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Ok, I'm not the greatest writer but I thought I would have a go at writing out a little fantasy of mine. I've only written two parts at the moment, so who knows how long it will take to finish but it'll probably only be a total of three or four parts.
Anyway, this is just part of my fantasy of wanting to see Batman and Batgirl teaming up and seeing what would happen. I apologise for the bad writing! BatmanFanUK
(And from SteveZ - I did editing as I was rewriting, so there isn't much bad writing left. Just for clarity's sake, Batgirl in this story is pretty much the one from the 60's TV show, while Catwoman is the version from the early 90s BTAS series.)
This story was originally written with an ending in which Batman came out of his chemically induced love for Catwoman on his own.  I felt a much more intricate method with a great plot twist would work, and the original author told me he liked it as much as I did.  Most of the story is the original author's work, I just added a small amount to the earlier parts along with editing it.

Part 1
The full moon was high in the night sky and illuminated the rooftops of Gotham. Upon one particular rooftop stood the Caped Crusader looking down to the quiet streets below. Behind him, his leather cape flapped in the wind showing the grey lycra body suit with the black leather briefs, knee high boots and gloves, along with the yellow utility belt just above his briefs around his waist. He crossed his arms and looked obviously displeased with something.

"You're late!" Batman spoke to seemingly no one in particular.

"Oh, give me a break, Batman. You know a girl has to look her best, and it takes time," Batgirl responded as she stepped out of the shadows in her full glory. The tight shiny spandex purple costume hugged her luscious curved body, with purple leather low heeled knee high boots, and matching gloves, and her yellow utility belt just hung off her waist. Her purple cape with the yellow underside flapped also, but rested just over her smooth ass.

"Anyway, it's not like she's going to be going anywhere in a hurry," the costumed crimefightress added.

Batman sighed. He wanted to be annoyed at her for being late, but somehow he couldn't help but not mind, and figured at least she was here and now they could get on with what they were planning. Catwoman had been behind a series of burglaries in the city, with no obvious reasoning behind them, but each time it was obvious who the culprit was. At every crime scene a clue was left behind which always had the theme of a cat. This worried him, rather than actually stealing anything valuable, or doing the crimes with intent, it seemed she was drawing Batman out on purpose. Why did she want Batman?

For the past few months Batgirl had been more regularly working with Batman on his nightly patrols, and they seemed to be working as a pretty good team, working through a lot more crimes with ease, and taking down more villains than ever before. However, with the passing time of working with each other more and more, came a realization of certain feelings toward each other. They both realized crimefighting was a pretty lonely business, but here they were together again this night, unaware of the events which lay ahead.

Together they made their way to the known lair of Catwoman, and stealthily entered the lair with ease. Silently they then moved through the room to the balcony looking down upon the main floor where there was no sign of anybody.

"Already I'm not liking this, Batman, this smells of a trap," Batgirl whispered, her eyes darting about for any movement.

"Yes, I sense it too, I think you should stay up here, then if I get in trouble, you can help," Batman replied.

Batgirl couldn't help but grin in hearing his plan. "Hey, I get to be the big hero and save your ass."

"This is no time for jokes, Batgirl..." he deadpanned. And with that he leapt down to the main floor, decided that bringing Catwoman out was more important that stealth.

"Okay, Catwoman! I'm here like you want me, what do you want!?"

The sound of a whip snapping could be heard, and from the darkness appeared Catwoman, striding confidently and with a smirk across her lips. She wore a grey lycra catsuit, whose cowl covered her head and attached black mask her face, and had small cat ears. None of her hair could be seen. She was also wearing thigh high black leather boots with elegantly shaped stiletto heels and black opera length leather gloves with sharp claws at the fingertips. "Ahh, Batman, I'm so glad you could make it, I've been waiting so long to see you again, let's make this quick." And without warning she lashed the whip out. Batman tried to react but was too slow and already the whip had wrapped tightly round his neck.

Within seconds he was on his knees, choking with no air supply.

Catwoman stood proudly in front of him, laughing hysterically whilst Batman was wondering why Batgirl was taking so long.

Then in the corner of his eye he saw two largely built men, wearing full body black lycra, along with knee high leather boots and leather gloves. Between them both they were carrying Batgirl's unconscious form.

"Hey boss, look what we found!" they both spoke simultaneously.

"Ohh! Wonderful! I have Batman and Batgirl now, this really is a surprise. Now I get double the delight, oh, just wait till you find what I have in store for you, Batman!" She grinned evilly as she yanked harder on the whip, causing Batman to fall onto his front and was left squirming till he fell unconscious.

Part 2

Batgirl's eyes fluttered open as she quickly tried to survey her surroundings. The last thing she remembered was just about reacting to Batman being choked by Catwoman's whip when she felt strong arms pull her down and the strong smell of chloroform. She had no time to react and within seconds she was out.

She was still groggy from the chloroform, but slowly her surroundings started to become clear. A quick test of movement resulted in her finding she was bound by her wrists, waist and ankles in a spread eagle position, on what seemed to be a table moved into an upright position. Her costume was intact, thankfully, and with a view of her surroundings she realized that Batman was in the same position as her, they were both facing each other, and were held in the same room as before.

Suddenly Catwoman came into view and had immediately pressed herself up against Batgirl's form.

"Ahh, the mouse has woken up, I just hope you want to play along!" she spoke seductively, as she rubbed against her slowly.

"What do you want with us!? What are you going to do!?" Batgirl responded defiantly, but couldn't help feeling a little aroused with the way Catwoman was acting.

