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April Fool's Joke Gone Bad 2010 Wonder Woman & Lois Lane Who's Who In The JLA and Legion Of Doom, the second story Infiltrating, Affiliating and Serving
by Steve Zink

She kept waiting until the scanners showed that Lois Lane was alone in her home without Superman around.  The Man of Steel was a very dedicated husband, and seemed to be staying at home more than she could ever remember in the past.  Granted, nothing was going on up where she was in the Watchtower, and no other matters were being handled by the Justice League at the moment.  Finally, the scanners showed him leaving the townhouse, zooming away to points unknown.

Wonder Woman left the communications center and went to the airlock to board her invisible jet.  Few other of her fellow Justice League of America members knew the vehicle was actually an alien entity that not only had normal jet engines for flight in the atmosphere, but also ion pulse engines for travel in space...or something as simple as simple cart wheels or a bicycle, whatever was needed for her transportation needs.  Unlike the astronauts who had to don full pressure suits for transit to and from the ISS, inside her jet the Amazon was in a perfectly sealed normal Earth atmosphere with no need for anything more than the costume she was wearing.  The jet also had total stealth whenever its pilot wanted it, and so it was that nothing at the Watchtower showed the departure of the jet containing the most powerful of the heroines in the League.

The jet engine of her craft was shut down at a high enough altitude so that few if any people below could hear it, and the vertical arrival was handled by a variation of the ion drive that could almost be called a totally silent antigravity device.  Diana landed in a square not far from the Kent-Lane household, and since it was after dark on a Friday evening not very many folks were around to see the incredibly well shaped form clad in bright red, white, blue and gold step out of...nothing.  She sealed the jet, then leapt into the sky on her own to land on the porch outside the living room on the ninth floor.  Through the thin gaps in the curtains, Wonder Woman could see that Lois was seated on her couch watching something on the television.  She tapped the glass sliding door with her knuckle, and watched as the reporter got up to take a peek through the curtain.  The door was opened immediately, with a, "Wonder Woman!  Come on in."

She stepped in, then in a purposeful pose the Amazon said, "Lois, I'm here on a request for help with what I hope can be a really fun April Fool's Joke.  Could I ask for your help for what may be a week or less task that would keep you away from your home and job?"

The pretty brunette gave the heroine with the body of a black haired goddess a quizzical look, then said, "I can call and give a message to the overnight desk at the Planet that I'm taking an emergency leave for a week or so, but what should I do as far as leaving any word for Clark?"

"Just leave a note telling him that you got told about a story lead and left immediately to work on it; you'll be back as soon as the investigation is completed."

Lois went over to her phone and punched the number for the Planet while picking up a pen to use the notepad next to it.  "Hi, Mark, it's Lois Lane.  Tell Perry I hate to do this on such short notice, but I need to take a week or so off to handle an emergency...Yeah, that's right.  It might be handled in less than a week, but better to be safe and not tie my return to a specific date...Thanks, and I'll check back in as soon as I can...Good night."

On the paper, she had scribbled,

    Right after you left I got word from one of my leads
    about a situation to check on.  I might be gone for
    a week, maybe less, maybe more.

"Okay, I'm all set at the Planet, and this should give Clark just enough to know why I'm not here."  She placed the note on the table in front of the couch, then Lois asked, "Now that I'm no longer here, what is it you wanted me to help you with?"

"If you're willing to go along with me," Diana told her, "not only will you not be here, you won't be anywhere at all...not as yourself, anyway.  I just got word two days ago about a scheme being developed by Gorilla Grodd for the Legion of Doom.  Now, I happen to know that both Giganta and Killer Frost are in detention at the moment, with nobody else in the Legion aware they just got nabbed.  So in an effort to staunch the plan at its source and play a huge joke on Grodd, would you be willing to become Killer Frost while I become Giganta?"

"Take the place of those two and actually get inside the Legion of Doom?  It wouldn't be the first time I've played the role of somebody else, and this seems to be a real challenge," Lois replied.  "Should we use the Plastimold to change ourselves?"

Wonder Woman shook her head.  "I know the Plastimold would be just as able to give us both the bodies and powers of those two villainesses, but the idea of getting in and out of S.T.A.R. Labs to do the changes to and changes back seems hazardous.  No, what I plan to do is fly us both to Themyscira and go under the Purple Ray, which can do the same job in total privacy.  No hassles from any of my sister Amazons or my Mother the Queen, either.  Oh, and your past role playing is the main reason I asked you instead of Black Canary, the only other Justice League female member who was up at the Watchtower.  So, are you still willing to help?"

As she nodded, Lois said, "So where's your jet?"

"Parked two blocks away.  I know your husband usually leaves via the window of your bedroom, but could we leave the same way I arrived, by way of your patio deck?"

Lois grinned, "It's almost as stealthy and unseen as the window, so why not.  I presume I'm about to get a ride through the air more like the one I got from Supergirl a while back instead of the usual?"

Now it was Princess Diana's turn to grin.  "I'm not sure if my breasts are as indestructibly hard as Supergirl's, and they're not quite as large as Power Girl's, so a ride from me should be about the same as what you got from Supergirl.  Shall we?"  She pointed her open hand toward the sliding door.

Lois turned off the TV and the lights, grabbed her purse, then opened her patio door in the dark.  The pair stepped out, followed by the door being sealed again behind them.  The purse got slung over her right shoulder, then the pretty brunette opened her arms as if for a hug.  Wonder Woman grabbed her just like a hug, making the just inducted joke helper wonder if the tales of lesbian lore concerning the Amazons were more truth than fiction.  Instead of the more usual powerful leap, Lois found her bearer to more gently rise and wend her way through the air currents for a few seconds until they were right above...nothing but an open square.

When they alit, Diana let go of Lois and walked over to a panel only she could see or know about.  She tapped it, and the canopy arose over the jet's cockpit.  "Okay," she grinned, "I know you can't see the ladder or what you're climbing into, but just trust me, all right?"

When she stuck out her opened hand to where Wonder Woman was standing, Lois felt the vertical bar on one side or the other of the aircraft that wasn't there's ladder.  She moved her other hand around until finding a step, then felt oriented.  Her right foot was lifted until her toes hit the underside of the bottom step, then got pulled back and lifted higher to come down on it.  Then it just became a matter of grabbing the two verticals with her hands and slowly going up the ladder by sensing for each step with her feet.  When she got to the end of the ladder, presumably at the cockpit rim, the pilot said, "Just like getting into an F-15E or any of the other two seat versions of the fighters.  You've done that before, right?"

"You better believe it!" Lois answered while gripping the edge and lifting her right leg up and over it.  She felt the seat's front edge while putting her leg in, and this gave her all the sense of location she needed.  She planted her right foot in the right side well in front of the seat, then grabbed the other side and hoisted her left leg in.  Upon sitting, it did feel just like the ejector seats of the birds she'd flown in before.  "Now, I presume it's a matter of not touching anything until you're seated up front, right?"

Wonder Woman actually giggled!  "Not as dangerous as any of those Air Force or Navy jets you've been in.  You're in what is really just a passenger seat, more like an airliner seat all by itself.  So get situated, and I'll be up in a moment."

Lois plopped down into a not there but really there seat which turned out to feel quite comfortable compared to an ejector seat, and by the time she was settled Diana was already seated in front of her.  It looked really odd with the pilot seeming to be just sitting in midair just like she was.  The canopy was lowered as the ladder got retracted, and to the passenger's surprise, the interior full of instruments and panels up front and a very simple rear where she was became visible after the bubble overhead was sealed shut.

"Strap in...this baby can really move!" her pilot said, without the need of any microphones or headsets.  Lois found the seat and shoulder belts, just in the nick of time.  The jet lifted off vertically, then shot into the sky heading toward an invisible and uncharted island in the Atlantic.

They landed in the dead of the night on a crushed stone and mortar pad just as good as concrete right next to Princess Diana's personal chalet.  The jet was noticed by no more Amazons than it had by folks in Metropolis and, after the pair debarked, Wonder Woman sealed it up.  Then she led her new assistant into what looked like a simple stone and mortar building with a few curtained windows and a simple, sloped tile roof on the outside.  Inside, Lois discovered just how plush the home of the Amazon princess was.  It looked rather simple, but oh so exquisite.

Diana went straight to her closet and did a simple disrobing as opposed to her usual magical method, and said while doing so, "Go ahead and strip.  You can hang your blouse and skirt in the closet and put your purse and undies on the shelf above them.  You'll find that walking barefoot in here is a joy for your feet."

"I can just imagine," Lois replied as before anything else she shucked her low block heels.  She found the presumed lamb skin rug to be indescribably soft.  It did take her a bit longer to get naked, part of the reason being a few stops to look at the perfect form of her now nude Amazon hostess.  While she was doing so, Diana was writing a note addressed to her Mother.  She placed it into an envelope and sealed it, then on the outside wrote, 'Open only if I'm not back in two weeks. Diana 26 March.'

Diana took care of Lois' shoes while her guest was hanging up her blouse and skirt, then said, "Now that we're both naked, it's time for the fun to start.  See that door to the right of my bed?"  Lois nodded.  "I'll show you how the Purple Ray works.  There are three of them, one for me, one for my Mother, and one on the Island of Healing which you might know better as Transformation Island.  When we first got these," Diana said while leading the way, "all we thought they could do was heal our injuries.  My Mother discovered the additional abilities a dozen years ago."

Lois was led into a large chamber holding what looked like a desk topped by a lot of lights, switches, knobs and a keyboard.  A pole rose up from it that held a lamp which shown down upon a slab with a pillow and cushions.  "Go ahead and lay down," Diana told her.  "I'm going to scan you first so the way you are now will be in the machine's memory."

"On my side or on my back?"

"On your back, please."  Lois laid down, then Diana flipped a few switches and pressed the start button.  Just before the lamp started to glow, she added, "Close your eyes!"

As her eyelids clamped shut, the lamp enveloped her body in its eerie purple glow.  But at this point, it was reading instead of projecting.  As the Amazon knew from experience, it only took about thirty seconds.  When Lois detected the reduction in light through her shut eyelids she asked, "Is it safe now?"

"Yes, your present form is now in its memory bank," Diana answered.  "But stay put.  In a few moments, your present form will be history.  Oh, and just so that you don't get worried, besides the body of Dr. Louise Lincoln and the costume she wears, you'll be getting everything we have in our system pertaining to her as memories and personality added on to your own.  Just be sure to control yourself and your new super powers after the change."

Lois grinned.  "Fire when ready!"

Diana winked at her, and did a few more switch adjustments before pressing start again.  This time the purple glow enveloped the body of Lois Lane and rapidly altered it; after just over a minute, there was a slightly taller form with pale, ice blue skin and medium blue hair laying on the slab.  A dark blue bodice barely covered the lower third or so of each of her breasts and left most of her back exposed.  Matching shoulder length gloves covered her hands and arms, with white fur rings at her wrists and at each end.  Knee high boots of the same color had five-inch spike heels with more of the white fur at their tops.  She swung her booted legs over to the floor, then stood to face Diana.  "Oh, wow!" she said in what was a foreign but at the same time familiar voice, "I really do know that I am now evil to the core.  I am Killer Frost, ready to put a chill into the world around me.  Good thing part of me is still Lois Lane, or you'd be an Amazon icicle!"

"If you think your change is good, just wait until you see mine!" Diana replied.  She made a couple of adjustments to the machine, then said, "Come over here where I'm standing."  Louise stepped closer, then heard, "See this white button right here?" the Amazon's finger was pointing at it, "As soon as I'm down on the slab, press it."

Killer Frost kept her finger poised, and when Wonder Woman was flat on her back and motionless she pressed down.  The lamp glowed again, and this time it was the Amazon's body which got altered under its power.  When it finished, a just slightly taller woman with long red hair was in her place.  A bandeau going over just her right shoulder covered her seemingly just as ample breasts in yellow with leopard spots.  Similar material formed what could loosely be called a thong, riding low on her hips and just barely covering her crotch.  Golden cylinder bracelets were around her wrists, and the same ringed just above her ankles; her feet were bare.  She grinned broadly while sitting up and then swinging her legs over the sides.  "Ha!" she laughed, "Now I am Dr. Doris Zeul, but you can call me Giganta!  I don't know if you're having to fight to stay in control as your true self as much as I am, but we're both now as set as we can be to go and take our rightful places in the Legion of Doom.  I don't dare try to grow at all here inside, but just watch once we step outside!"

"Wow!  I haven't seen any mirrors yet, but if I look as good as you do," the ice mistress replied, "we have it made.  Oh, wait..."  She traced a finger in an oval in front of her face, forming an ice mirror.  "Ah, yes, now I can see.  Forget about Lois Lane.  My name is Dr. Louise Lincoln, and I am Killer Frost!"

Giganta led Killer Frost back out into the regular quarters and, after locking the door, she went over to the closet.  She came back out holding the golden lasso in her hand.  "Killer Frost, I'm going to use the lasso on each of us to make our identities more solid.  Come here."  The ice maiden went and stood before the at present normal sized titan, who looped the lasso over her upper arms.  "You are really Lois Lane, but until you get back here and under the lasso again, you can only say that your name is Louise Lincoln.  In your mind you will still know you are Lois, but you won't be able to say so, or express your original identity in any way."

"Yes of course, that is who I really am, my name is Louise Lincoln," Killer Frost replied.

Satisfied, Giganta undid the lasso, then wound it around herself.  "I'm actually Diana, princess of the Amazons and Wonder Woman, but until I get back into the lasso I will only be able to say that I am Doris Zeul.  I will know that I'm really Diana, but I cannot say so or make any effort to express my true identity in any way."  She undid the lasso and placed it back on the shelf above the Amazon bitch's costume.  "Now let's go use the teleport pad.  If we set it for the Metropolis portal, we'll be only two blocks from Luthor's own Legion portal."

"Think we'll surprise anybody by showing up at this time of the night?"

"You've got to be kidding!" Giganta grinned.  "When do you think we usually do our thing, in broad daylight?"

"Of course, but what have we got to show for our having been out and creating havoc?"

"Oh, I'll think of something while we're on the way," Giganta said as she looked outside first to make sure none of the other Amazons was around to see them, attached the note to her mother on the outside, then led the two out.  She secured the door, then rose to nearly one hundred feet in height.  Another look around showed no, no more of those Amazon bitches anywhere in sight.  She shrank back down, then they proceeded to the Justice League teleport pad next to the jet's spot.  She flipped open the cover and entered the coordinates for the Metropolis terminal.  Moments later, the two super villainesses who knew quite well who they really were...and much less who they used to be...disappeared.

When Killer Frost and Giganta materialized at the Justice League's teleport pad in Metropolis, it was close to 10:00 in the evening.  It was interesting for both of them as each had been in that spot before, but as they were now seeing and experiencing it with the eyes and barely controlled super criminal personalities of the forms they now had, it almost seemed like a forbidden territory that they should either get out of right away or stay a bit and try to booby trap it.  But their original mind sets managed to control these urges, and it was the ice mistress who, as they headed for the door leading out to a street two blocks from the Daily Planet, suggested to her partner, "I've got an idea for what we can show anybody at the Legion HQ who wants to know what we've been up to.  How would you like to see an ice slide from the roof of the Planet to the street below?"

"Only if I get to ride it at least once before we have to leave," Giganta giggled.  "That does seem like a much better idea than any of the ones I was working on for stealing something to bring along, and might even prove to be a fun April Fools joke to play on your folks at the Planet!"

Killer Frost smiled.  "Only if there aren't any cops or other security types around.  I don't care about any passersby who might see me or both of us...hey, maybe it would be good to make sure we do get some unknowing witnesses to watch us.  Presuming most of them have cameras or video with their phones, a good record can be counted on to show our brazen display of scorn for good and orderliness."

"Exactly!" Giganta agreed.  They both proceeded outside and stuck to the shadows while walking the short distance to the building where Killer Frost had been at work earlier in the an identity she was barely hanging on to.

When they got to the back side of the building which faced the parking lot left over from before the underground garage was built, Killer Frost looked up to the roof edge thirty floors above her head.  As hoped, there were no police or rent-a-cops anywhere in sight and a small number of people were milling about.  "One ice slide, coming right up!" she announced.  Her words were right on the money, too, for she started with the ramp at their feet and within seconds had extended it up to the rooftop and filled in the area below it to make a very solid slide.  A number of voices could already be heard amongst their witnesses, and Frost said, "Better hurry if you want to get that ride.  I bet we're going to be seeing some boys and girls in blue pretty soon."

Her partner shot up to match the height of the building, which drew even more voices into the mix.  She reached over to grip the side of the roof, then shrank down to normal size to haul herself up and over.  Then she expanded her size again to about twice normal once the barely clothed redhead had walked over to the slide.  With a well heard booming voice, she yelled, "Yippee!" and plopped down onto the slide.  Her butt wasn't getting much protection from that thin cloth thong, but Frost had provided for that with a very slick surface.  Hard and slick for at least the few minutes it would take for Giganta to finish her high speed drop with her arms waving and at least a few cameras to record it for posterity.

The pair started heading for the LexCorp building before any cops showed up to complicate matters.  "That should be good for showing we've been here without causing any real harm," Killer Frost mentioned, "they'll have a lot of water filling the drains shortly, but no more than after a heavy thunderstorm."

Giganta nodded with a big grin.  "Right, a perfect way to play up our naughty roles without really doing anything bad.  Now, you said you know about the teleport Lex has which can get us to Legion HQ?"

"Yeah, he has it disguised as an elevator in the parking garage under the building," Frost replied.  "We'll have to hope the access codes are still the same as when Vixen got them while escorting Lex under cover three months ago."

"Mari was with Lex Luthor?" Giganta gasped.  "I didn't know she was doing anything like that!"

"It didn't get very far.  She went with Lex through the door and watched as he punched in the activation code, but then he pushed her back out saying something like she wouldn't be recognized by the transporter.  Vixen told Superman and I she was puzzled that Lex had let her in as far as the entering of the code, but no explanation ever came.  I have no idea what she might have passed on in her official report to the Justice League."

"Yeah, that does sound fishy, but at least we got the code.  You know your way around here, how far is it to LexCorp?"

"Only three blocks, so as long as we can stick to the shadows for that long we should be able to get there without any difficulty.  Hey, nothing in these acquired memories helps...don't 'we' ever go around in normal clothes instead of our costumes so we could fit in better?"

"As if you ever could in any kind of clothing with that skin and hair you have," Giganta told her.  "Best I've been able to tell over the years is that 'you' cover up almost completely and use a lot of makeup on your face and neck."

"Good thing I'll only have to put up with this for a week or so, then," Killer Frost mentioned.

The banter was kept to a minimum as they got closer to LexCorp with a lot more people on the streets around it.  Killer Frost made use of the memories in her head that belonged to her other self and led the two toward a doorway on the back of the building which gave access to a stairwell going down to the garage.  They walked through the nearly empty upper floor to the real elevators closer to the front of the building and went down to the bottom floor.  Once there, a quick look at all the elevator doors gave no clue to any difference, but Frost went directly to a set and punched the up button to open the doors.  Then Giganta watched as an eight digit alphanumeric code was entered.  The doors closed, and moments later an energy beam enveloped the two women.  They disappeared.

The pair reappeared, in what felt to them as an instant later but was actually more like two minutes with the delay programmed in as part of the trap, on the teleport pad in the Legion of Doom's computer center.  Gorilla Grodd was the only one on hand, sitting at a console while watching a news display of the ice slide in Metropolis.  He had looked at the display showing the inbound use of the teleport when it was activated in Luthor's garage, and a wicked grin then formed on his big ape lips; someone in the Justice League was finally using his trap.  Then he saw who was arriving.  "Ah, Giganta and Killer Frost, welcome back.  I've been watching the fun you just had in Metropolis.  Did you actually arrange for the video that got sent to the channel 6 news desk?"

Killer Frost walked up to look at the monitor, then told him, "No, we just decided to have some fun before coming back in.  I figured maybe somebody with a camera phone might get it before the slide melted."

Grodd waited for Giganta to get closer to Frost, then to their shock he reached into their minds and froze their motions.  The two stood like automatons with their eyes glazed as he said, "We've been waiting to see if anybody tried to use that activation code Luthor showed to Vixen back in January.  Oh, yes.  We all knew she was playing the role of a black prostitute trying to get in with the ultra rich Lex Luthor.  Just to let you know, it was you yourself who confirmed you're a fake, Killer Frost.  If it had been the real Frost doing that slide, it would still be in place come next winter when it would be more at home, having survived the full heat of the Metropolis summer.  Now, let's see just exactly who you two really are...or rather, were."

Grodd did an in depth probe of Giganta's mind first, and it took some effort but he found that under Doris Zeul's identity was that of Wonder Woman.  He left her frozen and started the probe of Killer Frost.  Louise Lincoln was much more in control in her mind, but way down inside he found Lois Lane.  Then he wondered...if these two were there playing the roles of the two villainesses, where were the originals?  He left the pair in stasis, and started probing the records of the prison system.  It was easier to find the incarceration of the real ones than the original minds of this pair.

But since it was hidden from most normal access, the rest of the world had no way to know these two wouldn't be the real thing.  But then before going any further, in an effort to find out how the two fakers were in such perfect replicas of the two incarcerated villainess' bodies, the both physically and mentally powerful ape probed deep into the Wonder Woman portion of Giganta's mind.  He not only found the use of the Purple Ray, but also the self-imposed mind control using the golden lasso and the whole reason she was doing this, to try and play an April Fool's joke on him and the rest of the Legion.  Very useful information!  'Now let's see who plays an April Fool's joke on whom, you two!'

"Well, I just found out there are two Legion members who were just recently put behind bars with the covers thrown very thickly over them," Gorilla Grodd told his mind enthralled captives.  "Since they can't be here, I guess we'll have to make do with their replacements."  Since Giganta had been easier, he went into her mind first and put a heavy block on the identity keeping a hold on Doris Zeul's.  Then he went back into Killer Frost's mind and found that little bit of Lois which controlled Louise Lincoln.  It was simpler to hide that identity under Louise's.  Two quick checks told the master ape just what he wanted to know, and both were released from their mental holds.  "Welcome back to Legion headquarters, Giganta and Killer Frost."

"I'm glad to be back inside where it's safer," Giganta replied.

"I look forward to getting on with your plot to take down the Justice League," Killer Frost answered.

Both of the women knew exactly who they were now, no question about it.

"Why don't you two girls go and relax with Wizard and Copperhead in the rec room.  I think they have American Idol on right now."

"Only for a little while," Killer Frost answered, "Giganta and I will be needing our beauty sleep before going back out tomorrow for some more dirty work."

"Plan on taking Silver Banshee with you," he told her.

"Right, and I think Weather Wizard will fit in, too," Frost repled.  "Good night."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow," Giganta added as the two left to join the others off duty at the moment.

That next day started a major increase in criminal activity performed by all the members of the Legion of Doom to work toward the goal of Gorilla Grodd's plan.  The big ape was satisfied with running things, with Luthor only stopping in occasionally to see how things were working out and lend some advice.

Also on that next day, Queen Hippolyte discovered the note hanging on her daughter's door.  She took it to her own place, contemplating what it could be that Diana was doing.  Two days later, curiosity won out over the trust asked for on the envelope.

    Dearest Mother,
    Lois Lane and I have used the Purple Ray to turn ourselves
    into Killer Frost and Giganta respectively.  We are going to
    get into the Legion of Doom to put a stop to the plot Gorilla
    Grodd has been developing which could prove deadly to the
    Justice League in particular and the rest of the world in
    general as a good April Fool's joke to play on them.  
    Presuming you are reading this two weeks after I wrote it,
    something must have gone wrong if the two of us are not
    yet back.

                                                   Princess Diana

Right away Hippolyte got very worried, as if she could sense some kind of trouble already being encountered.  She proceeded to go over to Diana's chalet in order to use the Justice League communications device on the table next to her bed.  It looked still the same as when she had used it regularly a decade before while playing the role of Wonder Woman herself after using the Purple Ray while the princess was gravely ill, and again four years after that when Diana herself had used the Purple Ray to turn herself into Star Sapphire to infiltrate the Secret Society of Super Villains.

"Yes, Wonder Woman?  This is Flash, go ahead," she heard after pressing the contact button.

"Diana's not here, this is Hippolyte speaking.  You may want to let the others know that my daughter has enlisted the help of Lois Lane and they've each used the Purple Ray here to change themselves into twins of Giganta and Killer Frost, respectively.  Diana left a note saying they were going to try and get into the Legion of Doom to halt some plot being developed by Grodd."  She kept the idea of it all being for the sake of a joke to herself, she didn't think it would go over very well with her daughter's teammates.

