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Wonder Woman - Body Swap Problems
by SteveZ

Most of the photographers who do X-rated work considered to be pornographic concentrate on either still poses or movies due to the skills involved and the cost of equipment.  Keith Woods in Gateway City on the US West Coast was one of the few who did both, with the advantage of having not only a large local population like the Hollywood area to his south, but also the huge concentration of gay men and women who called his city home or visited there regularly.  This provided a very large possible number of subjects.  For most of the nearly ten years he'd been producing some of the highest quality porn imagery, business had been booming.  But times changed, and while the way the economy tanked probably had a good bit to do with it, the porn artist started to find he had not just much lower sales but much worse, fewer and fewer people coming forward to even make product.  It was a very good thing he hadn't been throwing away his past lucrative earnings the way so many other folks did, for what he'd saved and invested was now giving Keith a way to eat and pay his mortgage and other bills.

While he was eating his lunch at the downtown restaurant's outside tables along the sidewalk all by himself on a very pleasant middle of May afternoon shortly after 2 (business had been terrible for the restaurants also, of course) Keith was lucky to have just swallowed.  His jaw dropped with a bit of an awe-inspired gasp.  The world famous heroine who also called his city home was walking across the street, heading almost directly toward him.  The sun was glinting off both the golden tiara over her forehead and the huge gold power belt around Wonder Woman's commendably narrow waist.  At the same time, the loud tapping of the just over four-inch stiletto heels of her white striped red boots on the asphalt started to register in his hearing.

"Now if such a stunningly beautiful and so well built woman like her was to show up for some movies and photo sessions, I bet we'd see a huge turnabout in the business," the middle-aged diner with a very trim and fit body and a full head of reddish brown hair mused aloud.  "Oh, what I wouldn't give to actually be Wonder Woman, with the ability to play so many roles in bondage and discipline and show off the abundance of feminine charms packed into that body.  I'd make sure to find time in between taking down and turning in super criminals and other mean and nasty types to make myself available to someone like me, without the world knowing their adored super heroine was a devoted porn actress, of course.  That ability to spin and change into any way desired would come in very handy!"

Keith may have been assuming his musing was unheard since no other diners were anywhere nearby and the red, white, blue and gold adorned super heroine was too far away.  Even if she had super hearing, which he doubted, the din on the street would have drowned him out for her.  But though at the moment there was no evidence of his being heard, a very interested long time enemy of Wonder Woman had caught every word.

So far, the Amazon Beauty was unaware that a pain in her posterior from way back had been staying close by ever since the evening before.  Wonder Woman had caught the God of War sticking his fingers into the goings on in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in his rage following her disrupting his fun and games, Ares got started on two weeks worth of setting trap after trap for the heroine.  Princess Diana finally got tired of putting up with his peril and bondage games and enlisted the help of her sister Amazon Artemis and her magical Justice League teammate Zatanna the day before to foil the God of War and force him back to Mount Olympus as the day turned into night.

There had been a very interested spectator to what Ares had been doing, and she was almost sure the subject of his machinations would get out of his grasp so that she herself would be able to get back to her own brand of trouble making for the Amazon bitch soon.  The ages old witch who was nearly as gorgeous as the princess herself and if anything looked even younger was eagerly anticipating catching Wonder Woman unaware.  So after she watched Ares getting his butt kicked and being banished to Olympus, Circe stayed very close to her hated foil, unseen in the mystic ethers.  Listening of course to anything said about the heroine.

"So if he was to play the role of Wonder Woman, she'd be widely seen as a sex star, even if disguised somehow?" Circe muttered, her voice just as unheard as her presence unnoticed.  "This I would like to see!"  The witch watched as Diana stepped up onto the sidewalk and turned right, walking away from the speaker she'd overheard.  Then, noting that he was the only one at his table with no other patrons close by, she dropped into the alley alongside the restaurant.  Nobody was in sight, and it didn't look like anyone would be able to see into the alley, so the Amazon's nemesis materialized as herself with her usual long purple hair but clad in barely there denim shorts and a sleeveless, pale green blouse tied below her breasts.  She figured purple hair would fit right in, considering the way many young women did their hair in this time period, and while she did prefer the bright green, skin tight catsuit and boots being worn while in the ethers, this garb and the ultra high stiletto heeled brown sandals laced up to just below her knees would make her fit right in with the kind of women of various ages in the immediate area.  This get-up making her look really sexy would give Circe a perfectly good excuse to walk out of the alley and thence up to his table, she figured.

Staying close to the building, Circe was able to see that her subject was still eating his meal.  He had no way to notice her since his face was pointed out toward the street again now that the heroine who'd caught his attention was walking away to his left.  But it was a sure thing he'd take note of the sexy clicking of her sandals' heels.  Sure enough, as another swallow went down his throat, Keith's ears caught the sound of a hopefully good looking babe walking behind him.  He turned slowly so as not to alarm her, and saw a babe who didn't just look good, she looked incredible!  Her hair was a freaky color, but the face it framed was too good to be true.  She had such an excellently shaped body that a model would be envious, and it was perched atop legs that were long and better than perfect.  Best of all, she was looking directly at him, and smiling!

Keith pushed his seat back and stood, then turned to face the woman now only a few steps away.  "Good afternoon," he said in greeting, "can I get you anything to eat, in offer of a seat here?"

"Hi there!" Circe replied cheerfully.  "How about just an iced tea, I'm not hungry."

One of the waiters had noticed Keith's good looking guest's arrival and saved him the trouble of going inside.  "Anything more I could get for either of you?"

"An iced tea for the young lady, please," Keith answered.  He turned toward the purple coifed beauty.  "Want any lemons to go with that?"

"Unsweetened, and just put two lemon wedges on the glass rim for me, would you?" she told the waiter.

"Got it.  Anything more for you, sir?"

"Could you just freshen my Diet Coke for me?" Keith told him.  The waiter nodded and picked up the photographer's nearly empty glass, then left.

"So, it's not every day that a stunningly beautiful woman, especially one with such fascinating purple hair, just comes out of nowhere and wants to be with me," Keith said softly once they were alone.

'He can't possibly know just how out of nowhere I came!' Circe thought, then told him, "There's a lot more to my paying you a visit than you can imagine.  For starters, I overheard what you were saying about Wonder Woman as she was crossing the street in front of you."  She saw the look of incredulity coming to his face and said, "No, don't say anything just yet.  Listen."  He nodded.  "Are you aware of what the Amazon was doing and going through for the past couple of weeks?"

"From what I heard and read," he replied, "Ares, the Greek God of War, has been back to make things more interesting for our troops in Afghanistan.  As she has done many times in the past, Wonder Woman made an effort to halt his activities.  He ended up putting her into a good number of fun to hear about bondage situations and dire peril traps.  One reason I was surprised to see her just now!"

Circe held off in replying as their drinks appeared in the hands of their young waiter.  She smiled brightly at him as he placed the glass of tea in front of her.  She took a sip as Keith's Diet Coke was given to him and thought, 'Not very potent, but refreshingly tart,' before squeezing some lemon into it and then attacking it more vigorously.  As the waiter left she said, "Seems good that you've been keeping up with what she's been doing.  I was also watching her closely, because I have my own reasons.  Since you're familiar with Ares, are you also aware of one of Wonder Woman's other long time foes, a particularly wicked and powerful witch?"

