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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to affect any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.

This short was based on a picture that Steve saw.....
Batman was on the Moon with the rest of the JLA in the Watchtower, and could possibly be going to places far beyond if the situation got any worse. He left Tim to watch over the Gotham situation, knowing that Batgirl would always chip in and help Robin as needed.

Word got to Tim that Joker had made his way out of Arkham once again. He had to wonder just how it was that the Clown Prince of Crime always made it look so easy.

Shortly thereafter, word filtered in via contacts that Joker was putting out feelers to locate Riddler, who was still on the lam from his own less recent escape. It seemed that Joker wanted to form some kind of union, where their chances would be better together than alone. After a few more days, Robin got the info he needed. Riddler had set up a meeting with Joker for Saturday evening at 10. It was now Wednesday evening, so he had three days to come up with something.

Robin's fertile mind needed nowhere near that long. Before the night was through, he had his plan all worked out. The next day, Tim went to one of the adult bookstores that was known to also sell fetish clothing and toys. He'd used the disguise kits in the Batcave to add a few years to his appearance, and no questions were asked when he went in to buy a medium sized female black latex catsuit. They were also eager to sell him the matching shoulder length gloves.

With these two items securely attached to his motorcycle, Tim then went down the street to yet another shop. Fewer questions would be raised if the entire ensemble were not bought all in one establishment. At this shop, Tim found a black latex head covering dominatrix cowl that conveniently had cat ears on it. Catwoman had been making her mark even among the fetish crowd, it seemed. This shop also had a wide selection of fetish footwear, and Tim found a pair of zip on thigh high black latex boots with five-inch heels. He now had everything he needed.

* * * * *

Earlier in the week, Barbara Gordon had heard about Joker's escape during a brunch with her dad, Police Commissioner Gordon. After they broke up, Babs went about using the library's info channels to get as much data as she could find. By sheer chance she came across a reference to the Riddler's activities, and using her own computers at home in the evenings, came to the same conclusion that Robin had earlier. Joker and Riddler had something planned for Saturday at 10. Batgirl would have to find a way to get in on it.

Barbara had just what she needed to infiltrate that meeting. She had planned to surprise everybody next month at the costume party the Police Support Fund was throwing. While it would have been a simple matter to just put on her Batgirl costume and make a stunning appearance, Babs didn't want to invite trouble by being too obvious with her own secret identity. With her own fire red hair, the solution was obvious.

Barbara had put together a perfect copy of Poison Ivy's costume. All she would need to do for the party was do a good makeup job. For the meeting, though, she decided that makeup would not be enough. Friday afternoon, Babs went and had her hair done, and her hairdresser couldn't figure out why Barbara wanted to change so radically. Those kind of questions were best left unasked, though, so she kept her mouth shut and just did the usual girl talk with Babs through the process.

* * * * *

Saturday evening at 9:45, a crowd seemed to be developing at the rear door of Rick's Steak House. This door led to a stairwell which took climbers to the loft over the restaurant. The crowd was composed half and half of gawkers who'd seen the brightly costumed felons who arrived earlier and gang members making sure that no one made it past them that wasn't allowed.

When Barbara arrived at the meeting room in her Poison Ivy costume, she was sure that Joker and Riddler would not recognize her for anybody other than who she appeared to be. No one in the crowd down below had so much as questioned her, and she'd been working all week at duplicating Pamela's voice patterns, even if she couldn't exactly match the voice itself. Babs wished she'd thought to ask Robin if she could use one of the Bat voice modifiers, but she wanted so much to keep her plan a secret that asking would be out of the question.

Upon opening the door, Barbara was surprised to see not only Joker and Riddler, but Catwoman appeared to have made the meeting also. Oh well, she would just be one more criminal for Babs to get info on as the night's plans developed.

* * * * *

Tim ached all over in the foundation garments that constricted his body so, and sweated profusely in the body covering latex catsuit which enveloped him. So far, he'd had no problem in fooling any of Joker's or Riddler's henchmen, and no problems had developed as yet with Joker and Riddler themselves. In fact, they seemed more than overjoyed to have Catwoman joining them in their plans.

Joker noted Catwoman's darkly made up eyes widen when she saw Poison  Ivy enter the room. Tim hadn't planned on seeing her at the meeting also. He'd have to be all the more careful with another female in the room. Well, the only real female in the room. With the voice modifier in the back of his throat doing its thing, everybody heard Catwoman greet her female compatriot in the famous sultry feline voice.

"Mmmmrrrrrooowwwwrrrr, hello, Poison Ivy. I'm so glad to see you here!"

* * * * *

This is only an opening scenario, missing even a lot of build up ideas to expand the plot. This is the way my brain works when I see such interesting pictures, though.

There could be all kinds of interesting ways that this could go. Steve


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