"Uh-oh," came back from the speaker.  "We've been getting a lot of news reports about a spurt of evil doing by the Legion with Killer Frost and Giganta in particular being prominently involved.  None of the League members has gotten into contact with any of the villains while doing their dirty work, they all seem to be getting away from the scenes of their crimes before even the police can get to them.  I'll let the others know about who is really doing these despicable acts.  We'll get back to you if anything can be done.  Thanks for the tip off."

"Please keep me informed," Hippolyte asked.  "If any of us can help, you know we are more than willing to assist."

"I know how concerned you must be.  Let me go so I can get the word to the others."

"Goodbye, Flash."

"Goodbye, Queen Hippolyte."

The speedster did not want to even think of the reaction Superman was bound to have when he found out; the Man of Steel wasn't up at the Watchtower at the time, so he thought it would be best to keep the League's power house out of the picture for the time being.  The only ones up there besides him at the moment were Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern.  He punched the alert button, and each of the others checked in to be told a quick meeting was needed at the duty desk.

Both of Flash's compatriots made it to his work station within moments of each other a minute or so later.  "Guys, I just got some bad news from Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyte.  You know all those reports we've been getting about a big increase in trouble making and criminal activity by the Legion of Doom lately?"  Heads nodded.  "According to her, a few days ago Wonder Woman used her Purple Ray to turn herself into Giganta and Lois Lane into Killer Frost so they could get into the Legion in hopes of disrupting Grodd's latest plan.  Since those two villainesses have been deeply involved in the Legion's activities, they must have become mind controlled or otherwise made to think they really are who they were only intending to pretend to be.  My guess is that Grodd somehow guessed what they were up to and used his mind powers on them.  Also, I doubt we should tell Superman about this yet."

"Sounds like good advice and a good guess, Wally," Hal told him.  "I wonder why Diana went off on her own without checking with any of the rest of us.  J'onn, let's go to the data center and check on all this recent Legion activity."

"I'll get the computer booted up and start the search for you from here while you're on the way, Lantern," the speedster replied.  "Keep me advised about anything that comes up, 'kay?"

"That we'll do, Flash," the Manhunter told him.  "It's going to be interesting to see what can be done to get at those two, Hal."

"Right, now let's go see what they've been up to."  The pair left Flash, heading for the Watchtower's massive data bank.

As soon as they were out of Wally's earshot, Hal said to J'onn, "I'm starting to think the only way to get to Diana and Lois if they're really thinking they now are Giganta and Killer Frost is to do just what they did."

Martian Manhunter nodded as they approached the computer room.  "So which other of the Legion villains are out of circulation right now other than the original Giganta and Killer Frost?"

Green Lantern turned on the monitor to see the feed Wally had got started, and mentioned to J'onn, "I can't think of any of the guys who have been out of commission lately, and I know none of them are behind bars at this time.  But I do know for a fact that Carol is still safe at home with no access to her power gem, and more importantly, no way for it to get to her.  Remoni-Notra from the planet Pandina, who came to our planet to challenge Carol for the title of Queen of the Zamarons as another Star Sapphire, is another matter, though.  She couldn't find Carol and soon became the Star Sapphire who joined the Secret Society of Super Villains after Wonder Woman came back from being Sapphire for them first.  She hasn't been seen in quite a while, either.  She must have been observing Diana as Star Sapphire and used the same secret identity she got left with after Grodd eliminated her other, more demure one, the very carefree Debbie Darnell who let her hair down as a fun loving...well, sex-starved wanton nymphomaniac slut.  She's the one who Gorilla Grodd would expect to see showing up at the Legion.  Another of the Legion's babes I haven't seen recently is Cheetah.  Let's see what's up in these records."

The info amplified the news reports both had already been aware of, showing that without question the replacements for Killer Frost and Giganta were acting as if they did know that was who they were.  "From this, I think we can safely assume that trying to apprehend those two and work on their minds afterward would be not only be very difficult, but even more, very risky," Martian Manhunter opined.

"I agree," Hal responded, "making it all the more obvious that we'd have to get to them from the inside.  So if I were to become Star Sapphire, would you feel like morphing yourself into Cheetah?"

Green Lantern's answer came as the Manhunter's form started to flux and became solid again as Cheetah.  The costume was one that covered her body from head to toe in yellow with brown spots, with a large oval wide at the top over her breasts and narrow where it ended over her crotch in an off white color.  "Does this answer your question, you mother fucking, goody goody hero?" she answered with the sexy and evil sounding voice both knew so well.

"Wow!  I'll say it does!  Are you sure the current Cheetah has those same gloves with long talons built into the ends of the costume sleeves that the original had long ago?  The original's were flesh colored gloves, while yours are an extension of the costume itself.  I guess I also haven't paid attention to our current Cheetah's feet.  The heels you have on those built in boots look even better than from way back when."

"And I always thought you were one of the more observant Justice League members," she answered.  "Don't take the time, but if you were to check the computer files on Cheetah, you'd find that this costume is exactly correct for her, as is the body I now have."

"I should have known, thanks for getting it so correct," he replied.

Lantern shut down the computer, then pushed the talk button on the panel.  "Hey, Wally.  It's Hal.  J'onn and I have come up with something.  It seems like the only way to get at Diana and Lois the way they are now will be to get at them from inside the Legion.  We'll see you when we get back, hopefully with the two women with us."  He flipped it off before hearing any arguing reply, and said to his companion, "Let's get down to the Metropolis teleport pad real quick, Cheetah."

Cheetah turned herself invisible, and Lantern used his ring to make his own image disappear.  As they'd guessed, a red and gold blur came to a brief stop looking around puzzled, but left in another blur as he assumed two more teammates had decided to go off on their own.  What was the Justice League coming too, he wondered while sitting back down at the duty desk.

As soon as Flash left, Green Lantern turned himself visible again, and when Cheetah saw that he didn't seem to be hurrying over to the teleport pad, she returned to visibility also.  "Second thoughts," Hal said, "I don't think we should leave Wally in the dark about our mission.  Let's show him our new selves before going down.  I think he'll feel better after seeing us."

Hal willed his ring to alter his body into a duplicate of his girlfriend's, which by the way the Zamarons selected their queens was identical to her replacement's, and to then place her Star Sapphire costume including a fully energized copy of the power gem over it.  His large and muscular form changed instantly into the svelte and very shapely body with the large breasts usually hidden under Carol's work and casual clothes but more brazenly displayed by Debbie, her gorgeous face and long, straight black hair falling to the small of her back.  A tight fitting pink leotard formed on her torso and arms, with enough cleavage to show plenty of her abundant chest.  There was a white collar that folded back from this deep V, and it rose to a great height over her shoulders before going under her long black mane.  A white belt appeared around her tiny waist, pulling it in even further.  It was quite wide and high in front and narrowing considerably for its remainder; it had a large, purple atomic star design on that big front.

Knee high boots of the same pink hue as the leotard appeared on her feet, and Hal sensed that she was now wearing heels at least as high as Cheetah's, if not even higher!  She tried to recall what the heel height had looked like on the boots Carol had worn as Star Sapphire, and guessed they might have been around five inches or so.  Purple gloves to match the star on her belt appeared on her arms, and above the wrists, they flared out nicely before stopping at her elbows.  A high and sweeping pink domino mask formed over her upper face, and she felt the pink tiara with its power gem forming on the top of her head.  Hal felt the strong mind controlling power of the gem trying to overpower his will, but had the strength to overpower it.

To show Cheetah the strength of her control, Star Sapphire willed her green ring to show up on her purple gloved right ring finger.  "You see, J'onn," she said, "my ring only shows if I will it.  Now, with you as Cheetah and me as Star Sapphire, we can infiltrate the Legion of Doom to rescue Wonder Woman as Giganta and Lois Lane as Killer Frost."

"You look perfect, Sapphire!" her partner replied.

"Thanks, now let's go see if we can shock Wally by walking in behind him."  They marched the way Wonder Woman, Zatanna and sometimes Black Canary did in their high heels toward the duty desk.  The loud click and clack from their heels would be a sure alert to the speedster, so Sapphire used her power gem to form four little plastic covers to go over their heel tips.  The rest of the way, they were as silent as ninjas.  Then, from right behind Wally, Star Sapphire said, "Hello, Flash!"

Before the alarmed man in red and gold could make any ultra fast reactions, a pulse from her fingertips held him in place.  This time instead of the ring Star Sapphire had the Green Lantern mask form in her left hand.  She held it up next to her head and said, "Trick or Treat!"

Realizing instantly who the two female Legion intruders really were, Flash said, "One hell of a trick!  I can't believe you've turned yourself into a female like this, an exact copy of Carol Ferris.  Let me guess, this is how you two are planning on getting up close to Giganta and Killer Frost?"

"Correct," Sapphire answered as she released him from her grip, "but even though the two really are twins for all intents and purposes, it's not Carol I'm an exact copy of, it's Remoni-Notra who you probably remember as Debbie Darnell from the Secret Society of Super Villain days.  Granted, this is the first time I've ever been in a female body.  I'll be honest and admit I feel very good this way already.  J'onn's had a lot more experience at this, so I bet it's no problem for HER.  Now, please do us a favor and don't tell any of the others what we're doing unless you see that something worse than the current situation has developed.  I'm hoping that J'onn and I...hmmm, Cheetah and I can keep on top of things and not fall into whatever trap it was that caught Diana and Lois."

"Okay, I'll keep my lips sealed unless it seems obvious they need to start singing.  I guess you two are getting set to go now?"

"Right, with the combined powers of our original selves added to what we have now, I'm hoping we can prevail," Sapphire said.  "Goodbye."

* * * * * * * *

Note: I'm using the name of the woman who is Cheetah in the Justice League Unlimited animated TV shows, but having her in a costume the way Cheetah was in the original animated Superfriends cartoon episodes instead of the werecat form she has in the recent episodes.  Also, this story predates when the Star Sapphire seen in a later costume was with the Legion of Doom.  Also, a number of the scenes described are based upon fun card and full sized art which was done by Joe Gravel.  Costumes and identities taken on by the changed Queen Hippolyte, Wonder Woman's mother, are based upon artwork done by Mitch Foust, with his permission.

* * * * * * * *

Before they turned away from Flash, both Star Sapphire and Cheetah pulled the plastic covers off their heel tips.  This gave Wally an even bigger thrill as he watched their sexy swiveling asses and hips from behind as the newest pair of heroes turned into super villainesses headed for the teleport pads of the Watchtower, with their boot heels now clicking as they weren't before.  He wondered if his two male teammates realized just how incredibly sexy they now were as Legion of Doom females; never before would he have guessed that being so up close and personal with those two super villainesses could be possible, or that he could be so turned on by them.  He just hoped they knew what they were doing, and was wishing them luck.

When they got the teleport pad area, Cheetah said, "I presume you know it's still a bright and sunny afternoon in Metropolis right now.  There's no way we can walk from our pad to LexCorp like this.  I wouldn't want to risk it all the way from here, but how about once we get down there you use your gem to teleport us to the garage under LexCorp."

"Cheetah, that's just what I was planning on doing," she replied.  "Also, make sure you get used to being called that or Barbara, Barb...hee, hee!...even Barbie...just kidding...and to only call me Star Sapphire, just Sapphire or Debbie.  We have to start thinking and acting like the really bad girls we've become, without giving ourselves away with a stray Hal or J'onn.  We need to just keep those evil tendencies under control so we'll be able to help Diana and Lois."

Cheetah grinned at hearing that, and used her own powerful mental capabilities to help both herself and Sapphire.  "I just did a little mental trick.  A guarantee that what you described won't happen.  Just try to tell me who you really are."

Her partner grinned.  'What could she have done?' the vision in pink and purple wondered.  "I am Star Sapphire, but my real name is Debbie Darnell."  Huh?  'Why can't I say my name only name I can think of is Debbie!'

Cheetah smiled at the conflict she was observing, then said, "There's also no way for me to say anything other than you are Debbie Darnell or Star Sapphire.  Nor can you say who I really am, but go ahead and try."

Now realizing what was happening, Sapphire did make an effort to say Cheetah was actually...damn, the same thing!  "You're right, I can only say your true name, which is Barbara Ann Minerva, or what you prefer to be called, Cheetah."  Then she decided to do her own little mental trick, and gave her gem an order.  Suddenly both her own and Cheetah's minds felt an inbound flood of memories, personalities and deeper identities for who they now were; but still their own original identities were in complete control.

What Hal hadn't counted on was the way the gem gave her the complete identity of Debbie...she was now not only having to fight back the gem attempting to control her mind, but what was now her own sexual tendencies trying to drive her into a frenzy.  "Oh, wow!  I'd always known Star Sapphire had a lot of powers, but now that I have them as my very own, I know very well why Carol felt drawn to get her hands on the gem and turn into Sapphire.  I feel even more powerful now than before, with hardly any need to even think about using my ring.  You should also have everything going for you as Cheetah."

With a now even bigger and also more wicked looking grin, Cheetah said, "Thank you very much!  Now that this is taken care of, let's get on down there!"

They both stepped up onto the nearest pad, and Sapphire punched in the same code Giganta had for the Metropolis Justice League pad.  A second or two later, they blinked out of sight.  To reappear Earthside in Metropolis.  "Ready for another and slightly different teleport?" Sapphire asked.

"Uh huh, and it's too bad you don't know the inside layout of the Legion HQ so you could take us directly there without using Luthor's terminal."

"That would be both quicker and easier, but my gem doesn't have GPS and since I don't have a better reading of my having been in there a long time ago," she then realized she'd used 'my' instead of 'Debbie's', even more satisfied with her identity upgrade, "we'll have to do the two step using Luthor's second teleport.  Here we go!"  She told her gem where to place them, and an instant later the two villainesses were in the bottom floor of the garage.  Luckily, there were no other people down there in the early afternoon.  They went over to the special door, went in, then entered the code Vixen had brought back.

Killer Frost was at the monitors reviewing her latest, early morning freeze job when the warning light flashed and a loud, shrill sound came from the panel.  Right away she pressed the send button and almost yelled, "Grodd!  Somebody's on the way using that code the Justice League was given!"  She obviously no longer had any idea that she herself and Giganta had used that same code also.

The great ape was only a short walk away, and came bounding into the computer room.  Just after he got there, Star Sapphire and Cheetah blinked into view on the pad.  "It's been quite a while since we've seen you, Cheetah; Star Sapphire, I haven't seen you for ages!" he said in greeting.  "Welcome back.  Looking for some action with the Legion?"

"I saw the way our ice queen," she nodded toward Killer Frost, "and big mama have been getting things going on the news," Cheetah replied, "and I decided it was time I got back in on it."

Star Sapphire nodded.  "It's long past time when I should have come back.  I can't wait to start helping to create mayhem and havoc."

He turned toward the blue skinned super villainess who until a short while ago had been Lois Lane, then Gorilla Grodd told her, "Leave us, will you Killer Frost?  I want to talk to these two in private."

She got up and left, knowing quite well what could happen if Grodd's orders went unheeded.

Alone with them, the Legion's present leader said, "Since you're both so eager to commit crimes, create hell on Earth and otherwise be among the ultimate in evil bad girls, how can I refuse?  Welcome to the Legion of Doom, ladies."  As the pair contemplated what the ape said with their guard a bit lowered to make it even easier, his mind invaded theirs and froze them in place.

Cheetah was analyzed to start, and at first Grodd wondered if there was some way for these two to be the real thing, not impostors.  But the fact that they came via the teleport trap meant they just had to be Justice League babes who'd somehow changed their appearances.  He delved even deeper into her mind and finally discovered the incredibly well hidden and already quite well blocked identity of Martian Manhunter.  He correctly assumed that the shape shifter had taken on Cheetah's form, but couldn't ascertain how the identity of Cheetah was so strong and seemingly complete.  He left her without doing anything more...yet.

When Gorilla Grodd shifted his emphasis to Star Sapphire, the first thing he noticed was that Debbie seemed to be even more of a sex starved wanton slut than he remembered.  Her psyche and the driving force of her power gem made it seem even more likely than had Cheetah that she could be the real villainess.  But Grodd knew better and went deeper and deeper.  This just had to be one of the League's heroines changed oh so well...and with what seemed to be a real sapphire gem empowering her.

Then, to his shock, the ape found who this was originally, and also how Green Lantern had used his ring to alter himself.  It also became apparent that just after becoming Star Sapphire, she'd used her gem to give such deep and full fake identities to Cheetah and herself.  It was no wonder then how Cheetah was so strongly thinking of herself and how Sapphire seemed like such a sexually obsessed woman.

While keeping them both immobile, Grodd opened up each of the women so they could fully understand and comprehend.  Then he said, "So in actuality, you two are really Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern.  I have to compliment you both on how you've so successfully turned into and taken on the identities of Cheetah and Star Sapphire.  You especially, Green Lantern.  You've got Debbie Darnell's carefree and slutty nympho personality even more apparent than she used to be, just as I'd have expected her to develop and become so rampantly sexual in the time since I last saw her.  Your original identities as male heroes belonging to the Justice League are already barely able to control the identities Sapphire's gem gave you.  I'll solve that problem for you.  From now on, the identities you have as wild, wicked and incredibly evil super villainesses who belong to the Legion of Doom will be in control and the only ones you have.  You can be quite sure you'll never have any silly ideas that you've ever been anything other than the women you are now."

The changes were instantaneous following Grodd's last words, and the growing feelings of dread the two ex-males were experiencing after hearing how they'd been discovered so quickly and easily simply turned into the glee they felt at being accepted by the leader of the Legion as the truly evil super villainesses they were.

After Gorilla Grodd echoed his welcome back greeting, Cheetah spoke first.  "I'm really looking forward to getting in on the action.  No offense to you or any of the other guys in the Legion, but it's Sapphire, Frost, Queen Bee, Silver Banshee, Giganta and Circe I'm hoping to work with the most."

Star Sapphire added, "And no offense to you, but you're more of a team girl than me, Cheetah.  Grodd, you already know how much I prefer to be on my own, but of course I'll do whatever you wish."

"Sapphire, you're free to do whatever you'd like for at least the next three days," Grodd answered, "but try to make sure you do your actual sleeping here.  Where you do your other bedroom activities is no concern of mine.  At least in coming back here to sleep you can find out if anything comes up that I need you for."  The big ape grinned.  "Cheetah, you're not the only one of our girls who likes to work mostly with the other girls.  But just to let you know, we haven't seen or heard from either Circe or Queen Bee for a while.  Have fun, ladies!"

Cheetah headed for the rec room to see if any of the other girls were around.

Star Sapphire nodded toward Gorilla Grodd, then she used her gem to teleport to the outside, about one hundred feet over the Legion HQ building.  Her memories of its location and the surrounding area were a bit fuzzy, and the look see gave her everything she needed to know how to get away and then come back.  She then flew away at a speed rivaling the Man of Steel's.

* * * * *

Among the other villainesses Cheetah found on hand, her most fun filled discussion was with Giganta; it seemed the cute redhead who could go anywhere from her six foot six to maybe twenty times that where she had to watch out for helicopters and other aircraft had not only a very evil mind but was also very humorous.  It seemed a bit contradictory, but the feline femme fatale wasn't going to let that bother her.  The two got into a discussion concerning a way to maybe get Grodd to lighten up.  They set it up to have Cheetah get him to go outside shortly after Giganta did.

The redhead went around the circular shape of the building until she was opposite from the door.  She'd asked Cheetah to lead the big ape out on the path to the right so they'd become visible from her hiding place, and it didn't take long before first her catty friend and then their leader came into view.  Cheetah kept his attention as Giganta started to expand, only stopping when she got to a bit more than one hundred feet tall.  Then to his amazement, Gorilla Grodd found his body becoming encased inside a huge female hand.  He was lifted high into the sky, up over Giganta's left shoulder to be looking down upon her shapely but huge body and the top of their headquarters.

"Look, Cheetah!" Giganta said to her tiny partner gaping up from far below, "It's King Kong in reverse!"

Cheetah smiled broadly while at the same time the large and furry Legion leader shook his arms and fists while ranting, "Unhand Grodd, you fool!"

Giganta had to make sure she lowered her voice so his ears wouldn't burst, and told him, "Aw, c'mon.  Lighten up, we're only trying to have a little fun here, and maybe even get you to ease up a bit."

He loosened up a bit, just a bit, then told her, "Fun is fun, but this isn't, at least for me.  If you don't put me down right NOW, I'll show you some easing up, just you wait."

Giganta just grinned, and bent over to place Grodd right next to Cheetah again.  "There you go.  All safe and secure now.  I'll be down to join you in a sec."  They watched as the red haired giantess shrank until she was back to a height and size comparable to theirs.  It was a first for each to see the way she had to keep repositioning her feet as her size decreased.  She ended up only a few footsteps away and walked over to join them.  "See, Cheetah, I told you he wouldn't like being high up with no control."

Gorilla Grodd turned to face the broadly smiling Cheetah and said, "You mean this was your idea?"

"Guilty as charged.  But give me a break, you know she's one of us and wouldn't let any harm come to you."

"Yeah," Giganta chimed in, "it's not as if you'd been picked up by some enemy or whatever.  It was just me, and if you can't trust me, who can you trust?"

Hearing her say this made Grodd think his mind work earlier was holding very well, and that there didn't seem like any chance of Wonder Woman ever making herself known again.  "You're right," he replied, "I should give you the benefit of the doubt.  You're obviously one I can trust with my life and the lives of all the others in the Legion.  Just don't pull a stunt like this again, though."  Then he crossed his big and hairy arms and glanced toward Cheetah.  "You, on the other hand, have a very devious and wicked mind, my dear.  Try to keep your abilities centered on our work, not our play."

Cheetah giggled, "Okay, but this just proves you're all work and no play."  Then her face went serious and she hissed, "This cat is wanting to get out on the prowl!"

"By all means," Grodd said as he started to head back inside.  "Let's see what we can come up with to get you busy."

* * * * *

She was just cruising at an ultrasonic speed and looking for what might be called any targets of opportunity when, flying over the Midwest, Star Sapphire spotted Mary Marvel zooming along at a much slower velocity.  The young heroine didn't seem to be concentrating on anything in particular, and might even have just been out to go up and get some fresh air.  The super villainess in pink and purple maneuvered until she was behind and below the heroine in red and at a similar, much slower speed.  Then she grinned and had a purple energy hand snake out from her fingertips to reach under the red skirt and yank down the red panties.  Mary felt her legs being pulled in and together as the soft material quickly sped down and off her legs, past her yellow boots and off her feet.  Nothing was there any longer to hide her womanhood under the freely billowing skirt of her outfit, and she reached down to try and secure it.

"How do you like going commando?" was heard from behind her.

Suddenly Mary spotted Star Sapphire shooting up and away in front of her, and she yelled out, "HEY!"  But the fun loving villainess just grinned and zoomed back toward her compatriots, leaving the young heroine to her difficulties in keeping herself chaste while going back home.  Sapphire couldn't wait to show off her acquisition!

When she got closer to Legion HQ, Star Sapphire saw Giganta all by herself outside.  It seemed like maybe the redhead was checking out how fast she could expand and contract.  She waited until her teammate was at monstrous size again, then had another purple energy hand go out from her fingertips to yank the shoulder strap of the leopard spotted yellow bandeau until it snapped.  The no longer constrained cups of the bandeau fell down in front, exposing the huge mammaries with their very enticing nipples to the forest below.  Too bad there weren't any people around to see this, Debbie thought as she giggled while flying off before her partner could see her.  When confronted inside a bit later, Star Sapphire just held up her purloined red panties and said, "Who, me?"  Then she burst out laughing, and first Giganta and then all the others around them joined in.

* * * * *

When it became late on Tuesday afternoon on Themyscira, a couple of hours earlier than for those on the US East Coast due to being a good bit further east, Queen Hippolyte's worries got the best of her.  She'd heard no word from Flash or any of the others in the Justice League and anxiety overcame reason for her.  The Queen left word with her closest aide that she would be unavailable for an unspecified time and to have Phillipus stand in for her during the absence.  Then she disrobed except for her bracelets of submission and walked into her own personal Purple Ray chamber.

While during many times in the past prior to her daughter's special made from clay birth Hippolyte had been Wonder Woman herself and did look not very different from Diana, this was another time she wanted to make it seem to anyone who saw her that she was the usually seen Amazon super heroine.  The Queen turned on the machine and waited a moment as it 'booted up', a term she'd learned from those in Patriarch's World which they used to describe what a computer did after being started.  When it was fully ready, she accessed its memory for the body of her daughter which she'd last used six years before.  If her daughter's teammates of the Justice League weren't making any progress in getting Diana and Lois Lane out of the trouble they'd gotten themselves into, the Queen figured it was time for herself as Wonder Woman to do something.  She set the start sequence for solo activation which would give her thirty seconds to get placed on the cushion below the projector, then pushed the button.