"You mean Circe?" he replied casually, then it struck him like a bolt of lightning.  "Hey,'ve got purple hair, and you had to have been very close by but unseen to have heard me.  That must be who you are, and I'd never had any idea you could be so good looking!"

"What?!  Thank you very much, but surely, you didn't think of the stereotypical warty and ugly old witch whenever you heard my name?  I'll have you know that quite a few witches look as good as or even better than I do," she said rather sharply before taking a long swig of her iced tea.

Keith smiled, then said, "I guess most of us have gotten an image embedded in our minds from story books, cartoons, TV shows and movies.  So I guess Barbara Eden in 'I Dream of Jeanie' and Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha on 'Bewitched' weren't all that far off in being a gorgeous looking genie and witch respectively.  Also, I presume I'm seeing you as usual from your neck up.  You're usually in flowing green robes or a skin tight green catsuit with fantastic boots that go with it, aren't you?"

Circe grinned at hearing that.  "Is your studio somewhere nearby?"

"Two blocks down the street, in that direction you came from," he answered.

"Good, I don't want to give away too much out here where we can be overheard.  Let's finish up and pay them, then head for your studio."

"That'll be easier than you think!"  Keith looked to see where his waiter had gone, then waved to get his attention.  A moment later he was at their table.  "Adam, do me a favor, would you?  Can you fix up a pair of to go cups, one with iced tea that's had some lemon added and the other with Diet Coke, then mark this up on my tab?"

The waiter smiled, thinking a photo session with the babe who'd walked up was in the works.  "You betcha, Mr. Woods.  I'll be right back."

"Oh, so you're a regular here, eh?" the purple haired beauty noted.

"Yup, just not so much or as often as back in better days.  I guess it was okay for me to get that other iced tea for you?"

"Sure!  It'll get us on the way that much sooner."  Circe took another sip from the tea in front of her, then added, "You'll be looking for another place to do lunch soon," and grinned at Keith.

"Oh?" he replied, but his guest just smiled cryptically.

It was just a few moments later that the pair of to go cups arrived.  "Please take a sip of this tea and see if I got the lemon right for you," the waiter said to Circe.

She did so, and then told him, "You did this one even better than I did for my own, thanks a lot!"

"You're welcome, and this means you're both set to go.  Have a great time!"

"I'm sure we will, thanks," Keith replied.  "Oh, and tell Steve he did another great one with that BLT he made for me."

"Will do, so until next time..."  With that, Adam waved the pair goodbye as they rose from their seats and started to depart.

"As you probably know, I could easily save us the time and trouble of walking," Circe told Keith as they started down the sidewalk, "but doing that with all these folks around to see it would create a scene, and possibly also give away my being here to the Amazon."

"Yeah, I know," Keith mentioned, "but it's just a short walk.  Then again, I don't have any idea what it's like for you to be walking any distance in those heels."

Circe smiled while taking a sip through her straw, thinking, 'But you will, very soon!'  After swallowing she said, "For a regular human female, it's only a matter of getting used to them, and for a witch like me, I'd have no trouble no matter how high my heels are."

"Right, I should have figured on that," the photographer answered, thinking about some of the ballet toed shoes and boots worn by models in many of his past films and photo sessions.

After taking another pull through her straw, the purple haired witch said, "You know, I have a lot of very tasty elixirs to choose from where I live, but this iced tea is very refreshing and good tasting, even without any alcohol of any kind in it."

"Oh, we have lots of ways of spiking iced tea," Keith replied with a grin.  "But I have to presume tea and coffee have been around as long as you have.  Since you asked for it, I assume you knew what you'd be getting."

"Yes, I have sampled it before, just not very often.  It hasn't been very many times that I've been in what you might call tea drinking situations," Circe told him.  "I'm usually occupied with more exciting activities, if you know what I mean."

"You bet I do!" he grinned.  Then Keith waved his hand toward a door they were nearing.  "Your walk is over, we have arrived."

"Ah, so this is it, eh?" his partner said.  "I presume the X-rated nature of your work is the reason there are no signs or whatever saying you're here."

"Exactly," Keith told her, "and just wait until you see what's inside."  He unlocked and opened the door, then led his guest inside.

As soon as the door was secured again and she could see his was the only business in the immediate area, with nobody else around, Circe said, "You had mentioned back at the table what you thought I usually wore.  I wanted to wait until we were alone to both tell you and show you that you were quite correct.  Here's what I was wearing until just before coming to see you."  Keith watched as the skin exposing garb got replaced by the light green catsuit and accompanying medium green knee high boots with heels just as exciting as those of the sandals.  "The way I'm usually seen," she told him while striking a sexy pose.

"Very good to see, thanks," he remarked.  "Let's go sit in my office to discuss what you wanted to speak to me about more privately."  Keith led her to a glassed in office amongst the various photo sets.  She was very impressed by what was seen in some of those rooms.  He pointed out a soft, black leather seat next to his desk for Circe to sit in, and waited for her to get settled into it before going around to his old, well-used and ultra comfortable high back brown leather chair.

"Comfy?" he asked.  She nodded.  "In that case, I'm all ears."

"I told you I'd heard what you were musing about earlier," Circe started.  "With just my own powers, I could change you into a twin of the Amazon.  However, an even better arrangement could get done in which you get placed in Wonder Woman's body with your own mind and personality intact, added to all the knowledge she has acquired.  At the same time, she would get placed in your body and knowing nothing of who she used to be.  The new Keith would know only what you yourself have in your head, up until seeing her crossing the street and hosting me, that is.  Presuming the prankster I know who could do that swap is willing to help me out, would you be ready to become Wonder Woman and do all that work as a photo and film subject in addition to keeping up with her normal roles, at least until you get different ideas for how to spend your time?"

He thought for a moment before nodding.  "I was just fantasizing earlier, more or less," Keith told her.  "I've never been dissatisfied with being a male, nor actually wished to be a female.  Granted, I had many occasions while photographing women that I wondered what it would be like to experience what they were.  But what you just suggested is something I'm pretty sure I would enjoy quite a bit!"

"Good," the witch replied.  "In that case, stay right here.  It may seem that I'll be coming right back, but time is irrelevant to me.  No matter how long it takes, I can come back right after leaving.  Ever heard of an imp from the fifth dimension who always plays pranks on Superman?"

"You mean Mxy, I presume."

"That's the short and easy version of his name, yes.  Prepare to meet Mr. Mxyzptlk in person!"  The vision in green with purple hair then disappeared.

Just on the off chance that Mxy would be in this dimension currently, Circe went directly to Metropolis on the other side of the country to check the residence of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  No, it seemed that Superman was out doing his usual early night time patrols, and his wife was relaxing in their condo watching the television.  Obviously, no apparent difficulties caused by the prankster.  'But why waste an opportunity?' she mused.  'If Mxy isn't here to cause some trouble, I can make it seem like he did!  But first, to find him and get Keith changed.'