"Oh, my little mouse, I just want to have a little fun, orginally with Batman, but now that you're here it's going to be even better!" She grinned evilly as without warning, her gloved hand pressed firmly against Batgirl's crotch and starting rubbing.

Batgirl's eyes widened and she let out a small moan, which she didn't want to release, but with it being unexpected she couldn't help it. Catwoman continued for a few more minutes, and could tell she was getting wet with the slickness that was forming at her crotch. Batgirl just closed her eyes and tried to ride it out, and prayed that Batman would awaken to take the attention away from her.

"Meeoww...looks like you're enjoying're such a slut! Maybe I should give you what you want, no point waiting for Batsy over there!" Immediately Catwoman tore open the crotch of Batgirl's costume, which ellicted a gasp from her. But the real shock came when the sound of buzzing echoed in the room, followed by Catwoman shoving the vibrator deep inside her wet slit. Batgirl let out a loud scream at the sudden penetration, but was soon squirming to the vibrations she was feeling inside. The vibrator was also stimulating her clitoris and within minutes she was shaking with an orgasm.

Meanwhile, Batman was beginning to stir, especially after hearing the scream. When his vision cleared up, he was greeted with some scene. Before him was Batgirl squirming away, hearing the muffled vibrations of what he quickly assumed was a vibrator. Meanwhile, Catwoman was watching from the side, licking her lips and rubbing her crotch which was quickly darkening due to the wetness forming there. The scene, although suprising and shocking was arousing to him, and he blushed deeply when he felt the stirring in his loins, and quickly his cock was getting hard.

"Ooohh, look who's awake and willing to join in on the fun." Catwoman stopped pleasuring herself as she noticed Batman awake and obviously aroused with a large tent in his briefs. Batgirl opened her eyes to see Batman looking right at her and highly aroused, the shame of the situation set off another orgasm, causing her body to shudder and shake. Catwoman immediately made her way to Batman and raised a leg against his hip and began gyrating her hips with his, rubbing her wet crotch against his long length.

"Mmmm...for so long I've waited for this moment, Batman. I'm tired of all these robberies with expensive artefacts and jewellery only to be arrested. This time I want you, and I want you for myself. That's why after I've had my fun with litte mousey over there, she'll die. And you know who's fault it will be? Yours!" Batman's eyes widened as Catwoman began to laugh hysterically, and Batgirl let out another loud groan as she came once more, wondering when this would end.

Part 3

Catwoman walked back to Batgirl and removed the buzzing vibrator from within her, and was accompanied with a slopping sound, her brown lycra pantyhose beneath her purple unitard was now stained with all the fluid caused by her numerous orgasms. Feeling herself suddenly empty, Batgirl groaned loudly and began gyrating her hips, her mind was gone now, lost in sexual bliss and all she wanted was to feel the heights of another body shaking orgasm.

Catwoman grinned as she returned a look to Batman. "Look, Batman, look at that little slut you call a partner, I bet she would love to feel your long hard cock penetrating deep inside her, and from the looks of you, I think you would want that, too. God knows I would love that Batcock of yours in me, but that will have to wait!"

Batman growled at Catwoman, hating how she was disrespecting Batgirl like that, and it was then that he came to the realisation that all the time he had been partnering with her, he was slowly beginning to fall for her. His head hung down, realizing that if he did nothing soon then he would end his partner's life. His eyes widened a moment as he felt the structure he was tied to being moved, moved closer toward Batgirl. He tried to look around him and see where Catwoman was, but then he caught a look on Batgirl's face. Her eyes behind her purple mask were filled with lust, and she was looking down hungrily at the severely tented leather briefs constricting Batman's cock.

"Batgirl! Snap out of it!" Batman pleaded, only to hear a sadistic laugh from behind.

"Oh, there's no use, Batman, she's too far gone now. I have to admit, that vibrator secreted a drug that will make Batgirl wanting to fuck till she dies. I knew from past experiences how Batgirl always goes unconscious after her third orgasm, it's too much for her pretty little head. Now with the drug, she'll keep going all night long! I just hope you can, for your partner's life!" Catwoman responded, and began to laugh hysterically once more.

Batman's eyes widened as he suddenly felt his briefs being torn away by Catwoman's sharp claws, his long dick springing to life, then he felt something cold and hard pressing to his anus.

"What are you doing!?" he quickly asked, sounding slightly worried.

"Oh, this little thing?" Catwoman grinned as she pushed the device firmly into Batman, causing a hiss from him. "Oh, this is part of what will kill Batgirl. This device can sense when you orgasm from your prostate. As soon as it senses it, it sends an electrical pulse to whatever I want, in this case, this machine behind Batgirl."

Behind Batgirl a man moved a machine forward and then took a loop of rope from it and hung it around Batgirl's neck. Then he couldn't resist squeezing one of her breasts, causing a small moan from Batgirl, he then quickly began twisting her hardened nipples, showing visibly beneath the purple unitard. Her body gyrated as she let out a louder moan.

"As you can see, Batman, there is a noose around Batgirl's neck. The second it receives the electrical pulse, it will tighten around her pretty little neck like a vice and choke her to death. So you see, you cumming will cause the death of Batgirl, and who knows with her thrashing about as she finally runs out of oxygen, you both may enjoy another little orgasm. I hear people enjoy that kind of thing!" Catwoman spoke seductively, her leather gloved hand grabbing tightly onto Batman's cock and began rubbing it, Batman bit his lip and closed his eyes, trying to not enjoy the situation, if he came already it would be over for Batgirl.

