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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 Catwoman had been exploring an old abandoned grotto in search of hidden loot when she came upon what appeared to be a long unused complex of rooms and offices. Further inspection showed that the facility had once been used by one of the most notorious criminal scientists of the immediate post-WWII period. His disappearance was one of the unsolved riddles of crime fighting, which had even great detectives like Batman completely puzzled. As Catwoman scrounged her way through the facility, she came upon what she thought might be the answer to the old question.
 In one of the larger cave/offices, she found a large, intricate machine, the purpose of which was unknown to her at first. Carefully blowing dust off the desktop, Catwoman found notes describing the Psyche Exchange Device, and instructions on how to operate it. Seeing a collapsed skeleton against one of the walls, which just happened to be clad in a laboratory smock, she smiled and said, "I'll bet that somewhere around here is the remains of a rat or other cave creature that died with an IQ of 185 or so!" Just then a thought came to her. 'I'll bet even money that I could use this machine to get out of all my problems...'
 Catwoman had disassembled the PED and taken it to an abandoned warehouse. In the first part of her master plan, she put up a false ceiling in one of the larger rooms of the warehouse, then reassembled the PED in the gap above this false ceiling. The second part of her plan was the construction of an X-frame in the office below the PED. Clasps were installed in the extremities of each arm of the X. The next part of Catwoman's plan was more fun, as far as she was concerned.

Going to the Adult Toys store just down the road from the warehouse, Catwoman, out of costume in her identity as Selina Kyle, obtained some B&D toys and a pair of thigh high boots with six-inch heels. Checking out at the register, the clerk remarked to her, "Looks like someone is going to be having some fun tonight!"
 Selina smirked, and replied while paying, "Oh yes, but maybe not tonight," then gathered her goodies and went back to the warehouse.
 Aware that Batman was out of town, Catwoman had her gang leave clues that Robin would find, leading him to the conclusion that Catwoman was involved in a scheme involving the old warehouse. When she got word from street ferrets that Robin was headed in her direction, Catwoman put the final step in the plan into effect. Stripping out of her costume, she then donned a black leather catsuit with zippers over each breast and running from the front of her crotch down and back up to the middle of her ass. Getting the box from the store, she got out the boots and laced them on, then took a few experimental steps to try out the heels. Satisfied that she could manage the small amount of walking necessary, Catwoman then put her cowl back on, followed by her gloves. She became fascinated by the fact that, as she spent more time in the boots while finishing up, she started getting around in the higher than normal stilettos with greater than expected ease.
 Hearing that Robin was now in the warehouse, Catwoman minced her way to the X-frame, and placed each foot at the base of the X, securing the clasp around each ankle. Stretching her right hand over to the left, she then closed the clasp around the left wrist. Grabbing the remote actuator for the PED with her right hand, Catwoman then placed the right wrist against the touch activated clasp there, and was now completely immobilized. Screaming loudly to draw Robin to the office, she was pleased to no end to see him come bounding into the room moments later.
 "Robin! Thank God you're here! Look at this mess I got put into!"
 After he stopped to appraise the situation, Robin looked over the villainess in bondage and said, "Catwoman, that costume looks it was made for that rig. Here, let me try and get you down."
 As he stepped closer, directly under the PED, Catwoman sneered and in a vicious voice said, "Of course it was made for this!"
 Hearing this, Robin stopped short, but was too late. He heard a low pitch hum overhead, then moments later, watched as 'Robin' walked over and pulled an actuator from 'her' right hand. "We can't have you undoing all I've been preparing for now, can we?" Robin said.
 "Catwoman, what have you done?!" she exclaimed.
 A bemused Robin replied, "Don't you have things a bit confused here? I'm Robin and you're Catwoman. Your costume was modified to make it easy for you to learn of all the enjoyment your body is capable. But I don't think I want to hear you enjoying yourself."
 With that, Robin removed Catwoman's cowl, placed a penis gag in her mouth, then laced a full head covering helmet onto her head. The only openings in this helmet were at the nose, her eyes, and at the top of her head, through which Robin pulled her hair into a straight up ponytail. Catwoman then felt zippers being opened over her tits and down from her crotch to her ass. In no time, she felt Robin tweaking her nipples and then attaching clamps to the aroused tits. Then she felt a long dildo being inserted into her anus, followed shortly by an extension of the same unit in her vagina. She went into a frenzy when Robin turned them on, and soon came to the first of many orgasms.
 Stepping back, Robin then said, "I've been getting so much of a hassle from the law, who seem to know about everything I do. Well, in this body, I don't think they will have a clue where to look from now on. You, on the other hand, would still have the same old problem. I'm going to fix that. When your conditioning is finished, you'll be female in both body and mind. You'll have no memories of ever being Robin. And Catwoman you will be, but not as a criminal burglar, at least not right away. You see, you are being set up to become Gotham's premier dominatrix. Selina Kyle will contract herself out as Catwoman to use her whip and bondage gear to bring the best of Gotham's male elite to their knees."
 As wave after wave of climaxes washed away her memories, Catwoman learned the joys of sexual pain. As the last vestiges of male memories left her consciousness, she came to accept who she was. The example of what was being done to her became fully engraved into her psyche. After four hours of exposure to extreme sexual stimulation and countless orgasms, Catwoman was taken down from the frame by Robin and laid on the couch, where she promptly fell into a deep sleep brought on by the sheer exhaustion of her experience.
 When she awoke a few hours later, Selina looked out the window of her apartment's bedroom window and saw that it was dark. "Ooooh," she mumbled, "that was some nap. I guess it's time to get to work. Let's see, what to wear this evening...?" After taking a quick shower, she proceeded to her closet and selected a white lace trimmed blouse, a black leather miniskirt, fishnet hose and five-inch heeled black ankle strapped shoes. Packing her costume into her satchel, Selina then walked three blocks to her favorite corner. After shooing off a few interested men who decided she was too expensive for them, Selina hit pay dirt.
 In the back seat of his limousine, driven by his butler, Bruce Wayne was on the way home from a board meeting of Wayne Enterprises. Looking up at an appropriate moment, Bruce caught sight of a drop dead gorgeous brunette standing on the corner. Having a reasonably good idea of just why she would be there, he reasoned that maybe he could persuade her to join him for the evening and persuade her to forego her streetwalking ways. Bruce turned back inside the limo and said, "Alfred, pull over to the curb, please."
 Alfred looked back with a look on his face, but before he could say anything, Bruce said, "Just do it. No questions, Alfred."
 After they pulled over, Bruce hit the down button on his window, and asked, "Hello, young lady. Would you care to join me this evening?"
 Selina took one look at this picture of male perfection, and replied, "If you would like my services, I would be honored to join you, sir. Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go?"
 "Yes, indeed, my dear. I will bring you to my mansion to be wined and dined. Alfred, if you please..." Alfred got out of the driver's seat, than walked to the other side of the limo and opened the door for Selina. Placing her satchel on the floor, Selina elegantly slid into the rear, sitting on the seat facing Bruce. After studying each other for a few moments, the two made small talk on the way to Wayne Manor.
 After dining, Bruce and Selina relaxed in front of the fire in the library. "So, Mr. Wayne, how may I be of service to you this evening?" asked Selina.
 "Please," he replied, "for this evening, I'm Bruce. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'm not interested in a sexual affair with you. I want to understand you, what you are going through, why you feel you must do what you do. Surely, with a body like yours which could easily grace fashion magazines, there is no reason to sell yourself."
 After thinking for a moment, she said, "I will be willing to show you another side of me, if for at least tonight, you will give in to your innermost desires."
 "All right, Selina, if doing so will give me an opportunity to show you a better way to live your life," replied Bruce, "the night is yours. What would you like?"
 "Bruce, I want you to go to your bedroom and strip naked. Do not think of what will be to come. When I knock at your door, you will turn away from the door and not turn around until I tell you to do so," ordered Selina. "Would you please show me a room in which I can slip into something a bit less comfortable?"
 Puzzled briefly by the slight change in the age old line, he took her by the hand, brought her to her feet, gave her a fleeting kiss, then said, "Come, Selina. I'll put you in a room not currently in use which is right next to my room."
 Picking up her satchel and slinging it over her shoulder, Selina followed Bruce down a grand hallway, then was shown into a bedroom which was obviously used by a young male, judging by the way it was decorated. Bruce left her, and went to his own room.
 As Selina was taking off her clothes, she started to look closer at the articles in the room. Getting a feeling of déjà vu, she passed it off, then proceeded to don her black leather catsuit. After pulling on her gloves, she finished by lacing on her boots. Making sure her hair was properly flowing out the top of her cowl, she left the room and proceeded down the hall to Bruce's room.
 Using the handle of her whip, Selina rapped on the door. "Come in," she heard, and after stepping into the palatial bedroom, she put her clawed hands on her hips and purred, "Bruce, turn and meet your mistress, Catwoman!"
 Bruce gaped in awe as he turned, then said, "Catwoman? I had no idea you were going to be here!"
 Just then, reality crashed for Selina. Hearing the way Bruce talked, seeing him completely naked for the first(?) time, observing the room she was in, gave her a stronger feeling of déjà vu, and this time things started to click. Bruce watched as Catwoman slowly shook her head back and forth, raven tresses seductively swishing. "Oh...! What am I doing here," she muttered, "why am I dressed like this? I am, I'm..."
 Bruce quickly stepped in front of her, gently took hold of her shoulders, and said, "Have a seat, Selina. I know you're trying to fight between being Selina and being Catwoman."
 She looked him directly in the eyes, and said, "You'd better sit down yourself, Bruce. I may be wearing Selina's body and an exotic variation her Catwoman costume, but believe it or not, you're talking to your partner, Robin! Catwoman used some kind of mind changing device and switched our bodies. Right now, she is somewhere out there in my body, probably finding newer ways to create havoc!"
 Bruce took all this in calmly, then, being the master detective he was, said, "If indeed you are Catwoman, Selina Kyle, in body only but with Robin's mind, I need to verify it." Pondering briefly to come up with some bit of trivia which Catwoman could never have come onto, he continued, "What is the middle name of Robin's mother?"
 "Thank you for making this reasonably foolproof, Bruce," Selina replied. "This is actually a two part trick question; first off, my mother has been dead for six years now, and she had Theresa for a middle name."
 Bruce gave a sigh of relief, then said, "Well, Robin, I trust your story. For the time being, I'll continue to call you Selina, since anyone overhearing me calling you Robin would start to wonder. Now we have to figure a way to work together in tracing your erstwhile body's location. Hmmm, I've got an idea. Let's get to the Batcave."
 Slipping on a robe, Bruce and Selina then proceeded to the Batcave's elevator, passing Alfred, who wondered what the prostitute now dressed as a killer dominatrix was doing with Bruce going into the Batcave. Catching the puzzled look on his face, Bruce said, "Don't worry, Alfred. There is a lot more going on here than you could imagine. This beauty at my side may not look like her normal self, but she is Catwoman. She has one big difference from the past, though. We'll brief you on the situation when we get back from brainstorming down below!"
 Bruce put on his Batman costume, then went to the computer to do some quick data entry. As the computer was chewing on the commands Batman had given it, he asked Selina to disrobe. Gladly taking off the dominatrix outfit, she then waited patiently while Batman tended to the computer and the production unit attached to it. Gathering the results of his work into his hands, Batman proceeded to where Selina was waiting. "Here, put this on. It will be your new costume until we can find your original body to put its own costume on."
 Selina picked up the dark blue body stocking and slithered into it, then zipped the knee high yellow boots onto her feet. After tucking her black tresses under a wig cap, she then put on a shoulder length wig of vibrant red, followed by a cowl on top of that. Selina then clipped a yellow cape to her shoulders, slipped a yellow weapons belt around her hips, well below her miniscule waist, and pulled on the yellow elbow length gloves.
 "Now then, Selina," announced Batman, "until we find Robin, you will work with me as Batgirl!"
 * * * * *
 After using the PED and then subjecting the new Selina to intense sexual pleasures and pains, Robin disassembled the PED. So as to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, he doffed his costume and put on a shirt and slacks set placed in the office beforehand. Now appearing to be a nondescript young man, he packed up the contents of the office and loaded them into the truck he had waiting behind the building. Dick Grayson, Robin's alter ego, now with the mind of Selina Kyle controlling his body, then put the truck into motion, heading for a cave on the outskirts of Gotham City that Catwoman once used as a temporary hideaway.
 With the power to the cave reactivated, Dick stowed the PED and the rest of the material transferred from the warehouse. Later that evening, he drove downtown to check up on his newly created dominatrix. Finding Selina's apartment empty, Dick started cruising the streets hoping to catch sight of her on her first night out on the job. He spotted Selina on a corner, then parked the car nearby so he could observe. Dick chuckled as he watched Selina shoo away some potential clients that must have been looking for a less expensive get together. Then he saw something that caused him to gasp loudly. A limo he recognized as belonging to millionaire Bruce Wayne pulled over, Selina was shown in by the driver, and she left in the limo. Where, Dick pondered, would they be going...a hotel, Wayne Manor, a restaurant?
 Keeping his distance to avoid being spotted, Dick tailed the limo, which soon enough arrived at Wayne Manor. When, after waiting three hours, he saw no sign of Selina leaving, Dick headed back to the cave. There he cooled it for a couple of days, waiting to see if anything developed.
 An item on a television newscast caught his attention while he was doing dishes a few nights into his layover. News footage had been taken of an attempted robbery of the Gotham/Metropolis Amalgamated Bank in downtown Gotham by the Joker. What really caught his attention was when the reporter mentioned the robbery being foiled by Batman and Batgirl. "Batgirl?!!?" shouted Dick, "who the hell is Batgirl?"
 Planting himself in front of the TV, Dick then saw some more footage, and started videotaping. Joker was shown being escorted out of the bank by Batman and Batgirl, then a cameraman shoved a lens directly into the faces of Batman, then Batgirl. Dick watched intently, noting the blue and yellow costume worn by the stunning redhead. When the newsplay ended, he rewound the tape to review it. Hitting slow on the scene of Batgirl leaving the bank, Dick concentrated on relative heights, heel height taken into account, and the figure presented in the costume.
 When the facial shot appeared, Dick hit pause and studied the frozen image. Discounting the red hair, he concentrated on facial features. "Wait a minute," he mused, "those eyes, that nose, I've seen them too often in a mirror to not recognize them. That's Selina!" Putting the available data to good use, Dick then concluded that if Selina was involved with Batman, a) her memories may have at least partially returned, and b) Batman could very well be Bruce Wayne!
 In the next week, Dick continued to hear word about Batman and Batgirl. He also worked on a plan to put the PED to use once again.
 Correctly assuming that Selina would be keeping a low profile other than her appearances as Batgirl, Dick started watching Bruce Wayne's appearances and activities. After noting a pattern of day to day functions, he felt satisfied. Then, knowing that Joker was still being held, Dick used the knowledge he had from Catwoman's past and got hold of Joker's sidekick and right hand person, Harley Quinn. Convincing her that he was who he claimed to be, and not who he appeared to be, was a bit difficult, but soon Dick had the costumed ex-psychiatrist working with him on the plot.
 Getting everything set up in an office on the ground floor of the WayneTech building wasn't easy, but soon enough Dick had all the equipment in readiness. He had Harley get changed in the office, not from her costume, obviously, since that would have attracted all kinds of attention; a primly dressed blonde psychiatrist entering the office was, however, of no consequence. What she changed into would surely raise some eyebrows, though.