After being thrilled with the way she'd gotten the idea for changing Lois Lane, Circe started her search for the Fifth Dimension pest who'd be sooner or later taking the blame for her spells.  She'd only bridged the gaps between the dimensions once before, but the experience remained as fresh in her memories as if it had just been yesterday.  Neighbors of Mxy gave the strange looking giant being a wide margin as she made her way toward his residence.  After she crouched to knock on the tiny door, it was opened to reveal Mrs. Mxyzptlk.  The imp's wife was used to seeing humans from her own past visits to the Man of Steel's dimension, and she had a much better command of Circe's adopted English language than the witch did of hers.  "Hello," she greeted the other dimension woman dressed in green with long purple hair.  "I presume you're here looking for my husband."

"Hi, and yes, I am.  Is he in?"

"Indeed he is!  We've been watching you visiting Lois Lane.  Mxy can't go there himself just yet, so we'll be watching to see if you do anything with her yourself.  I bet that since you've come from that other dimension you could most likely shrink down to my size, but don't bother.  I'll go get him for you."

"Okay, thanks.  I'll wait right here."

A brief moment later, Mxy himself appeared at the doorway.  He stepped out and then floated up so that his much smaller face was at the same height as his visitor's.  "I'm very impressed with the way you seem to want to change Lois Lane," he told her, "but she's part of my territory.  How would you like it if I did some kind of tricks with Wonder Woman?"

"Oh, come on.  If you watched that, you have to know I was actually looking for you.  But when I saw that you weren't around and that Lois was all by herself, I got a few ideas for later on.  I figure that having Supes suspect you makes more sense than giving myself away.  He's used to contending with your pranks, not mine.  But here's some irony for you.  Having you do something to Wonder Woman is precisely why I came looking for you."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes.  The trick I'm working on is something you can do, but I can't.  Will you come back with me and help?"

Mxy grinned.  "Well, since you have admitted that my magic is more powerful than yours, how could I say no?  But what is it you want me to do to Wondie?"

"A body swap between the Amazon and a pornography photographer.  I want it to work out that in her body, he'll have all of her memories and knowledge in addition to his own original mind and personality.  In his body, though, she'd have no knowledge of having been Wonder Woman.  She...or rather, he would only have the mind of the pornographer with no memories of today's events at lunch time and after."

"That would be easy to do!" Mxy responded.  "But where's the fun in putting her in his body without having her realize what has happened, what she has lost, and what kind of guy she's going to be?  Why not bring Wondie to be at this guy's side during the swap so HE can see the new Amazon, then have her use that golden lasso on him to erase those memories that don't have anything to do with being the porno guy prior to lunchtime?"

"Hey, I like your way of thinking!  Gives me the idea that I should have Lois finding out who she's to become.  Something to consider.  By the way, you might want to use that interdimensional television or whatever you call it to see what the new Wonder Woman starts doing."

"Hee, hee!" the imp giggled.  "I'll have to go to what watchers on your world call split screen so we can see that and still keep an eye on what's happening in Metropolis.  Let's go, I'll let you lead the way."

The transition back from the Fifth Dimension wasn't quite as fast as when Mxy himself did it each time he came to visit the Man of Steel, but the imp was still impressed by the way Circe did it.  As she'd told him, Keith watched as the witch reappeared mere moments after she'd left, now with Mr. Mxyzptlk at her side.  He walked over to the photographer at his desk and said, "So I hear you want to be Wonder Woman, and Circe tells me I should pay attention to what you do as her.  She says I'll be surprised!  Here's how this is going to work..."  The prankster who usually only pestered Superman and his friends briefed Keith with what he'd told Circe, and with a big grin the soon to be ex-guy nodded an acknowledgment.

"What's Wondie doing right now?" Mxy asked Circe.  "I hope she isn't doing anything where her sudden disappearance would be noticed or significant."

The witch blinked out of sight, to reappear a second or two later.  "I had been worried about that myself, but we're in luck.  She's in her townhouse reading her mail, still in her costume as Keith and I saw her about twenty minutes ago."

"Was she sitting, standing up, or what?" Mxy asked.


Mxy nodded, then told Circe, "Turn the two of us invisible until the swap is done."  The pair disappeared.  Then the imp did the transference spell first.  Suddenly, Wonder Woman was standing right next to Keith with her hands as if they were still holding whatever it was she had been reading.  Then an alarmed look came to her face as she realized she'd been moved.  She looked down at Keith, who in turn was looking up at her, then said, "I know who you are, you're that pornographer who has been demeaning so many women for the past decade or so.  But what am I doing here next to you?"

Mxy took that as his cue, and in that instance the Amazon found that instead of looking down at Keith, she was looking up into her own face.  "Huh?  Wha-" came from the lips of the body she was in, unmistakably low and masculine sounding.

"So that you can get right back into doing all that X-rated work you want to do so much," the voice that used to be hers told him.  At the same time, the golden lasso was being wrapped around his arms, upper chest and the back of the chair.  "Not that you could get up or go away with this lasso binding you so tightly, I order you to remain still and make no effort to try and get up out of that seat."

As soon as the Amazon said that, both Circe and Mr. Mxyzptlk came back into view.  The tied up man saw them, and then had a good idea of what had just happened.

"You're going to just love doing all that X-rated filming that demeans women so much!" Circe said with glee.

"Not a chance," the new Keith replied.  "As soon as my friends hear about what has happened to me, they'll make sure I will be in the body I'm supposed to be in, being the person I truly am."

"Say no more," the new Wonder Woman commanded him, "I order you to keep your lips sealed until I say otherwise.  We're obviously your friends, and it's a sure thing we'll make sure you're in the body you're supposed to be in.  Of course, you truly are Keith Woods, the renowned photographer who does both movies and still image work that showcases the sexual union between men and women, men and other men, and women both together and alone.  The more raunchy the scene, the more you enjoy it!  Since you know you are Keith, there can't be any memories or ideas that you could ever have been some other person.  You only have all your knowledge of what you've done during this life, but only up until the beginning of your lunch today, following which you came back here to your studios and office for a short afternoon nap.  You of course never saw Wonder Woman, Circe or Mr. Mxyzptlk.  Close your eyes and fall asleep now, and when you wake up after this siesta you'll feel so much more refreshed and ready to go."  All three watched as the photographer's eyes shut and his head slumped forward in the lasso induced sleep.  Diana unwrapped the lasso, then coiled it before clipping it to her gold power belt.

"I suggest," Wonder Woman then said, "that one or the other of you shift at least me to my townhouse.  You both should definitely leave here very soon.  You're welcome to join me at home, but to be honest, I'd prefer to be alone so I can get fully acclimated to this incredible body.  Needless to say, I'm very thankful to you both for doing this for me!"

"As you're checking yourself out," Mxy answered, "make sure to take note of a few variations I did to your powers.  They should become apparent as you progress in your tests.  There's no more reason for me to stay in your world now, I'll watch what you get up to from my home."  The imp then disappeared.

"So I guess it's up to me to get you home," Circe said.  "I'll be watching, as you can imagine.  I'll drop in to actually visit if it looks like you need any help.  So unless you change your mind, you won't have to worry about all those past battles with me in your memories."  She did the spell to move the Amazon back to exactly where she'd been earlier, standing next to the end table in her living room to check through the mail.  Then Circe took a last look at the napping Keith before she herself did the vanishing act, going into the ethers again.  She was eager to watch the new owner of Wonder Woman's body finding out what it felt like to be not only a female, but one of the world's most sexy, beautiful and powerful ones.  She was also looking forward to seeing what new powers she would have that Mxy had mentioned.