"Damn you, Catwoman! You sick fiend, how could you even think of doing anything like this!? I won't let you get away with this! I won't give you that satisfaction!" Batman growled, trying to hold himself together.

"Oh, but I will, Batman, and I think I'll even enjoy seeing you fuck her to death, but then best of all, you'll be all mine!" She then planted a deep passionate kiss on Batman's lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and exploring for a moment. She then quickly pulled away. "Right, now let's get these two love Bat's together!"

The henchman pushed the struggling hero and heroine toward each other, one struggling for different reasons than the other. Slowly they got closer and closer to each other and Batgirl lifted her hips high, waiting to plunge herself down on the hard shaft. Batman tried his best to break free but it was useless, he was trying everything to stop Batgirl from plunging herself on him, but there was no stopping the inevitable.

Part 4

Batgirl cried out in ecstasy as her soaking wet pussy lips parted and enveloped Batman's shaft, and pushed herself all the way down till he was completely inside her. Then she slowly rotated her hips, enjoying the feeling of him inside her, her blue eyes wide open and hazed in lust, her lips slightly parted as she let out little moans of satisfaction. The clasps around her purple boots were released and quickly they lifted up and wrapped tightly around Batman. Then clenching her purple-gloved fists, she lifted herself up high and back down again, and began to slowly move, riding Batman's cock.

Batman had his eyes closed shut tightly, all his efforts were made in trying to concentrate and not give in to the sexual urges. But the feel of Batgirl's pussy clamping around his cock was hard to resist and occasionally he let out slight gasps, but then quickly tried to regain control. He clenched his gloved fists, but done so in an effort to strain against his bonds to escape, but still they wouldn't budge. He then felt Batgirl increase the pace.

Faster and faster, Batgirl bucked her hips against Batman's, then suddenly her toes curled inside her boots as she squeezed her legs tightly around Batman. She screamed loudly, as she felt an orgasm rock her body, her breasts bouncing within the confines of her purple unitard. Batman bit his lip as he tried to ride it out and hope that Batgirl would stop after this and give him the time to find away out, but it was getting harder not to give in.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the room, Catwoman had sat down and her gloved hands were beneath her costume and her gloved fingers were ramming inside her own pussy. She licked her lips and enjoyed watching Batman struggle to resist, and imagined herself in Batgirl's position as she screamed through her orgasm, and quickly Catwoman brought herself to her own orgasm, letting out a low purr of satisfaction. Slowly she pulled her hand out and licked her fingers like a cat would drink milk.

Batgirl had stopped with Batman still inside her, as her chest heaved, trying to catch back her breath. Batman hoped he would be able to break through at this point.

"Batgirl, you have to stop this, I can't hold on like this forever, you have to stop this otherwise it will kill you, and I don't want to do that. Even more now that I know how I feel for you. Please, for the love of God stop this," Batman pleaded, trying to find the Batgirl he knew in those blue eyes. However, the only response was to see Batgirl's lips curl slightly into a smile.

"I fill me...with your...cum..." And with that she began to move her hips once more, and Batman only widened his eyes as he saw his plan slowly falling apart.

Suddenly the thing filling his ass began to vibrate, and vibrate hard. His eyes widened as he looked immediately to Catwoman. "What are you doing!?" he yelled.

"You heard Batgirl, she wants to be filled with your cum, and quite frankly, I'm tired of waiting to see Batgirl down, so I thought I would speed up the process!" She laughed hard as she watched Batman begin to squirm.

"I can't concentrate...this is all too much...I don't know if I can hold this off any longer," he mumbled to himself.

But Batgirl only smiled. "Good...then I'm going to squeeze every last drop out of you!" And with that she redoubled her efforts as she started moving as fast as she thought she was humanly capable of. Batman's eyes rolled into the back of his head. The feeling of Batgirl's pussy moving around his cock so quickly like that and the intense stimulation from the device in his ass was becoming too much, and he felt the pressure begin to build up. "No...please...I can't let this happen."

"Yes...yes...he's going to do it, he's really going to kill Batgirl!" Catwoman grinned ferally as she quickly began to masturbate again to the scene of the two slowly coming to orgasm.

"No...Noooo...NOOOOOOO!" Batman cried out, and suddenly all his muscles tensed up, he thrust his hips hard, pushing himself deep inside her, and his ass muscles clamped tightly onto the buzzing device, increasing the sensation as he felt himself suddenly explode deep inside Batgirl.

Batgirl's eyes went wide as the rope quickly tightened around her neck and began choking her. Slowly she started squirming as she struggled to breathe, and kept moving on Batman unintentionally.

"NOO! Batgirl! BATGIRL!" Batman screamed as he strained his entire body to try and break free. "CATWOMAN! You can't let this happen! Not like this!" he yelled to the feline thief, who was too entranced by the scene of Batgirl choking to death.

Quickly Batgirl started moving harder, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her tongue hung out of her mouth slightly, her body shaking more as her body was striving for oxygen but getting none.

Then suddenly Batman felt as Batgirl's pussy muscles clamped onto him, her whole body arched sharply, and she grunted loudly, then her body fell limp with her final orgasm.



Batman opened his eyes to see Batgirl lost in the throws of an orgasm, her body held tightly against him, as she was pinned against the wall. Suddenly Batman leaned in and kissed Batgirl deeply and passionately, with everything he was worth. Batgirl responded with the same heated kiss, and then pulled away, breathing heavily. "Hey, what was that all about?" Batgirl asked, looking a little puzzled.