 Harley did up her face to look as ditzy as possible, undid the pins holding up her hair and had it frame her face then cascade down her back to her waist. This already small waist was severely corseted, and had a stretchy pink blouse leading up from it to cling tenaciously to two breasts jutting out precariously from her chest. A cherry red leather miniskirt over bright red fishnet hose led down from the waist. Pink ankle boots with five-inch heels adorned her tiny feet. Harley was now dressed as the ultimate slutty street walker.
 As Bruce Wayne was departing his office, he received word that he was needed in an office downstairs. As he entered the foyer of the building, Bruce noticed the limo waiting out front. After he stepped out, he motioned to Alfred that he'd be out in a minute. The tinting of the limo's windows didn't allow Bruce to see that the message was also received by Selina, who with Alfred's help, was going to surprise Bruce with a dinner function. She may have had a male psyche, but she figured that having Bruce seen with a date would be good for his public image. Alfred and Selina both watched Bruce step back inside, then enter a small office.
 This time, Dick left nothing to chance. As Bruce entered the office, he saw a report sitting on the desk, and picked it up to skim it, wondering what would have required his presence there. As he was reading, a partition was slid aside, and when he looked up, Bruce saw a stunning vision in pink and red. Dick hit the button on the PED, and after Bruce blinked, she saw himself standing at the desk. Looking down at what she was wearing, she gasped. Dick immediately stepped into view, and her jaw dropped upon seeing him.
 Before she could do anything else, Dick put her into a deep hypnotic trance. The blonde was told that her name was Candy Cane, she walked the streets for income, and when she got bored, she would don her Harlequin costume and do nasty jokes on the public. After being given details of where she lived and other sundry necessities, Candy was released from her trance, then gathered up her suit and costume in her oversized shoulder bag. Giggling profusely, she left the office, catching the eye of every male in the foyer, then the building, to get to work.
 Alfred and Selina saw her come out of the office into which Bruce had gone, and gave each other a look. Wondering what was taking him so long, they gasped in unison when Bruce came out of the office side by side with Dick Grayson, who then turned going out of the building, ignoring the limo. As a light blinked on in both Alfred's and Selina's heads, they turned to look back where the blonde hooker had been going. She was long gone.
 Selina was now working on her own. She had to find a beautiful blonde streetwalker, Dick wearing her body, and Bruce, now occupied by...who?
 Dick made one major error this time, however. The PED was still in the WayneTech office, and Selina found it when she and Alfred went to check the office...
 * * * * *
 Candy Cane had been spending every night on various corners in the Red Light district of Gotham City, narrowly missing being arrested a number of times. She had been making hundreds of dollars each night in selling her body to any taker with enough cash to satisfy her demands. Candy spent a lot of her money on what she considered to be of the most importance - more clothes, the sexier and more risque the better. Her fetish for shoes also had her finding and obtaining the highest heeled shoes to be found in any of the shoe or fetish fashion shops in Gotham. It seemed that the higher her heels, not only was she feeling more satisfied, but she seemed to attract even more business on the streets.
 Without her actually realizing it, Candy had now been on her new job for two weeks. This particular evening, she decided to try one more of her newest outfits. She put on her crotchless, back-seamed black pantyhose, then a white lace blouse with a lycra bodice. As she admired the way her tits stood out in the blouse, she played with the aroused nipples, arousing herself in expectation of things to come. Candy then put on her black leather hot pants, tucked the blouse in, and hooked the huge buckle of her belt together.
 Still more or less barefoot, she went to her dresser and made up her face to look as tarty as possible, the put on the waist length black wig she'd obtained earlier in the day. 'Oooo, she thought, 'now I can do the last couple of corners without those cops recognizing me!' Candy hooked some enticing earrings into her earlobes, put bracelets on each wrist, then went to her closet to get her new shoes. Taking them carefully out of the box, she stroked the six-inch spike heels, and marveled at the tiny pointed toes. Candy slipped her feet into the shoes, then stood to check herself out in the full length mirror.
 The vixen she saw in the mirror made her gasp! Flicking a red painted fingernail through her hair, Candy licked her lips, strutted he feet back and forth, and gingerly walked to her end table to get her purse. "Tee hee hee, now I'm ready for action!" Candy remarked looking back at her reflection. Locking her door behind her, she went five blocks down the street from her apartment and went to work. As she had surmised earlier in the day, Candy noticed almost every male driving by looking down at her shoes. She had to admit, the heels made her legs look that much better, even if walking in them wasn't the easiest.
 Her crotchless pantyhose came in handy for every john she worked, each saying they wanted her to keep those incredible shoes on during sex. One of her customers from a few nights earlier recognized her even in her wig, and told her he had a present for her. Handing Candy a huge but thin box, he asked if she would use what was in the box on some future night so he could enjoy her company in them. Not yet midnight, Candy accepted the box, quit early for the night, and went back to the apartment to check out her present.
 Removing her fuck me shoes, Candy sat down on the edge of her bed, and opened the box. Lifting the cellophane wrapping out of the way, she gasped at the sight of a pair of red patent leather boots. They laced up the front of each leg, and had heels which made the ones she had just taken off look small. Just then, Candy remembered the costume she'd found in the bag she brought back from WayneTech a couple weeks ago.
 Taking off her hot pants and blouse, then the wig, earrings and bracelets, but leaving her pantyhose on, Candy went to the closet and retrieved the costume. Holding it up against the front of her body and looking in the mirror, she got excited. "First things first, though," she muttered. She put the costume aside and laced on her new boots. Carefully standing with a hand balancing on the desk, she marveled at the way her feet were now practically in a ballerina pose, with the heels forcing an arch that had only her toes and heel tips touching the ground.
 Taking a few cautious steps, Candy found that with concentration, she could walk in the boots, albeit with very short steps. Going back to her bed, Candy played with her tits some more, and then with her right hand alternating between one nipple and the other, her left started exploring the cavity between her legs. Finding her clit, she played with it while stroking the breasts, and came so violently she wondered about the sex she'd gotten in her nightly work, which never got her that aroused. Then she removed the boots, cleaned up the fluids lubricating her crotch, and got the costume.
 After she unzipped the back, Candy slipped her left foot into the left legging and worked it up to her knee. After doing the same with the right, she pulled it up to her waist and smoothed it out. Looking down, she couldn't believe how awesomely her legs filled out the bottom of the costume. This got her thinking, "If the legs look this good, I can't wait to see what it does for my chest!"
 Candy stuck her left hand into the left sleeve and worked it down into the built in glove. After doing the same with the right, she reached behind her back and pulled the zipper up. Seeing the way the costume hugged her chest and emphasized each breast, Candy started feeling very satisfied with herself. She tucked her hair up behind her head, then pulled the cowl down over her head. The white face mask built into the front of the cowl hid her own face completely. After smoothing out the face and cowl, Candy slipped the bottom edges into the top of the body stocking, making it look as if she was in a one piece costume from head to toe.
 She hooked the looped ring belt around her hips, well below the waist, the clipped the goodie bag to it. Finally, Candy once again laced her legs into the new red boots, which she correctly assumed would go very well with the costume. For the second time that evening, Candy was ready to go to work. Well, actually this time it was Harlequin ready to go to work.
 Batgirl was in the Batmobile entering data into the Batcomputer's remote terminal after the heist she had just foiled at 2 AM. A call came in on the radio about some strange goings on taking place at the Gotham Museum of Science. Batgirl took note of the details, sketchy as they were, being put out in the alert, then secured the computer terminal. Putting the Batmobile into gear, she sped the eight blocks to the museum, passing even some Police cars heading there also. The policemen in the cars still hadn't heard at this late date about the changes in the Bat team, and were more than a bit puzzled when they saw the Batmobile go by driven by a gorgeous red haired female in a tight fitting Bat costume.
 Batgirl parked the Batmobile and hopped out without bothering to open the door. She'd been practicing this maneuver to make sure she wouldn't trip a heel on the top of the door as she leapt out. Landing on her feet in a ready to go pose, an ability no doubt gained from the body's prior owner's activities, Batgirl quickly scanned the area for signs of activity. Seeing nothing outside on her side of the building, she did a quick recon of the rest of the exterior and finding nothing, stealthily entered the museum. Using her acute hearing at first, she detected sounds to her left, then donned her night vision goggles to better see what might be going on. Making sure her heels didn't click on the tile floor to give her away, Batgirl slowly worked her way to the exhibit hall from which the noise was originating.
 Slowly poking her head around a pillar, Batgirl saw something she was hesitant to believe. With the Joker safely ensconced in Arkham Asylum, she never expected to see the Joker's assistant Harley Quinn working on her own. Noting the very different boots from the ones she was used to seeing on the punstress, Batgirl figured maybe some other changes were taking place, also. Waiting until the red clad figure stood up, Batgirl tossed a Batarang in her direction which wrapped a line around her as it spun around her body. "Well, Harley," Batgirl said, "just what are you up to this evening?"
 The female jester's face turned to her and said with mocking lips, "Harley? You're close...I'm Harlequin!"
 Puzzled, Batgirl walked over to the trussed femme fatale, and said, "Well, whoever you are or whatever you want to call yourself now, we can't be having you take up Joker's slack while he is out of action. C'mon, let's get you down to the Police Station to get you checked in for the night. First, though, I'll relieve you of that mask so the cops will be able see you."
 As Batgirl pulled the mask and cowl off the squirming felon, long blonde hair came streaming out the back. Then her face came into view. Still in the intense makeup from earlier in the evening, this face matched almost exactly the one worn a couple weeks earlier in leaving WayneTech. Batgirl saw the image she'd seen ever so briefly at that time, and her jaw dropped. "Bruce! It's you!" she cried out.
 "Bruce? I don't think so, you stupid twit. Can't you see I'm a woman, not a man?" Harlequin replied. "My name is Harlequin, but I suppose you could also call me Candy Cane."
 "Yeah, that figures," Batgirl then said, "I guess after your mind was switched, they gave you a new identity to live under. Let's see..." Batgirl went through her weapons belt and found a mini-Hypnowheel. "Okay, Candy, watch the spinning're feeling very relaxed, you are in a state of bliss..."
 As she saw the blank look form on Candy's face, Batgirl said, "Your true identity is hiding. The name Candy Cane is a false one. Forget the programing used to give you that name. Bring back from your subconscious the name you had. When you wake up, you will once again be Bruce Wayne."
 After Batgirl clicked her gloved fingers in front of Harlequin's face, the tied up girl shook her head a couple of times, then her eyes went wide. "Batgirl! Where are we?" Harlequin looked down at what she was wearing, and continued, "Oh no, don't tell me. I've been living in this body for how long? I remember something weird happening back at the office, but what else has been going on?"
 "Bruce, I'd hate to think of just what you've been doing for the last two weeks, especially with a name like Candy Cane, which Dick probably hypnotized you into assuming after he used the PED on you at the office. Harley is probably out there somewhere in your body, doing God knows what, presumably with Dick still in his company. Well, we have one thing going in our favor now. We retrieved the PED from the office after Dick left it there."
 "Ah, that is excellent," 'Bruce' said. "As Candy Cane and Harlequin, I can still operate in a way to draw Dick and Bruce out into the open to see what their target has been doing. If you can stand being a female for as long as you have now, Batgirl, I guess I can do the same. Although," she said looking down to her toes, "I don't think I'll be able to continue with Candy's preference in footwear. Then again, if I'm going to persuade those two rogues to come out of hiding, I might have to keep at this, after all..."
 A wise decision, Candy. Unknown to you, the customer who gave you those fantastic boots and fully expects to see you again wearing them, was none other than Dick Grayson. Won't he be surprised when you arrange yet another get together after you see him...
 Candy turned back to Batgirl, and looking directly into her face, said in a very serious tone, "Selina, in order to try and get Dick and Bruce to come out of hiding and make a visit with Candy, I will once again have to become Candy. Only she knows where she lives and works the streets."
 "Are you sure?" Selina asked. "If you become Candy, how would we work on getting things straightened out?"
 "We could work out some kind of key word," Candy said, "that you could introduce in the hypnotic spell. Then when you want Bruce's mind to supplant Candy's, you'd just have to utter the key word. Let's about 'Batcave'?"
 "Okay, that should work. Now, put your mask back on and I'll bring Candy back. Once you've become her again, I'll get out of the way before you come out of the trance, then follow you around until you get back to her home. How about if we also use a key word to have Candy come back quickly if we need her?"
 "Right," Candy said, "I hadn't thought of that. Let's use 'Trickster'."
 Candy picked up the cowl and pulled it back down over her head, and moved around the mask until her eyes were correctly aligned with those in the mask. "Okay, Selina. I'm ready."
 Batgirl once more got out the hypnowheel, and put Candy into a trance. "You are Bruce Wayne right now, but you will let Candy Cane's psyche come out of hiding in your subconscious and become dominant if you hear the word Trickster. If, as Candy, you hear the word Batcave, you will allow Bruce's psyche to be the dominant one. Bruce will now become aware of everything that Candy does, but Candy will have no knowledge of what Bruce does. Nod if you understand." The masked girl nodded, then Selina continued, "At the count of three, you will come out of this trance. One, two, three."
 The eyes behind the mask blinked, then Candy said, "Didn't the hypnosis work, Selina? I'm still Bruce."
 "Oh, don't worry," Batgirl responded as she backed away from Candy, "I'm going to get out of your sight before letting the slut come back." Candy watched Batgirl turn into another hallway and then heard, "Trickster."
 The expression on the villainess' face abruptly changed. The Harlequin crouched as best she could in the ballet toed boots, then collected all the gear she had removed from her bag earlier. Rehooking the bag to her belt, she then carefully exited the museum, making sure to avoid any guards.
 Batgirl followed her at a distance, leaving the Batmobile at the museum. After an eight block walk, done very slowly due Harlequin's short steps, Batgirl watched Harlequin go into an apartment building. After seeing which window lit up, Selina also entered the building and went up the stairs to Candy's unit. She waited until she heard Candy coming closer to the door, then a bit loudly said, "Batcave."
 The door was opened, and Batgirl saw Candy grinning at her. "It worked beautifully, Selina," she said. "I remember the trip from the museum and taking off the mask when I got here. Now, if Dick is by himself if and when I see him, I'll arrange to have him come back here. Get the PED set up in the bedroom, and hopefully we'll get things started back to normal."
 "Do you think that Candy will know to bring him back here?"
 "Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that. Well, just follow me around and watch what happens, and we'll hope Candy brings her clients here." Candy paused after finishing her statement, then her eyes lit up like a little girl's on Christmas morning. "Oh wow!" Candy exclaimed, "I just thought of a neat idea if Dick does come back here. Here's what we'll do...," and she told Batgirl what she had in mind.
 Grinning in agreement, Selina then turned and left the apartment. On the way out the door, she said, "Trickster." Candy got back to fingering herself again as she was starting to do when she was interrupted earlier...
 Batgirl waited for Candy to leave the next day, presumably to do some more shopping, then made her way into the apartment and set up the PED by putting one of the terminals behind the bed board and the other loose in a drawer to be hand held at the appropriate time. Selina then left to await Candy's return. Sure enough, around 4 in the afternoon, Candy came back to the apartment with two large bags in her hands. 'What a clothes horse,' thought Selina.
 Three hours later, she saw Candy leave the unit all dolled up and ready for another night on the streets. Following her discreetly, Selina wondered if that's what she would have doing if Bruce hadn't jogged her memories that night.
