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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 I thought I was going to get away with being an avid spectator on this story binge, but the bug bit, so to speak. I thought to myself, 'How am I going to do this, and do it right?'
 Then I just threw caution to the wind and let my fingers do their thing! SZ

 I usually get most of my stories on Fictionmania from the list traffic. I go to the site about once every couple of days to check on what has been added to the archive recently, and often find some real gems that I'd bet a lot of readers who just read list stories never see. Usually the first thing I do when the site comes up is to go to my own file of stories and see if anybody has left any comments recently. I like to thank those who left them, or comment on replies if such is warranted.
 Even though I knew it was probably going to be Morpheus or Eric who would be the lucky author of the fabled 2000th story, and that it was due to happen any day, I still checked on my most recent stories first, then went back to older ones. Sure enough, somebody had read one of my earliest stories about Lois Lane becoming Catwoman and turning her husband Clark, otherwise known as Superman, into her super powered female kitten. It was a bit of a surprise that they actually liked it! I hadn't looked at the story myself in nearly a year, so I pulled it up and reread it. Hell, if nothing else, I'd be adding to the hit counts on my story!
 As I read, I wished that I'd had the skills I now had when I wrote it. I saw so many ways that improvements could be made that I studied it all that much harder. That way, if I went back to my own filed copy, I'd be able to work on it later. I had all the images and plot lines pretty well embedded in my mind.


Once all my stories had been checked, I hit the new in the last three days button, to see what I'd missed. I halfway expected to see a big banner put up by Mom, well, Mindy to the uninitiated, proclaiming the attainment of the goal looked forward to for so long. Instead, I saw that there were fourteen stories added in the past three days, with a long one by Julie at the top and a short one by Daniel-San just below it. These were all I saw on my screen, so I clicked on Julie's first knowing I would be in for a treat. I wasn't disappointed! I saved it to file.
 I clicked on Daniel's after backing off Julie's story, and then just worked my way down the list, only skipping one that didn't appear to have anything in it that would appeal to me. When I got to the sixth one down, the entry looked different. Nobody had entered any story synopses, and even more curious was that there were no keywords accompanying it, or even an author's name. How was I supposed to get any idea if I'd want to read it? All it said was "Story 2000".
 'Hmm, I wonder if Mom decided to get cute with the biggie to draw more readers to it?' I thought as I clicked on the story. That thought was amplified when the story started to come up on my screen. Or put another way, as the presumed firework programmed by Mom came onto the screen. No story, no normal white background, just a dark field with a huge '2000' emblazoned on it. Without warning, the zeroes of the number started to glow brightly, and then shot forth a seemingly solid shaft of eerie light. It enveloped my seated body, and froze me in place on my chair.
 Though I could not yet react in any way, I could feel my entire body rearranging itself; I'd read some interesting stories about being changed while visiting Fictionmania, but wasn't this going a bit too far? That only happened in fiction, didn't it? No matter, I both felt and watched as my tall and trim body shrank and became exquisitely shaped. The glasses perched on my nose disappeared from view, and the scene before me somehow became even sharper than before. I could see my hands and arms becoming smooth, tanned and svelte, and also watch as my pants and shirt changed into a black miniskirt and white lace blouse.
 The body that these clothes covered turned out to be almost ideal; well, ideal to me, anyway. I could tell from the way that my view of my legs was blocked that I had a pretty hefty chest, and couldn't wait to find out just how big these hooters were. Wait a minute, what was I thinking? Had my mind altered so much already that I was not only accepting what had been done to me, but also liked the idea? When I found that I could move once again, I got up from the now blank screen on my computer and walked to the vertical mirror on my door.
 The first thing I saw were the shoes on my feet, and more specifically, the heels on those shoes. Had I really walked with ease over to the mirror in these stilettos? Then I saw the face that met my eyes. It was familiar somehow, where had I seen that face before? Now I know! I am looking at the visage of Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane from the dear departed Lois & Clark TV show. I shook my head in this realization, and watched my long raven tresses sway back and forth around my beautiful face. I've been turned into a real, live Lois Lane!
 My dreams have come true; somehow, I've been turned from someone that writes stories about his favorite fetish into the very object of that fetish, who can now write even more professionally. As I turned away from admiring my new image, I saw what I should have noticed when walking to the mirror. Everything in my room now looked eminently feminine, with no sign of my old aircraft pictures or even my photos and artwork of heroines like Batgirl and Catwoman. It all looked so much neater, too. I guess Lois is a better housekeeper!
 I looked into my dresser and saw all kinds of feminine underwear and support garments, and figured correctly that whatever had changed me had changed everything to do with my life, also. This made me want to see what I had for clothes in my closet. I slid open the door, and saw innumerable dresses and skirts ranging from workday to ballroom finery. The shoes and boots I saw on the floor below them made me gasp, but then I figured that I must lead a pretty good lifestyle. The shelf above them carried what looked for all the world like wig boxes, and as I checked one, found that my guess was right; I was looking at a human hair ash blonde wig that had to be at least waist length.
 Then I spotted an almost perfectly concealed latch on the wall behind the dresses. I reached thru them and pulled up on this latch; the whole back wall of the closet turned out, opening to another room, or at least a huge closet. I stepped through this opening, and the gasp I uttered might have been loud enough to be heard by my neighbors.
 Inside this room was a rack holding a Catwoman costume, along with all the accompanying accessories. There also appeared to be a large number of other costume parts, almost in a mix and match arrangement. Now I knew; not only had I been turned into Lois Lane, but just as in the story I'd just been reading, I was also Catwoman! I also seemed to have enough disguises on hand to take the place of any of my enemies. My enemies? What was I thinking...
 I knew exactly what I was thinking! "Meowwwrrrr!
 With a still beautiful but now more malicious looking face, I closed my lair's door behind me and went back to my computer. I hit the back button and found a note warning readers about the possible effects of opening the "Story 2000" file. "Ha!" I almost screamed. "You're way too late! I am the object of my old dreams, and I can't wait to see what else has changed!"
 * * * * *
 The author is really still sitting here wishing something like that could happen, but would like to hear from you if you have any comments. I hope you liked it!


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