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An online and occasionally seen real world friend who likes my story work and gets great ideas for stories himself asked me to write this short one for him.

Catwoman's New Kitten, Minx
by SteveZ

A young man with short, dark brown hair and what could be called a tight and muscular build walked down the mostly well-lit streets of Gotham City.  It was night, but this appeared to be a somewhat well-to-do section of town.  Jack Griffin's weekend visit from down south was mostly concerned with the Egyptology convention at the Gotham Convention Center, but it was pretty much a daytime hours affair with food and partying occupying the evenings.  There were more interesting things the youthful visitor figured he could do, so he caught a cab downtown from the northern suburbs location.  He looked around and into the shop windows, seeing what he could see.

The display in one book store's window caught Jack's attention.  There was a large format book with a photo of Batman and Robin on its cover, and its title wasn't even noted.  What caught his attention was that it seemed like Jack was looking at a picture of himself in a Robin costume standing next to the Dark Knight.  Was it really possible that here in Gotham City there was another youngster who could almost be his twin?

Unfortunately for Jack, he wasn't the only one who thought he looked so much like Robin's secret identity.  Out of her more usually seen feline costume, Selina Kyle was coming up the sidewalk and did a double take when she saw Tim Drake staring into a book store window.  How was it possible that her extensive plans for trapping Robin would prove to be useless since he was right there in front of her, and not even paying any attention?

It was a good thing that the femme fatale never left home without being at least partially equipped with tools of her cat-themed criminal career.  She pulled a small jar of cataphrenic from her purse, not the usual personality modifying type but one that numbed the mind of the scratchee and forced him or her to do as she said.  Her normal fingernails weren't as long and sharp as the claws of her costume's gloves, but for this gift of serendipity they'd do just fine.  A quick dip of her right forefinger into the jar, then Selina walked directly behind Jack and swiped her fingernail across the right rear side of his neck.

He rose straight up while reaching with his right hand to swat the insect which had just bit him, and at the same time Jack started to say, "What the-" when his words stopped and his body seemed to freeze in place.

The stunningly beautiful, black haired villainess placed her lips close to his left ear and then whispered softly so that no one else could hear, "Say no more.  You must do exactly as I say.  Follow me when I turn to leave this store front, making no effort to alert anybody or say anything to them.  Grin, and look as natural as you usually would while walking down the street.  Now, turn and follow me."  Selina started back toward her car, parked two blocks down and around a corner.

Unable to do otherwise, no matter what his mind or body attempted, Jack followed the gorgeous babe in a sleeveless, knee length red dress that hugged her voluptuous shape.  Below the dress were some of the best shaped legs he'd ever seen, perched on matching bright red high heeled sandals whose straps wound up almost to her knees.  The extreme height of her heels made the scarlet hued ass and hips wiggle seductively as she walked in front of him.  Eventually, he found her beeping her keys to unlock the car door, at which point Selina said, "Now, get onto the back seat."  He did as instructed.  "Sit completely still and silent."

Inside her car were all the essentials for Selina to turn into her alter ego, but Catwoman wasn't needed to be seen just yet.  However, some of her more extensive collection of weapons and 'tools of the trade' were in the car.  Some wide wrist and ankle cuffs and a big red ball gag came from the bag in the right front foot well, and moments later the person she thought was Robin was secured and gagged so that when the cataphrenic wore off, he wouldn't be able to move or say anything.  "Now for a short drive," she told him.  "I've had a condo all set and waiting for you, and I couldn't believe how easy it was to get you!"

When they got to the second floor condo in a complex only two blocks from Selina's own downtown hideaway, she checked to see if her captive was showing any sign of regained willpower.  Jack was still in the thrall of her cataphrenic, and sat motionless on the back seat in his bondage.  "Good, this will make it easier," she told him.  Off came the ankle cuffs, then the ball gag.  "Now, walk at my side until we get to the front door of your new residence."

'New residence?' Jack wondered, but without any way to express his wonder or growing alarm.  He unwillingly but naturally as possible with wrist cuffs on got out and then walked right beside the woman who was just a tad shorter than himself while wearing her skyscraper heels.  He stayed with her as she entered the building's front door, then went to the stairwell since the elevator would be pointless for going up a single floor.  When they approached a door not far down the hall, Selina told him, "Stand and wait while I open up your new front door."

Jack stood and watched as Selina fished a key from her purse, then opened the dead bolt above the electronically coded keypad at the door handle.  She punched the number sequence, and pushed open the door.  "Go on in, I'm sure you're going to like what I've set up for you here."  While she watched, he stepped past her and into the exquisitely furnished living room.  But why did the decor seem so feminine?

As soon as her captive was inside, Selina followed him and locked the door behind her.  "Now then, this is a pretty well sound proofed condo, so no matter what kind of fun you or we get into here, nobody else will have a clue.  But even though no one else could, I don't want to hear any protests from you after the drug wears off, so..."  She pulled the ball gag out of her purse, then made it impossible for Jack to say anything again, even if he had the ability.  Then she crouched and undid the cuffs around his ankles.  "Since the cataphrenic is seeming to still hold your mind, save me the trouble and take off every bit of clothing, Robin."