 By sheer luck, the very first person to approach Candy that night was Dick Grayson, who Selina figured must have also been watching and waiting for Candy to come out. Batgirl got out the sound amplifier, hooked the headset to it, then heard, "...Yes, I remember seeing you yesterday! You gave me those beautiful boots. Would you like to come up to my place and have some fun while I show them to you?"
 "Why, yes, that's a wonderful idea, let's go!"
 Selina followed the two back to the apartment. When she saw Dick finally step back out of the apartment, with a Cheshire cat grin on his face, she went to the door and quickly said, "Batcave." When the door opened, she nodded to Candy, and told her to get him to come back tomorrow for a special treat. Candy went down the stairs and got Dick's attention, then invited him back for more fun the next evening.
 When she came back upstairs, Candy nodded back to Batgirl. "He's going to come by at 8PM. Come back at 6 tomorrow evening and we'll get everything set up."
 "Gotcha, Candy," said Selina, "see you then. Hey wait, I've got an idea! Since the night is still young, how about coming back to the Batcave with me and have the computer do up a Batwoman costume for you? Then we could do one night together as a female crime fighting team."
 "Nice idea, Selina, but I don't want to risk having Dick or Bruce spot me acting that way."
 "Oh well, see you tomorrow, then."
 At 6 the next evening, Selina came to the apartment in normal clothes. "Now, let's set up our surprise for Dick," Candy said. Selina went to the bedroom and stripped. She then put on the Harlequin costume, including the awesome boots, then pulled up her hair and put the cowl and mask on. With the mask tucked in, there was no way to tell it wasn't Candy inside. Then Candy had Selina lay down on the bed face down, and proceeded to tie her hands behind her, then her feet together. Then Candy pulled the tied hands and feet together and joined them also, making the whole look like a self-bondage affair.
 Selina wasn't about to tell Candy, but she was now enjoying herself so much all tied up that she wouldn't mind at all if Dick was late...
 Candy then left Selina alone in the bedroom, to await Dick's arrival. Sure enough, at 8 precisely, Candy heard a knock on her door, and checking the peephole, saw Dick. Opening the door, Candy invited him in, then asked him to make himself comfortable in the living room while she went to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. She gave him a hint, "Besides your wonderful boots, I've got this wild costume I've been using. You're going to love this!"
 Dick started to picture Candy in the Harlequin costume he'd given her a couple weeks ago, and grinned wickedly. Little did he know...
 Twenty minutes later, Dick heard Candy call from the bedroom, "Okay, sir, come on in! You'll be surprised!"
 Dick got up off the couch, went to the bedroom door, and upon opening it, saw Harlequin tied up on the bed. "Oh wow! You look fantastic. I'll bet you can't move at all there!"
 He heard a slightly different voice come from the direction of the masked figure, "No, but I will in a moment!"
 Just then, Candy stepped out of the closet, grinned at the astonished Dick, and aimed the hand held PED terminal at him. She pressed the actuator, and in moments, Dick grinned broadly, saying, "I'm baaaaack!"
 Candy then said, "Glad to hear it, Dick, or should I finally say, Robin! Now let's see how Catwoman likes to be in bondage, sort of the way this whole affair started. Oh, I forgot! She isn't exactly Catwoman right now, is she? Tell me, Harlequin, how does it feel to be at the receiving end of your little toy?"
 "Grrr! I'm going to get back at you somehow," Selina said.
 "How do you intend to do that?" asked Candy. "The way you're trussed up, I think we have you pretty much under control. In fact, I think we'll put this situation to good use. Robin, did you bring the hypnowheel with you like I asked?"
 "Sure did," Dick said, "here you go!" He fished it out of the drawer, and tossed it to Candy.
 "Now then, Selina, you are getting very drowsy..." Once she was in a trance, Candy told her, "Selina, you are no longer Catwoman. For the time being, you are a crimefighter called Harlequin. Harlequin, though, is a master, no make that mistress of disguise. You will have access to the costume generator in the Batcave, and whatever identity you want to do, it will make for you. Just so that we will always know that your programming is working, every costume you come up with will have unbelievably high heels, which of course, you have no problem walking and working in. Should we ever see a costume with low or flat heels, we'll know you've slipped back. Nod if you understand all that I've just told you."
 The masked head nodded, then Candy untied all the knots keeping her in bondage. After her mask was removed, she was brought out of the trance, and Candy and Dick brought her up to speed on the search for Bruce.
 Later that night, the two ladies and Robin reported to the Batcave, where Candy took up Batgirl's idea from the night before and made herself a Batwoman costume. Robin figured that Bruce would become leery if he saw Dick in the Robin costume, so had the costume generator work up a new costume, with which he called himself Nightwing. Harlequin decided to use the Batgirl costume, with suitably modified boots, of course. They were now set to find Bruce and get the last of the PED's victims straightened out...
 Batwoman, Batgirl and Nightwing were on their first patrol together later that evening, if for no other reason than to get used to working with each other. Batwoman and Batgirl were in the Batmobile, while Nightwing rode alongside on the Batcycle. Batwoman, by the way, was wearing the new costume she had the computer generate for her a couple hours earlier in the Batcave. Her costume was a dark grey bodysuit, clinging nicely to all the curves of her body, dark blue boots with four-inch heels that shaped her calves pleasantly, dark blue elbow length gloves, a dark blue cowl with the black hair of her wig streaming out the back over the blue cape, and a metallic grey Bat utility belt pulled closely around her narrow waist. There was also a strategically positioned Bat symbol emblazoned on her ample chest. If the Batgirl costume seen over the past two weeks was thought to be a knockout, this Batwoman costume was making it look weak.
 The Batgirl costume, now worn by the real Selina Kyle, was nevertheless still a sight to behold, mostly thanks to the six-inch heeled yellow boots that Selina was forced to wear because of the hypnotic programming used to turn her into Harlequin, mistress of disguise. The shoulder length red wig that Selina had worn with the costume while Dick's psyche was in residence was now replaced with a waist length red wig. Batgirl, as Harlequin was acting that evening, was monitoring the Police scanner in the Batmobile while Batwoman was driving and keeping watch visually.
 Nightwing could easily be lost from sight in the night environment. The costume he'd come up with was jet black leather, from the neck down. There was a narrow black mask over his eyes, and black leather gauntlets covered his hands and wrists. The boots on his feet and lower legs were similar to jump boots, for the added support they would provide in the rough work Nightwing anticipated. The Batcycle he was on was equipped with its own scanners, but since he was operating in conjunction with the Batmobile, Nightwing had the scanners slaved to the datalink with the Batmobile, providing him with identical information to that being used by the women.
 At the scene of a reported bank robbery in progress, the three split up. Batwoman dropped Batgirl on the backside of the building, then drove around to the front where she parked the Batmobile and entered the front via the lobby. Nightwing took up position on the roof of the building next door to watch for anyone trying to get away from the scene. Batgirl was slowly inching her way to the scene of the crime via the passageways in the back of the bank, and Batwoman made a more or less frontal assault, taking care to stay as quiet as possible to surprise the crooks.
 What Batwoman wasn't prepared for, though, was getting into earshot of the robbers and hearing the discussion they were in while attempting to open the safe. They were talking about the Joker and his apparent demise, and used a word that Dick and Candy had neglected to remove from Candy's mind earlier in the evening. They referred to the Joker as a trickster.
 Batwoman heard this, and an abrupt change came over her. As she looked down at what she was wearing, Candy giggled and said softly, "Oooh, cool outfit." She then approached the robbers and casually said, "Hi, guys. Do you need any help? I've just been turning tricks and doing pranks, but a real robbery would be nice to add to my experiences."
 Taking one look at the buxom broad in the bat outfit, they wondered what the hell was going on. "Who the *&$# are you, BatBimbo or something?" one of them said.
 "Tee hee, that's pretty good," Candy replied, "that name will work just right!" Seeing no sign of any problem from her, they motioned her to join them. BatBimbo started to pass tools to the guys as they asked for them.
 Batgirl came upon this scene a few moments later, and wondered what was going on. Observing Batwoman helping the criminals, she decided Nightwing had better get down there on the double. Using the throat mike and earplug Batwoman had given her to stay in touch with Nightwing, Batgirl told him about the turn of events. 'Oh no. I wonder...' thought Nightwing.
 Soon enough, he was alongside Batgirl watching the scene unfolding before them. Watching the way Batwoman was acting, Dick assumed that somehow Candy's persona had come forward and was now controlling her actions. He motioned for Batgirl to go back to the front of the building, and once outside, told her about the key word scenario they had arranged earlier on. He had Batgirl wait at the front of the bank, while he would watch the back, and whoever saw the group leaving, presuming Batwoman was with them, would yell out, "Batcave".
 Thirty minutes later, BatBimbo and her two accomplices left via the rear door. Nightwing yelled, "Batcave," and an immediate change came over the woman. She reached for the heads of the pair alongside her, then brought them together so fast that a loud crack was heard. "Thanks, Nightwing," she said, "that was murder in there. I had to watch as Candy took on the name BatBimbo and helped these guys in their nefarious deeds. Gee, I hope I didn't give them anything worse than a concussion!"
 Having heard Dick's yell, Batgirl came running (and remember, she's running in six-inch heels!) and soon found Batwoman and Nightwing tying up two unconscious hoods. "Remind me later to ask you what the hell was going on in there," she said. Leaving a note on the hoods for the police, the trio made their way back to the Batcave, where the first item of business was for Dick to put Candy in a trance and have Candy's personality thoroughly hidden behind Bruce's.
 Early the next day, Dick called the Gotham Amalgamated Bank, at which Bruce Wayne had all his accounts. He told them that Bruce had been feeling ill for the past two weeks and was acting a bit strangely. Dick asked them if Bruce had tried to access any of his funds during this period, and was told that they had not seen him. Asking if they would detain him carefully and call Wayne Manor if Bruce did show up, Dick concluded his call. He also got hold of the Police Commissioner's office to relate the bad news about Bruce's condition, and to ask for help from them if it was needed.
 Bruce had been waiting patiently in the cave for Dick to return from his soiree, and when there was no sign of him by the next morning, started to get worried. Figuring that it wouldn't hurt to make a visit downtown to the bank to get some money with which he could get some more clothes and food, Bruce left the cave around 11AM. When he showed up at the bank, one of the loan officers spotted him and alerted the manager.
 The manager walked up to Bruce and asked him how he was doing, hadn't seen him for a while, and other small talk, and got Bruce to join him in his office, which was then secured from outside so that the door could not be opened. His secretary then phoned Wayne Manor and relayed the news to Dick. He got Selina and Alfred and gave them the good news, then went to the Batcave to tell Candy. She then set up the PED right there in the Batcave, and had Selina go to the bank to bring Bruce back to Wayne Manor.
 Since Harley was in no way able to fully utilize all the physical abilities of the body she was now in, Bruce had been handcuffed with his hands behind his back and escorted by a policeman back to Wayne Manor. Bruce was escorted by Selina to the Batcave, where she saw Dick and her old body waiting near a bench. "Oh well," he said, "I guess my time as a male has come to an end. It was fun while it lasted."
 "Yes, Harley, and my time as a female has been very interesting, too," replied Bruce in her body. "As I'm sure you're aware, Candy was set up by you and Dick while he was controlled by Catwoman to be a very promiscuous woman. I can't say I wasn't enjoying what I was doing, the sensations were really something, but I want my own body back. Dick, if you would?"
 With that, Dick hit the switch on the PED, and in short order Bruce said with a male voice, "Phew, it's good to be back. Now, would somebody please open these handcuffs?"
 The Bat team of Batman, Nightwing, (he liked that better than Robin, it was more sophisticated!) and Harlequin was now whole. Harley asked if they would think about giving her a similar treatment to that they had given Selina, and the group gave it some thought. The PED was put away in the Batcave. With the experiences 'enjoyed' by all four in the past two weeks, it was considered that some future uses for the PED might be found.
 A few weeks after the problems presented by Catwoman's initial use of the Psyche Exchange Device were finally resolved, Batman got a call from Superman via the Justice League of America communications link. Alone in the Batcave, Batman heard Superman describe the problem he was encountering. As he listened, Bruce thought that maybe Kal was starting to worry too much about the small stuff. After all, the problem Kal was describing was merely Lex Luthor getting together with a couple other super criminals to start a joint effort crime wave. How hard could it be for the JLA to counter whatever plans or actions this new group of felons might come up with?
 As Superman finished with his description of the situation, Batman told him, "Okay, Kal, stand by, I've got something I want to check on, and then I'll get back to you."
 Kal, being a bit of the impatient sort, asked, "What is it you have to check on with all the data available to you in the Batcave? Come on, Bruce, just what do you need that can't be pulled almost instantly from your Bat Computer?"
 Bruce gave a look that said, 'Geez, get a life,' then told Kal, "I have to check with some of the new members of the Bat team about something. This requires human input, not hard data from some computer's memory."
 "New members? Have you been adding to your family at the mansion there, Bruce?" asked Kal.
 "Well, its a long story, Kal," said Bruce. "I'd rather tell you in person than over the comlink."
 "Okay, then. How about if I head your way, and talk to you about news at your end and the situation once I get there?" Superman said.
 "Good idea," replied Bruce. "I'll get all the info I need here while you're in transit. It will take a few minutes, so don't go beating the speed of light to get here!"
 "Ha, ha," remarked Kal, "glad to see you still have a sense of humor, Bruce. I thought you'd lost it a few years ago."
 "Good-bye, Kal," said Bruce, thinking, 'I wonder if part of the humor is coming from where I spent the last few weeks...?'
 While Superman was presumably heading from Metropolis to Gotham City at something like Mach 5 or better, Batman called Alfred on the intercom and asked him to send Selina and Harley down to the Batcave. Selina at the time was busy in her room putting ideas into her journal about characters she could portray in future anticrime patrols. She was really starting to warm to the idea of being Harlequin, with an almost unlimited number of costume disguises usable via the costume generator in the Bat Computer. As she was just putting the journal into the desk drawer next to her four poster bed, Selina got the page from Alfred. 'Oh great,' she thought, 'what does he want at this time of day? Oh well...' "Coming, Alfred," she said into the intercom.
 Harley at this point was still getting settled in her new room at Wayne Manor. Shortly after the body switching problem had been sorted out, Bruce and company decided that Harley could stay and work with the team. Harley willingly allowed Bruce to hypnotize her. While she was in the trance, Harley had all her memories of a criminal past erased, but skills picked up in acting as the Joker's aide were to be retained as a base upon which to build the crime fighting abilities she would be using as Batgirl, since Harlequin wouldn't be using that identity any more. Shortly after the hypnotic session, Harley was fitted out with a new costume to fit her body, since she was a lot smaller in stature than Selina, on whom the original Batgirl costume had been based.
 The costume was kept on hand in the Batcave, but Harley still had to get everything set up in her room the way she would like it. The double wide walk-in closet she was presented with gave her all kinds of room to stow her clothes, of which the young woman seemed to have more than a usual amount. Harley finally had the closet the way she wanted it, at least for this week, and was in the process of moving the mirror from behind the night stand to on the back of the door, when Alfred called. "Gotcha, Alfred! I'll be right down," she said.
 When both Selina and Harley were on hand in the Batcave, Bruce said, "Selina, I need to ask a big favor from you. If you will allow me to do so, would you be willing to use the PED again and let Superman switch bodies with you? He has a problem developing with a bunch of super criminals getting together to form a crime cartel. I'm thinking that if we got him into your body and an appropriate costume, he could infiltrate the group and get word back to us on what they have planned."