The first thing done as the new Amazon found herself suddenly to be standing in her living room instead of what had been 'his' office was for the reminted super heroine to stoop and pick up from the floor the mailing from her credit union that was being read when Mxy did the relocation.  Now certain that she could think of herself for real as being Diana Prince, to whom all the mail had been addressed of course, and Wonder Woman, the portion of her mind for which all of this was new was in awe.  The raw power she could feel throughout her body, partly what was naturally hers as an Amazon and partly provided by her golden power belt, really impressed her.  The intense feeling of ultimate female sexuality and the control over power provided by the silver Amazonium bracelets over her wrists, which in her original life she'd always thought of as just a good way of protection from bullets, rays or whatever, were impressing her quite a bit.  Thanks to the original memories in her head to which she had access, the Amazon knew she'd better not let any man ever bind her wrists together at those bracelets or all the super power would leave her body.

The junk mail got heaved and rest sorted and placed on her desk.  Her counterpart had already finished reading the most important and personal mail before Mxy moved her.  Getting online and checking for email could wait until later.  Now it was time for Diana to head for her bedroom.  It was when she found herself in front of the vertical mirror between her dresser drawers and the closet that something occurred to the reborn heroine.  On her feet since the swap took place, she'd obviously been aware of the heels on her boots, but hadn't given them any thought at all.  Why should she have, since she'd been wearing those boots with their rather thick heels all of three or four inches high in all her adventures for the past three decades or so, since changing over from those flat soled and heeled strapped sandals, before changing more recently to the better looking ones...which brought another realization to her mind.  She looked and felt like a woman in her early twenties, a big benefit of her Amazon non-aging immortality heritage.  Seeing her boots in the reflection, she noted that even though the heels were nice stiletto ones now instead of the earlier block style, at only four inches they didn't really do very much to augment her sexuality.  This was of much more concern to the new primary psyche occupying the awesome female body clad in red, white, blue and gold.  But that was something to be checked out after her most important need was filled.

Wonder Woman took a quick look into her closet to actually see what was very well known to be in there.  Like many women and even men, it felt good to just review what was there by looking it over.  All of her clothing was what might be called pretty basic.  To the new psyche seeing it, a different description came to mind - appallingly basic.  There were many pairs of slacks and blouses to go with them and a number of rather pretty dresses for the right occasions.  It struck Diana that her regular day to day wear was what might be called just plain blend in basic.  In addition, the shoes that covered the closet floor seemed boringly simple.  Of course!  A woman would have to be insane to wear sexy shoes with plain old basic clothes.  With a smirk, she figured some shopping trips to clothes and shoe stores were in the offing.  Satisfied for the time being, she closed the closet door.

The super heroine stepped to the center of her bedroom, then went into her spin.  When she stopped, the brunette was naked.  She knew the outfit she'd been wearing was now in the hidden part of her closet.  Additional costumes, if ever needed, were in the closet in her bungalow on Themyscira along with all her Amazon togas, robes, sandals and the like.  Now it was time to make her first exploration of all that was possible with the ultra sexy body she now occupied.  Already she'd noted that out of her gold power belt and the rest of the outfit, her super powers were gone.  But she was still a much more powerful than average woman, for she was an Amazon.  Plus of course, the Amazon who'd beaten and bettered all her sisters in the contest held to choose who would be sent to Man's World as Wonder Woman.

Before heading for her bed, she reached up to heft, squeeze and otherwise play with the massive globes of flesh on her chest.  Many of the women seen though the camera lenses over the years would have yearned to be so well endowed, which made her even more eager to drop in on Keith to see what he could do with her.  Fantasizing while tweaking her nipples was very stimulating, and it pleased her very much to experience the sensations which resulted.  Watching uncountable women do the same with their own breasts through the viewfinders over the years gave the newer part of the gorgeous brunette's psyche a good idea of things to do the original part of her personality had made a point to avoid.  Merely toying with, twisting and pinching her nipples got the juices in her crotch flowing, a part of the intense need she started to feel from down there.

After laying down on the bed, Diana took another cue from all the porn actresses watched in her other life.  First she played around with her tits and nipples a lot more, then while one hand stayed topside her other one caressed her inner thighs adjacent to her slit.  Finally, the hand that had kept at her tits shot toward her pussy and into her very warm and moist opening.  She found her engorged clit with ease, and a split second later the psyche that in the past had experienced only male orgasms came to her first resounding orgasm as a female.  Many more soon followed, proving to the convert that, yes indeed, the capability for multiple orgasms was a tremendous thrill.  The added fact that her very much increased Amazon stamina kept her from feeling tired at all increased the awe with this body she felt.

It was still only mid-afternoon in Gateway City, so Diana went to do a quickie cleanup in her bathroom.  Refreshed, she went to do a check for alerts from either the local police or the Justice League.  Neither showed any activity, so now it was time to see just what she could do with her spins.  She went back into her bedroom since that had the most open space.

The first and most obvious test would be to get back into her costume.  While doing so, she did her first experiment for doing something different.  Instead of picturing herself in her mind in exactly the same thing as worn before, she visualized six-inch stiletto heels on her boots.  When the spin stopped, she could easily feel the much higher arch and softly said, "Well, what do you know!"  Inspired, she went into another spin and came out of it in thigh high versions of her red with white trim boots that had even sexier seven-inch heels.  Adorning her arms were nearly shoulder length red gloves that had white edging on their tops like the boots.  Her bracelets were still there, with the gloves underneath them.  'Great!  Not that I'd want to show up for duty looking like this, at least not right away, but now I know I can do whatever variation of costume I want!' she thought, with more ideas starting to come up.

To see if what she was thinking was possible, Wonder Woman in her much sexier outfit went over to her closet and then made her way into the hidden inner one.  Since she was wearing it, no bodice was hanging on the rack.  However, there on the floor were her six-inch heeled knee high boots.  'Ah, so my supposition is correct!'  She backed out and closed both doors behind her as she went.

For her next spin, Diana imagined herself in the deep blue evening gown in her closet, but instead of any of the modestly heeled shoes on the floor, she pictured herself in shiny black pumps with triple ankle straps and sexy six-inch heels.  In addition, her mental image had her in very classy makeup with her hair styled.  When the spin came to an end and the elegant woman in deep blue stood there posing, the ideas about her changes which Mxy had said would start to become apparent seemed to be doing so.  It started to become obvious to her that whatever she could imagine while spinning was possible.  It also became plain to see that there was no need whatsoever to make any shopping trips to make those additions to her closet.  She made her way back into her costume closet, and found her bodice hanging with the gloves clipped next to it.  Both pairs of boots were below them on the floor.  It started to seem even better and better to her, and she went back out into the bedroom.  'Let's see, I got previously nonexistent parts for my costume and then shoes I didn't have before.'  She started to reason that her garb could be whatever she desired.

The gowned and elegant looking brunette went into another spin.  When it stopped, there was no way to see that her classy makeup had been replaced by severe and very wicked looking makeup.  Her head was covered by a shiny black hood that allowed her long black hair to shoot up through a short, thin pipe atop the back of her head and allowed only her eyes and lips to be seen with air holes at her nostrils.  Her body was encased in head to toe gleaming black dominatrix latex, with knee high glistening black laced up boots putting her on her toes in wickedly sharp ballet heels.  A black belt around her hips well below her waist had clips holding cuffs, paddles, gags of various styles, chains, locks, canes and other tools of domination.  A coiled, ten-foot bull whip was in her gloved left hand.  Now she knew anything was possible, and in addition, just as hoped she found that walking about in her bedroom in the extreme heels was no problem.  'Seems like I can wear any kind of heels I want!'

