heard the request.  She turned to face her newest teammate and said, "I think you're right.  I wish She-Cat was wearing the costume she's holding, and I also wish these boots were her size."

Instantly She-Cat found herself covered in light grey, including the cowl with a black mask front that was tucked into the neck of the catsuit, hiding her hair as predicted.  Shoulder length black gloves covered her arms, and she found her left hand's talons clenching the now empty hanger.  "Purrrrrrrr.  Much better, thanks.  Here, I'll trade you this hanger for those boots."  In no time the black boots were zipped tightly to her calves, and She-Cat looked enviously at the much higher heels on Hellcat's boots, more than twice as high.  She knew she'd never be able to walk in heels like those, though.  Then she caught her reflection in the mirror.  "Oh, wow!  I could actually be Catwoman now!"

"Heh, that's almost exactly what I said a bit earlier.  Don't mention that idea to Selina."  As she was placing the empty hanger back on the rack in the closet, Hellcat had noticed more easily the special black costume Selina had been saving now that almost all the other costumes were on her kittens.  It was a sure thing that Batgirl would find herself in the bedroom soon.  "You're all set now, so let's get going.  I think Catwoman is going to want to be back here ASAP."

"Right, but don't you think she'd want you to be here with her in case your wishes become needed?"

"Good point, thanks.  I wish She-Cat was next to Catwoman to tell her the bedroom is ready."

She-Cat suddenly found herself back out with all the others.  Many, like herself, seemed to actually be Catwoman in one of the many costumes worn by the feline felon over the years.  She knew of course who Selina herself was, and dared to interrupt what she was saying to that bat bitch.  "Catwoman, sorry to break in, but Hellcat says the bedroom is ready."

Selina looped her left arm around Batgirl's bound right arm to lead her away, saying in reply, "You look much better now, and thanks for the message.  Just what I've been waiting to hear."

Batgirl's (Duela's) perspective

Because She-Cat had gone directly to the button for the door buzzer right after gagging her, Duela had to worry that they might be on video and couldn't do anything to show She-Cat that the ball gag was a big mistake.  She'd just have to play the role of Batgirl captured until an opportunity came following the gag being removed.  But instead of the hidden door opening, she suddenly felt her utility belt come off and saw the darkness replaced by bright lights just before appearing in front of Catwoman.  There was one of Catwoman's kittens who looked more like a revised Cheetah between her and She-Cat and holding her utility belt.

Duela became alarmed when she saw the way Catwoman's ring seemed to change Helena so rapidly, then did a double take when she realized the kitten in the purple Catwoman costume had to be Babs.  While all the attention was on She-Cat, she willed her mask to revert, then used her magic to alter it so she wouldn't look like Babs anymore.  Even if the unmasked kitten Babs now was wouldn't look like her but instead the mask she'd been given, it would still be prudent to keep Selina from finding Batgirl's true identity.  A second or two later, Duela again had a true flesh and blood face.  She left her hair the same, but the Batgirl mask now hid a face looking more like a blend of popular cover girl models instead of Barbara Gordon.

As soon as Duela heard Babs say that she wished She-Cat and herself were in Selina's bedroom, the two disappeared.  She realized Babs must have gained some kind of wish granting power.  But then Selina caught her attention.  "Thank you, Circe," she was saying as the Cheetah look-alike handed over her utility belt.

'So that's how we'd been brought in, Catwoman has Circe working with her,' Duela figured.  'Now I'm really worried.'

It became unimaginably worse for Duela a few seconds later.  Catwoman's black gloved fist appeared in front of her face, with that mind numbing cat's eye ring drawing both of her eyes into its thrall.  All worries and cares seemed to fade away, as did her willpower...her entire mind.

"Feel the power of my Cat's Eye, Batgirl," Catwoman told her.  "Your will is mine to control, your brain and your personality, everything about you is mine to shape in any way I please.  And I will be very pleased!  I've been waiting so long for just this occasion.  Do you see all the kittens standing around you?"

"Yes, I see most of the kittens in your older costumes and a few in other cat costumes."

"Well, soon you will be joining them.  I don't think we'll have Hellcat wish away your Batgirl costume, though.  It could come in handy later on."

Circe placed her right hand on Selina's right shoulder, and the feline felon turned to face the witch.  "That would be a great idea.  She could dress as Batgirl to infiltrate the police, the Justice League, or any other group."

Selina nodded.  "Just what I was thinking.  I'm betting she even has some kind of radio or cell phone in her utility belt for contacting Batman.  Oooo...Another idea just hit me.  We could get her as Batgirl to lure Robin into our clutches.  Or even Batman himself!  I know Lex has a toy, or we could use your magic or Hellcat's wishes..."  Her voice faded.

Circe's eyes went wide.  "You mean, change Robin or Batman or both into more of your kittens?"

"Yes, female kittens of course, and the possibilities seem almost limitless now.  But let's get back to our kitten at hand."

Selina was turning back toward Batgirl when She-Cat suddenly appeared and said, "Catwoman, sorry to break in, but Hellcat says the bedroom is ready."

Selina looped her left arm around Batgirl's bound right arm to lead her away, saying in reply, "You look much better now, and thanks for the message.  Just what I've been waiting to hear."

Then Selina gave She-Cat a closer look, and nodded.  "Maybe we'll just make that your costume from now on.  Circe, watch all the kittens again for me while I take our new kitten back to give her the identity I've been waiting to give her for so long.  Oh, by the way, I've been saving one of my older costumes just for you if you decide to blend in even more with all my kittens."

"Gotcha, I'll keep all the girls enthralled.  And I'll think about changing even more," Circe replied with a knowing grin.  "Looking like a sexy Cheetah fits my hatred for Wonder Woman, but to make me fit in with all the kittens wearing versions of your costume, I think your idea will be good."

"It's green, like your own costume.  I know you'll like it!"  Catwoman then turned away with her new kitten to head for the bedroom.

When Selina and Batgirl got to her bedroom, Hellcat was waiting at the doorway.  There was no longer any recognition of who Hellcat really was by the enthralled Batgirl, nor did Hellcat see anything significant about Batgirl.  "Hellcat," Selina said in greeting, "we're going to save this costume she's wearing for future use.  Wish her to be naked for me with her costume to placed in the closet, and then we'll finally see what Batgirl looks like out of that costume."  Then a thought hit her.  "Damn, I should have thought to ask what her name was before I wiped out her past," she cursed.  "Go ahead and wish."

Hellcat grinned.  "I wish this Batgirl costume was off her and clean, then both it and its accessories were put away in the costume closet with any underwear placed on the bed, leaving their wearer completely naked."  Unknown to any of the three, the wish by chance had placed the Batgirl costume and its accessories right next to the only other costume hidden in the closet with an accessory bag as a part of it.

"Ah, a well thought out wish," Selina said as they both saw the resulting unidentifiable but gorgeous looking redhead.  Her body looked even more impressive naked than in the skin tight black latex she'd been wearing.  Then the feline felon held up her ring finger once again, making a blank look form on that beautiful face.  "Your name is Katherine Katt, but nobody here calls you by your given name.  They use your nickname, Kitty.  But of course, Kitty Katt is only the name you use when you're not in your evil looking black costume.  As soon as you're dressed in your costume, you'll join the rest of my kittens in your true identity as the felonious feline villainess called Catgirl."

Catwoman lowered her hand, then turned toward her purple and black costumed kitten.  "Would you bring out Catgirl's costume for us?"

'Good, now it's finally time to bring out that special kitten costume,' Hellcat thought.

While she was getting the hanger and then the boots from the closet floor, the wish granter heard, "Another thing, Hellcat.  Kitty looks good as a redhead, but give her costume the magical power to change her hair to long and black like mine, would you?"

Hellcat looked at the minimal black bodice on the hanger, then so that none of the others would hear she said softly, "I wish whenever this bodice was pulled on, it would change the body of its wearer to be the ultimate in extreme femininity with huge boobs, a minuscule waist and hips and legs to die for, and the wearer would also get black hair looking good for the incredibly sexy body it's covering, big and wavy on top and hanging straight down to the bottom of her ass.  I wish this tail at the top of her ass would become alive like Selina's once the straps of the bodice's halter are secured, and make the costume wearer know that she is sinfully evil with all the same skills and wicked desires as Selina, and know that she is Catgirl."  She grinned, then turned out of the closet with her hands full.  "Catwoman, I had to fight the urge to wish her boots would be more like the ones I'm wearing, but I assumed you wanted them just the way they are."

"A wise decision," Selina said with a grin, not sounding as serious as she'd hoped, "but do change them so that they'll fit Kitty's feet perfectly; I was only guessing when I got them.  But what did you wish for while you were in the closet?"

"Let it be a good surprise for you," Hellcat said with a conniving grin.  Then she held up the pair of black boots, saying, "I wish this pair of boots would fit the person putting them on just as if they'd been made that way by altering the person's feet to fit them perfectly."

Catwoman took Kitty's still bare hands into her clawed 'paws' and said, "Now it's time for you to become more evil, conniving and catty than you could ever imagine, put on this costume and take on your ultimate identity!"

Kitty, who still had such an innocent and angelic look to her face, took the hanger and boots from Hellcat, then set them next to the only open spot left on the bedspread.  She took a seat on that open spot, then pulled the black fishnet tights off the hanger.  There was a small cloth panel in the crotch, black of course, so she wouldn't need any panties.  She rolled up the left leg to insert her foot, then did the same for the right.  Moments later, the enthralled young woman's legs were covered in a sexy looking fine black mesh, all the way up to her waist.

Next she unhooked the glossy black sleeveless...what, there wasn't enough to call it a leotard?  A bodice?  Well, whatever it was, there was a shiny black tail attached to it.  Kitty pulled it on, finding it left most of her hips exposed to show off her great looking legs in their black fishnets.  In back it stopped just above her waist, and in front it split at her navel to form a pair of tapering panels that barely covered the aureolae of her large breasts, let alone any of the rest of them.  The panels became two straps that went up over her shoulders to tie around the back of her neck as a halter.  As she held the two straps, the still red haired young woman had the strangest feeling of her body entering a state of flux; when the feeling subsided, she noticed that her legs were longer and incredibly more beautifully shaped, leading to unbelievably good looking hips and a waist that was so small it looked like it would put all the Barbie dolls to shame and that no corset could ever decrease it any further.  Best of all, though, was the fact that the breasts she was trying to cover with the straps had become so large, massive and perfectly shaped that the straps now seemed even more useless.

With a satisfied grin on her face, Kitty pulled the two straps up behind her neck and started to tie them.  As soon as the knot was finished, she felt the oddest sensation of her mind being totally rewritten.  At the same time, her angelic looking face became sinfully wicked looking, though still having all the beauty of the models.  There was also hair erupting from the top of her head, black hair to match the way she now felt, she noticed.  It fell down over her shoulders, mostly behind her back but some in front to frame her huge tits.  But what was that odd feeling she was getting from the top of her ass?

"Hellcat!" Catwoman exclaimed.  "Did you wish for her to have a tail like mine?"

The kitten with the wishing power just grinned in reply, while the owner of the tail said, "Meowwrrrrr!  I am Catgirl, and I'm glad she did!"  Her tail lifted to do its own sort of wave.  "I'm a wicked and totally evil feline felon for sure, ready to make the world tremble before me!"

Catgirl picked up the black domino mask and slipped it over her nose and eyes, then hooked it behind her ears.  She reached for the gloves which were just as shiny as her bodice, if not even more so, and obviously would have to stretch.  Each glove did require her to pull hard once her fingertips were settled in the claws at the front of each of the fingers.  Her arms became encased in shimmering black almost all the way to her armpits.  Courtesy of Hellcat's wish, Catgirl's feet slipped right into the bottoms of the jet black boots, and as each zipper came to the tops just below her knees, the black molding her calves looked even more glossy than before.

Catgirl stood in her wicked looking stiletto heels that exactly matched Selina's.  "Purrrrrrr...My claws and heels look just like yours, 'Mom'!  Just kidding, but if you're Catwoman and I'm Catgirl..."

Selina and Hellcat both grinned even more when they heard Catgirl say mom.  "That's a fun analogy, but stay away from that line of thought," Selina said.  "Catwoman, Selina, maybe even Cat Bitch if you get pissed at me, but not mom."

"Aw, you've got no sense of humor," Hellcat said.  "Say, don't you think Catgirl should have a belt with a cat buckle, with either chambers like the utility belt or holding one or two weapons pouches?"

Catgirl lifted her arms and looked down upon her shapely but plain, unadorned hips.

"Hey, I wonder why I didn't think of that when I was putting together her costume?" Selina answered.  "Thanks a lot for the wake up call.  Catgirl, I think two weapons pouches would be better than a number of chambers.  What do you think?"

"Hmmmm...purrrrr...I agree with you," her protege replied.

Hellcat didn't wait.  "I wish Catgirl's costume included a wide black leather belt that would ride the tops of her hips, it would have a big silver cat's head for a buckle that has special jade cat eyes, and the belt should hold a cat weapons pouch on each side riding the tops of her hips like holsters, holding all the tools she'd need for her cat crimes, including the same cat weapons in Selina's Kat Kit."

With the way in which that wish had been uttered, the trio of cats watched as the weapons belt appeared, clipped to the costume's hanger.  Catgirl reached down to get this new, final piece of her costume, then draped it over her hips sexily, well below her waist, and clipped the intriguing looking cat's head buckle just below the nadir of the bodice's cleavage exposing V.  A quick peek into each pouch after lifting the velcro secured flaps showed catarangs, lock picks, catnip bomblets and much more.  Just as Hellcat had wished, Catgirl now had everything at her disposal that Catwoman did (including one item she didn't yet see, which was currently on Selina's ring finger and not inside her Kat Kit).

"Meowwwwrrrrr!  Much better!" Catgirl sneered.  "Now I'm ready to be a feline felon just as deadly and dangerous as Catwoman!"

"That you are!" Selina agreed.  "Hellcat, no wishing.  I want us to walk back to Circe and the other kittens to let Catgirl make her grand entrance and first appearance."

Hellcat merely nodded, and the sound of six spike heels clicking on the floor of the stone hallway served to announce their arrival at the entry into the main hall of the lair.  With the audio warning, all eyes were turned toward that opening as the three appeared.  "My kittens," Selina said to get their attention, "you saw me leave with Batgirl.  Well, there is no one called Batgirl anymore.  Meet Kitty Katt.  Oops, my bad.  Meet Catgirl.  You'll eventually get to meet Kitty when she gets out of her costume."

All of the kittens, and Circe too, still had their eyes transfixed in their direction, seemingly motionless.  Catwoman looked at her underling, and noticed the way the jade eyes of her cat head belt buckle seemed to have a glowing aura around them.  "Hellcat, I didn't hear anything about this when you were making your wish, but it looks like Catgirl has a weapon to enthrall her opponents.  Catgirl, see if you can control what your buckle is doing and turn off the effects of its eyes."

Catgirl was surprised, but did as requested.  She sensed something deep in her being, and willed it to make the eyes stop their current duty.  The aura suddenly faded, and at the same time the eyes of all the other kittens became unglued and they showed signs of life again.  She-Cat spoke first, "Catgirl, you look like evil personified!  I sure hope you have a good control on those mesmerizing jade cat eyes!"

"Purrrrrrr...Meowwwwwrrrrrrr.  Thanks for the compliment, I feel as evil as I look.  I sense a link to the power of my cat eyes, so now only the people I want to immobilize will feel my power."


While the others were still chatting at the impromptu meeting that was called for after getting back from Palmdale, Ashley was busy keeping track of news items of interest on the monitors at the duty desk.  She was still in her Vampirella costume, with her normal green archer outfit presently neatly folded and piled on the counter top.  One of the monitors was tapped for channel 6 out of Gotham City at Batman's request so that anytime he (this time, she!) was at the Watchtower, any important occurrences in his home town could be brought to his attention.  It just happened that the apparent Vampi was paying more than usual attention to that monitor because they were doing the 6:00 news and showing a recording of the opening night activities at a new club called Gata's that had been shown live on their Entertainment Tonight segment an hour before.  The coverage seemed to be due primarily to the fact that Mayor Ryan's daughter, Rhianon, was doing a special gig as a dancer and singer for the opening night.  Seeing this on the news made Vampi wish she'd caught the live coverage earlier.  As soon as the anchor had mentioned the tape from the club, she'd hit the record button for Batman's sake.

What really caught Vampirella's attention was the way in which right in the middle of the first show, Catwoman in what looked like one of her older costumes and three other costumed girls just seemed to appear all at once.  And as if that wasn't enough, moments later yet another blonde haired girl in what looked like a really sexy black leather cat-themed dominatrix outfit seemed to magically appear at Catwoman's side.  Ashley was watching Catwoman hold her hand in front of the owner's and then the singing cat's faces and seem to take control of them as she pressed the alert button for the conference room.  Green Lantern, still as a full sized Pixie, answered the call, and Ashley told her, "Put Batman...or Raven on ASAP."

"What is it?" Raven said as soon as she got to the panel.

"Bat- ...Raven, something strange is going on with Catwoman down in Gotham.  She's in one of what I recall as her older and more evil looking costumes, and it's looking like she was up to no good at that opening night at Gata's.  When did Selina turn bad again?  It was just on the news and I taped it for you."

"Route the footage to the monitor here in the conference room."  Then Raven thought of the slight delay involved in routing the TV footage and looked toward those around the table.  "Cancel that.  Keep that monitor on, I'll be there in a sec!"  She turned to Wonder Woman and asked, "Can you save that story about you turning into Star Sapphire for a bit later?"  The Amazon in the form of Star Sapphire nodded.  Raven then looked toward Zee and said, "Can you zap me up to Ashley's desk so I can get there faster than running or her getting the video to this monitor?"

"Even faster, Raven!" Lis currently as Pantha said, who in a heartbeat got up from her seat, grabbed Raven into her arms and took off through the hallways to the duty desk.  They showed up right next to Vampirella in less than the blink of an eye.

"You weren't kidding, Lis!" Raven said after getting her bearings.  "Stick around for a moment til I can see what Ashley's...heh...Vampi's been watching."

"Check out the Gotham monitor," the apparent Vampirella said.

"Do me a favor and transmit the video file you saved to the Bat Cave instead of the conference room monitor."  Then Raven looked down toward her teammate again.  "I guess you enjoy being Vampirella as much as Lis does being Pantha!  Still in that costume, eh, Ashley?" Raven asked.

"Well, you seem to be enjoying staying as Raven, so why shouldn't I want to stay as Vampi for a while?"

Logic ruled, so the chastised and still very much changed Caped Crusader looked toward the monitor; she started to see what had caught Ashley's attention earlier.  "Damn, I haven't seen Selina in that costume in ages!  Hey, what the hell, she has hair a lot longer than before, and there's a tail on that costume!  I wonder if that's really Selina?  It almost has to be.  And with her, it looks like yet another Catwoman in that costume that looked more like a bathing suit.  What the...does Selina have a kitten who's costumed like a sleeker Cheetah?  She looks like that Cheetah we had to contend with a few years ago.  WAIT!  That blonde in black, that's Vixen!  I know for a fact that Bethany is still locked up in Gotham State Prison.  I mentioned the Vixen costume to Alfred earlier today, but surely he couldn't have gotten to it?  Lis, you may as well go on back to the others now."  Raven reached to the comm panel and hit the conference room button.  When Kyle answered again, she said, "Quick, put Zatanna on."


"Zee, something very strange is going on down home in Gotham City.  I need to get down there ASAP and see what's up.  I think I'm going to be needing your magic for sure.  Can you get to the duty desk and go with me down to the Bat Cave?"

"Sure thing," Zatanna answered.  "But since she's still pretty much in my hands, I'm going to bring Camille along, also.  At least she's back to being the only Star Sapphire at the table; Wonder Woman is back to looking like herself for the time being.  All of us at the table decided to put a hold on the proceedings when you left in such a hurry."

"I guess I can trust Camille to see the Bat Cave and keep it to herself," the Dark Knight Babe said.  "Don't waste any ti-"

"Time, Raven?  We're here," Zee said as she and Star Sapphire popped into view right next to her.  "taB evaC, eht eerht fo su."

Gotham City, the Bat Cave

An instant later, Raven found herself right at home in her lair below Wayne Manor.  "Thanks for such a quick trip.  Now then..."  She reached up to turn on the monitor and keyed in the video file that Ashley had sent, then got the coverage from Gata's.  This time Raven and the others watched until the video file ended, to see Selina and quite a few other girls in cat outfits blink out of sight.  "Uh, oh.  Looks like there's some magic being used by Catwoman.  I recognized her face, that's her for sure even if she seems to be sporting ultra long hair and a tail now.  Good thing you're here."

Raven then turned and walked quickly over to the closet in which Selina's Psyche Eggschange Machine and the Vixen costume that had been magically cursed by Felix Faust were both securely locked up.  When she turned the corner and looked, the beauty in glistening black gasped.  What looked like Alfred's butler clothes were piled on the floor, and the doors to the closet were wide open.  A quick look inside confirmed her worst fear; the Vixen costume was gone, but at least the mind swapping machine was still in place.

By now both Zatanna and Camille had joined Raven at the open closet.  "Zee, one of the kittens that was at the club with Selina was wearing the Vixen costume that used to be hung in here.  I have a nasty feeling that the girl in that costume is none other than Alfred."

"Alfred?!" the mage exclaimed.