 "Hey, neat idea, Bruce," Selina responded. "That means that for a little while, anyway, I'd be Superman, right?"
 "That's right, Selina. Hopefully, you won't have to actually go into action as Superman, since it might take you a while to learn to use all his powers," said Bruce. "Harley, I'd like you and Selina to discuss what kind of disguise we could use if Superman agrees to my idea. Work something out upstairs, while I confer with him down here. He should be zooming through the tunnel any moment now."
 Harley nodded, looked pensively at Selina who nodded back, then the two women went back up the elevator to the mansion.
 Sure enough, mere seconds after the elevator started it's upward journey, a blue and red blur went screaming through the hole in the Batcave that led to the tunnel through which the Batmobile and the Batcycles were able to access the outside world. Kal came to a screeching halt, (well, actually it was quiet and smooth, but boy was it an abrupt halt!) and Bruce said, "Hi, Kal. What took you so long?"
 "There you go with that humor again, Bruce," he replied. "What's gotten into you?"
 "Would you believe Harley Quinn," said Bruce, "the now ex-gagster sidekick to the Joker?" Batman then gave Superman a rather detailed rundown of the events which transpired during the past month. He also told Kal about the two new female members of the Bat team, and the new identity of Nightwing which Robin was now using.
 "Now, here's what I'm proposing for you to do in reference to the criminal group you're getting all huffed about," said Bruce. "We could use the PED on you, with Selina as the other person, and switch your minds and bodies. The girls are upstairs right now devising a plan on who to dress you as to make the infiltration. Would you want to give that a try? I know it sounds weird, but believe me, living as a female for a couple of weeks gave me a whole new reference on life."
 Kal stood there for a few pregnant moments, then said, "This is a bit much. You might not be aware of it, Bruce, but I've already experienced the life of the other half. A couple of years ago, that interdimensional imp Mxy switched Lois and I to see how we'd react. You should have seen what Lois did while being Superman! I got a real good idea of what Lois had to go through on a regular basis just to get from day to day. Anyway, when we finally got him to speak his name backwards, and Mxy popped back to his own perverted world, we got back into our regular bodies. You wouldn't believe the ribbing I still get from Lois..."
 "So you think the idea might work?" asked Bruce.
 "Yes, I think that as long as you can keep Selina from doing anything with my body that I wouldn't do, and she trusts me with hers," replied Kal, "your idea sounds really good."
 The two heroes then started discussing the who's, where's and when's of the plan, and worked out details on communicating details of Luthor's group's plans back to the Batcave and the JLA. This done, they got around to superhero small talk, the kind of guy to guy stuff they'd shoot the breeze about if they were sitting in the lounge on the JLA satellite between missions. Bruce then gave Kal an updated tour of the Batcave, showing him some of the updates to the computer and the latest additions to the museum of Bat trophies and miscellaneous memorabilia from recent missions.
 Bruce and Kal were getting back into the computer area of the cave when the elevator made a hissing sound and opened to reveal the grinning faces of the two female members of the Bat team. "Kal," said Bruce, "allow me to introduce you to the latest and greatest residents of the manor and newest members of our group. You may recognize Selina, I think you've met her before, she is now Harlequin, Mistress of Disguise. The computer here gives her the ability to generate almost anything imaginable for a costume to use in our crime fighting." Selina and Kal traded knowing looks.
 "The pretty young blonde next to her is Harley Quinn, now our Batgirl. She is still new to the group and hasn't gone on any missions yet, but she is in intensive training, and should be ready to work with Nightwing soon as a pair when not working with the group as a whole. It may be a while before she is able to work solo, though. Ladies," Bruce said turning back to the women, "allow me to introduce to you Kal El, known to the rest of the world as Superman." Superman gave a gentle welcoming hug to each of the women.
 "Kal has considered the plan as we discussed it earlier," Bruce said. "Have you come up with any ideas of how he should go to the meeting?"
 Harley spoke up first, "I guess maybe Selina was a bit afraid to bring up the obvious solution, but after I convinced her, she thought it would be an excellent idea! This group is working with known super criminals, right? Well, why send Kal in Selina's body in a costume and character they wouldn't know? Let's do up a new version of the Catwoman costume in the computer, and Luthor would be sure to recognize the foremost cat burglar in Gotham City, if not the entire US!"
 "Good idea, Harley," said Kal. "Selina's face is probably well known to Luthor, and a mask would hardly prevent him from recognizing her, so her past identity would be an excellent disguise with which to join the crime cartel." After discussing options for a few minutes, they decided on just what the costume should look like, then put the computer to work.
 While the computer was processing the needs given it, Bruce and Harley set up the PED for Selina and Kal. Since the Batcave was already an extensively equipped laboratory, and there was no need to hide any of the PED's parts, it was easy to arrange. Kal turned to Selina and said, "Now remember, once you're in this body, you will have almost unlimited strength and a bunch of other potentially dangerous powers. I'll trust Bruce to brief you in detail later, but again, be careful. Feel what you are doing, and sense the give and take in whatever you're handling. You could easily crush someone's hand just shaking with them, or squeeze the life out of a person by hugging too hard."
 "Don't worry, Kal," replied Selina. "I'm trusting you to get what you need quickly, and get back to your own body in short order. Have fun while you're acting your role on the mission!" With that, Bruce flipped the switch on the PED. A hum filled the air in the Batcave, and Kal and Selina looked at each other, winked, then got out of the PED rig.
 The new Selina then went to the computer and pulled out the costume it had been told to generate. "Ladies and gentlemen, if you please, a little privacy while a girl changes clothes?" she said, grinning in the direction of the audience which was developing.
 When they went into the museum area, Selina stripped off the blouse and jeans her predecessor had been wearing, and decided to go whole hog, taking off her bra and panties also. She then picked up the royal purple spandex catsuit and slipped her feet into the leggings, then pulled it up to her waist. After smoothing everything out, she inserted her arms into the sleeves, pulled the suit tight against her chest, then zipped up the back. "Ah," she muttered, "I new going nude under this suit would do the trick; look at the way my nipples stand out and my crotch molds the spandex. Luthor and company should definitely be satisfied!"
 Selina then zipped on the thigh high black stiletto heeled boots, and pulled on the shoulder length black gloves with retractable claws in the fingertips. This done, she wound up the bullwhip, stuck it into the top of her left boot, then pulled the cowl down over her head, making sure the eye holes were just right and the slot in back allowing her jet black hair to cascade down her back. After she made a quick check in the mirror, Selina then went to find her compatriots.
 Finding them just around the corner, Selina took a daring pose with her chest projected forward, clawed hands splayed on her hips, booted legs spread wide, and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Catwoman!"
 Four heads turned to see the fantastic display, and four sets of hands started clapping, one set a bit softly at first before he found that he wasn't going to start an earthquake via his clapping.
 "Very nice, Selina," said Kal. "I trust you will put my body to good use while you're gone."
 "You bet I will," she said.
 At this point, no one present knew just how well Selina was going to put her body to use, or that Kal just might have to learn some of the tricks his body was capable of.
 As agreed earlier, Superman gently cradled Catwoman in his arms, with her slinky arms seductively wrapped around his neck and her booted legs entwined around one of his legs, and they departed for Metropolis. Luthor and company were known to be meeting in a certain rundown, from the outside anyway, business center. Superman dropped off Catwoman nearby, then departed quickly to make sure he wasn't seen with her.
 Catwoman made her way to the building, and using all the skills inherent in her sleek body, stole her way inside. Stealthily creeping down a hallway she figured would lead to the voices she was hearing, making sure her heels didn't click too loudly on the tiled floor, Catwoman soon found herself at the doorway of the room in which the cartel was meeting. Besides Luthor, chairing the meeting at the head of the table, she saw Poison Ivy, Brainiac, The Toymaster, Metallo, Mr. Freeze, Cheetah and Maxima seated around the table. Waiting for a break in Luthor's talk, which as she figured correctly took a while, Catwoman then proudly stepped through the doorway, and announced, "Is this a closed meeting, or can any super criminal join in?"
 All heads turned in her direction, and Luthor said, "Ah, Catwoman I presume. Your costume looks even more vicious than I remember. Yes, indeed, you are perfectly welcome to join us. Have a seat at the table, please!"
 As Catwoman started to step through the doorway, her heel caught on the sill forming a closure when the door was closed. As she tripped, her head fell forward and slammed into the side of the table. She fell to the floor, limp as a rag doll. Rushing to her side, Cheetah and Poison Ivy, who were the closest, took her head into their hands, and gently felt for a bump where Catwoman's head had met the table. "It's okay, I think," said Cheetah. "It feels like just a small lump, not a concussion." Gently patting Catwoman's face, Cheetah said, "Catwoman, Catwoman, can you hear me? Are you okay? Catwoman, come on, wake up for me!"
 The purple clad villainess blinked open her eyes, ever so slowly. Concentrating on the catlike woman speaking to her, she said, "Oh, wow, did anyone get the license plate of the truck that hit me? Oooh, where am I? For that matter, *who* am I? Oh yeah, you were calling me by my name...Catwoman?"
 Reaching with her clawed left hand to feel the bump on her head, she saw the claws, then looked down at the rest of her costume. She then looked back up at those near her and around the table gazing anxiously in her direction, and said, "Thanks a bunch, Cheetah. Yes, indeed, I remember who I am now. I am Catwoman! I understand we've got a crime wave to plan. Let's get to it!"
 She may have entered the building a heroine with the mind of a heroic male, but Catwoman was now all set to depart as one of the vilest, most evil female criminals known to man, with a mind that knew nothing other than her female identity.
 * * * * *
 After dropping off Catwoman (Kal in Selina's body) at the building in Metropolis, Superman (Selina in Kal's body) took off again to return to Gotham City. Halfway there, he was startled to see an impish figure pop into view, flying along beside him but posed in an odd sitting position. Earlier on, Selina had been upstairs with Harley when Superman told Bruce about his earlier run in with Mr. Mxyzptlk, so as Superman now, he was unaware of who was pacing him. With a totally puzzled look on his face, Superman heard Mxy say, "What's the matter, Supes, old boy? Have you forgotten about your favorite interdimensional prankster? Well, watch out, I'mmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaaaack!"
 The 5th dimension imp formed a magical shell around the two of them. Superman tried to punch his way through the shell, but found his punches recoiling back with no effect. "Okay, you little weirdo," stormed Superman, "what the hell is going on?"
 Mxy crossed his index fingers and said, "Now, now, is that any way to talk to your old friend, Mxyzptlk? I think you're getting a little too hyper here. I know! Let's have you take on a form that will more readily match that bitchy attitude. Have fun in your new adventures, Superwoman!" Mxy snapped his fingers, he and the shell disappeared, and Superwoman stopped in midair, holding her arms out wide, looking down at the result of Mxy's magic.
 Superwoman was built like Dolly Parton, with an incredibly petite body that was a lot more than a little top heavy. Her tiny but beautiful face was framed by the flowing tresses of her waist length black hair. The costume she had on obviously owed something to the Superman costume it had been, but was eminently suited to her new physique. The bright blue spandex body stocking had a deep V down the front, showing off a lot of cleavage. It was wide across the shoulders, with a flowing red cape hooked to each shoulder.
 A small version of the old Superman S shield now adorned her left upper chest. Whereas Superman had red shorts on his costume, Superwoman had a red G string adorning her minuscule waist, accenting her abundant buttocks. Also, where Superman's costume terminated at the wrists, leaving bare hands, Superwoman had red opera length gloves, with prominent fingernails showing at the fingertips. There also wasn't very much blue to be seen on her legs, for the red boots she was wearing came halfway up her thighs, after starting at the tiny toes and arching outrageously at the heels.
 Mxy probably thought he was pulling a fast one on his old buddy, Superman. Of course, he wasn't watching his interdimensional portal all the time, so he didn't know that the person he'd just transformed into a raven haired, super powered bimbo was now in a form not dislike that she'd occupied until just recently. The person who was really Selina Kyle actually appreciated the female form she'd been given, even if she did have boobs infinitely bigger than anything she'd ever imagined being on her chest. She giggled, thinking that the imp must have a fetish for exotic dancers.
 Superwoman finished her assessment, then looked around to see if there was any sign of Mxy. Finding none, she took a dramatic pose, then shot off once more in the direction of Gotham City.
 Using her telescopic vision for the first time, she scoped out the area around Wayne Manor. Finding the tunnel entrance, Superwoman shot in, the blue and red blur cascading past those awaiting in the Batcave looking a bit more red than they remembered. As the blur came to a halt, standing proudly on her toes in the incredibly high heeled boots, with her hands spread out on her hips below her tiny waist, a gasp was heard from those witnessing.
 Nightwing, who had joined the group while Superman was off delivering Catwoman, recovered first. "Holy Mammaries! What happened to you, Superman, or is it Superbabe?" he blurted out.
 Batman came around, saying, "What did happen? I know we told you your costumes as Harlequin would always have really high heels, but you left here as Superman, not Harlequin, and those heels look like they are from the mind of a really perverted fetishist!"
 "Maybe you've just told me who I just met, Batman," Superwoman replied. "And I'd watch that mouth, Nightwing. Superbabe, indeed! You could get yourself in trouble with loose words like that."
 "I'll say he can!" contributed the 5th dimension imp as he popped into view. "Prest-O-Change-O!"
 Superwoman watched as her friends in the Batcave suddenly took on shapes reflecting her own. Nightwing became a petite black haired nymph in a sleeveless black patent leather bodysuit, her own monstrous mammaries now making Superwoman's look almost normal. The thin black mask he had been wearing morphed into an evil and sexy-looking domino mask, and the heels of her knee high black lace up boots were, luckily for her, a mere six inches in height. She looked down at the dainty fingers on her now tightly gloved hands, and was surprised to see them with obviously claw-like fingernails and holding a coiled bullwhip.
 Harley, who had been on hand in her spandex Batgirl costume, felt her waist being drawn in as the magically generated corset on the exterior of her new shiny latex costume sucked tightly closed under her ballooning breasts. There was no longer a bat on her solid black catsuit. Her moderately heeled knee high yellow boots shot up in both heel height and where they came to on her legs, stopping just below her crotch. The cowl on her head, which had her red haired wig falling out the back, now had her real fiery red hair streaming out the top in a vertical ponytail, then falling to the backs of her knees. Her elbow length yellow gloves now came up to her shoulders, and had prominent claws at the fingertips.
 Batman must have been on Mxy's mind as a past headache, being a friend of Superman. Once again a female, but this time an exaggerated version of a big tit fetishist's dream, she found herself in an incredibly sexy costume, aptly matching her incredibly sexy body. A black leather corset clung desperately to the huge breasts she now sported, with a lot of the succulent flesh of those boobs being pushed up and out by the shaping of the cups of the corset. A tiny little bat made its presence known just above her right tit.
 There were black fishnet hose covering everything below the bodice, and her awesomely shaped calves were enclosed in tight fitting black boots which had wide cuffs turned down just as they reached the knees. She, too, had shoulder length gloves, black of course, with sharp fingernails on each hand. Her ass length raven locks were streaming from the back of a full head covering cowl, with only Batwoman's alluring eyes and pouting lips showing.
 Superwoman turned to the imp and said, "Okay, what's going on here?"
 "Why, Superwoman," he said, "I'm sorry I forgot about you!"