"Oh, nothing...I'm just happy to be with you," Batman responded, still seemingly disturbed by the visions he just experienced.

"Well, so am I? But you know, in future, can we wait till we get back to the Batcave? You know how bad it would be if someone found Gotham's respected hero and heroine getting it on in an alleyway?!"

She grinned a little.

"I guess so, but I can think of worse things than that," Batman responded as he kissed her once more.

Slowly he pulled away from her lips, and pulled himself out of her. Quickly fixing themselves, Batman grinned as he picked Batgirl off the ground with ease and began walking toward the Batmobile, Batgirl wrapping her delicate gloved hands around his neck and pecked him slightly on the nose. Slowly from the shadows, a small seductive purr was heard as Catwoman stepped into the light, her eyes fixed on the couple walking away, her eyes filled with a hazy lust, and she licked her lips. "My my my...Batman and Batgirl are a couple, this could work to my advantage perfectly. Soon I'll have Batman in my hands. And as for Batgirl..." Her lips curled into a wicked grin. "I have other plans for my little mouse..." She then slowly disappeared back into the shadows as Batman and Batgirl disappeared, unaware of her presence.


Taking The Bat From The Mouse by batmanfanuk ([email protected]) with a new ending by SteveZ ([email protected])

This is the continuation of my first story, "Catwoman's Lust".

Part 1

Batman slid into the figure hugging grey lycra unitard and slid it over his entire body. Next came the leather briefs, sliding up to his waist, holding his package in place. Next came the knee-high leather boots over his calves, the elbow length leather gauntlets. The yellow utility belt fit snugly around his waist over the leather briefs and then finally he placed the mask over his head and the cape hung down to just below his knees. Now transformed, he was ready to fight.

He had received a message, and immediately knew that from the style of writing and the scent of the perfume, it could only be one woman. Catwoman was threatening to hold the city to ransom. It was suprising to Batman, as despite the capabilities of Catwoman, she had never done anything this grandiose. That was always left to the Joker who was thankfully locked away for a long time.

She was threatening to release a certain nerve gas, which would kill the entire inhabitants of Gotham City unless Batman showed up at her hideout. Immediately he knew it was a trap, but was far more willing to risk his life than all of the innocent civilians. He left a note, as he knew that the woman he loved would make it in time to realize what was going on. But if anything went wrong then he knew she would be able to find out where he was. He got into the Batmobile and sped off into the night, heading for the destination, Catwoman's fiendish lair.

Not too long, and he had arrived. He left the Batmobile in a hidden alleyway and secured it so no petty thug would try to steal it and he quickly surveyed the building. The front entrance would be stupid, despite knowing it was a trap, he was never going to make it that easy for her, so he had to find another way in. He spotted a few stories up, some glass windows, which would allow him easy and secretive entrance.

He moved to the side of the building and fired the batrope up to the top of the building, which secured itself at the top. Checking the rope was taut he began his ascent up the side of the building, continually assessing that the area was safe and he was not in danger. Within minutes he reached the window, and was able to prise it open with ease, happy that there was no alarm connected to the window, which would alert anyone that there was a break in.

Stealthily he entered through the now open window and quickly his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Silently he crept through the room, his hairs beginning to stand on end as he felt something or someone was watching him. However, as best as he could make out, there was no one there. He then reached the edge of the room and slowly stepped away from the door frame, peering out into the corridor and found that there were no guards are duty patrolling them. This seemed a little too easy, which only made him think all the more that this was a trap.

He stepped out into the corridor and immediately he felt two arms wrap around him, and then sharp nails dig into his abdomen, causing a great pain and made him react by throwing the body behind him back to the wall. He fell forward and landed on his knees, then looked down to his abdomen. He saw scratch marks; the grey unitard had been ripped and was starting to stain red in his own blood. Immediately he turned to the body to find it was none other than Catwoman.

"Ahhh, my sweet little bat! I do apologize for scratching you like that, but I know that otherwise you would not succumb to me," she purred seductively as she stepped forward toward the form knelt on the floor. Batman tried to react by standing up, but found that his legs no longer had any strength and only ended up falling onto his front.

"Ugh! What have you done to me!?" Batman spat angrily, now only able to see the black leather boots of Catwoman in front of him.

"Well, that little scratch is more than just painful. My puurrrfect claws are covered in a special aphrodisiac. It will make you fall unconscious but also at the same time, make you fall in love with me... That little Batbitch will no longer have a hold on you. I will have you...all to myself!"

She then began to laugh, louder and louder as Batman's head began to spin. He tried to reach out at Catwoman's ankle, but instead of grabbing it roughly, he started to stroke it, his nostrils filling with the smell of the leather and the perfume that she wore. Then the corridor starting going black as Catwoman's laughter began to echo, and he slipped into unconsciousness. Catwoman then knelt down next to the sleeping body and stroked the masked cheek of the crimefighter. "Ahhh, this is only the beginning, and not only for you, but your precious little girlfriend...Batgirl!" The corridor was filled once more by the maniacal laughter of the feline thief.

Part 2

"And you let him go!? Knowing full well it was going to be a trap?" Barbara asked Alfred in a tone full of disbelief. Before he could even respond, she was already headed for the Batcave where she was going to suit up and follow Batman. They had started dating formally for a few months now when after one particular trap they had accidentally found each other's secret identities. Of course for weeks before there was the increased flirtation, but once they knew each other's identities, things seem to just follow naturally, and they found that they were able to fill the missing void that others were not able to before. No longer was there the trouble of explaining how crimefighting was their secret career; they knew it all already.