"Yes.  Back a number of years ago, when Dick Grayson was still Robin, we had a run in with Catwoman who was really Batgirl in her body after Selina traded bodies with her.  As Catwoman, Batgirl took Dick and put him into female form fitting garments and then the Vixen costume.  When all was said and done, we locked up both the mind swapping machine and that costume as souvenirs.  Unfortunately, Felix Faust read or heard about that bit where Dick played the role of Vixen and somehow knew that we still had the costume on hand here in the Bat Cave.  He put a hex on the costume such that the first person to touch it would change into a twin, become Bethany herself, and find herself unable to stop putting on the costume.  Then as soon as she completed becoming Vixen, she would be transported immediately to Selina's side, wherever that may be.  Earlier today, when Alfred came upon me as Raven while Flash and Inza were here, he mentioned how what I'm wearing reminded him of the Vixen costume Dick had worn.  I guess I made the mistake of mentioning the hex Faust put on the costume, and Alfred must have gotten curious."

"And now she and all the other cats are somewhere unknown, right?" Star Sapphire asked.

"Odds are," Raven mused, "they're in one of the Cat's Lairs Selina has used over the years.  I wonder what happened to make Selina turn evil again?"

"Uh, I think I can answer that one," Zatanna said.  "When I was checking my scrying bowl earlier, I discovered a scene inside Luthor's lab in Metropolis.  It appeared that something happened to Selina, and moments later she changed into that more wicked looking costume.  So I assume Luthor did something to alter her mind."

"Hmm..."  Raven thought for a minute, then finally said, "Zee, it looked like Selina was using her old Cat's Eye ring to hypnotize other girls at that club.  If so, that same ring can be used to undo the damage she did.  Can you use your magic to figure out just where Selina is right now?"

It would be easier with a scrying bowl, but without speaking, Zatanna just nodded and then put Catwoman into her mind and went into the mystical realms to hunt for her.  After what seemed like eons to the other two women but was really only a couple of minutes, the beautiful mage's eyes opened wide and she said, "Bingo!  Selina and what looked like a big group of cat costumed kittens, including one who looks a lot like a more modern Cheetah, are all in the Cat's Lair in the hills west of town.  Aside from the girl who looks like a different Cheetah and a few sexy looking kittens in costumes of their own, most of them were wearing what looked like variations of the Catwoman costumes from when she first started to wear the more recent cat type costumes."

Raven nodded.  "That's the lair Selina was using that time she had Lois Lane take her place.  I know exactly where it is, I captured Selina and her kittens there.  And that sort of Cheetah you saw is a puzzler.  I haven't a clue who she might be, but that costume is the same as the one worn by a young relative of the original Cheetah to take her place a few years ago.  I'm surprised you didn't recognize her.  Anyway, here's what I'm thinking.  If you can zap us into her lair, I can use the mind swap machine to get into her body and use that Cat's Eye ring to reverse the hypnosis she did with all those other girls.  And with luck, bring Selina herself back to the side of the angels, too."

Zatanna thought, 'Uh oh, something the original Zee probably did know about, but I never knew about that other Cheetah.'  Then she looked into the closet to note the bulkiness of the mind swap machine.  "Um, isn't that thing a bit big to be taking along?"

Raven scowled, then said, "Yes, but I don't see any other options."

First she looked at Raven, then the machine, and then finally Zatanna faced the transformed Batman directly.  "I think I know how to get the machine back and forth to the Cat's Lair."  She turned to face the still very much interested Star Sapphire.  "Stay here with Raven, Camille.  I'll be right back.  evetS s'kniZ gnivil moor."  The pair watched the mage blink out of sight.

Orlando, Florida

Zatanna popped back into view right beside my chair as I was writing an email message to my friend Claude, now in Tennessee after being displaced from New Orleans by the flood following Hurricane Katrina.  I lifted my hands from the keyboard as my eyes went wide seeing her.  "You shouldn't be surprised!" she grinned.  "I mean, after all, you are the one who's plotting and writing this mess, aren't you?  I'm only doing a diversion from what you had intended," she added as I looked up to her grinning face.  Then I looked down, and saw for real the ballet toed boots I'd given her earlier.  "I bet you really like these, don't you," she said with a knowing smile.

"Uh, yeah..." I managed to say.

"I'm going to make this short and quick.  Back in my old life before you had Zatara turn me into Zatanna, I was not only a big fan of Zee but also of your story work.  I liked a short story you wrote for Tom Burgos' Protectors series a couple of years ago where a girl that just happened to have the same name as your fantasy female alter ego got her hands on a CyberCat costume similar to the one in the Catwoman comic books, but even more technically potent.  Well, you've got Batman in a tight spot down there in the Bat Cave, and I think it's up to you to join us as CyberCat to get things going."

"Me?  CyberCat?"

"Yes, you...or more appropriately, your female alter ego.  Goodbye, Steve, hello, Jennifer Stevens.  nruT evetS otni refinneJ, htiw eht taCrebyC emutsoc ydaer ot tup no."

I felt my body seeming to melt and reform, and in less time than it took to think about it, I was actually in the supermodel's body with nearly ass length blonde hair I had described in that story.  I knew instinctively that I really was now Jennifer Stevens.  I turned to my right to look onto the couch in the living room, and there it was, the gleaming silver robotic looking exoskeleton costume of CyberCat.  I started to peel off the pale blue blouse and dark blue skirt I found myself to be wearing, but Zatanna took care of it.  "refinneJ si dekan."

"Eep!" I squealed, then added, "Thanks, I guess..."

"Well, get into your costume, girl!  Time's a wastin'!"

Just like in my story, I went over to the costume that looked like solid metal but in reality was a metallic fiber which had all the properties of hard steel, but was extremely light and flexible to the point of stretching to cover my new form like a second, metallic skin.  I stuck both feet into the suit's legs and slipped into the clawed toes and built in high heels, then made the rest of my body become covered with glinting metal.  I had to watch out for the long metallic spikes sticking up from each shoulder.  I made sure there was enough excess hair up over my neck to allow easy movement of my head, then snapped the mask and head piece which had a very catty looking face and tall spiked cat ears over my head.  Just as in the story, all the electrical connectors in the body fused to those of the head, and as all the info started slamming into my mind, I knew just how incredible the systems were in my ultra high tech costume.  I also now seemed to know more about the computer systems involved than any geek could possibly hope for.  "Purrrrrrr," I said in a voice that didn't sound electrical at all, "CyberCat reporting for duty!" as I stood tall in the nice heels built in to the bottom of the metallic leggings.

Then I stepped over to stand next to Zatanna, and after putting my metal clawed right hand on her left shoulder added, "Thanks a lot for making this fantasy of mine come real!"

"More or less just returning the favor.  taCrebyC dna I ot eht taB evaC," I heard Zee say, and then things changed.

Gotham City, the Bat Cave

Raven and Star Sapphire both emitted small gasps when they saw Zatanna return with CyberCat next to her.  "Raven and Camille, I'd like you to meet CyberCat.  With the systems built into her suit, she can make the mind swap machine become a part of her."

"Hello, Raven, and to you also, Camille," CyberCat said in greeting.  "What Zee said is true.  I can add the machine to my exoskeleton costume and in the process, become able to direct its functions without need of the old halo headband devices.  I can actually project the swap function with my forehead sensor."

"How do you know so much about the machine, and for that matter, who we are?" Raven asked.

"Just trust me," CyberCat answered.  "Later on Zee can tell you a lot more if you really want to know.  We need to get you into Selina's body before anything else can go wrong, so let's get that mind swap machine plugged in."  Gleaming, silver clawed fingers reached into the closet to pick up the device.  "Zee, hold this against my back, would you?"

In seconds, Egghead's device became a sort of back pack attached to the systems of CyberCat's suit, its twin metal head bands secured to its sides.  "If I may demonstrate before we go?"  Without waiting for any reply, CyberCat looked at Raven first, then at Star Sapphire, then back to Raven.  Once again, Raven found herself to be in that Star Sapphire costume, this time with her body also, while Camille found herself to be in Raven's costume and body.  "See how simple it can be?"

Before they could reply, both girls found themselves back where they belonged.

"Whew, that was a quick change!" Raven mentioned.  "Now, for getting us into the Cat's Lair, and also having Selina restrained so she can't interfere until we get into her mind and find a way to make her a good girl again, tie me up real good and gag me so you can present me to Catwoman as a war prize, CyberCat."

"Allow me!" Zatanna said, then added, "nevaR sah reh smra ni na mra rednib, reh sgel depparw htiw gnikcol sparts, dna a gib egnaro llab gag ni reh htuom."

Suddenly Raven was an example of a bondage fetishist's dream come true, far more so than she'd seen in Lois and Clark's bedroom.  She was on her belly, looking hogtied just as Lois did earlier in the day but with that arm binder instead of cord.

"Mmmmmmppppphhhh!" was all Raven could get out, between using her covered mouth and her nose.

"Looks like Raven is all set to be given to Selina as a present," Zee said, then paused.  "nevaR sah a ediw kcalb rekohc ralloc htiw revlis sduts detcennoc ot a hsael dleh yb taCrebyC."  Both appeared, to the surprise of both Raven and CyberCat.  "Camille, just wait here for us to get back, I hope we won't be very long."  Then she turned back to CyberCat.  "Hey, wait a minute!  After we use that mind swap machine on Raven and Selina, let's get back here to take Camille with us to go see my daddy.  I just had a great idea of a way to let Camille get back at Allura!"

Raven tried to tell Zee she was going off on another of her half-baked ideas, but all she could say was another, "Mmmmppphhhh!"

"Glad you like my idea!" Zatanna replied, grinning at the bound and gagged babe in glistening black.  "I'll go invisible so the cats won't be alarmed when I arrive along with you and CyberCat.  Let me take a quick look into that Cat's Lair, then we'll zap from here to there."

Zatanna made another quick look into that gathering of cats she'd seen a bit earlier in order to figure out safe places in which to teleport.  She didn't see that girl dressed like the replacement Cheetah, but with all the others more or less mapped onto the lair's location, the mage came back to her body and said, "All set, so let's go!  I ma elbisivni, flesym dna taCrebyC gnidloh no to nevaR ot eht s'taC riaL."

Camille watched the three others disappear as she became alone in the Bat Cave.

Cat's Lair, outside Gotham City

The reason Zatanna hadn't seen the kitten dressed like the short-lived Cheetah when she did the survey of the Cat's Lair was that in the lull after Catgirl's introduction, Circe went back to Selina's bedroom.  She took Catwoman's invitation to heart and decided to join in with all the other girls and put on the old Catwoman costume which had reserved for her.  She had gone back to the costume room and found just the near match to her own current Circe costume that she'd hoped to find, and of course had expected to since it was she herself who'd magically stocked the closet.  The ancient witch zapped herself out of the Cheetah variation she'd conjured earlier, adding it to the few other costumes still in the closet.  Then she saved the trouble of getting dressed by just magically making the bright medium green catsuit, light green gloves, belt, cat ears, domino mask and knee high boots appear on her body, along with the gold disk balance disrupter necklace.

She altered her hair again to make it black and very long like Catwoman now had her hair instead of short like the time she wore the green costume, then Circe looked down at the boots she was wearing.  "Did Selina really wear such short heels with this costume?"  The witch who now appeared to be another Catwoman suddenly gained four more inches of apparent height as the heels on her boots shot up to a bit more than seven inches altogether; the arches of the boots became much more severe and nearly all her weight was now on the balls of her feet and her toes.  For any normal human female they would most likely have been a hindrance to mobility at that extreme height, but Circe was far from being a normal human female.  She strutted in her new heels for a few seconds, then with a wicked grin did a spell to go rejoin all the other cats.

At almost exactly the same instant, a spell had been cast from the Bat Cave.

CyberCat and the severely bound and gagged Raven surprised Selina more than any of the other cat costumed girls on hand when they suddenly appeared in their midst.  Before Catwoman could say anything, CyberCat did her thing and suddenly Selina found herself hogtied and gagged, looking up at herself, who was now grinning widely!  To all her kittens, it appeared that Catwoman was very pleased with her new tied up, very sexy looking shiny black clad toy.  She looked around to take in the sight of all the girls in variations of Catwoman's costumes plus the special ones of Puma and Tigress.  But one of them had her a bit puzzled.  'Is that Alfred as Vixen now in the black lurex costume instead of her Vixen costume?  Has to be, since she has the face and hair of Bethany.'

The observations had to end, for it was time to get things going.  But the sensations she was feeling now commanded the new Catwoman's attention, first.  Bruce hadn't anticipated feeling what was now her live tail moving around from the attachment just above her butt; it was a great surprise for her to feel the sexual stimulation its movement provided.  Since Raven's hair wasn't exactly short, she took no notice of the hair streaming down her back over her cape.

Zatanna was even more surprised than Selina, though.  The very spot which she had scouted as being empty just moments ago was now occupied by Circe in the green Catwoman costume.  There must have been something about both her and Circe being magical women, for Zee found herself looking at the others through what she could barely make out as a green mask around her eyes.  She also felt what seemed like her face being in a sneering grin.  A quick turn of her eyes down showed large, medium green covered boobs with a necklace consisting of golden circles between them, wickedly clawed darker green gloved hands spread on her hips and the toes of darker green boots.  'What the...  I'm in someone else's body!' she exclaimed to herself.

'Yes!' she heard in her head.  'You're in my body!  I am Circe, and you're trespassing, bitch!'

Zatanna experimented, and lifted her green clawed hands to look at them while relaxing her face.  Then she tried to access Circe's memories, with no readily apparent luck.  'Well, that probably means the witch can't access mine, either.  At least it looks like it's me who is in control.'

'But just wait until I tell the others!' Circe replied.  But she found herself unable to move her lips.  Her interloper must have been right.

Without any need to worry about Circe 'hearing' her, Zatanna did some quick thinking.  Raven was playing her role well, making it seem to all the kittens that Catwoman was taking inventory of the newcomers.  "Selina," the green clad alternate Catwoman said in Circe's voice, "why don't you bring each of the girls back to your bedroom one at a time so you can show them what's coming up."

"Right," Bruce Wayne as Raven now as Selina Kyle replied, still wagging or waving her tail and wondering how this alternate Catwoman could be playing right into her clawed hands.  "All you kittens take it easy for a few minutes.  Follow me, dear," she said as her black claws landed on the shoulder of She-Cat, wearing the grey Catwoman costume which was now hers.

As they started walking down the hallway, the new Catwoman noticed that the Cat's Eye ring was already on her gloved finger.  'Good, no need to hunt for it in the Kat Kit.'  She held up her hand to look at the deep red of the gem, which almost seemed to glow.  'I feel even more alive and sexually charged as a female in Selina's body than I did as Raven,' she thought, 'especially with the way my tail is stimulating me so much.'  The gem cemented first that thought in her mind, then tried to go further.  'I am Catwoman now, and this is how I should be from now on so I can continue to enjoy the feminine advantages of this powerfully defined, very evil and wicked feline felon identi-'  Raven lowered her hand as they approached the doorway of the bedroom, and halted the self hypnosis that had begun a major change in the fate of the person who used to be Batman.  At least for the time being, Catwoman still knew she was only Selina Kyle in body and not in mind.

'What are you up to?' Zatanna heard in her head back in the main room as she was looking at all the kittens standing around her.

'Since I'm sure you'd find out soon enough anyway, CyberCat just used Catwoman's old mind swap machine to change Selina into the girl you see hogtied and gagged, and Raven is now in Selina's body.'

'Mind swap machine?  Raven?'

'Never mind.'

Zatanna looked at CyberCat and started to take her first step when she noticed what seemed like incredibly high heels on the boots she was wearing, but felt no difficulty in handling them.  So she walked over to the cat in gleaming silver and said softly so that only the robotic cat could hear, "Don't worry, I'm really a friend even if I don't look like it.  When I teleported in, apparently the spot where I had aimed was now occupied by Circe.  But don't worry, I'm somehow able to keep Circe in control and I'm the one in charge of this body.  So instead of having an invisible Zatanna, we have a very visible Cat-  a visible Circ-  I can't say my real name!  I can only say that I am Catwoman or Circe!"

"See if you can still do your usual magic," CyberCat suggested.

Zee thought for a moment, then said, "I ma elbisivni."

"Uh, oh," CyberCat said.  "I can still see you."

Then Zatanna had another idea.  If it was Circe's body she was in...  She thought of how the witch might do a spell, and sure enough, blinked right out of sight.  "That works, I guess," CyberCat heard from where the green Catwoman's face would have been.  Then the silver kitty watched the green one reappear.

"I'd better stay in this body and be Circe until we're ready to leave," she said.  "That's the only way I can think of to keep the witch from undoing what we're here for."

"Good idea.  I wonder how Batman is making out as Catwoman?"

'So that's what you did!  You had Batman as a female and then did a mind swap using that device between HER and Selina!' Zee heard Circe exclaim.

'Damn, I wish CyberCat hadn't said that.  Oh, well.  But I guess while I'm left out here with CyberCat and all the kittens, I'd better keep acting like you would have.'

Zatanna's wish was fulfilled almost immediately when Gatita walked over to her and asked, "Circe, can you please tell us some more about the way you changed Flash into a girl?"  Zee didn't know what the witch had been telling all the girls earlier, but from what she'd seen and heard up in the Watchtower, she was able to keep the kitten and her teammates rapt with descriptions of the new blonde female speedster.

Meanwhile, back in Selina's darkened room, the kitten in the grey Catwoman costume found her eyes locked to the Cat's Eye ring once again.  She was sitting on the bed next to Catwoman in that one last open spot Catgirl had utilized.  "Lose any knowledge about being a devoted kitten of mine.  Lose the compulsion in your mind, and let your original identity come back in control.  You are free to become whoever you were before you were changed.  I may look like Catwoman, but I'm someone else really, here to set you free."

She blinked, then eyes within the black mask front of the grey cat cowl went wide in wonder.  "I came here as She-Cat with Batgirl, but if you're really trying to make things right, I'm not even really She-Cat.  I can't say who I really am thanks to the magic of Duela's mask, but I'm wearing that mask which transformed me into She-Cat.  And Batgirl, the one who is now in that wicked and sexy looking Catgirl costume, is really Duela Dent in another mask.  The real Batgirl is wearing the purple and black Catwoman costume; she's in a mask of Duela's that changed her and has made her be Hellcat, originally Satanica."

"You've got to be kidding!  That's Batgirl who is say Hellcat now?  Thank you for letting me know about all of this.  I'd better see Catgirl next after you.  If I remember, only Duela can undo the control of the masks you and Batgirl are wearing."

"Yes, or at least that's the way I understood her.  But might I suggest that instead of sending Duela as Catgirl next, I call for the original Batgirl who now thinks she's Hellcat?  She's also wearing the boots altered to have ballet toed heels which she seems to enjoy wearing.  And she also seems to want to wish super high heels were on the boots of all the kittens.  I had to tell her to leave mine alone just before you brought me back here.  Hellcat's wish power might come in handy, added to the mind altering power of that Cat's Eye."

"Good idea, and thanks for all the info.  In that case, send Hellcat in here next."

Raven had been impressed when she first saw Hellcat after transitioning into Selina's body, and had wondered about the heels on her boots.  'The costume other than the boots make her look just like Selina, heh heh, I had looked back when it was the costume of choice.  As Batman, that was one of the favorite cat costumes my feline sometimes lover, sometimes opponent had worn.'  Her musings were interrupted as the distinctly different sounding heels came up to the doorway.  "Selina, She-Cat told me to see you after she came back out," Hellcat said at the entry.  "What is it you could want to tell me after we were together in here while Batgirl was getting changed into first Kitty and then Catgirl?"

"Come on in and sit by me," Raven as Catwoman told her.  She was thinking fast as the purple clad cat seemed to walk toward her with smooth feline grace as if the heels on her boots were flat, not so high she was walking on her toes like a ballerina.  "I want to see if I can use my Cat's Eye to reduce your compulsion to put really high heels on boots worn by myself and all the other kittens.  With what I'm planning, stealth and the assurance of solid footing is going to be needed for all of us."

"Oh, is that all?" Hellcat answered in a sneer.  "You could have just asked, and I would have wished for that.  But if you think your ring will work better..."  She opened her eyes wide, and bent over to look at Catwoman's ring finger.

The Cat's Eye was lifted to make it easier on both cats, then Raven said, "Open your mind to allow my gem to completely dominate you."  That was hardly needed to have been said; the powerfully hypnotic gem had already put the magical wish mistress into a trance.  "Your mind is mine to control.  You have no willpower of your own.  Can you speak if I ask you any questions?"

Raven didn't know what to expect, and it did take a few moments for Hellcat to start a reply.  Slowly, she said, "Yes, I can answer your questions."

"Before you were told that you were Hellcat," Raven started, "you were known as Satanica.  Say yes if you can think of yourself as Satanica instead of Hellcat."


"Do you know what it is that made you become Satanica?"

"Yes, as long as I'm wearing the basic part of my costume along with my mask, I am Satanica."

Raven looked more closely then at Hellcat.  "That costume looks like it's the only thing on your body.  Is there really another costume under that purple catsuit?"

"Yes, I wished my Satanica costume to become simplified and flatter so that this costume could go over it."

"Pull off your Catwoman cowl."

Two clawed black gloves reached up to pull the black and purple cowl up and back over her head.  Raven then spotted the much narrower red band which had to have started as the red domino mask of Satanica.  Even though her thrall was still held in the power of the Cat's Eye, Raven quickly used her own clawed fingers to reach for the thin red mask while Hellcat/Satanica was lifting the Catwoman cowl off her head.  In a flash, the demi version of the red mask was also lifted up and off her head.