She hastened to go around and lay down, then Hippolyte closed her eyes in anticipation.  A moment later she sensed the purple glow through her eyelids and experienced the sensations of her body being in flux again after so long a time.  When the light faded, it was her daughter's eyes which opened and Hippolyte's mind which acknowledged what they saw.  It felt good to once again perceive the incredible power and strength her daughter had which overshadowed the rest of the Amazons.  She swung her legs over the side of the slab and stood, then after shutting off the machine she proceeded out to her closet where her own personal Wonder Woman outfit had been put away after its last usage.

Since just as the last time she was taking the actual place of her daughter, this costume was identical in every way to those in Diana's closet.  A lot earlier when she had played the role of Wonder Woman, Hippolyte had worn a much more modest short, star spangled dark blue skirt for the bottom part.  Now just like the Princess, she was wearing the bottom which was much more daring and baring; it looked more like a not much bigger than usual panty to her, but since it was what Wonder Woman wore all the time now, it's what she pulled on first.

Then came the red bustier with its golden W's forming the breast cups.  The much longer than usual silver colored Amazonium bracelets of submission went on quickly after the removal of Hippolyte's golden ones, followed by the golden tiara with a centered red star over her forehead.  The gold power belt which infused even more strength into her body was strapped around her tiny waist, and then finally the only part of the outfit the Queen was not as used to as her daughter got put on.  The four-inch heels on the knee high red boots with their white striping were as nothing for Diana; for Hippolyte who usually wore absolutely flat sandals, they were something to get used to again.  Luckily, the body she now occupied was very much used to the heels, and it was a simple matter of not trying to think of how she had to walk, run and do all the other activities...just do them.

Only Phillipus was on hand to see Wonder Woman leave the Queen's royal household and walk to the pad next to Diana's chalet to board the invisible jet.  A moment later, Phillipus was the highest ranking Amazon on the island.

Also, at around the same time in the city of Metropolis along the coast that Hippolyte would cross soon, the Man of Steel was in the latter part of his regular day job as reporter Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.  It was starting now to bother him that Lois had not been in contact or even better returned from her special affair.  But with all the experiences of the past, he tried to concentrate on other things to get his mind off of her.  Little did he know that his heat vision had been utilized to melt the creation his wife had made alongside the Planet building a couple of nights before.

* * * * *

Since Star Sapphire was at the Legion HQ and hadn't gone back out to have either some evil escapdes or sexual shenanigans, it was suggested that one of the rare whole group dinners might take place.  A check of what was in stock showed a lot of chicken breasts and quarters, a good supply of barbecue sauce, some boxes of macaroni and cheese and a few cans of baked beans.  The freezer was almost full with just ice cream!  "Don't you guys ever get any vegetables?" Sapphire asked after she volunteered to lead the cooking with anyone else who'd help.

Wizard and Killer Frost offered to help, and as everybody else scattered, the villain who could probably conjure a full steak or anything else for dinner said, "We all know veggies are good for you, but almost all of us get them when we eat out.  Here we pretty much just stick to junk food; you missed out on the frozen pizza feast we had two nights ago which opened up the freezer for all the ice cream."

At the table a bit later, Frost got a lot of compliments for her barbecued chicken.  Giganta and Cheetah were having a rather animated discussion between mouthfuls.  Over the ice cream for dessert they got Star Sapphire to join them.  "Debbie, there's a shipment leaving the Franklin Mint in Philadelphia at 6:30 tonight.  Don't think coins, even the gold ones.  Think a million dollars or more worth of twenties, fifties and hundred dollar bills," Cheetah told her.  "If you could zap us there, Giganta and I figured we could handle the armored car all by ourselves; with your help if you decided to stick with us, it would be even easier."

"Sounds like a profitable way to start the evening," Sapphire answered.  "I presume you want to hit that shipment right after it leaves the mint and before it gets on I95."

"That's what I was figuring on," Giganta said.  "So if we zap out of here in about ten minutes or so we can be in waiting for them to leave, and you could even do a recon from above to get the exact time it leaves."

"Right, so I guess we get out of doing the dish washing.  Let me go tell our grand pubah we're going out."  Debbie walked over to where Gorilla Grodd was chatting with Copperhead, Captain Cold and Killer Frost over their ice cream.  "Hey, Grodd," she said when a break in the conversation came, "I'm heading out with Cheetah and Giganta in a few minutes for what you might call a shopping trip."

"Shopping, you say?" the ape replied, "I bet you three have a lot more in mind than picking up the latest fashions in clothing and footwear.  I won't bother with trying to read any of your minds to see what's actually going down; just make sure nothing happens to you."

Frost was looking up at Sapphire during this brief conversation and used her eyes to make a sort of 'can I go' expression, to which Debbie shook her head.  Then to answer Grodd she said, "Don't worry, nothing's going to happen to us.  But the government might have some bad news to make their night more worrisome.  See ya later, big guy."

* * * * *

While the invisible jet was able to reach speeds that would make an over Mach 3 capable SR-71A Blackbird look like a snail, Hippolyte was cruising toward the US East Coast at a rather sedate velocity.  She had its scanners searching for any activity by her daughter as Giganta.  If nothing else, that might lead her to the location where the Legion of Doom had their hidden headquarters.  As she got close to the shoreline near Norfolk, Virginia, a decision had to be made - turn north or turn south.  The fact that so much more development had taken place in the northeast United States compared to the southeast made the choice easy.  She banked the jet to starboard and leveled out going up the coastline toward New York City.

Over Washington, DC the sensors on her panel lit up.  It seemed Giganta was doing something a bit north of her, like somewhere near Philadelphia.  The jet sped up a bit to get over the source of the indication, and as it neared Philly the indications became so strong it was obvious where her daughter was.  Wonder Woman set her aircraft for quiet mode and started to look around visually for Giganta.  It would obviously help if her target was in expanded form, but when the scanner showed by Doppler effect that the jet had passed over her and was now going away, Hippolyte did a quick reversal to come back from a slightly different angle.  The refined coordinates for her daughter's location made it apparent that she wasn't in giant size at the moment.  She set the jet down in a clearing that was not far from the Franklin Mint, wondering if something about the place where money was made had attracted her daughter's now evil mind.

As she was getting out and becoming visible to anyone else in the immediate area, Wonder Woman spotted a small speck of pink hovering a few hundred feet off the ground almost right above her.  'Pink?' she mused, 'I guess Diana isn't alone here.  That might be Star Sapphire.'  She leapt into the air to see if her guess was right, and found herself to be correct.  The super villainess was concentrating on the ground so much she didn't notice the other flying woman in colorful red, white, blue and gold nearby.  The Amazon super heroine went into a hover herself and looked in the direction Star Sapphire was.  She spotted an armored car coming out of the back side of the mint, and at the same time the gem powered villainess descended.

In the spot where Star Sapphire alit, Wonder Woman spotted both the object of her search and also Cheetah.  Pretty obviously, if she could see and identify them, they should also have been able to spot her.  But apparently their concentration was on the vehicle leaving the mint.  She made a quick decision and dropped toward the truck heading toward its potential demise.  It was more important to prevent the loss of its cargo than to try and get to Giganta; besides, with two others so close by it wouldn't be easy to do so.  She was especially worried about Star Sapphire and the power of her gem.

The Amazon heroine came to earth a bit in front of the vehicle on the driver's side and motioned for them to come to a stop.  When the driver's window came down, she spoke before the driver even had a chance to ask what was going on.  "I would suggest that you turn around and go back into the mint.  Three members of the Legion of Doom are just a bit down the road waiting to ambush you, and I doubt I'd be able to hold off all three of them by myself.  There's no real hurry to get your shipment out, is there?"

"Thanks for the tip, Wonder Woman.  No, there's no hurry at all, and I bet we'll be a lot safer back inside.  Watch out while I turn around."

"I'll try and cover for you during the retreat, but please hurry!" she said while backing out of the way.

The driver took her advice and went back at a breakneck speed.  At about the same moment the truck was going back onto mint property, Wonder Woman saw Giganta growing in height, apparently wondering where her target had gone.  It was hard for the villainess who had been Wonder Woman not to spot her mother the Amazon Queen who was now Wonder Woman halfway between herself and the million on the move now becoming unavailable.  She shrank back down immediately to give the double bad news to her partners.  "You're not going to believe this, but Wonder Woman must have seen us and warned that driver.  He did a uey and by now is back inside the damned mint."

"You say Wonder Woman is nearby?" Star Sapphire replied.  "I've got an idea for how we can turn our loss of a million into a new prize.  See if you can get her attention, Giganta.  Cheetah, you wait right here until I get back, 'kay?"

Cheetah nodded, but still felt like she was being left out of the action, especially considering it was her long time foe they were talking about.  Giganta expanded and then took one lonnnnnggg step to be right over the heroine.  Wonder Woman looked up in awe, amazed that this was indeed her daughter looking down at her.  Meanwhile, Star Sapphire was making her way around and behind the Amazon.  While she was so distracted, Debbie had a purple energy hand reach out and yank the golden lasso from its hook on the golden belt.  "Grab her!" she yelled to her titanic teammate.

A huge hand reached down more quickly than Wonder Woman had thought possible and wrapped itself around her body.  Well, no matter how big the hand was, her incredible strength would have her free in no time.  But suddenly she felt the golden lasso being wrapped around her shoulders above Giganta's fingers and thumb.  "You must remain powerless and unable to fight free of Giganta's grasp," Star Sapphire ordered from the other end of the lasso.

Wonder Woman felt weak and meek after hearing this, and became limp in her daughter's hand.  Sapphire saw her plan had worked, so she collected the lasso and rose to grin at Giganta.  Time for another trick, she decided.  She grinned broadly as a purple energy pair of scissors shot out from her hand and severed Giganta's bandeau strap again, this time more neatly.  While grasping her captive there wasn't much more the giantess could do but wave and return the smile.

Her left tit starting to become more and more visible and the right joining, Giganta took another couple of steps back toward where Cheetah was and found that Sapphire had landed there already.  "Let me take her off your hands, Giganta," Star Sapphire said, "so you can shrink back down."  A purple energy straitjacket formed around the heroine as Giganta opened her hand, leaving Wonder Woman no time to try anything to fight the orders she'd been given.  "Cheetah, here, hang on to this lasso for me.  Are there any buildings nearby that are unoccupied?"

As she was taking hold of the lasso, Cheetah replied, "Yes, which is why I wanted to do this hijacking so close to the mint.  There's what used to be a denim jeans making place a mile or so behind where I'm standing right now."

"Ah, that'll be perfect!" Sapphire beamed.  "Giganta, give Cheetah a ride, I'll take Wonder Woman along with me.  No, wait.  On second thought, I don't think we want you getting big again and showing all around us where we are, Giganta.  Hold on a sec."  She had her gem form a platform, then Debbie said, "All aboard!"  Her two compatriots stepped onto the purple energy platform, then the super villainess in pink used her gem to form a perfectly reflective bubble over the four of them.  She took off, towing the still straitjacketed Wonder Woman and her partners.

Star Sapphire found the building Cheetah mentioned as soon as she got airborne with her passengers.  She'd seen it earlier while watching for the armored car to leave, but hadn't given it any notice at that time.  Now it became obvious the place had been vacant for some time; grass hadn't been mowed and a lot of litter was strewn about the parking areas.  She flew around the large factory building, finding that it appeared to be very well sealed up.  To avoid attracting any more attention than what the reflective bubble might have gathered already, she landed her passengers first and then herself on the roof.  "Cheetah, I didn't see any way in while flying around this place," Sapphire said while dispelling the stealth bubble.

Her compatriot nodded.  "That's one of the reasons I selected this factory while doing my checking in the computer, Debbie.  The only way in is that hatch over there," Cheetah pointed at it, "which opens into a maintenance room in the loft level."

They found the hatch to be clamped tight against the weather but not locked.  A purple energy hand did the dirty work, and after Giganta and Cheetah went down inside via the ladder, Star Sapphire eased the still bound Wonder Woman down and then levitated herself down.  She looked around, then said, "I'll take that golden lasso again now, thanks."  Cheetah handed it to her.  "Also, I don't think there's any need to go down into the main factory floor area.  This space is plenty big enough, and that pole over to the left looks perfect."  She noticed the victim of her latest bra snip using a pin found on the bench to fix her problem.  "Giganta, how about gathering up that heavy rope piled in the corner over there."

"Oh, I see," Cheetah said, "you're going to tie Wonder Woman to that pole."

"Right, but not just a simple tie job," Debbie answered.  "Are you good with a whip?"

"Not as good as Catwoman, but..."

As Giganta came back with the heavy rope, Star Sapphire grabbed one of the seemingly freshly laundered rags and tore a long strip from it.  Wonder Woman was still wrapped in the purple energy straitjacket, and Sapphire went around behind her.  She placed the cloth strip between the Amazon's lips, then drew it tight around her head and tied it.  Next she placed the golden lasso around Hippolyte's shoulders, still with the gem's bondage empowerment between her skin and the lasso.  "In a moment this straitjacket is going away," she told her prisoner, "but even with it gone I order you to stay calm and relaxed, making no effort to leave us.  Nod if you understand."

She couldn't resist, so Wonder Woman nodded.  The lasso was removed.

"She's all yours," Star Sapphire told Giganta and Cheetah, "tie her up real good so even if the lasso instructions wear off she won't be going anywhere.  Make sure some of that rope goes around the pole."  As the rope bondage got underway, Sapphire's gem formed a nine-foot bullwhip.  She coiled it on the floor with its handle sticking up so Cheetah couldn't miss it.  "Barb, have some fun for a few minutes with your whip, but don't do any real harm to her.  I'll be back with my special surprise for Wonder Woman after I've had some time to think it through and make sure I've got it right."  Cheetah winked in acknowledgment, so Sapphire walked over to the door which led into what used to be the maintenance supervisor's small, enclosed office.

With the large amount of rope Giganta had gathered, she and Cheetah first looped it a number of times around the Amazon's calves and tied it off, then again around her thighs four or five times before tying this tight.  Cheetah got creative and wound the rope around Hippolyte's chest below her breasts, then up over her right shoulder and behind her neck to come down over her left shoulder and back down to the first loop.  After the bit that came down from the left was secured, the rope was brought up her back to go around Wonder Woman's chest above her breasts.  This was finally tied off, then rope was wound around the heroine's forearms behind her back.  Giganta forced the captive into kneeling position with her feet straddling the pole so that Cheetah could tie some rope between the super heroine's arms and her calves, then from her arms around the pole.

With the Amazon now securely bound and gagged, Cheetah picked up her whip and snapped it loudly only an inch or less from Hippolyte's face.  She continued toying with her target by snapping the tip of the whip close but not contacting all the exposed parts of her body, and even managed to just get the snapping tip just touching the nipples bulging out from the golden WW cups holding her breasts.

Meanwhile, Star Sapphire became certain of what would be the best options.  She used her gem to form what appeared to be a very realistic looking mannequin with almost real looking skin having a body shape and size similar to herself except for moderately larger breasts.  It stood on its own with no need for a pole.  She moved close to inspect her work and noted the barely discernible at this point line around the throat where the head portion met the main body portion.  There was a similar line down the back from the neck join down to the top of the butt.  So far the black hair which covered the back line down to just below the waistline looked like a typical very good quality mannequin's wig.  Satisfied, she clenched the female form's right arm to pick it up, and the arm gave a little.  This give and the fact that Sapphire lifted it with no effort showed this was obviously not a solid mannequin but more like an exquisite blow up doll.  She went back out with her creation to join the others.

Star Sapphire's reappearance with her lifeless companion got Giganta's attention first, followed by Cheetah and then Wonder Woman.  From the look of terror on the Amazon's face but not a sign of any blood or welts on her body, it seemed Cheetah must have been very effectively utilizing her whip.  "You can keep the whip if you'd like," Sapphire said as she stood her creation on the floor, "but that stage of the fun is over.  Go ahead and untie Wonder Woman, but leave her gag in place."

Cheetah set her whip on the floor, then as Giganta started to undo the first of the knots, she said, "Wait, allow me."  Giganta let go and stood, then Cheetah attacked the four sections of the heavy rope with her claws.  Seconds later the rope started to fall away from the heroine's body.

Before she could even think about trying to spring free, Hippolyte found the golden lasso being wrapped around her upper left arm.  "Stand, Wonder Woman, then remain absolutely still like a statue," Star Sapphire ordered.  Then she told Giganta, "Since Cheetah robbed you of any chance to untie her, you get the honor of stripping Wonder Woman.  Remove everything she's wearing, including the bracelets and her tiara, then take that gag out."  The villainess who until recently actually was Wonder Woman got to work, and moments later the present Amazon heroine was naked with all the costume components neatly placed at Giganta's feet.

"Now for the fun part, Wonder Woman," Star Sapphire told her.  "You noticed my inanimate friend that I have just brought in.  She won't be inanimate for very much longer, for it is you who will give her life as at the same time she gives you a new life.  Walk over to her and insert your fingers into the slit around her throat, then lift her head off."  As much as she wanted to not do anything of the sort, the lasso was controlling Hippolyte and she stepped over to the brown haired nude statue or whatever it was.  She found the slit Sapphire had mentioned and proceeded to pry into it with her nails.  Suddenly it came free and the empty head which appeared to be made of thin rubber or something similar with a long black wig attached was in her hands.

"Cheetah, do Wonder Woman a favor.  Lift, collect and amass all her own hair on top of her head."  It took but a few seconds for Cheetah to do so, then Sapphire added, "Pull your new face and head over your current one, Wonder Woman.  Make sure to get your eyes, nose, mouth and ears all set inside your new head before you pull the throat down over your own."  Hippolyte experimented with stretching the narrow neck and found she could pull it very wide without damaging it.  With no way to stop her hands, she spread the opening and pulled it down over her hair and Cheetah's hands, which got removed as they became unneeded.  The very flexible material came down until the face started to reside over her own, and first her eyes and nose, followed by her lips and ears all became set under those of the latex mask.  She pulled the neck down then and smoothed it over her own.  The black hair atop her new head swished around her hands as she did so.  But why did it feel just as if it was her own hair, embedded in her scalp?

Star Sapphire unwound the lasso from her captive's arm and produced a hand mirror using her gem.  She held it out and said, "Here, take a look at the new you!"

There was no need for the lasso anymore as the mask which became a face was now controlling the soon to be ex-Amazon.  She took hold of the mirror and held it to look at her face, a totally different one from what she used to observe.  It was obvious to her now that the black hair was just as real as her face.  "How do you like the new you?" Star Sapphire asked.  "No, don't answer, because you've only just gotten started.  It's time now to take the remainder of your new body and pull it on over your present one."  Somehow she found herself eager to do as commanded, as if the, her new face, wanted to complete itself!

The nude woman with the long black hair walked back over to the headless female form still standing and grabbed it by its open neck.  She went over toward one of the few chairs still in the space and sat, then spread the neck of the body as easily as she had the neck of the head.  She stuck her feet and legs into those of the latex form, and first set her toes into the vacant ones.  Then slowly but surely her legs, hips, waist, torso, arms, shoulders and neck became covered by Star Sapphire's creation.  It was as the neck of the body met the neck of the head that Hippolyte ceased to exist and the new super villainess with special magic abilities created by Sapphire came to life in her new skin of latex which became flesh.

"You look very nice as a nude, Patsy," Star Sapphire grinned.  "But now it's time for you to get into your first costume so we can all go back to Legion Headquarters and show Grodd his latest member of the group, Ms. Vicious!"

"Oh, so it's as Ms. Vicious amongst all my possible evil identities you wish me to travel?  Ta-Dah!"  The new villainess grinned as her hair became only shoulder length and a mid brown, and her body became covered in shiny black latex with a silver V forming at her crotch and going up to her belly button.  The V shape continued above this with the suit open to her torso's skin, cross straps of equal width to the one and a half-inch gaps starting that same width from the top of the V.  At her ample breasts the opening was unfettered by a strap, exposing much of her chest like on Power Girl's costume.  The top strap was set right across her nipples and aureolae.  Its neck came up high over her own, with a cut right in front for more flexibility.  Silver bands started in her crotch and followed the center V shape until angling back under her black encased breasts to end under her armpits.  Her back was solid silver.  Short, wrist length black latex gloves covered her hands, and knee high super glossy boots made from vinyl were laced up the front and had very sexy five-inch spike heels.  "The new me!" she exclaimed.  "But of course, this is only what I'm going to wear to go back.  You won't see the real me until it becomes the proper time."

Star Sapphire had a good idea of what her creation was referring to, but Cheetah looked puzzled.  "Oh, don't worry, Barb.  Lots of surprises yet to come."  Then she looked all around and said, "Hey, where did Giganta go?"

"I don't know," Cheetah replied, "I was so enthralled with watching this transformation I didn't see her go."

As if in answer, Giganta's voice came from the same direction Star Sapphire had reappeared from.  She'd noticed the sudden silence and said, "If you're wondering where I am, I've got a surprise of my own for you as soon as I come out.  I'm almost ready, give me another minute or so."  She was in the process of utilizing her body's expansion and contraction abilities to make her feet the correct size for the sexy red boots with white striping and high spike heels.

"A surprise?" Star Sapphire said to Cheetah and Ms. Vicious.  "If she's doing what I'm betting on, be prepared to use your body and costume altering powers on my cue, Patsy."


A moment later Giganta strode out to join them, but she no longer looked like herself.  She had put on the costume Hippolyte had discarded, and with her expansive red hair now looked like Artemis as Wonder Woman.  "Well, what do you think?" she asked.  "I had this costume at my feet and I just couldn't resist the temptation to see what I'd look like as Wonder Woman.  Say, who's our newcomer?"

"You look great as a redhead Wonder Woman using that costume Star Sapphire asked me to make for you.  My name is Patsy Hanson, and in this guise I'm known as Ms. Vicious."

'Oh, Debbie must have programmed that memory of the costume into the new identity she got,' Giganta mused, then she said in reply, "Thanks!  You look fantastic yourself as Ms. Vicious!"

"Almost good enough for me to want to sink my claws into you!" Cheetah added as she grinned.

"Very nice!" Sapphire opined.  "But since you've gotten yourself looking so good on your own so far, let's get you looking exactly right.  Patsy, you know what Wonder Woman's face looks like, so give Giganta a makeover with a for real Amazon body, her new face and the black hair to go with it."

Ms. Vicious took a step and placed her gloved right hand on Giganta's left arm.  An instant later, it may have been Giganta standing there but you'd never know it.  She now had the same body, face and hair originally hers before going under the Purple Ray.

"Ah, now you're Wonder Woman for real!" Star Sapphire exclaimed.  "But let's enhance the look of your costume so Grodd might be even more shocked.  Ms. Vicious, let's have Wonder Woman wearing some shoulder length red gloves with white trim to match her boots and with her bracelets over them, not under.  Then change her boots so they go almost all the way to her crotch.  The heels on them are already looking good at around five inches or so, would you like them any higher, Wonder Woman?"  The transformed Giganta thought for just a sec, then shook her head no.  Patsy saw the shake, and so did all but raise the heels.  And so it was that Wonder Woman now looked!

"Oh, WOW!" Cheetah enthused.  "You look awesome now!"

"I did good, huh?" Ms. Vicious asked.

"I'll say you did!" Star Sapphire replied.  "Say, Wonder Woman, where's your Giganta costume?"

"I left it on that desk in the office."  Giganta was surprised to hear Wonder Woman's voice as she spoke!

"I'd offer to zap it here for you," Ms. Vicious said, "but I don't have my wand yet."

"No problem, Patsy," Sapphire answered, "my gem is almost as good as your wand."  A purple hand and its arm stretched from her tiara to the office, then came back to offer the skirt, bandeau and wrist and ankle bracelets to their owner.

She tucked the fabric under her golden belt, but then the changed Giganta stood there holding the bracelets and anklets.  "Um, I suppose I could just string these on the golden lasso, but that would look weird.  Any bags around here?"

"Ms. Vicious, how about a red bag with white striping?" Star Sapphire asked.

The new vixen nodded as a bag fitting that description and just big enough for the task appeared in her hands.  She passed it to the apparent Wonder Woman, who opened it to insert the bangles.  Then she hooked it to her belt on the left side opposite from the lasso.  "Thanks, this is perfect and looks just right," she told Ms. Vicious.  "So I guess we're all set now to go back to Grodd and the others?"