'Robin?  She thinks I'm Robin?!'  Jack wanted to scream out that she had the wrong guy, but he was doubly unable to do so.  In no time, his shirt, slacks, shoes, socks and underwear were off and placed in a sack.

"You'll never have any need for these again, so say goodbye to your old clothes, Robin."

'No need?  What could she mean?'

After the sack went down the refuse chute next to the kitchen entry, Selina opened up a cabinet holding a head band, a choker with a big cherry colored heart on its front, and a vial holding a purplish fluid.  She attached a needle to make the vial a syringe, then ambled over to the terrified but unable to show it Jack.  "Just in case you've been wondering, Robin, I've been scheming for nearly a year to find a way to get you out of Batman's hands and into mine.  What you see is a serum Poison Ivy made for me which can alter your DNA and body type to become a female with the same mass as the male body you currently have.  That male mass of tall height and muscles is going to become a female mass of lesser height and very sexy and voluptuous flesh.  Mad Hatter was kind enough to provide me with two slightly different mind control devices; the first one to go around your head at the hair line will do a quick and dirty mind wipe to erase your present identity.  Then the second one in the choker will implant your new identity and keep pumping it into you until it becomes unnecessary a week or so later."

She stuck the syringe into Jack's left ass cheek and pushed the plunger until the entire batch was inside his system.  What surprised both Jack to an alarming degree and Selina to a smaller one was the rapidity with which Ivy's serum took effect.  Jack's form seemed like it was melting to him, and to Selina it looked like he was actually billowing as bone structure, flesh and muscle totally reworked from male into female.  A particularly fun sight for her and alarming one for him was that of his prick shrinking down to nothing and a new and very feminine slit in a brown mound taking its place.  As his height diminished, the widening hips, billowing ass and rapidly expanding...and expanding even more breasts took up the old mass.  Not much mass was involved, but at the same time, the hair on HER head grew and grew, continuing to flow from her skull until it reached her new and very tiny waist.

"My, that sure was faster than I expected!" Selina gasped.  "Pam told me you'd be good looking, but she failed to tell me that her serum would make you look even more beautiful than me.  Your body and your legs in particular are to die for, and with that face, I'll have trouble keeping you away from the model agencies.  Now, let's get rid of the guy inside your head who is going nuts with becoming such a hot babe."  She placed the head band over the new girl's head, settling it in place just over her ears.  Then she tapped a button on the front, over her forehead.

Jack felt his mind startinnnnnngggggg...

Selina pulled off the head band, then took the ball gag out of those luscious looking lips.  Then she placed the choker around the stunner's neck.  She should have figured on fighting all the hair behind her neck, but after threading it around, the clasp was secured under that hair.  As soon as the clasp connected, information started to flood from the device inside the cherry colored heart.  After a bit less than fifteen minutes, the new girl grinned and looked up at her mistress.  "Hi, Selina!  Watcha doin' here tonight?"

"Oh, I just decided to drop in and see how you were doing, Miranda.  I was hoping you might want to join me tonight while I go over to the Convention Center and relieve them of those golden statues of Sekhet and Bast they're displaying in the exhibit."

"You betcha!  Let me get dressed real quick, heh, I wonder if I'll beat you getting into costume this time since I'm already nude and you're in your hot red outfit."

"You're on!" Selina replied.  "I've been doing this a lot longer than you, so no way you're gonna win.  Get moving, babe!"

Miranda shot up from her seat and ran into the bedroom she knew was hers.  She opened up her closet and pushed aside all her sexy clothes to get at the door hidden behind them.  She grabbed her costume and shot back to her bed, where the young Feline Felon pulled the fishnet pantyhose over her legs.  Then she pulled on her sleeveless black body suit.  It barely covered her humongous tits, showing them off in the deep V going down to her navel.  It was also scooped low in back!  Over the tops of her hips she slung her black weapons belt, and cocked it at a sexy angle to meet the top of her fishnet covered leg on the left side and ride really low on her left leg.  Then she pulled the shoulder length black gloves over her hands and arms, settling each fingertip into its claw.  Next came her killer black boots, zipping tight to her calves and going just over her knees.  She felt much better once her feet were on top of the five and a half-inch heels instead of flat on the floor.  Finally, Minx placed her black domino mask over her eyes and made sure her choker was on straight.

When she ran back out into her living room (in killer heels this time!) Minx saw that as predicted, Selina had beat her.  Catwoman was standing there in her painted on purple catsuit, black gloves just like hers, and thigh high black boots with heels to match hers.  Where Minx was hiding only her eyes, Catwoman was hiding her whole head under the purple cat cowl and black mask portion.  She was twirling her whip into a coil to be placed in the top of her right boot when Minx appeared.  "Damn!  You did beat me.  One of these days..."