She noticed there was still no apparent reaction from the girl who had been wearing the mask now held in Raven's...Catwoman's hand.  Good!  "Now that you are out of your costume's mask, you should no longer be thinking you are Satanica.  Who are you now?"

"I am Gail Donnelly..."  She shook her head.  "I was Gail as Satanica, but that connection is fading.  Right now I am Clarissa Heath, but that's not who I really am.  I'm wearing a female face mask which has changed me, but if it comes off my name is Barbara Gordon."

"Good, so now you know who you really are.  I want to try something to see if it might work."  Raven pulled the red band back down over her subject's face and eyes.  "Who are you now?"

"I am Gail Donnelly, the super villainess called Satanica."

Memories from a few years earlier were reviewed by Raven, who as Batman was one of the League members who'd come up with the plan to bring Iris Allen back from being Satanica.  "Make a wish, now that you have your powers back.  Wish that you can still make wishes and know your real identity of Barbara Gordon without letting the mask control you into being Gail and the evil Satanica."

The many times changed Babs Gordon repeated exactly what she'd been ordered by the ring and its wearer.  Then the same question came again, with an addition, "Who are you now, and do you have any special powers?"

"I am Barbara Gordon, in a mask making me look like Clarissa Heath, wearing a costume that gives me the wish granting powers of Satanica."

Raven nodded, then lowered her ring hand from the triply disguised Babs Gordon.  She waited a moment and, when her subject's face started to show signs of life again, asked, "Are you still Babs Gordon now?"

Barbara was looking down toward the Catwoman costume she was wearing, then looked in wonder toward the face of a seemingly benign Catwoman sitting next to her.  "Yes, but what am I doing here with you, wearing another one of your costumes?"  Due to the magic spell affecting her boots, she hadn't even noticed yet that she was on her toes.

Raven grinned with her apparent success.  It had worked just as well as the first time.  "I know I look like Catwoman, but that isn't who I really am.  You got switched into this body involuntarily a couple of years ago, but I just switched into her body a few minutes ago on purpose to try and undo all the changes made to the kittens today.  Make a wish that you can remember everything that has transpired since this day got started."

She wasn't quite sure where it came from, but Babs answered, "As you wish.  I wish I had complete memories of everything that has happened today."  Suddenly, everything she'd done as Satanica and then Hellcat became plainly evident.  Babs also got back her Clarissa identity that had been washed away when she turned into Satanica.  "Oh my God!  All those girls from the club, and even worse, that little black girl and her mother!"  Then she gave it another moment, and added, "The only way to get out of this Clarissa mask and become myself is Duela, and right now she is even more evil than you...Catwoman was, thinking she's Catgirl.  I made a wish that her costume would do like my Satanica costume and control her mind so she would only know her evil feline identity."

Raven gave that news some thought, then said, "Can a wish made by you now undo the control her costume has over her?"

"I'm not sure, but I would presume so.  But hey, if you're not really Catwoman, who are you?"

"You may find this hard to believe, but for most of the afternoon and into the evening I've been a female called Raven.  I started the day as Bruce Wayne, though."

"This is too much!" Barbara exclaimed.  "I can't wait to hear what's been going on all day.  If you're in here as Catwoman, though, does that mean the babe hogtied in black latex out in the main hall is Selina now?"

"Yep.  That's the body I've been in today as Raven.  Zatanna brought CyberCat into the act, and she has the old mind swap device of Selina's mounted on her exoskeleton.  More about all that later, I think I'd better get going on the other girls under this ring's spell.  How about putting your Catwoman cowl back on so they'll all think you're still Hellcat, and tell Catgirl to come back here.  Then follow her so you can make some wishes if necessary."

"Right," Babs was saying as she started to reach for the cowl.  Then she decided to do it the simple way.  "I wish the cowl was over my head."  Shaving a few seconds off the costuming, the cowl was back in place instantly.  It was as she stood that Babs finally noticed the heels on her boots.  "What the-"  But as soon as she started to walk with what seemed like total ease, she finished with, "I wonder if a wish got made that I don't recall; I seem to be able to walk in these ballet toed boots just like if they were flat heeled ones.  And now that I think about it, all afternoon while I was playing the role of Clarissa, I was in a fetish Zatanna costume wearing ballet toed thigh high boots working in Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.  Fascinating!"  Then Hellcat was bounding out the door, and heading down the hallway.

'A fetish Zatanna costume with ballet toed thigh high boots?' Catwoman noted.  'Could there be some connection between what Babs was wearing and what Zee herself thinks is how she's supposed to look?  I'll have to try and put that together at some point later on.'

A few moments later, the sexiest looking kitten of the group tapped on Catwoman's bedroom door.  "Don't worry, I have my jade cat's eyes turned off."  Raven had to think quick for a proper reply.  This bit about jade cat's eyes was news to her.  "Good.  Come here and take a seat next to me so I can fill you in."

She immediately thought, 'I don't have any idea why Selina would want me to sit down, but hey, she's the boss.'  Catgirl sat right next to her.  "What's up?" she asked while placing her wickedly gloved and clawed right hand atop Catwoman's left thigh.

"I'm a bit worried about the control you need for those jade eyes on your belt buckle.  I want to use my ring to give your mind even better control than you think you have already.  Then, once that's done, I can get into the plans I have."

"From me controlling the others with my own Cat's Eyes to you controlling me with yours.  Good!  If this will give me total control over my Cat's Eyes, I'm more than willing."

All the while, Raven was thinking Catgirl's voice sounded a bit like the real Barbara Gordon's, but with subtle differences.  'Duela's voice must have been altered by the mask she's wearing.  Speaking of which, she must have altered the way the mask looked if she'd started out looking identical to Babs as Batgirl like She-Cat told me.'  She held her ring finger up to let her powerful hypnotic weapon attract Catgirl's eyes and then enslave her mind.  "Feel your mind becoming mine to control, you have no way to control how you think or act.  Do you understand?"

She knew what to expect now.  "Yes."

"Catgirl is who you have become because of the costume you're wearing.  Can you think of yourself as being anyone else?"

"No, I am Catgirl, but if I take off my costume I've heard that I will turn into my other identity as Kitty, Kitty Katt.  I really don't know who she is right now."

"So right now the only identity you have is Catgirl, and you know of no others, correct?"

"Yes, I am Catgirl."

'Uh, oh.'  Raven started to wonder if Babs had gotten back yet.  She looked over toward the doorway, and luck was with her.  A black, ballet toed boot was starting to edge into the room slowly.  "Come on in...Hellcat."

Babs had an appropriately feline grin on her cowled face as she turned to rejoin the woman who she knew now was only playing the role of Catwoman.  While she was out with the others briefly, she had made a point of studying the bound and gagged figure who was the real Catwoman.  'What an image, with the feline felon looking so helpless this way.  Of course, the way I'm dressed, I myself am more of a real Catwoman than the original.'  She came back to the present.  "I presume a wish is needed?"

"Yes, her costume has got her mind totally locked up.  We either have to get her out of the costume, or let her real identity become free while still wearing it."

Babs gave that a thought, trying to get the wording right, then started, "I wish this costume could be worn by Duela without it controlling her mind.  I wish Duela could know who she really is, without any constrictions imposed by masks or costumes, and have complete knowledge of her activities until this point."

After that wish, no more use of the Cat's Eye ring was needed, or so it was assumed by Raven.  She lowered her hand, and waited a moment for the effects to wear off.  Then Catgirl's eyes went wide with enlightenment and the images of two Catwomen next to her.  AND what she herself was wearing!  "Oh, wow!  What an experience.  Now I have some idea of what you experienced under the control of my masks.  Until a moment ago, I could only know that I was even more evil than you, Catwoman, and that I was only known as Catgirl.  Wait a minute!  How is it that you're both in here helping me?  Hellcat, you used to be a friend of mine, but from what I've seen, you're just as stuck in your evil identity as I was as Catgirl."

The girl she thought was still Hellcat grinned wide.  "Hah!  I'm no more still Hellcat, or for that matter Satanica, than you're still Catgirl.  I presume my wish has let you know again who you really are, since you mentioned your masks."

"Right, I don't look anything like who I really am thanks to the mask of your face I altered even more to hide your identity when it looked like I was going to be unmasked, along with the way this costume alters my hair to turn into Catgirl.  Watch."  She untied the straps on the costume's halter under the hair behind her neck.  Suddenly the immense mane of black hair disappeared, to be replaced by what was in effect Barbara Gordon's red hair.  Then she tied the halter again, to get her long black hair back.  "But of course, I am Duela Dent.  That said, who is Catwoman, since from the way she acted earlier, I know this can't be Selina Kyle?"

Now Raven grinned.  "A long story you'll have to wait for just like Babs.  But as hard as this may be to believe, I came here as Raven and then switched bodies with Selina.  And before I became Raven earlier today, I was Batman.  It was a bit of good luck that a couple of hours ago I got the ability to go back and forth from Bruce to Raven, whichever form I need."

"You mean, that's Catwoman out there hogtied?  And I presume you willingly got that way before coming here?"

"Well, I presume you know about Zatanna.  It wasn't exactly willingly, but it did work!  Enough of that, do you want to get out of that costume now and get back into the Batgirl costume or something else, since I suppose Babs will want to use the Batgirl costume?"

Duela lifted her gloved arms to show off her fantastic looking costume.  "Are you kidding?  Get out of this super sexy outfit now that I can be myself in it?"

Then Babs joined in.  "And on the presumption that you're going to head back to the Watchtower after you finish here, CATWOMAN, I want to go up there looking just the way I do right now, until it becomes time to finally need to get out of being Catwoman or Satanica and get back to my real life.  I'm betting Duela feels the same way."


"You both might be in for a real surprise, then.  Duela, I don't think there's any problem with you being on the Watchtower.  Babs, if you two show up looking like that, you're going to fit right in with all the others who have changed throughout this day.  Just wait until you see what Superman looks like now, when he's not in his regular old body.  He got the power to go back and forth just before I did."

"Back and forth to WHAT?" Babs asked.

"You'll see," Raven said cryptically with Selina's lips.  "Duela, She-Cat told me she was under the control of one of your masks.  Who is she really?"

"That's Huntress playing the role of She-Cat," Duela answered without adding any more about how she herself had been the original She-Cat.

"I wonder if she'll want to go to the Watchtower the way she is now as a grey costumed Catwoman," Raven asked, "or back to the usual She-Cat costume, or all the way back to one of her many Huntress costumes?"

"I know she won't be going back to the original She-Cat costume," Babs answered.  "I wished it into oblivion."

Raven thought about that for a moment, then said, "But I'm betting your wish power could easily put her into any costume desired!"

"I guess!" Babs replied with a big grin.  "Hey, there are still a bunch of kittens you need to undo.  And Circe is still out there, too."

"Circe is here?"

"Uh huh, she's the one in the green Catwoman costume," Babs answered.

"That doesn't sound right, with the way she got things started after I swapped with Selina."

"Well, whatever, we'd better steer clear of her for the time being," Duela said.

"Right.  How about sending Vixen back here next?  You wouldn't believe who she really is right now," Raven asked.  "And don't ask, I'm not telling."

"Oh, poo!" both Babs and Duela said in unison.  Then Babs added, "Maybe she'll tell us later after you undo her.  Let's go,, Catgirl."

"Right.  If that is Circe out there, we'd better be on our toes.  No pun intended!"

"Hah!  I made a similar joke inside Penguin's club earlier today."  As the two were leaving the room, Babs added, "Did you and Helena see the fantastic Zatanna costume I left..."

Their voices trailed off, and Raven started to look at all the various costumes and such on the bedspread while she waited for Vixen.

When Catgirl (Duela) and Hellcat (Babs) made it back out into the main room of the lair, they saw She-Cat (Helena) wink at them.  She was in amongst all the kittens listening to Circe who looked for all the world exactly like Selina did way back when in that green catsuit costume, other than the much higher heels on her boots and the long, straight hair instead of shoulder length.  Catgirl nudged Vixen and then said, "Selina would like for you to go get informed now."

"Meowwwwrrrrrr...purrrrfect timing, Catgirl.  Circe was just getting set to change the subject from Flash to her days back in early Greek times.  A lot less of interest for me."  She turned out of the group and immediately started down the hallway for Selina's bedroom.

It wasn't very long after Raven had finished inspecting the red boots and gloves belonging to Satanica's costume that the kitten whose black leather costume was also on the top of the bed tapped on the door.  "My turn now?" Vixen asked as the two approached each other.

Raven knew about the relationship shared between Selina and the original Vixen, and figured that Alfred would have picked up all of her personality when he got changed to Bethany Horkin.  As they came close, she opened her arms to greet Vixen with a hug.  The changed Alfred sure looked like Selina herself did ages ago when that black lurex costume was in vogue and she'd dyed her hair blonde.  "I sure am glad to see you.  It's been a long time."

"And I can't wait to get right back into our felonious feline fun.  What is it you have in mind?" Vixen said as they split back up.

"Before I get into the nitty gritty, I hope you don't mind, but I want to use my Cat's Eye to see if I can get a bit deeper into your head and find out how you've been making out these past couple of years.  It would be a lot faster than you trying to remember and let me know."

Her long honey blonde haired kitten smiled warmly.  "I wouldn't mind at all.  I know what it's like to have my mind probed by you and your ring.  Just do as in the past and let me know all that you find out, 'kay?"

"Of course, my dear," Raven lied while bringing the Cat's Eye ring to a spot in front of Vixen's eyes.  She saw the blonde's eyes behind the black domino mask go wide as a blank look formed on her gorgeous face.  "Be at ease, and let your mind become open.  Right now you are Bethany Horkin, but until a short while ago you were someone else.  Go deeply into your memories; see if you can find who you used to be before the magic turned you into Bethany."

As Raven finished, Vixen's mind did as ordered.  All the while, that same blank look remained on her face.  When two minutes had expired with no word or change in Vixen's visage, Raven said while still holding the gem in her thrall's face, "Have you found any past identities in your memories?"

"Yes, besides my complete memories of being Vixen and my past as the wanton and promiscuous lesbian whore named Bethany Horkin, I seem to have memories of a long past as a British born butler named Alfred Pennyworth."

"Good.  Now, what I want you to do is take those memories belonging to Alfred Pennyworth and make them your primary identity so that Bethany will be the hidden identity instead of Alfred."

Vixen was silent and motionless for a few moments, then said, "I have made Alfred Pennyworth become my primary identity.  But how can that be possible with the body I have?"

Raven figured her mind must have been in real turmoil if Vixen had been able to question the obvious incongruity while under the power of the Cat's Eye.  "Alfred is who you really are, and you have that female body because of a magic spell that changed you."

"Yes, that is what I'm now seeing in my memories.  I touched the Vixen costume and then Bethany's body and mind took over."

Raven figured Vixen was 'cured' now, and so lowered her ring finger; it was getting tiring holding it up so long, anyway.  She waited for Vixen to show some signs of life again while shaking and flexing her clawed fingers.  'Almost as good as the talons on my Raven gloves,' she mused while looking at them.  Then when Vixen blinked, she said, "Do you know who you are now?"

She looked a bit startled at seeing Catwoman asking the question, so Raven assured her, "I may look like Catwoman, but that's not I really am.  I'm a friend."

Feeling a bit more confident now, Vixen said, "I now know that my real name is Alfred Pennyworth.  I've been changed into this body from my original one."

"Yes, it was the magic spell Felix Faust put on that Vixen costume you touched in the Bat Cave, now sitting on the bed."

"Master, Mistress Raven?"

"Yes, Alfred, it's me.  I traded bodies with Selina to try and undo all the mind changes she did this afternoon and evening.  I guess we can have Zatanna or Dr. Fate do a magic spell to change you back."

"This may sound odd," Vixen replied, "but in a sort of echo of what you said this afternoon about wanting to stay as Raven for a bit, I can't see any reason why I should give up this very healthy and young...emphasis on the word young...body and return to the almost decrepit body I had as Alfred.  I don't see any reason I couldn't do some kind of news release saying that after all these years I want to retire back to the home country of England, and at the same time apply to you as a new maid to take Alfred's place."

"Alfred?  You sound pretty sure of that conviction."

"Ahem, do I look like Alfred to you, Mistress Raven?  I think I'll get to work on inventing the identity and paperwork for Angela Blake."

"Angela, eh?" Raven asked with a grin.  "Seems more than a bit too 'angelic' considering how you're dressed at the moment!  Oh, and while Master Bruce did sound okay, I can't get used to being called mistress.  Shouldn't be a problem once things get back to normal, though."

"Of course.  Angela would sound much better once I'm in my day to day garb as your maid.  I fully intend to take advantage of the skills and memories I have in this body, however, and either use the Vixen costume or some other one we can devise to help you and Master Robin in your crime fighting."

Raven's eyes went wide under Catwoman's cowl mask, while at the same time her jaw dropped to let a sexy looking O form on her lips.  Then, after the thought had lingered for a moment, she recovered and said, "I guess it would be a waste to not utilize the body you now occupy.  The only problem I see is if and when others recognize you as the real Bethany Horkin.  You do have a history of being an evil accomplice of...heh! mine and would have a tough time persuading everybody that you've changed.  Which brings up another thing.  After you got changed into Bethany, somehow I knew that the original had become a totally new villainess in Arkham and we'll be in for a surprise when she gets out and makes her reappearance."

"Purrrrrr.  Yes, I seemed to know I was the only Bethany right after being turned into her.  But I had no idea what might have happened to the original until you just mentioned that.  Hmmmm, I wonder if maybe I should have some plastic surgery done on my face or maybe contact Miss Dent about changing with one of her masks?"

"Ha!  You can ask her right away!  Duela is here right now, she's Catgirl, or at least she was until I got her back to knowing who she really is.  Or maybe just ask Zatanna or have Barbara do a wish for you..."

Vixen was silent for a moment, then said, "Barbara, as in Miss Gordon?  If so, what do you mean about her making a wish?"

"I presume your memories of all that has happened since becoming Vixen are still fresh in your mind and not erased by my putting your original identity in control?" Raven asked.

"Yes, of course."

"That kitten who has been doing all the wish magic for Selina is really Babs.  I guess you're entitled to hear the long stories about all that has been happening to be told later on.  In a nutshell, she got turned into the wish powered supervillainess called Satanica, then into Hellcat not long after.  So as long as she still has her wish powers, Barbara is another option for you."

The ex-Alfred nodded.  "Thanks for letting me know.  It might be risky asking either of them while we're here amongst all of Catwoman's kittens.  But I suppose you're slowly but surely getting to each of the girls.  I presume once you're finished, you'll head back up to the Watchtower?"

Raven nodded.  "Yep, and both Babs and Duela said they wanted to go with me.  They said Helena would probably want to go too, especially since she's a bona fide Justice League member.  I guess we'll all go as a much bigger group up to the Watchtower.  Do me a favor and go back out there now, and send back Gatita from the club."

"Right, and I think I can feel exactly what you did earlier today, with the way I feel so alive and stimulated in this body."

'Here's hoping she doesn't revert to Bethany's role as a lesbian whore,' Raven mused as Vixen started heading for the door.  "I'm glad you can understand now.  Be careful with those new female urges you feel, though."

"Meowwwrrrrr!" came from the hallway and faded as Vixen made her way to the rest of the kittens.

To make a long story a bit shorter, know that the changes Raven did for all the girls from the club went much simpler than had the first four she did.  Predictably, each of them wanted to stay in the costumes and new bodies they'd been given.  Their original costumes were still being kept just in case anyone's mind changed later on; Hellcat did a wish to have all the original costumes become the correct size for each of the girls.

After Gatita and the four kittens from the club were taken care of, Raven as Catwoman got a shock when she faced the woman who thought she was Selina's sister, Maggie.  She was well aware that Sister Magdalena had met an untimely death a couple of years earlier, so it was quite impossible that Cat was really Selina's sister.  Using the ring, she couldn't find any identity in her mind other than Maggie.  It didn't look like Maggie was wearing a wig, but it seemed almost impossible that her own hair could be so similar to Selina's at the time she wore that outfit.

Then an idea came to Raven, and she got Hellcat to come back.  A wish was made to have Maggie turn back into whatever face and body she originally had before being changed, presumably by magic, into her present form.  Afterward, the hair atop her head became a wig again, and the apparent Catwoman asked Maggie to pull it off.  Raven recognized Mercy Graves right away after her original hair was seen in addition to her still made up face.  'How did Mercy get turned into a second Catwoman as Selina's sister?' she wondered.  The Cat's eye did make Maggie think she was a good kitty wearing a wig instead of the evil one with real hair Lex's machine and then Circe had made her become.  Both she and Hellcat agreed it would be dangerous to try and wish Mercy's mind to come back and undo whatever had turned her into Maggie, but did have a wish made to bring her body and face back to looking the same way she did after Circe changed her and the wig appear on her head.  So then looking the same as when she'd entered but now knowing of herself as a good kitten helping her mistress, Cat left the bedroom.

Finally, Raven as Catwoman went out to the hogtied form of Raven holding the real Selina with CyberCat still holding her leash.  She held the Cat's Eye ring in front of the tied up woman, who scrunched her eyes closed.  The apparent Catwoman looked around, and still not seeing a Zatanna who should have become visible by then said, "Zee, you can stop hiding.  Everything's almost finished now, we just have Selina herself to work on."

"I'm not hiding," Raven heard the green costumed Catwoman say.  "I can only say who I really am right now.  I am Catwoman, but really a perfectly disguised Circe.  You know who I really am inside this body, even if I can't say that."