Barbara entered the Batcave and went to the changing rooms. There on her costume she had found the note that Bruce had wrote to her earlier. In the note he explained the reasons why he had to go alone, despite knowing it was a trap, a reason Alfred could have given her if she given him the chance. Immediately she screwed up the note and threw it to the ground and began suiting up. First she encased her legs in the brown lycra pantyhose, pulling it up over her waist. Then she covered herself in the shiny purple figure hugging unitard, enjoying how it felt against her soft, milky skin. She then pulled on her knee high purple boots and also the elbow length purple gloves. Then she put on her yellow utility belt that hung loosely around her waist. Finally she put on her purple latex cowl along with the purple cape with yellow on the inside, the end resting just over her ass.

She stood in her power pose in front of the mirror and admired the way she looked, but then her mind quickly snapped back into the current events and realized that Batman could already be in trouble. Suddenly the alarm at the Batcomputer when off and immediately she ran to it, sitting herself down in the chair and accessing the right information. She bit her lip when she saw the information appear on the monitor. "Batman..." she whispered barely. She then stood up from the chair and immediately went to her bike, ignoring the pleas of Alfred; she sat astride the powerful machine and started it up, revving the engine and then speeding off into the night.

Later she had reached the hideout of Catwoman and had found the alleyway that Batman had left the Batmobile in, knowing instinctively where he would have put it. She parked the bike up next to the Batmobile and like Batman surveyed the area. She found immediately the rope he had used and the window he had opened to enter the building. She decided to use the same method to enter, thinking that Catwoman would think she would use a different method of entry rather than the same as Batman. She felt this would surprise Catwoman by doing the unexpected.

She set off to the building, making sure she was not being watched or followed, and then immediately starting climbing up the rope. She had to keep her emotions in check. She realized that a relationship with a crimefighter did have its drawbacks, and this was one of them. Minutes later she had entered the room and quickly scanned it with her eyes, and was happy to see that she was alone for the moment. Slowly she traversed the room and headed for the exit toward the corridor.

As soon as he moved into the corridor her eyes found the wooden floor stained red, and it still appeared to be wet...blood. She knelt down immediately and touched it, and looked at the blood on the fingertips of her gloves. She closed her eyes and bit her lips once more, and pushed back the bad thoughts and tried to think of the positives instead. Slowly she stood up and composed herself. She looked up and down the corridor and her eyes caught a glance of another speck of blood, which made her realize that Batman must have been taken in the direction toward the front of the building.

Immediately she followed it, till she turned a corner, looking cautiously around the corner and found it was clear. This corridor now led to an open room. As she stepped forward, suddenly a large spotlight appeared and it showed the body of Batman lying on the ground. Forgetting all sense of danger, Batgirl sprinted to the unconscious form and knelt down beside it. She pulled him up into his arms and shook him lightly.

"Batman...Batman...wake up!" she whispered desperately. The response was a slight murmur, which caused her heart to skip a beat. Slowly his eyes opened, but this seemed to send chills through her instead of happiness. His eyes seemed hazy, almost like he was lost.

"Batman! It's me, Batgirl! We have to get you out of here!" she pleaded, only for her eyes to find the metal collar around his neck. This was attached to a chain, which was attached solidly to the ground.

Futilely she tried to prise them open with her hands, yet it was no use. However, with further attempts she was shocked with the hard slap she received from the gloved hand of her love. She was sent reeling back on to the ground, her cheek stinging and her mouth wide with shock.

"Leave me alone...I'm here only to please my mistress..." Batman responded monotonously.

"That's right, little mouse, to please me...only! Now get her, guys!" was the response from a familiar sounding voice in the corner. Before she could react, several large muscular men surrounded her.

Batgirl couldn't even let out one of her infamous kicks before a pair of strong arms had wrapped their way around her petite body. And then more and more began to grab her and began to manhandle her, placing their large hands on parts of her body she wished they didn't. Suddenly the whole room was illuminated and standing behind Batman was Catwoman, standing in a familiar power pose, slightly mocking Batgirl as she was trying to struggle free from the groping men.

"What's the idea behind this? UMMPPH! You feline fiend!?" Batgirl spat out defiantly.

"Ahh, Batgirl. You see, I found out a nice little secret, but me being a good little girl, decided not to tell anyone about it. Instead, I decided to ruin it, and take what I want." She grinned wickedly as she stepped next to Batman; her leather gloved hands stroking over the mask of Batman.

"I found you and Batman here, fucking away like horny little rabbits in an alleyway just a week ago. Oh, how shocked was I to see Gotham's hero-heroine duo, doing the naughty. I realized that you became quite the couple, in secret of course." Her wicked grin soon turned into a horrible scowl.

"But what you don't realise, Batbitch, is that I want Batman for myself, and I can't have you screwing that up! So my plan is, to take Batman all for myself, and have you suffer till your very end as punishment for taking Batman away from me. You will suffer so much that by the end you'll be begging me to make it all end." She then began to laugh once more. Batgirl's eyes widened in shock as everything that Catwoman had said was being realized. She squirmed even harder despite it being a pointless action as the hands continued to grip her tightly and molest various parts of her body which was making her feel sick.