 The already exquisitely shaped Superwoman had every bit of blue and red on her body disappear, to be replaced by a head to toe glossy black leather catsuit. There were no gloves, for her sleeves continued into gloves at their ends, with claws looking very much like what her original Catwoman costume had. Likewise, no separate boots were on her feet, for the catsuit had ballet toed boots built in. There was no sign of her neck, for the catsuit continued up and over her head, sealing her body completely in black leather. Only her eyes could be seen through the wicked looking eye holes, and her lips down to her chin through the only other open spot. Like Batgirl, her hair came up out of a small tube at the top of her head, and flowed down her back to er ass.
 "And to answer your question, can't you see the obvious? I've been watching some of the funny goings on that have been occurring in your dimension over the last month or so, and I thought everybody was having so much fun, I should join in! Now you are all wearing the sluttiest bodies I could imagine, and I want to see how much fun you have enjoying them. And don't think you're going to get your regular bodies back by getting me to say my name backwards, at least not any time soon. I'm going to stay far away and watch the fun and games develop without you being able to get to me! Toodles!" And with a poof, he disappeared.
 Batwoman, with hips swaying alluringly, sauntered over to Superwoman, then said, "That, Selina, was Mr. Mxyzptlk. He's a 5th dimension prankster who has been a pain in the butt to Superman for years. I presume he came across you at some point in your journey? Looks like Mxy inadvertently put you into a costume close to your original! Did you get changed, nicely I must admit, before or after dropping off
 "Yeah, I guess you're right, he actually did me a favor, since I'm now in a form I'm more used to than the male form he thought he was cheating me out of. Good thing my super powers give me perfect balance. I doubt I'd be able to so easily stand, let alone walk in these toe boots I'm wearing if I was still in my original body. Strange that you were able to wear similar ones so easily in Harley's body. And yes, Kal, er...Selina got dropped off a block from the building Luthor was holding the meeting in. I left her there to make sure they didn't put any connection between her and Superman. I probably should have stayed around to see how things went once she got inside, but I figured she could handle herself. Mxy popped into view on the way back, and now I guess we're all in for some fun while we try to figure out a way out of this mess."
 Nightwing minced her way over to Batwoman and Superwoman, then said, "I seem to be getting into a habit of becoming a dominatrix! Can you believe what he's got me dressed like?"
 "What about me?" chimed in Batgirl, from the other side of the room. "This getup makes me look like a sadomasochist's dream!"
 "Try not to worry too much about it, Harley," Batwoman said. "Mxy does this kind of thing to irk Superman. Little does he know that he has probably made Superman happy. We have to humor him for a while, and in the meantime, try to figure a way to do like he said. His magic is limited to his presence in this dimension, and if we can get him to utter his name backwards somehow, he will go back to his own and his magic will be negated."
 Without knowing just exactly why, Batwoman then brought her gloved hands with their clawed fingers forward and cupped her breasts. "Oh, oh...I hope this isn't a sign of something that imp has put into our minds," remarked Batwoman. At the same time, she saw Nightwing flexing her whip, Batgirl swirling her hair in a circle around her body, and Superwoman pinching her own tits. "Yikes," she said...
 * * * * *

As the meeting was called to a close by Luthor, Catwoman casually collected the notes she'd taken, placed them in the pouch she'd attached to her belt, then slipped up close to Lex. "Luthor," she whispered, "I have a few other ideas I'd like to discuss with you. Is there anywhere here where we can, ahem, get more comfortable and talk privately?"
 With a bit of surprise showing on his face, Lex turned to her and said, "I have a small enclave I rest in just down the hall. Meet me there in thirty minutes..."
 * * * * *
 As we last saw our heroes, no make that heroines now, I guess, Batwoman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Superwoman were experiencing some activities of their bodies which they could see and feel happening, but weren't controlling. As Batwoman had surmised on first seeing this activity, it was indeed the work of Mxyzptlk that caused them all to start caressing their new ultra feminine attributes and otherwise begin utilizing the attributes of their new bodies and costumes. For it wasn't a mere change in anatomy that Mxy had performed moments ago in the Batcave. The costumes themselves were magically alive and controlling the actions of the bodies upon which they were being worn. Shortly after she said, "Yikes," Batwoman found that she couldn't say anything else. At least of her own free will, anyway.
 Batwoman noticed the little bat on her tit change into a tiny devil, then felt herself putting her hands on her hips and swiveling to face Batgirl, Superwoman and Nightwing. Then her lips started moving, and she found herself saying, "Now then, Ladies, we are ready to get to work." As she said this, she felt a change come over herself, and saw wicked sneers forming on the lips of all her compatriots. "I am Satana, and I look forward to the life of crime and male domination I've been given. I eagerly await working alongside all of you, Sadistica in your black leather, Demonica in your black and yellow latex, and most importantly you, Malicia. Our first order of business is to get all our tools ready, then get downtown. The SadoClub is waiting for us to get there! Then it's off to the Gotham Diamond Exchange."
 As she watched Malicia, Sadistica and Demonica grabbing their whips, crops, cuffs and other bondage gear and stowing them in their 'weapons' belts, Satana thought maybe she could get out of the fix she was in by trying to take off her costume. It was no use. Her hands were no longer in her control. She picked up her own tools of the trade, clipped them to the belt on her hips, then joined the others in the elevator, which then headed up to the mansion.
 Alfred was doing some repositioning of books in the library when he heard the elevator arriving, and as he turned to watch his employer and guests come out, he froze. The provocatively dressed, grossly over endowed women who strode purposefully out of the elevator made him drop the book he had in his hands. "Who are you?" he demanded.
 Malicia stepped quickly to the front, put her face directly in front of Alfred's, and said, "I think our master, Mxyzptlk, must have missed somebody when he made us his toys. Wouldn't you say so, ladies?"
 "Tie him up, Demonica," said Sadistica from the rear of the group. "I think we can persuade our master to make a few changes here while we're gone."
 Demonica reached into her weapons belt and extracted a ball gag and length of rope. Before Alfred could even scream or utter another word, he was gagged, then bound so as to be harmless. "This should hold him," she said. "Maybe when we come back, we'll find some changes."
 Alfred watched in awe as the group of dominatrixes headed for the garage, and wondered what they had been referring to, 'master', and 'changes'? He did not have to wait long to find out, much to his chagrin.
 As the ladies got underway to Gotham in one of the many Wayne vans, Mr. Mxyzptlk rubbed his hands in glee as he watched from real time but slightly askew dimensional placement. From here he felt safe in observing the actions of his new slaves, without fear of one of them finding a way to release and get a way for him to say his name backwards. "I wonder," he remarked to no one in particular, since he was quite alone in his own little world, "what the girls were referring to when they were talking about more changes being needed? I'd better check out Wayne Manor before going downtown to watch my toys in action."
 Mxy blinked out from his hideaway, and at the same moment blinked into view inside Wayne Manor. The tied up Alfred saw him pop into view, and his eyes went wide in wonder. Batmite he was familiar with from all the times he'd visited many years before, but who was this?
 Mxy looked down, saw the initial handiwork of his creations, and giggled. "So that's what they were referring to! Yes, indeed, we can't have this old fuddy duddy in the way if Wayne Manor is going to be the home of my little troupe of criminal sex goddesses." He put his finger under his chin for a moment, as if thinking was something he needed to worry about, then proclaimed, "I have it! No more stay at home Old Butler. Wait 'til the girls get home, they're going to love what they find all trussed up and waiting for their orders."
 Alfred saw a look of glee on his face, then as the imp poofed out of sight, noticed a few changes take place so fast they couldn't be really felt. By the time any of the changes could be felt, Alfred was lost in the new personality Mxy had left for his new body.
 Now in a kneeling position on the floor with her hands bound behind her and secured to the rope tied around her ankles, with a ball gag still in her mouth, was a vitally young, long blonde haired French Maid. Her exceedingly short black latex dress with white lace apron strained at retaining her abundant breasts. Her legs were encased in black fishnet hose, and her feet were dressed in black patent leather shoes with seven-inch heels. Even had she wanted to scream, however, the ball gag would not be necessary, for Alfreda's costume had a similar effect on her as the others had discovered earlier with theirs. She had her own thoughts, but her body would only act as the costume ordered. Monique was now the perfect house slave. Besides also being Selene, the new gang's mesmerizing hypno femme fatale.
 The enthralled dominatrixes performed just as Mxy intended them to at the SadoClub that evening. He watched with glee as the costumes attracted customer after drooling customer to submit to the ministrations of the dominas he'd created. "Oh boy, playing with Superman was never this much fun before," Mxy said to himself. He watched all night, waiting for the right time to order the costumes to take their thralls on to the beginning of their crime wave. As the last of a smaller and smaller group felt their wrath and paid up, Mxy decided he'd had his fill for the night and decided to send them all home instead of to the Diamond Exchange. The debut of the new gang of female criminals, with the addition of their newest member, could wait until the next evening. He snapped his fingers, and Sadistica, Satana, Demonica and Malicia all froze in place.
 Moments later, they made their way back to the van and proceeded back to the mansion. On their arrival, they discovered Monique neatly tied up and waiting for them. As Satana removed the ball gag, Monique meekly said, "Good evening, Mistresses. I presume you won't be needing me as Selene tonight. How may I serve you?"
 "Mxyzptlk does good work," Malicia said. Of course, she had to say that. Mxy's costume wouldn't let her say what she wanted to say as she saw who had to have been her old friend and house butler.
 Little did Mxyzptlk know, however, that the costume on Sadistica was only partially able to control her. While she had acted as instructed all evening in dominating numerous male slaves and a few females also, Sadistica did not feel totally out of control. The costume was ordered by Mxy to dominate Superman's mind in Superwoman's body. Mxy was still unaware of the change undergone by Superman and Selina with the PED the day before, and had missed the talk about it in the Batcave soon after Superwoman's arrival. As the others reported to their rooms for the remainder of the evening, Sadistica went to hers, but after making it look as if she was climbing into bed with her costume on, just in case the imp was checking in on his toys, she got out of bed. She easily stripped off her black leather costume. Going into her closet, she pulled out a jeans and spandex blouse set, and some sneakers. She was lucky. They all still fit. Well, the blouse, even though it stretched considerably, was awfully tight.
 No longer having to fight her identity of Sadistica, Superwoman stole her way quietly to the elevator, then went to the Batcave. Working at the computer, she had it generate a costume looking for all the world just like Mxy's would, if he was a big busted female. After she donned it, she worked out a program on the computer to respond in reverse to whatever it was told. With everything set, Superwoman called out loudly, "Oh Mxy, where are you Mxy? I've been looking for you, you little pest. Get down here and meet your match, I want to show you what you can do for more fun!"
 In short order, the imp popped into view. "Whoa, who are you?" he exclaimed.
 "I'm Ms. Mxyzptlk, your female self, you stupid twit. I was formed when you zapped into this dimension without checking for residual magic in the air," she made up quickly. "I've been toying with the computer these boobs use in thinking they have the information world at their fingertips," she continued. Reaching for the keyboard, she said, "Here's a log of the activities I've done while you were tormenting the fools."
 Mxy walked over to the computer, where he saw a prompt saying, ENTER NAME FOR ACCESS. He typed in 'MXYZPTLK', but what he saw on the screen was 'KLTPZYXM' - INCORRECT, ACCESS DENIED. "I typed in Mxyzptlk, how did it get Kltpzyxm-" he started to say, but as he finished, his face went wide as he realized his mistake, and he poofed back into the 5th dimension.
 At that very moment, Ms. Mxyzptlk's costume found itself on the very male body of Superman, who started laughing with glee. Upstairs, in four separate bedrooms, four outrageously dressed sleeping villainesses suddenly reverted to the forms and costumes they'd been in before Mxy showed up. As Superman came running out of the elevator and yelling in the hallways, "I presume everybody is back to normal," four heads came out of their bedroom doors.
 "Am I ever glad I'm back to being a male hero and not a female villain! How on earth did you do it, Superman?" Bruce exclaimed. Even while acting as Satana, he'd been aware of all that she did. To think that he'd come that close to starting a crime wave!
 "Let's all go to the library. It's a good story, and I think you'll all enjoy the way I tricked the imp with his own medicine!"
 They roared in laughter when they'd heard the story. It was just what they all needed to sleep soundly after what they'd been doing earlier in the evening.
 * * * * *
 At that same time of the early morning, Catwoman was in the process of getting back into her costume while Lex washed up after she and Lex had spent a profitable evening together in his enclave. "Catwoman," she heard him say from the bathroom, "I can't believe how incredibly versatile you are with that fantastic body of yours! I wish you'd been in Metropolis all along instead of Gotham City, that way we might have got together sooner. And the ideas you've got for trapping our heroic foes sound like winners. I can't wait to give the news to the others tomorrow."
 Flexing her claws as she stretched her arms, Catwoman thought to herself, 'You make a pretty good bed partner yourself, Luthor. But I'm not about to tell you, what with that inflated ego of yours...' She then put on her cowl and said, "Thanks for the compliments, Lex. I hope we can convince the others of our little ploys. See you later," and she left his room, and the building.
 A number of jewelry stores the next morning found various baubles missing. Catwoman was having a very busy night...Kal, who now had no recollection of Superman's heroic past and knew only that she was an incredibly evil villainess, was really enjoying herself. She would soon find herself even more into the grip of her evil persona...
 Kal had now been in the form of Catwoman for two days, the second of which was spent with no memory of who she had been thanks to the whack on the head she got at the meeting chaired by Luthor that she had originally intended to merely infiltrate. With her mind telling her that she was indeed Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, she had already spent some time with Luthor in bed, and then looting some jewelry stores before morning broke. At the continuation of the meeting the next afternoon, Catwoman was invited to come to the head of the table by Luthor to present to the assembled super criminals the ideas she had first brought to him the night before.
 While Catwoman was busy giving Poison Ivy, Toymaster, Brainiac, Metallo, Cheetah, Maxima, Mr. Freeze and Luthor her plans for their conquest, Batman was busy in the Batcave accessing data from the computer about the foes upon whom Kal was supposed to be getting inside info. After finally getting his male body back the night before, with memories of what Mxyzptlk had forced the female body he had occupied to do, Bruce was trying to stay active and keep his mind off the past evening's activities.
 Nightwing walked in as Bruce was studying the computer's monitor closely, and said, "I know you probably feel as bad about last night as I do, Bruce, but we have to get over it. Harley and Selina feel just as bad, and Selina is still waiting to hear any word from Kal about the mission so that she can get her own body back. She told me before I came down that being a male is getting to be a bit hard, even if that male is the strongest person on the planet."
 "Of course, you're right, Dick," said Bruce. "I'll come upstairs and see if we can talk out some of this with the others."
 Alfred had gone to the library to get Selina, who he found hovering at the third tier of books scanning the titles with no need for a ladder. "Sir, or Ma'am, well, Selina, Master Bruce asks you to join him in the dining room," said Alfred.
 Superman slowly lowered to ground level, then walked toward Alfred, saying, "Sure Alfred. I'll be there in a moment. I still can't get used to the powers this body has. You know, I probably could have just stood right here and looked at every book with telescopic vision." Selina looked up to where he had been moments before, concentrated, then said, "Yep. Every title plainly visible. This could really come in handy. I suppose Kal had all this worked out years ago."
 "No doubt, Ma'am," replied Alfred, "I'm sure Superman learned about his powers as a youngster and developed their use over many years. Now you have to figure them out in a couple of days."