So if it seemed like anything was possible, Mistress Diana went into another spin, her whip bunched tightly in her hand.  When the spin stopped, she was still holding a whip, but instead of being a bull whip it was an even more wicked looking cat-o'-nine-tails.  The black latex was now in the form of that worn by the feline felon from Gotham City, for Diana was now Catwoman!  Catwoman spun, and got replaced by a villainess whose costume bared nearly all her skin.  Diana was in the green of Poison Ivy.  But while Catwoman's cowl and mask showed her same black hair but hid her different face for the most part so she looked almost exactly right, as Ivy she looked all wrong.  Pamela's face was very much different and she had long red hair.  

Poison Ivy did a spin, and when she stopped she had both the correct face and gloriously long red hair, but with her shorter height and also less bulbous chest.  More interesting to Diana than her complete physical transformation to an entirely different body, face and hair was that she could sense the various venoms circulating through her body, for she'd also gotten Ivy's super powers!  This really got her wondering, so the super villainess in green did another spin, which resulted in the appearance of a slightly taller woman with short blonde hair and a costume with a white bodice having a huge oval that exposed the cleavage of her exotic dancer sized boobs.  Now Diana had become Power Girl, and this time she could easily feel the incredible powers gotten with that change.  "Oh, WOW!" she exclaimed.  "Such possibilities..."

"So that's what Mxy has done for her!" Circe noted from her perch in the ethers after watching the display of spins.

"You've given her the power to look any way she wishes?!" Mxy's wife Ms. Gsptlsnz said in surprise after the pair had watched on their monitor, now set up as a wall sized, split screen display.  Nothing yet of any importance had happened on the other screen, and both hoped to see what Circe might do with Lois.

"Hee, hee!  Yes, and you couldn't tell from the screen or what she said, but if whoever she looks like has any super powers, she gets those in addition.  Now, if she does what I hope, you're going to be seeing a real show in the near future!" he replied.

When Diana saw her reflection in the mirror, full realization came to her.  'Ah, so not only can I wear whatever I conjure during my spins, I can turn into anybody I wish!  I can look any way I want to now, along with powers if applicable!  Hmmm, these ultra large boobs give me and idea...'  Power Girl went into a spin then, and when she stopped there was a much shorter but grossly over endowed woman with knee length golden blonde hair standing there in a golden string panty and golden pasties over her nipples.  On her feet were gold colored shoes like the black pumps Diana had worn with her gown, but this time the straps each had little locks on them.  She now looked exactly like the exotic dancer filmed in the studio four months earlier but soon thereafter moved to Florida to tend to her mother.  "I wish I could thank you for doing this for me, Mxy!" she said out loud.

The imp suddenly popped into view with a huge grin on his face, then said, "You're welcome!  Have fun, my dear!"  Then he went right back to his wife's side to watch from home.

Circe couldn't resist, and after Mxy left she blinked into view.  "That's a really fantastic power the imp has given you!" she told the sexy blonde.  "I just know I'm going to be happy with what you do now to help Keith with his porno work."

"Oh, yes!" the bimbo giggled.  "I've already got plans to give him a lot of subjects for filming.  Please don't interfere, just watch, though."

"Right!  Bye for now," Circe replied, and went back into the ethers.

As soon as Circe left her alone again, Diana went into another spin.  Coming out of it, she was still in the same ultra sexy body of Susie Hastings but now had cut off jeans shorts and a bright green, ribbed fabric tube top adorning her body.  Street legal now, the blonde was about to leave when her attention was caught by her normally used purse for out of costume use.  It was, like all the clothing intended to with it, plain and basic.  The eager to be a porn star young woman was going to grab it and take it for a spin when an idea came to her.  'Why bother to change it and all the IDs and everything else when I can just as easily create a new one with everything in it just the way they need to be.'  She did another spin which resulted in a dark blue clutch purse being held in her left hand.  'I'll find out at the studio if what Mxy did for me is as good as I hope.'

Diana Prince's place was a bit more than six blocks away from the studio, counting two turns.  While it would be an easy walk for her, the sexy blonde knew she'd attract far too much attention doing so.  The alternative was simplicity itself; she pulled the cell phone out of her purse and called a cab.  That phone and being able to pay the driver with cash from her purse upon arrival proved two parts of her hopes were correct.  It took a few presses of the door buzzer to get the still napping pornographer inside to unlock the door, and she could imagine his surprise at seeing Susie back at his place again.

What she found when just inside the door proved the rest of Diana's hopes.  Not only was there a perfectly legal and correct California drivers license for her temporary identity, but in addition she found a checkbook in the name of Goddess Models.  It was a truly existing account the magic had generated, at the same credit union Diana had her accounts.  She didn't feel any qualms at all in having the account started with a more or less 'out of thin air' minimal one hundred dollars, all the correct paperwork (and computer entries!) in place and even the IRS details taken care of, in addition to the hundred dollars cash in her purse, some of which had been used to pay the cab driver.  The business acumen gained in her prior life was beneficial in making it so that the new Keith would be able to pay her no matter who she appeared before him as for filming, all going to the same account.  Then again, no accounts would be needed for any under the table compensation in hard cash the pornographer might wish to pass on.

As expected, Diana as Susie found none of the studios to be in use, and upon coming to his glassed in office found Keith to be still showing signs of having just awakened from his nap.  She knocked at his door, then waved at him with a cute smile through the glass adjacent to it.  "Come on in, it's not locked," she heard him say.

Walking through the doorway, Keith said to her, "Hi, Susie.  Back from Florida, I presume, but for how long?  It sure is great to see you again!"

"Hi," she said while approaching his desk, "Mom's doing okay on her own right now, so I should be here for a while.  Can I presume that since I didn't see any of the studios in use as I came in, I might be able to put some of my free time to good use?"

"Yes indeed!" he replied with enthusiasm.  "I've got nobody booked yet for the rest of the day or night.  Now, if I was to get any more walk-ins, that's another matter."

'Seems like he's really getting into his new life now,' Susie mused.  "You should be getting a bit more usage of your studios soon," she told him.  "In the short time since I got back from Florida, I've gotten together with a few of the other girls I know and started a small, so far, modeling agency.  You can make out our paychecks to Goddess Models.  So what would you like me to do, some stills or some more movie work?"

"Great to know that you've started that agency, I look forward to working with you and the other girls.  Your video is still one of my moderately high selling ones, so let's do some working the pole dance poses to start.  Go ahead and get yourself set up while I get my cameras.  Hey, before you head for the studio, just how many other girls are you working with?"

"Four so far in addition to me, with more to come, I'm sure.  I just know you're going to have a lot of fun working with us, and one of the four is going to be a big surprise for you, I bet!"

"WOW!  Thanks for letting me know.  Any hints about that surprise?"

The blonde bombshell grinned.  "Nope!  Any hints at all would give her away and ruin the surprise.  Go ahead and get your cameras, I'll be waiting for you at the pole."