"Right," Star Sapphire said, "and let me do the transfer, Ms. Vicious.  Without your wand, as you've already mentioned, your abilities are a bit limited.  Is everybody all set for the move?  Barb, got your whip?"  It had been coiled and held at Cheetah's side, hidden from Sapphire's view, so she held it high.  "Okay then, here we go!"

For two out of the three going with her, the teleport via Star Sapphire's gem was just a repeat of going in the opposite direction less than an hour earlier.  But for Patsy it was a new experience, and as the four materialized in Debbie's bedroom in Legion Headquarters she said, "What a way to go!  I think if we'd done that using my wand we'd have felt a quiver or two."

"Possibly, but I bet travel by your wand is going to be a lot smoother than you think," Sapphire replied.  "If anybody's wondering, I brought us to my bedroom because I didn't want us all to just show up amongst everybody.  Speaking of whom..."  Debbie went over to her comm panel and selected 'page'.  She pressed the speak button and said, "Presuming you're still here, Grodd, this is Debbie and we just got back.  Call me in my room."  She turned it off, and along with her three friends waited.

Not for long.  "Debbie, you presumed right," came from the speaker.

"Grodd, I'm speaking just to you and not everybody, right?"

"Correct.  So was your shopping trip a success?"

Star Sapphire grinned.  "Not in the way we'd hoped before we left, but oh so much more so in the way things turned out.  I'll give you the blow by blow details later on, or maybe just let you get them directly from my mind.  I don't want to mention out loud everything you're going to see in a moment.  See if you can get everybody together in the lounge."

"That's where almost everybody is right now.  Copperhead and Killer Frost are in their rooms and I'll ask them to join us.  Give them a minute or two."

"Right, we'll all walk out to join you and the others in a couple of minutes then."  She turned off the comm unit and turned to face the others.  "I don't know how much of what Grodd just said you heard, but we're going to the lounge in a couple of minutes to show off Giganta as Wonder Woman and then let you show off as much as you'd like, Patsy.  Stay as Ms. Vicious until then, okay?"

"You bet, Sapphire!"  Patsy was already thinking of all the villainesses she would be before ending with her true form.

Debbie nodded, then turned toward Cheetah.  "Hey Barb, I think you may want to drop off your new whip in your room while we're all heading for the lounge."

"Good idea, but I'm sure the others will see me putting it to good use soon."

"I'm sure!" Star Sapphire said, grinning.  Then she asked Patsy, "Any chance you could use your powers to help Doris out there?  Granted, she could carry that Giganta costume with her, but if she was to appear as Wonder Woman with nothing more than what is normal for the Amazon, I bet she'd make an even deeper impression."

Ms. Vicious nodded.  "As in showing Grodd and the others what our giantess really looks like, both in body and costume, after making all of them think she could be Wonder Woman, right?"

"You've got it!" Debbie replied.  Giganta unclipped the red and white bag and then pulled the skirt and bandeau from under her golden belt, then she placed them on Debbie's bed.  "Okay, seems like we're about set, and I think Grodd's had enough time to get Frost and Copperhead out to the lounge, so let's go."

The two established villainesses and their latest addition along with the apparent heroine filed out of Debbie's room, with Sapphire leading and Ms. Vicious bringing up the rear.  As they passed Barbara's room, she opened her door and tossed the whip onto her bed.  Then she got an idea.  "Hold on a sec, my friends."  They halted.  "It might look better to Grodd and the others if I take hold of the golden lasso which is wrapped around Wonder Woman's shoulders.  That would make them think I have her under control with no possibility of her attacking them."

As the apparent Wonder Woman grinned her approval, Star Sapphire came back with, "Hey, great idea!  Go for it!"

Giganta unclipped the lasso from her belt and handed it to Cheetah, saying, "Just remember, I would have to do anything you order me to while this is wrapped around me, so don't get any ideas."

"Oh, I could imagine all kinds of things to make you do, but don't worry.  I'll just make it look good, as if I already have you under my control.  But to make it look the best, keep your mouth shut until I say, 'Now you may talk.'  That should make it look perfect," Cheetah said as she started to loop the golden rope around her friend's upper arms.

So a few moments later, loud gasps were heard from the Legion villains on hand as first Star Sapphire entered the lounge, followed by Wonder Woman under the control of Cheetah and Sorceress bringing up the rear.  Grodd was the only one there who thought he knew seeing Wonder Woman was impossible since the current Giganta used to be her.  But he got a real shock when Debbie bent down and whispered in his ear, "Do a quick check of my memories so you can see what we did.  That sexy babe in the black and silver outfit is or was the real Wonder Woman."

'Real Wonder Woman?' Grodd pondered, then did the probe of Debbie's mind.  Somehow, she and the others had captured who they had to assume was Wonder Woman.  But if he'd already been with a changed Wonder Woman, who had they encountered?  He did a probe of the woman Debbie said was Wonder Woman, and even though her new identity was very deeply engraved and solid, he did find who she originally was.  Wonder Woman, yes, but actually Queen Hippolyte taking her daughter's place.  So now there were two villainesses under his thumb, or at least one for sure and one soon to be, who had originally been Wonder Woman.  "Thanks.  I now know what's going on.  Have fun showing off to the others," he whispered back to her.

Sapphire came back up to a standing pose and said to all, "You have nothing to fear, there's no way Wonder Woman is going to be making any attempt to attack any of you.  Cheetah, you can let go of her now."

"Okay, now you can talk," was said as Cheetah unwound the lasso and then did the unthinkable to all her teammates, handing it to the Amazon.

With a huge grin on her face, Wonder Woman looped the lasso and clipped it to her belt.  Then she said, "I may look and sound just like Wonder Woman right now, but it's in thanks to our newest villainess to join that I seem so authentic.  I couldn't resist putting on this outfit when I found it laying at my feet, and when I showed up in it to show Cheetah and Sapphire, our new girl put her powers to use and changed my body to match the costume I was wearing.  Ms. Vicious, let's do a reversal of what we did and show them the redhead Wonder Woman."

The ultra sexy new babe walked up behind Wonder Woman and placed her black gloved hands on her shoulders.  In the blink of an eye, the apparent Wonder Woman's hair and face changed, along with her body.  Only Gorilla Grodd knew the true irony of what the others were seeing as a number of voices joined in saying, "Giganta!"

"Now show 'em what you can do for costumes, Patsy," Star Sapphire said with a big grin.

Still grasping the redhead's shoulders, Ms. Vicious nodded and without letting any of them catch even a millisecond's glimpse of Giganta's naughty bits made the Wonder Woman costume switch places with the Giganta costume on Debbie's bed.  Suddenly they all saw that Giganta was in her usually seen outfit.  Ms. Vicious patted her shoulders, then stepped back.

Giganta then told everybody, "That's just the first example you're going to see of our newest member's powers.  Barb and Debbie, let's sit down with the others and watch the show.  Ms. Vicious, you're on!"

The new girl waited until her three friends were sitting, then she did a quick bow before saying, "The way you see me now is only one of the many forms I can take on.  As you heard, like this I am called Ms. Vicious.  I can also be..."  She altered her hair to long, straight and light brown and did an instantaneous costume change.  Now she was wearing a dark purple, shoulderless bodice with its legs cut so high almost her entire hips were showing along with most of her butt.  A wide silver belt with alternating circles cylinders and a spread winged, darker purple bird as its buckle circled well below her waistline.  A similar dark purple bird was spread across her breasts, forming the top of her bodice, and matching gloves covered her forearms.  A mask to match in a similar wing pattern covered her eyes and upper face, a knee length dark purple cape clipped to the tops of her bodice hung over her back, and matching thigh high boots with elegant spike heels were on her legs.  "...the villainess known as Knight Raven."

After a bit of clapping, Killer Frost said, "You've looked incredible in both forms so far!  Do you have different powers for each of these, or is it just looking different with the same powers?"

Knight Raven gave that a bit of thought, then looking at Star Sapphire she said, "Just the same so far, but if I wanted to, I think I could magically induce other powers to make an identity change more effective."

Nodding, Debbie told her, "I believe you could easily do that, Patsy.  Oh, that's her name among friends, everybody.  Patsy Hanson.  And you'd still have your magic powers on top of whatever else you gave yourself."

"Something to consider," Patsy replied, "and next for you..."  Her hair changed to a bright strawberry blonde, almost red, still the same length.  Now the bodice she wore was black and showed just as much leg.  It had shoulders which came down to cover only the very tops of her arms and had a deep V going from her shoulders to a point under her black fox head adorned belt buckle, well below her belly button.  This exposed a good bit of cleavage!  A black choker with a silver fox head paralleled the black belt going around her hips.  A black forehead, nose and cheeks covering mask hid her face, and black gloves loosely covered her forearms.  No cape this time, and her thigh high boots were pretty obviously black.  " the bad girl called Midnight Fox."

Whistles came from the males, and both clapping and oohs and ahs from her female teammates.  "I'm really glad you're having fun seeing me do this!" Patsy said.  "And now for something a lot less appropriate for nighttime fun..."  Her hair went to a bit shorter silvery platinum blonde, and now a silver bodice covered her torso.  As before, quite a bit of her hips and butt were left uncovered, and this one had long sleeves.  Instead of a V, her upper chest was exposed by a wide U.  A silver on its outside and metallic light blue on its inside knee length cape was clipped to her shoulders.  A very thin, dark blue domino mask covered her eyes and matching gloves came up to her elbows.  Her very wide belt also matched these and rode her hips high on the left side and low on the right with an oval silver buckle on her left thigh.  A very thin silver belt was angled opposite that one.  Knee high silver boots adorned her legs, again with very shapely and sexy stiletto heels.  "...I give you the sexy and slick Argent."

Patsy as Argent gave a nice bow after the latest round of applause, then she said, "To give you somebody who with the right powers added could help Captain Cold and Killer Frost..."  She left her hair as it was, and this time the shapeshifting magic wielder placed a body covering unitard over her form.  It was basically navy blue with turquoise sides that continued to the undersides of her arms.  Its sleeves ended in contiguous blue gloves, and three wide silver bands served as bracelets over each of her forearms.  A silver choker circled her throat, and the same silver boots as before balanced her silver mane.  "...I present Cold Fusion."

"Yowzah!" came from Capt. Cold in addition to the acclaim from the others which included loud clapping from Killer Frost.

"Let me know when to join with you!" Cold Fusion mentioned as she bowed.  Everyone noticed the different voices Patsy was having with each of her villainesses so far.  "Now I'm going to go to the opposite end of the thermometer..."  The shape shifting super villainess turned her hair to black, and now had a barely there red skirt situated low on her hips with a thin golden belt and buckle.  Her midriff was exposed, with a red top molded to her upper chest and shoulders.  A gold arrowhead came down between her breasts, and red mask spiked over her eyes and rounded below them went back to her ears.  Shoulder length gloves were golden with flame patterned top edges, and similar thigh high boots had thin red outlines for the flame edges.  These boots had two-inch platforms and ultra sexy seven-inch heels.  " burn your hearts as Heat Wave."

"Almost as bad as Firestorm!" Killer Frost shouted.  The others just gave further nodding, whistling and clapping style approval.

"But I'm wicked, where Firestorm is a good boy," Heat Wave answered.  "To give you a helper who might be just as impervious as Superman or Supergirl..."  Patsy went to golden blonde hair, and again to a body covering unitard.  It was icy mid blue on its left side and silvery blue on its right side, divided right down the middle of her chest and back.  Dark blue, elbow length gloves with two wide matching bands over her upper arms matched the spike heeled boots that came just over her knees on the insides of her legs and angled up to a point near the tops of her thighs on their outer sides.  A presumable fake diamond was placed in her belly button, and a huge diamond design was over her left breast and upper chest.  "...I have become Blue Diamond."

"You can go diamond hunting with me anytime!" Capt. Boomerang exclaimed.

She winked at him, then Patsy said, "If we ever get Catwoman to work with us, my next catty identity could team with her and Cheetah..."  Her hair turned to a pale green, along with her eyes.  Her unitard became something easily called a catsuit as it turned solid mid green with dark green tiger stripes on the outer sides of her legs, torso and arms.  The stripes at her shoulders continued inward to form a dark green V above and between her breasts.  Dark green, elbow length gloves were on her arms with claws appropriate for a true feline femme fatale, and knee high dark green boots completed her outfit.  " Emerald Tiger!"

"Meowwwrrr, indeed!" Cheetah answered.  "Who needs Catwoman, you and I could take on anybody!"

She made a scratching motion with her left talons, then Patsy told them, "Getting away from the cat theme and more along something closer to Firestorm," she winked at Killer Frost, "let's do a nuclear powered super villainess..."  Staying with a full body unitard, she changed her hair back to black.  The unitard was golden yellow with a copper colored front wide enough to cover her breasts at top narrowing to a point in her crotch.  The golden portions were covered by a wide woven net pattern of copper, along with some bands of copper covering just the outer sides of her thighs.  Copper colored knee high boots were on her legs, and what seemed to be lavender colored gloves covered only her hands.  They signified the power she could wield as, "...Pulsar!"

"If you could make that power for real, you'd be an incredible asset to have along," Grodd told her.

As if to prove Sapphire's point from earlier, Pulsar raised her hands and after doing a quick transformation spell they began to sparkle and glow with what could be stellar nuclear power!  "Seems like you're right, Sapphire," she said before depowering.  "Then, if we ever needed somebody to go up against Vixen one on one..."  Patsy turned herself into a gorgeous young black woman like Vixen herself with short, curly dark brown hair.  She went back to a shoulderless bodice that barely contained her ample chest adornments, red on the right side, green on the left and yellow down the center and around her back.  A wide fabric belt of the same colors with red on top, yellow and green was around her hips with a grey ram's head buckle.  A similar, much larger ram's head was situated below her breasts with its horns arcing up and around them.  Two copper bands circled her upper left arm, and a leather strap holding five other animal heads formed a necklace.  High heeled brown sandals with straps that wrapped around her calves and tied just below her knees completed the outfit.  "...I'd meet her as Ruminant."

The two most enthusiastic applauders this time were Grodd and Copperhead.  "Animal powers, indeed!" the super ape shouted.

She nodded and grinned at Grodd, then still as Ruminant she said, "I know animal based powers can be helpful at some times, but I have to think a wielder of powerful magic is of more value, so..."  She went back to the body given by Star Sapphire which Patsy thought of as her basic and true form.  She had a wide silver band gathering her long black hair into a single stream going up and behind her head and back.  A minimal black vinyl thong now covered her crotch and actually disappeared between her butt cheeks!  A similarly skimpy black vinyl strapless bra covered not much more than her aureolae and nipples, but over this she was now wearing a black leather cut off jacket whose sleeves went to halfway down her forearms.  Fingerless black wrist length gloves covered her hands, and a nearly ankle length see through thin mesh black skirt hung down from her hips well below the thong straps.  This almost emphasized more than hid her skin tight black thigh boots that had one-inch platforms and seven-inch heels.  Hanging on her right side was a black tube holding her two-foot long magical wand, and its straps went up and over her left shoulder under her jacket.  "...I now am for you my primary identity which you will usually see, the wicked witch known as Sorceress!"

"You look as wicked as you seem to feel!" Giganta said while clapping.

"We could make one hell of a team if you'd like," Wizard said, totally impressed with all he'd seen since Patsy had walked in as Ms. Vicious.

"Great to have more than one witch or warlock in the Legion so we might always have somebody to go along to work powerful magic on our forays," Gorilla Grodd said.

Even more compliments and comments were given to Patsy as the group got up to gather around her.  She felt right at home as one of the most evil women on earth being accepted by her new friends in the Legion of Doom.

After the sort of combined body and fashion show which the Legion's guys enjoyed even more than their female teammates, it was agreed unanimously that even though it was only a Tuesday evening, some late night fun and plundering were in order.  Grodd teamed with Sorceress and Star Sapphire to hit Metropolis; Giganta, Killer Frost, Wizard and Cheetah joined to take on Central City; Captain Cold, Copperhead and Captain Boomerang wished they had at least one of the Legion's babes to go with them as they decided to play around in Miami.  As it was, Star Sapphire experienced just what she'd expected and Gorilla Grodd was pleasantly surprised by the magical teleport to the Legion's real terminal in the garage at LexCorp done by Sorceress.  He was also more than pleased to see the way this powerful magic super villainess who until just before had been Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons was very evil minded and just as if not more effective than Wizard.  He figured it might have been due to the way Sorceress and Star Sapphire seemed to team up and utilize their respective powers so well.  Debbie was also in good form, after not being seen in action by Grodd in such a long time.  He figured maybe the fact that this new Debbie used to be Green Lantern but with a fresh take on her mind and personality might have had something to do with that.

Flash was on hand in Central City, but knowing who Killer Frost really was hampered him.  He got stymied by the way Wizard and Killer Frost covered him to allow Cheetah and Giganta free reign.  The trio in Miami worked very quickly as planned, and were gone by the time Batman and Zatanna got there from the Watchtower.  In Metropolis, Superman's powers were countered by the magic of Sorceress.  Her shields prevented him from seeing or otherwise sensing where they really were, while the three false sets of the trio she and Star Sapphire placed elsewhere in the city, one trio in particular being very significant, kept him busy.

Soon after each trio was rounded up by the Man of Steel, they reverted back to the people they'd been before being altered by the two villainesses.  His biggest surprise came with the final of the three.  The form of Gorilla Grodd changed into Cat Grant, Star Sapphire reverted to Perry White, and Sorceress became Jimmy Olsen.  He watched as his three friends from the Planet got back to their after work dinner together at the place known to everyone at the paper, seemingly unaware of what had taken place in their last twenty minutes or so.  Neither he nor the Planet trio knew about the special transformation spell Sorceress had done to them at Sapphire's suggestion.

So all three Legion teams completed their short and sweet crime waves.  Star Sapphire stayed behind as Gorilla Grodd and Sorceress left Metropolis so she could both have some late night fun as herself and Debbie.  Her staying overnight got Grodd a bit mad, but at least she'd let him know what she was doing.  She slept in late, and before leaving to go back as Star Sapphire she decided to give Metropolis a look from high in the sky during daylight.  While keeping an eye out for a possible visit by the Man of Steel or maybe his young female cousin, a different hero got spotted in action.

Elasti-Girl from the Doom Patrol was all by herself with none of her teammates around.  After a quick look around to make sure Superman nor any of the other Doom Patrol members were nearby unnoticed, the super villainess in pink and purple zoomed down behind the fifty-foot woman sized Elasti-Girl and grabbed the top of her lavender panty from under the ultra short skirt portion of her red and white costume.  The heroine was given a super wedgie!  As much fun as it would have been to show Elasti-Girl just who it had been who'd messed with her, Sapphire opted for caution and disappeared skyward as soon as she let go.  Even from far away she heard the snap as the panty's elastic slapped Elasti-Girl's rear end.  The heroine was at a loss, and decided to just get back to her patrol.

When she got back to Legion headquarters, the fun loving sexual slut super villainess who had been Green Lantern gave a quick explanation of her night to Grodd, then she went looking for Giganta and Cheetah to brag about her latest fun with a super heroine.  Barb was in the lounge watching TV, and Debbie pulled her away from the game shows to go see Doris in her room.  "You're not gonna believe who I was just messing with in Metropolis!" Debbie told them.

"Superman?" Cheetah guessed.

"Supergirl?" wondered Giganta.

"Nope!  Elasti-Girl was all by herself at about the same size as you when you expand, Doris.  I grabbed her panty from behind and gave her one hell of a wedgie.  I wonder if you two might want to go back there and let her see Giganta eye to eye?"

"Sounds like lots of fun, Debbie!" the villainess who used to be Martian Manhunter replied.  "I'll go get into my Cheetah costume while you tell Grodd where we're going.  You are gonna go back with us, right?"

"Yep!  I'm your aerial reconnaissance.  But after I spot her for you, I'll let you both play with her on your own.  I'll just watch and keep alert for any visitors.  Get going, Barb!"

The brown haired villainess whose hair was not usually seen scooted out as Debbie went over to Giganta's comm panel to page Gorilla Grodd.  "Hey, big guy," she told him, "I'm going back to Metropolis with Giganta and Cheetah.  I had some fun playing with Elasti-Girl before I left, and the girls want to get their own kicks by messing with her."

"None of the other Doom Patrol guys were with her?  Just be careful to watch out for them or either of the supers in blue."

"Gotcha.  If I do happen to spot any of them and might be able to use my gem to mess with them, I'll let you know."

"Thanks, and good luck," Grodd said.  "Tell your teammates to have a lot of fun on this trip."

"Right, see ya!"  She closed it, then said to her friend who used to be Wonder Woman, "Let's head over to Barb's room to see how close to being Cheetah she's gotten."

"Good thing I have so much less to put on to become Giganta than she does to become Cheetah!"

"Heh!  Hey, does that minimal outfit ever leave you feeling a chill?" Sapphire asked as they went out the door.

"Only in the worst of winter.  My metabolism is sort of hyper, keeping me comfortable."

When the two got to Barb's room, she was completing her costume by pulling the cowl over her head.  "You two look ready to go," she said, "and I wonder if bringing my whip along would be good?"

"I doubt it, just leave it here," Debbie answered.  "So how do you two want to go, dragged along as I fly, or quick route via a gem teleport?"

"I vote for the gem," Doris said, and Barb nodded her agreement.

"Okay, in that case," Star Sapphire said in Barb's room, "we're here," she finished as they appeared on the rooftop of LexCorp, one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis.  A quick all around scan showed no sign of any heroes other than the hard to miss Elasti-Girl.  She was still quite tall, and not far from where Sapphire had left her.  "Seems no aerial recon is needed.  Tell you what, I'll just stay and watch from here.  Have fun, you two!"

"Hey, Sapphire.  How about giving us a lift over to the block behind her?" Giganta asked.  "But first," she started pulling off her anklets and bracelets, "do me a favor and zap these to my room, if you can."

Star Sapphire nodded while grinning, and a beam shot from the gem over her eyes to hit the baubles in Giganta's hands.  They disappeared.  Then she said, "Oh, you want to sneak up on her at normal size?"  Cheetah and the still average sized giantess both nodded.  "Okay, now we fly."  Sapphire enveloped them in another reflective bubble, then dragged the duo along on a route that kept them out of Elasti-Girl's field of vision.  She dropped them off, then zoomed straight up for an eagle's eye view.

Now one block behind Elasti-Girl, Giganta grew to exactly the same size and offered her open and huge left palm to Cheetah.  She lifted her partner to the nearest rooftop, then while who knows how many folks in the surrounding buildings saw her, Elasti-Girl didn't.  She waited until the huge heroine was close to the side of the odd, all brick and no windows side of one of the buildings.  Then she reached quickly and shoved Elasti-Girl's forehead.  The back side of her head impacted the bricks hard enough to bring on many cracks, and she slumped against the building unconscious.

Working very quickly, Giganta pulled the red and white skirt and shoulderless top combination off the heroine's body, followed by her white gloves.  The minimal lavender bra and still slightly stretched out panty gave Elasti-Girl a small bit of protection from all the gawkers, making it look like she was wearing a bikini.  Giganta pulled on the red and white outfit over her own skirt and bandeau.  Her own skirt was much shorter and didn't show, and all she needed to do was shift her bandeau's top under the shoulder of Elasti-Girl's top.  She pulled on the gloves, then pulled the knee high purple boots off the woman still in dreamland.  It took just a tad of body resizing to get her own feet to fit them, and they got zipped tight to her ankles and calves.  At least the heels weren't as high as the ones on those Wonder Woman boots she'd worn the night before.  She let Elasti-Girl keep her white head band.  Then she struck a pose in her latest different costume and grinned at Cheetah.  "What do you think?  I picked it up!"

She knew it was unlikely that Giganta would hear her, so Cheetah just clapped vigorously.  While she was doing so Star Sapphire landed on the roof next to her.  "Wonder Woman last night, Elasti-Girl this morning, it looks like Giganta is having a lot of fun with different identity costumes," she told Cheetah.  "Let's go down to ground level at her feet and hope she gets the idea."

A purple platform appeared in front of Cheetah, and as she stepped on she said, "Yeah, and it's also fun seeing her dressing up!  Let's go, Sapphire."

Giganta as Elasti-Girl watched as her two friends came off the roof and landed right next to her left purple boot.  She got the hint and shrank down to normal size, the purloined costume reducing along with her as expected.  "How do you like my latest acquisition, Star Sapphire?"

"That was a nifty way you came up with to mess around with her.  You look really impressive in her outfit.  But I'm betting all hell is going to break loose any moment.  All the folks in the surrounding buildings that watched are sure to have alerted the police.  I'm surprised no one has been daring enough yet to come outside to see things better.  Also, probably sooner rather than later, Elasti-Girl is going to come to.  I doubt she'll want to go looking for you in just her undies and barefoot, but why take chances?  Let's get out of here."