"Now! Put her in the glass case!" Catwoman demanded, and immediately the men took the struggling form of Batgirl toward the glass case which stood in the center of the room. One of the men opened the door and the others pushed the curvaceous crimefightress to the case and pushed her with ease into it. She stumbled in, and then just as she gained her footing, she turned quickly to escape, only to be greeted with the glass door closing shut in her face and locking shut. Her hand went down to her belt only to realize that during the groping and manhandling, the belt had been removed.

Quickly she turned to Catwoman and Batman, and began banging futilely against the glass wall, screaming out Batman's name in the hope of making him come to his senses. "Batman! Batman! BATMAN!"

Part 3

Batgirl was now on her knees; her purple gloved hands pressed firmly against the glass wall, her chest heaving as she breathed heavily. She was tired from the screaming of Batman's name. Yet despite her best efforts, Batman didn't even respond, and in fact it only seemed to make Catwoman laugh as she enjoyed watching how helpless she was. It infuriated her as her gloved hands slowly turned to fists and she banged them hard once more against the glass.

Slowly she looked up and saw Catwoman was knelt down behind Batman, her leather covered arms wrapped around the masked crimefighter, almost as if she was claiming him as her own.

"You've drugged him...haven't you? That's why he won't respond to me, why he only wants to be with you. You're taking away his free will! He doesn't love you! It's all false!" Batgirl stood up once more and banged her fists angrily against the glass casing; her teeth gritted as she seethed in anger.

"My oh my, you really do have quite the angry side, don't you my little mouse." Catwoman spoke seductively, as she ran her clawed fingertips across the chest of Batman, stroking gently the grey lycra covering him. "You're right, I have drugged him, but that will only be for now. That's because over time, he will grow to love me, and he will do anything for me. Especially after you die. You see, this is more about torturing you. I want to break you; I want to see you brought down to a quivering mess when you realize that the one you love no longer does. Then you will die alone, and with your last dying breaths, you will see Batman kissing me, completely ignoring the fact that you're about to die." She grinned maliciously.

Slowly Catwoman moved around and sat herself down in the lap of Batman. His hazy eyes looked into Catwoman's lust-filled eyes. Then slowly Catwoman leaned in and closed her eyes, and began to kiss Batman, at first softly, but over time it increased in heat and passion. Her tongue delved deep inside Batman's open mouth. What shocked Batgirl was Batman responded and was kissing back just as passionately, his arms quickly wrapped around Catwoman's body and pulled her in tight.

Hot tears start to roll down Batgirl's cheeks beneath her mask. Here she was, trapped inside the glass container and watching the man she loved kissing another woman and not even caring about her. She fell back to her knees and began to silently sob; slowly hugging herself as she began to feel herself lose the will to live, everything that she cared and loved was crumbling to pieces before her eyes.

Catwoman pulled away from Batman's lips and purred seductively, as she saw Batgirl sobbing. "Yes, that's it, Batgirl. Now you realize that you cannot win. Batman is all mine, and in time he will completely forget about you. So now you don't have to worry about the rest of Gotham finding out about your love, because in the end only you will be the one who remembered it, and pretty soon, you will be dead!

"You see, that glass container isn't just there to hold you in place. That glass case will be the place in which you die. As you seemingly haven't noticed yet, above you is a microwave. Once turned on, it will begin to radiate your body and will heat you up. However, not only will it heat you up, but it will start to stimulate you at the same time. You will find yourself growing hornier and hornier, and then soon after you'll find yourself cumming, unable to hold back. Now here's the problem, my sweet damsel in distress. The machine will turn on, so you won't cum just once. You'll find yourself having several orgasms as the microwaves continue to radiate your body. You'll be having so many orgasms, that it will begin to drive you insane. Your mind won't be able to cope with the sheer amount of pleasure you'll be under that it will snap you, and you'll be left as a complete mess, only capable of cumming over and over again.

"However, that's only if you survive that long. I hope you haven't forgotten that your body is being radiated with microwaves. The test will be to see if you go insane with the numerous orgasms first, or if you are cooked to death instead. Either way, you'll be out of action." Catwoman ended her long speech with a horrendous laugh, leaving Batgirl in a state of shock as she started to realize the situation she was in. She looked up and sure enough, there was the machine that would radiate her with microwaves. She stood up and quickly started to try and think of a way out before the fiendish trap could be started, so she tried to stall her.

"I realized that you were a sick woman, but I could never believe that a woman could be so unbelievably twisted as this. You really have lost your mind. To think you could make Batman willingly fall in love with you, and also to have the audacity to believe you could defeat me in such a demoralising way. I will prove you wrong, Catwoman, and I will make you pay." Batgirl spoke calmly and stood in her infamous power pose as she spoke. However, Catwoman was having none of it, and with a click of her fingers, the machine instantly started up.

To begin with, Batgirl couldn't really feel anything, but over time she found that her body was beginning to slowly heat up. But even worse, she could feel the intense heat between her legs, and couldn't tell if it was the excitement of being in the trap, or the trap already starting to take affect on her body. She could feel the brown pantyhose slowly getting wet as she felt her arousal heightening. She stepped forward and pressed herself against the glass, looking straight to Batman and Catwoman. She was hoping Batman was okay and would snap out of it, but instead they were kissing each other and started on heavy petting with each other. Batgirl closed her eyes and bit her lip as she tried her best to concentrate, but already the crotch of her costume was beginning to stain with her arousal and she could feel the first orgasm nearing already.