"What?!  How did you get into Circe's body?"

"I'll tell you all about it later.  We still have a lot to do."

"Okay.  Presuming you can still do your magic, make it so that Selina has to keep her eyes open until she's been hypnotized by her own ring."

Raven was only a bit surprised when instead of hearing a backwards said spell, nothing was heard but Selina's eyes did become wide open.

"Now that you've got Selina all set, I think it's time to leave Circe's body and take CyberCat with me to the Mystical Realms.  Before you use the ring on Selina, you may want to try and make Circe obey you and not start to cause lots of trouble as soon as I'm gone.  CyberCat, are you all set to go?"

"Ready and waiting."

Raven stood so that, as the shiny black costumed Catwoman, she faced the green costumed one, then placed her ring in front of the other's eyes.  "Zee, say something as soon as you're out of this body."

Zatanna was trying, but it seemed like Circe was making an effort to lock the intruder inside her body.  Finally, instead of trying to use the witch's own powers against her, Zee THOUGHT a spell more up her line.  'eveaL s'ecriC ydob dna og htiw taCrebyC ot ees yddad.'  It worked!  Just before she and CyberCat disappeared, the still invisible Zee practically shouted, "I'm out, do her!"

Raven saw the way Circe was temporarily a bit disoriented, and with the ring glowing in front of her eyes said, "You may really be Circe, but you're dressed as and look like Catwoman.  So Catwoman is who you are now.  As Catwoman you have all the predatory skills of a cat, the body you have honed to be the most successful cat burglar ever, and the mind of the most evil feline villainess.  Catwoman has no magical powers.  Stay in place and watch as I work, and as soon as all of us are gone, you will slowly regain your true identity."

Raven saw that the ring seemed to work, even on Circe, and so turned back to face Selina.  "You have been turned evil somehow.  You are not an evil Selina Kyle, you are really the good natured and helpful Selina Kyle who assists in fighting crime, not committing crime.  Keep any memories you have of what turned you evil, but not anything you did afterward other than moments ago in the club."

Raven in Catwoman's body watched as a change seemed to come over Catwoman in Raven's body, unaware that she'd just further cemented the identity of Selina Kyle in the mind of the woman who'd once been Lois Lane.  "Something came over me earlier today, turning me into an evil Catwoman to work with Luthor, Circe and the rest of the Legion of Doom.  I am now back to being my usual self, thanks.  But...I may be Selina, but I'm looking at Selina.  How is this possible?"

Catwoman undid all the magically generated bondage gear that held Raven, then said, "Come with me back to your bedroom.  There are things I want to tell you that I don't want some of the others to hear."

After they'd gone down the passageway and into Selina's room, Raven closed and locked the door.  Then she turned on the fan on top of Selina's dresser to make some covering noise just in case some prying ears came behind them.  Finally, in a soft voice she said, "Yes, you are really Selina, but you're in the female body called Raven that I have been using today.  You see, I am really Bruce Wayne, though that may be hard to believe.  But there is a way for you to verify that.  Just imagine yourself as Bruce or even costumed as Batman, and it should become evident."

Selina as Raven cocked her head looking doubtful, but started to picture Batman in her mind.  Suddenly, she was no longer standing at an even eye level with her own body but looking down at it while clad in a very familiar grey and black costume.  "It seems you weren't kidding!" she said with a male voice that while also familiar sounded a bit different since it was originating from her...his lips.  "Can I go back to being in a female body?"

"Yes, you can go back and forth, and also have the female body dressed however you please," Bruce told her.

Selina imagined herself as a female again, and as a test pictured herself in the same costume on her own body.  In the blink of an eye, both Selina's body and Raven's body were wearing that same wicked Catwoman costume from the past.  "We could really surprise them if we were to go back out to the others right now!"

"How true, but to reduce any confusion...I wouldn't recommend that."

"Right.  Now, should I presume that I'm going to be in my own body again and not just my costume?"

Her practical twin almost giggled.  "Yes, of course.  We just have to wait for Zatanna to get back with your old mind machine you got from Egghead."

"Ah, a waiting game.  I guess we may as well go back out and join with all the other girls where the lair's games and other amusements are."

Raven turned the fan back off, then they both left after Selina did a change back into Raven's costume so the others wouldn't have questions.  All the other girls other than the frozen Catwoman who at the moment had no idea she was really Circe were glued to the lair's projection TV with the wide panoramic screen.  It was the night for American Idol, and even Babs was drawn to the competition.  In her own mind, Circe as Catwoman was cursing the fact that she was being forced to observe such meaningless drivel.  But her mind was still telling her that until all those other girls were gone, she was not Circe but Catwoman, powerless to do anything but stand and watch.

The Mystical Realms

When Zatanna and CyberCat popped into view in the mists surrounding Zatara's abode, both girls were shocked to see that as she became visible, Zee was not in her own costume but still in that green Catwoman costume Circe had been wearing, now with the skin tight green covering her own much enhanced body.

"Uh, who are you?" CyberCat asked.

"Purrrrr...I am Catwoman, who did you think I was, bitch?" Zee replied.  Then she burst out laughing.  "No, really, I'm Zatanna.  Let's see if now that I'm in a more acceptable environment I can use my magic to change.  egnahC morf eht namowtaC emutsoc ot ym nwo."  Body hugging green disappeared to be replaced by the more familiar white, black and yellowish gold.  "Phew, glad I can now be myself completely again.  Now, I wonder if daddy is at home?"

Zatara popped into view directly in front of his replacement daughter and said, "I was watching that change.  Why did you show up here dressed in that old Catwoman costume?"

"I'll tell you all about how I was sharing Circe's body with her later on, daddy.  Were you watching events on Earth as we went to find your real daughter?"

"Yes," the old mage replied.  "I watched how you got her from being Star Sapphire.  But I'm curious as to why you now have much longer hair and breasts more like an Amazon's, and a much sexier looking costume."

"Everybody else has been mentioning my body and costume, but for some reason I seem to think this is the way I'm supposed to be.  I guess I'll definitely have to look back in a scrying bowl to see if I can see if anything happened earlier today.  And about your original daughter, it seems like there's no way to bring her back to being her original self, daddy."  Then she slapped her forehead below the brim of her top hat.  "Forgive me, please.  Daddy, meet CyberCat."

Zatara reached to give CyberCat a hug, but stopped short to ask, "Would it be more appropriate to offer a hand to shake?"

"A hug would be just fine since I'm like this right now," CyberCat said.  "I presume from what you said that you're aware of who I really am?"

"Yes, and let's leave that alone for good reasons.  Now, what brings you both to my humble abode?"

"Daddy," Zee replied with vigor, "that device you see on CyberCat's back is a mind swap device.  I had an idea for a way to let your daughter get back at Allura.  We could use the mind swap machine to put Allura's mind in the body of Star Sapphire, and then have the original Zee take over Allura's body and have magical abilities again."

He nodded slowly.  "Good idea, but just how would you get Allura close by without suffering from her machinations?"

"I was hoping you could get word to Allura's good twin and ask her to tell Allura to check that house in Palmdale she set up for Star Sapphire.  I'll have your daughter invisible and shielded so Allura can't see her, then have CyberCat stand over me as if she is tormenting me.  Allura should be surprised enough at seeing Zatanna instead of Star Sapphire to want to personally check things out.  As soon as she appears, CyberCat can do the mind swap."

"But wouldn't you then have Allura as the mystically gem powered Star Sapphire with whom you and the others would have to contend?"

"Yes, but I figure our combined magic should hold her back until we leave, and then it would just be a matter of contending with Star Sapphire in the future."

Zatara twisted his mouth, looking a bit worried.  "Seems like a pretty far fetched idea, but if it works at least my daughter would have magic again.  Okay, I'll go tell Allura's sister about your plan.  You'd better get set up in Palmdale pretty quickly."

"Better believe it!" Zee said.  "But before we go, ydobyreve ni eht s'taC riaL tpecxe ecriC ot eht rewothctaW tropelet sdap.  ellimaC ot ym edis."

A surprised Star Sapphire found herself suddenly in a strange place next to Zatanna instead of in front of the TV she'd turned on in the Bat Cave.  "Camille, this is the man who is your true father," Zee told her.

Camille offered her hand, saying, "I wish I could greet you more warmly, Zatara, but there are no memories I can find of the life this new Zatanna has told me about."  They shook, almost in an official manner.  "She has told me about the idea she came up so that I can get magical powers instead of powers derived from my sapphire gem."

"Best of luck to you all," Zatara said.  "I'll save you the trouble of getting to Palmdale while I go find Allura's sister without also getting close to Allura herself."  The trio of girls disappeared, and Zatara was already moving through the realm to get to Allura's good twin.

Palmdale, California

As soon as the three girls blinked into view in Camille's living room, Zatanna said, "No time to waste, ladies.  Camille, use your gem to turn invisible.  As soon as you feel the machine affecting your mind, use your gem again to turn visible.  I ma ni eht emas egadnob nevaR saw ni, htiw taCrebyC gnidloh eht hsael dna gnihctaw revo em."

Star Sapphire became lost to sight, and CyberCat gasped when she realized she was holding the leash again and saw Zatanna at her feet hogtied and gagged.  "Camille, be sure you stand exactly at the edge of the armrest so I can hit you with the change.  Zee, I sure hope this works with you gagged and unable to do your magic!"

"Gotcha," was heard from next to the seat.

"Mmmmmmppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" was heard from CyberCat's feet.

'I sure hope Zee doesn't have to be that way for long,' CyberCat thought.

Only seconds after that thought ended, a white clad and blonde haired good Allura was saying to the still purple costumed, black haired evil one, "I thought you were bragging that you had gotten Zatanna completely out of your hair?"

"I most surely did!"

"I would suggest you take a look in that house you made for her to live in, then."

The black haired Allura looked away from the grinning blonde and peered down into her scrying pond.  "WHAT?!?  That's not possible, she got turned into Star Sapphire, there's no way she could turn back into Zatanna.  Looks like whoever that is down there has got her in some great bondage, though.  Time for me to help out that girl in the silver cat outfit."

Allura the wicked popped into view directly in front of CyberCat, with Allura the good taking over the viewing from far, far above.  "Looks like you have Zatanna very well tied up," the evil sister said.  "But I have to wonder, is this really Zatanna, or somebody made to look like her?  I have to think there's no way that Star Sapphire could change herself back."

CyberCat did the quick mind scan of Allura while the wicked witch was staring down, then aimed for where Camille should have been standing.  She felt the input from Camille, and sucked out her original mind to replace it with Allura's.  At the same moment, Star Sapphire became visible once again.  Likewise, the mind sucked from Camille was then inserted into Allura.  With lightning quick speed, CyberCat reached down to yank the ball gag from Zatanna's mouth, and at the same time the new Allura was using some arcane spell, Zee said, "ratS erihppaS ezeerf ni ecalp."

As the image of Star Sapphire changed to look like a statue, CyberCat said, "Let's be sure to make it so that she can never vary from her own statement - I have to think there's no way Star Sapphire could change herself back."

"Done," the new Allura answered.  "I just made it so that nothing her gem or any other acquired power she gets can change who she is, nor get to me."

While Allura's and CyberCat's attention was locked on Star Sapphire, the still bound and hogtied Zatanna's eyes went wide when a restored to purple hair and back in her true green outfit Circe suddenly appeared in the room, with Zee's two teammates seeming to freeze in place just like Star Sapphire.  "It took me much longer than I'd imagined to track you through the Mystical Realms," the witch told Zatanna.  Instantly there was no way for Zee to utter any spell to counter her, as Circe conjured an even larger ball gag than what had just been removed from her mouth.  "When I was checking the Watchtower for you first, I saw some very interesting sights."

As her magic changed Zee back into the green Catwoman costume with those same over seven-inch heeled boots and also gave her the long, straight black hair, Circe reached toward CyberCat's back and, without actually touching it, removed the mind swap machine forcibly, severing all the electrical connections.  "I have a good use for this little toy you used.  But before I go, I have a present for you, feline felon who was Zatanna!  To paraphrase how Batman as Catwoman hypnotized me, you may really be Zatanna, but you're dressed as and look like Catwoman.  So Catwoman is who you are now.  As Catwoman you have all the predatory skills of a cat, the body you have honed to be the most successful cat burglar ever, and the mind of the most evil feline villainess.  Catwoman has no magical powers.  Stay in that costume hogtied and gagged, and very soon after I am gone, you will slowly take on your true identity."

The still tied up Zee made quick glances toward her shoulders and noted the mask around her eyes.  She found herself back in shades of green, now with the ball gag back in place.  Or more accurately, another ball gag, green in color, for CyberCat was still holding the orange one she'd removed.  Circe noted the orange ball gag in CyberCat's hand, then grinned and winked at her.  The witch disappeared before Allura could do anything, allowing her and CyberCat to move again.  Then, ignoring the still frozen Star Sapphire, both Allura and CyberCat stooped to aid their hogtied companion.

Nothing CyberCat could do physically nor Allura do magically seemed to make that new green ball gag budge.  Then CyberCat started to hear what sounded like alternating short and long grunts from Zee.  Morse!  She listened for a few minutes, then told Allura, "We've got to hope your magic can get us up to the Watchtower.  Zee thinks only Dr. Fate's magic can undo what Circe has done.  It's not just a matter of that ball gag keeping Zee from using her powers.  The longer she stays in that Catwoman costume, the closer she will come to thinking that is exactly who she really is, with no magical powers at all and incredibly evil!"

They both looked at Star Sapphire, and just before they left, Allura put a spell on her to make her know that the promiscuous slut Debbie Camille Darnell and super villainess Star Sapphire are the only identities she has ever known.  If it was bad enough to do to her, she was returning the favor.


The trio of Allura, CyberCat and what appeared to be the green costumed Catwoman in bondage showed up thanks to Allura in the teleport pad area, to the big surprise of all the women in cat costumes who had only appeared there moments before themselves.  "I have no idea how soon it might be that Zatanna can send you back home, CyberCat," Allura said.  "So I'm sending you back right now.  Oh, and don't worry, I won't be staying with the name of Allura.  Too many bad memories are associated with that.  Hopefully Zee will be able to help with a new name.  Goodbye, and good luck at home."

CyberCat disappeared.

Orlando, Florida

Allura must not have known everything about what Zee had done.  When I popped back into view in my living room, I was still in the metallic silver CyberCat costume and clenching the orange ball gag; pretty obviously, I was also still the female named Jennifer Stevens.  I could only hope Zatanna got out of her fix.  The ball gag was placed on my computer's desk.

As I started to pull off my silver outfit by first disconnecting the head piece, nothing different was apparent.  It was as the silver body parts, arms and legs came off that something did became obvious.  Circe apparently had not just gifted Zee, and that wink she'd given me just before leaving must have shown she knew all about the person who was actually writing about her.  As each piece of the silver costume was removed, it was shown that I was wearing green.  My feet went into the severe arch of the over seven-inch heeled boots as they appeared over my feet and legs, long green claws at the fingertips of the gloves appearing over my arms and hands made things tricky, and the hair that became visible beyond the green mask was long and black...

Suddenly my mouth was filled with a ball gag and I could feel its strap secured around my head.  I glanced down and noticed no gag was on the desk, then caught sight of just a bit of the gag, and sure enough, it was orange.  Probably the only difference between Zatanna and myself.  As expected, my clawed fingers couldn't budge the gag!  Well, if I couldn't talk, I could at least send messages on my computer.  I went to sign off on that email to Claude that I'd been working on when Zatanna showed up, but the claws hitting the keyboard didn't type SteveZ at the end, they typed SelinaK.  If this meant I could only identify myself as Selina Kyle, did that imply that soon I'd only be able to think of myself as the evil feline felon?  Yikes!

As soon as I hit that send button with my green claw, more of Circe's black magic took effect.  I stood from my chair and then flopped to the floor, with my arms and legs pulling up behind me.  Just as Zee was hogtied and gagged while seeming to be Catwoman in the Justice League's Watchtower, I was now hogtied and gagged, appearing to be Catwoman in Orlando, Florida.  Already, my mind was filling with all I'd need to know to become the real world's premier cat burglar and feline felon, Catwoman.  And the thoughts similar to what Circe had told Zatanna echoed in my mind for my torture, 'To paraphrase how Batman as Catwoman hypnotized me, you may really be Steve Zink, but you're dressed as and look like Catwoman.  So Catwoman is who you are now.  As Catwoman you have all the predatory skills of a cat, the body you have honed to be the most successful cat burglar ever, and the mind of the most evil feline villainess.  Catwoman has no writing abilities.  Stay in that costume hogtied and gagged, and very soon you will slowly take on your true identity."


It took only seconds for all the assembled cats to gather around the purple clad Allura and what looked like Circe in the green Catwoman costume back among them.  But even with that situation apparent, Batman still in Catwoman's body stepped over to Allura and said, "I wasn't expecting to have all the kittens come with us up to the Watchtower, Zee must have done a spell to send everybody up here.  Now we have to teleport them or use some magic to get them back to the club.  In fact, from what Gatita told me down in the Cat's Lair, it seems like I need to visit the club with the Cat's Eye to undo the changes made to Katie Telic and Rhianon Ryan.  But more importantly, before you zapped her out of here, I noticed that CyberCat's back was bare.  Please don't tell me this means the body swap machine is gone now."

As she was nodding with a grimace on her face, Allura told her, "I know I don't look like Camille anymore.  Just after I got switched with Allura and she became Star Sapphire, Circe found us somehow and made a quick show and go.  She magically yanked the device away from CyberCat, saying she had a use for what she called our little toy.  Before she left, though, that wicked witch changed Zee to look like the green Catwoman again and also put a ball gag in her mouth that none of us can budge, physically or magically.  Zee grunted in Morse code to tell us she thought only Inza's magic could help, and that we need to get her out of that gag and costume soon, because Circe arranged for her to start taking on the identity of a more evil than ever before Catwoman, the longer she stayed this way."

"Oh, great," Bruce scowled, in Selina's alluring voice.  "Then both Zee and myself would be Catwoman!  I'll see if I can get Dr. Fate to check out Zee.  When she gets here, ask if she can send me down to the club along with all the kittens.  While she's coming, I'd better have a few words with Selina in my body.  I'm glad at least you got your planned body swap done, though."

Before Allura could say anything more, Catwoman turned away and headed toward the comm panel on the wall.  She keyed in Inza's room number, then punched the button.


"Glad you're there, Inza.  Or should I say, Lady Death, since your voice still sounds like hers?  We need you ASAP in the teleport pads."

"Still as Lady Death, yes.  But Inza is okay."  Lady D recognized the voice.  "Selina?"

"Selina's body, but it's me, Bruce.  It's getting weirder and weirder.  I did a body swap with Selina to undo all the bad stuff she'd been doing early this evening, but before we could change back the body swap device disappeared.  While I was still working on changing Selina with the Cat's Eye ring, Zee took CyberCat and Camille with her to try and do a body swap between Camille and Allura.  It apparently worked, and now we have yet another new and presumably evil Star Sapphire with which we'll have to contend, and Zee has a magical partner now.  Circe dropped in on them right after the change, and stole the device from CyberCat.  So for the time being, Selina is Batman and/or Raven, and I am Catwoman."

Inza didn't waste any time reacting on the intercom or in walking out to the telepad area.  Lady Death magically appeared right next to the still wickedly costumed Catwoman.  "Just for my peace of mind, tell me what happened last night in Gateway City."

Raven went step by step through the events they'd both experienced, and Inza halted her as she got to the part where Dinah had been changed back to Black Canary after being Cheetah.  "That's enough, I know Selina couldn't have known any of that.  You mentioned CyberCat, who is that?  And odd that you say Circe showed up there.  I had the strangest feeling that the witch was unseen but ever so briefly in my room a short while ago.  Now, would you like me to try and switch your minds back the way I did it a couple of hours ago for Dinah and Diana?"

"CyberCat was brought from somewhere I don't know about by Zee to enable us to do the body swaps.  We'll have to keep a watch out for Wonder Woman's least favorite witch.  I suppose using your magic or Zee's, presuming we get her back to her true self, would be our best hope for changing back.  Let me go talk to Selina first.  While I'm doing that, please see what you can do to help Zee so she doesn't get magically turned into another Catwoman.  Circe set her up like this, and if she stays that way for some unspecified length of time, Zee will know she is Selina Kyle and an evil as can be Catwoman.  Oh, and that black haired woman in purple is Camille.  She got put into the body of Allura, and now has a lot of magical powers of her own.  She's going to repeat this request from me - I need to get down to the club in Gotham with the kittens."

"Ah," Fate acknowledged.  "I thought she looked familiar.  I've read about Allura and the difficulties she has brought to Zatanna and her father over the years.  Never thought I'd see her in person, though.  I should be able to get you and the kittens down to the club.  Or maybe Camille can with her new powers.  It'll have to wait a bit, though, I think.  Get going, Bruce."

Catwoman turned to head across the area but stopped suddenly to face Lady Death again.  "I hope I will be able to be called Bruce correctly again."  Then she purposely spun on her heels and strode toward the current user of her body, mingling with the kittens on the other side of the pad area.

On her way, Bruce passed Babs Gordon, still playing the role of Hellcat.  She tapped her purple shoulder with a couple of claws, then said, "I'll probably need you and your wish power in a few minutes down at the club.  Don't go away, 'kay?"

"Right, I'll be right here, Raven.  Or is it okay to still call you Catwoman?"