"Go ahead and take Giganta back, Sapphire," Cheetah said.  "Leave me here.  I want to see if any of these downtown Metropolis banks are overly dependent on the protection of Superman and might prove easy to rob."

"Aw, you get to stay and have more fun," Giganta replied.

Star Sapphire grinned and said, "You've had your share, Giganta."  She had her gem produce a tiny and thin purple box with a push button on it and a stretch band to match Cheetah's costume, then while handing it to her she said, "All right, but at least let me drop you off in a place not so hot as this one's gonna get any second now."  She encompassed all three of them inside a power bubble and floated up just moments before a police car pulled up with its flashers and siren off.

The pair of cops didn't find any trace of the villainesses witnesses had called in, but became useful as a ride for the embarrassed Elasti-Girl who shrank to their size after regaining consciousness and finding herself nearly nude, clad only in her bra and panty.  It wasn't until they told her during the trip to the station that she found out who'd knocked her out and stolen her outfit.  She stayed there in the station wearing a borrowed robe until her teammates came with a spare costume to bring her back with them.

Meanwhile, Cheetah had been dropped off where there were a number of banks quite a ways from where they'd encountered Elasti-Girl.  She was told to push the button if she got in trouble or just wanted to come back when finished.  She placed the device on her left forearm like a wristwatch, then started her inspection.

When Grodd saw Giganta as Elasti-Girl, nearly every Legion member on hand came close to fainting when the big ape actually chuckled and held a big grin.  When she was finished showing off, it was time for Giganta to ditch the red and white outfit and get back to looking like herself.  She found her bracelets and anklets sitting on her bed and became in awe of her friend's powerful gem.  While she was changing, Star Sapphire retrieved from her own room the Wonder Woman costume left there the night before.  She took it over to Giganta and it got placed in her closet with the Elasti-Girl costume.  Then the two got with the others on hand to talk more about what went on the day and night before in the various places they'd all gone, and then the new fun had by Debbie and Doris just that morning.

After scouting a few banks from the outside while wearing an overcoat and hat 'borrowed' from a businessman to hide her eye catching costume, Cheetah checked the most likely ones from the inside.  Finally she settled on an AmeriFirst branch office that must have been way too confident in super powered protection.  Their securities vault and also the boxes holding so many of the valuables belonging to bank customers were actually open for general use.  She made it look like actual business being conducted, whereas in reality the feline felon was dumping jewels, bank notes, stacks of large bills and whatever else seemed easy to grab into a pair of sacks.

On duty at the desk in the Watchtower was Zatanna, and when shortly after Cheetah departed with her loot the bank became wise and raised the alarm, an alert started flashing on her panel.  When she saw 'Bank Robbery in Progress' Zee conjured up her scrying bowl and took a look.  She spotted the fleeing Cheetah and, since nothing much else was happening at the moment, the Justice League's mistress of magic used her top hat as a magical connection to reach into it and down to right behind Cheetah.  Her hand grabbed the long tail streaming out behind the villainess, bringing her up short in both wonder and alarm.  She looked back to see the mystical arm and hand coming down from nowhere and assumed, 'Damn, that hand looks like it belongs to Zatanna.  Well, if the bitch wants my tail...'  Cheetah willed her appendage to lose its animation and go limp, then she let the heroine pull the tail and a good portion of the material covering her butt off her costume and pull it up.

When Zatanna pulled the tail and attached scraps of brown spotted yellow costume material up out of her hat, she imagined Cheetah now running with a lot of her butt visible!  But when she checked the scrying bowl, there was no sign of the villainess.  Somehow, the felon had eluded her.  She went back to the more boring checks of things going on at the desk.

There was no sign of Cheetah because as her tail was being yanked into that mystical hole in the sky, she reached with her right pointer finger to push the button on her wrist box.  Back at the Legion of Doom a starburst appeared in Debbie's eyes, and she willed her gem to draw Cheetah to her.  Her friend popped into view clutching two very filled bank bags.  The alert box vanished from her wrist then, and she said, "Thanks a lot!  Zatanna must have caught on to my bank robbery somehow and she stuck her hand down out of the ethers to grab my tail.  I let her have it and a good bit of my costume," she twirled to show all her exposed butt, "and then pressed your button.  Hey Sorceress, any chance of doing a quickie repair job for me?"

The evil group's newest member stood and walked over to Cheetah, then she touched her compatriot's right arm.  Suddenly the spotted costume was whole again, and a new tail was in place, waving and curling just as in the past.  "There you go!" she said.

"Thank you very much!" Cheetah replied.  "I think having you along on missions is going to be really handy!"  She sat to join in the discussion and inspect the contents of her two bags.  The others took great interest in her acquisitions.

After spending a couple of hours with all the others in their chatting and intermittent eating of lunch, Debbie started to feel bored.  Just after two in the afternoon she noted a gap in notice and slipped out of the lounge.  As soon as she got to the hallway, her gem teleported the villainess to San Francisco.  She figured the hilly city was just approaching the Noon hour and things would be slowing down to make them ripe for her attentions.  Star Sapphire got started by raiding the museum, looking for any significant curios.

Back at Noon on the East Coast, Zatanna got relieved at the Justice League's Watchtower duty desk by Red Tornado.  While most of the heroes and heroines used the teleport system to get to and from the Watchtower, Zee preferred her own method and said her going home spell.  Home not to Shadowcrest outside Gotham City, but to her West Coast home in San Francisco since she had a show scheduled for later that night there.

A deal had been arranged between her and the SFPD to alert the mage if any nefarious activity was noted, and when the museum alarms showed something strange going on, Zatanna's restful afternoon got disturbed by the beeping and blinking light.  When the data showed the museum was involved, she got out her crystal ball to take a look.  Too bad the ball was as bulky as it was, because while the scrying bowl she'd used up at the Watchtower was good, the ball showed her so much more.

Starting from where the disturbance had happened, Zatanna backtracked with her crystal ball until she got to the perpetrator of the trouble.  There in the view of her ball was Star Sapphire.  She grinned, thinking back to a few years before when Wizard had done the body swaps between the Justice League members and those of the Secret Society of Super Villains.  She herself had been Star Sapphire until a way was found to reverse the spell and get them all back into their own bodies.  'Well, if Star Sapphire thinks she can mess around with the museum, I wonder what she'll think if I mess around with her?'

Watching the image of the female felon in pink and purple, Zatanna uttered a spell and for effect tapped the crystal ball with her wand to make sure it got to the super villainess.  She winked in approval as the image showed the beginning of her spell taking effect, and then took off her top hat to set it on the table, open side up.

Floating high in the sky over the museum, Star Sapphire suddenly felt as if her costume was starting to squeeze in on her!  "What the...?  My costume is starting to shrink!"

Zatanna heard that come from her crystal ball, and said in reply, "You might think it's shrinking, but that's a wrong guess, Star Sapphire...and for my next trick..."  She did another spell, and a moment later reached into her hat to pull out the pink bodice and its white belt from Sapphire's costume.

Now the villainess became very alarmed.  Still in her boots, gloves, mask, tiara and panty, her upper body was naked.  Good thing she was too high for anyone to see her.  But what the hell was happening?  She ordered her gem to transport her back to Legion Headquarters, but while on the way she found herself to be left with not a single part of her costume, not even her panty!

Zatanna reached into her hat and pulled out two purple gloves, a pair of pink boots, the pink mask, the pink tiara with the glowing purple gem on it and finally the pink panty with the white starburst design in front like on the white belt.  She set the costume parts on her bed, wondering about the much higher and sexier looking stiletto heels on the boots an inch higher than had been on the four-inch ones she was wearing when she got transformed into Star Sapphire, then went back to her crystal ball.  To her shock, instead of a naked Star Sapphire she saw empty airspace, just like after grabbing Cheetah's tail.  "Huh?  Where did she go?!" Zee wondered.  "I've got her power gem!"

The others inside the Legion of Doom headquarters got an even bigger shock when Debbie blinked into view among them absolutely naked.  "Stop gawking!" she yelled.  "Sorceress, I need help!"

The newest of the Legion's bad girls was having a great deal of difficulty suppressing the from the gut laugh she felt trying to escape.  She walked over to Debbie and took a good, long look at the plain to see nude form of a female goddess with shoulder blade length black hair.  "Could I possibly interest you in a replacement costume?"

"You find it difficult to imagine that might be my request?  Yes, of course I want a new costume," Debbie said acidly.  "Standing around bare ass naked is not my idea of how to present myself."  Then she thought for a moment before adding, "You're really good with costumes, so how about coming up with a new and improved one for me?"

"Ah, my specialty!" Patsy answered.  "I presume you also want a new gem to replace the one you lost?"

"Yes, of course I need a new gem, I'd be powerless without it," Debbie replied.

"Hey, just for the sake of asking," Sorceress grinned, "how DID you lose your costume and show up here in the buff?"

Sapphire scowled.  "I don't know what happened.  I was over the museum in San Fran when the bodice disappeared from my body.  I willed the gem to send me back here, and apparently the rest of my costume, including my original gem, went wherever the bodice disappeared to while I was transiting."

"I wonder if you got tripped up by one or more of the freaky items they have on display there, Sapphire," Captain Cold said.

"Yeah, I've read about some of the really strange stuff brought back from Voodoo land in the Caribbean," Wizard added.  "Some of those things have really potent magic, whether the curators and viewers want to believe it or not."

"I guess that's a possibility," Debbie said.  "I was having my gem start to go through the displays, looking for anything significant.  Well, so much for that.  The old costume is history now.  Sorceress?"

The Legion's witch had been thinking during that discussion, and she placed her right hand on Debbie's left shoulder.  Suddenly she was naked no longer.  Instead of a pink bodice that exposed so much of her cleavage, the new one was black and magenta with long black sleeves and exposed no skin at all, other than all of her legs and hips nearly up to her waist.  It had a magenta neck and shoulders narrowing to a point between her breasts where it became a magenta starburst.  The magenta of her neck continued up to her ears where it went forward and very high on each side to form a mask which came to a point on her forehead.  Her new power gem was located at this position, and Star Sapphire felt right away her close bond to it and just how powerful it was.  Magenta gloves much like her old pink ones covered her forearms, and magenta thigh high boots with daringly high six-inch stiletto heels became her new footwear.

Star Sapphire looked down upon her body and became very pleased.  "WOW!  I can't wait to get in front of my mirror, Sorceress.  Just from what I can see looking down I know I have a great new outfit.  My original gem was really powerful (even more than the ones from the Zamarons since it was made by the power ring) and this one made by your magic makes me feel much more potent and effective.  Thanks!"

"I'm glad you like it so much!" Patsy replied.  "Want to go out and let the world see the new you?  I'd like to work with you again like we did last night.  I can't wait to see what happens on Friday night."

"Me, too!" Sapphire told her.  "I hope the rest of you don't mind if Patsy and I go out and play around.  See if you can come up with a decent dinner meal for tonight, eh?"

"You'd better plan on eating out," Giganta said.  "There isn't enough in the fridge for all of us, unless we take some of Cheetah's loot and hit a grocery store."

Cheetah looked over at Grodd, who hadn't contributed at all to the discussion.  The big ape merely nodded.  "Okay, I'll be willing to go shopping.  Anybody else that wants to tag along, be at the back door at four this afternoon."

Star Sapphire looked at Sorceress and said, "Well, where would you like to start?"

"Let's head over to Washington, DC.  I can think of some real fun we might be able to pull off there."

"I agree, let's go.  I'll let you move us this time."  The witch raised her long wand, and the pair disappeared.

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, Star Sapphire's original costume was being inspected.  "I wonder..." Zatanna mused.  She took off her tux style costume and hung it in the closet, seeing as how a different outfit was going to be worn at the show later on anyway.  Her now soiled undies from doing the overnight duty at the Watchtower got tossed into the hamper.  The nude brunette then spoke the first of two spells, "elihW llits gnivah lla ym lanigiro srewop dna dnim, egnahc ym ydob ot kool tsuj ekil ratS s'erihppatS."  Her appearance altered to exactly the same way she'd looked a few years earlier, the way Debbie looked now.  Then she said the second one, "oN rettam tahw, eht meg lliw ton eb elba ot lortnoc ym dnim."

The woman who was Zatanna but not looking like her picked up the pink panty stolen from its wearer, still bearing Debbie's warmth and odors, and pulled it on, making sure the starburst was centered over her crotch.  Then she pulled on and zipped up the pink boots, followed by placing the mask over her eyes and the tiara with its gem over her forehead.  Then she stood in front of her mirror with the bodice in her hand, amazed at both her ease with those ultra high heels and how incredible they looked, seeing how she'd look in just a moment.  'Yes, just the same as I was before...except for these fantastic heels!'

She quickly stuck her five-inch heel booted legs through the leg holes of the bodice and pulled it up over her torso, then stuck her arms into its sleeves.  The changed Zee could feel the way the white belt was pulling her waist in like a corset, just like before.  Then she pulled on the purple gloves, and while the gem was trying its hardest to make her think she really was Star Sapphire, the spell allowed her to just look at herself as the villainess and bring back the memories from her last time.

She ordered her gem, and the faux Star Sapphire disappeared from Zatanna's bedroom.

* * * * *

The original idea Sorceress had was to do a gender reversal on everybody of the Senate and House of Representatives inside the Capitol building that afternoon.  But after discussing this the two girls decided it wouldn't be that much fun for them even though it would be interesting to see all the reactions.  Animating a dinosaur or two at the Smithsonian was another option, but the sheer destruction involved didn't seem worth it.  So instead, for an opening gambit that was sure to get attention, every painting in the National Gallery of Art got turned upside down.

The pair altered their appearance then by changing from their costumes to skirt and blouse combinations via blink of the eye transformations done by Sorceress so they'd fit in with the folks on the streets.  But while Debbie and Patsy stayed incognito, more than a few pedestrians who brushed up against Patsy found their clothing replaced by some well known and some quite original superhero, superheroine, super villain or super villainess costumes.  The most ridiculous looking were the grossly overweight men and women, but there were also some who looked incredibly good, even better than the originals for some of the known costumes.

After Debbie's suggestion, Patsy also gave a few great looking women the ultra slutty clothing and footwear of prostitutes.  The majority of these victims tried to make their way home, wondering about their really sexy metamorphoses.  A lot of questions got asked by those they passed, and the police stopped some of costumed folks and most of the hocus pocus hookers.  Luckily for all, Patsy was only being playful and just changed clothing, not identities.  But one of the just changed afternoon ladies of the night was heard by Debbie to say, "WOW!  What a super sexy and slutty outfit!  Too bad I can't take advantage of it."  Neither this woman nor any of those around her noticed the soft, purple aura that enveloped her.  She walked away in her four-inch platformed, eleven-inch stiletto heeled knee high white boots as the only victim of an identity change, making her way toward the part of Georgetown favored by both the prostitutes and their customers.  Her husband and three kids never could find out what had happened to her.

After this good time on the streets, the devious duo felt satisfied for this particular trip.  Two more costumed babes appeared, with almost nobody by now paying any attention.  What did catch their eyes was Sorceress raising her wand and the pair disappearing.  It was then that any still around who'd been costumed or seen those costumed figured whoever the two women were must have had something to do with it.  Neither were recognized because of Star Sapphire's new outfit.  They related their escapade in DC to the others upon returning, and again to Cheetah, Killer Frost and Wizard after they returned from grocery shopping.

* * * * *

When Zatanna left her place in San Francisco, she was figuring on having at least six hours before she needed to get back and change for her show.  Intercepting Star Sapphire had ruined her hopes for getting a nice nap after her overnight duty, so now she figured it would be yet another of her really long days.  Playing around as Star Sapphire seemed like a fun idea before making a brief appearance at the Watchtower's Fun & Games Night, so the first thing she did after using the gem to exit her room was to materialize in about the same place the real Star Sapphire had been, high over the museum.  The gem ended up doing just what it had before, but this time in going through the exhibits it was checking for its mistress on the stuff it had disturbed the first time and undoing it.  The staff were puzzled until the gem displayed in big purple letters, 'Fixed courtesy of Zatanna'.

Then, while still overhead, she looked around for any problems or difficulties Star Sapphire as a helpful heroine could assist in fixing.  She found a car that didn't quite make it to the exit ramp before breaking down on the Alameda side of the Bay Bridge.  Whereas folks might have expected it to be green, a purple hand projected from her gem picked up the vehicle and its occupants and set it in the lot next to the toll plaza.  Zatanna kept at it, finding herself having a lot of fun while doing more and more of the things Green Lantern would normally have done.  Some people wondered if Green Lantern had gotten a new ring, but a few familiar with the Emerald Gladiator's old female nemesis had the idea that maybe Star Sapphire was back and had joined the side of the angels.

When she figured time was about up, the faux Star Sapphire decided to stay as she was and give those at the Watchtower a nice surprise.  She had her gem do a communications function to get in touch with Red Tornado at the desk.  "Yes, who's calling?" he asked.

"It's Zatanna, but not as you'd recognize me.  Remember how I came aboard the Justice League satellite as Star Sapphire and alarmed you when Wizard traded our bodies around a few years ago?"

"Yes, how could I forget?"

"Well, I'm looking like Star Sapphire instead of myself, and in her costume again.  I caught her at the museum in San Francisco earlier today and did a spell to strip her of her costume.  I'll tell you and the others all about it as Fun and Games Night gets started.  I just couldn't resist when I had the costume on hand in my room.  Anyway, I'm going to teleport up to your desk.  See you in a millisecond!"

Red Tornado started to hit the talk button to reply, but saw Star Sapphire standing right there next to him.  "You weren't kidding, that was instantaneous!" he said.

"Yep!" she beamed.  "I could have come just as fast either using the gem like I just did, or my own powers which I made sure to keep when I changed into this body and costume.  Say, is anybody else here yet?  I was thinking of trying to surprise some of our teammates."

"Just Flash, so far.  Vixen, Hawkgirl and Black Canary should be here soon."

"Okay, I guess Wally will be the only one to see me as I am right now, then.  Do me a favor and tell him not to be alarmed, the super villainess he'll see is really one of us."

"Right, have fun, Zata- err, Star Sapphire!"

When he got the call from Red Tornado, Flash was tempted to do a hyper speed check to see who was coming, but changed his mind and decided to just wait and see.  When a minute or so later he saw Star Sapphire entering the room, he greeted her by saying, "Hey, you're back, Hal!  But where are J'onn and Diana?"

She gave the speedster a puzzled look.  "Um, calling me Hal isn't the right guess.  I've been wondering why I haven't seen Hal and J'onn for a couple of days and Diana even longer.  Just why did you call me Hal, anyway?" the pretend villainess asked.  "Oh, and with the way you reacted, I guess I'd better change to show you who I really am instead of staying this way to try and amuse some of the others.  egnahC kcab ot ym nwo ydob dna ym wohs emutsoc, siht eno m'I gniraew ecalp ni eht tesolc."  Zatanna suddenly appeared in Star Sapphire's place, wearing a slightly more classy version of her usually seen Justice League outfit.

"Uh, oh..." Flash muttered.  "Let's go to my room, I don't want anybody but you to hear what I'm about to say."

She followed Wally out at a normal pace, and his decision proved fortuitous as they passed Hawkgirl going in.  "I'll be back with you in a minute or two, Shayera," he told her.  She just nodded, giving the pair a quizzical look.

Wally gave Zatanna a rundown of what he'd learned about Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, then he got into what Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter had done.  "I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, but I suppose I should have spoken up when it seemed like Hal and J'onn might have suffered the same fate as Diana and Lois," he concluded.

"Wow!" Zatanna said after taking all this in.  "That means it must have been Hal who I stopped and stripped of her costume a few hours ago."  She gave Flash a quick synopsis of what had transpired between her being alerted by the museum and walking in to see him.  Then she seemed to ignore him for a moment, lost in her own thoughts.  She grinned finally, and said, "I just thought of a possible way to get all four of them out of trouble, but it'll probably have to wait until tomorrow, Wally.  I've got a show I need to be giving in San Fran in a bit less than an hour.  Let's get back to the game room, and trust me, I won't fall into whatever trap the others did.  You can keep your silence for the time being."

As they came back into the room, Vixen and Black Canary had come in, along with Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Superman and Batman.  They heard Hawkgirl saying to Black Canary who was holding a microphone like usual, "Sorry, but we had to shut down the sound system, Canary.  The last time you did this the Watchtower's entire comm system got fried, so no more karaoke for you!"  The look on Dinah's face brought grins all around, and Zee stuck around until a bit after Green Arrow and Atom
 joined in.  She went to tell Red Tornado about her afternoon, then zapped home to do her show.  It went well, but there were a few of Zatanna's die hard fans who noticed her mind didn't seem to be totally on her act.  If only they could have imagined the act she was planning for the next day...

As much as she needed a full night's sleep having missed sleeping the night before, Zatanna was awakened by her alarm clock at 6 AM.  On the East Coast where the Legion of Doom was headquartered it was already 9 in the morning, and she wanted to get there before anyone got out for however long during the day.  Just before taking a quick shower she got her crystal ball back out and did a search for Star Sapphire.  She was in luck, for the ball found her target still asleep in her room.  Presuming that room was in the Legion's building, Zee broadened the look and saw more of the interior.  Most of the villains were milling about, seemingly halfway between eating breakfast and showering or bathing.  All the villainesses were still in their rooms, either asleep or in the process of awakening.  It was a good guess she made that the Legion members must have been out doing whatever until very late in the evening.

The one unfamiliar person Zee saw in her ball was Sorceress.  'Somebody new with the Legion of Doom?' she wondered.  Looking up she said, "wohS em ohw siht si."  The ethers started to gel, then the vista Zatanna requested began to show up.  The bonus came when besides an image of her in the costume normally worn and the name 'Sorceress' below it, the scene showing Hippolyte being transformed into her was shown.  She knew what Diana's mother looked like, but since the person being changed looked like Diana herself and Wally had told her about the Queen saying her daughter became Giganta, so it figured that Sorceress had to be Queen Hippolyte.  This added another villainess to her rescue mission.

She let the ball shut down, then put it away and went to take her own quick shower.  After drying off, Zatanna fixed some coffee and made a bowl of cereal for her breakfast.  Then it was time to get dressed, but not in any way she had before.  Just as the day before, it was a matter of being in the right body for the outfit she'd be wearing.  "I lliw niater ym nwo dnim, ytitnedi dna lacigam srewop, tub evig em eht ydob fo ecriC htiw lla fo reh lacigam srewop dna egdelwonk, gnola htiw eht ytiliba ot kniht dna tca ekil reh."  Again like the day before, the normally seen shape and form of Zee altered and in her place stood a four inch taller woman with long and curly purple hair.  Shaped like a voluptuous model, the form of the ancient witch sorceress was even more appealing than her original body's.

"tuP em ni eht emutsoc ecriC saw gniraew nehw ehs saw htiw eht noigeL eerht shtnom oga dna denrut namtaB otni a gip elihw gnithgif su."  A light green body suit that only came up to her breasts and angled down even lower in the back formed over her torso and legs, while matching opera length, fingerless gloves formed over her arms.  Matching knee high boots with elegantly shaped high spike heels and sharply pointed toes became her footwear.  There was thin, golden edging to the top of the body suit which came to a point on her chest and continued down to her crotch.  Similar golden bands went around her chest below her breasts and around her hips a good ways below her tiny waist.  This lower one also had golden circles at the front, back and both sides.  From the side ones, golden bands went down her legs to disappear into the boots.  Three of the golden bands also circled her arms, one at the top of the gloves, one two inches below in the green and the last two inches above on her flesh.  Golden circles were at the outside of each of the three bands, the same size as the golden circle earrings hanging from her ear lobes.

She stepped over to the same mirror in which her transformation to Star Sapphire had taken place, and the new Circe was very pleased with her appearance.  A test of her additional powers would have to wait since it wouldn't be too smart to alter anything inside her West Coast abode.  "Time to go to work!" she said with the lavender haired witch's distinctive voice.  What came next sounded a bit odd, with Zee's usual backwards words said in Circe's voice.  She'd been tempted to utilize her new additional powers to go there, but wanted to use what was sure and reliable.  "oT a trohs ecnatsid edistuo noigeL fo mooD sretrauqdaeh."

Circe appeared in the woods not far from the spot in which Giganta had given Gorilla Grodd a scare a few days earlier.  She used her new powers this time to call inside, "Grodd, this is Circe.  I'm in the area since I wanted to see what my foe the Amazon Princess was up to lately, but I can't seem to locate her anywhere.  How about if I drop in to say hi?"