 Selina gave him a hard look, then said, "Yes, and here's hoping that I don't have to learn everything before getting Kal back into this body." With that, he headed for the dining room, while Alfred went to track down Harley.
 Alfred was right on his first guess. He found Harley in her bedroom, moving one of the dressers from a corner to the center of a wall. "Miss Harley," said Alfred, "I do hope you will settle on a room configuration soon. You're going to wear yourself out moving everything around. Master Bruce is asking you to join him in the dining room."
 Harley gave Alfred a jovial jab in his left shoulder, then said, "Sure, Alfred, I'll get there right away. Do you think that the way the bed is laid out next to the dresser below that window looks good?"
 "Yes, Ma'am, it looks divine," replied Alfred. "I do hope you don't get any more ideas for moving things."
 "Oh, Alfred, come on," she told him. "You know how a woman is never satisfied with her room configuration. I promise I'll leave everything alone for the time being, and I'll get down to the dining room now." Alfred shook his head and watched as the young lady zoomed out her room past him, heading for the dining room. He took his time. They didn't have to wait for him, after all. 'Then again,' he thought, 'I suppose I shouldn't dally too much. Master Bruce likes promptness!'
 As Harley came to the table, Bruce brought up the topic of the prior evening's activities. Selina and Harley assured him that they were already starting to get over it, knowing that the cause of it all was safely out of their hair for the time being. Dick grinned, then added, "If I get forced into another female body that is sexually dominant again, I'm going to start to think that somebody is trying to tell me something!"
 "Well, Dick," said Selina, "I'm sorry that I got you started in all that with the PED last month. I hope you'll forgive me."
 Dick looked toward Superman, and said, "Selina, I had better forgive you. With what you could do to me in that body, I sure wouldn't want to incur your wrath!"
 With that, Bruce got back into the conversation. "Speaking of that body, Selina, I still haven't heard any word from Kal as to whether or not Catwoman was able to get any info from the master criminal meeting. How about going to Metropolis again and checking out the situation with your telescopic and X-ray vision? And since you are in his body for the time being, can we start to call you Kal and Superman to reduce the confusion?"
 "Good idea, Bruce," he replied. "I'll take along one of the radios to give you on hand info so that you won't have to wait for me to get back. I'll try to put my mind to recognizing my male names." While Kal went to change into the Superman costume, Bruce went to the Batcave to get a radio, Dick went into the kitchen to talk to Alfred, and Harley, for a change, went to the library instead of her room.
 In no time, Superman was flying at multi-mach speed to Metropolis. While he was enroute, Catwoman was just finishing her briefing to her colleagues in crime. There was general agreement around the table that her plans were excellent, and should be enacted upon right away. Luthor got up from the table, winked at Catwoman, then nodded his head in the direction of his room. Catwoman waited for most of the group to get up from the table, then discretely headed in the same direction Luthor had gone.
 At just that moment, Superman got near enough to scan the building with his super vision. It took a minute for him to get used to looking in on each room, then got on the radio to the Batcave. "Batman, this is Superman. Do you copy?"
 In his earplug, Superman heard, "Loud and clear. How about us?"
 "Sounds good, Bruce. I see only Cheetah and Poison Ivy still in the meeting room, the rest of the criminals seem to have dispersed to individual rooms or offices. Ah, there's Catwoman. Oh, oh, I don't know just what is going on, but Catwoman is in the same room with Luthor, and they are both disrobing."
 Bruce came back on the radio with, "Try using your super hearing, see if you can make out what they're saying."
 "Check," he replied. A minute or so later, Kal called Bruce back, saying, "You're not going to believe this! Catwoman is acting like she is the criminal she was only supposed to pretend to be, in fact, she seems even more malevolent than I ever was unless she's putting on one heck of an act for Luthor. She is right now in the process of both discussing crime plans and making passionate love to Luthor! What's she doing with my body?"
 "Calm down, Superman," Bruce said. "Something must have happened to the real Kal to have her take on the evil aspects of Catwoman. Now we have to get in there and find out what is going on. Did you say Cheetah and Poison Ivy were still in the meeting room?"
 "Let me check...yes, they're both still talking in the meeting room."
 "Okay. Here we go again," said Bruce. "Get into the building using your super speed, and grab those two without being seen by any of the others, then bring them back here to the Batcave right away."
 As Superman made a dash for the building looking like a blur, he keyed his mike and said, "Bruce, are you planning what I think you're planning?"
 As he quickly scooped up the unwitting passengers, he heard, "Yes, it looks like we're going to have to put the PED to use again."
 While Superman was on the way back to the Batcave with two anxiously squirming women in his arms, Batman was working with Dick on settingup the PED. Since the subjects they were going to switch with would be still the evil personas in their new male bodies, Bruce set up two seats with restraints on the back, armrests and legs. Bruce called Harley down, had her get into her Batgirl costume for security purposes, then told her what they had planned.
 Quickly getting over the initial surprise, Harley changed into her costume, then set about strapping Batman and Nightwing into their seats. Try as they might, the Dynamic Duo could not get free. This was the whole idea of course, because in moments, the duo in the seats would be doing their damnedest to get free. Batgirl set the PED over Nightwing first, then waited for Superman to get in.
 After a brief wait, Superman came flying into the Batcave with two kicking and flailing women in his arms, each with a red cloth covering their eyes. "I figured you wouldn't want them seeing the way in or out of here," he said. "I guess I'm probably the only one who can rip this costume, and the cape is now an inch or two shorter!"
 "Good idea, Superman," said Batman. "Now, make sure the blindfolds stay in place. Put Cheetah in the holding cell, then bring Poison Ivy over here."
 "Batman? What's going on here? I demand to know what you've done with Cheetah and myself," said Poison Ivy.
 "Don't fret, Pamela," said Batman. "I wouldn't want any of your leaves to wither! We have plans for you and Priscilla, and need to keep you out of sight for a while. Okay, Batgirl, is it set over Poison Ivy?"
 "Check, Batman," she replied.
 "Hit the switch, then! Superman, bring Cheetah back here quick, and get the PED repositioned."
 The tied down Nightwing started to say, "What the..." when Batgirl said, "Okay, all set again."
 Batman said, "Hit the switch." His body then shook its head, and said, "What the hell is going on here?"
 Cheetah and Poison Ivy together removed their blindfolds. "Okay, Superman. We're ready to go," remarked Cheetah as she briefly held out her arms and surveyed the body she was now occupying. Poison Ivy made a quick aside to her that at least it looked like she wouldn't be carrying a whip this time, and Cheetah gave her a glaring look.
 Once they were out of the Batcave in Superman's arms zooming back to Metropolis, Cheetah said, "Dick, you have to watch every remark you say now. I hope they didn't overhear what you said back in the Batcave."
 Putting her green gloved hands to her mouth in mock surprise, Poison Ivy said, "Gosh, Bruce, do you think I don't know that?"
 "Just be really careful, especially around the other criminals when we get there. Remember that I'm *not* Bruce, but Priscilla; you, likewise, are now Pamela, and must act as she would."
 "Okay, Priscilla. Make sure you remember to call me Poison Ivy, and I'll call you Cheetah."
 Superman was going nuts hearing the two girls yakking at each other, and said, "You both need to think of how you're going to act down there. Remember, the others are ruthless criminals, and the two of you are so evil that you make the rest look like angels. You have to lose all your memories and ways of acting as the heroic Batman and Nightwing, become the maleficent Cheetah and Poison Ivy in mind and body to blend in, and join up with Catwoman to work with her."
 Superman was just finishing this little speech when he dropped off his two passengers just outside the building. He failed to notice an abrupt change in demeanor of the women as he zoomed off. What Superman was not aware of was that the mellow voice he'd used in talking to Cheetah and Poison Ivy had inadvertently utilized his super hypnotic ability. Instead of merely acknowledging who they were now portraying, both of the ladies now knew nothing more than they truly were who they appeared to be, and if anything, were even more dangerous and evil villainesses than the originals, all thanks to Kal's unwitting power.
 As of that moment, instead of having one heroic male in a malevolent female body being checked on by two heroic males in faked evil female bodies, there were now three heroic males lost in malevolent female identities, all striving to be the most evil women they could be. Cheetah and Poison Ivy made their way inside, to find the rest of the group and get back into the thick of things.
 Catwoman was just coming out of Lex Luthor's room. Cheetah walked up to her, and said, "I understand you have some good plans to get us all heavily involved in taking over this city. Poison Ivy and I want to work as closely with you as possible."
 As Catwoman pulled the cowl down over her head, she looked first at Poison Ivy, then Cheetah, and said, "Well, ladies, I hadn't originally planned on utilizing you very much. But if you're so willing to work closely with me, I think we can actually start going off on our own, and leave these others in our dust. Are you game?"
 Cheetah snarled, and answered, "As one cat to another, you know you can count on me!"
 Poison Ivy gave Catwoman a loving, yet hateful at the same time glare, and said, "Count me in, too! I can't wait to put my plants to work!"
 If any of the other master criminals had seen the trio walking away from Luthor's room, they may have noticed a slight change in the way all three carried themselves. They just seemed so much surer now of what they had to do....
 * * * * *
 Catwoman was walking down the hallway of the criminal's hideaway with Cheetah and Poison Ivy at her side. To keep you updated, this Catwoman used to be Superman, and Kal El had been put into Selina Kyle's body. She suffered a blow to the head which gave her a temporary amnesia, but as she saw what she was wearing and heard those around her calling her name, it became permanent, and she took on the complete identity of Selina Kyle, Catwoman.
 Cheetah was actually Batman, and Bruce Wayne took over her body to try and get close to Catwoman and find out why she was acting as a truly evil Catwoman, and even making love to Lex Luthor. She has lost any connection to her old self, and is now and forever more in the identity of Priscilla Rich, Cheetah. Superman, whose body is currently occupied by an inexperienced Selina Kyle, accidentally utilized his super hypnotism ability in telling her how she had to act after being dropped off.
 Poison Ivy started out as Nightwing, and Dick Grayson, who had already spent a good amount of time in Catwoman's body, took on Pamela's form to aid Batman. She, too, has completely forgotten who she used to be and fully adopted her current identity of Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy, because of Superman's error.
 Since these three deadly ladies now had no recollection of their past lives, they were probably the most dangerous criminals in the building. Catwoman had already passed on to the assembled group of master criminals her plans for dominating the city. Cheetah and Poison Ivy were now very eager to join with her in her reign of terror, because that was specifically what Superman had instructed them to do.
 Catwoman had been making love to Lex Luthor regularly in an effort to get him complacent and give her more information. As they were walking down the hallway, Catwoman had suggested to Cheetah and Poison Ivy that they do likewise with Toymaster and Brainiac to get their confidence. Each agreed, and later that night, Cheetah was eagerly showing off her excellently shaped, blonde haired body to Brainiac, whose male hormones overcame his infinitely high intellect and gave in to her wiles, joining her in some of the most outrageous sexual games he could imagine.
 Poison Ivy, being a seductress from the start anyway, had no problem getting Toymaster into her bed. When she found out during their play that he had a fetish for sadism and crossdressing, Poison Ivy went to Catwoman and asked if she could borrow her boots and whip. When Catwoman asked why, Pamela told her about Toymaster, and Catwoman gave her some ideas, and her own costume.
 When Poison Ivy got back to her room, she told Toymaster that he was to do as he was told for the remainder of the evening. Nodding eagerly, he agreed. She then told him that she would be leaving the room for twenty minutes, and when she came back, she had better find Toymaster dressed in her Poison Ivy costume. He gave her a questioning look, but nodded. Pamela left him, and went to the costuming shop on the top floor of the building and retrieved two wigs, one long and black, the other shoulder length and red.
 While there, she got dressed in Catwoman's costume, envying her for what it did for her body. After she zipped on the boots, Pamela pulled her red hair up into a wig cap, then put on the long black wig. After brushing it out, she pulled the cowl down over her head, looked into the vertical mirror on the door, and saw what a good dominatrix outfit the Catwoman costume made. She made it a point right then and there to change her own costume to a more form fitting type, and utilize her spare time as a dominating mistress.
 When she got back to her room, Pamela rapped sharply on the door with the hasp of her whip. She heard a meek, high-pitched voice say, "Come in."
 She opened the door to see what looked very much like Poison Ivy with a bit more stomach than usual, and a male head on top of her body. "Well, I see you did as you were told, Poison Ivy. Let me see," she said as she walked over to him and stuck her clawed hands into his crotch. "Very good, you even hid away your balls and folded back your penis. You've done this before, haven't you?"
 "Yes, I must admit that I've been doing this type of thing pretty regularly for a number of years. If I had some breast forms I could really do this costume justice. By the way, how did you get Catwoman's costume? You look incredible in it!"
 As Pamela reached into her bag, she said, "Thank you for the compliment, slave. As far as you are concerned, for the rest of this night, I am Catwoman, and I'm going to make you thoroughly enjoy being Poison Ivy. Funny you should ask for breast forms. Here, insert these into the chest cavities of the costume." Toymaster reached out and took from her two huge, DD or better, silicone breast forms, which he carefully tucked into the front of his costume.
 As Toymaster reached with his hands to cup his new breasts, Catwoman said, "Now we have some work to do. Get over to the dressing table." Not yet used to the heels on the boots he was wearing, Toymaster wobbled a bit, but sat down when he got to the table. Catwoman went to work with the makeup on hand at the table, and soon the face of Pamela Isley was looking back at her. "Now for the crowning glory. Close your eyes, slave, and prepare to meet Poison Ivy!" Pamela reached into the bag again, pulled out the flaming red wig, shook it into shape, then placed it on Toymaster's head. "Now you may open your eyes, Poison Ivy," Pamela said.
 When the beautifully made up eyelids opened, their owner saw a perfect rendition of Poison Ivy looking back at her. "I even borrowed one of your own toys from the costume shop," Pamela remarked. "Open your mouth and say, 'Ah'." As Poison Ivy opened her glossy red lips wide, she felt something being popped into the back of her throat.
 When she started to say, "What was that?" she heard Poison Ivy's voice!
 "Now then," said Pamela, "I'm going to have just a bit of fun with you this evening, but tomorrow, we're going to have a lot of fun. At the meeting, Poison Ivy will be there, but Toymaster will have sent word that he was sitting out the meeting. I'm sure Catwoman will want to be there in the glory of her own costume, so I'm going to the shop upstairs and come up with something entirely new to wear for a costume. Won't everyone be surprised when I come in with a previously unseen costume, and then reveal who I really am. They'll all start to wonder who the Poison Ivy is at the meeting!"
 At the meeting the next day, Luthor announced to all on hand that Toymaster sent his regrets that he wouldn't be able to attend. Catwoman gave a rundown on what had been accomplished so far, and where the plans would take them next. As she was finishing, a brief knock was heard at the door. Catwoman said, "I think we should see who is wanting to join us!"
 She strode over to the door, and opened it wide to reveal a female in a tightly fitting dark green lycra unitard, with bright green spike heeled boots coming up to her mid thigh, matching gloves coming to her shoulders, and long red hair which fell past her waist, which had a wide pale green belt tightly encircling it. "Hello, everybody," she seductively uttered. "What you're seeing is the new, improved Poison Ivy!"
 All eyes turned to the person they had thought was Poison Ivy. "You're now looking at the result of an experiment in costuming and makeup from last night. If she wants to remain in the form she is now occupying, she can become my assistant, Ivy Leaf. Ivy, why don't you pull off your wig and give everybody a hint at your true form."