"You might as well, since this is how I'm stuck for the time being.  Hey, I wonder if one of your wishes could get Selina and I back in our own bodies?"

"No better way to find out.  I wish Selina would be in her body and stay that way, and that Raven would occupy and stay in her body."  Catwoman didn't seem to make any indications of the expected change, so she asked, "I presume you're still Bruce or Raven in there, not Selina?"

Neither Hellcat nor Catwoman gave any thought to the wording used for that wish, which more or less just wished that they'd both be staying exactly as they were at the moment.  And since it was one of her powerful wishes, not only were the two stuck due to the implications of the way in which the body swap device worked, but additionally now thanks to her poorly worded wish.  "Yes, it's still me.  I wonder what about the swap we made is keeping your wish power from undoing it?  Oh well, I'm going over to talk with Selina right now."

"One of the magicians might have better luck that I did.  Hey, if we're going to the club, maybe we should take along Duela; she could use her jade cat's eyes to freeze either of the girls there before they could react to us."

"Do you figure that would be faster than one of your wishes?"

"Hmmm, good point.  Catgirl would have to at least get the girls into eye contact with her buckle, where I could make a wish even before we leave here, if not right as we appear there."

Catwoman nodded, then in reply told her, "I'd prefer that you don't make a wish in the blind from up here.  But you should be able to handle it down there with ease.  Catgirl would just be yet another kitten to take along, so I'm hoping she can stay up here."

"Right, and you'd better get going over to Selina."  Then she got a look in her eyes and exclaimed, "My God, I almost forgot about that black mother and her daughter that I changed in Gotham while I was still Satanica.  Here's hoping they haven't done anything with their super powers yet.  I wish the two girls would go back to being their original ages as mother and daughter, with no memories of what they did as super criminals."

As Catwoman started heading toward Selina, Hellcat got an idea inspired by all the changed heroes and heroines she'd seen and being told that after the current crisis situation had been handled, it was hoped that the meeting could get restarted.  Since she was going to be a participant in the hoped for meeting, she said, "I wish everybody who is in different forms and costumes will enjoy very much and want to stay as they are so that all the differences can be seen at the meeting."

Babs just did another wish that was more open ended than she intended!

Gotham City, a bit earlier

When Ris didn't show up back at the Iceberg Lounge for the rest of her shift after the break she went on, Emerald started to worry.  She decided to give the girl a few more minutes, just in case she lost track of time, but considering where they were and the way things went as the sun went down, anything could have happened to her employee.  It was just as she was getting ready to tell Pengy about Ris being missing that the waitress who looked like an ultra sexy female version of Booster Gold came running up to her as best she could in the heels on her boots.  "Emerald!" she gasped while reaching for the faux Wonder Woman's shoulder for balance, "one of the mechanics just came out of the equipment room saying he saw Ris all tied up and writhing in a seat back there!"

"SAY WHAT?!" Emerald replied.  She turned toward Penguin and said, "I've got to check this out, Pengy.  Wait right here, I'll be right back."

Penguin nodded, figuring it wasn't worth replying since both girls were already turned and gone.  But wait there at the table?  Uh, uh.  The rotund felon slowly got up from his seat, saying, "Excuse me please, ladies.  Apparently, duty calls."

Valerie spoke for the rest of her girls, saying, "It's getting late now, Penguin.  We'll stay here at the table for you, but if it's okay with you we'll head back to the hotel if you're not back in about ten minutes or so."

"Right," he told them, then without any further bowing to civility, Penguin turned to follow the track of his costumed employees.

When he got to the door of the equipment room, it suddenly flew open with Emerald steadying a groggy Ris between her and Lena.  Ris had one arm over each of their shoulders, and she was dressed in a grey track suit or whatever instead of the Zatanna costume.  "Pengy," Emerald said, "get a load of what we found on Ris's lap."  She shoved a piece of note paper into his face.

Penguin reached up to grab the paper, then pulled it down so he could read it.  "Hmmmppphhhh!  That bastard Clayface was here all day?  I wonder what he's been up to.  He left here in Ris' Zatanna costume, what about 4 for a one hour break?"

"Right, and it's ten after five now," Emerald replied.

"Lord only knows what Clayface could have changed himself to look like by now, if he left as Ris an hour and ten minutes ago," Penguin told her.  "On the off chance that he was intending to come back and do more undercover work after the break, let's have a couple of the guys go out and look around.  Maybe they'll spot our fake Zatanna out there."

Emerald left Ris in Lena's hands, to go back to the front door area.  "Kurt, are any of the guys in the break room?"  She was looking toward the small office in which the bouncers got to rest.

"Yeah, Kelly and Jim are back there right now."

"Good."  She didn't give any further explanation to the greeter, just breezed past him and through the door into the break room.  Both of the guys were lounging in the deep, soft chairs with their bare feet up on ottomans.  Each had a lit cigarette in their hands.  "Guys, I need a favor," she told them.  "Or rather, Pengy wants you to do HIM a favor."  This got their attention.  "Clayface was here all day pretending to be Ris.  Pengy thinks he might be planning to come back from the McDonald's or wherever he went, and wants you both to go out and see if you can spot him in that Zatanna costume."

"If he's in that costume still, it can't be hard to spot, her," Kelly told her while stubbing out his cigarette.  Jim had beat him to it and was already tying the laces of his black dress shoes.

While Kelly was doing his shoes, Emerald told them, "The sun's going down and it's cooling off out there.  You might want to take your jackets with you."

"Nah," they both said.  "I want to be as limber as possible if I have to chase down Clayface," Kelly added.

"Okay, good luck, guys.  Don't spend all night out there, plan on being back by oh, say six-thirty at the latest."

"Right, I think we should be thoroughly chilled by then, anyway," Jim said.  "Let's go, Kelly."

"Right behind you.  Later, Emerald."

"Again, good luck guys," she said more less to herself as the pair scooted out the door.  She left to head back to Pengy and see if the real Ris was okay.

While it would have been easy for Kelly and Jim to spot Clayface if the shape changer was still looking like Ris in that Zatanna costume, both of the guys knew the odds were slim.  But search they did, staying near each other for their own protection.  They started on the direct line between the Iceberg Lounge and McD's, then started expanding the search by walking larger squares, adding blocks as they went.  It was getting close to six when their trek took the pair to the block where the supposed Clayface had actually gone.

"I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to give up now and go tell Pengy and Emerald that Clayface is history," Kelly mentioned to Jim.

"I know what you mean, but she did say to not come back until six-thirty, my man."

As they were walking slowly, from across the street two pairs of now malicious eyes were studying the pair.  "Well, Sheniqua, they're not in cars.  Waddayathink, shall I give these two guys the gift of femininity, with baaaaad attitudes?"

"Hmmm, seeing them both become costumed villainesses might be fun, but this might be even better.  How about you turn the black guy into a mean and nasty black bitch like us, a dominatrix out on a stroll?  And the white guy can be her lilly white submissive slave, keeping watch at her side?"

"Oh, yeah!  I like!"  Sonia did her thing, and instantly reality changed for the two searchers.

Mistress Jaime snapped her crop against the side of her thigh high black leather boot.  "You're already in for a badder than usual session tonight, you little white pig.  Get your ass back beside me right this instant, or you're not going to be able to sit for weeks!"

"I'm trying, Mistress," the oh so cute little redhead with a mane reaching her waist said to the commanding black woman with corn rowed hair dropping to her shoulders.  "But you only have to walk in five-inch heels, while I have to walk in these seven-inch ones."

"Keep complaining, and you're going to find yourself trying to walk alongside me wearing ballet toed heels, bitch!  In fact, I think that's what we'll do for tonight.  No more pink tutu and knee high boots for you, you're going to get tied up in a black body suit with black ballet toed boots, so even if you don't have the right color skin, you'll match your mistress in what you're wearing, at least.  Heh, in fact, I think we'll let you wear the black female latex face mask and an afro wig.  You're going to graduate, you little white bitch!"

"You mean I'll be able to look like you, Mistress?" Kilie asked, with a gleam in her pretty blue eyes.

"Look like your mistress, yes, but you're still the slave, bitch.  Remember that!"

"Oh, but of course, Mistress Jaime," she said while doing a quick bow in her pink tutu while still walking beside her.  "But maybe you will let me find some other white trash to put under my own thumb later on?"

"You're learning, bitch, you're learning.  But time's awastin', let's get down to the corner before all the other girls get the cocks before we can get our share."

"Goodie!  Cocks in my pussy, then turning the tables on them.  Fun, fun, fun, Mistress!"

"Shush, little Kilie.  We don't want you advertising all over the neighborhood."

From across the street, where Kilie had been heard and not just seen, Sheniqua told her sister, "Very nicely done, now let's move on and see if we can make some more villains for Batman to worry about.  Villainesses, I mean."

Sonia grinned wickedly, and waved her hand outward.  The pair became another interesting sight on the Gotham sidewalks, looking for more gals or guys to change.

But after walking side by side for only a few minutes, the stunning pair of black vixens suddenly disappeared.

Sheniqua patted little Sonia on her forehead, "Now, now, baby.  Don't be in such a rush to leave the table.  You can watch all the TV you want to, but only after we're finished with dinner."

"Okay, mommy.  My turn to rinse tonight, you get to wash."

"You got me there.  Give me a hand getting the dishes to the sink, 'kay?"

Her daughter just grinned her approval, then pushed back her chair.

So if Hellcat had worded her wish a bit differently, not only would these two be back to living their original lives, but there would still be two bouncers working for the Iceberg Lounge.  But she hadn't thought to include the results of any of the use of the girls' powers, so Mistress Jaime and Kilie were getting set up on the corner with all the other prostitutes.  Johns they took in for a thrill were in for a lot more than they bargained for, however.


Bruce Wayne as Catwoman took a quick look over to where Selina Kyle as Raven seemed to be getting ready to leave the group.  Her cape swayed out behind her along with her long black hair as Catwoman broke into a brief sprint without even thinking about the fact that she was doing so in boots with very high heels.  At least they weren't the heels and platforms now on Selina's feet!  Without even thinking about it, Catwoman's tail angled down and stiffened as she came to an abrupt halt right behind Selina, giving her a bit more balance than would have been expected.  She tapped Selina on the shoulder, saying, "We need to talk.  Can you join me in my room for just a moment?"

"Need some privacy, eh?  Lead the way."

As soon as the door closed behind them, Catwoman went to the com panel and shut off the power.  She didn't want any interruptions, nor the possibility of Ashley or any others listening in.  "You're not going to believe this," she said while turning to face her, "but the body swap machine was stolen by Circe while Zee and the other girls were on their mission.  And before I got to you out there, I stopped to talk for a moment with Babs.  I had her try to do a wish for us to get back into our real bodies, but for some reason it didn't work.  Either her wish powers are fading, which I hope isn't the case, or something about the method of the swap is preventing it being undone."

"Uh, oh," Selina answered with a frown.  "If Zatanna can get out of her current fix, maybe she or Dr. Fate...heh, Lady Death for now, could try magic to undo it."

"Exactly what I was thinking.  Do me a favor and just sit tight up here until Zee gets back to being herself and/or I get back," Raven told her.  "I'm going to take all the kittens from the club back, and I'm taking Hellcat with me which is why I hope her wishes still work."

"Right, and good luck down there," Selina replied.  "I made Katie turn very evil and become Gata, and from the way I heard her talking, she actually considers herself to be Catwoman now, which is what Gata means.  Rhianon thinks she is Black Cat now, possibly even more wicked, and will be trying to protect Gata if it looks like she is being attacked.  That big cat head she uses for a mask doesn't look like it, but the Cat's Eye ring gets to her eyes just as if she was unmasked."

"What I'm hoping is that the sight of Gatita and the other girls in their newer kitten costumes will make both of them think everything is going in their favor," Raven told her.  "Hellcat should be able to surprise them with a wish.  Well, that's about all until we try again later."

"I understand.  Good luck down at Gata's.  I guess we might as well both head back out to where Lady Death is with the tied up Zatanna."

"Thanks, let's get going."  Catwoman went to turn the comm panel back on, then unlocked her door and opened it.  A few moments later they were both adjacent to Hellcat.  "Babs, I'm getting set to go.  While I'm checking with Inza, see if you can gather Gatita and the other girls for me."

"It would be simple with a wish, but I'll just talk to each of the girls.  We'll make our way over to the rest of you once we're set."

"Thanks, see you in a bit.  Selina, let's go see how Lady Death is faring with Zatanna."

"I'm with you, lover.  Let's hope she's been having some luck."

As they started, Raven kept her voice low and mentioned to the owner of the body she currently occupied, "I just thought of something.  I haven't seen Vixen since we all got sent up here.  I didn't tell you before, but inside that gorgeous young body is Alfred!"

"Alfred?!  You're not kidding, are you?"

"You'll hear about it during the meeting later after we get back.  Anyway, see if you can locate her and keep her busy so she doesn't get lost up here," Catwoman finished.

"I'll do that, and maybe see if I can get him...HER to inform me," Selina replied.

When the two babes in black came up behind the apparent white skinned demoness in black, Catwoman asked, "Any news, Inza?"

"I can't figure out what Circe did to make all these changes to Zee so solid.  I was able at least to get a brief look inside her mind, and there's not much more than a growing identity to match Selina's name and your current identity.  If we don't get her out of this soon, I fear Zatanna will no longer exist.  Oh, and even worse, that identity growing in her mind is black with an evil to match or even surpass Satan's."

"Uh oh," Catwoman sighed.  "This is NOT looking good for us.  Keep at it while I'm gone, and see if maybe Kal's new mental powers might be of help.  Maybe if you and Kal and Meera all got together with your mental powers, you could halt the changes inside Zee's mind."

"Good idea, Bruce.  Or is it still Raven, since you're still female?  I'll have Ashley buzz each of them after I send you down to the club."

"Either name, but I guess Raven is more appropriate.  Oh, look.  Here comes Hellcat with the kittens."  The small entourage was walking up behind the group around the rapidly changing Zatanna.  Hellcat had taken the liberty of explaining to the girls why Dr. Fate looked like Lady Death, relaying of course what she herself had been told a bit earlier by Catwoman.

"If you're all ready to go?"  Lady Death watched as Catwoman and all her kittens nodded their heads.

But Hellcat also spoke up.  "Let me use a wish to get us down there, so I can make sure my power is still working."

"Good idea, Hellcat," Catwoman answered.  "Inza, hold off and just use your magic if we're still here after the wish gets made.  Hellcat, not inside the club, but in the area behind it, presuming there's space there."

"There is, Catwoman," Gatita said.  "There's a big parking area situated behind the club."


"I wish Catwoman and I and all the kittens were standing in an open part of the parking lot behind Gata's."

There would be no need for Lady Death to invoke a spell of her own.  Suddenly, it was just Raven (Selina) and Lady Death standing next to the tied up, green costumed Catwoman.

Elsewhere in the Watchtower

Meanwhile, all of those who had been at the meeting going on when Raven, Zatanna and Camille left had gone their own way into the various parts of the Watchtower after being asked by Kal, or rather Yvonne, to come back still in the disguises they all wore and add further to the news of the day after the trio returned.  The first thing Black Canary did was to make a beeline for her room.  'It's been fun being in red and looking like Satanica and I'm going to stay that way for the later meeting, but I think it would be wise to get one of my normal blue costumes ready for a quick change afterward.'  The faux Satanica gasped as soon as she got her door open.  "What the-  My room is barren!"

Dinah zipped over to her dresser drawers, and as she feared, they did have some changes of underwear but no sign of any costume parts.  Nor were there any of her Black Canary costume parts in the closet, just some of her civilian dresses, skirts and blouses.  'Damn, I wonder if Diana did this when she came here in my body earlier today?' she wondered.  'Well, if there are no costume parts in the room, it's time to use Zee's costume machine to make some replacements.  Good thing I decided to come here right away instead of later!' she was thinking while leaving her room.

Gotham City - Gata's

When all the cats (and one catbird - Raven as Catwoman) magically appeared as a group in the parking lot behind the club, they found themselves seemingly unobserved.  As predicted, they were standing in a wide open spot in the lot and, unless there were any folks watching from inside their vehicles, nobody was nearby or standing around who could have witnessed their arrival.  Catwoman said softly, "Everybody come close for a moment," and all the kittens gathered tightly around her.  Now that she had their attention, Raven added, "Selina told me that in her visit here, Gata and Black Cat were left thinking they were very evil, just as all of you were before I freed your minds.  The quick way would be for Hellcat to just wish everybody to be back as they were, but I don't want to take any chances with that possibly not working as hoped.  So while I go directly to Gata for a chat, all of you go to Black Cat and keep her occupied.  Gatita, don't get right back into your dancing, and the rest of you girls, don't go back into your singing right away, wait until everything is straightened out.  Everybody ready?"

"Not just yet," Hellcat answered.  "Right now I don't look anything like the way I did when I was here earlier.  All the other kittens can tell Gata and Black Cat how Catwoman...hee, hee...YOU improved them both in their bodies and the costumes they now have, but I think it would be best if I changed back to my red costume."

"Good idea," Raven told her, "go ahead."

Hellcat smiled, then said, "I wish I was in my red Satanica costume to look the same as last time."

After they all watched Hellcat's instantaneous change, Catwoman told her, "Good thing you said look the same and not be the same; you probably would have become my evil kitten again.  You do look really great in that Satanica costume."

"Thanks, I like it a lot, also," Babs replied.  "So, shall we go inside now?"

Gatita raised her black gloved right hand with her index finger pointing, then said, "Do you think I should change back also, or just go along with the group explanation for our costumes and improvements?"

"No need to change," Hellcat said quickly.  "Back before we left to go to the Cat's Lair earlier, I did a wish to have everybody accept all the changes as the way you've each always appeared.  So even though before you looked a lot like the way I did until a moment ago, Gata, Black Cat and all the folks in the club will know you were in that black costume."

"By everybody," Tigress asked, "do you mean even our folks at home?"

"Yes!" Babs told her enthusiastically.  "Even all your teachers and classmates at school.  Raven, I hope you don't mind me taking over all the talking."

"No problem," came the reply, "and for the safety of my identity, just use Catwoman to refer to me until we get back up to the Watchtower.  And also, the fact that you look a lot like Black Cat won't be any problem, Ocelot.  In effect, you'll just be echoing her great looks.  You all still have your kitten names, but your real names are just as valid again.  If any of you ever decide that it would be better to go back to those original singing kittens outfits, your kitten name would still fit, but wouldn't seem as appropriate.  So if there aren't any other questions..." nobody came up with any, "let's go inside now.  I'll go in first, with Hellcat right behind me, and the rest of you follow her more loosely."  Raven then put a more evil look on her face and led all her kittens to the front door.

Even before the door was opened, it was obvious that all inside were having a wonderful time with the music good and loud, Black Cat singing and Gata milling about amongst her clientele.

Catwoman's entry drew a lot of attention, but she walked directly toward Gata.  When the club owner noticed her approaching, she turned to greet the villainess who shared her name with open arms for a hug.  "I wasn't expecting you back so quickly," Gata said, "but it is good to see you again."

As Hellcat and the returning kittens gathered around Black Cat, Raven did a wicked looking sneer and asked, "Can we use your office so we can talk privately?"

"Of course, follow me."  The club's Catwoman led the outside world's version through the dense crowd toward the left side wall.  A key was pulled from under her belt to unlock the door, then the pair of cats went inside where it was much more quiet.

Gata closed her door quickly.  Then, before they even had a chance to sit down, she said, "Since you left, I've been giving a lot of thought to using my club as a cover and a solid base of operations.  Black Cat is eager to help, and I'm sure you've now got Gatita and my backup singers all set to help out.  I just love those catty costumes you've put on them."

"Oh, yes!" Raven replied, "They're looking forward to being your helpful kittens."  By now, Gata was seated at her desk, with Catwoman sitting at its side.  "To give you the most solid memory for what each of them can do for you now, let me lock onto your mind with my Cat's Eye ring."

"By all means!" Gata told her.  "Please do!"

Catwoman reached into her Cat Kit for it, then slipped the ring over her finger.  She held it up in front of Gata's eyes, then the Catwoman in blue froze in place.  Raven nodded, then began, "You have no will of your own, your mind is mine to control.  Your true name is as it always has been, Katie Telic.  You do like to use Gata as a nom de plume since that's the name of your club.  You are not evil in any way, you run your club as a way to let your patrons have a good time while you're having fun and making a good living.  Rhianon is Black Cat, Haley is Gatita, Jane is Minx, Pat is Ocelot, Cary is Puma and Carol is Tigress; all your kittens like to blend right in as cats working for you, but they do still have all of their original outfits just in case those colorful and more fun appearing kittens are ever wanted.  You are the Catwoman of your own club, but I'm the Catwoman for all of the world outside.  I'm not evil either, I really get a kick out of helping Batman...when I'm not having some catty fun of my own.  Do you understand?"

Katie gave an almost verbatim repetition in her entranced monotone.  Raven lowered her hand to her lap, following which her subject became animated again.  "So, I'm glad you found the time to drop in and visit!  It does look very good for all my customers when the real feline femme fatale stops by to say hello.  I hope you can come back again a lot, you're a VIP here!"

"I'll try," Catwoman told her.  "Also, it may be hard to believe, but Hellcat is a really special kitten for me.  She has a wishing power just as good to work with as the Justice League's Zatanna.  Now, would you please let your four singing kittens fill in for Black Cat?  I want to have a few words with Rhianon alone in here to ask her about that fantastic costume she came up with that looks so much like my original one, a copy of which Ocelot is wearing."