"I'm glad you're somewhere nearby, Circe.  I have a lot to tell you about concerning Princess Diana.  You know where I am, so come on in whenever you wish."

Thanks to her spell giving all of Circe's memories to her, the faux witch knew exactly where Grodd was hanging out inside the building.  She waited just a bit, then applied Circe's powers to the need to appear right next to him.  "Hi, big guy!" she said upon springing into view.

"It's good to see you again," Grodd replied.  He then told her about all the Justice League members and Lois Lane in addition who'd been changed into the Legion villainesses they were portraying.  He confirmed what the ethers had shown by mentioning the way in which Star Sapphire had changed who she thought was Wonder Woman into Sorceress.  "So will you be staying with us for a while?" the big ape concluded.

"Sure, at least for today," she told him.  "If nothing else, I want to join up with all the other babes and do and all girl outing.  You won't mind if I walk around to see if any of them want to be a part of this?"

"I've got plans for this evening," Gorilla Grodd answered, "so as long as you're all back by late in the afternoon, why not?  I can just imagine what all of you could get into!"

"Thanks!  And when we do the mall, I doubt I'll need to do anything about changing my hair.  So many of the young women and girls these days have all kinds of wild hair colors, so my purple hair would fit right in."

"Yes, it sure is easier for you to fit in now," he agreed.  "All the women should be in their rooms, I would guess.  We had a really late night, and Debbie stayed out a few hours even longer to try and satisfy some of her intense sexual desires."

"I can imagine!  We'll check in with you on the way out."  She left Grodd and headed for Killer Frost's room to start.  A look into the kitchen and dining area while on the way showed nobody but Copperhead.  A quick wave, and Zatanna in her evil witch disguise got back on the way.  She knocked on Frost's door, and the still groggy occupant opened it to see Circe and let her in.

"Whatcha doin' here so early in the day, Circe?"

"I'm trying to see how many of you want to get together for an all Legion girls thing.  Want to come along?"

"Sure!  Let me take a quick bath, okay?  And costumes for action, or should I get with Sorceress to make myself look normal for eating out or the mall?"

"Costume for now.  Let's all meet in my room before going out, okay?"

"Gotcha!  See you in about fifteen."

"Take your time.  You're the first one I checked with, and I assume you're not the only one who'll want to take a bath or shower."

"Good, see you in a bit, then."

Circe just nodded, then turned to leave.  She went next door and tapped on it for Giganta.  It took a bit longer, and the currently just a bit taller giantess who without heels would pretty much match her visitor looked like she'd just climbed out of bed when she opened the door.  But she still put on a big grin when she saw who the caller was who'd robbed her of some needed shuteye.  "Hey, great to see you again, Circe!"

"Hi, Giganta.  What would you say about all of us Legion girls doing a lunch and afternoon together?"

"I'd love to!  Did you ask Cheetah yet?"  Circe shook her head.  "I sure hope Barb wants to go.  Do I have time to wash up?"

"Sure you do.  Just come to my room to meet with all the others once you've got yourself set."

"Okay, should be about ten or fifteen minutes.  See you then."

Circe nodded, then left to go ask Cheetah next.  She had to pass by Star Sapphire's room to get there, but from what Grodd had said she was planning on asking her last anyway.  She used a knuckle to get Cheetah's attention, and the door was opened right away.  "Good morning, Cheetah.  You look a lot more awake than Giganta did!"

"Mornin', Circe.  You've already seen Doris this morning?  Please come in."

After she entered and they both sat, the woman who appeared to be Circe said, "I just came from asking Doris, and she was enthusiastic.  She also hoped you'd want to go, also.  I'm trying to get all the Legion girls to do an afternoon together.  Want to join us?  I've got Killer Frost and Giganta so far."

"Oh yeah, I'll go no matter what!  What have you got planned, in public fun or some nasty Legion fun?"

"Probably some of both, and presuming Sorceress goes with us, I won't be the only one changing our costumes and street clothes back and forth."

Cheetah smiled.  "Yeah, she's really good at that!  How quick do you want to get going?  Do I have time for a bath or a quick shower?"

"I'd recommend the shower.  We're all meeting in my room, so go there when you're ready."

"Okay, I guess I can be there in around ten to fifteen minutes from now."

"Good, this is going to be a lot of fun," Circe replied.  "See you in a bit."

She left Cheetah to her presumed shower, then the impenetrably disguised Zatanna went to knock on Sorceress' door.  Again, the door opened right away.  Her hair was still damp, so the rescuer assumed she'd already bathed or showered.  "Hi, Circe, come on in.  You look too awake for this ealy in the morning, but since you're a witch, that's probably not a problem."

She walked in, then Circe said, "Hello, Sorceress.  Early?  It's almost 10.  Do you normally get up this late?"

Her hostess grinned.  "Only when we're out working well past midnight!"

"Of course!" Circe grinned.  "You're new, and I'm really glad to meet you.  I understand from what Grodd told me that you're a witch just as powerful as me, maybe even more so!"

Sorceress smiled broadly.  "Possibly, we'll have to test ourselves the next time we're working together.  What brings you here so early in the morning?"

"I dropped by to try and get all the women of the Legion to join in doing an all girls day afternoon," Circe replied.  "Everyone I've asked so far has liked the idea of doing that.  With your magic powers added to mine, it could be a lot of fun.  I hope you'll want to go along, too."

"You'd better believe I will!"

"Great, so meet with me and the others in my room as soon as you're fully dried off and in your costume.  I figure you and I can change costumes to regular clothes for a stop at the mall or whatever.  Oh, and don't hurry, the last one I need to ask is Star Sapphire.  I understand from Grodd that she got in a lot later than the rest of you and is probably still asleep."

"Don't you know it!  I think Debbie got in around three in the morning.  Good luck with her."

"Thanks, and I'll see you in a little bit."  She left, and Circe headed back toward Star Sapphire's room.  'Let's see, if she got in around three and went to sleep soon after, Sapphire might be getting a bit more sleep than I did,' Zatanna as Circe pondered while walking down the hallway.  It did take two sets of knocking before the door got opened by the barely awake Debbie.  "Sorry to rob you of your beauty sleep," Circe said with a smile, "but could I come in and propose a good idea for today?"

"Yawnnn...Hello, Circe.  Yeah, come on in.  What time..." Debbie looked at her wall clock, "...oh, almost 10.  Oh well, I've made do on even less than six and a half hours of sleep before.  So what did you have in mind?"

"I'm planning on doing an all girls thing for the afternoon.  None of the guys.  Want to come along?"

"Of course!  I know we could have a good time doing some nasty bad girl stuff, and maybe also do a brunch or lunch along with hitting the mall.  Have you got any of the others going with you yet?"

Her guest smiled.  "You're the last one I've asked, because Grodd told me you got in a lot later than the others.  All of us are going!"

"That's wonderful!"

"So do your best to try and freshen up and get into your costume as quickly as possible," Circe told her.  "We're all meeting in my room, so I'll watch for you to be getting there."

"Right, so give me about fifteen minutes or so."

"Good, I presume all the others will be there with me when you get there.  Bye, for now."  The faux Circe smiled, her mission was going as good as or better than planned so far.  She left Debbie and headed for 'her' room.

As she had been hoping, none of the other Legion villainesses that had been invited to Circe's room had gotten there yet by the time Zatanna in the form of Circe arrived.  A quick look around showed that Wonder Woman's ages old pain in the posterior apparently wanted her 'man's world' living quarters to resemble her mystical home.  She had to think this only made sense, living in something similar to what was normal while away from home.  As much as she wanted to further inspect the fancy quarters though, time was of the essence for her mission.  With the hope that the true witch hadn't placed any magical wards on her room that would either prevent her spell from working, or worse, alter its intentions, she spoke, "sA hcae fo eht nemow ev'ohw neeb edam ot kniht yeht era yllaer eht ssenialliv yeht era demutsoc sa semoc hguorht eht yawrood, tel rieht lanigiro dnim dna ytitnedi emoceb yramirp, dna wonk taht I ma yllaer annataZ, ton ecriC."

Since she still knew herself to be truly Zatanna and not Circe, the Justice League's mage felt satisfied that no wards were present to screw up her spell.  The apparent Circe then sat on the lounge seat facing the door to await her visitors.

About ten minutes after she'd last seen her, Sorceress tapped lightly on Circe's door.  The witch in sexy green got up and opened the door, just waving to invite her first visitor in.  As soon as she passed through the door, a surprised look came to the face of Sorceress as she looked down upon her costumed body.  "What the...where am I...who am I!" she started to say, then the new mind in control accessed some of the identity it had just replaced.  "Oh, that's right.  I got turned into Sorceress by Star Sapphire.  Zatanna, you look very convincing as Circe.  I've seen that witch a number of times, and there's no way I could have known you weren't really her."

"I'm glad my spell worked for you...can I call you just Hippolyte or is it more proper to place Queen in front of your name?"

"Please, just Hippolyte.  I prefer to have only my Amazon sisters...hmm, and my daughter, call me their Queen."

"Thanks, and please take a seat so we can both wait for whoever comes here next.  By the way, as far as looking exactly like Circe, that's a benefit of my magical powers, but I understand the ones you have right now are probably more powerful than both my own and Circe's put together."

Sorceress smiled with a nod, then went over to the right wall and took a seat on a dark green satin covered plush chair.

Cheetah was the next one to show up, and after she saw Sorceress already on hand and was waved in by Circe, the realization came upon her also.  "Hey, the last thing I remember doing was showing up in front of Gorilla Grodd with Hal as Star Sapphire.  I can't believe you're not really Circe!  Zatanna, I presume you changed yourself to look and sound like Circe so you could get close enough to get us out of here ad away from the rest of the Legion?"

"Yes, that's right," the apparent Circe answered.  "You should still have your identity as Cheetah now being dominated by your own, so see if you can access it and know what you did for the past few days."

She did so, after a moment said, "I recall having my tail pulled off by you!  That was really something.  And a bit earlier, being with Giganta and Star Sapphire as we changed you into Sorceress, Hippolyte.  I hope you'll accept my apologies for assisting in what got done to you."

"Of course I will," Hippolyte replied.  "You had no more control over what you've been doing than have I."

Anything further that might have been said between the two was cut short as a knocking was heard on the door.  After Zatanna in her super villainess witch form motioned for J'onn as Cheetah to also take a seat, she opened the door to find Killer Frost there.  The Ice Queen was waved in, and initially she had the same reaction as Martian Manhunter.  " I know I'm really Lois Lane now, but how did I get into what I presume is Circe's room with you pretending to be her, Zatanna?"

"I presume that like J'onn you seem to think the last thing you did was stand before Gorilla Grodd," Zatanna told her.  "But you and Wonder Woman are the ones who have been thinking you really were the villainesses you changed into the longest time of this group I'm here to rescue.  You should still have the mind of Killer Frost underneath your true identity, so see if you can access any of it and find out why you're here right now."

Lois did what she'd been asked, and after a moment she exclaimed, "Oh my God!  Have I and the rest of us really been doing this for the past few days?  That was a good plot you came with to get inside the Legion and help us to get out.  With just us as the only females in the Legion right now, and telling us about an all girls day of fun worked perfectly.  With the first three of us, at least.  Who do think will be next, Giganta or Star, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern?"

"I'd put my money on Giganta who'll become Wonder Woman again," Zatanna replied.  "When I saw Hal as Star Sapphire, she was way behind in time compared to Diana as Giganta."

As if to make Zatanna's bet good, when she went to answer the door after a knocking was heard a few seconds later, Giganta was found to be the knocker.  She got waved in after seeing Cheetah and Sorceress already sitting and waiting with Killer Frost standing, and after she came through Diana was back.  She had enough sense about her to delve deep into her mind to figure out the difference in what she last remembered and what she was seeing now.  "Uh, oh.  Looks like I'm going to have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do," she said.  "Seems like my idea for an April Fool's Joke on Grodd got turned around to one he did on us.  Mother, will you ever be able to find forgiveness for me?"

Sorceress got up and walked over to take her changed daughter's hand.  "As I told Martian Manhunter a short while ago, no forgiveness is really needed, Princess.  None of us have had any control over what we've been doing.  Your only problem was in getting this mess started, my dear.  Just as in the past when you took on another identity and I had to fill in as Wonder Woman while you were gone, it's a good example of not thinking something through well enough before doing it.  So just work out what you feel is necessary to say to your Justice League teammates and don't worry about me."

"You mentioned Martian Manhunter?" Diana asked.

Cheetah rose.  "That's me, Diana.  Your mother told Flash what you and Lois had done, and when he told Hal and I about it, Hal came up with the idea to save you and Lois the same way you two got in.  Hal turned himself into Star Sapphire using his ring, and I morphed into Cheetah.  Say, is it safe to assume Grodd doesn't have these rooms wired for sound and could be listening in on all of this?"

"I'm pretty sure somewhere deep inside your mind you could answer that yourself," Zatanna said.  "With all of Circe's knowledge that I got via my spell, I know for a fact that the ape had better not have done anything to wire this room, other than for the intercom system we're all familiar with.  Circe would have his throat!"

It was right after Zatanna said that when the last knock on the door got heard.  And while the others were familiar with it already, Zatanna was very surprised to see the new costume Star Sapphire was wearing when the door opened.  She saw all the other girls standing or sitting around Circe, so she was eager to join them when the witch waved her in.  She stepped forward, and upon coming through the door became the second person other than Zatanna to be surprised at the costume she was wearing.  "Okay, the first question is what we're all doing in what I presume is Circe's room with Zatanna pretending to be her, and the second is, wasn't I wearing pink?"

Cheetah beat Circe to the answer.  "Hal, your mind is finally back in control over Debbie's.  But she's still in your grey matter.  Dig down in and you'll find the answers to your questions."

A puzzled look came to Star Sapphire's face, and she was silent for almost a minute.  Then she uttered softly, "Oh, shit...have I really been doing all of this...and you too, J'onn?  Instead of helping to get Diana and Lois out of being the villainesses they'd become, you and I became who we turned ourselves into!  Hippolyte, I can't be sorry enough for what I did to you, but I do have to say that as Sorceress, you came up with a really fantastic new costume after I lost my first one.  Zatanna, I presume all of us are here in this room now.  Are we going to leave via magic, my gem, or go right past Gorilla Grodd as his Legion babes all going out for the afternoon?"

"Right past Grodd until we get a bit away from the Legion headquarters," Zatanna said with Circe's voice.  "And if you're still wondering, it was me that stole your costume yesterday.  Good thing I did, or I might never have found out what was going on here, or at least not until a lot later and you all had done God only knows what more in addition to everything you've done so far.  Is everybody ready to get out of here and back to being who you really are in body and costume, not just in mind?"

"Not just yet, Zatanna," Diana in the form of Giganta said.  "Inside the closet in my room here are the costumes belonging to Elasti-Girl and either my Mother's or my own as Wonder Woman.  Mother?"

"It's mine, all of yours are still in your closet at home, Princess.  Of course, mine's a lot different from yours now!"

"Right!  Anyway, Zee, could you or my Mother use your magic to move those two costumes and all their accessories to my closet at home on Themyscira?  I wouldn't want them to still be here after we leave."

"Good point, Diana," Zatanna replied.  "I gather your mother has magic as powerful or more so than mine for doing that transfer?"

"You'd have to speak, Zatanna," the Amazon Queen still as Sorceress answered, "or maybe not...using Circe's powers, while all I have to do is raise my wand," which she proceeded to do, "and the transfer would be done.  Princess, the costumes are at home now."

"My, that sure was fast," the apparent Circe said.

"Thank you," the apparent Giganta said.  "Hey, do any of you think the Justice League would be ready to see Wonder Woman in thigh high boots and shoulder length gloves?"

"Ha!  I know I'd love seeing you use that new version of your costume, Diana," the apparent Star Sapphire said.

"Me, too!" added the apparent Cheetah.

"Does my vote count?" the apparent Killer Frost asked.  "I think it's a big improvement on the original costume!"

"Well, I haven't seen it yet, but just from imagining you in that outfit, I'd have to say yes," the apparent Circe said.

"I know my vote doesn't count, but since it was ME that designed that new costume, you'd better believe I'd like seeing you wear it, Princess," the apparent Sorceress said.  "Of course, I may change my mind after I REALLY turn back into my true self..."

"In that case, let's go before you change your mind," the rescuer who was really Zatanna said.

The entire group of six villainesses left Circe's room and headed toward where Circe had left Gorilla Grodd in the Legion's electronics shop.  "Grodd, I guess we're all ready to go now," the witch in green said as they approached him.  "Watch for a message from us at some point later in the afternoon after we've had some fun and we can tell you what we've been up to."

"What, are either you or Sorceress or Sapphire going to come up with a video transmitter to get into our system here?  I'll be watching for that.  You girls all have a good time, but make sure you're all back here before six, six-thirty at the absolute latest," the big ape replied.

"One of us, or maybe some other way," Circe told him.  "I'm sure we're all going to be having fun out there, changing ourselves for where we're going.  Back by six, for sure!"

Each of the villainesses waved or said a quick goodbye to Grodd as they went by, then they were all outside.  "Well, we're leaving to go away from here as Grodd knows, let's leave to where we want to go," Zatanna said.  "I don't think going directly to the Watchtower the way we are now would be good, so I'll take us all to my place outside Gotham City, Shadowcrest.  llA xis fo su ot ym ned ta tsercwodahS."

Grodd had been watching on a monitor, and saw as his females used their magic to go away on their trip.

As the six heroes, heroines and relative of a hero still in the forms of super villainesses blinked into view in the middle of Zatanna's richly appointed den, its owner said, "nruT em kcab otni ym eurt fles," and Circe turned into Zatanna.  Then she said to the other five, "Only a couple of you have been here before, but to all of you, welcome to my East Coast home.  Now then, before I change your bodies back, first I'll get rid of those villainess identities still a part of each of you.  roF hcae fo eseht evif nemow, ekam rieht nwo lanigiro seititnedi eb eht ylno seno ni rieht sdaeh."

Her spell was so effective that it overrode what Diana had done with her golden lasso for herself and Lois.

Right after Hal Jordan's mind became the only one in Star Sapphire's body she thought, 'Oh well, I was going to tell Zee about some of the things I'd done as Star Sapphire that needed to be corrected, but it's too late for that now.  I have no more memories of them now.'  She kept this potentially big problem to herself.

Her musings got cut off as Zatanna said, "Hal, before I turn you back into Green Lantern, can you use your gem to make the body Hippolyte is in turn back into the sort of latex body suit and head that she was forced to put on and then became the body she's now in?"

"Sure, but first she'll need to remove her Sorceress costume to become naked."

Hippolyte was also keeping some thoughts to herself.  She had been wondering if there was any way for her to save the costume she'd been wearing.  She got thrilled when Hal said for her to remove it.  She used the costuming power she still had to turn instantly nude with the costume folded and its accessories next to it.  "Fast enough for you?" she asked.

"Great use of the powers you still have," Zatanna said.  "Now you look like a normally skinned woman, but as I understand it was a body suit and head placed over your own that turned into this body.  Hal?"

Star Sapphire nodded, and a purple glow enveloped the standing form of the transformed Queen of the Amazons.  When it faded, all could see that her skin looked a bit less lifelike then.  "There's a separation going around your neck, Hippolyte.  Your choice, pull off your face mask first, or pull your body off first."

Hippolyte unknowingly started to do just the reverse of her original transformation and reached to her neck, then start pulling down on the suit covering her body.  When it was off, she handed it to Hal.  Now still looking like Patsy but with an Amazon's body, she reached up again and pulled up.  The head covering mask came up, releasing her own long black hair.  Then when it was completely off her head and passed to Hal, Giganta gasped, "Mother!  You look just like me!"

The first of the villainesses to be back in their original form nodded, then said, "Yes, I know that in the past I'd played the role of Wonder Woman in my own body, but I wanted to look just like you do for this mission I went on.  I figured it might confuse somebody who thought you'd been changed to see you again.  You weren't the only one to come up with a bad idea, Princess.  Also, the invisible jet is presumably and hopefully still sitting in a clearing near the Franklin Mint."

"Even if somebody accidentally bumped into it, no one would be able to do anything to it," Giganta replied.

Meanwhile, Star Sapphire had been checking out the body suit and face mask with built in hair.  This was another thing the memories taken from her could have helped with, but even without them she figured the very realistic body and head could be rejoined even when not on a person's body.  She used her gem to join them again, then 'inflate' the form to look just as it had when brought out for Hippolyte.  Hippolyte saw her do this and asked, "I wonder, besides taking that costume home with me, can I also bring along that body suit?  I wonder if putting it on again would give me the same magical powers?  They could come in handy some time in the future."

Sapphire nodded, then had her gem make sure the joining of the head portion to the body part after being put on didn't force Hippolyte to lose her identity and turn again into the villainess called Sorceress.  "I just altered the suit's identity changing properties, so as far as I'm concerned, I can see no reason not to allow you to have this in your possession."

"Are you certain that's a good idea, Hippolyte?" Zatanna asked.

"I know it sounds strange, but I found a liking for having the magic powers I had until a moment ago.  As long as what Hal said is true, I can only see good coming from my putting it on again if the magic of Sorceress is needed someday."

"You're starting to sound more like me, Mother!" her daughter exclaimed in surprise.

The Queen blushed, then said, "I think being off the island and in this part of the world has expanded my thinking, Princess.  Let's just accept that I'll have these, and let it drop for now, please."

Her daughter still in the form of Giganta just nodded, and if the two Amazons could agree, the others in the den decided they'd best keep any of their own misgivings to themselves.  Zee did a quick spell, "ecalP eht ydob tius dna emutsoc fo sserecroS ni s'etyloppiH tesolc ta emoh dna an nozamA ebor revo reh ydob htiw sladnas no reh teef," and the Queen became decent.

"Now that we're past that stage, it's time for all of the rest of you to be changed back," Zatanna said.  "But J'onn, do you wish to just change back to yourself on your own?"  As if in answer, Zee watched as Cheetah changed into the green form of Martian Manhunter.  "Diana and Lois, I presume getting changed here won't interfere with the Purple Ray back on Themyscira?"

"No," Diana answered in Giganta's voice, "but our original clothing and costume are in my closet at home."

"Okay, and that's not a problem.  My spell will place you in whatever each of you was wearing prior to becoming who you are now.  Hey, that reminds me.  Hal, can you still bring on your Green Lantern ring in that form?"  Star Sapphire grinned, and a green ring appeared over her magenta gloved right ring finger.  "In that case, do you want to just undo the transformation you did with J'onn?"  She grinned, and willed her ring to turn her back into Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, who then smiled broadly at Zee.  "That just leaves you and Lois, then," Zatanna said to Giganta.  "nruT relliK tsorF dna atnagiG otni rieht lanigiro smrof fo anaiD dna sioL enaL ni rieht reporp gnihtolc, hcihw rof rednoW namoW si reh wen emutsoc."

A surprise came when Killer Frost disappeared to be replaced by the form of Wonder Woman in her thigh high boots and shoulder length gloves costume, and Giganta turned into Lois Lane.  Zee had gotten their names reversed in her spell.  But what exactly was the result?  It was Lois who exclaimed, "Hey!  How did I become Lois instead of myself, and it looks like she became me?!"

"Too bad we can't stay this way, MISS LANE!" Wonder Woman said.  "I feel so strong and powerful now!  Gee, I wonder if using my lasso could make you accept who you really are now?"

Zatanna realized her mistake right away and said, "tuP sioL enaL ni reh nwo ydob dna anaiD ni sreh!"

The minds swapped between the two women, and Lois from her own body said, "Hey, you know I was only kidding, right?  Right??"

"I don't know, Lois.  It sure didn't sound that way to me," Green Lantern said.  "Just wait until I tell Kal about this..."

"You wouldn't!!" Lois blurted.

"You know I was only kidding, right?" he replied with a big grin.

"All right, everybody," Zatanna said, "we're all back to being ourselves least I presume so.  But we still need to rub this in Gorilla Grodd's face.  Let's go up to the Watchtower now, where we can be a good long way from his potential mind games."  She saw the others nodding, so Zee uttered, "llA fo su ot eht tropelet dap ni eht rewothctaW."

Green Lantern walked over to the comm panel on the wall after they popped into view up there and hit the button.  "I don't know who's at the desk right now, but this is Hal and I want to let you know that Diana and her mother, J'onn, Lois Lane, Zatanna and myself just got back."

By coincidence, it was Flash back on duty there that Thursday afternoon, and in reply he said, "Am I ever glad to hear your voice, Hal!  Give Zee a big thanks from me, and tell her it's still a secret between us."