Part 4

She pressed her thighs together tightly as she let out a loud groan as the first orgasm rushed through her entire body, Batgirl felt every nerve ending light up like electricity, and then she moaned gently as it began to subside. "Please, have to snap out of it, you have to remember things as they truly are, Catwoman is...mmpphh...your enemy." As she spoke, already she was feeling the pleasure rising deep inside her. The glass case was being filled with her aroma and it only served to excite her more. She fell down to her knees, but pressed firmly against the glass as she tried to gain the attention of Batman, sweat beginning to form on her brow beneath the mask.

Catwoman grinned as she could see the first of many orgasms wash over Batgirl, seeing the enlarging damp stain between her thighs. She pushed Batman down, and sat astride him but looked straight ahead to the glass case containing Batgirl. She licked her lips as she watched Batgirl suffer in the case, squirming slightly against the glass. Slowly she began to grind her hips against Batman's and could already feel his manhood growing erect and pressing harder against her crotch. She purred seductively as she ground harder, leaning down and wrapping her arms around the Caped Crusader and continued to stare at the suffering damsel.

Batgirl watched in horror as Catwoman started to grind herself against Batman, and he was seemingly enjoying it. She clenched her purple-gloved fists and banged them hard against the glass case as she came even harder than before and let out a yell. "NOOOO!" She then slumped back down slightly and breathed heavily, trying to regain some composure, but her confinement was growing hotter and hotter and it didn't help her growing horniness one bit. Outside, Batgirl could hear the groaning moans from Catwoman and Batman, and inside she felt her will breaking away.

Catwoman had already pulled down the black leather briefs Batman was wearing and ripped open the grey lycra covering his crotch, springing free his long hard shaft which was awaiting needy attention. Catwoman also had the lower part of her costume pulled down also slightly, revealing her hot moist pussy, begging to be filled, but first she wanted a little fun. She knelt down and grabbed the batcock with one gloved hand and ran her velvety tongue slowly along the length, savoring the taste and sounds from Batman. Then as she reached the tip, she licked the precum forming on the tip, then slowly enveloped the entire head with her luscious lips, and began sucking away.

After a few moments of enjoying that, Catwoman soon pulled away and proceeded to remove all the rest of her costume until she was nude. She replaced her lips with the lips of her pussy, as slowly she plunged herself on Batman's dick, letting out a loud satisfied purr, feeling herself being completely filled up. She then looked straight into the softened eyes of her victim in the case. She concentrated now on looking at Batgirl as she slowly rode Batman, enjoying the thought of screwing Batman whilst his lover was watching on, suffering and slowly breaking.

"No...Batman...pull yourself together. I can't go on like this anymore," Batgirl whispered to herself, her eyes soft with tears, but absent mindedly her hand had reached down beneath her costume and she was plunging her gloved fingers deep inside herself, using her thumb to rub her clit harder and harder. She stared at her lover and enemy as they were beginning to fuck each other faster and harder and wishing that she were there instead of Catwoman. Then suddenly she shuddered and felt herself cum once more, the muscles in her vagina clamping tightly onto her fingers.

Catwoman laughed loudly as she watched Batgirl slowly falling apart, and she was enjoying that tremendously. It was making her enjoy this trap a whole lot more. She started thrusting up and down on Batman's hard shaft, impaling herself right down to his hilt and watched Batgirl masturbating, slowly beginning to lose her mind. She thought of the images of Batgirl just in a ball, continually fingering herself in the glass case, her mind completely broken. That thought along with the fucking caused an intense orgasm, and Catwoman screamed loudly, her pussy muscles clamping tightly onto Batman's shaft as she came, which in turn caused Batman to ejaculate. She continued clamping her muscles on his cock, and milking him for all he was worth.

Part 5 (Final Part)

Batgirl watched as Batman tensed up, the sure signs that he was in the midst of cumming. Next she saw Catwoman's eyes light up, knowing she could feel the hot cum deep inside her, her own orgasm erupting. Those sights only caused another orgasm to rip through Batgirl's body, her whole body spasming and shaking, her whole body now slumped to the ground as she breathed heavily. She knew this couldn't last much longer, but thinking was something that just seemed too hard to do right now.

She continued to rub herself, already feeling her arousal rise once more despite only just cumming a moment earlier, but she couldn't help herself. That was when she felt something within her glove, which was rubbing painfully against her wrist. She glanced up to Catwoman who was slumped on top of Batman, and no longer moving. She then turned her attention to the henchmen she expected to be nearby, but they seemed to have left the area to give their mistress privacy.

Her mind flashed back to when the henchman caught her, seconds before the belt was removed; Batgirl had reached into the belt and removed an item quickly. Back to danger of now, she pulled her fingers away from between her legs, the sound of slurping accompanying it as she looked at the cum drenched glove. With her other glove she reached inside and pulled out a ring, a little glint of hope showed in her eyes. She crawled to the side of the case, making sure no one was watching her, and placed the ring on her finger, turning the top and pressed it against the glass.

The glass instantly shattered as the high frequency waves from the ring vibrated the glass at an extremely high magnitude. She quickly smiled to herself, liking the fact that she fought back against Catwoman's microwave, with her own wave warfare. Before Catwoman could even react, Batgirl leapt toward her utility belt on the floor and quickly grabbed a Bat knockout gas pellet. She quickly threw it adjacent to the still coupled pair, making both Catwoman and Batman fall asleep instantly.

Batgirl then took a quick look around to see if any of the henchmen were coming back. She saw no movement. Then she folded her arms and looked down at her lover, now at least seperated from the feline felon. There had to be some way of reversing the devotion Catwoman had instilled in him for her. Then Batgirl spotted the piled up costume Catwoman had discarded in her frenzied love making, and an idea came to her.