"Sure, I'll send her right in," Katie replied.  "You're really lucky to have Hellcat along with you if she has that great wishing power."  They both got up, Katie to go back out into the throng and Raven to wait for Rhianon.

There was a new number being played by her pianist, Katie noted as soon as she was out of the office, and the club owner wondered if maybe the very talented keyboard artist might also want to look like a kitten.  Interestingly, she also heard that Minx was doing the solo singing instead of Black Cat.  Gata approached her chatting kittens who were all in the back corner so as not to bother any of the customers, then when close enough to be heard without bothering Jane, she tapped Rhianon's shoulder without knowing that Black Cat as of that moment didn't know that was her name.  "Can I steal you away from Ocelot and Hellcat?  Catwoman's in my office and wants to check with you about your costume."

"Go ahead," Ocelot told her near twin.

"I'll get back with you later," Hellcat said.

Black Cat nodded and said, "This should be good.  Pat already told me Catwoman gave her that copy of her first costume to be a junior copy of me."  She headed for the office.

Hellcat asked Gata, "Are you okay with those really high heels I wished for your boots during that first visit I made with Catwoman?  I could just as easily make them a bit or even a lot lower."

"Gatita?  You other girls?" Gata said.  "I don't know about all of you, but I just love the sexy look these seven-inch heels give me...and I'm very comfortable wearing them."

Gatita looked at the other three kittens and winked, then mouthed, three, two, one...

"Meowwwrrrrr!" came from four happy voices.

"I think it's unanimous," Gata then said.  "You should still ask Rhianon and Jane, but I'm betting they'll want to keep their own super sexy heels also."

Hellcat smiled broadly before saying, "I had a feeling you'd all like wearing those heels, just like I go for my ballet toe ones.  So let's wait for Rhianon to come back out, then all the girls can get back to working their usual spots.  Can I presume you have a room in which you do your costume changes?"

"Of course," Gata replied, "it's right next to my office."

"Thanks for letting me know," Hellcat grinned.

After Black Cat closed the door behind herself, she told Catwoman, "Now that all the other girls are back, I can lay down the law on them.  Ha!  As if any of us gives a shit about the fucking laws?"

"Don't get too hard on them right away," Raven replied, trying to sound as if she was just as wicked as Selina had been on that earlier visit.  "I do hope you're okay with the way I gave Pat that copy of my original costume so she can be Ocelot and echo your own look.  You did a good job in putting together your own costume."

"I had a lot of fun making it," Black Cat told her, "and I was just telling Ocelot she looks like a great junior version of me."

Catwoman nodded, then said, "One of the reasons I'd asked Gata to join me in here before you was to use my Cat's Eye ring in order to open up her mind for all the additional details I wanted to give her.  It worked out just great for her, so could I give you that same benefit?"

"Please do!  Especially if you'll key me in to your plans for more cat crimes."

"You bet!" Raven replied.  "To make it easier for both of us, take a seat in Gata's desk chair."  As Black Cat did so, Catwoman again sat down on the chair at the desk's side.  Selina had told her that the ring worked just fine before even with the mask over Rhianon's head, so Raven raised her hand in position in front of the big black cat's head.  She could tell right away that even through the extra lenses, her subject became entranced.

Raven started her second spiel, "Your name is Rhianon Ryan just as always, and you do enjoy being the singer called Black Cat in Gata's club while working for and under Katie.  You are not dominantly minded, nor evil in any way.  Nor am I evil, I just like to play around and have some catty fun when I'm not helping Batman.  You get a kick out of the way Pat emulates you as Ocelot, along with all the other cat costumes the girls are wearing.  In case you didn't find out already, Jane is Minx, Cary is Puma and Carol is Tigress.  Haley as Gatita is great dancing to your singing.  Just so you know, my kitten Hellcat is very special.  She can grant wishes just like a genie.  Do you understand?"

Again, Raven heard a good repetition of what she'd just said.  After her thrall finished, she lowered the ring to her lap once more.  When Rhianon got control of herself again, she said, "I wanted to look like the way you did back when you first got started as a crook, and it's good that you're a law abiding kitty now...even if you stretch that definition a little bit every now and then.  I'm glad you stopped by to tell me you like how I did my costume."

"Wanna do me a favor?" Catwoman asked.

"What'cha need?"

"Go back out and ask Gata if she can persuade the crowd to let her bring all of you and Hellcat to join me in here for just a few minutes."

Raven couldn't see the smile under Rhianon's cat head mask as she said, "I'm sure we'll all be back in here in a moment."  She got up from her boss' desk and headed for the door.

Raven watched Black Cat proceed out to her boss, then after the music and singing stopped gracefully, she heard over the PA system, "Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy one round on the house if you'd like.  Catwoman has dropped in for a special visit, and I want myself and all my girls to be able to see her together.  We'll have more music, singing and dancing for you in a few moments."

Catwoman was wondering why at least the piano player couldn't keep at it, but found out why when, in addition to Hellcat and the club's cats and kittens, another young lady with shoulder length red hair and casually dressed in a tan blouse and brown slacks with flat soled and heeled brown shoes walked into the office.  Right after she closed her door, Katie said, "Selina, I'd like you to meet our pianist, Mary Baker."

Raven let being called Selina pass for obvious reasons and approached Mary to give her a hug.  "I'm pleased to meet you," the redhead said as they separated.  "I've seen so many pictures of you and read about your fascinating history as I grew up here in Gotham."

"Probably not as pleased as I am to greet you!" Catwoman replied.  "When I'd heard the piano playing earlier, I thought it was piped in or on tape or disc, it was that good.  Katie, which symphony orchestra did you steal this very talented young lady from?"

Gata grinned and said in reply, "Why don't you tell her, Mary?"

"Thanks for that compliment, Selina!  I had considered trying to get into one of the symphony orchestras," the redhead began, "but the Boston Pops would have been about the only one with a repertoire eclectic enough to keep me happy.  So instead, I've been doing piano backup for a lot of jazz artists.  Dave Brubeck gave me a lot of help in getting started, and besides all my live jazz concert work, my piano can be heard on quite a few albums and CDs, the most recent of which is the latest release from George Benson.  It was lot of fun working off his guitar!"

"Ah, yes," Raven said, "I was thinking I was hearing some jazz piano riffs.  I'm glad Katie was able to snag you for her club."

"I do call Gotham my home, so this fit right in for me," Mary told her.  "Katie is going to let me go now and then to do some more intensive jazz piano work."

"For while she is here with us," Katie said, "and this is more a question for you than Selina, Mary, if our pianist would like to, would it be possible for Hellcat to do a wish that would give my only employee not yet in one, a cat costume of her very own?"

Hellcat stole the lead from Catwoman and asked, "I know I could.  Mary?"

The redhead hesitated while looking at all the other girls and thinking about that, then said, "Oh, why not!"

"Any particular cat you'd like to look like and be called?" Raven asked.

"My sister's flying F-14s in the Navy," Mary told them.  "Could I get a light grey catsuit with black striping?  A domino style mask done that way would look good, along with fingerless light grey gloves and light grey boots with great heels like everybody has.  I'd have to be able to work my pedals, so maybe the boots would have to be easy to get on and off.  Sounds like the wrong gender, but like the F-14, I could be called Tomcat."

"Seems like you'd fit in perfectly that way," Catwoman said.  "Hellcat?"

The kitten in red smiled while nodding, then said, "I wish Mary could be in a zipped down the back, long sleeved light grey lycra spandex catsuit with black cat stripes leaving her inner arms and legs clear, and have wrist length light grey gloves that have fingers allowing her to play the piano keys as if her fingers were bare.  If they still feel wrong, I wish for Mary to have a one-time only wish of her own to make the gloves fingerless.  I wish Tomcat's thigh high boots could blend right in with her catsuit and look just as sexy as all the others with her able to stand and walk in them with perfect ease, then whenever she's seated at her piano, they'd morph into flat soles and heels to be able to work the pedals.  I wish her current clothes could be hung in the club's changing room, where I also wish all the other kitten's original outfits would be hung in storage."  She paused for a moment as Mary became transformed, then Hellcat asked, "Catwoman, don't you think all the cats and kittens should have live tails like part of their costumes?"

"Most of them already have normal tails, so sure, give yourself and any of them not yet having any some cat tails," Raven said, "but not live ones like my own."  At that, her tail lifted and waved back and forth.

"Ladies?" Hellcat asked.

Gatita waved for attention, then did her mouthed countdown again.

Even though most of them already had tails hanging from just above their butts, a loud, "Meowwwrrrrr!" came from all but Tomcat, who wasn't in on that one yet.  She'd know from then on.

Hellcat smiled, then said, "I wish I had a tail for this red costume, and that any of the cats and kittens working here at Gatas who don't already have one could get an appropriately colored tail for their own costumes.  I wish that Tomcat's costume would sport two tails."

As all the cats and kittens became fully equipped, Tomcat said, "Thanks, and how did you know about my needing twin tails?"

Hellcat giggled, then said, "I wish a poster sized version of Grumman's Tomcat patch and sticker was tacked to Gata's wall.  I hope those little holes won't be a problem."

The light blue circular field showing the logo Grumman had come up with back in the early 70s with the twin tailed cat leaning back against three boxing or wrestling side ropes and having a golden pistol and its holster around its waist and the slogan 'Anytime, Baby...!' in a yellow scroll at the bottom appeared on the wall.  After seeing it, Rhianon said, "Tomcat, if you had a cat's head like that logo's to cover your head like mine does, you'd look like a perfect female version of that cat!"

"I know," Mary told her, "but I want to stick with just my domino mask.  Hellcat, you must be an airplane nut!"

Babs couldn't let on about her photographic memory which gave a very broad knowledge base.  So instead, she said, "Not as much as you'd think, I just took a liking to that nifty cat patch when I first saw it a long time ago."

"Thanks for that Tomcat emblem," Katie said, "and don't worry about those tack holes.  Catwoman and Hellcat, we need to get back out onto the floor and back to work.  Thanks again for coming by, and do drop in whenever you have the time and want to say hi again."

"I doubt you'll get a chance to see Hellcat again," Raven said, "but I'm sure I'll come by occasionally."  She was thinking it would be a must to tell Selina about making those visits, hoping that it wouldn't still have to be herself doing so.  "By the way, for any of you who don't know, back during World War II Grumman made a great fighter for the Navy called the F6F Hellcat.  I know about that thanks to the training I got from Wildcat back when I first got started...and he shared a name with the fighter Grumman built before the Hellcat.  And that's the extent of my airplane trivia."  Again, Raven did know an awful lot more, but since it was not likely Selina would know about anything other than what Wildcat probably told her, she stopped there.  "Katie, you and the others get back out there before they drink you dry.  One on the house, oh sure!  Hellcat, let's stick around long enough to hear Tomcat's next piece."

"Yes," Hellcat smiled, "I'll get to see if those gloves work out okay for her."

Gata let her two guests leave first, then she and all her kittens went back out to get the entertainment going again.  The crowd was still in a great mood, and the bartenders had been good at remembering who'd already gotten their allotted freebie.  Upon starting back up, Tomcat did discover that her boots changed just as Hellcat had wished.  She also found to her surprise that the gloves didn't interfere with playing the keys.  She smiled broadly and pointed to both when Hellcat and Catwoman came by after the number finished, then got right into her next number.

As they walked away from the newest kitten in the club, Catwoman told Hellcat, "Let's go back out to that parking lot, then you can beam us up!"

"You don't look like Capt Kirk, and thank God I don't look like Scottie!" Babs grinned.  "Let's get going."

A few moments later, again with no apparent witnesses, a wish was made to send both of them up to the Watchtower.

Themyscira, a bit earlier

After the festivities and the feast celebrating the fact that Princess Diana was back to being the sister they knew and loved that was shared by all the Amazons, her mother the Amazon queen took her leave and started walking back to the palace.  On their island home, the sun had set whilst all the women were engaged in their revelry, so Hippolyte was hiking back in the dark.  When she looked back and noticed two of the guards starting to accompany her, Wonder Woman's mother said to the most senior of her guards, "Euboea, there is no need for you two to follow me.  Please, go back and enjoy the rest of the evening with your sisters.  I can find my bed by myself."

"As you wish, my Queen," the escorts replied in unison, then Hippolyte was on her own.

Once in her sleeping chamber, the Amazon queen took off her flowing white gown to reveal the simple white sheath usually hidden underneath.  Normally well covered, her own breasts, which were easily as large as her daughter Diana's, became much more apparent covered only by the sheath.  The diaphanous sheath also only slightly hid the nearly perfect shape of her body, honed as a warrior once and kept in form, but looking nearly as perfect and beautiful as the goddess Aphrodite herself.  Then she undid the braids around the top of her head to allow her long blonde hair to fall down past her shoulders to the middle of her back.  She slipped off her sandals, then was preparing to turn out the oil lamps in preparation for sleep when Hippolyte saw something very unexpected on the table below the lamp next to her bed.  Nothing like it existed on Themyscira normally, but she recognized the lady's purse from her rare expeditions to Man's World.  "How did a purse get here?" she wondered aloud.

Curious, Hippolyte undid the little golden clasp at the top of the medium sized purse covered in a shiny fabric looking very much like the material of the Cheetah costume she remembered Priscilla Rich was wearing when Diana first brought the villainess to Paradise Island for treatment.  'Could this possibly have belonged to the American girl and been in storage all those years, then brought to my room for some reason?'  With a click, the top unfastened and the beautiful blonde spread it open to look down inside.

What she saw when Hippolyte looked into the purse was very strange.  Instead of what she expected to find, such as a wallet, toiletries and other familiar feminine articles, she saw a view of some other bedroom, brightly lit by the electric light so popular in Man's world.  Judging by the style of bed, table and chest of drawers she could see in this strange vision, it had to be the room of some wealthy woman in Man's World.  She lowered her face so that her eyes were almost inside the purse to see if any more could be seen, but nothing more showed up.  Puzzled, the Amazon Queen set the purse back down on her bedside table without bothering to snap it closed.

But instead of her bedside table, what Hippolyte saw the purse being set upon was the table from the room she had been looking at.  Shocked, and noticing that she was still in her sheath and barefoot, the Amazon beauty looked up and took in the now familiar and expensive looking bed covered by a deep blue cover, table and chest of drawers, then the rest of the large for Man's World but small to her bedroom.  There were two windows, one on the wall to the foot of the bed and the other to the right side of the bed.  Both were covered with venetian blinds and gaudy, bright pink curtains.  With all the light being generated by the lamps of the room, she expected it to be dark outside.  The gorgeous blonde reached for the cord of the blinds to the nearer window and pulled, revealing the late afternoon sky and a view of what appeared to be Gateway City's Central Park and, across the park, the building in which her daughter Diana lived while in Man's World.

The stunningly beautiful blonde let the cord go, allowing the blinds to come back down.  This left the room lit by the chandelier lamp hanging from the ceiling, the lights surrounding the huge makeup mirror, and the lamp on the corner of the little desk next to the right side of the bed.  To the left of the bed was a sliding door, presumably leading into a closet, and next to that a dressing table whose top was liberally sprinkled with bottles and tubes of cosmetics and that huge square mirror and lights above it.  On the wall opposite the closet was a simple door.  There was also a vertical mirror on the door which apparently led out to rest of the domicile belonging to the presumably vain user of this bedroom.

The angle had been wrong for Hippolyte to see herself in the big mirror over the dressing table, but by turning her body she figured she'd be able to see herself in the door's vertical mirror.  What she saw made the blonde Amazon think she must have been mistaken.  Instead of a vertical mirror, it must have been a picture, or what she knew those in Man's World called a life sized poster.  Yes, that's what it had to be, for a quick glance down showed the queen's sheath covering her breasts.  On the poster was an incredibly, no, make that unbelievably beautiful woman with very long blonde hair that fell almost to her waist and a truly stunning figure even more impressive than that of any Amazon she'd ever seen.  She had a waist too small to believe, with the most exquisitely shaped hips and fanny never before seen on any real woman, barely covered by a tight little pink skirt below that tiny waist.  Above that tiny waist was a pink tube top covering a pair of breasts that seemed like they'd make their owner fall over forward, especially with the small sized feet she seemed to have in what Hippolyte would call garish, but at least males in Man's World would call very sexy looking, pink boots.

But the woman's beauty was tempered in her opinion by the wantonly applied makeup on her face which when added to the too good to be true body she had made her look more like an incredible advertisement for sex rather than just plain beautiful.  The Amazon queen locked her eyes on the huge breasts of the woman in the picture again and concluded she had a massive chest more appropriate for a prostitute or what this world called an exotic dancer, making even her daughter's exquisite breasts look small.  She also looked like she was dressed as a promiscuous prostitute with a passion for pink, or just as easily, the costume with which she'd start her body baring pole dancing act.  Hippolyte went to put her hand to her mouth in surprise, but was shocked to see the pink gloved hand of the image on the door do the same.

The puzzled Amazon queen bent her head to look down, and in the same instant her body started to feel like it did when she had worn her daughter's costume to take her place as Wonder Woman that time Diana had transformed herself into Star Sapphire.  She felt her ankles rising as they had in the white striped red costume boots, but now even more so as most of her weight fell on her toes, and it seemed like there were tight fitting clothes like the costume on her body.  Instead of her sheath and bare feet, Hippolyte saw the small sized pair of pink boots with cute looking rounded baby doll toes which the woman she'd seen in that poster was wearing.  They were shiny pink boots stretched tightly over her calves and up a couple of inches over her knees that had three-inch platforms and incredibly tall and narrow but very elegantly shaped ten-inch heels.  The boots had short zippers going only a little above her ankles, presumably to make them fit as tightly as possible over her ankles and lower calves.  Each boot also had a set of three diamond studded chains around the narrowest parts of her lower legs, connected behind her legs by matching pink straps.  On her legs above the boots appeared thigh high red fishnet stockings with elastic stay up bands at the tops.

Just as had been seen in that poster, there was a matching pink skirt that looked like leather and barely came below her crotch.  A quick reach by the pink gloved fingers of her right hand for the hem of the skirt revealed it to be more of a plastic than leather, and the lift of the hem revealed that there was a minuscule pink G-string panty covering her crotch.  A quick peek under that showed there was none of the expected bushy blonde hair in her crotch - it appeared to be shaved smooth, leaving her vaginal opening plain to see.  With the skirt left to drop back down into place, both of Hippolyte's pink latex sheathed hands went up to her chest to cup the pink covered breasts which seemed to be at least twice as large as she could remember having before.  The shiny pink latex tube top easily covered the mounds of flesh but left nothing to the imagination as to their shape and size, and her aureolas and nipples were plainly evident.  She finally now noticed the way the pink gloves covering her arms matched what she had seen in the image on the door, going up well past her elbows.

But if all of what she had seen in that image that had to really be a mirror was now on her body, did that mean the incredibly feminine body in those clothes...

Leaving the damnable image she was seeing in the vertical mirror, the puzzled Amazon queen walked with incredible ease over to the dressing table without even thinking about the platforms and heels under her feet clicking in such an oh so sexy manner on the wood panel floor.  She didn't sit, but leaned down with her pink hands on the edge of the table.  Before she even looked up into the makeup mirror, Hippolyte took note of the hands she hadn't even thought about when she was checking the skirt and her chest.  She quickly pulled off each of the gloves and set them on the table.  Her hands looked unfamiliar, with delicate and feminine fingers, accented with incredibly long and sharp, bright red painted fingernails.

Now totally in awe, the blonde slowly raised her head until she found that she was looking closely at the blue eyed beautiful face with the dramatically and way overdone makeup.  Not overdone as in looking sloppy, but overdone in the way it took that beautiful face and made it look ultra sexy like an especially slutty and promiscuous Man's World wanton whore.  It was a totally different face she was seeing, but seeming to be oddly familiar, as if she'd seen it many times before.  On another woman though, not in a reflection.  The primary differences were a smaller and more cute looking nose, bigger and more kissable lips, a less prominent chin and eyebrows thinned and shaped very erotically over her eyes.  Blue eyes, not brown.  Her long blonde hair was teased and fluffed out, making her look much younger, almost like a girl in her early twenties.

A Man's World slut.

A man's downfall blonde temptress, looking like jail bait and having a smooth as silk shaved pussy to please the fans watching her dance and her female customers.

'Slut?  Man's downfall...jail bait?  Shaved pu-  her dance...female customers?  Where did those words come from,' Hippolyte wondered.  Then the wonder faded...

The stunning blonde stood back up in what she now knew were her easy to stand and walk in fuck me heeled boots, knowing full well just what that term meant, and proceeded to pull back on each of her pink latex gloves.  She cupped the tits sheathed in pink on her upper chest, glowing with pride about the way her doctor had expanded them.  She stroked the pink fabric covering her shaved pussy, tempting herself to shove her pink gloved fingers into her cunt and pinch her clit.  Then her hands flew out from her sides, a look of shock on her face.  'Where did those inclinations and words I just thought come from?'

The look of shock suddenly changed to a knowing and sexy smile.  The young slut went back to the bed table upon which she had set the purse.  It was still open, and a look inside this time produced just what she had been expecting earlier.  Pushing aside all the feminine detritus, the stunningly slutty blonde beauty who was a multimillionaire grabbed the wallet and pulled it out.  There was the address for her mansion in the mountain suburbs of Gateway City and the picture on the driver's license, looking like what she saw in the mirror but without so much makeup.  And the name on the driver's license was one she recognized right away.