The Emerald Gladiator stepped aside and let Zatanna speak loudly from a bit further away, "I heard you, Wally.  It worked out perfectly, and if you want to see the encore presentation, set your monitor for video comm channel 6 in about three minutes."

"Say what?"

"Just tune in!"  She motioned for Hal to break the connection, then said, "All right, let's all go up to the game room.  I know there's a vidcam in there, and we can connect to Grodd with it."

Into the game room they all proceeded, with nobody else in there as expected.  J'onn set up the camera, aimed at the stage.  He had a good idea in his head of what Zee was planning.

"Is that camera ready to go, J'onn?" Zatanna asked.  He nodded, grinning.  "teL hcae fo su emoceb eht sessenialliv ew erew, tub htiw ruo nwo sdnim llits."  To most of their surprises, the room became filled with the six no longer evil super villainesses who'd been in Circe's room and then walked out past Grodd.  Circe went over to get the connection going, and after a moment said, "Hey, Grodd.  This is Circe.  Did our vidcam setup work?"

"Yes, you worked that out very well," he told her.  "I can see all you, but it's still early in the afternoon.  Any reason you decided to get in touch this early?"

"There sure is.  Watch closely," Circe said.  "kcaB ot ruo eurt sevles," she muttered softly.  "We had a great start to the afternoon," Zatanna said, then cut the connection before any reply in the potential form of ape uttered curses could be heard.  Then she walked over to the com panel and hit the button for the desk.  "Wally, did you see that?"

"I sure did!" he replied.  "You really rubbed it in his face good!"

"Mission accomplished, then," she answered.  The connection was cut, and then Zee did spells to place Lois in her home in Metropolis, Hippolyte to her throne room on Themyscira where right away she went to her Purple Ray and became her own self in both body and mind finally, and Diana to the invisible jet next to the Franklin Mint.  Everything was back to normal for the Justice League.

Or so everybody was thinking at just that moment...

Epilogue number one

Come Friday evening, one of the things Hal Jordan had wanted to correct while still knowing what he'd done as Star Sapphire began to take effect.

At exactly 10:30, Cat Grant was in her condo watching a movie.  She saw what looked like a costume ape head suddenly appear next to her on the couch, and felt some compulsion to pull it on over her head.  She felt herself changing then, and experienced the ballooning in size of her body and its being covered by silky black fur.  For just a brief moment she was appalled at becoming a huge male ape, then her mind altered and Gorilla Grodd used his powerful mind to start searching for his two female accomplices on this mission.

At 10:30 in Perry White's place, he was reading Time magazine with CNN on the television in the background.  His wife was on the couch opposite with her attention on the TV news.  The older, grey haired gentleman noticed a long sleeved pink leotard with a wide white belt holding a star burst design show up on the arm of his chair, and wondered what the hell was going on.  His seeing it was the trigger, and he became alarmed as his body morphed into a youthful and svelte female form with long black hair and wearing only a pink panty with a star burst design over her bush.  Then the sexy pink leotard started to slip onto this body all on its own.  After that followed the rest of the costume and its purple accessories.  "Alyce-" she yelled just before her mind became different.  Mrs. White looked over to see Star Sapphire get up from the seat and then stand there looking ultra sexy in her stiletto heeled knee high pink boots with her purple gloved fists on her hips.  "Can't be having any old ladies blabbing about where I am, now can we?"  Purple energy flared from the gem over her forehead, and Alyce found herself very tightly bound and gagged.  Sapphire then felt the mind probe of her Legion boss, and mentally told him she'd be there in a moment.

At 10:30 in Jimmy Olsen's apartment, he was also watching a movie.  All of a sudden a pair of sexy looking female thigh high black boots with one-inch platforms and seven-inch heels showed up on the floor between him and his TV set.  He took one look and said, "What the-" at which point a minimal black vinyl thong, a skimpy black vinyl strapless bra, a black leather cut off jacket with half arm sleeves, fingerless black wrist length gloves, a wide silver band and a nearly ankle length see through thin mesh black skirt showed up next to them, along with what looked like a long wand or staff.  With alarm the young redhead felt the clothes he was wearing disappear and his body altering into a gorgeous young woman with long black hair.  "I'm a fe-" she started to say, but then she knew she was Patsy.  She willed her costume to appear on her body, and an instant later Sorceress was clad and ready to join with her teammates of the Legion of Doom in plundering Metropolis.  She felt the probe from Gorilla Grodd, and told him mentally that she'd be with him right away.

Grodd was outside behind the building Cat Grant lived in where a deep darkness shaded the area.  First Star Sapphire, and then Sorceress appeared at his side.  "Now that we're all together, ladies, let's get this show on the road," the big ape told them.  "Sapphire, take Sorceress with you and use your gem and magic powers to open up the doors and vault at Bank of America Metropolis number 2.  As soon as you see me start to go in, feel free to join me but keep watch for anyone coming to save the day."

Sorceress raised her wand, and the big ape disappeared.  "He's now over at the bank waiting, Sapphire.  Let's go!" she said eagerly.  Star Sapphire took off on gem power, while Sorceress moved herself just as she'd done for Grodd.  As soon as she and Star Sapphire attacked the outer doors, an alarm went off which got relayed to the home of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

"Sounds like some work to do, hun.  I hope this won't take long, and I still want to hear about what you wanted to tell me about that special trip you made," the Man of Steel said as he ultra quickly changed into his trademark blue and red costume.

"A typical Friday night," Lois muttered as her husband flew out the window.  "First I couldn't tell you last night, and now this..."

As soon as Kal spotted who was causing the alarms with his telescopic vision, he became both confused and alarmed.  'Didn't I just fight this trio three days ago?'  Something didn't seem right.  Before going down to halt the dirty work, he reached into his belt and clicked on the Justice League communicator.

"Kal, it's Diana, what's up?"

"Quick, see if you can reach Zee and ask her to meet me on the rooftop of the Bank of America Metropolis which is their number two branch."

"That'll be easy.  She's right here with me."

"Hi, Kal.  If you can stand on or hover over that roof, I can use your transmitter to home in on for my transference spell."

"Right, I'm over the building now, leaving my transmitter on."

A second later Zatanna appeared right below Superman.  He gently landed next to her, then said, "Zee, on Tuesday night Gorilla Grodd, Star Sapphire and some new and sexy looking magic wielder, let's call her a witch, were vexing me here in Metropolis.  The real trio kept themselves hidden from me via that witch's magic, and they threw me off by turning three groups of three folks each into their twins.  I managed to round up all three false trios, and the nine turned back into their real selves when I presume the real thing were finished and left.  It was hard to believe, but the last of the fake trios were Perry White, Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen whom I work with at the Daily Planet.  Now those three villains are in the bank below us.  But are they the real villains...or more false ones?"

Zatanna nodded.  "First of all, that witch is...or rather was called Sorceress.  More to tell you later.  Instead of us going down inside to confront them, how about if I bring all three up here to us?  In my spell, I could include a revision back to their true minds.  If they still act like Grodd, Sapphire and Sorceress, it would mean we've got the real thing.  But if Star Sapphire looks like the way you saw her in pink on Tuesday, and the fact that Sorceress ceased to exist yesterday...these three can't possibly be the real thing."

"I can't wait to hear more," Superman replied.  "Go ahead and do that spell."

"gnirB eht noigeL oirt sriatsnwod pu ot nioj su ytpme dednah, htiw reveohw yeht yllaer era gnieb eht ylno sdnim ni rieht seidob."

A moment later Grodd, Sorceress and Star Sapphire appeared.  All three showed evidence of being totally confused.  Before any had a chance to start asking what the hell was going on or anything of the like, Superman said, "I'm already pretty certain none of you are who you seem to be.  Tell us who you really are, starting with Gorilla Grodd."

"I'm Cat Grant, and I'm disgu-"

Kal raised his hands and said, "Say no more, Cat.  Star Sapphire, you're Perry White, and Sorceress, you're Jimmy Olsen, right?"

"Correct, Superman," came from the lips of Star Sapphire, "but how did you know?  And how-"

Another hand went up, cutting her off.  "In a moment, Perry.  But first, before Zatanna changes you all back, is there anything any of you did that needs to be corrected first?  Down inside the bank, or elsewhere?"

"We didn't get into anything yet downstairs before you brought us up here," Jimmy said with Patsy's voice.

"Umm..." Perry said hesitantly, "After I got turned into Star Sapphire by the costume that started showing up next to me, my wife was also in the living room with me.  To make sure she couldn't blab about me, that is, Star Sapphire being there, I put Alyce into a rather severe bondage and gagged her with a huge orange rubber ball gag."

"Perry, do you think you can use your power gem to free Alyce without having Sapphire's mind in with yours?" the Man of Steel asked.

"I don't think so," she answered, "because even though I can sense the power of the gem, I don't feel any control over it."

"Uh, Superman?" Jimmy as Sorceress asked, "I still seem to have all the magic and the ability to use it.  Would you like for me to free Alyce?"

"Thanks, Jimmy, but no.  I think it would be better to rely on Zatanna.  She's a lot more experienced."

Zee nodded and said, "evomeR lla eht egadnob dna eht llab gag morf ecylA etihW, tel reh tegrof ehs saw dnuob, dna wonk taht yrreP sah tsuj deppets tuo dna dluohs eb kcab yna tnemom.  Now things should be just fine at your place, Mr. White.  Your wife will be waiting for you to come back in."

"Thank you," Star Sapphire said, "now I just need to look like myself besides thinking as myself."

"nruT eseht eerht kcab otni eht elpoep yeht era desoppus ot eb."

To the alarm of the two heroes, instead of Cat Grant, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen appearing, they stayed looking exactly the same and the apparent demeanor of the trio changed from good natured to positively evil.  At the same time that Gorilla Grodd did no more than say in surprise, "How did we get up here on the roof?" imagining that it was probably Zatanna's doing, his two teammates were more set for handling the situation.  As they'd decided upon while breaking in, Sorceress observed first what Star Sapphire did so her own magic wouldn't interfere with the gem.  She saw the gem form a ball gag on Zatanna to keep her from speaking, along with ropes securing her hands and arms to her sides.  As soon as it became apparent to the evil witch that her teammate was securing Zatanna, Sorceress secured Superman.  She produced Green Kryptonite chains to bind his arms.

The only one of the two heroes who could speak said, "Unngh!  By Rao!" as for the first time in ages he felt the power draining away as pain replaced it.  With his last bit of strength he turned to his teammate and said, "Quick, stoop so your mouth is next to my hand.  This might hurt."

Zee knew how much Kal was hurting and bent her knees to the questioning eyes of the three villains.  As her mouth got low enough, she leaned into his hand.  Superman felt the huge, orange rubber ball that was in her mouth and grasped it, then roughly pulled it down over her lower lip and chin.  Her mouth hurt like hell, but Zatanna was free to speak.  "s'taC, s'yrreP dna s'ymmiJ sdnim eb kcab ni lortnoc."

This time the three originals we completely aware of what had just transpired.  Sorceress vaporized the Green K chains and Star Sapphire made the ball gag and ropes vanish.  Zatanna was still left with a nearly ripped off lower lip and Superman had to wait a while before his powers would be back to full strength and all the pain would go away.  Jimmy realized their condition and used more of her powerful magic.  Suddenly the heroic duo were back to as they were before Zatanna's spell went awry.

Which she knew about.  "What I said should have turned you three back into Perry, Cat and Jimmy.  Oh, thank you for undoing what had been done without me having to use my own powers.  Jimmy, I suspect the original Sorceress put some kind of protection wards on the costumes that altered all of you into who you are now.  If that's the case, as her twin with all of her powers, you should be able to undo them.  I'm not sure of just how, but maybe you can feel or sense it.  Try using your magic to get rid of the wards."

Young, Miss Olsen not only knew exactly what a ward was with what she'd gained while being Sorceress, but also knew precisely what she had done.  She not only voided the wards but went one step further and with her very last use of magic turned herself, Cat and Perry back into themselves in just what each was wearing prior to being changed.  But while changing back to himself as before, Jimmy neglected to remove the incredible magic powers still present in his body.  Nor the knowledge of who it was that wielded those powers and her skills in using them.

A grateful Zatanna said, "Thanks again, Jimmy!  I wasn't expecting you to go that far with your spell.  Now I can send you all back home.  But Mr. White, do you have your keys?"

Just to be sure, Perry patted his back right pocket.  "Yes indeed, Zatanna.  And please, should we ever have the good fortune to meet again, be more casual and just call me Perry."

"Okay, and thanks, Perry.  dneS taC dna-" Zatanna replied and started on her spell, but was interrupted by the Man of Steel.

"Zee, hold on, stop your spell," Superman said.  She gave him a puzzled look that got answered with a grin.  "I want to tell you three about this being turned into the Legion of Doom leader and two of his villainesses.  Tonight isn't the first time.  On Tuesday evening, six others I didn't identify and you three were turned into three sets of the villainous trio, presumably as part of their effort to keep me off their backs.  I had gathered all nine of you false villains, and I guess after the real trio departed you nine changed back.  None of you seemed to have any idea of what had happened and you three went right back to the restaurant.  I'm presuming the significance of you as my friends was known to the Legion trio and they decided to further entail each of you.  So now you know, and if there are no questions, Zatanna can send you home now."

"Just one from me," Cat said.  "Can this happen to us again?"

Jimmy answered her.  "Cat, I guarantee this bit from tonight won't get repeated.  I made sure of that with the last spell I cast.  But if the Legion comes back, that's another matter."  Little did he know...

"Exactly!" Zatanna replied.  When nothing else got said, she continued with her spell.  "dneS taC dna ymmiJ ot rieht gnivil smoor dna ecalp yrreP thgir edistuo sih rood."  The trio of Planet employees disappeared.  "Kal," she said with a hesitant voice, "did Lois tell you yet about why she was gone for almost a week?"

"," he answered, "but I think that's what she was getting to when I left to check out this situation here."

"In that case, I know now would be a good time.  I had promised to tell you all about what I knew concerning Sorceress.  Okay with you if I join you and your wife in some Friday night story telling?"

"Oh, this should be good!" the Man of Steel enthused.  "I know you could probably zap us there faster, but allow me to give you a ride and let you see Metropolis from on high."

"Thanks!  I've seen your Earthly home town from on high via airliner windows, but I'm looking forward to experiencing what I bet not too many other women have."

"Let's see...Lois, Lana Lang, Black Canary, Maggie-"

"Okay, so I'm not so special as a rider!" Zee said to cut him off.  "Let's go!"

He gathered Zatanna between his right arm and side, and they took off.  Zee did indeed get a true bird's eye view of the fantastically lit night time Metropolis, a memory she would retain.  When Lois saw her husband return with Zatanna alongside, she just knew her tale was finally going to be told, and now with backup!

Superman heard a lot, and like many of his teammates, wondered about the weird idea Diana had gotten which brought Lois, then Hal and J'onn, then Queen Hippolyte and finally Zatanna into such a convoluted epic.  But with some of the other odd things Lois had been involved with over the years since he'd first met her, it was just something more to add to her incredible life history.  He heard Lois go first, since she and Diana had been the ones to get the April Fool's Joke that went so bad going in the first place, and Zatanna pick up to finish.

"Zee, did you say that after you robbed Star Sapphire of her costume and played the role of a heroic Sapphire, she went back and had a new costume made by Sorceress that was totally new and different?" Superman asked.

"Yes, and as much as I like the original pink version which I wore while I was Star Sapphire and you were Wizard, that new costume looks really good and more futuristic," Zee answered.  "Hey, how would you like to see that new costume?"

"Huh?" he said, "How?  Oh...your magic..."

"I presume that's a yes!" Zatanna replied.  "Lois, you also wore the pink Star Sapphire costume at one point too, didn't you?"

"Yes, but only to try and challenge the real Sapphire who had enslaved Superman with her gem on a necklace draped around his neck," she told Zee.  "I only pretended to be Star Sapphire, not become her like you did.  I still have that costume hanging with many others in my closet!"

"Oh, really?  That means we both have the original pink costumes in our closets," Zatanna answered, fascinated.  "How would you like to model the new version for your husband and I?"

"I'd love to..." Lois replied, " long as you don't put a real sapphire gem with it so that I'd forget who I really am and become her!"

"Not a chance!  Stand up for us, Lois."  She did so, with a big grin on her face.  "teL eht sehtolc sioL si gniraew won raeppasid dna tiaw ot eb dellac kcab, dna tup reh otni a ypoc fo eht wen ratS erihppaS emutsoc sserecroS edam.  ekaM ti tif reh ydob dna eht stoob eb dezis rof reh teef, dna eht meg ni eht ksam eb tsuj a lewej, ton a rewop meg."

Instantly the yellow blouse she'd worn to work and kept on over the jeans that replaced her work skirt were gone from the body of Lois Lane, replaced by the costume both she and Zee presumed would never be seen again.  Lois was thrilled to be in those boots with their six-inch killer heels.  She struck a few poses, both style oriented and also villainess oriented, then said, "Well, this is what Hal had Hippolyte make for her on Wednesday, Smallville.  Too bad we won't be seeing it worn any more now."

"Thanks for showing this one to me, hon," Kal said.  "Are you and Zee really sure we won't be seeing Star Sapphire ever again?"

"Well, I suppose anything is possible," Zatanna said, "but what do you figure the chances would be of her having this costume as opposed to the traditional pink one?"

"Good point," he replied.

"And since we're most likely never going to see this costume worn by a real Star Sapphire, and it's sized for my body, can I add this one to the other one in my costume collection?"

"Kal?" Zatanna asked, to get his opinion, to which he nodded.  "Sure, Lois, I don't know why not.  But only if you'll promise to take me to your closet afterward and show me this costume collection you say you have."

Kal had to keep from laughing hard as his wife said, "As long as you don't have me model them for you and cause you to spend the night here with us!"

Zatanna grinned, then said, "ecalP siht emutsoc sioL si gniraew dna lla sti seirossecca htiw eht srehto ni reh noitcelloc dna tup reh lanigiro sehtolc kcab no."

Suddenly Lois was back in her Friday night casual wear, and she grabbed Zatanna's left arm.  "C'mon!  I have a lot to show you, presumably with one more now added to them!"

The Justice League's mistress of magic was very much surprised when she saw how much closet space was taken up by the costume collection.  She did successfully persuade Lois to model just one of them, and in a moment that her husband would have liked to have seen, Catwoman was posing for her.  "Meowwwrrrr!" Lois hissed, then she grinned and said, "Now turn me back into myself, and get going before we both get more ideas!"  Just as quickly, Lois was back as she was.  And as the Man of Steel came in after hearing the catty hiss, they both waved as Zee did a going home spell.

"I presume Zatanna had you model the Catwoman costume for her, dear?"

"Yes, and don't you go getting any ideas, too!" she told him.  "Then again, tomorrow is Saturday, and neither of us has to get up early..."

What neither Lois nor Zatanna noticed while examining the collection was that when the spell said to place the costume she was wearing and all its accessories in the closet, the actual and real accessories were what went there.  The jewel in the mask was in no way just a simple was the same ultra more powerful one resulting from Sorceress' evil magic.

Epilogue number two

After the recent spate of news items showcasing Star Sapphire in action again with the Legion of Doom, Jim Hinson was looking through some photo files.  The young man was a big fan of females in good costumes, and she was a big favorite of his.  The female nemesis of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern who it turned out was actually his very own girlfriend had been seen and photographed quite a few times during her attempts to subdue the Emerald Gladiator.  Jim had been saving any pictures he could find published in print or found in files on the web later on of not only the original but also later appearing villainesses calling themselves Star Sapphire who in all likelihood were not the original.  He was especially intrigued by the current week's coverage of her with the brand new style costume seen.

What the young man and nearly every other person on the planet didn't know was that there was a good reason Star Sapphire had been rarely seen for a time before showing up again.  The human female who'd wielded the awesome and seemingly alien super powers of the sapphire gem was actually Carol Ferris, the girlfriend of Hal Jordan.  She had been mentally manipulated and controlled by a race of alien female warriors called the Zamarons into believing that Green Lantern was her ultimate foe whom she must defeat at all costs since he refused to become her mate.  When the gem had been removed from Carol's possession and her mind cleared of the Zamarons' influence, she went on to live a more or less normal life.

Supposedly another woman looking identical to Carol from some far away planet came to Earth and took on the role of Star Sapphire with the group Gorilla Grodd was in long before the Legion of Doom, The Secret Society of Super Villains.  The first Star Sapphire in that group was initially Wonder Woman, who'd changed herself using her Purple Ray in order to infiltrate the Secret Society.  Her plan failed and her time spent with the villains as one of them got extended to over a year after Grodd hypnotized her, thinking all he was doing was eliminate the coniving Camille identity from Sapphire's mind.  But in making her think she was just the incredibly evil super villainess and the sexy slut named Debbie Darnell, the big ape made her lose any claim to her original Amazon identity.  This alien Star Sapphire took over that both of those roles after it was discovered just exactly who her predecessor had been and finally changed back.  It was she upon whom Green Lantern had patterned his portrayal of Star Sapphire.

'I'd probably be a bit speechless if I saw Star Sapphire in her new costume,' Jim imagined while holding up one of the best images, one taken only a few days earlier of the fake.

* * * * *

While he'd been examining the minds of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane as Giganta and Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd had found out about the incarceration of his true henchwomen, so he was all set after Zatanna undid everything.  While the Feds were safe in their belief that Giganta and Killer Frost could never escape, getting rescued from the outside was another matter.  Captain Cold and Wizard had the pair out with relative ease early on Friday.  The two real versions of the villainesses were back with the rest of the Legion of Doom shortly after being freed.

Getting in touch with the true Cheetah would just be a matter of time, while finding another Mistress of Magic like Queen Hippolyte had become as Sorceress was just plain iffy.  What Grodd was worried the most about, and shared his lament with those on hand the night Giganta and Frost came back, was their loss of Star Sapphire.  He considered it highly unlikely that Carol Ferris could ever be corrupted to join them, and the real Debbie Darnell must have disappeared a long time ago.

Giganta came to the conclusion that Grodd was making it more difficult than he had to.  She conferred with Wizard after listening to their leader's tale of woe, and the two set up something special for him.  After finishing with the master of magic, she told the big ape to skip it and get over to their little gathering.  "This had better be good," the mentally superior ape muttered as he stood next to her.

"Okay, Wiz, do your thing," the giantess who was just a measly six foot six at the moment said.

"How many times do I have to tell you my name isn't Wiz, it's Wizard?" he huffed.  "How would you like it if I made YOU become the new wearer of the sapphire gem?"

"Okay, okay," she said softly, "no more nicknames.  I'm sure Grodd would prefer to keep me as his big girl, so go ahead and show him what we discussed."

As a puzzled Gorilla Grodd watched, his mystical team member conjured up an exquisitely shaped mannequin which was clad in a copy of the new costume Sorceress had made for Hal Jordan a couple of days earlier while he was knowing thanks to Grodd's work that he really was Star Sapphire, including a power gem even more potent than the stronger evil magic made one most recently worn.  "There you go, Grodd.  Why bother with trying to get the Ferris woman into your clutches?  The costume you see on this mannequin is much more than plain fabric and PVC.  Whoever puts it on will turn into a woman who while similar may not look exactly like Ms. Ferris, but will know that she is not just one of the best looking females ever seen but also the owner of the gem which gives her the ability to be one of the most powerful villainesses in the Legion of Doom, if not the world or even the galaxy or universe.  I put just what we need for the transformation and new mindset into the aura of this new costume."

"Are you telling me that no matter who gets this costume and puts it on," the ape answered, "she's going to know not only that she is Star Sapphire, but also to get together with us?"

"Exactly.  Just imagine if you could get Lois Lane near this costumed mannequin.  Or if not Ms. Lane, just about anybody you wish?" Wizard suggested.  "No matter who, we will have Star Sapphire with us."

Gorilla Grodd nodded.  "This does make it much easier.  I think instead of getting our new Star Sapphire from anybody close to the Man of Steel, someone a bit down the coast in Gotham City should get the honor."

"You thinking of Catwoman?" Giganta asked.

The Legion leader's shaggy head shook.  "No, at least not necessarily.  Penguin told me a while back that there's a certain costume shop in Gotham that Huntress likes to visit whenever she feels like changing her outfit again, which seems to happen quite often.  So, if we place our mannequin in that costume shop, Batman will have one less heroine ally and we'll have one more super villainess with us."

Both Giganta and Wizard nodded in agreement.  "Good choice," Wizard told him.  "Not as exotic as Zatanna being Star Sapphire like we did back in the Secret Society of Super Villain days, but that does kill two birds with one stone.  Want me to zap this mannequin down to that shop?"