 As her wig was pulled off, the wavy brown hair of Toymaster showed up, and a collective gasp was heard from around the table. The wig was carefully placed back on, and Ivy Leaf was heard to say, "If there is no problem with my doing so, I love the idea of staying in this form."
 When they heard her voice, another gasp went out. Luthor spoke for all, "No matter what shape or form you take, you're welcome here as long as you contribute. And I must say, Poison Ivy, that your new costume is a real stunner. Please take the seat that Toymaster had been occupying." Once she had become seated, the meeting continued, with Catwoman continuing to brief her plan for defeating the Justice League and taking over Metropolis.
 In the Batcave, Superman and Batgirl were monitoring the bugs which had been placed on Cheetah and Poison Ivy. They soon realized the extent of the error on Kal's part in hypnotizing Bruce and Dick into becoming the actual Cheetah and Poison Ivy. Batgirl then made a comment that got him really anxious. "Have you noticed, Superman, that we now have you and I, ex-criminals, as the only heroes left? The heroes are now all deadly criminals."
 Superman thought for a moment, then said, "Harley, it is starting to look like I'd better get used to being in this body. Do you think I could pull the same trick with my hypnotism and get Batman and Nightwing to lose their identities of Priscilla and Pamela and become two more heroes to work with us?"
 Batgirl turned to look at Batman and Nightwing, still wriggling in their bonds, then turned back to Superman and said, "As effective as your own voice was with Bruce and Dick, and how well the Bat Hypno Disc worked on you and I, I think there is a better option if we want to get these two on our side. See if you can get a hold of Wonder Woman via the JLA communicator, and ask if her magic lasso will do the trick for us."
 "Good idea, Harley! Let's try and find the JLA setting on the Bat communications set," Superman said. After a few anxious moments, the correct setting was found, and Wonder Woman was on hand in the satellite. When advised of the problem, she said she'd be right there.
 Wonder Woman's image solidified into shape moments later, thanks to the JLA transporter. Batgirl whispered into Superman's ear, "Did that idea come from Star Trek, or does the JLA have a lot going for it that I don't know about yet?"
 Superman chuckled, then said, "Welcome to the Batcave, Wonder Woman. As I told you, your old nemesis, Cheetah, is now in Batman's body over there," pointing to the tied up heroes, "and Poison Ivy is in Nightwing. Do you think your lasso could alter their minds to fit the forms they are wearing?"
 Wonder Woman walked over to Superman, and resisted the urge to give him a hug, knowing who was in that form now, then said, "I've never tried to do such a radical personality change with the lasso before, but I believe it is perfectly capable of changing a hero to a villain or a villain to a hero. Its magic is that strong. I've often wondered what might happen if an enemy of mine ever got their hands on the lasso and used it on me. I shudder at the thought!"
 "Then let's give it a try," Superman said.
 Wonder Woman draped the lasso around Batman, then spent ten minutes giving him details of his life with which to start over. The same was done for Nightwing. The two were then led to the computer to try and assimilate as much data about their backgrounds as possible, as quickly as possible. Wonder Woman then suggested that they be taken to the JLA satellite and given heavy duty information transfusion via the training systems hooked into the JLA computers.
 Superman wrapped the two in his cape, then shot up to the satellite to get them started on becoming the new Batman and Nightwing. Superman also decided to make use of the training aids, since he had a lot to learn himself, before he could fill his current role. Kal had resigned himself to staying as Superman, with no end in sight. The female body he used to occupy was now actively involved in a life of crime, and not readily available for reoccupation.
 With all three guys gone, Batgirl and Wonder Woman decided to go to Metropolis and see if they could make any headway in getting at the criminal cartel. If they had known what they were getting into, they probably would have stayed in Gotham City. For if Superman, Batman, Nightwing and the JLA had any hopes of working with Wonder Woman and Batgirl in the future, those hopes were soon to be dashed.
 Catwoman had given Luthor the idea to install high technology sensors all around the building, and they paid off. Wonder Woman was spotted via infrared sensors as she approached the building from aloft, and Batgirl was detected by the motion sensors covering the six foot perimeter around the building at ground level. Brainiac and Cheetah were sent to grab Wonder Woman as soon as she alighted on the roof, and Poison Ivy and Ivy Leaf went to detain Batgirl as soon as she entered the building.
 Wonder Woman and Batgirl both put up spirited fights, but were soon overwhelmed. The Amazon wasn't prepared for the combined physical prowess of the freshly invigorated Cheetah and the crafty plotting of moves given her by Brainiac. It didn't help her that Brainiac was slowing the Amazon's own mental processes at the same time with his mental powers. Neither of the criminals came away unscarred, but Wonder Woman was securely in their clutches.
 Batgirl was a relatively easy take for Poison Ivy and Ivy leaf. Ivy had a shrewd cunning mind and deep knowledge of tactics, while Batgirl was still new enough to her costume that she didn't think to make use of her utility belt in the quick and hectic battle. She relied strictly on her hands and feet to try and fight off the two villainesses which were overwhelming her. Ivy Leaf got a real thrill out of her first battle. Toymaster had never had this much fun.
 The two heroines were taken individually to separate holding rooms, to keep them from trying to do anything together to escape. Both women were stripped of their costumes in order to be both humiliated and for the costumes to be analyzed for any bugs or other alerting devices.
 Wonder Woman's costume and accessories were sent directly to Luthor, who worked with Brainiac in checking out every piece. They both at some points in their careers had been on the receiving end of the lasso, and started to think of uses to which it could be put. Catwoman walked in on this discussion, and noting the direction in which it was going, gave them the ultimate suggestion for it's use. Their two prisoners were now about to become their two latest allies.
 While the two captives were left stewing, Catwoman and Poison Ivy went to the costuming shop. There they assembled a pair of costumes for their new allies. Each woman's costume was put in a bag, then brought back to Luthor.
 Luthor and Catwoman then proceeded to Batgirl's room first. Upon entering, Catwoman walked up to her, raised her chin with her clawed fingers, and said, "Soon, my dear, your fears will be relieved. You have a new life ahead of you." Turning to Luthor, she said, "Okay, Lex. Let's put that lasso to good use!"
 Luthor walked up to Batgirl, then slowly wrapped the magic lasso around her torso. "You must now obey every instruction I give you. Do you understand?"
 "Yes," she replied.
 "You have been stripped of your Batgirl identity. Is that correct?"
 "No," she said. "I'm not in my costume, but I still have on my wig."
 Catwoman reached over and lifted the red haired wig off the still defiant woman, revealing a head of beautiful blonde hair. "Now why would you ever want to cover that hair up?" Luthor said. "You are now no longer Batgirl in any way. You even have no name on which to fall back. Now, who are you?"
 The blonde looked puzzled, then said, "I don't know who I am."
 "You are Jessica Adams, and you wear a costume to become the villainess known as Black Onyx." Luthor then spent five minutes giving her more details about her life of crime, and told her to get dressed after he and Catwoman left. They would come back to get her shortly.
 As they walked to the room in which the Amazon was being held, Luthor and Catwoman discussed how well the lasso had done it's job. "We have to make sure we keep that lasso in secure holding," remarked Catwoman. "It is way too dangerous to let it get into the hands of any enemies."
 "You've got that right," said Luthor. "Once we've used it on Wonder Woman, why don't you hide it where only you know the location, that way even I would not be able to divulge it's location under duress. Only you would have access to it for any future use, and I know you can be trusted with it."
 Catwoman smiled, then said to Lex, "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lex. I hope you don't ever change your mind." With that, they entered Wonder Woman's holding room.
 Wonder Woman's deepest fears all came to the surface when she saw the lasso in Luthor's hands. Catwoman noted the fear showing on her face. "What's the matter, Wonder Woman, cat got your tongue? You look like you've just seen a ghost. Could it be the ghost of what you fear to become?"
 The Amazon steeled herself, then said, "Nothing you could do would ever scare me. I have no fears whatsoever of facing whatever you intend to do!" With that, Luthor started wrapping the lasso around her awesome chest.
 "First of all, Wonder Woman, I order you to make no efforts to escape. You are to remain completely motionless until I tell you otherwise. Understand?"
 "Yes," she said, not even able to nod.
 Luthor then continued, "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to let all your restraints go? Wonder no more! All your inhibitions are freed, you have no moral background on which to base your actions. You are an Amazon. You have the strength, wisdom and beauty of a Goddess. You have no recollection of anyone ever known as Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince. Your amazon abilities are put to use as the super villainess called Ultra Woman. When you aren't in her costume and performing crimes, you go by the name Candace Cane. You might note that a short form for Candace is Candy. Candy Cane makes her living at the oldest profession, so make sure besides your Ultra Woman costume, you put together a large wardrobe of sexy clothes. You'll be needing them." Lex continued to feed more and more humiliating details of her new life into the Amazon, then told her to get into her costume after they left, and wait for them to come back to her.
 Luthor and Catwoman made their way to Black Onyx's room. After knocking softly, they heard a commanding voice say, "Enter." When they opened the door, they were greeted to the sight of Black Onyx standing with her hands around her waist, proudly thrusting her chest forward. She was in a head to toe glossy black costume, with a wickedly shaped cowl covering her head and face, openings over her eyes and mouth and her blonde hair streaming out the back. Her breasts stood out proudly, individually jutting out from the material surrounding her chest. Her waist was constricted in a corset-like belt, bringing it in to an incredibly small diameter. The hands she had encircling this tiny waist were encased in gloves with sharp claws at each fingertip. Her legs, from mid-thigh down, were in boots whose arch and heels gave her shapely legs even more curve.
 "Welcome to our group, Black Onyx," said Catwoman.
 "I'm glad to be here with you," she replied. "Let's get to work!"
 The trio then went back to Ultra Woman's room. Knocking there, they heard a seductive voice say, "Come on in."
 Luthor looked to Catwoman and winked, then they opened the door. Even after Catwoman had put together the costume, and Lex gave Candice all her programming, they weren't prepared for what they saw. Standing before them was a black haired goddess in the briefest possible pink bodice, pink ultra short shorts, pink gloves going all the way to her shoulders, and knee high pink boots with six-inch stiletto heels. "Wow, Ultra Woman," said Luthor. "That outfit will stun anyone just by looking at you. Are you ready to join us now?"
 Making sure to wiggle her hips as seductively as possible while doing so, Ultra Woman walked up to Luthor and smiled, then turned to Catwoman and Black Onyx, and said, "I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be. I just can't wait to sink my teeth into fighting the JLA and joining you in taking over Metropolis!"
 The four of them then walked toward the meeting room. Of the four, only one had started out as a super criminal, and the other three were now the newest master criminals, along with Cheetah and Poison Ivy. Would the newly created heroes be able to contend with this hellacious group of super villains and villainesses? Only time would tell.
 Playing Games With the Justice League
 Long after all the members of the new Alliance for Evil had left the planning session, Lex Luthor and Catwoman were still discussing fine details of what they could do to bring down the Justice League of America. As he was about to call it quits after deciding on nothing promising, Catwoman had an image form in her mind. The psyche of Kal El, Superman, was still buried deep in her mind, shoved deep into the background by the brief bout with amnesia Catwoman had when she had first come to the meeting a week earlier. The vague notion she was getting was of the Psyche Exchange Device in the Batcave. She could not understand why she was getting this thought, but felt it significant enough to tell Luthor about it.
 Luthor took this info into consideration. If what Catwoman was seeing in her mind was correct, regardless of how it got there, it would be ripe for the picking. Black Onyx had told Luthor about Superman taking Batman and Nightwing to the JLA satellite for intensive study. When Luthor asked her what they were going there to study, she could not recall, but had the impression they would be gone for a long time. With what Catwoman had just told him, Lex figured that the Batcave must be completely unmanned and ripe for the plucking. "Now, if only we knew where the Batcave was," Lex mused.
 Catwoman touched a clawed finger to her forehead, closed her eyes tightly, then said, "I seem to be seeing a cave with a tunnel entrance outside of Gotham City, mmmm...there's a long dirt path leading to the tunnel, and a bunch of warning signs just outside the entrance."
 Lex took all this in, then replied, "Thanks, Catwoman. I guess maybe you must have had some contact with Batman that you don't remember clearly. That blow to your head must have scrambled some of your memories. Anyway, this gives us a start on where to look for the Batcave. Let's get an aircraft and start searching for the tunnel from the air."
 After chartering a Cessna 172 at Metropolis Executive Airport, Lex and Selina, in civilian clothes of course, made their way south to Gotham City. Lex, being the pilot, was seated on the left side of the plane, while Selina sat on the right. Selina was tasked with doing the majority of the searching, since Lex did have to do instrument scans and watch for other traffic in the sky around them. Flying grid patterns in the quadrants around the city, the Cessna had been flying for three hours and Lex was about to give up for the time being to refuel when Selina cried out, "Lex! There it is, bank back around to the right and go lower, you should see the dirt road easily. The tunnel entrance was a bit difficult to see, but I'm sure I saw what I pictured in my mind!"
 Lex threw the Cessna into a tight banked turn to starboard, descending rapidly. After 180 degrees of turn, Lex straightened out for a few seconds to get back to where they were when Selina called out, then resumed turning. Lex spotted the dirt road as he was bringing the wings level, then dove lower to spot where the path ended in the hillside. Sure enough, there was an entrance to a tunnel, with bushes around its perimeter and warning signs on each side. "Bingo, Catwoman! You found our target for us. Good job!"
 Lex had Selina get out the aeronautical chart of the area from the sack he had placed on the rear bench seat, then asked her to mark in grease pencil the location of the tunnel entrance. This done, they made a fuel stop at a small airfield west of Gotham City, then flew back to Metropolis.
 While flying back, Lex asked, "Selina, who do you think we could work with if we want to use the Psyche Exchange Device on Justice League members?"
 Catwoman searched her mind for a moment, and found more references she couldn't recall from the past she now thought to be hers. "Lex, an obvious idea would be to get some of each JLA member's rogues gallery together, and have them switch bodies with the heroes. The villains in the heroes' bodies would be able to bring more JLA members into their clutches, while the heroes in the villains' bodies could have the magic lasso used on them to alter their minds. That way, eventually the entire JLA could be composed of our felonious friends, and the JLA members themselves would become the new crooks."
 Lex liked the idea, then said to her, "Who do you figure we should get the ball rolling with?"
 Selina thought about this for a few seconds, then said, "Let's start with a total change for our first target. Try to get a hold of Star Sapphire in Coast City, then we can lure Green Lantern to a position near her, and switch their minds!"
 "That might be a bit more difficult than you think, Catwoman," Lex responded. "Star Sapphire is only around briefly. Her alter ego, Carol Ferris, is only forced to take on her evil persona when exposed to her star sapphire gem. It is currently locked up for safekeeping in the Coast City Police HQ."
 "Well, Lex," she replied, "in that case, we have another plane trip to make. Jet, this time! We should have no great problem getting our hands on the gem, with our combined skills, then we can pay a visit to our dear friend, Carol Ferris!"
 Lex turned to her and smiled with an evil smirk.
 * * * * *
 With their costumes and gear packed in checked luggage so they would not be X-rayed by scanners, Lex and Selina boarded a United Airlines nonstop jet to Coast City the next evening. With the aircraft chasing the sun on their westbound flight, they managed to arrive in Coast City only two hours later than they left, in local time. After picking up a rental car, the two found a motel room to stay in just outside the city.