As predicted, when the anxious to get shooting Keith entered the exotic dancer studio, he found the gorgeous blonde posed with her feet at the base of the pole and held in a sexy lean by her extended right arm and hand grasping it.  She was just like at the start of a dance routine, wearing only her golden shoes, string panty and pasties.  She gave him the works, followed by a long session of self stimulation he eagerly shot using the zoom capabilities going from full form at wide angle to extreme close ups at longer focal lengths.  Since she herself had been the pornographer until shortly before, the blonde slut knew exactly what to give him.  What fascinated Diana pretending to be Susie during the hour and a bit spent posing and masturbating was that even in the body she now had, it seemed she still enjoyed full Amazon stamina.  She'd been thrilled by too many orgasms to count, and they hadn't drained her a bit.  She assumed it was another side benefit of the powers Mxy had given her.  She was starting to feel it was really great being transformed into Wonder Woman, with any doubts or hesitations expressed to Circe being forgotten.

* * * *

In his alternate dimension, Mxy turned to note the big smile on Gizbie's face.  "What did I tell you," he said, "she really came through!  This has been a great change for Wonder Woman that Circe wanted, and I sure hope what she does to Lois Lane will be just as exciting."

"Me too!  You gave the new Amazon some really impressive new powers to play with!  I just loved seeing her acting so playfully slutty!"

In her own somewhere in the mists realm, Circe herself was just smiling very broadly after watching Susie's bit.  She just knew more was to come soon, giving her more and more ideas for how to change the Man of Steel's wife.

* * * *

"I'm hoping you got enough to satisfy your needs, Mr. Woods," Susie said.  "I've done about as much as I can handle in one session," she lied.

Keith nodded while replying with a big smile, "Please, just call me Keith.  I got a lot more than I'd hoped for, thanks for such a great comeback photo session.  I'll have your check waiting for you at the desk when you're dressed and ready to leave.  Feel free to freshen up in the ladies room if you so desire."

"I'll do that, thanks.  And remember, don't write the check to me, make it out to Goddess Models."

"Gotcha.  I presume your other girls will mention being with you."

Susie giggled.  "They'd better!"  Then she started picking up her discarded clothing, the hint for Keith that it was time for him to head back to his office.

As the photographer was handing the check to her a few moments later, the altered Amazon said, "On the assumption made from what you told me earlier, I'll call the other girls and see who else can come here before you quit for the night.  Presuming an hour to an hour and a half for prep, filming and afterward, I figure no more than three of the others.  Am I close?"

"If I didn't know better," Keith replied, "I'd think you must have had a lot of experience in doing these shoots.  Really, I could go on all night if need be, but it would be good to take time to review what got filmed and then get home to bed.  So yes, three more of your girls would pretty much fill my night, especially if any of them give me as good a session as you just did.  You'll find that I thanked you with a big bonus on your paycheck."  She looked, and whistled softly.  "What I got from you could probably keep me busy all night without any of your other girls coming in, and ought to bring in a lot for me!"

"That's what I was hoping!" the cutie told him.  "I'll try to make sure each of us calls in advance to set things up so you don't get surprised by walk ins.  And three out of four...I guess the odds of your surprise coming in tonight are pretty good.  All depends on her availability, I suppose.  So until next time, ta ta."

As the blonde went out his door, the very pleased pornographer who had no idea he used to be the woman who'd be the big surprise for him got back to reviewing and editing the new image files on his computer.  He'd been at it for a bit more than ten minutes when his phone rang.  "Hi, Woods Studios."

"Hello, Mr. Woods.  This is Gabrielle Thomas.  Susie just called and said you could put me to use.  I can get there in about fifteen minutes, depending on traffic."

"Thanks for calling, Ms. Thomas-"

"Gabby, please."

"Right, Gabby.  And you can call me Keith.  I'm still working on all the great imagery I got from Susie.  So whenever you get here will be good.  Any preference for video or still posing so I can be prepared?"

"I'm hoping for video, but I can go either way," Gabby responded.  "I've had a lot of experience in both, but only with private photographers who didn't publish.  They didn't pay anywhere near as well as Susie says you do."

"I think you'll find that my pay is quite good, like Susie has said, and your experience should be a big help.  It's great that you can go either way.  We'll start with video, and see what pun intended.  See you in a little bit."

"Right, bye!"

With what she knew about the immediate area around the studio from her past life, Diana still in the form of the blonde Susie had walked two blocks to a day care center.  She knew for certain that the kids weren't taken into the adult restrooms and that it was unlikely either of the two women watching the youngsters at the time their parents would be starting to come and pick them up would be using the ladies room.  For what she was planning to wear at the next session, it became an easy choice as to how she'd look as the next pornography subject.  She also figured if the magic had been so good for what was in her purse the first time, it would be just as helpful for the second visit.

Coming out of her spin, Diana was back to being a taller beauty with a more normal sized but still full and big chest and long black hair.  She was clad in a sleeveless burgundy V-neck pullover blouse and jeans with black ankle boots.  Her natural stature was added to by the elegant five-inch spike heels on her boots.  Over her right shoulder was a tan purse holding a different wallet with different ID and credit cards along with her remaining cash, along with a different cell phone.  With the knowledge that the phone on what was her desk until a couple of hours earlier had caller ID, the changing Amazon planned to have a different phone for each of the personas she'd use to call Keith and then get photographed.  Over her left shoulder was a light grey duffle bag holding her planned outfits for the upcoming shoot.  She called Keith right after changing, and Gabby left at a casual pace after hanging up.

To use up some of the time heading back, Gabby walked into a McDonalds on the way and got a salad and coffee.  She ended up tapping on Keith's door just under twenty minutes after her call, and she doubted the difference would bother him since the photographer was still working with the imagery taken on her earlier visit.  He looked upon hearing her knock, and liked what he saw right away, even in her street clothes.  He clicked save on his computer, then got up to go greet his next subject.

"Hi, Gabby I presume?" Keith said while holding the door open for her.

"Yes, and hello, Keith," she answered while passing him on the way in.  "Sorry I'm late."

"Late?" he grinned.  "You could have fooled me.  Did Susie say anything to you about the long and fantastic session we did?  There's so much great imagery on file, it's going to be difficult deciding what NOT to use."

"No, all she mentioned was that she'd just finished with you," Gabby told him.  "But I can easily imagine how her session went.  In trying to persuade us to join her new group, Susie made a point of describing you as one of the best.  And you'd better believe I know what kind of a show that girl can give!"

"I'm looking forward to seeing just what I can do with you and the other Goddess girls.  I'm presuming you've got some special outfits in your bag.  But can you get started with some nude video?"

"Sounds good to me, lead the way."

Keith led his latest subject to exactly the studio she was expecting, and proceeded to strip while the avid pornographer got his video camera set up.  Echoing what she had done for him as Susie, the brunette put on a stunningly erotic display.  Every pose ever seen by Keith from his side of the lens in the past was now in her mind, and if the new version of him had worried about trying to select just what to use amongst all the sexy images of Susie, she just knew he'd have a quandary trying to edit down all the video footage.  After they'd been at it for nearly forty-five minutes, Keith said, "You've given me some really fantastic action scenes to work with, Gabby!  Now, how about surprising me with some of the costumes you brought along for some still photo work."