But of course Priscilla would recognize her own name.  'You silly girl!' she thought.  'How could you possibly NOT know the name you've had all your life - Priscilla Rich.  Of course, for where I'm headed right now, that's not the right license.'  She pulled out Priscilla's license and placed it into the drawer of the table for safe keeping.  Behind the removed one was another driver's license whose picture did match her made up face and also showed the address of the Gateway City condo in which she was standing.  And a different name.

"Time for Honey Welch to go have some fun dancing and then doing some more lesbian fucking to make some more unneeded money!" the sex crazed and promiscuous lesbian whore said gleefully as she put her wallet into her purse and closed it.  "Followed of course by some willing or unwilling bondage and discipline," she added with a bit of a sneer on her otherwise sexy face.  Honey walked over to her closet to get her coat, and made sure all the costumes and fetish gear she'd probably need were in place and all set, other than the first outfit she'd start out with already hanging in her dungeon.  'Good, my black latex and leather catsuits, hoods, gloves and boots are all set, along with all the costumes I've accumulated over the years.  Good thing this bedroom's closet is so big, bigger even than the main one in my bedroom at home in the mansion!'

She pulled one of her coats off the rack.  The ankle length white leather coat with snow white fuzzy fur at the bottom, neckline and cuffs of the sleeves effectively hid what Honey didn't want to show until she was inside the dance club or later on her way to her females only club.  It was by no means cold enough to require the coat, but it would suffice to hide her voluptuous body and outfit from any eyes along the way.

It was just a short walk from her condo's building to the place where Honey had become a well known exotic dancer...if by evil magic, if not actual history.  The bouncer at the door nodded and smiled broadly as he saw her approach, then opened it for the cute young blonde.  "Hi, ready for another night of teasing everybody with your sexy body as you dance the night away, Honey?"

"Of course!" she told him with a grin.  "But tonight I'm going to just get started here, 'cause I'm looking forward to spending the better part of the night with a girlfriend at the club.  See ya in a little bit, after I've put a few poles to use."

The huge man with the muscular body wished he could see Honey and her friend in that club, but since it was girls only he had to settle for watching her dance every now and then.  'God, is she ever worth every penny to see gyrating around the poles with that incredible body.'

The young blonde who was so enthusiastically awaited by those around the floor didn't disappoint.  Each show ended up with all the pink removed from her body except the boots that added so much to her dance moves.  The table dances and lap dances were done with just as much sinful passion, but Honey was faking it with all those guys; she was very much looking forward to getting over to the club after her dancing.  One particular table did have a single woman at it who Honey sensed was watching her very carefully, but she never got a chance to see her closely by going to that table for a dance.

When she was finished and flush with additional money that was hardly necessary, Honey put her coat back on for the walk down the street to the ladies only night club called Cassandra's where the blonde temptress plied her lesbian lover trade.  She was tempted to grab one of the other whores along the street that busy Friday rush hour to bring her along, but the lesbian blonde temptress knew her regular clients would be there waiting already.  Not to mention any fresh female faces who'd show up as the night wore on.

Honey was at a loss when she went in the front door and the young woman at the desk didn't greet her nor offer to take her coat.  'Maybe I'll have to bring this young tart back to my dungeon later on to teach her some respect.  Hhhhmmmph!'  The miffed blonde draped her white coat over her left arm, then headed toward her usual table.  'Yes, as expected, there's Angela watching the other girls while waiting for me.'  The eager lesbian whore couldn't wait.  "I presume you're just getting ideas for later on?" Honey said as she walked up behind the raven haired temptress.  "Okay for me to join you?"

The totally changed and sexily disguised Dark Angel grinned wickedly, then put on a more happy looking grin.  She'd seen how enthusiastic Honey was for her dancing, and now it was time to inaugurate the other side of her wickedly feminine new identity.  Angela turned upon hearing her victim', lover's voice, and with a grin told her, "Oh, by all means, Mistress Cali.  Watching all the other girls in the club is fun, but nowhere near as much fun as putting myself under your heel.  I hope you get a quick first drink, because I want to get into your dungeon as quickly as possible."

It wasn't until hearing the disguised Dark Angel mention her name that the third persona of the mystically altered Hippolyte became fully alive and knew who she was.  She looked down at the table, and saw an empty glass in front of Angela.  So, Mistress Cali now, told her, "Well, if you're that eager to get into bondage, I can wait until later on to get my first drink of the evening."  She started to put her coat back on.  "Get your ass in gear, slave, or do I need to start on you right here and now?"

Angela sprang to her feet, which Mistress Cali noted were appropriately covered by knee high black boots with no platforms but heels just as high as her own.  The bitch was almost standing on her toes.  "Where's your coat or jacket?" she asked.

"Oh, it's just a short walk from here to your place, Mistress.  I'll just leave my jacket in the closet at the front desk.  It's not cold, and I have less reason to hide myself than you do.  You're easily much more sexy and enticing than me.  What shall it be tonight, me leading you or me following obediently behind you?"

"Behind me, slave," Mistress Cali replied with a wicked looking sneer.

As the pair left the club and headed back toward the condo with quite a few human eyes (mostly male but also quite a few female, more surreptitiously) ogling them, another set of female eyes belonging to an ages old and much more than human witch also watched from the ethers above them.  Circe had the body swap device stolen from CyberCat's back in her hands, and hadn't even needed to move herself through time to catch up with her deputy's progress in bringing the Amazon Queen into her new life as a young blonde dancer and whore, plus now as a dominatrix.  She was ready now to bring the new Cheetah into being.  She made her way into Honey's condo much more quickly than the two girls, and did a quick check in the costume section of her closet.  'Yes, Dark Angel has set things up perfectly.  There's that Cheetah costume I had conjured up for her back on Transformation Island.'

Circe set the body swap device on the shelf above the Cheetah costume in the closet, then altered herself to look exactly as if she herself was wearing it.  First looking like the Debbi Domaine Cheetah for Catwoman, and now like the original, the witch was developing a fondness for the brown spotted yellow costume.  But it wasn't she who was to be the new Cheetah, so back into the ethers the sorceress went, to await Mistress Cali's arrival in her dungeon.

As soon as Angela and her charge got to the door to Priscilla Rich's downtown condo, now to be put to more dominant uses, she watched as her mistress opened it up with her key.  She knew to continue following her cruel and dominant mistress at this point, and waited as the blonde bombshell went into her living room.  As soon as Mistress Cali entered, then closed and locked the door behind her, Angela heard, "Now, wait out here for a moment, slave.  I'm going to go change in my dungeon.  I'll call for you as soon as I'm ready."

'When you're ready, I'll be long gone,' Angela thought, but in reply said, "I'll be waiting, Mistress."

She grinned, then the ex-Amazon queen went to her closet to hang up her white leather coat.  Mistress Cali turned then and walked over to the door leading to her dungeon.  She closed it behind herself, sealing off the room both visually and audibly.  Before doing anything else, she stepped over to her sink to wash away the makeup which gave her the look of the pleasant and cute lesbian whore named Honey.  Then Cali took her basic face of Priscilla Rich and used just the right amount of makeup to give herself a more than wicked look, more fitting for her role as a heartless and demanding dominatrix.  Then she went to the vertical mirror on the wall next to the X-frame, and started to remove the pink items from her body.

But before she could start to replace them with black, a fuzzy image started to appear in her place in the mirror.  At this point, there was no need for Mistress Cali and so it became apparent that the woman in front of the mirror was Priscilla again.  As the image became sharper, the blonde saw that her reflection was wearing a head to toe, skin tight golden yellow costume that had brown spots all over it.  She looked down, and while her costumed reflection did likewise, Priscilla saw that indeed, she was still naked.  Confused, she challenged her reflection, "All right, you're my reflection, but you're not me...or at least you're not nude like me."

Circe made sure to match every motion the ex-Amazon queen made, including the motion of her lips.  Then, in a perfect replication of the identity transformation undergone by the original Priscilla Rich so many years before, she mimicked Priscilla's own voice to say, "Don't you know me?  I am your true self, the real you - Cheetah - a conniving and mischievous criminal, and at the same time a treacherous, relentless huntress!"

Then, in a change from the original sequence, Circe struck a commanding pose with her clawed fists on her hips and said, "Take the costume which is in your closet and put it on.  From now on, when I command, you shall go forth dressed like your true evil self and do as I command you."

In a daze, Priscilla turned from the reflection in her mirror and made her way quickly to her costume closet.  By now she didn't even make note of Angela's absence, or at least physical absence, as the blonde whose mind was rapidly altering from Priscilla to something utterly evil reached for the costume her mind was fixated upon, hanging in her closet amongst all the other heroine and villainess costumes.  Thanks to the spell placed on both Priscilla and the costume, her mind was suddenly flooded with all the information relative to the costume's details such as its fully alive and functional tail, along with the results possible using the various darts in the wrist shooters on the costume's wrists and how to operate them.  She also now knew about all the robberies she'd committed in the past few days; actually those done by first Diana and then J'onn, the evil magic made them her own and moved all the loot to her own place now.

After the brief moment it took for Priscilla to slip her body into the costume with its built in clawed gloves and stiletto heeled boot bottoms, now she was Cheetah and the villainess pulled the cowl down over her head, making sure all her long blonde hair was pushed up inside it.  Then she turned to face her reflection in the makeup mirror, and heard Circe using her voice say, "Quick now, the night is starting.  While darkness hides your villainy, satisfy your long held desire to switch places with your nemesis, Wonder Woman.  The device you need to use is on your closet shelf; it was stolen from Lex Luthor's lab, and to make sure you get to stay as Wonder Woman, you'll need to destroy the device as soon as you've made the swap."

As Cheetah turned away from the mirror, her reflection disappeared.  Circe reverted back to her normal form and began to watch the progress from the ethers.

Cheetah went back to the closet, and there it was on the shelf, just as she'd told herself.  'Yes, it's finally time for me to satisfy my destiny, and trade places with that Amazon bitch.  But it would be a lot easier to trap Wonder Woman if I was dressed like a whore than to confront her in my true form.  But that can wait a bit, for one of the best ways to attract the Amazon's attention would be to break into the same savings and loan I had robbed yesterday afternoon.  But then again, they might have stepped up their security after my earlier shenanigans.  So what would it be...ahh, purrrrfect,' she thought, borrowing a line from that other feline felon.

Once again, the ankle length white coat was donned, this time to hide her true identity's evil costume.  Cheetah pulled her cowl back and tucked it under the white fur at the neck of the coat.  For the short trip out to her car, it was doubtful anybody seeing her would think anything about the long and sexy fingernails her claws seemed like and the cheetah patterned boots seen below the coat's bottom.

Cheetah didn't have far to go; in fact, she could have easily walked, but chose to drive so her car could be utilized as a place in which to change.  At ground level in the building next to the one Wonder Woman lived in was an art dealer who was only open for business during the usual daytime hours.  A robbery there was sure to get the Amazon's attention and bring her close.  She parked in the now nearly empty parking lot behind it, and a quick look around showed no sign of police and very few evening strollers.

The first thing Priscilla did was to pull her cowl back up and out from under the expansive white fur around her neck and shoulders.  She stuffed her long blonde hair back inside it, then pulled the cowl up and over her head.  Her coat got pulled off and laid over the passenger side front seat's head rest.  Anybody seeing her as Cheetah walking the short distance to the rear hallway door would just be a bonus, for it was the security cameras in the gallery upon which the villainess was counting.

The sexy looking thief made her way to the gallery's hall entry door, then used her razor sharp claws in a way more usually done by Gotham City's favorite kitty back in her earlier days as the Queen of Crime.  The claws drew a wide circle in the door's glass adjacent to the inner handle, going round and round until the round piece of glass fell inside to leave a large hole.  She reached in and gave a squeeze to the inner door handle, upon which the door opened wide and she walked right in.  While there were a number of great paintings hanging on the walls, Cheetah didn't want to drag anything that large out to her car.  It was the gold and silver on top of and inside the display cabinets that held her interest.

She gave a wicked looking sneer to the security camera, then Cheetah gathered up four gold pieces in her left hand.  'Too bad I didn't think to bring along a bag,' she thought while taking her small batch of valuables back out the door and thence to the rear hallway door.  Still nobody in sight, so she went out to her car.  The gold was set on the floor behind her seat, then the coat was pulled back on to cover her costume again.  She pulled the cowl off and back under the furry collar, then the changed Amazon queen who now knew she was Priscilla Rich shook her head to loosen up her long blonde hair.

Heading straight back to her place would not be wise, so Priscilla drove out of the parking lot at its opposite corner.  Blinking lights and sirens were noticed as she took a roundabout drive around the city streets before eventually getting back to her downtown Gateway City place.  She went inside to get a bag, and moments later it was the innocent looking blonde beauty who carried the incredibly valuable loot back into her home.

She figured it was a sure thing that Wonder Woman would be showing up at any moment to investigate the robbery done by Cheetah, so the villainess got out of her costume just as quickly as she'd put it on, then changed into an even sexier and more daring outfit than the pink one which was still in the dungeon.  Her monstrous boobs were barely contained by the pale yellow bra top, while the yellow G-string molded itself so well to her crotch that it may as well not have been there.  The yellow wedge shoes didn't increase her height nearly as much as the pink boots or her Cheetah costume, but still did a great job in making her legs look sexy as hell.

'Now, it'll just be a matter of waiting for the Amazon to show up on her usual patrol of the city streets following the investigation, and then there will be a new Amazon.  And of course, a new Cheetah!' she imagined while locking her door and turning toward the street nearby where most of the prostitutes worked.

From the ethers, Dark Angel looked toward Circe, now back in her more familiar green costume and purple hair.  "Looks like we won't even have to influence Princess Diana."

"I know, but I still have some plans for the girls I saw in the Watchtower," the witch replied.  "Maybe while I'm there I can put a bug in the Amazon's ear to get on home for her patrols.  Honey might get her wish even sooner!"

Earlier, Nashville, Tennessee

The story text file which Claude had received from Steve for a preview had gotten to the end of chapter 37, with the replacement Zatanna in a bad situation.  He was really enjoying the way his online friend had written himself into the story as CyberCat.  However, he was also aware of that other online friend of Steve's who had been turned into the new Zatanna; Claude thought it was unlikely that Steve would deliberately have Circe take revenge on Zee that way.  It seemed like the ancient but at the same time ageless witch who normally was the bane of Wonder Woman was more real and involved than just being a character in the Amazon's comics and one of the antagonists Steve was writing into the story.

When he sent his friend an email message about the fun way the mind swap machine from his Batgirl Trilogy stories had been brought into use again, Claude noticed that the reply didn't seem to be worded quite the same way Steve usually wrote.  The clincher was the way in which the reply was signed.  Instead of the usual SteveZ at the bottom, it said SelinaK.

This got Claude into thinking more seriously.  'If indeed Circe is acting on her own and not doing just what Steve had in mind, the way in which she'd winked at Steve as CyberCat showed that she knew who CyberCat really is.  Now, Zatanna was under a spell by Circe to where she was slowly turning into Catwoman in the story.  Is it possible that Circe has done the same thing to Steve, since that reply is signed in Catwoman's name?  If so, my good friend is in trouble.  Not that Steve would object to actually being turned into Catwoman!'  Claude grinned.

What Claude was reasonably sure of was that his friend didn't know much about what was really lost when he had to abandon his house in New Orleans due to the flooding which followed Hurricane Katrina.  None of his friends, Steve included, had questioned the change from the old 'Usagi' email addy to the more plain use of his real name now.  On a regular basis in the magically infused home in New Orleans, Claude had lived not in what was now his almost permanent regular human form, but as a real live flesh and blood version of the anime character called Usagi.  But usually not the more commonly known male Usagi, either.

There was a big reason Claude enjoyed reading and to a smaller extent writing transgender themed stories, and getting pictures and artwork of the same ilk.  More often than not, it was the cute and very much alive anime female Usagi who occupied that special house.  At his newer house that was now serving as home in Nashville, it took a lot of effort for the young man so fond of anime females to live as Usagi just in the books and videos.  It was next to impossible for him to form a flesh and blood Usagi in his own world now.  But it seemed like the current situation seemed ideal for Usagi to enter the story realm and get word to Dr. Fate about the solution he'd come to for getting both Zatanna and Steve out of their predicaments.  Claude worked the difficult transformation, and in that instant his house became unoccupied.


Just after Bruce Wayne...or more correctly, Raven as Catwoman had left for Gata's along with Babs as Hellcat and all the club's kittens, around the tied up and gagged Zatanna who looked now like the green costumed Catwoman were Inza as Lady Death, Shayera as Purgatori, Selina as Raven and Allura.  Standing behind Selina was Vixen, who'd she'd found chatting with Ashley as Vampirella at the duty desk.  Duela still as Catgirl and Huntress still wearing her own grey Catwoman costume had come to join them only moments before Usagi worked her magic.  It seemed like all their eyes were concentrating on Zatanna, who other than breathing was not moving.  Were they all just trying to will a change in the situation, Usagi wondered?  At least from reading the story, the newcomer knew that Lady Death was really Dr. Fate.  Inza gave a start when the anime cutie tapped her softly on the shoulder, and at the same moment Ashley's sexier Vampirella voice came blaring from the teleport pad alert speakers, "Inza, I'm showing an intruder in the telepad area!"

Lady D was moving her head and eyes up and down, checking out the bright green hued girl with just as green hair, banded into two balls of hair atop her head from which streamed two ponytails which came down almost to the backs of her knees.  A blue minidress that seemed to be molded to her very round and large breasts and her tiny waist stopped just below her crotch, and anime style bluish purple boots were on her feet.  She couldn't get over the huge and appealing anime eyes on the girl.  As Inza reached for the speaker to give Ashley a reply, Usagi told her, "I'm a friend, trust me."

Inza nodded, sensing Usagi's inherent magic, then pressed the send button and told Ashley, "Cancel the alert, Vampi.  We've got a new magical visitor.  Oh, and let the others wherever they may be at the moment know that Zee is here with a magically engendered problem which we're trying to undo.  There's nothing any of them could do to help, so tell them to just sit tight until we get back to them."  Then she turned back toward the cute looking anime girl who seemed almost impossible to imagine being real.  "Considering how I look at the moment, I'm not going to ask about the way you look.  I do detect a lot of magic in you, does that have anything to do with your being a too cute to be real, living and breathing, green skinned anime girl?"

"Yes, and my name is Usagi.  Did Batman...well, Catwoman actually, tell you anything about CyberCat before she left?"

Allura, who hadn't yet decided on a new name, broke into the conversation, "I can tell you a bit about CyberCat when time permits, Inza.  Usagi, why did you ask about her?"

Usagi looked toward Allura and answered, "When you sent CyberCat home, something odd happened.  Long story short," she glanced toward Inza, "this world we're in is a story universe being written by the guy Zatanna went to and transformed into CyberCat to help out in the story directly.  When-"

Allura interrupted by asking, "Guy?"

"Please, Allura, time is short for both Zee and the story writer," Usagi told her.  "I'm not positive, but I'm reasonably sure Circe did the same thing to both Zatanna and CyberCat.  A few minutes ago, I got an email message from my friend that was signed SelinaK instead of the usual way.  I think I know how to get Zee out of her particular problem, but I can't go to my friend.  Ever since I had to leave New Orleans, I can't exist in the real world."

A strange look came to Lady Death's face upon hearing Usagi mention New Orleans.  "Quick, what's the fix for Zee, and did you say you used to live in New Orleans?"

Usagi nodded while saying, "You need to get into her head so that Zee knows it's she herself who is the key.  The way Circe worked out and then worded her spell, no one else can undo her ball gag or bondage.  But she herself can.  It's a matter of using some of the feline felon skills she's been acquiring during the slow transformation; she can work her claws into the rope securing her feet, and thence all the other ropes and finally the gag strap."

"It would be a lot easier if it was you who got into Zee's head to tell her that," Inza told her.  "Have you ever heard the name Marie Laveau?"

"Yes, from the Marvel dimension of my city," Usagi answered.

"Good," Inza replied with an odd looking smile on Lady D's face.  "Presuming you have no objection, I can transform you even further from your anime form into a more real looking girl in this dimension, with all of Marie's powers added to your own.  You would become the Witch Queen of New Orleans in this world, to help both Zee and your friend."

There were puzzled looks on both Duela's and Allura's faces, while Selina, Vixen, Shayera and Helena were all so clueless that their faces were blank, but Usagi was grinning broadly.  "That sounds like a perfect solution, Inza.  Or should I be calling you Lady Death?"

Lady Death laughed, "Either Inza or Dr. Fate is fine.  This is only a temporary form I'm wearing, like Hawkgirl who looks like Purgatori now," the red skinned demoness nodded for Usagi, "Green Arrow at the duty desk who you heard earlier but couldn't see how she seems to be Vampirella, and Flash who's back in her room but looking like Pantha.  Now, here goes."

Another witness to this scene had only just gotten back to the Watchtower from being with Dark Angel in Gateway City, hiding in the ethers to shield herself from the Watchtower's sensors as during her past visits.  It was still difficult to keep her presence from being discerned by Dr. Fate and her sharp mystical senses.  She was puzzled by this green skinned girl, but Circe muttered to herself after hearing Inza, "Just a temporary form, Lady Death?  Ha!  Just you wait."  She held off doing her spell for the time being, since she wanted to see what kind of plot was being hatched by the girls.  If it was a matter of undoing Zatanna turning into Catwoman, as she suspected, all the better actually.  That would be a distraction for what she had in mind.