Batgirl quickly removed her belt, boots and gloves, followed by her cowl, cape and unitard. She left her pantyhose on, but did pull off her titian colored wig, showing her short black hair. Then, just to check before going any further with her idea, Batgirl set the bottom of her right boot against the bottom of Catwoman's left one. The difference in heel heights made the check pointless, however, so quickly she slipped her left foot into Catwoman's boot. It felt like a perfect fit, so off again came the boot.

Batgirl picked up Catwoman and then proceeded to pull the purple unitard over her body. The stretchiness of the lycra took care of the fact that Batgirl was a couple of inches shorter than Catwoman. Then on went Batgirl's purple boots and gloves, followed by the cape and utility belt. Batgirl then placed the red wig over Catwoman's blonde hair, followed by the cowl of her costume. In effect, Catwoman was now Batgirl.

Batgirl then took her disguised foe over to the X-frame she'd seen against the wall. The apparent Batgirl had her wrists shackled to the tops, then her ankles to the bottoms. Finally, an orange ball gag was inserted into her mouth and its strap tightened behind her coweled head.

This accomplished, it was time to finish the preperation for her little plot. If Batman was infatuated with Catwoman, it would have to be Catwoman who would get him out of it. She picked up Catwoman's grey catsuit and slipped into it, followed by the black ringed belt which hung over her hips. She pulled the cowl and mask down over her head and tucked it into the neck of the unitard. Next she zipped on the thigh high black boots, and took just a moment to get a feel for the much higher heels. Finally, she pulled on the black gloves, seating her fingertips into their claws. 'Now, if only I can make my voice sound right...' she thought. As as test, she placed her clawed fists on her hips and said, "Purrrfect! I am Catwoman!"

Satisfied that it sounded right at least to her own ears, the apparent Catwoman then proceeded to take another item from the utility belt on Batgirl. She took it over to Batman, and the smelling salts had him blinking his eyes in moments. "There, my pet, I hope you're feeling better now."

"My head hurts, but not enough to make me lose my desire for you, Catwoman," the enamored Dark Knight responded.

"Well, as much as I want to keep you, Batman, there's no way you could ever satisfy my needs. No matter how much you love me, I cannot love you in any way. I've given up. You can stay with that little tramp I've got strung up over there," she pointed a claw toward 'Batgirl', "and keep her as your lover. To make it easy on you, I'll knock you out again so that I can get away from here, then when you wake up you can get your little bat out of her trap. Good bye, Batman."

Before he could even reply, 'Catwoman' threw another gas pellet down. "Now, if only he does change his mind and Catwoman's goons stay away for the time being..."

Once again the Catwoman costume was discarded, and this time placed into a box found not far form the X-frame. 'Batgirl' was taken down from her bondage, still asleep. In a quick reversal of the donning, the costume was taken off her rapidly once the ball gag wad been removed. The now once again nude and blonde haired Catwoman was taken to a spot behind a partition, with her hands tied behind her back and her legs joined with them to make her look hog-tied. Batgirl was really enjoying this degrading of the bitch who had tried to take her life. Finally, she took a bigger red ball gag and made sure that once she did wake up, Catwoman would not be able to alert anyone.

Batgirl put on her wig and own costume then, and proceeded to line up her ankles on the X-frame. Before trying to secure her arms, she pulled the orange ball gag into her wide open mouth and secured it behind her head. Batgirl's left hand stretched over to secure her right wrist, then she placed her left wrist over the shackle, wishing she'd been able to rig some kind of self-closing attachment. To Batgirl's surprise, she felt the shackle closing over her wrist! Apparently Catwoman DID have the X-frame set up for self bondage! And Batgirl had just put herself into a situation not much different from her feline foe.

All she could do now was wait and see if the treatment Batman had received from his erstwhile lover would bring him back to her.


Luck was with Batgirl. Less than thirty minutes after she had put herself into bondage, she saw Batman come back to life. Would it work, she thought. The still naked Caped Crusader shook his head, and in the process spotted Batgirl in the X-frame. He looked from side to side quickly to look for Catwoman or her henchmen, and seeing no one, jumped up and over to the bound heroine. "Batgirl!" he said as he came up to her and unhooked the ball gag, "I seem to have these vague feelings of lust for Catwoman, but that can't be right. I have always felt for her, but it's you that I love. Let's get you out of this trap and we'll get out of here before Catwoman finds us."

Batgirl flexed her sore jaws for a moment, then in reply said, "I'm with you, Batman. The sooner we're out of this Cat's Lair, the better I'll feel." Batman had all four of her appendages freed in short order, and he then did a not quite as quickly as Batgirl donning of his own costume. While he wasn't looking, Batgirl grabbed a sack she had found nearby the now seething Catwoman and went to the box into which the Catwoman costume had been placed. Maybe sometime soon Batman and Catwoman could make some more wild and rampant love making...

Batman looked up as he finished pulling on his boots. "What's in the bag, Batgirl?"

"Oh, just some fortunes of war I want to take away from Catwoman. She won't miss them!"

He gave her a quizzical look, then said, "Okay. I guess we'd best call the police and have them storm this place so they can find Catwoman and her gang."

"That we must, lover, that we must. I don't know about the henchmen, but I bet they'll be surprised when they find Catwoman. Let's get out of here."

Batman saw the smug look on Batgirl's face, and let it go at that.

The end of my version...for now


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