"I'm glad you liked what I did for you so far!  How about if we go to the pole studio for a start on the pictures, Susie told me I'd have some great opportunities in there."

"Okay, I'll give you a few minutes to dress up, give a knock from inside the door when you're ready."

Gabby opened up the bag she'd brought along and placed all the street safe wear inside it.  Then she pulled out all the pieces for the first outfit for the shooting and quickly got into them.  Then, while she knew exactly where the studio they'd be using was located, to keep up her act as being a new to the studios member of Goddess Models she walked over to the door and gave it a tap.

Keith opened the door, giving him a view of the photogenic brunette dressed in a glittering, deep red bustierre with a matching top hat, huge bow tie and wrist covering gauntlets, black spotted white shorts going from under the bustierre to just below her crotch and gleaming black thigh high hose.  On her feet were pumps in the same glittering deep red, with six-inch stiletto heels.  "Oh, wow!" he exclaimed.  "You're about the right height, and with your long black hair and the way your face looks with the way you're dressed, I'd almost think I was looking at Zatanna from the Justice League in a much more sexy and colorful version of her usual costume.  The obvious way to caption photos of you like this would be as an erotic cosplay babe, or even Zatanna herself, showing how the heroine would look being photographed as a pornographic slut."

'Hmm, I'd only made myself look a bit like Zatanna to make this outfit look even better, but that gives me ideas to go a lot further than just giving him Wonder Woman as a porn model...'  Gabby put on a big grin.  "Yeah!  So let's get going and show the world what a great exotic arts star Zatanna could be.  Too bad I didn't make this costume look a lot more like her actual one, but I liked all the colors a lot more than her basic black and white with just a bit of gold and red trim.  Show me the way to that great studio Susie told me about with the exotic dancer pole."  She picked up her bag and purse and followed the pornographer as he left the studio.

He led the colorful Zatanna wannabe down the hall, then opened the door to the studio that still bore the distinctive aroma of Susie's sex and sweat.  "Ah, yes!" she said upon sighting the exotic dance studio setup.  "This looks so good, I wonder if you could do some flash pictures in a setting like a real exotic dance club?  I know I don't have the monster tits most dancers have, but I think I can make up for that by showing off what I do have."

"Just the way Zatanna herself would being doing this," Keith replied.  "I guess Susie didn't mention to you that we did some of her set in here in the dark.  Let's start in the dark for you, just like you're the JLA's magician doing a slut act at a club."  Gabby did just that, giving a show that probably would have garnered hundreds of dollars in tips from those who'd be enthralled by the debased heroine in a real club, stuffed in her black garter belt before it too joined the other discarded garments and the cash became piled on the floor.  By the time she finished her seductive colorful Zatanna strip and dance act, nothing at all hid her glistening skin from view.  The enthralled photographer was wondering if his subject was going along with music he couldn't hear as she continued to dance in erotic ways with the pole, giving him more and more imagery of her gloriously naked body.

Gabby gave a hold signal to Keith, then told him, "How about turning the lights back on now?  If you liked what I gave you in the dark, just wait to see and photograph how I show off in the light."

"You've got me stunned so far already, and you're saying there's even better yet to come?" he replied.  "I can't wait to see this!"  On came the lights, and Keith got a show that made the over-endowed Susie's pale in comparison.  He guessed the difference might be that Susie gave a playfully blonde erotic show, while Gabby was giving a wickedly seductive brunette erotic show.  When he noticed that she'd been at it since starting with the nude video for a bit more than an hour, the pornographer wondered where she was getting all her energy from.  He looked up and said, "Okay, hold still for a moment!  I'm betting I could keep getting more and more unbelievably good pictures of you, but let's wrap this up.  Susie told me I might see two more of you Goddesses this evening, so as much as I'd like to keep at it with you, I want to sample more of what you girls have to offer."

She grinned slyly, than Gabby told Keith, "Sorry, I'd lost track of the time.  I was having so much fun!  Tell you what, while I'm getting dressed I'll call Diana, Kerry and Mikey to see if any of them are ready to go and can get in here to follow me.  I'm presuming Susie called each of them when she called me."

"Mikey?" he replied, sounding puzzled.

"Michelle Patterson," the brunette said with a laugh.  "That slutty redhead picked up that nickname in grade school back when she was a young tomboy, and she kept it even after morphing into a devilishly gorgeous female during high school when puberty and hormones did their thing.  It was in grade school that I first met her, and we've been close friends ever since."

"The way you've described her," Keith said, "Mikey sounds like just as potent a package as you and Susie have been.  I have to tell you, I've been doing this for a bit less than a decade, and the two of you have been some of the best photo subjects I've ever had.  Susie even outdid what she did for me the last time she was here, and it seems like she's doing an incredible job in getting you girls together."

"Thanks for the compliment!  I'm really glad Susie got us all together after she got back from taking care of her mother, and it's a sure thing Goddess Models will grow with even more sexual show offs soon."

"It's sure working out good for me so far, and that's just from working with the first two of you.  I'd better leave this room so you can get dressed."  As he turned the knob on the door, Keith added, "Susie told me one of you would be a real surprise for me.  I presume I've at least heard her name mentioned now, and I'm betting Mikey won't be the surprise unless she's even more sexy and erotic than you described."

Gabby cut him off before the pornographer could go any further.  "Hold on!  If you think I'm going to give away our secret weapon, forget it!"

With a big smile he left her, concluding, "All right, I'll just wait and see.  I'll have your paycheck at the desk for you on your way out."

Gabby was thinking of just spinning back into her street wear after he left, but she was starting to really enjoy getting into and out of feminine finery.  However, after taking her time getting back into her lingerie, blouse and jeans and zipping on her black ankle boots, she did do a spin to come out of it holding different cell phone.  A thought came to her just before keying in Keith's number, and another spin resulted in the sight of a petite beauty with much larger than average but not too overly disproportionate tits and shoulder length white as snow hair.  Now she'd have the right voice to go with the new phone, and the number got entered.

"Hi, this is Keith at Woods Studios," said the photographer who until a few hours before had been Wonder Woman while enjoying immensely seeing the photo files of Gabby lit by the flashes, looking very much as if she really was Zatanna.

"Good evening Keith, my name is Kerry Mathis.  Gabby just called to say she'd just finished with you.  Susie told me earlier about you wanting to finish up at some point this evening, so with that long time that Gabby took, I want to just do a quickie session for my first time.  If that's okay with you, that is."

"That sounds fine to me.  Gabby's still here, but I can start with you as soon as you get here.  How long do you think it will take?"

"I've been ready to go since Susie called.  Let's see, it's 8:03 right now, so presuming there aren't any traffic problems, I should get there at about 8:25 or so."

"That'll work out pretty good.  I'll be listening for the buzzer.  Susie told you about how to get in here, right?"

"Yes, wait for the door to click open after the buzzer," Kerry said, "then go down the hallway to your lit up, glass walled office."

"That's got it, so drive safely and I'll see you in a little bit."

"Right, bye."

"Bye, bye."

As soon as the connection closed, the white haired sex goddess went into a spin to reappear as Gabby.  She picked up her purse and bag, then headed for Keith's office.  She waved through the glass after lighting knocking at his door.  "I'm all set to go," she said after he waved her in, "except for maybe a last chat and getting my check, that is!"