With her mind on the transformation for Usagi, Inza was unaware of the return of Circe or the transformation spell she was planning.  But at least for Inza, this transformation spell she was setting up would be at the same time both complicated and easy to do.  The fact that the real Marie was in a different dimension made it simple to replicate her form as a more human body for the anime cutie, and since Usagi was already imbued with magic, multiplying her abilities and powers exponentially seemed to be a piece of cake.

Usagi's anime form morphed into a good looking if not still cute human female of a height a bit shorter than Allura.  With the heels on their boots and already taller statures of the other women, she had to look up to all of them.  The medium brown hair on her head was parted down the middle, and hung straight with slight waves down to her mid-back.  For a start, instead of copying any of the Marvel Witch Queen's costumes, she found that Inza had given her an almost see-through white gown that fell as far as her ankles.  But with the way it was cut on each side up to her waist, both of her legs were plainly visible.  The sleeves were interesting too, with inner sides going to her wrists but the outer sides stopping at her elbows.  The deep V exposing so much of her cleavage had an inch-wide thicker white lace pattern edging.  This same edging appeared around the periphery of the bottom of the gown.  White pumps with short spike heels appeared on her feet, giving back at least some of the height she'd lost relative to the others.

"Oh, wow!" she said with glee.  "I used to feel powerful magic in my old home, but now I feel like I could take on Circe herself, single-handed."

After hearing her own name, the witch grinned.  'Oh, do you now?  Hmmm, after I get rid of Lady Death and the others, maybe I'll see about bringing you to the dark side like I did for Dark Angel.'  It was still a wait and see situation, which satisfied Circe just fine.

"Yes, I imagine you could!" Inza told her.  "You're easily more powerful than me, I don't know about Allura," who shook her head, "but Zatanna would have you beat.  Now, since you're in her human form and you're not likely to see your twin, do you want to use Marie's street name in addition to her witch name?"

The new Witch Queen gave that some thought, then finally said, "I had considered just keeping Usagi or maybe using Claudia or Claudette for a name, but what the hell.  The Witch Queen of New Orleans is Marie Laveau, and I'm now the Witch Queen of New Orleans, so..."  Her voice softly faded, then she uttered quietly, "I wonder if my powers could help the Corps of Engineers with the levees..."

"What was that, Marie?" Catgirl asked.

Marie shook her head.  "Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.  Now, let me go chat with Zee."  They all saw Marie's face go blank and her body stiffen.

Inside Zatanna's mind, Marie found an already well progressed and still expanding identity of Selina Kyle.  But after a thorough search she found Zee herself in a greatly reduced capacity.  <Hello,> she said in greeting, <my name is Marie, and I'm here to get you out of this fix.>

<Hi.  Let's save the introductions 'til I'm no longer on the verge of becoming Catwoman.>

<Right.  The way Circe did this, no one but you yourself can undo the bondage that's changing you.  Use the tools at hand and the feline felon skills you've been acquiring.  Take the claws on your fingertips and angle them to start sawing at the rope between your wrists and your ankles.>

<Duh!  Why didn't I think of that?> Zee answered while her audience watched her green taloned fingers bend over and start to grind into the fibers of the rope.  As sharp as these claws were, it didn't take long.

Meanwhile, Marie was answering, <I'm guessing this solution would most likely have come to you after Selina's identity had completely taken over your mind and overcome you.  You're an escape artist as a magician, but not usually with this type of severe bondage.  It didn't help that this other identity of Catwoman was starting to block those normal escape skills while building up her own particular ones.>  She could sense the rope springing free and Zee's legs unfolding and straightening out.  <Now that your hands have much more mobility, angle your claws to work on the ropes around your wrists.  As soon as your hands are free, attack that strap of the ball gag with your claws.  Once you can talk, you can do a spell to expunge Selina's identity.  Bye, for now.>

<Thank you very much for all your help.  I presume I'll see you as soon as I'm myself again.>

<Yep!  You'll know me by process of elimination, but I'm the brown haired witch in the white gown.>

Everybody on hand was closely watching Zatanna as Catwoman doing her hogtied bondage escape trick, so no one noticed when Marie's face showed some feeling and her body loosened up.  It came as a bit of a surprise then when the others heard her say, "I told Zatanna how to escape that trap the way the feline felon would and not the stage magician, so that ball gag should be history in a moment."

Purgatori took her eyes off the feline escape artist for a moment to look at the Witch Queen and said, "Looks like you're our latest miracle worker, Marie!"

"Just trying to do my best to help," the Witch Queen replied in a humble voice.  Then she got excited.  "Look!" she said while pointing at the green clad bondage escapee.

Both of Zatanna's green gloved hands were free, and her right hand was holding her left thumb like a hand saw to work on the ball gag's strap.  The leather took a bit longer than the ropes had, but soon the straps fell to each side of her jaw.  Her right hand then reached for the big green ball and pulled it out of her mouth.  Zee took a moment to flex her jaws and lick her lips, then said, "llA segitsev fo s'namowtaC ytitnedi eb enog.  I ma annataZ, dna s'taht ym ylno ytitnedi."  Then she worked at getting up into a kneeling position.  When her muscles felt limber again, she stood and looked around, finally seeing her savior.  "Thanks again, Marie.  You look impressive as the Witch Queen of New Orleans, even if you're dressed totally different from normal."

"Oh, you know about her, Zee?" Lady Death asked.

'Oops, I'd seen Marie in my comics collection back home in Shadowcrest. Shadowcrest?' Zee wondered.  'Uh oh, that spell must have done more than I'd figured and wiped not only Selina's identity from my mind but also the life I'd led until earlier today.  Hmm, I am the only Zatanna now, so maybe that was good.  I'll have to check with daddy later.'  Then she grinned at Inza.  "Oh, I've been into the Marvel dimension a few times.  Wanda...that is...Scarlet Witch told me about Marie, and I did meet her once in New Orleans."

"Zee," Marie said quickly, "we need to go visit Ste-...CyberCat.  It seems like Circe did the same thing to her that she did to you.  I got an email from him that was signed SelinaK, then nothing more.  My magic could get us there, but you're more familiar with the location since you've been there before."

"Right," Zee replied.  The mage who looked like the green costumed Catwoman figured she might as well stay in the outfit she was wearing for the time being.  "eiraM dna I ot s'evetS gnivil moor."  The pair vanished.

Helena had picked up on the backwards name quickly.  "Well, that answers one question," she said.  "The guy's name is Steve."

"Later, Helena," Inza told her.

'Probably very much later, Lady Death!' Circe grinned in her own wicked way.  She couldn't play her games just yet, and left the ethers of the Watchtower to go check on Dark Angel's progress with the new Cheetah.

Orlando, FL

Zatanna was making sure to have both she and Marie appear further from the computer in Steve's living room than when she and CyberCat had departed.  Presuming the Witch Queen's guess was correct, it was likely that Circe's bondage spell would have affected Steve shortly after that email message Marie had mentioned.  It was a good precaution, because as she and Marie appeared in front of Steve's couch, Zee saw what looked like her twin in exactly the same hogtie bondage, but with that orange ball gag instead of a green one.  She was on the floor right next to the chair for the computer's desk.  Zee figured Steve...well, Jennifer actually, was probably only a little bit further along in the progress of turning into Catwoman than where she had been when Marie clued her in.

"Marie, you'd better tell Steve just what you told me.  Don't waste any time."

"Gotcha."  Zatanna watched as the Witch Queen of New Orleans went into mannequin mode again.

Marie was expecting to find a similar situation in her friend's mind to what she'd found in Zatanna's, but to her shock it seemed like the identity of Selina Kyle was much further along in taking the place of Steve.  Everywhere she looked was as black as sin with evil even seeming to try to envelop her in addition to Steve.  It was seemingly impossible, but she continued her hunt until at last a tiny spark of her friend's original identity was discovered.  As best she could manage, a blocking shell was erected to prevent any further encroachment for the moment, then she asked, <Steve, can you hear me?>

It took a few moments for a reply to be heard.  <I'm having a lot of difficulty thinking of myself as Steve.  I have an almost unstoppable urge to think of myself as Selina.>

<Yes, I've noticed how extensive your mind has already been altered.  Fight it as much as you can, but believe it or not, it's your Catwoman identity's skills which are going to be your way of escaping from this trap.>

<As much as I've always fantasized about being turned into Catwoman, now that it's actually happening I'm afraid of losing my original sense of being.  Who am I talking to, anyway?>

<Oh, sorry, I was getting carried away.  Believe it not, I'm your story writing friend, Claude.  But with the mental voice you're hearing, it's obvious that I'm now a female just like you.  I changed to Usagi to go visit Inza at the Watchtower, and she upped the ante by changing me even further to the Witch Queen of New Orleans.  So at the moment, I'm Marie Laveau.>

<Lucky you!  At the moment, I guess you could say I'm not really Steve Zink but instead Jennifer Stevens, thanks to Zatanna.  But at the rate Selina is taking over my mind, neither of those names will be valid for much longer.>

<I've got this bit of your original identity walled off from Selina for the time being, Jennifer.  Now, to get away from her completely, go into what Selina has brought into you and use the special abilities of the very talented feline felon to get out of your bondage.  Just like Zee did.  Angle your claws to sever the rope keeping your feet up next to your hands, then progressively attack more of the ropes as your hands become even more free to move.  You see, what Circe did was make it so that no one could undo the bondage other than the Catwoman you or Zee would have become.>

<Talk about irony!  I don't want to become Catwoman, but it's Catwoman's abilities that will free me.  Okay, here goes.  Presuming Selina will let me, that is.>

<You should still be able to control your muscles, even if you do have to fight for the control.>

As predicted, I found it hard to fight the Circe induced Selina's will trying to keep myself in hard bondage until I could easily become free and take on the life of Catwoman in the real world.  But slowly my claws bent down and started to saw into the rope.  As sharp as they were, the claws went through the rope as if it was light string.  My lower legs sprang down to the floor, which was felt by Marie just as she had with Zatanna.  In short order, there was no longer any rope around my ankles, legs or arms.

<Before you use your claws to go at the leather straps of your ball gag, I'm going to leave and get back out to watch with Zee.  It will take a bit more effort than the ropes.>

<Thanks a lot for the help!  Tell Zee to do a quick spell to get Selina's identity out of my head.>

<Will do.  See you for real in few moments.  And as you like to say, ciao!>

<No, not ciao, meowww!>

Marie caught that answer as she was leaving, and as soon as she had her body activated again she said with a worried voice, "Zee, quick, do a spell to get Selina out of her mind!"

Zatanna was already becoming alarmed as she watched the claws of her twin's gloves pull away from the straps of her ball gag, as if to make sure it stayed where it was.  With Marie's alarm, that was all she needed.  "ytitnedI fo anileS elyK evael reh dnim, os taht ylno evetS ro reffineJ si tfel ot lortnoc reh s'eidob snoitca."

It became evident right away that the feline's mind was no longer in control, as both hand's claws started to attack the leather straps.  Zee saw the futility in that, and said, "Steve, or Jennifer, do it the way I did.  Use one hand's fingers to hold the thumb of the other hand and use its claw like a saw to get through that leather."

It was quite a sight for Marie to see identical green costumed Catwomen facing each other as if one was the mirror image of the other.  The one with the slight difference winked through her mask's eye holes toward her guide, then did as instructed.  It took a bit longer than it had for Zatanna, but eventually green claws dug into the big orange rubber ball and pulled it out of her mouth.  She also did just as Zee had earlier and started to lick her lips and flex her jaw to loosen up.

When my lips finally felt able, I looked at Zee and said, "Good thing you did that spell when you did!  The identity of Selina growing in my mind must have felt Marie leaving and having the blocks she'd erected disappear after I undid the ropes.  I felt myself being engulfed by Catwoman's identity, then suddenly it was gone.  I have to tell you, as much as I've fantasized about being Catwoman all these years, when it came to actually being turned into her, I was scared."  Then I turned and looked up and down at the beautiful witch who had been my previously unseen friend.  "Well, I still haven't met you as Claude, but I sure am glad to have met you as Marie.  You look really stunning in that form!  Thanks a lot for letting me know how to get out of Circe's spell.  I know you're not in New Orleans anymore, nifty the way you've taken on the role of the Witch Queen.  Hey, did I ever tell you that every time I hear the Led Zeppelin song, 'When the Levee Breaks', I think of you?"

Marie nodded while saying, "I can imagine.  You should have seen what it was like when the flooding started.  I lost a lot when I had to leave my house there.  As far as what's going on now, I had a feeling things were going on outside of what you were writing when it seemed like Circe was going after first Zee and then you.  That's why I got into the story to try and help."

I grinned.  "Makes me glad you were keeping up with the story.  Now then, Zee," I turned to face my twin, "should I presume I'll be able to take off this green costume?"

"Hah!  I'll save you the trouble.  evomeR eht emutsoc morf s'reffineJ ydob, tpek dna dedlof no eht hcuoc, dna trever reh ot eht ydob I evag reh reilrae.  nI a etihw strohs, dratoel dna stoob tiftuo."

Zee must have known how much I as Steve...HAH!...Jennifer would love to be in boots with really high stiletto heels.  I noted the white in which my Jennifer body was dressed, and felt the blonde hair on my back.  But before I could give my thanks to Zatanna, Marie beat me to it.  "Oh, WOW!  You look too good to be true as Jennifer!  I bet this is all Zee's work, though.  I doubt you could have looked this good while just crossdressing."

"Don't you know it," I told her.  "Thanks a lot for letting me be Jennifer again, Zee.  But really, I need to get back to real life, and turn back to Steve again."

Zee grinned.  "You're welcome.  I knew you'd enjoy being her again, and I wanted Marie to enjoy seeing you this way.  nruT reffineJ kcab ot evetS."

Now I was back to my normal self again, finally.

I looked down at the folded up green sitting on the couch, then said, "Thanks a lot, I'm glad to be back to being myself.  I guess you're going to leave the costume here with me to allow me to keep my fantasies alive?"

"Why not?" Zatanna answered with a laugh.  "You still have the CyberCat costume, too.  But unless you're real nice to me, you'll have to find some other magician or other method of changing back to Jennifer so you can wear them correctly."

With eyes wide in wonder, I stared at the mage who still looked like Catwoman herself.  "You mean, if I write good stuff for you, I might be able to live as Jennifer for real again?  Wow, thanks!  Now, since Circe is on her own and trying to screw things up, why don't you each do a spell to make the other immune from the witch's deviltry?"

"Uh-huh.  Good idea," Zatanna replied.  "eiraM lliw reven bmucus ot s'ecriC live, on rettam tahw eht hctiw seirt ot od."

The Witch Queen of New Orleans couldn't really feel it, but knew deep down she could face Circe with no worries now.  Then it was with silence that she used her own magic to do something similar for Zatanna.

Zee looked at Marie, then me.  "Thanks.  Now, I guess we'd better be leaving here so you can get back to writing the story."  Zee turned to Marie again.  "I presume you'll want to get back to your own life as well.  What'll it be, back to your home or back to the Watchtower for the time being?"

"Instead of me going back either way," Marie replied, "how about you go on now.  I want to stick around here for a bit and talk to Steve."

"Okay.  But I think it would be good for you to sit in as a guest at the continuation of our Justice League...HAH!...Secret Society of Super Villainesses meeting.  If it hadn't been for you, by now the League wouldn't have Zatanna any more; Steve and I would both be Catwoman in our separate realities."

Marie gave me a glance, and I nodded.  "Right, I guess since I did have a big part in this bit, I should add to the info at your meeting.  I shouldn't be more than a few minutes."

"Good, we'll be watching for you.  Just go back to the teleport pads and call the monitor desk.  Ashley or whoever relieves her will let us know you're there, and I'll come to get you.  tsuJ em, ot eht rewothctaW tropelet sdap."

"I wasn't kidding," I said as Zee disappeared, "you look really impressive and beautiful as Marie."

"Thanks," she answered, "and did you get a good look at yourself as Jennifer in any mirrors?  You were pretty damned good looking yourself.  If I get to keep my more powerful magic, maybe Zee won't be the only one who can come and let you change some more in the future.  Oh, and one more thing.  That idea you had for Zatanna and I to keep each other safe from Circe should apply to you, too."  Marie did the same magic spell that she did for Zee.  "Okay, now if Circe does anything to you, you'll keep your own mind at all times and be able to revert back to your own self as soon as the witch goes away."

"Thanks a lot!  I should have thought of that myself, since she's already gotten to me once.  Hmm, I wouldn't put it past Circe to stop by here in her travels to see how Catwoman is doing."

"Exactly what I was thinking.  Y'know, I'd change back to Claude so you could meet the real me, but I'd rather experiment with going back and forth at my own place.  Maybe I'll be able to come back soon and look over your shoulder at a lot of the pictures and artwork you have saved to file."

"That'd be good.  Maybe we could look through my book collection, too.  As you can see," I waved my hand toward the rest of the living room, "the shelves are overflowing and the comics are piled up wherever I can find space."

"And your bedroom, too, right?"

"Yupp!  In my bedroom, there's barely room for the bed, and the second bedroom is crammed full of boxes of books."

"Wow, a lot to look at," Marie answered.  "Well, I'd better get going, they'll be waiting for me."

"Right, and thanks again for coming along with Zee to get me out of Circe's spell."

"I had to.  Okay, I'm gone.  See ya' later."  Marie did her spell, and then I was alone again.

Or so I thought.

'I'm glad I decided to stop here on the way to the Watchtower,' Circe thought.  She'd arrived from checking on Cheetah just as Marie was finishing, and watched her blink out of sight.  'I wonder where she went?  Well, I'll have to come back to take care of you later; there are four Justice League ladies I need to take care of right now.'

I shook my head in wonder, then picked up all the pieces of the CyberCat costume and put the Catwoman costume on top.  Both were taken into my bedroom closet and put away...for the time being.


When Zatanna got back, the pad area was empty.  She walked over to the comm panel and pushed the button.

Ashley saw the light flash and the heard the beep.  She switched her monitor to feed from the pads, and saw who she presumed to be Zatanna in the green Catwoman costume still.  "Hi, Zee.  I guess I'm not the only one still costumed differently.  Were you and the Witch Queen successful?"

"Yes, we had one other person that Circe was turning into Catwoman and Marie, she's the Witch Queen, was able to get hi- ahem, her out of the fix the same way she did for me."

"Hey, it started like you started to say him before you said her."

"Not now.  I'll tell you and most likely the others after the meeting gets restarted."

"I don't see Marie with you there."

"Yeah, she stayed behind to chat for a while.  I'm glad to know you're having fun staying as Vampi.  Anyway, Marie will be coming back here shortly, and I told her to page you so you can let me know she's back.  I'll be in my room reading until the meeting gets going again."

"Hee, hee, this is fun, I have to admit.  And it's still three weeks to go before Halloween, too.  Are you going to get anything to eat?"

"It is around dinner time, isn't it.  Nah, not now, but maybe later."

"Okay, I'll buzz your room when Marie calls me.  Or Meera will, if Marie gets here after two more minutes when she relieves me.  Out."

"Thanks.  Out here, also."  Zatanna zapped herself to her room to save time, and immediately did a spell to make her room proof against any magic or magical intrusions other than herself, in effect, doubling her immunity to Circe.  She had no idea just how timely that spell would turn out to be.

While Bruce as Catwoman was on her brief mission to the Club with Hellcat and Zee was leaving with Marie, Inza along with Shayera had gone to Lis' room to further discuss the apparent ease with which the group's speedster was fitting in as a female.  There really shouldn't have been any question since Circe had completely altered everything pertaining to her.  As it was, the discussion soon turned into a session of girl talk among the trio still role playing as Lady Death, Purgatori and Pantha, which Lis felt perfectly comfortable doing.

Shortly after Zee arrived, another arcane female magic wielder followed into the Watchtower.  But it wasn't Marie, who would be only a few seconds later.  Circe had made haste after checking on that guy who should have been Catwoman but wasn't, eager to get going with her games to be played with the costumed Justice League girls.  It would have been a simple matter to make a transit in time besides in place, but the witch didn't want to confuse things too much.  She did a quick look, and grinned when it seemed that three of her five targets were in one room.

Next Circe checked on Zatanna.  She couldn't believe the woman was foolish enough to have stayed in the Catwoman costume.  'Well, if she seems to want to continue playing the role of Catwoman,' the fiendish witch thought, 'I'll make it permanent for sure this time.'  She cast her spell, then watched as the apparent feline felon got up from her seat to take a threatening pose with her claws extended and flexed.  Her eyes narrowed, and from her lips came, "Meowwwrrrrr...I am Catwoman!"  Satisfied, the mystic vixen left to go fix at least three of her next four intended victims.

However, what Circe saw and heard was only what she had wanted to see and hear.  The spell Zee had cast was not just to repel any magic attack from the witch, but let both her and Circe be aware of and perceive exactly what she'd wanted to do.  'Nice try, Circe,' Zatanna thought.

Unfortunately, she didn't give any consideration to what Circe would be doing after she left the League's powerful magician.  The only thing she figured on was that after her, the purple haired bitch might go after the real Catwoman, be she either Selina or Bruce still, wherever she was at the moment.  Zee did a spell to put a general protection from Circe on the real Catwoman to last until waking the next morning.  Then Zatanna went back to relaxing while awaiting Marie.

As soon as the Justice League's presently legged mermaid relieved her at the duty desk, Vampirella headed for the room where the other three who'd made up the costume for her were chatting.  She'd just gotten into the room and had time to place her Green Arrow costume on the dresser top when Circe popped into view amongst them.

Continued in Part Two

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