"Better idea," Doris mentioned.  "I can go to that shop pretending to be a costume saleswoman, and get the shop owner to put it on display for us."

"A much taller than usual costume saleswoman," Wizard said.  "I like that idea, you two.  If Giganta can get this costume into the shop while at least Batman if not the entire Justice League are otherwise occupied, the Caped Crusader won't be around to give any interference."

"Right!" Grodd agreed.  "It's too late to do it tonight, Giganta.  I'll set up a diversionary raid in Gotham City and get you set up with a delivery van tomorrow morning."

"How early?  I do need my beauty sleep, you know."

"You need all the sleep you can get," Wizard muttered softly.

"What was that, WIZ?" the redhead steamed.

"That's enough, you two," the Legion's leader ordered, with a big grin showing.  "Plan on being ready to teleport at 8 AM, Giganta.  That way you can meet the shop owner a bit after 9."

"Okay," Doris told him, "and maybe by the time we get back, Star Sapphire will be here waiting for us!"

"I doubt she'll be here that soon," the ape answered, "but maybe by tomorrow evening or shortly thereafter.  We'll have to hope Huntress is in the mood for another new outfit.  If not, maybe some other woman is going to become our new Star Sapphire.  No matter who, we'll have our teammate."

After a taxi to the airport caught before the action following the teleport the next morning, Giganta rented a van to get the costumed mannequin to the shop downtown.  'I sure hope nobody ever tries to get ME to wear any heels like the ones on these boots,' she thought after getting a closer look at them while checking the status of the mannequin in its box to make sure it wasn't damaged after packing it in the back of the van.  Wizard had done a bit of 'enhancing' to the costume as originally worn by Star Sapphire who was thought to be Debbie Darnell but was actually Green Lantern posing as her; while the boot heels had originally been high as done by Sorceress at six inches, the ones he put on this hexed costume's boots were a full seven inches as breathtaking, killer stiletto heels.

Giganta's drive to the downtown costume shop proved to be uneventful, but a bit slower than she'd hoped.  The van was parked behind the building next to the delivery entrance, then she got out and walked around front to go in and talk to the owner, or whoever was working the shop that morning.

A middle aged man with short brown air that was thinning on top approached his tall visitor.  "Good morning, ma'am.  Is there anything in particular I might be able help you fill your costume needs with here in the shop?  We have a very extensive inventory."

"Hi.  I know you have a lot of great costumes and costume accessories here, which is why I came," Doris told him.  "I'm not hoping to buy anything just yet, though.  I've got a mannequin I brought with me which is wearing a costume made by a new up and coming manufacturer.  We're hoping you'll put it on display amongst your others in here.  If anyone comes in and wishes to purchase the costume, you can charge whatever you wish and keep the mannequin for further usage."

"Oh, so I presume this is something like an initial trial offering?  I'm sure I could fit it in.  In fact, I can put your costumed mannequin in that spot right there," he motioned with his right hand toward an elevated spot to their left in the center area, "and it would get a good showing that way."

"That would be great!" the redhead responded.  "I'm by myself on this trip, do you have any assistants that could help me get it out of the van and bring it in?"

"Business isn't exactly booming right now.  I'll go out and help you with it.  Can you back in your vehicle next to my back door?"

"That's where it already is, I parked there just in case," Doris replied.

"In that case, follow me."  He led the tall woman to the rear of his shop where he grabbed a two-wheeled crate handler and unlocked his back door.  When opened, he saw the Hertz van just as his visitor had mentioned.  "Your turn for unlocking and opening now," he said.

She unlocked the rear door and slid it up, then Giganta pointed out the big box.  "Want to get a quick look now, or just wait until we get this inside and open it up?"

"I can wait until we get inside."  His surprise came when upon lifting the back end to start sliding it out, the box seemed way too light to have a mannequin inside.  "What's your mannequin made of, styrofoam?"

"No, it's another innovation we came up with.  Just wait 'til you see how good she looks!" Doris said as the box went vertical on his cart.  He only had to tilt it back a little bit to get it through the door, and waited a moment as the tall redhead closed and locked the van.  After she came in and joined him, the back door got locked up again and they proceeded to a spot next to the suggested position.

Upon opening the box, a soft whistle came from the shop owner's lips.  "Wow, even hidden inside this box, that costume and the female form it's covering look incredible!"  He picked up the mannequin and found that while it felt just as solid as others he used, it was unbelievably light.  "This looks like a costume that would be perfect for anybody hoping to look like a super heroine or a super villainess.  I bet this will be sold very quickly!  Give me your card, I'm sure more costumes will be ordered from you."

"I'll have my boss mail you everything after I get back.  If I get right back to the airport, I should be able to get back to him by early in the afternoon."

He figured this young lady and whoever she worked for must really be new to business if she hadn't brought along all kinds of advertising and contact cards on this trip.  But he could wait!  "Okay, I look forward to getting that stuff in the mail.  Have a good trip back."

"Thanks, and I'll have my boss call to see how much you got for this costume."  Doris walked out and back to her van, then reversed her trip so she could get back in touch with her Legion teammates.  They were still hard at it, and she saw that in addition to Batman, Huntress and Black Canary were all being kept quite busy.  When Gorilla Grodd saw his fifty-foot tall teammate join in the fray and give him a thumbs up, he mentally contacted all the Legion members and told them the mission was completed.  The heroes became puzzled when their opponents just plain stopped and retreated.  The Legion members teleported back, dejected just a bit that it was impossible for Huntress to get changed and be back there waiting for them.  But maybe a bit later...

Giganta and her teammates weren't the only visitors to arrive in Gotham City that Saturday morning.  Mr. Hinson, our Star Sapphire fanatic in Greenville, South Carolina, caught an early morning flight in order to do another book hunt.  The big city's book stores had always been a good source which made it easy for him to add more to his own personal library.  As with many of his past trips, he stopped first at the Holiday Inn just outside the airport to get a room.  That way he could use the whole weekend to see all the book stores.

Jim had checked only two downtown book stores and come out empty handed after each when he chanced upon a store selling costumes.  There were a number of movie based ones in the area near the front windows, but amongst them were both a Batgirl and Wonder Woman.  The costumes of those two didn't look like the ones typically seen for sale each year near Halloween, but more like what were worn by the actual heroines.  This intrigued the young man, and he decided to make a trip inside since he had two days to spend in Gotham City.

Before anything else, he wanted to see up close the apparent quality of the pair he'd seen through the window.  Jim not only looked closely at them but reached out to feel the material.  Interestingly, that for the Wonder Woman costume seemed more smooth and silky than the glossy spandex of the Batgirl one.  It was as he backed away from these two that the owner came up and asked, "I saw you inspecting closely those Batgirl and Wonder Woman costumes.  Do you have a wife, lady friend or perhaps other female companion you're hoping to get a costume for?"

"I don't know, actually," Jim replied.  "I'm here in Gotham City on a book hunting trip, and when I saw what was in the window of your shop, I just had to come in and see them up close.  I'm a big fan of certain superheroines, and there's one villainess I've concentrated on over the years more than any other of the costumed women.  I want to take a look around your store to see what else like these two you might have."

"Well, I could point some out for you, but I get the impression you want to make the discoveries on your own.  Let me know if I can help you with anything."

"That I'll do, thanks."  The manager went back toward his cash register and Jim started looking at what was hanging on the right wall.  He saw quite a few good ones, some of which were like the ones in the window being very nicely displayed on female forms or full fledged mannequins.  When he got to the back, the costumes in the center started to get his attention.  He stopped suddenly, wondering how his attention to what was on the right wall had been so intense that he'd missed seeing a fantastic looking mannequin wearing of all things, the brand new and so far rarely seen costume of Star Sapphire.

For Jim, this was almost as good as seeing her for real, and as predicted, he was indeed speechless for a moment as the costume before him entranced the young man.  "Oh my God," he eventually said softly, "this looks just like what I saw in the pictures.  Let's see..."  He started to search for a price tag, in the process inspecting every little detail of the ultra sexy costume.  Starting up top, he noted the extremely good quality of the black wig on the mannequin going down the small of its back which helped in making the costume look so good.  The sort of combined mask and tiara of the new costume made it look a lot sleeker than the older pink one, and even the sapphire gem mounted on it seemed perfect; 'Is it actually glowing softly?' he wondered.  The gloves and bodice or leotard were top notch in quality, and even without the white belt of the pink costume that seemed to emphasize Star Sapphire's narrow waist, the waist of this new one was drawn in to some impossibly small measurement.  'Probably just stretchy, and the mannequin has such a great figure,' he mused, also taking note of the huge breasts being so well displayed.  For the life of him, the big fan of her couldn't recall if the actual Star Sapphire had such a huge rack!

There was still no sign of any sticker or tag, so he went down the length of each thigh high boot.  It was while checking the bottom of each boot that Jim noticed another possible difference from reality.  'These heels look more like what a comic book character would wear, without any worry about balancing on such incredibly high heels...much less running around and doing everything.  It's hard to even imagine a real woman wearing these...unless she's also a ballerina or other type of dancer!'  Since there had been no sign of any price tags yet, Jim wondered if maybe a sticker might be on the sole of one of the boots.  He went over to the owner and said, "I found a costume I would really like to purchase, but I can't seem to locate a price on it anywhere."

"Oh?  I thought I had everything stamped.  Show me which one you're talking about."  Jim went back toward the costume, and right away the manager thought, 'I wonder if he's talking about that brand new one we put up this morning?'  Sure enough, his potential customer pointed out the one brought in by that tall redhead.  "Oh, so it's this brand new one that just came in this morning for some imaginary heroine or villainess you like?"  He tried to think of what an appropriate cost would be.  "I hadn't gotten around to pricing that one yet.  I was going to ask $125 for this one, but since you got here before I got around to that, would you be willing to pay only $100 for it?"

'Imaginary heroine of villainess?' Jim thought, 'I guess he hasn't heard of or seen Star Sapphire in these last few days.'  He couldn't think of any reason to make the guy up that price if the identity of its wearer was known, so he said, "Only $100?  Sure, that seems like a very reasonable amount.  Can you box this up for me?"

"Sure, just give me a few minutes to take that costume off the mannequin and get it set for you.  Why don't you take a look through the other costumes while I'm doing so?"

"I'll do that, and if I find anything else, I'll let you know."  Jim went back into looking through stuff on that side of the center aisle, then went around to the other side.  There were quite a few others as eye catching as the two up front, including a very great looking one for Zatanna in her own more recently worn black thigh boots, but if he was going to be able to get that new one of Star Sapphire, the visitor would be more than satisfied.  He started up the left wall, and by the time he got to the register the owner had a plain cardboard box which was narrow in width and only a few inches deep but very long waiting for him.

"Sorry I didn't have a special costume box prepared for this sale, sir.  I had to go with such a long box because of the boots of the costume.  They could have been folded up smaller, but I didn't want to harm them.  Also, there's a clear plastic bag inside holding something I thought was part of that mannequin, but if you look at it now, the mannequin is bald.  So besides the costume, you're also getting a really good looking wig free of charge!  So if there's nothing else you've found, I'll go ahead and ring you up."

"No, nothing else, although I must say I got very tempted by quite a few others you have.  On my next trip to Gotham, I might have to make it a costume hunting trip instead of book hunting trip!"  Jim handed the owner his charge card, and moments later was walking out the door with the long cardboard box under his arm.  He headed straight back to his hotel room, thinking all the way about maybe trying on most of the costume.  That did seem odd to him at first, but the more he thought about it, the more it appeared to be a perfectly fine thing to do.  He knew his body was in no way shaped right for it, but it would still be fun to put on that costume and imagine that he was Star Sapphire.

Jim raced up to his room, unlocked the door and then placed the box on the bed.  After opening it he saw that good quality wig right on top in the clear plastic bag, and pulled it out.  Directly under it was the mask and its power gem.  Now it seemed to be glowing even more than when he'd seen it in the shop.  He pulled out the magenta mask, the magenta gloves and then the bodice or leotard or whatever which was black with the magenta shoulders and star burst and set them next to the box.  Then he pulled out the thigh high magenta boots with those incredibly high heels.  He had to wonder even more about anyone being able to wear heels like those, let alone walk, run or do any other activities in them.

All this time the gem had been bathing Jim in its power.  With the costume now laid out, he took off all his clothes and looked through one of the books he'd brought along on the flight to read in order to get all the excitement out of his crotch.  When he was sure it was soft enough, the young man who still was one at this point did what he'd once read about, fold his prick back and push his balls above it up into the cavity in his abdomen.  Then he picked up the black and magenta leotard and quickly slipped his feet and legs through the holes to bring the crotch strap up and hold his equipment in place.  But to his astonishment, as the strap met his flesh a strange sucking in sensation occurred.  The strap ended up covering a brand new feminine mound with black hair surrounding a slit leading into a most definitely female set of sexual organs.  His legs also seemed to have been reshaped, no longer looking muscular and hairy, but instead elegantly shaped like those of a fashion model and oh so smooth and hairless.  'Very good!' he thought, the gem now starting to overpower his original mind.

He pulled the black and magenta material up over his torso, finding that each part of his body coming into contact with it became as feminine as his crotch.  His waist narrowed to the unbelievably small dimension Jim had noted while the costume was on display in the shop, and when high enough, he found that the incredibly large breasts he'd noticed were now weighing down his chest.  But the weight seemed to feel so perfectly natural and correct!  He, or rather she by now, slid her hands and arms into the long black sleeves which gave her the much more svelte and shapely upper appendages of a female.

Without even thinking about the fact that from the neck down now she was not only female but actually the epitome of female perfection, Jim picked up the bag holding the black wig and took it out, thinking it would help to complete the image he was close to completing.  She didn't have anything like a wig cap to hold her short brown hair, but managed to pull it up and back before placing the front of the wig against her forehead.  She pulled it back and down, trapping her original hair under it.  But as it was let go, the long black wig changed from that to being her own hair!  As if that wasn't enough, at the same time the wig became hair the last male part of Jim became history; she now had a face similar to Debbie Darnell's but, as set up by Wizard, her face was just as if not even more cover girl and fashion model quality than her legs and torso.

Also as set up by Wizard, all memories of ever being a man named Jim Hinson disappeared from her mind.  For now she knew her name was Debbie Darnell, at least when she wasn't in her much more preferred and incredibly evil super powered identity as Star Sapphire.  She knew it was vitally important to get back with the rest of her teammates in the Legion of Doom soon, but it could wait just a bit since she was in Gotham City.  She picked up her magenta mask and placed it over her eyes and upper head, sealing its bottom to the neck of her leotard.  The gem became even more attuned to her now that it was in place, and a wicked smile began to form on her lips.  Her matching gloves got pulled on, then she slid her magenta boots on to zip them tight all the way to her upper thighs on the insides and almost to her hips on the outer sides.  As good as her legs had already looked, they now became even more shapely as the severe arch of her incredible seven-inch heels made her calves bulge out to be shaped even more sexy by her boots.

Star Sapphire went over to the mirror on top of the dresser to give herself a straightness inspection, and gently pulled up on the left side of her mask.  Also, the magenta star burst over her massive chest seemed to be just a bit skewed to the left, so she lifted the material and pulled it over a tad to get it perfect.  The wicked super villainess very much liked the way she appeared in this sexy new version of her costume, much more stunning than the pink one worn until just recently.  Finished, she turned and noticed the male clothing on the floor near the bed.  There were no memories in her head of getting laid either the night before or in the morning, so that couldn't explain them being there; since they, the book and that briefcase belonged to nobody she could think of, her gem vaporized them and any last trace of the man she'd once been.

When Jim Hinson would fail to show up at work on Monday morning, a trace done on his travels would get as far as the hotel which showed no record of him leaving after signing in on Saturday morning, though the room had been found to be vacated.

The evil beauty in magenta and black used her gem to teleport out of the room to a point high overhead so it was unlikely she'd be seen.  Now then, with all the villains who used Gotham as their plaything and in the process became the bane of the city's self-desginated protector, it wasn't too likely she'd find anything really worth breaking into.  But she did hope Joker or Penguin or any of the others had not been into the Diamond Exchange lately.  Gems were always good, with her own being at the pinnacle.  She flew down toward it, and with ease started to liberate diamond clusters, single diamonds and various other valuables.  "Tell all the authorities that you're being ransacked by Star Sapphire!"

Batman went out of town after the run in with the Legion a bit earlier in the morning, so it was a solo Robin who got the call about the robbery taking place.  He hopped on his motorcycle and came upon Star Sapphire in the diamond emporium.  He hadn't ever even heard of Star Sapphire, let alone know anything about her incredible powers.  She looked at him, smiling.  Then since the young hero seemed oblivious, the sexy villainess said, "Hello there!"

To Robin it seemed like there was no question this was some villainess since she was taking a good number of the jewels.  In reply to her greeting he said very harshly, "I'm going to have to take you in.  Robbing gems and other precious stones is against law, in case you hadn't heard."

"Take me in?  You've got to be kidding!" Sapphire responded.  "You're a bit too young to be out like this, aren't you?  I think I can give you something much more interesting to do!"  She enveloped the young hero in a burst of purple sapphire energy to immobilize him, then after collecting all the gems she'd liberated, the super villainess took him back to the hotel room.

Since very few in the world had seen the new Star Sapphire, she had her gem alter Robin into a female identical to her incredibly sexy and beautiful self, wearing a copy of her original pink costume.  Then after stepping into the bathroom to get out of the new woman's sight, her gem made a just slightly less powerful twin of itself which flew into the new Star Sapphire's tiara.  The pair of gems worked to make her think she was Star Sapphire and had just finished having her way in the diamond exchange.  She was then sent out on her own to create more havoc, with no memory of seeing the original who'd changed her.  As with Debbie's predecessor, the only thing that could change her back would be the removal of the gem from her tiara.

When word got around that Star Sapphire was creating mayhem downtown very close to the Diamond Exchange, Huntress made an excuse to leave and go check things out.  It was bad enough that earlier that Saturday morning had been ruined by helping Batman face the Legion, but she sighed.  It came with the territory, she knew.

She noticed Robin's motorcycle and parked next to it as the heroine spotted who she knew to be Star Sapphire, then Huntress began to tangle with her.  That gem's power was awesome, but the young heroine had become familiar with it in her studies and managed to prevail.  She knew how Green Lantern got Carol to come back by removing the gem from her tiara, so in a flash she reached for the gem and pulled it from the mounting above the eyes of the super villainess.

A sudden change came over the costumed woman, but not the one expected by Huntress.  Instead of Carol Ferris appearing, the form of Star Sapphire altered into a young male in a familiar bird themed bat costume.  He began to talk to her about things only one person could know.  The young heroine in two body hugging shades of purple looked at the ex-bad girl and said, "Robin?!?"

The new and now really true Star Sapphire was watching from a distance.  Her gem influenced that copy gem Huntress was holding, and Robin saw the form of Huntress start to shimmer.  Then before his eyes, she became who he just was.

The Star Sapphire in black and magenta smiled.  Things were getting very interesting!

But Robin now knew what was happening, and before the newest Sapphire could do anything, he reached out and yanked the gem from the tiara.  As Huntress reappeared, he opened one of the pouches on her belt to hold that gem so no one would be touching it.  "Huntress, someone is making both you and me turn into Star Sapphire.  There must be some reason..."

"There was word about Sapphire making herself a pain in Gotham, which is how I found you.  But I know you were back at the school in the gym earlier, so there has to be another Star Sapphire around here."

The new Sapphire came out of the shadows and grabbed them both with purple hued gem energy.  She looked at Robin and said, "You're quite a smart little thing."  To Huntress she added, "And you seem to know so much about who I am.  That knowledge should be put to a good use!"

She proceeded to change Robin back into Star Sapphire in that pink version of the costume, wearing the copy gem again.  Then Sapphire altered Huntress to look like an ultra slutty Star Sapphire.  The costume had a pink top that had sleeves going all the way to form gloves over her hands.  It barely covered any of her now huge torso, with a scalloped V going from her shoulders to a copy gem at her navel.  It even had cut outs to the left and right of this navel gem to make it sort of look like panties with a belt.  A wickedly cut white collar was around her neck, attached to the pink top only behind her neck.  A similarly cut pink mask covered her eyes, with a minimal pink tiara over her forehead holding what would be a sapphire power gem.  Nearly crotch high boots were on her legs, in the same shade of pink and with heels seeming to be as high as those on the real Sapphire's boots.

Now there was a new team of three Star Sapphires.  Gotham City didn't know what had hit it.  But as much as she liked the idea of having two sisters helping out with the mayhem, the true Star Sapphire wanted the honor to be all her own with the Legion.  So as they were finishing up in mid afternoon, the Star Sapphire who now thought of herself as the one true original set up the gems powering her sisters to free each of their minds after changing them back to who they really were at four o'clock, back where their bikes were parked.  Each might wonder when they next checked their closets, however.  In amongst what they usually wore as costumes would be the pink version in with Robin's gear and the slutty version in with the stuff belonging to Huntress.  No gem would appear to be with the costumes, but should either one be ever put on again, a gem would come back into being.

The presently one and only Star Sapphire made her way from Gotham City to the headquarters of the Legion, and became welcomed wholeheartedly.  A big surprise came to Grodd and the others when it was next seen in the news that Huntress had helped the Dynamic Duo to foil Poison Ivy's latest binge.  There was no indication of just who it was that bought the costume and of course Giganta and Wizard never sent anything to the shop owner nor tried to get in touch with him.  So whoever she'd originally been really didn't matter to her teammates, Star Sapphire was back with the Legion of Doom.  Grodd did find out though that, among all the other body and power enhancements Wizard had made the costume impart, it also seemed to have given the new Debbie an even stronger urge to be a nymphomaniac sexual slut.

* * * * *

That body suit which Hippolyte wanted to have on hand just in case?  In addition to her wearing it twice just to experience again those incredible magic powers, only one other Amazon knew about that body suit and costume.  One day, Princess Diana gave in to the temptation to play around with that Elasti-Girl costume which had been placed in her closet by Zee's spell.  Posing in her mirror, she did look like a long black haired version of the heroine who could expand to unbelievable heights just like the villainess she herself had been who'd stolen the costume from her.  After taking this off, and idea came to go even further and try a definite body and costume alteration.

After going over to where her mother the Queen had stored the light as a feather form holding the special body Star Sapphire had made for her, she snuck back to her own chalet with it.  Diana pulled the head and wig over her own head, and when the body suit part came up to meet it at the neck, the two joined to become the new skin and body of Patsy.  But it wasn't like the super heroine had hoped.  The stipulation that had been placed on the body suit was that Hippolyte would be able to wear it without the wicked mind of Patsy overpowering hers.  Since it was her daughter in the body suit, her mind was replaced.

Patsy skipped the Sorceress costume as it was too recognizable.  She magically placed her body inside a head to toe, ultra shiny black latex catsuit with matching shoulder length gloves and thigh high boots that just happened to have heels matching those of the new Star Sapphire.  Nothing could be seen to identity her since the latex covering her head had just eye holes, nose holes and an opening for her lips.  Wicked Witch then used her magic to drop in on her teammates in the Legion of Doom.  Grodd was very pleased to have Sorcerss back, no matter what she wanted to call herself now.  He had no easy way to find that it wasn't the Amazon Queen back with him, though.

When Green Lantern as Star Sapphire had removed the way for the body suit to alter Hippolyte, it was only the Queen that would benefit.  So unknowingly, Wonder Woman became missing once again.  When it was discovered that a witch with the powers of Sorceress was with the Legion and the body suit was found to be missing from the Queen's closet, two and two were put together and again a rescue mission needed to made for the errant Amazon heroine.  But that's another story...

As would be the result of one of Helena Bertinelli's friends going through her closet one day while visiting.  That friend's name was Dinah Drake Lance, otherwise know as Black Canary.  Dinah wondered what her friend was doing with such a slutty looking pink costume, but throwing caution to the wind, she decided to see what she herself would look like in it.  At least Huntress knew who THIS Star Sapphire was and it became another take down for the gem powered villainess...

As also would be the result of Robin's girlfriend finding what seemed to be a pink female costume inside her boyfriend's closet.  Stephanie would be Star Sapphire for an even shorter time than Dinah, thanks to Robin's quick work.  Now, if only he could figure out some way to get rid of that pink costume; no matter what he or Helena did, the two costumes could not be removed from their costume closets.

Star Sapphire did occasionally have her two sisters helping her...

To her great surprise, Star Sapphire also found her twin showing up at the Legion a bit more than a year later.  They battled for who would be the holder of the name for a while, but soon they relented and decided the Legion of Doom could have two Star Sapphires.  No one at the Daily Planet, including Clark Kent, had any idea why Lois Lane was never seen again.

The end

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