"Yeah, take a seat if you'd like.  Thanks for calling while you were back there.  Kerry's going to be here in twenty minutes or so.  You're welcome to stay and say hi when she gets here, if you'd like."

Gabby grinned.  "I chatted with her enough on the phone, so while it might be nice to see her tonight, I'll pass.  Since you liked my colorful and exotic Zatanna, would you like me to do up some more costumes?"

"Yes, of course!  That might result in some more fun photo sessions," Keith replied.  He picked up her paycheck and while passing it to her added, "And not just known heroine and villainess ones, some original ones would be great to see; in addition, just imagine what we could do with some male heroes or villains finding out what a thrill it is to be promiscuously slutty and sexually expressive female."

Gabby looked at her pay as he was saying this, and noted an even larger amount than what was given to her as Susie.  Taking particular note of what he was suggesting, she thought, 'Is he starting to think the way I was just before Circe showed up?  Very interesting, this gives me even more fun ideas!'  She smiled, then said, "I wasn't expecting anything like this much for my pay, thank you very much!  I'll keep your costume suggestions in mind, and maybe I can persuade some of the other Goddess girls to help me out.  I might have to invest in some good quality wigs, too."

"All of that would add to the variety of subject matter for the shoots," Keith told her, "giving me chances for more and more income...and so much fun in working to get it!  And speaking of income, you more than earned that big paycheck."

Gabby nodded while saying, "I guess I'll be going now.  Have fun with Kerry."  On the way out of his office, she was starting to wonder where to go to change this time.  For any more future multiple babe visits, getting a room at the Holiday Inn four blocks west of the studio would be good.  Walking past all the unused photo studios on the way out, an inspiration came.  'I don't have to go anywhere to change, I can easily do it right here!'  The closest one to the door leading outside was the bedroom studio, and if Keith went along with her suggestion she'd be coming right back to it for the next batch of photos.  Gabby went into it and closed the door behind herself, then hit the light switch.

There wouldn't be any need for the costume bag as Kerry, so during her spin both the latest purse and the bag went into her costume closet at home.  Kerry reappeared, clad in a sinfully short, faded denim miniskirt with a frayed hem, a sleeveless V-neck black spandex leotard and just over the knee shiny black stretch boots with five-inch spike heels.  A black clutch purse was in her left hand, holding the checkbook, her remaining cash, the latest cell phone and a black lace panty and bra set if needed.  At the moment, nothing covered her tits and crotch other than the leotard which emphasized her erect nipples and the skirt which gave tantalizingly brief glimpses of her snow white bush.  'Now I just have to figure out how to kill fifteen or so minutes...'

The white haired babe went out of the small room and thence out the door and onto the street.  She was by no means the only provocatively dressed woman in the immediate area, and decided to spend the time by going into the shop three blocks south which specialized in clothing and footwear for these women.  On the way, she had to wave off and further discourage two drivers who misinterpreted her reason for being on the street dressed as she was.

She'd only made one visit to the shop five years earlier as Keith to get some lingerie for one of his photo subjects.  The general layout of the place was similar to the faded memories she had, and a grin came as she noted that it was a sure thing the original occupier of her mind would never have even stepped into the place unless she was trying to apprehend somebody.  Luckily for her though, even if the contents of the shop would have revolted the heroine whose place she'd taken, the feminine mindset she now had gave her a much deeper interest in the items displayed for sale than they had for him five years before.  Kerry had no intention of purchasing anything, but while looking around got ideas for future acquisitions and also magical additions to her closet collection.  If nothing else, she intended to tell Keith there were ulterior motives for the black she was wearing and the section of the store holding clothing, accessories and tools of the domination and discipline trade held particular interest.

Time flew while she was browsing, and with plenty of ideas gained it was time to head back to the studios.  The white haired beauty lost a couple of minutes fending off more drivers who thought she was a hooker, but while getting back to the door and its buzzer an interesting train of thought came to her.  'I know my immortality and Amazon strength will be lost if I have sex and get pregnant as Diana, but in any of these alternate forms I can get into thanks to Mxy, I bet I could have all the sex I want and not have a thing to worry about.  In fact, I bet if I were to allow sperm into my body, they wouldn't stay with me as I spun into a different body.  Hmmm...'

Kerry got to the door only a tad after the time she'd told Keith.  She got admitted after the first press of the buzzer.  The pornographer was mightily impressed with just the first glimpse of the beauty framed in glorious white through the glass adjacent to his door, and after opening it he got an even better look.  "Hi, Keith," she said in greeting, "I'm Kerry, and I just found out that the directions Susie gave for getting from the front door to your office weren't really needed.  The lights from your office make it simple to figure out where to go."

"Right.  A long time ago I used to go answer the front door, but it became obvious that was a waste of time and energy."

"Speaking of time," Kerry said, "I'd love to chat, but the sooner we get going the more time you'll have for your final Goddess of the evening.  I called her during my drive over, and I guess by now you know Diana is your special surprise.  She asked me to call as soon as I knew I'd be finishing."

"I've got a suggestion, then," Keith said.  "Since you asked for a short session, I'll promise to finish your shoot by 9:00.  So you can call her right now and let her know."

'Oh, oh...guess I'll have to fake that call instead of just pretending I'd done it.  Should work since he'll only hear my end of the conversation.'  Kerry got the phone out of her purse while saying, "Good idea, that'll give her more time to get set."  She punched her own number at the condo which made it a real call to Diana, then started to fake it.  "Hi, Diana, it's Kerry...Yeah, we're not done yet, in fact I just got here and we're about to get started, but Keith told me to count on being finished at 9...Oh, okay, I'll tell him...Right, bye!"  While putting the phone away she told Keith, "She said she got a call right after mine earlier and thinks she's going to be busy until sometime between 9:30 and 10, so you'll get a short break between finishing with me and her getting here.  Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!"

"I'm sure!" he answered.  "By the way, you look incredible with that snow white hair framing your beautiful face.  Offsetting it with that black you're wearing is a powerful image."

"Thanks, and just for the record, I don't know if besides doing all the pure...oops, wrong word!...all the blatantly female sexual organ related photography, you do any scenes concerning domination and discipline.  That's one of my favorite ways to spend my time."

"I had a feeling that might be why you came dressed this way," he replied.  "I haven't done anything like that since back when I first started, but it might be a good time to think about starting again.  Did you know Gabby is really into costume play?  Some of the ideas she and I discussed might in using costumes might work very well with a dominatrix involved."

"Yes, she's really into that stuff.  Definitely something to think about.  Also, right now I'm going commando but I've got a bra and panty in my purse.  Think I'll need them for our shorty?"

"Nope, we can get right into getting a lot of nude imagery.  But I think a lot of my buyers would enjoy seeing you leave those boots on for a lot of the pictures."

"I figured that!  So can we use that little bedroom studio Susie told me you have?"

"Just what I was thinking...let's get going!"

For twenty or so minutes, the white haired and bushed sex bomb burned up oodles of gigs of photo imagery, then for the last seven or eight minutes her totally naked body was committed to files.  Keith loved it, and looked forward to spending a lot more time with this dominant minded Goddess.  He had her out with a nice check in her hand after a quick dressing (actual quick, not spin quick) right at 9, and then he got back to reviewing what was on his computer while waiting for the surprise named Diana to get there.

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