"Well, I'll tell you what," Selina said, "next time, to see if the costumes make a difference, I'll let you dress up as Catwoman, and I'll become Minx.  Then we'll know if it's just skill, or whatever!"

"That'll be lots of fun!" Miranda told her.  "Okay, now let's get over to the Convention Center.  I can't wait to see what they have set up there, for us to make our own."

Catwoman was about to agree when she glanced at the clock on the wall over her new kitten's head.  It was only quarter to nine, which was way too early to be heading over to the convention center.  "Uh...I don't think we should be so eager to make those goddess statues our own.  I forgot just how early in the evening it still is.  So to kill some time, how would you like to get in some practice in your bedroom?"

Minx turned to look up over her shoulder to confirm what her mistress had just said, then grinned.  "First one undressed and ready for tongue and finger action gets to be on bottom first!"  With her three or four foot advantage, the younger Feline Felon was way ahead of the elder after racing back to her bedroom, and had gotten both boots off before Selina made it through her door.

"Why, you little cheater..." Selina started to say as she was doing her own quick disrobe, but she kept to herself that she fully intended to be administering to this new girl to back up physically what she'd attained through the personality implant.  She made a point of seeming to get stuck in shedding her purple catsuit to make it look good.

The now nude again Miranda launched herself at her bed, landing on her back.  "I won this time!  You get to make me orgasm first!"

Catwoman withheld the grin she felt developing, and managed to sound like she was disappointed, "Damn, of all the times to get stuck in my catsuit!  Oh well, I just hope you're ready, young lady."

"Ready and waiting!"

As soon as she was naked to match her kitten, the elder woman slinked into position on top of the freshly minted ultra feminine body on the bed.  She put envious thoughts out of her head while starting to nibble on one tit as her clawed fingers worked the other, alternating slowly and intensely to the growing mons of pleasure being emitted.  Then it progressed to one hand working a tit while her mouth engulfed the other, and her other hand started to explore the new feminine slit in Miranda'a crotch.  Unbroken yet, of course, but there were lots of ways to get around that little problem.  When a moment later teeth and tongue replaced fingers in that slit, a loud shriek replaced the moans while a pronounced tensing and flood of female juices gave evidence of a first ever orgasm.

After a weakly started protest, Selina kept Miranda on her back to find out just how joyous multiple orgams could feel.  No time was wasted in stimulating every part of the young woman's anatomy, but she purposely held off bringing the second climax so that a deeper appreciation could be felt.  This time her fingers brought the youngster's juices up to the gasping mouth so she could taste her own honey.

As she started to come off her second high and finished licking her lips, Miranda exclaimed, "Oh my!  I had forgotten just how good you were at this!  Okay, now it's your turn to get on your back.  Let's see if I can do the same for you."

"You're welcome to try!" Selina replied as she traded places.

As it turned out, Selina's worry about needing to implant the physical aspects of lesbian love into Miranda's mind and body was unfounded.  It seemed like the youngster was an old hand at bringing on orgasms, with three coming in quick succession.  The girls traded places two more times, with resultant multiple orgasms.

When it seemed like enough time had been spent in the bedroom and her body was becoming supercharged, Selina grasped her young henchgirl by her shoulders and pushed her up.  "You make me seem like an old maid with the way you handle yourself," she told Miranda.  "Let's bring this fun to an end for now.  We can do this any time, but there are two golden goddesses waiting for us.  Just do a quick cleanup, and we can worry about taking full baths after we get home later on.  Oh, and this won't be that next time I mentioned earlier.  For this robbery, I'm still going to be Catwoman and you'll assist me as Minx."

With a big grin on her face, Miranda said, "Old maid, my ass!  You're a sexual powerhouse.  I can't compare!  But I'll be trying, just you watch.  Wanna help each other clean up?"

"Heh, yeah!"

The two women went into Miranda's bathroom and proceeded to wipe down each other's crotches.  After a quick use the hair brushes, both were ready to get back into costume.  There was less of a rush this time, and as the minute hand on the clock swung close to 10:30 pm, both stood ready and waiting as they'd been a bit earlier.

"Into the car, babe.  You know the drill!"  Catwoman led Minx over to the window in the back part of the living room which opened to a fire escape leading down to Minx's own Cat Car.  The black Camaro with fully tinted windows to hide its occupants was on its way in only seconds.  Catwoman grinned wickedly, looking at its driver, the femme fatale who until just before had been Robin!

Or so she thought.  Just wait until the Dynamic Duo meet up with the Cat and her Kitten!

Right after they pulled into the huge Convention Center parking lot, Catwoman had Minx bring her car to a stop in a dark spot.  "I do trust you, but let me take over the driving for this last bit.  I know exactly where to go, while if you were driving, I'd have to relay instructions to you."

"I see your point.  It's all yours!"  She unbuckled her seat belt, then Minx opened her door and stepped out.  While passing Catwoman at the trunk, she high-fived her, then went to the passenger side and got in.

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