 After changing into their costumes, Catwoman grabbed the magic lasso and tucked it into the weapons bag she'd attached to her belt. "Why did you bring that along?" Lex asked her.
 "It may come in handy getting the guards at Police HQ to cooperate with us," she replied.
 Luthor chuckled, then said, "You know, Catwoman, I'm starting to wonder just who is the brains of this outfit!"
 She smiled, then said, "Let's get going, dummy!"
 Police HQ was easy enough to find downtown, and Luthor soon had the car parked in a secure spot two blocks away. After giving the building a quick inspection while walking around it, Catwoman suggested that they enter via the squad car garage set one floor underground. They stole their way amongst the parked vehicles just in case any late showers were around. Luthor and Catwoman soon found themselves at a door that they couldn't believe was actually unlocked. "They're certainly making this easy for us, aren't they, Lex," she whispered to him. "We're only getting started, don't get too confident," he whispered back. Lex cracked open the door, got a quick glimpse of what was beyond, then opened it all the way. "Our luck seems to be holding, Catwoman," Lex said. "There isn't anyone around, even in the dispatchers cage. Let's head upstairs, there's bound to be somebody at the watch desk."
 It took a lot for each of them to resist the urge to barf from the odors in the stairwell. The two went up to the next level, where the door was conveniently labeled, "Firing Range & Storage". They continued to the next floor, where they found what they were looking for. The door read, "City Desk, Watch Station & Holding Cells" and they eased it open slowly. They saw only one person, a Sergeant sitting at the watch desk doing a crossword puzzle. How much luckier could they possibly get?
 With his attention and eyes down on the puzzle on his desktop, the policeman would most likely not see them coming until they got to him. Just then it dawned on Luthor to ask Catwoman a question. "I just thought of something, Catwoman. How have we gotten this far without my hearing your heels clicking on the tile floor?"
 "Silly boy," she replied, while lifting up her left foot behind her to show him, "I put rubber sleeves over the heel tips before we entered the building."
 Luthor shrugged, then motioned her to join him in sneaking up on the desk sergeant. While they were slowly inching their way down the hallway, Catwoman reached into her weapons bag and pulled out the lasso. By the time they were at the desk's side, she had tied a slip knot in the lasso.
 Catwoman quickly slipped the knotted lasso over the policeman, and before he could say a word, she ordered him to remain still and silent. Lex stepped in front of him, then Catwoman ordered him to answer any questions Lex asked. Lex inquired as to the location of the security vault holding the sapphire, and whether there were any other officers on duty between here and there. The officer gritted his teeth as if to try and not say anything, but told Lex the gem was in a vault on the fourth floor in the Commissioner's office, and that the building was unoccupied above this floor at that time of night. They left him with the lasso still on, and the instruction to remain rigidly still without attempting to escape or yell out. Lex and Catwoman went to the elevator and hit the button for the fourth floor.
 The elevator opened to a sign listing office numbers and their location relative to the sign. The Commissioner's office was at the end of the hallway on the right. The two made quick time getting down the hallway, easily jimmied the door open, then found the safe against the wall behind his desk. Lex got out of his own weapons kit a safe combination computer, which he positioned next to the combination lock. He turned it on, and after the two had waited only seven minutes, the computer displayed the combination in digital numbers on its face.
 Lex made quick work of dialing in the combination, then pulled the door wide open. The gem was in a box plainly labeled "Star Sapphire" and Lex grabbed it. With the box now in his bag, Lex resealed the safe door, and he and Catwoman left the office exactly as they'd found it, minus one small item, of course.
 When they got back to the watch desk, Catwoman picked up the end of the lasso and ordered the officer to fall asleep. As he nodded off, she unraveled the lasso from his chest, coiled it tightly, then placed it back in her weapons bag.
 Again moving swiftly and silently back to the garage in case any late comers were around, Luthor and Catwoman soon found themselves back at the exit from the garage. Catwoman stopped briefly to remove the sleeves from her heel tips, then clicked proudly on their way back to the car. After he noted that it was still only 10PM, Lex said, "Selina, we still have time to get back to the hotel and call Miss Ferris."
 The Feline Felon purred in her delight, and said, "Oh boy, more fun!"
 It was 10:20 when they put through the call, asking information to give them the number then make the connection. The phone rang four times, and an answering machine was just starting when a hurried feminine voice said, "Hello. Sorry about letting the machine get started."
 "Good evening, Ms. Ferris," Selina answered. "I am a friend of Batman's from Gotham City, and I just got into town. I need you to come to my motel room to see some Green Lantern material Batman entrusted me to bring to Coast City for you."
 "It's awfully late at night. What have you got that is so important?"
 "It is very sensitive material," Selina said in a serious tone, "and this isn't a secure phone line. I also don't feel safe trying to get the material to you, so you will have to come to the material."
 "Okay, I guess I can drive over. Which motel are you in?"
 "I'm at the Budget Inn on I-5 where the bypass intersects it, in room number 106."
 "I know where that is; give me about forty-five minutes to get there, give or take a few due to traffic. I'll see you a little after 11."
 "Thanks a lot, Carol. It is vital that you see what I have for you. Bye!" Selina turned to Luthor, and said, "We've got her!"
 A few minutes after 11PM, Selina heard a car pull up in front of their room. She and Lex were now in the clothes they'd flown in so as to not arouse any suspicions. When Carol tapped on the door, Selina edged it open to see who was there, to make it look good, then opened it fully to ask her in. Lex was in the restroom, so Carol saw only Selina. "What have you got that was so important you had to fly it out here from Gotham City?" Carol asked.
 Selina took Carol's coat, then said, "Have a seat, Carol, I'll go get it."
 She went into the restroom, then they both watched through the slightly ajar door to wait for Carol to get settled and comfortable. Lex then left the restroom with Selina right behind him. Carol looked up when she detected the motion in her peripheral vision, then gasped. "I know you! You're Lex Luthor. What are you doing here?"
 "Selina and I have a little present for you, Miss Ferris," Lex said. He brought the box to her head level, since she was still seated, and opened it. "Do you recognize this gem, Miss Ferris? I understand it has a certain attraction for you!"
 Carol looked upon the glowing purple gem, then said, "I feel so different...what's happening to me?!?" Carol's clothes began to disappear, to be replaced with a royal pink costume. The close fitting leotard on her upper body left absolutely nothing to the imagination as to the shape of the body it was containing, and Carol's body was in excellent condition. As her sneakers faded away, high heeled pink boots that came almost to her knees came into view. Elbow length purple gloves were on her arms, a pink domino mask formed on her face, and a pink tiara with a hole in its center appeared in the hair over her forehead.
 "Here, Star Sapphire," said Lex as he handed her the gem, "I believe this belongs in that hole on your tiara!"
 Star Sapphire was now back!
 Lex and Selina changed back into their costumes, then told Star Sapphire about their plans for using the PED. She was thrilled with the idea of taking on the form of her lover, Green Lantern, and watching him take her place as Star Sapphire. When details had been discussed, they made the decision to avoid delays and hassles with the airline by having Star Sapphire fly them all back to Gotham City. Not even bothering to check out of the motel or return the rental car, Luthor and Catwoman gathered what they had brought with them, then watched as Star Sapphire formed a purple aura around them and took off with them in tow, heading east northeast for Gotham City.
 When they realized just how fast Star Sapphire must have been moving, Luthor and Catwoman gave each other a look of wonder. In only forty minutes from when they left the hotel on the west coast of the USA, they were now at the tunnel entrance outside Gotham City on the northeast coast. They didn't even want to think about the Mach number they must have gotten to. "Magic powers have their benefits," Catwoman remarked to Luthor candidly.
 He shook his head, then motioned them to the tunnel entrance. "Star Sapphire," he said, "do us a favor and scout ahead into this tunnel to see if there are any impediments between here and the cave at its end."
 "Sure, Luthor," she replied, and took off at a blinding speed into the tunnel.
 "I'm going to really enjoy working with her," Catwoman remarked. "She has no fear or dreads whatsoever. What she dares, she does. That woman is one hell of a teammate to have!"
 "Here, here," replied Lex. "With her in Green Lantern's body, they will never realize that their fearless Hal Jordan is no longer there!"
 Moments later, Star Sapphire came zooming back out of the tunnel. Alighting in front of Luthor with her hands straddling her waist, she told him that the tunnel was clear and that the cave at the end was dark, but chock full of computers, communications gear, and lots of vehicles.
 "Yes, indeed," said Luthor. "We have come to the Batcave! Star Sapphire, could you give us a slower trip through the tunnel to the cave?"
 Star Sapphire raised a glove to the cover her mouth and said, "Oh! Did I scare the infamous Lex Luthor with my transit speed? Don't worry, Lex, I'll float you through the tunnel so slowly you'll be able to watch the stalactites forming!"
 "Okay, Sapphire, point taken," said Lex. "Don't take a snail's pace, just get us into the cave without zipping us so fast we don't see the walls."
 She once again formed a purple aura around the group, then at a jogging pace, floated them along the access roadway in the tunnel until with a flair, she deposited them on the entry floor of the Batcave.
 Lex made it his first order of business to find the PED and figure out how it functioned. He found the two components in a side room on the computer side of the cave, one set on a chair and another in a hand held unit on a bench. For the time being, he decided to leave them right there.
 As Catwoman looked around, seeming to recall having been there before, Star Sapphire followed her, taking in all the bat paraphernalia and relics situated in various spots around the cave. Luthor checked out the computers and communications gear, noting the JLA equipment on the radio set. Then, to their surprise, they heard the elevator on the side of the cave hissing.
 Luthor told the ladies to hide quickly, and as they found equipment to scurry behind, he dropped underneath the work table near the radios. From there, he could still see the elevator, and he watched as a dapper grey haired old man stepped jauntily out of it. "Must be Alfred, Batman's butler," mused Luthor. Then an idea struck him. When Alfred moved away from where he was hiding, Lex worked his way to the pillar Star Sapphire was hiding behind. He quickly told her what she needed to do, and she nodded.
 Alfred heard a rush of air, and looking up, saw a pink clad female flying toward him. She halted in midair above and in front of him, then a ray of purple light flowed from the gem on her tiara, enveloping him. Alfred knew better than to ask what was going on, and went with the flow as Star Sapphire brought him to the bench next to the hand held PED unit. Once there, he was surprised to see Catwoman once again, but why was she being strapped into the chair by that bald headed gentleman? The 'bald headed gentleman' turned to Alfred and said, "Allow me to introduce myself, Alfred. I am Lex Luthor. You are going to help us bring a member of the JLA here to work with us!"
 "How will I be doing that, Sir?", Alfred asked.
 "You just watch," was all Luthor said.
 When he finished strapping in Catwoman, who actually seemed to be enjoying the bondage, Luthor walked over to Alfred, held the PED over his head, then turned it on.
 Seconds later, Alfred said, "Okay, Lex. I am now set to contact the JLA! Let's get going."
 Luthor turned toward Catwoman, and said, "Have fun being Catwoman for a while, old man. I hope you enjoy the bondage as much as the person now in your body did!"
 "Oh my!" was all she said, as she shook her head from side to side. This was the second time in as many weeks that Alfred had been bound tightly in a voluptuous female body.
 Luthor and Alfred then made their way to the JLA comm console, turned on the alert signal on the transmitter, then got Flash responding from the monitor on the satellite. "Alfred," Flash said, "what's the emergency?"
 Alfred took on as poised a look as he could, then said, "Mr. Flash, I know Batman is still going through training up there. Could you possibly send Green Lantern down here to the Batcave? I've found a problem in the Batcave's exhaust system that I believe Green Lantern's power ring can rectify temporarily whilst I get hard repairs done."
 "Sure thing, Alfred. I'm sure GL will be glad to help you out. I'll send him right down!"
 Lex saw how much she was enjoying it, and left Catwoman tied up, then added to her thrills by gagging her. He moved the PED to the other chair, and then Luthor had Star Sapphire sit there and get tied up the same way he'd done Catwoman. She did not take kindly to the bondage she was being subjected to, but knew it would not last long. Alfred picked up the remote PED, then waited near where the JLA transporter would be depositing Green Lantern. In moments, the green clad hero popped into view, then walked toward Alfred.
 "Where's the problem, Alfred?" he asked. As he held up the PED, Alfred said, "This little jewel of a machine gave out this morning, Mr. Lantern, Sir. Take a look at it would you, before using your ring to replace it while I work on it?"
 As Green Lantern came to him, Alfred held the PED high then activated it. Green Lantern felt something odd happening, then moments later was looking across the Batcave at Alfred standing next to him! "What's going on..." she started to say, when she heard her voice! She looked down, and saw the costume she was wearing.
 She then looked up again, and saw Catwoman walking toward her with what looked for all the world like Wonder Woman's magic lasso.
 Shortly after changing Star Sapphire and Green Lantern, Luthor had put Catwoman and Alfred back into their own bodies, with Catwoman giving him a grin as he removed her gag then bondage straps. Before Catwoman got any closer, she asked again, "What's going on? How is it that I'm in a female body, wearing what looks like a Star Sapphire costume?"
 Catwoman told her, "We have put Star Sapphire into your body, Green Lantern. That's not just 'a' female body you're in, that is Star Sapphire's body! And just to make sure you enjoy being there, here, let me make your stay more comfortable!"
 With that, Catwoman wrapped the lasso around Star Sapphire's ample chest. "Now you must answer me truthfully, and follow all instructions I give you. How are you dressed?"
 "As Star Sapphire," she answered.
 "Who are you?"
 "I'm Green Lantern."
 "Why would Green Lantern be wearing Star Sapphire's body and costume? You're not Green Lantern! You are Star Sapphire! Your gem gives you awesome powers, and is now going to control your mind. Submit to it. Allow it to form you in its image!"
 A blank look formed on the pink clad woman's face briefly, then a vile sneer formed on her lips. "Yes, of course," she said in a darkly evil voice, "I am indeed Star Sapphire!"
 With that, a blast of purple energy incinerated the bonds holding her to the chair.
 As she stood, Star Sapphire said, "Stand back, you fools! Watch as I transform myself into a form far more fitting for my darkly evil personality."
 With that, they watched as a purple glow formed around her. Moments later, standing where the bright pink woman had been now appeared a woman in blood red, with her costume consisting of an armored breastplate over a body stocking that looked like it was painted on. Her gloves ran all the way to her shoulders, and now had two inch long claws at the fingertips. Most shocking were her boots, which appeared to be in overlapping armored sections, starting with a high arch at the foot and going all the way to her crotch. Her mask and tiara had turned into a one piece face and head covering crownlike affair, with the gem proudly mounted high on the front. Her hair streamed out the back of the crown, coming straight down her back to her ass.
 "Meet the New Star Sapphire!" she proclaimed.
 Lex Luthor, Catwoman, and their new ally Green Lantern all stood in awe for a moment, then Catwoman summed up their feelings best, "What have we created here?!?"
 "I'm your worst nightmares, you fools!" was her reply. "You didn't have enough with giving me the power of the gem. No, you had to give me to the gem! Instead of being someone named Star Sapphire, I AM the Star Sapphire! I hope you understand the difference, because you are the reason I am now who I am."
 Star Sapphire then left them, still standing in awe. She didn't fly off. She just disappeared, using some type of teleporting capability. Green Lantern broke out of his stupor, and said, "I'm glad to be in this form now, able to bring more JLA members to a similar fate. I hope your control of the other changes is better than what we just saw!"

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